Silent Hill: Origins: FAQ/Walkthrough


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###  ### ###  ### ######  ##   ### ### ### ### ###
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##  ##                               
#    # #### ##   #### ##  #####  ### 
#    #  # #  #  #  #   #   #  #  ##
##  ##  #    #  ####   #   #  #   ## 
 ####  ###  ### ##### ### ###### ### 
                #   #                

Copyright 2008 by Claire Terry

Since there is no main walkthrough for the PS2 version of Silent Hill 
Origins, I have decided to write one. It is almost exactly the same as 
the PSP version but I feel there should be a separate walkthrough. 
Besides, I just felt like writing one. 
Before you email me, please read the guidelines in Section 11: 
Copyright and thanks. This is my second walkthrough (third posting 
on this site).

Version 1: Original guide

    Section List

Section 1: Controls
Section 2: Characters
Section 3: Monsters
Section 4: Items/Weapons
Section 5: Walkthrough
Section 6: Bonus/Extras
Section 7: Sprinter Run
Section 8: Memos
Section 9: Glitches
Section 10: FAQ
Section 11: Copyright and thanks


   Section 1: Controls

These are the controls for the PS2 version of the game.

Direction Button               Game Controls

Circle------------------- Flashlight
X ----------------------- Pick Up Items/Finishing Move/Interact
Triangle ---------------- Open Map
Square ------------------ Run
L1 ---------------------- Center Camera/Switch Target in Combat Stance
R1 ---------------------- Combat Stance
L2 ---------------------- Not used
R2 ---------------------- Not used
SELECT ------------------ Open Inventory Menu
START ------------------- Open Pause Menu


   Section 2: Characters

Travis Grady

Travis Grady is an ordinary trucker with a troubled past. His sleep is 
frequently interrupted by nightmares, though he can never remember they're 
about- he only knows that they're terrifying and eerily familiar. 


A mysterious girl who Travis saves from a fire. He's later told that she 
died, but... why does she keep appearing?

Dr. Kaufmann

Dr. Kaufmann is a cold and scientific man who works at Alchemilla Hospital. 
He's been seen around the local religious group, thought it's not known if
he's actually a member, or if he's merely observing the cult's behavior. 

Dahlia Gillespie

Dahlia is a devout, almost fanatical follower of the local religion. She 
has raised her daughter Alessa to do whatever is necessary for the good of 
the cult- even if it means the ultimate sacrifice.

Nurse Lisa Garland

Travis meets Lisa at Alchemilla Hospital, where she seems kind hearted, 
flirtatious, and innocent. How long she can stay this way in the darkness 
of Silent Hill remains to be seen...


   Section 3: Monsters

The monsters will be listed in order as you encounter them in the game.


Veterans to the Silent Hill series will know these monsters well. They are 
fairly easy to defeat but can pack a serious punch if not taken seriously. 
The main place they are located is in the Sanitarium and the Alchemilla 
hhospital. To get away from a grappling attack, repeatedly press the 
X button to push yourself away. 


These monsters are also in many of the Silent Hill games. They look like a 
featureless human bound in a straight jacket. Their habit of spitting acid 
can get quite old and can take a chunk out of your life. They are not too 
hard to beat and the pistol or shotgun takes care of them nicely. If you are 
caught in a grappling attack, DO NOT MASH BUTTONS! Yes, I am still learning 
that because it is a habit to mash buttons when you are attacked, I know. 
Wait until you see a picture of the button you need to press on the screen 
and press it quickly. Do this a few times and you will avoid damage. 


A new addition to the series, these monsters are quite dangerous. They have 
an appearance of an animal carcass. They lunge at you very quickly even if 
you try to dodge them. They take a good few hits to kill so a shotgun is 
recommended to kill them in one hit. Stay far away from them because of 
their speed and you should be fine.


These are shadowy creatures that lurk in the Cedar Grove Sanitarium. From my 
experience, they are not easy to kill and it is better to just turn off your 
flashlight and run. If you must fight them, use any strong melee weapon to 
defeat them. 


An Ariel looks like a child-like mannequin that hangs from the ceiling. They 
can drop on the floor and attack you also. A good way to defeat them is to 
shoot them from a distance and stomp on them quickly. If you are caught in 
a grappling attack, mash the X button to get away with no damage. These are 
usually easy enemies but they come in groups of 2 or 3 so take caution.  


A downright ugly creature that is large with its hind legs somehow in front 
of its body. They are powerful and can stomp you quite easily and cause a 
hefty amount of damage. They are slow but can attack quickly if you are 
near them. Try not to fight them if you don't have to, use the rifle or 
shotgun if you do. 


These are freaky monsters that look like a monster/human fused together. They 
appear toward the end of the game and can inflict a good amount of damage. A 
few shots from the shotgun take care of them pretty easily so they are really 
nothing to worry about. They spit acid but if you run past them they should 
miss. Sometimes you will be caught in a grapple and press the button 
that appears on the screen.


  Section 4: Items/Weapons


# Healing Items #

Health Drink

These are fairly common around Silent Hill and heal you a small amount 
when you drink them. These should be the first things you use when 
Travis is damaged unless his health is flashing red.

First Aid Kit

These are less common but heal you a moderate amount. 


Now this is the stuff. Ampoules heal you fully and even increase your 
stamina for a bit (similar to an energy drink). There are only about 4 
in the game so use them sparingly. 

Energy drink

This doesn't heal you at all, but it does increase your stamina for 
a bit. It's good for if you need to run away from monsters quickly.

# Ammo #

Target Ammo

A box of .22 caliber bullets used with the Target Pistol.

Shotgun Ammo

A box of shotgun shells for the Shotgun.

Service Ammo

A box of 9mm bullets for the Service Pistol.

Assault Rifle Ammo

A clip for the Assault Rifle

Redeemer Ammo

A box of .44 caliber bullets for the Redeemer. 


There are 6 types of weapons in the game.

Light weapons: This category includes weapons such as the Scalpel. 
They are not very powerful but are quick and good for consecutive attacks. 

Medium weapons: This category includes weapons such as the Tire Iron. 
They have a medium strength and are okay for a few consecutive attacks.

Heavy weapons: This category includes weapons such as the Sledgehammer. 
They are very powerful but can't be used for more than two consecutive 

Long weapons: This category includes weapons such as the Drip Stand. 
They have very good reach but are slow and also aren't good for more 
than one attack.

One time use weapons: This category includes weapons such as the Typewriter
and Portable TV. They are usually very powerful but can only be used once. 
They can also be thrown to cause damage at a long distance. 

Ranged weapons: This category includes all of the guns in the game. 
They range on strength but can be used at a distance, which is very helpful. 
You are also able to use ranged weapons while walking. 

Fists: When Travis's melee weapon breaks, he can use his fists to fight 
enemies. It can be effective against beginning enemies but is usually a 
very weak attack.

                            * Weapon List *

Light Weapons                                 Description

Scalpel                                       A stainless steel scalpel.

Screwdriver                                   A standard flathead 

Razor                                         An old-fashioned cut throat 

Medium Weapons                                Description

Meat Hook                                     A sharp meat hook.

Tire Iron                                     A metal tire iron.

Meat Cleaver                                  A sharp cleaver.

Baton                                         A thick rubber baton for 
                                              patient control. 

Kitchen Knife                                 A steel chopping knife.

Katana                                        A sharp-edged steel blade.

Jagged Wood                                   A jagged piece of timber.

Heavy Weapons                                 Description

Sledgehammer                                  A weighty sledgehammer.

Wrench                                        A heavy duty wrench.

Shovel                                        A heavy shovel.

Long Weapons                                  Description

Drip Stand                                    A sturdy metal drip stand.

Poker                                         A sharp Poker.

Broken Pole                                   A splintered handle or 

Spear                                         A spear with a sharp head.

Light Stand                                   A broken light stand.

Pool Cue                                      A long pool cue.

Meat Gaff                                     Long-handled meat gaff.

One Time Use Weapons                          Description

Alcohol Bottle                                A medicinal alcohol 

Toaster                                       A metal toaster.

Typewriter                                    A handy typewriter.

Portable TV                                   A portable television.

Filing Cabinet                                A small filing cabinet.

Table Lamp                                    A heavy tableside lamp.

Toolbox                                       A heavy metal toolbox.

Crate                                         A plastic crate.

Iron Weights                                  A stack of iron weights.

Firearms                                     Description

Target Pistol                                 A light target pistol.

Shotgun                                       A wide-bore shotgun.

Service Pistol                                A battered service pistol.

Hunting Rifle                                 A sleek hunting rifle.

Assault Rifle                                 A fully automatic assault 

Redeemer                                      A heavy reliable six 
                                              Has "Redeemer" etched on
                                              its side.

For bonus/secret weapons, see the Bonus/Extras section.


  Section 5: Walkthrough

Before starting the walkthrough, I am going to go through the basics, 
which you will have to know before playing the game.

# Saving #

To save the game, you have to find a reddish orange symbol posted on the 
walls around Silent Hill. Only then can you save the game. It is a smart 
idea to save on a separate file every few hours or more so if you use too 
many health items and save, you can start at the previous file. You never 
know when you will screw up. 

# Battles #

To battle, hold down R1 and press X to swing a melee weapon or shoot your gun. 
Sometimes monsters will grapple with you and you will be prompted to press a 
button to get out without any damage. Sometimes you will have to mash a 
certain button, and other times you will have to press a certain 
button ONCE at a specific time. Remember, monsters spawn or reappear 
in certain areas after you have done something important so watch out. 

# Items/Weapons #

All healing items, including energy drinks, can be used only once. Melee 
weapons can also be used a certain amount of time before they break and 
become useless. You can check the status of the weapon by looking at the 
weapon selection menu.
Some items are more common than others so it is a good idea to conserve when 
you can. The rule is, the more powerful the item, the more rare it is in the 
game. Try to save items like ampoules and Redeemer ammo for boss battles. 

