Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots: FAQ/Walkthrough

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		  *Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots*

Metal Gear Solid 4 FAQ/Walkthrough
For PS3
Version 1.2 (6/20/08)
Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"

Version 0.8 - got through more than half of the game, and I think I've almost 
perfected what I've done so far, so I'll share before I'm done. This guide 
takes you to Crying Wolf. If I'd skipped the cutscenes, this guide could have
been done the day I started!

Version 1.0 - well, took a while, and not because of the gameplay, but I'm 
done with the walkthrough. The extra stuff to come.

Version 1.2 - have completely, 100%-ly perfected Act 1, will do the same for 
the rest. Have started in on the remaining sections too. Maybe it will all be
done over the weekend - chances of that are Big Brown good.

Table Of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls		( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips		( TIPS333 )
4. Walkthrough		( FAQ4444 )

	Act 1: Liquid Sun	( ACT1LS )
	Act 2: Solid Sun	( ACT2SS )
	Act 3: Third Sun	( ACT3TS )
	Act 4: Twin Suns	( ACT4TW )
	Act 5: Old Sun		( ACT5OS )

5. Combat				( FISTS55 )
6. Stealth				( CAMO666 )
7. Weapons				( GUNS777 )
8. Items				( EATS888 )
9. Rewards				( TREAT99 )
10. Emblems				( EMB1010 )
11. Easter Eggs and More		( EGG1111 ) 
12. Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

I'm not the ultimate fan, and if I liked pixels awkward controls I would play
the first two games. This game is a large part fan service, where MGS3 was 
really just a game for anyone. If you haven't even played Snake Eater, well
then at least you'll have some nice gameplay.

Seriously, I don't know if the fans are here for the story. But as far as the
game part, someone has played Resident Evil 4. I'm not just showing my 
ultimate RE4 fanboyism here, there are a lot of spots in this game that look
a lot like that game. These are the best boss fights since RE4, and just 
like RE4, the parts in between the bosses are not just more of the same 
gameplay, there is always something new you're presented with. That was the 
strength of RE4, and that is the strength of this game. 

I love this game, maybe not the story, but the game is solid. Finally a 
future game that has future toys, and stealth gameplay that will be par for
the course for all games to come. And short, not so complicated levels are
quickly becoming the norm in games, and this game shines in that area.

And it's not like I hate the cutscenes or the nonsense story, it's just the 
two steps forward, one step back (maybe step for step). I mean, take half of
the dialogue and maybe it all sounds better.

Regardless of what I or anyone else says, if you own a PS3, you also own this
game... okay, you at least rent this game, period.


PS - "TheGum" comes from the characters in MGS3, just FYI.

* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

PS3 Controls

X - crouch, hold to go prone, roll as you run
O - reload
Square - change auto aim or manual aim (ha, wish someone would have told me)
Triangle - context command, aim down sight of gun
R1 - shoot, melee if close to enemy, hold to grab enemy (CQC)
R2 - hold for weapon menu, tap to quick change
L1 - aim gun
L2 - hold for item menu, don't tap that, you can
D-pad - up and down to zoom in binos mode or in a scope
LS - move, press hard to run, press soft to walk
RS - look
SELECT - controls (wait a second!)
START - pause menu for all you ever need

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1a. Sorry, missed this one completely! You can go prone and stay still to
recover health. Mucho important for you no health-item runners. So only use
health items when in the heat of battle and don't care about the emblems and

#1b. If you want to use your guns or items, gotta set them to slots in the
pause menu.

#2. Staying hidden means keeping track of that camo percentage in the upper
right corner of the screen. 50% is good and means most enemies can walk near
you and not see you. Remember, if you want to turn your OctoCamo you need to 
either press against a wall or lie down.

#3. If you ever don't know what you are to do, just check your map. And if all
else fails, just start moving around - maybe something will happen.

#4. You should know there are items and unlockables, like tons of them, so 
you need to decide before you play if you want to go for those or not. The
main ones are no kills and no alerts. There are also ones for speed, no 
continues, no health items, and just whatever you can think of. The game is 
way easier if you leave all of this stuff for a later playthrough.

#5. Don't slouch off during the cutscenes, you need to be ready for the L1 and
the X presses, which pop up in the corners. During the L1 presses you can 
move the camera around, and during the X presses you can press it multiple
times. Feel free to press L1 during certain times for hidden presses that are
usually the best ones.

#6. There is always a stealth way to get through an area, even if it doesn't
look like it. This game is designed to support both run and gunners, and the
sneaking mission kinda players. As far as rewards, you are given more points
to buy weapons for stealth, so keep that in mind.

#7. You can pick up downed bodies and drop them back down to see if they drop
an item.

#8. You can disarm traps using the Mk II, your robot. The Mk II can even 
act as a distraction by tapping on a wall, and he can even stun enemies. Just
make sure to watch his battery life.

#9. Speaking of battery life, you can get more batteries by using the Mk II 
during the mission briefings between the chapters. Just press the SELECT button
to get the button icons and take the robot up the stairs for a battery, which
should be there between each act. There is also a camera behind Sunny's 

#10. You should always have the Solid Eye on when you need to know about your
surroundings, but the eye chews up battery life, especially on night vision.
So aside from more batteries, you should just switch to some other item.

#11. If you don't know how to use rations, just have the item in the L2 screen
and press X.

#12. Psyche, the little bar under your health, goes down if you crouch for
too long. If it goes down too much then everything you do will suffer, so 
have those compresses or regains ready.

#13. There is a Threat Ring that pops up around Snake if you crouch and stay
still, or if you go prone. If the ring is smooth then there are no threats 
around you. If there are humps in it, the size of the hump is relative to 
how much of a threat that thing is. For instance, a guy that is just patrolling
is a threat, but a guy patrolling and kinda knows you're around is an even
bigger threat.

#14. It's in your best interest to help the rebels in the first two acts. Not
only does it make full use of your combat skills, it also means you don't have
to tip toe around the rebels. True, you can ignore them and sneak by all 
areas, but it would sure be more difficult.

#15. Use your radar to know if someone is near. Keep the solid eye on and the 
radar will detect nearby enemies. Don't let the smaller blips fool you, those 
are usually rats or birds.

#16. You have four options for no kills: Mk2, Mosin-Nagant, V Ring rounds for
shotguns, and stun grenades. If you realize that I and many other players can
get through this game using only these guns (for the most part), then if you
are using all the guns you should have a much easier time.

#17. Look at the briefing tab in the pause menu for more useful tid bits.

#18. Watch your step, and maybe stay down wind. Enemies can detect you by 
scent, sight, sound, and maybe they can even taste you. The last thing you 
want to do is hit a can, or hit a claymore.

#19. If you are playing the no alert / no kill game, then you need to save 
often. The game saves at the start of each area, so keep that in mind, 
especially early on when the areas are quite large. If you get caught or kill
someone, gotta reload that save. You also need to save in many files. Consider
saving at each act point, at least after each briefing.

#20. The iPod works just like your iPod, or the one's your friend owns. It's 
worth checking out. You also regain psyche faster with tunes on, and you 
can control the iPod using the shape buttons (X, O, Squ., Tri.).

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *

Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

Just a side note about the opening menu with Snake in the cemetery. You can
wait a while and something does happen, or rather, something doesn't happen.
Just FYI.

Also, maybe it's just on a round 2, but those strange opening skits are on
serveral different channels. Just move around the LS.

Ground Zero

*NOTE: During the brief time you have control, feel free to edit the options in
the pause menu, mainly turning on the subtitles.*

Well, the game starts soon after the many strange company lead-in movies and
the long opening intro scene. Once you have control, briefly press pause to see
where you need to go. Then just go left to crawl under the truck for another 
part of the intro scene. Then just walk up the road for more scene. Nope, you
don't get the pleasure of cutscening your way through these guys. Just relax 
and run up the road, through the guys and into the doorway on the right. Go
up, jump through the window, then go out into the street, and swing around to 
the left to hit the next scene. Be ready for two L1 presses during the next,
long scene.

After the save, be ready for some X presses if you feel like it, a few sets
of them (you can press X quite a number of times when you see the icon). 

Act 1: Liquid Sun		( ACT1LS )

Red Zone NW Sector

*NOTE: You can press SELECT for the control layout.*

*NOTE: I'll say this only once, but if you plan on getting the Bandanna and
a lot of other unlockables at the end of the game, you cannot kill anyone. 
Granted, you can do this one easy if you like, and for your first game just 
play to play. That is the way I would go, just play the game now, do the 
secret stuff later. Plus, I already killed a guy or two by the time I wrote
this, so it's all good.*

*NOTE: Remember, you can save often and save in many files, especially if you
want to go for the no-kill route.*

In what will be a routine, press pause to see where you need to go, which is 
east for now. Go up to the corner and either sneak around this corner and go
in the door, or wait for them to leave and go in the building. In the building,
go up and a scene will drop some soldiers in the streets. You can basically 
just go up to the crawlspace, but feel free to be as sneaky as you wish. Crawl
by holding down the X button. Go through and you'll get a compress kit, which
relieves lower back pain from prolonged crouching, so don't crouch too long, 
and you'll know you are when Snake holds his back. To avoid crouching for too
long you should just get on the floor if you must stay low.

*NOTE: If ever in doubt, go to your Briefing screen in the pause menu.*

Anyway, on the other side of the space you should just stay down. There is a 
gun turret on the APC around the corner, but it does turn. Your best bet is to
just crawl your way around this corner and into yet another room; and remember
that the OctoCamo only changes when you are still. When in the room, go into
the room on the left for some ammo and another compress on the bed. Then come
back into the main room and go through the crawlspace here; and note that 
stepping on stuff does make noise, so just be patient where you walk. You'll
see a guy get shot going through, so just stop and wait for the soldier to move

Now go out and then go around to the right. You can post up at the doorway,
or stick to the ground to let the soldier pass by the doorway; or even better
you can get through after he shoots the guy, get out your stun knife, follow
behind him, press L1 to ready it, and the press R2 to stun him. Then quietly
go through and to the right. I suggest crawl all the way to the end of the 
building where you look out into the street. Let the next soldier pass and then
crawl around through the doorway to the right. If they spot you you should get
through the doorway and be able to lose them.

