Okami PS2 FAQ/Walkthrough


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Okami FAQ/Walkthrough
For PS2, Wii
Version 1.2 (4/26/08)
Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"
Email: lunatic_252000@yahoo.com
Website: www.thechaosuniverse.com

Version 0.5 - got through at least 60% of the game, but I also know I'll need
to make mucho lists of the beads, clovers, animals, and a whole lot of other
things. Look for more after the Wii version comes out, and this should get
you by for a good while. Again, this is NOT off the Wii version, but it should
work just as fine.

Version 1.0 - finished the walkthrough. Will add lists of the extra stuff 
after I play the Wii version. Again, this guide is STILL NOT OVER THE WII
VERSION! But it should work just as well.

Version 1.2 - added just some Wii stuff since this playthrough will take a 

Table Of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls			CON2222
3. Starter Tips			TIPS333
4. Walkthrough			FAQ4444

	River of the Heavens				ROTH111
	Kamiki Village					KAVI222
	Hana Valley					HANA333
	Shinshu Field					SHIN444
	Kamiki Village Part 2				KVP2555
	Agata Forest					AGAF666
	Tsuta Ruins					TSRU777
	Taka Pass					TAPA888
	Kusa Village					KUVI999
	Quest for the Satomi Canine Warriors		SCW1010
	Gale Shrine					GAL1111
	Night of the Festival				NOF1212
	Your New Adventure Begins			NEW1313
	Sei-an City					SEI1414
	Treasure Hunting in the Water Dragon's Domain	WDD1515
	Removing the Curse				CUR1616
	Sei-an City Reborn				SCR1717
	The Lost Girls					TLG1818
	Finding the Dragonian Domain			FDD1919
	The Dragon Lair					DRA2020
	Revelation					REV2121
	Breaking the Dark Lord				ONI2222
	Going North					NOR2323
	Frosty Reception				FRO2424
	Loose Ends					END2525
	The Little Village				TLV2626
	Leap of Time					LOT2727
	Day of Darkness					DOD2828
	Ark of Yamato					AOY2929

5. Enemies (coming soon)
6. Side Quests (coming soon)
7. Stray Beads (coming soon)
8. Wiilease
9. Author Info / Copyright	

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Yep, it seems like my guides as of late have been more and more about games 
I love, rather than games that will be mega hits. This is one of the best 
games I've played, and having played this and Twilight Princess, I have no 
clue why TP gets all the praise and sales. Sure, both games have similar 
concepts and even feature wolves, but Okami does EVERYTHING ELSE with a finer
bit if inspiration that Nintendo's favorite adventure game. 

I don't know, I think other than nostalgia and the Nintendo fandom, Zelda games
are just boring. Okami keeps things rolling at a fast pace, the characters
are all interesting, the story is flawless (aside from the presentation of
the story), the brush is more than a gimmick, and come on, if anyone wants to
know whether video games are art, bam, this game is art and storytelling all
in one. And if you want some nice little side stories, there are few in here
that will stick with you.

I don't know, I just think that if the Zelda games were called anything else,
I'm not sure if anyone would care about them. But, that is how the world goes.
People want more of the same, whereas when something totally new and original
like Okami pops up, it has to fight for every sale. 

Come on Okami 2!

PS - anyone else notice Capcom games have awesome replay value? Also, isn't 
this like the only game ever made that doesn't have a love story at its core?
It just might be.

* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

PS2 Controls

X Button - jump
O Button - talk and bark
Square - tackle/dash, main attack, use brush
Triangle - dig, bite, sub attack
R1 - hold to bring up the Celestial Brush
R2 - Fleetfoot (buy it later)
L1 - change view
L2 - hold for map
RStick - camera, click to reset camera
LStick - move
D-Pad - move in the pause screen
Start - fan menu, which has a lot of screens with info and items
Select - options menu

Wii Controls

A - jump, use brush
B - hold to bring up the Celestial Brush
Z - talk, use, bark, sub weapon, and best way to draw a straight line with the
C - dig, golden fury/brown rage attacks
Plus - fan menu
Minus - options menu
Swing Wiimote - attack, tackle/dash, swing up and hold to charge glaive and
	then swing down to release
Swing Nunchuk - fleetfoot
Control Pad - only way to control the camera
1 - hold to bring up map
2 - change perspective

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. Explore once, and again - go over an area the first time you go through it,
and then go through it again at some other point in time. Not all the time, or
everytime you go through, but you need to do comb-overs of some areas a few

#2. Speed and damage - these are the keys to gaining more money in each fight
in the form of the bonus yen. If you can beat your enemies quickly and take 
little to no damage, you'll do good.

#3. Stay on the offensive - just like most hack and slash games, in this one 
the favor goes to the player that plays fast. Don't dilly around, just go in
and attack. Yes, find your opponents weakness, but once you find it and once
they are vulnerable, go in with everything you got. This is especially true
of the boss battles. Just know that Devil May Cry 4 and Okami are both 
Capcom games, so the same rules apply believe it or not. 

#4. Freeze frame - pressing the draw button, or brush button, will freeze the
view. Not only do you get a quick breather, you also need to draw something. 
Doesn't matter if a slash does nothing to your enemy, try it and all your 
other powers.

#5. Items are for finding, not buying - in this game, if you are caught buying
a bone for health, you are doing things very wrong. Seriously, you don't need
to buy bones or slips or sake, and you can usually sell those kinds of items

#6. Dash to run faster - if you notice, Ammy will run at three different speeds
if you keep running. But if you start with a dash attack, you will already be
in the 2nd gear.

#7. Know your instruments - reflectors are quick and medium, rosaries are long
and weak, and glaives are slow and strong. Feel free to mix and match as you
see fit.

#8. Demon Fangs are easy to get - you need about 200 or so to get the two items
that you need from the Emperor, which is later in the game. You have loading 
screens, Golden Fury, and Flora Finishers. You have two types of load screens:
one where you mash the button 50 times to get a fang, and one where you must
match the paw prints to get a fang. Golden Fury is a power you can get in the
first segment of the game, but if you get it, you must commit to use it - it's
a pee attack FYI. Flora Finishers are brush techniques you do after you have
killed an enemy. Mix and match your techniques to find the right finisher for
each kind of enemy.

#9. Buy more ink - spend your praise on ink, especially if you don't take many
hits. Yeah, get the first couple of extra health units, but after you have 
about seven total health, you should be able to focus purely on getting more 
ink pots. *Wii Note: Maybe do health and ink evenly on the Wii.*

#10. Wii tip - use the draw screen to move the camera around faster, rather 
than using the d-pad.

#11. Wii tip - fast motions for drawing, slow motions for fighting. Odd that
it works this way, but trust me, you cannot swing the Wiimote around as you
fight, and doing slow brushwork is more hit or miss than just stroking it.

I think I will add more later.

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *

Okami Walkthrough

River of the Heavens		( ROTH111 )

*NOTE: During loading screens with the paw prints making tracks, if you press
a button in sync with the steps, you can earn a special reward, but it's very
hard to do. If you ever see one with a blank screen, start mashing the button
to make a ton of paw prints. Both ways earn you fangs, which you will learn 
about much later.*

After what seems like a novel's worth of reading, you start outside a big tree,
and you're only option is to go into the light.

*Wii Note: You can skip the cutscenes, but only do so if you just can't stand
reading, or if you've played the game before.*

Inside, go forward to a mirror where you can save your game, so do that now.
One thing you may want to do is go to the pause screen, not the menu screen but
the one with the game options, and from there invert both the X and Y axis in
case you don't like the camera controls. 

*Wii Note: Seems like things are more fluid on the Wii controls, or that's just
how the game looks when stretched on an HDTV and no HD.*

After you save, go across the bridge and tackle into some pots for some yen. 
Then go around the corner and wall jump up to the higher level. More pots up
here and a chest with a Holy Bone S. Break all the stuff and try to go across
the next bridge to find out a power you will soon have. Issun will use the
Rejuvenation power to restore the bridge, then you go across, break some pots,
and then go up the hill on the right. Issun will try to draw in a star, but
he can't. You will then need to hold down the draw button and then press the 
ink button over the missing star at the end of the pattern to fill in the 

You'll talk with Yomigami and get the brush technique Rejuvenation. Go back
down the hill and then up to the broken river. Press the draw button to bring
up the brush and feel free to move the camera to get a better view of the 
river. Just paint in the space from this end to the next and you'll restore
the water. Swim over and if you get stuck, it means you haven't added enough
water, so just draw more. Go across for an Astral Pouch that holds food, smash
some pots, and then through the light. 

Cave of Nagi

In the next area, just go up the road, and yes, there are things to smash on
the sides, but if you want them you can find them yourselves. When you hit the
bridge, jump to the right to find a Stray Bead in a chest. Then it's just up
the path, pots and stuff on the sides, and you'll hit the cave. Some pots to
the left, then go up to the statue, and when the camera pulls back, get out
your brush and just draw a line where the sword should be. Then dot the head 
of Tachigami.

*wii Note: You can press Z instead of A to help draw straight lines on the Wii,
remember that well. In battle, try to slash upward a bit, as making a slash 
that angles down doesn't seem to register. And don't hold it down too long
or you'll use a lot of ink, but it does still work.*

*Wii Note: Whether you choose to use the Z or A button, just be sure to use 
tiny slashes as those are easier to draw.*

*Wii Note: On fighting, you can't just shake the Wiimote about and expect to 
win, just think of you are using a sword. So use more fluid motions from one
side to the other, or up and down. Fast motions don't seem to register.*

After the chat, draw a line through the boulder and you'll have mastered a 
staple move of this game, the Power Slash. Then go to the gates and slash them
through to be freed. Go down the steps and you get your first battle with two
Green Imps. Just slash them and they should die, and if not just finish them
off with tackles. You'll notice you get rated by how fast and by how little 
damage you take in a fight, so just be quick and try not to get hurt and you'll
earn more yen for it. Then it's just down the hill for another fight, and 
then back to the river area.


Run all the way out the gate to be back outside in front of the tree.

When outside, let the camera pull out and then cut the fruit down.

Kamiki Village		( KAVI222 )

*Wii Note: I'll mention this here and here only, as this is something people
will not figure out on their own and I could mention it throughout the whole
guide. A good way to move the camera is to press the draw button and then use
the nunchuk to move it. It seems clunky and weird, but it works.*

Go down the hill, look at the statue, then go right and into the village. 
Examine a few more statues and then go back to the fork in the road to go up
the mountain to a deck where you can use a power you have already, Sunrise.
Just draw a circle in the sky to light up the world. Then you talk with Mr.
Orange, and you should notice that humans don't see the markings or the shield
on Amaterasu's back. Then you get a fight with three more Imps, so again, 
just slash them to make life easy.

After this fight you earn Praise for having purified some of the land, more on
this later. Tackle the chest to get some Seeds, and then you'll find some 
life in the little pond. Go around the corner to the path to see some birds,
and if you get around a spot where they like to congregate, you can press a 
button to feed them. Give them the seeds and they give you some Praise; you
don't have to watch the animation.

Go back down the path and talk with the guy with the basket over his head, a
guy called Komuso that you will run into quite a lot. He is just a challenge
guy that will force you to fight a group on enemies within a certain time if 
you want his reward. As for the fight, you need to just do you shield attack
about two times, then when the Imps are black and white, do a power slash to
slice them up. I'm pretty sure the goal time is less than 10 seconds, but you
should be done in six or so. You get some praise for you efforts.

*NOTE: From Komuso, look to the rock on the right side, when looking down the 
steps, and double jump up off the tip of the rock to get to a beam that has a 
Stray Bead. You could wait for the double jump to get this easier.*

Now go down into the village and follow the path to the other side of a bridge
so you can save at a mirror. Now you have a bunch of little side quests at 
your choosing. 

Mrs. Orange - go see her by the river and talk with her twice. Then go to her
right and look at the two stands without a pole. Just slowly draw a horizontal
line from one stand to another and then talk to her again. Now she complains 
about the sun not being close enough - as if a pole appearing out of thin air
isn't enough miracles for one day. Just look up and draw a circle in the sky
to gain her praise. You can also come back to this spot at night for cakes.

*Wii Note: For her pole, just use the A button to draw it.*

Exorcism Slip S - behind Mrs. Orange on the mountain side. Just wall jump to
get up there.

Mushi - you find him by the barking dog next to the farm. Talk with him twice
to learn he has a challenge for you. Go talk with his mom in the field to learn
how to dig. Now, the rules are simple: dig up and grab ten turnips without 
being hit by Mama, and without leaving the dirt of the farm. This means you
have a small area to work, but it's not too hard. Just start by digging up one
in the center, then just run around from end to end as you dig each one up.
If you can position your body away from Mama while you dig, that helps, and 
you can't leave a dig and come back. Just keep digging and when she is close
you must slash her, or draw nothing on her to ink her. Either way, once you
have the tenth turnip up, be sure to bite it and run to Mushi. Give him the 
Oddly Shaped Turnip to earn his praise.

Kushi - she works the rice fields by the waterfall. Just talk with her three
times and then get the rice from her house and mill; in her house you can
knock over some wall pieces. 

Orange's House - knock over two doors to reveal ground where you can dig up
a chest.

Susano - enter his home which is opposite the mirror and then smash the jug
to reveal the way to the basement. Just listen in on him twice and that's it,
can't wake him. Leave.

Nighttime treasures - these can only be seen when it's dark, duh! They will be
in the form of green lights coming from the ground. Just dig where the light 
is to get these. May have to wait a while for it to get dark, but don't wait 
around just for these. One is in the corner of the farm, one is on the island
by the steps where you entered the village, 

Merchant - he is up the path that leads out of the village, but it is blocked.
However, when you talk with him you will then fight with Green Imps and a Red
Imp, who is just an Imp with a guitar, or something. Just slash at his strings
if you want, or just do normal attacks, wait for him and the others to be 
black and white, then slash them. After this fight, you get more praise and 
enough to enhance a Divine Attribute. Issun takes you to the screen, and I 
advise you spend 50 on an extra Ink Pot.

After you help the merchant, go back to Susano's house and listen to his 
mumblings twice, then tackle him. With Susano on board, take him up and to the
Merchant. After Susano goes to train up, follow him to behind his house and 
talk to him twice. Feel free to save and then go find Kushi. 

She will tell you how her waterwheel is broken, so go around the house just so
you can see the broken side of the wheel, and then paint a line from one end 
to the other to fill in the missing piece. Go in the mill and talk with her so
she will drop some Vista of the Gods. Bite it and then go take it to that slob
of a descendant Susano. 

Give him the brew and then follow up his two slashes on the dummies with your
own power slashes. Then cut the rock in his training yard, and then after he
goes to the boulder, cut that too (you don't have to follow his motions, just
make a line in any way). Talk with Sakuya to learn that you must restore the 
Guardian Saplings in Nippon. 

After that, go to the Merchant's stall nearby and buy about five seeds and 
three bags of herbs. Use a bag of herbs on the rabbits in by the lush area near
the mirror. Save if you like and now we are off to find the other animals in
the village. There are chickens by Mama's house, birds around her farm, and
more birds where you met Komuso, the challenger guy. If it's daytime, you can
go all the way back up to the deck to run into Mr. Orange, if you want to. 

*NOTE: Mushi's dog wants some meat, and even though I mention it later, you can
do it now if you want.*

Before you leave the village, make sure you stop by the merchant, sell any
treasures you have, and buy at least two of each kind of feed.

Shinshu Field

The first thing you notice are the Demon Scrolls patrolling the grounds. These
things are just battles with enemies, so avoid unless you want more yen or 
something. Keep a good distance between you and them, but know that if you are
too close the scrolls will come rushing toward you. Don't touch them no matter

You can go to the sapling up the road, but you'll have to take the road to the
left and visit a man named the Nameless Man. Talk with him twice and then go
around his home and into the Hana Valley.

Hana Valley		( HANA333 )

*NOTE: Now is a good time to tell you want the Fangs do. You want to collect
as many as you can because they are quite valuable later on. If you want them,
you will have to perform the correct finisher on a foe after you empty his
health, and while he is "floating" in the air. For the Imps, just smack them
around and then perform a slash to drain them of Fangs.*

Save and then go up the path for a chest with a Traveler's Charm, which adds a
sorta "shield" to Amaterasu. Go up to a fire where Imps rest and then you'll
have to fight the whole bunch of them. Hack and slash them, but you don't 
restore any beauty after the battle. Proceed up the path to run into Cursed 
Trees. They will try to through fruit at you, but you can stun them by holding
the draw button while the fruit is in the air, then slash the fruit to send it
back. Go across the bridge and then go right until you hit another fight.

You fight two Green and one Yellow Imp. Kill the green ones quickly, then 
watch where the dirt trail goes. You want to get behind it when it stops for a
second time, because when he pops up, if you are in front of him he will see
you and then send a shockwave through the ground with his drum, so jump to
avoid. Just run around and jump behind him, and when he pops up, smack him a 
bit, slash him, and then slash him when he's in the air to get a fang. 

After you talk with Susano, go to the cliff edge and look at the painting. 
Then you can pretty much just circle the whole painting to make a sun. Once 
you do, the path will open. Go through and make your way to a room with a tiny
sapling. Examine it and then go left. Slash the gate and go through to find a 
mirror to save your game on the side.

In the next room, help Susano slash four torches, then help him knock off a 
sleeping bear who is managing to balance on a ball, help him knock that bear
off the ball. Then you must roll the ball into the room with the sapling, up
the ramp, and into the spot with the water. Then go to the ledge and draw a 
sun in the sky when the camera pulls back. Then put two stars on the next 
constellation to talk with Sakigami who gives you Greensprout. After you got
it, draw a circle around the Guardian Sapling to restore the Hana Valley to 

*NOTE: Feel free to spend your praise on health, but if you want to get another
ink pot, you'll get more than enough by the time you leave this valley. But
if you are getting hit a lot, just buy the health.*

*Wii Note: If you played the PS2, it was nice and slow to draw a circle. For 
the Wii, you may be better served to just make a fast circle. Slowly will make
a box shape, so just try to bloom trees with a fast stroke.*

Make your way to where you found the painting for another fight. It's the same
as the last one, with the Yellow Imp, so be ready to jump behind him. After 
that, feed the boars some seeds. Then go meet the Cursed Trees again, but 
this time, after you slash their fruits to stun them, draw a circle around 
them to restore their beauty, and gain praise. Go to the bridge and brush all
over the cursed spot of grass to gain tips on Greensprout and gains some praise
while you're at it. There is another tree nearby, and if you wall jump on 
the green of the wall near that tree, you'll get to a ledge with a beam shining
up. Dig up a clover (get it, the studio that made the game is called Clover)
and then bloom it for praise.

Cross the bridge for the two cursed trees, and you'll notice three other trees
that are black. Bloom them too for praise. Then go back to the campfire to 
fight the same group of enemies again. Kill them and this time the restoration
works. Be sure to bloom the six dead trees by the fire, then jump to that 
island for a clove to dig up, a chest with digging tips, and a tree. After you
restore all the trees in this area, way back by the painting will be a chest,
so make the trek back up to that spot. Oh yeah, don't forget to feed the 
monkeys by the fire some meat. If you did bloom all the trees, you will find
a Sun Fragment in a chest by the painting. 

At night, there is a stray bead shortly after you leave the campfire, like
right to the left as you are coming out of the very short tunnel. Don't miss
the clover by the mirror, just a jump over the stream. Save and leave.

Shinshu Field		( SHIN444 )

Talk with the Nameless Man again, then run to the Guardian Sapling and bloom
it; again, avoid the scrolls on your way. There will be two chests after you
bloom the sapling, the one in front of the tree shows you how to flee from
battle. There is a merchant to the left of the sapling, and even though it
sounds like he's asking you to go on a side quest, he is really just telling
you to find treasures. Feel free to buy more seeds from him, then go save at
the mirror near the tree.

Lots of things to do in this field, so bear with me (all directions come from
using you map), and just wait until you're done with this area before you
decide to spend your praise, unless you know what you want:

1. West of the sapling and save point down the road is a patch of cursed grass
that you can draw on to rebloom it, then you can feed some boars some seeds.

2. North of the sapling along the riverbank is a clover you can dig up.

3. Further north along the river, opposite the side of the Nameless Man's 
home, will be a Devil Gates you can go through to activate a battle. This 
fight has just red and green imps, nothing new. Killing them reveals the 
Nameless Man's Kiln. Some pots will be all around, as well as some bunnies to
feed some herbs.

4. Up the road from the kiln will be a guy on the ground named Ida. You should
have a Traveler's Charm on you, and if you do he will take it and you'll have
your praise.

5. There is a Devil Gate in the area behind the sapling. It has red imps and 
then a yellow imp. Feed the bunnies after that, and if you jump up to the 
higher ground you will find a Stray Bead in a chest between some shrubs. And
then up the hill a bit is a clover.

6. Further up is a crack in the wall, but nothing you can do about it. Just go
up the road and feed some more bunnies.

7. Go up the hill to the fork in the road and go left, down toward a house, 
and there is a black tree to bloom. Then you'll run into a fight with a fish 
demon called a Dead Fish. The trick is to slash its wings off, then beat it 
up before it grows more, and when its health is low you need to run away as it
will try to jump on you and blow you up. Kill the imps and then the fish. There
is another tree to bloom, a chest with a scroll inside, and then go into Tama's

*NOTE: You can slash the Dead Fish too once they are chasing you.*

8. Talk with Tama three times, then take note of the pattern on the wall when
he shows you. Then, when he's making his fireworks, you will need to draw that
pattern on the pot. Just draw a circle and then a little slash in the top to 
make the bomb. Then when you see the constellation, dot the two stars to talk
to Bakugami.

9. Use the Cherry Bomb on the wall near Tama's House, then go dig between three
bushes down by the dock nearby for a treasure, which is easy to see at night.
Then go all the way back to the crack in the wall at #5 for another chest in
a cave.

10. Go back up the hill and cross the bridge, then go down the path to feed 
some horses herbs. Down by the Dojo will be a Devil Gate, but you can either
go through now or wait a bit. Also in front of the dojo will be a pack of 
pigs to feed. The Devil Gate has yellow and green imps.

11. Go in the dojo and talk with Onigiri Sensei. For a small 5000 yen you can
buy 4 Winds, which is probably the only thing you want at the moment. Once you
buy it, go into the training room and you can leave, but if you stay and train
the technique four times (which is just mashing the attack button four times
for this combo) you will get a bone as a reward, so just train until he says
you've done enough, then leave. Now if you saved the gate for later, go
through it now and test out the new attack.

*NOTE: If going for the wanted list at night, you may get up enough money to 
buy Fleetfoot now, but you don't need it.*

12. Below the dojo at the bottom of the hill is another Devil Gate, and all
that you fight are more imps. You get a chest for your trouble along with

13. Go toward Kamiki Village to find six dead trees you can bloom. Then go save
at the sapling mirror, and then go back up the hill.

14. Take the path on the left that goes down a steep slope toward a tiny shrine
by the water called Moon Shrine. Go in and talk with Mika to get his wanted 
list called Mika's Monster Notebook. Then go outside to run into your first
target Onimaru the Incorrigible. Fight him and this green imps, and he is just
a red imp with an arrow in his back, so nothing new here. Kill him, draw a line
through his name (which is harder than it sounds), and then go see Mika for 
no real reason. You get the reward once all the demons are taken out, and you
run into them in the area you found the list. So just wander around, picking
fights at night until all of them are crossed out. No tips I can give for this.

15. When going back up the steep road, go to the left of it for a stray bead
in a chest that you can dig up at night (it's between the bushes), and then
bloom the trees.

