Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 17455
Date 2007-04-22
Publisher Majesco
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
It's Sudoku with pictures! Toon-Doku takes the challenging fun of traditional Sudoku and adds in cartoon picture-based puzzles and multiplayer competition. Younger players will be less intimidated by the 200+ images they can unlock, edit and place on the game board. Three multiplayer modes add head-to-head play that gets fast and furious with the unique Distraction System players can use to thwart their opponent's progress. Toon-Doku gives the popular numbers pastime a whole new look!


Total Touch Screen functionality-use the Touch Screen as your paper and the stylus as your pencil
Edit Mode allows you to create and edit images for use in puzzles. Send or trade your creations with a friend via the Piece Trade feature.
Distraction System changes simple puzzles into frantic challenges that involve quick thinking. Each character has a unique Distraction Set. Block different portions of the screen depending on which character you use.
An easy to understand Tutorial and 10 skill-building Tutorial Levels help you become a Toon-Doku master
Four single player modes: Stage, Instant Play, Vs. CPU and Edit
Speed Battle, Adversary and Single Puzzle Race multiplayer modes let you face off against a friend
Vs. CPU mode lets you practice your skills before they count
Single Card download for up to 16 players allows others to try Instant Play Mode without having a Toon-Doku game card
Start the game with four playable characters and unlock five more in Stage Mode
Create your own puzzles using multiple options
Start with 18 images (9 pictures and 9 numbers) in a collection that expands with 200+ unlockable images throughout the game
Mark System let
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