Halo: Combat Evolved: FAQ/Walkthrough

#Halo 1 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide                                  #
#By: Joyel Puryear                                                  #
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#Spoiler Free (Unless warned)                                       #
#Contributions or Requests Welcome from everyone                    #
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1. Version Information
2. General Guide Information
3. Legend
4. Basic Game Information
   4A - Controls
   4B - History
5. Walkthrough
   5A - The Pillar of Autumn
   5B - Halo
   5C - The Truth and Reconciliation
6. Lists/Strategies/Specific Topics
   6A - Character Mini Bios
   6B - Enemies
   6C - Weapons/Items
   6D - Vehicles
   6E - Beginner Strategies
   6F - Intermediate Strategies
   6G - Advanced Strategies
   6H - Multiplayer Strategies
   6I - Legendary Mode General Tactics
7. Secrets
8. PC Version Specifics
   8A - System Requirements
   8B - Patch Data
   8C - Other Downloads
   8D - Bugs And Fixes
9. Final Words
10. Credits
11. Wish List
12. Copy Right


0.8 - 03-04-08
* Reformatted parts of the walkthrough
* Added New PC Section
* Added system requirements subsection under pc section
* Added Patch Data subsection under pc section
* Added as much info about patches as I currently could
* Added cheats section
* Populated the cheats section with various cheats - (More to come later)
* Added some content to "Overview" section of the walkthrough
* Fleshed out the data within the pc version specifics very heavily

0.5 - 08-31-07
* Wrote walkthrough for mission 2
* Added reference points as well (legendary)
* Started mission 2 + Reference Points (legendary)

0.4 - 08-28-07
* Fixed copyright information
* Finished mission one walkthrough
* Finished legendary reference points for mission one
* Added more strategies
* Added multiple "Information" sections
* Added characters section
* Added npc's section
* Added weapons section
* Added gun's/items section
* Added enemies section

0.2 - 08-25-07
* Finished Skeleton
* Lot's of new sections
* Started on walkthrough portion

0.1 - 08-24-07
* Basic skeleton of walkthrough
* Initial Release



I am a psychotic completionist.  When I write a walkthrough I intend for
them to be the one stop shop for everything related to that game.  Every
idea, tactic, strategy, unlockable, explanation and everything that can
ever be formulated and presented for the game I like to include.  Every
strategy my mind can possibly concieve, and every single idea behind
the game I can find.  I intend for each walkthrough I write to be a
100% perfectionists walkthrough which explains everything and delves
into the deepest soul behind the game...

That can't be done without contributions. I like getting any form of
contribution in any way shape or form.  I want to get feedback on anything,
strategies, tips, hints.  Anything anyone can offer, even there own custom
walkthroughs for specific sections, I don't mind. I want any and all
contributions I can possibly get because every view point is good.

It also sometimes takes awhile to make a walkthrough better than any source
in existence.  I even aim to be more complete than the official walkthrough
(also note I don't buy the walkthroughs for the games I write).  I want to
have the most complete source available anywhere.  I want every guide I
write to be like a bible behind the game (meaning a massive collection
of data that is 100% complete in every way shape or form).  I want to get
all the data that is humanly possible on the game.

I normally write everything I can when I am playing.  Then later I will
take contributions over time and rewrite as they come in, then when I
eventually play the game again I expand EVERYTHING in the entire walkthrough
which basically means finishing sections, rewriting sections, and always
adding entirely new sections.  Walkthroughs that I write are NEVER
complete and I always come back at some point to write more, add more
compile more data or make sure it's still the most complete reference
on the game in existence.

Technically I have beaten Halo 1 around 3 times both solo and co-op.  I am
pretty sure I have covered everything that could be covered
with this game. However I am always open for contributions, and even request
then whenever possible.  I try to keep it as spoilor free as possible.
As you know there are 4 different difficulty settings.  I play the game on
heroic which is the third difficulty setting.  There is one after that and
it's possible to beat the entire game on that setting but it's such a
challenge it's not even fun.  If I ever decide to take up that
challenge I might add a special section for just clearing the game
on the highest difficulty settings.  However all the provided info
is assuming it's on the third difficulty setting.

I am a rabid completionist.  I am obsessed with getting everything, doing
everything, and saying everything that can be said about a game I play.
When I write a walkthrough I intend to be a full completionist offering even
more information into every aspect of the game than the official
walkthroughs.  I intend to be a psychotic completionist that covers every
humanly possibly area of a game.

I also do not (at all) go through viewing OTHER walkthrough's on a game that
I intend to write a walkthrough on WHILE writing it.  I find that you can
read something and later forget you read it then use it.  So I am heavily
against stealing something in another walkthrough.  If I SAW something in
another walkthrough then I will put a note about where you should check
and what the walkthrough would have to avoid copyright infringment.  I try
to be very careful about that, and try to write from my own experiences
and/or rumor's and/or from randomly gathered data.

The Book

I am going to writing a walkthrough to both the first Halo and the second
Halo.  However as you all know there is a book series about the backstory.
The games are based on the books.  I intend to read these books in time
and for both walkthroughs I intend to right a "Book Biopses" about the
books.  I want to see how they relate to the game story, and how well they
translated it over.  As well as go into detail mentioned in the book as
far as the story is concerned that is not available in the game. I guess
you can call what I am going to write a "book report" of the book and recap
the story to an extent to help you understand more about the world, back
story and everything else that isn't present within the game.


#Section Header#

-Sub Section Header-

Mini Section header



This is going to include all the generic information about the game as
well as some gameplay related strategies.


Below are all the default controls for both the x-box and x-box 360

Action         - X-Box Control              -  X-Box 360 Control
Move           - Left Thumbstick/D Pad      -  Left Thumbstick/D Pad
Turn/Aim       - Right Thumbstick           -  Right Thumbstick
Crouch         - Click Left Thumbstick      -  Click Left Thumbstick
Fire Weapon    - Right Trigger              -  Right Trigger
Charge Weapon  - Hold Right Trigger/Release -  Hold Right Trigger/Release
Throw Grenade  - Left Trigger               -  Left Trigger
Scope Zoom     - Click Right Thumbstick     -  Click Right Thumbstick
Pause Menu     - Start Button               -  Start Button
Go Back        - Back Button                -  Back Button
Flashlight     - White Button               -  LB Button
Switch Weapon  - Y Button                   -  Y Button
Action/Reload  - X Button                   -  X Button
Switch Grenade - Black Button               -
Melee Attack   - B Button                   -  B Button
Jump           - A Button                   -  A Button


This will explain the history and story behind the game, as well as personal
insight into what is happening in the world.

General History (From Manual)

The Story So Far

The year is 2552 Planet earth still exists, but overpopulation has forced
many of her former residents to colonize other worlds.  Faster-Than-Light
travel is now a reality, and earths unified government, through the United
Nations Space Command, has put it's full weight behind the colonization
effort: millions of humans now live on habitable planets in other solar
systems.  A keystone of humanity's colonization efforts is the planet
reach, an interstellar naval yard that builds colony ships for civilians
and warships for the UNSC's armed forces, conveniently close to earth.
Reach is also a hub of scientific and military activity.

Thirty-two years ago, contact with the outer colony Harvest was lost.
A battlegroup sent to investigate was almost completely destroye: only
one badly damaged ship returned to reach.  It's crew told of a seemingly
unstoppable alien warship that had effortlessly annihilated their forces.

This was humankind's first encounter with a group of aliens they eventually
became known as the covenant, a collective of alien races united in there
fanatical religious devotion.  Covenant religious elders declared humanity
as affront to the gods, and the covenant warrior caste wages a holy war
upon humanity with gruesome diligence.

After a series of crushing defeats and obliterated colonies, UNSC Admiral
Preston Cole established the Cole Protocol: no vessel may inadvertently
lead the covenant to earth.  When forced to withdraw, ships must avoid
earth-bound vectors-even if that means jumping without proper navigational
calculations.  Vessels in danger of capture must self destruct.

On reach, a secret military project to create a cyborg super-soldier take
on newfound importance.  The soldiers of the Spartan II project rack up an
impressive record against the covenant in test deployments, but there are
too few of them to turn the tide of war.

Existing Spartan 2 soldiers are recalled to Reach for further augmentation.
The plan: Board a covenant vessel with the improved Spartan IIs and learn
the location of the covenant homeworld.  Two days before the mission begins,
covenant forces strike Reach and annihilate the colony.  The covenant is now
on earth's doorstep.  One ship, The Pillar of Autumn, escapes with the last
Spartan 2 and makes a blind jump into deep space, hoping to lead the
covenant away from earth.

Pillar of Autumn History (From Manual)

The Pillar of Autumn is a Halcyon-class warship that has seen decades of
service.  An aging but sturdy vessel, and one of the smallest cruisers in
the human fleet, the military high command chose it specifically as an
inconspicuous launch pad for a covert offensive against the covenant.
Genetically-engineered cyborg soldiers in state-of-the-art battle suits
were supposed to board a covenant vessel and locate the covenant homeworld.
A surprise covenant attack on the human military base on the planet Reach
annihilated all but one of the Spartan II soldiers.  The remaining Spartan
II, known only by his rank of Master Chief, was stored in a cryosleep
chamber upon The Pillar of Autumn shortly before the ship made a blind jump
across the galaxy in a desperate effort to lead the covenant away from
earth.  The Master Chief is easily the best soldier aboard the Pillar of
Autumn, but many of the human military's finest also call the ship home.


There are multiple difficulty settings with the game.  I generally start
playing a mission on Heroic. Which is the third and semi-difficult setting.
After that I normally go back and beat the mission on normal and
then come back one last time to work on legendary.  Instead of writing 2
seperate walkthroughs or even 2 seperate sections I have just included the
walkthrough for legendary mode directly into the main walkthrough.  What you
are reading by default is the game as it's beaten on Heroic setting.  Most
of the time legendary mode is manageable but there are certain "Trouble
spots" that can really cause trouble later on.  I have segmented out parts
of the walkthrough as I write it when I encounter those trouble spots, and
it's just a little area in the walkthrough to give enhanced strategies for
that specific part if you were in legendary mode.  These reference points
are segmented out and labeled as "Legendary Reference Point" and numbered

I normally do things (and recommend) doing them a specific way.  The idea is
to get all of the medals for each level.  There are 3 in all.  One for
normal, one for heroic, and one for legendary.  I normally do heroic mode
first (this walk through is based on that by default) then I go back and
do normal (for a break).  Then I go and do legendary (which is also in here
using reference points).  This allows you to get good experience with the
mission as wall as 2 play throughs into the mission before you start to
help you better learn the layout of the mission and how things fall into
place throughout the mission. This also helps you get familiar with where
enemies are (because legendary is almost the same just with more in some

-The Pillar of Autumn-


This is the easiest mission which will teach you all about the basics of
the game as well as let you develop your own basic to intermediate
strategies necessary to get through the challenges presented in this
first mission.

Heroic Walkthrough

This is a very easy introductory mission.
The beginning part is a straight story mode, then tutorial if you choose to
play through it.  Either way it's pretty straight forward.  Move your way to
the bridge and talk to the captain, get his gun and head out, after a few
minutes you will get the ammo for it, and the real fighting begins.

Now you start off with just a pistol so it's going to get you use to it
right off.  if at anytime you need to look up a weapons info check the
weapons section for full details of the weapon and all the advice I have
on it's usage.  When you first get the ammo and turn the corner you are
presented with a few little ones so you can get use to your weapon.  You
can easily take care of them, then move through the door into the first room
as well as normally seeing a few explosions.  Before going into the room
look around for grenades or anything you want.  When you first go through
the door you pick up a machine gun.  This is normally my PERSONAL
combination which is the machine gun and pistol for backup whenever possible
but this game has multiple weapons to cater to every play style.  As you go
experiment and find out what you like best the only exception later is the
shotgun for the flood (late in the game) because it's nearly impossible
without it.  In this room watch your fire your allies are around as well.
Another thing is you will encounter a few grunts and a few elites, so you
need at this point to start getting use to there shields and developing
strategies to get through there shields easily.  Either way this first room
isn't going to take you long to get through.  By the time you learn the
controls and play a second these will be no problem.  If you have troubles
then come in ducking and do a little more careful approach.

..Legendar Reference Point 1..

This room is one of the most difficult throughout this whole mission.  There
are 2 parts to the room and they are both very hard. Not only do the enemies
throw grenades at you happily, but you are pinned down by multiple enemies
at one time.  This is VERY difficult in this mood.  A few things to keep in
mind, to maximize the affect remember where the enemies are on the first few
run-ins so you can keep tabs on there locations for future runs.  Try to
memorize there locations and everything so you don't get caught off guard.
The first few appear towards the left when you first enter, and after
they are cleared all the rest pour in from the other side of the room.
Taking your first steps into the room you are up against a few elites
and grunts both.  At this point you probably don't have any grenades for
this first half of the room.  If you do use them carefully.  The idea is to
get the grunts out of the way quickly with the pistol, and go somewhere to
cover and do fire/duck tactics until you get the shield off of one of the
elite's.  It's rather annoying but after awhile once you clear out the first
minor part of the room, it get's worse.  There are tons of them down the
hall.  It generally comes down to clearing them out as quickly as possible,
and trying to move a little ways at a time down the hall.  Most importantly
take out the grunts ASAP because they tend to throw a lot of grenades which
can really hamper your covering strategy.  Then slowly decrease the shields
of the elites and take them out one at a time using duck/fire tactics.
After you are down to 1-2 elites move up, and try to do the same with one of
them and when there is only one left you can try and rush him.  Hoping for
the best.  Don't get mad, if you die you start back outside the room and
have to keep doing the room until you get past it to the next checkpoint
but honestly, the more times you have to go through it, the faster you learn
strategies.  Also you'll notice once you clear the first few missions in
legendary your newly acquired strategies helps you through future missions.

Also it's important to remember that once the elite loses there shield it's
gone.  So you can basically use the pistol and peek out enough to get one
and only focus on one until there shield is gone then take them down.
Then one at a time and slowely ease your way out.


The first part of the room has 1-2 then you will be heading down the room to
encounter a slightly more difficult group.  Just be patient, cut through
them as you go.  After the room is cleared you can take either door into
the hallway to encounter a few more.  You can also get health and check
alien weapons or whatever you want to do at this point.  The left and
right of the hallway are dead ends, so just go through the one open
door to lead on.  You will encounter some minor skirmishes as you head
further in.  You will go until you come into the hallway and there
is a boom.  Someone will say "What the hell, something hit us" or something
like that. Head around the corner down the hallway's carefully.  You will
circle around to a group of marines and the door they are around suddenly
explodes.  A few minor enemies comes out and then cortana says something.

..Legendary Reference Point 2..

This one is generally easier compared to the first reference point.
However you should have a few grenades. It might take you a few tries to get
this strategy right, but here is what I do.  I noticed a few grunts come,
then an elite, then a few grunts then an elite plus 1 more grunt.  The
grunts aren't much of a problem so take them as they come and when an
elite pops out try to attach a plasma grenade on him. Another thing you can
do if you can position yourself well enough is try to get a plasma grenad
INTO the room as it explodes, and the explosion inside the room and near
the entrance can take out a handful of them before you even need to start
engaging.  At the very least when the first batch comes out the explosion
will startle them, and damage or kill some of the ones remaining inside
making the second wave considerably less and disoriented as well.


Continue heading around the corner but before you do GO INTO the door they
came out of and grab whatever powerup is in there.  Be careful when the
explosion first happens because there are a few elites in the mix and they
can be annoying if not handled properly and quickly.  Continue to head
around after that and you will see a door, activate the flash light and walk
in (taking out whatever enemies are in your way or near the entrance).
Follow the path until you are back in the light again and turn the corner.
When you come down the hall watch to your left for enemies.  Watch to your
left and head there first.  It leads to a dead end, clear them out but be
careful there are quite a few and a well placed grenades can turn the tides
if things start to get hairy.  Now once this dead end area is cleared circle
back around and this time head straight.  If you want you will see a area
barded off at the dead end instead of going back around you can work your
way through that by jumping into the open area and ducking to get through.
Either way once everything is clear around this area the dead end you were
at opens up at the end of the hall allowing you to continue back down that
path.  Which leads to a health pack in front of a door that you can take if
you need, then head into the doorway.  Head until you see another square
block area that circles around, clear the whole area out and head down the
next hall.  Once you pull through the next clearing you are going to find
one small encampment followed by a large encampment around the corner that
even has a ground shield setup,  The first encampment doesn't always see
you at first and it has one elite and a few grunts.  A well placed plasma
grenade can almost entirely take out that first encampment then you can mop
up the rest BEFORE coming into view of the second encampment.  Now when you
are ready turn the corner and prepare to take on the next which has 1 shield
they use to guard.  A few grenades can clear them enough for you to move up
and finish them. Or you can slowly work your way up taking them out as you
go and using grenades to supplement you in battle during reloading or when
you get a good opprotunity with one.  Either way when they are clear then
head around the corner into the dark part, duck under the half closed door
and continue forward.  Here you can go straight and hit the minor encampment
head on, or you can circle to the right and come up beside/almost behind
them and get a mini surprise attack if done right.  Either way once the area
is cleared grab the health pack if you need it and head through the door and
down the hall.  Continue until you get into the room with 2 floors.  Cortana
will mention something before you enter about "Covenant, landing above us".
This can be annoying or easy.

..Legendary Reference Point 3..