*NOTE: If you do get caught at any point, just fend them off and then run to a 
quiet place to run off the alert. You never have to stay completely still
during an alert, just don't be seen again. And the place where you get caught
and where you kill the bad guys, be sure to get far away from there when the
backup gets there. Also, one guy will usually call for help, so try to kill him
if you can.*

Red Zone

*NOTE: A heads up to something you could miss. Save now and exit. Go to the 
mission briefing for this act and it may clear things up a wee bit. Of course
you could wait later. You can also bump Otacon, Sunny, and Roy for face camo.
There is a battery in front of the chopper and a song up the steps. Press
SELECT to see the icons and you can drive the Mk II, FYI. Save the game after
you watch the scene and you'll get the stuff.*

Assuming you go to the next part unseen, post up behind the statue and let all
the guards go about down the way. You can go up the stairs on the left, where 
you will roll over a gap (press X while running), then sneak up behind the 
guard and stun him with the knife. Carry his body over to the lockers, but 
please pull out the Playboy first, then stuff him inside. I believe a guard
will patrol by here, so if you want to put that Playboy down, feel free. It's
purpose is to distract them, not you.

Once he is gone, go up along this side of the upper areas and jump over the
half-wall to get across (press Triangle against the wall, push up on the LS,
and then press Tri. again). Now crawl up and you can either drop down the
ladder, or just keep going and then fall down in the next room. Either way
watch out for the guard patrolling the alley. There is another compress on
the ground in the corner of the last room. 

*NOTE: To better avoid the last guys before the upcoming scene, hide in the
little alcove, or even in the dumpster. If you hide in the dumpster, wait for
the footsteps to run away.*

Now crawl to the corner of the last room and watch as the guy in the alley 
moves. Wait for him to go away, crawl up a bit, and then crouch to go right 
quickly and to the destination, and let one guy go by you. Hit the point and
then there is a scene. Now you have two guns, one lethal and one not, an eye
patch that gives you some abilities, and you have a little robo friend. You 
can feel free to use them all by pressing the L2 or R2 buttons to check them 
out. The MK II is just like you when you choose him, and you can move him 
however you like, just don't send him to his death. He can go across the ways
on the right to pick up that gun for you. The eye can be changed to a few
modes from the item menu. And if you want to use a gun, use the Mk2. 

Once you are back in control, wait for the guys to the right to leave, then go
around the corner and grab the ration on the wall. Now you have two options:
help the rebels, or stealth your way out of here. I'll explain how to help the 
rebels, but you can cut the parts that don't involve you getting out of here
with as little effort possible. Oh yeah, if you are going stealth and no kills,
best equip that Mk2, I mean it.

*NOTE: Remember, there are alerts and kills you want to avoid if you are 
going for unlockables in your first run. So save, but quitting (which is done
under the save option) and reloading that save just takes you to the nearest
checkpoint, not to where you saved. So just make sure you save, but it may
not always be a good spot.*

So right after the scene, go up and out to the opening, and you shouldn't be 
seen by the three enemies, but try to make yourself as least noticable as 
possible. If you work quickly, use your Mk2 to put the guy at the end of the 
pack to bed, then move so you can see around the corner and put out another 
guy as they post up at the dividers, and if you can get the third, great. 
If not, just move out into the open and pick them off from way back here.

*NOTE: I do hope you are going for headshots. Even with the Mk2 you want a 
headshot to put them to sleep instantly.*

Feel free to pick up the items around here, or maybe send out the Mk II (the
robot) to go pick them up. Now go back to where the scene ended and there is a
ladder on the left. Go up and slink around to a crate, hop up, cross the boards
here, and then go around the left side, sneaking of course. There will be two
guys on the walkway. You need to either stand around the corner or just wait
for good clean shot at their heads. You get the one near you first, then the
one away - that's a basic tactic so neither one sees the other getting put 

Now go back down the ladder. Go across the little alley and you'll be behind 
the building that all the PMC's are around. Look around the right side to see
if there is a guy to put down, and if not just go left. Crawl out into the
alley, but not into the hole to crawl through. Just stand prone and look to
the APC. You should see two guys behind the sandbags. Hopefully you can aim 
worth two cents. Use your Mk2 and put out the guy farthest away, then the 
one closests to you. Now there should be no one else, but if there is feel 
free to go behind the APC and take out anyone else.

*NOTE: It may not be all that necessary for anything to destroy the APC.*

Now crawl to the left, behind the barrels, and through a crawlspace. You get a
few items and on the other side there is one RPG. Grab it, crawl back through
the space, get back a bit, and fire. If you want no kills, you have to make
sure no enemies are around where you shoot your RPG; I say shoot it from the 
alley to the right of the APC. After you shoot, quickly go to the sandbags
where the rebels were. From here you can help them take down the last group 
of PMC's.

Hopefully they handle the first APC you saw from earlier. If not then you'll
have to get another rocket and fire. There is another one if you search the 
ruined building for stairs and follow the path to a rocket up here. When you
fire, make sure nothing is around the APC and make sure you are a good distance
away from it. When you hear the cheers, you're free to go.

*NOTE: The standard mode of your eye does consume battery power, the little 
bar in the lower left corner. It will go down as you use the Solid Eye and
the Metal Gear. If you want to recharge the battery, just change to no items 
or something else.*

*NOTE: You can set items into slots from the pause menu, and the same for 

Safe House

Okay, so if you killed PMC's, the soldiers, then these rebels should like you.
Either way, when you get close to them and they ask you to stand still, do so.
If you have a ration in your item window (go to pause menu and place rations in
one of your slots and then select it with L2 while in game) and the guy tells
you to stand still, you will be prompted to give him the ration and the group
will have instant like of you. At least that is true of the first militia 
you see.

*NOTE: I'll write this like you want to avoid the militia, and if you are 
caught you had better stand still. But again, if you helped the militia beat
the enemies in the Red Zone, should just have to give one ration to this 
first guy and then you are free to run about this area. Otherwise it's just
another sneaking level.*

You can sneak around the first guy if you want, by going around the left side
of the crate. Then go up the tunnel and hide in the alcove on the right, or 
straight ahead as the other militia pass by. Go through the chicken room and in
the hall there is a little divet at the corner you can hide behind, either 
crouching or whatever. Then there is a tiny room on the left for some items, 
then you can go into the injury room for a few health items. 

In the next hall is an iPod song in a little alcove - neat. Now go and either 
let these guys pass, or let them sniff you and go by. If you have to sneak, 
crawl as soon as you enter the room and go right. Once in the hall you can 
duck under the cover at the corner of the hall to pick up the old cardboard
box. Then come out and go into the tiny room for a bunch of items. Then go 
back and across the hall for another room with some items and some lockers. 
Mainly you want the Playboy in the one locker, and I guess the costume in the
other locker is worth it too. 

*NOTE: The Playboy is a gun, believe it or not, and you can only lay it down,
but follow the directions if you want to view it. Also, you put on the disguise
in the camo tab in the pause menu.*

Put on the costume and the militia will no longer see you as a threat. From
here there are just two more groups of militia, but with the militia outfit on
you don't have to worry about them. Just run to the last room and up the stairs
for the first of many long-winded cutscenes. The kind of cutscenes that make
you appreciate games that go with the "less is more" attitude.

Urban Ruins

*NOTE: Also some noodles behind the stairs, on the ground.*

*NOTE: FYI, to remove locks from guns, just select them and press X and it
will cost you some DP.*

Now it gets really confusing as there are many options with Drebin. For one, 
you do not have to meet him. Just press pause and his shop is right there. I
couldn't find anything to buy because all I do is use the Mk2. You can do 
whatever you please, and the customization options are limited at the moment.
Feel free to ignore this for now. If anything he is always good for ammo.

On with the mission, go up the alley for an item, then up the steps and to the
top for a gun. Then drop over the right side from up here so that you land on
the second level, but not on the steps. If you fell in the right place you will
snag an RPG and a few other things; you can equip the scope onto the M4 if you
are using the lethal route. 

So back on the ground, go up and through the doorway. Go up and then take a 
right. Crawl over and then look left to see some rebels get shot. Then go up
and crawl through a space for a compress. Come out and jump up to hit a ration.
Go up to the carpet along the wall and go right to hit a quick scene. Now go
up and hang a right to hit a room with a sloping path and crawl to the right
for a quick item. Then go up the ramp, shimmy along the path, and then keep
going to hit one classy, high road of humor cutscene. 


*NOTE: Keep your rebel disguise on please. Actually, if the rebels like you,
I guess you can take it off.*

*NOTE: From the start, you can turn around and go back for a few items if you
want them.*

Well, you have a rusty drum, but the question is "do you want it?" Actually, 
"how are you keeping it?" Anyway, go up and you'll see an infinite stream of
rebels fighting with some enemies. First you need to hit the two in front of
you behind the sandbags. Your best bet is to hide behind the first car and pop
the first one, then go left, onto the street, and pop the second one from 
behind this car. Now go to the left side of the street, behind some kind of
cover. Your guys will do good to provide support, and they will even take 
care of the APC on their own. What you need to do is pick off the many bad
guys with your Mk2. If you do your job, they should take care of the APC. If
they do not for whatever reason, just clear the area around the mini tank of 
enemies and then fire a mortar at it (you have one by the sandbag on the 
street and one up above reached via a ladder in the alley). 

*NOTE: Remember, headshots, even with an Mk2 as it puts them to sleep in an

The militia may not cheer, but one the APC is gone you are free to plunder 
the field and leave through the alley a short ways back. Follow it and you'll
be in a market street where there are a lot of little items in corners. Go
to the end and you'll see some rebels under sniper fire. Just go left and there
is a crate to hop over on the right, or just run to the end. Get to where the 
smash APC is and go up the street, which is two streets up from where the 
militia are pinned. You'll peek around the corner and see two enemies behind a 
sandbag. Get behind the crates and shoot one, then pop the other.

The only tricky thing is there is one roaming PMC on the top floor. Otherwise
you could just sneak up there and pop both snipers while they aren't looking.
I say just wait until you see a third enemy on the ground floor, shooting at
rebels from the windows. He will come down eventually, but if you storm the
building and go up the stairs you may run into him and cause an alert. Just 
wait for him, pick him off, and then go up the stairs. Sneak up on the sniper
in the top room, then go to the side window and pop the other one. Now you are
free to plunder the items.

No matter how you do it, the next part is tricky. You see, to the left is the
main street where there are the rebels and snipers fighting. To the right there
is a mere alley, but from this alley is a neverending flow of bad guys. So your
best bet is to just ignore your allies. If you want to help them, just stay far
back and hit the snipers. The best thing you can do is stay down the alley on
the right and crawl all the way to the end. There are two spots enemies spawn
from, so just keep your camo % high and be still when they are close; pay close
attention to your threat ring. Just hit the end, crawl left, behind the car
and into the trench area.

What you'll see is a semi-trench. On the left are your rebels, and on the right
are the PMC's. You can quickly try to crawl through this trench to the other
side if you want. Or sit back, maybe hit the sniper up high and a few bad guys
as you wait out the airstrike from above. Either way, crawl over, stand up, and
go through the green door to hit the next area.

