Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots: FAQ/Walkthrough

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 G U N S  O F  T H E  P A T R I O T S           "Tactical Espionage Action"`Ż


                 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3)
              Written by ChaosDemon (chaosdemonN[at]gmail[dot]com)
                                 Version 2.31
                         Last updated on July 20th, 2008
          Latest revisions of this document can always be located at:


Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is intended for Mature (17+) audiences
only. This FAQ, however, has no profanity or suggestive content and is suitable
reading for all ages.

Please rest assured that you will not be stumbling upon any plot spoilers in
this FAQ. In fact, I will not be commenting on any elements of the story.

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--/ /_,-,--------------T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S-------------------------
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[ What's New - 07-20-08, v2.31 ] - Revised some of the Emblem strategy. Also
gave a more detailed Chaff Grenade instruction for Act 3. Finally, added a
great tip by Geese911 to obtain a bunch of Chaff Grenades. Detailed Ghost 
Locations and new Easter eggs from v2.30 are still fresh.

        1. Introduction.......................................[0001]
        2. Version History....................................[0002]
        3. Game Basics........................................[0003]
             3a. Gameplay Mechanics..........................[0003a]
             3b. CQC.........................................[0003b]
             3c. OctoCamo....................................[0003c]
             3d. Alert Status................................[0003d]
        4. Walkthrough........................................[0004]
             4a. Act 1 - Liquid Sun..........................[0004a]
             4b. Act 2 - Solid Sun...........................[0004b]
             4c. Act 3 - Third Sun...........................[0004c]
             4d. Act 4 - Twin Suns...........................[0004d]
             4e. Act 5 - Old Sun.............................[0004e]
        5. Big Boss Emblem Walkthrough........................[0005]
             5I. BBE Basics..................................[0005i]
             5a. Act 1 - Liquid Sun..........................[0005a]
             5b. Act 2 - Solid Sun...........................[0005b]
             5c. Act 3 - Third Sun...........................[0005c]
             5d. Act 4 - Twin Suns...........................[0005d]
             5e. Act 5 - Old Sun.............................[0005e]
        6. Emblems............................................[0006]
        7. Item List..........................................[0007]
        8. Weapon List........................................[0008]
             8a. Special Weapons.............................[0008a]
                 i.   Solar Gun..............................[spwp1]
                 ii.  Patriot................................[spwp2]
                 iii. Chaff Grenades.........................[spwp3]
                 iv.  Tanegashima............................[spwp4]
                 v.   Rail Gun...............................[spwp5]
                 vi.  Mantis & Sorrow Doll...................[spwp6]
                 vii. Emotion Ammo...........................[spwp7]
                 viii.Emotion Magazine.......................[spwp8]
                 viv. 1911 Custom............................[spwp9]
        9. Unlockable Camouflage..............................[0009]
        10. iPod Song List & Locations........................[0010]
        11. Ghosts Locations..................................[0011]
            11a. Ghost Identification........................[0011a]
        12. Easter Eggs (Spoiler-Free)........................[0012]
        13. Frequently Asked Questions........................[0013]
        14. Contact & Closing.................................[0014]
        15. Credits...........................................[0015]
        16. Legal Disclaimer..................................[0016]

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--/ /_,-,------------------I N T R O D U C T I O N-------------------[0001]----
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Hi everyone, I'm ChaosDemon. Welcome to my Metal Gear Solid 4 FAQ/Walkthrough!
I wrote my first FAQ for Pokemon Stadium 2 when I was 11 years old. I took a
long hiatus from FAQ writing that began in 2003. Metal Gear Solid 4 has lured
me back into FAQ writing and video gaming once more. The Metal Gear titles have
always amazed me with their compelling storylines, top notch gameplay, and even
phenomenal graphics. The titles have achieved a degree of overall excellence
that very few games can match. My goal for this FAQ is to provide a similar
level of overall excellence through comprehensiveness and quality.

I have written this FAQ with the sole purpose of _helping_ you discover the
many secrets and surprises. In more basic terms, my job is to provide the
"how", so you can find out the "what" and the "why". I want to reiterate again
that there are ZERO plot spoilers in this FAQ. It is 100% gameplay content
through and through.

As for the content itself, I really think I took this FAQ just about as far as
I could. You are going to find a complete walkthrough of course. If you just
picked up the game, I would recommend starting in the Game Basics section for a
complete breakdown of the gameplay engine in MGS4. For those looking to
complete their collection of Items, iPod tracks or weapons, the lists in this
FAQ should give you the answers. Finally, for those looking to successfully get
through a Big Boss Emblem run, the Big Boss Emblem Walkthrough should be able
to provide you with the strategy to do so. It should also be able to get you
through any Emblem that has a time limit, or a no alert or kill stipulation.

I put a lot of work into this FAQ so I really hope you can find your answer.
Your contributions are always welcomed, so if you find something cool and
want me to add it to the FAQ, feel free to send it in at chaosdemonN[at]gmail
[dot]com. Enjoy the FAQ everyone.

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--/ /_,-,-----------------V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y---------------[0002]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

Version 2.31 - July 20th, 2008 - This is a fairly minor update. I revised the
Emblem strategy a bit and also edited the Chaff Grenade location for Act 3. I
also added a great tip from Geese911 to stock up on a bunch of Chaff Grenades
in Act 4.

Version 2.30 - July 17th, 2008 - This is a fairly big update. I completely
revamped the formatting and I think it looks a lot better now. Drop me an email
to tell me what you think. In addition to the formatting update, I added 30
detailed Ghost Locations. Thanks to Johnny Nap for a couple of those. I also
added some specific strategy for Emblems, and I think you are going to find
it useful. Woodrow S has sent me in some corrections and an Easter Egg as
well. Also, thanks to Andrew E for sending in an Easter Egg. Finally, EvilDeed
sent me a tip on how to obtain a boat load of Chaff Grenades during Act 1. You
can check that out in the Chaff Grenades section of "Secret Weapons". Thanks
for the submissions guys. This is probably going to be one of the final major
updates (barring any mass submissions/corrections) because I have pretty much
gone through every facet of the game I could think of.

Version 2.00 - July 7th, 2008 - Well this update took nearly a month to
complete, but it is finally here. I completely revamped the walkthrough
sections and added just about everything else in the FAQ. I have a complete
iPod list, weapons, items, and even a Big Boss Emblem walkthrough. I have
pretty much completed the FAQ and the only thing left is your contributions.

Version 0.40 - June 17, 2008 - First release. The FAQ is rather skeletal at the
moment, with only Act 1 and Act 2 walkthroughs completed. I also have a very
limited weapons list as well, so if you can contribute to that section you will
receive credit. By the next update, I am positive that the walkthrough will be
completed. So stay tuned for that.
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--/ /_,-,-------------------G A M E  B A S I C S---------------------[0003]----
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I will begin by breaking down the various facets of gameplay in the section
entitled "Gameplay Mechanics." I will also place some emphasis on the CQC
aspect of the game because it is vital to your survival and is not covered at
great lengths in the instruction booklet. In addition, you will find some
pointers and explanation on the various alert phases in the game. This is a
great section to really take a good look at if you've just picked up the game.
If you're a Metal Gear veteran, the Game Basics section would still be very
worth a quick scan to remind yourself of points you may have forgotten.

                     --- [ 3a. Gameplay Mechanics ] ---             [0003a]


D-Pad                 * Zoom in/zoom out first person scope mode
                      * Moves highlighter on menu screen

Left Analog Stick     * Push stick all the way to RUN
                      * Push stick slightly to stalk/approach slowly

Right Analog Stick    * Control the camera angle
                      * While in AIM mode (L1), move crosshairs

L1 Button             * Aim Weapon
                      * Hold up (more at CQC section)

R1 Button             * Fire weapon
                      * Strike (tap 3 times for a punch, punch, knee combo)

L2 Button             * Hold down to activate Item Menu screen
                      * Quick Change (more on this at Gameplay 101)

R2 Button             * Hold down to activate equipped weapons
                      * Quick Change

Triangle Button       * All purpose button which varies depending on situation
                      * Press it against wall to adapt its texture
                      * Knife Kill (more at CQC section)

Circle Button         * Reload
                      * Cancel selection in menu screen

X Button              * Tap once to crouch
                      * (from crouch) Tap to get back to your feet
                      * Hold down to go to prone (belly down) position
                      * Select in menu screen

Square Button         * (While aiming a weapon) switch to Manual or Auto Aim

=Basic Movement=

If you are running while standing up, you ARE going to be detected by a nearby
hostile. Running from the stand-up position should only be done in an enclosed
area or if you are making a getaway when you have already been detected.
Running should generally not be utilized when you are approaching an
unsuspecting enemy. One of the realistic elements of Metal Gear Solid 4 is that
the sound of your foot steps can and will give you away. So if you run
towards someone and you are close, they will turn around and see you. If you
are quick though, you should be able to take them out before it gets nasty with
some CQC (more on this later). So in general, stalk towards a target by
slightly tilting the left analog stick instead of running towards them.

Also, if you are running past some guards from the stand-up position, you will
notice that the guards will think they've seen you and come over to the spot
where you just were to "check". So remember always crouch or even crawl to get
past a group of enemies.

The crouch and prone positions should really be your primary means of moving
from terrain to terrain. The crouch position is useful when you need to fire
heavy duty weapons that do not work from the prone position. An example would
be the RPG-7 rocket launcher. I almost always fire these weapons from the
crouch position because the Camo Index (see Solid Eye) difference between
standing and crouching is actually pretty great. Crouching is also useful when
you need to travel slightly quicker than prone, but you still want to preserve
some stealth. In general though, I find that moving with the crouch and prone
isn't that much slower than running standing.

As for the prone position, you will find that sometimes if you stay perfectly
still with your belly on the ground even close by guards will not see you. The
only exception to this rule is if they are close enough to kick you. But if you
are not in Evasion mode, this should not be a problem. The other exception is
if you were in a crouch or standing position before, and the guard thinks he's
seen a hostile. He will then go over to check your location. If that's the
case, try and crawl out of his vision cone and get the heck out of there.

The ability to stay perfectly still and not be detected can be useful in the
"Caution" alert states, because the enemy will not be actively searching for
you (more on this and the alert statuses later). I know for a fact that a
certain person that you must follow in a future act of the game will not be
able to see you if you stay in the lying down position, even if he/she is about
a few feet away from you. In addition, if you stay in the prone position
without moving/doing anything at all, you will be able to slowly recover some
health. This technique is very important when you are attempting to obtain
certain Emblems.

Lastly, you can perform a lateral roll while in the prone position. To do so,
hold L1, tilt the left analog stick either to the left or the right, and hold
the X button. Snake will roll in the input direction at a pretty rapid rate.
This can be useful if there are a bunch of guards and you need to spray some
bullets. Aside from that, when you have the Drum equipped, you can use this
roll to bowl over enemies. Be careful because prolonged usage of the roll will
cause Snake to vomit and lose some quite a bit of Psyche. You can also use this
roll to quickly move behind a protective surface (like a wall) without having
to get up.

=Solid Eye=
The Solid Eye is the single most important item in the game and will be
equipped for the majority of the time. This is why it needs its very own

The Solid Eye has three basic modes. Normal mode, Night Vision mode, and
Binoculars mode. You can alternate between them by holding L2, selecting the
Solid Eye, and then pressing either the Square button for Night vision, the
Triangle Button for binoculars, and the Circle button for Normal. Remember that
the Snake Eye is operated by rechargeable battery. So don't turn it on when
it's not necessary.

Normal Mode
Normal Mode gives Snake Access to a variety of data. First, it gives you a more
comprehensive radar. The dot in the centre is Snake. You will also be able to
notice your objective, which will be seen as a large "target" on the radar. It
will also alert you of weak presences, these are generally PMC troops.
Similarly, it will also alert you of "strong" presences, which are generally
bosses or Gekko. Some bosses will move at extremely fast rates so this is why
the strong presence feature is useful. Finally, you will be able to see your
Camo Index. The Camo Index is presented as a colour-coded percentage. The
higher the percentage is, the less opaque or visible Snake is to the enemy.
When the number is BLUE, it means there is some "noise" in surrounding terrain,
and will add to your invisibility. When the number is RED, it means you are in
an Alert phase and Snake will have a more difficult time staying hidden.

A Snake Eye in Normal Mode will also be able to present useful data regarding
the surroundings. For example, if you zoom in on an item on the floor, it will
tell you exactly what it is before you pick it up. It will also be able to tell
you about the enemy's hit points, psyche, and what weapon he is carrying. .

NV Mode
The Night Vision (NV) mode is extremely versatile. Obviously it is useful in an
area that is pitch black. But it also has thermal detection capabilities. This
means, that any life form (and items) will glow a distinct white. It is
especially useful in your very first boss battle in Act 2. I will not elaborate
on this because when you actually reach that point in the game I will give a
detailed explanation on how to defeat her using the goggles. In addition, NV
mode can be used to identify footsteps on the ground. It works on any surface
so if you ever need to follow someone, which you will for at least two points
later in the game, remember to switch to NV mode. Finally, whenever you notice
that it's difficult to see in any circumstances, think about trying the Night
Vision goggles. An example would be if your vision is greatly impaired by the
various elements of weather that you will encounter.

Binos Mode
Is probably the least useful of the three Solid Eye modes. It serves as a pair
of binoculars. To zoom, just press up or down on the D-pad. Its features can
probably be replaced by that of a Sniper Rifle's, which doesn't require you to
equip an extra item. Its range is unmatched however, so if you are looking to
look really far then it would come in handy I suppose.


If you do get spotted and you feel you have no other option but to engage in
combat, then you must know the basics. If you are unarmed, you can attack the
enemy using a punch, punch, knee combination by tapping "R1" three times. Any
PMC troop who gets hit by this combination will be knocked out immediately.
Melee combat should probably only be used if you are very, very close to
someone. Even then there is probably at least one better alternative (more at
the CQC section). Melee strikes are faster than a lot of CQC moves though, so
that's at least one reason to use them. Another reason is some enemies have the
ability to counter Snake's grabs, but as far as I know the melee strikes are
not counterable.

If melee battling isn't your forte, then draw your weapon by holding "L1" and
use "R1" to fire. When you are holding L1 you can switch between Manual and
Auto Aim by tapping the Square Button. You can alternatively switch to first
person mode from the "L1" position. There is really no set advantage from 3rd
person to 1st person. It is usually a matter of preference. I do find that the
sensitivity is a little greater when you're in 3rd person though, so it might
be a better idea to be in 3rd person mode when you're trying to take out a big
group of enemies. If you're new to the shooting genre, sensitivity is the
amount the crosshair in response to your analog tilt. Therefore, low
sensitivity would mean the crosshair moves minimally, and high sensitivity
would mean it moves a greater deal with little pressure input.

Any weapon with an attached scope is activated by pressing the Triangle Button.
From there, you can zoom in and out by using the D-Pad. Second is knowing when
to reload. You can of course reload by hitting the Circle Button. As a general
rule of thumb, you want to reload immediately after you fire IF you're not
in a fight against a big group, or some Gekko. Get into a habit of reloading
when things are quiet so you don't engage in a fight with a depleted magazine.

There are also thrown weapons at Snake's disposal. Thrown weapons are any types
of Grenades and Petro Bombs. The third person aiming device for grenades is a
little different from the guns, so I'm going to briefly go over this. This
aiming mechanism is also the same as grounded rocket launchers found in Acts 1
and 2. The device resembles a fishing line with the target attached to the end
of it, and has very low sensitivity (to find out what this means read
"Weapons"). I would say Grenades are most useful when you are hugging the edge
of a wall (see Advanced Tactics if you don't know what I'm talking about). Once
you're hugging the wall, this aiming mechanism gives you the ability to
eliminate enemies without ever revealing yourself. You can also blind them with
a Stun Grenade first, and follow that up with some heavy duty fire. You should
keep in mind that the Grenade is usually going to bounce at least one time, so
try and account for that when you make select your target. The bouncing really
opens the door for you to pull off some fancy grenade throws.

   Throwing the Grenade Over Your Head
   You can also perform a very fancy throw where Snake throws a Grenade over
   his head to hit targets behind him. To do so, get into the prone
   position by holding the X button with a Grenade equipped. Then, press the
   R3 Button (by pressing down on teh Right Analog Stick) and Snake will
   launch a grenade behind him.

Stun Knife
The Stun Knife can be very useful to you, especially in the beginning acts. The
electricity from the knife is enough to knockout any PMC soldier with a single
blow. It is much quicker than most of the CQC attacks, and you can do it
without leaving the crouch position, so it is very easy to go from target to
target in a very small amount of time. I would say it's also very essential
during any no kill runs.

One final note about weapons is near the end of Act 1, you will meet Drebin, a
character that is capable of removing the ID Locks on PMC weaponry. So any gun
that you pick up from PMCs have to be unlocked before you can use them. You can
do this by hitting Pause, going to Weapons, and finding the gun/grenade that
you want to unlock. Drebin is also your main source of purchasing weapons,
ammo, and customizations for your guns. Customizing would include adding a
suppressor, changing the M4 Custom to a grenade launcher or shotgun, etc. Now
to do all this you need to compile Drebin points. You mainly do this by
eliminating a crapload of enemies, and picking up a crapload of weapons and
ammo. Try to find some areas where a huge fight ensues, and if you don't
advance forward the troops keep coming and coming. I will point out these
situations in the walkthrough.

Action Button
The Action Button is one of the most utilized buttons in the game. It basically
has different functions depending on the situation Snake finds himself in. So
if he finds himself next to a small crate, the Action Button will likely to be
to climb on it. Some basic functions of the Action Button are climbing up a
platform or ladder, hanging, (pressing triangle near a handrail, etc), and the
Wall Press. The Wall press tells Snake to hide next to the wall, and it also
activates the OctoCamo to take the texture of the nearby terrain. While you're
in the wall press position, you are able to slide along the wall. This is a
pretty useful technique because it sets up the "Jump Out" attack (more on this
below). Also, sliding along the wall gives you the ability to slip through
small cracks on the wall that Snake would not normally be able to move through.

Advanced Tactics
These are advanced tactics to combat because you might not know about them, or
might have forgotten since your previous Metal Gear experience. Anyway, the
first one I'm going to discuss is a quick attack from behind a wall and then an
immediate return to the wall for cover. First, lean on a wall by pressing
triangle. Then slide down the wall by tapping right or left on the left analog
stick, while holding the L1 button. Once you reach the edge of the wall, Snake
will peak his head out, from here you can hold R1 to start firing.

After that, immediately release R1 to return to the wall or you can leave the
wall's safety and engage by continuing to hold R1. If it didn't work, your gun
is likely not capable for attacking from behind a wall. In general, this
technique is limited to the smaller guns. Any handgun will work. The Ak102 and
M4 Custom will work as well. Machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade and rocket
launchers, however, do not. This is such an effective strategy because it gives
you the ability to eliminate an enemy and return to safety almost in one quick
motion. Note that even if there's more than one enemy you will be able to take
them out before Alert Status hits if you are fast enough. Three is probably the
maximum number you can take out without being spotted.

The second tactic is Side Rolling. To do this, just hold L1, tilt your analog
stick to either the left or the right, and then hit the X button. This move
makes Snake quite a bit harder to aim at so you should be hit by fewer of the
opponent's bullets. This is a useful technique if you've spotted a wall or exit
while in the alert phase and need to make a quick getaway. It is definitely
more effective than simply running away from the gun fire. Another tactic is
the ability to turn your body 180 degrees while you are in the prone position
so you can face up. This is a useful technique when you are attacking grounded
enemies and all of a sudden they receive aerial support (helicopter), or
support from troops from a higher ground (snipers). With this you can also
instantaneously switch focus to enemies attacking you from behind and go to
work on them. You can do this by tapping the Triangle Button from the prone

One final tactic is playing dead. To play dead, hold the Triangle Button while
you are in the prone position. This is a very useful little trick in the first
two acts, where the PMC troops and the militia unit are trying to shoot the
heck out of each other. Because of this, when you play dead, the PMC troops
will immediately switch focus to another militia fighter, either giving you the
opportunity to pop back up and haul tush, or surprising everyone by pulling
some Resident Evil nonsense.

How to align with the Militia/Rebel Forces
This is very important in the first two acts because once you are able to
become allies with the militants, it makes an entire ARMY which you don't have
to sneak past anymore. There are two main ways to align Snake with the Militia
forces. So the first, and arguably easier way is to get your hands on the two
disguises that are hidden in Acts 1 and 2. Refer to the "Unlockable Face Camo
and Camouflage" section to find out how. The second way involves raising your
"Reputation" with them by eliminating PMC forces. The more PMC men you kill,
the higher your Reputation will be. From my experience in Solid Normal, I find
that if you take out a heavily fortified PMC vehicle like a tank or helicopter,
your reputation will immediately be raised to its highest level. Try it out.

To check your current Reputation with the Militants, equip your Solid Eye and
take a look at the colour of "Militia" on a soldier. If it's RED, then Snake is
identified as a hostile, and the Militia forces will open fire on him. If it's
BLUE, then Snake is safe. I employ a test to determine exactly how safe. Once
you've confirmed that the word "Militia" is in blue, run up to a soldier and
see what he says. If he says, "Oh, it's you!" or "Help me out, ok?" Then you
know you are 100% safe and they will not open fire on you unless you somehow
kill one of them. They also say a few more things to reflect this acceptation,
but they evade me at the moment. The general rule of thumb is if they
immediately recognize you, then you are 100% in the safe zone.

The second possibility is he'll say "Don't Move!" He'll then come over to do a
full-blown inspection of you. I reckon it takes a good five seconds before he
tells you you're OK. This is not a good phase to be in because EVERY militant
who spots you will do the same five second inspection. As you can imagine the
game would get pretty tedious. That's why if you're on this level of
Reputation, I strongly advise you to kill some more PMC's to make life easier
for you.

=Enemy Breakdown=

PMC Troops
PMC troops are any of the infantry that you come across within the various
parts of the game. They are not very big threats as long as you avoid being
spotted. If any PMC troop makes a positive ID on Snake, he will alert HQ and
reinforcements will converge on your position at a pretty rapid rate. The PMCs
main strength is in the numbers game. They carry sub-machine weapons most of
the time and some of them will have assault rifles. Their movement pattern is
pretty simple. If you run (fully standing up) past one and he sees you, the
Alert status will not be activated immediately. He will _think_ he's seen
someone and will come to your location to check. You still have a chance to
make an escape at this point by crawling to another location or staying
perfectly still. Needless to say if you are pretty nearby and try to past one
of them, Alert status will be activated immediately.

FROGs are encountered through the various parts of the game. They are a bit
tougher than most PMC troops, but probably shouldn't give you too much trouble.
The FROGs have slightly more armour than PMC troops, so it will take a few more
shots to the body to take them down. A single headshot will still be enough to
break them down, though. An explosive weapon (Rocket Launcher, Grenade, etc) is
also still enough to take out a large group. They also have the ability to jump
around (hence their name), and while they are doing so, they will be pretty
hard to target. Your best bet is probably to wait until they land somewhere. By
the way, their primary weapon is the P90 (sub-machine gun). The main reason why
you have to be careful of them is because of their CQC abilities. I will
explain this in-depth in the CQC section, but for now, just know that they have
the ability to counter your Grabs and Throws. Other than what I've listed here,
they are not too different from PMC troops and probably won't kill you too

Gekko are among some of the most powerful enemies you will encounter in the
game. For the purposes of this basic section, I will only go over how to engage
a Gekko if you do NOT have the Rail Gun. A fully charged Rail Gun will take out
the Gekko in a single blast. To fight a Gekko without the Rail Gun, you will
need a very fast and accurate assault rifle. Something like the M4 Custom and
AK102 works the best, I find. A Machine Gun like the M60E4 has a lot of recoil
and will probably result in you missing a lot of shots to their legs. With
Gekko, it is much more important to be accurate than it is to have a huge clip
or power. With your M4 Custom, take aim at one of its legs and fire until it
collapses to a single leg. Now take out the other leg until the Gekko falls
backwards. You need to quickly run around to the top of its head and blast it
to finish it off. Note, your Solid Eye will tell you exactly where to attack.

A Gekko's arsenal includes a lock-on machine gun, and a big kick. The kick
deals the most damage of any enemy manuever in the game by my calculation. I do
not believe it is enough to deal 100% damage to a full Life Gauge, but it is
about 90%+ so it might as well be considered as a one hit kill. It should not
give you too many problems though, because if you manage to sneak up on it and
take out its leg, it no longer has the ability to throw that big kick. I want
to note that Gekkos will usually make a big leap towards you after spotting
you. If you end up under the Gekko when it lands, you will die instantly, so
watch out for that. In fact, I usually get really close to the Gekko
undetected, so I can take out the leg almost instantly. The closer you are, the
more accurate your shots are. If you run up to it and get detected, IMMEDIATELY
roll away. Create as much distance as possible so you can't get hit by the
kick. Once you finally manage to bring it down, beware of its final attempt to
kill you by a self-destructing explosion attack.

Raven Corps & Powered Suits
I didn't have very much to say about these two so I decided to bunch them
together. They both appear in similar sequences in Acts 2 and 3. They really
don't pose too much of a threat, because the flying Raven Corps will be
destroyed after a single shot from any weapon. The Powered Suits are found in
Act 2, and while they resemble smaller versions of Gekko, they count as humans.
So if you are attempting a no-kill run, watch out for them. It is very likely
that you can blast them by accident. Raven Corps do not count as humans so you
are free to kill them during no-kill runs.

Dwarf Gekko
Dwarf Gekko are among the most annoying enemies you encounter in the entire
game. They look like little spiders with a laser eye. They also have a handgun.
They are arguably much more dangerous than the PMC troops. Their strength once
again lies within huge numbers. Once you get spotted by any Dwarf Gekko, the
Alert phase will activate and if you do not run like heck a literal SWARM of
them will converge on your position. You can take some serious damage if they
repeatedly latch on to you.

You have a couple of ways to handle them, one of which is to roll repeatedly
forwards to "bowl" them out of the way. Note that you should not press the X
button too rapidly when attempting this strategy because it cause you to go
right into a prone position. If this happens you are going to take some damage
as well. The second and much more effective way to handle them is to set off a
single Chaff Grenade. This will neutralize them completely and gives you the
chance to run away. In addition, you can wait for them to bunch up in an area
and blast them with your RPG-7. This will clear a lot of them out of the way at
once. With all things considered though, the most effective way to handle them
is to not get detected. And the best way to do _that_ is to crawl around. If a
Dwarf Gekko stops near you, do not move and wait for it to pass. The best way
to actually "fight" them is with the Chaff


Metal Gear Mk.II
The Mk. II is a cloakable gadget that you receive from Otacon in Act 1. Its
basic functions are scouting, grabbing items, and deliver electric shock
attacks to subdue the enemy. Here is its control lay-out:

D Pad                    * Move Camera up/down
Left Analog Stick        * Move Mk.II
Right Analog Stick       * Control the Camera
X Button                 * Stealth camo on/off
L1 Button                * Aims/Readies Electric Shock
R1 Button                * Delivers electric shock
Triangle Button          * Performs various actions

Now the MK.II can be very useful when there is an item that is out of Snake's
reach, and perhaps heavily guarded. Just turn on the stealth mode for the Mk.
II, collect the item, and return it to Snake. You don't literally have to bring
the item all the way back to Snake. Just unselect the MK.II and take control of
Snake again because its primary function is actually to follow Snake around.

The Mk.II will be your source of unlocking a lot of secrets in the Nomad during
its Mission Briefings. You do not have to start a new playthrough just to find
some earlier secrets that you may have missed. Just load them up from the
Mission Briefing screen. To take control of Mk.II, skip the chapters of each
cut scene (if you want) until your screen turns into another "two window"
perspective. It will read "Press Select for help," on the bottom. Press the L2
Button to switch to 1st Person Full Screen Mode, and hit the Triangle and then
Square Button to gain control of the Mk.II. Move it around with the Left Analog
stick. From here you can explore the Nomad for some pretty cool stuff. There
are some additional FaceCamo and items available to you during each Mission
Briefing. You can find out exactly where they are later on the FAQ.

Life, Psyche, Combat High
Your screen gives you amplitudes of information that you may not be fully aware
of yet. Let's start with the obvious -- the life gauge will show approximately
how many hit points you have before you die. Obviously when it empties you are
dead. To restore hit points, you can use Rations, or Regains, or you can lie
down in the prone position and do nothing for a while. Your life gauge will
restore itself slowly over time. You will lose life from bullet fire and being
in the middle of explosions, obviously. You will also lose hit points at an
extremely rapid rate once your Oxygen depletes under water.

A new addition to Metal Gear Solid 4 is the Psyche Gauge. This, as you can
guess, measures Snake's mental stamina. This affect's Snake's physical
abilities like being able to run without huffing and puffing, and also his aim.
Psyche restores itself similar to the life gauge, or you can also use Regains
or any food (Noodles) to restore it. If you are really desperate, cigarettes
will help Snake recover some Psyche as well. A time where you'd be desperate is
maybe when you're a few shots away from finishing off a boss but your psyche is
so dang low that you need just that little boost from nicotine to put her away.

Finally, the quickest way to replenish your Psyche is by using the Syringe
(will receive in Act 2). To do so, just equip it using the L2 button, and hit
the X button. Doing so will restore 100% of Snake's Psyche. Be careful when
using this though, because after about 10 or so usages the effects start
becoming negative. I really don't think you would need to use it 10 times in
your first playthrough, anyway. You can find out more about the Syringe in the
Items section.

A similar measurement that is affects how fast your Psyche depletes is the
Stress level. You can find this right under the Psyche Gauge. The stress level
is presented in percentage form. When your Stress is very high, it will cause
Snake to lose Psyche at a more rapid rate. Things that raise Snake's stress
level are extremely hot and cold places, and getting spotted by the enemy. The
stress level is overall not something that you should concern you too much,
because as soon as you get out of the stressful situation, it will go down.
Alternatively, sitting in a Cardboard Box will speed up Stress regeneration.

A Combat High is reached when you fire a large number of shots towards the
enemy. How large? About 100. Think of this as an adrenaline rush. When it is
reached, the Psyche bar starts blinking becomes temporarily indepletable (until
the high ends), and takes less damage from the opponent's bullets. You should
be able to reach a high with relative ease by engaging in a big fight.

Threat Ring
This is a new addition to Metal Gear Solid 4. Do not think about adjusting your
TV set like I did the first time playing. You will activate the threat ring
when you are in the crouch or prone positions (Tap X button or hold X button).
You can tell how significant a threat is by how much slope is in each peak. For
example, small threats or far away, and will only be a little "blip" in your
threat ring. Large threats on the other hand are closely and a strong presence,
and will be marked by a roundish peak, still not too steep. Dangerous threats,
on the other hand are marked by a very steep peak. Dangerous threats are those
that are conducting a proactive search for Snake, usually during an Alert or
Evasion phase.

The Codec's function in the game has sadly been watered down from the other
games. The majority of your calls will be from/to Otacon. It is still a good
source of information if you get into trouble. If you are ever stuck (and don't
have access to this FAQ >_>), call Otacon repeatedly and he should be able to
help you. You also have Rosemary on your contact list, but she really doesn't
provide any relevant information for you or much comedic relief.

                  --- [ 3b. Close Quarters Combat (CQC) ] ---       [0003b]

Close-Quarters-Combat, hereby referred to as CQC, is the medium of unarmed
combat that regular PMC troops are not capable of utilizing. This gives Snake
an unmatched advantage upon unsuspecting enemies. The greatest aspect of CQC is
that it preserves your stealth upon usage. So even after you kill or subdue
an enemy, reinforcements will NOT come if you have performed the technique
properly. So now that you know what CQC is, let's get right into the specifics.

When to use CQC
First thing to note is that CQC can only be used when you are 1)unarmed 2)
carrying the stun knife or 3)Carrying a Weapon that has a "CQC" note on it.
There are only a handful of things more frustrating than sneaking up on an
oblivious PMC soldier for a knife kill only to clobber him with your M604E4
instead. CQC should be utilized when you are facing at the VERY most three
enemies. Anymore than that and you are asking for trouble. I usually want to
keep it to just two for the greatest chances of stealth preservation. If you
find yourself in a situation where you are facing more than four hostiles, the
answer may be a few well placed .45's instead.

CQC Commands

Subdue: Is the eliminative result where the target has "fainted." A subdued
target will have swirling stars above his head.

To perform each manuever you must be within a reasonably close distance to the
target. Ideally, you'd want to be in about arm's length of the hostile.

Requirement: None
Input: Press and hold R1 button
Eliminative Result: None
        - This grab places Snake behind the target in a standing choke hold
          position, but without actually applying a choke.  This is the basic
          manuever that will set your target up for some serious punishment.
          Note that you have to use this move to use any iPod effects.

Crouch Grab
Requirement: Crouch position (tap X button once)
Input: Press and hold R1 Button
Eliminative Result: None
        - This is a little different from the standing grab. When you give the
          input, Snake will kind of "pounce" towards a direction with a grab.
          Note that he will do this even when the target is out of reach, so
          if you miss you could be in some trouble. If this happens,
          immediately hit the PMC with melee strikes or knock him out with a
          slam (more on this below).  The time to use the crouch  grab is when
          you are hiding behind a wall and you see an enemy  approaching,
          unaware of Snake's presence. Time your grab so you will  intersect
          the enemy's path and immediately have him at your mercy.

Requirement: From standing "Grab" position
Input: Triangle
Eliminative Result: Kill
        - While you have the enemy in the grab position, press Triangle to take
          out the target in one hit with a knife to the throat. This method of
          elimination is quite slow and is a viable option only when facing one
          enemy. If you use it in front of many troops, they will open fire on
          you as soon as the PMC you were holding are dead.

Standing Choke
Requirement: From standing "Grab" position
Input: Press R1 down with increased pressure
Eliminative Result: Subdue
        - This will cause Snake to apply a stifling choke on the target. It is
          again a pretty time-costly process and it is not recommended when
          there is more than one target.

Takedown and Choke
Requirement: From standing "Grab" Position
Input: Tap x after you've successfully grabbed a target to get him sitting on
the ground. Flick your analog stick to the left while holding R1 to roll him
over, keep holding R1 to choke him out.
Eliminative Result: Subdue

        - This is more of a flashy move than anything and is probably best to
          be avoided altogether unless you are wasting some time for an Emblem,
          or something.

Use enemy as a shield and attack
Requirement: From standing "Grab position"
Input: L1
Eliminative Result: None
        - This manuever will often cause the enemy to stop firing at you. It
          can be extremely useful when you have identified an escape route and
          don't want to engage in a hail of gunfire. You can alternatively
          open fire with R1 if you really wanted to. From this writer's point
          of view though, it is much more effective to use this manuever to
          position yourself for an escape.

Knockout Slam
Requirement: None
Input: Directional flick on left analog stick + R1
Eliminative Result: Subdue
        - Here is the single most effective CQC technique in my book. With this
          manuever you can easily subdue three enemies without activating alert
          if they are standing relatively close together. Upon activation,
          Snake will grab hold of an enemy and slam him on to the ground in one
          quick motion, and leave the target seeing stars.