There is absolutely nothing I can say to make this part of the mission easy.
This one is a living nightmare that makes reference 1 look like baby land.
The only good thing about it is the checkpoint is right outside.  So you are
in the heat of battle and when you reload after dying you can jump right
back into it.  However this mission is a deep pain in the butt.  The next
one is RIGHT after that.  So once you clear these 2 floors and head through
the door then shortly it checkpoints your data and you are safe.  The first
bit of advice I can offer is your grenades.  Accuracy with grenade throwing
was never as important as it is now.  You can make your way up to the first
level of stairs enough to get a view of the enemies before being blown away.
Atleast at first when you have allies fighting with you before they are all
killed.  The idea is go up there and see if at the start of the battle you
can get a few well placed grenades to sticky to passing elites.  The less
elite's here the better, so always use grenades to sticky to them and hope
they take out a few grunts with them.  When you do this beware incoming
grenades.  One time I had as many as 3 different grunts throwing grenades at
me at the same time.  Another issue is you can't go back very far because
one of the doors closed keeping you from going back too far for ammo but you
can nevertheless go a little ways.  If the grunts are presenting a huge
problem with grenades you can stand by the initial doorway and try to use
your pistol if you still have one and get a good zoom in aim slowly to start
taking out grunts.  You can easily take out multiple ones without getting
shot, after that the grenade strategy is still available to try to knock
down the number of elites on the upper floor.  ANother thing is the same
as before, if you focus on one elite and drop there shield it's gone for
good, so after there shield is gone you have time to work there health down
after that.  Once you have cleared out enough initially beware, the doors
torwards the left on the lower floor suddenly open and out come an elite
and a few grunts.  Fight them off the best you can, and work on the elite
as much as possible, either way after a bit he normally works his way up
the stairs to join his brothers on the upper floor.  This is where you can
make mad dash for that open door, be careful there are no grunts left
in there but there normally aren't, and take refuge behind the door.  Here
you are safer, and have a better shot pattern for systematically starting
to take out those elites.  If at any time at this point you run out of ammo
your only option is for risky mad dashes into the middle area to hope to get
ammo/guns from dead allies and aliens, and maybe a few bombs here and there
that fallen soldiers and enemies may have dropped.
Your pretty much stuck here until you can thin there numbers.  When you are
sure you have them down enough to move in, then cross your fingers and rush
for the steps and hope you can make your way to the top for the nearest
cover to start taking out the rest.  Either way the pistol will work wonders
while you are on the lower level.  Peek out around hte corner and get a zoom
in lock on an elite.  Shoot that one, follow him and keep tabs on him, after
about 8-9 shots there shield will drop, and then about 4-5 after that and
that specific elite will fall.  You can repeat that to easily take out
elites if you have the pistol.  Same thing with any other alien weapon or
the machine gun just aim carefully and make sure as many bullets actually
hit as possible to try and conserve ammo.  Be careful before going up even
if it seems as all of them are dead.  A few may have not shown up there and
some others may have taken damage and hidden behind your view.  So be
careful as you slowly and strategically make your way up the stairs. It's
best to circle around at the bottom to make sure you can't get a visual
on any more enemies before heading up the stairs, it's a lot safer that
way.  Once you cleared them all and get near the exit you get a second
checkpoint luckily.


You can stay below and pick them off, and use
grenades when the possibility presents itself or you can test your luck
and rush the top and hope to get a good firing position to start taking out
enemies.  Either way with it being the first mission you won't be stuck here
for long if at all.  Once your dead head through the door on the upper
level.  Head down a little ways into another encampment but this time you
are provided with a giant shield you can duck behind and use the whole
when you are standing up to shoot through.  One thing though, you can
also throw grenades over it and duck again so this is a good position
until you can thin there numbers some, and then move in to mop up the
rest quickly if you start getting impatient.  Behind the main encampment
there is one shield, followed by a dark area.  Be careful not to get
ambushed by enemies that retreated here from the first encampment.  WHen
it's cleared move out of the dark and back into the light.  You will
recieve minor resistance until you get to another one of there shields
with an elite behind it.  After he's cleared just head down the
hall.  Continue and you should be fine for a few turns.  Cortana will
say "The life pods are launching, we should hurry".  When you clear the
final corner, a small group of enemies are there to encounter you.
Go past all the pods (you can't go in any of them) and clear out the
few grunts in the way.  Cortana will say something again, wait a few
minutes and a mission objective will activate.  Head over towards the
grating and go into the small tunnel like area.  Follow the tunnels until
you get a checkpoint a few seconds later.  You can come out of the crating
in any one of 3-4 areas.  It's fine whichever just make your way to the main
hall and start clearing out enemies.

..Legendary Reference Point 4..

Hmm, this one wasn't much of a problem for me, but since it's easier to
do it this specific way I wanted to mention it.  If you go out of the
grating where the dark part is, it will be all dark at the one I am
talking about. Come out there and circle around to attack them, that
gives you a much better tactical advantage for one and for another
your first attack (Plasma Grenade) can be planted carefully before
all hell breaks loose.  Also watch out after you flurry them up and
take out a few one sometimes circles around and tries to get you from
behind.  But the overall tactical advantage you recieve from this
approach is worth it.  Also there are a lot of elites in this area
so be really careful.  If you are going to use any plasma grenades try
to make them stick ONTO an elite, each elite taken out like this makes
the overall gunfight a lot easier and more likely to win.


This one might get messy so use
grenades to your advantage.  However be wary of incoming grenades the little
guys especially won't hesitate to throw them.  I normally recieve 1-2
grenades thrown towards me in this one section.
When it's clear head down the hall, and turn the corner through the door.
Keep moving forward and she'll say something about the covenant wanting
to catch you napping.  There will be a few down there but you can't kill
them, I THINK if you get there attention by shooting they come up and
attack you but I am not sure.  Either way a little further and you get
a checkpoint. Continue down the hall.  After the first corner there is
a dark spot and bunch of grunts.  Explosions behind them will kill alot
of them and you can fire upon and finish off the one's towards the front,
beware the elite near the door on the other side.  WHen you head through the
door after defeating the grunts he will be ready to try and kill you.
He is a red and more powerful than normal elites, plus you have to deal with
more explosions that damage you and the enemy every few minutes so watch
where you go and be careful.
Go back to where the grunts where and head through the opening those
explosions made.  Turn left into the grating and make your way through
it but beware this time because a few grunts are in various places
throughout the tunnel area this time.  Through the grating this time you
encounter a rather impressive encampment of enemies.  Grenades are a good
way to hopefully thin there numbers.  One strategy I find affective here
is to come out the crating directly ahead and you will see the elite
standing facing the other way.

..Legendary Reference Point 5..

Hehehe.  This place was a pain at first in legendary.  Then I just had an
idea.  If you have a nice collection of grenades saved up this is the best
place to use them.  Your near the end of the mission and this is the last
major set of enemies.  Also equipment doesn't go over to the next mission
so that shouldn't be a factor.  Move your way near the barricade while you
launch a few grenades for cover.  Once you are at it, just start ducking and
throwing.  Launch like 2-3 randomly at first to do massive destruction, then
aim carefully on the next few to finish off the last few elites.  If there
are any left after you used all your grenades enact the duck and fire method
to slowly thin there numbers.


Quickly stick a plasma grenade to him and
that'll take care of him and most of the encampment in one shot.  EIther way
clear the area.  Just scower there area as you go and you will find a few
twists and turns, some turnoffs and a couple of minor spread out enemies
and small encampments here and there until you work your way to the area
with more escape pods.  Head through the crating to get around the obstacles
and continue forward around the corner into another minor encampment.
Head back a little into the lifeboat and the mission is over.
That's it, watch the cutscene's and into the next mission we go...

Post Mission Rambling

After you have completed this first one on all difficulties as well as
legendary you can consider yourself good at the game.  The first level is
the easiest to do on legendary but either way you just learnd a TON of
new strategies that will carry with you throughout the rest of this game
and the second one, and third when it eventually comes out.




This mission is "very" open.  They are open areas with no real strategy that
you can use.  This mission is also VERY long so it's going to take a long
walkthrough for this mission to properly cover everything.  This is also one
that "in my opinion" is a little to difficult to the average beginner, if
you have a lot of problems here then go back to the first mission and beat
it another time or 2 to allow yourself to hone more strategies and learn
the system better before taking on this mission.  I may not have listed
every possible strategy in every possible situation and alternate.  I
include all I can think of, or all I need ot easily beat it, and if anyone
has ultimate strategies feel free to send in as many as you deem necessary.

As much as I love to keep my people alive, when you get into the legendary
version, you REALLY don't want to care if they survive or not.  The only
thing that matter's is keeping yourself alive from checkpoint to checkpoint.
This mission in legendary is going to push you to the limits.  It's going
to enrage your temper more than once, it's going to push you to every
limit you have ever reached.  It's a real pain trying to beat this one
on legendary mode.

Heroic Walkthrough

You start off with a scene, followed by you on foot inside the wreckage.
When you finally come to you will notice your friends are all dead.  This
would have been you, had it not been for the suit you were....

Well nevertheless we must continue on.  When you first get out you can get
ammo out here, and get fully stocked along with some grenades.  There will
be a few messages from her, and then something about an incoming ship.  It
seems by what she's saying that you can avoid them but I normally take them
out.  Your best bet is to head over that bridge and wait for the ship to
land and take off, them come down the bridge slowly taking them out as
needed.  Which shouldn't be too much of a problem clearing all of them out.
Then you will have a Phantom attack you from the sky.  The main reason to
"not" run away is that if you do the phantoms still come and hte ground
troops will follow after you anyway.  If anyone has a strategy to avoid
this first group let me know.  Back to the phantoms.. Just dispatch it,
very carefully aim and you shouldn't have too many problems with it. When
everything is clear head back over the bridge and follow the wall northward
up the incline.  Also note if you run out of ammo later you can ALWAYS back
track during this mission.

I just did a test run as well on this part.  I am 100% sure you can't avoid
the initial drop.  I tried everything.  I tried running and continuing to
run and they know your there but you just leave them behind, leaving
enemies you didn't kill.  They'll just give you problems if you ever come
back.  I tried getting behind something and hiding for 20 minutes  and same
thing.  The drop ship still drops the enemies and both phantoms still come.
However if you want to avoid the message "you were detected" from cortana
you can wait behind a tree or something until the ship is gone completely
and then go out and engage them, so that leads me to believe she just meant
for you to stay hidden from the drop ship not the actual enemies.  If anyone
else has anymore feedback on this at all, feel free to share.

I also did a secondary test run after that, which was a little different.
one thing I notice for sure is that when you face those first 2 phantoms.
If you destroy one phantom the other one always run's away, it takes off
into the sky so if they are bugging you just focus your fire on one and
this will allow you to go ahead and clear out the other by it flying off
after the first one explodes.

..Legendary Reference Point 1..

When you first start this mission in legendary mode it can be very difficult
making it successfully to the first checkpoint.  You have to deal with the
phantoms, the first group of enemies, as well as another group up the
incline before you ever make it to even the first checkpoint.  The idea in
staying alive isn't easy.  The first thing to remember is not to try and
fight from inside the ship at the beginning.  They are ruthless on legendary
and very dangerous.  I suggest going across the bridge, and seeing if you
can get engaged by and remove the phantoms BEFORE turning your attention
to the enemies on the other side of the bridge.  So no matter what the
first thing you are going to want to focus on are the phantoms.  The best
way I have found to do that is to cross the bridge and go BEHIND the 2 trees
right beside the bridge on the other side.  This keeps you (for the most
part) out of site of the enemies on the other side.  Be careful because
sometimes the enemies will try to cross the bridge so you need to get
rid of those phantoms as soon as possible before that happens.  This
won't be too hard if you aren't shot at by both at the same time.  Focus
on doing damage to one only because the other will still leave after the
first one is destroyed.  Once those are out of the way, you need to as
carefully as possible destroy whatever you can across the bridge with
zooming in with the pistol BEFORE crossing the bridge to clean up
the rest and get ammo.  They are a lot more aggressive than normal so there
is a chance about the time you clear out the phantom you are going to have
the grunts running down the bridge, and an elite already across.  Be careful
remember your strategies.  Pistol the little ones, hit the elite with
everything you have.  He packs so much power I generally have to unload a
clip, run, wait for health, unload a clip run wait for health, and finish
him off.  The bad thing is that isn't the end of it, there is one more elite
somewhere (either already crossed the bridge) or on the other side.  If he
is on the other side then you should be able to pistol him (providing you
have the ammo) from a distance without too much trouble.  Once you are
careful you should be able to get through all of that within a minute.
After you are sure they are clear head across and get ammo and relax a
minute.  You aren't safe to the first checkpoint yet.  So you stil need
to be careful until you atleast get that first safety.  Get all the ammo
you need and head across the bridge and up the incline.  Go up it slowly
because after clearing all that up I know you don't want to have to start
back at the beginning.  At this point you want to go slow and try to get
a view on them with the pistol from a range before you are right up on
them.  They are just a little ways past the upcoming set of rocks.  Be
careful.  There should be one elite and some grunts which you can work
through with the pistol from a range, before they even get close enough to
fire if you are a decent aim and very careful.  Once you clear them out go
BACK to the beginning, get the ammo restock and whatever you can pick up.
Then head back towards where you killed them at and head on past.  Jump
down (once you jump you can't come back through) and continue a little
further until you have successfully gotten to your first checkpoint.


When you get a little way's up the incline you will find a minor group of
grunts, followed by a nice number of grunts and one elite.  You can pretty
easily work through all of these at this point and continue through into
the clearing.

Ok, this whole upcoming section is one of the first major areas that can
get annoying.  You are going to circle around into a clearing and recieve
a message from her about a lifeboat up ahead.  Just to prepare you that
means you are coming up on a small encampment of your people that survived
the ships destruction and made it down to this planet safely.  The good
part is you found the first lifeboat, the second part is you have to
protect it from a series of attacks.  It's not so much difficult as it is
hard to keep up with (where the enemies are dropping at).  When you first
enter a enemy boat is already making a drop of enemies, and they are almost
to the ground by the time you come.  Get down there and clear them out as
quickly as possible.  In this section if some of your men die don't freak
out it's not easy getting them all out alive and you don't get anything
different either way, even if none survive.  Well... If they all die, you
want to avoid that.  Because she'll drop a message about none of them
surviving.  You want to make sure there are enough for her to atleast drop
afterwards and pick them up.  For the first drop your pistol will allow you
to remove a vast number of grunts from a distance then move in to mop up
the remaining elites.  Another thing, right after that's over you get a
checkpoint.  Your not safe but you have your first save, so if something
goes wrong you can revert to your last checkpoint, and you get one after
clearing each drop.

..Reference Point 2..

There isn't alot I can say to really help you here.  Luckily every couple
of enemy drop ships you clear gives you a checkpoint.  The idea is
checkpoint to checkpoint gameplay and improvise when you are stuck.  You
have the ammo dumps for when you need them.  After this one part of the
mission things can get easier depending on how you play but this first part
is part based on luck, part based on skill, part based on improvision, and
checkpoint to checkpoint gameplay.  Once you clear the first part and get
a checkpoint then you are in good shape atleast.  Again the pistol from
a distance can work wonders against elites but sometimes your machine gun
has to go with you and you have to be quick and able to improvise in rough
situations (like running up for the last hit or 2 when you need a reload)
and other clever improvisions where needed.  Another bit of advice is as
mention in the forward is to not focus on your allies.  Let them help you
let them work as bait.  The ONLY thing important in legendary mode is
getting through it one checkpoint at a time.  Whatever you have to do to
make it to just that next checkpoint is something you need to do if
required.  This can even include grenades in the middle of your allies if
it helps to take out 1-2 elites that would otherwise mean defeat.  A good
thing here is head over to the part you have that little building to act as
decent cover.  If you are quick and can thin there smaller forces then
wither down the rest with grenades and whatever else you have.  After
Generally by the time I have these complete the next ship has already made
a drop which can make things get difficult if it takes you a long time to
clear the first drop.  At this point once the first part is cleared and
the second drop is made you don't get a checkpoint until you clear both
that drop adn the one that just came down.  I had to improvise here big
time.  It took me about 2 tries to get to the next checkpoint.  I ran to
one elite and got about 1 inch from in front of him so I could stick a
guaranteed grenade.  Then I backed up into the life boat to get ammo, and
ran to the big building.  Using cover from going up and down the ramps
I was able to slowly weed out the remaining elites until I "somehow" got
to the next checkpoint.  At this point I was on top of the structure when
the next drop ship came down.  I tried to clear out as many from a distance
with the pistol as I could before they made there way towards the structure.
However you have to be careful of the drop ship itself firing at you.
If you are lucky you can take down 5-6 grunts so you only have elites to
worry about.  One good way to deal with the elites here if you are lucky is
grenades.  You have the height elevation they have to walk up.  If you keep
tabs on them so you know when they are coming up, you can hopefully give
them a plasma grenade that sticks.  If you are able to then that's it.
One plasma stick means 1 dead elite automatically plus damage and possible
death to one's around it.  Either way once they are cleared you get
another glorious checkpoint, head down the ramp carefully and around the
corner is where your going to meet your next enemy set.  If you are able to
and have some left a good plasma grenade stuck to one near the middle can
cause mass damage and panick for enough time to retreat back up towards the
structure.  Or you can choose to stay on the structure and use it to
maneuver around the top doing damage to below at first then using the walls
for cover when the enemies start to advance up towards the top of the
structure.  This can be one of the hardest parts right here in this mission
so far because there are so many and multiple elites.  This is where the
real pure skill of gameplay is needed the most.  There is one other tactic
I sometimes find effective.  Since they originate from the other sidey you
can slowly peer around the edge wall of the other ramp and get a few pistol
ranged kills.  Then when the elites pile up the ramp and are near the top
you can quickly duck out and try to plant a grenade on one of them so you
can guarantee there death, as well as taking down the shield or killing the
other if he is close enough.  Beware however there are multiple elites. You
will probably end up getting rushed by one who is half damaged so be
prepared to quickly switch to machine gun or do some hits when needed.
Another BAD thing about the grunts is generally they will try to come up
behind you so be prepared for something to come up behind you as well.
With a little patience, skill and strategy after a minute or 2 you will
successfully make it to the first checkpoint successfully.  MAKE SURE you
get yourself full stocked up on ammo after the next checkpoint BEFORE
running off with the warthog.  You will be severly out, try to also scrounge
to restock fully on plasma grenades (with all the dead grunts that shouldn't
post to hard of a problem.


There may be a lot of fighting, but there is also a lot of ammo.  There is
an ammo dump in a downed lifeboat with LOT'S of various types of ammo and
weapons (machine gun's, pistols) as well as health packs on the ground
and inside.  There are also some grenades there as well.  There is a second
ammo dump on top of the structure on one of the sides (on the left if you
going up from the opposite side you entered the area from).  This has a
bunch of ammo laying on the ground.  Between these 2 points there is little
chance you will run out of ammo in this first area.  Plus later when you get
low you can come back to all of these areas as mentioned before.

