Silkroad Online PC FAQ

RenamonFOX's FAQ for SilkRoad Online for the PC
Version 3.00
04/03/07 - Inclusion of European characters and Intensity success
Version 2.02
Version 2.01
Version 2.00
version 1.05
version 1.04
version 1.03
version 1.02
version 1.01
version 1.00


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On to the good stuff.

00.00 - Introduction
01.00 - How do I move the camera?
01.10 - Other Spiffy Tricks
02.00 - What the blazes is SP farming? *UPDATED*
 02.01 - The exact ratios used in the SP gap
 02.02 - What's the point?
 02.03 - When should I stop SP farming?
 02.04 - My personal opinion on SP farming
03.00 - How do people talk from town and have the whole world hear?
04.00 - How do I invite to a party/friend list?
05.00 - Alchemy
 05.01 - Elixirs
 05.02 - Lucky Powders
 05.03 - Other factors in determining alchemy outcome
 05.04 - Putting it all together
06.00 - Skill Points
 06.01 - What should I do with my points?
 06.02 - What's the best combination of skill points?
07.00 - The monsters are too hard!
 07.01 - Use your skills
 07.02 - Monster levels
 07.03 - Mind your area
 07.04 - Auto potion
08.00 - Which element is best?
 08.01 - Fire
 08.02 - Lightning
 08.03 - Ice
09.00 - Tricky Items
 09.01 - Protector - *Removed in Legend I*
 09.02 - Army faction cape
10.00 - How do I make a guild?
11.00 - How to run a stall
 11.01 - Exceptional items
12.00 - How do I build my character?
 12.01 - Strength vs Intelligence
 12.10 - European Characters
 12.20 - How do I build my European Character?
13.00 - Weapons, Armor, and You
 13.01 - Weapons
 13.02 - Armor
14.00 - Tips and tricks
97.00 - Updates to SilkRoad Online
 97.01 - 06/20/2006 update
  97.011 - New quests
  97.012 - New Alchemy
   97.0121 - Equip Enhance
   97.0122 - Granting Magical Attributes
   97.0123 - Standard Attribute Modification
   97.0124 - Creation of Attribute stones, Alchemy stones, and Alchemy potions
   97.0125 - Destroying Alchemy Materials
  97.013 - New Pets
  97.014 - Interface Changes
 97.10 - Making your ultimate weapon
 97.11 - Intensifying Elixir Success Rates
98.00 - Glossary of Terms
99.99 - Credits

00.00 - Introduction
You might be asking yourself why I'm explaining basic functions of the game.
Well, as you may have noticed, this game is not made by Americans, nor does it
have a well trained translation staff.  The instructions are strewn across a
questionable interface and their website, and many things aren't even explained
at all.  These are the questions I've come across the most.

01.00 - How do I move the camera?
At first, you'll notice that you're facing south, and that moving in any
direction that's not south will cause you much undue strife.  The game does not
like to tell you how to change this.  There are a few basic ideas you can go
with here.  You start on Free Visual Point, and you can press F9 to toggle
between them.
1) Free Visual Point - This is the default camera angle.  You can change this by
holding down right click and moving the mouse to wherever you like.
2) Camera Angle Fixed Behind Character - This is the second camera angle.  As
you can tell by the name, this keeps the camera fixed behind your character as
you move.  It's good stuff if you really like using the arrow keys to move
rather than the mouse.
3) Fixed Height Camera Angle - A rather useless one.  You can use the mouse to
move the camera left and right, but not up and down.  I suppose if you're on
flat land and have a hard time keeping the altitude at your preference, it's
okay, but otherwise go with free visual.

02.00 - What the blazes is SP farming?
It took me longer to get this information than I care to admit, so I'll assume
you're having a hard time finding it too.  Well SP farming is simple in theory.
You're sacrificing EXP for SXP.  Which means you level up slower, but you get
Skill Points faster.  It's measured like this.

Your Character's level - Your highest mastery level = SP GAP.

This SP GAP caps out at 9.  But the higher your gap the more SXP and less EXP
you'll gain.  Explained in greater detail below.

Monster stats:
Made Up Monster Flon
300 exp
50 sxp

example 1:
Your character level is 20, and you have 20 Heuksal mastery and 14 fire mastery.
Character level (20) minus highest mastery (20) gives you a gap of 0.
**If you kill Flon, you will get 300 exp and 50 sxp.

example 2:
Your character is level 20, and you have 15 Bicheon mastery and 14 force
mastery.  Character level (20) minus highest master (15) gives you a gap of 5.
**If you kill Flon, you will get 100 exp and 75 sxp.

example 3:
Your character is level 20, and you have 5 Heuksal mastery, 5 force mastery,
5 fire mastery, 5 cold mastery, 5 lightning mastery, and 5 bicheon mastery.
Character level (20) minus highest mastery (5) gives you 15.  But the maximum
gap recognized by the game is 9, so you have a gap of 9.
**If you kill Flon, you will get 16 exp and 100 sxp.

**These ratios are slightly estimated.  They are just meant to explain the
concept of SP farming.

02.01 - The Exact ratios used in the SP Gap
(Information provided by NeccoWafers)

If your skill gap is...
0	1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9

Exp gain speed is...
100%	90%	80%	70%	60%	50%	40%	30%	20%	10%

I've verified these numbers myself.  If you have a skill gap of 9, you have to
kill ten monsters to get the experience gain of one from someone with a zero gap

Sxp gain speed is...
100%	109%	119%	129%	139%	149%	159%	169%	179%	190%

I've verified these numbers as well.  with a gap of 9, you're not even making
twice as much Sxp per kill as the person with a skill gap of zero.

Now to define the gaps and pick the speed right for you.

SP Gain per level
100% -	Skill gap of zero.  You'll have a hard time levelling up more than one
skill tree
You can expect 6 hours to get out of a level.

122% -  Skill gap of one.  You're gaining 122% the SP per level of someone who
isn't farming, and you'll be able to keep a small supplement tree.
You can expect to spend about 6:40 per level

149% -	skill gap of two.  You're at a point here where you can have two trees
with one major skill each.  Fast levelling, but with a small skill point pool.
You can expect to spend about 7:30 per level

186% -	skill gap of three.  You can fully flesh out two skill trees at this
rate.  Many people go through the game with a skill gap of 3 or 4 in order to
obtain necessary SP without stopping at level 16 for a month killing bandits.
You can expect to spend about 8:40 per level

236% -  Skill gap of four.  You can fully flesh out two skill trees with this,
or you can cherry pick a few skills out of three trees (i.e. lightning for
grass walk, fire for fire force, Pacheon for bow missile and strong bow)
(i.e. Fire nuke, Lightning nuke, magic damage enhance, some sword skills).
Many people level up at three or four, but close it at times if their SP gets
too high and they have a new skill to buy.
You can expect to spend about 10:00 per level

294% - Skill gap of five.  From here on out, you're getting to a point of
silliness.  People don't level up entire characters with a gap of five or more,
but rather do it for a level or two just to gain a buttload of SP so they can
close the gap up and zoom up a few levels.
You can expect to spend about 12:00 per level

398% - Skill gap of six.  This is where the difference in skill pools really
starts to show up.
You can expect to spend about 15:00 per level

560% - Skill gap of seven.  You're gaining 5.6 times as much skill experience
as someone who's not farming.  However,
You can expect to spend about 20:00 per level.  3 times longer to level up.

893% -  Skill gap of eight.  Truly silly.  Nine times as much SP per level.
You can expect to spend about 30:00 per level.  5 times longer than 0 gap.

1936% - Skill gap of nine.  The ultimate test of endurance.  almost twenty times
as much SP in a single level, however you're working the better part of a month
for it.  For those of you who really need a lot of skill points, 9 gap is the
way to go.
You can expect to spend about 60:00 per level. 10 times longer to level up.

***The values for all level-up times are based on an average of six hours***
****If you take one day to level up at your level, expect ten days at a*****
*******************************skill gap of nine****************************

If you really want to try a gap of nine, there are two ways to go about it.
1) the common way - level your skills up to 7, grab fire force and your first
two weapon skills.  That's ALL you're going to have.  get used to their ugly
faces.  After that, level up to 16 normally, completing quests killing monsters
you know the routine.