16. At the top, go left and feed some boars, then go brush up some cursed grass
to the left of a tunnel entrance. Then go to the dock and check the sign, and
after reading about the ferry being out of service Issun will tell you to go
back to Kamiki Village, so go there now.

Kamiki Village Part 2		( KVP2555 )

Feel free to sell stuff at the merchant, keeping in mind 10000 gets you a new
move at the dojo, but we'll go back through Shinshu Field in a bit. Go save at
the mirror before tackling the new tasks here.

Komuso - near the mirror, he has a task for you. The 15 cherry blossoms above
his head means you have to bloom the 15 dead trees in the village. Here are 
the locations for each:

1. Next to Komuso.
2. Near Susano's house.
3,4. On the opposite side of the stream
5. Near Kushi's rice field.
6. In front of Kushi's house.
7. In front of the Oranges' house. 
8-11. On the steps leading up to the sapling and mountain path.
12-15. Up the mountain, on the side of the pool of water. You'll get more
praise after you get the last one, and you'll hear a music cue to let you know
you got them all.

Mr. Orange - since you're up the mountain, go see the old man on the deck. He
will do his shuffle, and as he does help him bloom the five seeds. After you
get a good look and the New-Look Sakuya, give two stars to the constellation 
and you'll talk with Hasugami. You are granted the Water Lily power, which 
lets you cross over large bodies of water with easey. You will be taken to the
side of Susano's house to fetch a chest on an island, and after you get that,
make more lilies to go to the island farther away; you get on this island by
going to the back of it. There is a clover to dig up, and if you come back at
night you'll easily find the two treasures around the clover (they are on both
sides of the clover).

Mushi's Dog - give him some meat, something we could have done last time, but
now is good a time as any.

Camille and Camellia - Go up the Guardian Sapling and if you go through the 
gateway, you'll see Sakuya. However, if you go around the gateway, you'll run
into the two sisters. Talk with them and give the big one a good headbutt to
get some praise. 

And that's it, you can feel free to talk with the rest of the people, but they
have nothing new for you. Just buy a few more feedbags, make sure you have 
10,000 yen in your pockets, and head back to Shinshu Field.

Shinshu Field

If at night, go up the dojo and behind it to find a stray bead in the ground,
which is between the bushes. Then go inside for Fleetfoot. To use this move,
just press the dodge button and move in a direction to leap out of the way, and
after that you can dash, which just means you can run faster, not an attack.
After he gives you the scroll, leave. Go to the water tunnel and make lily pads
all the way to the end. Jump up, make a cherry bomb on the crack, and go into
the next area.

*Wii Note: Good luck using Fleetfoot on the Wii, it just doesn't seem to matter
what direction you throw the nunchuk.*

Agata Forest		( AGAF666 )

Just go down the trail and when you see a ramp, take it down and into a cave.
Use the mirror to save and then go into the house. A stray bead is in the chest
and there is a little refreshing pool on the right. Talk with Madame Fawn and
feel free to pay for the fortune, even though I'm pretty sure you don't have 
to; it will go to your log book FYI. Hit the gong and go out. There are some 
bunnies by the save mirror too.

Run back to the sandy area where you have the ramp. Now, it is supposed to be
a big mystery where the sapling is, but I will tell you. Just to the right side
of this ramp and along the water you will find a path that runs with the rock
wall all the way to a cave behind the waterfall. Go to the end, cherry bomb
the crack, and go through for the sapling. Bloom it and you've cleansed the 
area. Be sure to equip the beads as your main weapon, and the shield as the 
sub, and if you do you can use the shield to block. The beads are weak, but 
they will allow more hits and have a longer range, but again, I can't stress
enough how weak they are. Still, you want their long range for the next fight.

Go outside and jump on the first little rock island in the water to meet a new
character, Waka. After some talk, it's fightin' time.

*NOTE: If you were wondering, if you set the beads as the sub weapon, they
will act like bullets, very weak bullets that aren't worth shooting.*

*NOTE: The beads work differently than the reflector in attacking. For one, the
closer you are to your opponent, the easier your hits will fall and the more 
hits you get. Also, it's a good idea to just mash the attack button, which
makes more hits for you.*

BOSS: Waka

He is not the easiest fight, but he can be, especially with Fleetfoot and
the beads equipped as your main. You can just stay on this isle to fight him
the whole time if you like, and try not to fall in the water.

He has several attacks: a slash, sends a dagger at you, a spinning charge, and
he does a combo. You have about three or so seconds to attack between his 
attacks, and then you should probably go a Fleetfoot out of the way, or jump,
or just run to the side. All of his attacks are way easy to avoid if you are
just a good distance away from him. In between his attacks, just use the long
reach of the beads to keep a string of tiny attacks on him, and then get ready
for his next assault. Also, don't forget you have the shield as a sub, so you
can use it to block his attacks.

You will notice that after he does his combo, he will turn black and white and
just stand there frozen. Do a power slash and follow up with some attacks of 
your own. Keep up the same pattern and try to always capitalize on him being

Feel free to use any tools you want, from charms to bones you should have at
least one of every tool. Though, you don't need to use any.

*NOTE: It seems really easy to just lay cherry bombs over the field and let 
him walk into them.*


After the battle, an isle with a tree directly in front of the waterfall will
have a pod that you can bloom for a treasure. Then go forward (south) to yet
another isle with a pod on it; if you look to the ground on the side of this
tiny isle, you'll see a chest handle sticking out of the ground, or just wait
for nighttime. Now, if you look at the waterfall, go to the right to hit a 
bigger isle that has two seed pods to bloom. There is one more isle further
south with a pod on it, and there is one more pod on the "beach" area with the

Once you have that sorted out, go over to the big, flat isle with a boy on it.
Talk with Kokari, a lot, and then smack some sense into him. You'll soon be in
a fishing game, and the key is to draw a line from his pole to the biggest 
fish shadow you see. Then you'll need to pull opposite the fish's direction,
and you need to keep an eye to not overdo the power gauge. Once the fish is 
close, press the button to pull it out, then do a power slash as it's in the
air. You'll need to do this three times until you get the Giant Salmon. Once
you have the key, run away from the kid. You still have things to do in this
forest, so we'll cover those now.

*NOTE: If you ever lose the key, go back to Kokari and knock it off his head.*

Devil Gate - on the right of another waterfall, go through it to fight some 
fish and a yellow imp. After that, feed the monkeys and then bloom a seed pod

Merchant - on the path near the gate, go talk to this merchant and sell the 
fish you caught as well as any treasures. Buy the Gold Dusts from his wares and
that's it. Use the two gold dusts on either your beads or shield, or both, or
neither; you really should power up at least one, but if you want to save one
for later, that is fine. 

Hitoshi Spring - up the trail by the merchant leads you to this spring. Feed 
some deer. There is a path nearby that leads to Shinshu Field, but no reason
to take it.

Karude - provided it's daytime, go near the merchant to talk with this guy.
He just talks with you, and nothing you can do for him now.

Sleepy - provided you removed the gate, you probably noticed a ball was there
too. Well, take this ball and roll it all the way back up the path you came
from Shinshu Field, at the top of the watefall, and give this new ball to 
Sleepy. You should roll it along the beach, headbutt it up the ramp, and then 
roll it close to the wall all the way up to the bear. You may also have 
noticed that at the bottom of the steep trail leading down from Sleep also had
a sphere-shaped object, a seed or something. You can also roll that up the path
to the bear. Look for a beehive on a tree near where you got the walnut. That
too can be rolled, but good luck with that.

*NOTE: Seen at night, there is a treasue by the ramp on the beach, on the 
right side of it if you're looking from the beach.*

Cursed grass - go to where you found the ball and jump over the rushing 
water to be near a house. Two pods to bloom and then clear up the grass, then
feed some bunnies. 

Sparrows - behind the house. Also nearby is a Stray Bead in a chest in the 

Cracked wall - follow the wall along a ledge nearby to find a crack you can
blast open, but nothing you can do inside now. There is a treasure to dig up
in front of the opening though, easy to spot at night.

Devil Gate 2 - this one is by the entrance to the ruins. Just go through it to
fight some imps. 

Tsuta Ruins Entrance - just pop the key in, but don't go inside. There is a
chest nearby with a scroll and two groups of deer.

Susano - you'll find him going along the rock wall, talk to him twice for food
if you want it, then feed the sparrows near him. There are also some deer near
a scroll.

Kiba - further up this path will be another pack of deer, then you'll see a 
guy sitting on the ground near a chest with another scroll inside. Talk with
Kiba and you can spend your Demon Fangs here. You can trade your fangs for 
a Peace Bell, Wood Mat, and Golden Lucky Cat, for 20, 30, and 50 respectively.
I had around 40 at this point, but, since I don't run into many fights, and 
the first damage I took was from Waka, I didn't see any point in buying the 
first two. There is also little reason to buy the cat, but it is a bit more
valuable. So anyway, I'm saying unless you have 50, probably don't need to 
buy anything; and I hope you do realize the first items are worthless.

Taka Pass - just some sparrows on the trail leading to the bridge, which you
can't cross, so that's it.

After all this exploring, feel free to visit the old merchant for any low feed
supplies, then make your way to Tsuta Ruins.

Tsuta Ruins		( TSRU777 )

After the scene, go left to save at the mirror. You can try to draw lilies on
the murky water, but that won't work. First, take the left path to the end
and try to ram into the wall. At the dead end, look right to see a pod on an
island that you can jump to (note that you can press the attack button in the
air to dash forward a bit). After you get that slip, go back down the path and 
you may notice a cursed tree on top of a tall plateau in the water. Get close
and slash back its seed, then bloom it, but you can't get up there, so go back
to the save point.

This time, take the right path and you'll get a pod and a chest for starters. 
There is another tree, another pod, and another chest along this path before
you hit the door. When you go through, look left for a tree to bloom. If you
look in the water on the left, there is another tree to watch out for and bloom
and then you can jump to that tall isle for a clover to dig up. Then go through
the next door.

You get a free pod along this path, then wall jump up, and from the first step
on these "steps", turn around to see a path behind you over the path you just
ran down. Jump to a tiny ledge on the right, then jump to the upper path and 
follow it all the way down to a clover to dig up. Now come back and jump to 
the ground by the water. Go right, draw a lily on the water by the higher
ground, and wall jump up there. Get to the top and then open another free bud.
Can't do anything about the stone boulder, so go down the path for a fight.

*NOTE: For the time, it may be safer to set your shield as the weapon and set
the beads to your sub; the beads will be like bullets.*

Bud Ogres are pure push-overs. Just lay into him with attacks and don't stop.
When you see him launch seeds at you, deflect them back at him. Keep attacking
until Issun shows you how to bloom their bud to reveal the soft inside that is
the weak point. Then pummel the fruit to death and that should be it. Now you
get the stone boulder turned into a fruit, so go roll it into the pressure pad
by the door to open it.

*NOTE: For anyone curious, to draw Demon Fangs from ogres you must bloom them
again while they are floating in death.*

In the next room you fight two more ogres, which just means you have to watch 
out for attacks from the one you aren't attacking. After that, go to the left
side of this room and slash open a gate for a bud to bloom. Then go investigate
a log in the room which gives you the hint of drawing the sun in the sky, so
do that to make the mushrooms grow bit. Hop up them and go left to cherry bomb
a crack in the wall. Go through and make your way to the big room, which is the
upper level to the first area of this whole dungeon. Head down the path and 
then you have a scene with Issun. After that, quickly do a dash so you can 
rush as fast as you can to the left and through the door before you fall down 
(not sure what happens if you do fall down, but I assume you have to make your
way all the way back to this point).

Assuming you made it across, look at the freaky lock on the door, then either
jump down, or hop along the ledges on the side to get down. Go to the wall in
the shape of a guard to talk with the Blockhead. After you talk, tackle him 
to reveal his two weak points; you should remember them by seeing where they 
are relative to his facial features. Then, poke two dots where those points 
were to break him up (if you call it wrong, I believe he sends rocks at you
or something). Once he is felled, the path leading back up to that lock will
be set and a key will be in the center of the room. Bite it and take it all
the way up to that lock. 

Through the door you will run into an area with a wandering scroll and a bud
on the right. You can try to hop around the scroll, but plan on fighting the 
imps inside because it will most likely catch you. Either way, proceed on to
a ruined bridge and ink it up from one side to the other. Go across and in 
this room with the mirror, jump up the left and through an opening to find a 
clover on the edge. Come back into the room and save.

Tsuta Ruins Mid

In the next room you see three devil gates that must all be cleansed. You fight
imps in all of them, and then dead fish, or an ogre, or a yellow imp; target 
the lesser imps first for all of them. Also in this room are many pots and two
buds with items inside by the water. After you take care of the gates, look up
to the sliver of sky and set the sun up high to sprout the mushrooms. Jump up
and follow the path to the poison statues. Break all of them and open the chest
for a map of the ruins. Then jump down the fall and then swim down the water 
to another fall and jump down to be back where you started; draw lilies as you
swim of course.

Swim to shore and go save. Remember that high platform with the tree you could
not jump to before? Go to the left and make a lily pad so you can jump up there
and then look to the big statue for another clover beam shining from the grass.
Jump over there and dig it up too. Then jump to the center platforms and go
inside the big statue.

In this room there will be three patches of cursed grass to fill in. Once you 
do, the middle bud will bloom. Then dot the two stars in the constellation 
and you'll meet Tsutagami. Once you have the new Vine power, you can use the 
Konohana Blossoms to reach new heights. You will need to draw a vine from the
open blossom to you, then let go and you'll be pulled up there. Then look up
and draw more vines to reach the top of this tall area. 

Through the door you will be back outside in the starter room. The lower
blossom is only there in case you ever fall, so instead go up the path and 
then start taking the blossoms all the way up the the very top of this statue.
At the top, use the four blossoms looking down to connect them to the hooks on
the cap. Fall through once it opens. In the next room, feel free to power slash
all the statues in here for tons of items and yen. Save and go through the 
door. Also note that you can step on the green pad to leave this room, jump 
back down, and get more statues, but you're not that cheap, right?

Tsuta Ruins Deep

*NOTE: It's probably a good idea to use praise on health or ink only, as the
purse and astral pouch are not important at the moment. And if you have six or
five orbs of health and never lose more than two at a time, I would say save 
up for another ink pot.*

Run down the hall and you'll see spider webs up high. Some pots and two chests
to open, then go up the stairs. When you go through the next door, no reason 
to whimp out now, so just go through. Inside, be sure to check if there are 
any praise points you want to use on health or ink, then go through the 
Golden Gate, which is just a checkpoint, not a save point.

BOSS: Spider Queen

She is really easy, like really. Start off by running to one side, I prefer 
the right, and she will try to attack, but so long as you are running you 
won't get hit. When you get behind her, press the draw button and then move 
the camera to start hooking vines from the blossoms to the hooks on her back
side. You need to do two, maybe three, and be sure to do it quickly or else
she will shake them off and you'll need to do it again. Please note that you
can hook her using the blossoms on the other side, since that is easier than
trying to hook her with the ones near her back.

Once she falls over, her weak eyeballs will be revealed. Run up and start 
bashing away at two of them, then she will start to shake, and all you have 
time for is a hit or two on another eye, then you need to split and get off 
her, or just pop two and run to be safe. If you are really fast and good, you
can just focus on one eye at a time, then move to get close and attack the 
next one, and if so you can pop three with time to start in on a fourth, but
you'll really need to know what you're doing. Two to three eyes popped is 
very good.

After you jump off, or if she spits you out, just start running to her back
again and hooking her up. Should take three visits with the eyes to kill her,
maybe four at the most; anything more and you venture into "You Are Terrible at
This Game" territory. I don't even know her attacks, that's how easy this 
fight is and how irrelevant her attacks are.


After you beat the queen, you'll go outside and have a scene, but then come 
back into the ruins for two items you can now get. Go down the path on the 
right until you get to the room above the waterfall, right where you pushed
the bud after you met the first ogre. If you look up, you'll see a blossom 
that you can vine up to. If you go around the corner up here you can dig up
a blossom. Then follow the rock path to hit a bud with a Stray Bead inside. 
And that's it, just leave the ruins.

Agata Forest

Back outside, just go to the Taka Pass to visit Kokari again. After the scene
you will be in a log game. As soon as the Start sign goes away, be ready to
press the draw button so you can get the first blossoms on either side. The 
rest of the game is just anticipation. Seems to take about three or four 
seconds between blossoms, but you really need to have your finger on the draw
button as soon as you see any pink on the sides. You have plenty of time, and
once you hook up all three on one side, you no longer will get blossoms on 
that side of the river. Get all six and you'll have made the bridge, somehow.

Feed Ume some meat, then cross the new bridge for a scroll about the Ink 
Bullets you can use if you equip Snarling Beast, and then feed the bunnies 
before you enter the next area.

Taka Pass		( TAPA888 )

You got a Tea Master, Tea Customer, and a merchant to visit; stock up on seeds
and herbs, with a modest amount of meat and just a few fish feedbags. Sell any
treasures and then save at the mirror. All you can do from the mirror is go to
the left. Cherry bomb the crack and follow the tunnel to a scene.

BOSS: Waka Round 2

Not much new this time around, just make sure you equip your beads as your main
weapon. You can try to press the shield button before his combo, but it's very
hard; you do get a Demon Fang for it though. Remember, keep your distance, use
the range of the beads to get in attacks from afar, be ready for his next
attack, use the Fleetfoot technique to avoid, and be sure to power slash him
when he's still.

One new thing to mention is his drill attack. This attack is hard to anticipate
at any point, so you just have to be prepared for the beat of when he always
attacks. He will do a flying spinning move from one side to the other, through
you, and then back, and then again, and you need to avoid all of the passes. 
Same as his combo, he will be black and white and ripe for a power slash after
this attack.


Take the ramp up after Waka leaves and follow the tunnel to an upper area of
the pass. Follow the road and bloom four trees along the way. At the bridge,
fill in the missing part and then go bloom the Guardian Sapling.

There is a flock of Nightingale (birds) behind the tree. Go back the path you
came and there will be some deer on the road. Return to where you met Waka
to find a clover and some foxes. Back where you started, go to the save mirror
and from there we have quite a lot of things to do.

Devil Gate 1 - this one is near the mirror, and in it will be two Dead Fish and
then an ogre. Once you beat them, there will be two tigers to feed.

Moley of the Molsters - go straight up from the gate to find this guy and his
gang. This game is just like the cups game on the street, where despite what
seems right, it isn't. Don't follow where his little trail of dirt goes, no 
matter where you think he will pop up, he will be as far from you as he can.
The trick is to just run around in circles inside their ring of holes, and when
they all pop up, just wait until you get close to the leader and then do a 
headbutt. Keep this up and after three times he will cough up the Teacup. Bite
it and take it to the Tea Master to get a Golden Mushroom, so something later.

Boar - these guys are just to the left of where Moley and his gang were.

The Cutters' House - this place is up the road and down in a little area all to
itself. When you get close, you'll notice that there is a strange haze all
around the area, which goes away once you leave the grounds. There is a stray
bead to dig up by the water and if you use the blossom above the house you can
get a treasure on the roof. Also, may want to stay clear of Mrs. Cutter during
the day, as she will chase you if she sees you outside. What you want to do 
is go to the side of the house and take the ramp up to an opening. Look to the
wooden boards and plant a cherry bomb so you can go inside; only go in during
the daytime, or don't go in at all. There is nothing to do in here at the 
moment, so just leave. Keep in mind this place for later.

Dogs - at the top of the road from the Cutters' House is one, and then to the
left by a big rock is another.

Horses - follow the road straight, toward the City Checkpoint, and you'll run
into two black horses on the side of the road. 

Bingo - near the City Checkpoint entrance and to the right will be this guy. 
Talk with him, then bloom the three dead trees around here and feed the foxes.
At night its easy to see, but you can spot the top of the chest during the day,
there is a stray bead to dig up just near the Demon Scroll by Bingo, but it's
not what he is talking about.

Devil Gate 2 - it's across the road from Bingo. Just two fish and then a yellow
imp. Then feed the deer that show up. 

Dead Tree - leaving the checkpoint entrance, go back down the road and then 
follow the grass path on the right side to find a dead tree all alone.

Devil Gate 3 - you'll find it near a girl and an empty pool of water called 
Mermaid Spring. You fight an ogre then a yellow imp. Once you beat them, feed
the deer nearby. Feel free to talk to the Spring Girl.

After you do all of this, take a quick run to the City Checkpoint.

*NOTE: Take the blossoms near the tunnel you left to reach the sapling to go
a long way up for some clovers. Then if you take some more over to the right
you will be on top of a rock for a treasure.*

City Checkpoint

Save, visit the merchant to buy feedbags, dig up a treasure behind his stand,
visit the tea people, bloom an odd-looking dead tree by their shop, talk with
the soldier, and then talk with Yoichi. After talking with him, go to the left
and follow a ramp down to a middle ground for a treasure. Then go all the way
down and follow the path to some boar. Jump over the water to run into some
raccoon, and there is a chest to dig up near them. Go to the end to dig up
a clover, and by the bushes near the clover will be a stray bead in the ground.
Then go all the way back to the bridge, and since I missed them the first
time, feed the nightingale on the opposite side of the tea shop, in the bushes.
Save your game and go back to the pass.


Back in Taka Pass, go down the road and hang a left to hit the area "To Sasa 
Gate." There are dead trees near the gate to bloom, some sparrows to feed, and
a guy to visit, but you have to go around the gate to actually meet him. Talk
to the dude and then go through the gate to hit the sanctuary.

Sasa Sanctuary

Go up the road to meet the Sparrow Clan and Big Daddy Jamba. You get the clue
that you must rescue the daughter before you can do anything here. There is a
stray bead to dig up just to the left of the locked door. Save if you want and
then jump up to a rock ledge near the mirror and jump up even higher. You'll
find a clover in the crevice, and then jump down and head back to the pass.


Now, go down the road yet again and this time hang a right to go up the steep
path. Feed some monkeys at the bottom of the stairs, feel free to spend any
praise on more ink pots, and then enter Kusa Village. 

Kusa Village		( KUVI999 )

*NOTE: Lots of bamboo stock, little spikes sticking out of the ground near
bamboo trees, that can be dug up for yen.*

First thing you notice is that your ink pots are being drained and you can't
use your powers. Save, which standing on the mirror refills your ink, and then
visit the merchant. You'll see he has Infinity Judge for sale, a pinwheel, and
Gold Dust. Unless you really like reflectors as your main weapon, just buy the
dust and save it for later. Probably can't afford the weapon, but either way,
get the pinwheel first, then spend on the rest. 

Now, there is nothing you can do about the ink draining, so don't worry about
it. Visit a Flower Girl on the right, then the well women, then the gourd
farmer, and then Susano to the left. There is a clover in the garden area
behind him, but you can't bloom it, so just save it for later. If you go into
the building in the center of the village, talk with Mrs. Plum and you can go
upstairs and bang on a door to scare a girl, but that's it. 

Go to where you found Susano and follow the path down to Mr. Bamboo (on the
left of this path was an area with that challenge guy, a clover, and a crack
in the wall, but save all three for later). Talk with Bamboo to learn that he
also needs into the Sparrow Clan's village. You can go in his house if you
want to, but just go back to the village. Visit the save point and then get 
ready for a mad dash.

Run to the path on the right and follow it all the way to the other side. Speak
with Princess Fuse to get a battle started. While you still have your weapons,
battle the two smaller imps, quickly (can't use the brush), and then jump in
the air to attack the flying imp (may want to equip your reflector as a main
weapon). Bring him down and then kill him to end the battle and the curse; I'm
sure that without your instruments you won't have too hard a time, just tackle
everyone to death.