Since the first one is gone they say yay he's here and all this other stuff
but before they get too far another enemy ship is beginning it's drop
somewhere on the other side.  BE THERE before they announce it, and you can
use your pistol and with good aiming have 3-6 of them DEAD before they even
hit the ground.  Making the second drop a lot more manageable.  Ok this is
also the first situation you meet the Jackals in.  Look up them in the enemy
section if you need strategies but they generally aren't that hard to defeat.

Right after that one is dispatched another one comes popping out at the
other side quickly.  If you hurry and get there you might be able to mop
the rest of them.  After that you get another checkpoint and another drops
back where the last one did (the one before this one).

This seems like a little bigger drop.  However if you are able to get the
drop on them first and clear out some of the little one's it's more
manageable.  Now, the bad part is before the first ship load is destroyed
a second one comes down towards the other side (to your right).  This
normally happens before the other team is even cleared.  This doubles the
enemy count as well as the secondary ship shooting at you if you get in
it's line of fire.  Either way after you manage to destroy that it's the
last of the drops in this section.

After that is finally done there will be some talking and a checkpoint.
Foehammer comes dropping in, and picks up the remaining crew and drops
the warthog.  You normally are provided with 2 people to go with you (1 for
the passenger seat, 1 for the gun).  If you are wondering anything about
the warthog then check the vehicles section for more information.  I love
that feeling when virtually nobody dies, and you see them all pile into the
ship to go back home.  That is my favorite part, but it doesn't always turn
out like that easily.  It just depends on how responsive you are when the
enemies drop to the ground.

Either way after you are ready jump on the warthog.  You could "in theory"
go on foot, however there's no point. It's harder, it takes 4 times longer
(the mission is long enough as it is) and if you don't learn how to use this
vehicle (check the vehicles section for details) then you will never beat
this game.

If you take forever then after awhile she'll talk a few times and then go
ahead and give you a red marker to your destination.  However when you are
ready to continue head forward and you will go down a slope into the mouth
of a cave.  Here you will get a message from Cortana about the cave.  Head
inside.  A little ways into the cave you get another message and a
checkpoint.  Then she says something about monitoring there chatter on your
transcom system in your suit.  Be careful when you get near the corner, you
can basically flip off but it's stupid and can cause damage or even kill
an ally if you land wrong.  Instead go to the end and you will see the ramp
leading down.  When you circle around you are going to have to make a jump
(not that hard) just back up a little give it gas and clear the jump.
After the next curve you get another checkpoint.

When you head into this room there will be enemies. I generally like all the
people on my side surviving that I can.  So what I do here is I just stay
back some with my warthog but I move it closer a little bit.  Just close
enough for there guns to be able to reach some of the enemies and then I
get out and go on foot to clear out this whole area to clear friendly
strategies.  If I REALLY need it I can slowly move that vehicle up as
needed to allow them to get within firing range but keep from getting

..Legendary Reference Point 3..

This is A LOT easier than the last reference point.  With your pistol and
using the wall for cover you can take out almost everything within site on
the right hand side including the 2 elites and 4 jackals.  The left is also
easy to clear with just a few grunts.  NOW the hard part is coming up.  The
normal ramp here, is not normal anymore.  Elites are A LOT tougher in
legendary mode and it almost MAKES you get in direct contact with them here.
However I use the same strategy everytime that works.  I get up far enough
get a grenade to land at the top of the hill.  Once it explodes I turn
around the corner and VERY QUICKLY AND ACCURATELY plant a grenade on the
elite which normally kills them both.  Get use to that strategy and this
area won't be a problem to you.


There are 3 grunts on the left inside that middle maze area, but the bulk
of the enemies are over towards the right part of the room.

Your destination is to the right, on foot (because you have to activate
something).  You can peer around the wall and hopefully get a few of the
jackals and grunts out of the way.  Watch out for the few in the front of
you and maybe 1-2 that are crossing from the other side.  When you clear
out the lower portion go behind everything and head up the ramp.  Watch out
on your way up to your emmediate left, as there is an enemy.  There are 2
total.  You can sneak up on them by crouching which decreases the chances
of them hearing you come up the ramp.  You can use your plasma grenade to
stick to them, use your standard ally grenades to bounce them off the wall,
or just engage them in a direct assault, any method should work properly.
Be careful throwing grenades up there as they can bounce back at you.
The plasma grenade method will work the best if you are slow and don't let
the first one hear you coming, that is if you are having difficulties with
the other approach.  When you finally take them out head upwards and behind
where they were guarding and you will see something you need to move in to
activate which will lower the bring.  After that return to your car, and
head forward over the bridge.  You don't have to encounter more enemies on
the other side of the bridge so just drive on through.  You will get another
checkpoint and more information from Cortana after that.  Follow the cave
and after a few minutes you will get to a place you can exit the cave but
right before that is a checkpoint.

After you get out of the cave follow the area north.  Keep going until you
reach a more open area.  Basically there are a total of 3 more lifeboats to
rescue and they are all accessible from this central open area.  There are
3 different areas to go and they can be gone in within any order.  There is
the right path, the left path and the north (like) path.  I am going to
start with the right path because it's the closes to you.  After that we
will head over towards the second which is the north, then finally head
through the left pass.  Right now drive along the right wall until
we get to an opening in the all, with lights showing the way (on the

This first areas has a great collection of rocks in the middle.  The people
are within those rocks on a cliff overlooking the rocks.  It's hard to
define any one specific affective strategy in this mission because of the
vast "Chaos" that ensues while you are in this area.  I "normally" pull my
vehicle through the rocks trying desperately to find a path through, and
try to part it somewhere up near the top of the overhang where the sniper
foottroops are.  Because of all the chaos it's sometimes even hard to decide
what to do and when.  I know the first thing I normally do is secure a
decent safe spot for my vehicle to
* Help provide support fire from the warthog gunner/side gunner
* Allow the snipers to help protect my warthog in return.
I generally pick the same place each time just out of simplicity.  I
normally immediately follow the left wall, and work my way through all the
rocks while staying against the wall.  When I get to the ledge my people are
on I generally park the vehicle at the rock right beside it.  The 2 people
in my vehicle normally survive just fine given that specific situation.

..Legendary Reference Point 4..

Ok, this part can be easy, or it can be hard.  There are 2 basic strategies
you can use, hit and run just fighting.  Or sniper rifle.  It depends on how
you want it to work.  I generally fight with my normal style until I get
done with this area.  I find the 2 drop points after this CONSIDERABLY more
easy with the sniper rifle because of the way the boards are setup.  So if
you end up getting the sniper rifle now, and using most of your ammo here
then you will have problems later.  Another good thing is while your allies
are alive they provide the same sniper support which can help.  Plus you
have the rocks as various forms of cover and emergency hiding which is less
effective if you are trying to utilize the sniper rifle with this terrain.
If you insist on using it I recommend finding a higher area and trying to
get clear shots and waste as little ammo as possible (the initial hill they
are at is a good example of a good sniping spot) should you choose to use
that in this area.

I also have to warn you about the last few enemy dropships.  Things can get
really difficult when you start nearing the end of this little area and the
enemy makes the double drops (one then another).  This place can be really
difficult.  Considerably one of the most difficult in this whole mission.
Because there are so many ground elites, it's really hard to be able to
deal with them all affectively without being overrun. Not to mention the
vast amounts of ammo you will find yourself going through.  Near the end if
you are having troubles this is where you may want to vary out some
using the sniper rifle to make it to the next checkpoint.  Pretty much what
normally happens is everything goes great through the first few drops and
at the VERY end when the last few drops come you will find yourself dying
over and over again and trying to formulate strategies to get safetly to
the next checkpoint.  Well I came up with something decent last time I was
stuck on it.  If you have people alive go up to the plateu they are over and
guard the entrance way.  The enemies will make there way up this slowly and
with the marine cover fire you should be able to work your way through it
slowly.  That's the best way to get out without getting totally destroyed.
Even then, you can use the ledges to take out a lot of the ground troops
in the distance even with the pistol to save your sniper rifle ammo.


Whatever you decide after that it's time to focus on clearing out enemies.
The first thing I normally do is head down and use the rocks for cover.
It's very hard to explain how to survive here.  Just use the rocks for
cover as best you can, try to avoid being seen by the enemy as you work
your way through one drop to another, and one checkpoint to another.
There are about 3-4 drops maybe 5 and then you call for evac.  That is it.
There is one alternative strategy.  Below the rocks near the other side is a
downed ship with a sniper rifle.  If you can make your way to the sniper
rifle and back to the edge you can use that for your weapon of choice during
this part.  What I normally do those is clear out these survivors THEN
replace my pistol with the sniper rifle so I can use it for the next
upcoming mission or 2 (it's alot fun then with so much less chaos).  Another
different thing about this part of the mission is the snipers on the cliff
end up constantly shoot at the enemies with there sniper rifles.  This can
really help thin the numbers of elites and drop shields quickly.  That's
generally the reason I take my luck on the lower level to try and do what
I can down there to engage down there only so I can stop all enemies before
they get within range to kill my snipers.  This allows me to get support
sniper fire while keeping them safe as well.

Before you head off there is something you might want to see.  If you get
to a place where you have a good view of that big moon (Not the small one
but the huge one that takes up half the sky) then you can see something.
It's not directly where that moon is but a little to it's left.  You will
see 2 phantoms high in the air circling around and around each other.  They
keep doing the same circular motion forever.  I tried to shoot them down
with the sniper rifle (You can even get it to turn red like you have a
(target) but no matter how you target, or how you angle the aim or where you
are viewing them at I have never been able to shoot them down (not even one
of them).  If anyone has ever been able to, please let me know.  Don't
forget to revert to your last save point if you start shooting at them, that
way you won't lose any ammo.  It will revert you to right when the evac ship
dropped, which will be before you tried firing at it.

There are 2 ways to get to your next destination from this point.  The first
way is to head back the way you came, follow the RIGHT wall until you get to
the first opening and go in it, or head through the other pass and it will
lead to a stream (get past it) and into the one path directly ahead.  Either
path is about the same but offer varying tactics.  You come out in the same
area just different parts.  If you return back to the way you came and take
that route then you appear over on the side with a dropped ship for ammo and
a few ammos outside of it that you can clear out.  From there snipe whatever
you can and move forward taking out enemies as you go.  If you appear on the
other side you don't have the ammo reserve RIGHT beside you but it's easier
to pinpoint enemies with your sniper rifle.  You can even do both.  You can
visit back the way you came, clear out the land enemies so you have the ammo
source and then snipe what you can, then go back around to where you were
and take that other pass to come out the other side and finish sniping
(which is what I generally end up doing).  Let me write the walkthrough as
if we did it the method we just described.  From the point where the last
evac happened to back to the central area, and follow the right wall and
enter the opening.  Get out of your warthog a little sooner rather than
later.  Clear the few land enemies and that's it, head back to evac
zone and then go through the other one, getting off your warthog so
you can do some sniping.  Spend some quality time dealing death to any
enemies you can hunt out (believe me it helps).  You don't want to get too
close until you are done with your initial sniping (or you'll notice your
allies and lose the mission marker).

..Legendary Reference Point 5..

This part is going to be A LOT easier than the area with rock formations.
The idea here is for your sniper rifle to be your initial tool to clearing
out a majority of the enemies in the area.  This includes most of the
jackals that are running around.  Be a little more careful because of 2
things.  The first is that they take a few more shots to kill (elites 3,
and jackals are harder to hit).  Second, they don't take you sniping them
laying down.  They will actually (especially the jackals) come within your
fire range and start shooting at you if you don't take them out quick
enough.  Try to get head shots here as often as possible.  If you are able
to get headshots on the jackals then you can almost always get them down in
one shot if you aim carefully. It's not hard to waste ammo here so you need
to try and be as careful as possible so you can conserve your ammo as much
as possible.

After the initial clearing it's important to quickly ignore everything else
and get your warthog over to the other side of the screen behind the rocks
(so there machine gun fire can provide support when needed).  The thing is
there is sniper ammunition right up there as well.  If you make very good
use of the sniper rifle, and aim carefully and are very safe here.  Then
there is a chance you can get through this entire part of the mission on
your first try with very little problems.  Aim carefully and try to rely
heavily on taking them out from as far away as possible before they get up
on your area.  The thing is, there is only one enemy drop so assuming your
initial clearing was complete there won't be a lot of enemies left to take
out at this point.  I know it may seem like the only thing that matters here
is clearing out the enemies but try to conserve your ammo as much as
possible.  In the legendary mode that's very important. Chances are after
it's all said and done your only going to have 5-10 shells which can prove
making the next section difficult.  When you are done you are ready to head
near the next point.


When you are done sniping grab your
warthog and drive all the way across until you get behind the rock your
allies are at, part close to the end wall, and get out coming around to
the front where your guys are.  As I mentioned to hurry because once you
unlock them you have just enough time to get your warthog safe and in
position and to your guys before the drop ships start coming in (don't
worry about this whole open surrounding area, you can explore this whole
area after clearing all drop ships and the evac ship comes.  After a second
they say something about having wounded and cortana says she is going to
call for evac soon.  Any second now a drop ship will drop a few enemies
over towards the right. The idea of keeping your people alive will mean you
need to directly engage and distract the enemy whenever possible (letting
your people simply provide cover and support fire).  Your radar can help
you a lot when it comes to pinpointing where enemies are dropping at or
if you missed a few after taking out a good number of them.  That should
have gone relatively painless because there was only one dropship.  After
that they call evac, and they are out of there.  Now is your chance after
evac calls out to look around this whole area.  There are a few interesting
things.  Obviously you have used some sniper ammo (probably) there is a dead
soldier beside a rock (near where they are encamped) that you can pick up
if you haven't already.  Also there are 2 buildings (structures, a small one
and big one).  The big one has nothing, and the small one has nothing
(except a small opening going into the first few feet of the structure).
You can also finish restocking up on machine gun and a few fragmentation
grenades at that downed ship on the other side.  Make sure you get all
the grenades you can (both plasma and army) that you can before heading
towards the next location.  You are going to need them for this final point.
Either way when you are done hope back onto your warthog, and head towards
the exit closest to the downed ship (it's closer to the final drop point).

On your way there you are going to get a message from cortana updating you
on a few major events to deal with the core game story. From this point head
over to the final drop point.  As you come over the horizon (I generally
at first part a little before the hill to avoid any potential casualties.
When you peek over the hill have your sniper rifle ready.  If you choose
to use it.  You can clear out almost all of the "visible" enemies that
are within eye view. Make sure every shot counts (It normally takes 2
for an elite).  Any misses hurt because of the limited ammo you have for it.
Nevertheless clear out everything in site and slowly move the warthog up
further, I normally head towards the right and around.  Stop again to get
some more enemies out of the way from a distance.  For elites try to have
2 things of ammo in the clip and fire 2 times in a row quickly to kill them
with a lot less mess.  Before you go too far cortana tells you to check the
structure. Head to the little building and go in to greet a small group of
enemies in a room.  Clear them out (grenade if you want) and head past them.
There you will meet your allies at the bottom as they head for the surface.
Hurry ahead of them, and use your mini-map to quickly track targets down.
Take them out as quickly and violently as possible to try and avoid
casualties.  If you did a decent job taking out enemies with the sniper you
won't have a lot of them to face, after a few minutes when they are dead
cortana then calls for evac.

..Legendary Reference Point 6..

Ok, by this point you are almost out of ammo.  Sniper ammo that is.  You
will probably end up running out before you are done with this place, and
it can be VERY hard without sniper ammo.  SO.... I hate saying this, but
there is one alternative way you can get sniper ammo if you are on this
area.  First get in your NEW warthog (leave the old one, they provide you
with a new one at that last drop point).  ASSUMING some of your men
survived the last encounter they will be supplied to go with you. One of
them will generally have a sniper rifle which you can get him out of the
warthog, kill him, and take his ammo (if he was already killed in the
previous area go there, find his body and loot it to see if there is
any sniper ammo you might have missed).  Generally there will be one
with sniper ammo going with you if a few survived the last encounter.  You
don't have to, but it makes finishing up the last part of this mission on
legendary A LOT easier.  I am normally obsessed with keeping them alive, but
my policy in legendary mode is checkpoint to checkpoint gameplay and nothing
else matters but getting that next checkpoint.  I don't like doing it, but
if you need the ammo it helps.  Then you can go back to your point and take
out ALL the visible enemies you can see AS CAREFULLY AS POSSIBLE.  Each
enemy you leave means one more problem when your men head back up to the
top of the structure.  This can be a pain, because you already have new
ones down at the bottom to attend with you don't need leftovers you could
have killed before remaining outside and giving you troubles later.

When you finally get them cleared and go down the tunnel.  The first room
can be dealt with using 1-2 grenades.  After that go through and get your
sniper rifle ready to look over that underground bridge(s) so you can
deal with all of the jackals coming down the hall before they are able
to present too big of a problem.  After they are clear go through the
tunnels so you can come out ON THE OTHER SIDE opposite the one you
entered.  In legendary mode it's alot easier than going back up the
way you initially came.  I also found a good strategy for finishing up
the mission.  If you take out those initial jackals and QUICKLY run past
your guys it doesn't register you having been there, so you can come out the
other side and clear out most of the enemies (or all of the initial ones)
then go back down and start that sequence.  From there when you get to the
outside there will only be a few grunts present and then evac will be called
to complete the mission.


After that there is really nothing left to do but head to the evac point
to leave the mission.  You can grab weapons or whatever else you want
but there is really no point as nothing you get carries over with you to the
next mission.  I do however normally (for roleplay value only) get my
warthog and bring it around near the ship and drive up to it with it.
When you do that can finish the mission as well.  Again I do that for
pure roleplay value only, not anything else but roleplay value.  That is
the only reason.

Post Mission Rambling

If you were able to make it through this mission on legendary then you
have basically earned the knowledge necessary to finish the rest of the
game on legendary.  You had done most or all of the intermediate to
advanced strategies to be able to keep yourself alive and do what is needed
to beat missions on legendary Setting.


