Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Xbox360 FAQ/Walkthrough


                          T U R N I N G  P O I N T :
                        F A L L   O F   L I B E R T Y

                              Microsoft XBox 360
                         FAQ/Walkthrough, Version 1.0
                           Last Updated - 26/03/08
                   By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
            Copyright (c)2008 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 


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Hello there, and welcome to the Turning Point: Fall of Liberty FAQ/Walkthrough.
This guide contains a full walkthrough of the game, an Achievement guide,
multiplayer hints and tips and unlockables. This game is not particularly
great and has a ton of technical problems and stale level design, which is a
shame considering the game has a fresh twist on the stagnant WWII shooter
genre. I enjoyed playing it however, and making the guide. Hope it is of some

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Version History
2. Walkthrough
 2.01. Act 1 - Chapter 1
 2.02. Act 1 - Chapter 2
 2.03. Act 1 - Chapter 3
 2.04. Act 2 - Chapter 4
 2.05. Act 2 - Chapter 5
 2.06. Act 3 - Chapter 6
 2.07. Act 3 - Chapter 7
 2.08. Act 3 - Chapter 8
3. Multiplayer
4. Achievement Guide
 4.01. Story Achievements
 4.02. Cumulative Achievements
 4.03. Multiplayer Achievements
5. Secrets and Unlockables
6. Conclusion and Special Thanks

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                              1. VERSION HISTORY

| Version 1.0 - 26/03/2008 |

The complete version of the file, with Achievements and Multiplayer added,
as well as sorting out a few formatting issues.

| Version 0.8 - 24/03/2008 |

The first version of the FAQ. The main walkthrough is complete, however the
Achievement guide and multiplayer sections are still lacking until another
update. Just wanted to get the guide out there so people can at least get
help in the main campaign mode.

                               2. WALKTHROUGH

A few hints and tips before we begin.

- This walkthrough was made using the Normal Difficulty.
- Grenades are very powerful (against you) and are very difficult to avoid,
  so if you see them appear on the screen, run away!
- You get tired from sprinting, however holding it for three seconds at a time
  nullifies this.

2.01. Act 1 - Chapter 1

Turn around and go right across the girder walkway - the path is very
straight forward and linear as girders fall and explode around you. At the end
press then hold the B button to slide down the ladder. Go left across another
girder and down the ladder on the left at the end, then go right to the
end and down the wooden slats to the rooftop.

Turn right and head across the rooftop toward the doorway and go down the
stairs. Head left carefully across the girder, jump out the window and across
the plank to fall down below. Enter the building again, going across the
low walls on the left hand side. Go toward the doorway to fall down a level,
turn around and go through the floor to the sky bridge.

You'll see a paratrooper fall from the sky. Run up behind him and press B
then tap Up on the D-Pad to throw him off the skytower.

  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Gravity is a Harsh Mistress (5G)
  Toss a paratrooper onto the streets below New York on any Difficulty

Run to the end and press A to climb up the ledges, through the building and
out the right side onto the lift. Press B at the gauge to go down. Watch
your surroundings, especially to the right to see paratroopers fall from the
sky. Holding LT shoot and kill all four paratroopers for an achievement.

  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Sharpshooter (10G)
  Kill all the paratroopers as you make your way down the skyscraper on
  any difficulty

The lift will now fall down to the ground. Exit the lift and go round the
corner, killing the enemies as you come across them. In the centre go down
the concrete rubble ramp into the hotel.

  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Reservation for One (5G)
  Make your way down to Hotel Langteau on Normal or higher difficulty

Fall down the escalator shaft to the ground and press B to open the door and
head through. In this next room press the B button at the fire alarm to
extinguish the fire at the door ahead (note that'll take a few moments so
be patient). Kill the enemy that is getting up in the next room then head
through the passage to the outside. Quickly run onward and down the ladder
then stay against the opposite wall to avoid the gunfire from above, then
go right and press B when the Hand over Hand symbol appears. Go across
the gap and drop down on the wooden slats, then drop down the to the ground.
Enemies appear ahead round the corner - take them out (press Y to crouch to
help dodge their fire) and shoot the truck ahead to kill most of them (and
possibly getting the Exploding Monkey achievement in the process). Head
right round the corner and out onto the street to finish.