Knock Weapon Away
Requirement: None
Input: Hold R1 to initiate a grab + Tap R1 just as Snake pulls the target
towards him
        - This is a decently useful manuever, as Snake knocks the enemies'
          primary weapon away. It is a rather slow manuever though, and is
          probably more of a flashy move than a useful one.

Hold-up & Frisk
Requirement: None
Eliminative Result: Subdue
Input: Hold L1 Button (while holding weapon) behind an unsuspecting enemy
        - This will cause the target to throw his hands up and be at your
          command. From here, let go of L1 and hit the Triangle button frisk
          him. While frisking, every time the Action Button shows, press it and
          Snake will perform an aggressive grab. This is how you would get your
          items. If you press the Triangle button while Snake has his hand on
          the guy's crotch, it will knock him out.

Roll Attack
Requirement: None
Input: Left Analog Stick towards the enemy + X Button
        - The Roll Attack is one of the more effective and quicker CQC moves in
          the game. Primarily, it should be used to set up a CQC grab/slam when
          the opponent is close, but still out of arms reach. After you manage
          to knock the PMC down with a roll, go right beside him as he is
          getting up and hit R1 to initiate a Grab. You can now go to work on
          him like always. I should note that if you see that two hostiles are
          relatively close to each other, you can take them both out with a
          well-placed roll attack. From there, you can neutralize both of them
          with two quick knockout slams.

Note about subdued and sedated enemies
Enemies that have been subdued can be awaken if found by another PMC soldier.
With this in mind, you should get into a habit of finishing knocked out
enemies off. A very effective way to do this is take out your Stun Knife,
single crouch beside the enemy, hold L1, and press R1 to kill any subdued enemy
in one hit. The reason this technique of killing is more favourable than simply
filling them with lead is because the Stun Knife is a silent manuever, so there
is no chance of alerting the enemy of your presence. The only exception to this
rule is if you are caught in the act. Killing with the Stun Knife also saves a
lot of bullets, and early in the game bullet preservation is very important.

Also, it is noteworthy to tell you that there is a difference between being
subdued (knocked out by slam or choke), and being sedated (knocked out by
special tranquilizer ammo). Subdued enemies will remember exactly what happened
to them and activate the Caution status if awaken. Sedated enemies will
not remember what happened, and there will be no change in enemy status even if
awaken. He will feel like he just dozed off for a little nap in the middle of

Note about engaging FROG troops with CQC
You are going to encounter Ocelot's special FROG forces in various parts of the
game. If you try and go for a CQC Grab on them, you will notice that they have
the ability to counter you, and then place you in a "surfboard" chokehold. At
which point you are told to move the Left Analog Stick repeatedly. When you are
doing this, watch for when the Analog Stick icon turns into the Triangle
Button. When you see this, tap it immediately to reverse the chokehold and slam
the soldier, who will be knocked out on impact.

You have a few options to avoid being countered in the first place. First, you
can try grabbing her immediately, just as she gets set. If you do it quick
enough she will not have time to counter you. The only instance which I can
think of where you will be countered 100% of the time is when they are backing
up and shooting at you. So whatever you do don't try a Grab when they are doing
that. The most effective way of taking down the FROG troops is by rolling into
them first, with the X button. Then move right close to them and right as they
get up, grab them with the R1 button. Now you can go to work on them like
anyone else. Alternatively, you can take them out with some melee strikes to
knock them down instead the roll, and go from there.

Note about CQC with Assault Rifles/Shotguns
You will notice that some assault rifles (M4 Custom, AK102) have the "CQC" note
on them. I find that the M4 Custom CQC is a much more restricted version (and
it makes sense). The first time you hit "R1" to go for a grab/throw, Snake will
clobber the target with the base of the rifle. From there, the only option
available to you is a knockout slam. Because the CQC arsenal is severely
limited while holding an assault rifle, I would recommend that you take the
extra second to unequip your gun so you can have more CQC options open to you.
The attack animation for the rifle clobbering is also very slow. Note the CQC
with the Shotgun has the exact some mechanics as the Assault Rifles.

                           --- [ 3c. OctoCamo ] ---                 [0003c]

OctoCamo is the name of Snake's suit. It has the ability to transform its
appearance into something that is very similar to the surrounding wall or
terrain. To use this technique, just position yourself next to the wall
you want to camouflage into, press the triangle button, and wait for about a
second. You will hear a little sound when your transformation is successful. To
take the appearance of the terrain (ground), prone and don't press
anything for a second. You will again hear a sound.

If you want to manually select your suit's texture, pause the game, and go to
Camouflage. You can now adjust your Face Camo, or your suit. There are a bunch
of unlockable camouflage suits available to you. To find out how to obtain
these suits later in the FAQ. Type in "MQ 4007" without the space between them
to find out how. As part of Metal Gear Solid 4's Easter Eggs, you will find
that the enemy will react differently depending on what Camo you have on. All
of this good stuff can be found later in the Secrets/Easter Egg section.

Remember to keep an eye on your Camo Index, located on the top right of your
Snake Eye Radar. Your Camo Index is presented to you as a percentage. The
higher the percentage, the more hidden you are. When you notice that the
percentage is the colour blue, it means that there is some noise/obstruction
hiding you, thus your Camouflage is increased.

Something that also affects your visibility is lighting, I find. Even if Snake
stays perfectly still (with the OctoCamo adjusted) in an area that has more
light in comparison than another spot, the Camo Index would be a little lower
than a dark spot. Keep that in mind when you are making your movements, and try
to travel through darker areas whenever possible. The same also applies to the
shading of the texture. The darker the texture, the more hidden you will be.

General Hints to Avoid Detection
* Prone (hold crouch) when you are moving past some guards
* Always have your OctoCamo Suit take the texture of surrounding terrain
* Always Creep/stalk when going for a CQC attack
* Study the guard's movement pattern before engaging (do not want someone to
  turn around just in time to see you)
* Always aim for a headshot on unsuspecting enemies
* Darker = more camo (this applies to both lighting, and the hue of the
OctoCamo texture)

                          --- [ 3d. Alert Status ] ---              [0003d]

This section of the FAQ will elaborate on the four main alert statuses that can
occur in Metal Gear Solid 4. Some of this stuff seems like common sense, but
I'm sure you will be able to find some useful pointers in this section.

This is the level of alert when the PMC troops and mechanical Gekko are not
aware of Snake's presence. The guards will not be suspecting and therefore will
not be searching for you. The one thing that they will do though is stay on the
lookout for any intruders, IE Snake. This is why it is so important to take
their movement patterns into consideration before deciding your next move. The
last thing you want is to be sneaking past a guard only to have him turn around
and spot you. If they think they've seen you, they will come over to your spot
and check. This is your cue to get the heck out

Alert status is the state of alert where the enemy is 100% sure he has spotted
an intruder. The soldier who spotted you will also call for reinforcements.
Things are going to get pretty messy unless you run like heck. You do have a
chance to offset the Alert phase if you very quickly manage to take out the
guard who spotted you. By very quickly, I mean within a second. Less than that,
probably. If you are not able to do this however, the enemies will know where
you are at all times. It is first very important for you to break their line of
sight. Find a place to take cover. The best spot is usually inside a room with
one entrance/exit only. This way you only have to worry about one spot where
the enemy can come and you have every advantage possible. You can usually also
lower the Alert phase by taking out the group of enemies in an area. Sometimes
you will see that the PMCs call for reinforcements, but HQ tells them they
can't spare any. This would probably be the time to fight. After the alert
status passes, it will be evasion.

This is the state of alert where enemies are unsure where you are, but they
will be proactively looking to smoke you out. During the evasion phase the best
thing to do is probably to keep moving, because if you try hiding in a locker,
or under a table, chances are you will be spotted from their searches. If you
can, I would recommend leaving the area completely. You will notice that when
you do, your Evasion meter will often fall rapidly. This is probably the most
crucial phase in getting you back to safety because if you can evade them until
the Evasion timer expires, you will probably be able to survive the next phase.
Alternatively, a very effective way to speed up the Evasion process is to climb
up a ladder and to a higher level. From what I've seen the troops will never
climb up ladders looking for you, so you should be safe if you can find one.

This is the final alert phase before being restored back to normal. The enemies
are still weary of your presence, and will have reinforcements, but they will
not be proactively searching for you like the Evasion phase. If you can find
some cover, like a locker, or under a table, you will be to sit out until the
timer goes down to 0 and back to the normal phase. If you are impatient though,
and close to the scene's exit, you can probably sneak past them if you do it
carefully enough. Note also that this phase is activated if you subdue a PMC
and he gets woken up. It will also be activated when a dead PMC is discovered.

    / /        __________________________________________________
---/ /--------/==================================================\-------------
--/ /_,-,--------------------W A L K T H R O U G H-------------------[0004]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

The walkthrough section's one and only focus is to get you through the game
with as little effort to possible. With that in mind, I want to remind you that
you will NOT be accidently reading any plot spoilers in the walkthrough. I will
not even be providing commentary on cut scenes, the plot, or even jokes. Those
are for you to discover.

+Walkthrough difficulty: Solid Normal+

                      --- [ 4a. Act 1 - Liquid Sun ] ---            [0004a]

=Recommended Weapons=
* Operator
* Mk. 2 Pistol
* RPG-7 (to take out tanks)

The final chapter in the Metal Gear Solid series begins with you safely
standing within a boundary blocked off by trash cans, crates, and a huge truck.
To keep the action moving, quickly prone (press and hold X) and crawl
under the truck to the other side. The key to getting through this opening
scene of the game is to not change directions at all. Keep moving directly in
front of you to keep the action going. As a general rule of thumb, if you see
any signs of human life (PMC troops, militias) you are on the right track. Be
sure to also keep an eye on the radar on the top right of the screen. For this
opening scene just move in the direction towards the target on your radar.

Once you get to the point where you have big-legged "Gekkos" attacking the
militias, be sure to do everything you can to avoid them. You can get past
them with relatively little effort by keeping on the sidewalk on the left hand
side. Keep sticking to the left until you hit a pile of rubble blocking your
way. Take a right into the opening to grab the AK102 and complete the scene.

Red Zone NorthWest Sector
Act 1 technically begins right after you've received your OctoCamo suit here in
the Northwest Sector. You should also have the AK102. Begin by following the
path until you reach the main part of the town. Stand next to the shaded wall
and hit triangle so your suit adapts to it. Just follow the pavement of the
abandoned tavern until you reach a brief cinematic followed by a firefight.
Your goal here is to slip past the engaging forces. Stay on the right side of
the area until you see a van. Just before the van should be an entrance to an
enclosed area. Go inside but not too far, because there is a guard inside.
Sneak up on him and take him out with CQC. Since it's only one PMC soldier, you
can really go to work with any manuever you want. Proceed down the hall
directly in front of you towards the exit. If you look to the left you will
notice some pretty heavy fortifications with a tank and a couple of PMC troops.
Forget about them and run towards the path to the next scene directly in front
of you.

Red Zone
There is one guard ahead, take him out with a knockout slam + stun knife if you
want. Otherwise, just let him pass. Take an immediate right and follow the
path. There is one PMC troop on the adjacent path. Stay to the left and advance
up on this path, using the boxes for cover. Once he has his back to you, run up
and take him out with CQC. Keep to the right and use all those walls for cover.
Keep going until you see the dumpster. Keep to the right and wait at the wall
directly ahead. There are two guards behind this wall. Prone and reveal
yourself very slightly. This will cause the guards to advance on you. Take them
out with two well placed shots to the head. Turn into the building of the wall
you were just using to initiate a cut scene.

All right you should be very equipped now. Leave the building through the exit
right ahead of you. Take a right and proceed to the fight ahead. You should see
a PMC soldier crouched behind a parking structure to your left. Ignore him and
cross the street into the building. Proceed down the hallway and out of the
building's other exit. Take a look at the basement entrance directly in front
of you and a little bit to the left. Enter and proceed to the militia
hideout. You might want to turn on your night vision goggles here, but it is
not an absolute must. You should have no problems with or without them.

Militia Safe House
Karlmond T has brought to my attention that if you do not kill any of the
militia fighters they will let you pass. I want to help him expand on this
point. In order to get through the hideout without having to worry about
attacks from the troops inside, you need to raise your "Reputation" with them
to its highest level (refer to Game Basics for more). To do this, you need to
kill as many PMC troops as possible. It also helps if you can take out a tank.
I believe if you do so, you will instantly be taken to the highest level of
praise with the militia fighters. Conveniently enough, there is a tank right
near the hideout entrance if you wait long enough. To take out a tank, use the
RPG-7 or any other rocket launcher and blast it on the machine gun. You may
have to shoot it twice.

Anyway, to find out if you are safe with them, just go into the hideout, and
right up to the first soldier you encounter. If he says "Oh it's you!" then you
know you are safe, and have killed enough PMC troops. However, if he says
"Don't move!" and inspects you for a good few seconds before saying "Go", you
have not killed enough PMC troops. You are technically safe at that state, but
EACH militant who spots you will have to check you first. This could slow you
down considerably. If you move while the militants are checking you they will
open fire on you and the whole hideout will identify you as a hostile. So if
you check with the first guard and he says "Don't move," just run out of the
hideout, back outside, and kill the tank and any PMC troops you see and check
your status again. Only proceed if he says "Oh it's you." Again, thanks to
Karlmond T for the original tip.

So now that we've gotten that out of the way, enter the hideout and proceed
down the hallway to collect the items: a Ration and some Ammo. Take a left and
proceed to the next room. Collect the Regain in the corner. Proceed into the
hallway, and up the stairs. You will notice two pathways here. Take a left and
collect the mass amount of items and ammo in that room. Next, go into the room
that was directly ahead of you and collect the Pentazemin and the ammo. Leave
this room through the exit directly and once again head into the stone hallway.
In the next pathway, grab the items to your right and keep going forward. Head
up the stairs and take a left in the coming hallway.

You should notice two dead PMC troops in here. Collect the various grenades in
this room, and pick up the soldiers by standing over them and pressing
"triangle" to collect additional ammo. Leave this room now and take a left and
proceed down the hall. Take an immediate right to go into the room with the
lockers. Collect the mass amount of ammo/items in here and then open the
lockers. In the middle locker should be the Middle East Camouflage suit. To
equip it, go into your Camouflage menu after pausing and set your outfit.

This outfit comes in very handy for the rest of this act and the following one.
Anyway, head out of this room, take a right, and proceed down the hallway to
the next portion of the hideout. Follow the path and go directly ahead past a
storage room to arrive at another hallway. If you take an immediate left here
you should be able to find the RPG-7 ammo. Now proceed directly ahead to the
next room and go up the flight of stairs to complete the hideout sector.

Urban Ruins
Take an immediate right into the darkened hallway to collect the AK102 ammo,
Playboy, and Instant Noodles. Now head out of this hallway and go up the
stairs. Collect the AK102 and nearby ammo. Run towards the platform to the
northeast of your screen and you should fall through the hole and on to a
platform with an RPG-7. Grab it, and jump down this platform. Proceed directly
ahead and crouch-walk through the crack in the wall on the right. Take another
right and go straight through to collect more AK102 ammo. Jump on to the
platform and proceed through the crack ahead. Now take a left and crouch walk
through the hole. You should see two militia troops attacking PMC fighters out
of a rectangular opening.

Go towards them but take an immediate left when you can. If you turn right and
head through the rectangle entrance, you can find a Compress (to find out what
this does, head over to the Items section of the FAQ). Now go directly ahead
and hop on to the platform where the Ration is located. Grab it and take a
right through the crack and into the hallway. Part of this ruined building
should now collapse and create a pathway for you. Proceed through and take a
right to go up the ramp. You will notice that there is very less walkable
terrain ahead. Don't worry about it though, and proceed onwards to the "plank".
Snake should now lose his footing and go into a "hanging position". Just scale
this plank until the Action button designates that you can hop on to the
platform. Slide down the rubble, and take a left straight down the hall. Now
you have a choice -- the conclusion to this scene is directly to your right,
after a short jump. To your left and up a platform however is an iPod track. I
recommend that you grab this track and then jump down the hole for the

It is now a good time for you to put on your Militia disguise. Pause the game,
go to Camouflage, and set the Middle East Militia Disguise outfit. You will
also receive the Drum Can, which is pretty useless to you now that you have the
ability to disguise yourself as a Militia fighter. So anyway, proceed down the
right sidewalk and keep sticking to the right. You will see come to an
abandoned car with a nearby militant leaning on a wall. Climb up the ladder on
the other side of the wall he's leaning on. Then go up the crates, and down on
to the balcony. Scale the balcony and you will find a grounded rocket launcher.
Take a look below, there should be two-three PMC troops down there. Take them
out with well-placed headshots. Now proceed along the balcony, grab the Regain
at the end of it, and jump down.

You will notice a car positioned very strangely blocking your path to the alley
on the right. Go into the prone position (hold the X button) and crawl through
the little hole under the side of the hood of the car. Now proceed down this
hallway and meet up with the four militants about to launch an attack that you
are going to assist them in. Begin by taking cover near the flour. Equip your
M4 Custom and take out the PMC sniper on the balcony/high ground. Then shift
your attention to the two PMCs on ground level. If you were lucky the PMC
sniper would have dropped his M14 Sniper Rifle, one of the best guns in the
game. Anyway, proceed to where the two ground-level PMCs were and through the
opening directly ahead. Watch out for a PMC who may sneak his face through the
glassless window to your left. Go quickly through the opening to avoid him.

You are now in an alley. Immediately run up to the blue van to take cover.
There are two PMC troops in the middle of the alley. Don't shoot them. If you
wait long enough they will past you on the left hand side of the van. Now
proceed gingerly to where they were standing in the alley. There should be two
PMC troops hidden out of sight. Take them out with a Grenade if you have one.
Now continue down the alley and take a left. Notice the two wooden crates
stacked on top of each other to the right of your screen. There should be two
PMC troops hiding behind them. Surprise them with a CQC slam and headshot to
the other. If you don't see them, it means you proceeded down the alley a
little slower, and they should now be on the left of the crates, on the
sidewalk on the other side of the wall. Either way, take them out and stick to
the right for just a few steps.

You should now see a significant fire fight between the Militants and the PMCs.
The guerrilla fighters should be using a wall of flour sacks for cover. Haul
ass towards the flour sack and on to the Militants' side of the battlefield.
Now head to the door in the northeast of your screen, on the right hand side to
enter Advent Palace.

Advent Palace
If you find that you're low on health, don't bother using any consumables or
regains here because your Life and Psyche gauges will be fully replenished once
you reach the rendezvous point. This building appears to be an abandoned hotel.
So proceed to the right, across the lobby to the AK102 on what's left of a
coffee table. There is a Playboy magazine diagonally across from the AK102.
When you're ready head to the lobby exit that is located right behind the table
with the AK102. But wait -- there is a proximity grenade on the floor blocking
your exit. Be careful of these because they do a LOT of damage, and the one
that releases the sedation gas completely depletes your Psyche. Equip your M4
or gun of your choice and blast the grenade with a single shot to destroy it.
Now head up the four flights of stairs to the 3rd floor. At the foot of third
staircase is a sleeping gas mine, so be careful of that.

Take a right in this central hallway followed by an immediate left. There will
be another trap/proximity grenade blocking your way. Clear it out of the way
and keep following the hallway path until you see a trap to your right, and a
trap directly ahead. Clear the trap and take a right first. Grab the ration
that's sitting on the love booth. Grab the nearby iPod track as well, but be
careful of the Claymore blocking it. Now leave the room and go to the trap you
saw directly ahead. The trap shouldn't give you any problems though, so take it
out and head up the stairs. Once you climb these stairs all the way to the top
you should find yourself on a balcony. Proceed to the opening directly ahead,
and shoot the final proximity grenade before going through. There is a Regain
on the bar table. Hop over the bar table towards the small kitchen area to
collect the Noodles, Playboy, and Ammo. Once you're ready, proceed to the
hallway to your right and to the closed door to conclude this scene.

Escape from Advent Palace
This is your first battle against Liquid Ocelot's special FROG unit. They will
appear in many other chapters in your game so it is best to know a little about
them first. They have the special ability to leap around like crazy. They have
slightly more armour than the regular PMC troops and are armed with P90
submachine guns. If you have to engage them with CQC, watch out because they
actually have the ability to counter your grab and then place you in a
chokehold. If this happens, keep tilting the Left Analog Stick back and forth
until the icon turns into the Triangle Button. At that point, tap the Triangle
Button repeatedly until Snake counters and slams the FROG into the ground,
knocking her out. Remember to watch out for their grenades too, because they
throw them at great frequency. You should now know enough to handle them.

Now let's get on with the actual mission. You should now have your full health
and psyche. Proceed directly ahead, and take out the three to four FROG troops
on the balcony. Now, run directly ahead and through the door back to the inside
of the palace. Wait until the leaping FROGs on the roof are on the balcony.
They should be so shortly after Meryl shouts "Grenade!" Head back to the
balcony and start blasting away. You will notice that the FROG troops have
their backs to you so they should be easy pickings from here. When you position
yourself like this the FROG troops will be confused and not know which side to
focus their attacks. Try and see if you can take advantage of other situations
like this during your escape. Anyway, after you've cleared this FROG unit, the
RAT Patrol should advance and head back inside the building.

Ready you RPG-7 as you proceed down the stairs. You will now find yourself in
the central hallway once more. Aim at the corner directly ahead and right
behind the pile of chairs, crates and others. As SOON as the group of FROG
troops descend there take them all out with a single rocket. Have your single
eye on to and make sure you are taking out at least four targets. Follow Meryl
to the kitchen area. There should be a FROG on the other side of the pile of
rubble right before you actually get inside the kitchen. Take her out and Meryl
should comment you. Now follow her into the bar area and after a while you
should yourself in the serving/table area right beside the kitchen. This area
is actually kind of tough. Fight your way to the door area where the FROGs are
standing. Take the door on the right and into the kitchen area. Surprise attack
the FROGs and take them all out. Now take a right into the bar and clear out
the rest of these FROGs to keep the team moving.

They will work their way down one floor to the central hallway once more. Lean
against the nearby wall, and slide down to the right. Now hold the L1 Button,
and start going to work on the FROGs, using the wall for cover. Be sure to look
for them hanging on the wall up top as well as on your level. Once you've
cleared them out, follow Meryl along this floor and through the bathroom. Once
she kneels down in the washroom, she is going to blow up the wall she is facing
to create an opening. Stand clear of it because the FROG's will throw a Stun
Grenade through. Once the dust clears, fight your way through the crack and
grab the Regain on the bed. Clear out the FROG forces ahead and then head back
through to the washroom and follow the team. If the team isn't moving, explore
the floor and take out the last of the FROG forces. There will be a brief cut
scene here before everybody jumps through a hole on the floor. Follow them

A PMC bulldozer will be working on the wall. Aim your RPG-7 but don't fire
until the FROG units appear. If they throw a Stun Grenade, just launch the
rocket in the bulldozer's direction. This should help you take out nearly all
of them at once. Finish the remaining PMCs on the higher floors, hanging on the
wall, on the lobby and then follow the team to the elevator. Jump the empty
elevator shaft to the parking level. Collect the P90 Ammo by the abandoned cars
and the lone van. Head up the pile of rubble, and hop over the nearby crates
with the Action Button. Follow the hallway to daylight to complete the escape.

Crescent Meridian
Cross the street and head through the opening on the other side. Grab the petro
bomb right behind you within the walls. Now follow this hallway until you see a
ladder. Take out the three PMC troops fighting on the main street. Two of them
will be on the ground and the other will be just above them. Now turn your
attention to the ladder. Don't climb up yet, but instead crawl through the
crack beside it, switch your Solid Eye to NV Mode, and grab the Ration. Now
turn around back out and up the ladder. Notice the plank just directly ahead
similar to the one you encountered earlier. This time, lean against the nearby
wall and slide against it across the plank to the other side. Go to the opening
that allows you to stare down to the main street, where there is a current fire
fight. Take out as many PMC troops as you can from here. After that jump down
to the main street.

Head across the street to the van. Be wary of any enemies. Now stick to the
left side and go through the first opening to the next part of the street.
There are two of them in total. You should see a sacks of flour stacked on top
of one another. Head over there to that sidewalk and climb up the ladder
directly in front. Follow this path until you reach a point where you can jump
down. Jump down to conclude this scene.

Millennium Park
You should now find yourself in the centre of the main street amongst a ton of
fallen militia forces. Collect their guns and head down street. Otacon will
tell you if you're going the wrong way. Stick to the left sidewalk and follow
the street for a little while and you should see two PMC troops ahead. Keep
your distance and take them out with shots to the head. Proceed forward a
little more and you should see one more PMC troop across the street. Take him
out as well. Stick to the left side of the street once more and head into the
opening to a building in the nearby alley. Go up the stairs and take a left.
There will be one guard here. After you've taken care of him, jump through the
hole and out the door. On the other side of the lockers is a Ration under the
table. Grab it, and then head out of the opening to central fountain. This area
has a lot of guards so take be very careful. I counted about three Once you've
cleared them out, head to the other side of the fountain to where the stacks of
lumber are. Behind a stack is a Ration, pick it up.

Now head back to the opening in which you just came through. The main street is
to your right, and the interior of the park is to your left. Stick along the
left wall and head towards the palm-palm trees and second lumber stacks. There
should be a little crack on the wall in which you can crawl through. Now on the
other side, lean against the fence with the Triangle button, and slide across
to the other side. Collect the nearby ammo and proceed forward, sticking along
the fence. Keep going stalking forward past the control station and stacks of
lumber. There should be one more PMC troop ahead, near the tents. Take him out
and proceed to the door to conclude Act 1.

                      --- [ 4b. Act 2 - Solid Sun ] ---             [0004b]

=Recommended Weapons=
* SVD (you can find it here)
* RPG-7 (for boss fight)
* M60E4 (for boss fight, can pick it up from the PMCs in Confinement Facility)

Cove Valley Village
The beginning of Act 2 has you on a ledge staring down what has become a PMC
camp. Take note that there is a group of Militants/Rebels being held hostage by
the PMC forces. Our first objective for this level is to save those hostages.
This is strictly optional, but doing so will allow you to obtain the South
America Rebel Disguise, which will go a long way in making the whole Act a
little bit easier. So let's begin by equipping your Solid Eye in NV mode. If
you haven't already, I would suggest you add a scope on to your M4 Custom so
you can use it to pick off the PMC troops with greater accuracy. Also, get
about 10 suppressors so you can preserve your stealth whilst on this ledge.
Begin by taking out the PMC closest to you, just below the ledge. Take him out
first because he has the greatest chance of discovering you. Clear out as many
PMC troops as you can from here.

It won't be long before the PMC forces open fire on the hostages. You can still
keep attacking from here, but I think it's a better idea to reveal yourself so
you can tank some of the shots for the hostages. So jump down from the ledge,
and take out the nearby PMC first. Turn your attention to the surrounding
troops. Watch out for the PMC hiding behind the tree across the field. If you
can, aim towards exit/entrance on your right and take out any approaching PMC
reinforcements. Cover the Rebels until they open a locked weapon storage
building and arm themselves with the guns inside. Go into that building and
collect the South America Militia Disguise, Instant Noodles, Muna, and Twin
Barrel Shotgun with some ammo too. Leave this room and enter the cabin to your
left. Collect the Playboy magazine and various ammo.

Now go into the open barn two doors down. On the ground level of the barn
should be a C4 and some ammo. Climb up the ladder and grab the Pentazemin.
Don't forget about the Ration on top of the crates in the corner of the room.
Now jump across to the SVD and sniper rifle ammo on the ceiling. To do so, get
a running start towards the SVD and hit "X" just as you are on the edge to do a
flipping jump across. The SVD is absolutely essential for this level, so the
fact that you get it free is pretty sweet. Leave this barn and go into the
house two doors down from the barn. There is a case of Smoke Grenades between
the house and the ground. Go into the house and immediately to your left is an
iPod track. You are now ready to leave this village area. Head towards the exit
to the east (far right from your starting point on the ledge).

Proceed on this path and go all the way to the barricade far ahead. Collect the
Playboy magazine and turn your attention to the mountain. Begin climbing up
(Action button). Use your SVD and Night Vision to pick off the two guards
ahead. If you are unlucky there will be three. Use your Night Vision goggles
and follow the footprints up the mountain. Grab the Stun Grenades along the way
if you wish. Regardless, when you arrive at the top of the mountain, you will
receive a codec call.

If you haven't already, put on your South America Rebel Disguise. Proceed up
the mountain and you should notice it is getting closer to sunrise. Just a few
yards ahead there are a group of Rebels sneaking up the mountain, just like
you. Follow them until they become stationary. Blast a PMC troop with your SVD
from afar to start a fire fight between the two forces. You can take out some
PMC troops if you want, but in the interest of saving time, just stick to the
right and scale the mountain until this scene concludes.

Power Station
Move up the path and you will notice a group of rebels preparing to launch an
attack. Crawl past them and look for the two snipers in the northeast (top
right) corner of your screen. If you still can't see them, pop on the Night
Vision goggles. Pick them both off and the rebels will proceed ahead. A huge
fight will ensue here. It might be in your best interest to spend some time
here to take out some PMC troops. This is so you will have more reinforcements
later on in the mission. Don't go crazy with killing them though, just spend 5-
10 minutes picking off PMCs with your SVD before you proceed. When you are
ready, stick to the right and move up. You will soon notice a little cove where
a Ration is located. Collect it and head up the slope to the top of the hill
immediately to the right of the cove.

You should notice a grounded rocket launcher to your left. You can use it to
help out the Rebels some more if you wish. If not, grab the Ration hidden in
the grass to the right of the rocket launcher and take a few steps down the
hill. Take note of the small battle to your left. There should be two PMC
troops there. Blast them both before you proceed. Go to the paved road directly
ahead. Travel on the road for a bit, keeping an eye to your left towards the
Power Station area. There will be two PMC troops near the cabin so don't get
caught off-guard. After taking them out, just proceed down the road a little
further to initiate a cut scene. When the cut scene concludes, take out the two
PMC troops quite a bit ahead on the trail. It's probably best to shoot them
from the prone position so they can't identify you.

Now take a left to enter the power station area. Look for the rectangular
little crack on the base of the cabin and crawl through. Under the cabin you
should find a Regain, Playboy Magazine, and Ration. Leave this crack after
you've collected the items and back to the main trail. Proceed with caution
however, because there are about two to three PMCs in this cabin area. Follow
the mountain trail a bit further up the mountain to conclude this sector.

Confinement Facility
You now find yourself in an area with a bunch of islands surrounded by a
crevice. Begin by grabbing the Playboy Magazine near the tree to the right. Now
proceed to the pathway on the left, past the boulder and the smaller rocks.
Move towards the cabin slowly and take out the PMC troop just ahead with your
Operator or another silenced weapon. Proceed down the path with caution because
there is one more PMC troop just a bit further from the cabin. Continue to
crawl along this path and you will eventually come to a log that has fallen on
a boulder. A brief fight between the PMCs and the nearby Rebels should ensue.
If you want, you can go for the iPod track on an island in the centre of the
crevice. You would have to go over to the sacks of flour the PMCs are using for
cover and jump into the crevice from there. Then you'd have to walk/swim just a
bit to the island. More detailed instructions are in the iPod section.

Anyway, use the fire fight to sneak past the PMCs. Crawl to the pathway
directly left of the log. You should now be able to see the Confinement
Facility. Continue ahead to the boulder. Creep along the darker shrubs up the
slope to the left. Equip your SVD and take out the PMC troops by the tank.
Don't forget about the one up on the watchtower. Proceed towards the facility.
You should see the door to the left of the facility. There might be a guard
standing in front of the door if you're unlucky, so take him out with your SVD
from afar if he's there. After you've cleared the way, enter the facility.
There should be a second door just inside, it's red. Open it and you should
bowl over a shocked PMC troop on the other side. Take him out with some CQC.

Now take a right, and take another right into the storage room. Pick up the
Chaff Grenades, Compress, and Instant Noodles. Now head out and continue down
the hallway, you should see two doors on the left. Go into the first one and
grab another Instant Noodles package. Now go into the room right besides this
one and grab the Playboy Magazine and the iPod track on the beds. It's now time
to go back to the storage room. Crawl through the crack on the wall to emerge
back in the daylight. Move past the stationary tank and truck and take a right
at the wall. Follow this trail until the conclusion of the scene.

Vista Mansion
There is another group of Rebels just ahead of you, ready to launch an attack.
I should note that you will find PMC members in this area without their ski
masks on. Without them, they resemble the Rebel members. It's nothing to sweat
over though, because your Solid Eye will be able to help you differentiate
between the two sides. Just take a look at whether the print says "Rebels" or
not. Begin by working your way to the right, and follow the path here. Take out
some PMC troops if you want. Keep going along this path on the right, up the
hill until you see a brief cinematic involving a Rebel bulldozer. Clear out the
PMCs to your right and the bulldozer should be able to ram through the gates
blocking the entrance to the mansion grounds.

Follow the rebels to get yourself inside the gates. Work your way to the right,
and head towards the tents. Now go to the large wall behind them. Keep
following this wall and remember to pick up the Ration and Grenades along the
way. Eventually you will come to a large, blue storage crate with an iPod track
lodged between the crate and the wall. Lean against the wall by pressing the
Triangle Button and slide along to the little space to grab the track. Now keep
following the compound's walls and head up the small set of stairs. You should
now be very close to the Vista Mansion itself. Gain entrance to the mansion by
using the eastern door just up ahead.

You should be entering into the dining room area. Collect the Regain under the
dinner table, and the PSS in the fireplace. Be sure to stay low so you don't
get caught by any ricocheting bullets. Crawl your way to the nearby door.
Follow the hallway into the den, and notice the stairs to the distant right.
Collect the Pentazemin on the sofa, and head up the stairs slowly. There are
two guards waiting at the top of the stairs, so get them before they spot you.
This might be a good spot to use some of the grenades you've collected. Proceed
to the end of the hall on the 2nd floor and take a left into the master
bedroom. Collect the Ration and the Ammo on the coffee table. Take a right,
grab the Playboy near the bed, and head out the door in this area. You should
find yourself on the roof with some grounded weaponry nearby. Grab the ammo
near the crates and jump down the opening to the far left.

Go down the stairs to the basement area. Grab the Instant Noodles immediately
to your left, and the Claymore on the board on top of the barrels. Go down the
hall and take a right into the storage area. Collect the Stun Grenades and Ammo
in this room. Leave this room to the hallway and take a right. Follow the
corridor and leave through the exit. Climb up the ladder to complete the scene.

Research Lab
Following the cut scenes, you will have to take out about six FROG soldiers.
Remember to grab the items in the research lab. You have fought them before.
After you defeat those pests it's time for the boss battle.