-The Truth and Reconciliation-


The first part of this mission is outside, the rest is on the ship.
This mission is pretty easy, but on legendary it takes a whole different set
of strategies than you have ever encountered.  You also start to face things
in this mission that you have never faced before in this game, so be
prepared.  I also always try to keep my people alive, but in this mission it
can be rather difficult even in heroic mode only.  It's a little annoying
especially near the end but there are multiple strategies overall to help
you successfully clear this mission with not AS MANY problems.

I have just noticed an alternate strategy at the very beginning of this
mission that can strategically affect the strategies available throughout
the whole rest of the mission.  After the initial area is cleared, MAKE SURE
before you go into that lift you HAVE A SNIPER RIFLE ON YOU.  I just
realized there is sniper rifle ammo for this mission on the ship in MANY
places just no sniper guns.  So essentially if you make your sniper rifle
your secondary throughout this whole mission you will have the option of
doing difficult parts of the mission with a sniper rifle.  You may want to
keep this sniper rifle in mind if you go through the mission without it and
have troubles. It's not the end of all your problems but having it on you
when you are stuck in very difficult situations can dramatically decrease
the stress this mission can otherwise put on you.  It can make things a lot
easier in certain portions of the mission, and even if you don't use it,
just having it on you incase you need it is worth it. It's also the defining
point in legendary mode where improvision can sometimes mean the difference
between victory and defeat.  As you know sometimes in legendary mode you
can come up against impossible odd's.  Having the sniper rifle with you
on this mission can help you deal with those situations as they arrive.
They also provide you with ammo in multiple areas, but make sure you only
use it when needed, and it'll last you through the whole mission to help you
in any areas you REALLY get stuck in.

Heroic Walkthrough

You get dropped in an open like area with multiple people with you.  The
idea behind many segments of this mission is pure stealth kills.  The
stealth is pretty important for guaranteeing victory.  However you can
also run in psychotically and still survive but it's messy, unprofessional,
and dangerous for both you and your allies.  Head towards the right wall and
up the ravine.  Here you want to start crouching a little way's up and HOLD
the crouch button down so you are guaranteed to stay ducked.  If you can't
see the enemies in the dark here at all then the flashlight button will cut
on your nightvision (through the sniper rifle zoom) allowing you to be able
to identify the enemies better in the dark.

The first and most important target is the gunner sitting on top of the
turret.  You want him gone and out of the way before anything else (that
way if a ground battle takes place atleast you stand a better chance.
If you are careful you can take out most of the enemies (or all) before
they eventually spot you.  Just watch your ammo some, this mission is
comprised of a few areas and all have gunner turrets.  There are a total
of 2 turrets inside this areas so make sure they are both dead and all
the enemies when you kill.  Whenever the finally spot you, you can stay
up here and continue sniping or you can jump down and engage on foot.
Also normally one of the grunts will head towards the stationary gun.
KILL him before he get's to it, you can also get to one yourself if you
are quick and careful and get a whole lot of firepower but you have
to be careful not to shoot down your allies.

Another way this mission can be done (and how the creators originally
set it up for) is half stealth half foot fighting.  You can "In theory"
stealth through this whole first area.  After all of the initial enemies are
clear (stealth or whatever else) your people move forward and jump down to
engage new enemies that are coming down the path.  So I would try to do this
entire first area using stealth then engage the incoming enemies on foot.

..Legendary Reference Point 1..

This part of the mission is the very first part, and get's you involved in
the action.  If you use the sniper rifle properly you don't have a lot of
problems here.  Even after you take out the turrets and clear them out, if
your guys engage you can still stay safe on the ledge with the sniper rifle.
There is not really any other strategy to it.  IF you are having problems
then you need to practice your stealth, as well as practice your aim.  After
some practice runs on heroic come back to this difficult, it takes very
few tries to make it to the first checkpoint.


After you are done clearing the first area, and whatever other enemies come
down the pass start heading for the path that will lead into the next area.
Move your way up the path slowly as you'll probably encounter a few enemies
on the way up.  Also once you get a little further up you get a checkpoint
which will mean you don't have to redo that first area over again if you

Keep your eyes to the front. Off in the distance you are going to see 1-2
enemies on foot and one inside one of the gun turrets again.  You
probably want to take out all of those before heading any further down or
that gun turret can give you some pretty annoying problems, after they are
cleared out slowly continue moving forward up the path.  The enemies you
are coming up on are going to generally know you are here.  The best bet
is to move forward slowly and take them out as you go, and try to get a good
view of any gun turrets BEFORE they come into attack range to attack you.
If there are a decent group of enemies in front of you, then you can use
a grenade to spread some chaos which will give you some time to back up
and lay down some sniper fire to finish them off a lot quicker, and easier.
There will only be that one turret you encountered in front within this next
up-coming mini area.  Work your way through it taking out enemies as you go,
but still continue to preserve your sniper rifle ammo as much as possible.
Once the area is clear continue down the path.

..Legendary Reference Point 2..

This area on has one turret, take it out and move your way through and you
won't have many problems.  Since there's like only one turret and one elite
you won't have a lot of problems here.


In this next area stealth is partially an issue but the most important thing
is getting each and every one of the gun turrets taken care of first, then
enemies.  It is also pretty important to do this quick enough so you get
them cleared before the enemy drop ships start coming.  This is very
important to get rid of those gun turrets they can take you and your members
out fairly quickly without too much of a problem if they are not dealt with
quickly.  If you are able to get to it quick enough you can sniper rifle a
lot of the enemies coming out of the drop ship before they even hit the
ground them mop up the rest.  This is also a point in the mission where if
you are out of allies (they all died) then you can recieve additional
re-inforcements.  She will call for re-inforcements right after that drop
ship drop's if your current reinforcements have been wiped out.  Over
towards a tree is some camaflauge power up which can help some if you are
still in a heavy firefight by the time you find it.  When you clear the
area you will probably be completely out of or pretty low on sniper rifle
ammo (depending on how you managed your ammunition and what gun you used for
the most of the mission).  When you are done here, head through the clearing
towards the next area for the mission.

..Legendary Reference Point 3..

In this area you area going to want to clear the elite stands guard and
walks back and forth on the edge of the cliff.  You also want to go around
the left this time definitely.  You will encounter a jackal on the way and
on the other side an elite or 2.  However from this angle you can take out
the 2 turrets, and then some across the path so your guys don't die as
quick.  Just clear out all the enemies you can before the enemy drop ship
comes in.  Be careful here.  It takes some nice work, and good grenades
mixed with real good sniping to keep these enemies under control.  Multiple
enemies drop from the ship and head into multiple directions, and worst of
all they love going for those turrets.  NO MATTER WHAT keep an eye on those
turrets at all times.  Even 1 turret vrs another will normally result in you
dying.  If you are trying to utilize the turrets to your advantage in this
situation that's fine also but beware that grunts like sticking grenades
to people in turrets, and that guarantee's certain death.  If you are
careful and quick and improvise you can successfully make it through this
part.  Again make sure anyone going for turrets, or on turrets get your
attention first.


Once you are heading towards the clearing you are going to encounter a few
enemies and an elite.  Take them out and head past them into the next area
where you get some story dialogue.  After that you will be heading into the
hardest of all the areas.  If you have your sniper rifle then you can take
out the gun turret's if not then you have to rush them.  Another good
weapon against them is a needler (You can find a few layout around off the
enemies you have killed).  The needler is real good at taking those out.
There are like 3 turrets or so in this area and a good group of initial
enemies you have to work your way through.  Head towards the other end of
the place ASAP and get the turret on the far side.  About that time you
hear that a enemy dropship is inbound.  The next step is check your ammo
reserves (You can look at the bottom of the middle area for some allied
enemy reserves).  Now be prepared.

..Legendary Reference Point 4..

Have you ever died before and had a very near death experience.  So much so
that you passed from life to death and temporarily entered hell.  Well this
will remind you of what you saw when you were there.  After you are done
with this part you are going to have mental illnesses and shell shock
and many other diseases that you'll never get better from.  This part of
the mission will change your life forever more.  This is the hardest, most
annoying, most difficult part of any mission so far in legendary mode.
The first part you need to come in with the sniper rifle and take out
that gunner over across the path.  Then head behind the try and you can
hit 2 grunts with your weapon before they even notice you then work your way
forward enough to take out the 2 jackals, the retreat back behind the rock
at the entrance.  Let your people go in and work your way in behind them
to clear out enemies and try your hardest to take out remaining gun turrets
with your sniper, or rush them and run back to safety.  Once there all clear
and the enemy drop ship comes back it's time to get dirty.  Cortana requests
more reinforcements but they'll be dealt with shortly, the best way is to
get them to follow you back to the rock and after 30-50 minutes of slowly
weeding them down and running back to previous areas for ammo you should
make it through this part.  Then the 2 hunters come down, deal with them
as normal, (after you get the safety of the checkpoint there is not as
much to worry about).  After all of that you can continue on the ship but
I know you may have broken your controller during that period of time and
had to buy a few replacement controllers.  There were a few times here I
almost did...

** Note**
I am definitely wanting alternate strategies for this section.  I am able
to always make it through it after awhile, but let's face it the average
person will have many problems.  There has to be an easier way.  I am hoping
to get multiple responses on this one part.  I have been so annoyed here I
have knocked (by hitting) one of the gun turrets ALL the way over towards
the rock and used it as I lured the enemies there, but it took me 25-40
minutes (roughly) to get it over there.  Does anyone else out there have
alternative strategies/secrets for this area that make it easier?


There is a huge onslaught of enemies but your allies are with you, and you
also have ammo around you have to just improvise.  Clear them out as they
come (You can use the gun turrets for heavy firepower but that leaves you
very vunerable so you have to be careful while using it).  I normally use
that rock in the top left corner of the screen for cover as well whenever
possible.  After you clear them all out you finally meet your first
hunter(s).  Leave it to them to make you fight 2 your first time fighting
them.  Look up the section under hunters for detailed strategies in dealing
with them, it's too much to repeat here.  You can also use the little things
aren't the transporter sticking up out of the ground to help give you
something in between you and them if you need the cover.  I don't really
know what else to tell you as far as these 2 hunters.  You just came fresh
out of a major battle, with probably little ammo and health.  Basically you
are going to want to focus on one at a time.  If you have your machine gun
it can be nice to get behind them to take them out quickly.  If it was one
you have room to maneuver so try to seperate them from each other.
Don't worry if they take out some of your men, because you will get more
re-inforcements so as bad as it sounds let your men keep one occupied while
you focus on getting one of them down.  Then go to the other.  They are also
very slow AND STUPID, so you can easily get "aways" away from them to get
health or take a breather.  However if you get farther away they start
shooting a really powerful beam at you when your in there line of site
which isn't that hard to dodge if you see it coming.  Be careful, make sure
you focus on one at a time, and you should be fine.

Once you are on the ship, your strategies need to alter a bit.  The whole
first part of the mission was outside in open areas with far off combat
and some close up combat.  Now it's time to be inside the ship, and fight
close up throughout most of the whole ship.  Now strategies you used during
your very first mission are going to become a lot more useful.  This first
room can be a pain in the butt but you also have your allies around helping
you which can make things a little easier.

..Legendary Reference Point 5..

This is basic a normal area with normal enemies (much easier than the last
situation) but those swordsman are present, and moreso on legendary.  They
are very difficult in legendary and again should have your immediate, and
extremely violent attention.  They are a real problem if not dealt with
first thing.  This part really wouldn't be that hard if it wasn't for the
multiple swordsman.  Atleast 3-4 come out before you get to the next
checkpoint and some of them are the yellow kind with shields.  They are
nearly impossible to defeat in legendary, it takes 2 full clips and
even then they don't die.  On top of that, they roll when you stick a
plasma grenade on them, and that drops the grenade, they are real annoying
and in this whole little part you fight about 2 of them.  The hard part
is it's all random so it's hard to setup any real strategy for this room.
I have had 2 of the yellow ones at a time come out before (that would be
damn near impossible).  This is one of the most annoying rooms, pretty
much after this it get's easier for a majoriy of the mission (atleast
until certain trouble spots), but this is really the 2nd hardest part
in this entire mission.  It's extremely annoying.  The yellow one's
don't always roll off the grenades so save your grenades here for when
they come out. Your best bet against them is to close in and stick a
grenade to them, but still get a direct hit, generally if you make a
good stick, then they still die from the explosion. This is the BEST way
to take one out, any other way they are a real pain and take atleast 2 full
clips from your assault rifle to kill.

I FINALLY uncovered there weakpoint.  Those yellow one's that have the
swords (there shielded).  NEEDLER.  That is there weakness.  You can hit
them with the needler and half a clip to a clip and they are going to
die.  That is how I was finally able to get past this section without an
hour of trying over and over again without hours of reloading.  It's
the needler.

I have tried my hardest to get past this reference point.  I just can't...
I am going to continue writing mission walkthroughs and legendary reference
points for other missions but for the time being I am putting this mission
on hold (I have this checkpoint saved in my game).  Every few days I will
try to come back to this mission reference point and do what I can to
clear it but for the time being it's just not working.  I finally figured
out the yellow swordsmen weakness, the needle.  I utilized it against them
affectively and started using my grenades on bigger teams.  There are just
too many obstacles to get to the next point.  I put a good 34 hours on
this one point trying various strategies JUST to get to the next checkpoint
and nothing worked.  Enemies kept coming and coming until they start coming
so fast the entire inner room was full.  I affectively can deal with a few
swordsman but a total of about 10 came, and I was still fighting to the
death.  I went through a total of 10-15 during that whole section and STILL
no checkpoint.  Plus there are tons of enemies all over the place, I just
am getting too angry at this part.  If anyone has any alternate strategies
in the meantime, if not then I am going to come back to this some other time
and see if I have better luck later.


Ok, in this first room there is going to be a little chaos.  Based on what
I can tell (starting the mission over multiple times to make sure)
everything in this room is random to an extent.  There is one type of enemy
which is an elite carrying a sword which can kill you in one hit, always
focus on them first (see the enemy section under elite where it speaks about
the sword).  Now other than that these enemies here are full random.  Groups
will come through random doors, with random collections of enemies you have
to face.  The normal time interval is one group comes out, you kill them,
about that time another group comes out.  I normal face about 3 total sword
carriers here overall before the next checkpoint and you ALWAYS need to
focus on them first.  If you can't see them look for a floating sword and
listen for there roar they sometimes do when they are around.  Either way
you have some cover, and a team.  After a few tries you should easily make
it to the first checkpoint (which is still in this same room after clearing
out a certain number of them).  Well one thing is certain.... after the
checkpoint you get to fight 2 hunters (Again).  Again this isn't the same as
when you were outside, you are in an enclosed area with limited space and
each one of the hunter's takes up a decent amount of that available space.
The same strategies can be applied, but your men will help to warrant a
distraction.  You want to take them out quickly, because your men can
be pretty helpful on this mission when they are alive and you only get
a few re-inforcement points throughout this mission.  You want to keep
them alive if possible.  Focus on one hunter at a time, use the big barrels
for cover when needed and you should be fine here, as long as you don't let
them hit you and do enough dodging to force them to keep moving around.
Don't put a lot of distance between you and them in here as they will start
shooting and in this limited amount of space that can be pretty dangerous.

After that room is cleared go through the large open space where your men
went and go to the dead end.  You get told to go through the spaces and
unlock the door from the other side, while your men wait here.  When you
head back it's the first door on the right you are going to want to enter.
Head around and follow that right wall until you run into a grunt, kill
him go past, and continue down the passage.  There are a few cut off paths
and deadends you can explore but the ultimate destination is straight all
the way down the path until you get to a checkpoint.  After it points head
through the door.

Your going to come through the door and be basically on the other side of
the door the marines are on.  When you first come out the top there are
going to be a few jackals hanging around the entrance.  I normally take the
entrance ones out and toss a grenade down the corridor to give me some cover
from the enemies further off while I take some cover.  After cortana
finishes talking there are going to be 2 things you want to do.  Clear all
the enemies out of this area and unlock the door (in that order

I am going to be honest with you, this initial room can be VERY hard to get
past. You are going to want to take the door on this upper level and work
your way around to get below, avoid just jumping off.  The idea here is
to clear out the ones on the top first, then whatever you can on bottom
BEFORE going around.  You can take out the initial ones with a well placed
grenade or 2, then finish the rest.  Move down, eliminate the elite near
the end and another grenade for the few jackals near the end.  After that
you are going to be focusing on taking out whatever you can on the lower
level before going through the door.  I personally find the needler helpful
for clearing out the bottom level.  It's also very affective for elites
whenever you need.  It may take a minute to clear most of them out, when you
get low on ammo go find some new ammo.  Be careful when you are clearing
the bottom one's out because I noticed sometimes other one's will try to
head through the door and attack you.  There are just a few grunts and
jackals not really nothing to worry about but they need your immediate
attention to keep from taking unnecessary damage.  If you are running
low on ammo or don't feel like taking them out you can wait and do so when
you get down there.  However I do recommend doing what you can now because
the more you kill now the less you have to worry about close up when you
get down there (plus you get the tactical advantage of being above them) so
it's ultimately your call, but you choose.  Also about this time I find
myself nearly out of machine gun ammo, and my secondary I am already
alternating from alien weapon to alien weapon and going through them very
quickly.  So from this point forward you are going to be improvising on
weapons until the end of the mission but you will get some points to get
your own ally weapons back(when your allies die, or certain rooms where
allies where and died).

Either way when you are done head through the door and start to circle
around killing anything minor you might encounter.   When you cross the
next corner you encounter an elite and a few grunts.  However the ammo
shortage might be forcing you to use strange weapons. Do the best you
can with what you have, and focus on the elite then the grunts.  Get the
elite out of the way as soon as you can.  The main reason to be careful
here is because you haven't gotten a checkpoint yet.  If you die you have
to redo that entire last room.  After you clear out those 2-3 enemies then
work your way to the bottom where the door is leading out towards one of the
mini side rooms that lead towards the lower part of the room you cleared out
a few minutes ago.