After that, talk with Fuse three times to obtain the Canine Tracker, a device
that will point on in the direction of the Canine Warriors. Before you leave,
on either side of this pool of water will be chests in the waters that you can
power slash to open. On the left side by the bridge will be a stray bead you
can dig up too. Go down the ramp and you'll find some chickens to feed. Take
the walkway back toward the village and use the blossom to get on an upper 
walkway. Feed these chickens and then go to the end for a chest. On about the
midway point of the walkway you can look up to see a tunnel in the rock wall.
Jump up there and follow it to Ko, the first Satomi Canine Warrior.

Talk with him and he will ask for food. Go to your menu and select the meat 
and feed it to him. Now go back out and drop down to the trail that leads to 
Mr. Bamboo. Jump up the ladder on the left to reach this ground. Feed the
raccoon, dig up the clover, and then cherry bomb the crack in the wall. Go in
and meet with Rei; feed him too. Now go out and meet with Komuso and be ready
to fight, fastly. The trick is to use Cherry Bombs. Use one to start off, 
before the enemies sprout up, and that should take out the imps. Then cut down
both dead fish and cherry bomb each of them, maybe twice, but don't bother
doing any close combat. And if you don't have many ink pots, and you should, 
then you'll need to grab the refills that fall out of the dead enemies. I had 
17 seconds and that did the trick, and I'm pretty sure the time limit is 20 or

After that, take the path down to Mr. Bamboo's place, feeding the sparrows 
along the way. Skip him and go straight toward his house. On the left you'll
notice a bamboo with a glowing spot. Slash it to reveal the third warrior, Chi.
Feed him and go back up the path. Don't forget that clover that is behind 
Susano. Go into the inn and upstairs you can knock down the wall on the right
to visit Haruka. She will give you a wanted list of Dead Fish. Take it and go
outside. Visit the area of the Flower Girl and brush through the dead grass
to reveal the fourth warrior Shin. Feed him and then go save your game. You
can stock up on more feedbags at the vendor, then return to where Fuse was. You
into a bully of a dog, Tei.


This guy can cause massive damage with any hit, so keep your finger on the 
button to do a Fleetfoot, or block with a reflector. Be sure your beads are 
equipped as you'll need the extra range. 

First, he has a couple of attacks, buy they all boil down to him lunging after
you. He can do a combo that goes for a while and can reach pretty far with 
each hit, he can do a single running dash, and he can do a series of quick 
jolts across the arena. All of his attacks are easy to avoid so long as you
lay off your offensive when he glows, and then just do a fleetfoot away.

As for your attacks, you can only cause damage between his attacks. You need 
to just run up to him and just mash the beads into him for as long as possible,
then lay off when you are no longer causing damage. You want to do a whole lot
of hits because if you do enough, he will go black and white, then you can do
a few more hits before you power slash him. Repeat this three or so more times
and the fight will end, and don't be afraid to use bones or other items to 
help you along. If he gets you three or four times, you could be dead.

*NOTE: Cherry bombs when he is black and white work well too, just make sure
your aim is good.*


After the match, talk with Fuse and you learn you have to find 3 more Satomi
Warriors. Leave the building and go down the ramp, but then hang a left and 
take a bridge over to a watchtower. Use the blossoms to get up to the top 
where there are monkeys and talk with the guard. Cross the narrow beam to the 
Blockhead, tackle to reveal his weak points, and quickly try to mimic them. 
You get a chest and two clovers in the cave behind him. Return to the village
and feed the pigs by the farmer near the houses, then save and head back to
the pass.

Quest for the Satomi Canine Warriors		( SCW1010 )

Taka Pass

Go down the slope and run around or whatever until it is dark, maybe just look
for treasure or something or go eat a snack yourself, then in the night go over
to the Cutters' house. Make sure you've opened the hole in the upper room with
a cherry bomb, and go inside. Listen to Mrs. Cutter speak, then bite her and 
drag her into the moonlight through the hole. Now you have to fight both of 
them. These Crow Tengu are very easy. First, just cut their wings off, then 
start attacking them on the ground and when they hold up their sword in defense
you need to power slash them and keep attacking. They should try to block quite
often, so keep power slashing them and attacking and they will die quickly.

After that, you meet Chun, and you will follow her to the Sparrow Inn; you
actually aren't following her, so just go there. 

Before you do that, if you bought the Pinwheel from Kusa Village, go give this
to the Tea Customer for some praise.

Sasa Sanctuary

Go to the inn and Jamba will let you in. Save and then go past the open door,
and then go left and right to feed some sparrows. Go into the inn and there
are plenty of birds to talk with, none of which have anything useful to say.
Under the stairs will be some sparrows, then go up the steps and to the left
side for rooms. The first room has a merchant, where you can refill your seed
stocks, and the second room has some mice to feed and Komuso to talk to. Back
in the main lobby area, you can go into the rooms up top to the right, but they
don't have much. 

Take the lift in front of the stairs up to meet the leader. You are rewarded
with all that is in the chests in this room, so slash a couple and grab the
ten items. Now go back down and on the ground floor take the hallway on the
side to reach the hot springs. Go talk to the Bath Attendant, dancing in the
empty pool, and then after the self-inflicted punishment, Mr. Bamboo appears. 
You have no choice, agree to the game.

The is fairly simple when you get a good feel for where you are going. For one,
the light sandy blocks can be dug into, the darker sandy blocks can be rammed
or slashed, and the rocks can be slashed too. There are buds to bloom that 
reveal extra time, and there are some yen pots in some. Your job is guide Mr.
Bamboo down to the very bottom. Basically, just make sure he avoids the spikes,
but other than that he will be fine, even over the water parts. Just dig, slash
and make a path to the bottom where he will find the spot with the water. Once
he stands over a shining block, go dig there to refresh the spring.

Afterward you will dot another constellation. Nuregami grants you the power of
Watersprout. Your test is to use this power on the fried drumsticks, so just 
live Vine, start your brush in the water and then draw over the little bird to
douse the flames. Then draw a line straight up from the Power Spring to make
a column of water that you can jump on to get to a higher ledge with a clover.
Jump down and talk with the two again and Mr. Bamboo tells you that he needs
the gate to open. Look to the water and draw a sprout from the water to the
top of the big bamboo tube. Go through the open gate.

Feed one flock of sparrows, then another, and talk with Tai. And through the
power of magic, the Canine Tracker once again appears. Go up to the top and 
there will be two pairs of tigers and a group of bunnies to feed. Then go to
the center and look at the bamboo trunks. When a light is over one, press draw
and cut it down to reveal the pup. And of course, Take, or Gi, wants to pick
a fight.


He is a lot like Tei, but he does have a few new tricks. For one, his combo
only goes three hits, so after the third misses you need to run up and start
laying into him with your beads combos. He will also do a bit more jumping
around and running, so just keep up with him as best you can. And he has two
other attacks: dash and a dirt kick-up. The dash is just as easy to avoid as
the combo, but the dirt is hard to see coming, but if you do see some dirt in
the air, do a Fleetfoot.

That's it, just get out of the way of his attacks and then run up to attack
him. Remember, power slash when he's stunned, and you can only stun him after
you've layed a massive combo into him. And instead of the power slash, you can
plant cherry bombs on his stunned body, but you have to make sure you lay it
right on top of him for a direct hit.


After that, you gain the Duty Orb of Gi, which will be explained later. Go back
to the bath area where Mr. Bamboo gives you a Mermaid Coin, which you can use
wherever you see the green rings from the water, but don't use it now, which
is one at the hot springs. Leave the baths and the inn and save your game
before returning to the pass.

Taka Pass

Near the Cutters' house is a power spring that will take you up to a clover, 
but that's about it. Just go back to Agata Forest. 

Agata Forest

Yes, by now you probably have enough Demon Fangs to purchase something from
the seller, but again, I say save them for later. Kokari will be in plain sight
so you can talk to him. He tells you that he lost his dog, there is a big fish
called Whopper, and there is a lady by Hitoshi Spring. The spring is up the 
ramp by the merchant, so go up there and talk with Kushi. Keep talking until
you get the view that is over the barrel, then use Watersprout to lead the 
water into the barrel three times. After that, and after some enemies appear,
Susano makes his entrance and you will help him slash all the bad guys. 

When the whole affair is over, go into the spring and go to the end of the 
little tunnel to clean up some grass and then get a treasure; something that
you most likely could have done earlier, but oh well. With the Canine Tracker
back in toe, follow it to Kokari back at the fishing spot, but don't miss the
two blossoms you can vine up to branches for a Stray Bead and a treasure. Go
to Kokari to play the fishing game again.

You remember the rules right? Draw a line, pull against them, press the button,
and slash them once you pull them out. Do it three times to get a hold of 
Whopper, and I believe you slash him twice, and so long as you don't go too
far into the red, just keep pulling. After you win the struggle, dot the three
stars of the constellation to meet Yumigami. You get the power to bring up the
night, so test it by drawing a curve, crescent, in the sky. You then meet with
Ume, AKA Jin. Pick a fight with this jerk you just saved.


He has a new trick, he can leave bombs on the field, so watch the areas he 
leaves. He can also dig a hole in the ground that if you get stuck in will sap
you of your ink, so jump out ASAP. Oh yeah, the bombs are really poo, and he
only drains your ink if he pees on you. Yummy.

He also has the dash and two versions of the combo attack; one combo is fast 
and the other is slow. These are easy to avoid as always, just wait for him to
be invincible and back away.

Remember, be aggressive, string together bead combos, and then plant a cherry
bomb on him if you can. Should be a quick fight.


From him you get his Justice Orb, and that's that. Just one more doggie to go.

Shinshu Field

On your way through Shinshu Field, be sure to stop by the dojo to get the 
technique for your rosaries, Spirit Storm. Again, just as you've been doing 
all along, hopefully, just mash the attack button, as each "hit" in the combo
can land 3-8 strikes with each hit netting less strikes. Anyway, just mash the
attack button to test it out so you can get a free Holy Bone M. Leave and make
your way to Kamiki Village.

Oh yeah, and if you run into Ida, the mailman, in Shinshu Field, feel free to
race him if you can catch him to talk to first. He will travel the road, so
you can just wait for him if you like. His race is not a race, it's just a 
test to see if you can catch up to him and tackle him. So just dash and keep
trying to tackle into the spot he is about to run into to, or get ahead of him
and wait for him to get close as you tackle. 

Kamiki Village

The Canine Tracker pops up quickly, and then go save. Then go meet with 
Hayabusa, real name Chu. He demands you return to him in the night, so you 
can wait around like a sap, or use your Crescent power to make it night in a 
flash. And of course, in the night, this guy will pick a fight with you.


Chu likes to dig holes, a lot. Where the last dog liked to lay turd bombs all
over the place, this guy will dig a lot of holes for you to get stuck in. Other
than that he has all the moves of the last dogs, though, his slow and short 
combo only lasts two hits. Just stay aggressive, use the Spirit Storm ability
to speed things up, and plant cherry bombs on him. Should be a much easier 
fight than the others as you've fought this guy before, or at least it seems
like it.


And at last you get the Loyalty Orb to complete your set. However, since this
is your first time being back in Kamiki for a while, go up to the sapling to
visit Sakuya (since it is night you should have caught the dig-able treasure
along the way). Go through the gate to see her and after the chat cut down the
three fruits for treasure. Then come back to the village and look to the water
near the save mirror. Notice the blossom up high. Use it to find a clover up
on the first ledge, then use the next one up even higher to find a Stray Bead.
Come back down, save, feel free to visit anyone else, restock up at the 
merchant, and make your way back to Princess Fuse in Kusa. Feel free to use
a Mermaid Spring in any body of water, as you can buy more coins from any 

Kusa Village

You should have 50,000 yen by now, so go to the merchant here and buy his 
Infinity Judge. Equip it as a sub and then go see Fuse. Meet with her and 
provided you have obtained all three orbs, you will soon get the other five 
yourself and with them you can enter the Gale Shrine. Go out and up the path
behind Fuse's house. There will be a chest to dig up to the right as soon as
you get out of the narrow pass, then dig up a clover and feed some monkeys 
before entering the shrine.

Gale Shrine		( GAL1111 )

Follow the path and you will run into Susano. After that, go walk up to Yatsu
the friendly ghost. Speak with him and provided you have all eight power orbs,
the way into the shrine will open. After Susano slips by, talk with the ghost
once more before going in.

Take the trail down to a big room. Two paths to take, but take the tunnel on
the right first. All the way at the end is a Devil Gate, so go through to 
fight the new enemy type, the Chimera. Basically, just attack it with the 
Spirit Storm to knock it out, then slash it to cause a lot of damage. However,
one power slash only takes about half of his life away. An even better idea is
to keep laying into him with attacks, and draw a cherry bomb or two on his
still body. You might not kill him in one go, but you will get pretty close.
After, take the key and then return all the way to the big room and then go
down the stairs and across the bridges to deliver the key to the lock. Some
pots to break and then save your game before getting in the lift.

In the lift, draw a cherry bomb to go up to the second level and go into the
room to fight the scroll. Just another Chimera, so same tactics. After that,
grab this key and fall back to the bottom level. This time, use two cherry
bombs to get up to the third level and follow the path all the way up to the 
top of the windmill. When you hit the round platform, you'll go into a scene 
and at the end you must draw a wind current in the opposite direction of the 
evil air on the screen; which is to say you must draw a loop going right to
left. Then you must draw a swirl in the opposite direction of the evil swirl,
which is only as hard as you make it out to be. And then another current to
clear away the evil air.

With the Divine Wind going, you get to dot another constellation. Kazegami
grants you the power of Galestorm. Test it out on the tiny windmill above the
gate, and draw the current into the mill. Go through the gate and notice
the long cubby area above the stairs. Jump up and dash to get up there and go
down to the chest for your third Sun Fragment, which gives you more health. 
Now go down toward the lift shaft and use the Galestorm again to remove the
flames from the chest so you can get the map of this dungeon. Drop down the 
shaft and make a cherry bomb so you can go back up to the second level again.
Go to the balcony and blow off the fire so you can get the Stray Bead. Then
drop back down again and go out to save your game.

Go onto the bridge and notice the small windmills. Draw wind INTO the first one
to turn the bridge so you can get on the path; and into the windmill means
makes the wind blow at the blades. Open the chest in front of you to get a 
scroll concerning brushing, which mentions that you can draw bigger lines if
you press the second attack button, if you didn't already know. Go straight
ahead to blow a fire off a chest. Then look up and at any time use one of the
blossoms to get up to the rafters. Up here there are many treasures: two of 
them on fire, one not, and then one pack of mice over the first beam above 
where you found the scroll.

Come all the way back and get on the big beam looking over the empty spaces.
You will draw wind from left to right to bring up the banners. Don't under-
estimate your jumping as you jump across to the first beam. Open the chest and 
then use another current to hop along the next set of banners. Open this chest
and then drop down. Feed the mice and save your game.

Gale Shrine Deep

Go into the hallway of fire and blow out the flames. You can only go one set 
of wind per row of flames, so just jump over, draw another current, jump, and
then again to reach the door. Inside you will already see the Golden Gate, so
go through, make sure you're praise is spent where you want it to be, and go
forward to confront Crimson Helm

BOSS: Crimson Helm

If you thought the last main boss was easy, you are in for a treat. All you
have to do is run around in a circle and wait for him to charge or attack.
Then run up behind him and start laying into his back armor. With the bead
technique Spirit Storm, you should be able to knock off the armor in one go,
and if not just keep attacking it. Once the armor is off, Helm will be all 
fire and flame, so then just use Galestorm to blow off the fire and stun him.
While stunned, just lay into him with combos and feel free to do power slashes
and try to lay cherry bombs, though, I could never plant a cherry bomb right
on him.

After some time, he will rise up once more at full strength. Again, run to
one side, let him attack, avoid it, and then run up to attack his back armor.
Blow off the fire and then pummel him one more time to hopefully end the fight.
And if you have to go any longer, just do all we've discussed again. You have 
the eight Satomi Power Orbs that act like extra Godhood (that means you are
protected from hits). This by no means should be a hard fight.


After you beat him, he will rise again, but this time Susano actually comes 
to your aid, believe it or not. Help him slash the heads of the evil spirit,
then wind him up three times (galestorm) and he will finish off your enemy.

Then it's just some more scenes that end with you saying your goodbyes to 
Fuse. Leave the shrine and return to the village. Last chance to feed the pigs
by the farmer if you missed them, and then go to the well in the middle of 
town. Make some wind blowing into the windmill at the top of the well and you
will get some praise. Before you save your game, be sure to equip the Life
Beads, and use a Gold Dust on them. Save your game and head back to the pass.

*NOTE: I'm fairly certain the Life Beads depend on your health for their
strength. So stay healthy and they will stay stronger.*

Taka Pass

Again, if you missed the blossom path that led to three clovers, take them
now; they are above the tunnel you took to reach the sapling, and if you 
follow an offshoot path you will be on a rock for a treasure. I mention that
because up at the end of that tunnel is also a burning chest you can open now
for a Stray Bead. One more thing you can do. Go over to the Mermaid Spring and
look up for more blossoms to take. These lead you to the top of poles that 
have a line of banners between them. Blow the wind from left to right to get
the banners up and jump across them, using a dash in the middle to get over.
In the chest you get a Golden Peach, something that fills the Astral Pouch,
but hopefully you will never have a need for it. 

Now, I say jump down and use the mermaid coin at the spring here to zap back
to Shinshu Field, but if you want to run the whole distance, be my guest. In
the field, you will see the dark air in the sky. Make your way to Kamiki and
you'll see the full moon is out. 

Night of the Festival		( NOF1212 )

Kamiki Village

Stop by the merchant to buy some mermaid coins and refill your feedbags. Then
go forward to see a scene, another long, read-tacular scene. After that, go
save and feel free to try and bring Susano out, but there is nothing for it.
Just leave into Shinshu Field.

Shinshu Field

You run into Kushi at the start. With her riding along, avoid the demon scrolls
on your way up and down the path to the Moon Cave.

Moon Cave

Run forward and you will hit Waka at the front. Not much to do in the next
area, just jump down into the abyss.

Calcified Cavern

Turn around to enter the cavern proper. Run along the pick up the Thunder Brew
and go through the gate. Go to the left and open the chest. Follow the path,
and though it may seem like all the ledges around the walls may have some items
on them, they don't. Just follow the path through a Devil Gate to meet a new 
enemy, the Black Imp. Beats me what his attacks are. Just lay into him with
your new beads and he should die as soon as the battle starts. I suppose you
could slash the skulls or beat them up, but I didn't bother.

*NOTE: There is a little watersprout at the top of one spire, but you don't
have the power to manipulate flame yet, so you can't get the chest frozen in
the ice.*

After beating our politically incorrect friend, you get a chest that gives you
a mask. Please draw the goofiest face possible and then make your way back to
thos lackey imps guarding that door. Go through the door to re-enter the Moon

Moon Cave

Go forward to hit the central room. Lots of stuff to look at, but for now go
right and into the kitchen. You can talk with the imp and break some stuff,
then go up the steps and use the mirror up here to save your game. 

Tie two vines to the hooks on the pot to lift the lid and save the chef Ajimi. 
He asks you to find four ingredients: ogre liver, lips of ice, eyeball of fire,
and black demon horn. Take the key he gives you and go out to the main room to
insert the key in the demon lock on the left. Go through and read the "watch
your step" sign. Look left and vine up the blossom. The next blossom is pointed
down, so you will have to vine over to it, press the draw button, turn the 
camera to look at the blossom over the ledge, and then vine over to that; think
of this as the Spiderman way of getting around in this game.

On this ledge, slash the stalagmites by the rock wall to reveal a crack that 
you can cherry bomb for a room that has a bud. Come back out and vine over to
the next blossom, the swing to the next, and then swing to the last blossom.
Go over to the eyeball lantern and slash it to open the door. Go through and
then through the gate to fight some imps and a bud ogre. Killing them reveals a
chest with the Ogre Liver. Once you have it, make your way back to the main 

When you get close to the exit, you'll see a power spring in the little puddle
of water. Spring it and ride it up to be in the areas above the main room. Go 
up the next spring and then into the room on the left. Slowly walk across the
bridge, to the other side, but there is just ice in your way. Run back across
the bridge to fall down to a pit. Before going through the gate, go over to the
raise, empty pool of water to see a face in the brown ground. Then go into the
gate to fight some imps. This will put water into that pool as give you some 
praise. Now draw a stream of water from the pool into the valve to drain the 
water from the bottom of the main room. There is an imp to talk to, then 
you'll notice two ledges on the side of this room, but the one at the back 
has ice that you can do nothing with. Just go to the ground by the open pipe 
for a chest, then use the power spring to get up to the pipe.

You will fight a black imp, then go slash the lantern to open the floor. Don't
jump down. Instead, use the power spring nearby to go back up. Save if you
really want to, then go to the lift operator in the main room to learn that he
is holding the lift up and that if you mess him up he may let go. Slash him,
a lot, until you hit the bottom, then jump over and talk to the imp by the fire
down here. Go into the next area to fight some imps, then wall jump at the back
of the room to find a chest with a bone. Then go over to the lanterns and 
slash all four with one careful stroke. Go through the door.

Examine the statue to fight a new kind of enemy, the Ice Mouth. Just attack
and be ready to fleetfoot at any time to avoid her crushing and rolling attack.
Hit her when she is rolling around the arena, dodge her attack, and just keep
attacking until she is stunned, then just cut her. After that, you must dot
the constellation to meet Moegami. You gain the technique of Inferno to move
flames. Draw a line from the phoenix to the ice to open the path. Go through
and then flame the ice on the wall to get a chest. Come back out and just talk
to the lift operator to go up.

Go through the door and the fight the two Ice Mouths, but this time you have
a torch in the arena. Use it to burn them for easy kills, and then using 
Inferno as a finisher will yield Demon Fangs. Open the chest to get the Lips
of Ice, then burn the ice wall to be back in the kitchen. Go save your game.

Still have two more items to fetch, so return to the main room and go back to
the cavern on the side, but be sure to dig up the clover in the plantar by the
door before you go in; oh yeah, and you could use that little plant too to 
spring up as well. Either way, get back to the room with the narrow bridge, 
but it's gone. Draw the bridge back into place and slowly walk across. Melt 
the ice and go into the room for another gate. This time you get two kinds of
the wheels, the Ice Mouth and the Fire Eye. It's a bit tricky, but use the fire
on the eye to melt the Ice Mouth, then use Galestorm to blow away the fire 
from the eye (galestorm him for a finisher too).

After that, open the chest for the Eyeball of Fire. Melt the ice to go into the
next area for the key. Now, you can stay by the door and use the torches on 
the side of the door to melt the ice on the sides of the key room, but you 
can't quite melt the chest at the top of the room, so turn around and go back
to the main room. You can drop down to the plantar area for a chest to be by
the launch bud, then use the bud to get back up. Go around the walkway and 
use the key on the lock. 

Go through to be in the Sand Dunes, and of course, stay out of the pits of 
sand. Find the boulder and dash into it to get it to move. It may take some 
getting used to as to where to hit it to get it to go straight, but you will
figure it out. Make your way to the open gap and slash the lantern to learn
that there is a path there, you just cant see it. If you can go straight ahead
with the rock to the other side, great, but anything to the right and it will
fall off, and watch out for the pit in the invisible path on the left. Get 
across and then go dig up the clover by the wall. Roll the rock into the pad
by the door and open the chest before going out. 

