Gears of War Xbox360 FAQ/Walkthrough

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                                 GEARS OF WAR                                 
                     Campaign/Multiplayer Walkthrough/FAQ
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                               Author: xunhallowed

                               Began: January 6th, 2007

                               Completed: April 3rd, 2008


March 27, 2007: Version 0.5 released. This is the first version of my FAQ,
which includes the full campaign walkthrough, along with a portion of the
multiplayer section. I'm hoping I'll have the multiplayer section up by April.

March 29, 2007: Completely revamped the strategy section. Got rid of backup
strategies and replaced all strategies with a generic tag. Adding ratings and
my own input about each strategy currently. Multiplayer's going to be a bit
longer than I expected.

April 12, 2007: Changed the strategy section's format yet again. Gridlock is 
confirmed done, and each day I'll add another map until I'm finally done with
strategies, and then I'll move on to the game modes, since Annex was just
released, along with a retarded patch that forced me to remove the upcoming
glitching section of my FAQ, since glitches are now impossible, save a select
few. Much more on the way.

April 14, 2007: A little behind, Canals strategies are done. Clocktower and
Escalation should be done by tomorrow. 

April 16, 2007: Clocktower's done, but not Escalation. I've been working on my
Full Spectrum Warrior guide, and working on my Crackdown achievements (only
have 5 left to go), so I haven't been able to do much. My guide should now be
on two other sites, and I can't believe that within a week, I've already been
asked twice. I put my email up for one second....Well, anyway, I'll most likely
grant permission for my guide, as long as you're a somewhat known site. Once I
finish my Full Spectrum Warrior guide and get my $25, I'll add more on this
guide. I really need to finish this multiplayer section. I put strategies up
for Escalation, Fuel Depot, and Mansion, though they're not rated. Remember,
anyone willing to send me strategies is more than welcome to, for full credit.

April 19, 2007: I should be getting Guitar Hero II (for Xbox 360) this weekend,
so I'm trying to get something done before I start slacking. Clocktower
strategies are finished, and I'm working on Fuel Depot. I'm a little upset with
how slow this section is going, but it's very boring, considering my amount of
play time on Gears compared to my writing time about Gears. I'm hoping to have
strategies finished by May, but then again, I thought it'd be up by April. Oh
well, I'll get there.

May 5, 2007: Very sorry for the lack of updates. Guitar Hero and new maps all
at once. Anyways, I've completed strategies up to Mausoleum, for which I have
included the weapon locations. The new maps force me to write even more 
strategies, so please be patient.

June 10, 2007: Not much done, but my Full Spectrum Warrior FAQ is officially
complete, so check it out. This also means, aside from 25 bucks, I'll be
updating this weekly now. I have more time, but in a way, because of finals,
I have less. I've completed strategies for Mausoleum and Rooftops. I've also
included weapon locations for Tyro Station, and I have decided to bring back
my Glitching section, except it's now called Secrets/Glitches, because I've
learned some new stuff. I'm planning on putting in a Closing section too, but
I figure it'll be a while before I even have to worry about that. Thanks for

August 15, 2007: Biiiiiig update. I finished Tyro Station, War Machine, Raven
Down, Old Bones, and Garden. I will release a new version very soon, I'm hoping
by Friday, which will complete strategies and begin my work on game modes and
strategies for said modes. I'm very excited about this, so just stick with me,
and thanks for reading. Remember, send me strategies! I haven't even gotten one
yet. Very sad.

August 19, 2007: Version 0.6 released. I am proud to say that I have FINALLY
completed my strategy section, which I may update after I completely finish the
guide. I have also added a section entitled "Noob Training Guide", which will
hopefully help to turn noobs into pros once I release it. I have decided to
begin a habit of updating every Friday. I'll have the next update up by
Thursday, however, it probably won't be put up until Friday. So, yeah, still
a LOT more to do on the guide, but I'm getting there. 

August 24, 2007: Sorry about the barely late update. This should be up be
Friday night, and will definitely be up Saturday. I changed the Warzone section
so that it covered all game modes, and I've completed it. Next Friday, I'll
update the Weapons section, but it won't be complete for a while. Once I've
completed that, I'll have completed my multiplayer section and begun work on
my Noob Training Guide section.

April 3rd, 2008: After experiencing extreme computer problems (I bought a new
one), I've finally decided to venture back into the world of FAQs! And with my
new venture comes new changes. More speciffically, I'll be writing for IGN,
simply because GameFAQs is much more restrictive with formatting and it's just
an overall easier process on IGN. I may repost a few guides here on GameFAQs,
but I'm ending this one, finally. I was way too ambitious. Notice the new
email. ( If you wanna talk Gears or Call of Duty 4, (hint:
my next project) send me an email. My AIM is still commackballin06 though, so
you can hit me up there as well. Thanks to everyone for viewing this guide.
39,848 views!!!! Hopefully, you enjoyed this, and I hope you'll also like my
next project. Thanks again, guys. 

PS: Yes, I will be writing a FAQ for GoW 2. I'm just as excited as you are. =)

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1. Introduction............................................................(1)
2. Campaign................................................................(8)
       Act 1-1: 14 Years After E-Day.......................................(9)
       Act 1-2: Trial By Fire.............................................(10)
       Act 1-3: Fish In A Barrel..........................................(11)
       Act 1-4: Fork In The Road..........................................(12)
       Act 1-5: Knock Knock...............................................(13)
       Act 1-6: Hammer....................................................(14)
       Act 1-7: Wrath.....................................................(15)
       Act 1-8: China Shop................................................(16)
       Act 2-1: Tick Tick Boom............................................(17)
       Act 2-2: Grist.....................................................(18)
       Act 2-3: Outpost...................................................(19)
       Act 2-4: Lethal Dusk...............................................(20)
       Act 2-5: Dark Labyrinth............................................(21)
       Act 2-6: Powder Keg................................................(22)
       Act 2-7: Burnt Rubber..............................................(23)
       Act 2-8: Last Stand................................................(24)
       Act 3-1: Downpour..................................................(25)
       Act 3-2: Evolution.................................................(26)
       Act 3-3: Coalition Cargo...........................................(27)
       Act 3-4: Darkest Before Dawn.......................................(28)
       Act 3-5: Angry Titan...............................................(29)
       Act 3-6: Tip of The Iceberg........................................(30)
       Act 4-1: Campus Grinder............................................(31)
       Act 4-2: Bad To Worse..............................................(32)
       Act 4-3: Hazing....................................................(33)
       Act 4-4: Close To Home.............................................(34)
       Act 4-5: Imaginary Place...........................................(35)
       Act 4-6: Entrenched................................................(36)
       Act 5-1: Special Delivery..........................................(37)
       Act 5-2: Train Wreck...............................................(38)
       Act 5-3: Pale Horse................................................(39)
3. Multiplayer............................................................(40)
       Fuel Depot.........................................................(45)
       Tyro Station.......................................................(49)
       War Machine........................................................(50)
       Raven Down.........................................................(51)
       Old Bones..........................................................(52)
       Bullet Marsh.......................................................(54)
       Multiplayer Modes..................................................(57)

...............................:1. Introduction:...........................(1)

This guide is for newcomers to Gears, like I was, you know, before my first 40 
hours of playing the damn game. This game is amazing. It's my favorite game, 
bar none. Play on Live and you'll see. My GamerTag is DeaD AiM 949, and I
pretty much accept all friend requests. I usually play on COG, as Cole. My 
screenname on AIM is CoMmaCkBaLLiN 06, and my email is
I'll accept any and all strategies you send, but just make the title Gears of

But yeah, I wrote this FAQ cause I get bored, and I wanted a good FAQ. So, if
you want something done, do it yourself. Indeed. Well, enjoy.

Update: Please, if you're not from America, don't ask me to play co-op with 
you. Why, you ask? Because:

a. I really cannot understand most British people, especially young ones.

b. Your games are so laggy, it's terrible.

c. If I can't understand you, I don't know what to help you with.

Yes, I'm American. I'd prefer to help people with good connections, because
I have recently been helping someone from England, and honestly, I did terrible
because of the lag. We're an ocean away, guys, and that means there's gonna
be lag. I can't play with lag. Thanks for reading this.


Left Trigger - Aim
Right Trigger - Shoot/Throw Grenade
Left Bumper - See objectives and squad status/Orders
Right Bumper - Reload/Active Reload
Left Analog Stick - Move
D-Pad - Switch Weapons
Back Button - See Multiplayer Scoreboard
Start Button - Start/Pause
Right Analog Stick - Look/Click to Zoom
Y Button - Look at Point of Interest
X Button - Use/Interact
B Button - Melee (Hold for chainsaw)
A Button - Evade, Get into/out of cover, Mantle (climb), Cover Slip, Make 
Swat Turn (press and hold for Roadie Run)


                                 Marcus Fenix
The one you'll be playing as. Son of military scientist Adam Fenix, Marcus
became a fine soldier and earned promotions and good status due to his 
exceptional achievements during the Pendulum Wars. When the Locust breached
Jacinto Plateau's defenses, Marcus defied orders to save his father, who was 
under siege at East Barricade Academy. He was too late. Marcus was charged 
with dereliction of duty and was sentenced to 40 years in Jacinto Maximum 
Security Penitentiary. We begin the game there.

                               Dominic Santiago
A loyal soldier, you'll play as Dom in co-op. Dom lost his wife to the Locust
on Emergence Day. When Marcus was arrested, Dom testified in his defense, 
barely avoiding an execution. He took his first chance to save Marcus when the
Locust attacked the prison he was at. He also convinced Lieutenant Minh Young 
Kim to enlist Marcus into Delta Squad. For Dom, this fight is personal.

                               Minh Young Kim
Lieutenant Kim is a proud, dedicated and ambitious soldier, dedicated to the
prservation of the COG. To Kim, the Coalition Of Ordered Governments is the
last chance for humanity, and he feels honoured to serve as a Gear. Kim moved
quickly through the ranks, but after a run of bad luck he was left leading the
misfits of Delta Squad. Feeling undervalued and overlooked, Kim has something
to prove. Kim enlisted Fenix into his squad due to the lack of experienced 
soldiers, but mostly because of Dom's faith in Marcus.

                                Augustus Cole
Ah yes, "The Cole Train". A former professional Thrashball player(number 83),
Cole is full of energy and always more than ready to kill some Locust. He
loves action, and likes getting right to it. Cole is very confident in his
skills, but he hasn't been proven wrong yet. Cole and Damon Baird have served
together for years, and they treat each other like brothers.

                                 Damon Baird
Despite being a reluctant and cynical soldier, Baird excels at the military 
life. Baird is perfectly capable of being a successful officer, but has never
been promoted due to his poor attitude, short temper and his unwillingness to
take on any responsibility. Baird's best weapon is his brain. He not only
fights the Locust, but he studies and observes them as well. He's the closest
the COG have to an expert, and when Baird tells his comrades to be quiet and
listen, they know it is in their best interest to do exactly that. Baird's
only motivation is self preservation. He's willing to do whatever it takes to
get through the war alive-even march along side a troublemaker like Fenix.


(Taken from Wikipedia, this is not mine)
Gears of War takes place on a planet known as Sera, inhabited by the human 
survivors of a once-glorious civilization. For a century, however, they fought
among themselves. Eventually they knew the hush of peace that blanketed the
land. That was until the discovery of Imulsion, a phosphorescing, 
low-viscosity fluid. Discovered by an oil-exploration drill, it was unusable
until a woman named Dr. Helen Cooper created the Lightmass Process, which 
enabled production of cheap energy. The world economy soon collapsed due to 
its extremely low price and the elimination for the need of hydrocarbon and
nuclear fuel sources. The few countries that had an overabundance of Imulsion
under their feet soon found themselves at war with nations who were not as 
lucky, and so began the Pendulum Wars. 