Boss Fight: Laughing Octopus
I'm sure you've been waiting for a chance to get at this thing, because I sure
was. The fight starts with you facing Laughing Octopus in the centre of the
room. She will open fire on you right away. Answer back with something powerful
shots (like Sniper Rifle) and you will maim her, thus preventing her from
continuing fire. Keep shooting at her until she becomes temporarily
invulnerable to your bullets.  When this happens, it's time to run like hell.
This is a general rule that applies throughout the fight (and to the various
bosses in the game, actually). If you haven't already, grab the Regain on the
table with the flowers and tea pot. After eating some lead, she will retreat to
the hallway. Be very careful of her tracking explosives. They shouldn't be too
hard to avoid as long as you roll out of the way when they approach you. They
travel towards you with a beeping noise and if they manage to attach to your
body you will take some serious damage.

Anyway, after eating some lead she will retreat to the hallway. Pop on your
Night Vision goggles and look very carefully at the walls. You should notice
her camouflaging with the wall's wooden texture, along the window. Take careful
aim at her head and start blasting, but remember to run when the bullets no
longer penetrate her armour. She does one of a few things after you blast her.
If she starts disintegrating into dust, then will have a new hiding spot. She
will either be on the ceiling (both within the lab or in the hallway) or she
will be attaching her tentacles to disguise them as electrical equipment. She
might also be pretending to be Jesus in the painting in the hallway. She might
also be in the drawer, pretending to be clothes. Finally, she might be playing
dead as a FROG troop on the lab's floor. Attacking any of these forms is
essentially the same, just take good aim and start blasting at any limb (choose
the head if you can, of course).

The key to finding out where she is by putting on your Night Vision goggles and
looking for her body heat. Another method is to watch the radar when she taunts
you ("I'm over here!"). Use her taunts to find her general direction on the
map, then employ the body heat method. An example of the body heat method is if
the Jesus painting is normal, you will not see any white on it, which signifies
heat (or items). However, as soon as she manifests herself into the painting,
you will notice that Jesus in the picture will be glowing in white, which is in
reality Laughing Octopus. Similarly, the wires sticking out from the computers
and such will not be white in colour either. But once she uses the electric
equipment to camouflage herself, the wires will appear to be white through your
Night Vision.

If she doesn't break off into a bunch of dust, she might be completely visible
in front (or on the ceiling above) of you and start blasting you with bullets.
While she does this she will be susceptible to your attacks as well. In
addition to this basic attack, there are a few other attacks which you should
watch out for. The first is her Electric Tentacle Attack. You can only be
caught with this if you stay within "tentacle's" reach, but this reach isn't as
large as it seems. I can't think of many scenarios which you will be close
enough to get caught, unless she drops next to you. If she does, your first
move has to be to create some separation. Do this by immediately running away
and even doing a roll attack to create some instant distance. If you DO get hit
by the tentacle, you will take some big damage. About equivalent to 30% of a
full Life gauge. Watch out for her tentacle smack as well (physical attack with

Her final attack that you need to look out for is the roll attack. As you can
guess, she will tuck herself into a ball of slimy tentacles, and then roll
towards you at a pretty rapid speed. When this happens you have a couple of
options. First, you can take out your RPG-7 and blast her. This will halt her
in her tracks and deal some damage as well. Your second option is to try and
roll out of the way. Either method should be fine. The first one is obviously
easier. Keep in mind if you are using the RPG-7 to stop her roll attack, make
sure the RPG-7 actually has a rocket ready. It is ideal to be reloading your
rockets whenever she's hiding. If you DO get caught with the roll attack you
are going to take some heavy damage. About 40% of a full Life Gauge.

Those are about all her attacks. She has a few phases in this fight that I
quickly want to go over. The first is the "Mk.II" phase, in which she will
disguise as the Mk.II and tell you to follow her. An RPG-7 rocket will put an
end to this phase immediately. You can also try hitting her with a grenade,
which is slightly more difficult. Her other phase is her Naomi phase. I usually
have the Night Vision goggles on when facing her so I didn't really notice it
was Naomi the first time around. I just went right up to her and blasted her
all the same. That should put an end to the Naomi phase. One final tip I want
to give you is to make sure your charging your Solid Eye batteries. To do so,
just unequip the Solid Eye altogether and run around. Remember to also unequip
when she is visible.

I think I've given you just about as good as breakdown there can be to
defeating Laughing Octopus. Follow these tips and you should be able to get by
her without too much trouble.

Boss fight: Laughing Beauty
The fight begins with you aiming your Operator at her. Take a shot, and you
will notice that she parries it easily. She won't be able to avoid a few shots
in a row though, so you just keep shooting at her until she dies. Her only
attack is she will grab you and hug you to death. So keep out of arms reach
from her and you will be fine. Note that a  RPG-7 rocket will deplete about 90%
of her Life Gauge. So if you are looking for a quick out, the rocket launcher
is the answer.

If you want to collect the Laughing Beauty Face Camo however, you are going to
have to defeat her non-lethally. This means completing depleting her Psyche
gauge (the skinny one on the bottom, for those too lazy to read the Game Basics
section). You can do this by launching tranquilizer ammo at her. Alternatively,
you can actually let her grab you, and then keep flicking the Left Analog stick
until it says tap Triangle. Do so, and Snake will forceful slam her into the
ground, dealing about 25% damage. This can be a good finishing manuever if you
want to preserve some ammo.

* * *

Mountain Trail
You now find yourself staring into a pretty lengthy mountain trail (What a
thrill...). Let us begin by popping on your Night Vision goggles and following
the foot prints. Follow them straight ahead. You will soon come to a fork with
foot prints going both ways. Grab the nearby Ration and follow the path with
more steps on the path to the left. You should past some shrubs without any
foot prints on them. Soon after that Otacon will tell you the path splits off
in multiple directions. Once again take the route with steps to the left. It
should lead you to a pile of crates and a bridge a little bit further. Advance
with caution because there should be a single PMC troop on the other side. Pick
him off with your SVD. By the way, you should be routinely switching off your
Solid Eye when you only need to go straight forward to charge the batteries a
little bit.

Now go up to the boulder and take a right. Proceed along this path and you
should find a PMC sniper perched on a ledge. Otacon will now ask you if the
object on the floor is Naomi's. Follow the trail past the now dead sniper and
through the long grass. There should be another PMC troop on the other side of
the big boulder. He has his head down though so you should take him with ease.
Now take the path to the left and you should arrive at a small body of water.
Cross the stream on to the other side. Pop on your Night Vision goggles and
take a look at the footsteps. Follow the ones that are more deeply imprinted on
the ground. That is, the prints that appear "whiter". It should take you
towards the path directly ahead on the left.

At the end of this path there should be three new pathways for you to choose.
There should be a FROG unit on the right analyzing the prints. Take her out.
Switch off your Solid Eye and proceed to the path on the left. Move along with
caution because there should be two more FROG troops along this path. At the
end of this path is another fork. Take the pathway on the right. You should now
arrive at a pretty big area with a lot of choices. There is also a PMC troop in
near the tree in the centre. Eliminate him with your SVD and take follow the
path with the deeper prints, the one on the right hand side. Follow this one a
bit and you should come up to another fork. There is a guard here as well. Take
the path on the left. There is another PMC guard ahead. Take him out and then
follow the path to the right. Otacon will soon tell you that security is
getting tighter. Watch out for the guard up ahead.  Take him out and keep to
the path on the right. Go up the path a little more and you should soon be able
to take a left into the cave to conclude the scene

South America Escape
You will find yourself in the Vista Mansion part first. Otacon will tell you
to use CQC on the zombies who board the truck. Forget about it. Take out your
M60E4 and blast them off the darned thing. You need to focus your attention
mainly on the Gekko lookalikes. They are the enemies that can do the most
damage to your tank. Keep the fire on them and clear out any zombies too. You
will soon be able to progress past this first area.

The next area is just crawling with Gekko. Remember to the strategy -- take out
both of their legs first, and then focus on their head. At this point it is
ideal for you to not arm any weapons of your own. This is so you can switch
between CQC and the machine gun with ease. Spend some time clearing out the
Gekko and you will be able to progress.

This power station area finds you in front of a gate with a tank trailing you.
Turn your attention to the tank and open fire on it with the machine gun until
it explodes. Then turn your attention to the gates. Shoot them down with your
machine gun, one door at a time. They take a while to be broken down so be
persistent. You will be able to progress after the gates fall. In the final
parts of the escape you just need to destroy as many Gekko as you can.  You
don't have to kill a set number before being able to advance like the earlier
stages. Keep shooting at the Gekko until you conclude this scene. In fact, I
believe it is very probable to complete the rest of the chase without killing
any Gekko at all.

Your final task in this act is to escape South America without being killed by
the Gekkos. Snake begins this concluding scene in the centre of a crowded
market. If you want the iPod track, go up to where all the stands are. A Gekko
is going to break the stand a bunch of items are going to fall out. One of
which is the iPod track. Now take a left and jump over the rail towards the
sidewalk under the building. Proceed along the pavement, grab the ammo, and
stick left to get into the alley. Follow this alley for a bit and grab the
missile launcher on the ground. There should be a single Gekko up ahead. Take
him out by blasting its two legs and then the top of its head. You should now
be emerging out of the alley and back into the central marketplace. Take a left
towards the street barricades. Roll into the space between the two barricades
to finish the level.

                      --- [ 4c. Act 3 - Third Sun ] ---             [0003c]

=Recommended Weapons=
* Mk. 2 Pistol (for close by PMC troops)
* SVD (for distant PMC troops)
* P90 (for motorcycle escape)

Midtown South Sector
I think it would be a good idea to begin by making two save files. So if you
ever lose the Resistance Member, instead of looking for a new one you can just
load your file and once again follow the walkthrough. Your first actual move
should be to take off the civilian disguise. The reason for that is, the  Raven
Sword corps has been given instructions to kill anyone on sight, so any PMC
troop who spots you will open fire regardless of your appearance. With that in
mind, you might as well go back into your OctoCamo so you are able to hide more
effectively. Putting on the FaceCamo that you acquired from Laughing Octopus is
also going to help a great deal. It is not required by any means, but, doing so
will raise your Camo Index from 75 in a motionless prone position to 90.

When you're ready, take a right to the main street, and then take an immediate
left on the first opening. A brief cut scene should follow. Take note of the
suspicious looking man with the brown hair and brown suit. He is the man you
must follow for the duration of this act. He will begin by moving right towards
you, immediately go into your prone position near the van so he doesn't spot
you. When he passes you, go into your crouch walk position and stalk him from
afar. He should walk down the sidewalk and pause at the corner. Every time he
stops, go into the prone position and remain motionless. He should cross the
street to the dumpsters. Just remain where you are. After briefly pausing in
the corner near the dumpsters he should be proceeding to the next street.
Follow him through while keeping a safe distance.

In the next street he should be stopping at a corner. Stick to the right and go
behind the crates. Then go into the prone position and take out the PMC troop
to the top right. It is very important to take out the PMC troops from afar
because every time the Resistance Member gets held up or spots you he will run
away and take a longer course. Anyway, stay where you are and watch him as he
crosses the street. He should now be waiting at the wall. Keep to the left
sidewalk and crawl up the hill. You should go past one truck, and then a car,
and finally arrive at a car the top of the hill.  Use it for cover, equip your
Mk. 2 Pistol and pick off the PMC troop in front of the park entrance.
Remember, the closer you are to the Resistance Member, the more important it is
for you to use a silenced weapon. Follow him up the hill and watch as he takes
a left. He will stop along the wall so remember to stop as well. Trail him for
a bit and he will go up the stairs into the park. There is a Compress at the
foot of the stairs.

Follow him up the stairs, and immediately turn your attention to the park
entrance to the left. Go to the prone position and pick off the two guards
ahead with your SVD. The Resistance Member will be in the centre of the park.
He will delay for a bit, move forward, and then run back to do some business.
Wait for him to finish. Follow him out of the park. Follow him for a bit and
when he uses the path to the left of a ramp leading to a parking lot, don't
follow him to the left, but creep along the ramp instead. You should now arrive
at a parking lot. Stick to the right and use the cars for cover. When he goes
to leave the parking through the stairs, separate your distance a bit, and jump
over the rail. Then immediately go into the prone position. Just trail him for
the remainder of this sector. There will be no guards or surprises.

Midtown NorthEast Sector
If you haven't already, save your game here. This is an absolute must. If you
happen to lose the Resistance Member in the ensuing areas, you can just load
your saved file again and begin here. Anyway, the Resistance Member is to your
left. You should hear a faint helicopter nose at this point. He is soon going
to cross the street and wait along the wall of a big lot. There are four PMC
troops ahead, as well as a helicopter above. Crawl to the left side of the
pillar, as far away from the Resistance Member as possible. Pick off all those
PMC troops with your SVD. The Resistance Member should still be on you right,
just a bit ahead. He will continue to sneak along this pavement, using the cars
and vans for cover. You should do the same. Once you see the opening to the
next street, crawl along the left side, and try to get ahead of him a little
bit, but make sure you can still see him. Once he proceeds along the path, get
ahead of him and pick off the two PMC troops ahead with your Mk.2 Tranquilizer

As he proceeds down this path, stick to the left sidewalk and use the cars for
cover. Keep an eye on him with the Solid Eye radar. Keep stalking him and soon
he will turn into an alley into the next sector.

Midtown North Sector
All right, save your game once more. The Resistance Member is behind some walls
to your right. DON'T MOVE at this point. Just stay put for a bit. The whistling
should stop now and you should hear a rustling noise instead, almost like
someone getting into a suit. When the whistling resumes, the resistance member
is ready to continue. You should see him emerge out of the fenced area he
turned into in a PMC disguise. Just crawl behind him for now. Soon he will make
a right and into the main street. There are two PMC troops ahead, to your
right. Take them both out with single shots from your Mk.2 pistol. Now continue
to trail behind him, but stay in your crawling position because he is going
rather slowly and stopping frequently as well.

He should pick up the pace a little bit when he starts moving up the hill. Keep
trailing behind him and soon he will meet up with three PMC troops. Just crawl
behind them. One of the PMC troops will immediately break off to the right. I
think you understand what's going to happen now. Follow them for a little more
and very soon one more PMC will break off towards the left at the end of the
alley. Follow the final PMC troop and the Resistance Member. The final troop
should break off to the right at the edge of the sidewalk. Follow the
Resistance Member left into the alley. Grab the Ration near the pile of

Keep following him and soon Otacon will tell you to that the PMCs are
conducting vehicle searches. The key to avoiding them is staying perfectly
still in the prone position. Follow him on to the street. It is best to keep
crawling. He will soon take the sidewalk on the right hand side and proceed
along there. You take the sidewalk on the left hand side, and keep crawling
along. Remember to stay still when the tank is approaching. You aren't far now.
Maintain your concentration. Keep following him up the small hill and soon he
will ditch the PMC outfit. Follow him to the left of the alley for a bit until
the scene concludes. Congratulations, this stalking part is finally over. Watch
the cut scenes and come back to the FAQ when you're ready.

***If you lose the Resistance Member***

Do not panic. There are three basic locations where the Resistance member can
be. If you were following the FAQ, I told you to save the game during two
crucial points in the level. If you lose the Resistance Member at any time,
just load your saved file. If you lost him during the NorthEast sector or
BEFORE the North sector, he will be right where you loaded the save file, to
your left. If you lost him in the North sector and AFTER the NorthEast sector,
you have to leave the alley (directly ahead) and take a right. There should be
two guards ahead. Take them out, and then proceed slowly up the hill to the
left. The Resistance Member (in PMC disguise) should be on the right hand side,
leaning against the wall. If you lost the Resistance Member at any time before
those two check points, you should just start the level over.

* * *

Motorcycle Escape
The first portion of the escape is primarily focused on Gekko. I should note
that you have unlimited supply of any weapon in which you can use with one
hand. So the Twin-Barrel Shotgun, Grenades, P90 the Vz.83 that you were given
as well. I highly recommend you use the P90 here. It has one of the biggest
clips for a submachine gun. It is about three times as big as the Vz.83.
Anyway, after you take out the Gekko, the motorcycle should proceed down along
the path to the next sector.

Take out as many troops as you can, and soon you will arrive at the checkpoint
where the PMCs have set up a blockade. The motorcycle will begin by trying the
path on the left, but to not avail. Blast the explosive barrel on the left hand
side to take them out, and blast it one more time when it is rolling. The
motorcycle should now try the path to the right. After the jump, the motorcycle
will remain stationary as it waits for the van to catch up. Just go to work on
the troops with your P90. It should be a piece of cake. Once the motorcycle
continues moving, focus first on the two troops on the right. After that a FROG
will jump on to the van. Take her out as well. The rest of this sector should
be spent just taking out any FROG troops that you see. Don't hesitate to use
consumables if you have to.

The next sector's focus are the flying Raven corps. Each of them will die on
one bullet. Don't bother firing at the one that seems to be able to tank your
bullets. There will also be tanks where a single PMC troop will be operating
the machine gun. The key to neutralizing those threats is eliminating the PMC
troop. The final third of this sector will see a great deal of FROG troops on
foot. Just clear them out and don't be hesitate to use consumables until the
end of the scene.

* * *

Boss Battle: Raging Raven
Collect the ammo and Rations along the floor where you are standing. When you
are ready run up to the top of the tower. Look for the biggest target on your
Solid Eye Radar. This is Raging Raven. The best weapon to use in this fight is
the M60E4 or another massive clip machine gun. The reason for that is she is
not very elusive at all, so you can essentially just stand there and keep
blasting her. Don't waste any time reloading. She has three basic attacks from
what I've seen. One is the grenade launcher strike, the second is a poison gas,
and the third is an all out bombing. The bombing phase is very crucial to your
success in this fight. As soon as Otacon tell you to run, climb over one of
the windows and take cover inside. After you hear the rapid bombing past,
immediately go outside and equip your RPG-7, turn on your Night Vision goggles
and look for Raging Raven without her wings. She will look just like any troop,
but she will be lying down, almost like she's sleeping. If you manage to
connect with an RPG-7 rocket she will lose 50% of her health, so it should be
enough to put her away in nearly all situations

Raging Beauty
Beauty form is nothing new, once again. If you want to get the Raging Beauty
FaceCamo, defeat her non-lethally with tranquillizer ammo. If you are looking
to defeat her quickly, take out your RPG-7 and blast her twice. Doing so will
deplete 95% of her health. After that, just take out your favourite assault
rifle and start blasting at her to finish her off.

                       --- [ 4d. Act 4 - Twin Suns ] ---            [0004d]

=Recommended Weapons=
* Chaff Grenades (for Dwarf Gekko)
* Mosin Nagant (for Boss fight)
* M60E4 (for Boss fight)

Begin by immediately switching your Solid Eye to Night Vision Mode. Then, run a
lap around walls of this area starting either from the right or the left to
collect the various cases of ammo. Head through the opening to the next area
when you are ready. There is one Gekko ahead. If you don't want to be spotted,
it is important to keep your distance from it. It really doesn't matter whether
you are crawling or running, but what is to stay fairly far. Stick along the
right wall and crawl into the hole to find Instant Noodles, Regain and some
Ammo. Instead of crawling all the way through, after grabbing those items just
turn around crawl out the way you came in. Now circle along the wall to the
left side of the area. Proceed forward a bit and grab the ammo under the rock
in the little opening. Stick to the left and proceed to the next area.

You might recognize the change in music once you arrive. There are quite a few
helpful items in this very safe heliport area so let's take the time to explore
it. Make an immediate right and collect the Ration. Now run to the centre of
the Heliport on the big "H" to grab the Chaff Grenades. These are going to be
very useful for this area to handle all the Dwarf Gekko in this stage. Now run
towards the fenced area to the left and grab another Ration. An audio flashback
will initiate here, and every time this happens in Act 4 you will receive 1,000
Drebin Points for activating it. Stick to the left from here and proceed to the
little hangar. Go inside and collect the Compress and the Ammo blocking the
little hole in the wall.

Crawl though the hole to the next area. Grab the Ration on the crates. Then
crawl through the final hole in this room to collect the Grenades and the RPG-7
Ammo under the table (I might have gotten the order reversed here). Leave
through the Hangar door on the right to emerge back outside. Crawl under the
truck to grab the Mk.23 pistol. You might recognize this if you've played
previous Metal Gear titles. You also might have noticed the Ration stacked on
top of two crates to your left, out of your reach. In order to grab it you need
to run up the stairs to the catwalk above and make a flipping jump down here.
So let's run up the stairs and let you decide for yourself whether you want the
Ration or not. As soon as you reach the end of the stairs, make an immediate
right to collect the ammo.

Proceed to the far end of the catwalk if you want to collect some lethal and
tranquilizer ammo. You can also make the jump to the Ration at the end of the
catwalk here. When you're ready, look for the hole along the wall to crawl into
the ventilation shaft. Just keep crawling ahead in the ventilation shaft and
you will initiate another flashback and receive 1400 Drebin Points. At the end
of the vent is an iPod track, and the entrance to the Tank Hangar

Tank Hangar
This area is just crawling with Dwarf Gekko. There are also a few amount of
items in here. Whether you want to go through the trouble to collect them or
not is up to you. If you are going to collect them, remember to use your
package of Chaff Grenades that you picked up. How they work is a single Grenade
will neutralize the Dwarf Gekko in the ENTIRE area until its effects wear off.
So if you get in trouble, just ready the Grenade and throw it anywhere in the
room. The items available to you in here is the Suppressor for the Mk.23 on the
1st floor storage room on the other side of the stairs. On the 2nd floor there
are some Stun Grenades and a Ration as well.

Anyway, whatever you do your final move is going to be heading towards the Tang
Hangar exit opposite of the entrance. The exit is marked by a door that is
closed 3/4's of the way so you can see some daylight on the bottom. Once in the
final area before the Canyon opening, be very careful of the Dwarf Gekko
hanging on the wall. Try not to run into their laser. If you do, just make a
break for the outside.

Pop on your Night Vision Goggles if you haven't already. You should be able to
see two dormant Gekko on the right and the left. Proceed to the right hand side
first and make your way up the nearby hill. There is some RPG-7 ammo at the end
of it. Now get back to the centre of the Canyon and proceed down the path. When
dealing with Gekko it is more important to be out of their sight then it is to
be slow/cautious. It of course helps if you have captured the snow terrain on
your OctoCamo. Anyway, proceed slowly down the middle and you should notice the
Gekko will not awaken.

You should see a little hole on the left hand side that you can crawl through.
Inside is an iPod track. If you want it, crawl over and grab it. Be warned
though doing so runs a great risk of being detected. Luckily for you, you can
actually hide in the hole and your Alert status will get back down to Normal
pretty rapidly. Just wait until the Gekko go back to their positions and make a
break for the exit on the left. You have to crawl through to reach the next

Nuclear Warhead Storage Building
Grab the Ration at the end of the catwalk on the left and then jump over the
railing. Crawl through the hole to the next area. After you answer the Codec
call, run directly ahead towards the truck. Climb into it to find the FIM-92A,
the Stinger rocket launcher. Head to the door on the other side in front of the
truck to activate another codec call. There is a lot of ammo on the ground
floor. You can collect them by making a quick lap around the room standing
close to the wall and running towards the right hand side. When you are ready,
head up the nearby stairs and follow the catwalk to the elevator. Press the
Triangle Button. Now head down to the B2 floor.

Before continuing down the central hallway like Otacon asked, take a right. In
the next two rooms you will find another rocket launcher, some Claymore and
some ammo as well. If you continue down into the office area, there is a pack
of ammo to your immediate right. A bit further than the ammo and still on the
right is a Ration. If you go all the way down to the end of the room, you will
find an iPod track here. Now you can go back to the central hallway in front of
the elevator, and keep going left.

There will be another audio flashback along the way in the hallway with the
bloody walls. At the end of the hallway you initiate a cut scene. When Otacon
prompts for a password, you have a few options here. First, you can enter
"14893" to obtain 100,000 Drebin Points. This is very sweet and probably helps
you the most for the remainder of the game. You can, however, the following
passwords for iPod tracks instead. The first one is "13462" ("Policenauts" End
Title), and the second is 78925 (Opening Title - Old LA 2040). Note that you
can only enter ONE password per playthrough. On your first play though I would
recommend the 100,000 Drebin Points.

Whatever you decide is fine. When the cut scenes conclude, collect the Ration,
Playboy Magazine, Regain, Grenade Launcher Ammo, Instant Noodles, and Compress
scattered around the room. When you're finished collecting, head through the
door and down the hallway, but not too fast. You will notice soon that a Gekko
will drop on to the basement 2 floor a la Homer Simpson in the Stonecutter's
Initiation Ceremony. Immediately go into the prone position so it doesn't spot
you. Wait for the Gekko to turn into the hallway leading to the elevator. When
that happens, immediately sprint towards it and take out a leg. Take out the
other one while it's down before going over to the top of its head and blasting
it to death. Remember to get away from the explosion.

After you've taken care of the Gekko, head to the elevator and take the lift
back to the 1st floor. Proceed down the catwalk on the left and jump over the
railing to land in front of the locked door. A brief cut scene should ensue.
Following the brief scene, immediately open fire on the Gekko to get its
attention. Be sure to stay close to the Mk.III. Watch out for its big jump down
to your floor. As soon as it comes down, make a run for the truck and hide for
a bit. Once the Mk.III gains the Gekko's attention, show yourself and take out
a leg. Finish the process and once again be sure to avoid the big explosion.

Soon after you take down the Gekko the Mk.III should finish opening the door.
You will find yourself in the blistering cold once more. Collect the two cases
of ammo directly ahead. Then go down to the slightly lower area to the left.
There is a hangar along the left wall. Go inside to find a Ration, Claymore,
SVD, and Special Ammo. Remember to collect the two cases of Stun Grenades
slightly ahead as well. Once you're ready jump all the way down on the left to
initiate the boss battle.

Boss Battle: Crying Wolf
All right. This battle is actually quite tedious. You can expect your Psyche to
go down in an extremely rapid rate because of the blistering cold. You might
have to Syringe yourself a few times during this fight. Hopefully, you have
been using the syringe sparingly so you don't have to worry about its side
effects. It also would not be a surprise to be constantly low on battery
because of how long you have to keep your Night Vision goggles on. This is why
I'm going to recommend that you save and exit the game this point so you can
grab the four extra batteries in the mission briefings.

Press Ctrl + F and type in MQ ITEM (without the space) to immediately take
yourself to that section. You can always attempt the boss without the batteries
however. If you find that you are running low on batteries, just hide within
the walls in the northeast (of your screen, not the game). You should be able
to recharge them without worrying about Crying Wolf there. Now let's get on
with the actual strategy.

Crying Wolf has the ability to summon wolves that transform into something that
resembles the FROG fighters. They can be a bit of a nuisance if they spot you
and start opening fire. She moves around quite a bit too and the battlefield is
unbelievably vast. The arena itself is centered by a solid, climbable
structure. The structure is encompassed by a forest, and some electrical
equipment. There are some walls at about the northeast portion of the map too,
so you can use those to hide if you must.

Your job is to immediately pop on your Night Vision goggles and equip your SVD
or other sniper rifle. If you actually decided to grab the 100,000 Drebin
Points you should use the extra money to purchase a Mosin Nagant (Sniper
Rifle). Crying Wolf takes some serious damage (about 1/4 of the Psyche Bar) if
you manage to hit her in the head. The Mosin Nagant is very useful in a future
playthrough so it is well worth the investment. A few hundred metres ahead of
you are some unsuspecting Special Unit troops. Pick them off.

Crying Wolf herself is a lot more difficult to find because she moves around so
much. However, the best strategy I can give you is to not move around all that
much. Stay roughly in the same area, and go back and forth if you actually
manage to find and hit her. You can also find her by looking for her the wolf
tracks. Keep an eye out for any enemies with a blue label on your Solid Eye.
All other hostiles in this boss fight have red coloured labels. Crying Wolf is
often staying near a group of the FROG soldiers. So if you see a group of
hostiles through your scope, keep an eye out for Crying Wolf as well. She might
very well be there. If you do spot her this way, take careful aim at her head
and blast away. You should be able to get a couple or even three good shots in
if you spot her from afar.

Another way to engage her is to wait for her and her wolf to charge towards
you. Be very, very careful when this happens. It wouldn't be too hard to avoid
her as long as you have an idea she's coming. Keep an eye out on the radar. If
you see any targets rapidly approaching you, immediately look this direction
because it is Crying Wolf. At this point, it is much more practical to take out
an assault rifle (trusty M60E4) and empty it out on her. Similarly, you can
take out an RPG-7 and blast it towards her to halt her in her tracks. Once you
engage her like this, keep track of where she's running on the radar (with
Solid Eye on, of course) even after she's seemingly disappeared off of it.
Retrace the wolf's tracks with the Night Vision goggles and you WILL find her.
You can also just go in her general direction until she vanishes off the radar
to find her.

Anyway, I defeated her with the methods outlined in this FAQ so you should have
no problem doing it as well. It might just take a while, but that's it. You
should be obtain the Rail Gun following your victory.

Boss Battle: Crying Beauty
Defeating the Crying Beauty is essentially the same throughout the game, so I
won't go into too much detail here. Just remember to keep out of arm's reach
from her and blast her to death. Alternatively, you can defeat her with any
special ammo gun (non-lethally) and obtain the Crying Beauty face Camo

* * *

Blast Furnace
Following the boss battle, run directly ahead into the hangar. Take an
immediate right to grab the "The Best is Yet to Come" iPod track, the song that
played during your entrance to the Heliport. Anyway, proceed down the stairs
following your codec call. This area is just crawling with Dwarf Gekko. If you
get spotted, you are likely done for unless you have some Chaff Grenades. Begin
by collecting the Stun Grenades on the other side of the control centre above.
Follow that by taking a left along the nearby catwalk to find a Ration at the
end of it. You need to lean against the wall to slide to it. After you do that,
lean against the wall once more and slide all the way to the catwalk on the
right hand side. If Snake loses his balance, just manuever your way to the
railing and hit Triangle to climb over. Go down the stairs one level and take a
right on to the catwalk to find some Rail Gun ammo on the other side. Be very
careful of the Dwarf Gekko here. If you need help identifying their vision
laser, turn on your NV goggles.

Now go back down to the stairs you came down from and go down one more level to
the nearby door. This should initiate a codec call. Go directly ahead to the
object that looks like a dumpster. On the left of it is some Ammo. Go through
the nearby door to collect more Ammo and a Ration. There is a hole in the wall
as well so you can climb through it and grab some more ammo on the other side.
This room is also a very good hiding spot if you the Dwarf Gekko identify you.
If you run into here you can wait out the Alert period back to the Normal phase
in here. Leave this room and you will find a Compress under the stairs to your
left. You can grab it and then head up the stairs close to the locked door.
Don't go up the next set however, instead, proceed directly ahead to the
railing. Remember to grab the Ration on your right under the set of stairs as

Jump over the railing to the nearby elevator. Again, hit triangle to activate
it. Get inside and head down to the Basement 5 level. This is a pretty long
elevator ride, so I would recommend putting on a good iPod track, like "The
Best is Yet to Come" that you just picked up. If you are running low on health
for whatever reason, put on a healing track (Rock Me Baby) to recover some life

Casting Facility
Once you finally reach down to the B5 level, notice the Gekko directly ahead,
patrolling the area. Stick along the right wall and proceed in this direction
for a bit. In the far right corner there is a Ration that you should pick up.
After grabbing it, proceed directly ahead, and be very careful to avoid the
Gekko's laser sight. Head towards the small set of stairs to the next hallway.
Grab the Ration on the right hand side and proceed to the next room. Get your
Chaff Grenade ready, proceed forwards just a bit and set one off. As soon as
you do, make a break for the conveyor belt in the centre of the room. Crawl
under the little crack and you will see two Gekko on the other side.

One Gekko is going to be blocking your exit. Just stay put and watch it for a
bit. If you remain in the Normal phase, it will move out of the way. If you
have at least two Chaff Grenades remaining (and you should), set off another
one to go for the iPod track in the corner on the right of the exit. It is near
the crates with the cloth cover, and the Ration by the steel structure. Once
you grab it, (or don't), head for the exit and jump over the railing to the
right to safety. Head through the door to the next sector.

In this final sector, move down to the end of the hallway and collect the Ammo
to your left. Climb through the hole. Otacon will tell you that you are not
far now. There is some Ammo and Ration up the stairs to your right, but this is
probably a case of very little gain for a big risk. Instead, set off a Chaff
Grenade in this room and make a full sprint up the stairs and to the door on
your left. Go through and run to the door at the end of the hallway to complete
the sector.

Boss Battle: Vamp
This is it. The moment that we've all been waiting for. Snake and Vamp with
everything on the line. You have a few choices in this boss battle. You can
either equip a Sniper Rifle and wear him down from afar, or you can equip an
M60E4. The latter is the best choice in my opinion.  Don't worry about killing
him non-lethally because there is no reward if you do. Your goal is to distance
yourself as much as possible from him and blast him with some shots. Aim for
the head if you can. If you have the M60E4 you can just keep blasting him and
he will not be able to harm you. The best part about the M60E4 is you don't
have to reload, so you do not give him any opportunities to charge at you or
anything like that. The SVD works fine too, but is a little slower.

The majority of his offence is centered around what is essentially an arsenal
of forward rolls. He is going to charge at you in varying speeds and he's also
going to move to higher ground quite frequently. In addition to his variable
movements he's going to launch little knives at you so be careful of those.
Remember to take cover behind the structures of the battlefield. One of his
most deadly attacks is similar to a figure skating manuever, such that he gets
on his knees and spins around for a pretty long period of time, while throwing
knives like crazy if you aren't care you can take some serious damage. It
shouldn't be too hard to avoid as long as you run as soon as this happens.

I do want to say that you if you get knocked down by him, get up IMMEDIATELY.
If you thought it was a good idea to attack him from the ground, think again.
If you do so he will jump on to your body and start stepping on you to inflict
some major damage. Following the stepping he will hit you with a soccer kick
that's enough to finish you off, even if you had 100% before he started
stepping on you. So do NOT stay on the ground.

Once he starts charging you, wait until the very last second to roll out of the
way. If you roll before he goes into his charging motion you will still get
hit, so be careful. You also don't want to wait TOO long to roll out, or you
will once again be hit, of course. When he has just a sliver of HP left, and
you know that he's going to die on the next hit, do NOT blast him if he's
too far, or too high. This is very important because in order to give him the
coupe de grace you need to be able to run up to him, grab with CQC (R1), equip
the Syringe (item), and press Triangle. So only give him the final gunshot when
it looks like you can run up to him and give him the ol' needle to the neck. If
you do not, he will keep regenerating.

Mini-Boss Battle: Suicide Gekko
This battle begins with you holding on to the Rail Gun. Get on your Solid Eye.
This particular fight is more repetitive than difficult. All you have to do is
stay put, and take out any Suicide Gekko that you see until this scene
concludes. To do so, hold L1 to fully charge the Rail Gun. If you are getting
into trouble, charge your gun while you are behind a structure. There is also a
Ration and some extra Rail Gun Ammo amongst the rubble. To find out how charged
the Rail Gun is, look at the bottom right of your screen for a mini "charge
bar". Once the bar is charged completely, you will be able to bring down the
Gekko in a single shot.