When you hit level 16, you plop on a SOS/SOM/SOSun weapon (and armor optional)
and make for the bandit camp.  Fight there ad nauseum.

2) the "I didn't get enough SP" way - Pick a level you want to farm at.  For
example, 47.  at 47, you will have put your last piece of armor on for sixth
degree. and you'll be easily able to take care of all monsters at your level.

At level 38, STOP UPGRADING YOUR MASTERIES.  Just make a dead halt and level up
the hard way.  When you get to 47, you'll have a gap of nine.  The problem lies
in that the last couple levels are going to be a real haul.

*easier method*  When you from 38-47 only level up one master and nothing else.
While you're doing this, start collecting cursed hearts for resuscitation
potions, or buy a couple skill potions from the item mall.  Level up with a
gap of zero, then when you hit 47, dump your master back down to 38.  The
levelling up will have gone much faster for purposes of getting your gear, and
you'll be able to farm all of level 47 for ...who knows how many skill points.

02.02 - What's the point?
400 skill exp is one skill point.  This value remains constant throughout the
game.  If you're at a skill gap of 0 throughout the duration of the game, you'll
probably have a hard time keeping up with your skills.  Even with just two
skill trees, you'll have a hard time buying everything you want, let alone
everything in the trees.

You will level up much slower while your gap is high, but on the other side, you
will also be gaining much needed SP to keep learning all your skills.  With all
these skill points, you'll be able to increase all your skills at will and
reduce your skill gap as much as you like.  Increasing your skill gap, on the
other hand, is much harder.  Gaining levels of experience is the only way to
increase your skill gap, and at higher levels, it's much longer and more tedious
than at lower levels.  If you're not bent on skill points, keep your skill gap
at zero and only buy the skills you really think you'll use.  You'll level up
faster, but you'll have fewer skills to toy with.  If you really like your
skills, or choose to go three (or more) trees, I'd recommend keeping your skill
gap at at least three, to double your skill point intake and allow you to use
the skills you want to use.

02.03 - When should I stop SP farming?
This is entirely up to you.  If you can take a rough guess at how high you want
each mastery, you can stop SP farming as soon as you get enough to bring each
mastery close to your desired level.  Below is a list of how much SP is required
to get to each level in ANY mastery class.

(Information provided by w_tigers87)
Mastery	SP Req  Total SP Req  
1  	0  	0  
2  	1  	1  
3  	1  	2  
4  	1  	3  
5  	2  	5  
6  	2  	7  
7  	4  	11  
8  	5  	16  
9  	6  	22  
10  	7  	29  
11  	9  	38  
12  	12  	50  
13  	15  	65  
14  	18  	83  
15  	21  	104  
16  	24  	128  
17  	30  	158  
18  	35  	193  
19  	41  	234  
20  	47  	281  
21  	53  	334  
22  	62  	396  
23  	71  	467  
24  	80  	547  
25  	89  	636  
26  	98  	734  
27  	108  	842  
28  	117  	959  
29  	126  	1085  
30  	135  	1220  
31  	144  	1364  
32  	158  	1522  
33  	172  	1694  
34  	185  	1879  
35  	199  	2078  
36  	212  	2290  
37  	226  	2516  
38  	239  	2755  
39  	253  	3008  
40  	266  	3274  
41  	280  	3554  
42  	299  	3853  
43  	318  	4171  
44  	336  	4507  
45  	355  	4862  
46  	374  	5236  
47  	393  	5629  
48  	412  	6041  
49  	431  	6472  
50  	449  	6921  
51  	468  	7389  
52  	494  	7883  
53  	520  	8403  
54  	546  	8949  
55  	571  	9520  
56  	597  	10117  
57  	623  	10740  
58  	649  	11389  
59  	675  	12064  
60  	700  	12764  
61  	1079  	13843  
62  	1368  	15211  
63  	1420  	16631  
64  	1482  	18113  
65  	1545  	19658  

 02.04 - My personal opinion on SP farming
Most people designate a time to start and stop SP farming.  This is a rather
counterproductive way to go about things.  What I do, and what seems to work
well enough is to keep the mastery levels of all your skills at the same level,
and only raising the mastery levels once you've gotten done everything you
wanted to get done at that level.  The SP gap will adjust itself automatically
as you advance through the game.
	For example, I designed a character with Pacheon, Fire, Cold, Lightning,
and Force magics.  Five trees of exceptionally heavy SP drain.  Although the
levelling is slower as a result of the constant gap (which varies between 3
and 4), I never sit down and say to myself, "I should ignore levelling up my
skills for a few levels and store up a couple hundred SP".
At level 10, the character had each mastery at level 7
at level 13, the character had each mastery at level 9, 10 before the levelup
at level 15, the character finally gets windwalk and other level 12 masteries.

Of course you can only have a combined mastery total of 300 levels, so don't go
crazy making a 7 element character just for the heck of it.

03.00 - How do people talk from town and have the whole world hear?
The reason SilkRoad Online is free is because there are premium items which can
be bought in exchange for real money.  You transfer money to silk, and you spend
the silk on items.  One of these items allows global chat.  Global chat is what
allows you to talk to the world.

To buy any of the premium items, you click "item mall" either in the game or on
the website and do a credit card transaction to procure the items you want.

04.00 - How do I invite to a party/friend list?
Another thing that wasn't gone into in great detail.  If you and a friend are
just starting the game and want to travel together, the first thing you will
have to do is find one another.  On the first time you load the game, it will be
easy.  You're both in the first town.  Afterwards, however, you'll have to use
the X/Y coordinates in the upper right corner to find each other.
X: west and east.  East increases the number, West decreases it.
Y: north and south.  North increases the number, South decreases it.

After you've located your target, you'll want to form a party.  Parties are fun
because they split experience for kills, and if you get separated, your party
members appear as large cerulean dots on the minimap and on the world map.
To invite to your party, click the person you wish to invite.  Then press P to
bring up the party menu, then press Invite.  Yes, you have to do it in that
order or it won't register the request.

To put someone on your friend list, you have to hit "U" to bring up the
community menu, press the Friends tab, click Add, then type the name of the
CHARACTER you wish to add.  If you friend has six characters, you'll have to add
each one individually.

05.00 - Alchemy
It's a rather complex and higher level function that allows you to bolster the
effectiveness of your items.  You can artificially infuse weapons with bonuses
this way.  For example, you may have seen weapons with a +1 or +2 modifier.
With alchemy, you can increase this number all the way to +9.  There is a chance
of failure, however, and it is recommended against using alchemy at all unless
you do everything in your power to prevent an unsuccessful enchant.

 05.01 - Elixirs
Elixirs are the backbone of alchemy.  In order to perform alchemy, you require
the weapon and an elixir.
Weapon Elixirs have always been the most expensive of the elixirs, running as
much as 350,000 at times.  Patience generally wins out, however.  If you wait
long enough, you'll be able to find anything in your price range.
Accessory Elixirs and Shield Elixirs have always cost much less.  Generally in
the range of 40,000 gold.  This should be an indicator of how much of a stress
is placed on damage output.

 05.02 - Lucky Powders
Lucky Powders are purchasable from the traders just east of the south gate of
Jangan.  Lucky Powders are an optional item in alchemy, but for all intents and
purposes, it may as well be necessary.  Lucky Powders add a flat rate chance to
succeed in alchemy.  If you use a lucky powder, you're less likely to fail the
alchemy, and therefore, less likely to reduce its durability, and less likely to
break your weapon while using alchemy.

 05.03 - Other factors in determining alchemy outcome
Steady - If a weapon has this attribute in blue letters at the bottom of its
description and stats, a failed alchemy attempt will prevent this item from
losing durability.  It will NOT, however, prevent it from breaking if that
happened to be the result of the failed upgrade roll.  Breaking is generally
rare and has not yet happened to me.

Immortal - If a weapon has this attribute in blue letters at the bottom of its
description and stats, a failed alchemy attempt will prevent this item from
being destroyed.  An incredibly useful stat, however it only has limited uses.
(i.e. Immortal/2 times)  Immortal will NOT prevent an item from losing
durability if that's what the failed upgrade roll happened to be.

Lucky - Increases chances of successful alchemy.  Far and away the best
modifier to have on a weapon, in my opinion.