You're still in the upper area of the main room. Go up the steps and melt the 
ice of the chest for a treasure. Feel free to visit the imp merchant, but not
much to buy, though you do get a second chance to buy Infinity Judge if you 
missed it before. Go to the railing nearby and look up to see a blossom way 
up there. Go to the top level of this area and to the gap in the walkway. Make
some wind so that the banners are up. Hop across and then you'll need to fire
the cannon to right under the dragon banner on the wall. When the cannon is at
a 90 degree angle from the banner (which is to say looking directly right), 
that is when you use the fire to light the fuse; oh yeah, and make sure you are
standing behind the cannon, duh. Once the hole is made, go back across the
gap and into the cave.

Fight the imp and then you'll notice a fire orb on the wall. Use galestorm to
blow it off, then use many more to roll it around the corner and into view of 
the three ice blocks. There are two treasures on the wall, which will go away
if you don't get them in time, and then melt the ice blocking the path to 
the room. Jump up and in to fight some imps, then grab the final item, the 
Black Demon Horn. Make your way back to the main room and jump down to the 
bottom level.

Now, you can ignore all in this sentence if you want to get on with the game,
as we are going to get two items in previous rooms. For starters, in the 
final plantar will be a chest in some ice, so use the fire to get it, then 
melt the ice over the cup of water to reveal a power spring. Ride it up to find
a chest all by itself. Jump down and now for the two extra items. Use the bud
spring to get up and go into the room with the bridge (which is sturdy now by
the way). Go into the fire room and then into the key room to melt the ice for
an Exorcism Slip L, a good one if you ever find a spot to use it. Now run back
to the bridge and fall over the side to get to the pit. Swim to the end of the
room and use a lily to jump up. Burn the ice to go in and grab a God Charm, 
which brings your Godhood up to max; another useful item if you remember to 
use it.

Make your way back to the main room and then into the kitchen. Save first or 
after, and talk to the chef. If you haven't realized it by now, Sweetheart, 
this guy is a fruitcake. After he makes the dish, go into the main room and go
over the that bell we've ignored up till now. Ring it eight times, one for
each head of Orochi. After the dish is served go to the operator and call the
lift to go up. There is a merchant up here and a Golden Gate at the bottom of
the spiral way. Run all the way up it, there is a scene, and then the fight is

BOSS: Orochi

Okay, so don't panic at all. Start by running to the right to meet the rock 
head. Let it pound and then smach it to do see a cutscene (if not, may have to 
run around and let each head attack, but I don't think so). Perhaps just 
hitting any head makes the cutscene go.

Anyway, after the scene, the 8 Purification Sake will be all over the field.
Now you visit three heads and draw a line of sake into them twice. Once they
whole beast is paralyzed, run up the main head's neck and go do combos on bell.
Once the bell has its barrier up, jump off and repeat making each head drink.
You will need to do two, and then one, or however many it takes to break the

Here are how to handle each head:

Main - just run back and forth, jumping or running in circles, to avoid the 

Darkness - it will just spit out two buds that release enemies, but so long as
you bloom both buds before they open, they will just release items. 

Wind - run in a circle around the pool to avoid the tornado, or use a Galestorm
to counter it.

Water - he is the toughest. He will drown the field in water and then spit out
water snakes. If you are quick enough, just draw a lily of your own, or use 
the ones he makes, and just smack the head before the snakes come out to make 
him roar. One hit kills the snakes.

Lightning - it will send a barrage of bolts onto the ground and they will
stay there for a second or two, so just run away. Then go hit it when it is
looking for you.

Fire - almost like the main head, except this one's fire goes in straight lines
and they can leave big fireballs on the ground. Avoid them and then make it 

Poison - just run away from the smog and then come back when the head roars, or
just use wind to blow the smog away.

Rock - just let him pound the ground, jump to avoid the shockwave, and then go
up and hit him. 

After you destroy the bell, each head will add a swipe attack, which is easy
to avoid if you jump. Now you must make each head drink the sake again, and
then you can attack the head to kill it. May take a few stuns to take them out,
just be sure to avoid when the head comes crashing down. Visit each head, try 
to let them do their lunge attack (which is easier than letting them do their
normal attack), and then sake them while they roar. Should be able to just 
mash the attack button while you have your Life Beads and you can get each 
head in one shot. At some point fire balls will fall, but only between the
heads, not in front of them.

After all the heads are down, it's Susano time. First, draw the moon (yes,
for some reason a crescent moon), and then help him slice up seven heads. Then
just watch the long cutscene.


You gain the glaive Tsumugari. Feel free to equip it if you like. At Kamiki, 
talk with Komuso by the merchant, then go save your game. Hard to believe, but
yes, there is a TON of game left to be had. We've already had enough game for
one title, but there is a lot still to come. You're nowhere close to finished
my friend.

*NOTE: If you saved one extra Gold Dust, use it on the sword.*

For now, while in Kamiki, talk to the three by the sake keg, then the dogs
and the kids, then go up to the sacred deck to talk to the three up there, 
then go toward the sapling to talke with the three up here, and if you found
everyone (except for the Susano and Kushi, who are doing stuff not fit for a
game like this), if you found everyone Issun will count off the techniques
you have and tell you to visit the city. Then go through the gate to talk with
Sakuya, then leave the village and you will run into her again in the field. 

*NOTE: Have you noticed Mr. Bamboo keeps mentioning a girl named Kaguya? Keep
that in mind for later.*

Your New Adventure Begins		( NEW1313 )

Shinshu Field

After that, you are to make your way to the City Checkpoint, but first I have 
a few things I want you to do:

Ida Round 2 - run him down and race him again. If you can cut him off and run
directly to the bridge at the start, you should be able to tackle right into
him, even if you can't see him. Just run him down again for praise.

Nameless Man and the Guardian Statues - by now the dude will have made a vase
if you go talk to him, and provided you did purify the devil gate near his 
house. If so, he will cough up a vase and you can pick it up. Talk to him again
to learn that he thinks it would be a good gift for a Guardian Statue. Those 
are the little statues covered in moss found all over the place. With this 
vase, take it over to the crack in the wall up the road and give it to the 
statue in this cave.

Leaf piles - there are two: one by the dojo and one by Tama's house. Galestorm
both to dig up chests. 

Golden Fury - learn this at the dojo, but only if you have a high premium on
Demon Fangs. This costs you 100,000 yen, which could drain you. Remember, if 
you don't use many of your tools, sell them. I don't use any and I just had
to sell one item to get this, and I had the other three techniques bought. 
This "attack" is just a taunt that yields Demon Fangs, and it's just awesome.

*NOTE: If you want to save your money, there will be a new sword in the city
that is worth the same amount, so it could be best to hold off.*

Mermaid Spring - use this by the dojo, and know that the merchant by the 
sapling sells mermaid coins, and zap to Taka Pass.

Taka Pass

Leaf Piles and chests - there are a bunch to find: one by the Cutters' house,
one by the save mirror, there is a burning chest in the tunnel leading to the
sapling, another one outside of this tunnel, a chest that is just in the ground
on the way to the sapling, a leaf chest by the sapling, another one by the 
mermaid spring (stray bead), a chest in the ground by the rocks near the 
spring, and a leaf pile when you go from the spring to the city checkpoint.

Moley Round 2 - just go back to the mole men and play their game. Again, run
around in circles and wait for the leader to pop up in front of you, then 
tackle him. The fast round is tough, and all you can do is run in circles and
tackle at a hole before anyone pops up (it's all just luck). You get a vase 
for your troubles.

Bingo - on your way to the checkpoint, visit him to the right of the exit and 
blow off the leaves in front of him. Then talk to him twice to do the digging
game once again. However, this time you need a lot of micro-management skills
as far as keeping the path clear and keeping him on the right path. I would
advise you skip this until you have a ton of ink pots.

Once all that is done, onward to the city.

City Checkpoint

Stray Bead - provided you already fed the animals and go all the other things
here the first time, there is just a burning chest down by the riverbank, 
where the waterfall lands. Wind it or water it to get the bead.

Yoichi - talk with him again, but you'll notice the Phoenix are burning well.
Now that you have Inferno, wait for him to have an arrow ready and then let
him fire it, but the moment it is let fly, press draw and then draw a line
from the flame to the arrow to lower the bridge.

Blossom ride - now go toward the middle of the bridge and look way up the 
left. Vine up there, then swing to the left from this blossom, and then follow
the line to a plateau in the river; should be just five blossoms from the 
bridge. Open the chest for the treasure. Now look up to the right to see the
next blossom. I'll tell you right now, for the second ride you need more than
7 ink pots, but if you have an Inkfinity Stone, that will work too. Take this
long ling of blossoms along the rock wall, then it moves to the other side
of the river, and then you end up on a plateau at the end of the river for a 
Stray Bead.

Cursed Grass - there are four of them across the bridge, two on each side. And
there is 120 praise for the grass alone. You could do this first if you need
an extra ink pot or two for the blossom ride.

Animals - after the grass is gone, Nightingale on the right by the cliff, and
then horses on the left side.

Clover - on the right side, where you hit the grass.

Stray Bead - turn it to night and go to the left side to find this chest by
a rock.

After all of that, head into the new area.

Ryoshima Coast

Save, then go right along the cliffside to run into a Headless Guardian. He
is just the same as a Red Imp, so treat him as such. Should be your first
time testing out the sword, and it's pretty strong, also, don't forget to 
test out Golden Fury as I do not yet know what finisher this guy needs.

*NOTE: You Cherry Bomb guardians to make them drop Demon Fangs.*

After that, there is a side path that leads to a tunnel, but that is blocked
by the mist. Just go straight down the path and blast open the crack in the 
wall. Fill the barrel up with water, then jump up and to the higher ground 
and draw that water from the barrel into the empty pool. Now go up the path,
jump up, and then at the next empty pool draw in the water from the pool 
below as the screen should adjust for you. Now go around and then jump up to
the highest point and you'll see the tiny sapling. Draw water from the lower
pool to the ditch around the sapling to grow it up. Then bloom it to restore
the Ryoshima Coast.

*NOTE: If you hit a scroll, you may run into a Bell Guardian, which is just a 
yellow imp pretty much; even get a demon fang if you finish him with a slash.*

Animals - birds (nightingale I think) near the sapling, then some cows where
you get back down to the path. 

Clover - by the tunnel that is now open.

Madame Fawn - yes, the same lady from Agata Forest. Go into the tunnel and 
you'll bust into her home. Get your fortune read and then go back to the Coast.

Foxes and dogs - the foxes are by the cemetery, and the dogs are by the mirror.

Bell - by the cemetery is a bell. Toll it a lot until you get a large bone, 
and that's it.

Fisherman - on the lower path from the mirror, talk to him to three times to
learn of the Water Dragon and the mallet inside the ship; all things to keep
in the back of your mind for way later in the game. And yes, this dude is 
rockin' the clam shell to cover his junk.

Moon Turret - up the path by the fisherman, but you can't get up there, yet. 
There are foxes to feed and a clover by the tower.

Ankoku Temple - go up the path from the graveyard and talk with the monk. Then
go up the steps and go behind the temple for a chest in the ground. There is
also a cat on the right ledge of the temple, which may be your first time 
feeding fish to anything. Go in the temple for a chest, and that's it. Come
back out and to the graveyard.

Bunnies - get on the path and around the corner and by a scroll will be a 
pack of bunnies. 

Merchant - right down the path and near the beach. Stock up on seeds and the
rest of the feed.

Monkeys - on the beach by the merchant.

Clams - four in the waters by the beach, slash them and swim out to get the

Cursed Grass - three patches of along the beach. They reveal boars and pigs.

Dojo - this is a tiny isle just off the beach after a short swim. Keep in 
mind there is a 100,000 yen sword upcoming, so keep your spendings to a 
minimum. No matter what, you must buy the technique Holy Eagle, which is the
double jump. Get it and the 3 Shears. Come back later if you want more. Let
me tell you right now, getting all the reflector and rosary techniques when
you only use a glaive is not a good idea. With Holy Eagle, go outside and 
you can jump on the tower for a chest. Oh yeah, don't forget to feed the 

Animal Lover - toward the end of the beach is this guy. He is missing Inaba,
a rabbit. 

Treasure - when you hit the steps, the chest is to the right in the little
corner of the beach.

Clover - go up the steps and jump over the side of the walkway to hit a tiny
sliver of beach. There is also a clam in the water. No, you can't jump back up,
so you have to swim and lily pad your way up the dock. You don't have to go
all the way around, just up to the power spring to get on the dock. You can 
jump up if you got the double jump, I think.

Cats - at the end of the dock and there is a chest nearby.

Ubume - you run into this thing on your way to the city gate. You can attack,
but each attack is blocked by the umbrella. When the umbrella is is up, use
Galestorm to push her back and then attack with combos. She can also fly around
and launch orbs at you that you can deflect with slashes. She can also ram
into the ground, so avoid and she will be stuck, giving you time to do some
combos and lay some cherry bombs. Just just attack, galestorm the umbrella,
and attack again to kill her quickly.

*NOTE: If your Life Beads are you sub weapon, you can use their attack to shoot
the things in the air, then galestorm them to bring them down.*

Devil Gate 1 - this one is by the city gate. You fight two Ubume, so do what
you did to the last one: attack, galestorm, attack, repeat. You get some 
bunnies to feed after. 

Inaba - Remember the Animal Lover? After clearing the last gate and feeding
the bunnies, look through the group of a hare that is black and white. Bite it
and go back to the animal guy for praise and a Stray Bead. Feed the hare too
for more praise. 

Devil Gate 2 - this one is by the gate to The Border, and by some horses. Go
through and you fight an Ice Mouth and a Thunder Ear - be afraid! No fire,
so you'll have to just beat into the Ice guy until he dies. As for the ear, 
you can use wind on him. Also, using the beads as a sub weapon to hit them
while they roll around the side of the arena is a good tactic. Killing them
reveals a mermaid spring.

The Border Gate - it's locked, but it will open at some point.

City Gate chests - there is one to the right of the city gate, and then one 
on the right edge where you cleared Devil Gate 1. 

City approach - when you pass the gate, take the lower ledge to feed some cows
and find a chest.

Once all of this is done, go into Sei-an City.

Sei-an City		( SEI1414 )

Commoners' Quarters

The proper term is poor district, but oh well. Save at the mirror on the right,
then visit the merchant on the left. Buy the Blinding Snow, Marlin Rod, Herbal
Medicine, and Charcoal, among all the other restocking you need to do. There is
also a Weapons Dealer on the right, who has two Gold Dusts and a new sword up
for sale, the Seven Strike for 100,000 yen; you don't need the sword now, so
just hold off if you can't afford it. 

Lots of people to talk to, none of which have anything urgent to speak of. Oh
yeah, and you can't bloom the trees, so don't try. Now, onto all of the chests
and items you be found:

Chest 1 - around the corner from the entrance on the left. 

Chest 2 - on the right side of the city, directly in front of the carpenter's

*NOTE: Yes, around the house will be a bunch of your drawings for the face
mask at the moon cave. Fun.*

Chest 3 - directly behind the carpenter's house.

Mr. Flower - in the upper right corner. 

Chest 4 - behind Mr. Flower's house.

Chest 5 - by the Ferry Port on the left side of town, between the shrubs.

Stary Bead - on the left side of town, this one is in the canal, as far down
as you can go. 

Canal Chests - counting the Stray Bead one, there are 10 total.

Chest 6 - up by the doorway to the next section of the city, go around to the 
right to find this chest. 

Now that all that is done, jump into the canal and to to the upper left corner
to meet with Naguri who is trying to dig a hole in the ground. Agree to help
and the digging game begins. Just try to keep everything to the right. You can
press the help button to get the list of moves, and use wind to get him across 
spikes. Just cut rocks, dig into sand, and know that you can slash him to 
get him to turn around. If you stay to the right, you should find a pretty 
easy path, but I won't outline it for you. When you get to the bottom, just
let him get to the middle and then dig to win the game. 

Aristocratic Quarters

After that, swing around and go into the Aristocratic Quarters, which is just
a bridge, so I wish they would call it such. Go meet Benkei and offer him the
fishing rod Blinding Snow you bought in town. Then agree to help him fish
it up. This fishing game is the hardest yet. The first two catches are easy,
but the Cutlass Fish is hard. You'll have to reel it in three times, and for
each you'll have to dip into the red part of your meter. Just keep pulling 
until the button is on screen and then slash, then repeat two more times to 
get the fish. 

With the bridge back, run down to meet Waka again. Then cut in front of the 
line and go meet Rao inside. Talk with her then grab the two chests, the two
chest on the left and right... the chests that have treasure in them... that 
still sounds like I'm talking about boobs! Anyway, during your talk with her
you will need to do a power, so just do a galestorm, then keep talking to learn
of her quest, but she doesn't tell you what it is. 

Go out into the next area and you'll see Komuso on the left. You fight an 
Ubume and a Tengu. It seems like the goal is less that 30 seconds, as I got a
29 and he coughed up the goods. So no need to rush, just cut down the Tengu
and combo it to death, then do the attack pattern on the Ubume. He will give
you a Stray Bead and praise.

Now for some of the items in the area: 

Chest 1 - to the right where you entered from, around the corner and between
the shrubs. 

Chest 2 - in the walls of the the house on the right near the entrance, you
dig this one up.

Chest 3 - in the same walls as the last one, but this one is above ground.

House 1 - go in for a chest, and then talk to Okuni for a song.

Chest 4 - on the left of this area is a big tower. Go behind it to dig this
up in the circle in the ground.

Chest 5 - in the shrubs in front of the temple, it has a Stray Bead inside.

Chest 6 - by the second house across the bridge, dig this one.

Chest 7 - also by the house, it's above ground.

House 2 - just a chest in here.

After all that, you can't go to the temple, so just go to the right side of the
area and into the place where the green mist is coming from.

In here you listen to two guards talk and they mention a Kaguya; for those of
you paying attention, this is the girl mentioned by Mr. Bamboo. Talk to each
sentry and then go to the right to examine the Prayer Slips and the tiny hole
in the wall. Bite the slips and take them back to Rao. She will ask you to 
help raid the sunken treasure ship, so agree to help the busty babe, and you 
can't say no to someone with theme music like that!

Now, make your way to the coast, but on your way, stop by the Weapons Dealer
to see how close you are to getting the Seven Strike sword. Sell all the 
treasures you have found, and then sell you lesser slips, and if you push comes
to shove, sell all your slips and stuff that you don't need (I have only used
one item, and had I waited like two mintues, I wouldn't have needed to use
that either, so I know you can spare a lot of what you have found). Do what 
you can and get that sword, which is weird because you shouldn't have used
the other sword for very long. Save and exit the city. 

*NOTE: Don't forget to Gold Dust the sword if you get it.*

Treasure Hunting in the Water Dragon's Domain		( WDD1515 )

*It's like the title to a Japanese anime that just doesn't stop.

Ryoshima Coast

Again, if you don't have Holy Eagle (double jump) then you need to visit the 
dojo off the coast on the tiny isle. If you actually need money to buy it, just
go pick some fights and win them in a hurry to earn quick yen. Again, learn
Holy Eagle and 3 Shears. If you already got, then good, just go to the moon

*NOTE: A reminder that if you hold the attacks of the 3 Shears, you can power
up each blow.*

At the moon turret, jump up and then examine. Look up and make your moon in
the sky and that should make the waters recede. Now go over to the dry area 
and there are three clams to dig up: one near the opening, another in front 
of the opening, and one behind the ship. Get them and then jump in through the
side of the ship.

*NOTE: Funniest part of the game upcoming!*

Sunken Ship

Who knew a wolf could be rendered speechless by a woman, a female wolf no less.
Anyway, draw a line from the prayer slips to the door to open it, then go 

Use the slips on the ghosts up the stairs to get demon fangs. Go into the next
room and jump down. The chests in the center of the room are legit, the chests
on the sides of the room are not. Those two have hands in them that will drain
you of coin, or something, so just use a prayer slip on them too. Now you have
to take the hallway in the corner, and when you go through the ghostly thing,
it will jump onto your screen, but other than creep you out a bit, it does
nothing more. After it goes away, avoid the spikes as you go to the next room.

In this room you have a mini boss fight with Jiro and Saburo. Saburo is the 
red one, and for him, all I did was send a Prayer Slip at him. That turned him
over and I was free to go beat him to death. Then I used my Life Beads as a 
sub weapon attack to kill Jiro, the blue one; though, perhaps a prayer slip 
helped with this one too. The info says Saburo digs a hole to let water in,
whatever that means. And the infor for Jiro says just attack the shell over 
and over until it breaks. When Saburo is gone, Jiro will go crazy and send out
urchins everywhere.

After that, go into the next path and go through the Golden Gate. In the next
room, dig up the clover and then make the sun come up outside. Now come back
to the bone room to hit a new mini boss, Ichiro. Though it works weird, I 
believe you need him to bellyflop onto either the bones or a barrel, but I'm
not sure how effective that is. The info says to make a lily pad and lure
him close to attack his belly, but I don't know how that is supposed to work
toward getting his armor off. Try to get his armor off, either by making him
land on something hard or just attacking him, then attack while he is stunned
to shed his armor. Then he will be stunned again and you can draw a lily next
to him and start attacking. If he swims away while unarmored, shoot some beads
at him and the fight should end. Also, not sure, but maybe a cherry bomb helps
take off his armor too.

So after you figure that out, return to the loot rooom and use the floating 
barrel to get up over the wall. A chest on one side another golden gate on the
other. The cannon can be used now or later, doesn't matter. If now, jump over
and get on the thing. Draw cherry bombs in its back and have it aimed at one
of the three targets on the wall to open it, and you move the cannon up or down
by standing on the front of it, like a see saw. For the top one, don't move the
cannon, and that's the only important one as it has a Sun Fragment in it. For 
the other two, just weigh down the barrel and let the bombs fly when you think
the gun is lined up. You can't get the key at the bottom when you reveal it.

Go down the hallway, fend off the ghosts with prayer slips, and get the chests
on the sides, but watch out for the big hand that tries to swipe you when you
get to the end of the hall. Avoid it by jumping into the side area, then jump
out and swim your way into the big room and up the steps before it gets you.
Run to the end and cut the barrel from the line. Then get on it and do a bit
of log-rolling to get it over to the golden hooks, which means just stay on
the side that is to the hooks and it will roll right in. Once that is in place,
jump back up to where you got the barrel and now cross the bridge, but watch
out for the swipes from the hands: low fingers mean jump, high fingers mean 
stay low. 

Go up and around to be back in the room with the hole in the roof. Turn night
to day and then jump on the barrel and jump back up to the curving path. Go 
back to the big room where the moss creature will not be a threat. Follow the
hall back to the cannon area, and use the cannon like a see saw to launch the 
cherry bombs if you didn't already. Sun Fragment in the top, chest in the 
middle, and the key in the bottom. Bite the key and take it to the lock. Go
through and use a slip on the sealed door, after which you are visited by a
haunt that does nothing to you. Then watch out for the three false chests on
the sides in the treasure room. Get the two smaller chests first: one with a 
treasure and the other with a Stray Bead. Then hit the big chest to get the
Lucky Mallet, not the Fox Rods.

During the next cutscene, try to find the spot where the phrase "That's what
she said!" applies. Anyway, you actually can't escape being eaten, though, 
you may try. After the Lucky Mallet makes its escape, follow it to the city,
though, it isn't actually moving. 

Removing the Curse		( CUR1616 )

Sei-an City

Follow the Mallet in and save at any point. Go talk to Rao, and by the end 
of the conversation you may be a bit tired of the boob jokes, no matter how 
childish you are. Then follow the mallet to the crack near the Imperial 
Palace. Say yes to getting hit and you're in. Question, if the mallet could
make you fly, why not just send me over the door or somewhere much safer?

Imperial Palace

Well now, you finally get to meet Issun, tiny wolf to tiny flea-like man. He
will still be on your back, but now he works as a sorta boomarang as he can be
drawn to things and fetch them for you. Test him out on the chest, then move
forward to save after almost being squished. 

