Spirit Hunters Inc
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2011-02-03
Publisher Nnooo
Date 2011-02-03
Publisher Nnooo
Spirit Hunters Inc is a social role playing game in which the player hunts, battles and captures spirits which inhabit our world. The game uses the front facing camera of the Nintendo DSi™ to create an augmented reality, merging computer generated spirits with the player’s real environment where the battles take place.

> as part of an international task-force called Spirit Hunters Inc you are charged with capturing mischievous spirits and sending them back to the spirit world.

> you will have to hunt down spirits and coax them out of their hiding places before doing battle with them through your Nintendo DSi.

> on capturing spirits, you will be rewarded with in-game currency with which you will be able to level up, replenish health, buy useful spirit hunting items and traps and most importantly learn new battling abilities.
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