Astral - This magical attribute came out with the 6/20/06 update, and has the
ability to prevent unsuccessful attribute enchancing from decreasing the stats
of your weapon.  Successful attribute enhance does not reduce the astral value
of the equipment.

 05.04 - Putting it all together
You try to use alchemy on your level 18 weapon.  Looking at the stats for the
item, you'll see it has a value for Degree.  We'll say this weapon has a degree
value of 4.  Head off to the powder merchant and purchase a 4th degree lucky
powder.  Press A to open the action menu, right click the alchemy function,
and place your weapon, lucky powder, and elixir in the box that pops up.
The results of the alchemy attempt will be displayed in the chat box.
It's pretty straightforward about letting you know the results, but in case you
can't figure it out;
success: The alchemy was a success, and your weapon gains a bonus.
failure: The alchemy was a failure, and your weapon could lose its +bonus, lose
durability, or even break.

 06.00 - Skill Points
Possibly rivalling experience for the most coveted intangible in the game.
Skill points is what allows you to learn spells, learn weapon abilities, and
healing abilities.  Skills are on a steep curve, so at the earlier levels, you
can buy something from every skill tree, but quickly, you'll have to cut down to
one or two, and even then, you won't be able to purchase every ability in the
tree you want.  This is why people SP farm, so they don't have to choose.
"Eenie, Meenie, Miney, ... Oh why not all of them?"

 06.01 - What should I do with my points?
There is a special trick to placing your skill points that almost nobody will
tell you.  You should put your points into WHATEVER SKILLS YOU WANT.  It's a
very strange concept, I know.  Because of the steepness of the curve in SP use,
you can waste 12 points on a skill you find out you don't like, and in about 20
levels, you'll see that 12 points is nothing.  Trial and error is the best way
to learn.  Find out what works for you, and when you decide to make a new
character, you'll know all the more what each skill does from experience, rather
than from what _SPFarmer3821 told you.

 06.02 - What's the best combination of skill points?
As mentioned before, whatever skills you want is a great combination.  If it was
a useless skill, it wouldn't be in the game.  There are, however, some useful
tips that would behoove you to take advantage of.  But again, there is virtually
no combination of skills that wouldn't work.
1) Keep it to two trees.  A tree is another word for mastery.  If you choose
Heuksal tree and Fire tree, keep your outside points to a minimum, as those two
will suck up a good portion of your skill points on their own, even if it
doesn't seem like it at times.
2) Give yourself some offensive power.  Any of the level 5 abilities from the
fire/cold/lightning trees are good, because they're a temporary rocket booster
to your damage rating.  It's good to get you out of a bind.  If you're going
sword and force, you'll be spending more time fighting the enemies if you don't
have anything boosting your attack.

Again, there's nothing wrong with going three elements or going straight
sword/heal, as you can complete all the quests in the game just fine.  The idea
is to have fun building your own character rather than begging for advice from
someone you've never met before who may intentionally lead you astray.

07.00 - The monsters are too hard!
This section is devoted to making your life easier when fighting monsters that
don't like dying in two hits.  You may be fighting monsters that are way out of
your scope, or you may not be using skills that you should be using.  Or you
may just be used to fighting easier monsters where "click click wait" was a
viable strategy, and now it's not.

 07.01 - Use your skills
Before giving up on monsters, assuming you can't kill them because you're only
hitting them for a few points of damage per hit, try using the magic and skills
you've acquired while levelling up.  You'd be surprised how much of a
difference a flaming sword makes while chopping down trees.

If the monsters still take several heal berries to kill, or if the amount of
time required to kill the monster is not what you would consider efficient, you
may just be underlevelled for the quest you're undertaking.

 07.02 - Monster levels
The areas mentioned with each monster are the area in which they appear
THE MOST.  Weasels appear far south of jangyan, but they're more densely
populated immediately east of Jangan.
Fighting monsters at or below your level is recommended.  It's possible to
fight monsters of a higher level, but so much money is spent on healing items
that it becomes counterproductive.

I only have the monsters from the first continent catalogued here, since I have
yet to leave that area.

Level 1
Immediately west of Jangan
South of Jangan

Small eye ghost
Level 2
Far south of Jangan

Big eye ghost
Level 3
Far south of Jangan
Immediately east of Jangan

Old Weasel
Level 4
East of Jangan

Level 5
East of Jangan

Water Ghost slave
Level 6
North of Jangan

Water Ghost
Level 7
North of Jangan

Grave Stone Spirit
Level 8
Far southeast of Jangan, in the graveyard

Grave Stone
Level 9
Far southeast of Jangan, in the graveyard

Decayed Yeoha
Level 10
West of Jangan, over either of the top two bridges

Level 10
West of Jangan, over either of the top two bridges

Bandit Subordinate
Level 11
Southeast of Bandit hideout, over southmost bridge east of Jangan

Bandit Archer
Level 12
Southeast of Bandit hideout, over southmost bridge east of Jangan
Bandit hideout

Young Tiger
Level 13
West of crossroads west of the exorcist's house

Level 14
West of corssroads west of the exorcist's house

Bandit Bowman
Level 15
southwest of Bandit hideout

Level 16
Southwest of Bandit hideout
Bandit hideout

Black Tiger
Level 17
Northwest of Bandit hideout/West of Tiger territory

White Tiger
Level 18
Northwest of Bandit hideout/West of Tiger territory

 07.03 - Mind your area
All too often, you'll find a monster straying into an area it shouldn't be.
For example, Thieves right outside town, hitting you for four times your
maximum HP.  Or the level 16 Bandits wandering about while you're trying to
focus on that several hours long operational map quest.  The areas monsters
roam about are very large.  If you find that monsters that shouldn't be where
you are are showing up, you should run back for a good fifteen seconds or more.

 07.04 - Auto potion
Another problem people have with staying alive is the use of their healing
items.  People think they're cool just using HP or MP recovery herbs when they
see fit.  That's all well and good, but if you find that you're dying more than
once per session, you may want to consider turning on auto potion.

First, press "T" to bring up the menu.  Click the auto-use HP herb button and
set a desired life total at which you want to use a healing item.  On
characters with self heal, I set it at 35%, and without at 45%
Leave the potion delay on, unless you want to be using two or three heal herbs
at a time when you only needed one.
Select the belt slot it's in (you can set it to f4-9 if you really don't want
to be bothered with it), then press confirm to turn it on.

I recommend doing this with mana as well, but at a much lower number, like 20%.
The common argument you'll hear is this "I'll decide when I want to use my MP
berries!  I don't want to overuse them!"  But think about it.  If you're down
to 15% MP, are you going to sit down and wait for the whole bar to charge?

A problem with this, however, is that you'll find yourself using skills with
much less inhibition.  This may lead to the purchase of more MP berries than
before, but they're only 50 gold apiece, and you pick up about 100 gold from
any monster on the first continent.

08.00 - Which element is best?
All of the elements have their benefits, but it would depend entirely on the
direction you want to take your character.  I'll quickly run down the pros and
cons of each.

 08.01 - Fire
Fire: Incredibly high damage output.  No slowing, no utility, it's all damage.
Fire is a good element for someone who's going to spend a lot of time hitting
stuff and hitting stuff gooder.  The only effect fire has on the enemy in terms
of status ailments is burning the enemy, whose damage is truly paltry in
comparison to the damage you'll be doing.
Fire's second ability is to increase magic resistance.  If you're using armor,
your physical defense will be high, and your magic defense will be low.
With fire, you'll have high defense in both areas, and you'll be nothing short
of a tank.
Even it's third rank ability, which is a utility ability on the other elements,
is a power booster.
Yet another power booster is Flame - Devil force which permanently increases
your power by 1% per level of the ability.

Strongly recommended for: Swords, Glaives, Armor
Recommended for swords because of the compatibility of shields with the shield
infusing spell.
Recommended for glaives because of the already naturally high attack power of
the weapon as a complement to the additional power offered by Fire.
Recommended for Armor because you won't be stopping the enemy from hitting you
in any way, so you'll have to be able to take a hit.