2.02. Act 1 - Chapter 2

Jump off the truck and head down into the Subway left. Run ahead to the
guy waving at you and collect the gun and ammo from the box on the right.
Head back up and to the opposite barricade, and take a stand against the
oncoming enemy. Shoot as many as you can, ensure you take out the guys with
rocket launchers from either side, and to watch out for grenades (a symbol
pops up to warn you). Run back if you see it. If one of the gunners dies, take
their place. Two vehicles from either side will arrive; kill all those
streaming out from it, as well as two blimps from the left. Kill the enemies
as they stream down from the ropes.

After the second blimp, someone mentions something about enemies on a roof,
so head right against the now opened fencing area on the far right side.
Head up the two ladders and kill all the enemies on the blimp ahead, then
turn around as a enemy or two comes through the door. Head through to a room
and grapple one of the enemies, then select Human Shield - more enemies will
appear and this will make your job easier. Once cleared, head down the hole
in the corner, then outside and down the slabs of rubble to street level and
another barricade.

Head onto the jeep and control the gun. Clear the enemies until the tank
arrives, then head down the man hole into the sewer and make your way through
to the end, and look up to see the bomb (automatically stuck on the underside,
somehow!). Press B for a minigame where you wire the bomb - hold the 
corresponding button and rotate the analog stick clockwise until it stops,
then moves onto the next until they are all done. Press Up on the D-Pad to
arm, then run back through the tunnel to avoid the explosion.

Head back out then follow the soldier to the door on the left building. You'll
come out at the east barricade again, however this time you have another tank
to take care of. Head down the man hole, through the sewer and perform another
bomb rewiring and return back to the street. You'll get asked to defend the
barricade once more, but you'll be knocked out as you do so, and the level 

  Help defend the barricade in New York on Normal or higher difficulty

2.03. Act 1 - Chapter 3

Head round the corner and use LB to sprint into the alcove opposite. Sprint
along the road to the next one on the right, then across the street to the
green lit alleyway. Grab the ammo and grenades from the ground and head up
the ladder on the right at the end. From here clear the enemies on the
ground, then drop down and watch out for the spotlight as you go across to
the alley opposite. Head up the right stairs and across the wooden plank on
the first level, then press A at the end to jump and hang on the support.
Shimmy right and drop down, up the ladder and across onto the train track.

Head down the track and down the ladder next to the meat train, down the rubble
and right through the wall. Enemies are located through here; let them throw
their grenades then give them hell. Go to the lift in the far corner and up,
clear the enemies ahead and continue down the track. Run down the trains on
the left and take out the enemies on the street below from here, then go to
the corner. There is a blimp above with a spotlight, so navigate around it
as you make your way down the street. There are lots of enemies here, so the
easiest thing to do here is to avoid them and just sprint down the right
stairs into the subway.


Head round the corners until you reach an open ended area, when an enemy
facing away from you. Grapple him and use as a human shield to help take
out the others here. There are also a few in the end of the train. Drop on
to the tracks and up the other side, then through the trains running and
gunning as you go (it is rather linear). At the other end drop down and
go through to the corner doorway, head round the corners popping enemies as
you go to come out at another train. Clear the enemies within and to the sides,
go through the train and out right then up the stairs. Head across the walkway
until you come out at another set of tracks.

Clear the enemies here then enter the far most train across the track.
You'll be prompted about the infra-red scope of the Vampir; if you check
the middle of this carriage there is one lying around. Equip it and press RS
(click in the right trigger) bring about an infra-red view with lines around
you. Locate the sources to see the snipers and take out as many as you can
from here. Jump off the carriage and on to the one immediately to the right,
where there are a couple more snipers at the end before going back on to
street level via the caved in road above.


Head left up the stairs and up a ladder to the rooftop. Turn around and
go across the walkway, then round and through the door to the stairwell.
Head down the stairs and through the linear passages, dropping down levels
and so on until you reach the National Guard. He'll tell you to grab the
Vampir from behind if you already have not got one, then drop down on to
street level. Run round the bus and toward the end of street that is blocked
by rubble and equip the infra-red of the Vampir to locate the snipers. Take
then all down, and someone will shout to advance. Go right up the stairs at
the building, then shimmy across the overhanging support between buildings.
Head down the steps and clear the enemies that come from the left down the

Sprint down to the end area (through the fence) and avoid the blimp fire
from behind. Grab the Rocket Launcher at the end behind one of the crates,
and aim it at the centre of the blimp (it is stationary, so is pretty easy to
take down). It requires six or so rockets, you can get more ammo from where
you found it if you need it. Once it is done for, a passage opens behind that
leads to the train and the level finish.