Advent Palace

*NOTE: After the fact I learned that the Mk. II can disarm traps. Just send 
out your robot, get close to a trap, and press Tri.*

Go into the main lobby area for a rifle and yet another Playboy, but watch
out for the claymore in front of it (use the Mk II). When you come
back to stairs, have your gun ready, the Mk2 will do, and there is a stun 
grenade waiting for you. Just go up some steps and shoot it. On the second 
level walkway you'll see an item by some crates, but you probably don't see 
the claymore mine in front of it. Shoot that and grab the item. Now go right 
and you'll see another claymore in front of a doorway. Go in and there is an
item in the bathroom. Go out a hole at the back of the girl's side and you'll 
see a laser grid to the left. You can go to it to be told to watch out by
Otacon, and if you right there will be noodles in a room, but watch out for
the claymore (or whatever it is, it just blew up on me).

Now go back to the stairs and watch out for another stun bomb as you go to the
third floor. Go right and there is a stun bomb along the walkway. There is 
an item behind the counter in the dining area, and an iPod song in the back of
the kitchen, but watch out for the claymore in front of it. There are stairs
opposite the stairs you came up here, so hit the stun bomb and go up them; at
the top of the stairs you came up is just noodles, but watch out for the mine
on the steps. 

At the top there are some items in the bar area, including one last trap near
the front, but if you go to the left side you will trigger the next scene, and
it's a long one, but you already knew that. There is a crawlspace outside
of this area, but it's a long crawlspace with just noodles, and you could even
use it after the scene, but it's just a pointless space.

Advent Palace Escape

So after you trigger the scene, be ready for two X presses and one L1 press.
After the scene, you are going to help the team get back down through the 
building. For one, if you are going no kills, just use your Mk2 the whole way.
You'll have to be careful not to hit them and make them fall or they will die.
And no, there are no alerts. Players that are just playing the game, feel free
to visit Drebin's shop and upgrade or whatever and whip out your best killing

*NOTE: If you ever wondered how to use a ration, just have it in your L2 window
and press X to use it to restore health.*

*NOTE: If going no kills, best to buy up the stun grenades and remove their

For the first fight, let your team handle the first few enemies. You can stay
on the doorway and pop out to fire (while aiming press Tri. to look down the 
sight, it's a bit easier). Assist in spots but don't keep your head out for
too long. Remember you use only the Mk2 if you want that statue. When things
are clear follow your team down the steps.

Run down the steps and wait for the enemies that will appear on the opposite
stairwell. Shoot some for easy headshots, but then duck down to hide. Pop up
only to hit the ones who are camping, and don't hit the ones hanging on the
walls or they will die. Once the opposite Frogs are away, look to where you
came from for more. Hide behind a pillar and from here you can pop up for 
some shots, and again look down the sight to help. May want to avoid any Frogs
on the ceilings too as you may kill them too.

*NOTE: Going near Akiba may yield an ammo box.*

Once your team is away, follow them to the back of the kitchen. Again, don't
pop any Frogs on the ceilings. Try to get the four in this back room quickly
then you can hide and let your team mow down the ones in the main kitchen 
area. Help if you want, but don't hit any bad girls on the ceilings, last time
I say that - not the last time I say bad girls though. After the fight, go
collect guns for DP and then down to level 2.

Go down the steps and post up to the left, in a corner of the wall. Just 
look down your sight and hit anything you see. There are two waves of enemies
that attack from level 3, and they take priority. Take out the ones on your 
level at a steady pace. Shortly after Akiba's incident, your team will be on
the move toward the bathrooms (get it, no?). You could stay out here and help
fight, but just wait in the bathrooms. Akiba will run through the men's room
and a blast will go off. Go to Akiba and defend him from the Frogs coming
through this hole. There will also be more in the hallway. Shouldn't be all
that hard, especially if you got good aim. 

*NOTE: If you don't mind using rations, which not only affect your Drebin score
but also possible emblems. Otherwise, feel free. But FYI, if you go prone you
will recover health.*

When it's clear, Akiba will be awoken and the team moves into the hallway.
Again, lie down and be still to recover health before meeting them. After the 
lasers are cleared, roll over the hole and you can get a nifty little grenade
launcher for your AK, which you aren't using of course. Now drop down the hole,
grab the items in the two rooms, and then come to behind the bar. Look away
as the two flash bangs go off. Now what you will do is pop up, shoot a few
rounds, and then hide. Your team is there to help fight, so don't think you
have to take on all the bad girls (although, that sounds pretty awesome if 
you know what I mean). 

When they move on, there are two items in the next room before the scene. After
the scene, a few more items and then drop down for another scene. There is a
Frog doll behind you if you managed to not kill any of the bad girls. Some
more items in the garage and then take the hole in the corner to get out and
follow the path.

Crescent Meridian

Move up the street to hit a scene. You can go over to the barbed wire and shoot
tangos all over the place, even a few up high. When ready, come back a bit and
look to the side for an opening and you will get onto the main road.

From here you can go onto the streets and help out your friends, or go up a 
ladder. I say go onto the streets because you need to help them take out a 
missile guy that appears. After hitting some PMC's on the ground and up in 
windows, one guy will appear up high to the left with a rocket ready to take 
out that tank; he's in a window. Then look high up to the right for another 
rocket guy on top of a roof.

After that, things get tricky. For one, there is a constant stream of enemies,
especially down an alley to the left, even though your guys are there. So 
your best bet is to stay to the right side of the main street, behind the tank,
and out of view of enemies (and if you don't care about alerts then have at
it). You need to stay with the tank because when it gets to the next 
intersection there are two rocket guys, both of them up high. The tank can 
take one hit, but not two. And once it gets to this intersection you actually
don't need to worry about the tank, it's basically made it to the end anyway.

The correct thing to do is find an alley on the left where there is usually a 
stream of bad guys. You need to crawl toward this alley, maybe from directly
across the street, and then make sure you put down the two guys that will
be by a ladder; there is a sniper up above, so don't expose yourself. When
the two by the ladder are gone, and two more will replace them shortly, sneak
to the ladder and go up. When up here, quietly take out the sniper on the 
right. Now go across a bridge, through the doorway, and go down a level. Go
to the opening in the wall in the corner and pick off a few enemies. Drop down
to the second level opening and try to pick off the rocket guy in the window
before he shoots your tank twice. If you cannot see him, clear the ground and
drop down, staying in the shadows. Either way, once the rocket guy is done 
for, just finish off the rest of the bad guys and wait for the cheers.

Go to the intersection and hang a left for one heck of a good cutscene,
and be sure to hit the one L1 prompt.

Millennium Park

Start off by grabbing all the guns for much DP, and if you've been saving and
are going down the stealth route, you should have 60,000 DP, enough to buy
the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle, which uses anesthetic rounds, and you do get 
10 bullets for free. You don't need to buy it now, just FYI.

After you plunder the guns, slowly walk up the road and stick to the left side,
crawling behind the dozer and along the sidewalk. You can crawl past the 
PMC's as they go to the scene behind you, or put them to sleep, either way
works. Now sneak up the road and put the next guy to sleep using your Mk2,
not the rifle.

Crawl all the way to where he was and go left to find a hole in the wall of a
building. Sneak up the stairs with your Solid Eye on and you can stay prone on
the stairs as you wait for the enemy to get in view. Put him to sleep and then
you can get up and go in the door nearby. A mag on the bed and then drop down
the hole near the door. Open the locker for a suppressor, then you want to 
sneak toward the opening. There are two guys patrolling around the fountain,
and putting both to bed is the best way to go. Or you can just crawl to the
left, your choice. 

Crawl left to the wall and there is a hole, with one item before you go 
through. Crawl under and peek to the right to see if an enemy is looking. It's
best to crawl under the truck and put this guy to sleep on the other side, 
then hit the guard up in the tower. There are three more enemies patrolling
around, so get under the truck by the tower. You shoudl see one to the left,
and one to the right, but you probably don't see the third enemy who is also
on the right. Tag the guy on the left, then one on the right, and if the other
goes to investigate, hit him too. 

Now get up, grab any guns, and then go through the red door behind the tents
in the corner. Now you get a big scene, so be ready for the L1 and X presses.
Then that's it. You will get your score for the act. If you are going for no
kills and no alerts, you'll know if you are satisfying those goals. If you 
aren't and you intended to, well, may as well keep playing.

*NOTE: If you are going for something, like no kills, and you've done that 
for this act. Aside from having each act ready to go, why not make a seperate
save file for the start of this act? Each save is just a few kilobytes, so 
you may as well.*

Act 2: Solid Sun		( ACT2SS )

Mission Briefing: There are fives X presses, so be alert through all the many
screens and information. Sunny seems like the coolest character thus far. Oh
yeah, and you can move around, of course at the expense of the story. You'll
need to press Square to get the Mk II screen up, then press Tri. to get it in
the main screen, and then press L2, but you don't have to press L2. You'll
find a camera behind the computer down here, an iPod song up the stairs, and 
more items upstairs. Then that's it. You can press select to get all of the
icons. There are also items by the chopper.

Cove Valley Village

*NOTE: Aside from a bunch of extra, lethal options at Drebin's shop, you 
can now buy rounds for the sleeping sniper rifle if you have it.*

The first X press goes about 10 deep, and there is another one when you see
Vamp. Once you are back in control, there are villagers in the process of being
executed. You have time before the first one is offed, but you'll need to work 
fast. For one, there is a guy in the first building (he's looking at a Playboy)
so put him to sleep through the window. Watch out for the guy that patrols the
path in front of this building. Either put him to sleep and then crawl to the
patch of grass under a wooden fence, or get wherever you can fire from. You
simply start shooting the guys that are holding the prisoners and then panic
will erupt. Help them kill off the bad guys as best you can. 

Another option is to just stay on this ledge and pick off enemies from afar,
even using your sniper rifle if you want to. If you manage to help the 
hostages escape, then your search for items will be much easier.

*NOTE: If you didn't realize by now, the tranqs don't keep the enemies asleep
forever. You have enough time to run around, just don't stay too long. And if
you didn't realize this also, the dots on your radar are enemies.*

Regardless of what happens, you now have at least two buildings here of 
interest. Please note that there are probably more enemies among the 
buildings, so if in doubt just crouch or lay down so you can see the humps in
the threat ring around you. There is an iPod song in teh building to the north,
and there is a rifle in the upper area in the barn on the left side. To get 
the rifle, go up the ladder and roll over the gap. There are also a ton of 
items all around, so feel free to use night vision and such. 