 08.02 - Lightning
Thanks to Dr Death for clarifying lightning's abilities

Lightning: This is tricky.  It's got more damage than cold, the reduced parry
rate, which allows you to deal more damage to targets, and wind walk, which I
just can't seem to get enough of.
Unfortunately, the reduced parry effect is only a chance of happening, so
they'll be taking reduced damage otherwise.  The damage is still nice though,
all other things considered.
The secondary ability increases the damage dealt by your force based attacks.
Either the imbue or the nuke, both appreciate the bonus given by Piercing Force.
The third ability is probably the best ability in the game.  Wind walk.  It
increases your move speed for 6 minutes at level 1.  Also in the third ability
is teleport.  The ability to move to your destination in the blink of an eye.
This is really helpful for armor wearers, who suffer a reduced movement speed.
Increased Dodge in both an active ability and in a passive ability makes
lightning an ideal choice for anyone who uses a shield.

Strongly Recommended for: Garment, Protector, Armor, Swords
Recommended for Garment and Protector because of the effect those armor types
have on magic.
Recommended for Armor because of windwalk's ability to offset the movement
Recommended for Swords because of the speed at which swords hit, increasing the
chance of inflicting paralyze or stun.

 08.03 - Cold
Cold: This element should not be taken into consideration for damage purposes
unless you're using a bow.  The overall damage of this tree is so low in
comparison to others that it's sad.  It's saving graces, however, are the
absolutely amazing slowing abilities and defensive capabilities of the tree.
The first ability is to infuse your weapon with ice.  Each hit on a target nets
a 25% chance to slow and a 5% chance to freeze.  This is a truly amazing
synergy with garment, since it has a lower physical defense.  Decreasing the
amount of hits you take overall is nice no matter which armor type you're
using, but it's especially good on a character who takes three times as much
per hit as other characters.
The second ability increases the physical defense of the user.  Again, great
synergy with garment's lack thereof.
The passive ability of cold increases physical defense even further.

Strongly recommended for: Swords, Bows, Garment
Recommended for Garment because of the plethora of physical defense raising
abilities to counteract the natural disadvantage of the armor type.
Recommended for Swords because of the speed at which swords hit, increasing
the chances of inflicting one of the slowing status ailments.
Recommended for Bows because of the slowing ability's ability to keep an enemy
far away for a long time while you peg them with arrows.

09.00 - Tricky Items
Certain items in the game are good for you, but aren't explained in great
detail.  Items that help you gather your spoils faster, items get get you from
point A to point B faster, items that enable PVP combat, and even items that
prevent pesky botters from stealing your kills and encroaching on your
territory while you do evil missions that take long enough on their own without
the assistance of cheaters.

 09.01 - Protector
Protectors are items sold by the grocery store lady that prevent 'botters',
people who use a hack to auto-hunt units while they sleep, from ruining the
experience of others.  They're only 100 gold each, and to prevent abuse on
non-cheating players, can only be used once per hour.  You'd better make sure
your target isn't just a taciturn hardcore power levelling fiend, lest you end
up wasting a protector and spending an hour lamenting in sorrow when you see a
real botter.

To use the protector, simply click the botter, open your inventory with the 'I'
button, and right click the protector.  This will summon a weak hitting dog in
front of your target, and the application of the bot says there is a hostile
enemy in front of it.  The protector explodes when attacked, killing the botter.
Also, you can hook the protector to a hotkey by clicking the item, then clicking
one of the numbers at the bottom center of the screen.

 09.02 - Army faction cape
As far as I can tell, it doesn't really matter which one you pick, aside from
the fact you can't attack anyone who has the same color cape on.  The exception
to this rule is the Prodigy cape, which allows you to attack or be attacked by
anyone, even other prodigy cape users.

While wearing a cape, you can be attacked by anyone else who has a cape of a
different army on.
Removing a cape from your equipment slot takes about ten seconds, and can not
be done less than twenty seconds after exiting combat.  This is to prevent
people from donning the cape, pegging someone with arrows, then removing it
quickly once they find out their target isn't dead.
Donning the cape, however, can happen instantly.  This leads to a lot of people
not wearing their cape until they see someone else wearing a cape they desire
to attack, then sneaking up behind them, putting the cape on, and getting in a
couple blows as a head start.  My pride is far too valuable to let people like
this get away, making the need for windwalk and universal pills in the inventory
a must to remove the cold, frozen, paralyzed, or stunned effect the offender
leaves on you a must.

These capes are only FIVE HUNDRED GOLD at the grocery store NPC.  Do not spend
any more than this at the numerous stalls that have them in stock for 1,300 or
You must be level 10 to use an army faction cape.

If you are killed by another player, you may resurrect immediately where you
were killed.  You will not lose experience as a result of dying to a player
killing you.

10.00 - How do I make a guild?
To avoid an overpopulation of randoms making guilds they'll quickly forget
about, SilkRoad Online requires that anyone who desires to start their own
guild pay 500,000 gold as a one-time startup fee.

Once your guild has been created, you're welcome to a maximum number of 50
players to join you.

Your guild starts as a level 1 guild, and can be upgraded for an increasing
amount of gold per level.  To get to a level 2 guild costs 2 million, levels 3
through 5 are currently unknown to me, but I've heard the level 5 upgrade costs
a whopping 72 million gold!

At level 2, your guild gains the ability "guild storage" with which you can
store items at a guild master in any of the towns, and they can be picked up by
anybody else in the guild at any of the guild masters in any town.  Guild
storage can hold up to 120 different items upon full expansion.

If you leave a guild, you'll be unable to join another guild or create your own
guild for three days.  This is to prevent abuse of the system during guild

11.00 - How to run a stall
When opening a stall, you have the option of naming your price when selling
your items. Most newbies have NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS. And frankly, it's

beginner return scrolls for 15,000
stack of arrows for 700
stack of heal berries for 8,000

Talk about irritating.

If you're selling an item than an NPC sells, a rule of thumb is to sell it for
 75% of that price.
If you're selling an item that's not sold by an NPC, but has no blue (level 13
bow, for example) You can name your price, but DO NOT exceed twice what the
amount named by the "price when sold to shop" is.

If you're selling a blue item, immortal, steady, +2 strength, etc. You can add
a modifier, depending on the level of the item. Obviously a level 13 item with
lucky isn't going to be worth as much as a level 60 item with an alchemy
enhancing trait, as people won't waste a 240,000 gold elixir on a 2,000 bow
they'll use for almost one day.

 11.01 - Exceptional items
Naturally, there are some items that are exceptions to this rule.  Elixirs, for
example, are extremely rare, and for the most part, you can name your price on
them.  These prices may vary with time, but so far, they're pretty stable.
If you want to include more items, send me an email.

Seal of Star/Moon/Sun - Name your price, they will pay it.  I've seen level 10
items with Seal of Star going for 300,000 gold, and level 18s going for close
to 8,000,000.

Elixir/Weapon - From what I've seen, these can go for anywhere between 225,000
and 250,000 gold.  Naturally, you'll always see some in stalls for higher
prices, and that's why you'll see them in stalls at that price.  Nobody wants
to pay 350,000 gold for a weapon elixir.

Elixir/Anything else - 30,000 to 80,000.  Accessories, Protectors, Garments,
Shields, the whole bit.  They're not nearly worth as much as a result of the
focus on increasing your damage.

12.00 - How do I build my character?
**NOTE: This section applies to Chinese characters ONLY**
Character 'builds' on SilkRoad Online are as plentiful as sandcastles at the
beach.  Some of the more common ones will be explained below.

Fire Glaive - Should be self explanatory.  Generally used in conjunction with
armor type, so the Skill Points can be spent in just Heuksal and Fire skillsets,
rather than going into healing.  The Heuksal passive increases your HP, while
the fire passive increases your damage.  Constantly looking for stronger
weapons and armor is the one major problem with Fire Glaives.

Damage is high.  Stability is high.  Mobility is low.
SP use is low.  Heal consumption is moderate.  Mana consumption is low.
Gold cost is very high.