During the seventy-nine year war, the Coalition of Ordered Governments, or 
COG, became a legitimate minor political party. Founded long before the 
Pendulum Wars by fanatical socialist Alexiy Desipich, the party was based on 
an obscure world-government philosophy based on eight guiding principle 
values: Order, Diligence, Purity, Labor, Honor, Loyalty, Faith, and Humility.
The Pendulum Wars ceased on what is now called Emergence Day. Humans had to 
stop fighting each other in an attempt to face a new threat. In less than 
twenty-four hours, a ravenous species known as the Locust burst from under the
ground and attacked every major city on Sera, leaving a quarter of the 
population dead. By the time human forces pulled together to form an effective
defense, it was too late. The Locust Horde had already taken control of the
majority of the world's urban, military, and manufacturing centers. Billions
lay dead, approximately 80% of Sera's population. 

The COG took matters into their own hands and re-enacted the Fortification 
Act, allowing martial law to be placed on all remaining survivors from the 
initial invasion. All survivors were ordered to evacuate to the Jacinto
Plateau, a safe haven that the Locust Horde could not penetrate from the 
underground due to its thick granite substrata. Survivors who could not make
it to the plateau were given the following apology: "For those citizens who
can't make it to Jacinto, the Coalition appreciates your sacrifice. Please
forgive us, this is the only way." Chemical and orbital particle laser weapons
were used in a scorched earth strategy to deny the Locust Horde survival on
the surface, forcing them to stay in their underground warrens. This war would
continue for another fourteen years.

Somewhere around the tenth year, Jacinto was being fortified into an 
unassailable fortress. Its once magnificent cities, envied for their beauty,
were soon converted into military defense platforms. The plateau's natural 
fissures and utility systems were destroyed or flooded with nerve gas to delay
the Locust Horde's eventual attack. People who had not made it to Jacinto 
Valley, but had survived, were called the Stranded. The Stranded are living in
horrible conditions and malnutrition, and have to find ways to defend 
themselves. When the Locust Horde began their attack, Marcus Fenix abandoned
his post in a response to a distress call from his father, a renowned 
scientist, at the East Barricade Academy, but he was too late to save him. At 
his trial in the House of Sovereigns, Marcus was charged with dereliction of 
duty, cowardice, and failure to obey orders. Exempted from execution due to 
his exemplary tours during the Pendulum Wars, he was imprisoned instead. Years
later, the COG found themselves running low on able-bodied soldiers, so they 
turned to untraditional sources of men: the infirmed, the young, and the 
condemned. As soon as a pardon was given to Marcus, the Locust Horde overran 
the prison. The game begins here.


In Campaign, you'll be fighting a lot of Locust, but what exactly will they 
be? What are they called? What do they look like? The answer's right here. 


Weapons: Hammerburst, Lancer, Longshot

Weapons to use: Lancer, Gnasher, Longshot, Grenades, Snub Pistol

Drones are the only enemies you'll fight in the first level, and it's a good
thing, cause these guys are so damned easy. Alone, there's no problem, but
two can sometimes be a hassle because one suppresses you while the other moves
closer to you. The Gnasher is most effective, but if you have spare grenades,
they work very well too. Watch out for Drones with helmets, cause it'll take
two headshots to kill them. Then again, if you're a good sniper, you can go 
between their eyes, cause it's a helmet, not a mask.


Weapons: Gnasher, Grenades, Boltok Pistol

Weapons to use: Gnasher, Lancer, Longshot, Grenades

Much like Drones in the looks category, Grenadiers are a bit different. For 
instance, they carry shotguns (Gnashers). They rarely actually throw grenades
and you should use your Lancer to kill them. If you're skilled at shotgun 
combat, you can try using your Gnasher on them. It works well if you don't 
get killed by theirs.


Weapons: Boomshot

Weapons to use: Lancer, Longshot, Torque Bow, Hammer of Dawn, Grenades

NEVER get close to these. They're huge. Best weapon here is the Torque Bow.
One fully charged arrow will penetrate the skin and explode. Instant kill.
Usually, three or four perfectly active reloaded Longshot headshots will bring
them down, but just make sure you're in cover. Remember, they fire rockets at
you, more or less. When they say "Boom", run the hell into cover. Don't even
think about popping up to aim. Best time is right after you hear a shot 
explode, which means the Boomer is reloading. 


Weapons: Melee

Weapons to use: Gnasher, Lancer, Longshot melee, Pistol melee

The most annoying enemy in the game. They run at you and melee you in groups.
Luckily, they're weak. If you have a shotgun, you win. Just aim and fire. Make
sure none sneak up behind you. Chainsawing them works okay, but it leaves you 
open. Use a Gnasher. Later in the game, there's a different version that 
explode once you kill them. VERY annoying. Run. Reload. Kill. Roll away. DO 


Weapons: Melee

Weapons to use: UV light

These bastards only come out at night. Stay in the light, or die. You can't 
kill them without a UV turret. You only get to use one when you drive an APC
in Act 2. So just stay in the light.

                                Theron Guard

Weapons: Gnasher, Torque Bow, Lancer, Boltok Pistol

Weapons to use: Lancer, Torque Bow, Gnasher, Grenades

Don't use the Longshot. It's hard to find their head, and by the time you
have done so, you'll have been penetrated by an arrow and exploding. They 
mainly carry Torque Bows, but they can also carry others. When you see an 
orange glow, DUCK INTO COVER OR DIE. They have surprisingly good aim 
sometimes. Of course, sometimes they almost blow themselves up, but oh well.


Weapons: Fires Nemacyst into the air, which attack you.

Weapons to use: Hammer of Dawn

The only way to kill these is to hit them with two Hammer explosions. Kill the
Nemacyst they fire, or be exploded when they kamikaze bomb you. Pretty easy.


Weapons: Explosion

Weapons to use: Lancer, Troika

If you see them first, they'll die. If two or three come at you and you don't
see them, bye bye. Just look at the sky when you know they're there. They go
down fast.


Weapons: Enemies mounted on it

Waepons to use: Troika, Torque Bow, Lancer

Pretty annoying in Act 5. They accompany the final boss as well. Two enemies
are mounted on the Reaver, and one of them can be a Theron Guard, so watch 
out. A Torque Bow shot near the pilot can kill instantly. The only time you 
should really even bother to kill them is when you have to in Act 5. 


Weapons: Hideously strong melee

Weapons to use: Hammer of Dawn

Actually, very easy if you know how to roll. They can't see you, only smell
and hear you. Rev up the chainsaw, then roll and run to the Hammer. Get 
outside and hit her(yes, Berserkers are girls) with a few shots of the Hammer.
Only the Hammer of Dawn can hurt Berserkers. You CAN hurt them after you hit 
them with the Hammer once, but it's best to just use the Hammer again to kill


Battle with the Locust usually consists of the enemies in front of you, in
cover, and you, facing them, in cover. Like this:

locust guys
----------- <---cover

--       --
          ^the rest of your squad(if any)
^you and dom

In this case, just try to find one Locust popping up, and target him. When he
ducks, so do you. Just be patient and mirror them. Eventually, they'll die,
cause their health doesn't regenerate. You have the advantage, so use it.

Remember: Chainsawing is fun, but usually only useful when there's one Locust.

Don't take the risk of staying out of cover cause you THINK a Locust is almost
dead. Get into the damn cover. Then kill him. Keep moving constantly when you
are surrounded. Never let an enemy climb over your cover unchallenged. Blind
fire, then, when he gets over, chainsaw the mother fucker. Jump back into 
cover, re-engaging the last of the hostiles. 


These may or may not help you in battle. Use them wisely.

Roadie Run - Duh. Run away when surrounded and taking damage, or to flank an

Rolling - Roll behind cover, or, when out of cover, wait for the reload and 
roll away from fire. Roll into enemies and shotgun them. Roll into enemies and
chainsaw them. Roll past enemies and Roadie Run the hell away. Comprende?

Cover - Please tell me you knew this one. Move from cover to cover to get a 
better shot, or to flank. STAY BEHIND COVER. Mantle over cover and Roadie Run 
away, or mantle over an enemy's cover and chainsaw/shotgun them. 

Suppression Fire - Firing at an enemy's cover makes them less prone to getting
up out of that cover. If enemies look they're coming after you, or are 
shooting your co-op partner, use suppression fire to keep them down.

Blindfire - Pulling the right trigger without aiming when behind cover results
in blindfire. Extremely inaccurate, so practice. Blindfire works best with the

Blindthrowing - Blindfire, but with grenades. No aiming involved, just
throwing a frag. Works well against multiple enemies. Again, requires 

PAR Snipe - PAR being "Perfect Active Reload". Simply put, get a perfect 
active reload with the Longshot, then shoot a Locust ANYWHERE. Instant 
death to Drones and other basic enemies. Works VERY well in multiplayer. Downs
a guy in one shot. 

Grenade Tag - Risky, but fun and effective. Melee with a grenade equipped to 
stick a grenade to an enemy. They'll die, no matter what. Use with groups of
Locust for guaranteed slaughter. Frowned upon in multiplayer, but legitimate
nonetheless. Just don't overdo it.

Chainsaw - The defining quality of GoW. Hold B to rev up the chainsaw bayonet
with the Lancer equipped. You'll lower it if you get shot, however. Use it to 
surprise foes.

Now, onwards, to the meat of the guide.

.................................:2. Campaign:.............................(8)

Act 1-1: 14 Years After E-Day                                              (9)

Watch the quick scene and get used to moving around. Try aiming; don't waste 
ammo firing. Roll around, then talk to Dom. Choose whatever path you like, but
I'm gonna cover the Combat path. The Training path doesn't even NEED a 

After you choose the Combat path, run directly forward to see the Crimson Omen
painted on an overturned table. Right in front of the table is your first COG 
Tag. Don't worry if you take damage, it was just your helicopter accidentally
firing at you. >=( Hold Y to see where the door is, then go to it and kick it
open using X. Grab the ammo left of the door, then grab the ammo right of the 
door. Run forward and take over behind the first wall, NOT pillar, you see. 
Now, when the Locust come, shoot at them. They'll come from directly ahead.
If Dom gets downed, don't worry, after you kill all the enemies, he'll get 
revived. Don't bother killing the one on the bridge, just run past and grab 
the grenades when prompted. In the next room, quickly take cover behind the
first wall on your right. Kill the Locust when they emerge from cover, then
throw a frag into the area where the one on the far left is, and you'll kill 
him. Grab the ammo directly straight from the entrance, and loot the dead
Locust of theirs. Take cover behind the wall directly straight, a bit in front
of the door. Aim your frag at the door, and right before it explodes, throw.
If you get kills, nice throw, if not, take out your Hammerburst(your main 
weapon for now) and kill the rest. Don't revive Dom, he auto-revives after the
enemies are dead. Don't run to the next door, instead, turn around to see the
Crimson Omen on a pillar. Go directly to the pillar to find some ammo, and a 
COG Tag. Proceed through the doorway. Immediately take cover, kill one Locust,
then run to your left. You'll see the Crimson Omen, past the stairs. Go up
the stairs and turn left. Grab the COG Tag in the corner, then take cover. 
Proceed forward and use the wall as cover to kill the rest. When Dom tells you 
to move to the Raven, run forward and follow him. Cutscene.

