Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4: FAQ/Walkthrough

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Persona 4

Guide Version 0.06 By Chao Min Wu

This guide was written by Chao Min Wu (Zoel Giradel) and edited 
(periodically) by Jonathan Lee (Pukey on GameFAQs). This guide cannot
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Please Note:This is the initial version of the guide, so not all 
content has been covered yet. 

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This FAQ is based on the Japanese version of Persona 4.
When the English release comes out, the FAQ is most 
likely to be changed to reflect the US version of translation and names.
Table of Contents
 1.The Game
    -The World of Persona 4
 4.Main Walkthrough
 5.Status Parameters
 6.Dungeon Access
 7.Kitsune Recovery Calculator
 8.Part time job
10.Shopping TV
14.Weapon List
15.Character Skills
The Game

1.1 Controls
Field and Dungeon Control

D-Pad ,Left Analog - Move 

Right Analog - Rotate camera

L1 - Rotate camera (left)

R1 - Rotate camera (right)

L2& R2 Centers Camera

Start - Map on Dungeons

Select - N/A

Circle - Confirm , Weapon use.

X - Cancel

Triangle - Open the Command Menu

Square - Move to another location

1.2 The World of Persona 4
Persona 4's world takes place 2 years after Persona 3's 
universe. The game is focused on a more rural area instead of 
the city. Traveling now has been made a lot easier, by pressing
the square button, as it can give you the function 
to instanty move to another area.

Yasogami High School 

The school of the main character.  It's built with two sides, which are 
the Learning Corridor and the Practice Corridor.  All Classrooms can
be found in the Learning Corridor side, while all Clubs can be found
in the Practice Corridor side.

Learning Corridor
First Floor
There's a billboard that post all exam marks.
Yukiko and Rise also can be found on this floor.

Second Floor
Your own classroom is in 2-2.
Yousuke can be found here as well. 
 Strength Commu and Sun Commu can also be found here.
There is also a Library on this floor
Third Floor

Roof: You can find Chie and also a weather forecast student
here after school.

Practice Corridor

First floor: Kanji can be found here .

Athletics Area - You can join the Basketball Club for the Strength 

Cultural Club - You can join the Cultural Club for the Sun Commu.

Music Club - You can join the Music Club for the Sun Commu.

Shopping District South

Bus Stop: The Bus Stop allows your character to travel to other
areas for jobs.

Book Shop: The Book Shop sells a different particular magazine each month,
which helps you increase your status parameter.

Blue Door: Leads to the Velvet Room.

Weapon Shop: The Weapon Shop is now a Metal Work Shop. Unlike P3, 
you will need to sell materials before the Weapon Shop will have more
items in stock.

Tofu Shop: You will come here for Rise plot arc.

Item Shop: It is located right beside the Tofu Shop, and sells healing 
items and other misc items.

Shopping District North
Ramen Shop: The Ramen Shop has either the 800 Yen deal (Increases Courage), 
or on rainy days it will have the 3000 Yen special, which increase 3 
random status parameters. 

Billboard: In order to get jobs you need to look at the Billboard.

Shrine: You can accept requests from Kitsune.

Everyday Young Life Junes
Go to the Food Court to enter Mayanaka TV

Doujima's Home
Living Room
In the Living Room, you can talk to Nanako or Doujima for commu events.
You can also save by looking at the calendar, and at certain times check
the refrigator for food, which can increase your bravery.

Your Room
You can check all of the magazines you buy on the sofa. You can also study
by going to your desk, check the table for part time jobs you have applied to, 
and watch TV if you want to watch Mayonaka TV, check the weather, or view the 
Tanaka Shopping Channel.

Main Character 
Seiyuu: Daisuke Namikawa 
Persona: Izanagi of the Fool Arcanum, 
Izanagi Ookami of the World Arcanum
Weapon Type: Swords

Every Persona game has a silent protagonist and this game is no different. 
Our main character recently moved to a rural area to live with his Uncle.
A transfer student at Yasogami High School, he quickly becomes friends
with Chie, Yukiko and Yousuke upon encountering them. He starts with the 
Persona Izanagi. 

Yousuke Hanamura 
Seiyuu: Showtaro Morikubo 
Persona: Jiraiya, 
Susano-o of the Magician Arcanum
Weapon Type: Knifes, Kunais.
Our protagonist meets up with him on the first day to school. 
Yousuke is often seen to have problems with his bike and other 
scenarios from Chie for comic relief. When Yousuke is trapped
in Mayonaka TV his true fear  growing up and how others view him
as immature is exposed. Yousuke starts with Persona Jiraiya, which 
eventally evolves into Susano.

Chie Satonaka  
Seiyuu: Yui Horie 
Persona: Tomoe Gozen 
Suzuka Gongen of the Chariot Arcanum

One of the first friends that the Main Character quicky befriends. 
She is an upbeat girl that has an obession with Kung Fu. She
is also best friends with Yukiko and often gets into arguments with Yousuke. 
Chie even attacked Yousuke over a Jackie Chan DVD.
Her biggest fear is that she is living under Yukiko's shadow. She eventally
gets her own Persona, Tomoe Gozen, which eventually evolves
into Suzuka Gongen.

Yukiko Amagi
Seiyuu: Ami Koshimizu 
Persona: Konohana-sakuya
Amaterasu of the Priestess Arcanum

Like Chie, Yukiko is one of the first people to become friends with the
Main Character upon his arrival at Yasogami High School. 

Kanji Tatsumi 
Seiyuu: Tomokazu Seki ss
Persona: Take-Mikazuchi, 
Rokuten-Ma? of the Emperor Arcanum

A delinquent student that often gets into fights. His family owns 
the Dye Shop at the Shopping District. Despite getting into numerous fights, 
Kanji's greatest fear is questioning his sexuality.