Nuker - ANY of the trees' level 30 abilities that is a long distance magic
attack.  This becomes the character's primary form of attack, and is highly
recommended against for PvM (player vs. monster) and more for PvP, since you can
kill at a distance.  Generally, nukers are pure intelligence, to further
augment their damage output.  Nukers tend to wear garment over armor, as a
result of the increased ability to run away and keep distance from the enemy,
and since they'd rather not be in melee range of a monster in any case.  One up
on other builds, as you're not spending copious amounts of money on finding an
ultimate weapon.  Many nukers won't even put points into a weapon tree, focusing
primarily on their offensive tree.  Some will put points in their weapon tree,
some will put points in healing, but all of them will keep on top of their
nuke skill tree.
A nuker's best weapon will have a high mag. attack value, high mag. reinforce,
and as much intensity as you can afford (+4, +5, +6, etc.).  Critical rate
doesn't matter for a nuker, as magic has a 0% chance of critical.  Physical
attack value doesn't matter much, as you won't be swinging the sword so much
as using it like a pointy, sharp, stabby wand.  This saves you a lot of money
by only forcing you to buy Philosophy and Mind stones, sparing you courage, 
warriors, and challenge stones.

Damage is (ice; high) (lightning/fire; very high), Stability is very low.
Mobility is (fire/ice; high) (lightning; very high), SP use is low.
Heal consumption is moderate.  Mana consumption is very high.  Gold cost is low.
Damage is lower on Sword/Shield users, but stability is higher, as shields offer
additional defense and a chance to block attacks outright.

Red Mage - Named after the Final Fantasy I class, as a jack of all trades, but
a master of none.  Can take any weapon proficiency, but the more common ones
use Bicheon (Sword/Blade) mastery, as the shield is a complement to their
staying power.  They take any of the offensive skill trees (Fire/Ice/Lightning),
and also the Force (healing) tree.  This tends to leave you hungry for SP or
lagging behind with a permanent SP gap of 2 or more, but you've got the ability
to heal yourself and others, break out magic where it's needed, and you're not
dying for gold, because you won't be spending it on heal berries or the next
advancement in equipment.
Overall, it's not as effective at killing monsters as the fire glaive, but it's
a little more fun.

Damage is moderate.  Stability is very high.  Mobility is moderate to high.
SP use is very high.  Heal consumption is low.  Mana consumption is high.
Gold cost is very low.

 12.01 - Strength vs Intelligence
Many times you'll hear "pure str" or "pure int" while playing SilkRoad Online.
This refers to a character putting 100% of its points into Strength (pure str)
or 100% of its points into Intelligence (pure int).  Although there are
painfully obvious advantages and disadvantages to each of these, it is generally
recommended that a new player put at least some points into both strength and

Strength - Increases Physical balance (damage)
Increases physical damage
Reduces damage from physical attacks (90% of monsters in the game)
Increases hit points

Intelligence - Increases magical balance (damage)
Increases magical damage
Reduces damage from magical attacks (100% of chinese characters use magic
based attacks, as fire force/river force/lightning force imbues all are magic
based, even if they're not nukers)
Increases mana points

Naturally, if you're running a fire glaive character, you'll want a vast
majority of your points in strength, in order to keep your healing time to a
minimum, and your damage per second to a maximum.
Conversely, if you're running a nuker, you'll want many more points in
intelligence than strength.  Although the decreased necessity for mana berries
is a nice perk, you'll find that the lack of hit points leaves you wanting.

 12.10 - European Characters
With the inclusion of Legend I came the inclusion of another selectable race
for people to play.  European Characters.  These differ greatly from Chinese
characters in many important aspects.
* Europeans use ONLY physical or ONLY magical attacks, depending on class.
Staves don't have a physical attack value, and Daggers don't have a mag. attack
* Europeans have a 15 second potion delay.  Once you get hit and chug a healing
potion, you have to wait 15 seconds before you can use another.
* Europeans kill monsters faster.  They have a higher damage output in exchange
for the inability to heal themselves effectively.  As such, you'll find
yourself hard pressed to kill giants later on in the game.
* Chinese are much better at grinding alone, whereas Europeans are designed for
party play.  You'll notice when selecting skills on a European character that
many can't target yourself, and others target as many as 8 friendly units.  This
makes travelling with a cleric a Euro's dream.

 12.20 - How do I build my European Character?
In my experience, I've noticed that you're not as at liberty to throw stat
points around as you were with Chinese characters.  Where a point in Int still
added damage for physical attackers in the Chinese realm, a point in Int does
much less for warriors and rogues.

Warrior (2handed sword, 1handed sword, dual axe) - 100% Strength.  There's
really no reason to grab intelligence on this character.  Their skills don't
cost a whole lot of mana, and the amounts you can get from armor far exceed the
amount you'll need (1200 MP on armor at 8th degree).  Furthermore, all damage
for this class is based on strength, so each point you put in int takes away
from the damage output you'll be able to do.  Yes, you'll have an increased
resistance to magic damage, but it comes at the cost of HP and damage output.

Rogue (Crossbow, Daggers) - 100% Strength.  As with the warrior, you need the
strength for damage and HP, especially if you use Dagger Desparate, which
reduces your defense to 25%, or crossbow Extreme, which lowers your defense and
HP by about 50%.

Wizard (Staff) - 100% Intelligence/66% Intelligence.  Here's your first tough
decision.  While a 100% int wizard sounds like fun, allowing for truly silly
damage output, they also have this ability called "Life Control".  With Life
Control on, your HP is cut in half, but your damage in increased by about 50%.
If you're full intelligence at level 80, you're looking at about 3,000 HP while
fighting Niya Generals.  Needless to say, you can expect to die a lot (As I
have.) when champions spawn behind you and surprise you with a critical hit that
does more than your life total.
Hybrid decreases your damage a little bit, but you get much needed HP, and some
physical defense to make up for the robes you're stuck wearing (Unless you dual
classed into something that can wear light armor and then went for it).

Warlock (Warlock Rod) - 100% Intelligence/66% Intelligence.  Many people take
Warlock as a secondary class in order to debuff/stun/sleep people before
switching back to their main weapon and dealing the final blow.  However, if
Warlock is your main class, look at it as a wizard with a shield.  It does less
damage per spell, but you get some nice effects in exchange.  The ability to
reduce a target's magic defense, physical defense, phys/magic damage, remove
the ability to heal with potions, make people move slower, and a multitude of
damaging status effects such as burn, poison, and bleed.

*This is a highly recommended class if you hate bots.  You can cast your status
effects on the bot and wait for the monsters he's fighting to kill him.  You
will go purple (offender) for 30 seconds, but sometimes it's worth it to get the
bot out of your grinding spot.

Cleric (Cleric Rod) - 100% Intelligence/66% Intelligence/50% Intelligence.
This magic class has a very hard time killing on its own, since it's got the
lowest damage spells in the game.  However, many parties will be excited to
include you and let you ride the powerlevel bus because of what you can do to
party members.
-Increased Strength: Target up to four people to get a hefty boost to str for 30
-Increased Intelligence: As per Increased Strength
-Body Blessing: Target the whole party for about a 20% boost to physical defense
for 30 minutes
-Soul Blessing: As per Body Blessing, except increases magical defense.
-Group Healing: Heal everyone in the group for large amounts of HP at once.
-Resurrection: Restore the dead.  'Nuff said.
-Bless Spell: Massive boost to physical defense and magical defense for 45

Because of this, many people are willing to take cleric as a second class in
order to get into parties that otherwise wouldn't allow them.

Sub class clerics:
Bless Spell: Makes you nigh invulnerable for 45 seconds while you go berserk on
a giant
Recovery Division: Heals you over time for 5 minutes.  A nice skill for rogues
and warriors, as it almost negates the effect of the potion delay.

Bard (Harp) - 100% Intelligence/66% Intelligence.  The penultimate second class
for low HP characters.  Devoted bards get some nice attacks, including an area
of effect attack that hits almost as hard as a wizard's normal fireball.  This
makes it so they're not too hard to level up, however their damage output is
low, they can only wear robes, and their attacks are based on int, so your HP
isn't going to be in the five digit range.
Devoted Bards in Parties:
-Nobody ever has to eat a mana potion.  Bards can restore mana to everyone,
including themselves.
-Move March.  Faster than the chinese Grass Walk, and it can be cast on the
whole party
-Guard Tambour.  Increase physical absorbtion rate of the entire party.
-Mana Tambour.  Increase magical absorbtion rate of the entire party
-Dance of Valor.  Increase physical damage of the entire party
-Dance of Magic.  Increase magical damage of the entire party

Sub class bards:
Noise - Prevents monsters from attacking you unless you attack them first.
This makes it a staple for wizards and warlocks who like to grind alone.
Move March - Increased move speed is addictive.  You either grab this or you're
stuck using drugs of wind forever.