Go up and to the right to run into the Blocking Spider. Run around the sides
to get past him, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't do anything to you. Jump on
the foot, then get off and follow the path to a big rock where you will see a
crying girl. Jump off on the other side, send Issun to the chest in the murk,
and then hit the other chest yourself. Jump over to the open spot of ground for
a fight.

Thunder Doom Mirrors are just like the other wheels, and this one is weak to
wind, so use Galestorm to clear the electricity and go in for your hits. After
that, through the Golden Gate to be in the land of two giants. Run straight 
ahead to blow open a crack in a crevice for a chest, and just stay in motion
to avoid the foot. Then come back out and run over to a little waterfall on the
wall by the broom guy. Can't get past the broom, so send Issun up to the key 
at the top of the waterfall, then bite it and go back the to where you saved
your game. However, you will meet with the girl in the window along the way, 

*NOTE: To get up to the top of the little waterfall, let the big foot crash 
near it and then use it to get up there. Blow off the crack and there is a 
golden peach in it for you, though, you shouldn't need it at all.*

After meeting with the mysterious Kaguya, go back to the mirror, save, and
then toss the key in the lock. Go into the area and bomb the mound of dirt to
drop into the hole. Down here you meet with the Platform Spiders, which are
just moving platforms that don't like it if you stay on them for too long. 
Go up and get on the first one which takes you to a clover, which is more like
a tree. Bloom it and then follow the path to some mushrooms and take them and
the spider up to the clover at the top. Go around the ledge to see a chest 
behind a web and send Issun after it. Now go to the gap and when the horizontal
spider is almost to you, jump over to it quickly because he doesn't stop. Then
when he gets near as he can to the yellow spider, double jump over and then 
quickly jump to the last clover. Bloom it, jump all the way down, crack open
the crack on the wall, and go through.

In the room the blocking spiders will activate and they are now going to be a
problem. Cut down the flask and then go to the opening to get sucked in. Go to
the back and then turn your screen to the side of the flask. You will use a 
galestorm to push the good mist out of the bottle. Then four stars on the 
constellation to meet with one awesome sheep, Kasugami. Mist is just like 
bullet time, or slow mo for the FEAR players. Just draw two parallel lines and
your have about five seconds of slow time. Test it on the spider, then do it
for real while away from him to go back through the doorway.

You fight with a Wind Doom Mirror, and yes, his weakness is the Mist. Use it
to take off his protection, beat him up, and use the mist for a finisher to 
get fangs. After that, use the spider near the doorway to get up to the start
of this area and step on the circle to go up. Save your game and then use mist
on the spider blocking your path and then make your way back to the area of 
the giants. Use the mist to get past the two brooms and avoid being squished.
Go through the tunnel and the gate to hit a body of murky water with three
bamboo devices. Use the water from the waterfall to dip the first one down, 
then jump to the on it, and from this one you can run weigh down one side and
then run up to get over to the bamboo pipe. Then use the spider at the end to
get up to the Emperor's room.

This next series of jumps can be tough, but don't forget, you have the ability
to slow down time, though, you don't need it. Use the first spider to get up 
to a platform, then wait for the diagonal spider to come nearby and then jump
on him, and for the next spiders you may want to use the mist as they move 
fast. Either way, get up to the top and go through the golden gate.

From the beams you have quite a lot to do. First, go to the right and grab the
dungeon map and a chest behind a web with Issun, and no, you don't need to 
slow down time to get past these spiders, but it doesn't hurt either. Then 
come back and now go straight up until you hit the blue spiders. These guys
may look normal, but you do need to use the mist to both get on them and maybe
even to get off. When you jump on them they will move very fast, so yes, use
the mist to get on and to get off. On the other side, now the swinging spiders
are fast, so use the mist to get by them. Go get the chest behind the web with
Issun, and for the last stretch of three swinging spiders, just use the mist
to get by each one at a time. Then jump into the source of the mist. 

Emperor's Body

DO NOT hit the dangling thing (which I once knew the real name of but have
forgotten). Just run down the throat and save at the mirror before going 
through the valve. Go through the gate and jump down to a fight in the pit of
the stomach.

BOSS: Blight

Your fight is with his sword, so don't forget that. He is weak to Mist, so 
don't forget that either. To start things off, send Issun after him to get a
freebie treasure. Now, you can slow down time a lot and get attacks in, but 
the time you want to do it is when he is still and charging up for a lunging
slash attack. That is when you need to slow down time and hit him as he is
gliding through the air. If you do he will do black and white and you can beat
the sword off of him, then go beat up the sword when it is away from its 
master. But if you beat it up for too long, it will damage you when it regains

*NOTE: For every attack you get on the sword, with a glaive you can do five
hits, then run.*

He has another attack ot look out for. It is his flying swords attack where he 
sends like ten rusty swords at you, so let them get close and then jump. But,
if you notice, there is one blue sword in the bunch. If you slash it down, 
go over and beat it up to cause more damage to him. 

And that's it, those are the two attacks you need to look out for, and I don't
even know if he has others. When he disappears, he will be away from you and
preparing a charge attack. He's pretty easy.  


Well, you are the Emperor for a time after the fight. Just bounce your way 
right to the cell and you're done with that. Then you meet with the Emperor
and learn that he too is collecting Demon Fangs. I hope you have quite a few.
The Fog Pot is nice, but not needed. The Thief's Glove is also nice, and also
not needed. The Golden Ink Pot is something you want to get. I had 121 Demon 
Fangs, so hopefully you are close or a bit over. After you are done, there is
a chest behind the Emperor, and then five more chests in the front area in the
sand. One by the Emperor has a Stray Bead, and the other four are in the other
three corners of the yard, but not in the garden area.

*NOTE: No one tells you this, but you must equip that ink pot under your
equipment menu in order for it to work. Yeah, you could go the whole game and
not realize you have not been using it.*

Sei-an City Reborn		( SCR1717 )

Aristocratic Quarters

Outside the palace you run into Kaguya. Talk with her to learn that she has 
another chapter to her story, but save that for later. For now, there are are
TON of things to do in this city, but we will handle them one at at time.

Outside Trees - there are 15 trees in the open all around to find, and don't
miss the one by the spring.

Inside Trees - 4 trees in total, two in each house, and getting all 19 trees
in the area yields and extra 10 praise points.

Benkei - go to the right of the temple to find this guy in a new fishing 
spot. Now you can play the fishing game at will and go for as long as you like.
Feel free to play until you bag a fish that takes three slashes, but don't go
too much longer as there is more stuff to do. You can always come back and play
whenever you like.

Mermaid Spring - this is also in the right corner of the area, and there is a
clover behind it. 

Clover - go around and into the upper left corner of the area for a clover to 
dig up. 

City Watch Barracks - next to the tall tower, there are two chests on the side
of it, and one inside.

Canal Chests - there are three in total, so slash them and swim to get them.

Lower left corner - there is a clover on the ledge, chest by the fence, and 
another chest by the entrance to the area. 

Temple grounds - you can get past the guards by using Mist. There is a chest to
the right as soon as you enter, and then if you hope the fences and go around
the temple there will be a Stray Bead on the left and a clover on the right.
Then go up the steps to the main entrance, but go around to the back for a 
chest, then one chest in the room on the left, and then a room with three
chests on the right.

Temple - go in and then go around to find a chest with a Stray Bead. Then talk
to the Handmaiden and enter the lift. Go up, but you'll see there is nothing 
you can do about the lava, so go back and out.

Now go see Rao and learn of the next problem at hand. Basically, you're still
short the Fox Rods. Save and then back to the poor district.

Commoners' Quarters

Mr. Flower - go to him in the corner and talk to him until you learn that there
are 20 trees to blossom. Let's start: there are seven by Mr. Flower's house and
one by the carpenter's house that is not bloomable; there are six by the save 
mirror at the entrance; there are five in the center of town. Now come back
to Mr. Flower's house and go in to fine the 19th one. Now go to Mr. Flower and
I'll give you a minute to ponder where the last one is... had you not used 
this guide, you would have spent hours looking for the solution to the last
tree, and it may be why some of you are here. The last tree is on his head! 

Now talk to him again to learn that the Gura Shuffle requires your help. 
Follow him to the first cursed tree and after he removes the hex, bloom it. 
Then just follow him to the rest and bloom them when they are ready. He takes
a rather obscure path around the city, but follow him as best you can. After
you bloom his house the quest is over.

Chests - two  by the left wall behind all the new buildings, and then one by
the tavern next to the exit to the A. Quarters. 

Masu - by the A. Qtr. entrance and found during the day. Talk to him to learn
his of his Monster Manifest, which is another wanted list for you. He hints 
that a few drinks at night will help coax him to cough it up. So at night go
into the tavern nearby and talk to Masu to get Masu's Monster Manifest. Once 
you beat the monsters on the coast, return to him during the day for a Gold

*NOTE: For his wanted list, just run around the coast at night, every third
monster scroll you fight will be one, and all are weak to Mist or Galestorm.*

Yama - after Masu, go into the tavern and into the back to meet with the cook
Yama, no relation to Tama, or maybe. Provided you did the Tea Master's 
quest with Moley in Taka Pass, you will give him the Golden Mushroom. He will
fan, but there is nothing you can do to help. After he fails, Issun points out
the mark of Moegami, a turned 8 shape on the wall. Now talk to him again and
this time during is fanning, draw the turned 8 in the fire to meet with 
Moegami again. You gain the ability of Fireburst, some praise, and a scroll
called Inferno Tech that teaches you how to use fire. 

Camille and Camellia - by the fabric house on the left side of town, talk to 
these two you've already met before and when you talk with the little sis, the
big sis mentions trees right before her. Press the draw button and poke one 
little dot on the ground and then she asks for rain, something you can't do
at the moment.

Blossom - she is outside the big house on the left side of town during the day.
She mentions her sick daddy and that she cannot afford the Herbal Medicine in
town. Well, if you bought from the Tool Dealer, talk to her again and you
will give it to her. Inside their home, it appears that the medicine didn't
work, but I think if you completed Mr. Flower's quest, just go tackle the sick
old man and that will wake him up. He will run outside and be well again.

Raiden - at night, go in front of Blossom's house to see this ghost. Just talk
to him, as there is nothing more you can do.

Abandoned House - In the lower right corner of town there is a closed up, two
story house. Go to the side and cherry bomb the crack to enter. Three chests on
the ground, one in the left corner, three way up high, and if you walk across
the beams up top, you can drop into the caged area in the lower right corner
for a Sun Fragment.

Drawing Girl - on the right side of town, where your artwork is all over the
surfaces, talk to the girl on the ground and give her your Charcoal that you
got from the Tool Dealer. Talk to her again to see a star design in her 
think bubble. Hmmmmm....

Fabric House - go in and talk with Mrs. Fan to learn of a ghost outside, but
that is not why you came in here. Go into the room on the right and talk with
Mr. Chic. Remember the star design from the little girl? Put your copyright
infringement hat on and draw all of the following:

*Star* just start at the bottom and don't lift the brush as you draw all five
points - I mean, you have made one of these in real life, right? Doesn't have 
to be perfect, just make sure you get five points on it.

*Heart* a love heart, as drawing a real heart would be a bit tough.

*Henshin V* come on, a V can't be hard to draw!

*Clover* this is the toughest as you must draw four individual circles that
touch each other. No, you don't have to draw a continuous line. Don't worry if
it's uneven.

*Gods* just draw the two lines flat and in the center of the fabric, then
take your time drawing the two points going down. 

If he mentions "something happen" after each try, you are good to go, otherwise
keep drawing. After each one, go to the girl, get the next design, and then 
come back to draw. After the last one, for all of this, you get a Stray Bead,
well, and the praise. 

Aspiring Carpenter - he is by the big house on the right side of town, at the 
ferry port. Talk with him and then draw a lily on the water. Then jump on and
use galestorm to take him over to the place where you helped Naguri dig the
hole. You have over three minutes, and if you just wait for the little 
whirlpools to go away you'll do fine. Should get there over two minutes to 
spare if you are any good at it, and you need to be for the other rides you're
gonna give. 

Ferry Rides - there are three people that need rides on your lily pads. The 
game is the same as for the carpenter, and the main tip is to wait for the 
whirlpools to die out before proceeding. Just watch the direction the people 
are pointing if you don't know where to take them. Oh yeah, may want to use 
Inkfinity Stones or just have max ink pots as the best thing to do is to just
keep drawing the wind, and only stopping to let the whirlpools die. And if you
get stuck in one, just wait a bit and then draw wind in the direction you need
to go so that you spin that way. Your target time is anything over two minutes
on the clock, as there is a bigger tip and more praise for fast times. Slow
times get half, but you can try again. 

*NOTE: Lame to the lady that needed a ride to the shop that was just across the

Power Spring - in the lower right corner, stay between the empty pool and the 
canal to have the camera shift so that you can draw a line of water from the 
canal to the pool. This reveals a power spring...

Tao Trooper Headquarters - ride up the power spring and talk with Kamo, and 
then go around the back for a treause. Go inside and talk with Abe to learn 
that he is missing his Tao Mask. That's it, just look around the high-tech-
looking church.

Hayazo's Quests

Fire Trail - go the A. Qtr. entrance and notice the torch by the guards. Light
the first torch near the bridge, then the one across the bridge. Use the line
of torches on the street to take the flame up to the big torch by the entrance
to the city, then take it left down the path to the other big torch in the 
corner. You'll hear a chime, then talk to the guard nearby to learn of Hayazo.

*NOTE: I guess if you had Fireburst you could have used that instead for the
Fire Trail.*

Samurai Dandy - turn to night and go up the path to talk to the Samurai Dandy
by the save mirror. He is missing his Glass Watch, stolen by Hayazo.

City Dweller - he is found around the front road at day, and by night he is
at the tavern. Go to him at night to learn of his missing Chrysantheum 

Momotaro - he is on the left side of town, just walking around. He mentions
the Millet Dumplings he lost.

Abe - you may have already met him. He is in Tao Headquarters, reached by
using the power spring by the soldier. He is missing a Tao Mask. 

Soldier - the one in the lower right corner, talk to him at night to learn
that Hayazo is in cover nearby.

Hayazo - go to the lower right path and look for a rock between two torches 
in the path and slash it to find him. For his chase game all you do is 
perform the right brush technique that is displayed over each form of Hayazo.
He splits into two on the first run, and when you do the do the right 
techniques for each form's weakness, go tackle him to get him to drop the 
item. It will be the Glass Watch, so take it to the Dandy and you get your

*NOTE: If you fail, it may take a while, but he will be back in the same 
hiding spot. He just switches between the two rocks on the side of the 
soldier and the torch.*

Hayazo's weaknesses that flash right before the chase starts: 

	Slash - easy, just slash it.
	Water - just wait till you are near the canal and draw a stream to him.
	Fire - hard as a fireburst doesn't work, so just wait till he is near
		a torch.

Hayazo Round 2 - during the same night and then go to the rock next to the 
soldier and cut it to bring the thief out of hiding. This time he uses three.
This time he drops the dumplings for Momotaro, who is out at day.

Hayazo Round 3 - on the next night, he should be back at the first rock, by
the torches. This chase has you go after four mimics, which makes it hard to
remember the order you have, so just remember the first three and that should
work (feel free to write it down). Getting him yields the hairpin for the City
Dweller at the tavern. 

Hayazo Round 4 - unless you have the lightning attack, you can't challenge
him, and he will let you know - bummer.


Well, that about does it for the side quests. Man, what are we supposed to be
doing again? Oh yeah, Fox Rods, Water Dragon, something like that. Man, we've 
been at these for a long time! Before you leave the city, make sure to sell
off all the treasure you've found. Save and leave.

The Lost Girls		( TLG1818 )

Ryoshima Coast

*NOTE: Don't forget to equip your Exorcism Beads as a sub weapon, and gold 
dust 'em too if you want.*

Should meet a Hayate on the beach who will challenge you to a race, but 
make sure it's daytime before you do it or else you won't be racing for long.
The trick is to get him at the bends in his path, which is at each end of the
beach and at the curve in the beachhead. Tackle him, avoid his barbs, and you
get his praise. 

Now for the dojo, and you should have tons of money. However, all you need to
buy, if you haven't already, is the Digging Champ scroll. With this you can
now dig into the hard spots of ground. There is one just outside the dojo
that yields a Stray Bead. 

*NOTE: Again, unless you are using beads as a main weapon, no reason to go
and buy the the other techniques for beads. Save your money.*

With Digging Champ, go toward the Guardian Sapling in this area and hang a 
left before you enter it's "cave" to hit the crevice with the cows. Dig the
hole and fall through. 

BOSS: Bandit Spider

It's just the Spider Queen sans the hair and eyes. Just run around in circles,
hook three vines to his back hooks, and then be real agressive and take out
three barrels when he opens up. Should be a really easy fight and calling him
a boss is a big compliment. You get a Sun Fragment for your troubles. 


Now go back to the city gate and pass through, but don't enter the city. Go to
the right to dig up a clover on the high land. Now go over to the mermaid 
spring by the gate to the border and use a coin to go to Sasa Sanctuary.

Sasa Sanctuary

This is the coolest little side story of any game I've played, so enjoy it. 
Go up the bamboo trail all the way to the end to meet with Kaguya and Mr.
Bamboo. Now, I never said the execution of the side story was good, as after
the scene you will play the digging mini game again.

Go down, make your way right, then head left, use a water spring, make your
way to the left wall, down, then right a lot, use another spring to go up, and
then go all the way down. And if you didn't know, you use the water as power
springs and if she doesn't get off of the spring, use wind to blow her off.
And of course dig up the treasure when you hit the bottom.

Now don't go crying on me here *sob*, we have a job to do. With the Fire
Tablet you can now go see the queen of the city. I would have bet money that 
had their been a sequel, Kaguya would be a lock to return. Too bad the company
that made this game is no more. Oh yeah, and before we leave, go into the 
corner where the rabbits are and dig up the Stray Bead and other item; may need
to make it night, and there is another item down the path too. Use the
mermaid spring to go back to the city. 

Himiko's Palace

*NOTE: Yes, I've been calling it a temple for all this time, but two palaces
just doesn't make sense, so whatever.*

Go to the temple, mist past the guards, and go in. Use the lift to get up and
make sure the Fire Tablet is equipped - I can't stress that part enough, and
on an unrelated note, you should also equip your Golden Ink Pot if you didn't
already. "Swim" across the lava to the ground and then run all the way to the
save mirror. Go in when ready.

If you actually believe half of what Issun says, you're an idiot. After the 
first long chat, talk to her again to get the low down about your next job. 
Now we know the Water Dragon is no more than a bridge to Oni Island. Accept
the task to get the Border Key, and then leave. Stop by the merchants in 
town if you need supplies and exit the city. Hang a right and go through the
border gate.

Finding the Dragonian Domain		( FDD1919 )

Northern Ryoshima Coast

You start things off with a visit from Waka. Then move forward to have a 
quick fight with an Earth Nose. Just use mist and pound him to death, then 
use mist as a finisher for fangs. Then go up the path and save your game.

Two Chests - go back toward the border gate and look on both the left and
right side of the road for two chests in the ground; one is by the broken
stairs and the other in the shrubs. 

Clover and cats - jump across from the broken stairs to a tiny strip of land
to find a clover and some cats near a statue.

Umi's Retaurant - go left from the mirror to hit this place by the beach. Out
in front there are some cats on the right, then a chest way over to the left
in the ground, and some foxes in the grass right in front of the place. Then
if you go around the beach there are three clams. Go inside and talk with the
chef in the back room. He asks for fresh fish. Leave as of now.

Merchant - cross the bridge to meet him, and all he offers is a second chance
to buy the Marlin Rod, but you should already have it. There is also a dig
spot near him for a clover. There is also a pack of dogs near the fork in the
road. Make sure you buy like 12 fish.

Water Chests - in the little stream under the bridge there are four chests to
slash for treasures.

Bullies and Urashima - go to the beach on this side of the bridge during the
day to meet find them. Talk with the guy after the kids leave, then tackle him

Beach - there are four clams in the water, a hut to go in, and some pigs 
outside of this hut. 

Raised area - some cows to feed, a Stry Bead to dig up, and then talk to your
old friend Yoichi. Let him shoot an arrow and then press draw to catch it on
screen. Draw a line of water from the golden water up here to the arrow and 
you will make the fruit of the sapling grow big. 

Mermaid Spring - it is by the rock wall. Just go by so you register that you
have been by.

Underground sanctuary - to the right of the raised ground there is a hole to
dig up. Go down there to find a place that is full of rewards. There is a big
herd of bunnies, three clovers, four dead trees, two treasure chests, and then
one Stray Bead. Step on the glowing circle to go back up.

Devil Gate - this is to the right of the raised area as well, along the edge
of the cliff. Go through to fight some Halo Guardians and an Executioner
Guardian. Just cut down the halo guys and beat them up, then slash the heads
of the big guy before beating him up; cherry bomb finishers for both. After
you kill them, go behind the tree to speak with a girl and feed some bunnies.

Guardian Sapling - for once, you don't have to save this one. Just go to the 
isle in front of Catcall Tower and there will be a clover and treasure. There
is a ramp at the back if you can't get up. Oh yeah, and if you helped Yoichi
with the fruit, go cut it down for praise.

Orca - make sure it is night before going to the pier by the hut. Stand at the
end of the pier and turn it to day, which will be morning and bring out Orca.
After he kills Urashima, get on to learn of the Ordeal of Otohime, which is
to find the whirlpool to the Dragon Palace. 

Urashima the fisherman - go back to where you found him and just take note of
the bullies, that's it.

*NOTE: Last chance to stock up on about 10 fish feedbags.*

Catcall Tower Island - ride Orca over to the island where the meowing is 
coming from and get on the ramp. Feed some cats and save at the top before 
going inside. 

Catcall Tower

You first fight with an enemy called Poltergeist. Just make things easy and 
use wind to blow out the flames, then use mist as you beat him to death. He
has two other powers, so counter with your powers if you have to go that far,
but if you end the fight quickly you don't have to worry about them. 

After that, there are three cats in the back and three clovers. Then come to
front for another cat and a chest with a scroll inside. Now go to the paw print
wall and examine it. Now, the way to get up this tower is to jump and then 
press the jump button again to hold on, just like you're about to wall jump,
but you will stay on the wall. It's not like you are attached to the wall,
so keep your jumps in the direction of the tower or you will fall. Just jump,
grab, and jump again all the way up to the top.

Along the way there are many turns in your path and a few levels that you can
jump off to. Level one has a cat, so does level two, level three has a cat and
a chest, level four is solid ground with a chest, level five has a chest, 
level six has no swirling clouds for a surface so you have to just jump to the
platform with the chest, level seven has a chest, and then you'll be able to 
jump into the tower at level eight (you did realize the swirling clouds were
safe to jump on, right?). Visit the mermaid spring and get the coin from the
chest. There is a chest up the steps, then go up the stairs and go out. Go
around the walkway to find what should be your last kitten. Go feed it to shut
it up, then dot the square-shaped constellation.

Kabegami grants you the power of Catwalk. Now you can make your own paw print
paths on the walls. Test it out of the Kabegami statue, and just draw a line
from it directly up. Go up that path and go around the kitty statue to find 
a Sun Fragment on the walkway. And that's it. Go back down the steps to the
Mermaid Spring and use it to go back to the spring on the coast. 

N. Ryoshima Coast

Two points of interest now that you have Catwalk. One is near the spring, just
on the rock wall. Use the statue to go up to go a cave with three chests. Come
back and the other point is near the mirror at the start of the area.