  Escape from New York on any Difficulty

2.04. Act 2 - Chapter 4

Your first job is to defend the safe house. Approach the window and take
out the enemies below until a tank arrives from the right. It'll fire
and enemies will appear from within. Run around and kill them all, and wait
until the corner of the front room of the safe house is taken out, allowing
you to go outside. Head up the ladder to the rooftop and take out the enemies
around you - there are a few on the rooftops opposite as well as ahead. Get
on the air con unit, using it so you can sprint and jump across the gap to
the opposite rooftop. Clear more enemies here, head up the end ledge and
through the window.


Run round the corner and grab the Rocket Launcher as the corner of the
corridor blows away. Equip it and stand at the window and rain rockets down.
Collect more rockets from the end of the corridor where you found it, and
after six it'll be done for. At the corridor corner jump up and press B to
hang on the pipe to get across to the next building. Through the other side
press A to latch on to the left wall to shimmy across to the far building,
then run to the side and down the ladder. Scale the dumpster and wall, drop
down and round to a door. When prompted turn around and kill the enemies
before heading through the door.


Wait for the guy to let you through then head up stairs. Take out the
enemies outside through the window, then round and pick up the Combat Shotgun.
Head through the corridors to the outside alley and kill the enemy tackling
the guy on the left. Head through the end and talk to the two civilians to
hear that the attic is open. Head into the kitchen and stand face on with
the fridge, look up and press A to climb up. Drop down at the other end
and clear the enemies in the corridor, down stairs and save the civilian
out through the left door.

Enter the next room and clear the enemies in here, and same with the enemies
outside. Try and take them out from the doorway though, they will be tough
to clear if they all gang up on you. Check out the dumpster in the far left
corner and scale the wall.


This street is full of enemies, so take your time in taking them down. Head
down the left and kill the two kicking the crap out of some poor guy, as
well as those behind the car opposite and one of the rooftop that likes to
throw grenades your way. Use the dumpster at the end to reach the next street.
There are a LOT of the enemies down the end; take your time in killing them
and use a couple of grenades to make your plight easier. There is a gunner on
the far left rooftop that is worth taking down. Head through the fence, clear
the enemies on the left and work your way across to the building and door
way at the far end, and enter.

Inside, Environmental Kill the leader by Grappling him from behind and
kill the remaining enemies. To overload the system, on the wide right wall
press B at the left then right gauge, then finally the one in the corner
and back away to the far end as the wall explodes. Head through the corridors
and into the building, where you are pointed toward the back. Press B at the
back of the truck to get in.

  Meet up with the rescue team in Washington, D.C. on Normal or Higher

Cutscene. Clear the car park until you can reach the far left corner to use the 
rather inconspicuous OPEN SECRUITY DOOR lever to open up the passage opposite.
Three enemies will stream out, so deal with them and head on up. Take out the
guy at the top before he can chuck a grenade in your face, through the door
and into the room opposite. Go up the ladder, around, down another ladder
and use the wall lever. In this corridor its best to Human Shield a few times
until all the enemies are cleared. The door ahead is right next to the one
you came in, nearest the end wall (it is a little hidden), so head through


Go up the stairs and go straight on and enter the door on the left for a
cutscene and take out the enemies here.

  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: I Saved the General (20G)
  Rescue General Donnelly from the D.C. courthouse on Normal or higher

As commanded, take cover and clear the enemies that come through the other 
door. Head through and turn right, where enemies will come through the end
of the corridor. Head round the corner and peep in the left room; throw a
grenade over the fencing to clear a few enemies and wait for them to come
out and take them one by one (rushing in here will get you killed rather
quickly through being outnumbered). Head through into the next room and
clear the enemies here, as well as the following rooms hear after - use
Human Shields due to the close combat nature of the building here. Keep
following the linear set of rooms until you come back at the stairs just
after the checkpoint. This time opposite of where you found the General is
an open patio - head out, watch out for the enemies on the blimp to the upper
left and below and head down and right to the stairs to finish.

2.05. Act 2 - Chapter 5

This starting area is pretty intense you just run and gun. Sprint to the
lorry and kill the enemies on the left, and look right; you'll see some
wooden trenches in the distance. Sprint over here then look behind so you
can see behind the row of barriers and the enemies firing from them. Lay waste
to most of them, then holding to the right go up the bank to the bunker wall.
Make your way round the bunker clearing enemies as you go until you can
move down the site and onto the roof. Clear the enemies here then head back
down the stairs and head down the corridor. Go through the door, then left
to the bunker door and lay the bomb for another rewiring minigame. If you
forget how to do this, then hold the button colour and rotate the left analog
stick clockwise, and then press Up after all three. Stand back and go through.