There are essentially two big waves of the Suicide Gekko. The first bunch begin
on the ground with you. The second will begin shortly following a brief pause.
They will come down from the two openings above. So charge your Rail Gun and
take out any of them that descend. I have to advise you to watch out for the
Gekko as they jump on to the battlefield. If you happen to be under them while
they land, and they stomp on you, you will die instantly. Also, keep an eye out
for any Gekko that could be crouching with a timber on its belly. Do not allow
the timers to reach 0 so the Gekko will explode, this will kill everybody
instantly. Other than that, all they really have is the standard machine gun
fire. Note that this is a rather tedious battle, so the time to use any iPod
healing tracks would probably be now.

* * *

All right. You now find yourself inside a model of Metal Gear. It's time for
you to make your escape. With the timer up top, your first inclination is
probably to just maul all the Gekkos over en route to your escape. This is
probably a mistake, because you will be taking heaps of damage and extremely
unlikely to finish without dying. It will not take you the full 5 minutes even
if you are very slow, so just ignore the timer.

In the very first room, just stop there and take out as many Gekkos with the
machine gun as you can. You also have homing missiles (AT Missiles) so you can
use those by equipping them with R2. Once you've cleared the way of this first
room, the rest is essentially the same. Stop as you enter a new room, overheat
the machine gun once by taking out as many Gekko as you can. You can also blow
up the entire room with your AT missiles. Remember to use those when your
machine guns overheat. Remember keep veering to the right when you can't go
directly ahead. Just keep following that general strategy and you will conclude
this escape scene.

Boss Battle: Metal Gear Ray
Start off right away by blasting it with machine gun fire. The Metal Gear is
rather stationary/slow so you will be able to do a whole lot of damage. Keep
firing until you notice the Metal Gear doesn't take any more damage, or until
your guns overheat. Once you see that you are no longer damaging Ray, you know
it's time to take cover. The general rule of thumb to defeat Metal Gear Ray is
to blast him with machine gun fire until he starts running, then switch over to
the homing missiles (AT Missiles) and really go to work on him. You can blast
him with close to 10 missiles. Let just say that there are only a handful of
things cooler than the AT Missiles. Anyway, Otacon will tell you that Metal
Gear Ray will lower its defence following an attack, so be sure to take

Near the end of the battle Ray will start charging you to do some heavy damage.
The key here is to use your AT missiles or machine guns to keep him on the
defensive. Your goal for this battle is to keep some separation from him and
keep using your ranged attacks to cut him down. If you want to try a special
attack, you need to first stun him with a barrage of missiles or continuous
machine gun fire. After that, charge towards him while tapping the Triangle
Button. If you manage to get close enough, you will pick up Metal Gear Ray,
laser him a bit and then slam him on the ground. Either way he is not too
difficult to take down so keep using your missiles and machine guns to work
down his defences. Remember to watch out for his own AT missiles, because they
deal you quite a bit of damage.

                       --- [ 4e. Act 5 - Old Sun ] ---              [0004e]

=Recommended Weapons=
* SVD or other Sniper Rifle
* RPG-7 (for single group of FROGs)

Ship Bow
So the final chapter in Solid Snake's adventures are about to begin. The start
of Act 5 pits you on the Bow, the front of the ship. Snake is kneeling down as
this mission begins. Start by equipping your SVD or equivalent sniper rifle
right away. Take a look at the FROG soldiers descending from above, just a bit
ahead. We are going to focus our attention on three first. Two of them will
bounce off a nearby balcony and on to the deck. Go into first person scope mode
and move left very slightly, just enough so you can the two soldiers proceed in
a line towards you. Take out the soldier in the front with a single headshot.
This will cause the soldier behind to retreat to the stern. Move all the way
left so you can stare down the hallway with your scope. It's best to stay
crouched. Be patient and the second guard will emerge in the hallway with her
head down. Take her out.

Now turn your attention to the guard at the highest level of the ship. You saw
her at first. Eliminate her with a well-placed headshot. All right, now you
should still be just about a little to the left of where you started the level.
Ready your RPG-7 or other rocket launcher and proceed to the right. You will
now notice a hallway in the centre of the ship. Four PMC FROG troops will
descend on to the ship at the end of the hallway. As soon as they land, take
out all 4 with a single rocket. Proceed to the far right now, still crouched or
better yet in the prone position. Two PMC FROGs will jump down close to the
staircase directly ahead and slightly above. Take out the first one who lands
on the stairs with your sniper rifle. Immediately crouch walk your way to the
far right and take out the soldier who landed in the hallway. Crouch walk or
run down to the large crate in the middle of the hallway the FROG troop just
died in.

It's now time to go back to the prone position. Proceed very gingerly ahead and
2 more guards should drop in the hallway on the other side of the two smaller
crates stacked on top of each other. The first PMC guard should be almost
completely hidden behind the crates. If you look carefully enough you will see
that about 1/5 of her body is showing. If you wait long enough she will peek
out from the crates. Blast her in the face. The other guard should now be
alarmed so she'll come over to check her friend. Take her out as well. Still in
the prone position, proceed forward into the central hallway. 2 more guards
should drop down. Take them out and move directly forward. Take an immediate
right in this small hallway. Your target isn't far now. You will also notice
that heavy reinforcements will drop -- two Gekko and about 3 or 4 PMC troops.

Anyway, you should now be at the hallway in the far right. Up ahead are a bunch
of crates blocking your way. No problem, though. You see the little crack
between one of the crates and the left wall? Go next to the wall and press
triangle to lean against it. Slide along the wall so you can slip through the
crack and immediately go to the crawling/prone position. Proceed ahead and 2
more PMC troops should drop ahead. Stop as soon as they drop and crawl
backwards a few steps. Go back to the crouch position and take them out
QUICKLY. It is now Act 5 and you should be reasonably quick with the sniper
rifle. If you are not super quick the 2nd soldier will see you and activate
alert status. This is probably the most difficult part of this Act so far.

**If Alert Status is activated**

Ideally you would want to stay out of Alert phase in most situations. It is
especially so important for you to avoid the Alert Status in this level because
of the hoards of reinforcements that it brings. In the event that it DOES
happen to you though, book it to the right corner on the far right of the ship.
The corner parallel to the exit. Stay right ahead of the space that leads to
the central hallway and defend yourself with your Sniper Rifle. You should be
able to keep most of them at bay as long as they don't jump in front of you.
Remember, your sniper rifle gives you an unmatched advantage over their P90's.
You will have a good idea when it's safe to proceed to the door in the central
hallway, because the PMCs will stop coming. Keep an eye on the radar to see
where they are.

Before you make a run for the door, however, take out your Rail Gun and charge
it all the way. There should be two Gekko blocking your exit. Take one out and
then go immediately  take out the other one with 5 quick shots. The reason you
want to take out the other one as fast as possible is because opening those
ship doors require you to turn the wheel several times with the Triangle
button, and when you get hit you stop turning. Anyway, once you've cleared the
two 2 Gekko out you should have enough time to open the door and get inside. Go
all the way down to the end of the hall and wait for the Alert status to return
to Normal. Then, the elevator will activate to bring you down to the basement
floor. Proceed through the door at the end of the short hallway to complete the

**If Alert Status has NOT been activated*

Sneak past the two Gekko and make your way to the door. Turn it open by
repeatedly tapping the Triangle Button and go through. Go down to the end of
the hall and into the elevator to take you down to the basement. Walk down the
hallway, and into the door to complete the scene.

Mini-Boss Battle: FROG Troops
This battle begins with a swarm of the FROG troops filled throughout this level
converging on Snake and your friend. Otacon tells you not to allow them to get
your friend. Do not worry about this. The FROG Unit will not be attacking her,
but their primary focus will be on you, and if you stay in the centre of the
room it just gives them all possible angles to attack. So instead, run up the
stairs and to one of the doors so the PMC FROGs can only attack you from one
side. Equip your sniper rifle with Night Vision goggles (optional) and start
picking them off. Some will run towards you and some will stay up on the 2nd
level, on higher ground. They shouldn't give you too many problems though,
because you can pick them off all the same.

I do want to reiterate a point about engaging them with CQC though. There might
come a time (there will be, I reckon) where they jump right behind you and your
only option is to take them out with CQC. It is still possible to grab them if
you catch them with a Grab if they're not in their "ready" positions. The ready
position is where they have their guns pointed at you. To avoid getting
countered, I would recommend rolling into them first. While they are down, move
close to them (preferably behind), and press R1 just as they are about to get
up. This is probably the most effective way to handle any FROG units who drop
next to you. You can also knock them down with a melee combination first, and
then grab them as they get up. I find the rolling attack is much more efficient
though. Just keep picking them off with your SVD and you should be able to get
past them without too much trouble.

Boss Battle: Screaming Mantis
Immediately begin the fight by equipping your syringe and using it on yourself
(hold L2 to select it, then press X). This will cause Screaming Mantis to lose
her control of all her "puppets". I'm sure you know what I mean. Now, you need
to pop on your Night Vision goggles, run around the room and take out the each
FROG soldier, or more specifically her remains. After this, you will notice
that she'll take control of Meryl and use her to attack you. This could get
pretty annoying, so take out your Mosin (Russian Tranquillizer Sniper Rifle),
and blast her once (if you have it) to immediately put her to sleep. If not,
take out your Mk.22 and blast her. Now, you need to switch focus to the dolls
in her hands. Move towards her with your M4 Custom or any other fast (in terms
of bullet expulsion) Assault Rifle and fire at her hands. Keep firing until she
drops a doll. Chase after the doll on the floor immediately and grab it before
she does. One down. Now do the same thing until you are able to grab the other
doll in her hand.

I should note that throughout the fight, watch out for her launching ghost
attacks. If you get hit by one she will be able to take control of you, and you
will have to Syringe yourself again. Once she yells "SNAKE!", she is likely to
start blinking towards you, and if you get hit by her blinking attack you will
take a LOT of damage. Luckily though you should be able to avoid it with
relative ease by rolling (either side or front). She might come after you a few
times in a row even after you've avoided her initially so be ready to dodge her
a few times in succession. Once you've grabbed both dolls, equip the Screaming
Mantis one. You can do this by pausing the game, going to "Weapons", and then
looking for the doll in Other.

All right, now that you have the doll equipped, ready it by holding L1 and aim
towards her. Press R1 to launch one in her direction. She's pretty slick in
avoiding them, but you have an unlimited amount of dolls to use so keep
shooting them at her until you hit her. AS SOON as she is hit, hold the L1
Button and "Shake" the controller. You can probably do it all with one hand by
holding on to the L1 button with your index and middle finger and then shaking
it with that hand. If you are doing it correctly you will notice that her
health and psyche will drop rapidly. In fact, if you do it correctly one time
it should be enough to finish her off.

You should be well-trained in handling the Beauty version of the bosses now.
This one is no different from the others, so just remember to stay out of arms
reach and blast her into submission.

* * *

Catwalks & Final Corridor
All right, you should now be in a very long hallway. There are going to be no
directional challenges here. Just keep proceeding down catwalk after catwalk.
Eventually your pathway will be blocked by a swarm of Dwarf Gekko. To get
through this as painlessly as possible, just do a series of roll attacks
instead of running straight forward. Remember not to tap the X button too
quickly though, because it will result in Snake going from the roll directly to
the prone position, which will slow you down considerably. You'll have to time
your taps to prevent this from happening. Alternatively, you can use the RPG-7
rocket launcher to clear them up a bit, and then follow it up with timed
rolling to proceed ahead. Chaff Grenades work extremely well as well. After you
reach the inner chamber with the red light, just keep moving forward and
tapping triangle when appropriate. It is not possible to die and reach a Game
Over state here I don't think. Anyway, watch the ensuing cut scenes and come
back to the FAQ when you're ready.

Final Battle: Liquid Ocelot
The format for this final showdown with Liquid Ocelot is built around a button
smasher fighting style, comparable to a Street Fighter and other titles. It is
comprised of about three main "rounds", and a final concluding round. I will
begin by mapping out Old Snake's movelist for this fight and follow that with
some strategy on how to win. Note that this final battle is one of most
enjoyable parts of the game, so I urge you to develop your own strategies
through trial and error as well. If you come across something cool, remember to
let me know.

Old Snake's Move List
- Please note that any input button (like Square Button and the D-pad) not
listed will have no effect in the fight.

Left Analog Stick    -    * Movement
                          * Directional flick + R1 for takedown

Right Analog Stick   -    * Camera Angle

L1 Button            -    * Guard/Block
                          * Wind up for Strong Punch

R1 Button            -    * Tap for single strike
                          * Tap 3-4 times for combination
                          * Press and hold for CQC when close
                          * When L1 is held, Strong Punch
                          * Body punch when ducking

Triangle Button      -    * Special Action (See more below)

X button             -    * Dash
                          * Charge
                          * Duck

General Strategy
- Read this section before the round specific strategy!

X Button
The first thing I want to elaborate on is the X Button for the "Dash" action.
If you tilt the Left Analog Stick towards Ocelot and press the X button, you
will charge towards him. Press the X button in any other direction to quickly
strafe/leap in that direction. This should be your primary means of moving
around the battle arena. The Dash button is extremely useful in this fight
because it can help you create a lot of openings. For example, when you see
that Liquid Ocelot is winding up for a big punch, if you dash to the side to
dodge the punch, and then quickly dash towards him you should be able to catch
him with a shot. You might even be able to interrupt his wind-up motion with a
stunning body punch if you can dash in quick enough.

This is where the second important function of the dash button comes in. When
you dash towards Ocelot, called a charge, Snake will be "ducking". If you hit
the R1 button BEFORE Snake returns to his normal stance, he will throw a body
punch. If you can connect with the body punch, it should do wonders in setting
up your offence, because Liquid will be momentarily stunned. Use this method
when Liquid is winding up for his big punch. Try and connect with a body punch
and then follow up with something big, like a punch, punch, kick, and
roundhouse kick combination to knock him down (keep tapping the R1 button). The
X Button should be used almost as often as the R1 Button, if not more.

CQC (Special Action)
The CQC in the boss fight against Liquid is actually quite complex, so I feel
it should be emphasized as well. To initiate a throw on Liquid and go up to
him, hold the R1 button with a directional flick on the left analog stick. This
is where it might get a little complex. From here, Snake will do one of two
things. He will either slam Liquid on to the ground, or throw him against one
of the stage's posts. Whichever the action, you need to follow up by hitting
"R1" again to initiate some more punishment, either a choke or some ground and
pound punches. This is where the Special Action button comes in. At some point
the Triangle Button will appear on the screen and you'd have to press it a few
times to perform a "slow motion punch". I recommend you to just keep tapping
BOTH the R1 and Triangle buttons during Snake's attacking animation, because
the R1 button could appear as well. If you are not fast enough to tap either
the R1 or Triangle button that appear on-screen, you will be countered.

I find the best time to go for a CQC attack is when Liquid is stunned
momentarily after getting caught by a body punch. In the 1st round though you
should be able to just walk right up to him and CQC him. In the later rounds he
gets a little more difficult, so you may need to body punch him first.
Remember, always use the body punch to set up your offence. Use the dash button
move around as well so Ocelot misses a lot. These two points cannot be stressed

Take Advantage of Liquid's Taunt
When you get knocked down by Liquid's power punch, immediately tap the Triangle
Button so you can restore a little bit of health. Do this every time you get
knocked down. You can also use the time he's taunting to immediately get up and
hit him with a body punch followed by a combination. Just remember to take
advantage in some way during the his taunt.

Round-By-Round Strategy
- Each round is marked by a change in background music

1st Round
The 1st round is the easiest to get through. It was probably done so
deliberately so you can get used to the fight system. You should also not worry
about falling down, or stumbling when you're near the edge. I found that Liquid
stopped attacking completely when Snake was losing his balance along the edge.
You don't have to worry about very much here, in terms of his offence. He is
going to attack you with a striking combination (similar to yours), a powerful
punch, and an occasional charge/tackle. Just remember to be mindful of his
attacks, and block often (holding L1 button). Immediately after you block his
attacks, throw a combination of your own and hurt him a little bit. Feel free
to press the action by going right up to him and attacking this round, because
you likely won't be able to do that in the next round.

You can also go for a CQC slam followed by some ground and pound (explained
above). Keep in mind that even if you block his powerful punch, the force
of it will send Snake stumbling back a bit, which negates any time you would
normally have to counter if you avoided it (with a dash or duck). One final
note about his offence is if you DO get caught with his big punch, Ocelot will
do a little taunt. You can either hit the Triangle Button to recover some
health, or immediately pop back up and charge him with an attack to take
advantage. Anyway, just work his HP down to about the half-way point to start
round 2.

2nd Round
This is probably the toughest round of the fight. Ocelot is very elusive in
this round and on top of that his combinations/punches will be more difficult
to avoid. You are probably going to get caught with his big punch a few times
during this round. The lone positive is that you get to take advantage of his
taunting afterwards and answer back. It is very important that you lead with
the body punch first. During his momentary stun, hit him with either your
combination or CQC throw. Note that in the 2nd round he will be looking to
charge at you quite a bit more. This is a fairly difficult to avoid, but you
should have been looking to establish constant lateral and backwards dashing
throughout this fight anyway, so you might be able to avoid his charges just by
doing that. You might need to get lucky a few times. To put an end to this
round, you'll need to pretty much to beat him down until his life gauge is
about to empty.

3rd Round
This 3rd round is almost exclusively CQC based, so if you haven't read the
above section on CQC yet, it is best to do so. Anyway, this fight is going to
be a series of grabs and counters. You can go up to him and attempt to throw
him with CQC. He might counter you, if he does, keep tapping R1 and the
Triangle button together and you may be able to counter him back. If he grabs
you first, you can definitely counter by repeatedly tapping R1 and Triangle
together. Remember, the reason you tap both of them is to guarantee that you'll
be fast enough regardless of which button is shown on the screen. the
opportunity presents itself. Just keep repeating this strategy until this round

After a few playthroughs of the game, I've begun to notice that Liquid will not
throw any punches or kicks in this round at all. He will exclusively come after
you with CQC. With this in mind, you will be able to make short work of him by
staying out of CQC reach and comboing the daylights out of him. This is a very
fast way to beat him, but fighting him with CQC is probably more fun, and how
Kojima intended this round to go in my opinion.

Final Round
This round is rather short and if you've made this far you can't possibly lose
now. Just keep moving forward and hitting R1 to punch him. Repeat this until
Liquid falls in submission to conclude the round.

* * * I M P O R T A N T  R E M I N D E R * * *
DO NOT turn off your PS3 at any time during the credits! Watch through all of
them so you can save your game at the end and keep all your equipment for your
next playthrough.

- End of Walkthrough -

Well that was it, everyone. After you've completed that final round, it's time
to grab a soda and enjoy the final moments of this masterpiece. I really hope
you enjoyed reading the Liquid Ocelot strategy as much as I enjoyed writing it.
I definitely had a lot of fun with that section in particular. Finally, I hope
this walkthrough managed to help you somewhere along the line in your Metal
Gear Solid 4 experience. If you find any errors remember to let me know.

    / /        __________________________________________________
---/ /--------/==================================================\-------------
--/ /_,-,------B I G  B O S S  E M B L E M  W A L K T H R O U G H----[0005]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

If you are wondering why I decided to include this section in a general FAQ, it
is actually pretty simple. Not only does it provide you with some strategy to
obtain the Big Boss Emblem, but also strategy to obtain all the similar Emblems
(Fox Hound, Wolf, etc), as well. It accomplishes the latter by providing you
the  quickest route through the game by my estimation.

I think most people would want to attempt the Big Boss Emblem at one point or
another, so having this section would be a good idea. I also wouldn't feel this
FAQ was 100% complete without writing the walkthrough for a no kill/alert run.
If you are following the instructions in this part of the FAQ, you can be sure
that the path that you are taking is going to be fast enough to meet the 5 hour
requirement. I will be able to lay the ground work for you by providing the
best possible route, but it will still be up to you to execute.

                        --- [ 5I. BBE Basics ] --                   [0005i]

Please note that while I can provide you with the definite directions and
strategies to you help obtain the Emblem, a large part of it still depends on
you and your skill level. It might be a good idea to get a few runs under your
belt before attempting the Big Boss Emblem, because trying it too early can
really frustrate you. Even after you've become quite accustomed to the game,
you can still expect to have to exit the game a few times. Anyway, now that we
got all this introduction stuff out of the way, let's get right into the meat
of it.

* The Boss Extreme Difficulty
* Complete the game in under 5 hours of playing time
* Have 0 Alerts, 0 Humans killed, 0 Continues
* Use 0 Health Replenishing Items
* Do NOT use the Bandana or StealthCamo

=Big Boss Emblem Awards=
* Big Boss Emblem (o rly)
* Patriot (weapon with unlimited clip, see Secret Weapons for more)
* Big Boss iPod track
* Big Boss FaceCamo

=Do NOT use these Items=
* Instant Noodles
* Ration
* Regain

=Using these Items are OK!=
* Muna
* Syringe
* Mantis Doll to kill Screaming Mantis (it's a weapon, I know)
* Pentazemin
* Compress

I want to quickly stress a few points. It is THE Boss Extreme Difficulty, NOT
the Big Boss Hard. Secondly, EVERYTHING that you do in the game counts towards
your five hours of allotted time. Watching the cut scenes, pausing the game,
Codec calls, and when the "Press Start" screen is flashing during the various
"Now Loading Screens". Note that even when you are saving the game it counts
towards your five hours, but you do get an unlimited amount of saves. I would
recommend taking the time to save the game after each sector regardless,
because it takes about 10 seconds to do so and the ability to restart the game
as soon you mess up can really go a long way in reducing some stress. If you
are fairly confident in your abilities however, then you can of course save
whenever you feel you are at risk of getting exposed.

As far as Alerts go, the Caution phase does NOT count as an Alert. If and only
if a positive ID is made, and it actually reads "Alert" on your screen is it
considered an Alert. Please note that sometimes you may be leaving an area and
get spotted as you leave. You will likely hear the Alert sound, but won't be
around long enough to see the Alert notification on-screen. This DOES count as
an Alert, so if that happens to you, just restart the game.

Finally, note that it is no HUMANs killed. You are perfectly allowed to kill
any Gekko, Dwarf Gekko, Tanks, Helicopters etc. You really shouldn't be taking
your time to blast any tanks or helicopters though. You can also kill any
member of the Flying Raven corps during the motorcycle chase in Act 3.

You get access to The Boss Extreme once you've cleared the game once on any
difficulty, by the way.


Before attempting the Big Boss Emblem, you should do a quick run on Liquid Easy
mode to stock up and make sure you have all the weapons/items below. Note that
you cannot purchase any Special Ammo (tranquilizer, V-ring) during The Boss
Extreme playthrough, so it is absolutely vital that you purchase maximum
quantities during Act 5 for the 50% off on your Liquid Easy Run.

=What You Need=
* Solar Gun (Refer to Secret Weapons if you don't have it)
* Chaff Grenades (Refer to Secret Weapons for locations)
* Smoke Grenades
* Maxed Special Ammo (Tranquilizer, V-Ring)
* Saiga-12 Shotgun
* Mosin Nagant
* Middle East Militia Disguise
* Otacon FaceCamo (Check Unlockable FaceCamo)
* Extra batteries (Optional, check Items section)

=How to Replenish Your Health 100%=
This is a trick I discovered thanks to the good folks over at the GameFAQs
Message Boards. If you find that you are running low on health, save and exit
the game. Exit using the PS Button on your controller so you can get right to
the PS3 Screen. Go to the "System Settings" screen and switch the date to
something in the distant future. Switching the year ahead is a good way,
because you can just switch it back to the current year after completing the

=iPod Healing Tracks=
--> These are OK to use during your Big Boss Emblem Run!
* Sailor
* Rock Me Baby

Check the iPod section for locations. Put on these tracks when you are low in
health and you don't want to fast forward the date at least four days on your
PS3. These songs work rather slowly though, and in most cases I find that the
Solid Eye to be more useful. The one instance that I can think of where the
healing tracks would be quite useful is when you are fending off the Suicide
Gekko. It's a long, drawn out battle, and you really have no way of speeding
the process along so the songs are good then.

=Note About Guards=
You will notice that the PMC troops on The Boss Extreme have heightened senses
that would rival even those of Peter Parker. You will often find the PMC troops
will be alarmed, and go "What's that?" if you run past them. This will happen
even if you are fairly far away, so if you are moving past a guard, try to
always crawl or at the very least crouch walk.

Also, note that any CQC manuever that subdues the target will only do so for
ONE star on The Boss Extreme. If you ever use the slam, be sure to blast the
PMC in the head with a Mk.2 afterwards as well.

Now, without further a due:

Ahhhhhh........ Sameh.......

                    --- [ 5a. Act 1 - Liquid Sun (BBE) ] ---        [0005a]

---> Remember to Skip All Cut Scenes!!! <---

Ground Zero
All right, here we go. The walkthrough section is going to be presented in a
fast-paced nature that is reflective of what you experience in game. Begin by
immediately crawling under the track on your left. Skip the cut scene. Now
proceed to the right to activate the next scene. You will soon find yourself
staring right at a Gekko. Don't worry about being spotted by them during the
Prologue sequence because they will not count as Alert phases. Any Gekko that
spots you after the Prologue WILL count however. So anyway, take a left and
stick to the sidewalk, also on the left side. Run past the first Gekko and now
you should be leaning towards the right. Turn into the opening to conclude the
Prologue. You probably don't have to save here just yet.

Red Zone NorthWest Sector
Run up forward towards the central town area. Go into the crawl position and
crawl into the abandoned house to your right. Go forward in this house, through
the initial opening and towards the exit back to the town area on the left. Go
back to the prone position and crawl towards the crates, sticking on the right
and the shadows the whole time. Keep crawling ahead and make the right into the
opening by the truck. Be careful because there are two PMC troops in this room
that weren't there in Solid Normal. Creep forward towards the dead body and the
crates so you can see them. Wait for the one on the right to move further away,
towards the exit on your right. Then stalk/crouch walk towards the one on the
left and take him out with a single Stun Knife attack. Now stalk towards the
one on the right, heading towards the exit and take him out as well. Follow
through the opening on the right and leave this room through the exit on the
left. Run towards the sector exit towards the top right of your screen.

Red Zone
You should now find yourself in the statue area. Run towards the two crates in
the top right of this area. Take cover briefly here if the PMC troop up ahead
is nearby. Stick to the right, along the shadows and proceed toward that guard.
Stay along the close by wall and you should notice an opening to your right.
There is a guard inside, and he will see you if you try and move past at this
time. Stand at the openings wall and watch him until he turns around. Now
proceed down the alley and stick towards the right side. Turn into the first
opening to your right and head towards those lumber stacks. There should be a
ladder just ahead.

Climb up and then crawl your way across towards the crate on the other side of
the opening. Stand at the crate and make sure the PMC troop below towards the
left is firing at a target, and has his back towards you. Now jump down and
immediately go into the prone position. Crawl towards the pile of rubble and
the nearby opening, towards the central street area. There should be two guards
ahead engaged in a fire fight. Don't crawl through the opening yet, but instead
wait for the two PMCs to get up and move towards the street on the left. Now
maintain your crawl and crawl towards the building where you retrieve your

Now that you've got all your equipment your confidence should be rising a bit.
Anyway, put on your Middle East Disguise and equip your Smoke Grenades. It
would probably be a good idea to take a few seconds to save the game here. Once
you've got all your stuff, go through the opening directly ahead to reach the
back of this building. Take note of the group of PMCs approaching along the
street. Take out your Smoke Grenade and throw it at the group of PMCs, now
immediately run across the street. Try to keep your distance from the smoke so
you don't get stopped momentarily as well.

Once across the street, run into the opening that leads to the hallway. Right
along this hallway, stick along the right hand side, in the shadows, and run
into the Militia hideout as soon as you see it.

Militia Safe House
Don't bother saving here because you cannot possibly be detected while you have
the disguise on. Let's not waste any time and run directly into the hideout. Go
past the first troop and don't think twice. Stick to the right and proceed
along the hallway. You should run into the group of four reinforcements here.
Run into the next room and up the stairs. Take a right towards the Militant who
just spotted you. Head towards the exit on the top right in the next room with
all the wounded soldiers. Then take a right and proceed into the hallway. Keep
following the path up the stairs in the next room. Now keep left into the room
where the two militants are talking. Take a right in the room after that and
head towards the final area. Go up the stairs to complete the Safe House. Skip
all the ensuing scenes.

Urban Ruins
Proceed directly ahead and make a right into the opening of the little "maze"
area. Take a left inside and then take a right at the opening a little further
down. Once inside, proceed to the right and down the path then take a left and
jump on to the platform. Get to the other side and take a left into the
rectangular opening. Go through then stick to the left past the two militants.
You should be able to jump on to the platform and proceed through. Go down this
brief hallway and turn right. The ceiling should now collapse. Run across the
fallen platform and take a right then run up the ramp. Lean against the wall
and scale the little sliver of building left. Take a left in the opening and
jump down. Go up the platform then turn right. Jump down the hole to complete
the maze.

After skipping the scene, stick to the right along the sidewalk until you reach
the car. Just stick on the sidewalk on the right and turn right into the alley.
Proceed down and you should run into a group of militants. Take a left and head
towards the top right of your screen. Proceed down this alley and take a left
once you reach the next group of militants plotting an attack. Move down past
the crates to the wooden door. Just a bit to the left of the wooden door is a
crack in the wall. Lean against it and slip your way through. Proceed down the
alley and then take a right at the end. Stick in the shadows and take an
immediate left into another crack. This one should be brief. Proceed along the
sidewalk for a bit and head towards the two crates, stacked, that are fully
exposed in the light. Turn right into building entrance here.

Inside, keep going right, past the stairs, then make a left. Make a jumping
roll through the window at the end of the hallway. Take a right and into the
alley where the blue van is. Immediately go to the right of the van and get
into the prone position. The two PMC troops should go right past you on the
other side of the van. Ready your Smoke Grenades. Proceed out of the van and
crouch walk slow ahead. Throw the Smoke Grenade into the alley on the right.
and take cover along the wall on the right first. After the explosion, make a
full sprint to the end of the alley. Once back to the main part of the street,
stick along the sidewalk on the right first. Then, as soon as you see it, make
a run towards the sacks of flour on the left. Stick close to the flour sacks
and head toward the crates. There is an entrance to the Advent Palace on the
other side of them.

Advent Palace
Equip a weapon of your choice because you are going to have to clear out some
of those proximity explosives. Proceed up the stairs to the 3rd floor, clearing
out any mines along the way. You should remember what to do from here. Just
take a left and proceed through the entire hallway to reach the other side.
Remember there are two proximity explosives on this hallway. Once you reach the
stairs, go all the way up to the balcony and into the final hallway towards the
door to initiate the escape sequence.

If you haven't already, equip your Solar Gun. Begin by clearing out the FROG
troops that enter through the door. Turn your attention above and watch as four
more FROG units land on the roof and railing. Take out the two on the right and
then finish off the two that jump on to the balcony. Proceed down the stairs to
the 3rd floor. Get your Stun Grenades in the throwing position and get ready. A
group of four FROGs will drop down directly across, in the corner on the right.
Do not proceed just yet. Instead, arm your Shotgun with V-Ring Ammo and wait at
the foot of the stairs, staring back into them. A group of FROGs will soon
descend (it will take half a minute), blast them all with your Shotgun and
watch the splash damage go to work. Two shots should be good enough.

Now proceed down the hallway and take a left to enter the dining/bar area.
Proceed directly ahead into the next room and go through the door on the right
hand side. Right beside you should be the kitchen area. Ready your Mosin Nagant
and pick off each of the FROGs in the kitchen area.  There are three directly
in the kitchen beside you, and about three more in the more distant part. Now
stay where you are and take out your Mk. 2 pistol. When the two FROGs show up,
blast them both with headshots. Now take out your Solar Gun and finish off the
rest of the FROGs on this floor. Most of them are in the kitchen area and in
the dining area right beside it. Go into the hallway and wait for the rest of
the team to follow.

Get your Mosin Nagant ready and take out all the FROGs on this floor. They
should be attacking you from across the hallway. After you've cleared them out,
proceed into the men's washroom and through the hole in the wall. Wait here and
ready your Mk.II. Send the Mk.II through the blown hole and take out all the
FROG troops here. There should be about seven or eight. Once you're finished,
unequip the Mk.II to go immediately back to Snake and activate the brief cut
scene (that you can't skip). Then, jump through the hole back to the ground
floor. Go to the area where Meryl is going to be and get your Mosin Nagant
ready. Wait behind the wall so you don't get caught with the Stun Grenade. As
soon it sets off, run out with your Mosin Nagant and get shooting. Take out the
FROGs on the ground and then take out the ones on the upper floors. Once you
finish this, go to the elevator to go down to the basement.

Run up the rubble and hop over the crates. Follow the hallway to the end of the
escape, and back to daylight.

Crescent Meridian
Run across the street into the walls. Follow the path here and crawl your way
to the ladder. Climb up, then immediately jump down the through the opening
directly ahead. Switch back to your OctoCamo and put on your Face Camo as well.
Crawl along the sidewalk and stick to the right, crawling the whole way. Once
you reach the blown up car, cross the street to the left side and climb up the
ladder. Follow until the end of the balcony to complete the scene.

Millennium Park
Stick to the left and move along slowly. Equip your Mosin Nagant and take out
the two PMC troops directly ahead. Proceed just a bit further and take out the
other PMC patrolling the street. Now crawl along the street, and take out the
PMC working the tank. Be sure to take out the other one standing near the park
entrance as well. Now head to the park entrance and take out all the PMCs
surrounding the fountain area. Be sure to take out the one in the watch tower a
bit to the distance as well. Now head to the final PMC camp area. Take a right,
and immediately lean against the crate. Equip your Mk. 2 Pistol and do a jump
out shot on the PMC on the other side. Now run towards the far wall where the
exit is, while keeping to the right. Take a left  at the final tent and you
should notice another PMC troop there. Take him out with your Mk. 2 Pistol and
proceed to the exit.

                    --- [ 5b. Act 2- Solid Sun (BBE) ] ---          [0005b]

Cove Valley Village
Begin by immediately going into the prone position, and have your Mk. 2 pistol
ready. Put on your FaceCamo as well. Pop on your Night Vision goggles as well.
You can try using the Mosin Nagant if you want, but I haven't had the time to
test out whether it would give your position away. If I were to guess, I would
say yes. Use the Mk. 2 and pick off the guards surrounding the hostages first.
Then turn your attention to the PMC right below you. Crawl slowly to the cabin
just ahead. A PMC troop is going to come out firing. As soon as he does, take
him out with a knockout slam and blast his head with the Mk. 2 for good
measure. Now equip your Mosin Nagant and head towards the exit in the east. You
probably notice the white dot in the distance, signifying to you a PMC troop up
ahead. Take him out with your Mosin Nagant. Now instead of taking the paved
road ahead, look for a little path to the left of it, going upwards.