*NOTE: If you didn't know, you can play dead by lying down and press Tri.
and Snake will put his head down on the ground. It's not guaranteed to work,
but it's better than nothing when cornered.*

So you've checked out this first village, now make your way eastward. If you
heard gun fire, or you see the guard yourself, there is one guard here on 
patrol along a ridge. Either use your threat ring and radar to find him, or
if you see a dead body you know it's safe. Now in the open you should hear 
more fighting, probably the guys you helped. Either help them fight the enemy,
or just stay back and let it all resolve. Whatever happens, you need to start
climbing the ridges on your left to get up to the top. There should be about
five or so enemies, all of them patrolling on the various levels. You should 
stick close to the rock wall on the left as you make your way up, putting 
enemies to sleep and slowly creeping up.

If you make it to the top, go along the path and you'll hit a transmission. 
When you go around the corner you will see some rebels, but don't put them to
sleep, or be seen by them. Let them move along as you sneak along a path to 
the left. You'll come around and you should see two enemies. Put them out and
then go along the rock wall to put out another guy by a shack.

If you continue up the path you'll see the rebels continue to sneak along.
Somehow they manage to avoid detection from the three remaining guards, but
either way you need to be careful of the three enemies down this narrow stretch
of path. You probably can't see them as they are on the other side of a rock
in the road. You could even just sneak all the way up to the end of this 
section if you want.

Power Station

*NOTE: Please get the Mosin-Nagant if you're going no kills, or any other 
rifle with long range if you don't care.*

*NOTE: Remember, if you ever need ammo, visit the shop. Also, the Wednesday
and Sunday discount is legit. If you play on those days you get 20% off any
item in the store. I would advise against planning your game around these, 
but it's interesting to note.*

You'll get a call warning you about the snipers up ahead. Move with the rebels
and stick to the left. When you get to the end of the rock get out your 
rifle and peek around the corner and look up high to the right. You should see
two snipers perched up, waiting to pop your guys. Put them out and you are 
free to move up.

Next is a fight in front of a fortified base. Help your guys with the sandbag
enemies, watching up high to the left for a enemies on the tower, and then 
make your way right to find a sloping dirt path - don't worry, the enemies 
will spawn at the sandbags until you go up this path. There is a mortar up here
for you straight up killers, otherwise use this position to take out any 
more tangos on the ground with your Mk2. 

Now go down the other side of the slope and some of your guys should be on 
this side. Make your way, cautiously, over to the south end of the brick wall.
Make sure no enemies are around and go through the opening and go left behind
the wooden spool. Take the crawlspace and go straight out to the other side,
taking no turns. You'll pop up under some steps. Get up and go up the steps.
Crawl and come over to the side so that you can peek around the corner and look
through the doorway to see an enemy at the north end of the building. If you
are crawling and well hidden, just inch into view and put him to sleep. Then
you can stand up and wait for your friends to arrive and blow the power. There
is an item in this room. If you don't hear the cheers, then help the rebels
finish up any enemies, very carefully. 

Go outside to the north end and move toward a truck to trigger another long
scene. Watch for the two L1's and the three X's; one of the X presses is hard
to see. 

*NOTE: There is a closed off area along the complex that has a power line 
tower. The trick is revealed in a pic I saw somewhere. Get on the tower that
is accessible to you, the one to the south. Climb the ladder and then go to
the north end of the walkway. Climb over the railing and then make your way to
a power line and take it across. Drop down at the end and you're there. Items
on this walkway, then take the ladder to the ground for more stuff. There is a
FIM and a scope among others. If you want to quickly get out, roll on the 
highest boxes to the south and then roll over the wall.*

After the scene, follow the rebels down a path, which is clear of enemies and
parallel to the road. You'll hit a cache with tons of items, mainly two new 
guns up by the wall. Keep along the path and you'll end this section.

Confinement Facility

*NOTE: There are several paths to get to this area, and don't think there 
is just a road and these little shacks. There is a whole facility down the 
road with choppers and all sorts of dangers.*

You are on the rock path if you entered from the rebel path in the last area.
If not then you're on the road. Either way you need to watch out for three 
guards that are watching the road. You can take them out or ignore them, but
stay on the rock path. Stay on the path and you'll hit a little encampment.

You can ignore what's going on and just try to move on. However, there are 
some rebels being held inside a tiny building. If you're on the rock path, just
crawl forward and you'll see some bars on the window of the tiny building. 
You can look through the window to see some rebels being held by one guy on
the outside. However still, there are too many guards around for just freeing
the rebels to work.

You need to take out if not all, most of the enemies. There's one on the road,
one holding the rebels, one in the big building, one behind the big building,
one in a tower, and one patrolling between the trucks. You should put out the
guy in the big building, then to around and put out the guy in the back. Then
go and snipe the guy in the tower so you can sneak around and pick off the 
two guys in the front. Then go free the rebels. If you want to do not so much
work, maybe leave the two guys that are patrolling in the front, but feel
free to do as much or as little work as you please.

There are some items you may want to grab in the big building. If you don't
have the area cleared, there is a crawlspace in the back corner of the big
building and you can crawl under to a hole and then stand up to easily get
the cool little rifle. Then head out.

Vista Mansion

You'll be along a ridge that has you in prime sniping position over this 
battle. You're goal is to make your way along this path to the end, where a 
scene will trigger. But along the way you need to whip out that Mosin Nagant 
and help the rebels as they fight the enemies. Snipe the guys by the sandbags
to the right and then you'll need to hold off the guys that come from the left,
and they just keep coming, so it's best to just crawl along the path until the 
scene with the dozer goes. I think that so long as you've helped the rebels
clear the enemies around, the dozer will just mow through and into the mansion.

Now follow it up and make your way to the left. Remember, if you keep your 
distance the enemies won't see you to cause an alert. Help the rebels clear out
the bad guys along this south end of the mansion. Inch your way to the left so
you get to the back of the mansion along a wall. Follow it and you'll find
some hedges with a muna behind one and some grenades in the corner by a window.
Make your way to the front of the mansion and help you guys clear it out. 
Don't worry about helping them too much, just enough so that you can go inside
one of the doors. 

Go inside from the east end and you'll be in a dining room. Go to the left side
and move along to the stairs. You'll hear some guys coming down the steps, so
either get in your box/barrel, or just hug the wall of the stairs and let them
pass; putting them to sleep is optional. When they go by, sneak up the stairs
and around into a room. Go out the door to the rooftop, and hopefully you've
already cleared it. Just go around and you'll find an open skylight. Hop down
and then follow the stairs into the basement. Just rats down here, so no 
worries. There is a room with a lot of items, some claymores at the start, 
and then make your way to the hidden lab.

Research Lab

You two long L1 presses, and I hope you realize you can move the camera in
L1 presses. After the little computer movie, there is a hidden L1 scene, and
yes, you can move the camera for a nice little upskirt (how sad). Two more
and then you save. After the save wait for you to lose some psyche and then
press L1 to regain it soon after. Then it's two X presses and you wait for the 
first boss battle.

BOSS: Laughing Octopus

Beast Mode

*NOTE: If you want to, and what may be a ton quicker, buy a shotgun and then
buy ammo for it called the V. Rings, which are air rounds. When you equip the 
weapon, just press O until you have the rings.*

For one, if you are going for the no kills and no alerts, you need to sneak 
straight up and behind the CAT scan machine. From here you should blend in
and either crouch behind it, or go prone and look out an opening below the 
bed. There are about four Frogs to start off, and after you put them out there
will be two more waves of pairs. Just use your Solid Eye to find them, wait
for them to get into view, and then tag them. And if you don't care then have
at it. When all is clear, go to the right side and you should trigger the 
scene to bring her out.

There are a few things you need to know. You have two opportunities to get 
damage on her. You can hit her while she is shooting, and you can also hit her
when she is hiding. You also need to avoid her when she balls up and shoots 
ink, and if you are inked you can roll to shake it off. 

When she is "hovering" around, just follow and wait for her to pull out her
gun, then fire back. For you none-kill players you can only use the Mosin, Mk2,
and stun grenades. You can also stun knife her (R2 attack) when she is hiding
and on the floor. Speaking of which, after she disappears you first need to 
avoid the little missiles she sends your way. They are hard to see, but you 
need to run away from them, or lead them into a wall so they stick. Now when
you cannot find her, that means she is hiding as either something or just 
blended into the walls. This is when you put on your Solid Eye and follow the 
red threat ring to her. She could be anything, anywhere, or in plain sight.
Either way, you can snipe her, toss a frag, or whatever to bring her out. But
if you take too long she may grab you, Resident Evil 4 style and you'll need 
to shake yourself free. If you can't find her, usually means she's above you.

Yeah, she might be a box, that human body figure, MK II, just anything. Be sure
to check bodies, like if you put all the Frogs to sleep, if you see one without
Z's over it then that's her. You could even try night vision. And she usually
doesn't pop out unless you are too close. Don't be fooled when she is Naomi
either, I'll spoil that for you right now. 

So let us recap: shoot when she is hiding or shooting at you, and use your 
solid eye to find her when she laughs, and if you're going for no kills (which
gives you an item) then use the Mosin-Nagant.

*NOTE: Remember, more ammo in the show, keep an eye on your health to use
rations, and it takes longer to use the tranq method, but stick with it and 
you'll pull it off.*

Beauty Mode

So after the scene, you fight her true form, but nothing to fear. Just two 
things to keep in mind: she will slight move from where you are aiming, and 
the stuff going on around you is just for show. There is nothing else going on.
Just keep your gun on her, shoot after she moves or whatever, and keep backing
up. There should be no reason to not use the Mk2.

*NOTE: Also, look on the bed for a doll during this mode.*

*NOTE: Also, I hear that there is a third mode for killing her beast mode, 
but I didn't do that. So, have at it.*


Mountain Trail

More presses during the scene outside. Now you will follow some footprints to
track down Naomi. Use night vision (NV) sparingly, not just to keep the hum
noise down but also to save battery life. Follow the prints to the first 
intersection, then go left. You'll cross a bridge, but there is one guy making
the round across the bridge. Pop him and follow the prints right at the three-
way intersection. 

*NOTE: You're tracking the prints with the tiny triangle points in them.*

You'll hit a purple scarf in the ground, so sneak your way right. Along the
path you'll hear a guy detect your prescense, so crawl to the next footprint
intersection and peek around the right corner to pop the guy. The prints 
intersection by the crates the guy was hiding behind, and the tiny heel prints
go left toward the stream. 

Mountain Trail Riverside

Otacon tells you her prints disappear. Follow the prints left, but either trail
takes you to the same place. It's hard to decipher, but if you look you'll see
the tiny heel prints going up the middle path. If you sneak along it, you'll
come up behind an enemy, so put him out. Go around the path and you'll be out
in the open, but be careful as there is a guy to the right, behind the rock.
Put him out and then send the MK II to disarm the claymore he was setting up.