Act 1-2: Trial By Fire                                                    (10)

After the scene, get in cover. The "reinforcements" will be automatically 
killed by the Raven and your squad. Find the bodies of the dead Locust, and
grab their Hammerbursts. You'll need a backup weapon. Keep your Lancer 
equipped and run up the stairs and through the doorway. When you get outside,
take cover immediately. Shoot the Locust that come, with a little help from 
your squad. Grab the COG Tags that the game actually points out to you with
the point of interest. Hold the Y button to find them. After that, follow your
squad and grab the ammo and grenades, then equip your Hammerburst that should
have full ammo, and head up the stairs. AFter the scene, take cover. When you
are told to flank, make sure you've killed at least one Locust, then run left. 
You'll find grenades and ammo. Continue forward down this path, and you'll 
have a good shot on some Locust. Eventually, an Emergence Hole will appear,
and you're not close enough to close it, so get back to your squad and behind 
cover. Watch the far right, cause that's where the hole is, and that's where
the Locust are coming from. After they're dealt with, run all the way to the 
end of the path, where the hole was, and head to the right of the pillars. 
From here, move forward until you see some enemies. When your squad begins to
fire, join in, and you'll flank them. Grab the ammo they dropped, then go to
the bridge. Head left from it to find more ammo. Now, run onto the bridge with
your squad. When you get far enough, you'll see Alpha. Run to the door, and 
Kim will open it. Take cover and wait for Locust. An Emergence Hole will 
appear as well, so take your time. There's ammo and grenades in the right 
corner, straight forward from the entrance. Run to the other end of the room,
then, when an Emergence Hole pops up, close it with a frag and look around for
a window. It's just left of the exit. Under the window is a COG Tag. Now exit.
Run down the stairs and to the van. 

Act 1-3: Fish In a Barrel                                                 (11)

Once the scene stops, immediately run to the ammo crate past the van, grab the
ammo, and take this path to a doorway. A Locoust may be waiting, but if he is,
just take him out and proceed. Take cover behind a side of the doorway and 
shoot at any Drones you see. If the machine gunner turns to face you, stop
aiming and duck back into cover. Quickly use the turret and destroy 3 more
Locust on your right. Proceed forward and take cover, because two Locust
and waiting, behind cover of their own. Run to the fountain, get inside it, 
and take cover. Switch to your grenades. Throw them into any Emergence Hole 
that appears, and shoot the Locust that manage to get out. After that, grab
some more grenades and ammo. Now, near the back left, where you see an ammo
crate, are some poles. Next to the last pole is a COG Tag. Now, follow your
squad. Move forward, and you'll have a choice of paths.

Act 1-4: Fork In The Road                                                 (12)

Go right. Proceed
forward, through the doorway and up the dirt, and to the hallway, where you'll
see a Locust "manning" a Troika. Stay behind the sandbags, and when the gunner
isn't facing you, aim a frag next to him, making him run, and probably killing
any others. Finish them off with some Hammerburst fire. Run to the Troika and
kill any Locust you see. Now hit the button in front of the Troika to open the
door. Go in, and you'll see a piano, and you'll get a checkpoint. Run to the 
left, and you'll see another Troika. Run right, through a hallway, and take 
cover behind a wall. Move all the way to the right, and take cover behind the
last doorway. See that door in the distance ahead? Roadie Run into it(you'll
automatically kick it open) Chainsaw the Locust at the top of the stairs, then
kill the machine gunner from out of the window. After that, leave this place
and head to the Troika. Man it and kill the Locust emerging. After you hear
"Good job, men", ditch the Troika and turn around. Grab the ammo, then watch 
that boarded up door. Stay on the right side of the doorway and chainsaw the
Locust that emerges. Head through the doorway and kick open the door.

Act 1-5: Knock Knock                                                      (13)

Walk to the end of the hallway, then kick open the door. Run forward, but when
you see a huge hole on your left, run to it. Follow the hole to the right, and
at the end of it, on the steps, is a COG Tag. It's just left of the white van
with the Crimson Omen on it. Now go to your squad. Take cover behin some 
sandbags and shoot the coming Locust. Run all the way to left and move from 
cover to cover, eventually reaching some sandbags that will provide cover 
while you shoot the machine gunner and his friends. After all Locust are dead,
run to the doorway on the right, which has sandbags surrounding the entrance.
Mantle over them, then run through the next doorway on your right to find an
Emergence Hole. Plug it up with a frag. Right of the hole are ammo and 
grenades. Regroup with your squad, then man the Troika after the cutscene. 
After you get a point of interest, hold Y to find out where to go. Kill the
Locust in here, then switch your Hammerburst for a shotgun if you can find 
one. Follow your squad, and Kim will open a door for you. 

Act 1-6: Hammer                                                           (14)

You'll hear an Alpha Squad member taunting some Locust. Run up the stairs, 
then grab the obvious ammo. Look down to see Augustus Cole, better known as 
"The Cole Train". Heh, you're gonna love him. Anyway, shoot the Locust 
attacking him until you get a new objective which tells you to save him. Kim
will open another door, so follow him and head down the stairs, killing more
Locust at the bottom. After the scene, head up the stairs on your left, and 
wait for Kim to open yet another door. Go to the right, and you'll see a hole.
Grab the shotgun if you didn't have one already, then grab the ammo. Keep the
shotgun equipped. Wait and face the end of the hallway without the hole. When
you see a Wretch, shoot hell out of it with the shotgun. Rinse and repeat for
the rest, but remember: they can climb on the ceiling. They come from behind 
as well. After they're dead, go to the doorway. Don't enter. See the cover to
the left? Behind it is a COG Tag. Head through the door now. Run forward, to
the ammo crate, grab it, then switch your shotgun for the new weapon you see.
It's called a Hammer of Dawn. You can only use it outside, and only when you 
have satellite coverage. Guess what? You're going to be outside, with 
satellite coverage! For now, switch to the Hammer of Dawn, and look out the
window. See that huge thing? Use the Hammer of Dawn on it until it dies. When
the door opens, head through and wait for the bridge to be lowered. Use the 
Hammer of Dawn to kill the Locust, or just Lancer them. Follow the path to the
doorway. Enter, then follow your squad. Use the Hammer of Dawn to kill this 
Seeder as well. Be wary of the Wretches that attack. There'll be a few Drones
as well. When you are told to form up, get to your squad. Head left after 
entering the door to find some stairs. Go down them, then kill two Wretches. 
Grab the grenades if you need them, then head on. You'll now be in the room
where you killed the Seeder except on the lower level. Move through the 
doorway, and take cover. Kill the Wretches, then the Drone. Go through the 
next doorway, then down the stairs. Turn around to face the stairs and grab 
the COG Tag. Go through the door that Kim opened, then run up the stairs. 

Act 1-7: Wrath                                                            (15)

Enter the doorway and take cover behind the chair on the right. Kill the
approaching Locust. If your chair gets destroyed, take cover behind the sofa
on the left. After the two Locust are dead, head through the next doorway and
use your Hammer of Dawn of the last Seeder until it dies. Now, head back into
the room. Take cover behind the doorway of the door with the pipes blocking 
it. When the door opens, take out the 2 Grenadiers with shotguns, then the
Drone behind cover. Switch the Hammer of Dawn for the shotgun, pick up any 
ammo you need, then head on through the door. Run right down the hallway. You
will spot Alpha, so hurry up and mantle over the small wall. At the end of the
hall is an open door. Head on through. Grab the ammo, then keep going. When 
you get a checkpoint, take cover and kill the two Locust that attack. On the 
right side of the room is a hallway. Head down it. Take cover behind one of 
the walls in here, and kill the few Locust here. Continue on, and you'll see a
Troika. Enter the hall it's in, then run down the right path. Here, equip your
shotgun and kill the Wretches that attack. Keep running down the hall until 
you get to the end. Kill the Drone that may or may not be here, depending on
if he attacked with the Wretches. Now head through the doorway and shotgun the
machine gunner. Get on the Troika, then kill the approaching Wretches. After
all the Wretches are dead, head right, down this hallway. When this hallway 
goes into another hallway, turn right and run down the steps for ammo. Now 
turn around and run forward. Follow the path until you see some stairs leading
down to a doorway. Run down them and take cover behind the table. Kill the 
Locust in here, then grab the ammo on the right. Now follow your squad to some
stairs. Head up them and you'll be forced to walk. Eventually, you'll be able 
to run up the next set of stairs, so do so. Chainsaw the Locust operating the 
turret, then hop on. There is another turret left of this one as well, for 
co-op. Use the turret to kill the flying Nemacyst, then the grounded Drones. 
After the objective is complete, you'll get a scene. 

Act 1-8: China Shop                                                       (16)

You are now the new leader of Delta Squad, for the remainder of the game. You
will be able to issue commands at the beginning of Act 2. Now, turn around 
directly behind you, and follow the hallway to the end. By the soldier's 
corpse is a COG Tag. Now run the other way. Switch your shotgun for the Hammer
of Dawn. Continue through the hallway. Head through the doorway at the front.
Move down this next hallway until a Berserker jumps out of nowhere. Oh crap...
Wait for it to run at you, then, just before it hits you, ROLL. RUN through 
the doorway. Now all the way forward to the first door. Turn around to face 
where you came from, and wait for the Berserker. Right before the Berserker
hits you, roll away, and she'll smash the door. Run through the next doorway.
Repeat for this door. Don't worry about the timer. After this door is broken,
run through to the next one, BUT WAIT! While facing the door, move left into a
little square-like area. A COG Tag is here. Now get the Berserker to smash the
door. Now, run outside, all the way to the upper left corner. Run against the
left wall until you see a COG Tag. Now hit the Berserker with a few shots of 
the Hammer of Dawn. You win. Bye bye, Act 1.

Act 2-1: Tick Tick Boom                                                   (17)

You may now give orders to your squad. You can do so by holding LB and 
pressing A for attack, B for cease fire, and Y for regroup. Now, move onwards.
After you mantle over the wall, at the corner, switch your Hammer for the 
shotgun. Move on. You'll have to choose a path. Go right. Follow the path here
until you have to go up some stairs. At the top, look directly in front of you.
Mantle over the wall and go up these stairs. Grab the ammo at the top, then 
enter the room. Watch the scene. After it's over, take cover behind the wood
on the railings. Now shoot the hell out of those guys when they're not looking.
After they're gone, exit to the right. Follow the path. Mantle over the wall
by the door, then look at the door, cause it blows open. One Locust comes out.
Enter where he came from, then follow the balcony around to the outside.
Go downstairs. Now turn around 180 degrees and grab the grenades and saw the
couch. Under the couch is a COG Tag. Move to the next area and take cover 
behind a wall that's in front of a car and kill the Locust on the roof, then 
take out the rest. Head inside and take out some more Locust, along with a few
Wretches. Make sure you don't get caught by the machine gunner, though I 
didn't have to deal with one. After all the enemies are dead, kick open the
door on the left. Or...try. When it opens, follow the path. Go down the stairs
until you see a sofa. Saw it. Under it are COG Tags. Grab the ammo. Now head 
through the door up ahead.

Act 2-2: Grist                                                            (18)

Now, quickly take cover behind the stone block ahead. After the Boomer shoots
at you, fire at it. Repeat until it's dead. Move from cover to cover, taking
out the Locust you see. Watch out for the ones that come from the right. There
are two snipers as well, in the windows. Head through the door in the top right
corner. Follow the balcony. Kill the Locust that come at the end. As you move
through, Wretches attack. Kill them, go down the stairs, and turn around. Next
to the stairs (under them too, kinda) is a COG Tag. Continue on. After you see
the Corpser, take cover so that you're protected. A Boomer and some Drones 
attack. Turn right and immediately take cover behind the car. The car that's 
closest to you. Tap X to push the car. Look on your right. You're trying to 
kill that machine gunner. When you see an overturned white van on the right,
stop pushing and take cover behind it. You'll now have an okay shot on the 
gunner. Be patient and take him down. Use your frags, you'll find a lot here.
After all Locust are dead, follow the path until you see a gate. Don't go to it
yet. Go to the top left corner. Behind some boxes is a COG Tag. Go up to the 
gatekeeper now. He'll open the gate. Walk down the path until you get a scene.

Act 2-3: Outpost                                                          (19)

Now, stay along the left wall and go forward. Near the end of the wall is a
door. Kick it open and head in. Follow the hall until you get to a door. Kick 
it open. You just finished the shortest chapter in the game. 