Rise Kujikawa 
Seiyuu: Rie Kugimiya 
Persona: Himiko,
Kanzeon of the Lovers Arcanum

Rise used to be one of the more popular idols in Japan. In Persona 4 
she is first seen on an advertisement at the start of the game, but for
unknown reasons, Rise quit her job and transfered to Yasogami High 
School as a freshman. When it is Rise's turn in Mayonaka TV, it is determined
she is most afraid of being treated like a sex symbol. When Kuma becomes 
playable, Rise will be the support character from then on.

Persona 4 plays very similarly to Persona 3, and you will have no problem
adapting to the gameplay if you have played Persona 3 before. In this section,
I've only included mostly a list of changes that have affected the gameplay 
in Persona 4

The Commu (Social Links) system is still in this game, but unlike Persona 3, 
Commus can now also boost the status and abilities of a Persona in Battle.

The game now includes a weather system.

You no longer you need to go to dungeons at night, as all dungeon activity
is now done after school. 

This game has added 2 new status parameters, Communication and Generosity.
Request are no longer made from the Velvet room, as all requests are
acquired by talking to NPCs.

Magaret (replacement for Elizabeth) will ask for Persona Fusion
requests only. 

People trapped in Mayonaka TV (dungeon related) must be saved
before the next foggy day (usually 2 weeks).  

You must find clues about the victim after watching the Mayonaka TV 
before you can enter the dungeon again.


There are now multiple dungeons with a few changes from P3. HP is 
no longer recovered upon return, as it is now restored by paying a certain fee 
to Kitsune (really expensive), Which is available when Kanji's dungeon is open.

Access points are no longer availible. In order to leave
a dungeon, you wil need to either walk all the way back 
to entrance, use a Kaereiru, or find the save point on the
last floor.

Rare treasure chests are now locked and require a treasure key
to be opened.

The Reaper can only be found on a 2nd playthrough.

Battle Related 

You can now control your party members by selecting the Tactics Command, 
and choosing the last option.

The ONE MORE system is back but with a few tweaks. You don't lose 
a turn when getting back on your feet, neither does the enemy.
But if you critical or use the enemy weakness when the enemy
is down they will recieve the status faint and will lose a turn.

When an enemy is knockdown, sometimes it will randomly trigger
a special move from party members.

Party members will now cover you if you're in danger.

The guard command is added. It prevents knockdown from weakness.

The physical attributes are now merge to 1 instead of 3 different ones.

Analyze now only tells HP& MP and abilities (once you have Hi-Analyze). 

Shuffle time now only offer 3 cards. Persona , Blank and Nothing.
When taking the nothing card you will receive nothing after the battle
is over.

A new feature has been added called Arcana Chance. Each time after
shuffle time it will give you an Arcana card that can give out positve
or negative effects depending on your luck.

Battle Tactics 
Let them decide   | Party Members will do whatever they want.
Full Frontal      | Party Members will go attack with all their might.
Save SP           | Party Members will try to save as much SP as possible.
Save your power   | Party Members will try to save as much HP as possible.
Direct Command    | Party Members will be under your control.
No Change         | Party Members will act the way they were before.
Persona Evolutions
Unlike Persona 3, the Persona does not evolve unless you have maxed 
out their commu(Social Links). The persona evolution in this only 
provide resistance to elements. For some characters such as Rise 
she gains more abilities as you rank up on her commu.

4.Main Walkthrough
When you start new game it will offer you the choice to
select the mode to play in.

Easy- Enemies are weaker and you'll also get 10 of these items
that are allow you to continue.

Normal- Regular difficulty. Like Persona 3's Normal.

Hard- Monster are much more menacing. Like Persona 3 FES's hard.

4.1 April 2011
April 11 Monday - Weather: Cloudy, Rain

Game Starts:  After the opening cutscene, you then get the 
opportunity to name the main character. Our protagonist will then
meet up with his uncle ``Ryoutarou Doujima`` and Doujima`s daughter 
Nanako. Eventally you'll be in Doujima's house. You can save your 
progress by checking the calendar. You can also check the weather forecast 
from the TV.Anyways go back to your room. Then choose the option to sleep.

The main character will be trapped inside a foggy place.
Keep running straight till you find this square door.
You will fight ???. There's no way you can win this battle.
So there's nothing to worry about.

April 12 Tuesday - Weather: Rain, Cloudy
Nanako makes breakfast for you. Then she will show you the way 
to school. You'll then see a man crashing his bike.
On your first day to school the Teacher will mock you.
Choose the third choice "Who's the defeated warrior? and your 
courage will go up. After school lessons is over, you'll meet a strange 
looking man who tries to ask Yukiko out. Eventally your group happens
to witness a woman body being hanged upside down from an antenna.

April 13  Wednesday - Weather: Rain, Cloudy

Teacher's lecture : Knowledge up.
Our cast will hang out in Junes. You will meet Saki Konshi. 
After that our group will discuss about Mayonaka TV. Go home 
then go to your room and check the tv.

April 14 Thursday - Weather: Cloudy

Our party enters the Mayonaka TV world. Here we
meet up with Kuma for first time. 
Chie will ask you what is this. If you pick the option
"Is kuma alright?" +Generosity.

April 15 Friday - Weather: Rain

This will be the second time you'll enter Mayonaka TV
you'll end up in Mystery Shopping Street. You'll see
an event with Yousuke's Shadow. 

Boss Fight

Yousuke Shadow
HP:300 SP:200

April 16 Saturday - Weather : Rain

You can now access Yousuke's Commu.

April 17 Sunday - Weather: Clear

After the cutscene at the police station. You'll
end up at the weapon shop. Yousuke will hand you
5000 yen to shop. 

April 18 Monday - Weather: Clear

You can now access Chie's Commu.
School Question:Define the Article 
Answer "SA" 2nd Choice = Knowledge UP
Quest No.23 is availible by talking to Afro Student on
the third floor of the school. From now on you can go
where ever you want after school. 

April 19 Tuesday - Weather: Clear , Cloudy

You can now access the Strength Commu by attending the 
basketball Club after school.                