From here you see that the heels take the middle path yet again. Go up the
path and at the intersection the heels to right. However, if you go straight
and around, you can sneak up on the Frog waiting for you to bite on the heel
trail. Take her out, and then go investigate the heels on the ground. Send
your Mk II in to the heels to disarm the claymore on the left. Follow the path
up and around the corner of the path is a guy, so go prone and peek around the
corner to pop him.

If you notice, there are heavier footprints in the ground. Follow them right 
up to another fork in the road, then follow them left. You'll hit a narrow
path, and if you peek around the corner to the left you should see a guard.
Pop him, follow the prints left, and you'll hit the cave entrance. Go in for
a scene. 

The Escape

*NOTE: For you no killers out there, you cannot target the PMC zombies or 
the suits. The Gekkos are fair game, but that's it as far as your turret is 

First, just move up and get on the turret, duh.

The first area, the mansion, is just keep the guys off your tank and then 
shoot the suits in your path. Mow down all the enemies around you or else 
they will swarm the tank and get up close. So use CQC on them, of which you can
check your briefing menu for some moves if you don't know any. For the Gekkos,
the big things, aim for their tops, simple as that. 

In the next area you will have a tank following you, so target it and fire, 
but there is a gate in your way of advancing. You need to shoot the gates, both
of them, and take out the tank.

This next section is just you and Gekkos, a ton of them. Just aim for the 
tops of the ones in front of you. After Drebin rams a tank off the road, you'll
need to look behind you to shoot down the ones following you. And then that's
pretty much it. 


During the cool scene, a long X press during the guy's intro. Then you're in
control. What you need to do is run, and don't stop. Run forward and then
left over some rails and you will avoid the stalls. Just keep running down 
this alley, past the people and past the Gekko that comes for you. Run back out
into the street and go up. You'll see a Gekko in your way, and he will swipe
at you and kill you, but oddly, you can just roll into him and you'll trigger
the scene that ends the level. I guess you were supposed to blast him, but no 
point when this glitch works.

And that's it for this act, finally. Remember, if you screwed up and killed 
some of those "zombies", save in a different file and consider starting from a
prior save, like at the mountain trail if you must.

Act 3: Third Sun		( ACT3TS )

Mission Briefing: Again, the camera is there behind the computer Sunny is at.
There could also be another battery up the stairs. 

Midtown S Sector

Well, a nice change of scenery. It all seems complicated, but just move forward
and you will trigger the appearance of a Resistance member. Go around the van
so he doesn't see you, then just watch your step, stay a good ways behind him,
and don't let him see you. He'll eventually hit a corner with a guard. You 
could put the guard to sleep, or you could wait for the Res. guy to run back 
a bit and take a higher up path, either way works. Just follow the guy, clear
bodies out of his way from afar and unseen.

*NOTE: If you look behind you at times, there is something peeking around the 
corners to see you.*

The rest of this following part is based on my game, and I'll know later if
things are different.

Midtown Middle Sector

My guy just ran to another section of the S Sector, where he needed two guards
out of his way in the cemetery to move on.

Midtown NE Sector

Just hug the wall right to avoid the spotlight, then put out the two guards
down the road. He should go down an alley.

Midtown N Sector

Just wait for the Res. guy to emerge from the doorway, but now he's in a 
PMC outfit. Some rations in the area he came from, then follow. You'll see two
real guards in the street. Sneak to the right down a short alley, then hug
the walls behind the cars on the right side to get behind these guards, then
take each one out (the right one first then the left one). 

Keep following your guy, the Solid Eye helps, and the Res. guy goes up the
road and hops in with a convoy of real guards. There are three, four altogether
and they walk up the street. One splits off and goes right, so pop him soon 
after. Then one splits left, so pop him, and the last one splits right down
the alley; up the steps where the last one goes is an iPod song to grab 

Now keep following the Res. guy down a short alley. You'll hear about the 
vehicle patrols, and one goes by at the other end, so just stay around the
corner. The guy will then cross the street and head north up a road, but the 
patrol car will be coming from the north too. You can hide on the left side
of the street in a doorway, or anywhere else; maybe even toss on the barrel or
box. The vehicle only patrols the same route, so keep that in mind. The guy 
will slip into an alley nearby to change clothes, and then just stay close to
trigger the end scene. 

There is an L1 press where you can look both left and right to see some nifty
little pictures on the walls. When Snake is speaking to Otacon, there is an
L1 press of interest, and soon after there is a hidden one.

*NOTE: Perhaps unlock and set the P90 onto an item slot. It may pay off in, oh
about, 20 minutes after this long cutscene.*

Church Courtyard

*NOTE: If you want no kills, I guess just switch to the Mk2, you have no other

Well, you can try to help shoot, but there isn't much reason to. Your little
gun is about your only option, and it chews up ammo like noting. You can try
to shoot Gekko, but you like won't have much effect. Luckily, if you just keep
shooting, the van seems to take little if any damage.

*NOTE: You could try to tranq the Gekkos' legs with your Mk2.*

Riverside West

You mainly need to keep the Frogs off the of the van. Then you'll need to hit
turret guys at both ends of a street. Best get good shooting headshots if 
you're using the Mk2, but it seems like one bullet of your submachine gun does
the trick. The van will take damage, but not so much as you will take. 

Riverside East

You're not in the boss fight just yet. This fight is harder if you are going
for no kills, but possible, although you may need to throw a ration in there
or two. You need to target the smaller winged units with your Vz, as there are
no kills for it - I hope. You use your gun on the gliders and then use the Mk2
on the guys. If you have rations, congrats, you'll make it through this part
no matte what.

Echo's Beacon

I'll let you know there is just one press for each of the following scenes.

BOSS: Raging Raven

Beast Mode

Well, the first thing you need to do is go all the way up the stairs. Up here 
you can do as little or as much shooting of the gliders as you wish, but it 
makes little to no difference as far as I can tell. It's actually pretty easy
to use the Mosin-Nagant. Just find her, aim the rifle at her without even 
looking down the scope, and then fire. You aim for the chest and fire, and so
long as you have the rations/regains to take the hits, you'll do fine.

If you want to avoid the hits, then you have to stay moving, or shoot down the
gliders, or watch when she aims the gun at you. When she fires you have like
a second to move or you'll get toasted. Sometimes her blast leaves fire, and
if you catch flame you should roll, duh!

I mean, compared the Octopus lady, this is an easy and quick fight. The only 
hard part would be reloading and tracking her down, but even that shouldn't 
be hard. When her psyche is low, you can find her on a rooftop and shoot her,
or just shoot her again, however.

Beauty Mode

*NOTE: The doll is at the very top, so just run up there and she'll meet you.*

*NOTE: If you have a shotgun and V Rings, use those to better effect. Just 
hold your sight on her, let her move, and then fire.*

This fight is the same as the last. However, it seems like things actually 
happen around you, like walls blasting. You need to watch where you back up,
as you may fall off. Just keep backing up, after you get the doll up top, 
and just keep firing away even if you miss.


And there is just one press early in this, what may be the longest scene in 
any video game ever. So while this was a short played act, it was by no means 
short in total time.

Act 4: Twin Suns		( ACT4TW )

Mission Briefing: Ugh, just playing as the Mk III will get you by at this
point. Again, up the stairs for a battery and song. Don't forget the items
by the 

Spoiler Treat: Well, read on if you want the surprised spoiled. Yep, you revert
back to MGS1, from the Playstation, way back in the year 1998! Yeah, I missed
it, but there are no advanced sneaking techniques required, or offered for 
that matter. 

*NOTE: The faster you move in this section, the better.*

Just run up to the steps. The lights will move back and forth, and you can 
wait for the right light to cross over before you go. You'll run, hopefully 
not get spotted, and go left; if you do get spotted quickly run to a little 
alcove you can hide behind (press against the wall). How you can run directly
up, and to avoid detection from enemies you need to stay out of their little 
pie vision on the radar (yes, you can be right in front of them and they will
not see you if you're out of that pie). Then go right and there will be a 
scene with a camera. Just stay under it and go up the steps. Hug the wall to
see if a guard is patrolling the upper area, and if not you are free to run
straight up to the vent. If there is a guard, which means you took too long,
then just hang back and wait for him to go back the way he came and then go
to the vent (you press X to crawl).


*NOTE: There are lots of things at the shop, since we didn't really need to
visit in the last act.*

Hopefully you have been grabbing some of the batteries during the intermissions
because you'll need them here. Turn on the night vision and you can see through
the storm. In this area there are a few items around, then move up. Stop before
you go into the open because there is a Gekko patrolling. To the right up the
ridge is some ammo you probably don't need. Watch the thing's movements because
you want to move when it is away and hopefully looking away. When it has it's
back turned, run forward to the little rock that is sticking out of the ground.
From this cover, just run straight to the path in front of you when the big
thing is not looking.


Yeah, I didn't play the first game, but even I get the scent of nostalgia in
the air. For one, you want to go all around this area in search of items, among
with some flashbacks. If you want to move on, avoid the main door and take the
stairs to find the vent, just like from the other flashback, and you'll get
into the next area.

Tank Hangar

Well, this vent can work, but I don't know how. You'll crawl and find a song,
and when you drop down I guess you either get caught or you don't. You are 
welcome to try, but there is a better route to get through this without risking
alert. Yep, you'll have to go all the way back down this vent. You'll come 
back to the heliport area, but if you look to the left side of the open door 
you'll find another vent. Take it, go right, and follow all the way to an 
opening on the right side of the hangar.

From this ground vent, just watch as the Scarabs roll around. There are three
groups on the ground and they roll in a set route. They all go counter-
clockwise around the tank. You want to go out after you see the third set roll
by, and after you see the third set of green beams. Once those are gone you
are free to exit the vent and sneak right. There is a room to stop by, just 
don't alert the sleeping Scarabs, for two items. Now come to the cracked hangar
door nearby. There are just a few laser lines from Scarabs in this tiny hall,
and you can use your NV to help you see them. Just avoid the lines and you'll
be fine. 


This last part is not that bad. If you want to be real safe, just crawl to the
left side and hide in the crawlspace when the Gekko wakes up. There is an iPod
song in here, and the rest of the items are missable. Just let the Gekko walk
away and then slink to the cracked doorway and crawl under.

Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F

Just run up and crawl under the door for a call. Then just plunder all the 
corners of the area for ammo. In the truck is a niftly little rocket launcher.
Go to the door at the north end for a call, then go up the steps to the 
elevator and use the control panel to call it. Get in and press the buttons.

Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG B2

Yep, a trip through memory lane for anyone who played MGS1, but even without
having played that game, you should at least get a small sense of what is 
going on. Anyway, go right for some items and then follow the middle path up
to the control room. During the scene, insert the code: 48273, and I only know
that because I actually wrote it down.