Head around and out the door.  If you did what I said before and cleared out
most or all of the enemies when you were above then you have little to no
resistance here.  Now you get pretty much a full restock on all your
ammunition right here, which is pretty good to have a fully stocked machine
gun on you, you know you are now safer than you were a minute ago atleast.
Even if that leaves your secondary alternating between weapon to weapon in
order to have a secondary.  You also (luckily) get a checkpoint here as
well.  When you head a little further into the room you are bombarded from
both the left and right sides (which means you have what you left behind
plus what just entered to deal with).  I recommended finishing the first
group before you came down, so if you didn't your stuck trying to figure
out how your going to clear them all out.  Either way when the new group(s)
come out, it's time to improvise.  Use the cover, grenades, and weapons
provided.  Take out elites first in this situation and smaller enemies in
between taking out elites.  If you head towards the left door you can
automatically encounter all the grunts in there and kill them to keep
them from getting in your way in the upcoming battle (the more you can
thin enemy numbers before a battle in this game, the better).  That also
gives you a good place to be able to get grenades across to the oncoming
enemies, as well as the option to back up and allow the doors to close to
give you some cover in emergencies.  There are a few difficulties with
this strategy but it's the easiest way I have found to clear out this area
of new enemies.  Just peek out the door do as much damage as possible and go
back in for ammo/shield recharge.  When you start running low on ammo
the hopefully you have cleared enough enemies to be able to make your way
out long enough for some ammo or weapon changes, then move back to your
spot (which needs to be your central location until the room is cleared)
and repeat.  When there are no more "visible" enemies you need to make
multiple recon attempts (always going back to your original position
in case) to make sure all the enemies are cleared from the room or no
more are going to trigger.

Once they are all clear open the door and allow your marines to come
through the doorway.  You will see a new red mission marker after that,
before you go in it make sure you go back to those dead allies from before
and grab ammo/grenades so you have as much as you can carry before heading
through the mission door. Then head through the marker to head further into
the ship.  Head down the hall and go left at the first turn.  Then all the
way to the end and then follow around the corner to encounter some enemies.
Just a few jackals are there initially then as you move down the hall you
see a grunt, and an elite at the far end with a few other minor enemies
down there.  Continue going through and clearing them out as you go.  Head
all the way down the hall until you reach the door that will open into
a larger room.

Down here the idea is your men will run out, and obviously die after a few
minutes.  You want to use this door like you did earlier as cover.  You want
to go out, do damage, come back in and repeat.  The idea is after a minute
re-inforcements will be coming down, and give you the chance to get
more allies which can distract the enemies.  This may give you the change to
advance outside of the door (always fall back to it if things get too
hairy).  When you come out head for the right, take out that small set of
enemies there, and make that corner your new encampment for the time being.
The allies around you fighting provide you enough cover to be able to do
some active fighting on the field.  When you have initially cleared out the
first part of this room, you are going to be able to scrounge for ammo some
but enemies will be on the upper ledge firing at you. After you get your
bearings you are going to need to spend some quality time dealing with
the enemies on the upper ledges, using whatever means necessary (if you
have some grenades and are a REALLY good aim you can probably take some out
with grenades.  You want to thin the ones up there as much as possible so
they aren't shooting down on you anymore. When you have cleared enough on
the upper ledge on this side, make sure you have all the ammo/guns you
need and head around the wall to the other side of this room.

On the other side you are going to get a checkpoint, after that (FIRST
THING) head directly for the armor boost, which you can see laying on
ground sort of in the middle near a dead soldier and big stash of ammo.
After that take out some of the minor enemies as they come out to
prevent getting overrun later.  After that you get an elite, grunt and
a few other minor enemies here and there.  Take them out as they come, and
then cortana tells you to wait a minute, with some other speech after that.

After that the battle starts up again.  They start with a fairly decent
group of minor enemies which can overrun you if you aren't carefull.
Dispatch all of those and take some form of cover quickly as bigger
badder enemies, as well as upper eneemies will start coming out at this
point.  As you can see there are 2 hunters that just came out one of the
doors not to mention a couple of enemies at the top that can shoot down
on you if you get within there line of site.  Another problem is if
you die by these, you have to go back a little bit to where you have to
fight the minor enemies, hear the message from cortana again then go
through the other patch of enemies before getting to the hunters again.
So again be careful, if you can kill them on the first try it saves you
having to redo that section over and over and over again (which can get
annoying if you are having troubles with the 2 hunters).    Another
thing you can do if you find yourself redoing it over and over again is
leave the armor boost until after all the minor enemies are dead.  THEN
get it when the hunters come out, that can nearly triple your chances
of survival as you can take considerable more damage before you die.
Also if timed right sometimes grenades can help if they are near the
explosion, also if one is at a distance shooting try to get the
second one within his blast range so he takes damage. Once they are
done wait a minute and she'll unlock the door. Once she does go through
(make sure you have everything you need before going through as the door
locks).  However when your ready, go through and your get a checkpoint
on the other side.

After that start heading up the corridor taking minor enemies out as you
go.  A little ways up is a minor enemy encampment with an elite, but you
can generally take most of those out with a well place grenade, then
mop up the rest.  A little ways up you encounter 1 stealthed elite
(without a sword) and a few others.  Continue on and you encounter one
more up a little further. You will go through some enemies until you get
near the end where cortana talks about getting support.  When you come up
on this upcoming room, it's an open area like before.

This area can be a little annoying.  Near the end in front of you is a nice
collection of enemies, plus a few over towards the left.  There are also
some at the bottom. I normally use a grenade or 2 to thin the lines in
the front, move up to there position for cover, then focus on the ones
coming from the other side.  After they are clear I mop up what is below
from above, then head over towards the target beacon so I can get better
re-inforcements for what's ahead.  When you get over to this section make
sure you are ready because when you near the target beacon some enemies
come through the original door you came out of.  You want to be ready to
take them out as you go.  If you want you can backtrack and you will see a
little cut in the wall that can go for really good cover for the enemies
that are coming.  After those are cleared out head over and activate the
beacon.  As soon as you hit that, you get a checkpoint (luckily).

Once you activate the beacon the soldiers come out, and land on the upper
ledge right beside where the computer beacon was.  Now it's time to press
on.  Head towards the right this time (opposite from where you entered at).
When you get up to the door, your going to see some enemies right inside the
door.  The first one is a red elite, which is facing away so a grenade can
get rid of him.  Sometimes he isn't there, and they are all up the ramp, in
which case a few grenades up there can almost entirely thin there numbers
before you even engage them.  The rest come pouring out after that, just
shoot at them and use grenades, if you have to back up behind the barrel
for cover so your guys can take the heat for you until you are ready to go
back into action.  Up a little further you get a checkpoint, a few enemies.
A little further you get more enemies and an elite.  After the elite there
are a couple of normal grunts, kill all of them and head further on.

Head to the end and head out the door, into an open area (on an upper
platform).  Down the path a little ways you can see a group of enemies, I
find the best way to clear them out is to get as close as you can and plant
a grenade or 2, then clear out the rest manually.  Continue heading around
the path at the top.  At the end you will meet a group of enemies, and right
after you clear those out you will have a few coming up behind you.  These
might get a little tricky, so head towards where you just cleared out the
ones at the end and try to seek cover.  This is the best point to hide.
Give your guys a few minutes to fight while you regain any shieldings you
might need, and from that point prepare to move out and try to clear out
the rest of them.

After all enemies are dead, head through the door at the end of the path
to continue on.  Head down the corridor and after a minute you get a
checkpoint.  Head further up and towards the left for health and some
ammo.  Then head out one of the 2 available paths (both go to the same
central room, just 2 different exits).

This room is a little difficult to gain entry to initially.  There are 2
standard elites patrolling each side, multiple grunts in the crevices and in
various locations, and a elite yellow swordsman up on the top part.  The
idea I normally use to gain entry is to come in using the left entrance.  I
peer around the corner with a needler and load the one on the left with
needles.  Then empty the rest of those needles on the yellow swordsman
elite.  Then I finish him with the machine gun and move into cover, trying
to take them out as I can.  After that I am good to go normally once the
room is clear.  The idea is to go for the yellow elite and get him killed
however possible, at that point even if you need to retreat atleast you
don't have to face the yellow one again when you come back.  Next it's time
to head through the next mission directive.

Head through the halls and you will encounter a small group of grunts
followed by a few jackals.  After those is another corridor, and more
jackals.  Then through the open doors, and continue on down the hallway.
A little futher you will see a door to your left you can go through.
It's a jail room, but your soldiers aren't in this one.  Go to the back and
open the doors, some of the rooms (1 I think) has ammo in it.  Get what you
needed, and head back out the door you came and go straight continuing down
the hallway.  You will get to the room where your actual men are inside the
prisons.  This is a hard area depending on how it's approached.  There are
a few minor enemies, a normal elite swordsman and 2-3 stealthed elites.
The stealthed elites are no problem if you see them (much easier than
elite's with shields), and the swordsman can be taken out after awhile if
you are careful.  Either way do what you have to, to clear the room
(grenades where needed) and then open the prison doors to let all your
people out.  Then there will be a scene and some talking.

At this point the main objective is keep people alive, especially the
captain, if he dies it's mission over.  The next step is to clear this room.
The enemies are going to storm in here in a minute.  When they do there will
be a few stealthed elites (focus on them first) then some coming out the
door (primarily jackals) which can be taken care of next.  Once they are
all cleared, grab whatever ammo from the rooms you can, and it's time to
move forward.  Work your way around the hallway into a group of enemies.
I sometimes have some problems with these enemies here, which keep killing
the captain.  If you are careful though you can make it through this part
after a minute.  Continue down the corridor.  On your way through the halls
you have to make it past a few minor set's of enemies.  Be careful however
because at this point if you die you start back all the way inside the jail
where you first released them, so try your hardest to make it to the next
checkpoint so you don't have to keep redoing that section over and over

After making it a little way's past just minor enemies you start heading
down a longer hallway.  About halfway down the hallway you get a checkpoint
and for a time, can breath easier.  Continue heading down to the end of the
hallway.  At the end of the room you open a door back to the room from
earlier.  The thing is there are 2 normal elite swordsman up here.  These
aren't the yellow ones so you can rush both of them and take them out with
one full clip of your machine gun, then she give's a message about this
being the place, and she call's for evac.

After some stuff, you find out you have to hunt down your own ride.  This
room will be bombarded by a few minor enemies which you can easily take out
and continue heading for the next mission marker.  Continue heading
throughout the halls towards the mission objective and right outside it you
get a checkpoint incase if something bad happens inside.

Head through the door to encounter an elite right in front of you.  Luckily
there are just a few minor enemies and one elite right there.  From there
you will see a few more minor enemies at the end, after that head towards
that mission objective and after a few seconds, you ended your mission.

Post Mission Rambling

As you can tell this was one of the overall longest missions.  Most missions
aren't quite that long so you don't have to worry about all of them lasting
that long.


This section is where you get all the general details.  This is also going
to contain all the strategic related data, lists and everything else
pertaining to the game.

-Character Mini Bios-

These mini bio's are taken from the book, with possibly some personal
feedback below each bio.

Name: Master Chief
Manual Bio:
There is no actual "bio" in the original manual of the game about him.
He is mentioned briefly throughout the "History" of the game within the
manual.  Also you can pick up some history from reading the section about
the history.

Personal Thoughts:
Ok, here is my personal take on master chief.  He is awesome.  He's the main
character, as well as the forefront of the entire fight for humanity.
Basically there were a lot of his kind. But based on a plan that was suppose
to happen they attacked the colony that was housing them all and they were
all completely destroyed.  With him being the only one who survived.  There
is a book on the series.  You can get ALL the information that is available
about him via the book's of Halo.
Name: Captain Jacob Keyes
Manual Bio:
Twenty-six years into his military career, Captain Keyes commands respect as
a keen strategist and inspirational leader of his men.  He became a minor
hero early in his career, when he led a small group of security troops
against a covenant ambush of the colony ship Meriwether Lewis and held them
off long enough for the ship to escape.  His many decorations and years of
combat experience against the covenant made him a natural choice to command
The Pillar of Autumn and it's secret cargo.

Personal Thoughts:
He is one of the chief figureheads behind the game.  He makes appearances
throughout a good portion of the game.

Name: Cortana
Manual Bio:
Cortana is a highly advanced AI at the heart of The Pillar of Autumn. Her
design allows her to be uploaded into an appropriately configured battlesuit
for safekeeping.  She is capable of hacking into alien computer systems, and
has used this skill to intercept covenant communications during combat.
She interpets the data to provide her caretakers with directional waypoints
and the best available information about troop movement and strategy.

Personal Thoughts:
She is one of the main backbones of the game.  The relationship between her
and master chief is one of the main elements of the story.  She is
with you virtually throughout the entire game, and that adds to your
abilities even more.  It's very helpful throughout the game. Some of the
dialogue between her and master chief throughout the game is awesome, and
her providing you with info straight from covenant battlenet while in game
play as well as providing you with waylay points and markers for mission
Name: Seargent ???
Manual Bio:

Personal Thoughts:
I don't remember this guy's name. I looked in the manual for halo 1 and 2.
I didn't see anything about him, and I am trying to remember if they said
his name in either game.  He is the african american at the beginning of
halo 1.  It's strange.  It's everywhere.  He shows up at the beginning
talking to the troops and you hear his voice throughout the entire game
here and there.  He is absolutely one of my favorite characters in the
game (He plays a huge part in halo 2).  I just don't remember his name.
He is hillarious and reminds me of someone from a movie.  He is one of
the funniest members in the game.  For example in the 3rd mission when it
starts he yells "Move it men, the core ain't paying us by the hour" but he
never dies throughout the game.  I am trying to remember who he is, it
doesn't even explain how he got off the planet in the end, he's one of
my favorite characters in the entire game. If someone remembers his name
please let me know.


Please keep in mind the general idea behind the game.  I have all the
the information I could included about them here.  However before you
read it keep in mind the overall idea behind the game.  The idea is to
play the first one with little info, and during the whole excursion
throughout the first game Cortana (during the second game) has crap loads
of info on enemies, enemy weapons, and the covenant as a whole.  At which
time you are suppose to get up-to-date on all the info you weren't aware of
throughout the first one, so if you are just starting with the series, you
may want to wait about reading this section.

Type: The Grunts
Manual Bio:
Approximately 5' tall and relatively weak.  Grunts tend to travel in packs
and stick closely to more powerful allies.  Individually they are easy to
defeat, but in groups they can overcome careless marines.  Their armor
seems to house some sort of life support mechanism.  They are known to use
a variety of weapons including the plasma pistol, plasma rifle, and plasma

Personal Thoughts/Strategies:
These are the easiest enemies in the game.  I never really had a problem
with them at all.  They are easy to kill, they are also a little funny.
These little one's suprising also have different "types" to them.  You
won't see anything about this in the book but if you pay attention some
of them have slight differences, and some are better than other's.  Some
of them use different weapons, and vary.  However they all have the same
weakness.  I find the "EASIEST" way to take these out is with the standard
alliance pistol.  Using the standard pistol, you can stay from a distance
and zoom in with it.  Then you can easily pick off 10-15 before they even
see you.  Most of the time you can kill one "literally" anywhere between 1-4
hits with the pistol.  Which is no-where near as messy as using the machine
gun or other alien weapon.  However based on this there is one thing you can
do that will help defeat them.  This will help in LARGE groups or when they
are coming out of a drop ship.  You can use the pistol just a little ways
away and with careful aiming you can kill half of the little ones or all of
them before they even hit the ground from the airship.  This also works in
groups.  You can kill all the little ones in a group then focus on the
other's after they are dead.

Weapon Affectiveness:

Ally Grenade

A direct burst, or even a partial burst from one of these will easily kill
multiple grunts in one strike.


The pistol is very good against them.  You can use zoom in to take most of
them out in a well place head shot, and others you can take out in one shot
anyway with the pistol.  It's very useful for clearing out multiple layers
of them inside of a larger group filled with elites.

Assault Rifle

Pretty helpful against grunts if you are up close and personal with them,
it's not very affective if at a longer range because it's harder to aim
but up close it can be really helpful.


A shotgun can easily kill an elite from close up, but I think it's a waste
of ammo and recommend trying to avoid using the shotgun to kill a grunt.

Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle from a distance can easily kill a grunt, if you can get a
few lined up in site you can take out multiple of them at one time with one

Rocket Launcher

To ever try and take out a grunt with a rocket launcher in any way is a
waste of ammo and time and should be avoided.

Plasma Rifle

A plasma rifle is like an ally assault rifle, and it's VERY affective
against grunts.  It's even affective at longer ranges, and one clip of
a plasma rifle can take out a decent amount of grunts.

Plasma Pistol

The charge blasts can kill the grunts normally take 2 charges to kill but
sometimes you can get by with one. I don't know what governs this under
how many hits it takes but I am supposing to aim closer to the head to
remove grunts faster with this weapon.


The needler is pretty good against them because you can sticky a few needles
on them and move to another enemy and they are sure to die from the

Plasma Grenades

I think trying to get a plasma grenade to stick on a grunt can be a waste of
time unless used strategically (to send them back into there friends and
kill a large group).  I suggest using it for larger groups of grunts with
other enemies and not just grunts as grunts can easily be clear with any
other standard weapon.
Type: The Jackals
Manual Bio:
With superior senses of sight, hearing, and smell, Jackals serve as scouts
and assassins for the covenant forces.  They use plasma pistols and carry
a strong energy shield to compensate for there physical weakness: a well
positioned jackal can hold his own against several marines.  Though
grenades are effective against them.  They stand approximately 5'8'' tall.

Personal Thoughts/Stategies:
These aren't too much more difficult than the grunts.  However they don't
travel in large packs as they other's.  These are move of used as lone
snipers, or battle supplement (simply aiding the enemy cause lightly with
there presence.  If you meet one it can be tricky to take down unless you
know how.  There are however multiple ways to take them down.  If you have
a sniper rifle and they don't know your where then just be patient until you
have a clear shot to be able to shoot them somewhere there skin is showing.
This is another I find that is easier with the pistol.  You can rush it with
the machine gun and blast it's shield out and gun it to death but it's
messy.  With the pistol you can get closer, or zoom in and look for a skin
shot.  Once you shoot them one time in an exposed area of there skin they
are stunned for a few minutes giving you open target to put them down.
Another effective maneavuer is to just look for one hole within there shield
where they point there gun out.  In that whole you can shoot right through
there shield.  Also running up to them and hitting them with the gun can
sometimes be enough to knock them back enough for you to open fire, and
sometimes 1 hit with your gun can even totally knock out there shield for
a few minutes. Plasma grenades can all be attached to there shields if you
can't seem to get a shot on them.  On the ones that carry those charge
gun's (the ones that let out great bursts) be careful when they charge it.
One shot from that can take your shields ALL the way down.  Luckily notaall
of them have that weapon just sometimes, and those are the one's you should
be be careful of the most.