 # Flashlight #

The flashlight is VERY useful because in some places it is nearly impossible 
to see without it. However, it comes at a price. Monsters can see you better 
with the flashlight on so when running from certain monsters it can help to 
turn it off. I've found that you can sneak by a good amount of monsters in 
the dark.

# Radio #

The radio alerts you to when monsters are around by playing a static-y white 
Always leave it turned on, unlike the flashlight, it never hurts to be on. 

# Stamina #

Travis's stamina depletes when he is running for a while or when he is 
grappling monsters. A decrease in stamina will cause Travis to run slower 
(therefore easily caught by monsters), and will have a less chance at a 
successful grapple. Rest in a safe spot or drink an energy drink to 
restore lost stamina.

# Finishing off monsters #

To finish off a monster, walk up to one while it is lying on the ground 
and press X to perform a finishing move. If you are using a gun and run 
out of ammo for the move, Travis will stomp on the monster instead. 
Same thing when a melee weapon breaks. If you do not finish off the 
monster, it USUALLY will come alive again and you will have to battle 
it again. Sometimes with weapons like the Shotgun, 
you do not have to use a finishing move if you knock them down twice. 

# Charging your attacks #

With all melee weapons, you can hold X to perform a charged attack. 
These attacks are strong and can be very effective. You can also 
do consecutive attacks where Travis will swing his weapon more 
than once at a time. Some weapons perform consecutive attacks quicker 
than others, some none at all.

Now that all the basics are taken care of, I will start the walkthrough.

There may be minor spoilers in this walkthrough that can't be prevented. 
Please don't complain to me how I ruined the storyline. Just try not to read 
too far ahead so you don't find out anything you shouldn't yet. :p
Also, my rights and lefts may be a little different then what YOUR rights and 
lefts may be. For most of my walkthrough, I used the map so a right on the map 
may equal a left in the game (with the camera in front of Travis). Just keep 
this in mind...


Travis Grady is alone is his solitary trucker lifestyle. He's content to live 
his life one mile at a time, making as few connections as possible. It's not 
that he doesn't have a personal history, but he'd much rather leave the past 
in his rearview mirror.

His latest delivery takes him past a sleepy northeastern town called Silent 
Hill. Suddenly, something runs across the road, and Travis is forced to 
swerve out of the way. Leaving his cab to investigate, he spots a young girl, 
who quickly runs away. Worried she might be hurt, Travis follows.

He comes to a flaming house on the outskirts of Silent Hill. A girl screams 
from somewhere in the fire, and Travis rushes inside to help. He fights 
through the flames, the black smoke burning in his lungs. He finds the girl, 
but eventually gives in to the strain and blacks out...

...He wakes up in Silent Hill.

If you want to find a certain part you are on, the sections are divided 
by area like . Just use Ctrl F to find what area you are looking 

After the beginning cutscene, run a long distance until another cutscene 
When that ends, and you are in the house, run forward and right up the 
staircase. Go straight through the door in front of you. Walk forward 
and turn left at a chair and go around to the direction (not area) you 
came from. Turn right and another right at a burning chair. Continue 
going in a "U" shape until you trigger a cutscene. After it ends, turn 
around and go right, right, and weave around until you trigger yet 
another cutscene. Go straight, left, follow the path, and you will a 
symbol and the flames will be cleared. Go that direction and follow 
a "U" shape and another symbol will appear. Continue straight and 
turn a left until you find a door ahead of you. In the new room, 
go straight, and if the camera is behind Travis, go left. Otherwise, 
go right. 

After the cutscene, you will wake up on a bench in good ol' Silent Hill. 
After the cutscene, view the map carefully. Your destination is circled 
and zoomed in on. Exit the map and turn left which will be straight up 
Crichton St. Go straight and turn right at the next street which will be 
Koontz St. Continue forward until you see some open gates, enter the area 
and go through the door to the Alchemilla Hospital.

To your left, there will be a map so grab it now or regret it later. Also, 
there is a public notice you can grab too. Go straight and there will be a 
save point on the wall which I recommend you use. Go down the hall to the 
door straight ahead. Follow the hallway until you get to the last door and 
enter it. Go down a lit hallway until a cutscene plays. Go into the elevator 
and press the button for the second floor. After exiting, turn left into 
the closest door. 

This will be your first battle. Review the guide for fighting earlier in the 
walkthrough. There is a sledgehammer next to you, grab that and use it to 

After the fight, go through the door marked 205. In the room, look for a 
memo on a table. Grab it and attempt to leave the room. After the cutscene 
plays, you will be transferred to the Other World. Look to the left of you 
as soon as you can to get the Plastic Lungs. Pick up the Scalpel off the 
gurney and exit the room. There will be a nurse close by so watch out. 
After she is taken care of turn to the left and right and through the door. 
Go right when you can and to room 202. Grab the Golden Egg, memo, and leave. 
Turn left and grab the Portable TV at the end of the hallway. Go through 
the closest door (room 204) and grab the memo and Drip Stand. This room 
is important so remember it for later. Go straight down the hall to the 
last door before turning right (a double door). 

Grab the health drink before going down the stairs. There will also be a 
hammer next to the door you just came in. Take the staircase down and 
through the door to the first floor. Turn right and grab the Alcohol 
Bottle to the right on a shelf. Keep going until you see a gold door 
with a hole in it. Use the Golden Egg in the door to unlock it. You 
will now be in a bathroom but don't touch the mirror yet! Go forward 
and open a container to get the Plastic Liver. Now go through the mirror.

Grab the health drink on the floor and go into the farthest stall to 
grab the Staff Lounge Key off the toilet seat. (Ewwwww) Note that the 
stall next to it has "Amy, 31" written on it. Leave the bathroom.

There is a saving point nearby. I recommend you use it. 

Take a direct right from the bathroom and through the door. Go straight 
to the Staff Lounge. Grab the health drink off the couch and the memo 
off the wall. Go to the counter to grab a Toaster (white bread anybody?) 
and an Exam Room Key. Note that the wall says "Lucy, 23." Leave the 
lounge and go straight through some double doors, down the hall to 
the last door on the right. Enter the exam room, grab the memo and 
Typewriter on the desk, and turn on the light to view the X-ray. Note 
that it says "Sarah, 19." Grab the Plastic Stomach and Plastic Intestine 
out of the two sinks. There is also an Alcohol Bottle on the shelf.

Exit the room and go through the closest door. Go straight to the double 
doors, straight, left, right, and to the elevator. Select the 2nd floor 
and go through the nearest door. Go into room 205 and through the mirror. 
Exit, go left, right, and to the next area (near the Nurse Centre). Go 
straight, right, and to the last door. Remember the numbers I asked you 
to remember? Now is a good time for them.

*Icebox Puzzle*
If you read the memo, it said that age comes before beauty. So enter the 
number as follows: "312319"

Awww, Travis just found love. Nah, it's just a Plastic Heart... 
Leave the room and beware because a nurse is right friggin' in front of you. 
Turn right, down the hall, left, and through the double doors. Go straight, 
left, and into room 205. Go through the mirror once again. Once through, 
exit the room and turn right and through the doors to the elevator. Go to 
the first floor, turn left, and right into the next hallway. Go straight 
through to the farthest door into the hallway of the exam room. 

Now would be a good time to save.

Go into the exam room and examine the plastic anatomy doll.

*Anatomy Doll Puzzle*

Put in the heart, lungs, intestines, stomach, and liver. 

Grab the Glass Eyes and exit the room. Go to the double doors and into the 
hallway. Go to the women's bathroom and through the mirror. Exit the 
bathroom and be careful because there are two nurses here. Go left 
to the darkish silver door and use the Glass Eyes. Enter and there are two 
other nurses here. Go to the end of the hall to grab a Portable TV. Go down 
the hall further to grab two health drinks. Go back into the exam room in that 
same hallway and examine the weird looking reddish door thing to have a mini 
boss battle.

## Mini Boss Battle ##
This is your first encounter with a Straightjacket. Just use a one time use 
items and finish it off with the Sledgehammer or other weapon. 

After the battle grab the Future Piece off the floor to trigger a cutscene. 
The surprisingly hot and not undead nurse Lisa Garland will wake you up. 
After it ends, save, and exit through the double doors PAST the exam room.
Go straight through to the next area and right to the door with Exit above it. 
Whew, out at last. 

Go straight, past some benches, and to Canyon St. Turn right to a cop car 
and grab an energy drink and a health drink. Go straight down Borden St 
and turn left on Cielo Ave. Go left (or down on the map) on Low St. and 
go into the Butcher's. 

Directly forward you will see a saving point. Save here and grab the 
Meat Hook out of the hanging slab of meat. There is also a health drink 
nearby so grab that too. Go through the door for a wonderfully appetizing 
cutscene. Nurse sashimi anyone? Yum.

Go straight, grab the energy drink, go past Miss Sashimi and follow the 
halls to the double doors. 


Go straight down Toluca Ave and grab the pointless memo on the car. 
Go past the intersection and grab the Crate near some dumpsters (in 
a large blue area on the map). Across from the Cedar Grove Sanitarium 
is a health drink and a Wrench. Go across and follow the path into 
the building. 

Go straight and turn left into the only door of three you can go 
into. In here, grab the Filing Cabinet and the Target Pistol. Leave 
and go straight across and through the only door of three you can 
enter. Luckily, inside is a map. After picking the map up, go across 
a bit to the right, to a table with a memo. Leave through the doors 
that you didn't come through (they look the same) and a cutscene will 
play. Go across to the stairs. 

There is a save point here so use it. Go upstairs through the door. 
Turn right and go into the door to the storage on the left. Grab the 
two shotgun ammos, 2 Alcohol Bottles, and the First Aid Kit and leave. 
Go back to where you came but turn right to go a large room with many 
doors. Take a slight left and enter into the TB Ward. Grab the memo 
in front of the iron lung.