13.00 - Weapons, Armor, and You
Thanks to FTW_DrDeath for this section

Item Type: This tells you what the item is (Weapon, Armor, Jewelry etc;)
Mounting Area:(armor only) On armor this would mean this is the section of your
body it mounts on.
Degree: currently there are 8 degrees of item, each new degree is a different
look. They also require different lucky powders in alchemy.
Phy: For armor this would mean physical defense, and for weapons this would
mean the range of physical damage, it would like something like this. 10~35
Mag: For armor this would mean magical defense, and for weapons this would mean
the range of magical damage, it would like something like this. 23~49 (Magic
damage is always higher, even on the physical type weapons.)
Parry Ratio: All of your parry ratios are added together, and they form the
chance that you will be dealt minimum damage.
Block:(shield only) The block rating is a % chance in which you have, to be
able to block any attacks directed at you. You recieve 0 damage from a blocked
Attack Rating:(weapon only) Attack rating decide how often you do your max
damage range, instead of your minimum damage range, this is the exact opposite
of parry.
Critical:(weapon only) The critical of your weapon equals a % of how often you
will pull off a critical hit.  Critical hits in SilkRoad Online, as in many
other games, do drastically more damage than noncritical hits, but are otherwise
the same as a normal hit.
Durability:(not on jewelry) This is the durability of your item, its endurance
to be able to take hits, if it goes to 0 it will not be destroyed, it just
will act as if your not wearing it untill it is repaired.
Phy/ Mag Reinforce(Armor only): These rates determine how much higher your
damage will increase when you + up a weapon with alchemy. A higher reinforced
weapon will result in higher max damage.
Phy/ Mag Absorbsion(Jewelry only): The absorbtion rates result in taking
reduced damage from the appropriate sources.
Required Level: This is the level you have to be to equip the current item.
If you de-level while having a higher item on you the game will not add its
stats to your defense.

 13.01 - Weapons
Glaive - A high power polearm, and a reach weapon.  Highest physical attack
power of any weapon in the game, but lower magical attack power than its
counterpart, the spear.  Also offset by the inability to equip a shield while
using this weapon.  This defines the glaive as an ultra attack weapon that bets
it all on one shot

Spear - Very similar to the glaive, in that it's a high power polearm and has
long reach.  Like the glaive, you're unable to equip a shield, which leaves your
staying power lacking.  Also, the Spear trades off physical attack for magical
attack power, which makes the necessity for the (level 5 skill) River force
series a necessity when attacking.

Blade - A hefty chopping blade with moderate attack power.  Blades attack much
faster than polearms, and have the benefit of equipping a shield, which
increases defense, increases parry, and offers the ability to block attacks.
The benefits of blade are best recognized when using a river force skill with
a battle altering effect, such as cold.

Sword - THE tool of the underdog.  Low physical attack power is exchanged for
magic power.  Add this to the fact that you can equip a shield, and it becomes
the poster child for nuker type characters.

Bow - Low power, slow attack speed, no shield... enough can't be said negatively
about the bow in close combat.  Fortunately, the bow doesn't need to start in
close combat.  It gets a few shots in as a head start, and if the bow user
happened to pick the cold tree, it's possible to obliterate an enemy before it
even comes within striking range.  Unfortunately arrows cost 2 gold each, and
early in the game, You'll find yourself unable to purchase heal berries or
unable to repair your equipment at the cost of replenishing your arrow supply.
Also, bows have significantly lower durability than other weapons.

 13.02 - Armor
Armor - High physical defense, lower magical defense, lower movement speed
Protector - Medium physical defense, magical defense, and movement speed
Garment - Low physical defense, high magical defense, high movement speed

Naturally, all of these have their own benefits and disadvantages.  Aside from
what's listed here, the lighter your armor is, the less MP it costs to cast your
spells.  Also, a common misconception among newbies is that you're stuck with
the armor class you chose throughout the game.  This is NOT TRUE!  You can take
a character equipped entirely in protectors, and throw that seal of star armor
type chest protector on if you want, but it's generally good to stick with one
set of armor at a time.

If you can't decide, start with Armor.  Almost all of the monsters in SRO use
physical attacks, and wearing armor will decrease damage taken overall.  You can
decide to switch at any point during the game.

*Equipping full armor set has no special effect
*Equipping combination of armor and protector has no special effect
*Equipping full protector reduces your MP costs by 10% and increases your speed
by 10%
*Equipping full garment reduces your MP costs by 20% and increases your speed
by 20%

14.00 - Tips and Tricks
Tips and tricks 

* Rubber nipples?  I'll take the whole truck!  Here's five bucks!
hold down CTRL and left click the target item you wish to buy.  This allows you
to buy a complete stack of the item you clicked without the verify menu.
Ctrl+click arrows gets you 250 arrows
Ctrl+click heal berries gets you 50 berries 

* Sick of all those pesky positive buffs?
If there are only 20 seconds left on your grasswalk effect and you want to
recast it now instead of having it wear off naturally only to be recast at a
later inconvenient time, you can right click the small icon in the upper right
corner to force disenchant the positive buff.
Note: this only works on positive buffs.  No getting rid of poison like this. 

* Extra experience points per kill
While you're in a party that does not auto-share experience, there is a 2.5% or
so bonus to experience per member.  You're only allowed four people to a party
when you do this method, but it's definitely worth partying up, even with
people you don't know, as everyone gets more experience. 
Party of two people, +5% experience
Party of three people, +7.5% experience
Party of four people, +10% experience

* Glaive user with a hawk?  Bow user with reduced status effect?
So the white hawk can only be used while you're equipped with a bow, and the
fire skill shield imbue only works while you have a shield, it's possible to
have both of these buffs on at the same time.  First, equip a bow, then cast the
hawk.  Then equip a shield and cast the shield imbue.  Then put on whichever
weapon you wanted to use and those buffs won't go away.

* There is now something called "The Stall Network".  It's a useful device that
allows you to scan all the stalls for the item you're looking for without
having to check every single stall in any given town.  Here's how it works.
While in any town, press F.  A menu will pop up with three categories.
If you're looking for a weapon elixir, under large category, select "Alchemy"
Under medium category select "Elixir", then press "Search".  It will scan all
the stalls in town for people selling elixirs.  From there, you can organize
them by price or type.

* At higher levels, degree 8 tablets are hard to come by and expensive.  But
stones are even more expensive!  Depending on how much elements cost on your
server, it may be beneficial to buy tablets, turn them into stones, then sell
the stones.  On zeus, it only takes 400,000 gold in elements to turn a stamina
or master tablet into a stone, the tablets cost only 300,000 gold each, and the
stones can go for 1,400,000 in short order.  Doing this, you'll be able to
afford the weapon of your dreams without the assistance of gold selling sites.

97.00 - Updates to SilkRoad Online
This section is devoted to offering information that may not yet be readily
available, or may be hard to come across.
Only when major changes are made to the game will this section be updated

 97.01 - 06/20/2006 update
Currently there are a few immeidately noticable changes to silkroad online.
The first of which is the addition of inventory slots on both your character and
in your storage box.  The storage box now has 5 pages in which to hold excess
items, and your inventory now has two tabs for inventory.  The original tab is
marked 'equipment' and the new tab is marked 'expand'.  Although the storage
change is immediate, the expanded character inventory requires the completion
of quests to unlock.