However, let us now do some boating with Orca. Go get on him and head out 
north of Catcall Tower. This island is best viewed at night so you can see
the two chests hidden under the dirt. That's it for this one.

Now go to the next northern isle and unburn the chest. Go up, bomb the center
spot, and go down. This is another sanctuary. Four threes to bloom which should
be the last of this area and yield ten extra praise, and three clovers to
dig up. Go inspect the Divine Spring, but don't toss in any money. I don't
care how much you have, you should save it. Go back up and get on the fish and
now go westward.

*NOTE: On second thought, only if you have a lot of money, spend 120,000 at 
this spring. If not, we will do this later.*

Avoid getting too close to the Water Dragon and just go to the isle. Bloom the 
clover and then go up and notice the rock surrounded by jars. Cut this rock
down to reveal a hole. Jump down to hit yet another sanctuary. Same as the
last one with clovers and trees, and even another Divine Spring. Again, save
your money and go back up.

*NOTE: Again, if you do have like a lot of money, spend 60,000 at this spring.
If not, we will cover this later, so no worries.*

Head further west on Orca to hit two tiny isles. The one to the north just
has a clover on it. The one more to the south has a chest seen easily at night
and cursed hole to dig up. Go down to meet with another Bandit Spider. This is
your third time fighting this kind of enemy, and it should be the easiest. This
should be no more than an extended fight with normal enemies to you. Kill the
spider, grab the Sun Fragment, and go back to Orca. 

Now head to the westernmost island, the biggest one. Make sure it is night
so you can see the two diggable chests; one on the beach and one on the grass.
There is a chest up top by the hard dirt, then dig that dirt for a clover, and
don't miss the other clover up here too. There are also three clam shells
around the dock. On the dock is a fisherman. Talk to him and if you have the
Marlin Rod you will cough it up to him; if not, buy it from the merchant and
come back. Of course help him fish until you get the Marlin, and you can make
it easy by going after small fish for the first two. To catch him, just keep
up with him when he is really fast, but at some point he does calm down and
that is your chance to reel him in, but you have to stay sharp or else he'll
go crazy. Just stay up with him until he gets real close, even dipping into 
your red of the meter, then press the button as soon as it pops up. You have
to do this two more times, but it's not so bad if you just take your time.

After that, ride Orca back to Umi's beach and get off to go in. Meet with 
Umi again and help him cut the Marlin. When it's your time to draw, notice the
pattern on the wall, the three vertical slashes. Draw three parallel lines
to perform a cyclone. Then Kazegami adds Whirlwind to your arsenal. Grab the 
dishes and the scroll from the chest after.

Now, go save at the mirror outside. Then go to where you found the broken 
stairs and jump across the water to hit the Kabegami statue. Catwalk up to the
higher up area. There is one chest up here to dig up, then go down the path to
run into a new enemy, the Blue Cyclops, the toughest enemy in the game so far,
tougher than the bosses even (well, if you don't know what to do). For one,
DO NOT BLOW OUT HIS PIPE! If you do, quickly use the torch fire to relight
it. If the pipe does go out he will turn into a lightning form and go suicide
on your, but except for the him dying part; all you can do is run away. So
now that you are keeping his smoke on, the easiest thing you can do is use
your rosaries as a sub weapon, which is like using them as bullets. No brush
powers work on him, but you can run up and attack him in the air if you like.
But the easiest thing is to just stay away and shoot bead bullets at him.

After that fight, make sure you feed the tigers, then go talk to the Watcher.
If it is night, stand next to him and dot the sky with a single star and it
will shoot by itself. Now with that done with, go down the path and past the 
gate to see the Whirlpool Galaxy. Yes, it sounds like you need to use the 
Whirlpool power, but that is not the case. Just stand on the platform and then
use your Galestorm three times to open the path. 

With the whirlpool in the sea open, make your way back to Orca, and feel free
to save at the mirror. Get on him and ride past the Water Dragon and into the

The Dragon Lair		( DRA2020 )

Dragon Palace

Three clams to smack and then save. Talk with the guards and go inside. Go
around the stairs and bomb the crack to fall down a hole. Of all things, there
is a sanctuary down here, with boars, trees, clovers, chests, and a Stray Bead.

Come back up and go up the stairs. On the left will be a merchant in the room
and one the right will be a chest in the other. Then go use the lift and 
meet with Otohime in the throne room. Talk to her again after the first one,
but you don't need to hear the same story twice. Keep talking about the Dragon
Orb until you get the Shell Amulet. Go back down and now, from the entrance,
go into the room on the right. There is one clam, then go observe the Dance 
Troupe, where there is some good jiggling, and some bad jiggling going on. Dig
in the center and agree to yet another digging game.

This digging game is tricky, but not that hard. For one, you are trying to get
all the way up to her, then bring her all the way back down. You will go up on
the right side of the board and when you get to the top you will bring her
down while skirting very close to the walls of spikes. All I will say is that
you can Cherry Bomb right in the middle of larger groups of blocks and it will
explode on impact taking many blocks with it; which is key for when you are 
going up and can't find a way to proceed and in getting her down quickly. The
rest is just making sure you and her touch the spikes as least many times as
possible (slash her to turn her around). When you do reach the bottom, the dig
spot is in the middle. 

Talk to her again and they whole group will run around the pool. Notice the 
pattern in the pool, the swirl? Draw a swirl going inward and that will get
the spring going. Nuregami grants you the Fountain, a power that can let you
use Mermaid Springs for free, well, if you remember you have this power. There
are three more things to do in this room. For one, there is a clover up high
and a clam down low, both by the smallest pillar. Jump on these pillars to 
get into view of a broken one. Rejuvenate it and go to the very top for a 
Stray Bead. Don't forget the chest the big dancer gave you and then leave.

Now take the door on the left to enter the garden. There are three clam shells
to the right, one up high with a Stray Bead. Go to the center hole to run 
into the Water Dragon's mouth. 

Inside the Dragon

There are six clams to get, two that need to be dug up. Get on the path and 
avoid the first demon scroll. In the next room will be four clams on pedestals
and one to dig up on the "ground" across the gap. But before you move on, 
follow the water to the canyon and go down there to find a key. Bite it and
use the power springs down here to get back up. Fight the scroll and continue
down to a resting area. The little puddle surrounded by green is a heal spring,
then use the power spring to get up to a "cave" with a chest. Come back out,
dig up the clam on the edge, and then save.

Continue down the path and jump up to send the key into the lock. The next room
has the Dragon Orb, but you can't get it out. Just down down the adjacent hall
until you hit the room of red liquid. Use the red liquid on the pedestals to
draw streams from it to the bulging clog up on the ceiling three times. With
the red liquid about, draw a lily pad and then use wind to blow yourself back
to the orb room. Draw streams from the red liquid to the mass around the orb 
three times to free it. 

You get the Dragon Orb, then you fight some foxes, the Tube Foxes. Simply, 
just beat them to death, don't outsmart yourself. They will try to drain you
of ink if there are three of them, so either beat up on one early and kill it
or just attack all that are draining your ink to make them stop. When one is
black and white, just slash him. They also have a bullet attack, which is 
best countered with Mist, or a fleetfoot. Just beat them up and use slash as a
finisher, and when you do have your ink drained, feel free to use Golden Fury
to get Demon Fangs from them while you wait for your powers. 

After that you also have the Fox Rods, a two for one special. Now you have 
three minutes to exit this stomach as red liquid drips down. Just run as fast
as you can and there should be no problems, and stop for nothing, not even to
save, and the arrow does help, even if you can't see it too well. 


On the outside, you run into a King Wada, then Rao. Then go meet with Otohime
and cough up the Dragon Orb. Then you get a strange vision and must now make
your way back to land, but you can't use the mermaid spring here, so just
go out the way you came in. 

Revelation		( REV2121 )

You have to run all the way to Ankoku Temple on paw, not stopping for anything
else. It is at the start of the first Ryoshima Coast, so go there and approach
the temple to the strange visions of Rao. Go around the temple and then go
straight into the wall to reveal a hidden well. Jump in.

Follow the tunnel to the end and guess where you end up? You are at the Queen's
Palace in Sei-an City. Go inside the main door and up the lift. Save before 
you enter the queen's chambers.

BOSS: Evil Rao

She is a tough one, but the key is to be aggressive - I know I say that a lot,
but it's true. Just stay on the offensive and fleetfoot away from her attacks.
She has three attacks: slash, flying swords, and a fire drill into the ground.
The slash is just anticipation or being far away to avoid. You can outrun the
swords. The Fire Drill attack is the main one to look out for. She will jump
into the air and you have like one second to fleetfoot out of the way. Once
you do, run up to her stunned body and start attacking, but you only have 
about two seconds to attack, so attack one and then slash her with your brush.
If you keep it up, at some point she will be dazed for a long time and you can
really lay into her.

But anyway, this is an old-fashioned beatdown, and if you get hit too much you
could easily die, but you could just as easily take very few hits. Just follow
her and attack, attack, and attack some more.


After that and a long scene, run out, save, and then onward back to N. Ryoshima
Coast. Once there, go left and use the Kabegami statue to Catwalk up and run
down to Watcher's Cape. You will meet with Otohime who will provide the means
to cross over into Oni Island.

Breaking the Dark Lord		( ONI2222 )

Oni Island

Fire is now like water, so use the fire puddle in front of you like a power
spring and ride it up. Go forward and pass through the gate to be in the 
realm of darkness. Jump down and then swim to an isle. Now, you can't make 
water lilies, so you need to always double jump then do a dash in the air when
moving in the lava so you don't risk getting torched. Make your way to the 
right, and go one isle at a time to the chest that has a blossom over it. Then
go to the wall and use the spring to go up the walkway. Run down to the door 
to meet with some new friends. 

Red and Blue Ogres are very easy. All you have to do is focus on one at at a
time, use Mist, and then go behind them to get your damage in, that's it. 
Make sure you avoid the attacks of the other, but it should be very easy. It's
best to go for the red one first, then the blue one. After that, go left and
jump down to the isle in front of the rock with the blossom over it, then vine
over the that rock for a chest. Swim back and up, then come to where you fought
the two ogres and look through the open door, not the locked one. Follow the
walls on both sides to find chests in corners. Then come back and go through 
the main gate. 

Go save to the right and visit the merchant who offers two weapons if you
haven't aready bought them, and you should have. Now go left and take the 
first open door on the side where you fight two Poltergeist, which seem to be
weak to Mist, which is also the finisher. Then grab the key and come back to
the lock near the mirror. Follow the path, one chest above the stairs, and 
then go down to the Labyrinth of Torment. 

Labyrinth of Torment

Talk to the slip after reading the sign, and Tobi will challenge you to a race.
The goal is to dash and make it to the end before he does. This first race is
simple, just get a running start, step over the button, and then run through
the gate. 

Now go to the slip in the next area to see the challenge is harder. He goes
pretty slowly over this needle pit, so you just worry about not falling. It's
best to have the camera looking downward as you cross, and just jump across
the middle in a diagonal line from your end to the gate. It shouldn't be too

There is a chest under the stairs, then follow the path to a cat statue and 
use it to get up. Then turn around and jump over the platforms and proceed to
the next race.

This race is somewhat easy. You really can just fall down, use Catwalk to get 
back up, and still beat him to the gate. But do try to use the platforms to 
get over.

The fourth race is somewhat tricky. Just run, jump over the first saw, double
jump the next, then keep jumping and at the two walls that are close to each
other, just double jump over both. If you make it through without getting hit,
you should be able to outrun him in the home stretch.

Some items in the next room, and some jars on the wall; it seems like if you
dash into the jars and wall panels they will yield health. The fifth race is 
hardest yet. You just have to anticipate when the wheels will move and when
they are still. Mist does not help, and it won't for all of these races. If
you are speedy enough, one hit will not doom you, but two hits basically will.
Just time your run through the openings as best you can, and at the end you 
need to double jump up the steps and then again to get through. It may take
a few tries to get past this race.

A chest in the next room. The sixth race is a fight, which is stupid because
even after you kill them you have to wait for the score to go away. Just 
attack the enemies, slash them when they block, then use Fireburst or Whirlwind
to cause a lot of damage, then run to the side of the gate to see if you can
squeeze through before it closes. If you seem to be unable to beat this, the
game does take pity on you in the form of less enemies, so just work in killing
them fast and you will get through.

Jump up to the next area which is a laser grid challenge. I'm not going to 
outline the jumps, or all the chests on the side. I will only tell you that 
you can slash the statues to get them to stop for a moment, and you have to 
double jump over the bamboo spikes on the sides of the area. A button at the
halfway point turns off the first two statues, and don't forget that at any
time you can go to the start and use the healing spring. 

At the end, go through the golden gate and then into the next room to fight the
Blue Cyclops. Remember, just keep his smoke lit and use your rosaries as a sub
weapon to bullet him to death. Just keep him smoking and stay away. Then go

God of Thunder 

Proceed to hit Tobi yet again. The Passage of Needles is a joke; just run 
forward, jump over the saws, and through the gate. Bomb the crack to go out on
the roof. Just go around, Catwalk up, grab the key, jump down, and go back. Use
the key on the lock and go to a trapped area, where if you approach the chest
from the side you will be good. Go out through the door and you'll be outside
again. Go to the statue and get under it so the camera changes to an overhead
view. Draw it a straight arrow, or try, and if you pull it off you will dot 
another constellation. 

Gekigami grants you the power of Thunder Storm. Now you can move any lightning
you see. You must wait for there to be lightning in view, then freeze and draw
it from the bolt to the bolt statues. Open the door and then use it to start 
up the bridge. When crossing this bridge, you need to have a running start. 
There is a clover by the next door.

In here, use the electricity on the ceiling to open the tiny chest. Cherry
Bomb the floor to drop down. Turn around and slash a scroll to see a hidden
area. Go grab the key and notice how the panels light up with you near. Go
back and then use the stairs of panels to get up to the door; the blossoms are
just tricks to make you think you are stuck. Use the electricity from the key
to power the door and go through.

You fight an enemy, but even when he blocks, just use Thunder Storm to kill him
very fast. The next challenge is a tricky one, so listen close. Take the path
on the right. You will run into a chest and then keep going. When you hit a 
spot with two doors, the one on the left has a chest, and to the right is a
dead end; there is really no maze about all this.

Go back to the start and go up the middle path. You get to a spot where there
are is a crack in the wall to the left. Don't go there, instead go up and to
the right for chests, then in the upper right corner there is a wall with a 
crack in the top. Jump through and then go through the crack on the wall to
the left. There is a chest here and then the cherry-bombable crack in through
the door straight ahead. You can leave through it if you want, but there are
more chests in the maze, which really has only a few paths. You can swing 
around to the left to find more chests, then come back. If you want to, you
can go all the way to the start, or the first crack in the wall, and either 
way you will be on the left path, which it too crosses into this middle path.
So you cannot get lost, only a bit sick, and there are only treasures, so 
feel free to skip them and go through.

Once you do get out, you'll be in the room where you got the first key. Go to
out and turn right to open a door for a treasure. Then return to the main area
and save your game. Then go to the light bulb and insert the key. Use the 
electricity to open the two chests, then go all the way to the other end for 
two normal chests. Look up and send a bolt onto the sword to open the path. 
Go down the steps and then you'll be around more eye lantern things, and once
the gate closes, turn around to slash one, then slash the other four in front
of you. If you close all five, you are free to go.

2-D all the way for this part. Go left and bolt the sword, then jump up and
go right and up. When you see another light bulb key slot, keep going left 
until you hit a Kabegami statue. Draw a paw line up the green gear, get on
and go up to the top when it is safe, then wait for the top gear to get flat,
and then double jump up to the top gear. Jump up the next three and then go up
to what seems like a locked path. Just use the candle fire to burn the wooden
block and then grab the key. 

Next are two quests for tiny treasures that you don't really need. First, jump
up to the left to get into a secret corridor. From there, jump right and up
to a vertical shaft. Double jump up and use the two blossoms to get to the 
top. Go right up here, jump over the trap doors, and open the chest. Then fall
down the trap doors to get back to the key room. Now jump back up the left and
follow the corridor, but dash over the first trap door you see. There will be
another door down the way, but it has spikes over it. Dash over this door to
avoid dropping into the pit, open the chest, then dash back over. Fall down
the trap door here to go back down to the bottom. 

Go left, either past the spikey gear or under and around it, and insert the
key into the lock. Jump up the series of tiny platforms until you hit the 
shaft with the moving gears, but jump over the bamboo spikes before you get
there. Jump through the openings in each one, jump against the direction
they turn, and then out the doorway. 

Level Four and Up

Save and then go left. Jump up to grab the lightning key, then use it on
the chest in the crevice nearby. Go up the stairs and follow the path of
panels. Go up and after you double jump to get up high, turn around to jump
over for a chest. Jump back and then use mist to get past the spider. At the 
top where there are panels preventing you from falling, drop the key to fall
down. You can let the key fade away as you don't need that one. Grab the 
normal key and then slash the scroll on the wall, then cherry bomb the crack,
and then go out to open the lock. 

Go through and up to meet with Tobi again, but if you look at the path you 
will see you cannot get through. So go back down the steps, use the blossom
to get across the gap, and return to pick up that thunder key. FYI, you can 
use it to take out the laser statues, for a time. Take it up to Tobi, but 
turn around and use this key to get a chest over the stairs. Before you do
race him, go up the path to not only see out the course, but also to get a 
chest over the first stairs. What you will do in the race is mist the spider,
jump over one set of bamboo spikes, and then another to clear it. 

Lots of pots and jars after the golden gate, then in the next room you fight
the ogres again. The same rules apply: mist, attack, mist, attack, but this 
time you can use your lightning as a flora finisher for Demon Fangs. Avoid
the spikes as you jump through the next doors, then look up to the cat statue.
Draw line from it to between the spikes and downward. Follow this path, very
carefully, to get to the top. From here you will notice a chest across the 
way. Turn around first and draw a line across the wall and jump over to that
one; don't double jump or you will fall, just jump and grab. Come back to 
this spot where the statue is and look over to the next chest. You can 
outsmart yourself and think of some way to get around the spider, but the best
thing you can do is draw a line from the statue to over the doorway. Then 
climb up that line and just jump to the chest, completely avoiding the spider.

Now, use mist to get through the doorway. Fight in the next room and then
go around the walkway outside and meet another Blockhead. Tackle him to get
the weak spots, and the key here is to just poke those spots as fast as you
can. If you think about it for too long, you will probably get it wrong. So 
just see the pattern and take a quick stab at it, literally. You will
probably lose a few times, but it does get easier as the dots will be in 
square patterns, so don't worry too much. After you beat him, another chat
with Tobi and before you step on the button, cherry bomb the crack in the
wall to reveal a blossom down the way. Step on the button and use the blossom
to zip across. 

Poor Tobi. Oh well, go to the midway point of the bridge and double jump up
to find a chest. Jump down and go out to the next area. Save and then go up
the steps to the summit. And no, the constellation is not a new power.

BOSS: Ninetails

Just run around and avoid his dash attack. Keep running until he pulls out 
his sword, then wait for lightning in the clouds and shock him. Then you must
fight the individual spirits of his tails, which means you will just pound a
away at them. You can use mist and cherry bombs to help take them out, but 
it's really just a case of inflicting as much damage to them as possible 
before they go away. You may notice he pulls out a brush when you do, so work
quickly before he can use his powers.

Once he regains himself, he will have attacks that have to do with the sword,
so just run around until he whips it out again and holds it up high. Shock
him and start killling more spirits with reckless abandon. 

After all the spirits are gone, which can take just two tries, he will be
left as a mad fox. He will be fast and more aggressive, so keep your finger
on the fleetfoot button. After he charges, run up and try to get some hits on
him, but really you can hit him at any time, even with rosary beads from afar.
After two charges he will be exhausted, so run up and do your combos and even
use a slash. Don't forget to shock him when he holds his sword up in the air, 
just to stop his attack. And it should be too long before he is dead. Don't
be afraid to use any items to help you get by, but you shouldn't need any.


You gain the Blade of Kusanagi, and after some story bits you run into Waka.

Going North		( NOR2323 )

Sei-an City

Go here first for a few things: 

Gen's Tower - go to the palace area and go left. Get far back from the tower
and use the statue to make a line up to the next ledge. From there, make a 
line to the top and go inside. Meet with Gen and you learn he is missing one
piece to his whatever. That's it.

Raiden - make it night and go see the ghost again. Draw a line from him to
anyone and then talk to him again. He mentions helping people out...

*NOTE: Make it day and then turn it night again, or as you are chasing Hayazo
draw a moon in the sky to keep it night so you don't run out of time if he
has two electric forms.*

Hayazo Round 4 - at night, go to the lower right corner and slash one of the 
rocks by the soldier. Now if you realize Raiden is your only source of 
electricity, chase the thief around the city, taking him out in the right 
order, and then you'll just have to wait for the mimics to get close to Raiden
before you can take them out. It can be quite exhausting, but you gotta do it.
If you can't remember the order, just write it down. After you get all five,
grab the mask and Hayazo is no more.

Abe - go up the the Tao Headquarters and return the mask to its owner. Not
only do you get his 50 praise, you also get a Stray Bead. Also, you learn 
something pretty weird about Waka. If you think about what he said, what Gen
said, and that Kaguya was spacey, there seems to be something fishy at work

Ryoshima Coast

Hayate - now is time for race 2. You can cut him off at the bend in the beach,
or when he turns at the ramp, just make sure you don't let him get too far
ahead or you lose him. Smack him and you got two wins.

Cat Statue - this one is by the entrance to this area, in the pool of water.
Use it to get a treasure, don't miss the clover on the grass, and then use a 
power spring to get back up.

Taka Pass

Bingo - the same guy by the exit to the City Checkpoint, go to him and if 
you haven't blown away the leaves, do so and agree to help him out. Now, you 
are trying to get him to the lower right corner of the map, so basically the
rule of thumb is to keep him up for as long as you can and when you have no 
choice but to go down, do so one block at a time. Never touch the ground 
unless that is your only way to take him, and if he gets stuck, start over.
And don't forget you do have the move list to look at at any time. For helping
you get a Sun Fragment, which should be your third one if you've been following

Sanctuary - near Bingo is a hole to dig up and drop down into. The same 
setup of trees, clovers, chests, and a pack of animals, monkeys in this case.
And of course one of the chests is a Stray Bead.

Kabegami Statue - go toward Kusa Village's ramp path, and this statue will be
at the foot of the path on the left. Use it to draw a short line up to a 
ledge for a clover.

Two chests - on the way to the forest, there are two chests on the right side
of the path. One is under some leaves and one is in the ground.

Agata Forest

Have not been here in a long time.

Leaf pile - right as you enter, it will be by the river. 

Hard ground - go toward Tsuta Ruins and dig up the chest in the hard spot of 
ground outside.

Kabegami - go up the rock wall where you should have opened the hole a long 
time ago. Go in and use the statue to climb up for a clover.

Bee hive - this appears among the trees on the isles by the waterfall, and 
you find this on a tree branch near a blossom; it is near where you found
the nut for Sleepy. Look up and cut this down, then either push it onto land
or swim it to the beach. And from there it is just like the other two orbs for
the bear. Roll it up the hill and let him have it. However, this is the hardest
one to get up there, and I don't expect you to have the patience for this 

Hard ground 2 - go up the spring and dig for a clover by the tree roots. 

Leaf pile 2 - also up by the spring, this is by the tunnel to Shinshu.

Hard ground 3 - this one is actually in Shinshu Field, however, it is only
accessed through Agata Forest. Take the tunnel by the spring and dig up the 
clover, then some back to the forest.