*Iron Lung Puzzle*

What you need to do here is to get all the needles to the far right 
side of the gauge. 

0   0   0   0   0
1   2   3   4   5

The order is 155133.

Grab the Basement Key out of the iron lung and leave the room. Take 
a hard left, then go straight to the other double door. Go straight 
through again to the stairs. Go downstairs to the basement but before 
you go through the door, grab the Wrench and the Target Ammo. Now go 
through the door and straight through some silver double doors. You 
will be at a cross-shaped area. Now go through the nearest door to 
the storage. Grab the Drip Stand and some Target Ammo and leave. You 
can go down near the boiler room and grab some Jagged Wood if you 
want to. 

Now go past the storage out of the cross-shaped room. Turn left, 
than right, and be aware of the Carrion that is lurking about here. 
Throw an Alcohol Bottle at it and take it out quickly. Go through 
the door leading to a long pathway. Go a loooong way to get to the 
door on the right (the stairwell). Go upstairs to the topmost floor 
be in a whole new area. Once through the door, turn right and straight 
to the female hydro therapy room. Drain the bathtub by pressing the 
button on the wall to watch a key being flushed down the drain. Nice 
one Travis...

Save if you need to and leave. Go right and into two doors on the 
right side called the female treat[ment] room. Go through the mirror 
and grab the Target Ammo.  Leave and turn left to grab an Alcohol 
Bottle on a table. Turn around and go into the door to the stairs 
on the right side. Go down to the middle floor, save, and go through 
the door. Turn right and the screen will turn black and white and 
there will be a minor "cutscene." Go straight and through any door 
to the female dorm 3. Grab the target ammo on the table and leave. 
Take a left and go to the women's bathroom and grab the hard to see 
kitchen knife in the shower room. Go through the mirror and go into 
the open stall and flush the toilet. Look at the bloody words on the 
floor if you are feeling morbid and leave the bathroom. 

Go straight up and into the third door on the right into the female 
dorm 5. Right next to you will be a Baton and a memo. Grab the Target 
Ammo and the Belongings Key on a bed. Leave and go straight across to 
unlock the door to the stairwell but do not enter it. Go down toward 
the women' bathroom but turn right into the door past the matron. 
From there, head straight to the lower storage room and grab the 
Tire Iron, Target Ammo, then leave. 
There is a saving point near here. 

From the storage, head down and to the east solarium. Go through 
the other door and to a large room you have been in before. Look at your 
map and head to the Patient Belongings room and use the key. Turn right 
and grab the shotgun ammo, the memo, and the Typewriter. There is a mirror 
in here behind the shelves so go through it. Grab the shotgun off the door 
(Oh baby!) and leave the room. Careful, there are two Carrions here. Go 
through the door next to the east solarium and then into the east solarium. 
There is shotgun ammo here so grab that and leave. Turn left when you can 
and go straight to the laundry. Pick up the memo and health drink. Leave 
and go down to the last door on the right- the stairwell. Go down to the 
bottom floor and through the door. Turn right, right, and all the way down 
to the east pipe room. Grab the Interview Archives Key and leave the room.

If you want to go into the diagonal hallway here, there is a Meat Hook at 
the end. It is hard to get around the monster here so it may not be worth 

Go straight into the door to the storage and grab the Hammer and ampoule 
and go through the mirror. Grab the Meat Hook and leave. Go to the stairwell 
and up two floors but save first. Once through the door, go straight across 
into another room. Take a slight right into the first door you see which 
will be the archives room. There will be another mini "cutscene" here. 
Grab the Portable TV and shotgun ammo and go through the mirror. Grab the 
Katana on the shelf and leave. Look at your map and head left to the door 
leading to the polio ward. Go straight across into another stairwell and 
into the door on the lowest floor. 

Careful, there is a Carrion here. Finish it off and go to the door before 
the blockage leading to a long diagonal corridor. Go up one flight of stairs 
and into the door. Go right, into the male seclusion and grab the memo and 
baton off the chair. Enter room 1, grab a razor, and note the surroundings. 
Door 2 is burned, 3 is open and has a Poker you can grab (note the 
dressmaker's dummy). Door 4 is barred and 5 has rotten food everywhere. 
Leave when you have written everything down. Go all the way down and right 
into the Infirmary and save. Grab the Scalpel and head to the dolls on a 

*Doll Puzzle*

This one is tricky. Remember the memo you grabbed from the male seclusion? 
In a nutshell it says that (excluding the pill names):

Room 1: Red
Room 2: Blue
Room 3: Yellow
Room 4: Green
Room 5: Blue

I asked you to remember what was in each room and now we need to find 
out what it represents. 

Room 1: Razors
Room 2: Burned
Room 3: Dressmaker's Dummy
Room 4: Barred shut
Room 5: Food

The dolls look like this in left to right order.

Knife doll represents confinement
Red doll represents burning
Arms crossed doll represents food (really skinny)
Razor doll represents... razors. 
Dressed doll represents clothes.

So if you put this together you get green, blue, blue, red, yellow.

After that you get Dr. Harris' Key

Leave the room and go right and to the double doors leading to the 
stairwell. Go to the lower floor and down the long stretch of diagonal 
hallway. Head into the storage to the right and go through the mirror. 
Grab the memo and leave. Head down and to the stairwell and to the next 
floor up. Go straight across, unlock the door, and go through. From here, 
turn left and into the door left of the Patient Belongings (left door). 
Grab the memo and the Jocasta Artifact, then leave. Grab the Child's Drawing 
on the floor and head to the east solarium. Go through it and save at the 
stairwell nearby. Exit the stairwell and go straight, then right, straight 
through (past the Female Ward A) and into first door on the right. You will 
now be in the women's bathroom, so now go through the mirror. When out of 
the bathroom (haha) go straight ahead and use the Jocasta Artifact on the 
door. After the cutscene, save, and enter the door furthest to the left.

### Boss Battle ###

I managed to beat this boss the first time without getting hit once. Use 
the Target Pistol first, then the Shotgun to finish her off. Run around 
the room, trying to stay as far away as you can, and fire 1 or 2 shotgun 
shots or 3 or 4 pistol shots. Too many more and you may be hit. Wait until 
she screams and stop shooting or you will waste ammo. Overall, this is a 
pretty easy battle.


After the battle, grab the Past Piece and you will wake up in the first 
section of the sanitarium. Turn around from where you are and make sure 
to grab the Theater Ticket off the table before you exit the sanitarium 

Grab the Lumberyard Key from the car outside. Follow the concrete path 
until you are outside of the Cedar Grove Sanitarium. 

Now would be a good time to explore the town a bit and find ammo and health 
drinks. I'm not going to lead you on a wild goose chase to find all the 
things so I am going to direct you to the lumberyard.

From the intersection at Acadia Rd, go left, then right on Toluca Ave. 
Take a right where it says Deliveries and enter in the door to the 
Butcher Shop. Follow the bloodstains, save, and leave out the other side. 
Once outside and paying one last visit to Nurse Sashimi (guess the Butcher 
wasn't one with her yet...), turn left. Go right and up Low St. and another 
right at Cielo Ave. Before you come to a dead end, go left into the 
lumberyard. You can follow the path all the way down to the left to pick 
up a health drink if you want. Otherwise, enter through the doors using 
the Lumberyard Key. 

Once inside, take an immediate right and pick up the Hammer. Go back to 
the entrance area and take a right at an opening and then a left. You 
will go through a narrow spot and the camera angle will change. Go 
through that area and pick up the memo right in front of you. Turn 
left from the memo, go straight, and make a U-turn around a fence. 
Continue to weave through the area and pick up the Hammer to the 
left of you. Take a right and slight left and go through the next door 
you see.


From the Lumberyard, go up Industry Dr. and explore to find some health 
drinks and Target Ammo. At the end of the curve, turn right, then left 
and you will soon find the Greenfield Apartments. If you get lost, just 
follow the bloodstains. Only in Silent Hill would you get to your 
destination this way. Hehe  The stains lead upstairs so go up and into 
the door. 

Once inside, turn left to find a Toaster and a Screwdriver. Check the 
couch to find 2 Target Ammo and check the table to find a Table Lamp. 
Go back to near the entrance and turn left to go into another section. 
Turn left to find an opening to the bedroom where you will find a bloody 
mess of a monster left on the bed for poor Travis to find. Grab the memo 
if you want and make a U-turn into the bathroom. There will be a giant 
hole so jump down and make James Sunderland proud. Once down, exit the 
room and head to the mailboxes. Note that the overflowing mailbox number 
is 213. So, go down the stairs and out the door. 

Once out, head right and you can head down an alley where there will 
be Service Ammo and a Meat Hook. Follow the path a short ways until 
you get to the Artaud Theater. Check the ticket box and use the Theater 
Ticket you grabbed at the Sanitarium. Once you hear a click, turn around 
and go into the main entrance.

Beautiful scenery huh? Before you go anywhere, you will see a map on a 
bench so grab it. Save here and go to the left and through the double 
doors leading to the center of the auditorium. Walk straight until a 
cutscene plays. A rather scary one if you ask me. Lisa has waaay to 
much time on her hands. After it is done, straight as far as you can 
and turn left. Go up some short stairs and into a door on the right. 
Grab the Typewriter here and go on through. Walk through the stage 
and a mini cutscene will play. Go into the door on the other side and 
save again here after grabbing the Iron Weights. 

Leave through the door next to the saving point and turn right if you 
want to grab a Hammer, and left to go through the next door. A small 
cutscene will play and you will be rudely introduced to the first Ariel 
in the game. Uh... fun. Grab the health drink in here and turn left at 
the wall and go down a long hall where you will see another Ariel. Kill 
it and go into the director's office and pick up the Sun Totem, the 
Service Ammo, Service Pistol, and the memo. Leave and go all the way 
down the hall where you came from and go into the last door on the left, 
the men's dressing room. Pick up the memo and go into the mirror after 
picking up the Katana. 