  97.011 - New quests
Inventory Expansion Quest the first
-Help Jinjin the grocer in Jangan.
-Quest unlockable at level 5
-Unrepeatable quest
Objective: Defeat Mangyangs, collect dropped items
Reward: Additional inventory slots (10)

Inventory Expansion Quest the second
-Help Yeosun in Donwhang
-Quest unlockable at level 30
-Unrepeatable quest
Objective: Defeat Earth Taoists, collect dropped items
Reward: Additional inventory slots (10)

Inventory Expansion Quest the third
-Help Mamoie in Hotan
-Quest unlockable at level 60
-Unrepeatable quest
Objective: Defeat Big White Spider, collect dropped items
Reward: Additional inventory slots (12)

  97.012 - New Alchemy
FUN TIMES!  Talk about a mindjob.  The new alchemy is quite a convoluted animal
when compared with the old version.  Alchemy has been completely overhauled.
Now there's many many things that can be done when playing with your items of
ultimate death and dismemberment.  Now not only can you put a big +9 modifier
next to your weapon, but now you can add magical attributes, and modify standard

Also, the new ability "Astral" has been added.  Details in the magic attribute

   97.0121 - Equip Enhance
Equip Enhance refers to the ##% you see next to the stats on your weapon.  It
represents the effectiveness of the weapon over a standard weapon of that type.
For example, a Bronze Bow bought from Chulsan has 42 durability.  No matter
what, if you purchase a Bronze Bow from Chulsan, it will have 42 durability.
Now, if you find a Bronze Bow from a water ghost, and it happens to have 46
durability, you'll see the durability stat stated as follows:
Durability 46/46 (+10%)

~~~How to utilize Equip Enhance~~~
-Press A to bring up the action window, then right click the alchemy icon.
-Press the Equip Enhance tab to open up the Equip Enhance window.
-Place the item on the left side of the Equip Enhance window.
-On the right side of the Equip Enhance window, place an Intensifying Elixir of
the appropriate type (Weapon for Glaive/Bow/Sword, Protector for protector type
armor, etc.)
-Lucky Powder and the Lucky trait are both utilized in Equip Enhance, just as in
old alchemy.
-Press the fuse button, and hope you don't fail.

~~~Failed Enhance Attempts~~~
-If you fail, the enhance level of the equipment resets.  Not good.
-If you fail a +5 or higher, the item may be destroyed or its durability
-Each successful Equip Enhance reduces the chance that any further alchemy will
be successful.

   97.0122 - Granting Magical Attributes
Increasing the magical attributes of items is now possible with the new alchemy
system.  Do you have an awesome crit 8 weapon that just isn't spectacular in any
other way?  No more!  You can put Lucky, Steady, or Immortal on the weapon and
Pound away with alchemy!

~~~How to use~~~
-Press A to bring up the action window, then right click the alchemy icon.
-Press the attribute grant tab to open the attribute grant window.
-Place your item on the left side
-Place your alchemy stone on the right side
-Lucky Powder and the Lucky trait are both utilized in Equip Enhance, just as in
old alchemy
-Press fuse and voila!  Magical attribute ahoy!

~~~What happens~~~
-When granting magical attributes is successful, the item will gain the
attribute attached to the alchemy stone at a random value.  Keep in mind this
number can be lower than the current value of the item.  Thus, IT IS POSSIBLE
with Lucky 4 could be reduced to Lucky 2.

-Upon use of Magical Attribute Granting, the alchemy stone associated with the
fusion disappears.

-Alchemy stones have degrees, just like weapons and lucky powders.  Thus,
the correct degree of alchemy stone must be used when fusing.

   97.0123 - Standard Attribute Modification
On equipment, the standard abilities, such as Phy. Reinforce, Critical, Physical
damage,etc. can be modified by attributing magic stones to the item in alchemy.

~~~How to use~~~
-Press A to bring up the action window, then right click the alchemy icon.
-Press the attribute grant tab to open the attribute grant window.
-Place your item on the left
-Place your attribute stone on the right
-Lucky Powder and the Lucky trait are both utilized in Equip Enhance, just as in
old alchemy
-Press fuse

~~~What happens~~~
-The attribute value is determined randomly.  It is impossible to get a low
number and therefore decrease the stats of the item
-Upon failure, only the attribute stone disappears, nothing happens to the
-It is possible that an attribute other than the designated attribute will be
-Each attribute stone can be used on different kinds of items, therefore, you
must use the approprite one for your equipment
-Attribute stones, like alchemy stones, exist in all degrees.  You must choose
the correct degree associated with that of your equipment.

   97.0124 - Creation of Attribute stones, Alchemy stones, and Alchemy potions
In order to get all these special new items for alchemy, you must create the

~~~How to use~~~
-Press A to bring up the action window, the right click the alchemy icon.
-Press the item enhance tab to open the item enhance window
-Tablet goes on the left (Jade, Sapphire, Ruby)
-Required alchemy materials go on the right
-Press the fuse button

~~~Stuff to remember~~~
-Alchemy tablets are dropped by monsters
~Alchemy elements can be gained from broken knives, red belts, and other mainly
useless equipment found lying about
-There is a chance that alchemy and attribute stones will come up as a result of
destroying the useless items

~~~Alchemy Stone Types~~~
Strength: grants +strength to equipment
Intelligence: grants +intelligence to equipment
Master: Increases durability
Strikes: Increases attack rating (weapon only)
Discipline: Increased 'parry ignore' on weapons
Penetration: critical parry ratio on shields
Dodging: Increased parry ratio on protectors
Stamina: Increased HP on Head, Chest, and Leg protectors
Magic: Increased MP on head, chest, and leg protectors
Fogs: Ice resistance on accessories
Air: Lightning resistance on accessories
Fire: Fire resistance on accessories
Immunity: poison resistance on accessories
Revival: Zombie status resistance on accessories
Immortal: Increases the "immortal" value by 1 on equipment (Item Mall only)
Hardness: Increases the "steady" value by 1 on equipment
Luck: Increases the "lucky" value by 1 on equipment
Astral: Increases the "astral" value by 1 on equipment

~~~Attribute Stone Types~~~
Courage: Weapon Physical Attack
Warriors: Weapon Physical Reinforce
Philosophy: Weapon Magical attack
Meditation: Weapon Megical Reinforce
Challenge: Weapon Critical
Focus: Attack Rating
Flesh: Shield and Protector phys defense power
Life: Shield and Protector phys reinforce
Mind: Shield and Protector Magical defense
Spirit: Shield and protector magical defense
Dodging: protector parry ratio
agility: Shield blocking ratio
Training: Accessory physical absorption
Prayer: Accessory Magical absorption

~~~Alchemy Potion Types~~~
Breeze: movement speed is increased when used
Wind: Movement speed is increased (sold by NPCs)
Gales: Movement speed is increased
Typhoon: Movement speed is increased (sold by NPCs)

   97.0125 - Destroying Alchemy Materials
You'll find a lot of otherwise useless items from monsters with the new patch.
These items can be destroyed in exchange for alchemy and attribute stones.

