Spectral Force Genesis
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
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In Spectral Force Genesis, take command of a country using a mix of strategy, diplomacy, and force, and attempt to bring the whole world of Neverland under unified rule.

Neverland is a fantasy world which has its own history and mythology. A world where gods reside in heaven, the dead in the underworld, and humans, demons, and various other races struggle for dominance against each other on the earth. Become Neverland’s new master!

Unique and ancient world: Neverland. At the heart of any successful RPG lies the game universe, and Neverland, the home of Spectral Force Genesis, is one of the most imaginative and ambitious universes in gaming today./li>
Complete tactical RPG game! One goal: conquer the world. Many means to achieve this goal: battle, strategy and various management aspects. Always remember that your actions will have important consequences in the way you are viewed by the other countries
Truly innovative Real Time Strategy combat! Control your armies using the stylus in real time
Appealing artwork! Wallpapers, avatars, an auto-updating calendar with beautiful illustrations from the game and an exclusive Japanese poster for real fans!
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