April 20 Wednesday - Weather: Cloudy

School Lesson:
Communication UP , Yousuke +1

April 21 Thursday - Weather: Rain , Cloudy

April 22 Friday - Weather: Clear, Cloudy

April 23 Saturday - Weather: Cloudy

School Lesson:

April 24 Sunday - Weather: Clear

April 25 Monday - Weather: Cloudy

School Lessons:

You can now access the Sun Commu. First you need to
visit the Department Office on the first floor. Then
visit either the Music Club or the Cultural club *.

*note:One you visit the Music club you can no longer
access the Cultural Club and vice versa.

April 26 Tuesday - Weather: Cloudy

April 27 Wednesday - Weather: Rain

April 28 Thursday - Weather: Rain

April 29 Friday - Weather: Rain

**If you don't rescue Yukiko by night time , its Game Over.

5.Status Parameters
In Persona 4 you need to focus on 5 different status parameter
that will allow you do certain action, and to activate certain
commus. The 5 status are.

             LV 1    LV 2    LV 3       LV 4      LV5
Knowledge: Normal  Broad Knowledgeable Professor Living Dictionary

Knowledge is your intelligences level, doesn't really affect the
choices you make, but it is required for aceing exams and is also
needed for the Translation job. Also every time getting the highest
mark in class, either Nanako or Ryoutarou will give you a prize.
Also Magaret requires a lv 3 knowledge before you can begin her

Where to upgrade: You can study on your desk at night.
                  You can study at the Library after school. *
                  Certain Lessons from teacher.
                  Giving the right answer on Lessons.
                  Eating the special Ramen at Aiya (3000 Yen)
                  Reading Bug Encylopedia and Number Series.

Note *Increase by Double on raining days.

      	   LV 1         LV 2    LV 3       LV 4      LV5 
Bravery: Not Lacking  Reliable Fearless  Adventurer  Hero

Bravery is required for the Moon Commu to start( LV 3).
Also certain choice in the game will not work unless you
have a level of Courage, such as food test ( you need a
high courage level before you can pick these options)

Where to upgrade: Working Part time in Hospital.
 	          Eating the rotten food in your fridge.
		  Eating the special Ramen at Aiya (3000 Yen)
                  Read the Man Series
                  Defeating the Bonus boss at dungeons.
            Certain choices made in the game can increase Courage.

      	         LV 1     LV 2    LV 3       LV 4          LV5 
Communication:Average good talker Engaging  Understanding Medium

Communication is required for the Justice and Hierophant

Where to upgrade: Working Part time in Translations.
 	          Certain questions from teachers.
		  Attend the Cultral Club.
                  Read the application series.

      	         LV 1     LV 2        LV 3      LV 4     LV5 
Perservance:Youngster Holding Back Determined Persistent Tough Guy

Perservance is required for the sealing Enevelopes job, folding
origami and also the Hospital Job. The numbers of times you can
go fishing is also increased depending on your Perservance ranking.
Where to upgrade: Sport Club.
		  When you successfully catch a fish.
 	          Eating Regular or special Ramen at Aiya
		  Working Part time on sealing Envelopes

      	    LV 1     LV 2    LV 3      LV 4     LV5 
Generosity:Did Try Merciful Big heart Buddha Motherly

Generosity is requried for certain choices made in the game.
Also you'll need Generosity to initate the Hangman Commu and
to work at the after school baby sitting job.

Where to upgrade: Working partime on folding origami
		  Working Part time on Baby sitting.
		  Read the Mr. Series
                  Eating the special Ramen at Aiya (3000 Yen)

6.Dungeon Access
In Persona 4 after watching a program of someone inside
Mayonaka TV. You must search for clues about that person
before you can enter Mayonaka TV. When you have all the
clues, it'll make a ring sound effect.

Mystery Shopping Street (Yousuke)

Yukiko's Castle

The Steamy Bath House  
Starting in May 18th

Go to Shopping District North and look for the dye shop.
Speak with Kanji's Mother. Then go Junes on the elevator
floor speak with the Lady. On the next day come back 
to Junes again and speak with the guy on elevator floor.

Opera House
Starting in June 24

Go to the Practice corridor 2nd floor of your school.
Look for this Rise Fanboy (Chubby Guy) and talk to him.
Go back to Shopping district north and go to tofu shop
and speak with Rise's Grandmother. Then you will have to
wait till tomorrow and speak with this Camera man on
the riverbank (He only appears on Tuesday, thursday 
and Saturday) Pick the right choices and you should 
hear a ring if you unlock Rise's dungeon.

Void Quest
Starting in July 27

Go to the Riverbank where you fish, and talk with Kanji.
Then go to Shopping District South and speak with Dojima
at the Bus stop. Wait till tomorrow and go to Junes and
speak with Adachi (if you miss him he's only there on 
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays). Then go to Shopping 
district north and go talk to the owner of University of
food. Come back tomorrow and look for this student on 
Shopping District South. (if you miss him he's only there 
on Monday, wednesday and Friday). The student should give
you a picture of Mitsuo. You have now unlocked Void Quest.

Secret Laboratory
Starting in September 16

Talk to the girl in front of Classroom 1-1. Next go
to the Practice Corridor first floor. Talk to a certain
female student. Next go Shopping District North and speak
with the Cop (if you miss him ,he's only there  on Monday,
wednesday and Friday) Then go to the Riverbank and talk to
Chie. Go back to Shopping District North and speak
with the cop again.  Then talk to Housewive in front of the
shrine. Come back tomorrow and speak with the Cop at shopping
District south (if you miss him he's only there on Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday). Pick the third choice, then the
second choice. 
7.Kitsune Recovering Calculator
In Persona 4 your characters no longer get tired. But
however your HP doesn't fully recover unless you go home
and rest. But starting in May 5th you can ask the 
fox Kitsune for healing. But beware it can be really 

Recover per every 1 SP

Commu Rank|Yen Needed|
 LV1      |    60
 LV2      |    55 
 LV3      |    50
 LV4      |    45
 LV5      |    40
 LV6      |    35
 LV7      |    30
 LV8      |    25
 LV9      |    20
 LV10     |    15

The calculator works really simple, lets say our entire
party is miss about 300 SP and your commu level with
hermit is lv 1 it'll cost 300 X60 = 18000 Yen to get
a full recovery from the fox.
8.Part Time Jobs
In Persona 4 you can apply for jobs by looking at the bill
board in the shopping district North side. Also at times
your character will automatically work in places because of a
commu event.