Exit the room and turn left, right, and straight to the door ahead. 
Enter and pick up the Service Ammo and Balcony Key. Go down the hall 
to the last door on the right into the men's dressing room. Go through 
the mirror and leave the room. Go down and through the double doors and 
take a left into the curtain control, save, then leave. There is some 
Jagged Wood next to the door, so grab it and walk across the stage, and 
through the door. Go through the storage and back through the auditorium 
to the main lobby. To the right you will see some stairs so go up them. 
Go through the double doors and turn right into the balcony corridor. 
Go straight and into the second door on the left into the lighting box. 
Grab the first aid kit and memo and read it carefully. Grab the 
Screwdriver and 4 important items: 500W bulb, 250W bulb, 750W bulb, 
and the 125W bulb. Then leave and turn right into the doors leading 
to the stairs. 

Go down the stairs and into the next area. Kill the Straightjacket here 
and grab the Moon Totem in front of you. Go straight, unlock the door 
and go through. Go straight until you pass the curtain control 
(save if you want) and through the next door. Head straight to the 
men's dressing room and into the mirror. Exit the room and go straight 
and into the double doors leading out of the area. Kill the Carrion 
in here and go down the hall and through the next doors. Go straight 
and a slight left into the door to the stairwell. Go upstairs and 
through the doors. 

Check the door with the design on it and read it carefully.


*Door Puzzle*

This is fairly straightforward. 

"My right hand calls to the light,
My left hand ushers in darkness."

Put the Sun Totem to the right of the door, and the Moon Totem to the 
The door will then open.


Once through, go up the stairs and through the door. Go all the way 
down to the third door on the left, past the two catwalks. Go in the 
door and down the hall, turn right, and pick up the sweet Hunting 
Rifle just waiting for you to pick it up. Go down the hall again to 
the last door on the left into the costume storage and go into the 
mirror. Grab the Katana, memo, and health drink and leave the room. 
Head down the hall and to the last door on the right, leading to the 
orchestra storage. Save here and grab the Iron Weights, then leave. 
Go right and to the door leading to the next area. Careful, there 
are two Straightjackets here. Go down to the second door and enter 
onto the catwalk. 


*Light Bulb Puzzle*

This one took me a little while. Remember the note we picked up 
regarding the bulb placement? It says:

B has to be half the wattage of D.
A + B must not exceed C.
Wattage of D must not exceed A.

Let's use a little bit of math to figure this out. Oh noes! 
Not math! Yes, math. 

B = 1/2 D
A + B < C
D < A

So we have 4 bulbs: 500W, 250W, 750W, 125W. 

So for the equation B = 1/2 D, both of these would work.

125 = 1/2 * 250
250 = 1/2 * 500

Let's use the first one for now. 

So if we use 125 = 1/2 * 250, then that means B = 125 and D = 250.
If we substitute those values in the second equation of A + B < C 
we get A + 125 < C. In the third equation of D < A we would get 250 < A. 
The only value that would work for A would be 500 because it would 
satisfy this equation 500 + 125 = 750 (which does not exceed C). 
So that means the third equation is 250 < 500. So, after all the math, 
we get this order:

A = 500
B = 125
C = 750
D = 250


So put the bulbs in place in that order along the catwalk. Then pull 
the switch at the end and Voila! You have heard a strange sound that 
could mean absolutely nothing. ^0^  
Well, luckily it means something so leave the catwalk and turn right 
and through the door. Go down the stairs and unlock the door. Go through 
it and straight through the doors ahead. Head down the stairs but grabbing 
health drink along the way and go through the door. Go a little to the left 
and into the next door into a long hallway. Go straight but turn left into 
the curtain control. Save here and pull the curtain control level in here. 
Leave out the door next to the lever and holy crap! What happened here? As 
you have noticed, there is a huge mirror that you can enter. If you do, you 
will be bored to tears because it is just an empty room. Awwww, that's no 
fun! So, let's mess things up shall we? When facing the mirror, turn left for 
some Shotgun ammo or turn right to find a strange machine. 


*Prop Lever Puzzle*

This is pretty easy. You basically want to match the props to the scenery. 
Pull the top Scenery lever and the middle Props lever to hear a creepy 
sound. Go to the mirror and enter it and head to the left to a strange 
looking tree-thing. Grab the Stage Office Key and leave after the cutscene. 


You can pull the lower lever of Scenery and the top lever of props and 
enter the mirror again for some items. I highly recommend you do this to 
get some rifle ammo, some memos, and a highly valuable ampoule. 


 After exiting the mirror, go right and into the curtain control. Leave 
through the other side and turn an immediate left and enter the next area 
to avoid the Carrion. In this room, go straight, left and follow the hallway 
all the way down to the LAST door on the right into the stage office. Grab 
the Prop Lever and leave going back down the hall and through the door on the 
right back to the door where you entered. I guess the Carrion followed us... 
Kill or run away from the Ariels and go directly into the door on the right. 
Save here (important) then leave and go in a U shape back to the control 
panel. Use the Prop Lever and pull the middle Scenery lever and the bottom 
Props lever. So, enter the mirror.

## Boss Battle ##

This guy isn't too hard either. The funny thing is you will see many of this 
walking around Silent Hill so if you kill it now, you will learn to avoid it 
later. ^_^
Now, I recommend you use the Rifle for this because the Shotgun loses power 
at a distance. However, if you do not want to use up your ammo then use the 
What you can do is get close (but not touching) the Caliban and lure it to 
lunge at you. You will hear it roar and once you hear a crash you know it 
has hit the wall. Run up to it and shoot it with whatever weapon you can 
before it finishes turning around. You should kill it pretty easily and 
get the Falsehood Piece as a reward. 


When Travis finishes his nappy nap, pick up the Motel Key from the dead 
Ariel. Save if you want and then leave the Theater. 

From the theater, take a left and continue down until you get to a dead 
end. You can also pick up some items by going down alleyways and dead end 
streets beforehand. You will eventually have to take a right and you will 
see an open door, so enter.

While in here make SURE to grab the Assault Rifle from the mannequin. Check 
the memo and it will say something about the combination to the register is 
Andy's Greenfield Apartment number. Remember when I asked you to note it? 
It was 213 so check the register and punch it in. Use the Bookstore Key on 
the other door to exit the shop. Also grab the Assault Rifle Ammo here.

From the store, turn left and go down Crichton St. until you see the camera 
zoom in on a store. Enter the building.

In the store, grab the ampoule, Service ammo, Assault Rifle Ammo, Toolbox,
and the memo. Go past the freezers, save, grab the Broken Pole, and leave 
the store.

From the store, go right down Midway Ave and turn right at a small alleyway. 
This can be touch because sometime a large Caliban blocks you. Continue past 
the Caliban, going straight from the alleyway until you hit a small hard to 
see path. You will be in front of Allen Storage while walking there. Continue 
along until you are on Toluca Ave. Go left on that street, picking up items 
along the way, and turn right until you see a path to the left leading to the 
motel. Go around and through a gate and you will be inside.

Save here and go into the door up some small stairs and a small cutscene 
will play. As soon as it ends, check the desk to pick up a memo. Turn left 
and grab the map next to the deer head on the wall. Go behind the desk and 
grab the Room 306 Key and check the rotary calendar if you want. Go to the 
nearest door and you will be outside again. 


This next part is completely optional.

+Turn left from the reception and go down and through the gate leading to 
the rooms 206 and 300. Hug the left side and go into the 4th door down, 
leading into room 209. Grab the Rifle Ammo and leave and go across and to 
the left into room 302 to grab a Light Stand. Go all the way up and through 
the door leading out of the area.+ 

Head up the nearest stairs into the section starting with room 310 and 315.
Go straight from the entrance of the stairs and turn left and go into the
third door to pick up some shotgun ammo. Leave and turn around back to the 
stairs. From the entrance of the stairs, turn around and go the opposite 
direction (towards room 315) and enter the second door. Grab yet another 
light stand and leave. Follow the path down a new set of stairs into the 
area of room 309. Go left and hug the wall and go into the second door, 
room 308 to pick up some Shotgun ammo. Leave and go down two more doors 
until you unlock the door to 306. Enter and kill the Two-Back and go into 
the mirror in the bathroom.

Now in the Other World, do not leave until you pick up the memo on the 
wall. Now you can leave and go right two doors down into room 309 to 
pick up some items. Leave and go left and into the open door across 
from the staff room. It will be 5 doors away from room 309 where you 
currently are. Once inside, pass some stairs and turn left into the 
next door. Hug the left wall and go down 4 doors into room 209 where 
there will be a Spear you can pick up. Leave, and go straight across,
head left, and 2 doors down will be room 301 where you can pick up a 
First Aid Kit off the toilet. 

Leave the room and head left and a slight right to head into an open 
area (shown as a door on the map) with a Two-Back. Kill it and hug the 
right wall, go down two doors, and into room 503. Once inside, find the 
bathroom and go inside the mirror. Check the table and pick up the memo, 
then leave. Head left and to a double door and pick up the Shovel next 
to it. Enter the building and kill the Straightjacket in here. There 
will be a Toolbox next to the door you came in so pick that up too. 
Next, walk forward and you will eventually find Redeemer Ammo, a health 
drink, and a very important memo. Note that there is a vice here. From 
the vice, turn around and walk forward, turn left, another slight 
left, until you find a open spot in the wall you can walk through. 

Walk a few steps down the hall and you will see two peepholes. Look 
through the one on the left and a mini cutscene will play. Note that 
the calendar has 12 circled on it. 