The second bunker is quite tough; stand behind the mass of crates here and
pop off any enemies you can see, and sprint along the left side until it
opens up, then quickly left to the left side of the bunker to avoid all the
fire. Clear the roof and insides, then exit out of the back, along the 
corridor and wire the bomb on the wooden barricade.

Continue down this passage to the third bunker. When you reach the open
area, sprint left and up the left side and crouch behind the jeep to avoid
fire. Look over toward the bunker and wait for enemies to stream out. Kill
them and sprint down along side there and clear the bunker as before. Head
out the back corridor and down a passage to the front of the White House.
Head along the front to an annex area. Kill the enemy on the radio and the
two that come in through the lift, then head up yourself.


Kill the guy ahead then watch out as more come in on the right. Ignore the
left door for now and go down to the end room where you can perform a cool
environmental kill. Look around for a slip of paper, and press B to pick it up.

  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Dolly Madison Award (20G)
  Save the Constitution from being burned on Normal or higher Difficulty

Head back and go through that door and turn right.
Grapple the enemy here and perform an environmental kill for an achievement.

  Smash an enemy's head through a TV in the White House on any Difficulty

Head through one of the doors onward and clear the enemies, and head back
through the kitchen to the starting lift to meet with the team. Follow them
to the end lift, which will open at some point and flood the room with
enemies. Keep your distance and clear them. Once they are gone, head into
the kitchen, clear more enemies, then jump into the dumb-waiter to the
side and get lifted up.


You can use the TV for an environmental kill here if you have not already
got the achievement. Head through the door behind to the next room and
clear the enemies, then open the door on the right for a large hall area
with stairs. Stay here and take out the enemies as they come from ahead,
as well as from the right. You'll meet with some more of the team. Head
through that right door and onward to a long corridor to outside. Turn into
the courtyard, clear the enemies and over the rubble in the corner to a
command room. Go through the left door and chuck a grenade at the enemies
at the far end, where you'll two ways to go - go left and follow the corridor
until a set of doors where you'll come to the President. He'll start
talking, but lay waste to him before he gets out a gun.

  Oust the false President from office on any difficulty


Head back the way you came and clear the enemies in the command room and
return back to the courtyard, however the door on the left will spring open
to reveal a new way onward. Clear the enemies and head through to the back and
up some stairs. The rest of the way is rather linear, with the end room
requiring a grenade or two to the amount of the enemies encountered in there.
After clearing them, the door on the left is blown open for you to escape

2.06. Act 3 - Chapter 6

Be quick as you start. Ahead is a crate with a sniper rifle; grab and equip
and turn left at the upper wall to see an enemy appear. Take him out, then
proceed to clear the enemies in the corner embankments and those coming
from the walls until the objective is complete. Head to the right corner
embankment to find the door open and head through.


Lay waste to the enemies at the bottom of the stairs and head through to the
next area. Clear the enemies ahead, then look left for the others across
on the opposite balcony, then go round and through the door. Kill the two
enemies at the end and through the next door to a spiral staircase. Head down.
If you want an Easter egg, as soon as you step off turn right and walk through
the wall to find a rather random and bizzare giant apple in a chamber! Anyway,
At the bottom clear the corridor and enter the dining room, through the
back and clear this corridor. Head through the door and up the stairs to
a long hall. Chuck a grenade to clear the enemies, being sure to hide behind
the table and use the Rocket Launcher on hand to help you out, it is pretty
tough. A guy with a minigun appears after you have cleared the enemies, so
stay covered and use explosives if needed. In the next area stay by the
doorway and pick off enemies one by one from around the edges on this level
and above. You can get killed easily so stay sharp and covered. When clear,
along the left side if a box on the wall which is a hidden lift. Go down.


Go onward and take the first left - clear the enemies outside and inside
this room then enter the room on the right and rush the guy on the toilet
and grapple for a quality environmental skill and subsequent achievement.

  Drown a German in a toilet in the Tower of London on any Difficulty

Head back to the corridor and take the right (opposite) route for another
office-like room with enemies. Throw the lever next to the gated door to
reach a corridor with various rooms coming off. Open up the left door and hide
behind it as two mini-gunners appear from the far corner. Take them out
from here, head down to the corner and enter the next area which is full
of canisters. Stay underneath the central canisters to avoid fire from above,
clear the enemies and head up the side ramp and round the side and through
a door. This corridor is rather linear, and takes you to the generator room.