The job also offers more reward if you character becomes
more skilled with it.

1.Sealing Envelopes   Available April 23
Where:In your own Room. Examine the table to do the job.
Requirement:Perseverance   Increase:Perseverance
Initial Reward:1000 Yen

2.Translations         Available April 23    
Where:In your own Room. Examine the table to do the job.  
Requirement:Knowledge lv2 Increase:Communication
Initial Reward:1000 Yen

3.Folding Origami      Available April 23
Where:In your own Room. Examine the table to do the job.
Requirement:Perseverance Increase:Generosity
Initial Reward:0

4.After School Babysitting   Available April 23
Where:Go to the bus stop at the south shopping district.
It'll give the option to reach to your job.
When:Monday,Friday and Saturday only
Requirement:Generosity   Increase:Generosity
Initial Reward:4000 Yen 
Temperance Commu Rank up starting 2nd day.

5.Hospital Cleaning         Available May 2nd

Where:Go to the bus stop at the south shopping district.
It'll give the option to reach to your job.
When:Wednesday,Thursday and Friday only
Requirement:Perseverance lv3   Increase:Bravery
Initial Reward:5000 Yen
Devil Commu Rank up starting 2nd day.

6.Home Tutor                Available May 2nd

Where:Go to the bus stop at the south shopping district.
It'll give the option to reach to your job.
When:Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday only
Requirement:Generosity lv5   Increase:Communication
Initial Reward:10000
Tower Commu Rank up
Everyday you can go to the riverbank to fish. Starting
on May 2nd. The higher the level of Perseverance, the more
chance you're allow to fish (Up to 5 times). Any fish
you catch can be traded for items from the old man.

The technique to fishing, is to press O as soon as the
fish hook sinks. Then you have to rapidly press O Button
then the square button when the fish is almost caught.

The weather condition will affects what fish will show up.
The old man's prize will change each month.

Fish that can be caught.

Ikewa Mass, Kohakuyamame


May Prize

Titanium Club
Treasure Key
3X Fish Feed

10.Shopping TV

Starting at May 22nd you can watch the shopping network
and order products and so on every sunday. However unlike
Persona 3 , you are given the choice of which products to

May 22 

Adios Shoe , Diet Food X2  = 5980 Yen
Medicial Set, Medicine X5  = 2980 Yen

May 29

Panier of Steel , Diet Food X2 =11800 Yen
Denden Drum X2 Treasure Key X2 = 4980 Yen

June 5th

Fundoshi of Duty , Diet Food X2 = 11800 Yen
Ikewa Mass (FIsh), Kohakuyamame (Fish) X 2 = 2980 Yen

June 12th

Fire Protector , Herbal Supplements x 2
Balm of Life , Voodoo Paper X2

June 19th

11.Arcana Chance Cards
Fool:  Positive:Change Arcana
       Negative:Change Arcana

Magician: Positive:Increase Persona Skill
          Negative:Decrease Persona Skill

Priestess:Positive:Everything is Analyzed
          Negative:Disable analysis

Empress:  Positive:Restore all HP
          Negative:All members HP becomes 1

Emperor:  Positive:Increase Player initiative
          Negative:Increase Enemy  initiative

Hierophant:Positive:Disable Negative Arcana Cards.
           Negative:Higher chance of recieving Negative Cards

Lovers:   Positive:Decrease Stronger shadows existances
          Negative:Increase Stronger shadows existances

Chariot: Positive:Increase Persona speed
         Negative:Decrease Persona Speed

Justice: Positive:Increase Persona Strength
         Negative:Decrease Persona Strength

Hermit: Positive:Map becomes fully revealed
        Negative:Map becomes sealed

Fortune: Positive:Increase Persona Luck
         Negative:Decrease Persona Luck

Strength:Positive:Increase Persona magic
         Negative:Decrease Persona magic

Hanged Man:Positive:Increase Persona stamina
           Negative:Decrease Persona Stamina

Death: Positive:All SP Restored. HP becomes 1. Warps out of Dungeon
       Negative:All HP Restored. SP becomes 1. Warps out of Dungeon

Dungeon becomes a completey new one without the need of coming back
the next day.

Temperance: Positive:Increase amount of yen recieve per battle.
            Negative:Reduce the amount of yen to 1 per battle.

Devil: Positive:Increase Persona level
       Negative:Decrease Persona level

Tower:Positive:Find yen in treasure boxes.
      Negative:Randomly find monsters in Treasure.

Star: Positive:Increase chance of getting of One more on shuffle.
      Negative:Decrease chance of getting of One more on shuffle.

Moon: Positive:Increase amount of EXP recieve per battle.
      Negative:Reduce the amount of EXP to 1 per battle.

Sun:  Positive:Increase chance of getting a persona on shuffle.
      Negative:Increase the chance of getting nothing on shuffle.

Judgement: Positive:Restore all SP
           Negative:All members SP becomes 1

General Tips
- The request are now longer made from the Velvet room.
In persona 4 you need to find NPC that will ask you to do a request for 
them. Usually involves getting an item from the dungeon that are dropped
from the monster (some items doesn't drop until you have accepted 
the request) There are request that are simply as easy as finding the
right NPC.The fox Kitsune will also make request for you which 
can also help to increase the Hermit Commu rank. Magaret will also 
ask for fusion request which can increase the empress ranking.

