Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
Genre Action -> Tactical
Today's Rank 0
Date 2005-06-29
Publisher Ubisoft
Date 2005-07-01
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtBring the battle closer. Stalk your prey from the shadows. Strike without mercy. Steal their secrets. And disappear. Go into battle with futuristic weapons and high-tech gadgets used by real-life spies. Team up with a friend for action-packed cooperative stealth missions or challenge up to four players in versus mode via wireless multi-play.

- To achieve your mission objectives, you'll kill from close-range with your combat knife, shoot with a high-tech rifle, and use radical suppression techniques like the inverted neck break
- Intelligent enemies making your mission more risky as you have to get much, much closer to them
- Completely replayable -- Totally open level design with multi-paths and Optional secondary objectives
- Strive for ultimate stealth and rank yourself with the all new post-mission statistics and scoring system
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