Weapon Affectiveness:

Ally Grenade

The ally grenade against a jackal can easily kill one or a group of them but
if a you throw the grenade and it bounces off there shield (you being too
close) it can bounce back on you if you aren't careful.


The pistol is useless against there shield but if you use the zoom in and
get them off guard there is a chance that you can kill them before they
put there shield to face you.  If you are at a distance use zoom in to try
and get a clear flesh shot before firing.  These, just like grunts, can be
easily taken out with one headshot with the pistol if you can get a good
enough shot.

Assault Rifle

It's impossible to get a good clear show with the assault rifle.  However
you can rush them, hit them with the weapon to disable there shield and then
finish them off with the bullets.  If you shoot them a second there shield
will go down or they will stagger from all the shots leaving them open for


The shotgun is messy and reckless to use against a jackal unless you can get
a flesh shot, or get REALLY close on them I don't recommend that unless from
VERY close range.

Sniper Rifle

These can be very affective against them.  From a distance you can EASILY
get a clear flesh shot without a problem.  If it's ahead shot they die, if
it's another area they sometimes die.

Rocket Launcher

Again, a waste of ammo unless against very hard and/or difficult groups.

Plasma Rifle

It can be affective, provided you get flesh shots.  Or if you shoot there
shield a minute with it, it will go down allowing you to finish them.

Plasma Pistol

A standard charged shot can sometimes take down there shield, then followed
by another can sometimes kill them, not bad from a slight distance to help
clear out a few before moving in.


Inneffective unless you can get them to stick to flesh.  Otherwise it will
bounce completely off there shield and do absolutely nothing.

Plasma Grenades

Good if you can get it to stick to flesh, if not it won't stick directly to
to there shields.
Type: The Elites
Manual Bio:
There are a few varieties of elite, but are all roughly 8'6'' tall and
incredibly strong.  Their strength allows them to rely on brute force
when necessary but their quite capable of brilliant battlefield tactics as
well.  Their natural resillience is augmented with full-body energy
shielding which recharges when depleted.  They wield plasma pistols, plasma
rifles, grenades, and needlers.

Personal Thoughts/Strategies:
These are one of the most aggravating enemies in the game.  One on one they
normally aren't that big of a deal.  However normally even one on one in a
direct shootout you will die before them.  They have a "personal" shield
around there body like you do.  Except there's lasts a little longer. The
idea is to first destroy there shield then you start doing real damage to
there actual flesh.  Until they run out of hitpoints and die.  Well that
may be a challenge if they have the right gun.  In a one on one shootout,
they can be QUITE challenging especially if there are 2 around you.  One
always affective measure is attach a grenade to one.  Once the grenade is
HOOKED to there body that one's death is guaranteed no matter what.  If he
is near a small encampment of them you can find him taking out multiple
small one's, and maybe even a few more elite's or doing damage to them
atleast.  Well that is one method.  I SOMETIMES find hitting them with your
weapon to be affective depending on when you hit them with it.  If you just
run up to them and start hitting them out of nowhere you are going to die.
However there are times when hitting them with your weapon can be affective.
For example if you come after them shooting them, they are taking shield
damage, and after so much there shield dies.  If you go in and you have to
reload when there shield is almost down start hitting them with your weapon.
The best weapon to use on them by far is the machine gun because of the
continuous stream of damage to remove there shield and then them.
However there is one downfall to that, the gun will run out of ammo at
about the time there shield dies.  I normally take off there shield
and do some flesh damage before my clip dies.  1-3 hits with my gun after
that normally kills them.  If I stop to reload then a few things can happen.
At times they even regained there shield on me, if not then they regain some
hitpoints.  Not only that but during that time you are taking damage from
them and they have time to get into a better combat position.  Once you
start an attack on them keep it on until they die unless you are
overwhelmed and find yourself having to fall back to a better position.
Also try and avoid closing in on them too close (except to hit them) because
if they hit you they do massive damage and normally can completely disable
your shield with just one hit.

Bluish Elites

These are standard elites.  There shields are decently powered, they don't
have a great deal of hitpoints after there shields die, and they do moderate
amounts of damage.  They are still VERY dangerous unless handled properly.

Redish Elites

A lot more dangerous than standard bluish elites.  There shields are
stronger, they have more hitpoints, and they do considerable more damage.
Now these are more dangerous than standard elites.  Takes more firepower
to destroy them, and they are especially dangerous in legendary mode, so
if you see a red elite be prepared for a decent fight.  Alot moreso than
the standard blue elites.

Stealthed Elite

The are elites that go stealth without having a sword.  They also generally
don't have a shield, since they have the stealth capabilities instead.  When
you shoot them they appear, also if you look carefully you can see one by
a shaded outline, there not too hard to see once you get use to looking for
them later in the game.  They also don't have a whole lot of hitpoints
either, plus the no shield makes them a lot easier to kill.

Elite Swordsman
I had to put a seperate mini-section on these.  This isn't a normal elite.
We'll they are normal elite's when it comes to what it is.  However the bad
thing is they carry a sword other elites don't.  This is there actual
tribal weapon, based on there tradition everyone is suppose to carry one but
in this game only the melee combatants do.  Now, these kill you in one hit
shield and all.  That's it.  There is no questions asked, one hit you are
dead period.  The best way to deal with this enemy is defeat them as soon
as possible.  If they come at you do whatever you have to, to put distance
between you and them.  You DO NOT want to be within hugging range of these
enemies, believe me.  One hit is ALL it takes and you die, period.  Don't
get close enough to give them a chance to attack you.  They are normal
elites and they always end up "starting" out invisible except for you to be
able to see there sword.  When you shoot them they become visible. Another
bad things is if they are invisible your allies can never see there sword
only you, so it's up to you to do the first shot so they are aware of his

Elite Yellow Swordsman

These are about the same idea as a standard elite swordsman but they are
yellow.  They are far more dangerous than a normal elite swordsman.  There
shields are roughly double the strength of the normal swordsman with almost
150% the hitpoints.  There swords still kill on one hit.  You can empty an
entire machine gun into one of them and BARELY if at all have enough to take
out there shields entirely these are VERY dangerous, even more so than a
pair of hunters.

In legendary mode these are the most dangerous enemies in existence.  I HAVE
FINALLY uncovered there main weakness.  The needler, after hours and hours
fighting with them, trying my hardest to get past a certain mission in
legendary I finally found out there main weakness.  They are stunned
for one, so you can easily side step them, and about half of a clip to a
full clip you can take one out.  This is the easiest way to deal with them
this came from hours of heart pounding anger, I FINALLY found there

Weapon Affectiveness:

Ally Grenade

Very affective against groups of them but they can't see you throw it.  It
needs to be done stealthily or a lot of them could move out of the blast
radius, or even worse, charge you.


Believe it or not this can be very affective against them, even in
legendary mode.  If you are at a distance and shoot them just 5-6 times with
the pistol, then there shield goes down, and a few more can kill them.  In
legendary mode this can be helpful because you don't have to worry about
taking them on up close if they are dead by the time you get to them.

Assault Rifle

Very affective against elites.  You can close quarters with them and get
real close then use the machine gun on them rapid fire, until there shields
go down, and then kill them with it. Sometimes you will use a whole clip on
one and require a reload so when you run out of ammo close in to them and
try to disable them by hitting them with your weapon a few times.


Very inneffective and messy against elites, it can kill one but it's time
consuming when they have there shield up.

Sniper Rifle

Very affective as 2-3 well placed shots can kill an elite from a distance.

Rocket Launcher

Innefective unless against large or difficult groups.

Plasma Rifle

This can be about as affective as the assault rifle if used in the same

Plasma Pistol

A few well placed charged shots can take down there shields and a few more
can kill it.  It's not the ideal choice but it's feasible in a difficult


Very affective against elites.  You can unload an entire clip at a decent
distance from the elite.  Most of them will stick and when they explode
it normally can take down there shield and kill them both, if not a few
more stickies after the shield is down will surely take care of them.

It's the BEST weapon against the yellow elite swordsman, with them being
almost invincible in legendary mode I finally uncovered THIS as being there
main weakness.

Plasma Grenades

The best measure against one. Once it's stuck they are dead plus damage to
whatever is around them (including possible deaths).
Type: The Hunters
Manual Bio:
Hunters stand 12' tall, though in their combat state they contract to
approximately eight feet.  Hunters fight with a fuel rod gun integrated
directly into their armor.  They carry an enormous and nearly impervious
metal shield made of an unknown alloy, which they sometimes use as a
melee weapon.

Personal Thoughts/Strategies:
Hmmm..  Based on the book these are suppose to be nearly impervious.....
Hmm...  Well. That's not that case.  They are FAR from impervious.  In fact
there armor has a horrible design flaw that makes them quite easy
(in theory) to kill.  Single these things are in fact quite easy to destroy
if you can get past what I call there 3 lines of defense.  There first line
of defense is this EXTREMELY powerful long range blast.  This is very
dangerous and 1 hit can entirely destroy your shield, a second hit can
entirely destroy you.  However there is a basic way past this.  It's called
the standard sidestep.  If one is coming towards you, you simply move out of
it's fireline and it misses you.  You may have to do this a few time's to
get totally past there first line of defense, but once you get closer to
them they switch to there second line of defense.  Which is... Their melee
attack.  The big gun they were trying to shoot you with they are now trying
to beat your brains in with.  They violently try to beat you senseless into
a bloody pulp.  They are ferocious fighters. However they have this other
mental flaw to want to rush you...  This second line of defense is instantly
avoided when they tried to rush you because all you have to do is side step
behind them.  Sometimes they get "hard" to get along with and keep trying to
hit you.  Simple circle them until you can get behind them.  Well there armor
is another story, it's there third line of defense.  Literally invincible
(hehe, from most angles).  However there back is totally exposed.  Real hard
warriors.  If you hit them in the front you bounce off.  But they will
eventually die from even frontal assaults at the right angle (or so it
seems).  Just get behind them and hit them with the weapon, or shoot them
in the back.  After about 3 standard shots they die.  The pistol is REALLY
affective against them.  If you are away from them you can zoom in and shoot
them in the back if not you can get behind them and shoot them in the back
as explained above.  The sniper rifle from a long distance (if you can get
them to face away from you) is very affective in taking them down from a
distance.  Now there is one more problem with these guys where the real
trouble comes in.  They sometimes have this bad habit of coming in a pair.
This can and is a real problem.  Facing 2 at once is very difficult.
Instead of getting through the first line of defense, you are facing both
shooting at you. When you get up close you have to worry about them both
trying to beat you senseless.  The idea with this is to improvise.
Use the basic tactics you have been presented to slowly work through the
problem of facing both as best as possible.  If you can and have a sniper
rifle try to do as much damage from a distance as possible before they spot
you.  They may be walking in a specific path so if you are at a distance try
and see what path they are walking. See if at any point they turn there back
on you, if not try to get in a position to get a good few of the armorless
area on there back.  Even if you have to be patient to do it.  However a lot
of times they are in a situation where you are trapped in an area with them
with no tactical advantage. This is where quick thinking, patience, and
are required to come through victorious ESPECIALLY if there are other
smaller enemies.  There is NOTHING worse than having to take on 2 hunters
with multiple grunts, jackals, and elites running around.  This is a life
and death situation at it's finest.  Well, use the basic strategies.  Try
to remove the small ones, then the jackals if possible.  Then get up close
and try to weed out the shielded elites before moving into battle with the
hunters.  Now here is where you have a problem against 2.  If you can avoid
long distance.  2 of them shooting at you makes it VERY hard to avoid both.
Or if you are in toe-toe with one and another is off shooting at you is also
quite hard.  Try to cross them.  See if you can get one to get your
attention and circle him.  AGGRESIVELY pick one and go for there back.  Try
to topple the first as aggressively as possible while still remaining
defensive enough to avoid damage whenever possible.  When the time comes
for the first to die, just back up and focus yourself.  Avoid until your
sure your shield is recharged, and improvise.  Follow 1-1 tactics.  If there
are other distractions try to remove them if possible without taking damage
from the hunter.  When you are in a 1-1 scenario you can safely maneaver
behind him and take him out systematically.

Weapon Affectiveness:

Ally Grenade

This isn't very affective against hunters, but it can do some damage.


If you are behind them and can get clear shot's it can be affective but it's
hard to get the shot's right from behind them, if you can get good at the
aiming of it, then this weapon can be pretty affective against them.

Assault Rifle

Very affective against them as you can get behind them and fire.  If you are
able to circle them and continue to supply a constant streat of fire towards
there back they die after about 20 seconds.


Very inneffective against them.  I assume if you are able to get behind them
and get clear shots it can serve to kill them after a few minutes but it's
harder with the shotgun.

Sniper Rifle

You barely ever get to get at a distance and use it, but if you can get some
clear distant zoom shots with it, then it can be very affective.

Rocket Launcher

Very inneffective.

Plasma Rifle

This can be affective if you can get behind them and provide a decent stream
of fire.

Plasma Pistol

Charged shot to the back and do a decent amount of damage, but it's not
normally the best (or easiest) method.


The needler can be very affective against hunters if used right.  The idea
is to attach as many as you can, and luckily some even attach from the front
if it hits at the right angle.  So if you can pour on a bunch of ammo from
it then it can do CONSIDERABLE damage and you can run up and finish the job
after a few minutes.  It doesn't do a lot of natural damage but if you use
them for a minute it does considerable damage, not to mention the fact that
it allows you to damage them from a distance whether you are facing there
front or there back.

Plasma Grenades

Inneffective unless you are able to stick the grenades directly onto there
back (which is very difficult), it doesn't do much damage otherwise.

Any other enemies (namely the ugly ones) will be added shortly.
"Boss" enemies might be present here, but I may just present them throughout
the game as you encounter them, I have to start writing the walkthrough
and decide as I go about that one.


Here I am going to provide overall information and basic strategic usage
behind the various weapon's, grenades, and items throughout the game.  It
may sound throughout here as if I discredit some weapons and favor other's.
I do have my favorite's but I guarantee i have used every weapon in the game
until it got old, so I am going to be able to leave good info about each one
because I may have my favorite's I still end up over-using each weapon
throughout a standard playthrough.

Human Weapons
Name: M9 HE-DP Grenade
Manual Information:
The M9 high explosive, dual-purpose grenade is a thrown fragmentation
device.  Use it to supress or disable vehicles, except tanks.  It can
be thrown, rolled, bounced, or richocheted into places direct fire weapons
can't reach.  Increase the angle of the throw to toss it farther, or get it
over obstacles.  Be careful not to throw it to close to your own location.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
I find myself using this grenade a lot less than the covenant grenade
(explained later).  However this one is very affective for me in specific
situations, as well as when I am out of the other grenades.  This grenade
is also alot more affective than direct confrontations sometimes. There are
a lot of times in this game where the enemy will be within a little
encampment of some sort they have created.  I can use base tactics to get
into there encampment (mainly taking out the littles ones and snipers then
bumrushing the remainders.  However that is a messy, damage taking approach.
So if you have a grenade you can simply throw the grenade into the heart of
the little encampment they created and make them scatter as well as take
some or all of them out in one attack.  However There are other secondary
affects to doing this.  Even if they all run from it, and no damage is dealt
there attention is diverted to the grenade.  Giving you time to rush in and
by the time they regain there composure half of them could be dead.  Either
way it's affective.  Another method is if you are directly pinnde down from
2 sides or 2 different locations.  You can send one of the grenades towards
one set of enemies to distract them while you move in on the other group
of enemies to dismantle them.  They will be dead and your attention on the
remaining team (if there still alive).  Other uses for this are it's bounce
affect.  You can throw it against the wall and have it bounce into room.
If you are in a HARD area and you know enemies are around a door, you can
a few grenades against the wall knocking them into the room to provide some
cover damage or distraction (or both).
Name: M6D Pistol
Manual Information:
This pistol is a recoiled-operated, magazine-fed handgun.  It is issued
with a smart-linked scope capable of 2X magnification (press the Right
thumbstick). It fires 12.7 MM semi-armor-piercing, high explosive rounds.
It can shoot either semi-automatic or automatic fire (Pull and hold right
trigger for automatic fire).

Shot placement is very important.  The only shot that gaurantees immediate
and total incapacitation is one roughly centered in the head, above a
horizontal line passing through the ear opening and below the crown of the

Personal Notes/Strategies:
Ok the pistol is generally the first weapon you start with and seemingly the
most basic one in the game.  However it ends up being one of the most
affective in a variety of situations.  I personally try my hardest to have
one for backup even if I don't use it in all situations.  The reasons are
innumerable but it might be my own personal play style. For one they are
good against both the grunts and the jackals.  Another is there light zoom
abilities.  They are also pretty affective against the hunters.  Another
thing I like about them is they are not quite as messy as the machine gun
or the games numerous other weapons.  Being messy I mean you have a more
accurate, well placed shot than with many of the other enemies in the game.
I normally end up using it for starting a fight with a group.  It allows me
to remove the grunts and most of the jackals before turning my machine gun
towards the elites.  It also packs a decent punch when you have to hit with
it.  If you are reloading you can take the little guy's down in about 2-3
hit's.  It's also VERY affective against popcorn flood because one shot
with the pistol will kill one.  Unless there are large groups more suited
for the machine gun.
Name: MA5B Assault Rifle
Manual Information:
This rifle is a gas-operated and magazine-fed.  It fires 7.62MM armor-
piercing rounds.  Rate of Fire is limited by a soldier's ability to aim,
fire, and change magazines.  Short, controlled bursts are more accurate
than fully automatic fire.