Since you still have your Night Vision Goggles on, follow the footsteps on the
ground up the mountain. Take out the two PMC troops ahead with your Mk. 2
pistol.  Proceed further and there should be 2 more troops. Continue to follow
the footsteps to the top. Proceed forward in this path and blow past all the
Rebels. Stick to the right hand side and crawl along this path further up the
mountain. Soon you will see a PMC troop standing on elevated ground. Take him
out with your Mk. 2 pistol as well. After taking out that one PMC, you can get
up and run the rest of the way to the next sector. Don't be alarmed of the two
rebel troops that will also be running up.

Power Station
All right, begin by crouch walking past the first group of rebels, and stick to
the left. Use the big boulder for some initial cover. You should notice the big
shadowed path just under the little cliff. It is on the left of the big
boulder. Proceed up the mountain using the safety of the shadows for cover.
Soon the cover will cease and you will find yourself staring into a path,
directly ahead. Proceed a long a bit and then go into the prone position. Stick
to the left side of the mountain wall and crawl ahead. Ideally, you'd want to
be right beside the wall. Proceed up the mountain this way and use the shrubs
for cover. Once you see the Power Station wall, it is safe to get back to your
feet. Run towards the left side of the wall and sprint the rest of the way past
the crates to the next area.

Take out your Mosin Nagant and pick off the two PMC troops directly ahead.
There are two more troops a little further from those two. If you can't see
them, turn on your Night Vision goggles. After blasting them proceed up the
path. Once you reach the two waste containers, get down to the prone position.
They are pretty close so I won't recommend using the Mosin Nagant from here.
Switch to the Mk. 2 pistol instead and blast them both. Take out the one closer
to you and once the other goes to check on him take him out as well. Now sprint
through the remainder of the path to the next sector.

Confinement Facility
The following area is kind of tough so it might be a good idea to save at this
point. Begin by putting on your Night Vision goggles and going into the prone
position. Pick off the PMC troop standing near the boulder. Follow the paved
road to the right and head towards the Confinement Facility, keeping to the
left on the shorelines first. Crawl your way to the sacks of flour and then to
the crates behind them. Some of the crates are being covered by a cloth. Take
out the PMC troop with your Mk. 2 pistol on the other side of them, to the
left. Then head over to his body and turn your attention to the main road, on
the right. There should be two PMC troops fighting along the road. Take them
with the Mk. 2. Keep along the rocky wall on the left, and crawl past the tank.

Now cross the main road towards the prison walls. Crawl along these walls and
use the crate/lumber stack for cover. Take out the PMC troop standing there
with your Mk. 2 pistol. The coast is just about clear. Sprint along the crates
and the lumber stacks for a bit until you see the PMC troop standing ahead.
Blast him with your Mosin Nagant. Proceed slowly and another PMC troop should
appear. Take him out as well and now sprint to the exit.

Vista Mansion
Gaining entrance to the Vista Mansion is also pretty difficult, so I highly
advise you to save the game here. Make sure you have the FaceCamo on. Begin by
crawling past the two rebels and keeping to the right. Proceed carefully
because there should be a PMC troop coming down the hill. If you crawl along
the shrubs and wait there as he approaches he will move right past you. After
you lose him, sprint up the hill to activate the bulldozer sequence. This next
part is kind of tricky. Watch for the PMC troops on the left. You need keep
your distance from them and cross the paved road to the other side, so the
bulldozer will provide cover for you as you run alongside it.

Enter the compound grounds and turn left to where all the lumber stacks are.
Crawl towards the stairs and maintain this position. You will see a rebel with
his back to you on the right. Crawl to the left of the fountain until have the
shrubs directly to your left. Keep crawling up the stairs to gain entrance.
Sprint through the first door and to the plant against the wall. Wait there and
face the door you just came through. Two PMC troops should now be coming down
the stairs -- watch your threat ring. Wait there until they go separate paths,
it is safe to crouch walk to the stairs and then sprint up them. Enter the
master room door at the end of the hallway on the left. Keep to the right and
sprint right to the door that leads to the roof top. Jump through the hole on
the far left to get to the basement area. Go down the stairs and sprint down
the hallway to the ladder. Climb up and finish the sector. Save the game at the
end of the cut scenes.

Research Lab
This ensuing battle with the FROGs can be kind of tough, so get ready to
restart a few times. Begin by taking an immediate right to the next room. Do a
roll and tap the X button before you hit the ground to go immediately into the
prone position. Crawl under the bulletin boards and wait there. Get your Smoke
Grenades ready. As soon as you see the FROG troops enter, throw the Smoke
Grenade to stun them all. Use your Solid Eye NV Mode to see where they are
standing within the Smoke and blast them all with your Saiga-12.

Now sprint into the hallway and take cover behind the two stacked crates. Make
sure there's nobody coming. Now proceed to the wall and lean against it.
Perform a jump out headshot to the FROG troop on the other side. Now crouch
walk through the opening on the left, back into the central lab area. Crouch
walk to the wall beside the cabinet. Wait there and the FROG troop should be
approaching your room. This is going to be a tricky. Ready a Stun Grenade and
throw them, very lightly into her room. It might take a few tries but hopefully
you can get a little lucky and knock her out. Alternatively, you can wait at
the wall until she crouches on the other side. As soon as you see that run to
her and take her out with the knockout slam.

Stand there for a minute and you should see on your radar that two more FROG
troops will drop in the room to the left of the cabinet you just stood next to.
Go into the prone position and crawl out into the hall and stay still. Blast
the two FROG troops. Now wait there again and you see that two more FROG troops
would appear to the top left of your radar. Sprint to their vicinity and go
into the prone position. Once you see them standing outside of the door, blast
them both with headshots. The boss battle should now ensue.

Boss Battle: Laughing Octopus
All right. The basics apply from the first time you fought her, but this time
around she has a bit more armour. Remember, you can kill all Beast forms of the
bosses with lethal methods. If you are running low on HP, save and exit the
game, and switch the date to somewhere in the distant future. Now for the
actual fight, begin by taking cover on the wall behind you. Then peek out and
blast her with the M4 Custom. Keep blasting her until she disintegrates. Now
pop on your Night Vision goggles and look for her outside in the hall. Watch
your radar for her to appear when she taunts you. Once you find her, equip your
Rail Gun and get right in front of her. Fully charge your Rail Gun and blast
her in the face. This should deal some serious damage. The rest of the fight is
going to be the same. Look for her with your Solid Eye on NV mode, and go right
up to her and blast her in the face with the Rail Gun.

Her Hiding Locations
* Jesus Painting
* In the human body representation
* In the dresser, pretending to be some clothes
* On the ground, pretending to be a dead FROG
* In the electrical equipment, pretending to be the wires
* Hanging on the ceiling

--> Remember to watch for her taunts! <--

Laughing Beauty
Finish off the Laughing Beauty version ASAP with two fully charged Solar Gun
blasts. Remember, you can NOT kill the Beauty versions lethally to obtain the
Big Boss Emblem.

Mountain Trail
Begin by following the path and sticking along the left hand side. Just keep
sprinting and you will soon come to a bridge. Cross it and take the passage to
your immediate right. Follow this path for a while and you should soon arrive
at an area with a sniper perched on top of a cliff. Take him out with a single
headshot. By the way, I should mention that since it is your second play
through already, I would say keep your Solid Eye at Normal Mode so you don't
alert any of the troops with heightened senses. Anyway, follow the path past
the cliff where the sniper was. Take an immediate left and through the shrubs.
Now go into the prone position and creep forward a bit. There is a PMC troop on
other side of the nearby boulder, to the right. Blast him with the Mk. 2. Now
get up and sprint towards the path on the right again.

Follow the path here and it should lead you to the stream. Sprint directly to
the path ahead. Then, take a right and keep going for a bit. There should be a
PMC troop at the end of this path, to the left. Take him out with your Mk.2
pistol. Now take the path to the left, where the soldier was. Sprint directly
ahead and slow down when you see that you are approaching a PMC. Take cover
behind the boulder at the fork and shoot the FROG to your left. It is going to
take a few shots because of their increased armour. After you've taken care of
her, proceed to the path directly ahead. Sprint along until you reach the big
open area with the tree bark. There is one PMC troop sitting in the middle of
everything. Take him out.

Proceed to the passage on the right. Sprint forward for a bit. Soon you will
notice that there is a PMC towards your top right (take a look at the radar).
After blasting him, run right through him to the boulder behind him. Proceed
down this path. Take a left when you can and as soon as Otacon tells you he's
noticing more foot prints, make a right into the cave to complete the sector.

South America Escape
If you haven't already, save your game. All right, let's begin. For this first
part of the escape, the Vista Mansion, Otacon will be tell you to help Drebin
clear the way. Do not bother because Drebin will automatically be able to
proceed after a while. Remember not to kill the "Powered Suits", because these
will count towards your kill total. For this first area I recommend that you
just prone to avoid some of the gun fire and take out any PMCs that get on the
tank. If you are taking a lot of damage from the Powered Suits, you can take
them out with a Solar Gun blast. You shouldn't have too much trouble if you
stay low.

This next area is going to be crawling with Gekko. Take control of the machine
gun and start clearing the way. Remember not take out the Powered Suits! If you
are having trouble differentiating them with the Gekko, they are the ones that
are much smaller. It is very important you unleash nonstop machine gun fire on
the Gekko. Going into the prone position will not work this time. Don't worry
about the PMCs until they get on top of the truck and actually attack you. At
that point, you know it's time to make them pay with some Jackie Chan. Do it
quickly though, because as soon as you're not firing at some Gekko you are at
risk for some serious damage. With the machine gun you don't have to worry
about taking down theirs first. Repeated shots to their heads and they will
explode. Remember not to stop firing because of the smoke they leave behind.
Equip your Solid Eye and keep blasting them.

In the Power Station area, you need to ignore the MGS. Instead, immediately hop
behind the machine gun and go to work on the gates, one at a time. Even when
Drebin swerves away from them, keep aiming and firing at them. They take a hell
of a long time to go down on The Boss Extreme mode, so be persistent. It took
just over a minute I think.

In the final area you don't really have to do anything. Just stay at the
machine gun and blast any Gekko that come into sight. You can basically just
sit there into you reach the next area.

This is the final part of your escape. You are very close now. You are not
going to get anything new thrown at you -- but the Gekko will be coming at a
rapid rate. Your only goal now is to survive. Do what you have to keep them at
bay. But again, Drebin's tank will keep on moving so you won't have to take too
much fire. After you've cleared this final area, you are done the escape

Market Place
Save the game! All right, immediately take a left and jump over the rail. Now
draw your Rail Gun and start charging as you head towards the alley. Be sure
not to run into the wall because it stops your charge. Be sure to avoid the
running villagers as well. As SOON as you see the Gekko barge into the alley,
blast it with your Rail Gun to take it out in a single shot. Ready your Chaff
Grenade as you approach the alley exit. Throw it at the Gekko to your left,
blocking the exit. Now bring it down with a fully charged Rail Gun and proceed
to the exit.

                    --- [ 5c. Act 3 - Third Sun (BBE) ] ---         [0005c]

Midtown South Sector
Begin by immediately putting on your Otacon FaceCamo. With this on the
Resistance Member will not be frightened of your presence. The PMC guards will
also not open fire if they spot you. There are however two exceptions to these
awesome facts. The guards will go into alert and open fire on you if: you draw
a weapon, go into the prone position, or do a roll. Doing any of those things
will spook the Resistance Member and cause him to run away as well. Ideally
you'd want to eliminate ANY situations where the Resistance Member will have to
stop, and have an exclamation or question mark above his head. We are going to
do this by identifying his "checkpoints", where he will not move unless you are
there. We are going to use those checkpoints to get ahead of him, and clear the
way of any PMC troops so he doesn't stop. This is going to be the focus of the

Move to the opening area where the Resistance Member is to trigger the brief
cut scene. As soon the sequence concludes, make a full sprint to the opening on
right. Be sure to keep ahead of the Resistance Member so he will wait at the
checkpoint near the stop sign. Pop on your Night Vision goggles and pick up the
pack of Mk. 2 Ammo besides the staircase on the left side of the cross-walk.
Now, continue through the exit and keep sprinting along the left sidewalk. Once
you see the delivery truck, you should also see the first two PMC troops ahead.
Keep your distance (at least 10 steps away from the front of the truck), and
blast them with the Mk. 2 Pistol. Immediately make a full sprint to their
bodies and move them to little space between the delivery truck and the parked
car. You can do so by standing close, holding Triangle to pick him up, and then
tilting the Left Analog Stick. Do the same with the other one.

After taking care of those two, immediately make a full sprint to the side of
the van at the top of the slope. Blast the two PMC troops standing at the foot
of the park entrance. Immediately sprint to their bodies and move them on the
sidewalk besides the truck. Now you need to back track all until you see him to
keep him moving. He doesn't need to see you. Just stick to one side and watch
him as he proceeds to the park. Follow him in and watch as he proceeds to the
centre of the park where the fountain is. Immediately take a left to the grassy
hills. Look at the entrance directly ahead and you should see two PMC troops.
Blast them with your Mk.2 Pistol to be safe. Sprint to their bodies and move
them to the grassy hills a bit farther from the nearby tree.

Now watch as he approaches the ramp area to the entrance of the parking lot.
Instead of following him up the stairs on the left, stay on the street to the
right and sprint forwards. You should soon come to a PMC troop. Take him out
and stay put. Another one should come check on him so blast him as well. Now
you have to go up the stairs back to the parking lot to keep him moving. Once
he resumes moving, run to the two guards and blast them each on the head one
more time. The coast should be clear now, so just tail him to the next sector.

Midtown NorthEast Sector
As soon as the sector finishes loading, hit start and make a full sprint along
the sidewalk on the right. Keep to the right side and use the cars for cover
when you reach the parking lot area. Be wary of the searchlight. Slow down your
movement as you approach the opening to the next area of the sector. There are
two PMC troops ahead. Blast them both. Do the same and move their bodies out of
the way, preferably across the street behind the cars. Now go back to the
parking lot and you should see the Resistance Member approaching. As soon as
you see him, go back to the two PMC troops and wait there. Blast them each on
the head once more. Hide behind the cars and watch as he approaches. Stay very
still so you don't get his attention. Once he moves along the sidewalk besides
the stairs wall he is pretty much in the clear. Just stay behind and tail him
to the final sector.

Midtown North Sector
Begin by running up to the door on the left, where the Resistance Member is. Do
NOT reveal yourself, but instead wait beside the door so you can still see him.
Once you see him approaching run back to the alley wall near the entrance. As
you've noticed he is now in his PMC suit. The North Sector on The Boss Extreme
is just crawling with PMCs and even a patrol tank as well. They shouldn't be a
concern to you because of your disguise. Now that he has his PMC disguise on
you don't have to worry about getting enemy troops out of the way as well. Just
stick behind him and watch as he moves up the slope. Soon he will rendezvous
with the three troops.

Keep tailing them and just keep your distance so you don't bump into them. The
first PMC troop will break off right away into the alley to the right. The
second will take a left on the main street. The final PMC troop with him
disperse when they reach the two alleys. Follow the Resistance Member up the
alley to the left. Keep tailing him because you can't make him go any faster.
Stay patient. Once he gets on to the main street you are very close. There is
once again a tank here but you don't have to worry about that. Follow him along
this street until he reaches the final alley. At this point you can cut ahead
of him and wait at the wall that sticks out. Once he removes his disguise get
right behind him to immediately activate the cut scene. Save the game.

Eastern Europe Escape
--> Remember you can hold the Triangle Button at any point of the chase to hide
behind your driver

--> Do NOT use your Solar Gun for the first two sectors of the escape!!! (Very

--> If you don't like the Twin Barrell use Stun or Smoke Grenades instead

All right. This is going to be the most challenging part of your Big Boss
Emblem run. After you clear this part you are pretty much a shoe-in to finish
with the Emblem. If you defeat Raging Raven and complete Act 3 at about 3 hours
you are on a good pace. Anyway, you can get ready to restart this portion of
the game many times. Let's get on with it. Get your Mk.2 Pistol, Solar Gun,
Twin Barrell, and the Stun/Smoke Grenades ready. You should also switch to
Auto- Aim. I don't want to hear any complaints through email that you are not
used to Auto-Aim. You are likely going to playing through this section a lot so
you take the first few tries to get accustomed to it.

In this first area, ready your Stun Grenades and get them in the throwing
position. The motorcycle will first try and go through the group of FROGs near
the pylons. Throw your first Stun Grenade at the FROGs to get past them without
taking much damage. Immediately ready your next Stun Grenade. Once your screen
starts to materialize from the white explosion, you should notice the
motorcycle going right under a Gekko leg. You are now approaching the NorthEast
sector. There are going to be a group of FROGs directly ahead throw the Stun
Grenade at them. Now ready your Smoke Grenade. At this point your driver is
going to go forward a bit and realize he/she can go anymore. Right as the
motorcycle is about to U-turn, launch the Smoke Grenade at the group of FROGs
to stun them. This should get you through the turn without taking much damage.

Those persistent amphibians are going to keep coming. Use your Twin-Barrell to
blast the four that surround the Gekko. Then, you need to turn your attention
to the bunch blocking the opening to your left. Start blasting with your Saiga-
12 and if you find that you are taking too much damage while reloading, switch
to the Mk. 2 Pistol and get some headshots. If you are having trouble getting
headshots launch Smoke Grenades instead. Just hide behind your driver (with the
Triangle Button) for the rest of the way. Get your Stun Grenade ready for the
next sector.

As soon as the next sector finishes loading, get your Stun Grenade in the
throwing position. You will soon come up to a group of PMCs. Throw a Stun
Grenade to the corner where they're standing on the right. If you are having
trouble Stunning them, use your Twin Barrell to blast them all instead. Either
way, you will notice a jeep ahead of you on the next part. Take out your Twin
Barrell and blast the PMC operating the Machine Gun first. After you do that,
keep your weapon aimed above the van. Right after you pass the bridge above a
FROG will jump on to the van. Blast her immediately with the Twin Barrell.

This next thing they are going to throw at you is a blockade. Your driver will
make a turn to the right and decide against it, then swerve left. Get your
Smoke Grenade ready and launch it at the group of FROGs on the left that emerge
from the alley way. Then immediately equip your Twin Barrell and blast the PMCs
using the machine guns on the vehicles. After you clear this blockade, you will
head towards the ramp and do a motorcross-esque slow-motion stunt. After you
land, it's another blockade. Get your Smoke Grenades ready and SPAM them! You
just need to hold them off until the van busts through.

The next part is going to have a lot of FROGs jumping all over the place. This
is what you've been saving your Solar Gun for. Just use the hide technique with
your Twin Barrell equipped and try not to worry about the FROGs to your right
or left. Don't get too comfortable though because when you hear/see "12
o'clock!" (very soon) you need to blast the FROG who jumps on to the van. Your
next cue to take out the FROG on the van is "Enemy dead ahead!" For the rest of
this sector just keep hiding.

Begin this next sector the same way you left the last one -- by hiding. The
airborne enemies won't be able to do much damage to you, and you are now fully
healed. Keep hiding from the airborne Raven troops and soon you will come to a
jeep on your right. Get your Twin Barrell ready and blast it. Keep aiming
behind you because soon after you've cleared that jeep, another one will be hot
on your tail. Blast the PMC operating the machine gun with your Twin Barrell
immediately. Use the next little portion where nothing happens to charge your
Solar Gun and ready it. As you are proceeding along, aim your weapon to the
LEFT, and get ready to squeeze between the two jeeps. The jeeps will come about
five seconds after the cue, "12 o'clock!" The one on the left will appear
first, so blast the PMC right away! You don't have to worry about the other one
because so hide and the motorcycle will blow right past them.

After squeezing past the two jeeps, the next part is going to be pretty
challenging. Ready your Solar Gun and spend the rest of the time using your
Twin Barrell to pick off some of the Raven corps above. Right when your driver
yells "They're gunning for us!" you have arrived at the point where a jeep will
flip towards you in slow motion. Ignore the jeep and immediately turn your
attention to the FROGs directly behind it. Get your Solar Gun and blast those
two immediately! Keep your Solar Gun armed as the escape continues. Briefly
after Snake asks, "Are you ok?" have your Solar Gun ready aiming a little bit
to the right. As soon as the three FROGs drop take them out. Have your Solar
Gun aiming towards the right again as you proceed briefly down this street. Two
more FROGs will appear in that direction, and two more will be on the left.

You are pretty close to the finish. Stay focused. Right after you pass the
group of four FROGs there will be two "stray" FROGs running along the left.
Blast them with your Twin Barrell or Mk. 2. You want to make sure your Solar
Gun still has some shots left for this next sequence. Once you move past the
few Raven corps, you will soon come to another jeep. Your driver will yell,
"The frogs!" You can take some serious damage here if you are not quick in
taking out each FROG. There are three of them. Blast the next remaining two
FROGs and take a breather.

Soon after Snake asks, "Are you ok?" you will make a turn into an alley area.
At this point it's time to switch to your Smoke Grenades. As soon as you make
the right turn into the opening, start spamming the Smoke Grenades directly
ahead. There is one big wave directly ahead, to the left. After that there will
be a wave of 3 standing near the bricks to the left. Once you clear these two
waves, press and hold triangle to hide the rest of the way. Congratulations,
you have cleared the toughest challenge of the Big Boss Emblem by far. You are
probably sweating up a storm. If you have very low health, do the health
replenishing trick. You might want to take a break before taking on Raging

Boss battle: Raging Raven
The battle with Raging Raven is going to be a little different this time
around. Begin by equipping your Rail Gun. Then, take cover in the corner to the
top right. Your goal here is to wait until Raging Raven shows herself. Fully
charge the Rail Gun, but do NOT fire when you see her for the very first time.
Wait until she actually comes into the Echo's Beacon and floats in the centre
of the room. As soon as you see her do that, blast her with a fully charged
Rail Gun to do some serious damage. Now take cover behind a pillar and charge
your Rail Gun once more. For this next shot, she is going to glide to the left,
then to the right, then to the left again. Hold your fire until she stays put
in the centre of the two pillars and then blast her. She should have about 1/4
health left now. Charge your Rail Gun for a little bit and blast her again.
Once she flies outside, look for her in the little rectangular opening to your
left. Fully charge your Rail Gun and go into first person scope mode. Blast her
when she appears to finish her off.

Raging Beauty
There are going to be no surprises here. Take out your Solar Gun and land two
fully charged shots to finish her off. She might be able to dodge you a few
times, but just keep being persistent. You should be able to finish her off
within 20 seconds.

                    --- [ 5d. Act 4 - Twin Suns (BBE) ] ---         [0005d]

Dream Sequence
You've just managed to clear the toughest act in the whole Big Boss Emblem run,
so you are very, very close now. I'm sure you've saved your game after that
hair pulling experience. For this dream sequence, any alerts/kills in this area
do NOT count towards your Big Boss Emblem run. So don't worry about much here
and just climb up to the ventilation shaft to clear it.

Snowfield, Heliport & Tank Hangar
Immediately pop on your Night Vision goggles and make a full sprint left,
towards the exit. Sprint directly ahead and roll up the small hill. Proceed
straight down, and keep to the right of the Gekko ahead. You should be able to
get past without being detected. Keep running ahead to reach the Heliport. Grab
the two bonus Chaff Grenades directly on the "H". Then, get your Chaff Grenades
ready and head to the right, towards the Tank Hangar entrance. Throw a Chaff
Grenade in there and that should neutralize all the Dwarf Gekko. Make a full
sprint ahead to the exit directly ahead.

Once back outside, stick to the left side and stay out of detection from the
Gekko. It shouldn't be too difficult to do. You will soon reach the Nuclear
Warhead Storage entrance, go ahead and crawl through.

Nuclear Warhead Storage
Run straight down the ramp and crawl under the crack. Answer and cancel the
Codec call and keep sprinting directly ahead to the locked door. Then, quickly
proceed run up the stairs directly to your right, and hit Triangle a few times
to call for the elevator. Head to the basement floor. As soon as the door
opens, make a full sprint ahead and take a left at the end of the hallway.
Follow this hallway to activate the cut scene. Don't bother entering any
passwords and just keep skipping through. Once that scene finishes, leave
through the door and charge your Rail Gun as you proceed. Take out the Gekko
that appears immediately and proceed to the elevator on the right.

As soon as you are back to the 1st Floor, jump over the railing to the locked
door to initiate the brief scene involving the emergence of the Gekko. Fully
charge your Rail Gun and blast it from down here. Wait a brief moment and the
door should open up. If you haven't already, equip your FaceCamo and get ready
for the boss battle. Once outside, make a full sprint to the left side and jump
down the two cliffs to initiate the battle.

Boss Battle: Crying Wolf
It is very easy to waste a lot of time here if you are not efficient. Try and
get yourself out of the "rush" mentality though, because you can expect a
pretty drawn out fight (30 minutes+) either way. Begin by immediately popping
on your Night Vision goggles and making sure you have the snow texture. Proceed
forwards and take cover under the truck. Blast all the FROG troops in the
forest. I used the Mk.2. Now stick to the right side along the rock at first,
and proceed deeper into the forest. There will be two more FROG troops in the
distance. It is best to pick them off with the Mk. 2 as well. Proceed to where
the bodies are and proceed into the path directly ahead. Keep going and you
should soon hit a fence. Take out your Rail Gun and charge it all the way. Once
it's fully charged look for the Crying Wolf in the distance directly ahead. Use
the scope function to get a headshot. You can also use the Mosin Nagant, but I
found the Rail Gun to be better because you don't have to get a headshot to
deal a lot of damage.

After blasting her in the head, immediately charge your Rail Gun again. As the
Crying Wolf is charging towards you, blast it as soon as your Rail Gun is fully
charged to halt it in its tracks. After taking this shot it will retreat to the
top left. Equip your Mk. 2 pistol at this point and follow the tracks to the
forest. There will be a FROG immediately ahead so take her out. Crying Wolf
will also be in this area, so blast her head with another fully charged Rail
Gun shot.

Now you need to head back through the fence back to roughly the starting area's
forest. Take the few seconds to hit the sleeping FROGs with fresh tranquilizer
shots. Take a look directly ahead, and walk through the path created by the two
rocks. Aim to the top right Crying Wolf should be there. Charge a Rail Gun and
blast her. Please note that if you are unlock Crying Wolf will have spotted you
and will be charging towards you instead, so be very, very careful. If you get
mauled you will take about 80% damage to your life points. Either way, she will
be at the spot to the top right. Now run back through the fence you just came
from, back to the other area again. Stick to the left through another fence.
The FROG troop on the right, she should just waking up. Crying Wolf is directly
ahead, so blast her with your Rail Gun.

Now turn around and run back the fence wall. Take out the FROG up top and stick
along the fence. You need to run your way once again back to the old fence
leading to the starting forest. Take out the FROG troops as they are getting up
again. Now charge your Rail Gun. You should see a blip approaching you very
quickly on your radar. It should be coming from behind. Once it gets close
enough blast it with the Rail Gun to stop the charge. You should be able to
finish her off with one more shot.

***If you are having still trouble***

If you are still getting frustrated in this battle, try and hide under the
truck the whole time. I didn't want to recommend this at first because it's
kind of "cheap". I believe it took away from the overall point of the Big Boss
Emblem, which is to prove that you are one of the top players of Metal Gear
Solid 4. But anyway, watch the wind direction (the big arrow on your radar
without Solid Eye on), and come out from the truck when the wind is going
north. When this happens, you will notice that your entire vision of the
surrounding isn't so obstructed by snow. Spend the time waiting for Crying Wolf
picking off any FROG troops that you may see. After you come out, immediately
go back under and wait for Crying Wolf to approach you. Have an M60E4 or
Suppressed M4 ready and start blasting her when you see her. Just repeat this
strategy and you will probably find it's a lot easier than taking her normally.

Crying Beauty
Don't waste any time here. Equip the Solar Gun and blast her twice to finish
her off.

After you've cleared Crying Beauty, proceed directly ahead into the entrance
and down the stairs to the next sector.

Blast Furnace & Casting Facility
As soon as you enter the room, equip your Chaff Grenade and throw it over the
railing. As soon as it sets off, send yourself over the railing as well with a
rolling jump ahead. Run along the catwalk and take a left. Continue along in
this direction and do a flip off the railing ahead as well. The elevator is
immediately to your right. Press the button and immediately go inside. Then
take yourself all the way down. The elevator ride is going to take a while. Put
on a good iPod track or something. As soon as it lands, make an immediate right
and you should see a Gekko ahead. Keep along the wall on the right and move
past the Gekko, using the gas tank for cover.

Take a left as soon as you past the steel post behind the Gekko. Be sure to
stay out of the laser sight and head towards the two gas tanks ahead. Wait
until the laser no longer points at the exit directly ahead, and then head
through. Run up the set of stairs and down this hallway to reach the Northern
Casting Facility. Immediately throw a Chaff Grenade in this room and take off
sticking to the right at first. Then make a break for the conveyor belt in the
centre of the room. Crawl through the crack and wait a bit for the Gekko on the
right to move out of the way. It takes about five seconds. Then proceed slowly
ahead to the exit. Move very slowly (crouch walk or crawl) and stay out of the
way of the laser sight. Once you are in the next room, jump over the railing
and through the door.

Underground Base
Crawl through the hole on the floor to the other side. Get your Chaff Grenade
ready and set it off in this room. Get up and sprint towards the door to your
left. Sprint to the end of the hallway and through that door to initiate the
boss battle.

Boss Battle: Vamp
All right, let's make quick work of him. Equip your Solar Gun and charge it all
the way. Wait for him to charge towards you. Side step him and he should stand
there like an idiot. Blast him with the Solar Gun to deplete his Psyche Bar in
one hit. Now run up to him and grab him with CQC. Give him the coup de grace
with the Syringe to the neck. That should have taken all of five seconds to do.

Mini-Boss Battle: Suicide Gekko
There are going to be no surprises here. Draw your Rail Gun and charge it all
the way to take care of the Suicide Gekko, one by one. There's no way to speed
this along so you're going to have sit there and shoot for the next five
minutes or so. As mentioned earlier in the FAQ, this is the time to put on your
healing tracks if you get in trouble. Remember, the first bunch of Suicide
Gekko will be on the floor with you, right when this segment begins. After you
clear out that first wave, the rest will jump down from the opening up top.

Metal Gear Escape
There is once again going to be no surprises here. Have your machine gun and
blast through anything and everything you see. It is best to shoot in bursts so
you don't overheat too easily. Try not to trample over everything because if
you do this you are going to die. Remember to keep sticking to the right to
find the opening to the next section. If you are constantly overheating switch
to your AT missiles and do some blasting with those. Ideally though you'd want
to be using your machine guns for this part.

Boss Battle: Metal Gear Ray
The goal for this battle is to keep the pressure on. Begin by opening fire on
him with the machine gun. The basics apply from the previous fight with him.
There really isn't any shortcut you can take with him like some of other Beast
forms so you will just have to get through this with your skill. When he goes
down from the machine gun fire he will start to retreat towards the water. This
is the time to switch to the missiles and start launching at him. Stalk him
across the battlefield and keep attacking him. If you can get close to him
while he's down, you can hit the Triangle Button to do a very cool "slamming"
attack. This is a good way to deal some extra damage to Ray. In general though,
just keep blasting him with the machine guns and the missiles to put him away.

                      --- [ 5e. Act 5 - Old Sun (BBE) ] ---         [0005e]

Ship Bow
All right, you can probably taste the Emblem it's so close now. Your skill
level and more specifically your aim is going to be a huge factor here. You are
going to have to land headshots on almost every single FROG you encounter,
because of how close you are to them. Begin by a bit to your left with your Mk.
2 pistol. You can use the Mosin Nagant as well, but you would need to open fire
quickly because the sound of your gun can give you away. I would recommend
sticking with the Mk. 2 pistol to be safe. Take out the two FROGs in the left
hallway and sprint ahead. You will notice that two FROGs will be jumping on to
the platform above you, but don't slow down and just run right through to avoid
them. Once you reach closer to the ship's interior crawl slowly ahead because a
FROG is going to drop down soon. Stick close to the left wall to avoid her line
of sight when she comes down. Blast her in the head immediately.  If you miss,
you are likely to be spotted here.

Now proceed directly ahead to the wall on the right hand side. Stay there for a
bit. Look behind you and a FROG you ran past earlier should be coming from
where you entered. Now hit Triangle to lean against the wall and face the
"forward" direction again. A FROG will be coming from the other side of the
wall, if you stay perfectly still she should move right past you. Blast her in
the head as soon as she has your back to you. Crawl ahead to the next area of
the ship. Make your way to the left side and use the big structure for cover.
Lean against the wall labelled "R1" and slide through to the other side. Go
back into your prone position and ahead very slightly in the corridor. Stop
moving and ready your weapon with L1. Two FROGs should descend very soon. Greet
them with Mk. 2 headshots respectively. Start with the one closer to you and
then take the one behind.

Crawl along and make a right, towards the central hallway. A Gekko will descend
on to the ship when you get here. Don't panic though, stick to the left wall
and crawl along the wall to sneak your way behind him. Go right up to the door
and turn it open. Run through to the elevator and down the basement to conclude
the sector.

Mini-Boss Battle: FROGs
This battle will be very much the same as the first time around. Make a run to
one of the doors and turn around with your Mosin Nagant ready. Pick off any
FROG that you see. Remember to look directly ahead, and above to find them. If
you find you are waiting in the hallway for a long time, move back into the
central part of the room with a Solar Gun or Saiga-12 and start blasting them.
Once you see that you are taking too many shots, move back to the door and lure
them closer to you.

You have to use your own discretion here. If you find that you are a little
tight for time (at least at the 4 hour mark and nearing 5), then you have to
take the proactive approach. Go out there and blast them. Otherwise, you can
just stay near the door and take them out from there. Ideally you'd want to
clear out the FROGs as quick as possible because Screaming Mantis is actually
pretty tough to take down.

Boss Battle: Screaming Mantis
You could be in for a long battle at this stage. This battle is going to be a
little different from the first time. When I fought her this time on The Boss
Extreme I noticed a lot more of her attacks so I'm going to quickly break them
down here. The first one is her throwing knives attack, similar to the ones
from Vamp. They are going to come pretty rapidly so they can be kind of hard to
avoid. Her second attack is the blink attack which I'm sure you've seen form
the first playthrough. If you get it hit with this one you are going to take
some serious damage. She will yell "Snake!" each time she uses the blink attack
though, so take that as a cue to get ready to roll away. It shouldn't be too
hard to avoid if you roll, either to the side or forward.

She also has an attack where she summons the FROG troops to all open fire on
you at the same time. If she catches you in the centre of the room you can take
a lot of damage. If you find yourself in this situation go into the prone
position and just hope to get lucky. If you are pretty close to a door though,
make a run for cover.

