GunBound: Money-Making Guide (Final)

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                                             MONEY MAKING GUIDE

Gunbound Money Making Guide
System: PC
By strawhat
Final Version
File created 6/10/04

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. List of Bonuses
III. The Money Suit
IV. Mobiles
   (4.1) Grub
   (4.2) Boomer
V. Game Modes
VI. What Not to Do
   (8.1) Contact Info

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Final Version:
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Version 1.0: Everything done really. Enjoy the FAQ.

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                               (I. Introduction)

Yo wassup people. Don't you all love this great game named Gunbound? It's a
game that involves a bunch of people, a bunch of mobile, a bunch of
attacks that zoom across the screen, and a few other things. How many of you
are really poor and want to make quick money without the work? This guide is
here to help you poor folks become rich folks. With money comes power, and
that is very true in this game.

Keep in mind that I assume you already know the basics like high shot bonuses,
shots 1 and 2, and so on. This guide also won't cover anything else except
how to make the green.

                              (II. List of Bonuses)

| Name            | Effect                                | Gold Recieved    |
| Shot of God     | Kill or bunge two opponents in 1 turn.|       500        |
| Bunge Shot      | Bunge an opponent.                    |       100        |
| Finish Bonus    | Kill and opponent.                    |       100        |
| Excellent Shot  | 500+ damage to opponents in 1 turn.   |        50        |
| Good Shot       | 250+ damage to opponents in 1 turn.   |        20        |
| Shot Bonus      | 150+ damage to opponents in 1 turn.   |        10        |
| Hurricane Bonus | Shot goes through a hurricane and     |        20        |
|                 | deals 50+ damage.                     |                  |
| High Angle      | Shoot over 70 degrees and the shot    |        15        |
|                 | stays in the air for 2.5 seconds      |                  |
|                 | dealing over 50 damage.               |                  |
| Ultra High Angle| Shoot over 70 degrees and the shot    |        30        |
|                 | stays in the air for 4.0 seconds      |                  |
|                 | dealing over 50 damage.               |                  |
| Boomer Shot     | The attacks goes backwards in the air.|        20        |
| Back Shot       | The attack hits behind you.           |        25        |
| 3000 damage     | Total damage inflicted is 3000+       |       100        |
| 2000 damage     | Total damage inflicted is 2000+       |       100        |
| 1000 damage     | Total damage inflicted is 1000+       |       100        |
| Suicide         | You kill yourself.                    |       -50        |
| Team Damage     | 50+ damage to yourself or teamamtes.  |       -25        |
| Winning Award   | Win 1 VS 1 game.                      |       100        |
| Winning Award   | Win 2 VS 2 game.                      |       150        |
| Winning Award   | Win 3 VS 3 game.                      |       200        |
| Winning Award   | Win 4 VS 4 game.                      |       300        |

As you can see from the chart, the absolute easiest way to earn money is
simply by winning games and dealing damage. It's not necessary to do tricks
like High Angles or Back Shots, they don't even give you that much gold. Just
win games!

What you want to avoid is killing youself, your teammates, or just even
damaging them. If there's someone on your team near an opponent and you're not
very good, don't shoot at that opponent. You'll risk losing your gold.

Shooting at high angles are always a good skill to have. You can always
practice in 1 VS 1 games where you have no one calling you a noob or in an
alternate account. Or both.

Just dealing damage is also good enough. Try to avoid items with long lag
like Dual, use Dual+ instead. Or just use Dual when Thor or Lightning is on
and you are sure you will get a direct hit dealing lots of damage, and
possibly killing.

                             (III. The Money Suit)

A great way to increase the amount of gold you get is the Money Suit. What is
the money suit? It's an avator that specializes in the popularity stat(the
star). This stat gives you more money. The number is the percent of how much
more you'll get. For example, I have a popularity of 50. I win a 1 VS 1 game.
Instead of getting my normal 100 gold, I get 50% more. That means I get 150
gold for winning the game!

The standard money suit consists of these items:
Head: Punky Brown
Face: Red Nose
Body: Hawaiian Wear/Flamingo
Flag: Vampire Casket/Panda Stick

Sure, you'll look really ugly but there's plenty of money to go around and buy
a new avator. Panda Stick has 2 more popularity than Casket, but it costs
much more and just 2 percent really isn't necessary. Plus Casket matches the
all brown scheme.

