Trauma Center: Under the Knife
Genre Puzzle -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 1332
Date 2005-08-15
Publisher Atlus Software
Date 2006-04-28
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtTrauma Center: Under the Knife gives you the chance to play doctor. It's just another day in the O.R. until a mysterious outbreak sweeps the area. As the problems get more complex, it's up to you to wield your scalpel and test your medical skills under the most difficult conditions. Patients' lives are in your hands.

- Experience fast-pace O.R. drama in this surgical action game
- Challenging gameplay with a variety of dramatic medical events
- Save patients and learn cutting-edge medical techniques
- Treat injuries and uncover ways to battle with a dangerous new disease
- Stylus serves as scalpel, ultrasound, antibiotic gel, and more
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