Act 2-4: Lethal Dusk                                                      (20)

Take cover behind the washing machine. Look left to see a Locust sniping in a 
room. Shoot him, then the others. When Dom tells you to take the stairs, go 
down the stairs on the top right corner. Use your shotgun to kill the guys down
here, then grab the wheel and keep turning no matter who shoots you. After you
get a scene, run up the stairs and then forward. Watch the people die, then go
into the huts to grab some ammo. There's a sniper in there you should get. When
you have max ammo, head left and through the door. Follow the hallway, kicking
open doors as you go. When you get outside, take cover behind the car; there's
an Emergence Hole a'coming. SHOOT EVERY FUEL TANK YOU SEE FROM NOW ON. You must
stay in the light. Or you WILL die. Shoot the fuel tank on your right, and go
to it. Shoot the next one in the middle. Stand on top of the Emergence Hole and
look in the top left corner. Shoot the fuel tank, and run to it. In here you
will find a COG Tag.  Now head back to the Emergence Hole, and shoot the fuel 
tank to the right. Run to it, then take out the Locust here. Shoot the chair in
the middle to reveal a fuel tank. Destroy it, along with the machine gunner in
the far back. I recommend sniping. After all are dead, proceed. 

When you get to a dark spot, look left to see a fuel tank behind a wall. Shoot
it and continue. Now, all the way to the right is another fuel tank. Shoot and
go. Look to the left and shoot the fuel tank in the building, then head in. 
Follow the path, watching out for the Wretch that comes through the door. Head 
up the stairs and open the door. Immediately upon entrance, an Emergence Hole 
will pop up. Ignore it and continue to run forward from the door. Go inside the
wrecked building and get ready for some Wretches. Take cover behind the 
dumpster when you emerge, and snipe the Locust in front of you. When more start
coming, run left across, and go into the room to see some grenades and the 
Emergence Hole. Quickly throw a frag into the hole to close it, and kill any 
remaining Locust. Head out of the room and head forward through a door. Follow
the path until it leads out. Take cover behind the car. Here, snipe the Locust
in the building to your right, then look around the left side of the car and
aim. You should have a good shot on the gunner. Two shots and he'll die. Now,
push the car as far as you can. Now, head forward into the room where the 
gunner was and saw the Locust there. Grab some ammo. After you are notified of
the pitch black alley, exit the room with the Troika in it, and head right. At
the end of the path, you'll see grenades. Look outside. Shoot the propane tank
behind the dumpster below, then head out of here and into the alley. 

Proceed through the building. At the end of the hallway, kick down the door and
get behind the first wall in front of you, Lancer equipped. Stay behind cover,
and the Locust will come to you. The Kryll will kill them first, however. If 
not, blindfire away. After they are dead, move right along the wall until you
see a propane tank behind a pillar. Shoot it, then take cover at the archway.
From here, snipe all Locust that you see. More will come, so be wary. Do NOT 
move from your spot here. After you hear the familiar sound of victory, (the 
brrrreeeeeeuuuuu sound) go to the first small wall in front of you, shoot the 
dresser on the left to reveal a propane tank. Shoot it. Head forward until you
hit a wall. Move right along this wall until you come to a sloped road. Behind
the car on the right side of the street is a propane tank. Shoot it, and 
proceed to a small wall on your right. Left of it, behind some rubble, is a 
propane tank. Once again, shoot.

Here, go to the wall in front of you and look to the left. After you get a 
checkpoint, grab the COG Tag in the darkness, on the left. You will die. But
you're at a checkpoint, so who cares? Head right into the building here. Follow
the hallways until you get to some stairs. Head up, and get on that spotlight.
Shine it on Dom until you get a scene. After the lights are on, head downstairs
with your Lancer ready to kill some Wretches, cause there's gonna be two of em
when you get to the next set of stairs. Get out of the building and go to Dom.
After you kill the one Locust that may or may not be here, depending on Dom,
take cover behind the car far ahead, and an Emergence Hole will pop up. Look to
your left. See that doorway? Head in. There's a shotgun and frags in the left 
room. In the right, there's a propane tank you have to shoot outside, and a 
good vantage point. After you blow up the propane tank and kill off the 
enemies, continue forward. In the middle left portion of the road, there's a 
sheet of metal. Under it is a propane tank. Shoot it. Continue on, and you'll 
be at Checkpoint 2. Watch the scene.

Act 2-5: Dark Labyrinth                                                   (21)

Grab the ammo on the left and right sides of the doorway. Head through the 
doorway on the right, but wait for the lights to come on. Now head into the 
next doorway. Kick open the door, and face forward, cause Wretches are coming.
Three of em. Kill them, then continue. When you get to a room with a dresser 
covering the doorway, saw it. Go forward into the next room only when the 
lights go on, then exit to the left. When you hear Wretches, go back into the
room and shoot the hell out of them. They'll come from the next doorway. Head 
through the doorway they came from. Grab the ammo on the right, then head 
through the doorway on the left. Turn right, and on the sidewalk, you'll see a
COG Tag. Grab it. Now, hold Y to see a pushable car. Shoot the propane tank 
that's in it, and run to it. Quickly position yourself so that you're in front 
of the car, with your back to the front bumper. It will start rolling down.
Normally, you'd have to run to keep up with it, but this is a bit easier. Enjoy
the ride. After it's over, you'll get a checkpoint. 

Act 2-6: Powder Keg                                                       (22)

Run forward, towards the door. The guy here will tell you that you need to use
the fuel pump to get the APC going. Hold Y to find it, then turn the wheel. He
will then tell you to get in the back for some ammo. Head inside, then go ammo
crazy. You'll need a sniper. There's frags in the front too. The windows will 
start to break now, so take cover under them. Snipe the Locust on the left from
behind the left wall, and take out any others. When you hear "Boomer!", take
cover behind the front wall under where the windows used to be. SNIPE THAT
BOOMER IN THE HEAD. While this is happening, Wretches will attack. Just melee
them with your sniper. After they're all dead, you'll get a scene.

Act 2-7: Burnt Rubber                                                     (23)

You will now be in the APC. Now, let me explain the way this works. Hold the
right trigger to go, hold the left trigger to brake or reverse, and hit x to
stop controlling the car and ONLY control the UV turret, which is aimed with 
the left analog stick and fired by pulling the right trigger. You will use this
to kill the Kryll that are attacking you. Hit x again to control driving. Now,
let's go. Head forward, and stop at the turn. Switch to the UV turret, and look
up. Fry the Kryll with your UV turret. Remember, your health does not 
regenerate here (note the health bar), and the Kryll can knock it down fast. 
However, you'll lose barely any health if you do things the right way. Anyway,
after Dom says it's clear, continue. You'll go off a little jump. After you
smash through the cars on the left side, stop. Look to the right for the first 
wave, then to the left on the second. When you hear, "Six o'clock", look behind
you to see some more Kryll. After they're dead, you'll hear Dom say it's clear
again, so continue. You'll bust through some stuff, then you'll go off a jump. 
Head a little forward, then stop. Kryll will come from the upper right and the
upper left. Again, look behind you when you hear "Six o'clock", and kill the 
Kryll. When you hear "Eleven o'clock, turn back around to see some more. It 
will then be clear, so continue. Stay to the right, then go off a jump. Turn
left, as the Stranded person says, then turn right at the end. Go forward until
you get under a bridge, then fry the Kryll with the UV turret. Keep making 
right turns until you go up a ramp. From here, just floor it until the end. You
will get attacked, but as long as you have half or more health, it shouldn't be
a problem. You'll get a scene when you're done. 

Act 2-8: Last Stand                                                       (24)

This part is hard. I can't even count how many enemies there are. Head forward,
then turn left into a doorway. Grab the ammo if you need it, then head up the
stairs and take the sniper. There's ammo and frags in the next room as well. 
Head back down, but dont leave the room. See the window next to the doorway
you entered from? Take cover under it and snipe any Locust you see. When you
get a point of interest and you see a hole popping up in front of you, throw a 
frag into it. Look up and to the right to see some enemies shooting at you.
Snipe them. When another hole pops up, you can try to frag it, but it's hard.
Just keep sniping and ducking. When you see a point of interest showing a 
loose concrete block, ignore it. Leave the room and snipe the Locust on your 
left under the block. If you want, you can shoot the block with your Lancer to
knock it down and kill the sniper there too, but it's a waste of ammo. After 
you reach a checkpoint, more Locust will come, on the bottom right. Oh yeah, 
and a Boomer on the left, too. After the Boomer is gone, just snipe the Locust
on the right over and over again. You can even grab the Troika that's placed
directly in front of them if you want. When you hear rumbling, look behind 
you, to that huge piece of land under you. QUICKLY RUN BACK TO WHERE YOU 
STARTED. You'll see some wooden planks just outside and to the right of the
window at the top of those stairs. If you go close to the edge, you'll see 
that there are FOUR Boomers! Stay away from the edge. Quickly headshot the 
one you can see a few times, and he'll go down. Repeat this process, except 
snipe them THROUGH the wooden planks. By this, I mean through the cracks in 
the planks. The best strategy ever. After the Boomers have left the building,
you'll be thrust right into Act 3.

Act 3-1: Downpour                                                         (25)

Follow the path until you see some glowing Wretches. Then, head right. Head
straight from there and you'll get a scene. Head forward with your Lancer 
equipped. There's Lancer ammo on the left and right. Keep following the path 
until you get a scene. Lambent Wretches will attack. Kill them with the Lancer,
then roll away. They explode once they die. Move forward, and you'll be on a 
bridge. After you make it off of the bridge, head right into an alley. See that
pier out in the water? You're going there. Head to the end of the alley, then 
enter the next one. Make a right in here to get on the pier, and head to the 
end for a COG Tag. Turn around and make a right and head out of the alley. Make
another right and enter the doorway here. Hit the button, then exit and go back
to the doorway behind you. Grab the ammo, then hit the button to activate the 
elevator. Watch out for the Lambent Wretch that attacks. After you get to the 
top, head right to another roof, then left to yet another. Mantle over the 
wall, into the window. You'll get a scene. 

Act 3-2: Evolution                                                        (26)

Now take the left path. Kick open the door on your left for ammo. Now head back
into the hallway and kick open the door at the end. Now go back and take the 
right path and open the door. Grab the ammo at the end of this hallway, then 
head through the door. Kick open the next door. Lots of blood. Don't worry, 
there aren't any enemies. Head left after entering to find a door. Open it by 
hitting the button. After you get a scene, turn around 180 degrees and head
forward. Once you hit a wall, turn right and head through a door. Follow the 
path until you see Baird and Cole. Now head through the door and turn left.
Follow the Stranded guy until you see a doorway. Go in. Grab the ammo, then 
kill the Lambent Wretch that attacks. Going in here is optional, so if you 
don't need ammo, don't go in. Keep following the Stranded guy. After he steps
on wooden planks, STOP. Wait for him to die. Grab the shotgun he dropped. Now,
if you hear a creak on the plank you're currently on, move backwards off of it.
For now, head to the top right corner. If the plank that you're on falls, head 
to the bottom left corner to find a ladder. It'll take you back up to where 
you were. Anyways, in the top right corner of this room, on some wooden planks,
is a COG Tag. Proceed to the door. Here, head forward for some frags and ammo.
Equip the shotgun. There's a shotgun by the dead guy if you didn't get one 
earlier, or if you need ammo. Open the door at the end. There's some Lancer 
ammo on the floor. Open the next door. Head forward until you see a Lambent 
Wretch. BACK THE FUCK UP! Shotgun their asses. Try to separate them, or, even 
better, get behind Dom and blast them. After they're gone, head through the 
door near where you saw the first one, then go right. A Lambent Wretch will 
attack, so beware. Head through the next doorway and you'll see a wheel. Turn
it until it stops. To the right is some ammo. Go to the left. Down the stairs,
you'll see a sniper at the end. Do not get it. Head into the next room and 
meet up with Cole and Baird. When you are able to turn the wheel, do so, and 
head through the open door. You will then get attacked by Lambent Wretches,
and a few Drones, which come from straight ahead. Take them out. You'll get
attacked by some more Lambent Wretches, but it's nothing too bad. Head to the
end of the path to find a door. Attempt to kick it in, and you'll get a point
of interest showing you the location of an approaching Boomer. Run away and 
get behind something. A few Lambent Wretches and a Grenadier will attack as
well. After you dispatch them, head through the now open door. 