All right, so let's begin the actual fight. When you fought her the first time,
I recommended that you go around the room and take out all the FROGs. Don't
bother doing that this time around because we are here to take her out fast.
Begin this fight by Syringing yourself and keep shooting at the Mantis Doll,
the one in her right hand. Use your M4 Custom because it is a fast and pretty
accurate rifle as well. Once you land a few successful shots a brief cinematic
will play and she will take control of Meryl. Equip your Mosin Nagant and blast
Meryl right away to make her a non-factor. After that, keep firing at the
Mantis doll in her right hand and after you land a few shots there should be
another brief cut scene before the final portion of the fight.

Your goal is to once again keep aiming for the Mantis doll in her right hand.
This time though, move closer to her and cut down the distance. The reason is
after you connect with about five shots she is going to drop the doll. As soon
as she does, make a full sprint towards the dropped doll and pick it up. Now
immediately run outwards to create some distance again. Now that you have to
doll, start launching at her repeatedly. Don't worry about running out because
you have an unlimited amount. I do want to stress that if she catches you with
her melee attack you will drop the doll (even if you don't have it equipped).
You also have to be extra careful because she takes two swipes at you opposed
to the single strike from the earlier phases. Once you connect on her with the
Mantis Doll, shake your controller until she dies.

Screaming Beauty
Again, let's not waste any time here. Just take out your Solar Gun and blast
her to death.

Final Catwalks & Inner Chamber
There isn't anything new here. Just keep proceeding forward. Once you reach the
Dwarf Gekko, set off Chaff Grenades to neutralize them completely. We made sure
you had enough prior to starting for this sector essentially. With Chaff
Grenades you probably won't have any problems clearing the catwalks. As far as
I know it's not possible die during the inner chamber, so

Final Battle: Liquid Ocelot
All right, this is it, you are just moments away from obtaining the Big Boss
Emblem. Begin by saving your game here. I provided a very detailed breakdown on
the fight with Liquid in the normal walkthrough above (MQ WALK5) if you need
round-specific strategy. There are a few mechanical differences in this fight.
First of all, if you take three power punches from him, you are going to die.
He is also a lot more powerful than you on Extreme, so you will take a lot more
damage from his attacks, and he will take less damage from you. From a
strategical stand point, I would  recommend for you to stay away from the CQC
throws. The reason for this is the animation for most of those moves are
actually quite time consuming, and the damage that results is not that great.
You can accomplish just as much damage with your combination. I would also not
recommend using the power punch because of its risky nature. Again, you can
hurt Liquid just as much by using your combination instead.

For Round 1, just go right up to him and start throwing your combination and
ducking when you see his attacks coming. After a few practice runs you can
probably get a "feel" as to when he's going to attack. Round 1 is still going
to be the easiest, so try and use it to shave off some time. During his
combination, wait for the little delay after his 4th punch and hit him with a
body punch to stun him. Follow it up with a combination of your own. Aside from
that, use your block button a lot and stay aggressive during this phase. Look
to close the distance on him at all times. Remember to duck, and block if you
get in trouble when you're in close.

Round 2 is going to be a little tougher. You really need to watch out for his
Power Punch here. His combinations and power punches will seem to connect
rather strangely, and often. You might find that you die quite a few times
during Round 2. The best strategy I can give you for this round is to always
try and distance yourself from a little bit. Don't stay too far, because
ideally you want to "lure" him into doing his power punch. As soon as you see
the animation for that begin, dash into him and hammer him with a body shot. It
might be a little harder to follow up with a combination in Round 2, so instead
hit him with a few body shots in a row. As soon as you get blocked or miss you
punch, IMMEDIATELY get your hands up with L1 to block. Remember to recover
health using the Triangle Button if you get knocked down by his power punch. On
Extreme this is so much more important than trying to catch him while he's
taunting because you deal much less damage, but still recover the same amount
of health as you would in Solid Normal.

You can probably cake walk through Round 3. He will be COMPLETELY focusing on
CQC throws, so just stay out of reach and you can combo him into submission. He
will not be throwing any punches or regular attacks from what I've seen. He
will, however, still be dashing in and out, so don't miss because that'll set
you up for a CQC attack. If you do get caught with a grab, remember to
immediately press Triangle or tilt the Left Analog Stick to escape. Round 3 is
easy just as long as you stay out of
reach from his CQC.

For the final round, just keep moving forward and pressing the punch button,
like last time.

- End of Walkthrough -

Well that was it, everyone. I hope it managed to help you in your quest to
obtain the Big Boss Emblem. If you find any better strategies than what is
mentioned in this FAQ, let me know.

    / /        __________________________________________________
---/ /--------/==================================================\-------------
--/ /_,-,------------------------E M B L E M S-----------------------[0006]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

If you've played the other titles in the Metal Gear Solid series, you will know
that the games are filled with unlockables. Obtaining all of them is quite a
time consuming process, and a lot of the times you'd probably stumble upon them
by accident. I have compiled all the unlockable Emblems and how to obtain them
in this section of the FAQ for your reference.

--> Remember to go after each Emblem on Liquid Easy Mode! <--

Strategy for meeting Kill/Knockout/Etc Requirements
If you find that you are having trouble meeting the kill, chokeout, or other
CQC requirements to receive a certain Emblem, then this strategy is for you. I
think this is especially effective for obtaining the Assassin Emblem. This
strategy is performed in Act 2. Go to the Confinement Facility. Do not help the
Rebels on the way there. In the crevice area, you can either go right, or left.
Right is the tougher path because that's where a huge fire fight happens. Take
the path to the right and follow the Rebel fighters towards the tank, and sacks
of flour.

You will notice that the PMC troops will keep pouring out, as long as you stay
in this area. You are free to perform as many chokeholds, knife kills, etc as
you wish on them. The reason this is effective for the Assassin's Emblem is
because if you stay within the PMCs line of sight the whole time, you can keep
this to just ONE alert. Try not to kill the PMCs too quickly though, and pace
yourself a little bit so you can give them time to send reinforcements and
maintain the single alert status.

Areas where PMCs keep respawning
* In the Urban Ruins area, Act 1. It's the area where you see a Rat Patrol
member doing the business under a Drum Can. Stick to the left sidewalk and you
will be able to see this little area where Rebels can keep jumping down.

* Power Station, Act 2. The area where you have to work your way up the hill.
There is a grounded rocket launcher on top of a small cliff. PMC troops will
keep repsawning to the little "walls" they've set up at the top of the main

* Confinement Facility, Act 2. Near the crevice with the tank and helicopter.

* Vista Mansion, Act 2: Right on the mansion grounds after the bulldozer blows
through the gate. The PMC troops seems to pour out endlessly. The mansion is
very big so run to another geographical area (north, west, etc) when it seems
the troops stop. You can go back to the area you were before to find more
troops after a while.

Take Advantage of Lone Soldiers for Emblems
If you are just looking to meet a non-lethal CQC requirement, like the 50 choke
outs of the Assassin's Emblem, then try and find a PMC soldier who is standing
by himself. Go up to him and choke or knock him out (etc) as usual. After he
goes into his subdued state with the stars swirling above his head, wake him up
by kicking him in the head a few times. You can do so by standing above him and
pressing R1 three times for your melee combination. Once he wakes up, just
perform another choke on him until he gets knocked out again. Repeat the
process until you meet your requirement.

Take advantage of ANY lone soldiers you can encounter. You can use the same
manuever on them over and over again until you meet your requirement. You can
grab a PMC with CQC, let go of him, and grab him again to count for TWO grabs.
With this in mind there should be very few emblems that will actually give you

Areas with lone PMC troops
* Act 1, Red Zone NW Sector: The troop in the small area with the van on the

* Act 1, Red Zone: There is a PMC in an isolated building near the statues. The
building is grey.

* Act 2, Power Station: If you manage to kill one of the PMCs on the path
leading to the Confinement Facility, you will be able to do anything you want
to remaining PMC.

* Act 2, Confinement Facility: You might remember when you went to retrieve the
iPod track in the building that when you opened the door, you knocked out a PMC
troop on the other side. Wake him up and go to work on him.

* Act 3, Midtown N Sector: If you keep trailing the Resistance Member in the
PMC disguise, he will soon arrive at the rendezvous point with three other PMC
troops. When the last PMC troop veers off to the right, follow him into the
alley and go to work.

Grab similar Emblems in a single playthrough
Before looking to attempt any of the Emblems listed below, scan through the
entire list and group together the similar Emblems. Look to grab those together
at the same time. Ideally you'd want to obtain as many Emblems as possible on
your playthrough so you don't have to beat the game a million times just to
obtain all the Emblems.

All right, since I know you're going to be lazy, I will list some recommended
Emblem groups right here:

--> Try to obtain these Emblems together

CQC Group       Alert/Combat Group        Stealth Group
`````````       ``````````````````        `````````````
Ant             Chicken                   Big Boss
Bear            Cow                       Fox
Bee             Crocodile                 Fox Hound
Gibbon          Eagle                     Hound
Hyena           Hawk                      Octopus
                Hog                       Pigeon

Note that these groups aren't the be-all, end-all. This means that you can use
a great deal of discretion when deciding which Emblems you want to go after for

What's a CQC Hold?
The answer is any CQC manuever. You do not have to chokeout the enemy if I have
listed a "CQC Hold" as a requirement. This means that you can even the Grab
function 100 times on the same PMC troop if you wanted.

=Emblem List=


Must hold-up and frisk 50 Items from a PMC troop.
Additional Reward: Nothing

You can do this very easily by finding a lone PMC troop. Sneak up on him, frisk
him for items until Snake can't find anything anymore. Just repeat the process
with any lone soldiers in the next few acts. If you find a group of PMCs, knock
them all out with your Mk. 2 pistol, then wake them up one-by-one and frisk
them one at a time. You can wake sleeping troops by kicking them in the head a
few times with the 3rd strike of your melee combination.


Finish the game with less than 25 Alerts, eliminate 50 enemies with CQC (like a
standing choke)and also eliminate 50 enemies with knife kills.
Additional Reward: Assassin's Creed/Altair Disguise

Note that you can use the Stun Knife on an enemy, and then kill them with the
Stun Knife while they are on the ground for TWO knife kills. Remember to also
take advantage of the areas described in the basics section where PMCs keep
spawning to meet your knife kill requirement. For the CQC requirement, it is
possible to use 50 holds on a single PMC troop so be sure to do it.


Must use CQC holds on 100 enemies.
Additional Reward: Nothing

Remember, CQC holds are the basic CQC grabs. It does not have to be 100
chokeholds. You can grab the same PMC troop 100 times for the Bear Emblem. It
might be a good idea to attempt this one in conjunction with the Ant Emblem or
Assassin Emblem.


Must use syringe on 50 enemies.
Additional Reward: Nothing

Straight forward here. You can again Syringe the same enemy 50 times if you
find a lone PMC troop because it is non-lethal. I am sure you will have little
trouble finding lone PMC troops in your playthrough. You can of course check
the above section to find out where lone PMC troops are as well.


Big Boss
Beat the game with 0 Alerts, 0 Kills, 0 continues, and under 5 hours on The
Boss Extreme difficulty. You cannot use Stealth Camo or Bandana.
Additional Reward: Big Boss Face Camo, Big Boss iPod song, Patriot (weapon).

Check the Big Boss Emblem Walkthrough for the complete breakdown of this one.


Blue Bird
Must give 50 items to the militia forces.
Additional: Nothing

To do so, just stand next to a soldier with an item, and hit the Triangle
Button. Remember to stock up on these items on a previous playthrough before
attempting this. If you are having troubles finding enough items, go into the
Solid Normal walkthrough portion of the FAQ and CTRL+F Ration, Regain, Noodles,
etc, because I listed a bunch of their locations there.


Beat the game with under 75 alerts, 250 kills, and more than 26 continues.
Additional Reward: Nothing

See Chicken Emblem for some strategy.


Beat the game with over 150 alerts and 500 kills. You must also continue the
game 50 times, use 50 health items and complete the game after at least 35
hours of play.
Additional Reward: Nothing

If you are having troubles obtaining the "Hall of Shame" type Emblems like the
Chicken and the Centipede, you just have to think about playing this game by
totally ignoring the Stealth component. As soon as you enter a sector, start
blasting anyone and everyone that you see. It would be a good idea to be
hostile to both the PMC and the Militia. Play on The Boss Extreme and bring a
lot of attention to yourself if you are still having troubles meeting the
continues component. You will die a lot quicker on The Boss Extreme than you
would on other difficulties. You can also find a sector with Gekko and just
keep getting killed by them. They deal some heavy damage so you should be able
to get killed rather quickly. The latter strategy is better


Must trigger 100 alerts.
Additional Reward: Nothing

It is best to attempt this when you are at the entrance to the next
sector/scene. Alert the PMCs, then run to the next sector to go back to
Caution. Run back to the previous sector and get alerted again. Repeat until
you get seen 100 times.


Kill at least 400 enemies.
Additional Reward: Nothing

You shouldn't have too many troubles trying to grab this Emblem. You can really
have a good time doing this if you fully participate in the various fights
between the PMC and the Militia. There are two crucial sectors in Act 2: the
Power Station battle and the Confinement Facility battle. In the Power Station
sector, the important area is the hill right before the meeting with Drebin.
PMC troops will respawn at the top of the hill endlessly. Go to tiny cliff
where the grounded rocket launcher is and keep picking off the PMC troops from
here. In the Confinement Facility sector, the endless respawn point for the
PMCs is in the crevice area. They will keep coming out along the path to the
right, where the tank is. Just stay at the beginning area and keep picking them


Must land at least 150 headshots.
Additional Reward: Nothing

Straight forward stuff here. If you are having troubles, just headshot the same
PMC with a non-lethal weapon over and over again. I cannot stress the point
enough to take advantage of PMCs that are alone.


Finish the game with fewer than 4 alerts, 0 kills, 0 continues, and under 6
hours of playing time.
Additional Reward: Desert Eagle

This is essentially a watered down version of the Big Boss Emblem. Check the
Big Boss Emblem walkthrough if you are having troubles getting this one.


Fox Hound
Finish the game with fewer than 2 alerts, 0 kills, 0 continues and under 5
hours and 30 minutes of playing time.
Additional Reward: Thor .04-70

Check the Big Boss Emblem walkthrough.


Must roll or dive sideways 200 times.
Additional Reward: Nothing

I recommend that you do this all at once in the Heliport area of Act 4. There
are 0 enemies in that area and you cannot possibly be spotted.


Must be in the Wall Press position (press triangle next to a wall) for at least
60 minutes upon completion of the game.
Additional Reward: Nothing

If you want, just go into that position at the Heliport area (because there are
0 enemies). Leave the game on, and turn on a movie on your DVD player. Finish
the film and come back to the game. You can also leave it on and go outside for
a run. Do something creative like that to obtain this Emblem.


Giant Panda
Complete the game after 30 hours of gameplay.
Additional Reward: Nothing

My best advice to you for this is to simply leave the game on and not do
anything in a few hour intervals. You shouldn't just leave it on for 30 hours
straight because that's going to make your PS3 heat up like crazy. This Emblem
is a pretty difficult to obtain, just simply because it's so tedious. If you
want, you can use this opportunity to explore every single square foot of each
sector and try and find every single weapon or item.


Hold up 50 enemies.
Additional Reward: Nothing

Nothing too complex on this one. You can of course perform a Hold Up on the
same enemy 50 times. To hold up someone, run up behind them, undetected, and
press L1 when you are close -- it doesn't have to be very close. Snake will say
"Freeze", and the PMC troop will put his hands up and drop his gun. Do this 50
times to grab this Emblem. You can attempt this one with other CQC Emblems
because hold ups are set ups to a CQC move essentially.


Get praised by militia fighters at least 25 times.
Additional Reward: Nothing

This means to have the militants say things like "You saved my ass," "Good
job," etc. To do so, just stay next to a militant in the Confinement Facility
area where the PMC troops come out continuously and just keep blasting the
PMCs. You can also do this in the Power Station or Vista Mansion area.


Obtain 10 "Combat Highs". Firing 100 bullets with a weapon during an alert
phase is equal to a single combat high.
Additional Reward: Nothing

To grab this Emblem, all you have to do is equip your M4 Custom and engage in
every single fight between the PMCs and the Militia fighters that you
encounter. You will know when a Combat High is reached because there will be a
little message that tells you, and the Psyche bar starts flashing. It is best
to go after this Emblem when you are looking to die a lot, and going after the
Crocodile or Eagle Emblems.


Complete the game with fewer than 2 alert phases, 0 continues, 0 kills, and
under 6 hours and 30 minutes of playing time.
Additional Reward: Type 17 pistol

Check the Big Boss Emblem walkthrough if you need some help on this.


Pick up 400 dropped weapons or items.
Additional Reward: Nothing

This is best obtained when you have the Tanegashima weapon. If not, you can
just kill every Rebel and PMC troop you see. Remember to pick up their bodies
after they die because they drop more stuff. You can also frisk enemies for
weapons and items. You probably won't have much trouble getting this one as
long as you are fighting the PMCs often.


Inch Worm
Spend 60 minutes crawling.

Very straight forward. See if you can obtain this one while you are going for
some stealth Emblems.


Complete the game with under 76 alert phases, 250 kills, and 25 continues.
Additional Reward: Nothing

See Chicken Emblem for strategy on this one.


Complete the game with under 76 alert phases, 250 kills, and more than 26
Additional Reward: Nothing

See Chicken Emblem for this one.


Little Gray
Collect 69 weapons in the game.
Additional Reward: Nothing

It's best to get this one after you've accumulated your fair share of Drebin
Points. Drebin Points are best obtained from completing no kills, alerts,
continues runs. Otherwise, just remember to enter 14893 in Act 4
to get 100,000 Drebin Points.


Spend 150 minutes crouching.
Additional Reward: Nothing

If you really wanted to, you could crouch right at the opening area of the
game (in the Ground Zero sector) turn on a movie on your DVD player (any of The
Godfather titles are recommended by yours truly), and watch it while you have
the game on.


Complete the game with 0 alert phases, 0 continues, and under 5 hours of
playing time.
Additional Reward: Nothing

Check Big Boss Emblem walkthrough. The only difference between this and the Big
Boss Emblem is you can obtain this in any difficulty.


Complete the game with 0 alert phases.
Additional Reward: Stealth camo

Check the Big Boss Emblem walkthrough to find the best path to do this.


Complete the game with at least 76 alerts, 251 kills, and more than 25
Additional Reward: Nothing

Attempt this with the Crocodile Emblem or Hog Emblem. See Chicken Emblem for
strategy on this.


Consume 40 food items (Rations, Noodles, etc).
Additional Reward: Nothing

Straight forward here. Just round up the food items and keep using them. You
can hurt yourself by setting off a grenade on your fet. As far as I know,
Regains count as food Items as well.


Complete the game with 0 kills.
Additional Reward: Bandana

This means that you are still able to shoot people with your annesthetic ammo.
Shouldn't be too hard to do this, just be careful during the vehicle escape
segments of Acts 2 and 3.


Complete the game with more than 76 alert phases, 251 kills, and 26 continues.
Additional Reward: Nothing

Check the Chicken Emblem for strategy on this.


Flip through 100 pages of the Playboy magazines.
Additional Reward: Nothing

You can do this by holding L1 + R1 and pressing Circle.


Complete the game in under 5 hours.
Additional Reward: Nothing

You will be able to obtain this one after grabbing any of the Fox Emblems as
well as the Big Boss Emblem. Check BBE walkthrough for detailed strategy.
Otherwise, you can just keep blowing past everyone and not worry about your
continues/deaths/alerts to obtain this Emblem. This is a pretty ineffective way
to go about it because ideally you'd want to be able to grab as many Emblems as
possible. Just running past everyone isn't going to help you unlock many others
besides this one.


Execute 100 dive rolls.
Additional Reward: Nothing

Do this in the Heliport area of Act 4. There are no enemies there and is 100%
safe for you to do this without having to worry about getting shot at or
entering an alert phase.


Complete the game with under 75 alert phases, 250 kills, and 25 continues.
Additional Reward: Nothing

Check the Chicken Emblem for strategy on this one.


Complete the game with under 75 alert phases, more than 251 kills, and 26
Additional Reward: Nothing

Check the Chicken Emblem.


Complete the game with under 75 alert phases, more than 251 kills, and more
than 25 continues.
Additional Reward: Nothing

Check the Chicken Emblem.


Hide under a cardboard box or drum for 60 minutes.
Additional Reward: Nothing

Again, you can just hide under a cardboard box or drum, turn on a movie on your
DVD player and finish the movie and then come back to the game. You can do this
right at the very start of Act 1 in the NorthWest sector because that area is
rather poorly defended.


Complete the game with 0 continues.
Additional Reward: Nothing

This is pretty straight forward. You will be able to obtain this one after you
unlock one of the stealth Emblems.


    / /        __________________________________________________
---/ /--------/==================================================\-------------
--/ /_,-,-----------------------I T E M  L I S T---------------------[0007]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

=Recovery Items=

The cigs are really just there because it is part of the Metal Gear Solid 4
series. As for actual gameplay aid, they help restore your Psyche a little bit
at a time and also decreases your health as long as you you're smoking them. I
have also been told that they go to steady Snake's hands while holding a sniper
rifle, but I have not noticed a very big difference from aiming with Cigs or
without. So if there is a positive effect, it is probably minimal at best.

You will probably notice throughout the game that Snake will occasionally
grabbing his back in pain. Once you see that this happens, use the Compress to
cure the back pain and activate a faster replenishing of the Psyche gauge. This
item is usually pretty useful in a battle of attrition where you can't really
attack continuously with an assault rifle to reach Combat Highs. Otherwise, you
should probably stick to using this for back pains.

Instant Noodles
I should note that the Noodles are not only for restoration of Psyche as you
may think if you've played Metal Gear Solid 3. In MGS4, the Noodles actually
restore 100% of the health and 50% of Psyche. Check the Regain item for
commentary on this item, because they are essentially the same.

The Muna is the best Psyche recovery item in the game in my book. It is a
herbal plant that you don't ever have to worry about using up. Once you find
it, it will be yours for the rest of the game. When it is equipped, Snake will
recovery Psyche at an accelerated rate. Its speed isn't going to blow your mind
away by any stretch of the imagination, but the fact that it's a permanent
Psyche recovery item without any major side effects (see: Syringe) is worth the

It is found in the very beginning of Act 2, Cove Valley Village. You have to
save the hostages at the start of the level and wait for them to open the door
to their weapons storage area. You can find it in there.

This is a pretty useful performance enhancer in long, drawn-out sniping
sessions. When you use it Snake's hand will steady while aiming. This is
especially useful when you are using a scope. You will find that your aim
improves by quite a large margin when the Pentazemin is activated. If you have
any, it is very useful in the Act 4 boss battle.

If you've played the Metal Gear Solid series, you know all about military
rations. When used, it will restore enough hit points to fill up 3/4's of the
life gauge. This does not mean that it will always fill up 75% of the life that
you are missing. But rather, if say, you've lost half of your life gauge and
you use a ration, it will restore the full amount. Likewise, if you've lost
60%, etc. The Rations also restore a little bit of Psyche. Alternatively, you
can leave the Rations equipped and you will not die as long as still have some
left. This is generally not recommended because other items (Solid Eye) are
much more important in battles.

However, let me do say that if you really wanted to make sure you never "wasted
a ration, you can always equip it only when you have a little bit of HP left,
and know the next blow would finish you off. That way, once you take the
finishing blow you use 100% of the ration and never waste any of it. I like to
do this when I know exactly how much an enemy can damage me, like in a boss
battle or something. But say you were fighting a group of Gekko and FROG
troops. You think you could probably take a few more shots from the P90, so you
hold off on equipping/using the ration. Then out of nowhere you take a swift
kick from the Gekko and you are finished. This is why you'd want to avoid
trying this method when you are fighting a mixture of enemies.

Is probably the single most effective life and psyche restore in the game. Upon
usage, you will restore 100% of your health and about 50% of your psyche.
Because of its effective psyche restoration though you should always opt to
Rations to restore health over Regain, because you are likely to have a lot
more of them. You should only use the Regain when you need to regain a big deal
of Psyche. **Update** If you use the Regain during Act 4 you will only regain
25% of your psyche, as opposed to the 50%. For spoilers protection, think about
the weather of Act 4 to understand why.

This restores 100% of the Psyche that you are missing. Notice that you have
unlimited quantities of the syringe, so you can probably guess that there is a
pretty big catch. It becomes increasingly ineffective with each use, and after
about 10 shots (possibly more) Snake will start vomiting. In addition to the
vomiting, Snake will also gradually LOSE psyche for a short period of time
after the syringe wears off.

Alternatively, you can use the Syringe on the PMC forces as well. To do so,
grab them with the CQC (Press and hold R1 Button), equip the Syringe from the
"Items" menu, and then hitting the Triangle Button. Once you do this, the PMC
will stand there for a bit, and then begin shouting in pain. The pain will take
him to the floor. If you leave him alone, he will get back up and resume
attacking you. You can Syringe him one more time and he will be subdued. It is
probably ideal for you to finish him off while he's in excruciating pain on the
floor. This is just one effect from the Syringe. Another one is the PMC might
start laughing uncontrollably. There are a few others that relates to Emotions
as well.


Support Items
Please note the main support items "Solid Eye", and "Mk. II" are explained in
the "Gameplay 101" section of the FAQ.

Batteries (Hidden)
Your MK.II and Solid Eye are run by rechargeable batteries. Sometimes, the
recharging just isn't fast enough. Your solution to this problem is to collect
the extra batteries on the Nomad, during the Mission Briefings. Note that you
do NOT have to start another playthrough to collect them. All you have to do
is load up the Mission Briefings from the Main Menu screen. You can have a
maximum of six batteries: one from your first playthrough, and an additional
five from your second. You cannot collect any more after six.

Battery Locations (All during Mission Briefings)
* Act 1: At the far end of the plane, behind the helicopter
* Act 2: Near the crates on the left of the helicopter
* Act 3: Upstairs on the kitchen area floor
* Act 4: Upstairs on the kitchen area floor

--> Repeat one of the above mission briefings to grab the sixth and final
battery, because you cannot take control of the Mk.III during the Act 5

Bandana (Unlockable)
Requirement: Finish the game with 0 kills. Please note there are no other
requirements, like X number of phases or a time limit in which you must
complete the game.
--> You can also purchase it from Drebin for 5,000,000 Drebin Points. Might be
worth if you aren't good enough to unlock it. But this begs the question -- how
can anyone of that skill level of 5,000,000 points in the first place? 500
playthroughs with the Drebin code? I sure hope not.

Gives you infinite ammo while equipped. You can't use this item to obtain the
Big Boss Emblem, but as far as I know you can use it to help you obtain any

The Camera is another returning item. You will notice there is a Photo Album
option in the Main Menu screen, but you have no Camera to speak of. That's
because the Camera is hidden on the Nomad. To find it, take control of the
MK.II during any Mission Briefing and look for it behind Sunny's desk. Note
that the Camera in Act 4 is upstairs in the kitchen area. I would advise that
you hold off until exactly the Act 4 briefing to do this, however. If you
obtain the Camera during Act 4 you will unlock some secret photos of Naomi and

"Hi, I'm Chris Hansen, why don't you have a seat over there?"

All right guys, get your heads out of the gutter, because they are not scandily
clad in nature. You can find these pictures by going into the "Photo Album"
from the Main Menu.

To actually use the Camera, equip it and hit R1 to take pictures. Use the D-Pad
to zoom in/out. Hold L2, and press the Circle Button to toggle between 1P Mode
and 2P Overhead (3rd person) mode.

Cardboard Box
The Cardboard Box makes its return to the Metal Gear series. As always, when
activated Snake will hide under the box and all weapons plus other items become
unusable. It is a rather useful item when you are not in the Alert or Evasion
phases. A Cardboard box will not break the line of sight between you and the
enemy, so they will just end up blasting you to death. With that said though,
the Cardboard box can be useful when you are in the Caution phase. If you can
find a bunch of crates, hiding next to them should be enough to fool by any
patrolling enemies. The same can be done to evade patrolling soldiers in the
Normal phase as well. Finally, idling in the Cardboard Box will help you
decrease your Stress level, which will in turn slow down the Psyche depletion.

Drum Can
The Drum Can is basically a more "advanced" version of the Cardboard Box (if we
can even call it that). For one, it has a much more durable surface. It also
gives you the ability to roll, which makes it more useful than the Cardboard
Box. The only time that I can think of where the Cardboard Box becomes more
practical than the Drum Can is if you are hiding next to crates. Aside from
that, I would go with the Drum Can when trying to escape a Caution phase.

This is a portable music player that you might own yourself. It looks like the
Nano model. It replaces the background music in the game with songs that you
have collected through your various playthroughs. Its controls are simple:
Scroll the music with the Right Analog Stick. Press R3 for the OK command.
Remember, the scroll function is similar to that of a real iPod. You have to
turn the stick either in a counter or clockwise direction to move it around.
Use the Triangle Button to activate the "Menu", Circle Button for "Skip (Next
track)", and the X button to play or pause. The aforementioned buttons will
take the listed functions only when the iPod is selected and highlighted in the
items menu (holding L2).

The Playboy is technically a weapon, but I decided to throw in the Items
section anyway. To use this item, equip as your current weapon. Then, hold L1
to ready it, and press R1 to set it on the floor. If any PMC troops see this,
they will stop to look at it. This could give you the opening to sneak past
him. Alternatively, if you wish to look inspect the magazine yourself, just to
make sure all the pages are intact, you can do so by holding the L1 and R1
buttons, then hitting the Triangle Button, followed by the Circle Button to
turn the pages.

Scan Plug (Unlockable)
First you must play 10 hours of Metal Gear Online. Note this is actual gameplay
time, and not time spent in the lobby or anything else. You have to be actually
engaged in a competition with other people. After you've logged the 10 hours of
gameplay on Metal Gear Online, you can purchase it from Drebin's shop. Note
that I purchased it during Act 5, so it may or may not be available at the
earlier playthroughs.

To use it, equip it as one of your items and grab a PMC troop with a CQC Grab
(just press and gently hold R1). Then, you have to press and hold the Triangle
Button to inject the Scan Plug into the PMC troop. As long as you are injecting
the plug into the PMC, you will be able to see the locations of every PMC
soldier on your radar.

Signal Interceptor
As far as I know you can only use this in Act 3 to find out where the
resistance member in Act 3 is. If anyone knows another function for the Signal
Interceptor, let me know.

Stealth Camouflage (Unlockable)
Requirement: Complete the game with 0 alerts (no time limit requirement).
Alternatively, you can buy it from Drebin on your second playthrough and
onwards for 5,000,000 Drebin Points.

This will render Snake completely invisible. Note that if the enemy has thermal
detection they will be able to see you. The Gekko are an example of a group of
enemies that have thermal detection. Another would be the Scarabs. Also note
that if you run into anyone your invisibility will be broken. Once again you
can't use it obtain the Big Boss Emblem, but it should work for all the others.

    / /        __________________________________________________
---/ /--------/==================================================\-------------
--/ /_,-,--------------------W E A P O N S  L I S T------------------[0008]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

Note: Due to the unvarying nature of most weapons, I am not going to be
providing commentary for all of them. I will just be commenting on guns that
stand out to me.

* Pistols
* Sub-Machine Guns
* Assault Rifles
* Machine Guns
* Shotguns
* Grenade Launchers
* Rocket launchers
* Grenades
* Proximity Explosives


Exploiting Drebin
You probably know by now that accumulating Drebin Points will allow you to
purchase weapons from Drebin. Some of the items are pretty pricy, so you might
want to learn how to exploit him. On Wednesday's and Sunday's, every weapon in
his catalogue is 20% off. This is a pretty sweet deal if you buy a lot. You can
have the 20% deal any time you want if you turn the PS3 clock to either
Wednesday or Sunday.

Obtain 100,000 Drebin Points in Act 4 -- When it's time to enter the password
during Act 4, enter "14893" to receive 100,000 Drebin Points. Once again,
thanks to 03chaos69 for the tip.

Finally, every weapon is 50% off during Act 5. It is ideal for you to stock up
on non-lethal ammo if you are attempting a no kill run in your next play
through. Needless to say 50% is off is a friggin' awesome deal. Make sure you
buy the absolute limit of each non-lethal ammo.

What does "Piercing" mean?
It essentially means how large (in length) the bullet is of the gun. The
better a gun's piercing, the more effective it is against heavily armoured
enemies (Gekko, FROGs). Also, the higher the Piercing rating, the better chance
you have of blasting more than one target with a single shot.

"I can't find [insert weapon] at Drebin's Shop"
You have likely not advanced in the game far enough on your playthrough (it
doesn't matter that you've beaten the game before). If you can't find the
weapon you're looking for, try looking for it again in Act 5.

Full: Every manuever in the CQC Section can be utilized

Limited: Only a physical attack with the base of the weapon and a "Knockout
Slam" can be utilized.

None: CQC is not compatible with this class of weapons

Rating Explanation
S: Highest Possible Rating
A - E: Higher (A) to lowest (E)
- : Not available for this weapon


CQC: Full

Handguns are classified as Secondary Weapons in the game. They are essentially
on there to use whenever you feel like it, because in almost every situation an
assault rifle would be better. One positive that assault rifles do not share
however is every handgun is compatible for wall jump-out shots. Equipping a
handgun will also give you the ability to use your whole arsenal of CQC, unlike
the rifles.

Mk.2 Pistol
Price: 0 -- Given by Otacon in the Red Zone of Act 1
Ammo: .22lr
Lethal: No
Damage: D
Range: -
Piercing: E
Recoil: S
Reload Time: A
Auto-Aim: B

This is without a doubt the best weapon in the game, and you start with it. It
was made with a PERMANENT suppressor. It is just tailor-made for "tactical
espionage". It will take down any PMC troop in a single shot (except Bosses, of
course). Keep in mind that the tranquilizer bullets take roughly one second to
take effect on a body shot, so there's a one second delay between your shot and
the target collapsing. I think Hideo Kojima still wanted to reward you for
headshots however, so if you manage to connect to the head with the MK.2 Pistol
the target will fall instantly.

Price: 0 -- Given by Otacon in the Red Zone of Act 1
Ammo: .45acp
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: C
Piercing: E
Recoil: B
Reload Time: S
Auto-Aim: B

It is Snake's trademark lethal weapon and it is a pretty good starting handgun,
but the Mk.2 Pistol is still far superior in my opinion. Though to be fair
virtually any weapon coupled with the Mk.2 will appear to be inferior. If you
run out of Mk.2 shots in the first mission, this should easily be your second
choice. Any weapon with a suppressing capabilities is above average in my book.

Race Gun
Price: 0 -- Awarded to you after completing your first playthrough
Ammo: .38 (9x23mm)
Lethal: Yes
Damage: E
Range: E
Recoil:  A
Reload Time: S
Auto-Aim: B

This appears to be a pretty weak handgun when you are evaluating its stats.
However, its bullets have the ability to ricochet, which is a feature that no
other weapon has. You can probably find all sorts of cool ways to exploit the
bullet bouncing feature, so I am going to let your imagination run wild on this
one. One thing it lets you do is the ability to eliminate people from

Price: 3,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: .45acp
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: C
Piercing: E
Recoil: B
Reload Time : S
Auto-Aim: B

--> Alternatively, you can get it from the PMC soldiers in Act 3. To do so,
"knock away" their primary weapon (usually a submachine gun or assault rifle).
Check the CQC section if you don't know how. Then, free them from your CQC
hold, and he will draw his pistol, most of the time it's a GSR.

A sure fire way is to grab it in Act 4 - Twin Suns. After Otacon opens the
door with the Mk. III, go back to the Tank Hangar storage area. Look for the
door with the "4" on it in the 2nd floor. The GSR is in there.

Price: 5,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 7.67x42m
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: D
Piercing: C
Recoil:  A
Reload Time: S
Auto-Aim: B

--> Alternatively, you can find it in the Vista Mansion of Act 2. Enter the
mansion through the eastern door to go right into the dining area. It should be
in the fire place.

The PSS is a pretty special weapon because it is permanently silenced, similar
to the Mk.2 Pistol. Its damage and range leave a lot to be desired though, and
one can make a pretty strong argument that you are better off spending your
Drebin Points elsewhere. If you are looking for a silenced pistol, the Operator
is probably all that you need. Despite the fact that you must purchase your
suppressors on the Operator, they are not exactly expensive.

Type 17
Price: 0 -- Awarded after obtaining the Hound Emblem.
Ammo: .45acp
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: D
Piercing: C
Recoil: A
Reload Time: A
Auto-Aim: B

Must be empty the whole clip before reloading. You can switch between semi or
auto fire. The ability to have semi-auto fire on a handgun is pretty cool, but
other than that this gun really isn't very special.

Mk. 23
Price: 0 -- Find it under the truck in the Heliport area of Act 4.
Ammo: .45acp
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: C
Piercing: E
Recoil: B
Reload Time: S
Auto-Aim: A
--> You can also obtain this weapon by entering "mekakorkkk" (case sensitive)
in the "Extras" menu (from the Main Menu).

This is a nostalgia weapon for those who've played other titles in the Metal
Gear series. Tactically speaking there isn't much difference between this
weapon and the Operator.

Five Seven
Price: 6,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 5.7x28mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range:  D
Piercing: B
Recoil:  B
Reload Time: S
Auto-Aim: B
--> Alternatively, you can grab this from any of the FROG troops. You need to
first disarm their P90 (check CQC if you don't know how), then let them go and
briefly turn your attention to another troop. The one without her P90 should
pull out a Five Seven next so take her out and grab the gun.

Thor .45-70
Price: Obtained after the earning FoxHound Emblem
Ammo: .45-70
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: D
Piercing: E
Recoil: B
Reload Time: S
Auto-Aim: A

Comes with a built-in dot sight.

Desert Eagle
Price: Obtained after earning the Fox Emblem. Or you can buy it for 20,000
Drebin Points. You can also pick one up from Dwarf Gekko in Act 4 (more below).
Ammo: .50AE
Lethal: Yes
Damage: C
Range: B
Piercing: E
Recoil: D
Reload Time: S
Auto-Aim: B

I discovered that if you are lucky, the Dwarf Gekko in Act 4 will drop this
gun. I picked this up in the Tank Hangar. This is how I did it: First, I went
into Alert Phase and all the Dwarf Gekko were converging on my position, like
usual. I then crawled under the truck in front of the Tank Hangar, where the
Mk.23 is. The Dwarf Gekko bunched up together at the hangar entrance and I just
started mowing them down with an M60E4. After I cleared them out, I went to
grab all the guns and I picked up a Desert Eagle. Awesome.

Desert Eagle (Long Barrel)
Price: Obtained after earning the Fox Emblem. Enter "deskyyhstyl" in the Extras
Ammo: .50AE
Lethal: Yes
Damage: B
Range: A
Piercing: C
Recoil: D
Reload Time: S
Auto-Aim: B

This long barrelled version of the Desert Eagle is more powerful than the
regular one. It also has a scope, which is very cool for a handgun. But be
aware that it makes a lot of noise so you run a pretty high risk of detection.

Price: 8,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 9x19mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: D
Piercing: C
Recoil: C
Reload Time: S
Auto-Aim: B

This is quite a significant modification from the basic glock. It has the
largest clip of any pistol in 33, and is actually semi-automatic in nature.
This is a very cool weapon and I suggest that you give it a try.


=Sub-machine Guns=
CQC: Limited

Price: 5,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 5.7x28mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: C
Piercing: E
Recoil: B
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: B
--> Alternatively, you can really stock up on this during the big battle
against the FROGs in Act 1.

During your first playthrough the P90 is absolutely essential because of its
massive 50 shot clip. You can spring for the Bizon if you wanted, but why waste
points when the P90 gets the job done just as efficiently for free?

Price: 3,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: .45acp
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: C
Piercing: E
Recoil: B
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: B

This is a submachine gun that fires pistol calibre bullets. I don't really see
much use for it at all, except for collection purposes.

Price: 3,500 Drebin Points
Ammo: 4.63x30mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: E
Range: E
Piercing: B
Recoil: A
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: A

Vz. 83
Price: Obtained in Act 3 before the motorcycle chase.
Ammo: 9x17mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: D
Piercing: E
Recoil: B
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: A

This is your starting weapon for the motorcycle chase, but remember to switch
to the P90. This is a bit of a nostalgia weapon as well for those who've played
Metal Gear Solid 3.

Price: 15,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 9x19mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: E
Range: D
Piercing: E
Recoil: B
Reload Time: C
Auto-Aim: B

Price: 7,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 9x18mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: D
Piercing: E
Recoil: B
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: A


=Assault Rifles=
CQC: Limited

M4 Custom
Price: Obtained from Otacon at the Red Zone sector of Act 1
Ammo: 5.56x45mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: E
Piercing: C
Recoil: C
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: D

This is a diverse weapon that can change into many variations. You can probably
find a use for this weapon in any situation in the game, making it one of the
top weapons available to Snake. At its most basic form it is an assault rifle
with a very fast firing rate. You can turn it into a silenced weapon by
purchasing suppressors for 200 Drebin Points apiece. You can add a scope to
this weapon for 35,000 DP. This is a little expensive, but if you think about
it a Scope just gives you such a huge advantage against all enemies.

In addition, you can purchase the Masterkey and give the M4 Custom a maximum
range boost. It also changes the M4 Custom into a customizable Shotgun (with V-
Ring capabilities). For 30,000 Drebin Points this is a pretty sweet deal
because Shotguns themselves already cost at the very least 25,000 a piece, and
for just 5,000 more you are also getting the maximum range and B class damage
upgrades. Keep in mind some Shotguns cost 30,000 and even 40,000 Drebin Points.

Price: Obtained at the very beginning of the game
Ammo: 5.56x45mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: E
Piercing: C
Recoil: C
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: D

Basic assault rifle with a limited clip. You obtain this weapon at the very
beginning of Act 1 from the PMCs, so those troops will be your ideal source of
free ammo. It has a pretty fast firing rate. It is essentially the M4 Custom
without the customizations, so I wouldn't pick it over the M4 Custom. You can
turn this into a much more powerful weapon with the GP30 for 30,000 Drebin
Points. This maximizes the AK102's range and makes its Damage A-class.

Mk. 17
Price: 3,500 Drebin Points
Ammo: 7.62x51mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: C
Range: C
Piercing: C
Recoil: C
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: D

This is the standard PMC issued assault rifle. Just about any PMC will be
carrying this weapon. It is a rather average Assault Rifle with all things
considered though, and I can't really think of many situations where you would
be using this gun. Instead of buying it for 3,500 points you can just take it
from the PMCs and launder.

FAL Carbine
Price: 4,500 Drebin Points
Ammo: 7.63x51mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: C
Range: C
Piercing: C
Recoil: C
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: D

Price: 5,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 5.45x39mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: E
Piercing: C
Recoil: B
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: D

Price: See Below
Ammo: 5.56x45mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: E
Piercing: C
Recoil: C
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: D

You can only obtain this weapon in Act 2, in the Power Station area. Right
after talking to Drebin, you should see paved road lead to two different
directions: directly ahead and one that branches off to the left. Follow the
paved road to the left and look for the weapon underneath one of the cabins in
this area.

Price: 4,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 7.62x51mm
Reload Time:


=Sniper Rifles=
CQC: None

Sniper Rifles are the top weapons in the game in my opinion. The ability to
pick off an enemy without them having the slightest clue is just an advantage
that cannot ignored. The Sniper Rifle is useful in just about every part of the
game, except in Boss Battles or when dealing with a target very close.

Price: 18,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 7.62x67mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: C
Range: B
Piercing: A
Recoil: E
Reload Time: E
Auto-Aim: B

Alternatively, you can obtain this weapon in the Cove Valley Village (first
sector) of Act 2. It is located in the barn on the left side of your starting
point. Climb up the ladder in the barn and jump across the gap in the ceiling
to the board holding the SVD. It is absolutely essential for the completion of
Act 2. This weapon is a Sniper Rifle with an adjustable scope using directional
pad up or down. This is going to be your Sniper Rifle on your playthrough. It
is probably by weapon of choice. As you get a couple of more playthroughs
under your belt and accumulate some points though, you will find that there are
some better choices.

Price: Obtained in Confinement Facility of Act 2. See below for detailed
Ammo: 9x39mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: D
Piercing: A
Recoil: D
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: -

Enter the Confinement Facility sector and take the left path, towards the two
PMC troops. Creep along the path up to the log/boulder and gain entrance to the
facility area from here. You should notice a boulder up ahead with some dark
shrubs as well. Work all the way to the right of your screen and you should
arrive at an area with several buildings. This is the prison facility. Look for
the building with the huge hole in it and find the VSS in there.

This is a very, very good Sniper Rifle. Sure, having the ability to pick off
targets from afar is a huge advantage, but you were probably dreaming of the
day you would be able to do that, AND not have to worry about giving away your
position because of the noise. That dream becomes a reality with the VSS. This
is one of the best overall weapons in the game and you get it free.

Mosin Nagant
Price: 60,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 7.62mm
Lethal: No
Damage: B
Range: A
Piercing: E
Recoil: D
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: -

This is a Sniper Rifle with tranquilizer ammo. Needless to say that is pretty
awesome. It is absolutely essential for no-kill runs. Make sure you stock up as
much ammo as the game allows on this weapon before attempting any no-kill runs.

Price: 9,000 Drebin Points. Also, see below.
Ammo: 7.62x51mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: C
Range: C
Piercing: B
Recoil: D
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: -

This weapon can be acquired from the rooftop sniper in the Urban Ruins sector
of Act 1. I am talking about the sniper who attacks you during the charge with
the militants in the alley area. You have to be a little lucky though, because
the weapon doesn't always drop once you kill him. Anyway, the weapon itself is
an assault rifle with sniping capabilities. This is the only Sniper Rifle that
is equally as effective with close by enemies as far enemies. So that's a
definite a plus. It is also highly customizable with a Suppressor, Flashlight,
and Laser Light.

Price: 200,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: .50BMR
Lethal: Yes
Damage: S
Range: S
Piercing: S
Recoil: E
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: -

Hideo Kojima has gone on record saying this is his personal favourite weapon.
You can also see a little inscription on the weapon by evaluating it in the
Weapons screen. It is the most powerful gun (excluding rocket launchers and
Rail Gun) in the entire game. Rail Gun is more powerful, but that's only a
fully charged shot. The M82A2 is the most powerful in a per shot-to-shot basis.
It is also very heavy, so Snake actually has to put it on his shoulders. Its
Damage, Range, and Piercing are second to none. It also has a HUGE recoil, so
several accurate shots in a row is not going to be a possibility. The M82A2 is
pretty useful in the Big Boss Emblem Run to handle any bosses.

You can buy this from Drebin's shop, but sometime in the later acts. I
personally bought this weapon in Act 4, so you will be able to buy it from Act
4 on for sure. I'm not sure about its availability before then. This
applies to other weapons as well. If you can't find the weapon you're looking
for in Drebin's Shop, you need to progress further into the game.

Price: 20,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 7.62x67mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: B
Range: A
Piercing: A
Recoil: D
Reload Time: C
Auto-Aim: -

You can pick this weapon up in Act 3. I forgot the exact sector, but it's in
the area where you can explore the city's sewage system.


=Machine Guns=
CQC: Limited

Machine Guns should be your primary means of bringing down a large number of
enemies, because of their huge clips. You almost never have to reload before
clearing out a wave, especially with the M60E4, which boasts the largest clip
in the entire game.  Machine Guns also have considerably more recoil than some
of the Assault Rifles like the AK and the M4, though, so firing in a never
ending succession probably isn't going to see you land too many shots. If you
need to do something that involves accuracy like cutting down a Gekko, you may
want to opt for something else.

Price: 10,000 Drebin Points. See below for alternative.
Ammo: 7.62x51mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: C
Range: C
Piercing: C
Recoil:  C
Reload Time: D
Auto-Aim: E

The M60E4 is dropped by the PMCs swarming out of the Confinement Facility in
Act2. You are surely to pick one up and pile up on the ammo if you spend some
time fighting the PMCs that emerge from the direction where the tank is. As
mentioned in the intro, the M60E4 boasts the largest clip in the entire game.
It is one of the most effective weapons for clearing out a large wave of
enemies. You can pi

MK.46 Mod 1
Price: 9,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 5.56x45mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: D
Range: B
Piercing: C
Recoil:  C
Reload Time: E
Auto-Aim: D

Price: 9,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 7.62x54mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: C
Range: B
Piercing: C
Recoil: D
Reload Time: E
Auto-Aim: E

Price: 6,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 7.62x51mm
Lethal: Yes
Damage: C
Range: C
Piercing: C
Recoil: C
Reload Time: D
Auto-Aim: E


CQC: Limited

You might find Shotguns to be kind of ineffective, and for the most part I'd
agree with you. However, all Shotguns have the ability to switch to "V-Ring"
ammo. V-Ring ammo is 100% non-lethal, but is a bit different from tranquilizer
ammo (such as Mk.2 and the Mosin Nagant). When an enemy gets hit by V-Ring ammo
they will become SUBDUED (equivalent of taking a knockout slam or chokeout), as
opposed to SEDATED. If you are not sure about the difference, check the Game
Basics section for a more detailed explanation.

V-Ring Ammo
V-Ring ammo can be purchased from Drebin for 50 Drebin Points a pop. V-Ring
ammo makes Shotguns invaluable during no-kill runs, because you can never have
enough non-lethal weapons. To purchase V-ring ammo, just press "Triangle" when
you have your Shotgun highlighted and buy move the slider on the V-ring Ammo
up. Note that each Shotgun comes with a full case of V-ring Ammo so you don't
have to buy them until you use that up. To actually switch to V-ring mode (as
opposed to 12 Gauge mode), highlight the Shotgun with R2 and hit the Circle
Button once. If done correctly the background of the Shotgun will turn to Blue
instead of Red.

Price: 40,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 12 Gauge
Lethal: Optional (See Above)
Damage: B
Range: S
Piercing: B
Recoil: D
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: C

The Saiga-12 is the best Shotgun in the game in my opinion. In addition to
having non-lethal capabilities like the others, it fires the shots at an
extremely rapid rate. The absolute best part about the Saiga-12 is how fast it
reloads. It is absolutely essential during the Big Boss Emblem run and I'm sure
you can find many other uses for it as well.

Twin Barrel
Price: 25,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 12 Gauge
Lethal: Optional (see above)
Damage: B
Range: S
Piercing: B
Recoil: E
Reload Time: C
Auto-Aim: C

M870 Custom
Price: 30,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 12 Gauge
Lethal: Optional (see above)
Damage: B
Range: S
Piercing: B
Recoil: D
Reload Time: E
Auto-Aim: C


=Grenade Launchers=
CQC: None

Grenade launchers fire explosive shells at a target. These are a little
different from rockets, only because grenade shells are not capable of
penetrating fortified armour. This means that you won't be able to bring down a
tank or helicopter with these two weapons. The only advantage I can think of
that Grenade Launchers have over their rocket counterparts is the fact that you
can fire six shells in succession, whereas the rocket launchers are only
limited to one rocket at a time.

Price: Obtained following boss fight with Raging Raven
Ammo: 40mm Grenade
Lethal: Yes
Damage: A
Range: D
Piercing: -
Recoil: E
Reload Time: E
Auto-Aim: -

Price: 80,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: 25mm Air Bust Grenade
Lethal: Yes
Damage: A
Range: S
Piercing: -
Recoil: E
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: -


=Rocket Launchers=
CQC: None

Rocket Launchers are among the most useful weapons in the game, especially the
RPG-7 during your first playthrough. You can find it in various parts of Act
1, such as the Urban Area (right before the entrance of the little rubble
"maze"). They are so useful because rocket launchers can actually give a few
bosses (like Laughing Octopus and Raging Raven) some problems. I won't go into
the specifics here -- check the walkthrough. It is also very useful when you
know a large group of enemies are going to enter from an exact location,
because a single rocket can clear them out of the way completely. Rocket
Launchers are finally capable of bringing down fortified armour like tanks and
choppers. A big glaring weakness in rocket launchers however is their single-
shot nature. There are only a few things more frustrating than having a group
of enemies bunched up together ready to eat a rocket, only to find out you need
to reload when you press R1 to fire.

Price: 60,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: RPG-7 Ammo
Lethal: Yes (o rly?)
Damage: S
Range: S
Piercing: -
Recoil: E
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: -

Stinger (FIM-92A)
Price: 100,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: Stinger Ammo
Lethal: Yes
Damage: S
Range: S
Piercing: -
Recoil: E
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: -

You can find the FIM-92A in the Nuclear Warhead Storage on the 1st floor. You
need to climb into the back of the truck near the centre of the room to find

The return of the Stinger is always welcomed by Metal Gear Solid fans. You can
also find it in the Power Station sector of Act 2. Right after taking to
Drebin, you should see two paths -- one directly ahead that leads to the
Confinement Facility, and one more path that leads you to the left. Take the
one to the left and you should arrive to the area where the Stinger is located.

Price: 40,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: M72A3 Ammo
Lethal: Yes
Damage: A
Range: D
Piercing:  -
Recoil: D
Reload Time: A
Auto-Aim: -

Price: 150,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: Javelin Ammo
Lethal: Yes
Damage: S
Range: S
Piercing: -
Recoil: E
Reload Time: B
Auto-Aim: -


CQC: Full

Grenades and other thrown projectiles can be very useful if you are behind a
wall because of the aiming mechanism. I gave a very detailed explanation on
this in the Game Basics section so check it out.

Price: 120 Drebin Points
Damage: A
Range: S

Petro Bomb
Price: 100 Drebin Points
Damage: B
Range: B

The Petro Bomb sets your enemies on fire. Ever wondered what MGS would be like
with a flamethrower? Well you sort have get to find out with the Petro Bomb.

White Phosphorus Grenade
Price: 110 Drebin Points
Damage: A
Range: S

Sets your targets on fire again, but dealing more damage and has maximum range.

Stun Grenade
Price: 120 Drebin Points
Effect: Stun
Range: S

Upon impact the Grenade will create a blinding flash as well as a huge ringing
noise. The PMCs within the blast radius will become momentarily stunned,
depending how close they were to the blast radius, they will become subdued as
well. It will probably takes a few practice throws before you are able to get
them off without stunning yourself accidently.

Smoke Grenade
Price: 100 Drebin Points
Lethal: No
Range: S

Also available in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green coloured smoke. You can purchase
the coloured grenades from Drebin after one playthrough. They are the same
price. Unlike most FPS games, you need to throw the smoke grenade at a group of
PMC troops. This will entrap them in a thick layer of smoke for a brief period,
and temporarily preventing them from seeing anything. The Smoke Grenades can be
pretty useful when you are going for a no alert or kill run.


=Proximity Explosives=

I decided to create the umbrella category called Proximity Explosives. These
would obviously include explosives that are triggered (proximity) based, like
Claymore and the Gas Mine.  However, it would also include the remote triggered
weapon, C4.

Price: 300 Drebin Points
Damage: A
Range: S

You can alternatively retrieve the Claymore spread out across the Advent
Palace. You can do so by crawling right on to them until you get the "new
weapon" screen. You can obviously set these on the ground and anyone who steps
on it will cause it to explode. Claymore are probably more of a weapon to play
around when you're bored. You can set them on PMC patrol paths. Or if you are
running during various alert phases it might be a good idea to set them down on
your tracks to take some of the chasers out.

Sleep Gas Mine
Price: 300 Drebin Points
Range: S

Completely identical to Claymore as far as the mechanics/commentary goes. The
only difference would be these babies do not kill the enemies, but send them to
a sedation state instead.

Price: 400 Drebin Points
Range: S

C4's can be attached on to pretty much any surface you can think of (except
maybe water). Once the C4 is attached, you can switch to the Remote Control to
detonate it. You can even attach it to a PMC troop and then set it off.

S.G. Satchel
Price: 400 Drebin Points

Same as C4, except it releases a gas which sends the targets into a sedation

                       --- [ 8b. Special Weapons ] ---              [0008a]

I guess it's always a good idea to save the best for last. This is where you
will find all the unlockable weapons in the game not already mentioned in the
above section. You will also find what I call them "Special Weapons" here. They
don't really fit into any category and have some pretty distinct effects so I
thought they deserved their own section.


Solar Gun                                                           [spwp1]
How to get it: Defeat the FROG troops in Advent Palace, Laughing Octopus,
Raging Raven, Crying Wolf, and Raging Raven non-lethally. Then, you need to
pick up the five statues during the Beauty phases of each battle.

Statue Locations
* Act 1: Following the final cut scene involving the Rat Patrol, take an
         immediate left and look for the statue near the tire.
* Act 2: Look for it on one of the beds
* Act 3: Go all the way to the top of the tower and jump out on to the balcony
* Act 4: Right when the Beauty battle begins, turn around and run straight
         towards the wall.
* Act 5: Look for it in each passway/door that leads to the boss arena.

--> Note that you do NOT have to obtain all five statues in a single play
through. As long as you are saving your complete file each time you finish a
play through and loading it on your next, you will be able to keep the statues