The MA5B's integrated computer displays rounds left in the magazine and
the relative direction of the gas giant.  Threshhold, for point of
reference.  This feature is particularly useful for orienting you in areas
where it's easy to get turned around and lose your sense of direction.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
This weapon can be both a blessing and a curse depending on how it's used.
The average player may find themselves having it in there hand most of the
time and to be honest whenever I can have a machine gun I will choose it
normally over any of the alien weapons (as my primary).  Well that can be
good and bad if you know when and how to use it.  It can fire fast which is
very handy, but also very dangerous if misused.  For example.  Against the
small ones a full clip isn't required.  Simple short bursts (about 3 seconds
worth of shooting) is MORE than enough to take down a small one (even a
headshot will take one down in one shot) anymore than is needed to kill
a grunt is an obvious waste of ammo.  For the jackals the standard response
is to shoot there shield until it desolves and then drill there flesh until
they hit the floor.  It is affective to a degree but extremely messy (not
professional, and wastes ammo).  The same thing if you use it right though
it's great.  You can start off by hitting them with the weapon.  Or you can
move beside them and try to get a flesh shot.  When you have an opening open
fire and they will go down after about 4-10 bullets.  But shoot carefully,
as soon as they die, then stop shooting to conserve ammo.  To be honest the
messy approach is best against the elites.  The only way to take down there
shields is with damage.  So when you attack them start a continuous stream
of fire on one elite until there shield is out, and you will do a few hits
then run out of ammo.  When you run out draw in on them and hit them with
the weapon a few times until they die.  If there are enemies around as well
then fall back and repeat if there are more elites.  Or do whatever is
necessary to remove the other threats.  Now the machine gun is not really
worth trying to use againts the hunters in a direct assualt.  It takes
forever and wastes ammo.  It's also a little messy to use from behind.  To
take down a hunter it will only let you shoot it in the back a few shots
before it turns around quite angrily.  So the best best if you are using
this gun against one is when you are behind it, shoot in a short burst (2
or 3 shots) then release.  Then get behind again and repeat.  After about
3 behind visit's the enemy should fall.  The only situation where I like
doing the messy frontal assault approach is when you are against a close
together group.  In this situation then a direct assault might be more
affective.  Then again without some kind of supplement it can still be
quite risky.  Do what you can from afar then move in for the psycho
approach. Having a few plasma grenades to supplement your frontal
assault and cause enemy disorder in the brink of battle can be all that
will turn the tides in a tough firefight.  But despite the goods and bads
it's the most affective weapon.  I find myself using this above and beyond
any other weapon.  If this one is available then I end up picking it up over
any other weapon.  If I don't have one and I am using alien or other weapons
then I drop whatever I am carrying if I run across one of these.  It's just
a personal play style.  It's also very affective against popcorn flood if
used in controlled bursts, and if you are careful not to overfire and waste
Name: M90 Shotgun
Manual Information:
The shotgun is a pump-action, magazine-fed (dual tubular non-detacheable
type) weapon.  It fires 8 gauge magnum (3.5") rounds.  This weapon is very
effective against targets at close range and may be used to engage several
targets simultaneously at medium and long range.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
Ah... The shotgun.  Very messy, very inaccurate and very powerful.  This one
I use almost anytime I have it available. Normally I choose it as a
secondary above the pistol.  One reason, there is a type of enemy you fight
later in the game and this does WONDERS against the flood of any type
(except popcorn flood).  However having this as a secondary when the flood
are around can mean the difference between life and death.  It's very
affective againts covenants but not "as" much because of the way it works.
You can kill the little ones in 1-2 shots the pistol/machine gun is much
more affective.  It is horrible against deletes.  It is Usable against
hunters but a lot harder than using the machine gun or pistol.  It is not
as affective as you would think even if you get behind them and follow the
normal tactics.  However if you are right up on the back of the hunter then
it does massive amounts of damage and can be quite useful. The other
downfall is it's slow loading.  It can never be used in a major firefight
because once it initially runs out of ammo it takes so long to fully reload
that you will find youself loading a few shell's, shooting them out, and
loading a few more without ever being able to do a full load until you get
some cover or the enemies are cleared from the area.  Same with the flood
later in the game it's hard to use because you can take down 8 (that's how
many shells it holds) and after that, you don't have time to reload.  THen
you need to quickly start a reload while you dodge enemies or trust your
other weapon until you have the time period where you can perform a full
shotgun reload.
Name: S2 AM Sniper Rifle
Manual Information:
This rifle is a gas-operated, magazine-fed weapon.  It is issues with a
smart-linked scope with two levels of magnification (press in the right
thumbstick once for 2X, press again for 10X and once more to deactivate).
Also, while still in zoom you can press the flashlight button to activate
light amplification.  It fires 14.5MM armor-piercing fin-stabilized
discarding-sabot rounds.

WARNING: The 14.5X114MM APFSDS round is an anti-materiel munition. It can
easily over-penetrate several armored soldiers.  Be sure of what is on the
other side of your target before firing.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
Ok, this weapon is really good but has limited capabilities in actual combat.
The bottom line is it's relatively useless in standard fights where the
enemy is aware of your location and close to you.  Basically if you are away
from the enemy and hidden then it's awesome.  It can be used to take down
multiple enemies and "most" can be done in with one shot.  This is one
weapon that is even very affective at long range against elite's if you are
a really good shot.  The grunts, jackels, flood, and many other's can be
taken down with 1 shot at a distance if done right.  The elite's can be
roughly taken down in 2-3.  Which may seem hard.  However if you are a
decent shot with the weapon it's more than do-able.  The first shot almost
always completely disables there shield.  If you can keep steady aim after
that you can normally get 1 more hit and kill them.  If not 2 more at the
most.  Now if they are aware of your presence and a distance away it still
is helpful if you are able to track them well enough to get a lock on them
even with them moving.  Now if they are aware of your presence and within
fighting range the weapon is "almost but not entirely" useless.  There are
some strategic uses for it, but nothing like the affects you can get from
the weapons that are meant for close range.  The idea is it does a decent
amount of damage when hitting with it.  As for firing at close range, I have
to be honest one shot from this is considerably more powerful than most of
the other standard weapons.  Zooming at close range is next to impossible.
But if you are within standard site view and just point and shoot, which
is also harder on a moving target because the barrel is longer, it's still
quite affective against elites.  However with it being even harder to aim
upclose it's more of a challenge and less of a help in most situations up
close.  As for hunters, if you can get one to face away from you at long
distance it's VERY affective against them.
Name: M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
Manual Information:
The M19 SSM is man-portable and shoulder fired rocket launcher.  It has two
major components, the launcher and the magazine.  The magazine (the
expendable part of the system) contains two 102MM shaped-charge, high
explosive rockets.  It is designed for fast, easy detachment from the
launcher.  The launcher contains the sighting and fire control system.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
Ok, this one has it's uses.  However you find limited throughout the game,
and because of there limited ammo capabilities they don't last very long.
They have limited explosive capabilities against ground based enemies, and
are decent against hunters if you can aim it right.  With limited ammo you
can't really afford to miss so aim carefully.  The real reason they are in
the game is for vehicle destruction.  They are good against almost all
vehicles except for the flying banshee.  They are fast and hard to hit with
the limited ammo of the rocket launcher.  Now those are best with other
weapons.  Now if you are within any other land based vehicle and you are a
semi-decent aim then they can work wonders.  They are especially good
against enemy land tanks.  However close in as close as you can and make
sure you have a clean shot.  They move back and forth so they are hard
to pinpoint from too far of a distance.
Name: M41 LAAG
Manual Information:
The warthog's M41 light anti-aircraft gun is a three-barreled, electric
powered,linkless, drum-fed weapon.  It fires 450 to 550 12.7X99MM armor
penetrating rounds per minute.  Turret traverse rate is 100 degress per
second and weapon elevation rate is 60 degrees per second.  Recoil from
sustained fire is prodigious and negatively impacts accuracy at long range.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
It's the mounted weapon that comes on top of the warthog.  You will RARELY
if ever find yourself on top of it when you are in single player but it's
a dream in 2 player co-op.  One drives and another fires, together you can
do some massive damage.  THe only other use is to stop driving and get on
it so you can use it.  Also if you have npc's with you they can get on top
and shoot from it while you drive.  If you get off then they can provide a
certain level of rapid fire support while you move in to wipe up remaining
land units.
I find myself pulling up and getting out while the gunner clears the area
and I pick up stragglers.  Then I get in and drive closer so they have a
clearer shot for any remaining enemies.  This is affective because I can
get involved on foot plus get the firepower from the top of the vehicle.
More on this under the vehicles section.
Covenant Weapons
Name: Plasma Grenade
Manual Information:
This weapon is similar to our very own hand grenade in that it is thrown
anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapon.  It has some kind of internal
mechanism that allows it to distinguish between targets and background.
For example, it will stick to soldier or vehicle, but not a tree or wall.
It has a three-second fuse that is activated after it sticks to a target or
otherwise comes to rest.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
BY FAR my favorite grenade in the game and to me the most usefull.
Now I like the other grenade and it has it's uses but I normally use it
under specific conditions as well as when I am out of these.  This is my
primary choice in grenade.  I can't even begin to explain the strategic
advantages this grenade can give you.  It can be used pre-battle to cause
disorder and damage on the enemy.  It can be used under fire to provide
support, distraction, and enemy damage.  It can be used in the middle of
a face to face firefight and turn the tide of any battle where you are
outnumbered.  It's affective against all forms of enemies.  Generally any
enemy you attach it to instantly dies when it goes off, except fo hunters
which still take a LOT of damage and could die if it's attached to there
back.  It's mean to be a supplement to battle.  In situations where you are
in a firefight against multiple opponents. When you have to reload sometimes
the enemies rush you.  If you send them a grenade before you start the
reload then the simple fact you threw it causes disorder, and damage when it
explodes.  If you happened to get it to properly stick to the target they
are as soon as dead, and not only that they will generally fall back for
cover even with it attached which can result on there death and the death
of others.  The only downfall is in some situations if you are closer to
the enemy they will try to rush you with the grenade attached to them, that
can get pretty ugly if you have nowhere to run.  The enemy can't get the
grenade de-attached from them but I have known times when you are in the
highest difficulty setting where they sometimes actually pull the grenade
off there body and throw it back but it rarely happens.  Now if you are hit
with one and it attaches to you, then you can jump backwards and jump a few
times and sometimes it'll fall off your body.
Name: Plasma Rifle
Manual Information:
Core Power Output - 100-150 kv @ 2-3 da
Rate of Fire - 420-600 RD/MIN
This is a directed energy weapon.  It is capable of either semi-automatic
or automatic fire (pull and hold the Right Trigger for automatic fire).
Continuous rapid fire overheats the weapon--this in turn depletes the
weapon's power core.  We currently do not understand how to replace or
re-charge a power core.
Note- This weapon will deplete it's energy source as you use it.  It is
wise to replace it as often as possible.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
This one can be pretty useful.  It is like a machine gun but with plasma
energy and it doesn't do "quite" as much damage as the human made machine
gun but it's affective as a replacement for the machinegun.  It's also more
accurate, and easy to use with the exception that if you overuse it,then it
burns your hand, makes you lose slight shield, as well as delays you far
longer than you need.  Make sure you watch the bar and make sure you never
over-use it.  If you think you are getting near the breaking point then go
ahead and switch weapons and use your secondary for a second and switch back
so it has time to cool down, and doesn't delay you in the middle of a
difficult firefight.
Name: Plasma Pistol
Manual Information:
Core Power Output - 100-150 Kv @ 2-3 dA
Overcharge Power Output - 1.5Mv @2-3 dA
This weapon is a semi-automatic directed energy weapon.  If you pull and
hold the right trigger, this weapon may become over-charged: when the right
trigger is released the bolt is launched.  After the over-charged bolt is
launched the weapon temporarily stops functioning as it dumps waste heat.
Use of the over-charge capability rapidly depletes the weapon's power core.
We currently do not understand how to replace or re-charge a power core.
Note- This weapon will deplete it's energy source as you use it.  It is wise
to replace it as often as possible.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
Decent weapon.  It's got a decent fire rate. It also has a special turbo
charged feature that is really nice.  You can charge it to maximum and then
when it releases it shoots a charge bolt at the enemy doing massive damage.
It run's out fast, and the cooldown for using the charge is quite a big one
to be too effective in a major firefight.
Name: Needler
Manual Information:
Very little is known about this weapon other than that it is a magazine fed
weapon capable of automatic fire.  It's projectiles penetrate soft targets
no matter what the angle of impact.  They richochet off of hard surfaces
at oblique angles, however and are always deflected by energy shields, the
only exceptions to this being the shields generated by the MJOLNIR battle
suit and the elite's combat armor.  The composition and energy signature
of its projectile is unknown.  The manner in which the projectiles home in
on their target is also unknown.

Personal Notes:Strategies:
This weapon has many strategic uses.  I find myself having some fun with it.
The good thing is it's partially homing so you don't have to be "as" careful
with aiming as with other weapons.  Not only that it sticks to enemies.
It's still ineffective against enemies with shields.  Except it can stick to
elite's shield.  This can be great.  You can run up to an elite and stick a
whole clip to them a few minutes later there shield will be done plus them
taking some damage.  Then you can follow up there death with a secondary
weapon.  I have even found a full clip into a elite to sometimes even come
close to and in some cases causing death.  It is also good in a group.  When
it's attached it raises the enemies stress level.  This makes them sometimes
run around disorderly and decreases there accuracy and tactics to an extent.
If you are around a group (as long there aren't jackals in the front lines)
you can safely fire recklessly towards a group.  You won't see bodies
hitting the ground but you will see a bunch of them attach to various
enemies and some will drop after the explosions starts, other's will scatter
and overall chaos will ensue.  Some will bum rush you, some will run around
circles, and some will fire back.  Empty 3-4 clips into a decent crowd of
enemies then chances are after 2-3 clips they'll just be only a few left.
They are good againts jackals if you can get a clean flesh shot, because
then you can unload half a clip into them and back away. After they explode
they die and even if they don't they drop there shield long enough for you
to make the necessary secondary attack to finish them off.  Same with
a hunter if you can get behind them and hook half a clip on there back it
does pretty affective damage.  There not "as" affective against flood
because they attack violently and constantly try to rush you so the weapon
needs a few seconds to explode upon impact and they are on you hitting it
before it has a chance to detonate.
Name: Stationary Gun (Shade)
Manual Information:
Although the shade appears to be a light anti-vehicle weapon, the covenant
uses it almost exclusively in anti-infantry role.  The operator sits
directly behind the gun and an armored suite, but relies entirely on
infantry support for protection on the sides and rear.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
It's very unlikly you will find yourself behind one of these to start.
They are normally enemy occupied and you can take them over after the enemy
has been removed from it.  If one enemy dies then another will normally try
to man the machine right after that.  Also I have never seen a human npc try
to occupy one before so they aren't set to do that.  Well if you get ahold
of one that isn't manned it's sometimes good for light ground support if you
are facing the only area enemies can come from or fighting a large group and
want to mop them fast.  but if there is a continual stream coming towards
you then chances are they are going to overrun you and get you off of it
before you really have a chance to make a difference with it. It is also
pretty helpful against some form of vehicles but not very affective against
phantoms because you can't aim it up very high of an angle, and phantoms
normally fly out of range of it.


This will list all of the vehicles, there descriptions from the manual and
my basic thoughts and perceptions about them as well.

Human Vehicles
Name: M12 LRV (Warthog)
Manual Information:
Crew - 1+1 (Plus 1 more in rear)
Weight - 3.25 tons
Armament - 12.7mm three-barreled machine gun
The M12 light reconnaissance vehicle, or warthog, is the standard vehicle of
the UEG armed forces.  It is fast and maneuverable, but prone to rollovers
during hard cornering.  A three-barreled machine gun is mounted in the rear
of the vehicle.  Armed passengers significantly increase the unit's infantry

Personal Notes/Strategies:
This is the primary vehicle you will find yourself in throughout the game.
You NEED to make sure you get use to this weapon as soon, and as good as
possible.  I don't want to reveal too much of the story but there is a time
late in the game when you HAVE to drive it and you have to drive it fast
and well.  You need to already be extremely familiar with it and all it's
basic controls and usage.  Hopefully you can pick up some tips and tricks
during your usage throughout the game, believe me during the level where you
HAVE to use it your going to need all the skill and speed behind it's usage
that you can get.  The more experience you get with it freeform ahead of
time is going to help you a lot.  Other than that it's hard to control.
You need to learn how to drive it, and how to shoot when neded.  There
won't be alot of times that you get on the turret but it's helpful in
some situations so your going to atleast want to learn how to use the
turret as well. Whenever they are available try to have a full load of
npc marines in there with you.  A max of 3 total (including you) can fit.
One in the side and one on the turret.  They can give heavy supplementary
gunfire when needed.  If it's just you then you can alternate between
driving, stop get out and get on turret, and get off drive again as needed
to aide you in combat situations.  When someone is on it then you have
him up there giving you support fire.  You can pull up and get out and do
ground battle while he provides support then get on and move closer as
needed.  On top of that if you have someone in the passenger seat they
will normally shoot there machine gun or whatever as even extra support
fire which can help in combat even more.  Get use to pulling back on the
controls when are doing really high jumps.  It can sometimes mean the
difference between flipping and not flipping.  I will be giving EXTENSIVE
details throughout the game as needed, so if you are stuck on a specific
area check the walkthrough and you may find more warthog tips as needed.
Name: M808B Scorpion MBT
Manual Information:
Crew - 2(or 1 cyborg)
Weight - 66 tons
Main Gun - 99MM HV (High Velocity)
Secondary/Coaxial gun - 7.62mm AP-T (Armor piercing, Tracer)
The Scorpion Main Battle Tank is primarily an anti-vehicle platform, but
it also has very high anti-infantry capabilities.  Its ceramic-titantium
armor makes it nearly invunerible to small arms fire, but it's deep
dead-zone, or the area within which fire from the tank's guns cannot hit
targets, puts it at risk from enemy anti-tank infantry.  Up to four soldiers
may ride on (and fire from) the Scorpions track pods.  Riding on a tank is
always hazardous and should be done only when the advantages outweigh the
Personal Notes/Strategies:
You don't get to use this one alot.  There's not much to it, it's a tank.
It moves like a tank, barely nothing can stand in it's way, it's slow, but
it runs over anything (including vehicles) as well as does massive damage
from it's fires.  Use it whenever you have it, whenever you can get it
relish it, and learn to make full advantage of it during whatever missions
you are lucky enough to use it in.
Covenant Vehicles
Name: Ghost
Manual Information:
Crew - 1
Weight - 3.25 Tons
Armament - Two plasma cannons (100-250 kW range)
The ghost is the Covenant standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle.
It is equipped with two of what are now accepted as the light vehicle
mounted weapons: a directed energy weapon capable of projecting a bolt of
super-heated plasma in the 100-150kW range.  While the vehicle is fast and
maneuverable, the driver is virtually unprotected.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
These are great if you can get a hold of one.  It's hard to shoot an enemy
off of one without destroying the vehicle, and the only other option is to
find an unmanned one.  You will end up having multiple opprotunities to use
one and if your a decent fast learner then you'll notice if you going ghost
against ghost it's really easy to gun another one down if you know how to
use it and how to focus it's shot's and aim well.  You can have one ghost
against 4 and with some dodging and decent aiming a really good driver can
take out 3-5 enemies on ghosts with just having 1 ghost of there own.  Very
affective especially if you have other ground allies to provide a certain
level of support.  In multiple player on person can drive and another could
be ground support, really helpful.