3 Burning Chests - these are by Madame Fawn's home, and one has a Stray Bead
in it. There is also a power spring near her house that takes you up to a 
lowly treasure.

Leaf pile 3 - on your way up the path to Sleepy, in a side area of grass.

Shinshu Field

Hard ground - near the Guardian Sapling.

Indigo Neck - go to the potter to get your second vase. Now take this one over
to the statues that are on the ramp by the dojo, the winding trail that is.
There are other statues, so don't worry where you place it.

Ida Round 3 - now he has a Gimmick Gear up for grabs, which is what Gen needs
at the city. Again, just cut him off before he hits the bridge and you will win
this chase. 

Kabegami Statue - use this get up the raised area of Shinshu Field.

Devil Gate - go to the left to hit this, then feed the bunnies.

Chest - there is one way to the left by the rock wall.

Clover - also in the area, more toward the cliff.

Devil Gate 2 - go up the trail and clean this one up, and again with the 

Clover 2 - just go left from the gate to find this at the tip of a cliff. 

Chest 2 - to the right of the clover, in the grass.

Chest 3 - by the thunder dome thing, right out in front.

*NOTE: Last chance to take the gear to Gen in the city, but I will wait for
that. You don't have to, but I will.*

Thunder Dome - not sure what it is called, but stand back from it, let a 
lightning bolt fly, and then draw a line from it to the rod at the top of the
dome. After you turn it, go in, follow the tunnel, and then you emerge in
the lands to the north.

Frosty Reception		( FRO2424 )

You are actually pretty close to the end by now, but in reality, you are not
that close at all. It's tricky, but for how close you are to the end at this
very moment, there is still a LOT of game to go. Think of it this way, if 
this game were divided into chapters, you got the Orochi part, the Sei-an
City part (which could be two in one), and then this final chapter. The last
chapter is the shortest, but that doesn't mean much at all. Anyway, back to
the game.


*NOTE: Make sure you have your new sword equipped.*

Save and go up the path to fight some Namehage, which are just like Red Imps.
After that, go into the hut to meet with some stranger. Follow him outside for
a two for one fight with the stranger.


Part 1 - There is only one thing to look out for and that is when he shoots 
ice spikes at you. Just slash one or two back at him to stun him, then run
up and beat him up, and do a slash when you see he is black and white (you
can try to cherry bomb). That's pretty much it, and staying on the attack and
avoiding his rare other attacks is the same.

Part 2 - Now think of him as a form of Blight, where slowing time to beat him
up is the key. Use mist when you see him on the ground getting ready to charge
attack and then go pummel him. You can only avoid his multi-hit combo and his
spinning dive from the air. At some point he will make mimics of himself, but
if you focus on them they just pop right back up, so ignore them unless they
are next to Oki when you are attacking. Mist is the key to this battle, and 
don't forget to slash him when he is stunned and beat him up.


Talk with him again and then go through the open tunnel. Go right and talk with
your old pal Yoichi. Let him shoot an arrow, then freeze as a lightning bolt
is in sight, and that will reveal the Guardian Sapling. After he leaves, bloom
the sapling.

Yoichi's Hut - rigth behind you after you bloom the sapling. There are sheep
on one side and a chest of ice to burn on the other (use the torches).

Dojo - this is up the trail from the hut, and there are some foxes to feed 
along the way, and a chest to melt. Inside, get Hardhead from him first. Then
pick up Counter Dodge, Holy Falcon, and 4 Shears, with Sword Dance as an 
optional. CD and HF just make those moves cause damage, in case you were 

*NOTE: If you do have a ton of money, and I mean 400,000+ AFTER you buy the 
four above techniques, consider getting all the other techs just for the heck
of it, but don't if you don't use the old weapons.*

Cranes - these are birds, to the left of Kokari, there is also a chest in the
middle of them.

Kokari - he is just another source of fish, and there is no reason to help him
other than to catch more fish, which you can do later.

Igloo Turtle - going down the path to the north, you run into one of these
guys. Just beat him up until he falls over, then use his own flame tail to melt
his dome off, then beat up the statue thing inside. When he spins in the air,
just run and avoid the ice.

Clover - use the blossom by the sapling to get up to a ledge with a clover.
You may also cherry bomb a rock, but then you will need a double cherry bomb 
for the next crack; we will cover this later, though, you could do it now.

Bear - by the sapling, along the rock wall.

Frozen pond - there are more bears, a clover on the isle, and a dig spot on
the isle. 

Blockhead Grande - go down the hole from the frozen pond and you ge the normal
sanctuary setup, but this one has a blockhead in here. Go up to him and as you
know, the last one was 5 and was tough, so this one should be 6, right? Wrong,
this one is 8! The only way I did this was with a camera that had a bit of
record and playback, but maybe you have a phone or a camcorder to do the same.
You must hit the dots in not only the right spot, but also in the right order,
that's why I don't know how anyone can do this without help. If anything, get
as many people around you to help if you can't record. Pen and paper don't 
really work unless you can make quick numbers, but you can try. For outsmarting
him you get a Stray Bead, Gold Dust, and a Silver Pocket Watch (a treasure, not
a key item).

Devil Gate - north of the pond, go through it to fight Namehage and a Bucket
Namehage (red imps and a yellow imp basically). You will reveal a mermaid 
spring and by the rock wall nearby is a chest in the ground, and by the trail
there is a Stray Bead on a tiny raised area of ground.

Merchant - on the side of the frozen pond, along the trail. He has nothing new
for sale.

Wali's hut - over by the mermaid spring, and out in front are some sheep. Keep
him talking until you get his list, Wali's Record of Penance. It's just another
wanted list where you hunt them down at night and kill them. No big deal.

Devil Gate 2 - further up the path is this one, which just has an igloo 
different from the last one.

Cave - to the left of the gate is a tunnel. Follow it and use fire on the ice
chest on the left. There is a clover on one ledge and a chest on a platform. 
If you jump to another small tunnel on the right, you get a bear and another
ice chest to melt for a Stray Bead. Then from the middle room jump across, melt
the ice, and then go feed the bear at the end; we will be back for the rock.

Bunnies - come back out and go to the bridge. Under it is some bunnies to 

Bears - go right up the path from the bridge, not across the bridge, to feed
some bears. Then turn around as there is nothing else to do.

Ice fall - this is parallel to the sloping path. The first "step" on the frozen
fall has cranes and a chest. Then up to the next level, which you get to by
going up the path then jumping over, there will be a Stray Bead in a chest, a
clover on a ledge, and then a crack on the nearby wall. Bomb the crack and go
through to dig up another spider lair. Again, this is your fourth spider 
monster, so it should be easy. You should be able to end the fight in two 
hookings. You will get a Sun Fragment.

Then go up the trail you will run into the village.


Gotta save first. 

Clover - in the center of town, can't miss it.

Cranes - up the steps on the right, there is a Stray Bead in the ground, and 
there is another clover on the isle.

Bunnies - across the ice from the save mirror, they will be by the rock wall
and a house, and there is a chest to dig up too.

Chest - at the foot of the waterfall, go to the left of it and dig this up
from in front of a house.

Sheep - go up the steps and then take a left to go up more steps and feed some 
sheep, also dig up a chest nearby for a Stray Bead.

Sheep 2 - go across the bridge behind the house of the first sheep herd and 
you'll find more sheep and a clover.

Sun Fragment - drop under the bridge to find this one the ice.

Bear - go to the fork in the steps and take the path to the right. When in the
next area, hug the wall on the right to hit a crevice with a bear and a chest
with a Stray Bead.

Sheep 3 - still in this area, the sheep are in the middle with a clover nearby.

Bear 2 - go up the stairs, cross over the rock bridges, and at the top go left
to find these guys and a chest in the ground. 

Now that we did all of that, go up the guy at the door, Shamickle. Talk with 
him more if you like, but then make your way back out of the village. At the
exit you meet Kai, and after she takes you home, keep talking until you hear
a howl. Leave and go up the path to the chief's hut. Visit with Kemu when he
tries to tan your hide, just tackle him. After a long chat, go out and then
up the opened path.

Laochi Lake

Go up and through the doorway. Get on the altar to look at the view, then get
the scroll in the chest. There are raccoons and a bear up the trail, then a 
save mirror by the house. Before you go in, look over the cliff to the right
to see a blossom. Get on it, and then look over to see a spot of dry ground.
You will need to double jump in that direction or you may fall to the lake; 
but there are more blossoms on the right side to get back up. Dig up the two
clovers and the Stray Bead. Then look up and go up to that blossom for a Sun
Fragment, hopefully a third one. Now go up the path for another Stray Bead and
a clover. Come back down to the area with the two clovers, jump over the edge
on the left, and you will be with some sheep and another clover. 

Now get on the lake, and go to the right side of it (from the entrance) and 
find the small ledges with some blossoms. Get up the first one to run into a 
burning chest and an ice chest, and use the fire to melt the ice before blowing
the fire out (you get a Stray Bead and treasure). Then look up to see more 
blossoms. Take them to the next ledge with monkeys and a clover. 

Go back up the path to the gate, but this time use your map to see a white spot
of ground at the curve in the trail. If you jump over the side you will find 
a pack of monkeys and some rocks you may or may not be able to cut, but we
will cover these real soon. 

Once more, back up the path, save, and then go into the house to talk with 
Tuskle. Keep talking until you get Sewaprolo. Now you are free to enter 
Yoshpet, however, we have some business to take care of first.

Loose Ends		( END2525 )

Yep, I will dedicate a whole chapter of my guide to just finishing up the many
side quests in the game, though, wealthy players probably could have already
done many of these. First, let's do a side quest in Wep'keer.

*NOTE: I'll only say this once, but other than the powers and maybe resolving
some side quests, the rocks are all just plays for more praise. If you have
all the ink pots and health you can get, and you don't care for or use 
astral pouches, there is not much reason to starting caring about them now.*


Snowball Playground - first, there are a bunch of chests in ice around the 
area to melt, and there is a Stray Bead in the very back to dig up. Now, as 
for the snowball king title, just roll the ball around the area, just going
around and then into the big clumps in the center. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET ALL
OF THE CLUMPS, just get the ball really big; I think it's about half of the 
snow clumps in the area. Then roll it back to the boy and see if it's enough;
if not, roll it around the center area some more and come back. He gives you
50 praise once you do.

Kai - she talks to you on the way out, but you will get to her later.

In Kamui, feel free to visit the merchant, and then draw a whirlpool in the
mermaid spring and go back to N. Ryoshima Coast

N. Ryoshima Coast

*NOTE: Make sure you have 180,000 yen before setting off, it's kinda important
that you do. You should be WAY, WAAAAYYY over that by now.*

Get on Orca and go to the second island to the north of Catcall Tower. Go to
the spring and toss in 120,000 yen total to get Cherry Bomb 2. This will let
you make two cherry bombs at one time (draw them at different times though).

Now go to the island and toss in 60,000 yen (get it, both have been three 
offerings of the highest amount). Now you have Power Slash 2, which can cut
down harder rocks and is stronger in battle. 

There are two iron rocks in this area. One right as you jump out of the pit
from the spring, and the other is by Umi's restaurant.

Next, go to the Dragon Palace again.

Dragon Palace

Go to the garden where you entered the dragon's mouth, and there you will
find some cursed grass to bloom, so do that and then go grab the Treasure Box
from the chest. Return to the NR Coast and give this to Urashima at his hut 
on the beach. You get praise and a Stray Bead.

Ryoshima Coast

Hayate Round 3 - go up to him for one last challenge. Again, just cut him off
at the bend in the beach, or at the turn by the ramp, really easy. You get his
praise and a Stray Bead.

Inaba - I'm reminding you because you may have missed him. He is in the pack of
bunnies by the Sei-an City gate, he is black and white, and when you take him
to the Animal Lover you get a Stray Bead. Again, just a reminder.

Iron rocks - off the side of the cliff from the moon turret, on the beach. 
Then one on your way to the Guardian Sapling (kudos if you remembered it from
long ago). 

Sei-an City

Gen - go to the palace area and climb the tower again with Catwalk; of course,
beating Ida in Shinshu Field is a prerequisite. After you cough up the Gimmick
Gear, talk to him again and you will be looking over his device. Draw a line 
connecting the light bulbs to make a lightning bolt going down. You will get 
the power of Thunderbolt. Then you get praise, a scroll, and use the new power
on the chest nearby for a Stray Bead. Hint, use clear cut lines when drawing
a thunderbolt, and fastly helps too.

Deluge - go to the back of Himiko's Palace, talk to the handmaiden, and then
make sure it is daytime. Use the little pool of water send streams into the 
four rocks. The power of Deluge is just the same as Mist, but vertical instead,
which means to slashes going down (an 11). 

Emperor - provided you have 100 Demon Fangs, go to this guy (who is a bit too
unconcerned with the death of his Queen) and buy the Water Tablet, which 
allows you to walk on water, just like G-Whiz! If you don't have 100, but are
really close, just go to the coast and pee on a few enemies, or do the right
flora finishers, or the most boring thing ever, go through load screen after
load screen (but yeah, you can get four just by leaving the Emperor's palace
and going to the coast if you are fast enough).

*NOTE: Don't forget about Masu's wanted list, all monsters are found on the
first Ryoshima Coast, all are weak to mist, and you find one every third 
fight you pick. If you have Golden Fury, just using it once will get you about
15 easy, not to mention any finishers you pull off.*

*NOTE: If you do get the Water Tablet, don't forget to equip it.*

Camellia and Camille - pop a tree and then use your new Deluge power to get
them to believe. 

Taka Pass

Iron rock - on the upper area where the tunnel exits. 

Tea Customer - just a reminder, if you have the Pinwheel, give it to the Tea
Customer, but you may have already.

That's it.

Agata Forest

Iron rock - one right as you exit Taka Pass.

Shinshu Field

Rust Neck and Auburn Neck - you do the second a day after the first. Go to the
Nameless Man and take the first vase to in front of the Nameless Man's house.
Take the second one to the left of the ramp to get to the Moon Cave gate.


Iron rock - one is on approach to the Guardian Sapling, the other is just
before going to Yoshpet. Do not go up that trail, just slash the second iron
rock and then come back.

Cherry Bomb 3 - at the divine spring by the guardian sapling. Use cherry bomb
2 to open the hole, then dive down for a sanctuary, and offer 300,000 yen at
the spring.

Amaterasu statue thing - this is on some snow by the mermaid spring, just slash
at the greyish mound of snow and there you are! Not sure what the purpose of
this thing is, but there it is.

Laochi Lake

*NOTE: Make sure you have 360,000 yen first.*

Rocky area - if you have checked your map, and if you have the Fog Pot from
the Emperor (80 fangs) then you can teleport up to the rocky area on the lake
for a Stray Bead. Probably can't do this now, but some day.

Yep, back to where we started this. Go up the path toward Tuskle's house and at
the sharp curve jump over the side to land on a surface. There is an iron rock
up here, so slash it and drop down. You get a sanctuary and another divine 
spring. Offer 360,000 at the spring to get Power Slash 3. 

Jump out and test it on the diamond rock right there. Great, now you have to go
back to all the other lands for these diamond rocks! Here is just a quick list
so as to not take up too much space:

Kamui - at the end of the tunnel in the wall.

Agata Forest - by Madame Fawn's house.

Ryoshima Coast - by gate to North Coast.

N. Ryoshima - the isle north of Catcall Tower.

*NOTE: At this point, all you should be getting praise for are extra astral
pouches, and if you don't need 'em, just move right along with the main story.*

The Little Village		( TLV2626 )


First, go to Kamui and then go up the path to meet with Kai. You will run
into a Bull Charger on the way, which is just an ogre; attack from the back 
and use mist to beat him to death. Enter the path to Yoshpet Forest.


After a brief chat with Waka, go save at the mirror and then see Kai. For this
path, Kai is a much better guide than me, so keep up with her. All I can say
is this first section has nothing important but some treasures that you don't
have to grab. There are two chests and two extra times in your path, so feel
free to get those. Yes, you may bloom all the cursed trees if you want, but
there is no reason to other than personal joy (which is 3 praise apiece - not
worth it). As for the cursed walls, just know there are three heights: small
jump, medium double jump, and full double jump.

For the second section, just watch out for the falling ice, as it does tend
to get in your path. Those are annoying, and so is the ice platforms at the
midway point. After those you will meet with the cursed trees again, but keep
looking to the right side of the path for a chest and a Stray Bead you MUST
get now. 

The third section tosses rolling snowballs down a mountain into the mix. Then
you get a field of ice and trees, which is only hard if you go for the chest,
and you shouldn't. The rest is pretty much following her and not getting frozen
so much. At the end, before you go left at the sign, go right to dig up a chest
that has a Stray Bead in it. Then go out. 

In the meadow, feed some deer, boar, bunnies, and bloom two trees. Then go to
the tree stump and use the Lucky Mallet to visit Issun's home.


Save first, then get on the bridge and look right to blossom over to a chest.
Two more blossoms get you to the east side of this map. Talk to the girl if
you wish and then follow the path southeast for a clover and a chest. Come back
and at the tree-building thing, go up the "stairs" to the top. Look to the 
center of the area for a clover on the mushroom and double jump over there; 
you could have talked to the woman at the top room, but no need unless you want
to. But do go into the bottom room on the east side of the "village" to speak
with Miya about Lika. 

*NOTE: Yeah, it is best to talk to all the people you can, so do talk to 
the woman at the top of the eastern stalk.*

On the north side of town, talk to the guards in front of the bottom door 
twice, but don't go in. Go around the side and blossom to a pedal where you get
a chest, then blossom back to where the guards are. Now go back around and this
time use the power spring to get up a level and visit Issun's house. Just slash
the two front scroll paintings to see what naughty thing Issun was drawing 
before he left. Then come out and go to the side to blossom over to a tiny 
house suspended in air. Go in to visit Mrs. Seal. Other than idle chat, chat
being the operative word, you can buy a seal, but it does nothing but show up
at the end of the game, so don't buy unless you are loaded. 

Come out and go to the right. Look for a blossom over a big pedal, and vine
over there for a Stray Bead. Now go west until you hit a waterfall. Go down 
the petals and vine back over to the main portion of the area; there are chests
along the way. Go up to Kunu and then go north for a chest amid some magically
big/small eggplants. Then come back and go inside the western, bottom room. 
Gengo is just a merchant, and he has a sword up for sale, the Eighth Wonder 
for 200,000 yen, so grab it if you can. 

Now come back to the save mirror, right to it, and look up to see a blossom.
Vine up there and grab a Stray Bead. Vine over to then north, go right for a
chest, then climb the leaves on the left to reach Mono's house. 

That's it for the side stuff, now go north and go meet Ishaku. He will ask you
to talk to everyone in the village, and if you already did that he will just
go on to talk about his grandson Issun, or the lack thereof. Leave his home,
save, and leave the stump. After you talk with Miya, go up to Inner Yoshpet.

Inner Yoshpet

Go forward and agree to go through this leg of the forest with Issun. Yes, 
it is another game of get through the forest. You will go through the same
trails, except you may notice one wall will be moving a bit. After the snowball
hill, at the top will be a chest in the path with a Stray Bead in it, so don't
miss it. Watch out for the moving walls, and after the last one watch out for
the scroll; you can fight the Namehage or break the crack in the arena to get
out, your choice.

The second area is heck with the moving walls, but nothing too bad here. At the
end, you may just have to fight the scroll because after you do, go left to a 
dead end for a Stray Bead, then come back and take the right path for a the 

The final leg of this game has you doing everything at the same time, and even
throws in a Catwalk wall for the heck of it. Just dodge the snowballs and the 
falling ice at the first hill. Then when you hit the enemy scroll, just crack
open a weak spot in the side to get out, grab the time, and then start using 
the catwall on the right; remember, just jump, press jump again to grab, and 
repeat. At the halfway point you get a chest with a Stray Bead. The rest is
just more of the same, with a scroll at the end that you should try to avoid,
then take the path on the left to exit. 

At the Spirit Gate, save and then approach it. And of course someone has to 
pop up behind you, as if he didn't just do the forest game like you did. 

Leap of Time		( LOT2727 )

Kamiki Village

Go meet Shakuya, then go out the gate and then around the gate to come back
and see some new people around the sapling. Now go up the Sacred Deck where you
can bloom the dead trees up here. Talk with Mr. Orange and then go down the 
path as you bloom the trees; there is even a clover on the island to the
right. Talk with Mushi's Mama, but then run away. Go see Kushi, and she will
run away. Go see Mushi, but if you were paying attention, take note of the dog
at his side; feed it too, the poor thing. Don't miss the chest to dig up the
the Oranges' house. 

Don't miss the cherry blossom by the waterfall, then get the ones along the
stream. Talk with Mrs. Orange and then jump up to the ledge behind her for a
clover. The islands to the east have a clover and a treasure, then go see 
Susano before saving at the mirror. Then go up the path to see a scared 
merchant, but a scared merchant with three divine instruments for sale. You got
the fourth of each kind of weapon: the Eighth Wonder, Resurrection Beads, and
Trinity Mirror. Again, get only what you have the best skill set for, and even
then you may have to sell some of your tools, the ones you don't need or have
too many of. Just make sure you do all you can to get the best one for you.

*NOTE: It might be a good idea to buy the reflector for sale here as well. I 
could not find it or the sword for sale anywhere else, but the rosary is at 
Wep'keer when you get back home.*

*NOTE: There is a good chunk of change to be made in the upcoming fight, so
feel free to wait if you are close to buying Eighth Wonder.*

*NOTE: Don't forget the chests in the water.*

Now go back to Susano and talk with him twice more, then knock him on the head
to wake him up. Oops, it's not Susano, and this is not just Kamiki Village 
from a few years ago, we are 100 years in the past.

BOSS: Nagi

Just an old school beat-him-up. Just avoid his flying swords, or slash them, 
and when he is charging up, fleetfoot to avoid his lunge. The rest is just 
beating him up and when he is stunned doing a power slash. Feel free to use
mist or even deluge. It's not hard at all.


Ah, deja vu huh? I didn't think this game had a science fiction twist in it
either. Anyway, get your peeping Tom on and sneak up on Nami to steal her robe
away. Just walk slowly, bite the robe and sake, and then walk back. You are
safe when Issun talks, then run back to Nagi. Then run up the path, save if
you like, feel free to stop by the merchant, and then it's off to Shinshu

*NOTE: It might be a good idea to buy the reflector for sale here as well. I 
could not find it or the sword for sale anywhere else, but the rosary is at 
Wep'keer when you get back home.*

Shunshu Field

Bloom the trees if you care, then go up to fight with the new Clay enemies,
which are just imps in new clothing. There is a chest to the right after the
fight, then one through the gate the once led to the sapling, and another 
chest up around where the dojo was, or will be I guess. There are tons of 
clovers on the sides of the areas, and three in three iron rocks on your way
to the Moon Cave. When you get to the ramp leading down, there is a clover 
down on the left side and then a chest and some trees on the right side. Once
you realize you have too much praise, go forward and into the Moon Cave of

Moon Cave

Save on your way up the trail, then go up to run into two Dogu. They are no
problem if you have no worries about your health, just run in and attack,
attack, and attack some more. If you want to feel a bit smarter, use mist to 
slow them down and when they zap away that is a clue they will attack from
behind. Just focus on one and then go after the other. Power slash is their
finisher. Then up and into the cave. 

Thank goodness the stairs are up, so just walk on up to the big guy this time.

BOSS: True Orochi

Good to see some signs of what your real goal is. Anyway, the fight is the same
as before, but since that was so long ago, I'll revisit it with some good old
copy and pasting.