As soon as you enter duck right against the canister and take out the guy
opposite, as well as the enemies ahead at either side. Do not enter them for
now and instead just go onward and down the short set of steps to the next
room. A gun turret faces you straight away so duck left and pop out between
breaks to kill 'em. Kill the remaining guy here as well as those through
the fencing in the area ahead, which will stand around and not fight back.
To get through head back to the generator room and enter the second room
to the side where a lever is located. Do not check the first room as it
contains a mini-gunner, which will make your life harder and considerably
shorter. Head back to the newly opened fence and go into the room. Hopefully
most of the enemies are clear, otherwise kill the remaining and meet with
a scientist on the central platform and wire the bomb on the side of the


Head back up the steps and head all the way back the way you came, through
the generator room, linear corridor and canister room to the lift you came
down in. More enemies will be on the way, but they are more sparse and easier
to manage. The corridor with rooms will have more doors open to hide behind.
When you come to that starting corridor, you'll see the enemies around the
scientist we spoke to before; it is far easier to just lob a grenade at the
group instead of taking them on directly. The scientist will survive the blast
regardless, then run into the lift. Follow him in, press the button and take
out the enemies when the door opens to be greeted by your team and finish
the mission.

  Rewire an Atom Bomb on Normal or Higher difficulty

2.07. Act 3 - Chapter 7

Head out of the sewer, left and up the ladder at the end. Run down the
walkway to the wide concrete pillar and go left around it. A boat is on the
right side firing across, so cover here and wait for it to go round before
continuing up the walkway. Replace the pistol you are holding with the
Rocket Launcher just here. Cover again from any boat fire, clear a few enemies
and then rain rockets upon the boat. It'll take around six rockets to take
down. Once done, head up one of the side walkways, clearing enemies as you
go, then come down past the next concrete pillar and pick up more rocket
shells. Head down this central walkway and enter the door.

Inside, clear the enemies in this corridor and head through to the end, door,
and again to the gear room. Sprint left and up to the guy at the console
and grapple him for a cool environmental death. Turn round and proceed down
the ramp and down the linear path left, below by the water and up the end
stair well. A few enemies will come out the top here, then jump into the
cracked pipe and outside again. Press A against the left ledge to climb up
and up the ladder. Go left past the vehicles, take out the enemies and
enter the control room. Stay in the opening doorway and wait for the enemies
to come to you. Go round the bottom floor to the stairs and watch out as
an enemy pops out and shoots straight away as you approach them. Head up
to the Control Room proper, clear the enemies and pull the lever on the left
side to raise the bridge.

Head through the right side room (opposite where you pull the lever) and head
up the stairs to the top. Note that enemies will follow you up, so keep 
checking behind you. At the top throw a grenade in the far doorway, then
approach and clear the corridor before progressing. Take your time clearing
these rooms, but you'll come to a lift at the far end anyway. Enter, press
the button on the right and head up.


Turn the corner and wait for enemies to come out and fire at the canister
on the left ahead to clear them all out. Go out onto the corner of rubble and
turn around, and jump up then press A to latch onto the ledge. Shimmy right
and pull up by pressing B at the window, then jump right again and onto
the right ledge, round and hoist yourself up at this window. Grapple and
environmentally kill the enemy here, then go down the middle passage and
up the left.


Head out and go left first, kill the enemy and go right. Down this long
bridge kill the enemies at the far end (one has a rocket launcher) and some
on the upper left Zeppelin. Hopefully you have the rocket launcher from
earlier, otherwise grab the one from the enemy at the end, and blow up the two
blimps off to the right. Two rockets each should do it.

  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Oh, the Humanity! (30G)
  Destroy all the assault blimps at the Tower Bridge on any difficulty

Walk up this walkway and kill the enemies at the end, when you reach the
rubble turn round and take out those that come from behind as well. This is
where it gets tough; the blimp has gun turrets that will rain bullets at
you from above and hurt considerably. Run back to the start of the walkway
and hide behind the left boxes. With the rocket launcher fire at the red
domes underneath the blimp. There are two on the right side, and one on the
left, each taking a rocket each to take down. Once they are done, head to the
end, up the ramp, clear any remaining enemies and head across the bridge
for a cutscene.