*NOTE: GameFAQs tells you the following codes give these extra effects:

14893 - 100,000 DP 
12893 - 20% off on store 
78925 - iPod song 
13462 - iPod song *

After that, you can stop and listen to the voices if you want to, and there are
a lot of items to grab in here. Make your way back and a Gekko drops in. 
However, you want to stay out of sight, so just stay behind cover. Wait for
the Gekko to move, I hope he does, and then send out the Mk III. Send it 
under the desk and to the end of the room. The switch board is near where the
elevator door is, all banged up. Just get near it with the robot and press 
Tri. to fry the Gekko. Then go up the elevator.

*NOTE: If the Gekko doesn't move on it's own, just toss some empty magazines
(bullet holders if you don't realize), and get it to move like that. The Mk III
can shock the thing for a few seconds too.*

Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F

First, set your magazine (the empty cartidges) to a weapon slot, as well as 
something to cause sleep (Mk2). What will happen is you'll approach the door
and the Mk III will open it, but a Gekko will arrive. Your job is to distract
the thing while your buddy opens the door. It's not so easy if you want to stay
stealthy, or maybe it is. You want to toss empty magazines all over the south
end of the room, mainly opposite the gate being open, just to have a clearer
shot. When the Gekko goes to investigate, tranq his leg and he'll be down for
a good long time. You just repeat this at that end of the room, maybe tossing
mags to each corner. If all else fails, just tranq his legs, simple as that.
Run through the door when it's open.

Snowfield & Communications Tower

Two ammo boxes up ahead, then take the ramp and into the little shack for a 
lot of items. Then hop on down to the open field.

BOSS: Crying Wolf

Beast Mode

We will cheat our way through this one. First, either snipe or pop the two
Frogs to the right, the ones around the truck. Then get under the truck. Now
we play the waiting game. Crying Wolf will come to this truck and take some 
whacks at you, but never send it into an alert. Then she runs away. That is 
when you turn on the NV, find her, and then snipe her before she snipes you.
You should get at least two hits, but try to stretch it out to four if you
can. Of course, you are aiming for her, not the suit. You can only attack when
she is sniping.

And that's about it. There are minute long intervals between her appearances
around the truck, and when she howls she is close; she'll actually be far 
away, but you can see her and she will get closer. You can try to hit the
things on her hind legs if you want, but it's hard. 

As far as the Frogs, well, that is why we are under this truck. There are just
too many and they seem to spot you pretty easily in the snowstorm. By staying
under the truck you are just having to keep the two near you down. You can
snipe the other ones as you see them, but it's up to you.

If you want to venture out and test your luck, good luck. Again, the Frogs can
see you pretty easily. You may be able to track down Crying Wolf in the snow,
but after one shot, unless all the Frogs are down, they will probably find you.

So to recap: just stay under the truck, you'll have to wait a while for her to
show, and then you need to get at least two hits on her when she is sniping 

Beauty Mode

*NOTE: Just turn around and there is the figure by the wall.*

Again, use a shotgun with V Rings and you'll take her out quick. Just let her
move and then shoot. Takes three shots. 


You can now comb the battlefield for items, but more importantly you can 
trigger the various little "flash voices" that should remind you of points from
the first game. Mainly, there is a helicopter to the right of the door you 
need to go through. There are about five of these all around, and no worries
about the wolves. 

When ready, go in the door, grab the iPod song, hit the funny little scene,
and then move on.

Blast Furnace

This may look intimidating, but it's hella easy. Just run up to along the 
walkway to the wall. Hug the wall and then shimmy right to another walkway.
Walk by the birds and then you should look below you. Wait for the Scarab to 
go away and then get to the corner of the railing and the wall. Hang over the 
rail and drop down, then drop down again and you'll be right next to the door.
Your only option is B5. 

Casting Facility South

A Gekko in front of you, but tranqs don't seem to work. You can just let the 
thing walk away and then sneak straight ahead. Either side of the room works.

Casting Facility North

Things get a bit more complicated. There are Gekko at both ends of the "conveyor
belt" thing, and them numerous Scarabs watching various spots. For one, you
are going to be zig zagging around this room. There are lots of ways to get 
caught, but if you see an opening, just shoot - just like in football, if you
see a hole, pass.

So you're on the left side, right? Well, you need to go right, from the start.
Just let the Gekko walk away, sneak to the raised belt, get on, and then sneak
to the other side. Get down and then watch for the gang of Scarabs nearby. They
just go around the barrels, but they scan a few areas. You can wait behind the
barrels if you want, and when the Gekko is looking left or back and the Scarabs
are scanning away, sneak to the belt and get on. Quickly crawl into the space
on the right side. Should be ammo you don't need. 

Okay, so you're to the second half of the room. It's actually much easier. The
door is on the right side. You just wait for the Gekko to be walking away. Come
out and look to see where the Scarabs are scanning on the ground, and if they
are not looking just hop down and head to the doorway. Glance at the Gekko, but
if the Scarabs over the doorway are not in the way, just head through the door.
Hop down the ladder, grab the ammo if you need it, and leave.

Underground Base

Move up and crawl through the space. There is a Scarab, but he will roll away 
soon; watch out for those holes in the floor. Okay, so your bail out card is 
when you're about to be spotted you just press over and Tri. to hang off the
side of the railing. You want to wait on the bridge, let the patrolling one to
make his way back across the bridge, and then get back up. If you go right and
up the stairs there are a bunch of supplies. When ready, and hoping you have 
moved quick enough to keep the patrolling Scarab out of the picture, you'll 
notice a Scarab scanning in front of the door. Wait for the beam to look away
and then quickly sneak inside the door. If it spots you and you don't care about
the alerts, just run forward to the next door.

Underground Supply Tunnel

BOSS: Vamp

This fight is way easy. For one, you better get a shotgun and the V Rings, or 
I'm pretty sure anything would do, even grenade rounds, but for the sake of us,
just use V Rings. Blast him in the face area until his psyche is down. Then run
up to him with no weapon equipped and have the syringe in your items menu. 
When he gets up, get behind him and hold R1 (the CQC button), and you'll grab 
him. There is either the red knife icon for Tri., or the yellow syringe icon.
You want the syringe to end the battle.

As far as his attacks, he has quite a few. You mainly want to avoid his daggers
when he is spinning on his knees. He tosses three and you can either hide or 
just run to the sides. He will also run up to you and when he gets close he 
does a twirling spin kick, so just rolll away when he is close. When he jumps 
on debris, watch out for daggers as he jumps. At late in the fight he will
just toss daggers as he jumps around, so just be ready to roll. 

If you for whatever reason have to keep fighting longer, he loses his psyche 
faster, or maybe it's just on headshots. Either way, keep blasting and remember:
syringe in one hand, nothing in the other, hold down R1 after you down him, 
and hopefully you get the syringe icon to press Triangle.


Now is a defensive fight where every bullet counts. The key is to look down 
the scope. There is a meter in the sight that tells you the charge level, and 
when the thing is to 3 you are given a one-shot kill. Just stay down the sights,
wait for charge level 3, and fire directly into the Gekkos' heads. Make sure you
hit the ones that eventually come from behind, otherwise just stay under REX 
and wait, you can even check out that cool fight as the gun charges up. There
are three items behind REX if you want them, one down a debris path. When the 
fight between Raiden and Vamp is almost over, so is this sequence. And if you
didn't realize, you need to really put the Gekko that have big timers over them
as a priority, duh!

One X press after the... passing, during the cutscene - just die already!

The Escape

Okay, so you need to go straight. You can press L1 to aim, and then R1 to fire.
You have three weapons you can select using R2, but there is no need to use
the other two right now. You just move and shoot, and when you hit a room that
is way crowded, just stop and shoot them down. Be sure to fire in bursts or else
you'll overheat it. You can shoot the side walkways to knock down the ones on
the sides.

Port Area

BOSS: Metal Gear Ray

Okay, this battle can get hectic, but just stay calm. For one, switch to either
the laser or the rockets. Here is how you use them both.

Rockets - just hold the sights over the enemy until you have a few locks, and
then fire. You can fire at multiple points on his body.

Laser - aim, hold the fire button, and when charged press the fire button to 
let the beam fly. You have like two seconds of beam to get a hit. This is the
main weapon you want to use as you have more room for error. You'll run out of 
power after a while, so switch to rockets for a while.

As far as the fight, well, stay away from him. I found it easy to go to the
upper right corner, along the water's edge, and after all the buildings are 
gone he will not have many places to hide. You just keep the laser pressure 
on, and when out of power switch to the rockets. 

Don't bother ramming him, it won't work. And if he gets you you'll just have to
take it and wait until you can move again. He will at some point launch rockets
into the air, and then you need to maybe dodge to one side (press X). Other
than that, just keep firing.

I was able to beat him on the first go, and he beat me up to a sliver of health.
So don't give up.


Act 5: Old Sun			( ACT5OS )

Mission Briefing: Just a few X presses and an L1. No running around in the Mk
III this time. 

Ship Bow

*NOTE: Easily the toughest part of the game. Get ready for your skills to be
put to the test.*

First, there is a little hatch nearby that you can hide in. Crawl along for a
song and an RPG. Make sure your Solid Eye is on before you come back up from
either end. Now you have a choice to make, and it depends on what you've been
doing all game. You can try your hand at sneaking, usually ending in many, many
deaths. Or you could actually just run straight to the door and it will work,

The sneaking path is a bit risky, but you're already on Caution, so you can 
take some gambles. After you pop up, I advise you take out any Frogs way high up
in the towers. Then if there are any others a good distance from you, pop them
asleep. Now play cat and mouse with the others nearby and put them out. You can
go down the right side, up the middle, or use the various ladders and walkways.
The right side has a choke-off point and has a more difficult end. The middle
offers you almost no solid way to get to the end. And the ladders and walkways
are all just dead ends, so there is no point. 

The best way is to go up the left side. When you hit a column, just hide and 
take out the Frogs either later or just jump out. You can't be too close, but
you want them asleep. If you want to let them pass and sneak up behind them,
that works too. There are three, and once they are gone make sure the coast is 
clear and move up to some cover. There are about three more before you hit 
Gekko territory. You may only see one, but either way just put them to sleep and
then go left behind a round container. 

By this time a Gekko or two have arrived and are patrolling the area in front of
the door you need to get in. But stay behind this round thing. Hug it and slide
between the crates to get past. Slink over to a column when the Gekko isn't 
looking, but also watch out for the two Frogs that drop in front of you. You can
hide behind the round container and be mostly safe. You need to get both of
these bad girls to sleep. Now go to the end and then take cover from the
doorway; there should be just a tiny little sliver of wall along the right side
you can hide behind. A Gekko drops in front of the door, but give it some time
and your allies will take him out. But the others are still around. 

