FIFA Manager 08 PC FAQ

       FIFA Manager 08

I quit FIFA MANAGER 08 and my PC restarts - what can I do? 
Please install the Service Pack 2 for XP - this will solve the promblem. 

Can I change the resolution without starting FIFA Manager? 
Yes,you can! Please open the User.ini and add/change the following lines: 

Will there be an update for FIFA MANAGER 08? 
Yes, we're working on it. We have not yet set a release date - this depends on the severity of the problems we find. There's no need to ask for the release date in the forum - the later it is released, the better it will be. 

Will there be an editor for adding interview questions to the game? 
Yes, this will come soon. We will deliver the editor later - otherwise we will not be able to detect whether problems posted in the forum are really our issues or problems caused by other editors. 

Can I use the 'Matchday Comments' editor from FIFA Manager 07 for the 08 version? 
Yes, you can. This should work without any problems. The 'Fan Chants' editor can also be used. 

Due to the low resolution I'm using, I'm not able to see widgets. Is there a solution to that? 
The update will enable you to see widgets and the help texts at game start even in the low resolutions. 

I've created a club in Austria in the CaC mode. However, I can only start in the T-Mobile or Red Zac league, why is that? 
This is a known problem and will be solved in the update. At the moment, we're testing if our correction works and we might put it in the Download section. We apologize sincerely for this mistake. 

I've made a promise to a player in contract negotiations. If this player transfers to my club, I automatically get the news that I've not kept this promise. 
This is also a known problem and will be fixed with the update. 

FIFA Manager is very slow (several minutes for the weekly progress) on my PC, why is that? 
Really long processing times are not a problem of FIFA Manager but of the system that is used. Due to the player data, statistics and all the other data, FIFA Manager needs a lot of memory. If your system doesn't have enough memory available, the game will constantly have to source out data to the hard drive and this slows everything down. An upgrade of your system or a lower number of selected leagues may help here. 

Why do I have a different number of screen resolutions to choose from (e.g. only 2) than other players? 
The selection of screen resolutions depends on what the individual PC can achieve with the respective graphics card. If only 2 resolutions are offered, other resolutions are not possible with the given technology. 

In the CaC mode, the youth players are slightly too strong- will this be changed? 
The patch will deliver certain corrections here. 

How can I improve the performance of the defenders in my team? 
This really depends on the mode you're playing in. In 3D mode it is no problem to achieve very good performances. Of course you need to revise your formation. You cannot expect to play clean sheet by just using the given formation. You have to prepare well for the next game and adjust your team to the opponents or learn from the mistakes that were made in the previous matches. 

In the FIFA Manager 07 text mode it was harder to avoid goals of the other team (due to the new open attacks) than in the 06 version. This has been improved in FIFA Manager 08. 

What kind of influence do the tactics have in instant calculation? 
Instant calculation uses the same game logic as the text mode. Every change in tactics takes impact (except for the tactics table). The tactics table is so complex that it only affects the 3D mode (running patterns). Only the general offensive/defensive bias of the players from the tactics table takes effect in the text mode. 

There's no league tree at game start - why? 
The league tree is only displayed if it is really significant. This means that at least a few leagues in the country have to be selected. The league tree is especially cool, if you select all leagues in Spain. 

How can I add my own stadium to FIFA Manager 08? 
To do that, you have to find the so-called Unique Team ID in the editor and then give your stadium exactly that name. The update will make it possible to save stadiums for the reserve and youth teams as well. These stadiums will then need '-2' or '-3' as appendix to their Team ID. 

I cannot start in the non-leagues with my own club, why? 
At present, this only works if you select the non-leagues at game start. The update will make it possible to start in the non-leagues in the running game. 

I've changed the age of a player and the player picture disappears - what can I do? 
The only thing you can do is to get a new player picture and save it in user/pictures with the usual name (with the new DoB). The reason for the disappearance: the DoB is part of the file name to identify the player. 

For details, please see: editor's workbench in Inside FM. 

My 3D game is much too fast and therefore unrealistic. What can I do? 
Problem-solving is not really easy in this case. You have to open the file Config.big in the main directory with a hex editor. 

Then search for GAME_SPEED and delete '70' and put in '1'. Then save and restart the game. (Hint from the German forum.) 

In Austria there are no historical results at the moment. Why? 
At the moment the game only supports leagues with two rounds but we intend to change this. If you like, you can take a look at the existing result files and then create one for Austria. Set it up in the same manner as the other files and put in the results for 4 rounds. The FM will be able to use this data after the update. 

Hint: If you are from Austria you will find a detailed German explanation how to do this on the German FIFA Manager website. 

Will I be able to use my save games after the update? 
Yes, it will be possible. Exception here: the CaC savegames in Austria. Unfortunately, these will have to be started again. 

What can I do to add a player who doesn't play in my club to the Hall of Fame? 
At the moment it is possible to simply create a normal player picture and save it as explained in the Editor's Workbench. The game will be able to detect and display it. 

The update will enable you to add active players from other clubs to your Hall of Fame, if they played for your club in the past. This will then be done via context menu. 

We have problems to substitute players in the multiplayer mode in text mode. What can we do? 
The easiest way is by using the F1 to F4 keys. Each player has his personal key. 

I've heard that the 'match control' feature for the text mode will return. What is it and where can I find it? 
This feature enables you to control the match with a superior team. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible in FIFA Manager 08 but it will be part of the announced update. 