Act 3-3: Coalition Cargo                                                  (27)

Grab all the ammo in here until you're full with Gnasher and Lancer ammo, then 
head forward down some steps. Turn around and look to the left of the steps. On
the ground is a COG Tag. Head back to the entrance and turn around so you can
see the whole room. Head right instead of forward like last time. Hit the 
button here and head to the bottom to get into a mine cart. Equip your shotgun.
Look to the left until you see a Lambent Wretch. Blast it, then reload. Look at
the ceiling and blast some more. After you exit the room with all the yellow 
glowing stuff, blast the Lambent Wretch on the ceiling, then the Locust on the
left. Shoot the next two Lambent Wretches on the ceiling. Stay down for the 
rest of the ride. Grab the ammo here. Hit the button to open the door. In the
next room, hit the next button, then be ready for a Lambent Wretch that 
attacks. It might attack on your side, or it might attack on Dom's side. Hit
the button again, then kill the Lambent Wretches ahead. More come from the 
right. Three more, actually. Open the next two doors, then run down the pipe. A
Lambent Wretch will attack from the ceiling. Run forward and grab some frags.
Take cover behind the wall in front of those frags. When the platforms come up,
there'll be a Boomer on each of them. Shoot when they're reloading. Focus on 
one of them. After they die, get on your platform for a scene.

Act 3-4: Darkest Before Dawn                                              (28)

Head forward down the path until you see a Crimson Omen. Go to it to find some
frags and a COG Tag in front of it. Now turn around and stay to the right. 
You'll encounter a path. Go a little down it and run left into the wall. Look
down the wall to see a tunnel. Run down. Grab some ammo and turn around to kill
the Lambent Wretches after you. Exit and head down the path until you see some
Lambent Wretches. Run past them, into the waterfall, and you'll get a scene.
Grab the ammo in front of you. Follow the path until you see some Locust. Take
cover behind the small wall in front of you and kill them with your Lancer.
Just past the river, on the right, are some stairs. Face them. See the place to
the right of them? Go there, and check the upper left corner for a COG Tag. Now
proceed forward. Once you get a point of interest, look at it. Shoot the column
to kill the sniper under it. Continue down the path. Some rocks will fall. Now,
watch out for some Lambent Wretches that ambush you. Keep moving down the path.
More will attack, so be prepared. After that, a Boomer and even more Lambent 
Wretches will attack. Shotgun the Lambent Wretches while behind cover, then 
switch to your Lancer to kill the Boomer. Head forward, then make a left and
grab some ammo by the dead guy who looks like Carmine. Continue on. You'll fall
down again. Now, immediately go for the ammo. Don't get it yet, just take cover
behind the wall in front of the ammo. Switch to your shotgun and blindfire any
Lambent Wretches that attack you. After one of them blows up the rock blocking
the way, grab the ammo. Now head on. You'll come to two paths. Take the right
path. Head forward until you see enemies. Use your Lancer to kill the Drone, 
and your Gnasher to kill the Lambent Wretches. Keep going down the path. You 
just have to take out a few more Lambent Wretches and Drones, and two 
Grenadiers with shotguns. After that, run to the end. You'll have to face a 
few more Lambent Wretches on the ceiling, but watch out for the Grenadier that 
comes to rush you. Kill a few more Drones, moving from cover to cover until 
you see the Corpser and a point of interest. Go right and turn around to see 
ammo and a COG Tag here (the bottom right corner, opposite from where you just
saw the Corpser pop out at you). Proceed forward to face the Corpser.

Act 3-5: Angry Titan                                                      (29)

Keep running forward until the Corpser appears. Here's how to win. Shoot its
stomach until it opens its mouth, then shoot it in the mouth. This should be 
done with the Lancer. Do this three times, then get up close to it and shoot 
the metal latches on the left and right until they open. You win. 

Act 3-6: Tip Of The Iceberg                                               (30)

Run forward and follow the path. Eventually, you'll get a point of interest.
Go to it to find a Torque Bow. Keep your Lancer. Ditch the shotgun. Now head
forward, Torque Bow equipped. After you get the little scene of the Theron
Guard, take cover behind the last wall closest to the stairs. After you've 
used up your Torque Bow ammo, head up the stairs with your Lancer and kill
any Locust you see. Pick up their ammo. Torque as many as you can, then move
around the square path until you've killed them all. Go to your new point of
interest and activate the button there to complete Act 3. 

Act 4-1: Campus Grinder                                                   (31)

Run forward and ignore the gunfire. Stay to the right. When you see a boarded
up door, move to the left side and look at the left door. There's a COG Tag 
next to the stairs leading up to the door. Now run forward to the end for some
ammo. Take out the enemies across from you. Move around them and surround them
for easy kills. Use your Torque Bow to kill as well. Watch out for the Theron
Guards that attack from those boarded up doors. Torque the Boomers once to 
kill them, then move on. You'll get a scene, then a choice of paths. Choose
the right path. Torque the enemies here, but watch out for the Theron Guard 
and the Grenadier. Swap your Torque Bow for a shotgun, then continue through 
the top left corner. Kill the enemies here, then swap the shotgun for the
Hammer of Dawn and kill the nearby Seeder. Now pick up your shotgun again 
and toss a frag down the Emergence Hole that pops up right in front of you.
In the middle of the left wall is a door. Dom unlocks it for you, so head on
through. Follow the path and you'll be at an open area. Head out and take 
cover behind the wall in front of you and kill the Wretches that attack with
your shotgun. There'll also be a few Drones and a Grenadier, so don't miss 
those. Rush with your shotgun to the top left corner for more Drones, then
head through the door here. Follow the path until you see an enemy. There'll
be two, so kill them both. You'll see some stairs. Don't go down yet. Go 
through the left doorway for some frags. Head down the stairs now. Go left
once you're outside, and shoot the propane tanks to clear the way. Head 
forward for a scene. 

Act 4-2: From Bad To Worse                                                (32)

Walk straight down the street from the starting point and look at the plant
covered wall. Under it is a COG Tag. Head left through the big room with all
the columns. Stay to the left, grab the Lancer ammo, then, at the end, swap
your shotgun for the Hammer of Dawn. It's just left of the exit of the room.
Run to the door on the left and attempt to kick it open. Now turn around. 
The Hammer of Dawn is offline, but keep it anyway. Equip your Lancer and run 
back to the room with the columns. Take cover and shoot the incoming Locust.
After the Emergence Hole closes, run back and take cover so that you have the
door behind you. Use the Hammer to kill the two Boomers. Keep the Hammer, then
head through the newly opened door. Follow the path until you see yet another
Hammer. Once you enter, look to the left. The next doorway is there. Head 
through, but you'll see a friendly Berserker blocking the way. Damn. Dodge it
and continue, but it busts through the wall in front of you, so watch out. Run
past it, then it'll bust through the wall again. Run in front of the pillar
that's in front of you, then watch it get destroyed by the Berserker. 
Basically, the ceiling is destroyed right above where the pillar is. So, make
Berserker run into pillar, then, aim the Hammer under it when the Berserker's
there. Finsh as quickly as possible; you'll need the Hammer later. Run forward
to the far wall; in the middle, there's a wheel. Turn it to make the fire on
the left disappear. Head through, then kick open the door and follow the path. 
You'll arrive at a courtyard.

Act 4-3: Hazing                                                           (33)

At the top right corner is the doorway you need to get to. Go through, and if 
you have over 2 minutes left with the Hammer, don't grab the shotgun. Head out
and use the Hammer to kill the enemies by the turret. When an Emergence Hole 
pops up on the right, Hammer it to close it. Behind, next to the doorway, 
another Emergence Hole will pop up. Hammer it to close it as well. After all
enemies are disposed of, check the bottom right corner, behind a bench, for a
Torque Bow. Swap the Hammer for it and head through the doorway on the top 
right. Continue through the next doorway. Run forward until you get a point
of interest. Now turn around and RUN to the Lancer ammo in the corner by the
tree. Then take cover behind the corner of the wall behind you. Nemacyst will
appear, so kill them with your Lancer, and eventually, Drones will appear. If
Dom gets downed, DO NOT REVIVE HIM. After you've taken out 4 Drones, run up 
and take cover behind the bench (revive Dom if needed here). If you still 
can't get a good shot, take cover behind the small planter in front of the
bench. When Drones start coming from the right, fall back to the wall. After
they're dead, a Boomer will spawn. Take out the Torque Bow and bury a shot 
into him. Now you can continue. Again, upper right corner is where the doorway
is. Here, you'll see a dead Seeder. Go through the next doorway and kick open
the door here. A Theron Guard will tell you to die, but don't obey him. Follow
him, then turn right. You'll get a point of interest, so take cover behind the
small wall at the bottom of the stairs. Move up slowly, Torque Bowing the 
enemies, until you can get your hands on a shotgun. A Boomer will come, so you
might want to Torque it. Shotgun the rest. Head right and forward when you get
the chance. When you cant go forward anymore, turn right and destroy the 
cabinet. Behind it is a Torque Bow. Grab it, then turn around and go left 
instead of right this time. When you see a path, turn right and take it. 
Follow the path and you'll come to an open area and a checkpoint. 

Act 4-4: Close To Home                                                    (34)

Take cover behind the wall here, shooting the enemies slightly under you. 
Torque Bow the Theron Guards before they Torque you. After all enemies are 
dead, search around for some ammo and head to the left corner to continue. 
Here, move from cover to cover, shooting the Grenadiers and Drones as you go.
Now head forward, up the stairs. Grab the ammo, then take cover against a wall
so that you're facing the turret. Try to Torque it. After you've taken care of
him, run left and kill the enemies here with your Lancer, then head onto the 
pier where the turret is and run to the end for frags. Now head back and 
continue forward. After you kill another enemy, the gate will open, so head 
through and Torque the Theron Guard behind cover. Now continue to find another
gate. Kick it open to proceed. 

Act 4-5: Imaginary Place                                                  (35)

Run forward and hurdle over the wall to get the ammo inside the walled area
where the statue is. Proceed forward until you get a scene, then take cover
behind the small wall just before you get to the steps. Torque as many enemies
as you can, then head up and chainsaw the rest. Torque the Boomer that comes
down the steps. Now run up to the top, killing a few enemies on the way. Watch
out for the Theron Guards and their Torque Bows. Head to the entrance of the 
mansion for a scene. After the scene, head forward and kick open the door to
enter the mansion. Head left and take out your frags, cause an Emergence Hole
is about to pop up. Frag it and kill any Wretches that made it out. Grab some
ammo, then head up the stairs for some enemies. When the upstairs is 
pronounced clear, head back down. Chainsaw the enemy that comes out of the 
door to your left. Head through and Lancer any Locust that come out of the hole
that's straight ahead. After all the enemies are dead, head into the door some
of them came out of. Check the room to the right for some ammo. Now, you'll be
at a room with some pillars. Look around here for a desk. Chainsaw it to get
your 27th COG Tag. Head to the next room for some ammo and a wheel you have to
turn. Head down and chainsaw the wooden planks blocking your entrance to the
room with frags in it. Grab them, then continue down. There's two enemies 
here, and they both have shotguns. Kill them, then kick open the door here. 
Head forward through the path until you see rails and stairs and some wooden
wine racks. 

