Soul Calibur III: Strife/Iron Sword

        / ____|           | |  / ____|    | (_) |                |___ \ 
       | (___   ___  _   _| | | |     __ _| |_| |__  _   _ _ __    __) |
        \___ \ / _ \| | | | | | |    / _` | | | '_ \| | | | '__|  |__ < 
        ____) | (_) | |_| | | | |___| (_| | | | |_) | |_| | |     ___) |
       |_____/ \___/ \__,_|_|  \_____\__,_|_|_|_.__/ \__,_|_|    |____/ 
MMMMMMMMMMMM(  ____ \\__   __/(  ____ )\__   __/(  ____ \(  ____ \MMMMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMM/\____) |MMM| |MMM| )M\ \_____) (___| )MMMMMM| (____/\MMMMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMM oMMMMMME#WMMQ$Mi. @M#MQZ.   i. v b$Y; MM@2i  t 7 iMB$#@6Eb9EQQQW00bZ696n
MMMM$  MMMMMM0B$@0W90Mn2S#@M$AMMM  $C@ni. :7,M$7;  M# YMMB$$M$n800E8966999Z8Zb6
MMM i:vMMMMM@E#WM  ;. 9MMM@MZZ2bM  A@AMMzo#@M   .MB nMM@W$@MW16869EZbbbb8bb888A
MM0 76 MMMMMZWB$$MXiE$6.A7MQUBQMU    MM6$MB.Wb:X. #BM#B$$@BASZZ999666666Z996Z8A
MM6M@zY. vMM@@@#W$M;   WY M0EB#M7,7,  7X U@W,W:AM MMB$$##@b0QEEEb8888Z9998888b6
MMMMMMMMMMMMM  ,A ;WA ,i MMW##MMv. , Yzo90 8X7b0B,2M@@@@#$$$BBB$BBWWWQQ0EEbE7#M
MMMMMMMMMMBMAoEM2M. tMM02S#@QW0Mn . . A6M ,$ I b.IM@@@@@@@#$#B$BW$$$$####W$b0MM
MMMMMMMMMMEZM0@@MQi..0t1U6IMM@MMYc:Q  MZ i2.QtWSZnMM#@@@@@@#$$WB$##########bMMM
MMMMMMMMMMEBW@#Q#0Mc.X .b2t@7C#MMiz .M..BMz@#@$9WWiMM@@@@@@@$$$BB$B#@#####B$MMM
MMMMMMMMMMB8WBW$#$$@@$QM@66b$M@@E99C.M .:7.i..      iUMMM@@@@@@@@$BWBBBWW$$MMMM
MMMMMMMMMM@AWWWB$$$$$$$@$@W8$@MMcQ6:MM C t1  .         7MMMM@@@@@@##BBB$$E#M@M@
MMMMMMMMMMMZ0BWB$$$$#B@@2bB@##QM@S@M9:... U.v.   ...      tMMMM@@@@@$#B$WZMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMM@AQ0QW$$B$$W@MM#W@MM@ QMM88v. ;E;7        . .     UMMMM@@#$BQZ@MMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMt00EEB$WB#M    .:M#@MM6vt@WW#Qivo001:.       . ..    .$MMMMMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMM#78889QBQ#@C#MMn@S.MM@M.;EC##:;t;;71BW0o         ...    i@MMMMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMM679AZU0WWM,ni Qi,;0:@Mi v@QicYX2tv;;:tW00t.       .:,.    ;MMMMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM7XIzI28W#70 @@ #z7 @MM M#00Yc:vXI21SY;io9@@Q7   .   ::i.    XMMM
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMiC2SzzY7@McMzSE;W2M$M,0i@MM@W87icII9E0XiCI8BM$6:    ..:,i,    W
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM:tzS.IMMz0. 7i9o@$W#M,zMQEEZ20MccccXnb$IXCYCU##@0Y   .::;i,.  
Strife (Iron Sword) Guide Version 0.80           Last Updated November 14, 2007
Copyright 2007 Hamlin Ortiz
[000TC]========================[]TABLE OF CONTENTS[]=========================[]

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1.  Vital Information (Strife)......[431VI]
2.  Why Should I Play Strife?.......[123PS]
3.  Iron Sword Discipline...........[674SW]
4.  How Do I Read the Notations?....[889RN]
5.  Attack Listing..................[543AL]
6.  In-Depth Attack Descriptions....[433ID]
7.  Comboing With Strife............[236CS]
8.  Legal Notices...................[666LN]
10. Contact Me......................[130CM]