For the ladies:
Head: Flamingo Hair/Thanksgiving
Face: Red Nose
Body: Flamingo/Hawaiian Wear
Flag: Vampire Casket/Panda Stick

It's basically the same thing as the guys except more colorful. The flag can
be for guys or gals so the same things apply.

If you want, there are also a few alternates that may make you look better,
but won't get you 50+ popularity.

Head: Bridesgroom Hair/Poet Head/Flamingo Hair/Thanksgiving
Face: Cross Scar/Pig Mask/Monkey Mask
Body: Cowboy/Thanksgiving/Tuxedo
Flag: Acrobot/Lamp of Good Luck/Worker Bee/Conga

For Girls:
Head: Golden Hair/Picnic Mask
Face: Pig Mask/Monkey Mask
Body: Korean Wear/Thanksgiving/Wedding Dress(although really expensive)
Flag: Acrobot/Lamp of Good Luck/Worker Bee/Conga

Never go to an Avator on server with this money suit on. Rich folks with
things like Chief Hair will own you since this suit has no other stat on it.
Popularity is the only stat that counts in Avator Off servers.

                                 (IV. Mobiles)

Each mobile in the game has its own traits and specialties. Some of these are
power, defense, and others are easy ways to get bonuses. Here's a small list
of what mobiles you should use to earn money:

                                  (4.1) Grub

The Grub is my favorite mobile to use for money. True, it's not very strong in
power. However, its shot 2 doesn't need that much aim. It relies on the
surface and texture of the ground around it. The 4 balls keep rolling and
rolling for a while on the ground before it explodes. If the ground slopes
downwards, the balls will roll down the slope. If your opponent happens to be
there and you shoot a bit above him/her, the balls will roll down and hit for
an easy Boomer Shot Bonus.

Grub also has a decent range with this shot. When ditched, you can try and
pull off a back shot. It's much easier to do it with this mobile than others
as you don't need to be as accurate. Plus, you still have a chance to get
Boomer Shot Bonus or the Back Shot Bonus! You can get both, but the game only
records Back Shot Bonus because it's worth more money. Shucks.

Another great thing about Grub is how easy it is to get High Angle and Ultra
High Angle bonuses. While the bombs are still rolling on the ground, it counts
as air time. So if you take a 70 degree angle+ shot in the air and the balls
roll around for 2 seconds after being in the air for 2 seconds, you still get
the Ultra High Angle Bonus which is pretty swell.

Yet another awesome trait of the Grub is that the bombs can't fly off screen.
Its shot two will always bump back against the edges of the map. If they
bounce and it hits the opponent, that's an easy Boomer Shot Bonus! The
downside to this though is that it can't go past up the screen either.

                                (4.2) Boomer

Boomer is another great money maker, but only to those who know how to use it.
Everyone should know that Boomer takes the most skill to learn since wind
greatly effects its shots. However, that's the thing about Boomer that makes
it such a great money maker. Boomer also has insane range, even if not all of
it is true angle, any damage dealt will get you juicy bonuses.

It's extremely easy to back shot with Boomer. If the person is behind you,
turn to face the same way he/she is and(assuming the wind is pointing toward
the opponent behing you) fire a weak shot. The wind should make it curve
backwards for an easy back shot.

Boomer Shot Bonus is also relatively easy to get with Boomer once you learn
how to use it. Shoot up, let the wind bend it back and you get Boomer Shot
Bonus and Back Shot Bonus.

Ultra High Angle is also easy with this. If the opponent is far away, just
aim above 70 degrees and let the wind do the talking.

Once you learn how to play Boomer well, you probably already know all of this
or is doing it without even knowing. Boomer deals pretty decent damage so it's
still a nice bot to play even if you don't want money. Boomer's probably the
better one to play here as it is a much better bot than Grub, plus you can do
tricks. Remember, the biggest and easiest bonus there is to get is the Win

                                (V. Game Modes)

Game modes aren't really necessary for gaining more quick money, but many
people say to use Tag for 1 VS 1 and 2 VS 2 and Score for 3 VS 3 and 4 VS 4.
This is so incase you die(during score) you can come back and still get some
good shot bonuses. For Tag, it's so your partner doesn't go and kill everyone
before you do. Always have Double Death and Death40. When Double Death is
turned on, you'll do MUCH more damage getting you Good Shot Bonuses.

There are of course, some cheap ways to win some money. First, 1 on 1 Tag/Solo
get you very fast money already. However, you can be an asswipe and when the
opponent is ready, quickly change the items, game mode, map, or your mobile
so your opponent is at a disadvantage. Of course, this is only when you're
host. You can't get banned for this, but it makes you look really bad.

