The Rub Rabbits!
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 3444
Date 2006-02-13
Publisher Sega
Date 2006-02-10
Publisher Sega
North America Retail Box ArtThe Rub Rabbits! is a sequel of sorts to the popular DS game, Feel The Magic. Just like in the last one, you'll be challenged to get the attention of your dream girl. There are all-new games and obstacles to face and you try to catch her eye: Toss "love disks" at her, serenade her on the piano, unicycle on a rooftop, and beat the rivals for her attention. Just make sure the girl who wants YOU doesn't screw up your plans!

- The 3D engine runs across both DS screens, for a wider and more expansive game world
- As you chase your dream girl, another girl will be chasing you -- and she'll do whatever she can to ruin your new relationship
- Bring a baby into the world, name him or her & send them to the park, so they can meet the other babies
- Multiple interactive mini-games, filled with over-the-top situations and goofy sexual innuendo
- You control the action through the DS touch-screen and microphone
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