You have two options: either run to the door and open it under fire, or try
to avoid any detection. You could try to toss a magazine clip, a grenade, the
Mk III, or whatever to distract the thing, or things. You could even peek
around and try to nail them with the rail gun. You could even try to just go
for the door when they aren't looking. Either way, you need to get to the door,
tap Tri. to open it, and then slip inside. There are items to grab and then 
step on the elevator to go down.

Command Center

You have three waves of enemies. First you get out your Mk2 and start popping 
a few enemies in one direction, then get up and hide among the desks. Pop the 
rest down here. The second wave is above you on the catwalks, so pop them with
headshots. The last wave is just like the first.

BOSS: Screaming Mantis

Beast Mode

Okay, the hardest boss fight, maybe. For one, there are going to be a few weird
happenings, but you can't really change controller slots, so nothing that weird.
As for fighting her, you need to use the syringe, just like the last battle.
That frees you from her control. Now you need to try and knock that blue doll
from her right side with a lethal gun, such as the M4. Then repeat for the red
doll, or get the red one first. You'll have to blast Meryl out of the way, 
I say use a V Ring shotgun.

So you have both dolls, now what to do? Well, the only thing that works is the 
red doll. Just equip the red doll and shoot. When you hit hold L1 and then 
shake the controller back and forth. Just keep it up, maybe dodge her daggers,
and that's it. Don't worry about a lethal kill. The red doll saps both health
and psyche, and there is no other way to damage her.

Beauty Mode

*NOTE: The doll is down the north hall. You grab it and roll past her.*

Again, just blast her with V Rings. I guess too late I realized they only dodge
as you press. Eh, you'll get by. 


BOSS: Psycho Mantis

Yeah, I didn't play the first game, but I get the joke here. You should get a 
few good laughs from the X presses anyway. And yes, your controller changes 
his response. Good joke, even for this late phase of the game where long-winded
cheese is the norm. This next cutscene is proof enough.


Missile Hangar

Just run forward. Some X presses in the cutscene. If you were expecting someone
to say "Ask us the sex question again," or "Where's the rum?" then you are not
alone - and shouldn't they be in a sand castle of bodies too?

Anyway, once you're back with Snake, all you can do is roll past all the Scarabs
and just keep rolling. You only need to roll when you hit a big group or when
one is on you. No need to stop and you can roll right into the items.

Microwave Corridor

Kentucky Fried Snake. Just move forward and keep a watch on the upper half of
the screen. After that it becomes a real test of endurance as you must keep
pressing the Triangle button, and keep pressing it quickly. You'll be hurtin',
but you get the long end of the stick. You'll live. No worries of health either,

Just a thought, but I believe there are no more female humans left on earth. 
Never mind me, enjoy the scene.

BOSS: Liquid Ocelot

*NOTE: Pressing SELECT is not only the controls, it's the only way to pause 
the game now. Take note of the strong punch and the dash.*

Phase 1 - I have a flawless tactic for this one. Well, you may have troubles 
getting this first part down. The first thing to do is knock him down. Then 
run up to him as he is on the ground. As he is rising, dash backward, and when
he stands he will dash into you. As he is dashing start mashing the R1 button.
Repeat with no health lost. 

*NOTE: If you need help downing him the first time, for whatever reason, just
apply the same tactics as if he was on the ground, dodge back, attack, and 
then you're good.*

*NOTE: Holding R1 will send him into a choke hold after you've grabbed him. 
Also, if you do grab him, just hold R1 until you see the Triangle button down
low, then press it.*

Phase 2 - It will sound crazy, but keep the same tactic in place for this fight.
Just keep dodging back and then just attack. Oddly enough, it usually works.
Be careful of his big wind up punch as a few of those will kill you; try L1
or even dodging to the right, very little else works. But yeah, dodge backward
and just attack, very similar to the first phase. I'm not sure how, but it 
worked for me. He does dash a bit in this form, not often, but you know what
to do when he does. 

*NOTE: By taking less damage in the first two fights, you'll have a good bit
of health for this last fight, which is basically the end of the game. If you
have managed to disregard my advice and have been losing health, you don't have
much room for error.*

Phase 3 - Okay, this is where 75% of the players of this game have quit. You
don't have to. First, let us clear out what need to be done during holds:
"L" need to be flicked back and forth as fast a you can, "R1" is just a press,
and Triangle is usually your big hit, missing Tri. is usually bad too.

When you hear "Take this!" that means to back up, but you must lure him into 
spending his grab without getting you. To do this you need to get close, but 
not too close and then dash away and hopefully he will grab at air, and after
he does you are free to go. Each time he does this though, back off. If he
does get you, flick L and then press Tri.

Now for the damaging him part. After he uses the "Take this!" grab, go up to 
him with L1 pressed down. Let him punch into you, then either hold R1 or start
mashing it. Holding means you want to grab him and drain his stamina. Mashing 
means you want to just lay into his health. Choking his stamina to zero will 
mean any more choke inflicts damage, but the meter fills up to one bar very
quickly. It is the best way, but not the fastest. Either way you just need to 
get his health to about a third and then punch to end the fight. 

*NOTE: I know that during your combo you see a Tri. press pop up, but I've never
hit it.*

If he does his super cheap headbutt, just take it and then go back with L1 
pressed, let him do his one-two, and then do your hold/attack.

Phase 4 - Well, you've beaten the game at this point. Just senile-ily tap the 
R1 button for game. You don't have to stop during the scenes either, and you
can stop after the biggest hit.

*NOTE: Trust me, this fight would have probably halted the game for you without
my help. I'm just so awesome like that (I almost stopped playing until I 
stumbled upon finding all of this in one go - divine intervention?).*


Epilogue: Naked Sin

Eh, just watch. Like seriously, it's a good time for diner. Oh heck, just get
a snack, you're gonna be here for a while. What should come as a surprise to
no one, it's about an hour, yep, an hour.

"Oh, they're alive."
"Ooo, pretty hat."
"Look, it's Ving Rames!"
"Look, it's Elian Gonzalez!"
"Look, it's Lindsay Lohan!"
"Wait a second! This guy doesn't have crazy monkey feet!"
"Hey look, it's that surprise twist everyone saw coming, months ago!"
"Hmm, an interesting twist."
An X press
"Lindsay needs to lay off the smokes."
And 30 minutes later MGS4 is over.
Well, not really.

Debriefing: Naked Son

An X press
"Where are these people coming from?"
Another X
"Do these people even listen to themselves as they speak?"
More X's, then more
"Just end already! Stop talking, you!"
Another 30 minutes later (all of which I expect back at some point), the game
finally ends.

Okay, so counting the credits and the end of those, we go well over an hour. 
In fact, we are at an hour and ten minutes from the end of gameplay. Wow.
Gotta do it too so you can save all the stuff you unlock, if anything. You
could have skipped and then played the ending scenes from the save earlier too,
if you were in a rush.

Well, Lord of the Rings is off the hook for having the longest ending. My 
goodness, in Grand Theft Auto 4 he just walked away. Oh well, it was a good 
story... well, it was a story at least.

I think the next game will be really great! Oh wait...

* 5. Combat	( FISTS55 )                                                   *

Just a quick note that has nothing to do with anything, but as I sat down to
write this I saw the ending credits of Family Guy, and there were two names 
in the credits that I remember seeing in the credits for this game. Weird. 
They are these guys:

Okay, where am I?

Anyway, combat. There are two ways to play this game, combat or stealth. We 
will cover stealth in the next section. The only reason to play combat is if
you want to bypass the thinking portion of this game and just do whatever works
to advance. True, even stealth players have a few spots where they must fight,
but most of your lethal fighting is done when you ignore the stealth route. So
playing stealth means you really won't use much of this stuff.

Close Quarters Combat (CQC)

CQC is just that, fighting up close. You can either punch or grab, and if you
have a weapon in hand you have a few more options. 

Basic grab - just sneak up behind an enemy without a gun and hold R1. You 
can have pistols and other one-handed weapons, but two-handed guns will knock
over the enemy. You can't hold them forever, but you have some time.

Toss without grabbing - just press to the side with the LS and press R1.

Knock away gun - press R1 and then let go as you are grabbing.

Moves after you grab:

	Choke - keep holding R1.

	Throw - same as above, move the LS and press R1.

	Special move - if you have the syringe or scanning plugs you can press
		Triangle to use that item, and the basic press is to cut 
		their throat.

	Meat shield - press L1 and you can aim while holding the guy if you 
		have a one-handed gun.

	Drag - you can move with the LS and then use a move.

Gun Combat

There isn't much to say. The gunplay can be standard GTA, Gears, and RE4 
with the over-the-shoulder aiming. You can also press Triangle to aim in
first person. FPS aiming is your best friend for long distances, and you want
the enemy where the little target is, not over it or under.

Of course, aim for heads, even if you are using a sleeping gun. Enemies cannot
determine who is shooting them when you are far away as you fire. So there is
a balance between aiming and distance. 

Though you aren't trying for stealth, you want to stay behind cover all the 
time. Pretty much if the enemies do not find you, you are free to fire at will.
You can press L1 while against a wall to aim from behind cover and remain
somewhat hidden. But probably the most effective tactic for shooting and 
staying hidden is the crawling shot because enemies will rarely see you unless
they are right over you.

The last thing is that you need to help the rebels when you can during the
first two acts. Not only does this mean you have allies fighting the enemies,
but you can also move freely. Just let them know you are helping them, which
means helping them when they can see you. This is easy when going full scale
to war, but it's only slightly tougher when sneaking.

One parting thought: aggressive gun play is always best. Don't sit back and 
wait for the perfect shot. You have to get out there and stick your neck out
just a bit and not play to not lose. This is the way to beat the last sneaking
portion in this game, so it just proves that perhaps the best stealth is 
aggressive gun play. 

* 6. Stealth	( CAMO666 )                                                   *

(coming soon)

* 7. Weapons	( GUNS777 )                                                   *

Horribly incomplete, and not sure if I can get the costs for all the stuff
as it disappears from the store.