Act 4-6: Entrenched                                                       (36)

Look at the wine rack on the front wall, furthest to the left. Kick it, and
you'll have discovered the secret passageway. Now try to kick open the door in
here, then head back out, cause some Locust are coming. Look at the middle
hall, and shoot them from behind the small wall with the rail, using your 
Lancer. After Anya tells you the door is open, head back to the secret 
passageway and go through. You'll get a scene. Now, you have to backtrack all
the way to the beginning of the mansion. Go up the stairs and through the 
middle doorway. At the end of the hall here, two Wretches will attack. Lancer
them, then take the left path. Once the left path ends, there'll be a Grenadier
and a Wretch waiting. Kill them, then head back to that left path. Keep an eye
on the left wall, cause there's an opening in here that you have to hurdle to
get to, and it houses a sniper. You will need it. Now continue. Head back up 
the stairs, grab the ammo, and keep going. When you get back to the room with
the pillars, don't enter yet. Wait for a huge wave of Wretches to attack. 
Lancer them or chainsaw them, but after you've taken all 9 of them, a Locust
with a Lancer will attack. Kill him. Now follow the path back to the house, 
and head up the stairs. Find Baird and Cole on the second story for a scene.
Now grab the ammo in front of you, then head left from here to find a room,
and a great sniping spot. Kill as many as you can, then, when you see a 
Boomer, snipe it a few times to kill it, but beware, it can kill you even when
you're in cover. After you've killed it, stop sniping and go kill the enemies
inside. Stay in the room, however. You can snipe the enemies inside from behind
the wall of the room. After you get a new objective to get to the back of the
house, go downstairs. An enemy will pop out of the door on your left. Enter the
door, then head up the stairs. Head through the hall until you come to a door.
Kick it open. Take cover and look out the windows. Throw a frag into the 
Emergence Hole to close it, then snipe the rest of the enemies. You'll get a
point of interest, so look at it. Shoot the wooden planks blocking the door
from opening. Run back downstairs and kick open the door. At the far end is a
Locust with a Boltok Pistol, so snipe him, then head through. Here's the semi
hard part. Exit using the right doorway and RUN past everyone. Yes, even the
Boomers. You have thirty seconds. Just stay to the right and wait for the 
Boomers to fire. Congratulations, you've beaten Act 4.

Act 5-1: Special Delivery                                                 (37)

Snipe the snipers on the bridge above the train. Then frag the Emergence Hole 
on the left. You'll get a point of interest. Snipe the Locust there. Watch out
for occasional Wretches. Locust reinforcements will attack from the right side.
An Emergence Hole will pop up on the upper right side as well, but mostly 
Wretches will come out of it. Just take cover and shoot until you hear a bell. 
When you do, run to the train, cause on the left side, there's planks 
connecting you to the other side. You'll get a scene, and now you'll be on a

Act 5-2: Train Wreck                                                      (38)

Snipe the Theron Guard ahead, then snipe his Drone friends. Just take cover and
snipe all the Locust you can see. Slowly move forward. After you've taken out
all the enemies, grab the ammo at the front, then hit the button for a scene.
Lead the Berserker over to the fuel tank. Now, grenade the fuel tank until it
explodes, and run off that part of the train, towards the door. You can also 
hit the button on that part to release the carts after it, then lead the 
Berserker off the train. However you kill her, head through the now open door
and look immediately to the left for your 28th COG Tag. Run to the next cart
and take cover. Kill the approaching Drones, but watch out for the Reavers that
shoot at you through the windows. Head forward, and snipe the faraway Locust.
Kill the Theron Guard, then continue. When you see seats in the room you're in,
check the right side of the cart behind the seats for a COG Tag. Grab the frags
in the upper left corner, then hit the button to open the door. Don't grab the
Torque Bow in here, just climb the ladder with your Longshot equipped. Take 
cover behind the crates in front of you and snipe all the Reavers you see. One
perfect active reload shot will kill them. After you run out of ammo, Lancer
the rest. After they're all dead, turn around and grab the ammo next to the 
ladder. Head down and swap the sniper for the Torque Bow. Head through the next
doorway and wait for the giant cylinders to fall. Now Lancer the Lambent 
Wretches that attack. Yes, they're back. Head over the cover and through the
next doorway here. Hit the button and get ready for some more Lambent Wretches.
Just Lancer them and run. Ignore the shotgun. Head through the next doorway 
and hit the button to clear the way. Wait for the cylinders to fall, then 
continue on. When you enter the next doorway, grab the shotgun in the bottom
left corner (swap it for the Lancer), then get ready for Lambent Wretches. 
They fall from the ceiling, so just shotgun them as they fall. They'll attack
from the front, then the back. Hit the button to open the door, then run 
through. Don't bother killing the Wretches, just run to the other side. Hit
the button at the end several times to open the door, then continue. Head right
and release the last set of cylinders by pressing the button, then wait for 
them to fall. After it's clear, head to the end and make a left. When you see
a doorway to move on, don't. Instead, turn around and head through another 
doorway. There's frags in here, and if you hit the button at the end, the door
will open and you'll have gotten your last COG Tag. Now turn around and head
through the doorway ahead. 

Act 5-3: Pale Horse                                                       (39)

Hug the right wall and go forward for Torque Bow ammo. On the other side is a 
Lancer, so swap your shotgun for it. Get max ammo and frags, then open the door
for the final battle. Take cover behind the wall and don't move. I'm writing
two versions of the battle here. First: Casual. Second: Hardcore. If you're on
Insane, just do co-op. I can't beat this on Insane by myself. 


Casual: Take cover behind the first wall you start at. Bury a Torque arrow
into RAAM to scare away the Kryll, then Lancer him until they come back.
Repeat. This method took up half of my Lancer ammo and almost half of my
Torque Bow ammo. He will die before he gets to you. 

Alternate Casual strategy: Get the ammo for the Torque Bow. Start the battle.
Take cover behind the first wall you start at. Hit RAAM with all of your Torque
Bow shots. He'll go down. I beat him with 10 shots. 

Hardcore: Use a Torque Bow and a Longshot this time. Torque to get Kryll away,
then headshot with sniper. Go for perfect active reloads. Repeat. When he gets
close, blind frag him. This method took most of my Torque Bow ammo, and it took
about 6 shots of my sniper ammo. 

Congratulations, you've just pwned Gears of War. Now try Insane. If you won on
Insane by yourself, wow. I want you on my friends list. 

................................:3. Multiplayer:...........................(40)

Welcome to my favorite part of the guide, the multiplayer part. I accept all 
strategies and info about various weapons and maps, and if it's good enough,
I'll put it in the guide. You'll get credit as well. For each map, I'll have a
few different strategies. Once strategies are sent in, they will be added here.
I'll accept as many strategies as are sent, and I'll rank them from 1 to 5, 5
being the best.

                                    Gridlock                               (41)

Ah, Gridlock. The first map I ever saw, and the first map I ever played. Still
up there with my favorite maps. The sniper spawns in the middle, up the stairs
of the building with the pillars. Below it, the frag spawn, in the midst of 
some wrecked cars. Under an arch, also in the middle, the Boomshot spawns, and
Hammerbursts spawn in the towers, the buildings closest to the spawns.

Strategy 1: Rush forward to the sniper spot (in the middle, where there's
stairs on both sides leading up to the sniper) and stand behind the pillar
that's there immediately after you get up said stairs. Don't take cover. Just
stand there with your shotgun and wait for someone to come. If they do, kill
them with the shotgun, then head forward a bit and check if there's 
reinforcements. If there are, take cover behind the wall ahead and shotgun any
who approach. Nevertheless, after it's clear, grab the sniper and regroup with
your teammates to ensure that you aren't getting flanked.

Overall: 2/5

It's very common to go for the sniper here, so it's basically who can use a
shotgun better here. However, this is probably the most predictable thing you
can do besides shooting. In terms of tactical value, this strategy has none.
It's an all-out rush, so you really don't know if you're coming out alive. 
Still, it's good on the first round, just to test your enemies. 

Strategy 2: Run to the first stairs you see, across from sniper spot, to the
tower. There's a Hammerburst at the end of the tower, but don't bother getting 
it. Instead, throw a smoke grenade where the Boomshot is, then rush down the
stairs facing it and go to the frag spawn (near the sniper, except below) Grab
the frags and use them to tag anyone you see running for the Boomshot, or
anyone your teammates can't kill. 

Overall: 4/5 

Very misleading, drawing people to the Boomshot is a great idea, and since
frags can kill multiple enemies, this is a solid strategy. The only problem
here is that tagging can be a problem against somewhat experienced players, so
you may want to just throw the frags. Throwing smoke grenades at the Boomshot 
spawn every round after you do this will send their whole team flocking, 
ensuring your frags a target. Still, you can get caught while tagging, and you
can roll away from a frag. You can even sometimes ignore that blatently
obvious smoke grenade, too. But still, you don't have to use frags, and it's a
great way to end a losing streak.

Strategy 3: Run straight to the frag spawn point. Go around the sniper spot and
tag the enemies going for the sniper from behind. Grab the sniper and guard the
spot with two teammates watching both sides, and another rushing for the 
Boomshot to provide backup.

Overall: 2/5 

A simple, yet good strategy to use in conjunction with the first one. However,
with a railing blocking the stairs, you'll make yourself known before you get
to tag, unless, of course, the enemy has already ascended the stairs. Just
different enough from Strategy 1 to throw off your opponents. 

Strategy 4: If you're getting destroyed at the sniper spawn, run down the 
stairs and into the water area (the place near the sniper spot where you can
see the water) and take cover behind the second wall on the water side (the 
black one). Equip the Lancer (or shotgun if there are multiple enemies after
you), wait for one to run by, and chainsaw/blast them. Regroup with teammates,
or, if you're the last one, grab the sniper and retreat.

Overall: 5/5

I'll be shocked if you don't get a kill every game with this one. Just don't
use it too often, or else people will realize where you are. My personal
favorite strategy. I've beaten the best of the best with this one.

Strategy 5: If getting destroyed at the Boomshot, fall back with the shotgun.
Run around the tower the Boomshot spawns under, then sneak up behind and
shotgun your enemy. If they get the Boomshot, force their hand and make them
shoot, but dodge as they do so. 

Overall: 2/5 

Well, you can check both sides, can't you? And besides, some people fall back
after grabbing the Boomshot. That means an explosive surprise for you. Most
players will expect this after grabbing the Boomshot a few times. It all 
depends how fast you get there.

                                    Canals                                 (42)

Canals, a sniper's paradise. You'll want to get to the sniper first, so that
you can get a headshot on the guy who picks up the sniper opposite you. It
spawns on the first bridge, the one closest to you. The Boltok spawns in the
middle, near the stairs of the middle bridge, in between sandbags. On the 
middle bridge, the frags spawn, and under the middle bridge is the Torque Bow

Strategy 1: Run straight to the sniper spawn. Grab it, zoom, and look across to
the enemy's sniper spawn. As they get it, headshot them. If you suck at 
headshots, try getting a perfect active reload on them. From there, move down
the stairs where the sandbags are (where you came from) and snipe anyone who
comes out into the open map. Watch your flank.

Overall: 2/5

While a good strategy, you can ALWAYS be flanked from your spawn, and you won't
be able to react in time because you'll be sniping someone else. It's best to 
have a friend protect you with a shotgun.

Strategy 2: Run straight to the frags on the second bridge. Grab them, then run
to the sniper's bridge and tag him. Regroup with your team, shotgun ready. 

Overall: 2/5

It works well when the sniper is unguarded, however, you will be spotted as you
grab the frags, so maybe you should watch your back, too. Once everyone sees 
you grab the frags, they should know. However, they don't know where you're 
going, hence the 2/5.

Strategy 3: Run straight to the Torque Bow and grab it. Run back to your side
and find some cover. Stick with your teammates and provide cover with the bow.

Overall: 2/5

In this strategy, it depends who gets there first. As for surprises, you're
getting a weapon. Pretty predictable. Once you HAVE the bow, you can rejoice,
but until then, watch yourself.

Strategy 4: If you wanna switch it up a bit, take cover where the stairs are, 
near the Torque Bow. There's a short wall here, so take cover behind it and
crouch. Equip your Lancer and chainsaw anyone who comes. 

Overall: 4/5

This is how I got the chainsaw achievement in Ranked Matches. Most opponents
will just walk right by.