It's kind of funny that while looking through the peephole, Travis 
doesn't stop panting.

Keep going down the hall until you see a lone peephole and a table. 
Look in the peephole and... oh look who it is! He was the one who 
turned the nurse into sashimi! Look again and he disappears... ooooo 
creepy. Pick the picture up off the table (I still can't figure out what 
it is) and pick up the Manager's Office Key. Leave the hallway for good 
and turn left and go through the door to exit the maintenance room. Go 
straight past all the rooms and turn right to find a new door. Inside 
this tight little spot are two Two-Backs but I find it pretty easy to 
run past them. Go all the way down and unlock the door. 

There will be a Carrion here so walk past it and go straight and a little 
to the left and enter the small door leading to the employee parking. SAVE 
Go up the small stairs and into the reception. Go straight into the door 
ahead of you and use the Manager's Office Key. There will be a Two-Back 
in here so kill it and grab the memo off the table as well as the Assault 
Rifle Ammo. Leave through the door to the left of the stuffed animals on the 

Before you head anywhere, turn around and unlock the door behind you. 
From there, turn left and hug the wall and go into the first door. Grab 
the health drink, Assault Rifle Ammo from near the window and the Redeemer 
and the ammo next to the television. A 44 caliber hand cannon? What, 
was Leon S. Kennedy staying here or something? Anyway, moving on. There 
is also a crate in the bathroom. Leave the room and turn left and go into 
the second door (room 106) and grab the Rifle Ammo here. Leave and pass a 
few doors until you see a bloody monster body just sitting there. So, 
enter the kitchen.

## Boss Battle ##

Wow, if that wasn't a disturbing enough cutscene now you need to fight 
the guy? Boy, is Travis having a bad day. 
First of all, the Butcher is coming toward you so back up and turn left!! 
I went straight the first time and got totally sliced up. If the Butcher 
does grab you, treat the situation as you would with a Straightjacket and 
press the buttons it tells you to. 
Anyway, after turning left, run around and wait in a corner. Shoot him 
with the Assault Rifle and get at least 6-9 shots before you run away again. 
Careful, he changes directions if you run quickly to the other side. 
Also, keep an eye on how many bullets are left because nothing is 
more annoying then having Travis randomly reload and getting hit 
because of it. The Assault Rifle should take care of the Butcher 
pretty quickly so as long as you stay away from him, there should be 
no trouble.


After the battle, leave through the other side after picking up the Meat 
Cleaver and the Meat Gaff. You will be now in the diner so pick up a memo 
on the table, save and leave through the other door. You will now be in 
the pool area so from the diner, turn left until you see some stairs. 
Pass them and check the second door to room 102. Pick up some Rifle Ammo 
and a Light Stand then leave. Head back toward the stairs (left) and go 
past the diner until you get to the game room. Enter and check the pool 
table for a pool cue, probably one of the most expensive melee weapons 
you will find. Then go up the stairs and check the lit pinball machine 
for a Token. Start to leave and a mini-cutscene will play. 

Leave and turn left and straight into the Laundromat. Go to the other 
side and unlock the door but do not enter it. Check the table to find 
an important memo. Then use the Token on the washing machine so start 
the next puzzle.


*Washing Machine Puzzle*

This isn't too much of a puzzle because you basically have the answer 
in the memo you got from the maintenance room. 

The Janitor's Note says to do a low spin, 60 wash, drain, then pre-rinse. 
The Washing Machine Manual gives you a list of the symbols and what 
they mean. 

So, following the guide to symbols (with numbers added):

1) Pre-Rinse
2) Soak
3) 30 degree wash
4) 60 degree wash
5) 90 degree wash 
6) Low Spin
7) Heavy Spin  
8) Drain

On the dial (with numbers)


  8            2
 7              3

  6            4

You want 6, 4, 8, 1


After that, grab the Cleopatra Key and leave.

See the stairs right next to you? Go up them and go straight turn 
right, and another right and use the Cleopatra Key to the Cleopatra 
room. Grab the items in this room, including the photo on the bed. 
Then go into the bathroom down the hall and jump down the hole in 
the bathtub. Oopsie daisy, looks like Travis caught Lisa and Kaufmann 
in their little love shack. 

If you look on the table across from the bed you see what looks like cocaine. 
Naughty naughty! 

Leave the bedroom into the living room area and grab the memo off the table. 
Grab the Typewriter and go back into the bathroom and into the mirror. 
Kill the Two-Back and grab the Meat Hook near the door, the memo, and 
leave. Go around to the pool and down the stairs to grab the Jeweled 
Heart. Exit the pool and go into the diner and grab the Dagger from a 
cage where you see a body or something hanging. 
Leave and go up the stairs right next to you. Go straight, turn right 
when you can, turn left and use the Dagger on the funny-looking door 
to the Nero room. 

When in the room, pick up the memo, head down the hall into the bathroom 
and jump down the hole in the bathtub again. Before you go through the 
wall in the next area, turn around and pick up the first aid kit. Then 
go to the opposite side and through the wall into the maintenance. Turn 
right and to the end of the hall where you can pick up another picture. 


If you look in one of the peepholes, you will see 3 bodies hanging. Cool, 
but not important.

Go back down the hall into the door on the end. In this new room, pick up 
the memo and unlock the double doors to go outside. Go straight, and go to 
the 4th door and go through the mirror. Leave and turn left and go through 
the double doors to the maintenance room. Go straight and a little to the 
left to find the vice again. Use the Jeweled Heart on the vice and you will 
get the Wedding Ring. Go to the menu and choose to examine the ring and it 
will say this:

"To my June bride. Love Forever, Richard."

Remember the rotary calendar? Believe it or not, we have all the pieces to 
the puzzle. Leave the maintenance room and go straight and right, into 
another gate. This is the area with the two Two-Backs so just run past 
them. When you leave out the other side, go straight up to the small door 
on the top left. Save here, and go up the stairs into the reception and 
go around the counter to the rotary calendar. 

*Rotary Calendar Puzzle* 

I know you are thinking, "WTF? We know the day and month, but not the year." 
Well, that is not true. Remember what seems like ages ago where we found some 
memos in the Cedar Grove Sanitarium? The two memos we are interested in is 
the Status Reports for both 1960 and 1961. 
We have the day as the 12th from the calendar we saw through the peephole, 
and the month of June from the engraving of the Wedding Ring. So we have 
two combinations:

06 12 1960
06 12 1961

If we try the first, it does not work. But if we try the second, out pops a 
drawer with nothing in it. What? I thought we were supposed to get a key! 
Well think about this. If that is all we had to do, we wouldn't have to go 
through 98% of the apartment complex if we cheated and looked up the numbers 
So, put the Wedding Ring inside. You will hear a sound and if you look 
behind you at the keys on the wall, a new key will show up.


You now have the Room 500 Key. So leave the reception through the door you 
came in and save. Leave through the door next to the saving point and the area 
you are in should look very familiar. Go all the way down, a little bit to the 
left, and past the stairs and through the door. Pass the Two-Backs yet again 
and go to the other side and out the door. Go up and left into the second room, 
number 503. Go through the mirror and leave the room. A mini-cutscene will 
play and you will be right outside room 500. Enter it and use the save point 
right next to you. Go down some very long stairs and enter into the next 
room for a cutscene.

## Boss Battle ##

This boss is a bit harder than the other ones. I recommend the Assault Rifle 
but the regular Rifle should work fine. Try to avoid the Shotgun because you 
will be shooting at a far distance. 
Quickly run to the left and put in a few shots. Some tentacles will descend so 
try to run the opposite direction to avoid them. They are pretty hard to avoid 
but if they catch you, press X repeatedly to get out unharmed. He will spit an 
acid at you but if you are running back and forth (avoiding the tentacles) he 
should miss you. 
While using the Assault Rifle, try not to be greedy and get more than 5 shots. 
You will get attacked if you try to shoot to many times. If you are using the 
Rifle, try 1 maybe 2 shots.


After the battle, pick up the Truth Piece off the ground. A cutscene will end 
an you will end up in a hospital-like place. Pick up the Redeemer Ammo and the 
first aid kit, and leave through the door next to some shelves. Go straight 
through the other door and into yet another room. You will see a large red 
symbol on the ground so check it and receive the Present Piece.

*Flauros Puzzle*

This one is pretty tricky. What you have to do attach the pieces and rotate 
them in the right direction. 
Press X to pick up the piece the second from the left and it will 
automatically attach. 
Press Square to rotate whatever piece is zoomed in on. 

The puzzle will be solved under these conditions:

1) The symbols that look like this:


Will be all on one side. 

And so on. Here is the solution:

When the Present piece is facing with this symbol to the left:


This symbol to the right:


And the circle thing to the bottom.

1) Attach the piece to the far right. Rotate it so the previous symbol 
(O and X's) match up.

2) Rotate with R1 ONCE and attach the piece next to the one you just 
picked. (So two on the left are remaining). Rotate it twice using Square.

3) Rotate with R1 ONCE and attach the piece to the far left and rotate 
it twice using Square.

4) Rotate with R1 ONCE and attach the remaining piece and rotate it 


We've finally finished the Silent Hill Rubix Cube. A cutscene will play 
and when it ends, pick up an Ampoule off a box and exit through a door 
next to a fire extinguisher. Go in a U shape to the last door and enter 
it. You will go up a flight of stairs and guess where we are? We are at 
the good ol' Alchemilla Hospital. Turn left, right, and save if you want 
at the save point in front of you. Go straight on and through the door to 
trigger an awesome cutscene.

Now I would recommend you use your Energy Drinks to run around quickly. 
From where you are, turn left and go straight until you see a Child's Map. 

Once again, you can collect items here but I am going to take you straight 
to where you need to go. This is a very hard place to navigate so you will 
have to not just rely on my instructions. Weave around and you will find 
where you are looking for. 