~~~How to use~~~
-Press A to bring up the action window.  right click the alchemy icon
-Press the item enhance tab to bring up the item enhance window
-On the left, put the items that do the destroying (void rondo, destroy rondo)
-On the right, place the useless items
-Press fuse

~~~Stuff to Remember~~~
-Void Rondos are used on the useless items dropped by monsters
-Destroyer rondos are used on equipment items which will yield significantly
higher element turnouts than the useless items.
-Void rondos and destroyer rondos can be purchased at grocery stores.
-There must be sufficient inventory slots in order to destroy useless items
-If you plan on using the new alchemy, keep the elements in your inventory and
keep the tablets in your storage.  You will always be making more elements, and
since the stacks of elements go so high, you won't have to worry about it,
however, the tablets come in all shapes and sizes, and since they appear so
randomly you won't have to return to town as often as you would if you were to
keep your elements in the storage instead.

  97.013 - New Pets
Gray Wolf:
Can be purchased at stables in each town, and has the following traits
1) Has the ability to attack enemies, unlike any pet in the past
2) Gains experience and levels, making them a valuable asset in combat
3) Can change in appearance
4) It can die, and must be taken care of

White Wolf:
Can be purchased through the item mall, and has all the traits of the gray wolf
plus the fact that its white, and it cannot be sold or traded.

++++Taking care of your pet++++
-Recovery kits are purchasable from the stables, and are required to keep your
pets alive, only for HP healing purposes, not hunger recovering purposes
-Grass of life is also purchasable from the stable.  This item will resurrect a
dead wolf.
-HGP recovery potion, also purchased from the stable, is an item that will deal
with your pet's hunger
-Abnormal status recovery potion is purchasable from stable.  Take a wild guess
at what this does.

++++Pet facts++++
-In order to use the wolf pet, your character must be at least level 5
-A pet may not be summoned in the midst of battle, nor may it be summoned while
dead.  Also, the pet may not be unsummoned during battle, or while dead.
-You may only have one Myowon (Monkey or Squirrel) and one Wolf (gray or white)
pet summoned simultaneously.
-To unsummon a pet, simply type /unsummon in the chat window, or click the
unsummon button at the lower right corner of the screen.
-While wearing an army cape, your pet will be automatically unsummoned.
-If the wolf pet dies, it will be automatically unsummoned.
-You may own a pet for an unlimited amount of time, and you may spend as much
time as you like coming up with a name for it.  Unfortunately, you can only name
your pet once.  So make it count.
-If the pet's level ever exceeds your own (through dying and level-down), it
will be impossible to summon until your level equals that of your pet.  Once a
pet's level reaches your own, it will cease to gain experience until you
level up.  When a pet levels up, its stat points are allocated automatically.
-When the HP or the Hunger (HGP) of a pet reaches 0, it will die, be unsummoned,
and will be unable to be summoned again until a grass of life is used on the
summon item.

Pets can be given commands either via the buttons at the lower right, or by
entering the commands into the chat window.  The relevant commands are as
/attack; attacks a target
/unsummon; unsummons the pet
/offensive; when a character attacks, the pet does as well
/defensive; the pet will not attack unless commanded to do so
/follow; commands the pet to come close to the character

Using the pet to attack and kill a player will cause both the player and the pet
to achieve murderer status.  Also, attacking the pet of a player will give the
player and the pet murderer status.

  97.014 - Interface Changes
A few aesthetic changes have been made with the 6-20 patch.
One feature is to be able to 'zoom out' to a farther distance than before.
Using the mouse wheel, you can roll it down to scroll out to see more of the
map than you could before.

Below the lifebar of monsters and party members, you'll now see which buffs and
ailments the targets are afflicted with.

The location of the berserk gauge has also changed.

 97.10 - Making your ultimate weapon
Okay, so you're level 72 and you've got the last weapon you can get in the game
until the level cap increase comes out, but you still find yourself doing less
damage per shot than other people.  Why?  If your gap is zero and you've got
all your skills up to par, it's because of your weapon.  Many things affect the
overall damage of your weapon, and all of which can be fixed up with stones and
elixirs, save one aspect.  Seal of Sun.  No matter what you do to a weapon, you
can't turn a regular weapon into a seal, so if you have the money, buy one and
work with that.  Otherwise, grab a weapon of choice and get crackin'.

Physical Attack - This is your bread-and-butter value.  You want this as high
as humanly possible (except for nukers and magical europeans).  Jade Stone of
Courage fixes this value.  Since you need a ton of stones to get the number you
want, you want to do this first, and since you're doing this stat first, it
doesn't matter if anything gets assimilated, so go ahead and burn those 35%
stones here.  After you get your 80% (or more), go right to 10% stones for the
rest of your weapon.

Magic Attack - This is just like physical attack for nukers and magical
europeans.  Crank this number through the roof first, then work on the rest of
the weapon.  On chinese glaive/blade/archers, this value isn't as important as
physical attack, but you still want to crank it up as high as possible.  This
value is affected by Jade Stone of Philosophy.

Critical rate - not important at all for nukers and magical europeans.  For
everyone else, however, it's vital.  Daggers can go as high as 25, whereas
other weapons cap out around 12.  Jade stone of Challenge fixes this amount, and
is the only other stat that could be considered for upgrade before physical
attack value.

Physical Reinforce - Long story short, it's an increase to your physical damage.
Not nearly as important as physical attack, but still should see over 60%.
Jade Stone of Warriors for this one

Magical Reinforce - As per Physical Reinforce, except applied to Magical Attack.
Jade Stone of Mind for this one.

Attack Rating - Absolutely vital.  With a high attack rating, you'll see
yourself doing higher damage more often.  It's directly measured against your
opponent's parry rating, therefore, you want as much of an edge as possible.
Jade Tablet of Focus for this one.

Attack Rating booster - Also vital.  it's got a synergistic effect with the
existing attack rating value.  It adds a magical bonus (a 'blue') that increases
the base attack rating stat.  Since blues are easier to get up to 100% than 
base stats, it's recommended you do this one later, and only with 10% assimilate

Block Parry - Just as good as Attack Rating.  This reduces the effectiveness of
people using their parry ratio against your attacks.

Everything else is gravy.  Nice gravy, but still gravy.  5 str or 5 int won't
provide a massive boost to damage, durability doesn't increase damage, and
immortal/lucky/astral/steady are simply for attempting to increase your
intensity level to truly silly amounts.

 97.11 - Intensifying Elixir Success Rates
Through hours (and billions of gold) in testing, I've come up with a spreadsheet
that chronicles the success and fail rate of intensifying elixirs when used on
All tests include Premium (5% bonus to success with elixirs), and use Lucky
Powders (bought from jewel lapidary/grocery trader)

Keep in mind that "Elixirs req" is only an ESTIMATE.  Statistics is a cruel
mistress.  I once spent 41 elixirs just trying to get a piece of equipment up
to +3.

To make a +0 weapon +1.
Attempts: 80 (This is how many times I've personally done this test)
Successes: 80 (This is how many times I've succeeded getting to +1, +2, etc)
Failures: 0 (This is how many times I've failed getting to +1, +2, etc.)
Success rate: 100% (This is the chance of success of getting to +1)
Elixirs req: 1 (This is the average amount of elixirs required to get from +0 to
  whichever bonus this is)
Avg cost weapon: 300,000 (This is how much is costs to go from +0 to +X if 
  weapon elixirs are 300k on your server.  scale up or down accordingly)
Avg cost armor: 200,000(This is how much is costs to go from +0 to +X if 
  protector elixirs are 200k on your server.  scale up or down accordingly)
Avg cost shield: 100,000(This is how much is costs to go from +0 to +X if 
  Shield elixirs are 100k on your server.  scale up or down accordingly)
Avg cost access: 70,000(This is how much is costs to go from +0 to +X if 
  accessory elixirs are 300k on your server.  scale up or down accordingly)

To make a +1 weapon +2.
Attempts: 80 
Successes: 58
Failures: 22
Success rate: 72.5% 
Elixirs req: 2.75
Avg cost weapon: 827,586 
Avg cost armor: 551,724
Avg cost shield: 275,862
Avg cost access: 193,103
Chance to get +0 to +2 in two elixirs: 72.5%

To make a +2 weapon +3
Attempts: 58
Successes: 28
Failures: 30
Success rate: 48.2%
Elixirs req: 7.78
Avg cost weapon: 2,335,714
Avg cost armor: 1,557,143
Avg cost shield: 778,571
Avg cost access: 575,000
Chance to get +0 to +3 in three elixirs: 35%

To make a +3 weapon +4
Attempts: 30
Successes: 9
Failures: 21
Success rate: 30%
Elixirs req: 27.56
Avg cost weapon: 8,266,667
Avg cost armor: 5,511,111
Avg cost shield: 2,755,556
Avg cost Access: 1,928,889
Chance to get +0 to +4 in four elixirs: 10.5%

To make a +4 weapon +5 (needs more testing)
Attempts: 7
Successes: 2
Failures: 5
Success rate: 28.5%
Elixirs req: 127.5
Avg cost weapon: 38,250,000
Avg cost armor: 25,500,000
Avg cost shield: 12,750,000
Avg cost accessory: 8,925,000
Chance to get +0 to +5 in five elixirs: 3% (good luck)

98.00 - Glossary of Terms
Credit to FTW_DrDeath for glossary

pots (Heal pot/Mana pot): Potions, bought from herbalist.
HP/MP: Health points/ Magic (mana) points 
SoS: Seal of Star, this is an item equal to a +5 item
SoM: Seal of Moon, This item is equal to items within the +8 range.
SoSun: Seal of Sun, this item is equal to a +12 item.
DW: Donhwang, the 2nd town of SRO, if you're playing a Chinese character
Sam: Samarkand, the 2nd town of SRO, if you're playing a European character
Res (rez): A one word sentence given by a dead character to passers by as a
request to raise them from the dead.  First obtained at level 17 force.

99.99 Credits
Thanks to FTW_DrDeath for clearing up information in a lot of sections, for
providing a glossary, and for the details on weapon and armor stats
Thanks to NeccoWafers for exact ratios in SP farming seciton
Thanks to w_tigers87 for SP cost table