Strategy 5: Go to the sniper spawn. Don't grab it, just keep on running down
the path. Once you get to the middle bridge, don't go on it, just run through
to their sniper and shotgun him. If his teammates come, run back to yours. With
their sniper dead, the other team should be severely handicapped.

Overall: 3/5

A rather fast way of flanking the sniper, as long as he's not guarded, you can
almost guarantee victory with this.

Strategy 6: Run to the Torque Bow and wait for your enemy to come. Have your
teammates join you in Lancering them to death as soon as they pick it up.

Overall: 4/5

Solid strategy. However, it loses a point because, what if they don't GET the
bow? I recommend two go up top to the bridges, and the other two go to the bow.

                                Clocktower                                 (43)

Clocktower is primarily a map of choice. Do you want to go upstairs, or 
downstairs? At your spawn, past the sandbags, in the bunker, you'll find a
Boltok. Upstairs, in between sandbags in the middle, you'll find a Hammerburst.
Next to it, behind a pillar, you'll find the sniper. Downstairs, in a truck,
you'll find the Boomshot. Opposite the Boomshot in a dark area are the frags,
nestled in the corner behind a wreck.

Strategy 1: Stay downstairs and have your team rush for the Boomshot. Once you
have it, hold your position and have two teammates on one side of the wrecked
car, and you with your other teammate covering the other side. Make sure you
are in cover, that way a sniper can't pick you off from upstairs. When an 
enemy passes by, looking for you, Boomshot him, or have your teammates shotgun
him in unison. Eventually, the Boomshot will respawn, so let your teammate
take it, that way you have two Boomshotters guarding the area.

Overall: 4/5

I recommend you stay behind the truck. If you go behind the sandbags, a sniper
could get you. This strategy is pretty solid, especially if you factor in the

Strategy 2: Do the same thing this time, except go opposite the Boomshot spawn
to the frag spawn. Have your team hide in the shadows, and grab the frags, 
making sure you let the other team see only you. When an enemy enters, run to
your teammates, who should have their chainsaws waiting. He'll follow, and die.
If the whole team attacks, fall back with the grenades and toss them at your
foes. If they get close, tag them.

Overall: 3/5

Frags are useful, but easy to avoid. It's best to throw a smoke grenade and 
let your teammates chainsaw, then pick up the frags and toss them. Effective,
but not as good as the Boomshot method.

Strategy 3: Head upstairs, and have your best sniper grab the Longshot. Stay in
your corner of the area, with two teammates guarding the stairs you came from,
(one on each stairwell) and the sniper and you watching the opposite side.

Overall: 3/5

It's hard to get the sniper sometimes, but if you get there first, you can have
your teammates back you up as you run away. Solid, but weak if your guards are
weak as well.

Strategy 4: Run back to the spawn with any remaining teammates and pull out
your shotgun. Take cover behind the sandbags at the spawn, and suppress any who
attack, your teammates waiting to finish them off on the opposite side.

Overall: 2/5

Basically, you're camping at the spawn. A sniper could pick you off from
upstairs while you're in cover. If your enemies get the sniper, I don't
recommend doing this. 

Strategy 5: Run to the Boomshot spawn, grab it, and the enemies will chase you.
When they come, they'll be aware of your new weapon, so weaken them with it if
they're in cover by shooting the ground near them, then finishing them off 
with your shotgun. 

Overall: 4/5

Boomshots can now down enemies thanks to the new patch, so this could have a
nice effect on your enemies. Your teammates should back you up, however.

Strategy 6: Run back to the grenades and tag the remaining enemy, if it's 1 on 
1. Simple, no?

Overall: 1/5

It's just tagging, and unless you get the enemy from behind, you're probably
gonna get chainsawed or shotgunned.

                                Escalation                                 (44)

Escalation gets its name from its ascending slope. You'll spawn at either the
bottom or the top. At the bottom, on either side, in between planters is the
sniper. In front of it, next to the stairs in a little area are the frags. In
the bottom right corner are yet another set of frags. Moving upwards, past the
second set of stairs, behind a row of plants is a fourth set of frags. Up the
stairs, in the middle area, is the Hammerburst, and up one more set of stairs,
in a similar middle area, the Boltok spawns. All the way upstairs, in the left
corner, is a Hammerburst, and another Boltok spawns in the right corner.

Strategy 1: Run straight for the sniper, then grab the frags in the little area
in front of it. Head back to the first wall and take cover. Zoom to get a view
of anyone who comes down the stairs. 

Overall: 4/5

I personally always use this strategy, just because I enjoy sniping. The 
enemies have to come down the stairs to get to you, so you expect it. This is
how I take 3 on 1s. The frags are just in case it's 1 on 1 and you need to seal
the win, or if you need time to run away.

Strategy 2: Grab the frags and run up the stairs. Stick with your team and tag
any enemies you see.

Overall: 2/5

On this map, tagging can be useful, but because of the tight spaces, it's easy
to get shotgunned.

Strategy 3: Send two teammates to one side, and have you and a partner camp the
other with your shotguns out. Regroup once you have a 4 on 3 and shotgun your

Overall: 3/5 

Reliant on shotgun skill, this one's a risk. Make sure you and your teammates
are good enough for this.

Strategy 4: Run back to the spawn, yet again, and grab the sniper this time.
Camp the spawn and snipe whoever comes.

Overall: 3/5

Solid, but it would be better if you didn't have enemies following you on the
way back. Try not to attract attention.

                                Fuel Depot                                 (45)

Fuel Depot is a pretty big map, and with a warehouse in the middle of it, it's
almost definite that you will get flanked. Watch your back. The sniper spawns
just ahead of where you start, inside a trailer. The Hammerburst spawns near 
the back of the warehouse, outside. In the middle of the warehouse, the Hammer
of Dawn spawns. If you spawn inside, the frags will be on the right. If you
spawn outside, then the frags will be on the left.

Strategy 1: Go inside the the trailer and grab the sniper. When you get out of
the trailer, jump off to the left or the right so any snipers looking through
the window don't have a shot on you. Run to the corner of the wall, and pick 
off anyone that walks in front of the warehouse. Be sure to watch the helipad
and the back of the warehouse for any flankers.

Overall: 3/5

If your teammates help you out on this one, you'll have a solid plan. Just be
sure you can get a headshot before trying this.

Strategy 2: Run into the warehouse and move to the enemy's side. Flank the 
sniper and dispose of him, then run, because his teammates will probably be
after you. Regroup with your team. You might need the extra firepower.

Overall: 2/5 

Enemies could already be in the warehouse, so this is risky. I would have a
friend tag along for this. Once you kill their sniper, your sniper will have
a much happier game.

Strategy 3: Run to the frag spawn and grab the frags. Run across the helipad to
tag the enemy. After you kill one, regroup with your team and take out their
team, since you have better odds.

Overall: 2/5

This is common, so watch that you don't get tagged either. If you make it out
alive, don't go for more. Run back to your teammates and pull out your

Strategy 4: Run back to the spawn with the hangar. You'll see a bunch of crates
in the right corner outside the hangar. Get behind them and head inside. Take
cover and kill anyone who passes.

Overall: 3/5

Surprisingly, this works well. If you have a sniper, it works very well.

Strategy 5: Run to the back of the warehouse, where the Hammerburst spawns.
Hide behind the crate there with your Lancer equipped. Chainsaw anyone who

Overall: 3/5

....I hate when people do this to me.

                                Mansion                                    (46)

Here, you have two choices. If you enter the mansion, head upstairs, and go
between two couches, you'll find the sniper. At the foot of the stairs, in the
middle, you'll find a Boltok. If you choose not to enter the mansion, head
around, and once you're at a little opening, look in the corner for a 
Hammerburst. In the middle of this area, opposite the front door, lies the
Boomshot. Outside the front door are the frags.

Strategy 1: Head inside the mansion and run through the opening in the wall.
Check the opposite side for enemies, then run across and go up the opponent's
stairs. You'll flank any enemies going for the sniper, which is an effective
strategy against a tough sniper.

Overall: 2/5

Too often, your enemies will do the same thing to you. Use your Lancer at long
range for them, cause that's exactly what they'll do to you.

Strategy 2: Stay outside and run to the Boomshot. Head through the front door
and take out the sniper and anyone else guarding him. 

Overall: 3/5

Bring a friend. The Boomshot is usually fought over. Make sure you win that

Strategy 3: Stay at the spawn with your teammates. Have three camp the front
door and either you or a teammate can watch the other side. You'll be covered
from all sides, but make sure to stay a safe distance away from your teammates
just in case the enemy has a Boomshot.

Overall: 2/5

I wouldn't feel too safe about this one. Frags, Boomshots, Longshots, oh my.
The idea here is, without good weapons, you're at a disadvantage.

                               Mausoleum                                   (47)

Mausoleum. I hate this map. Why? Because it's so hard to find your opponents on
it. You can go left or right from the starting point. The brighter side takes
you to the frags, while the darker side takes you to the Boltok Pistol. If you
take the bright path, run to the center and up the stairs to reach a small area
containing a Longshot. Opposite the Longshot is a path that leads to the center
of the map. On the side of this circular area is the Boomshot. If you take the
dark path, hugging the wall you came from will lead you to the Torque Bow, in
the middle portion of this side, furthest from the Boomshot.

Strategies for Mausoleum and the rest of the old maps along with the new maps
will be completed soon.

Strategy 1: Grab the frags and run to the sniper, tossing them at anyone who
picks it up. Try to tag if possible.

Overall: 3/5

If you don't get a tag kill, you'll at least delay them from getting the
sniper. If friendly fire is turned off, I recommend sending a teammate into
your frags through to the sniper. Any enemy that tries to make it through dies.

Strategy 2: Rush to the Boomshot and pick it up, killing anyone your teammates
can't handle. 

Overall: 2/5

If you can grab the Boomshot, then it's worked so far, but if the other team
stops you, this was pointless.

Strategy 3: Rush to the Torque Bow, then run back through your spawn to the
sniper to flank.

Overall: 3/5

As long as they're not coming to find you through your spawn, this should work
pretty well.

                               Rooftops                                    (48)

Rooftops, my favorite map. This map is great because it's small, but actually
bigger than it seems, and with the exception of a few tactical locations, you
can always be killed by the Hammer of Dawn here. Speaking of which, the Hammer
is inside the first little hut you see. The sniper is just past it, surrounded
by metal beams. Up the stairs on the left, the Boltok Pistol is in a little
enclosure just left of the top of the stairs. The frags are all the way on the
right on the same level as the Boltok Pistol, opposite the garage. In the
center of the map is the Torque Bow.

Strategy 1: Grab the Hammer of Dawn, and stay back. Clear out any area your 
teammates need, and have them cautiously advance.

Overall: 4/5

A near perfect strategy if you're good with the Hammer. Your teammates aren't
hurt by your Hammer, so if you just put that beam on them, they're probably not
gonna get shotgunned.

Strategy 2: Grab the sniper and head into the garage. If their sniper is in the
other garage, headshot him. If anyone walks by, switch to your shotgun and
blast them.

Overall: 2/5

If you're not a good sniper, don't even try this. A Torque Bower can easily
kill you, so if someone gets the Torque Bow, run out of there.

Strategy 3: Send two teammates left up the middle, and two teammates right up
the middle. Have 3 shotgunning, and you or someone else use a pistol to melee.

Overall: 3/5

Solid strategy, because not all of them will be up close, only a few, so it'll
be simple to 4 on 1 them. Just watch out for the Hammer and the sniper.

                             Tyro Station                                  (49)

Tyro Station's a fun map, if only because of the train in the middle. Yes, it
can kill you. You can't kill it. Oh well. From the spawn, head downstairs for
frags. If you stay up, behind the dumpster in the corner is the Boltok Pistol.
All the way up at the train, at the end of each path is the Torque Bow, and in
the middle of the train tracks is the Hammer of Dawn.

Strategy 1: Go upstairs and grab the Torque Bow, and use it to kill enemies on
the opposite side of the tracks. Take at least one teammate with you.