In the text mode, I cannot hear any additional sounds of the fan chants, why? 
In order to be able to listen to the fan chants completely, you have to set the controller for "Volume Game SFX" in the Sound Options to 100 %. Finally, you just have to check the box 'fan chants' in text mode. 

What's the use of the scouting software? 
The software constantly delivers results and independently scouts new players. This means that players will be scouted effortless and you will thus get a faster overview of the strengths and weaknesses of different players. 

Additional effect: If you want to find certain players in the transfer market, you get many more results as players with scouting level 0 are not displayed. 

My players have a very low energy value. What can I do? 
In the training menu, there's an option for 'training intensity'. It is pre-set at 100 % for all players. 

As soon as the season is running you should reduce this especially for regular players in order to enable them to gain further regeneration as they are already under more stress than the other players due to the regular matches. 

Regular players cannot give 100 % in every training unit without getting tired. 
It has proven helpful to set the intensity at 70-80 % for regular players, 80-90 % for reserve players depending on their average match time and 100% for players who have a minimum match time or have not yet managed to level with the rest of the team. 

Important: Even if you have made your assistant responsible for the training, he will not change the level of intensity. 

If you don't want to bother with the training yourself, don't worry. Usually it's sufficient, if you make slight corrections once or twice per season - for example if the formation of the squad has changed considerably or the match time of the players has changed permanently. 

How can I change the display of tables, scorers, etc. in the weekly progress? 
The easiest way is to do it in the options menu. Select 'Options'-'Preferences'. This shows you a number of pre-set options which you can customise. In the column in the middle there is the menu 'custom settings'. 

If you select this, a new screen will open where you can select the data that you want have displayed in the weekly progress. 

Note: The maximum number of displays is limited to 10 tables/statistics. 

How can I distribute the player shirt numbers in a different way? I cannot find this section anymore. 
This section has simply been moved in the 08 version. You find it in 'Club'-'Merchandise'-'Design Kit'-'Player Shirt Numbers' (small kit left bottom). 

I have a technical problem with my FIFA Manager and would like to ask other users in the forum, if they can help me with it. 
In general, we advise you to specify your problem as detailed as possible. This will increase the probability that other users can help you with the problem or give you initial help to solve the problem yourself. 

Please make sure that you browse through the forum before opening a new thread - there might be a thread that describes/solves the same problem. 

1. You should describe exactly when the problem comes up. Does it occur parallel to a certain action within FIFA Manager, a certain match day or after a certain time? 
2. You should explain in detail what the problem is. Does the PC crash? If so, to the desktop or with a blue screen? Is there a problem report available? Is a certain function of FIFA Manager suddenly not selectable or defective? (no 3D available, no other resolution selectable, etc.) 
3. You should always specify the system you're using. Is it a desktop or laptop pc? What exactly is the performance data of your pc/laptop? (processor speed, available ram) What kind of graphics card are you using (Nvidia, ATI or other) and what type exactly do you have? What system software is installed on your PC? (2000/XP with Service Pack 1/XP with Service Pack 2/Vista 32-bit/Vista 64-bit) 

Does your PC fulfil the minimum requirements? 

If you are not exactly sure regarding this information, you can check with 'dxdiag' which specifications your pc has. 

To do this, use 'Start'=>'Execute' and then enter 'dxdiag' and press 'OK'. 

4. Do you have the latest driver (graphics and sound) installed? If you have a graphics card problem for example, please check your graphics card driver. You can download updates for the drivers on the homepages of the gc manufacturers. 

ATI : 

DirectX 9c may for example need an update of the graphics and sound drivers. 

5. Have you installed fan page files or similar, or changed any data in FIFA Manager (parameter files)? Please specify this as well - this will increase the chances that other users can help you with your problem. 

Please note that the support in the forum is a mere user2user support and not official. The official EA support can be found on your local EA home page: 

How do I add player pictures/badges/kits/objects, etc. to the game? 
The best way is to read through the Editor's Workbench before you start adding objects. It can be found here: Editor's Workbench(click) 

This should answer most of your questions. If you have further questions, ask in the forum or check your local fan pages for expert help. 

Please note that we are constantly extending the workbench. You should regularly check for new information. 

Why do I have to install Update 2 before installing the database update? 
Update 2 also updated the editor. 

Is there anything else I have to do after installing the database update? 
Yes, you have. In order for the database update to work correctly, you have to start the editor first and then click the button "Write Current Database For Game". In addition to that, you have to start a new game for the database to become effective. 

Iíve included the database into the game, but the transfers havenít been carried out- why? 
Please note that the transfers become effective 01 January 2008: 

Is the database update compatible with FIFA Manager 07? 
No, it is only compatible with FIFA Manager 08. 

How do I uninstall the database update? 
In this case you have to reinstall FIFA Manager and the update 2 from scratch. 

Iíve changed a few things in the editor. What happens to my changes, if I install the database update now? How can I play my edited data combined with the update? 
First of all, you have to save all countryXXX.sav-files from your database directory. After installing the update, you can copy them back in. That way, you can keep on using the historic data and player pics but at the same time play with your own data. 

Iíve installed everything correctly, but neither FIFA Manager nor the editor starts. I only get an error message. 
Please download the database update again and repeat the installation.