Weapon Affectiveness:

Ally Grenade

Inneffective and almost impossible to get the vehicle within the blast


If you do zoomed in, well placed shots it can be very affective.  If you
use this gun to attempt to disable the rider it's more affective than
going for the vehicle itself with this weapon.

Assault Rifle

Very affective if done at close range.  Apply a constant stream of damage
towards the vehicle direclty can be more affective with this gun.


Inneffective and not recommended in standard cases.

Sniper Rifle

If you are at a decent range and can zoom in then this can be very affective
for taking out the rider.  It's not very affective however for the vehicle

Rocket Launcher

Inneffective and a waste of ammo.

Plasma Rifle

This can be pretty affective if you supply a continous stream of fire to
either the rider or the vehicle.

Plasma Pistol

The standard shots are inaffective but the charge blasts are affective if
shot directly at the vehicle.


Extremely inneffective if not useless to the vehicle, but if you can attach
them to the rider than can be one of the most affective one's around.
Generally though the explosions done from it will damage the weapon they are
riding as well.

Plasma Grenades

Useless against this vehicle and near impossible to get it attached to the
driver if you ever can at all.  I have tried getting it attached to one
of the drivers but have never been successful.
Name: Banshee
Manual Information:
Crew - 1
Weight - 2.25 Tons
Armament - Two plasma cannons(100-250 kW range)
Secondary Weapons - Two Fuel Rod Cannons
The Banshee is the Covenant's standard ground assault aircraft.  It is very
fast, extremely maneuverable and capable of hovering.  It has two weapon
pods mounted to either side of the fuselage.  Both of these rods contain a
light plasma cannon and a fuel rod cannon.  Though small arms fire may
disrupt or disable the pilot only heavy weapons are capable of inflicting
damage or destroying the vehicle.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
"Only heavy weapons are capable of inflicting damage or destroying the
vehicle" HAHAHAHAH that is the funniest thing I ever heard.  Actually this
thing can even be properly and easily destroyedwith just a hand gun.  You
need to get good aim and make a few direct shots on it, but you can take one
of these out in LESS than a full pistol clip of well placed shots.  I mean
actually destroying the Banshee not just killing the driver.  With 5 well
placed pistol shots you can make it blow up in mid air.  The Machine gun is
also good but takes longer because it's harder to aim.  Sniper rifle works
wonders and various types of plasma weapons do as well.  As for driving them
they are pretty good vehicles once you get use to how they fly.  The hover,
and fly but strangely.  It takes a minute to get use to it but once you do
you should be fine.  Just take your time with it to learn the controls and
after you have that down then focus on learning how to aim and when to use
primary and when to use secondary (left trigger) and you'll get good with it
in no time.  However there are limited times when you will actually be able
to drive one since there VERY VERY hard to commandeer if not impossible, I
have never been able to kill the driver and get in the vehicle as they are
enclosed inside the vehicle.

Weapon Affectiveness:

Ally Grenade



Very affective against this vehicle.  If you zoom in you can make sure you
aim well (especially useful when they are rushing you).  You can easily
take them out in roughly 1 and a half clips, which may seem like a lot but
it's one of the most affective weapons against them.

Assault Rifle

Useless at a distance, but if you can get a steady stream of fire on them
during the times they hover closer to the ground it'll work.  Takes longer
than the pistol generally because you have to wait until they are close
enough to be able to take damage from the assault rifle.


Useless, I am supposing if they flew really close and you got direct shots
the shotgun (might) be able to take them out after awhile, but it's useless
and a waste of perfectly good ammo.

Sniper Rifle

It's harder to use because the vehicles are moving, but if you are at a
distance and a really good aim, I don't see why not.  It's not recommended.

Rocket Launcher

Very hard to get a good aim, but one hit from it and there gone, I don't
personally recommend it because of how difficult it is to hit it with this
not to mention the limited ammo the rocket launcher has.

Plasma Rifle

It can be affective, provided you get flesh shots.  Or if you shoot there
shield a minute with it, it will go down allowing you to finish them.

Plasma Pistol

Not very affective but if you can get direct charged shots you can take it
down after a few minutes.


Relatively useless in this situation, if not completely.

Plasma Grenades

Name: Tank with unknown name.
Manual Information:
Nothing in the manual about this one.

Personal Notes/Strategies:
Not even mentioned in the manual but you run across it often enough for
it to potentially pose a threat.  It's a difficult vehicle to go against
because of what it does.  It moves back and forth in hover form.
Basically it starts a central location and slides back and forth over and
over again on the same spot.  Which makes it near impossible to properly
target with the rocket launcher without being close enough to give it a hug.
On top of that it shoots giant balls of plasma energy that can easily
destroy any other vehicle within attack range.  If it hits you on foot your
shield is virtually gone in one hit, leaving you vunerable to any ground
units in the area.  They aren't too hard to dodge if you pay attention to
the balls coming, you simply side step.  However make enough distance
between yourself and it's drop point to not take area damage caused by the
impact.  Now another factor into it's attack is it arches.  It will point
in your direction and fire way up in the air in a broad arch that makes it
sometimes hard to tell for sure where it's going to drop at exactly and that
can be a problem pinpointed what part to avoid.  You will RARELY if EVER get
to use this vehicle on a standard playthrough.  It's almost impossible to
get ahold of one during a standard playthrough of halo 1 (halo 2 is
drastically different where this is concerned which will be explained later
in my halo 2 walkthrough.

Weapon Affectiveness:

Ally Grenade

This may seem useless but if you are good and can land it right along the
annoying path it takes back and forth you can do quite a bit of damage if
you have nothing better at your disposal.


Useless, It would take forever to destroy it with just a pistol.

Assault Rifle

Relatively useless, takes a long time to destroy it.



Sniper Rifle


Rocket Launcher

VERY affective, probably the only primary way I recommend taking these out,
however you want to do it from as close as possible and make sure you are
going to get a direct hit.  You have to take into account there path back
and forth, but this is very affective.  However with it's limited ammo you
can't afford to miss much especially if you have a few of these vehicles
to destroy.

Plasma Rifle


Plasma Pistol

Relatively useless



Plasma Grenades

About the same as the standard grenade, it doesn't stick so you have to make
sure you get it within the right path so it does damage when it explodes.

-Beginner Strategies-

Ducking -
Ducking is a very important part of the game.  For both cover, and for
general uses like taking less damage even if you are getting hit.  (Every
bullet that misses you is a little more damage you avoid).  Also one thing
I do dislike about the game is the way you crouch.  You have to hold the
button to stay crouched and I personally like being able to stay in crouch
position without holding a button down, that is the most annoying parts of
both of the games...  Either way ducking is very important even though you
have to hold it down, especially when you are trying to stay hid from the

Grenades -
Grenades aren't something you want to become wholely reliant on because you
can only carry a limited supply and run out fast.  However get use to both
types of grenades, there uses, and how to use them to supplement difficult
battles and root out enemies that are under good cover.  Also the plasma
grenade can be stuck onto an enemy and sometimes they'll run back into
cover and successfully take out not only them but half of the encampment
at the same time.

-Intermediate Strategies-

-Advanced Strategies-

-Multiplayer Strategies-

-Legendary Mode General Tactics-

Ammo Conservation

Ammo loss in legendary mode is real bad.  You find yourself running out of
ammo and having multiple problems all over the place.  The best ways to
prevent that are to change weapons whenever possible.  When it's needed then
backtrack as you need, and pick up old ammo that was left behind.  Change
ammo often, and try to get use to guns you don't like, so you can go back
for ones you like during the needed situation.  Rarely in a mission will
they stop you from moving forward.

Taking Breaks

It's hard wrong to take a break during the game.  Each MISSION INDIVIDUALLY
is set to save a mission checkpoint from ONE of the 4 different choices.
Meaning you can start mission 1 on heroic, and go halfway through a mission
get a checkpoint and save.  Then go to mission 2 and get a check point in
legendary save, and quit.  Then later go back to mission 1 heroic, or even
head into mission 3.  AS LONG as you don't go INTO mission 2 and pick
ANOTHER difficuly setting other than the one that had your saved checkpoint
then you can replay it whenever you want.  That way you can work through a
little ways and come back later when you have had a break or done a few
other missions on another difficulty setting.  You could (in essence) beat
the game then have every mission saved in various stages on legendary mode
at checkpoints.  It will keep up with your progress for each mission
seperately for 1 difficulty setting.  Use this to your advantage and take
breaks when needed.

New Players may want to wait

You really do have to understand that legendary isn't for the average one
time halo players.  It's very hard.  I noticed when I first started the
game there is NO WAY I could have done legendary mode.  However over an
extended period of time I played the game, beat it and stopped. (normal
mode).  A few months later I would clear it again.  Then one day I just
wanted to take on heroic.  After beating the game 2 times on normal it
was really no problem.  It was just a little harder than normal.  After
about 4 more playthroughs I finally decided to beat it on legendary.
I got MURDERED.  However I kept at it.  I made it through the first
mission on legendary and backed out.  After awhile back I went back to it
and honestly, I made it from checkpoint to checkpoint almost each time.
A few deaths here and there but I had developed the strategies to not have
many problems in legendary mode because of the amount of overall time
over an extended period of time I had dedicated to the game, plus
playing the second one.  So take your time, wait until you are ready and
have the skill necessary to do what is needed to really be able to beat
legendary mode successfully without getting too angry at it.


Secret Ending - Tested

There is a semi-secret ending built into the game.  If you manage to beat
the entire game on the "Legendary" difficulty setting (walkthrough on
how to accomplish this is built into the game) then you will be able to get
extended scenes at the very end of the game because of this.

Special Hidden (random) Messages - Untested (currently)

At the character profile screen enter the name .fortune and the game will
auto-generate a random message.  (All potential random messages will be
listed here soon).

Marines Attack You - Tested

You can perform this during any level where you have fellow marines within
viewing distance.  If you shoot a marine they will say something about
attacking them.  After attacking them a few times they get mad and all the
marines within the area will start attacking you and maliciously trying to
kill you.

There are some things in the PC version that will be "important" that you
don't have to worry about on any of the system versions.  Those things are
listed throughout the various subsections within this section

-System Requirements-


* Operating Systems: Windows 98, Windows Second Edition, Windows Mellenium,
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista.
* Processor: 733 Megahertz
* Direct X Version: 9.0 or better.
* Memory: 128 Megabytes (MB) of RAM.
* Hard Drive Space: 32 MegaBytes
* CD: 8X atleast
* Sound: Sound card, speakers, or headphones (if you play multiplayer)
* Modem (If you are wanting to play online)


The better your system is then obviously the better it's going to work.  So
if you try it and you meet minimum requirements it'll work fine but you
might want to upgrade your system for best results to be a little bit above
the recommended settings (for best results only)

-Patch Data-

I want to offer a COMPLETE list of EVERY patch every created for Halo the pc
version as well as the details in the changelog.  Yes it's VERY hard to
track these down but I hope I have a semi-complete list (atleast to-date)
and I would REALLY appreciate it if I missed 1 thing from a change that was
made or one patch or anything if you would fill me in immediately.
I really would like to keep this list fully up-todate and 100% accurate.

PC Patch 1.01 (September 30, 2003 (File Size: 3.87 MB)
I really need the changelog for this if anyone can help me get a hold of it.

PC Patch 1.02 (October 8, 2003 (File Size: 4.04 MB)
* Timedemo doesn't check memory usage consumption with every frame rendered.
* After running timedemo, the last saved checkpoint is not altered anymore.
* Multiple minor bugs fixes to the Halo Auto-Updater application.
* Fixed an issue in keystone.dll that was causing certain configurations to
potentially crash when chatting in multiplayer games.
* Fixed minor card specific rendering glitches.

If anyone has a COMPLETE list of bugs that were fixed and any issues I am
missing I would appreciate you emailing me about it.  I know I don't have a
complete changelist for this patch but I need one

PC Patch 1.03 (December 10, 2003) (File Size: 4.63 MB)
* Lot's of fixes
* Improved online play
* Networking Architecture was improved
* At this point saved games are not compatible with older versions
* Anti team killing. Increased respawn time multiplier for team killing.
* Added automatic ban feature for team killers.
* Increased chat text length  Chat length has been increased from 40
characters to 64 characters
* Networking performance  Enhancement to player prediction
* New in-game scoreboard  Displays players, kills, deaths, assists and ping
* Cinematic speech bug with Audigy cards fixed

PC Patch 1.031 (December 31, 2003) (File Size: 4.63 MB)
* Fixed problems experienced with 1.03 patch

PC Patch 1.04 (February 11, 2004) (File Size: 4.63 MB)
* Fixes potential crashing issue (from microsoft and gamespy)

PC Patch 1.05 (May 20, 2004) (File Size: 4.6 MB)
I need patch notes for this (I have none)

PC Patch 1.06 (September 6th 2004) (File Size: 4.5 MB)
I need patch notes for this (I have none)

PC Patch 1.07(May 31, 2005) (File Size: 4.7 MB)
Latest Patch (I think)

* Fixed the crash on startup bug relating to the intro movies.
* Anisotropic filtering is now off by default.
* A significant number of reported game crashes are related to
an external library called keystone.dll (such as 'There is a problem with
your game installation. You may need to reinstall the game to fix it').
Microsoft has updated this library to address the most common failures.
These crashes would usually occur when changing screen resolution, when
starting or quitting Halo PC, when chatting in a multiplayer game or when
using ALT-TAB to minimize Halo PC and return to Windows.
* Halo can now be bound to a specific IP address using the -ip command line
 argument. (facilitating multiple NIC support for Halo Dedicated Servers)
* Halo can now read/write data files to a user specified folder using the
-path command line argument. This is particularly useful for Halo Dedicated
 Servers but also be used for users whose 'My Documents' folder is remapped
to a UNC path. It is an advanced option and using it will force you to
manually move saved games and multiplayer gametypes.
* Online Multiplayer: Telefrag message is now appropriately replicated.
* Online Multiplayer: Minor fixes to switching teams in kill-in-order games
(score will now remain accurate)
* Online Multiplayer: Minor fixes to the end of the game state (new players
now have to wait for the game to be restarted before being admitted to the
* Online Multiplayer: Fix for clients flashlight states when joining games
* Online Multiplayer: Vehicles won't re-spawn if they have a projectile
(such as a plasma grenade) attached to them. They will wait for the
projectile to be removed.
* Online Multiplayer: Minor fixes to using teleports for high-latency
* Sound: Fix for cinematic dialog being cut out on certain cards when
enabling Audio Hardware Acceleration in the Audio Settings.
After running timedemo, the last saved checkpoint is not altered anymore.
* Multiple minor bugs fixes to the Halo Auto-Updater application.
* Fixed minor card specific rendering glitches.
Need complete list (or additions) if anyone has them.

-Other Downloads-

Trial (demo)

The trial version of the game is available for download in many location on
the internet.  It features:
* Single Player Gameplay (Limited) - Silent Cartographer Level (this is the
level you have access to in the trial of the game) - Blood Gulch (This is
the map you are given access to in the trial version multiplayer)
* Multiple Play Gameplay (Limited)
* Vehicle Combat (Limited)
If I missed anything please let me know.

Mac Patches

There were a series of patches for teh "MAC" version of the game.  Once I
get the data for those prepared then I will be removing this mini-section
and adding the mac patches into the "patch" section of the walkthrough.

String Files

I know very little about this.  After I am done researching this I will put
detailed data about it down within one of the sections somewhere in this

Server Patches

Another thing i am still doing research and compiling data on.

-Bugs and Fixes-

Ok.  There are almost always bugs with games (game specific crashes),
crashes because of your system) whatever.  I want to eventually have a
100% troubleshooting guide here.  If anyone has EVER had a problem
with the game running IN ANY WAY and found a solution please email me the
INITIAL problem you had, ALL solutions you tried, and the final solution
you used that made it work and I will add that into the walkthrough here
and give credit as needed (like I do so far).


I hope you enjoyed the walkthrough.  I doubt this is the final version of
it ever.  I will always eventually replay it, or add new stuff from
contributions or whatever else.  All of your contributions are deeply

If you ever want to make a contribution you can do so at
businessman332211(@)gmail(.)com - remove ().


This is where the credit's go for anyone who contributed to the walkthrough
as well as what they contributed.


This is going to be the main things I am hoping to get "Contributions" for.

* Alternate strategies you might be able to provide.
* If there is ANY WAY AT ALL to have it stay ducked until you unclick it, I
hate that you have to hold the button down to remain ducked.
* Anything else.


Anyone can use or post this guide anywhere, as long as the following rules
are applied to all situations.
1. It HAS to remain free.
2. It has to remain UNALTERED in any WAY SHAPE OR FORM PERIOD.  ALL

It can be posted on any site that a person wants to take the time
to post it on.  However the only one I update is www.gamefaqs.com so if you
are wanting to get the updated version of the faq ALWAYS check on gamefaqs
for the newest version.