from previous playthroughs.

The Solar Gun is similar to the Rail Gun mechanics wise. You have to charge it
before being able to use it. One full charge is good enough for several shots.
Once charged, a single Solar Gunshot will send the target into a subdued
state. The Solar Gun is absolutely essential if you are attempting to obtain
the Big Boss Emblem. I should note that it's possible to give away your
position with the Solar Gun, so in most situations (except the battle against
the FROGs in Act 1) I would say the Mk.2 Pistol would be better.

If you think you've obtained the five statues but still don't have the Solar
Gun, you can check to see how many statues you've acquired thus far. Load up a
mission briefing from the Main Menu and take control of the Mk. II. Move over
to Sunny's desk with the computer and look for the statues on the table. You
can see how many statues you have here. If you do indeed have five, just
carefully check through your weapons inventory and you should have it.


Patriot                                                             [spwp2]
How to get it: Obtain the Big Boss Emblem.

The Patriot is the weapon from Metal Gear Solid 3. It is an amazing weapon
because it has an infinite clip, and because you can hold it with one hand. You
will not have to reload if you are firing with the Patriot. In addition, firing
the weapon will activate random instances where the "Snake Eater" track by
Cynthia Harrell will start playing. Very cool. Being able to obtain this weapon
really solidifies you as one of the more accomplished Metal Gear Solid 4
players in the world.


Chaff Grenades                                                      [spwp3]

Chaff Grenades are extremely elusive in MGS4. It is probably because with them,
you have essentially the ability to cake-walk the swarm of Dwarf Gekko later in
the game. Its function is to essentially neutralize all electrical enemies.
Note that they don't actually eliminate them completely, but actually disables
an important feature about them. For example, using it on Gekko will neutralize
their machine guns, but they can still kick you. I am fairly confident in
saying that they render the Dwarf Gekko completely useless though, because they
no longer have the ability to detect you. These are extremely handy during your
Big Boss Emblem run.

One more note about the usage of Chaff Grenades. They are not your typical
grenades even in their usage. A single Chaff Grenade will disable the Dwarf
Gekko in the ENTIRE area. As long as you they are in the same room as you, they
will be disabled. So keep this in mind before you throw several of them at
once, because you are wasting them! (And they are very hard to come by)

* Act 2 - Confinement Facility: From the very entrance of the area, take the
left route all the way until you see the watchtower and tank to the left of it.
Go to into the building beside the truck and find it in the storage room with
the hole in it, as well as Instant Noodles.

* Act 2 - Market Place: From the start of the marketplace, take a left and go
into the alley. Follow the alley and take out the Gekko. Take a left at the
alley exit to approach the exit. You might want to take out the Gekko standing
in the exit as well. Pop on your Night vision goggles and look at the very,
very last stand to your left. They are inside the final stand on the ground.

* Act 3 - Central Sector: First, work your way to the park area in the South
Sector. It's best to have Octacon or Roy Campbell FaceCamo on so the guards
will leave you alone. Run around the street until you arrive at the ramp that
leads up to a parking lot (it is part of the Resistance Member's path). Run
along the parking lot until you reach the Central Sector entrance. You are now
in the Central Sector. Just run down the street and you should begin to hear a
chopper noise. You will soon reach an area that is above some sewage. Run
across one of the bridges and make your way to the far left corner on the other
side. The Chaff Grenades are there, beside a PMC troop.

* Act 4 - Heliport: Right on the big "H". Can't miss these.

How to grab a bunch in Act 4
Once you make it to the area before you jump over the ledge to face Crying
Wolf, do not make the jump and backtrack all the way back to the Heliport. You
will notice that the case of Chaff Grenades will have respawned. You can
actually repeat this process as many times as you want. You don't need to go
too overboard here, because anymore than 8 is overkill IMO. This is a great way
to really stock up on Chaff Grenades for a Big Boss Emblem run, all in Act 4.
Thanks to Geese911 for this tip.

How to grab a bunch during Act 1
This is done during the Advent Palace Escape part of Act 1. If you stand next
to Johnny with a Chaff Grenade equipped when he is cowering (ducking and
covering), he will throw some extra Chaff Grenades for you. Keep sticking near
him to grab a lot. Thanks to EvilDeed for this tip.


Tanegashima                                                         [spwp4]
Price: 1,000,000 Drebin Points
Ammo: Lead Ball
Lethal: Yes
Damage: C
Range: B
Piercing: E
Recoil: B
Reload Time: E
Auto-Aim: D

Most people who saw the price of this thing probably would probably think this
is the best gun ever. I am going to tell you right now that these people are
sorely mistaken. As far as I know, this weapon can only be purchased from
Drebin for the outlandish figure above. If you are going to purchase it I
strongly advise that you get it during Act 5 for 50% off. It is a single shot
weapon with a ridiculous reload time. The only reason anyone would want this is
for the 1 in 3 chance of unleashing a tornado that completely obliterates
everything in its path -- Man, Cars, Michael Jackson -- you name it. After that
you can run around and pick up the amount of items/weapons equivalent to a few
playthroughs. This can only be done in the OUTSIDE. It will NOT work inside!


Rail Gun                                                            [spwp5]
Where: Awarded after defeating Crying Wolf
Ammo: Lead Ball
Lethal: Yes
Damage: S
Range: S
Piercing: S
Recoil: C
Reload Time: E
Auto-Aim: -

The Rail Gun is one of the most powerful weapons in the entire game. It is the
only weapon which has the ability to takedown an entire Gekko in a single
blast. To do so, you must fully charge the weapon by holding on to L1 and not
get interrupted. Interruptions include, bullet fire, explosions, and even
running to close to a wall. A fully charged shot can also take down any
fortified vehicle in one blast as well, such as tanks and choppers.


Mantis & Sorrow Doll                                                [spwp6]
Where: Shoot them out of Screaming Mantis' hands, and then grab them before she

The Mantis Doll allows you to take control of anyone with nanomachines. This is
basically any PMC troop, FROGs included. Ready it with L1 and hit R1 to launch
them. Don't worry about running out because you have an unlimited supply. The
impact of a whirling Mantis Doll is enough to break glass windows. Once you hit
someone with the doll, immediately hold R1, and take the controller in one hand
and shake gently, kind of like shaking a soda can. The target will shake
uncontrollably and drop all sorts of items.

The Sorrow Doll is a little different because when equipped, it allows you to
see the various Ghosts in Act 4.


Emotion Ammo                                                        [spwp7]
Price: 50 Drebin Points
Lethal: No

Ammo Colour Types
Red: Rage - this will cause the target to shout and scream in rage. If you fire
at a PMC during Acts 1 or 2, it will cause them to aggressively charge at Rebel

Blue: Crying - this is will cause the target to "duck and cover" while crying
their eyes out. This is a pretty effective replacement to Tranquilizer Ammo,
because you can move right past the crying PMC without being detected.

Green: Screaming - this will make the target PMC scream his lungs out. This is
similar to the above effect, because you should be able to move right past a
screaming PMC without activating Alert status.

Yellow: Laughter - the PMC will laugh hysterically and fire at any target they
see, whether it's PMC or Rebel. Pretty cool if you've ever wanted to turn the
PMCs against each other.

Emotion Ammo can be purchased from Drebin after your first playthrough. You
can find it by scrolling through the Ammo tab in Drebin's Shop. The Emotion
Ammo can be used in place of the Tranquilizer Ammo on the Mk. 2 Pistol. When
you hit someone with it, they will experience an intense emotion that will
often incapacitate them. The four main types are Laugh, Rage, Scream, and Cry.
I haven't had the time to test out all four yet, but using the Cry emotion will
allow you to walk right past them while they are still taken over by the
emotion. These can be pretty useful I suppose if you find maxing out on the
Tranquilizer Ammo isn't enough for your no kill runs. Also note that Emotion
Ammo does NOT work on FROG troops.


Emotion Magazine                                                    [spwp8]
Price: 100 Drebin Points (Can only be bought Act 2 and later)

This is similar to the Playboy magazine, in that any PMC troops who spot it
will be distracted. However, the Emotion Magazine is special because it will
show a member of the Beauty & The Beast corps on a page. Any PMCs who look at
the magazine will go into the state of emotion of the current corps member
displayed. For example, if the page currently has Laughing Octopus, they will
start laughing hysterically. These are similar to the Emotion ammo and are just
another means for you to incapacitate the enemy. When FROGs see an Emotion
Magazine, they will salute it and become completely oblivious to you. Note that
the Emotion Magazine does not work when you are in Alert status.


1911 Custom                                                         [spwp9]
Price: 0 -- obtained by entering a password in the Extras menu. The code has
not yet been released by Konami.

Aside from the above, this is the primary handgun of Big Boss from Metal Gear
Solid 3. It's a very powerful handgun and is very modifiable. Note that this
weapon does NOT count towards your obtainment of the Little Gray Emblem. I
will update the FAQ when this password is released.


    / /        __________________________________________________
---/ /--------/==================================================\-------------
--/ /_,-,-----------U N L O C K A B L E  C A M O U F L A G E---------[0009]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

You already know how to modify Snake's appearance with the Camouflage menu.
There are a bunch of cool unlockable costumes that you can obtain after
completing certain requirements. This section of the FAQ will list all
unlockable Face Camo, Costumes, and how to obtain them.



Big Boss
Requirement: Obtain the Big Boss Emblem. To do so, complete the game with 0
kills, 0 alerts phases, 0 continues, and under 5 hours of total playing time.

When you have this on, Snake doesn't look like Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid
3. That's all I'm going to say about the appearance. When you are wearing this
the enemies will grow afraid of the mere sight of Big Boss, and turtle up.
Aside from that effect, I would think this FaceCamo is more of a trophy than


Crying Beauty
Requirement: Defeat Crying Beauty non-lethally

I have tried equipping the various Beauty FaceCamo in a handful of situations
but have not found their effects. I even tried wearing it while fighting their
Beast forms.  If you have an idea, please let me know.


Requirement: Buy over 60 weapons from Drebin.


Requirement: Defeat Laughing Octopus, either lethally or non-lethally.

This is essentially exactly the same as the OctoCamo, except it conceals your
face as well. When you have it on, it will take the texture of a nearby
terrain, thus increasing your Camo Index by 15 percentage points from the prone
position and 10 points while crouch-walking.


Laughing Beauty
Requirement: Defeat Laughing Beauty non-lethally.


MGS 1 Snake
Requirement: Successfully clear the MGS 1 dream in Act 4.

This probably more of a joke FaceCamo than anything. I don't see how you can
stand using it because the mask looks like it has a 32 pixel resolution.


Requirement: Go into a Mission Briefing through the Main Menu (or through
normal game progression). Choose any Mission Briefing. Skip the chapters until
you get to take control of the Mk.II. Drive the Mk.II into Otacon ONE time,
and then immediately exit the Mission Briefing. If you've done it correctly, it
should tell you right away that you've acquired the Otacon FaceCamo. If you
want more detailed instruction on how to use the Mk.II refer to the Game Basics

If you have the Otacon FaceCamo you will be able to walk past the PMC troops
in Act 3 without being held up. The Resistance Member will also not be afraid
of you so he won't run away once he sees you.


Raging Beauty
Requirement: Defeat Raging Beauty non-lethally.


Raiden (Visor Up)
Requirement: Wait for Naomi to leave her chair during 2nd scene (skip the
first) of the Act 3 Mission Briefing and collide into her with the Mk.II


Raiden (Visor Closed)
Requirement: Hit Sunny with the Mk.II at any point during a Mission Briefing.


Roy Campbell
Requirement: Drive the Mk.II into during the Mission I Briefing. Remember to do
it exactly one time and then exit the briefing.

You will also be able to walk by every PMC troop in Act 3 without going into
Alert phase if you have this FaceCamo on.


Screaming Beauty
Requirement: Defeat Screaming Beauty non-lethally.


Young Snake
Requirement: Start Act 3 - Third Sun.


Young Snake w/ Bandana
Requirement: Start Act 3 - Third Sun.

This is very cool. You ever wonder what Young Snake would look like on the PS3?
This FaceCamo gives you the ability to play as Young Snake, and is my personal




Altair (Assassin's Creed)
Requirement: The Assassin's emblem. To obtain the Assassin's emblem, you must
complete the game with at least 50 knife kills, 50 standing chokeholds, and
have fewer than 25 alerts.

This is very cool if you've played Assassin's Creed before. This actually isn't
all for laughs, because it gives you a significant stealth boost. Not as much
as the Stealth Camo does, but the Altair costume is a bit easier to obtain.


Civilian Disguise
Requirement: Start Act 3 - Third Sun.

It is only equippable during Act 3. If you combine it with the Otacon FaceCamo
no enemies will open fire on you and you cannot scare the Resistance Member


Corpse Camo
Requirement: Complete the game with 75 or more alert phases, 250 or more kills,
and continue the game at least 50 times.

This is more of a "hall of shame" type of award. If you actually managed to get
the Corpse Camo without intending to, then you have the proverbial egg in the
face. You can equip it by going to the Camouflage menu and changing your
OctoCamo appearance. Note it is not actually a costume, but an OctoCamo


Middle East Militia Disguise
Requirement: You can find this in the Militia Safe House sector of Act 1. The
room is located along the hallway which also leads to the room with the two
dead PMC soldiers. It is rather difficult to explain, so if you are having
troubles finding refer to the "Militia Safe House" section of the Walkthrough.

This disguise is ONLY equippable in Act 1. It allows you to achieve the maximum
level of reputation with the Middle East Militia unit. When you have this on,
the Militants in the Middle East (Act 1) will not fire at you. Unless you
accidently kill one of them, then all bets are off.


South America Rebel Disguise
Requirement: Find this disguise in the very first sector of Act 2, Cove Valley
Village. Take out ALL the PMC troops below to save the hostages. They will open
a nearby storage building and you can find the disguise in there. If you are
having trouble, try jumping down to expose yourself so you can take some of the
shots for the hostages.

This disguise is once again only equippable in Act 2. With this on you will be
completely friendly towards the Rebels (check above for more). This is a very
cool looking disguise IMO, and reminds me of a player model from the Counter-
Strike series.


Requirement: Clear the game once and load your finished saved file.

This is the suit Snake wears in his various cut scenes. Its effects are the
same as the Civilian outfit -- you can't use any items or weapons while you
have it worn. It's probably more of a bonus feature than anything very cool.

    / /        __________________________________________________
---/ /--------/==================================================\-------------
--/ /_,-,-------i P O D  S O N G  L I S T  &  L O C A T I O N S------[0010]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

The iPod is a new feature implemented into Metal Gear Solid 4. At first you
might think it's a rather useless feature which only those compelled to beat
the game 100% would bother with. In reality, some songs upon playing will give
Snake heightened combat ability and overall survivability. I will begin by
listing the nine songs already available to you at the start of the game. I
will then follow with a list and instructions on how to find the rest of the
songs hidden in the game. I sorted these songs to the Acts in which they appear
for your reference as you progress through the game.


How come the song effect isn't working?
If the song effect isn't working, you likely have the enemy in a choke, instead
of the basic Grab (Hold R1 Button). If this is happening to you, don't press
down on the R1 Button so hard.


=Starting Songs=
|         Song Name       |       Artist          |         Album           |
|Backyard Blues           | The Radio Club        | HIDECHAN! Radio 2.5     |
|Calling to the Night     | Natasha Farrow        | MGS: Portable Ops       |
|Metal Gear 20 yr Hist:pt1| Norihiko Hibino       | M. Gear 20th Anniversary|
|Metal gear 20 yr Hist:pt4| Norihiko Hibino       | M. Gear 20th Anniversary|
|Oishii Two-Han Seikatsu  | Two Han Princess      | HIDECHAN! Radio 2.5     |
|Sea Breeze               | Sergei Mantis         | MGS 3: Healin' Tracks   |
|Taking on the Shagohod   | Kojima Productions    | Metal Gear Solid 3      |
|Test Subject Burns       | Kojima Productions    | Metal Gear Acid 2       |
|Who Am I Really?         | N. Hibino & Kiyozuka S| M. Gear 20th Anniversary|

=Hidden Songs=


Act 1 - Liquid Sun

Inori no Uta
By: Two-Han Princess
Original Album: HIDECHAN! Radio 2.5

Go to the Mission Briefing screen from the Main Menu, wait until approximately
the 3rd scene in the briefing (you can skip the first 2 by pausing and going to
skip). At that point, you should be able to take control of the Mk. II. Hit L2
to go into full screen mode and navigate the Mk. II upstairs to the kitchen to
find the track on the centre of the floor.

Show Time
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Effect: Soldiers captured in CQC hold will begin to scream.

Offer healing items (rations, regain, etc) to the militia fighters. To do so,
stand next one and press triangle. The fighters will obviously have to be
friendly towards you before attempt this. You can alternatively attempt this in
Act 2 as well. I found that I had the most luck during the Urban Ruins sector
of Act 1, so if you are having troubles try it there. Keep in mind that it's
going to take a few tries before you receive an iPod track, so make sure you
have enough consumables, and be persistent!

Love Theme (Action Version)
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Effect: Soldiers will cry when captured in CQC hold.

Same as "Show Time".

By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2
Effect: Soldiers in CQC hold will begin to laugh.

Same as "Show Time.

Destiny's Call - Break from the Fortress
By: Norihiko Hibino
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Same as "Show Time."

Theme of Tara
By: Konami Kukeiha Club
Original Album: Metal Gear

You can find this song in the militia hideout. It is in that hallway where
the group of 4-5 soldiers will move past saying out loud that a group of
fighters in the field need reinforcements.

Zanzibardland Breeze
By: Mutsuhika Izumi
Original Album: Metal Gear Music Collection

This song will be found in the "Urban Ruins" portion of Act 1. Right before you
jump down the hole to initiate the cinematic involving the man going to the
bathroom right under the Drum. To find it, turn left right before the jump I
just mentioned and jump on to the platform to collect it.

Level 3 Warning
By: Konami Kukeiha Club
Original Album: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

You can find this in the Advent Palace portion of Act 1. It is on the 3rd floor
level. Look for in the restaurant area right beside the kitchen where the
Ration on the sofa is. There is a Claymore blocking the track so be careful of

Theme of Solid Snake
By: Konami Kukeiha Club
Original Album: Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

You can find this in the final scene before the end of Act 1, "Millennium
Park". Once you enter the abandoned building through the crack in the alley,
immediately take a right to the two wooden crates. The song is behind there.


Act 2 - Solid Sun

Botkai 2 Theme
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

During the Mission Briefing of Act 2 - Solid Sun, use the MK. II to find it in
the kitchen.

The Fury
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Soldiers will experience uncontrollable rage when captured in CQC hold.

You can find this track in the Cove Valley Village, the very first area. After
eliminating the PMC hostiles from the cliff, go to abandoned house two doors
down from the barn which holds the C4 and SVD Sniper Rifle. Find the iPod track
immediately to your left inside the abandoned house. This building also has a
case of Smoke Grenades below its flooring.

Rock Me Baby
By: 66 Boys
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Effect: Life recovery increases.

You will find this track in the Confinement Facility of Act 2. The Confinement
Facility is the area with the crevice and where a pretty big fire fight ensues
involving a PMC tank and some helicopters. You will find the track on a tiny
island in the centre of the crevice. Try and spot it while swimming so you know
exactly where to go. The easiest way to grab the track is to equip your
FaceCamo and crawl your way towards the PMC area, near the sacks of flour. Be
careful because this is where all the PMC troops are going to gather. Jump into
the water from there and make your way towards central island where the track
is located. You should be able to walk directly on to the island from this

Metal Gear 20 years History (Part 3)
By: Norihiko Hibino
Original Album: Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Music Collection

You will find this track in the Confinement Facility as well. Work your way to
the main building of the Confinement Facility area, where all the tanks and
watch towers are. Look for a door to get inside, and look for it in one of the
rooms with all the beds. It is the second room down the hall to your left.

By: Starry K
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 3: Healin' Tracks
Effect: Increases the health recovery rate while crouching/proning. (Thanks to
Woodroow S)

Enter the gates to the vista mansion grounds after the bulldozer rams them
over. Immediately take a right towards the tents and the eastern wall. Follow
this wall on the right until you see a storage crate, the kind you would see in
a train yard. You have to lean against the eastern wall and slide along through
the crack to pick up the track.

Bon Dance
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Effect: Soldiers in CQC hold will begin to laugh.

This track can be found in the final scene of Act 2, Market Place. Proceed
forward into the market area with the stands. Wait until the Gekko destroys a
stand and a bunch of items should burst out. One of which is the Bon Dance


Act 3 - Third Sun

Shin Bokura no Taiyou Theme
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Look for this one in the Mission Briefing of Act 3. Just like the other tracks
found in the mission briefing, you'd have to use the MK II. Find it up stairs
in the kitchen area.

Test Subjects Duality
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Acid 2

Find this track right in the beginning of the Act 3. It is in the area where
Snake first begins, even before you encounter the Resistance Member. Look for
it to the right of Snake's spawning point.

Bio Hazard
By: Konami Kukeiha Club
Original Album: Snatcher
Effect: Soldiers captured in CQC hold will begin to scream.

You can obtain this track if you perform a "Hold Up" on the resistance member
in the Midtown South sector of Act 3. To do so, sneak up to him from behind
undetected and press L1 when you are right behind him with a weapon drawn. Then
let go of L1 and press triangle to frisk/search him to obtain the song. You
might not frisk the item out right away, so be persistent.

One Night in Neo Kobe City
By: Konami Kukeiha Club
Original Album: Snatcher
Effect: Soldiers in CQC hold will begin to laugh.

Obtain this track by performing a "Hold up" on the PMC soldier at the Midtown
South sector of Act 3. Try the PMCs around the park area for the highest chance
of success. When I managed to grab this track, it was on a PMC soldier on the
street area leading to the park. Remember to try it several times! To find out
how to perform a hold-up and frisk, either look above or refer to the CQC

On Alert
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Acid

In the Midtown N sector, follow the 3 soldiers and the disguised resistance
member as the soldiers start to break off to other patrol routes. When the very
last soldier breaks off, follow him into the alley way in the right. It should
be right there.

The Essence of Vince
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Acid 2

Find this track during the boss battle against Raging Raven at Echo's Beacon.
It should be at the very top of the floor and on one of the balcony corners.


Act 4 - Twin Suns

Lunar Knights Main Theme
By: Kojima Productions
Original Soundtrack: Lunar Knights

Look for this track in the Act 4 Mission Briefing. It should be in the kitchen
area on the 2nd floor of the Nomad. Look for it by taking control of the MK II.

Warhead Storage
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid

First go to the Heliport area. Climb up the stairs to the right to the 2nd
floor. Look for the crack on along the wall to crawl into the ventilation
shaft. Keep crawling until the end of the shaft and you should find it there.

Flowing Destiny
By: Maiko Horisawa
Original Album: Zone of the Enders
Effect: Soldiers will cry when captured in CQC hold.

Look for it in the Canyon, the area right after the initial tank hangar. Stick
along the left wall with your Solid Eye and crawl through the crack when you
see it. There are some rats in there as well.

Beyond the Bounds
By: Maki Kimura
Original Album: ANUBIS
Effect: Increases stun damage on certain weapons.

After defeating the Gekko during the time the Mk. III opens the door to the
area right before the boss battle, instead of going right through the door,
head back towards the canyon and the tank hangar area from before. Run up to
the 2nd floor of the Tank Hangar and find the door that says "4". Run up to it
to have it open automatically and collect the iPod track inside.

"Policenauts" End Title
By: Konami Kukeiha Club
Original Album: Policenauts
Effect: Soldiers will fall asleep immediately when captured in CQC hold.

During the cut scene where Otacon asks Snake whether he remembers the
password, enter the code 13462 to obtain it.

Opening Title "Old LA 2040"
By: Konami Kukeiha Club
Original Album: Policenauts
Effect: Steadies Snake's hand.

During the cut scene where Otacon asks Snake whether he remembers the
password, enter the code 78925 to obtain it. (Thanks to GameFAQs Cheats for
this one)

----->Please note that you can only enter ONE password per playthrough. So in
order to complete your collection you'll need to playthrough the game at least
two more times.

Metal Gear 20 Years History (Part 2)
By: Norihiko Hibino
Original Album: Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Music Collection

When you first descend to the Basement 2 level of the Nuclear Warhead Storage
Facility, Otacon will tell you to go right through to the central hallway.
Instead of doing that, take an immediate right and you will find a Rocket
Launcher and some ammo in the next two rooms. If you continue along this path
you will arrive at an office area with a bunch of computers. Go all the way to
the far end of this room to find the track sitting in the centre in front of a

The Best Is Yet To Come
By: Aoife Ni Fherraigh
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid

You will find this one in Act 4 following your boss battle with Crying Wolf.
As soon as you enter the door directly ahead, immediately turn to the small
space in the corner to your right. Look for the track behind the stacked
crates. This is really one of the best tracks in the entire Metal Gear Solid
franchise IMO.

Yell "Dead Cell"
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Look for this track in the Casting Facility North. Work your way all the way to
far corner in the right, near the steel structure and right beside the exit.
There's a ration that you will be able to see immediately, and just a little
bit to the right of that is a bunch of crates with a cloth covering it. You can
find the track there.

Act 5 - Old Sun

Metal Gear Solid Theme (The Document Remix)
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Document of Metal Gear Solid 2

Look for this track in the very beginning of Act 5. You will be able to see if
you climb up one of the ladders and lock down to the starting area. To grab it,
start Act 5 and immediately crawl to the left. You should be able to see a
hatch on the ground. Press the action button to open it and crawl through.


Special Tracks

Subsistence Action
By: Kojima Productions
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
Effect: Reduces hand shaking and soldiers will turn into uncontrollable rage
when captured in CQC hold.

You will get this track after you play a game of Metal Gear Online.

Big Boss
By: Norihiko Hibino
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid Bande Dessinee 2
Effect: Reduces hand shaking, stun damage increases, PMC soldier will scream if
captured in CQC hold.

You will get this after you've unlocked the Big Boss Emblem. Check out the Big
Boss Emblem Walkthrough of the FAQ.

Snake Eater
By: Cynthia Harrell
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Effect: Increases stun damage, increases life recovery, reduces hand shaking,
can cause PMC soldiers to fall asleep when they are in a CQC hold.

You will get this track after you've obtained all 40 Emblems in the game. Refer
to the Emblems section of this FAQ for more information on those. This is
arguably the best song ever included in the Metal Gear franchise though, so one
can definitely make an argument for its worth.


Passworded Tracks

All passwords listed in this section are case sensitive.

Desperate Chase
By: Harry Gregson Williams
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

To unlock this track enter "thomas" as a password in the "Extras" screen on the
main menu.

By: Harry Gregson-Williams
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

To unlock this track enter "george" as a password in the "Extras" screen on the
main menu.

Midnight Shadow
By: Harry Gregson-Williams
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

To unlock this track enter "theodore" as a password in the "Extras" screen on
the main menu.

Mobs Alive
By: Harry Gregson-Williams
Original Album: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

To unlock this track enter "abraham" as a password in the "Extras" screen on
the main menu.

    / /        __________________________________________________
---/ /--------/==================================================\-------------
--/ /_,-,------------------G H O S T  L O C A T I O N S--------------[0011]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

There are 30 Ghosts scattered across Act 4 - Twin Suns. Read the following
basics section  before getting on to the actual locations. You have to have the
Sorrow Doll  before attempting this section. I should note that if you manage
to take  pictures of all 30 ghosts, nothing happens. Whoever tells you that you
get  1,000,000 Drebin Points for doing so is lying.


The Sorrow Doll
This is absolutely required if you are going to attempt to find the ghosts. I
have written this section with the expectation that you have the Sorrow Doll.
When you equip The Sorrow Doll and the Camera at the same time, you will be
able to see the ghosts before you take a picture of them. If you didn't have
the Sorrow Doll, you'd have to take a picture, and exit the game to the Photo
Album to check whether you got it or not. To get it, you have to shoot the doll
out of Screaming Mantis' left hand and grab it before she does in the Act 5
Boss Battle. If you followed this FAQ's walkthrough, you should have the doll.

1P Mode and 2P Mode
This is going to be important if you want to take pictures of all 30
efficiently. You will notice that some ghosts cannot be taken unless you are
using the 2P Overhead Mode of the Camera. You can switch between the two modes
by holding L2, highlighting the Camera, and hit the Circle Button. Note that
when you are in 2P mode you are no longer able to take pictures. You can fix
this by pressing the Playstation Button on your controller (the big black round
one), and going into Controller Settings. Once there, reassign the controller
from "1" to "2". You can only press R1 here, so you position yourself so you
can see the ghost before switching over to take the picture.

If you aren't sure if you snapped the ghost
This might happen if you take a picture and there's all this snow obstructing
your screen. In that case, exit the game and go to the Photo Album from the
Main Menu. Find the photo you are unsure of, and move the sliders all the way
down to the left. This will adjust the picture so it's pitch black, but the
ghosts become illuminated and completely visible because of the contrast. So if
you captured the ghost you would be able to see it after applying those



Ghost #01
When you first enter the Heliport area, and the music initiates, take a right
past the four crates where the Ration is. You will soon reach the foot of the
stairs. Go to the security camera to your left. Take out your own camera and
you will find it on the wall, a little bit to the right of the security camera.

Ghost #02
Head over to the centre of the big H on the helipad. This one can only be taken
with the overhead 2P view. The ghost is floating over the middle of the H, once
you switch to overhead view and have the Sorrow Doll equipped, you should be
able to see it and snap it. It's a lot easier to see it when you are in the
crouched position.

Ghost #03
Go to the storage hangars on the other side of the Helipad. Enter the first
hangar on the far left. There are some crates and a security camera on the
ceiling to your right when you enter. Go over to the two crates beside each
other on the left. On the right of the second crate is the ghost. This one can
only be taken from Overhead 2P mode. It is once again best to be crouched when
you take it so Snake doesn't obstruct the photo.

Ghost #04
Still sticking along the small storage hangars, look for the crates just
outside of the final hangar on the far right. There is a Ration stacked on top
of them that is out of reach from here. You will find this ghost on the wall to
the right of the crates. It is hovering right over the vent entrance to the
tank hangar. It's actually on the far left wall of the main hangar door leading
to the Tank Hangar, and not on the wall of the storage tanks. This one can be
taken either in First Person mode or 2P Overhead mode.

Ghost #05
Head over to the fenced disposal facility area. An audio flashback should
ensue. This one is going to be pretty hard to see, so first you should pop on
your Night Vision goggles and take note of the structures. There are some
crates to your left, and a hallow square structure a little bit to the right of
those. Now put your Camera back on and take out your Sorrow Doll. The ghost is
just a touch to the left of the hollow structure, near the top. You might be
able to see it if the wind cooperates and the snow isn't obstructing your
vision. If not, just snap a picture from 2P mode and you will be able to see it
more clearly.

Ghost #06
Crawl into the vent Ghost #04 was hovering over. Crawl down the initial slope
and take a left, keep going in this direction until you hit the wall. Turn
around, take out your Camera and look towards the vent wall perpendicular to
the initial slope you crawled down. It should be directly in front of that
slope. If you can't see it, you didn't go left far enough.


Tank Hangar

Ghost #07
Enter the Tank Hangar area from the main entrance (the entrance with the truck
right outside of it). Go directly ahead, past the truck and to the hangar doors
inscribed with "EV". The door is behind the tank, a little to the left. Take a
picture of the wall immediately to the left of the doors to see this one. You
have to take it from 1P mode.

Ghost #08
Go to the tank in the centre of the Tank Hangar. Near the front of it and just
under the gun is the ghost. I captured this one with 2P mode.

Ghost #09
This one is found in the Tank Hangar again. Crawl over to the exit on the other
side of the hangar leading to the Canyon. Crawl through the crack here into the
final hallway before the Canyon. There are a bunch of Dwarf Gekko latched on
the wall. As soon as you crawl through, stop right there and go into 1P mode.
Look up to the ceiling and to the right. It's in the corner here. It is
actually just above you.



Ghost #10
As soon as you enter the canyon, notice the two rocks to your left. The ghost
is floating right above the second rock. The best way to see this one is to
move forward until you see the little bump on the ground. Don't actually go up
on to the bump, but turn around and aim at the top of the second rock. If you
still can't see it, take a picture with your Camera and it should be more

Ghost #11
This one is a little hard to see. Bolt over to the very end of the canyon where
the entrance to the Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility is. Just to the left of
it, inspect the canyon walls. You should notice a rock that kind of sticks out
with very little snow on it. This one needs to be taken from 1P mode. It is
very hard to see, so just keep your camera in that position and don't move. If
you still can't see, take a picture of the rock that sticks out and the ghost
should be more visible. Also try zooming in.

Ghost #12
Now turn your attention to the canyon walls on the right of the entrance to the
Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility. You should see some pipes that kind of
resembles a fence. Go into 1P mode and look above the fence, towards the canyon
walls with once again very little snow on it. Hold still for a bit and you
should see the ghost materialize. If you can't see it, you are too close to the
Nuclear Warhead Storage entrance, move back a bit towards the hill in the
middle of the canyon, but don't go too far.


Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility

Ghost #13
As soon as you gain entrance, notice the path to your left that leads you right
to a Ration at the end of it. You will notice that the area you are right now
resembles a little control hub. You should also see the glass that lets the
operator sees through to the other side of the facility. Stay a step back and
make sure you're not in the hub and standing where the Ration is. Go into 1P
mode and look at the top part of the glass. You should see the ghost there
fading in and out while moving up and down. If you can't see it, you are
standing close to the glass.

Ghost #14
When you crawl through the crack to the other side of the facility, take a left
over to the two missiles stored on this level. Go into 2P Overhead mode and
right beside missile to the far left near the pointy end is the ghost. Try to
be in the crouch position so you don't obstruct the picture.

Ghost #15
Head down to the B2 level of the sector. Go down the hallway until you reach
the little room with the stone walls and the lockers in the corner. An
audio flashback should initiate at this point. Continue straight down the hall
until you have to take a left. Immediately to your left is the ghost. The best
shot for this one is to go right over to the dented wall piece in front of you
and turn around. This one should be fairly visible. I took it from the 1P mode,
but you should be able to see it from both functions.

Ghost #16
Right after the cut scene where you have to input the password, you will be
standing right in the centre of the lab. Turn around right away and head
towards the wall behind you. You should notice a black "Policenauts" poster. Go
into 1P mode on your camera and the ghost should be right on the left of it
between the wires and the poster.

Ghost #17
From the Policenauts poster, take a left over to the computer storage area. The
computer storages resemble soda vending machines. An audio flashback should
ensue from here. Put on your Solid Eye and identify the Compress right beside
one of the computers. The ghost is on the wall hovering right above the
Compress. If you can't see it, you need to take a few steps back until you are
leaning against one of the desks/computers.

Ghost #18
From Ghost #17, head to your left and towards the exit, but stop right in front
of it. Equip your Camera and go into 1P mode and look to your left, towards the
desks with glass. You will notice that one of the desks do not have a glass
covering, you should be able to see the glass right through that little

Ghost #19
Head out of Octacon's lab after the password input scene and proceed down the
hall. You will soon reach the point where the Gekko drops down through a hole
on the ceiling. After you've taken care of the Gekko, head over to the hole and
look above into the hole that the Gekko just dropped out with your Camera in 1P
mode. You should notice that it's pitch black, and every so often the ghost
will fade in. This one should be very easy to spot.


Snowfield & Communication Tower
These ghosts are found after defeating Crying Wolf.

Ghost #20
Right after clearing the Crying Wolf Boss Battle, you will find yourself
standing in front of a hangar door. Move over to the locked door immediately to
the right of the one you are standing in front of. The next door should read N-
A2. Equip your camera and snap the ghost on the left half of the door. Either
Camera mode would be fine here.

Ghost #21
From Ghost #20, take a right and run all the way past the fence until you see a
destructed helicopter. Run around to where the FIM-92A is on the ground and
take a look at the top of the chopper, you should be able to see it there.

Ghost #22
Head back to the area where you start right after defeating Crying Wolf if you
are not there already. Turn around and run straight forward with your Night
Vision Goggles on. Take a right until you reach the central part of the two
Communication Towers.

Ghost #23
From Ghost #22, follow the railing for a few steps and you should reach a
downward slope to a "pit" area. Take an immediate right and run down this path
until you hit a fork where you can go either left or right. Equip your Camera
in 1P mode and take a few steps back, pausing every few steps to look up very
slightly. The 3 ghosts (although they count as one) should be floating just a
little bit above this area. If you can't see them, you are probably too close
to the fork I described earlier so take a few more steps back.


Casting Facility

Ghost #24
As soon as the elevator door opens, and you arrive at the Casting Facility,
take out the Gekko with your Rail Gun. Have your Solid Eye on and run to where
the Gekko was then take a right. Keep going for a bit here and you should see a
case of 5.56 x 45mm Ammo on the ground, to the right. Take a left here to go
between the two structures on the ground. Equip your Camera in 1P mode and look
upwards. The ghost is between the two structures directly above the area you
are standing. If you can't see it, move further into the two structures, and
away from the case of Ammo.

Ghost #25
This next one is Casting Facility North. Gain entrance through the door on the
right hand side. It would be a good idea at this point to take out all the
Gekko in this room. There's one patrolling the ground, and there should be
another hanging on the ceiling, near the exit. Once you've done that, crawl
over to the conveyor belt in the centre of the room and climb on to it. Now
equip your Camera in 1P mode and look at the pipes directly above the area
where you are supposed to crawl through to the other side. If you can't see it,
you need to crawl closer to the little opening.


Underground Base

Ghost #26
This ghost is found right when you enter the Underground Base area. Equip your
Camera in 1P mode right away and proceed down the steps. Turn around and look
slightly upwards to see this one.

Ghost #27
Move over to the catwalk suspended above the water and also leads to the door
to the next area. Equip your Camera in 1P mode and look over to the left,
towards the sewage. It should be right on edge of the sewer leading to the


Vamp Boss Battle

Ghost #28
As soon as the battle begins, equip your Camera in 1P mode and look towards
Metal Gear REX. This one is in REX's mouth.

Ghost #29
This one is directly under REX's right front leg. Approach the leg with your
Camera in 1P mode. If you can't see it you have to get a little closer to
that leg.

Ghost #30
Go to the right side of REX, and take a look a the little structure sticking
out of its spine. You should notice a row of red little squares as detail on
this structure. Get real close to the right side of REX, near the back, and
look at the red section with your Camera in 1P mode. If you can't see it, you
need to get even closer.

                    --- [ 11a. Ghost Identification ] ---           [0011a]

So you've already found the 30 ghosts scattered across Act 4. Now you want to
know just who the heck they are. You probably recognize a few of them, and
ChaosDemon has got you covered for the rest. It is probably best to actually
find all the ghosts before heading over to this section.

Ghost Identification List
Ghost #01 - Shigeno (Developer)
Ghost #02 - Nishimura (Developer)
Ghost #03 - Genome Soldier (MGS1)
Ghost #04 - Tanaka (Developer)
Ghost #05 - Wauraoka (Developer)
Ghost #06 - Master Miller (MGS1)
Ghost #07 - Decoy Octopus (MGS1)
Ghost #08 - Genome Soldier (MGS1)
Ghost #09 - Sigint (MGS1)
Ghost #10 - Kobayashi (Developer)
Ghost #11 - Raven (MGS1)
Ghost #12 - Korekado (Developer)
Ghost #13 - Makimura (Developer)
Ghost #14 - Genome Soldier (MGS1)
Ghost #15 - Matsuhana (Developer)
Ghost #16 - Hideo Kojima (Voice of God)
Ghost #17 - AT President (MGS1)
Ghost #18 - Takabe (Developer)
Ghost #19 - Shimizu (Developer)
Ghost #20 - Sniper Wolf (MGS1)
Ghost #21 - Sato (Developer)
Ghost #22 - Shinikawa (Developer)
Ghost #23 - Anime
Ghost #24 - Sasaki (Developer)
Ghost #25 - Hirano (Developer)
Ghost #26 - Keneda (Developer)
Ghost #27 - Negishi (Developer)
Ghost #28 - Liquid (MGS1)
Ghost #29 - Cyborg Ninja (MSG1)
Ghost #30 - Kimura (Developer)

    / /        __________________________________________________
---/ /--------/==================================================\-------------
--/ /_,-,----------------------E A S T E R  E G G S------------------[0012]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

I have compiled these Easter Eggs a special format such that you can read the
instructions to activate them, but not actually find out what happens in each
one. This saves you the time of having to discover the secret yourself, but
also preserves the fun you get from experiencing each Easter Egg. I hope you
enjoy it.

=Spoiler-Free Easter Eggs=
* Call Rose on the codec and shake your controller (similar to how you'd shake
the boss of Act 5).

* Shake the controller during a Camo and watch Snake's suit.

* In any Beauty battle, run around for about three minutes. When the entire
screen changes, equip your camera and aim it at them.

* During the Mission Briefings, move the Mk. II to the television on the Nomad,
and press R1 to turn on the TV with the remote on the table. It may take a few
tries. It's the table in the centre of the room, right in front of the TV

* In the Vista Mansion of Act 2, look for the desk with the two black paintings
to the left. Shoot them with any gun

* In the Red Zone of Act 1, enter the area through the door in the top right
corner of the North West Sector to make your way to the area with the statues.
Press Triangle to hop on to the platform besides the standing statue. Press and
hold triangle again

* During the Laughing Beauty fight, go into the prone position on one of the
beds and tap the triangle to face up instead. Wait for a moment.

* Fight Screaming Mantis with a Sixaxis controller instead of a Dual Shock 3

* When Psycho Mantis moves your controller, keep pressing the Circle button

* Crawl along the ventilation shaft in the Heliport area. After you see the
rats, call Otacon on your codec.

--> The following are audio flashbacks of previous Metal Gear titles

* When you arrive at the river in the Mountain Trail, take a left and follow
the foot prints until the flashback commences

* Stand on the middle of the big H in the Heliport sector of Act 4

* Enter Act 4 through the ventilation system instead of the Tank Hangar door.
Find the ventilation up the stairs in the Heliport area and along the wall.

* Stand inside the lab where you enter the codes for a bit in Act 4

* Go to the small shack area on the left in the Heliport area

* Find an old weapon under the truck in the Heliport of Act 4

* When the camera is circling around before the fight with Vamp, look out for
the face of one of the major pop culture villains of the 20th century

--> Audio flashbacks end here

* Press D-pad up or down and use the Right Analog stick during a cut scene
(this is fairly dull)

* Press L1 when Naomi tells Snake how long he has during the cut scene

* Press L1 when Snake drops his cigarette while talking to Naomi

* When Psycho Mantis appears in Act 5, keep holding the L1 button despite not
being prompted. Once you hear someone talk, let go and hold on to the L1 button

* When a character is first introduced with the voice actor's name listed,
press R2

* When you notice that Snake's Psyche decreases during a cut scene, tap X

* Take a look at the boulder right across the bridge in the Mountain Trail
sector with your Night Vision goggles

* When following a Resistance Member in Act 3, look behind occasionally until
you notice something peculiar

* Play the "Oishii CuhanSeikatsu" track, pause the game and look at the bottom
left corner

* When Liquid Ocelot grabs Snake in the 3rd round of their fight, let the
controller idle

* In the park area of Act 3, look for a statue and press the Triangle button so
Snake mimics it. Wait for the Resistance Member to arrive.

* Read the print on the box of watermelons during the cut scene where Snake
hides using a watermelon box.

* Switch your controller from port 1 to port 2 when you see the "Hideo 2"
screen during the Mantis fight

* When you die in the final battle against Liquid Ocelot, select Exit

* When talking to Naomi about war changing, and how it used to be "just a
game", all of the Metal Gear Solid titles will appear. Take a look at the names
of the two titles after Metal Gear Solid 4

* During the Act 1 Mission Briefing, go upstairs to the kitchen immediately and
observe Sunny. Watch her unpack some items you are familiar with.

* After you cross the river during the Mountain Trail of Act 2, turn on your NV
and look for a set of handprints. Follow them until they stop. Note, you can
use your OctoCamo to register the pattern of the object that you find. (Thanks
to Woodrow S)

* Call Octacon with your Codec in the Canyon sector of Act 4

* Call Rose on your Codec after you die and continue the game (this might not
work all the time. You will know what it is when it happens)

* After defeating Crying Wolf, wait around and a pack of Wolves will follow
you. Kill a few of them and call Rose (ChaosDemon does not condone cruelty to

* As soon as you exit the elevator in the Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility in
Act 4, proceed down the hall look at the door. Try this one only if you've
played Metal Gear Solid 1.


If you have an Easter Egg not listed here, send it in!

    / /        __________________________________________________
---/ /--------/==================================================\-------------
--/ /_,-,-------F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S----[0013]----
-/____, |-----\==================================================/-------------

Read this section before sending an e-mail, please.

1. Q: Can I keep all my equipment (Weapons + Items) from a previous
   A: Yes. To do so, remember to watch the credits all the way until the end
      and then save your game.  When wanting to start a new game, load your
      completed saved file instead of starting a new game. The saved file
      should read "Epilogue: End".

2. Q: Why do the militia fighters attack me sometimes but not others?
   A: It's because you haven't killed enough of the PMC troops. To check to see
      if the militia troops are friendly towards you, look at the word
      "Militia" with your Solid Eye. If it's blue, then they will not attack
      you. Check the Game Basics section for a pretty detailed explanation.

3. Q: What does defeating bosses "non-lethally" mean?
   A: It means to defeat their BEAUTY forms by depleting their Psyche gauge.
      To do so, you will need to use weapons wit "special ammo." Some
      examples are the Mosin Nagant, Mk.2 Pistol, etc. Basically any gun with a
      blue backdrop instead of a red one when you view it with R2. I know this
      is going to cause some confusion so I am going to reiterate: you DO NOT
      have to kill the BEAST forms (the first form) non-lethally to meet the
      "no kill" requirement of certain Emblems.

4. Q: I did the trick to keep all my equipment from my previous playthrough.
      I picked up the Middle East Militia Disguise during that playthrough and
      just used it to beat Act 1. Now I'm in Act 2 and it's gone! Where is it?
   A: The Middle East Militia Camouflage is only equippable in Act 1. This
      applies in all play throughs. The same can be said about the South
      America Militia disguise -- it is only equippable in Act 2. Same can be
      said about the Civilian Suit from Act 3.

5. Q: How can I become allies with the PMCs?
   A: You can't. This is because of how the PMCs operate. I will not go into
      more detail because of possible spoilers. Just believe me when I say
      there is 0% chance of this happening.

6. Q: How do I modify my weapon?
   A: Pause the game, go to the Weapons menu, highlight the weapon you want to
      modify, and hit L2. Some common modifications are, adding Suppressors,
      Grenade Launching and Shotgun capabilities.

7. Q: How can I view how many Emblems I've obtained so far?
   A: As far as I know, you can't. You must beat the game to see them.

8. Q: How do I import songs saved on my PS3 on to my iPod in game?
   A: As of July 13th, 2008, this is not yet possible. I have heard some
      people say that this may be possible in a later update. Stay tuned.

Got a question not already answered in the FAQ? Send it in.

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Finally I want to say thank you for reading this FAQ. I had a heck of a time
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into a 100% spoiler-free guide, despite its size and detail. I hope it can be
considered a bit of proof that the cut scenes in the game do not equate or
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Geese911: For the tip on how to obtain an unlimited amount of Chaff Grenades in
Act 4.

Karlmond T: For the hint to complete the militia hideout in Act 1 with ease.

Hideo Kojima: For creating one of the greatest video game franchises ever.

Johnny Nap: For sending me 3 Ghost Locations

Woodrow S: For letting me know about the effect on the "Sailor" track. For an
Easter Egg, and also identifying some corrections. Finally for reminding me
about Roy Campbell's FaceCamo that I forgot to include in the FAQ.

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