Anyway, after the scene, the 8 Purification Sake will be all over the field.
Now you visit three heads and draw a line of sake into them twice. Once they
whole beast is paralyzed, run up the main head's neck and go do combos on bell.
Once the bell has its barrier up, jump off and repeat making each head drink.
You will need to do two, and then one, or however many it takes to break the
bell. Something new to the second round is that you can almost kill the bell
in one go, so you should only take two tries at the most to take out the bell.
Also try using Mist while on the bell.

Here are how to handle each head:

Main - just run back and forth, jumping or running in circles, to avoid the 

Darkness - it will just spit out two buds that release enemies, but so long as
you bloom both buds before they open, they will just release items. 

Wind - run in a circle around the pool to avoid the tornado, or use a Galestorm
to counter it.

Water - he is the toughest. He will drown the field in water and then spit out
water snakes. If you are quick enough, just draw a lily of your own, or use 
the ones he makes, and just smack the head before the snakes come out to make 
him roar. One hit kills the snakes.

Lightning - it will send a barrage of bolts onto the ground and they will
stay there for a second or two, so just run away. Then go hit it when it is
looking for you.

Fire - almost like the main head, except this one's fire goes in straight lines
and they can leave big fireballs on the ground. Avoid them and then make it 

Poison - just run away from the smog and then come back when the head roars, or
just use wind to blow the smog away.

Rock - just let him pound the ground, jump to avoid the shockwave, and then go
up and hit him. 

*NOTE: Again, doesn't matter which heads you choose, so avoid water and 
lightning. But FYI, if you got the Water Tablet, the water head is a joke.*

After you destroy the bell, each head will add a swipe attack, which is easy
to avoid if you jump. Now you must make each head drink the sake again, and
then you can attack the head to kill it. It is easiest to avoid the attack
from the head, then make it drink, but if you miss that you'll have to endure
the head's element attack. Just make it drink and then beat up the head for
what should be an easy kill, but you better at least use one Mist to ensure you
kill each head in one go. Avoid the flames between the heads and this should
be a fairly easy boss.

Of course, gotta draw the moon on cue, then help him slash off the other seven
heads - just like last time yeah.


You get Thunder Edge, and so soon after just getting a new sword. And after 
a cool scene, just run out the way you came.

Day of Darkness		( DOD2828 )

Just in case you were wondering, you are now in the home stretch. The game is
almost over. Though, this is a long almost.

Save and then run out. Now make your way back to Wep'keer, sans the forest 
mini game. Once there, run to Laochi Lake. But first, make sure you stop by
the merchant in Wep'keer as he will have Gold Dusts and a weapon for sale.
Now go to the lake.

*NOTE: Again, make sure Thunder Edge is the main weapon, and use a Gold Dust
on it.*

Laochi Lake

Take her up to the altar, save if you like, and then up the trail. Talk with
the people and then go through the gate.

Wawku Shrine

Go down the ice path as the cannons fire on you, but use Mist to slow time and
see the cannonballs so you can slash them and take out each cannon. Do this 
and there is a Stray Bead and a treasure in it for ya. Go through the door and
then go right, across the crumbling ice bridge. Avoid the scroll and use fire
to melt the ice over the door. Go through and then slash the icicles in the

In the next room you have a balance puzzle. The trick is to not outthink 
yourself. Just grab both tiny trees and place them on the right side. Then 
bloom them and that should do it. Now go to the ice ball and you can't touch 
it. Use galestorm to roll it over and once in place the key is revealed. Grab
the chest down the walkway and then snatch the key. Now go back to the lock
and use the key.

Go in and melt the ice, then use the power spring to go up. Jump onto the ice
bridge and get onto the walkway. Go around a short ways to see the wall with
the Kabegami statue up above. Now, if you want a Silver Pocketwatch, look down
below and jump to the ledges that are below this walkway, yet above the ground
floor. If you follow it up to the side where you found the key, you will run
into the pocketwatch in a chest, then you can jump down and return to the 
spring as there is nothing else in these areas. Use Catwalk to get up to the 
next walkway.

Now you have cannons on the sides. Go up the spinning gear and then use mist
to slash back the first cannonball. Then use mist again to get across the 
spinning gear. Then use mist again and slash back at the two cannons firing on
you from ahead and to the left. Get across the next gear and then one more 
cannon to slash back at. Go up the path, step on the button to turn off the 
gears, go through the gate on the bridge, and then save.

If you go right you'll run into a locked door and a flaming spider, so just 
take the door on the left of the save mirror. Use mist to jump on the first 
gear, then quickly double jump UP and onto a ledge thing. Break the jars and
grab the treasure, and from up here just jump over to the door on the other 
side; if you do go over the gears only, use two mists. 

Outside, melt the ice chest, avoid the scroll, and dig up a clover by a rock.
Use mist to get past the two spiders on the ground and jump up. Drop down in 
the next area to fight with a Great Tengu. Now, I'm sure there is a wonderful
little weakness to this guy, but all I did was use my alternate attack with 
a glaive as a sub weapon and that killed him in one hit; it's the attack where
you drive into the enemy, and apparently more than one hit will register on
these guys. If that is too much for you, then just attack it from behind.

After that, approach the blizzard machine, but before you do anything, go right
and cherry bomb the crack to find a cave with one cursed tree to bloom. Then 
use wind to blow off the leaves to see the key to solving the puzzle outside.
This is the pattern for the wheels: UP, RIGHT, and LEFT. Now go out to the 
machine and look to the machine, and even though you know what the solution is,
it would be hard to figure out how to input that solution. What you will do is
use mist to slow down time, then you will slash at the lever on the left to
stop the gears going left to right. Okay, so when you slash the lever, the
first gear on the left will stop and stay there until you hit the lever again,
and if you are wrong all the gears reset. So basically, use mist and wait for
the top eye on the left to be up, the slash the lever, and that will freeze
that gear in place. Then do the same on the next gear when the eye is to the
right, and then on the last gear for when the eye is on the left.

Once you do that, you must dot five stars on the constellation (back leg), 
and then you meet Itegami. On top of the Blizzard power, you also get the 
Solar Flare reflector too. Now ice the first flame spider when he is toward 
the ground, then use him to get back up. Freeze the first spider, then let
the vertical one to be less than halfway up and freeze him so you can jump up
to a ledge for a Stray Bead. Then jump down and across, avoid the scroll, use
the ledge in the gear hallway to get across (or mist), and then fight the 
Poltergeist back in the save area, which is an easy kill if you use mist. 

Save, and don't forget to use a Gold Dust on Solar Flare, and equip Thunder 
Edge as your sub. Also note that Solar Flare is a source of fire. Now go freeze
the first flame spider and get up to the walkway. When you hit the first
flame spider in the gap, he is just used for a Stray Bead, and you can just 
use double jumps, no dashing, to get up to it. Then hop over the gap to what
seems like a dead end by the torches (note there is a chest under where you are
in a ledge on the outside of the shaft, but it's totatlly up to you if you 
want it). Use the torch fire to melt the ice by the Kabegami statue, then 
blossom over. Catwalk up the the next ledge, then you need to freeze the next
two spiders when they are close to each other, or at least close to you. And 
from the next ledge double jump up and then freeze the next spider to get to
the top. I hope you know that pure double jumping will get you buy, so don't
dash while in the air.

Go through the gate and in the next room you will use mist to get over the 
gears. On the platform on the right will be the map to the dungeon, but the 
bigger question, who is actually using the maps so late into the dungeons?
Anyway, hop over the next gear and use Solar Flare's fire to melt the ice from
the door. The first two slow gears seem to be immune from mist, so just wait 
for both to be sorta flat to jump across. Then freeze the next flaming one when
it is flat to get across. Go around the sides of the next room to avoid the 
scroll. In the empty hall, note that Issun makes a mention of the snow flakes.
Well, if you draw a line from the icicle across the way through the empty pit,
you will make ice platforms in the flakes. Jump across and make more if needed.

*NOTE: All of the air out here will be snow flakes, so the power of Blizzard is
at any time.*

Go up and do the same in the next gap and dig up the clover. For the cursed 
trees, knock back their fruit, and to bloom them make sure you get real close
or else you'll miss. Make your way up and into the flame hall. Blow away the
first row of flames, then use mist and go around the flames in your way so you
can knock back the ball at the cannon. At the next room, go around the side to
avoid the scroll. In the ice hall, quickly get to the center, use mist, avoid
the icicles from the ceiling, and blow up the cannon with its own round. 

Wawku Shrine Mid

Save, melt the ice on the chests, and go through the door. Go up to meet the 
first boss, the Silver Demon Nechku.

BOSS: Nechku

You are really not in a full on fight, more like a teaser fight. As far as I
can tell, Shiranui is the main player here. About all you can do is reflect
the fruit the boss tosses at you, cut down the icicles, and avoid its charge
attack. If you do reflect back enough fruit and the thing crashes to the ground
you should run up and attack, and if you press the draw button you will see
your other self will use her own tricks. And really, at any time you can press
the draw button to see what she will do, and she may even and should win the 
fight for you. 


After the long cutscene, go pick up the gear on the ground, then go talk to 
Oki to take the lift back down. You're back on the level with the save spot.
Run forward to toss the gear into the door, then go save. Now go through the 
doorway and the gate to get outside again. Now, first set off the two cannons
in the middle. Then what you need to do is launch off the two on the sides so
that they fire in the same direction as the middle two, across the gap. They
need to fire straight ahead, so wait for them to be exactly looking right, then
press draw, lit the fuse, and they should hit something. Once all four of the 
other cannons are down, use Blizzard to cross the gap, use mist to avoid the
cannonball from the last cannon, and when you get a clear view of the cannon,
reflect a ball back to it to open the path.

Now melt the ice on the left to reveal an ice boulder. Use galestorm to roll it
into the doorway, even to stop it from rolling too far. In the room, leave it
in the open and then use it to freeze the gears on the left. Jump over there
for a chest, then use either the frozen gears or the boulder to freeze the 
gears leading up to the upper right corner of the room. Grab the key and freeze
jump your way to the other corner to send the key into the lock. 

Use your Solar Flare's fire to melt the ice off the two chests, visit the 
merchant if you must, and then save. Go through the gate and go meet Oki. 

BOSS: Lechku and Nechku

You get the Silver and Gold Demons in one fight, and you have an ally in Oki. 
Lechku has a sword that he will pull out, just like Ninetails', and you need to
shock it just like Ninetails'. Cut his seed when you see it over his head.

As for Nechku, reflect his fruits, just like last time. Nechku can also spawn
bombs and buds, so light the bombs to blow them and bloom the buds. Both have
the icicle attacks, so cut those when you see them. 

When one of the birds is weak, Oki will set up like a bow, so run behind him
and bite him for a second, then let go to send him flying. When he is on a 
bird, slash the beast to bring it down, then go beat it up and lay cherry 
bombs around it. Then after a while it will get up and go back to its place.
Be sure to stand way back so you can see both of them too.

After a while, one of them may do a spinning twister attack, so jump or 
fleetfoot to avoid as best you can as mist doesn't seem to affect them. Once
one is down, you may have to aim Oki as best you can. Then it's just staying
with the pattern or counter their attacks, launch Oki, slash, attack, and 
repeat. Doesn't matter who you kill first, as they don't change much when one
is dead; maybe their attacks speed up a bit if anything. This can be a tough
fight, but you should win easily, and don't forget you have bones for health.


You get a Sun Fragment for a victory. 

Ark of Yamato		( AOY2929 )

*NOTE: There are a ton of Stray Beads left to get, probably 30 or so if you've
been following me only. So if you want the rosary that lets you cheat, you may
want to take this time to go find a source other than me that has a full grip
on where to find them all. I'll get a list up at some point, but for right now
I have no clue where about 30 beads are.*

I do know that the Nameless Man in Shinshu Field has a Pure Vase for you, which
can be taken to the statue where the Moon Cave was. He gives you a Stray Bead
for doing so. There is also a race with Kai at Yoshpet, and if you manage to 
win you get a Stray Bead. And at the end you can visit Ishaku for praise and
another Stray Bead.

But, this chapter is not about beads. I say you need to make a save file at
that mirror, and after you board the ark, DO NOT TOUCH THAT SAVE FILE! Once
on the ship, save in a different file, or don't save at all if you have no
more space. If you want all the beads and don't have them, just save and leave
that file alone.

*NOTE: If you haven't gotten Power Slash 3, please do so. It's not required,
but it does help a lot.*

So anyway, at Laochi Lake, save, talk to the people, and then go up the rainbow
bridge to enter the ark.

Ark of Yamato

Marco nearby is just a merchant/demon fang trader, so stop by and pick up the 
Tundra Beads and the Gold Dusts. Equip yourself in the best way you see fit
and prepare for a fight with all the big bosses from the past, except for the 
two you just defeated. Go up and you will see Ninetails, Crimson Helm, Spider
Queen, Orochi, and Blight going from left to right. We will go in that same
order. Be sure to save first, and feel free to save between matches if you
are that afraid.

First take the leftmost doorway to run into Hakuba, and after her story run 
and jump into the beam of light. You meet Sado when going to the Spider 
Queen, and Azumi at Blight's doorway.

1. Boss - Ninetails. The same rule applies, just run until he/she raises that
sword, then either use the lightning or your own thunderbolt if you have 
that power. You may notice more attacks, such as the his tail spikes, but all
of it can be outrun. Once you do get his sword, use mist as you attack the 
little sprites and you should be able to get 4-5 in each go, which means you
just fight them twice. Once all of them are gone, just run away and wait for
him to go black and white, then run up and do some combos, but it seems like
a Power Slash 3 is too much for him as I did one and he died. You can always
use mist to avoid him and hunt him down when he is a mad fox.

*NOTE: There are jars here and in the other rooms where you find the beams of
light, if you need more health.*

2. Boss - Crimson Helm. Nope, an easy boss from long ago didn't get more 
difficult with time, he is even easier. Just use mist to attack his back armor,
and once that is gone blow away his fire, and then use mist again as you just
continuously use Power Slash 3's until he dies. Seriously, I got him in one
go, probably took 30 seconds if not less.

3. Boss - Spider Queen. You won't beat her in less than a minute, but don't
let that fool you into thinking this is a difficult fight. This should be your
fifth or sixth time fighting this type of enemy, so it should be more like an
extended fight with a regular enemy. Just vine her back hooks three times as
you run around her, then go and lay into the eyes. Solar Flare seems to hit
her eyes inaccurately, so maybe toss one your glaives or beads. It should
only take two tries, but don't worry if it takes three to poke out all the 
eyes; if it takes more, I don't know about you.

4. Boss - Orochi. Make sure you have your Tundra Beads equipped for this 
fight, and make another bead weapon as your sub. I'll make it easy, for the
main head just run around the pool of sake until the fire stops coming, then
bloom the two buds on the darkness head, and then use two galestorms to take
out the tornado from the wind head. Then run to the fire head, up to the bell,
use a mist, and if you don't take out the bell in one go, go after the rock
head, jump over its shockwaves, weaken it, then go to the main head - boy, I
sure hope you realize you weaken them all twice just like before. After you
crack the bell, for the other heads, avoid the fire from the fire head, avoid
the shocks from the lightning head, blowing away the smog from the poison head,
and hitting the water head as it's in the water. Remember, if you can sake them
up after their lunge attack, that would be great. One more thing, the fire
balls can drop anywhere on the field this time, so watch out. Oh yeah, and
four Power Slash 3's seems to get the job done better than attacking.

5. Boss - Blight. Just wait for him to charge up for his lunge attack, then
use mist to slow him down and attack him while he's lunging. Then start using
Power Slash 3 or combos on the sword when it is away from his body. And don't
forget to slash the blue sword when he is readying the flying sword attacks.
It might take a bit longer than you think, but it will be an easy fight. If
in doubt, just mist all the time.

*NOTE: If you have three Holy Bone M's, just from your adventures alone, that
will be more than enough, not to mention your astral pouches and golden 

Once you got them all, go save and then step on the central beam of light, or
see Marco first if you really need to. This is it, you're almost done. Just a
little bit of business to finish with the Ruler of Darkness.

BOSS: Yami

Phase 1

*NOTE: Remember to use your bones if you ever need them.*

Okay, so it seems like your little attacks in normal wolf form do absolutely
nothing. However, if you just connect about ten or so attacks, you will earn
back not only Rejuvenation, you also get your weapons. Feel free to use your
first power to repair the holes in the ground as you see fit. Oh yes, and 
you do have slash, don't forget that.

Use your weapons, rosaries for the range, until you get Water Lily back - boo!
Attack him when he is stunned and then he will start shooting off rockets. You
best get close and double jump to avoid the rockets. Also, hitting him before
he shoots the rockets does stop him. Once you get Greensprout back, you can
bloom him to reveal the weak point, then run up, jump up there, and then start
bashing away at it for as long as you can, and then jump off. Feel free to 
fix the field for when you bloom it again, or just draw a circle at the top of
Yami. After you hack away at the ball, bloom it, and then kill the weak point.

Phase 2

Now he is green. He will tend to use fire and roll around, so just run all
over the place to avoid. He also has an attack where he sends flaming discs at
you, so just double jump to avoid those. When he touches the ground, go up and
lay into him with all you got. The next power you get is Cherry Bomb. 

Now you must use a cherry bomb on his black and white state to draw out his
weak point, and then jump up to hack away at it. The rest is just dodging him
until you can attack again. Once you have Watersprout back, now you can douse
his flames. Once you do put out the flames, he will be stunned again, so 
cherry bomb him to bring out the weak point - it's bam, bam. And then you get
Crescent - boooooo!!!

When you cherry bomb his weakened state the weak point will be on a disc 
that will be higher up. The trick is to not thing it is too far away, because
it isn't. If you just can't get up there, perhaps just slash his black and 
white state, and use your rosaries as a sub weapon attack. It may take longer,
but you will kill it.

Phase 3

This time he is a slot machine thing. You want to get the little demon eye 
things so you can slash back the fruits. You simply slash at him to make the 
slots stop on whatever. Once he is weakened by this, you will slash at the 
slots again to bring out Galestorm, hopefully. So when he spits out fire just
blow it away. And must maybe if you keep rolling the blue slots you will get
Inferno back just like that.

If you see a little bulb at the top of him, when you roll the blue, slash at
it to cause damage. Blow away lightning clouds, and avoid sparks. Also just 
avoid the fire waves, and use the fire torches on the side to put out his 
ice sheets. Next when you roll all blue you get Veil of Mist. 

Once you have mist back, just use it and then press draw. Should be able to 
just sit and wait for the litle demon eye things to roll up, then slash it for
however many you want, or you could do an ink pot or two. Just make sure you 
get the eyes so you can knock back fruit and quickly draw out his next form.

Phase 4

He will now have legs and arms and be like a mech suit, and the weak point will
be in the center. Just run around and let him do his thing, but when you see
the weak point in the front, slash at it. Keep doing this until he goes limp,
then run up and attack. This should draw out Catwalk - boo, but actually you
can use Catwalk on the pillars of the arena, but who the heck would do that?

Guess I should tell you to jump to avoid his charged up blast, run from his
dropping bombs, and just stay away from his other attacks. He has rockets too.

If you just keep running around and slashing at the ball, he will next spit
out Thunderstorm. Now you can take advantage of when he sticks his swords into
the air. When you do, just run up and hit the ball he poops out - seriously,
that is what happens! Keep beating away at the turd until you get Blizzard. 
Then just keep zapping and attacking. Feel free to use Mist, from which you may
have noticed you have allies pop up and drop you items in the mist. Oh yes,
and with Blizzard you can use the frost on the sides to really damage the ball
when it is exposed. Copy that, the Blizzard power does mucho damage. It will
actually bring up an ally that helps. 

Then you get a nice little scene.

Phase 5

First thing you do, make the sun come out. Now it's just a matter of hitting
that weak spot on the palm of his hand, but you have to be quick because it 
rolls away when you press draw. The best time to hit it is when he holds it
up high for the sweeping fire attack. Whenever he is on the ground, run up 
and start bashing away at the spot, just watch out for missiles, so maybe 
use a mist or two. Just avoid his many blunt attacks, and jump over his 
low, sweeping death ray.

He can make it dark again, so just run until you can pop the sun back up. 
When you do make him go black and white, you must quickly slash him for big
damage. And after that is when he turns the lights out. 


Pretty cool game huh? That's it, and that will probably be the last of the 
Okami universe. You see, the last cutscene was what was obviously a setup for
a sequel, a likely tale of you saving the besieged celestial lands. However,
Clover Studio, those who made this game, are no more. So, odds are against
a sequel, but if you bastards buy enough of this game on the Wii, that might
make it happen.

As for now you can play the round 2 by loading that save game after the 
credits. You get all your ink and health and some of your weapons, and you even
make use of those transformations, which I believe you use during your round
2 game, somehow.

There are also gifts from Issun in the form of concept art, music, and old 

Cross your fingers Capcom gets the ball rolling on Okami 2. It would be a 
spacey game, at least I'm pretty sure.

* 5.                                                 *

* 6.                                          *

* 7.                                               *

* 8. Wiilease                                                                 *

For one, you do not get to mash the A button for Demon Fangs, and that is 
because as I thought would happen, the loading times are much less. Yes, it
sucks, but it's only about 10-20 demon fangs you will be short, and that's if
you even would have tried for the loading screen fangs. Though, this really
counts as a plus - ya know, less loading time?

You'll also notice that the game looks different. Yes, the "paper filter" 
effect from the last game is much less. So basically this game looks more like
any other cel-shaded game and less like a painting. 

The controls also seem smoother, though, it could be an illusion of my own 
crazy mind. And no, this is not about the controls, this is just how Ammy moves
on the screen. It's mainly just the dash move that seems to work quicker at 
getting you going. Also, swimming seems to have been sped up quite a bit, which
is so cool because it was so slow in the last game, and pressing the jump 
button as you swim actually seems to speed you up even more! 

And I'm sure you know by now, or will as you play, but you can now skip almost
all of the cutscenes from the start. This is a big plus for all playing this 
game after the PS2 version. In fact, had they not added this, not sure if I 
would have bought the game.

The big cons against the controls is using the brush and combat, two big things
that probably need fixing if possible. For one, attacking and dashing are done
by flicking the Wiimote. It's odd that combat takes some adjusting to if 
you had played the PS2 version, as just shaking the Wiimote about does not 
seem to work, whereas just mashing the attack button on the PS2 did all the 
combos for you. Then you have brushing, which you will soon kinda get the hang
of, but it seems like the developers did this thing to help keep the brush 
under control, at the cost of making fluid lines. No, the brush work will not 
be as smooth as before, but it still works, and you will learn to use the Z 
button to make straight lines. Fast movements are hit or miss; you either make
your line or you tear it up pretty badly. It all just takes some adjusting to
for old players.

The fan menu is odd to open, as you lose the ability to just press the shoulder
buttons to move from menu to menu; now you press up and over and then A again.
The text and looks of the menus are different too, just like all the text in
the rest of the game. It's just a result of taking a standard-def screen and
expanding it, I guess. Perhaps the game on the Wii looks the same as it did
on the PS2 if you are on a standard TV.

The main difference is that you'll need to work extra hard to perform a Power
Slash, something that did not take much effort in the PS2 game. As for the rest
of these differences, they aren't that bad, and probably not an issue for 
someone who missed the PS2 release. 

The bottom line for PS2 owners of the game that loved this title, unless you 
got a free gift certificate to blow on this game and you just want the cool box
in your collection, you would be better served to rent this game. This is not
the same as the Resident Evil 4 Wiilease where the game was improved. Okami's
Wiilease seems to be just an even draw for the PS2 players.

After playing a bit longer, the Wii version does seem more involving for the 
player. It is just a faster, slightly more clumsy game than the PS2 counter-

* 9. Author Info / Copyright                                                  *





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