Another cheap way is during a game with more than 2 people on a team, let
your partner deal some damage until an opponent is almost dead. Then, you
drop in and steal his hard work, money, and GP by killing the opponent. This
will also make you seem like a real jackass and you'll get kicked in a lot of
games. Again, you can't get banned for this. I don't recommend this at all
because it makes the game less fun and more frustrating, but if you REALLY
need the money...

OK, there is one way of earning money without being cheap. Those are Aduka
matches. These usually take place on the Avator Off servers with everyone
wearing a money suit. Using Shot 2 or SS only, its damage will keep increasing
as Thor powers up. Everyone uses Shot 2 and rushes Thor to Level 6 and start
dealing A LOT of damage. Very easy way to get Excellent Shot Bonuses and
Double Kills. These games also tend to be very fun and quick.

Here's a way to earn some money sent in by Diego M.:

"Create a 1 vs 1 game, set as tag. Or wait till you become key in a game
you're already in then pick the items.
Wind Change
Wind Change is great for boomer users to make the wind go their way for
bonuses. Also important is taking off all the attack items such as dual,
dual+, or blood; this shortens the game and stops people from getting to
important bonuses.
By setting up the game this way you can get good shot bonus everytime, then
when you're hurt you heal, how's this help? It allows more shot bonuses, also
it alows most people to get a 1000 hit bonus, if you're in a 1 vs 1 it's even
possible to get a 2000 hit bonus. You damage someone, they heal, damage them
more, they tag, then you hurt them more, and you get a 2000 damage bonus.
Using this method along with backshots, 1000 hit bonus, 2000 hit bonus and
winning, I've gotten 1400 in one game, a 1 vs 1!
Another advantage to this gametype is that the loser also makes money, even
if I lose in a one vs one I can usually get 400 gold, if you played a regular
1 vs 1, without this gametype set up most losers get around 40 gold."

                             (VI. What Not to Do)

There are several things that you should not do when trying to get money.
First off it botting. For those newbies that don't know what it is, it's when
you play against yourself on another computer and just have one player keep
winning and the other suiciding to get tons of money. Doing this = instand

Another thing is to keep trying to do tricks. If someone is right in front of
you, don't try to do an Ultra High Angle especially if you're not good at it.
A Good Shot Bonus is worth just a little less money than that, and it's an
almost guaranteed hit with a shotgun. Don't ever forget, the biggest and
easiest bonus to get is the win.

                                  (VII. FAQ)

Q: Are you good at Gunbound?
A: Not really. I have a 50% win, but I pale in comparison to some pros.

Q: What is your GB name?
A: I'm not saying. It's for privacy, I don't want to get scammed.

Q: Is Jewel a good way to get money?
A: Absolutely not. It's the worst mode out there. You only get a little bit
of money for destroying jewels, and no win bonus.

Q: Nobody in my server is listening to Aduka Only!
A: Kick them. Chances are, you're playing in a newbie server. Most newbies
don't listen, go to Servers 11 and 12, the Avator Off servers. If they let you

Q: Which kind of shot should I use? Drag, Slice, or Sniper?
A: Drag, only if you're good at it. It has the least delay and you need to go
as many times as possible. Actually, this is a must even if you don't want
money. If you can't use it well though, stick with Slice. Having little delay
is important.

Q: Can I still use my favorite mobile to make money?
A: Of course. Although the ones suggested make it a bit faster. If you suck
with them and lose however, don't use them.

Q: What is shotgun?
A: When you use near full power with your angle pointing right at the
opponent. The shot should cut straight through the wind and hit the opponent.

                                 (VIII. End)

Thanks to you all who read the amazingly short guide. Remember, the easiest
way to earn money is to win games, and that takes a ton of practice. Know how
to play before doing tricks. With that being said, good night!

ShinyKirby: information about for items and weather effects.
Fantasticdan: 0 for suggestion about alternate money suits.
SkimGuy: Boomer info.
Omega Z: Thor info and Boomer Shot Bonus and Back Sot Bonus information.
Diego M.: 1 on 1 strategy.

                              (8.1) Contact Info

1. No attachments.
2. Tell which site you saw this FAQ at.
3. Include the title of this FAQ.
4. No help with the game other than the aspects of money. Otherwise, consult
a FAQ/Strategy Guide.

If you ignore any of these rules, don't expect and answer back to your E-mail.

E-mail me at:

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