QuickPick Farmer
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 27762
Date N/A
Publisher Dancing Dots
Date N/A
Publisher Dancing Dots
QuickPick Farmer presents George, a simple-minded wolf and eleven different looking dumb sheep. The simple but highly addictive gameplay in QuickPick Farmer challenges players to sort the sheep by dragging and dropping them in the correct trucks to collect their wool. Then players can use a catapult to send the wool to the barns or to shoot it at the wolf, which is coming for a snack, and push him back. QuickPick Farmer includes two game modes: ‘30 days’ and ‘non-stop’. In ’30 days’ mode players must complete 30 different levels with more and more sheep to catch and a wolf moving faster and faster. ‘Non-stop’ mode pushes players’ skills to their limits. As sheep come indefinitely and move faster and faster, players must sort as many of them as possible to collect their wool while pushing back George who moves faster and faster as well.
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