1. Angel Motif  : Available May 2nd
In your own classroom, 2-2 talk to the girl in the groups of two.
The one called Fragile looking girl, she will ask you for
an angel motif when defeating the Conquest Knight in Yukiko's castle

Reward: 3x treasure key.

2. Demon Motif  : Available May 2nd
In the 2nd floor of the learning corridor. Look for this male student
thats say" weird looking student" he'll ask you for a demon motif. 
The demon motif can be found when defeating the Magicial Magus in Yukiko's 
castle 6-7floor. 

Reward: Dokudameu Tea~3

3.That person on the roof: Available April 25th
In your classroom 2-2 a students wants to know the interest of the girl
on the roof. Go to roof and select the 2nd option when speaking to girl.
You can only do this once per day. Repeat it three times and picking
the 2nd option only. 

Reward: Kaereiru

4.Lits Wire : Available May 2nd
Go to the practice side of the school building. On your first floor,
one of the students will request for Lits wire. Litz wire
can be found be defeating the Ice & Fire Balancer in Yukiko Castle
6-7 Floor.

Reward: Easy-aim Tape

5.Requesting for Strange Wine : Available May 2nd
Go to the riverbank and talk to this man. He'll ask for Strange wine.
Strange wine can be found inside Yousuke dungeon.

Reward: 4000 Yen

6.To Approach the person i like : Available May 6
After Meeting Kitsune(FOX) for the first time at the Shrine. 
Every time from then on you can visit him for quests. 
Obtain the quest from Kitsune, then talk to the girl on
the school lobby. The choices doesn't matter. Wait till
the next day, the same girl can be found on the 2nd floor
of Learning Corridor. Choose the first option. On your 
next speak to her again. Report to Kitsune when finish.

Reward:Hermit Commu Rank UP

7.Desk Repair : Available May 18
On the practice corridor go to the 2nd floor. There's a girl
that need materials to fix her desk. Then go to Yukiko's Castle
and fight the Laughing Table on the 6-7 floor. 

Reward: Royal Jelly X5

8.Book Exchange: Available May 23

Go to Shopping District South and talk to the man staring in front
of the book store. He'll ask you for a white peach for exchange.
The white peach (recovering 10HP) can be found easily at any of the 
early dungeons.
9.Would like an Antique key Available June 5

Go to the riverbank, and speak with the old lady.
She apparently wants an antique key. The antique key can be
found in by defeating the enemies named Fazu at the Steamy
Bath House (1st to 2nd Floor)

Reward:Knowledge & Courage up

10.Kamen's school Lessons Available May 18
Speak to the History teacher at the 2nd floor Learning Corridor.
Find the Rod of Unknown use by defeating Transforming Twins at
Yukiko Castle (3rd to 5th Floor)

Reward:Beating Stone
11.Would like some Charcoal Available June 5
Go to shopping District North and speak with the old man.
He'll ask for some Charcoal. Charcoal can be found by defeating
Bizaro at the Steamy Bath House (7th to 8th Floor)

Reward:15000 Yen


First Encounter April 11

???: There's is nothing you can do in this battle.
You aren't suppose to win anyway.

First Encounter April 15

Yousuke 's Shadow

HP:300 SP:200

This is your first real boss. Just keep using Zio
to knock him down. If you HP gets low use the healing
items you have. 

Yukiko's Castle

First Encounter Yukiko's Castle 2F

Chie's Shadow 

HP:1000 SP:500

Switch Yousuke to direct command. And use Garu to knock
her down. Then use All-out attack. After this Chie will
cast green shield on herself which protects againist wind
attacks. You should then go for all physical attack.
When Chie is about to lose her shield she will cast Mazio
which can knock down Yousuke, so make sure you have Yousuke
guard when this happens. 

First Encounter Yukiko's Castle 5F

Conquest Knight
HP:430 SP:87

This boss can kill you almost instantly if your levels are low.
So the first thing to do is cast Rakunda with your main 
character to lower his attack power. After that keep spaming
magic and keep a decent amount HP and victory shall be yours.

First Encounter Yukiko's Castle 8F

Recommended Level 13 to 16

Yukiko's Shadow
HP:1050 SP:800

Prince Charming
HP:850  SP:450

Bringing a fire immune Persona makes this battle a lot easier.
Anyways Yukiko doesn't do anything until she lose some health 
first. She starts by only casting Agi on your party members. 
Nothing to be afraid of except for Chie because of her weakness 
on fire. Anyways she'll summon a small guy named Prince charming.
You don't have to kill Charming , you just need to focus
on Yukiko. When Yukiko lost about 35% of her health or so
she will begin to cast this nasty all fire attack. This can kill Chie 
and also give Yukiko an extra turn. So make sure you Guard with Chie.

First Encounter Yukiko's Castle 8F After finishing Yukiko's 

King of Contradictions
HP:1600 SP:500
Null:Wind, Dark and Light

The miniboss for the Yukiko's Castle. Anyways this
boss isn't all too deadly but however if you're too
low level, his Rolling anger can kill your entire 
party instantly. If you're able to survive this
attack you should have no problem on this battle.

The Steamy Bath House 
Fighting Gigas
HP:928 SP:100
Null:Light , Dark

First Encounter The Steamy Bath House 11F

Kanji's Shadow

HP:2000 SP:1000
Null:Light , Dark

Nice Guy
HP:800 SP:700
Null:Light , Dark

Tough Guy
HP:800 SP:700
Null:Light , Dark

Kanji's boss battle can be annoying. What i suggest is
focus on defeating Tough guy first. After that focus
all on Nice guy, because nice guy will cast nothing
but status boost on Kanji which will be menace towards 
your team. Remember when Kanji use charge his next 
attack is most likely going to be Rolling Anger. If
you're unlucky you can be killed instantly. So Guard 
with the main character to ensure you don't lose this

Nelson's Strategy

Get rid of Nice Guy first, because of his support skills.
Then after that just focus on Kanji and leave Tough Guy 

Opera House 
Acolasia snake
HP:999 SP:148
Null:Light , Dark

Really easy boss battle, use agi to knock him down
and use all out attack on him. Make sure your Hp
is high.