Go a quick left and right and go straight up "Canneon" and when you can, 
take a slight right on "Koonts". Weave around and you will find a path 
leading up "Simons" and continue to go straight. You will come to a wall 
where you need to turn right and find a small path around a Two-Back and 
you will be forced to turn left. Turn right at another Two-Back and you 
will come to a gap. Look to the left and there will be a small path 
across it. Go straight and weave around the monsters and you will eventually 
turn right into the area you need to be- the Antique Shop. 

Go down the stairs and enter the room. Grab the memo off the desk and 
check the hole next to a shelf. Now you will have to crawl a long ways. 
Just hold the analog stick and enjoy the pretty music. Eventually you 
will come to a room with a huge saving point. Uh oh, you know what that 
means! So save here and turn right and a cutscene will trigger.

## Boss Battle ##

The first thing that the demon does is his fire attack where it is what 
it sounds like. Balls of fire rain down on you and you can avoid them by 
avoiding the shadows. Trust me, it's very tough to avoid these but luckily 
they don't do too much damage. The most damaging attack is when you get 
too close and he swipes with his claws. 
This can easily be avoided by keeping a good distance away from him. The 
third attack is when he shoots a beam of light at you and you can just 
keep running and he will most likely miss. I've literally stood right 
in front of him and he's missed but I wouldn't rely on that.
I recommend you use the Redeemer for most of this battle because it is 
kick-butt. The Assault Rifle also is good and the Rifle, but try to avoid 
the Shotgun. If you use the Redeemer it will take up most if not all your 
ammo but it doesn't matter because you won't be using it later.


After the battle, you will be rewarded by the ending cutscene and the 


 Section 6: Bonus/Extras


There are three separate endings to the game. 

 Good Ending

This is the most easily received of the endings. Kill under 200 or so 
enemies and do not pick up the key near the post office and you will 
get it. You cannot pick up the key if you are on your first time 
playing the game.

 Bad Ending

Kill kill kill. Kill every monster you see and you will get this ending. 
You supposedly need to kill 200+ but as I said, just keep killing and 
you will get there.

 UFO ending

This one you get by picking up the key next to the stairs of the post 
office. It will be the Room 502 Key that you can only receive after 
you beat the game at least once. Otherwise, the stairs will be blocked.


This information I got from Georgi Samaras and her walkthrough. Thank you!

What the accolades system replaces the ranking system in the game. You 
finish the game in a certain way such as under a certain amount of time, 
and you get extra weapons and costumes. There are a lot of costumes in 
the game so collect them all. 


How to get:    Beat the game the first time.
Extras:        This unlocks the Moon Gauntlets (melee).  
Advice:        Beat the game, it should be clear enough.


How to get:    Get the bad ending.
Extras:        This unlocks the Great Cleaver (melee).
Advice:        See endings section for info on how to get the bad ending.

How to get:    Get the UFO ending.
Extras:        This unlocks the Tesla Rifle (firearm).
Advice:        Same as above.


How to get:    Have your flashlight on for less then 3 hours.
Extras:        This unlocks the Night Vision Goggles (item).
Advice:        Pretty self-explanatory. Monsters will see you less so that 
               is a bonus. It's easy to get if you beat the game under 3 
               or so hours.


How to get:    Collect more than 300 items.
Advice:        Take time to explore the town and walk around streets. I 
               didn't go into that much with my walkthrough because I 
               figured you could find the items yourself.


How to get:    Beat the game in less than 2 hours. 
Extras:        While wearing this you will never tire while running.
Advice:        Follow my speed guide to get this.

How to get:    Kill 75% of enemies with a firearm.
Advice:        Get the Tesla Gun from the UFO ending to have infinite 
               ammo for this.


How to get:    Kill 75% of enemies with melee weapons.
Advice:        Easy enough, just kill with the Moon Gauntlets

How to get:    Kill 50% of enemies with only your fists.
Advice:        Focus on the beginning and easy enemies such as Nurses. 


How to get:    Look at your map less than 25 times.
Advice:        Try to pay attention to what doors Travis looks at 
               instead of relying on your map. It's tough, I know.


How to get:    Distance traveled must be greater than 22.5 km.
Advice:        If you get lost easily, this shouldn't be a problem. Also 
               try to collect lots of items to get this.


How to get:    Beat the game without saving.
Advice:        Try to combine this with the speed run.


How to get:    Rescue Alessa from the burning house in less than 80 
Extras:        This unlocks the Fire Axe (melee)
Advice:        The timer starts when you first pick up Alessa.


How to get:    Do the following code after beating the game once:
               up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, O. If 
               you did it right you will hear a chime. 
Advice:        You can do this anytime during gameplay. 

 Extra Options 

These extra options are unlocked after beating the game once. 


Instead of you having to hold square to make Travis run, he will run 
automatically. Hold square to have him walk.

--Extra Blood-

Now this is something. Selecting this option will make the game even 
gorier with more blood.

--Noise Filter-

If you turn this off, your screen with not turn grainy if a monster 
is near. You will be able to see the graphics easier also.

--Bloody Footprints-

A little random, but still cool. Inside of only having bloody footsteps 
while walking over a dead monster, he always has them. Plus it makes a 
icky squishing sound. 

--Torch Projection-

Even more random. Project an image with your flashlight, weird huh?


  Section 7: Sprinter Run

I decided to include this so you aren't constantly searching through all 
of my extra little comments and such to get a speedy walkthrough. Here 
are some tips (some courtesy to Georgi again) to get you a finished 
game in under 2 hours.

1) Do not pick up any ammo but health and energy drinks are good. 
2) Use one of your infinite weapons such as the Tesla Rifle or the Moon 
3) Skip cutscenes
4) Pick the option to have Travis run constantly.
5) Do not pick up memos
6) Don't kill enemies unless you have to
7) Get the UFO ending


1) Save Alessa from the burning house
2) Go to Alchemilla Hospital
3) Head to the elevator and up to room 205
4) Go through the mirror and grab the Plastic Lungs
5) Go to room 204 and use "312319" to open the chest and grab the 
   Plastic Heart 
6) Go to room 202 and grab the Golden Egg
7) Go downstairs to the Women's Bathroom, use the Golden Egg
8) Pick up the Plastic Liver and go through the mirror
9) Grab the Staff Lounge Key off the toilet seat
10) Go to the Staff Lounge and grab the Exam Room Key
11) Go to the Exam Room and put the parts in the doll in this order:
    Heart, lungs, intestines, stomach, and liver 
12) Grab the Glass Eyes and go to room 204 and through the mirror
13) Put the Glass Eyes in the corresponding door.
14) Finish the boss battle, grab the Future Piece, and leave the 
15) Go through the Butcher Shop
16) Go into the Cedar Grove Sanitarium
17) Go upstairs into the TB Ward
18) Press the correct buttons on the Iron Lung
    0   0   0   0   0
    1   2   3   4   5

    The order is 155133.
19) Go to the Female Hydrotherapy Room and drain the bathtub
20) Go to the Female Treat[ment] Room and through the mirror
21) Go to the Women's Bathroom on the middle floor and flush the toilet
22) Go to the Female Dorm 5 and grab the Belongings Key
23) Go to the Patient Belonging's Room and through the mirror
24) Head to the East Pipe Room and grab the Interview Archives Key 
25) Go into the Interview Archives Room and go through the mirror.
26) Go into the Infirmary and solve the doll puzzle like this:
     Green, blue, blue, red, yellow (from left doll to right one)

27) Grab Dr. Harris' Key
28) Go to the Doctor's Office and grab the Jocasta artifact
29) Go into the Women's Bathroom (1st floor) and through the mirror
30) Use the Jocasta Artifact on the door to the Female Seclusion 
31) Finish the boss battle and grab the Past Piece.
32) Grab the Theater Ticket off the counter and leave the Sanitarium.
33) Pick up the Lumberyard key from the car
34) Go to the Lumberyard and go through it to the other side
35) Go to the Greenfield Apartments and jump down the hole
36) Exit and use the Theater Ticket at the ticket box
37) In the theater, go to the Director's Office and grab the Sun Totem
38) Go into the Men's Dressing Room and through the mirror
39) Go into the Director's Office and pick up the Balcony Key
40) Go into the Men's Dressing Room into the mirror
41) Go into the Balcony Corridor and into the Lighting Box
42) Pick up the 125W Bulb, 250W Bulb, 500W Bulb, and 750W Bulb
43) In the East Corridor next to the lobby grab the Moon Totem
44) Go into the Men's Dressing Room and through the mirror
45) Go to the East Balcony Corridor and put the tiles like this:
    Sun Totem- right of door   Moon Totem- left of door
46) Enter the Catwalk and put the bulbs in this order:
    A = 500, B = 125, C = 750, D = 250

47) Pull the lever at the end of the Catwalk
48) Go into the Curtain Control and pull the lever
49) Go to the stage control box and switch the top Scenery lever and the 
    middle Props lever 
50) Enter the large mirror and pick up the Stage Office Key
51) Go into the Stage Office and grab the Prop Lever
52) Put the Prop Lever in the stage control box
53) Pull middle Scenery lever and bottom Props lever
54) Enter the mirror
55) Finish the boss battle and grab the Falsehood Piece
56) Pick up the Motel Key from the dead Ariel and leave
57) Go into Andy's Bookstore and type in 213 on the register
58) Pick up the Bookstore Key and go into the back door
59) Go up the stairs to the Post Office and grab the Room 502 Key
60) Go through the General Store
61) Go into the Riverside Motel 
62) Go into the Reception and grab the Room 306 Key
63) Go to Room 306 and through the mirror
64) Go to Room 503 and through the mirror
65) Go into Room 502

Whew! You did it!