[431VI]===================[]VITAL INFORMATION (STRIFE)[]=====================[]

Name: Strife Astlar Grandall
Age: 17
Birthplace: Parousia, Grandall Empire
Birthdate: November 11, 1574
Blood Type: B
Sex: Male
Fighting Style: Malloy Mercenary Swordstyle
Favored Weapons: Ambition, Soul Edge
Family: Father (former Grandall King), killed in war
        Mother, deceased
        Blood Relatives, executed


Strife is the only heir of the Astlar dynasty ruling the empire of Grandall.
After his father's death during a battle, he's appointed as the heir of the
reign when he was only ten years old. Blinded by greed and power, his close
relatives plotted everyday to kill him and take control of Grandall for

Strife endured days without a proper meal, without good sleep and hiding a
knife every time. Eventually the stress and fear started eating away his

Then one day he started hearing voices every time he sat on the throne. The
voices came from deep within the castle. Eventually at the time he understood
those voices, his behavior changed completely. He started executing his
relatives, and torturing anyone who arises his suspicions. His leadership
turned into dictatorship. He also started amassing armies in silence, while
not interfering with the war between Dalkia and Halteese. Around this time,
he apparently got ahold of the cursed Soul Edge, which further deteriorated his

During the Chronicles of the Sword, Strife takes little actions during the
first half, mostly giving orders to the player and the unit to confront Dalkia
first, then Halteese. His orders are always discussed by Girardot, as they are
almost suicidal. Strife is also reluctant to send more troops to help the
player against entire armies. All this because the player is gaining fame among
the people, and this has enraged him to the point of wishing to see him/her

A year after the end of the war, Strife sent the player against a rebelled
Girardot apparently under the advice of Chester, who has turned into his
minister. After the Cadet defeats Giradot in battle, Strife appears to finish
Giradot off. Unfortunately for Strife, this action causes the Cadet to realize
the malevolence of the emperor and his ambitions, and causes the Cadet to rebel
as well.

Unfortunately, Strife implanted fragments of Soul Edge into the player's former
allies when the Cadet rebelled, somehow allowing Strife to control their minds.
As the player, you must fight and defeat Aeneas and the others who helped you
in the earlier chronicles. After the Cadet defeats his friends, it turns out
they do not die, but instead they wake up from their trance and decide to join
the Cadet once again. Apparently, whoever controls the main body of Soul Edge
controls the people it's fragments are forcefully implanted in. This
"mind control" power that Soul Edge possesses has never been revealed prior to
Soulcalibur III.

Strife meets the player's unit at last during the last chronicle, sending his
elite troops against them. Even with his best warriors, he's at last confronted
by the player and killed in battle.

(BIO courtesy of

How to Unlock Strife: Clear Chapter 20 in Chronicles of the Sword mode.

[123PS]================[]WHY SHOULD I PLAY STRIFE?[]=========================[]

Strife is, essentially, Nightmare's little brother. He's a solid mid-range
fighter that, despite his goofy haircut and lacking dialogue, is capable of
pulling a few tricks out of his sleeve to confuse opponents. He's got great
tools for dodging high attacks and punishing whiffs caused by these tricks.
He's got decent power, decent speed, and quite a few of his moves knock
down or ring out his opponent in some way. His Annhilation and Demon Buster
alone are extremely useful in almost all cases.

He, does, unfortunately, suffer from the same drawback that all custom
classes suffer from. He's just not as varied or fleshed out as the main
character styles are, and therefore can become very predictable if the
player is not careful.

[674SW]=====================[]IRON SWORD DISCIPLINE[]========================[]

Iron Sword can be used by Barbarian, Pirate, Assassin, Knight, and Swordmaster
classes in Character Creation or Chronicles of the Sword mode once appropriate
conditions have been met.

Barbarian: Initial weapon discipline

Assassin: Achieve level 10 as an Assassin character.

Knight: Achieve level 10 as a Knight character.

Pirate: Achieve level 20 as a Pirate character. 

Swordmaster: Unlock Swordmaster by reaching level 50 as an Assassin Character
	     OR fighting 610 total battles.

The following sword descriptions are based on the legend they came from, game
canon, or simple put together based on the primary wielder of that weapon in
Chronicles of the Sword and the effects the weapon has. Except for a couple
swords, you are required to spend gold to use Iron Sword discipline weapons
once they have been unlocked.