  Sneak onto the Zeppelin on Normal or higher difficulty

2.08. Act 3 - Chapter 8

Environmentally kill the guy at the jeep and shoot the guys from above.
Head left and shoot the barrels to kill the enemies ahead, then continue
on. Ignore going right and shoot the barrel in the corner, head to the end
wall and work your way across to the end. Turn right to see enemies kicking
a barrel toward you - shoot it to hopefully kill them first, then walk onward
and kill the what is left. At this corner, watch out for the upper right
walkway for enemies that appear. Staying at this corner, pop out and take
out the guy opposite behind the box as well as the couple of enemies on the
above walkway. When clear, turn the corner to see two enemies either side
ahead covering, and another further down. Take your time in killing them,
and knowing that the way is clear, sprint down to the end and head up the lift.


There are two enemies squatting in this passage. Open the door and kill
the enemies on the opposite walkway, then come out turn around and take out
those above there as well. Head up the ladder and go to the centre and look
opposite; make sure all the enemies are gone (check the corners where they
could be hiding) and jump up, press B and swing across to the other side.
If there are any left, you'll be a sitting duck. At the other side, head
left and go through the door at the end. In this corridor, head right
and enter the office and pick up the Sniper Rifle that is leaning against the
desk. Head back out and go to the very end to the hangar.

Make sure you have the sniper rifle equipped and start taking out the snipers
opposite and on the upper right walkway. DO NOT EXIT this corridor as the
door shuts behind you. Stay within the doorway popping enemies from afar - from
below (shoot the barrels) and the above left walkway, and get ready to switch
as enemies appear in front of you. When you are sure the vast majority of
enemies are dead, head out and go up the staircase. Go to the end of the
walkway and stand next to the crate, and swing across the overhanging ledge
to above the control room. Look in the top and take out enemies that are around
and drop down, and throw the lever next to the door. Head out the door,
down the side and against the back wall where a passage has opened. Go in
and throw the lever on the left to open the way onward.


Kill the enemies either side ahead and go right. There are two doors here
that you can open, but open the right one and clear the enemies. At the
fork, clear the enemies in the toilet on the right and then go onward. There
is a thin path to the left room here, so take it and chuck a grenade into
the corridor beyond to kill the enemies there. Go left and round to a map
room, again with more enemies. Grenade behind the table to clear them. Go
through the doorway and round the corner, with a lot of enemies ahead -
grenades are ideal here, otherwise cover and keep peering out. The left
door leads to two rooms with nothing but enemies, but go to the end of
the corridor to reach a radar. Environmentally kill the guy peering over
the ladder, reload and head down.

Run to the left and hide from enemy fire, and peep out and kill those ahead.
Go down the left path and kill the guy there, then go to the right side
and proceed down the steps. Clear the enemies and turn left for a door
in the centre. Open up and chuck a grenade down the bottom if you have one
otherwise stay at the end here so you can duck out if it gets a bit too
heavy. Head down the end and left, clear the room and down the ladder.
Two enemies await you in the alcove ahead, and head through and press the
button on the right of the metal door.


Run to the control centre at the end and pull the lever on the rightish
side, then the button in the middle. Cutscene. Enemies will stream in; duck
and veer out to the side. They all have semi-autos and one is a mini-gunner.
Use grenades, and the Sniper Rifle if you still have it. Once they are done
for, go down the right and press B at the open side of the bomb.

Well done! You have completed the game!

  Complete the campaign on any difficulty

Plus you'll unlock Bonus Content, and additional completion achievements if
you played it through on Normal or higher.

                               3. MULTIPLAYER

- There are only Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes.
- You will mostly be locked in a battle with one other person, circling round
  one another until someone runs out of bullets or dies. Strife round and
  jump to try and shack off his fire.
- Grenades are nearly useless one-on-one as you can tell where they are, 
  however if you spot two or more players squaring off, fire a grenade from
  a distance to take them out.
- Holding down RB cooks the grenade, so when you throw it it goes off faster.
  This is ideal so that the enemy does not know one is coming their way.

A small level which centers on an open area below with an atom bomb and
stairs leading up and around the outside. Very corridor-y and a tight, ideal
for smaller players. You may hear gunshots at random times, but they might
be from the broken panel on the left side of the level.

Broken Ground
A construction site split into two parts. There is an indoors section either
side of the adjoining tunnel, which has little tunnels you can crawl through
and drop grenades down little holes on the main areas. The construction site
is on two levels - a great idea is to stand on the upper ledges and chuck
grenades down on people.

The Ghetto
Two streets connecting at a right angle, with a bus in the middle and
building all around that you can enter and snipe from. Easiest to stay around
the middle bus area and take out people as they come to you, and lob grenades
up to the buildings if anyone is camping there.