 Section 8: Memos

These are all the memos I collected and what they say (for those of you 
that missed them)-

Public Notice:

Currently the second and third 
floors of the hospital are 
undergoing renovations. At this 
time they are closed to patients 
and visitors. Work continues in
earnest and the hospital
management thanks you for your
continued cooperation as we try to 
minimize the disruption.
We estimate the construction will
Be completed within six months.

The restructuring of the third 
floor will almost double our
capacity for inpatients and 
introduce cleaner, more modern

Here at Alchemilla, the quality of
care we provide to you, our valued
patient, is of the utmost 

Dr. Philips
Chairman of Alchemilla Board


Doctor's Diagnosis:

Preliminary Diagnosis:

Third degree burns, patient is 
unconscious... Something has
prevented damage spreading to the 
internal organs... tissue damage is
limited to the epidermis and 
extremities of limbs...

How is this possible?


Bloody Note:

This heart of mine troubles me
with its trembling! To still it I
have put it on ice and locked it away.

(Remember, the three beauties who 
cause it to pump so are the key. 
'age before beauty').


Hurried Note:

(Parts of this note are obscured.)

Worry not ________ ___ ______ 
____ __ ____ ______ I have used 
the _______ to contain her power. 
No one will come to her aid. _____
__ ____ ___ one of the five _____.
Hide them. Protect them.



Staff Notice: 


As you know, the renovations to 
the upper floors have run into 
problems! The plumbing leak and 
substandard materials used have
forced us to close off the third 
floor until further notice. We are
reminded of the familiar adage:
'you get what you pay for!' We 
now face six more months of 
work, reducing our capacity for
the coming year. We will have to 
cut spending on inpatient care and 
consultancy fees by 50%. 

Therefore we ask doctors to refrain 
from committing patients and 
encourage home stays instead. 
Unless they're dying in your arms, 
don't book 'em in! 

Worry not! The staff party is still
On (our recreation budget is locked
Away where no one can tamper!) 
Everyone meet at Annie's Bar at 
8pm on Friday. Alcohol (medicinal 
of course!) and food will be free.
Arrive early to grab a trainee
nurse: they go quick!


Staff Memo

To all staff,

It is forbidden to enter my office
unaccompanied until further

Dr. Kaufmann.


Student's Mnemonic 

Having trouble with your anatomy
class? Fine that getting them out
is much easier than putting them
back in? Just remember this easy

INside STevie, LIttle HEnry LUrks.


 Parking Ticket

(Someone has written on the



Status Report, 3/12/1960

Status Report, 3/12/1960
Patient: Mrs. ______ ______
Age: 34
Examining Doctor: Dr. Harris

Notes: Patient continues to harbor 
strong fantasies and a violent 
persecution complex. Her moods 
can swing from calm to violent 
aggression in a short time, which
has led to her being moved to the
seclusion wing. She becomes
particularly violent during the 
occasional visits from her
husband, demanding that she be
allowed to see their child. 

We have taken the precautionary 
Step of adding Epolineum to Mrs.
_______ medication to prevent her 
violent outbursts. I don't like
having to sedate patients, but when
she is aggressive, ______ is as much
of a danger to herself as to her
visiting husband and the staff. 


Iron Lung Warning


In light of the recent accident I am
barring the use of the iron lung
equipment. This applies to all 
staff, including senior nurses.
patient deaths during therapy are
not to be treated lightly. I find it
hard to believe that someone could
'accidentally' overload ever valve
on the equipment and so, until the 
enquiry has concluded, I must 
assume the equipment itself is at 
fault. These precautions are 
essential - we owe a duty of care 
to all of our patients, even the 
difficult ones.

Dr. Harris


Duty Log, Female Seclusion 

9:30am: Administered medication 
to the seclusion patients. There
were no incidents. 

11:46am: Accompanied Dr. Harris on 
his morning rounds. No incidents
of note.

3pm: Visit for Mrs. ______ from 
her husband. Took her into the 
empty dorm room so she would
feel more comfortable.

3:46pm: Mrs. ______ has attacked 
her husband. During the visit she
had a violent episode and
attempted to throttle Mr. _______.
She was heard screaming by myself 
and the attending orderly and we
managed to restrain her - though it
took three of us, despite her being 
a female of slight build.

After we sedated her and took her
back to her room, Dr. Harris 
examined her and decided to
reinstate her does of Epolineum.

5:12pm: After the incident with 
Mrs. ______, the other patients have
become agitated and restless.
Harris has ordered a lock down. 


'Magpie' Note

Dr. Harris,

Our 'magpies' have been at it again.
This time they SWALLOWED the 
Damn keys for Archives and the

Don't worry... Gary has taken Mr.
Magpie to the TB Ward and I'm
taking Mrs. Magpie to
hydrotherapy. We'll make them
spit the keys out!

This job would be great if it 
weren't for the patients!



Status Report, 2/7/1961

Status Report, 2/7/1961
Patient: Mrs. _____ _____
Age: 35
Examining Doctor: Dr. Harris

Notes: Mrs. ______ condition has
degraded dramatically in the last
few months. Her fantasies of a 
'mirror world' have become more
acute, and she spends more and 
more time in an apparent catatonic
state. She claims that during this
time she is in the 'other world.'

She now has full recollection of 
her attack on her son, but shows
no remorse for the incident. Indeed
she seems proud, almost smug of
her attempted filicide! I am
worried that this behavior could
be a side effect of the increased
doses of Epolineum that the 
patient has been prescribed. I have
asked for her dose to be halved and 
hope to see positive results


Police Report

Attending Officer's Report.
11/4/1959. 1NO: VA4545-10.

When I arrived at the _______
House, the ambulance was already
at the scene. The neighbor Mr. 
Bryant (who first called in the 
incident) had restrained Mrs.
______ and the paramedics were
tending to the child. The husband,
Mr. ______ had not yet arrived back 
from his place of work. 

Thanks to Bryant's intervention,
the gas had been turned off and the 
house ventilated -- however, there
was still a strong smell and I 
deemed it necessary to call the fire
department as a precaution. 

It appeared that Mrs. ______ had
attempted to has herself and her
child. When I spoke to the 
suspect, Mrs. _______, she was
uncooperative and seemed enraged.
She demanded I release her so she
could 'kill the devil child.' She
was clearly not in control of her 

Mr. Bryant commented that several
times in the pervious weeks, he
had heard loud arguments and 
screams from the house. He said
'Helen has not been well for a 



medications (do not mess up!)

room 1: trizanthium
room 2: satium
room 3: oporium
room 4: salorium
room 5: satium

(remember, pills only for patients!) 


Amber Incident Report

Reporting Staff Member: Simons

Incident Description: A male child
Entered into the sanitarium 
unchallenged and got through into
Female seclusion (doors were left
unlocked). He entered Female 
Seclusion Room 5, at which [point
Orderly Michaels observed him and
alerted me. The boy was the child 
of a visitor and was taken away by 
his father.

Failures: The doors to Female
Seclusion were left unlocked by
the orderly, and the staff in the
lobby failed to notice the boy
when he arrived in the mezzanine 

Recommendation: All staff to be
reminded of the importance of
locking ward doors. Review of 
staff to be conducted by duty


Patient Notes

The new patient, Helen Grady
arrived today. I was surprised to
see how calm and well behaved she

After reading her notes I was
worried that she might be
something of a handful.

The woman is in complete denial
and claims no recollection of the
incident which saw her committed.
Indeed, she has asked repeatedly to 
be allowed to see her son! I have
agreed with her husband that it is
best that the boy be kept away 
from his mother.

While there seems little hope for
any long term recovery, I look 
forward to spending some time 
with Mrs. Grady -- her condition is
most fascinating. 



(Someone has written on the 




(Someone has written on the 




Technician's Warning


Good luck getting ANYTHING to
work. This place was wired by 
IDIOTS! The safety curtain is on
the same circuit as the spotlights.
If a light blows, the whole thing 
fuses and you can't move the
safety curtain. IDIOTS. Safety
inspectors would blow a fuse
(literally!) if they saw this stuff.
Wouldn't happen in the city! See 
you when I get back.



Handwritten Diary Page

Monday: Rehearsals -- fantastic. 
New costumes -- fantastic. All in 
all -- fantastic!

Tuesday: Strange day. Girl snuck 
into theater today. Playing hooky
no doubt! Took pity, let her sit
and watch the run through. Very
useful feedback - terrified by
Caliban (good job costume dept!)!

Seemed to dislike Prospero
intensely. Proceedings brought to 
premature end by poor Tony
getting a shocking nosebleed during
Act 1, Scene 3. Will continue


Production Notes

Jack says the town is located on
old 'spiritual ground' ... hopefully 
we will be blessed!!!

Prospero = Shaman. Feathers, 
smoke, totemic magic.

Ariel = Air spirit. Flight?
Projection? Puppets? 

Caliban = Buffalo spirit. Skins +
Berkoffian performance. On all
fours. Poor actor!



Since what happened to Tony, I've
dreamt about HIM more and more!

He looks just like that monster, 
the executioner!

Now I've seen him when I'm
awake. He's at my motel! It's HIM I 
swear it!


Wiring Notes


As expected, the spotlights are as
SCREWY as the rest of this place.
Finally got them working. My 
trusty voltmeter saved the day 
again! Remember, you need ALL the 
lights working, otherwise the 
circuit blows. Throwing the
circuit breaker gets old FAST. Here
are my notes:

B has to be half the wattage of D.
A + B must not exceed C.
Wattage of D must not exceed A.

Break a leg!!



"Repression and Coercion" 

Chapter 2: Repression & Coercion

It is a fact well known to
intelligence services and military
agents: the more controlled a 
mind, the more a mind censors
itself, the easier it is for outside
influences to take hold and
piggyback such mental 

This is why these agencies choose
for their pawns those individuals 
most compromised by their own
mental issues.