Rise's Shadow
HP:2800 SP:800
Null:Light , Dark

An easy boss battle. Just keep spamming magic, 
and keep your HP high. Eventally when her health
drops to 40% she will use this ability that will
prevent your party members to hit her. Then try
to stay alive for 3 turns and an cutscene will 

Kuma's Shadow
HP:5000 SP:1500
Null:Light , Dark

For Kuma's Boss battle i recommend you to have Ice 
immune persona (Unicorn works). Because Kuma has
a pattern of using Concentrate then casting Mafubula
be sure to guard , especially if Yukiko is in the party. 
Eventally he'll lift his hand to make an energy ball.
Attack him on the first turn and when its on the 2nd turn 
be sure to Guard.Repeat this pattern till Kuma is defeated.

Bonus Boss

Setsuna's Children

HP:4500 SP:1000
Null:Light , Dark

This boss can be extremely easy, if you bring in a ice user.
Not only this boss is weak againist ice attacks, but All-out 
attack does full damage on him. Keep repeating this 
and heal when he does Herculean Strike on you.

Void Quest

First Encounter Void Quest 7th Chapter

Killing Hand 

HP:885 SP:100

HP:284 SP:238

Not much of a pushover, the killing hand is weak againist fire.
but on his first turn he will call for for Godhand for help. Kill 
the God hand first or else he`ll heal the killing hand or cast 
other support abilities. After defeating the God Hand, focus all your 
might on the Killing Hand.

First Encounter Void Quest Last Chapter (10F)

The Guided Brave Warrior Mitsuo

Mitsuo's Shadow

This boss battle can be rather annoying. First you will have to
fight a 8bit version Mitsuo. Mitsuo will use 2 commands at a time,
either attack or item and when he's resurrected he can use magic. 
When he use item it`ll be a bomb the cause the status Frail
( Lose SP every turn). Be sure to able to cast all defense boost.
Or lower his attack power with  your persona. After destroying
Brave Warrior Mitsuo, you will see a knockdown Mitsuo Shadow. 
Attack him with an all out attack. Anyways Mitsuo Shadow will 
cast an ability that cancel out all your status boost if you have any 
on. Mitsuo has a pattern of attacking you with either ice, electricity 
or wind on your entire party follow with a physical attack. If Mitsuo 
gets ONE MORE from knocking down your party members, he'll use
Megido which cause roughly 180 to 200 damage to your entire party.
Eventually he'll try to summon parts of the 8bit Mitsuo, The attack
pattern will change again. He'll now cast Devil touch on your party
member follow by an instant kill skill (Only works on the characters
that is in fear condition). If you deal enough damage to him before his 
whole body is reconstructed, Mitsuo will be knockdown. If Mitsuo
revives his 8bit counterpart, you'll have to defeat him again just to
hurt Mitsuo Shadow.

Secret laboratory

First Encounter Secret laboratory B6F

Overwhelming Giant

HP:3000 SP:3000
Null:Light, Dark

The Overwhelming Giant has a repeating pattern of casting
charge then casting Herculean Strike. So make sure you bring
in a user that can cast Mediarama to keep your HP high or 
a reflect Physical Persona. When his HP is down to 25% he'll
self Destruct in 3 turns (Don't worry you still get full exp
even when he self destructs). Overall not to difficult.
Not to difficult.

First Encounter Secret laboratory B9F

Naoto's Shadow

HP:5400 MP:???
Null:Light, Dark

14.Weapon List

All the strongest weapon can be found by defeating the Reaper on
your 2nd playthrough. 

Main Character
Golf Club            : Atk: 42 Aim:93
Musashi Bamboo Sword : Atk: 42 Aim:98  Special:1.5X EXP
Imitation Sword      : Atk: 53 Aim:92
Long Sword           : Atk: 60 Aim:92
5 Iron Sword         : Atk: 71 Aim:95
Iai Katana           : Atk: 78 Aim:98  Special:Speed+3 
Bastard Sword        : Atk: 88 Aim:92
Zweihander           : Atk:108 Aim:95  Special:Stamina+1
Titanium Club        : Atk:130 Aim:96
Gothic Sword         : Atk:133 Aim:94
Legendary wind sword : Atk:140 Aim:80
Saber No.98          : Atk:145 Aim:98
Edge                 : Atk:152 Aim:92  Special:Power+3
Shadow slash         : Atk:172 Aim:92  Special:Hp+20
Anglaise             : Atk:186 Aim:94  Special:Tarugasha is on
Great sword          : Atk:190 Aim:84  Special:Power +3
Wooden Bat           : Atk:200 Aim:30  Special:Small Crit Rate up
Gaia Sword           : Atk:200 Aim:88
Ripple               : Atk:210 Aim:95
Sharp Sword Iris     : Atk:218 Aim:94
Sword of Gardenia    : Atk:220 Aim:92  Special:Rarely cause mute
Creek                : Atk:230 Aim:95
Number One           : Atk:240 Aim:94  Special:+1 Luck
Piercing Rain Sword  : Atk:248 Aim:50  Special:High Crit Rate up
Sword Blossom        : Atk:248 Aim:93
Metal Bat            : Atk:250 Aim:30  Special:High Crit Rate up
Onigami Sword        : Atk:252 Aim:98
El Caliente          : Atk:302 Aim:98
Seven Star Sword     : Atk:310 Aim:95
Yahiro Sword         : Atk:320 Aim:96
Triumph              : Atk:334 Aim:94  Special:Luck+5
Sword of Tajikarao   : Atk:345 Aim:85
Futsunomitama        : Atk 360 Aim:94
Soul Crush           : Atk:372 Aim:88  Special:Rarely cause Frail
Tsubaki Otoshi       : Atk:390 Aim:98  Special:Small Crit Rate up
Totsuka Sword        : Atk:408 Aim:96  Special:High Crit Rate Up