Name - PMM
Cost - 3500 DP
Clip size - 12
Ammo - 9x18mm
Type - Lethal
	Damage - D
	Range - D
	Piercing - E
	Recoil - A
	Reload Time - S
	Auto-Aim - B

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Clip size - 
Ammo - 
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 
	Piercing - 
	Recoil - 
	Reload Time - 
	Auto-Aim - 

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Clip size - 
Ammo - 
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 
	Piercing - 
	Recoil - 
	Reload Time - 
	Auto-Aim - 


Name - M10
Cost - 3000 DP
Clip size - 30
Ammo - .45ACP
Type - Lethal
	Damage - D
	Range - C
	Piercing - E
	Recoil - B
	Reload Time - B
	Auto-Aim - B

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Clip size - 
Ammo - 
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 
	Piercing - 
	Recoil - 
	Reload Time - 
	Auto-Aim - 


Name - Tanegashima
Cost - 1,000,000 DP
Clip size - 1
Ammo - Lead Ball
Type - Lethal
	Damage - C
	Range - B
	Piercing - E
	Recoil - B
	Reload Time - E
	Auto-Aim - D

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Clip size - 
Ammo - 
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 
	Piercing - 
	Recoil - 
	Reload Time - 
	Auto-Aim - 

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Clip size - 
Ammo - 
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 
	Piercing - 
	Recoil - 
	Reload Time - 
	Auto-Aim - 

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Clip size - 
Ammo - 
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 
	Piercing - 
	Recoil - 
	Reload Time - 
	Auto-Aim - 

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Clip size - 
Ammo - 
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 
	Piercing - 
	Recoil - 
	Reload Time - 
	Auto-Aim - 


Name - M870 Custom
Cost - 30,000 DP
Clip size - 4 + 1
Ammo - 00 Buck
Type - Lethal
	Damage - B
	Range - S
	Piercing - B
	Recoil - D
	Reload Time - E
	Auto-Aim - C

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Clip size - 
Ammo - 
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 
	Piercing - 
	Recoil - 
	Reload Time - 
	Auto-Aim - 

Rockets / Big Guns

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Clip size - 
Ammo - 
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 
	Piercing - 
	Recoil - 
	Reload Time - 
	Auto-Aim - 

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Clip size - 
Ammo - 
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 
	Piercing - 
	Recoil - 
	Reload Time - 
	Auto-Aim - 


Name - Grenade
Cost - 120 DP
Type - Lethal
	Damage - A
	Range - S

Name - Petro Bomb
Cost - 100 DP
Type - Lethal
	Damage - B
	Range - B

Name - WP G.
Cost - 110 DP
Type - Lethal
	Damage - A
	Range - S

Name - Stun G.
Cost - 120 DP
Type - Stun
	Damage - A
	Range - S

Name - Smoke G.
Cost - 100 DP
Type - 
	Damage - 
	Range - 

Name - Claymore
Cost - 300 DP
Type - Lethal
	Damage - A
	Range - S

Name - S.G. Mine
Cost - 300 DP
Type - Sleep
	Damage - S
	Range - 

Name - C4
Cost - 400 DP
Type - Lethal
	Damage - S
	Range - S

Name - S.G. Satchel
Cost - 400 DP
Type - Sleep
	Damage - S
	Range - 

Special Weapons

Stun Knife





Sleeping Rounds

Name - Anesthetic (.22)
Cost - 30 DP
Guns - Mk2

Name - Anesthetic (7.62mm)
Cost - 40 DP
Guns - Mosin-Nagant

Name - V. Ring
Cost - 50 DP
Guns - SAIGA 12, M870 Custom, Masterkey

Name - 40mm (Stun G.)
Cost - 130 DP
Guns - XM320, MGL-140

Name - 40mm (Smoke G.)
Cost - 100 DP
Guns - XM320, MGL-140

Name - 
Cost -  DP
Guns - 

Lethal Rounds

Name - 9x23mm
Cost - 50 DP
Guns - Race Gun

Name - .45ACP
Cost - 20 DP
Guns - GSR, Operator, M10

Name - 4.6x30mm
Cost - 10 DP
Guns - MP7

Name - 5.56x45mm
Cost - 15 DP
Guns - M4 Custom, AK 102, XM8

Name - 5.7x28mm
Cost - 30 DP
Guns - P90, Five Seven

Name - 7.62x42mm
Cost - 30 DP
Guns - PSS

Name - 7.62x51mm
Cost - 30 DP
Guns - G3A3, MK. 17, M60E4, M14EBR

Name - 7.62x54R
Cost - 40 DP
Guns - SVD, PKM

Name - 7.62x67mm
Cost - 50 DP
Guns - DSR-1

Name - 9x18mm
Cost - 10 DP
Guns - Vz. 83, PMM

Name - 9x39mm
Cost - 40 DP
Guns - VSS

Name - Rail Gun ammo
Cost - 200 DP
Guns - Rail Gun

Name - 00 Buck
Cost - 50 DP
Guns - SAIGA 12, M870 Custom, Masterkey

Name - Slug
Cost - 60 DP
Guns - SAIGA 12, M870 Custom, Masterkey

Name - 40mm (Grenade)
Cost - 130 DP
Guns - XM320, MGL-140

Name - 40mm (WP G.)
Cost - 120 DP
Guns - XM320, MGL-140

Name - RPG-7 ammo
Cost - 250 DP
Guns - RPG-7

Name - M72A3
Cost - 200 DP
Guns - M72A3

Name - Javelin
Cost - 350 DP
Guns - Javelin

Name - FIM-92A
Cost - 300 DP
Guns - FIM-92A

Custom Parts

Name - 
Gun - 

(again, incomplete)

* 8. Items	( EATS888 )                                                   *

Uh, maybe in the next update.

* 9. Rewards	( TREAT99 )                                                   *

Round 2

Simply beat the game and then load that save when you want to start a new 
game. You'll have to wait until you get the Mk II, and you'll have all your
previous weapons and everything else.


Discounts - If you don't need to buy a gun, and if you promise not to let it
	affect your game, you can get 20% off stuff in Drebin's shop on
	Wednesdays and Sundays. You can even get 50% off during Act 5, and I
	believe they stack. So, feel free to change the day on your PS3.

Lose the Camo - During cutscenes where Snake is in some camo, shake the 
	Sixaxis and you'll go back to normal.

Regain Psyche - During some cutscenes Snake will lose some psyche. Just tap
	X and you'll get it back.

Motion Guys - Press R2 during a character's intro to see the motion capture
	person instead of the voice actor.

Beauty Photoshoot - During the beauty mode fight with the four B&B bosses,
	stall for three minutes or so and they will pose for you. Of course
	you need the camera behind Sunny's computer found during the Mission


For beating the game once and loading your completed game, you can go to the
Extras option in the main menu and choose Passwords. Enter these:

	thomas - Unlocks "Desperate Chase" iPod Song 
	george - Unlocks "Gekko" iPod Song 
	theodore - Unlocks "Midnight Shadow" iPod Song 
	abraham - Unlocks "Mobs Alive" iPod Song 


New Vest Colors - Beat the game. Change your colors in the Camo screen.

Emotive Ammo - Beat the game and buy from Drebin during a new game.

Colored Smoke Grenades - Beat the game and buy from Drebin during a new game.

The Boss Extreme Difficulty - Beat the game and save your data.

Race (Ricochet) Gun - Beat the game once.

Suit - Beat the game.

Solar Gun - Must beat the B&B bosses with non-lethal guns and find the 
statues during the beauty mode. There is also a Frog statue in the parking lot
of act 1 if you didn't kill any of the Frogs.

Bandanna - On any difficulty, don't kill anyone. You can only use blue guns,
and there is only one way to beat Screaming Mantis. You can kill Gekko and 
Scarab, but not even the PMC's at the end of act 2. 

Stealth Item - On any difficulty, don't cause an alert alarm.

Desert Eagle, Long Barrel - Get the Fox Emblem.

Patriot Future Assault Weapon - Get the Big Boss Emblem.

Thor 45-70 - Get the Fox Hound Emblem.

World War I Pistol - Get the Hound Emblem.

Altair - Get the Assassin Emblem.

Scanning Plug S - Buy from Drebin after more than ten hours of Metal Gear 
Online play.

Civilian Disguise - Start of Act 3.

Middle East Militia Disguise - Half-way through the Safe House in Act 1.

South American Rebel Disguise - Free the hostages at the start of Act 2 and
	they will lead you to a shack with this.


Big Boss - Get the Big Boss Emblem.

Corpse Camo - Have 41 total continues during one game.

Drebin - Obtain 60 guns.

Otacon - Bump Otacon with Mk II during a Mission Briefing.

Raiden A - Bump Sunny with the Mk II during a Mission Briefing.

Raiden B - Bump Naomi with the Mk II during a Mission Briefing.

Roy Campbell - You can only get this one through the Act 1 briefing in the 
	main menu. So if you've beat the game just load that save and then 
	choose the first one. Then bump him with the Mk II. You can also get 
	a battery in front of the chopper and a song upstairs. Save your game
	after to keep the stuff you find.

iPod Songs to Unlock

Random gift from rebel for giving healing item:

	Show Time 
	Love Theme (Action Version)
	Destiny's Call
	MPO+ Theme

*NOTE: Best gotten during a round 2, provided you have a lot of items carry
over from your last game. And if you help the rebels in the first big fight
in Act 1, just go around handing out rations, noodles, and regains to any
rebel you see. You can hand out at least four to each rebel.*

Big Boss - Get the Emblem.

Snake Eater - Get all the Emblems.

Subsistence - Play one game of Metal Gear Online.

*This is not all of the iPod songs, these are just the ones you can't find in
the game.

iPod Songs with Effects Found in Game 

The Fury - Act 2, Village. In the burnt house.

Rock Me - Act 2, Confiment Facility. Take the road and look for the swamp, this
	song is on one of the islands in the swamp, the bigger one.

Sailor - Act 2, Vista Mansion. On the east wall.

Bio-Hazard - Act 3, I think you need to hold up and body check the 
	Resistance member.

Beyond the Bounds - Act 4, Tank Hangar. With power back up, return and look
	in the upper area rooms.

Flowing Destiny - Act 4, Canyon. There is a crawlspace in the rock wall on the 

Opening Old LA 2040 - Act 4, during code input. Enter 78925.

Policenaughts Ending - Act 4, during code input. Enter 13462.

iPod Tunes with Effects

Beyond the Bounds - Increase stun damage.

Big Boss - Increase stun and accuracy.

Bio-Hazard - Held enemies scream

Destiny's Call - Held enemies get mad.

Flowing Destiny - Held enemies cry.

The Fury - Held enemies go mad.

Love Theme - Held enemies cry.

Opening Old LA 2040 - Increase accuracy.

Policenaughts Ending - Held soldiers fall asleep.

Rock Me - Increases life recovery items effect.

Sailor - Increases life recovery items effect.

Show Time - Held soldiers scream.

Snake Eater - Increases life recovery items effect.

Subsistence - Increase accuracy.

* 10. Emblems		( EMB1010 )                                           *

(takes forever to organize this stuff)

* 11. Easter Eggs and More	( EGG1111 )                             *

Mission Briefing Fun

Okay, so you already know that you can pilot the Mk II around during these 
things, but there are a few more things you can do. Find the remote on the 
table and shock it (L1 and R1) and you get a much better picture on the
screen. You can also go upstairs where not only is Sunny up to crazy things, 
there is a radio you can turn for a few stations. 

(much more to come)

* 12. Author Info / Copyright                                                 *



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