"An Id Torn in Two"

Throughout these case studies, we 
see the victims' brains struggling
to cope with the conflict caused by
abuse at the hands of a loved one.
In many of the cases, the abused 
child's self appears to split in

One personality continues to love
the abuser and seeks their 
approval. The other personality 
contains all the rage and anger of
the abused and in many ways
becomes a mirror of the abuser, 
seeking to inflict its pain on 
others. Sadly, it is often this self 
that becomes dominant.


"Manifestations of Delusions"



...phenomenon such as telekinesis 
('poltergeists' to use a popular 
term) often occur. These seem
frequent alongside negative
emotions (fear, worry, or stress) 
suggesting it is these emotions
which are manifesting as external
energy with physical effects. 

Nightmares are especially strong 
triggers. In all cases, these 
phenomena arise from children or 
adolescents and the overwhelming 
majority of subjects are female.


Shop Note


Everything is fine. Sold lots of 
books! Have locked our keys in
the cash register (the combination
is your Greenfield apartment 
number). Hope you enjoyed your



Till Receipt

(Someone has written on the



Guest Register

(The pages are torn out, leaving
only one entry.)

Room 500
Name: Mr. R Grady
Other occupants: Son
Reason for visit? 
Check in Date: ________


"To my beloved wife"

To my beloved wife, 

I miss you so intensely. Watching 
them take you away was like a
dagger through my heart. It had to
be done, but now I am so alone.

At the doctor's advice, I told
Travis you were dead. Maybe it
would be better if you were... 

Helen, will you ever come back to

Yours forever, Richard


Note on the Ritual

... it is believed a being of 
tremendous mental energy may 
become a vessel capable of giving
birth to Samael, the God
worshipped by this cult. 

Samael's arrival will bring forth
Paradise on Earth. 

(Something has been added in the 

Given that this vessel is to be 
molded with 'suffering and pain,' 
just what kind of God and what
kind of 'paradise' would result?


Janitor's Note


One of the laundry machines is 
busted again. The weird guy in 
Cleopatra was shouting at me, 
wanted me to go fix it but I
couldn't leave the reception.

Anyhow, after getting all red in
the face, the fella just ran off.
Hasn't been back since -- up and
drove off.

Could take a look at the
machine when you get a minute?
Stick a token in it and do the reset
thing (Set it to low spin, 60 wash, 
drain then pre-rinse). 

Put anything you find inside in 
the lost and found.

Thanks, Ed


Duty Log

Christ alive. One of the cleaners
called me over, said there was
something wrong with room 500.

Door was open. Inside, sweet
Jesus! Stench made me puke. The
kid, man. The kid! Just stood 
there. They said he'd been there for
ten hours! I ended up crying my
eyes out. Shit like this shouldn't
happen. The police have got the 
room locked up for now. I'm going


"To my absent wife"

To my absent wife,

I know that whatever hell I am
enduring, yours is worse. But
dammit, this is so hard. It's like
you're dead but you're not. The 
Helen I loved is gone, but your
body is still here! I have slept
alone for the last two years. I've
become so bitter, so sleazy! I'm no
father to Travis. I can't even look
at him some days. What is it going 
to take to bring you back?

Yours forever, Richard


Washing Machine Manual 

This has symbols I can't type. You can find this in the 
Laundromat on your own. 




We are almost ready, but must
hurry! I sense our hold on her
power weakening. I worry that she
draws strength from the core I
hold. I will leave it behind, hidden
in this darkness. It will be safe.
Grady is unlikely to return here,
he is still running around town
chasing after ghosts. He is ignorant
of the bigger picture anyway. 

I will wait for you here, finish
your business and join me soon!

The time approaches, the Flauros is
shattered, thrown to the wind, and 
her will is still buried deep in a 
sleeping mind. This time the ritual
WILL succeed!



"To a ghost"

To a ghost,

There's no pretending now is there? 
We both know that thing at Cedar 
Grove isn't you. You died the day
you tried to kill our son.

When I brought your gift today, 
when you smashed it, I finally
woke up. 

I've been dreaming all these years,
kidding myself, that you'll be right
one day. The Helen I loved is dead.

I try to remember how it was all 
those years ago today, when we got
married. I can't remember 
anymore. I'm tired. I know Travis
will be fine on his own. I'm going
to see you again, Helen.

Yours in forever, Richard


Yellow Page

Flauros Device: Origin unknown.

The device is first mentioned in 
the poetry of Chang Ch'ien, an 
advisor to members of the early
Han dynasty. In one of his tracts,
Chang Ch'ien jokes he trapped a
demon inside his single 'three
sided box'. 

When Chang Ch'ien died in a 
terrible fire at the imperial palace
in 115 BC, the device appeared lost.

It was later rumored to be in 
possession of Lutheran monk M. G. 
Lewis, who in 1796 spoke of its
ability to control and amplify
thought. It was Lewis who linked
it not to a demon, but to a God
himself, claiming it was a weapon
left by angels as a force for good.


 Section 9: Glitches

These are for the PS2 version of the game.

Invisible Travis:

While down the Maintenance hall in the Riverside Motel (not in 
the Other world), walk to the very end near the Shotgun photo 
except to the camera on the left side. Turn around and check the 
peephole (where the butcher is) without the camera changing. Then 
run forward away from the table. If you do this right, you won't 
see Travis anymore! To reverse this, go back to the table or keep 
going forward. 

Changing gun pictures

Simply have gun equipped, reload any gun using the menu, and the 
picture of the gun changes.

Backwards face:

As soon as you are through the doors, press the R1 to have the camera 
behind Travis, and use the katana and slash at the Ariels. The graphics 
will warp and you will see Travis's face backwards and other odd things. 
This is hard to do but it is really weird when it works.


* Travis's glasses in the Codebreaker costume have a dark box behind 
them randomly.

* Sometimes the sound doesn't work when going through the mirror

* When you first go into the first mirror in the hospital wearing a 
costume, Travis's reflection doesn't change.

* Sometimes the sound when selecting an item lasts longer than usual.

* You may not be able to get both the butcher ending and the UFO 
ending on the same file if you use the same game play-through (on 
two save files). To remedy this, I've found that you may have to 
play a complete game with the bad ending, save to a separate file, 
play on that new file, finish the game with the UFO ending, and save 
on the same file that the bad ending is on.


  Section 10: FAQ

This is a question section that you, as the reader, are welcome to add 

Q: What is the purpose of the Night Vision Goggles?

A: These basically help you see in the dark. As you know, most of the 
game takes place in darkness and sometimes your puny little flashlight 
just isn't enough. When equipped, the screen will have a green tinge 
and you will be able to see better in darkness.

Q: You said the Stalker costume is easy, are you sure?

A: Yes I am sure. The flashlight time DOES NOT COUNT while you are 
walking through the streets of Silent Hill. You may have noticed that 
you cannot turn your flashlight on or off at those times. So if you 
beat the game in about 3 (maybe 4) hours or under (which is easy to do) 
then you will be guaranteed to get this accolade.

Q: What's with the giant Carrion spinning in random circles and 
disintegrating into a black cloud when you kill it?

A: I have no idea, it's really weird isn't it?

Q: What happens in the Bad/UFO ending?

A: I don't want to give it away but if you really want to know, send 
me an email. 

Q: Will I get the Collector costume if I follow your walkthrough exactly 
and pick up every item you say?

A: Honestly, probably not. I left out some items so you might have to 
do some exploring on your own. Try looking for items around the streets 
of the town, there are plenty of items there.

Q: How many enemies do I need to kill to get the Bad ending?

A: Hoo boy, that's a long debated question. I wrecked havoc with my 
Moon Gauntlets and killed over 200. If you have the Tesla Rifle, just 
kill everything you see. You don't have to search for monsters in the 
town like I originally though. Try to get 130+ monsters and you should 
get it.

Q: Help! I can't get the two endings on one file! What do I do?

A: See my glitches section to remedy this.

Q: Is there an easy mode/hard mode for this game?

A: Nope, there isn't. But if you beat the game once and get the Tesla 
Rifle, Moon Gauntlets, or Butcher's Knife, it will make the game pretty 
darn easy.
To make it hard, just try to kill enemies with some Jagged Wood. :)

Q: What is the difference between the PSP version of the game and the 
PS2 version?

A: More glitches and a few other option changes such as languages and 
that's about it. 

Q: I don't know what aspect ration to choose. What do you recommend?

A: It depends on what size of TV you have. It may look more stretched
in one aspect ratio versus the other one. Try it out to see which one 
will work best for your TV. Thanks to Paul Yiu for this info!


  Section 11: Copyright and thanks

You are welcome to contact me by email with questions, concerns, updates, 
etc. However, there are some things I DON'T want. I will list them now:

What I do want

Missed memos

What I don't want

Missed items
Missed rooms (I will add them later)
Anything regarding the PSP version (I don't have that version)

Please don't write me with:

"u r rele kool and ur guide waS kool 2"

I understand this (barely) but it is hard to read and not worth my time. 
If you are lucky I will send you an email asking you to rewrite your email 
in standard English. Otherwise I will just ignore you. Also, don't insult 
me for missing something. I know I've missed some items but I don't really 

My email address is:

*** IMPORTANT!!! ***

THROUGH EMAIL!!! I will NOT add you unless I know you!

These sites have permission to use my Walkthrough/FAQ:


Thanks to:

akura_integra  ------ for info on the monsters
my mom Jeannie ------ for reading me the memos 'cause I was too lazy to 
                      grab my laptop. Lol 
Konami         ------ for making Silent Hill of course   ------ for posting this walkthrough/FAQ
YOU            ------ for reading it. ^_^
Paul Yiu       ------ for corrections on the aspect ratio info

And most of all... 

Georgi S. (sophialeigh) for being nice enough to allow me to use her info 
on the accolades and such. Plus her walkthrough helped me on my first time 
playing the game. 

Thanks for reading!