Yousuke Hanamura

Monkey Wrench        : Atk: 40 Aim:90
Hunter's Hatchet     : Atk: 48 Aim:96
Kunai                : Atk: 55 Aim:95
Poisonous Kunai      : Atk: 64 Aim:92  Special:Rarely cause Poison
Lane Skinner         : Atk: 80 Aim:98  Special:Often cause Aliment boost 
Skilled Spanner      : Atk: 83 Aim:86  Special:Sp+40
Mountain Sword       : Atk: 95 Aim:92
Shorty               : Atk:112 Aim:93
Flying Kunai         : Atk:138 Aim:98  Special:Speed+2
Kitchen Knife Matsuyuki: Atk:140 Aim:90 Special:Power+10
Kurisunaga           : Atk:146 Aim:94  Special:Sp+30
Dagger               : Atk:153 Aim:93
Yashiori's Dagger    : Atk:158 Aim:88  Special:Rarely cause Panic
Horse Needle         : Atk:168 Aim:96
Theif's Knife        : Atk:170 Aim:74
Yashima              : Atk:174 Aim:98
Green Cutter         : Atk:188 Aim:96  Special:Rarely Cause Fear
Suprise Kunai        : Atk:203 Aim:92
Blood Rain Kunai     : Atk:216 Aim:84  Special:Wind Atk +25%
Castilla Knife       : Atk:222 Aim:98  Special:Stamina+3
Titanium Wrench      : Atk:233 Aim:80  Special:Power+3
Kasuteirianaihu      : Atk:238 Aim:96  Special:Reduce fire Damage by 30%
Flying Katou         : Atk:240 Aim:94  Special:Medium Crit rate up
Bashou               : Atk:252 Aim:95
Fuuma Kotarou        : Atk:280 Aim:98  Special:Magic+5
Militia Dagger       : Atk:294 Aim:96
Hattori              : Atk:311 Aim:98  Special:All Status+3
Blitz Knife          : Atk:320 Aim:86
Ogre Tooth           : Atk:336 Aim:95
Rappa                : Atk:350 Aim:96
Illusionist Kashin   : Atk:361 Aim:96  Special:Ailment Boost
Malakh               : Atk:398 Aim:98  Special:High Increase in EVade

Chie Satonaka

Leather Shoes        : Atk: 38 Aim:94
Platform Sneakers    : Atk: 45 Aim:98
Protect Boots        : Atk: 62 Aim:92  Special:Stamina+2
Southern Barbarian Footwear: Atk:75 Aim:92 Special:Speed+1
Delinquent Shoes     : Atk: 92 Aim:92
Hard Boots           : Atk:108 Aim:90  Special:Power+2
Adios Shoes          : Atk:110 Aim:82  Special:Speed+3
Gold Takuma Beauty   : Atk:125 Aim:70
Chain Boots          : Atk:133 Aim:90  Special:All Status+1
Cowboy Boots         : Atk:150 Aim:92
Heavy Heel           : Atk:167 Aim:94
Bishamonten Foot     : Atk:182 Aim:92
Furinkazan Foot      : Atk:193 Aim:98  Special:
Steel Cinderella     : Atk:199 Aim:87  Special:All Status+2
Vaulting horse Shoes : Atk:205 Aim:92
Sleipnir             : Atk:218 Aim:92  Special:Speed+5
Soldier's foot of Heiashi: Atk:220 Aim:80 Special:Often relfect physical attacks
Foot of the Four Gods: Atk:225 Aim:94
Vampire Shue         : Atk:243 Aim:93
Mjolnir Boots        : Atk:253 Aim:92  Special:Medium Crit rate up
Nice Shoes           : Atk:260 Aim:78  Special:Evade rate up
Vidar Footwear       : Atk:264 Aim:94
Demon Boots          : Atk:296 Aim:96
Hero's Footwear      : Atk:300 Aim:92  Special:Luck+4
Speed Kick           : Atk:310 Aim:94  Special:Magic+3
Gigantoforu          : Atk:325 Aim:95
Peerless Heel        : Atk:338 Aim:92
Judgement Shoes      : Atk:349 Aim:94
Stellar's Greaves    : Atk:362 Aim:96  Special:Power+5
Foliage Greaves      : Atk:380 Aim:70
Moses's Miracle      : Atk:412 Aim:95  Special:High Crit rate up

Yukiko Amagi

Japanese Fan         : Atk:36  Aim:94
Nou Fan              : Atk:74  Aim:95
Silk Fan             : Atk:85  Aim:92
Peacock Feather      : Atk:92  Aim:92  Special:SP+50
Fan of Monsoon Rain  : Atk:89  Aim:96  Special:Protect againist Mute
Iron Fan             : Atk:108 Aim:94  Special:Power+4
Foliage              : Atk:123 Aim:94
Masquerade           : Atk:134 Aim:92
Harlot's Mercy       : Atk:140 Aim:60
Lady's Temptation    : Atk:145 Aim:92  Special:Rarely cause Panic
Lady Duke            : Atk:150 Aim:80  Special:Often cause Panic
Reverse Fan          : Atk:150 Aim:92
Rain Fan             : Atk:162 Aim:94  Special:Often cause Mute
Toraotofue           : Atk:170 Aim:93
Flirting Madam       : Atk:173 Aim:95  Special:Rarely cause
Fan of Autumn Rain   : Atk:180 Aim:50  Special:Luck+10
Ganal                : Atk:186 Aim:98
Cortesia             : Atk:208 Aim:95  Special:SP+10
Adorasion            : Atk:218 Aim:94
Flying Rain Fan      : Atk:220 Aim:92  Special:Protect againist
Cricket              : Atk:235 Aim:95
Noblesse Oblige      : Atk:260 Aim:94
Cuckoo               : Atk:272 Aim:92  Special:Magic+10
Scarlet              : Atk:278 Aim:96
Elegant Nature       : Atk:293 Aim:95  Special:Sometimes cause
Pieda                : Atk:300 Aim:97
YumenoUkihashi       : Atk:328 Aim:98  Special:Protect againist Panic
Sea of Origins       : Atk:395 Aim:98  Special:Often cause frail