Overall: 3/5

Basic, but easy enough. If you take out the enemy with the Torque Bow, you'll
leave them without a Torque Bow, and that means you have a big advantage. 

Strategy 2: Send your whole team downstairs to flank. Clear the basement, then
go up their stairs and kill the rest of the other team. 

Overall: 2/5

After your team leaves the basement and goes upstairs, their Torque Bower could
pick you off or weaken you while the rest of their team shoots you with
Lancers. If the other team doesn't expect it, then you should be good. 

Strategy 3: Camp the spawn with your teammates. Have two guard the stairs
leading to the basement, and have the other two guard the ramp leading to the

Overall: 2/5 

If their Torque Bower sees you from up above, he can take out your whole team.
If you take him out first, you have a much better chance.

                              War Machine                                  (50)

War Machine, the only map with a turret on it. From where you start, the short
side (the side that doesn't lead upstairs to the turret) leads to the sniper in
between two sandbags. The long side leads to the grenades near the foot of the
stairs. Looking across to the other side from here, in the middle is a Torque

Strategy 1: Head to the sniper with a teammate, and send your other two
teammates to the Torque Bow.

Overall: 3/5

Having control of both weapons is very useful. Don't rush blindly at the
weapons, however, because chances are, you'll face resistance at both spawns.

Strategy 2: Head upstairs to the Troika, and have one teammate man the Troika
while the others guard both staircases. Get off the Troika once the sniper is
picked up. 

Overall: 4/5

A very rare strategy, I've personally never seen it used, but that's part of
its charm. The other team will feel superior because they've gotten the
Longshot and the Torque Bow, but in reality, they're gonna have to come up to
you if they wanna use their weapons. Luckily, upstairs is small, so snipers are
mostly useless. I'd kill the one with the Torque Bow first.

Strategy 3: Send your whole team for the sniper. After you've cleared the area,
grab the sniper and head upstairs, killing any enemies on the way. Once you
make it upstairs, secure the area and guard the staircases.

Overall: 2/5

The Torque Bow has a good chance of taking out one of your guys unless you take
it out first, which is difficult to do while moving. Still, it's useful if the
guy with the Torque Bow sucks.

                              Raven Down                                   (51)

I HATE Raven Down. Hate it. It's a stupid map in the shape of a plus sign.
Depending where you are, you could spawn on the east or west sides, or on the
north or south sides. The north and south sides spawn frags in the backs of
their respective trucks. That's it for weapons. Sounds lame? It is.

Strategy 1: Meet up with your team and camp the corner where you can go inside
it, the one made out of brick. Wait for enemies that pass, and shotgun them.

Overall: 2/5

Frag out. Boom, you're all dead. Even Raven Down's one weapon pisses me off. 
Hopefully, you can get out in time, or the frags could miss. Maybe.

Strategy 2: Hide behind whatever you spawn near, wait with a Lancer, then pump
anyone that passes full of lead.

Overall: 3/5

This is a Lancer map, contrary to whatever you may think. Enemies can only go
one way to get to you, so fill that way with Lancer ammo.

Strategy 3: Send a teammate to each corner and have him wait with a shotgun.
Shoot anyone who passes.

Overall: 2/5

A good Lancer could destroy you all.

                              Old Bones                                    (52)

Old Bones. This map really grew on me, but I'm still not a huge fan. Anyways,
the frags spawn outside the long side door, the one that takes you longer to
get outside. Outside, closest to the frags, if you hop over the semicircle
shaped barrier, you'll find the Boomshot. On the other end of the map is the
Longshot, and that's it.

Strategy 1: Head to the Boomshot by way of the long side door, picking up the
frags as you go. Bring a teammate to watch your back, and grab the Boomshot.

Overall: 3/5

If your teammate can take out their grenadier, you should be able to turn the
tide and grab the Boomshot for an easy 4 on 3. Of course, your teammate could
get tagged and run into you as their grenadier magically escapes the blast, but
hey, anything for war, right?

Strategy 2: Have your team rush the sniper with Lancers equipped. Stay back and
camp the area, but have everyone guard the sniper.

Overall: 2/5

The Boomshot can potentially take out your whole team with one shot. Try to
lure the Boomshotter with one person who stays far away from everyone else, 
while everyone else Lancers him. Once they have no Boomshot, they have no hope.

Strategy 3: Send your whole team flanking by way of the long side door. Kill
any enemies you see on the way, then camp each doorway.

Overall: 3/5

Once the dude on their team going for the frags sees you all, he'll probably
alert his teammates, and they'll grab the Boomshot and follow you. Just be
quick about this, and you'll be hard to beat.

                               Garden                                      (53)

Garden is a fun map, and its most notable feature is the greenhouses that
constantly spout a deadly gas that can only be turned off with the three
switches beyond it. Inside the greenhouses, snipers lay, ripe for the picking.
Beyond that, the inside area houses a Hammer of Dawn, while on the opposite
end, outside, the Boomshot rests. 

Strategy 1: Send two teammates to the Boomshot and two to the Hammer. Take out
any resistance and claim the two most powerful weapons on the map.

Overall: 4/5

With the Hammer, you can force all enemies to the middle area. That just
happens to be the easiest place to Boomshot enemies as well. What could go
wrong? Besides a good sniper picking off the guy using the Hammer of Dawn,

Strategy 2: Have a teammate turn off the gas so you can grab the sniper. Guard
the Hammer and have your teammates attempt to go for it. Once they have it, run
back to your greenhouse and watch for approaching enemies.

Overall: 3/5

Hopefully, their sniper isn't watching you. If he is, you're begging to die. If
not, or if he sucks, this should work.

Strategy 3: Have everyone rush to the Boomshot and pick it up. Stay in that
area and guard it from any enemies that attack.

Overall: 2/5

...Watch out for the Hammer. 

                             Bullet Marsh                                  (54)

Bullet Marsh, the only map that spawns smoke grenades. In the center of the map
is a generator that powers lights for the sniper area, and the Torque Bow area
as well. It can be taken out with a few shots, which will kill the light,
attracting Kryll to the sniper. The Kryll will down anyone in the areas, but
will not kill them. If you take the path leading up, you'll find the sniper in
the little area of light that the generator powers. The frags are located in
the middle of the upstairs interior, along with the Boomshot and the smoke
grenades. If you take the lower path, it leads to a Torque Bow in between two

Strategy 1: Head upstairs and take out the generator quickly. Send your
teammates down the lower path to flank. When the generator turns on again, the
guy on their team going for the sniper should be killed by your flanking team.
Hold your ground and wait for your teammates.

Overall: 3/5

If you can hold on long enough, this strategy should work well. Perfect if you
are the host.

Strategy 2: Rush the Boomshot. Hold in the interior and wait for enemies to
arrive. Since there is not much room, you should be able to at least weaken
a few enemies while your teammates clean up the mess.

Overall: 4/5

If you cover all sides, you can't be beat with this.

Strategy 3: Rush to the Torque Bow, grab it, and flank by way of the lower
path. Have your teammates follow you and come up behind your enemies.

Overall: 3/5 

As long as their team isn't watching their back, you should get the jump on

                              Process                                      (55)

Process is a beautiful map, with Imulsion flowing everywhere. One spawn splits
into two paths, while the other has stairs that lead up to the main area. From
the spawn with two paths, the Torque Bow is on the right, while the Boomshot is
slightly left of it, on an elevated platform. The stairs to get to the Boomshot
are on the right side of the pool of Imulsion in the center. If you take the
left path at the spawn, you'll find the frags in the left corner of the floor
where you're standing, right next to the Imulsion that's surrounding the map.
On the opposite end, there are frags as well. In between the two sets of frags
there's a little hut. It houses the Longshot, and that's it for the weapons.

Strategy 1: Run to the Boomshot and bring a teammate. Have two teammates go for
the Torque Bow. Once you have your weapons, regroup and travel as four, finding
and killing any enemies you encounter.

Overall: 3/5

If noone went for the Torque or the Boom, this would get a 5/5, but you WILL
face resistance. Hell, you might even win the match if you kill everyone you
see there.

Strategy 2: Go for the Longshot. Have a teammate grab the frags and follow you.
Take out anyone going for the sniper and grab it. Snipe from behind the hut,
and have your teammates guard you.

Overall: 3/5

A Boomshot in your general area could take you and a teammate down. Aside from
that, this should work well.

Strategy 3: Flank the enemy by way of the frags. If you get the frags, tag from
behind or just use a shotgun or Lancer with your teammates.

Overall: 2/5

If they have the Boomshot, you'll be stopped dead in your tracks. Try not to
let them get it.

                                  Subway                                   (56)

Subway is actually a pretty normal map, and it fits in well, unlike some of the
other downloadable maps. Anyways, at one spawn, you start above the subway, and
at the other spawn, you start underground. From the above spawn, head forward 
and around the left corner of the wall to find a little area that houses the
Longshot. On the right side of the map, above ground, are the frags, which have
a little staircase leading up to them. From the underground spawn, head towards
the middle, in between trains, to find the Boomshot. Just right of the Boomshot
are the frags. 

Strategy 1: Rush downstairs to the Boomshot. Once you get it, run to the enemy
spawn, taking out whoever you can on the way. Have your teammates back you up
with Lancer fire. 

Overall: 2/5

The fight for the Boomshot won't be easy. And besides, their whole team could
very well be dead by the time you get it.

Strategy 2: Enter the downstairs area by way of the stairs on the right. Wait
at the top of stairs with your Lancer and kill anyone who goes for the Boomshot
while your teammates go for the Boomshot themselves.

Overall: 4/5 

Most of the time, the main area of interest is the downstairs area, so you
shouldn't really have to worry about getting flanked. Once you take out the
enemy who goes for the Boomshot, the game should really open up.

Strategy 3: Send one teammate to each staircase and have them guard it while
you try to prevent the enemy from getting the Boomshot. 

Overall: 3/5

If you CAN stop them from getting the Boomshot, this should work very well.

.............................:Multiplayer Modes:...........................(57)

There are four multiplayer modes in Gears of War, and this section will
describe each of them for you.


Warzone. My favorite game mode. Here's a quick rundown of the rules.

- Enemies can be killed when downed from long range

- The only way to get revived is by a teammate

- Grenade tagging will kill a downed enemy

                                Tips for Warzone

In Warzone, you have to rely on your teammates to pick you up. Because of
this, you should always have a teammate with you, especially in a rough
situation. Remember, the third time you get downed, you die, so watch it.

Execution's not really my mode. However, most people prefer it to Warzone.

- Depending on the bleed out time, you can get up after you're downed

- Grenade tagging will not kill a downed enemy

- Kills must be acquired at close range

                               Tips for Execution

People like this because it's more of an independent mode, and you can pick
yourself up instead of having a teammate do it for you. So, really, you can
do what you want. A shotgun is best, because it can just split your enemies
without downing them.


Assassination requires you to kill the leader of the opposing team to win the
round. Each leader kill will net you 45 points, as opposed to 25 for a normal

- Leaders can get up after they're downed once the bleed out time has been

- Kills can be acquired at long range, with the exception of leader kills,
which must be acquired at close range

- Grenade tagging will not kill a downed leader

                             Tips for Assassination

Guard the leader. If you lose, he should be the last one to die. Make sure
your whole team has the leader's back. Other than that, stay close to your
teammates so that you can revive them.


Annex demands that you capture a territory, keep it for as long as you can
until its sixty seconds are up, then move to the next territory and capture it.
You win when you reach the target number of seconds.

- Enemies can be killed when downed from long range

- Territory changes to another weapon spawn after 60 seconds

- The only way to get revived is by a teammate

- Grenade tagging will kill a downed enemy

                                Tips for Annex

Get your whole team in the territory and guard all points of entry into the
territory. Power weapons such as the Hammer of Dawn and the Boomshot are very
useful, and your other teammates should have shotguns and Lancers waiting to
tear up anyone who tries to take your territory.