[]====[][Iron Sword][]==========================[]
[]                                              []
[]Initial weapon for Iron Sword characters.     []
[]                                              []
[]No advantages or disadvantages.               []
[]                                              []
[]                                              []
[]A simple weapon of no great craftsmanship,    []
[]it is still a deadly tool in the hands of     []
[]an experienced warrior, and a key component   []
[]in a grand general's greatest victory.        []
[]                                              []

[]                                              []
[]11,800 Gold at Weapon Shop.                   []
[]						[]
[]Easier Guard Impacts                          []
[]Defense Power Increases                       []
[]                                              []
[]A large weapon with a large hilt, it's design []
[]focused as much on defense as offense, and a  []
[]warrior wielding one could shrug away the     []
[]worst of attacks.                             []
[]                                              []

[]====[][Demon Knife][]=========================[]
[]                                              []
[]24,800 Gold at Weapon Shop after Chronicle 1. []
[]                                              []
[]Attack Power Increases                        []
[]Knockback Increases                           []
[]                                              []
[]A weapon feared for its seeming ability to    []
[]increase a warrior's rage and strength. Some  []
[]believe it to be made from the heart of the   []
[]devil himself.                                []
[]                                              []

[]====[][Hercules Sword][]======================[]
[]                                              []
[]37,200 Gold at Weapon Shop after Chronicle 7. []
[]                                              []
[]Defense Power Increases                       []
[]Penetrates Defenses                           []
[]                                              []
[]The fabled sword of the great Greek hero      []
[]Hercules himself. It's said his superhuman    []
[]strength and unmatched spirit still rest in   []
[]the blade, bringing glory to each new wielder.[]
[]                                              []

[]                                              []
[]96,600 gold at Weapon Shop after Chronicle 18.[]
[]                                              []
[]Attack Power Increases, Health Recovers Slowly[]
[]Auto-Dodge Some Throws, Avoid Some Ringouts   []
[]                                              []
[]Blessed by a Goddess for a brave knight, this []
[]weapon continues to gift Her divine grace upon[]
[]every soldier who has been called to bear this[]
[]divine weapon once again upon the battlefield.[]
[]                                              []

[]                                              []
[]Gained once you unlock Strife.                []
[]                                              []
[]Attack Power Increases                        []
[]Defense Power Decreases                       []
[]                                              []
[]A huge sword used by Strife. Ambition is the  []
[]Astlar dynasty's symbol of imperial power, and[]
[]was his father's weapon. Strife's madness and []
[]hunger for power still lingers with this blade[]
[]even as Strife himself is eventually forgotten[]

(Ambition information courtesy of

[]====[][Soul Edge][]===========================[]
[]                                              []
[]Gained once you defeat Strife.                []
[]                                              []
[]Attack Power Increases, Lose Health Slowly    []
[]Recover Health from Every Successful Attack   []
[]Attack Power Increases Further with Time      []
[]                                              []
[]The Sword of Legend, the Ultimate Weapon, the []
[]goal of every warrior to one day bear. This   []
[]infernal instrument of war offers great power []
[]to any who would wield it in battle, at the   []
[]cost of their souls.                          []

[]====[][Brutal Terra]==========================[]
[]                                              []
[]Defeat Aege in Chronicle 11.                  []
[]                                              []
[]Defense Power Increases, Health Loss on Attack[]
[]Some Counters have No Effect                  []
[]                                              []
[]Even the spirit of Mother Earth herself wishes[]
[]an end to the constant wars and bloodshed     []
[]above her - with this weapon, she grants her  []
[]champion the means to finally bring peace and []
[]order to the ever-raging chaos.               []

[889RN]=============[]HOW DO I READ THE NOTATIONS?[]=========================[]

Attack and directional buttons are often notated as below, and assumes your
character is on the left side of the screen. Each number is shorthand for
each kind of directional button press for a character facing right.
For instance, 6A means "Forward A."

[7] [8]-[9]
   \ | /
   / | \
[1] [2] [3]

A - Horizontal Attack
B - Vertical Attack
K - Kick Attack
G - Guard

Some phrases that are also present in this movelist and are useful to know.