Kanji Tatsumi

15.Character Skills
This list here will cover all the skills of your party
Yousuke's Skill  (Starting Level 4)
Starting Skills :Dia, Strike and Garu

Sukukaja             Level 6
Dekaja               Level 10
Sonic Punch          Level 14 
Mahagaru             Level 18
Tentarafoo           Level 23
Garula               Level 29
Diarama              Level 34
Mahagarula           Level 40
Wind Booster         Level 44
Wind Break           Level 49
Marakukaja           Level 50
Garudyne             Level 53
Mahagarudyne         Level 64
Brave Blade          Level 69
High Wind Booster    Level 73

Chie's Skill    (Starting Level 6)
Starting Skills :Skewer and Tarukaja
Bufu                 Level 7
Skull Crush          Level 11
Mahabufu             Level 14 
Rolling Anger        Level 20
Assault Dive         Level 22
Counter              Level 24
Galeslash            Level 29
Bufula               Level 33
Ice Booster          Level 36
Blackspot Strike     Level 38
Counterstrike        Level 43
Heat Drive           Level 46
Charge               Level 52
High Counter         Level 61
Flying Somersault    Level 67
God Hand             Level 70
Agneya Sutra         Level 74

Yukiko's Skill   (Starting Level 15)
Starting Skills :Dia , Agi , Me Patra and Maharagi
Media                Level 16
Agilao               Level 21
Recarm               Level 26
Fire Break           Level 30
Diarama              Level 33
Maragion             Level 39
Mediarama            Level 43
Fire Booster         Level 45
Agidyne              Level 51
Diarahan             Level 55
Samarecarm           Level 59
Mediarahan           Level 65
Maragidyne           Level 68
Salvation            Level 74
High Fire Booster    Level 76

Rise's Skill
Hi-Analyze           |Show enemy's skills 
Third Eye            |The cursor will now show what attacks are effective.
HP Healing Wave      |Recover 5% HP after Battle
SP Healing Wave      |Recover 5% SP after Battle
Gurantee Escape      |Escape are gurantee excluding the boss etc.
Treasure Search      |Show the locations of all treasures
Enemy Search         |Show the location of all enemies.
Compatibility search |Show enemy weakness at the start of Battle.


In Persona 4 the commus (social Links) are back. The arcana
will increase by rank by making friends of that certain 
Arcana. A few things are change in Persona 4 bringing a matching
Arcana doesn`t increase friendship points. It now allows
the other options you choose to be positive as well.

Commus list
Self made special Detective team- Fool
Yousuke Hanamura - Magician
Yukiko Amagi     - Priestess
Margaret         - Empress
Kanji Tatsumi    - Emperor
Chie Satonaka    - Chariot
Kitsune          - Hermit
Naoto Shirogane  - Fortune
Kou Ichijou /Daisuke Nagase Strength
Naoki Konishi    - hangman
Hisanai Kuroda   - Death
Rise Kujikawa    - Lovers
Eri Minami       - Temperance 
Ai Ebihara       - Moon
Kuma             - Star
Yumi Ozawa or Ayane Matsunaga -Sun
Truth finders    - Judgement
                 - World

16.1 Fool`s Arcana
Ranking is increase through plot advancement.

16.2 Magician Arcana 
Yousuke Hanamura 

Available April 16th
Last day to do Commu  November 27

Ranking level 1 to 2

Yousuke:This is bad.. I am quite Popular.

  Friendship   Points  Increasement
                Without    With Arcana  
1. That's bad.         +3    +3
2. Are you bragging?
3. Why is that?

Ranking level 2 to 3

Yousuke:....I. Why can`t i get along with Kuma?
                                 W/O     W
1. Kuma and Yousuke are the same.     
2. Kuma so cute                   +1    +2
3. Speaking about that, the hairc +3    +3
Yousuke:How do they know the address. Spam keeps coming.

1. Couldn't you block it?
2. How about Changing Email address?
3. There's nothing you can do.

Ranking level 3 to 4
Yousuke:Uah,Tired..everyone is complaing to me.

                                W/O     W
1.Thats terrible                 +1    +1
2.Don't over do it.              +1    +2
3.Great job.                     +2    +3
Yousuke:There is only so much I can do, just can't do them all

                                W/O     W
1.Well said!                     +2    +2
2.Don't feel defeated
3.Things you can doc?

Ranking level 4 to 5

YOusuke: Hmm? There's is stuff usually under the futon, as I expected
                                W/O     W
1.As usual                       +3    +3
2.Why here?                      +3    +3
3.What about Yousuke?            +2    +3

Yousuke: Anyways, have you seen any girls around here?
                                W/O     W
1.Yeah                          +2     +3
2.No                            +2     +3
3.Soon                          +3     +3

16.3 Priestess Arcana
Yukiko Amagi

16.4 Empress's Arcana

Available May 19

On May 19, go to the Velvet Room to access the Empress's Commu.
(Level 3 Knowledge Required.)

To increase the Arcana, you must finish each Magaret's request.

Request No.1

Make a Ippon-datara(HERMIT) with the Skill Sukukaja

Possible Fusions

(Temperance) Sylph(Sukukaja)~ (Justice) Archangel
(Death) Ghoul(LV10:Sukukaja)~ (Fool) Obariyon

Request No.2


Anyways Special thanks to the japanese wiki guide for Persona 4

Penguin Knight for the Arcana Chance and some of the 
item and Commu translations.

Nelson Lam for correcting some mistakes.

Because alot of those infos can't be simply found by playing the game.
Anyways more to come.