Gas Bag
One large room with two either side, riddled with stairs and smoke. It is
pretty hard to see anyone on this map, so just run around until you meet
people. At the edge of one of the side rooms you can drop down into a bunker
room to the side if you want to get away in a pursuit.

                             4. ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE

Thanks to XBoxAchievements.com as a source of achievement names and
descriptions (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/achievements.php?gameID=374)

4.01. Story Achievements

These achievements are those that you can only get as you play through the
campaign mode, either through completing chapters or triggering set events
or environmental kills.

* Gravity is a Harsh Mistress (5G)
- Toss a paratrooper onto the streets below New York on any Difficulty
- On the first level when you reach the Skytower you'll see a paratrooper
  falling ahead of you. Sprint up to him, press B and spam the D-Pad to chuck
  him off the skytower.

* Sharpshooter (10G)
- Kill all the paratroopers as you make your way down the skyscraper on any
- When you reach the outside lift in the first level, there are four para-
  troopers that fall from the right. Zoom in and kill 'em all.

* Reservation for One (5G)
- Make your way down to Hotal Langteau on Normal or higher difficulty
- You'll get this automatically when playing the first level.

* Defender (20G)
- Help defend the barricade in New York on Normal or higher difficulty
- Complete level two.

* Save Yourself (25G)
- Escape from New York on any Difficulty
- Complete level three.

* Need a Ride? (20G)
- Meet up with the rescue team in Washington, D.C. on Normal or Higher
- You'll get this halfway through level four.

* I Saved the General (20G)
- Rescue General Donnelly from the D.C. courthouse on Normal or higher
- Meet with the General toward the end of level four.

* Dolly Madison Award (20G)
- Save the Constitution from being burned on Normal or higher Difficulty
- On stage five when you come out of the lift in the White House, go through
  the door and go right to the end room. Environmentally kill the guy next to
  the furnace and locate the slip of paper to the side and pick it up.

* TV Repairs (5G)
- Smash an enemy's head through a TV in the White House on any Difficulty
- In level five there are enemies watching TV sets; grapple and perform
  environmental kills to get this.

* Impeached (30G)
- Oust the false President from office on any difficulty
- Part of the story, got in level five.

* Swirly Time! (5G)
- Drown a German in a toilet in the Tower of London on any Difficulty
- On Level six after heading down the lift into the secret laboratory, take
  the first left and enter the room to the side of the one you enter and
  environmentally kill the guy sitting on the toilet.

* Going Nuclear (30G)
- Rewire an Atom Bomb on Normal or Higher difficulty
- Complete level six.

* Oh, the Humanity! (30G)
- Destroy all the assault blimps at the Tower Bridge on any difficulty
- On level seven, when you come out on the bridge after the second lift,
  use the Rocket Launcher from earlier / the enemy ahead and blow up the
  two blimps off on the right side. Two rockets each should do it.

* Stowaway (30G)
- Sneak onto the Zeppelin on Normal or higher difficulty
- Complete level seven.

* Turning Point (25G)
- Complete the campaign on any difficulty
- Complete the game.

* Presidential Medal for Merit (35G)
- Complete the campaign on Normal difficulty
- Complete the game on normal. Note this is not cumulative, however you
  can simply load up Chapter Eight and complete that to get this achievement.

* Presidential Citizens Medal (75G)
- Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty
- Complete the game on hard. Note this is not cumulative, however you
  can simply load up Chapter Eight and complete that to get this achievement.

* Presidential Medal of Freedom (100G)
- Complete the game on Insane Difficulty
- Complete the game on insane. Note this is not cumulative, however you
  can simply load up Chapter Eight and complete that to get this achievement.

4.02. Cumulative Achievements

These are additional achievements that you unlock during the campaign mode,
but is based on your actions when fighting enemies.

* Combat Experience (10G)
- Kill 50 enemies in the campaign on any difficulty
- You'll get this easily by the time you complete the campaign mode.

* Combat Veteran (25G)
- Kill 250 enemies in the campaign on any difficulty
- You'll get this easily by the time you complete the campaign mode.

* One Man Army (45G)
- Kill 400 enemies in the campaign on any difficulty
- You'll get this easily by the time you complete the campaign mode.

* Run! (25G)
- Sprint for a total of 30 minutes throughout the campaign on any difficulty
- This equals 1800 seconds - check the stats part of the START menu - which
  is hard to manage in one playthrough. Run everywhere to build this up, then
  just replay a stage and run up and down an empty room until you get it.