8wr       = 8 Way Run
WJ        = While Jumping
JD        = Jump Delay
WR        = While Rising
BT        = Back Turned
FC        = Full Crouch
QCF       = "Quarter Circle Forward" or 2,3,6
","       = "then press"
"_"       = "or"
[]        = Hold
(#_#_#)   = Press any of these buttons
(#,#)_[#] = Either press the sequence in the parentheses, or hold the button
            in brackets
Y+X       = Press these two buttons together
yX        = "Slide", press the first button briefly before pressing the second
GA        = Grim Advance (Stance/Special Movement)
AR        = Advancing Roll (Stance/Special Movement)

The following notations found in the Notes portion of the movelist are not
all "official" notations, but what I felt would be best used to describe
each attack's abilities in as little space as possible.

(!)     = Unblockable
Cr      = Counter
CS      = Crumple Stun
FdS     = Fall Down Stun
GB      = Guard Break
GI      = Guard Impact Property
Launch  = Knocks opponent into the air
RO      = Ring Out
SC      = Soul Charge
SC_Cr   = Soul Charge OR Counter
SCGB    = Soul Charge Guard Break
SCUB    = Soul Charge Unblockable
TD      = Knocks opponent to the ground in some way

[543AL]========================[]ATTACK LISTING[]============================[]

NOTE: Almost all of Strife's moves are just like Nightmare's moves, whether
it's Soul Calibur II or Soul Calibur III Nightmare. Therefore, I've given
Strife the names of Nightmare's moves where applicable, and attempted to fill
in the blanks with move names that follow suit.

[Attack]                        [Command]       [Hits]  [Notes]

Twirling Slash                  A               H
Double Slash                    A,A             H,H
Slash Cross                     A,A,B           H,H,M   FdS
Grounder                        A,2A            H,L     TD, RO
Double Grounder                 A,2A,A          H,L,L   TD, RO
Shadow Slicer                   1A              L       TD, RO
Leg Slash                       2A              L
Annihilation                    3A              M       CS on SC_Cr
Annihilation ~ AR               3[A]            M       CS on SC_Cr
Advancing Roll                  3A,G                    Stance, Dodges High
Spin Slash                      4A              H       TD on SC_Cr, RO on
Phantom Slasher                 (4,4)_[4]A      M
Phantom Shatter                 (4,4)_[4]A,B    M,M     TD, RO
Phantom Toe Kick                (4,4)_[4]A,K    M,H     TD, RO
Quick Temple Buster             6A              M       FdS on SC_Cr
Advancing Hook Slash            (6,6)_[6]A      H       TD, RO
Gut Slash                       WR A            M
Leg Slash                       FC A            L
Fatal Spin Slash                WJ A            H       TD, RO
Diving Slash                    JD A            L
Shadow Slicer                   8wr (1_7)A      L       TD
Cross Grounder                  8wr (1_7)A,A    L,H     FdS
Quick Right Slasher             8wr (2_8)A      H       TD, RO
Advancing Hook Slash            8wr (3_6_9)A    H       TD
Phantom Slasher                 8wr 4A          M
Phantom Shatter                 8wr 4A,B        M,M     TD, RO
Phantom Toe Kick                8wr 4A,K        M,H     TD, RO
Turning Head Slash              BT A            H
Turning Leg Slash               BT 2A           L
Maelstrom                       GA A            L
Maelstrom Feint                 GA A,2

Helm Splitter                   B               M
Cannonball Splitter             B,B             M,M     TD, RO, 2nd hit SCGB
Buster Grounder                 B,2A            M,L     TD, RO, 2nd hit +kb on
Buster Grounder (Delayed)       B,2[A]          M,L     TD, RO, 2nd hit +kb on
Gauntlet Buster                 b6              M       Leaves Opponent
Grim Impact                     1B              L       TD
Dark Impact                     1B,B            L,L     TD, RO
Shadow Buster                   2B              M
Sky Splitter                    3B              M       Launch, RO
Fiend Splitter                  4B              M       TD, RO
Raging Cannonball Splitter      (4,4)_[4]B      M       TD, GB, SCUB
Demon Buster                    6B              M       TD, RO
Torpedo Buster                  (6,6)_[6]B      M       FdS, SCUB
Earth Divide                    QCF B           M       (!), TD
Sky Splitter                    WR B            M       Launch, RO
Shadow Buster                   FC B            M
Fatal Buster                    WJ B            M       TD, RO
Diving Splitter                 JD B            M       Launch, RO
Turning Sword Buster            BT B            M       FdS on SC_Cr
Turning Kneeling Buster         BT 2B           M
Fiend Shatter                   8wr (1_7)B      M       TD, CS on SC_Cr, SCGB
Midnight Launcher               8wr (2_8)B      M       Launch, RO
Terror Stomper                  8wr (2_8)B,B    M,M     TD, RO
Torpedo Buster                  8wr (3_6_9)B    M       SCUB
Raging Cannonball Splitter      8wr 4B          M       SCUB
Demon Slayer                    GA B            M       Launch, RO