* Clingy (25G)
- Kill 15 enemies in a row by grappling them on any difficulty
- Just approach enemies when you can and press B to start grappling, and
  Instant Kill. Do this fifteen times in a row to do this. The last Act is
  harder than the rest so do not do it here, and many chapters do not have
  enough enemies. Try Chapter 3 when you enter the subway area.

* Environmentalism (15G)
- Complete 40 environmental or grapple kills on any difficulty
- Just approach enemies when you can and press B to start grappling, and
  Instant Kill or Environmental. Do this forty times to get this.

- Exploding Monkey (20G)
- Kill at least Four enemies with one explosion on any difficulty
- This includes exploding barrels as well as grenades. At the end of the
  first chapter there is a truck at the last corner which will provide enough
  boom-boom to get this. The last two stages have a lot of enemies in
  tight corridors and situations, so just build them up and chuck a grenade.

* Dead-eye (50G)
- Complete any mission with an accuracy of 80% or higher on Normal or higher
- The easiest way to do this is to play the first mission, which is somewhat
  short, and be really careful with your shots. You can use grapples and
  grenades without squandering your accuracy. Note that you can check your
  stats at any time by press START.

* Master Sniper	(35G)
- Kill 10 enemies in a row with a headshot on any difficulty
- Eep, this is pretty tough. For starters most guns do not allow you to
  perform headshots for some bizarre (and broken reason). Kill ten enemies
  without missing, all headshots. I found the easiest place to get this is the
  start of Chapter Six, where you land right in front of a sniper rifle. There
  are enemies on above walkways and behind bunkers, so should not take you
  long. This is apparently glitched as well, so if you do not get it then
  it might not be your fault. Annoying!

4.03. Multiplayer Achievements

I did this guide around a fortnight after the UK release, and the servers were
dead. Yay! No doubt achievements for this game are quite tough. If you have
a friend with this game, boosting might be the best way to go I'm afraid.

* First Time for Everything (5G)
- Finish a multiplayer game.
- This needs to be a full game from start to finish. Do not need to do well,
  just finish.

* World Tour (15G)
- Finish a multiplayer game on every map in every mode.
- Four maps, two modes equals eight games. Write down which you have done,
  however boosting here might be the best way to go.

* pwnt (15G)
- Finish an 8-player ranked or player match in Deathmatch mode with the
  highest number of kills
- You need eight players from start to finish, and have the most kills. Good
  luck with this one!

* MVP (30G)
- Win an 8-player ranked or player match in Team Deathmatch mode with the
  highest score
- This is easier than pwnt as your team shares the points. Be on the winning
  side to get this. Again, eight players need to stay from start to end.

* Stayin' Alive (40G)
- Finish a ranked match in Deathmatch mode without dying.
- More difficult than it sounds, basically just stay alive. Either hide some-
  where, or if you are one-on-one just leg it from the other person.

* Next Time Take the Stairs (5G)
- Fall to your death during a multiplayer game.
- Probably the best achievement in the entire game, find a high point and
  jump off to your death. I did mine in Labrats.

* One in the Chamber (10G)
- Kill a player in a ranked match with the last bullet in a pistol clip.
- Either be lucky that you finish on the last bullet, or spend all your bullets
  apart from one, change weapons then switch back when he is on deaths door.

* Team Player (25G)
- Win 20 ranked matches in Team Deathmatch mode.
- Exactly what is says on the tin.

* Uberdork (25G)
- Win 5 ranked matches in Deathmatch mode.
- Exactly what is says on the tin.

* Killer (20G)
- Get 100 ranked match kills in any mode
- Exactly what is says on the tin. Due to the lack of people playing, boosting
  is ideally the way to go.

* Killer Instinct (30G)
- Get 500 ranked match kills in any mode
- Exactly what is says on the tin. Due to the lack of people playing, boosting
  is ideally the way to go.

* Maybe I Should Go Outside... (40G)
- Get 2500 ranked match kills in any mode
- Exactly what is says on the tin. Due to the lack of people playing, boosting
  is ideally the way to go. If you get this, give me an email. I solute you. :)

                            5. SECRETS AND UNLOCKABLES

Unlock Environmental / Character & Weapon Concept Art

Complete the campaign mode on any difficulty to unlock these under the Extras
part of the main menu.

Giant Apple Easter Egg

On Chapter 7, at the bottom of the spiraling stair case, turn right
and walk ahead through the wall to find a giant apple in a chamber.

                        6. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS

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