Dark High Kick                  K               H
Planted Gut Kick                1K              sM
Grind Low Kick                  2K              L
Standing Axle Kick              3K              L
Windup Shoulder Rush            4K              M
Basher                          4K,K            M,M     TD, RO
Reverse Toe Kick                (4,4)_[4]K      H       TD, RO
Sky Splitter                    (4,4)_[4]K,B    H,M     TD, 2nd hit Launches,
Phantom Toe Kick                6K              M
Helm Buster                     6K,B            M,M     TD
Basher                          (6,6)_[6]K      M       TD on SC_Cr
Death's Claw                    WR K            M       Launch, RO
Fatal Brave Kick                WJ K            M       TD, RO
Diving Axle Kick                JD K            L
Turning Dark High Kick          BT K            H
Turning Dark Low Kick           BT 2K           L
Reverse Toe Kick                8wr (1_4_7)K    H       TD, RO
Sky Splitter                    8wr (1_4_7)K,B  H,M     TD, 2nd hit Launches,
Sword-Braced Gut Kick           8wr (2_8)K      M
Rushing Knee                    8wr (3_9)K      M
Sliding                         8wr 6K          L       TD, RO
Death's Claw                    AR K            M       GI, Launch, RO
Basher                          GA K            M       TD, RO

Oppression                      A+B             M,M     Leaves Opponent
Flying Edge                     (1_2)A+B        M       TD, RO
Dark Impact                     3A+B            L       TD, RO
Dark Rage                       A+K             M       GB, CS
Axel Grinder                    8wr A+K         M       TD
Grim Advance                    B+K                     Stance, Ducks High
Grim Somersault                 B+K,4           M

[Throw]                         [Command]               [Notes]

Hilt Impact                     G+A_G+A from Side       Does NOT Ring Out
Soul Devour                     G+B_G+B from Side
Demon Wheel                     G+A_G+B from Back

[433ID]==================[]IN-DEPTH ATTACK DISCRIPTIONS[]====================[]

For this section, some attacks have their damage as X/Y. In this case, X is
how much damage the attack does when it's the only part of a combo/string
that hits the opponent, and Y is how much damage the combo/string that ends
with that attack does, assuming all attacks hit up to that point.

[]====================[][A ATTACKS][]====================[]

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 18
Description: Strife slashes to hhis right with her sword, spinning in place
             from the momentum.
This is your basic poking move with a bit of a bad twist. I recommend not
using this move often unless you've got a little distance between you and
your opponent, as this particular slash will leave you spinning in place for
a few frames. The only thing that redeems this move is the ability to be
cancelled, which can be done to goad whiffed Guard Impacts from an opponent.

=As a follow-up to Twirling Slash=
Damage: 24/42
Description: Strife slashes to his right, then to his left, with his sword.
A better version of the normal twirling slash, the recovery time on the
double slash is a bit shorter. Beyond that, it's just your run-of-the-mill
two-button string. It's not a combo, the opponent can block your second
attack, which means there's not a lot of use for this outside of catching

=As a follow-up to Double Slash=
Range: Close-Mid						 
Damage: 23/64
Description: Strife slashes twice, then brings the sword down in a
             punishing overhead slash.
This three-hit string is easy for the opponent to block, even if the first
attack or the first two attacks hit. It is, however, a good move to pull
off on someone who's sidestepping around you, or is some distance away.
This move will leave a guarding opponent crouching, but they will recover
too quickly for you to capitalize on that at all. Hope that they let the
third hit through, as that will stun them and leave them on the ground, in
which case you can attempt to punish.

=As a follow-up to Twirling Slash=
Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 22/43
Description: Strife slashes to his right, then, his torso tilts as he
             slashes downward at his opponent's legs, knocking him away
             and off his feet.
If you have an opponent that keeps guarding or guard-impacting your Double
Slash, you can always spring this on them as it takes about the same time for
either attack to hit. Like Nightmare's own Grounder, however, the move is
telegraphed well ahead of time, so if your opponent is extremely attentive,
this mixup may not work well.

=On its own=
Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 35
Description: Strife dips as he spins low, swiping at his opponent's ankles
             with the sword blade.
It ducks high attacks and deals out considerable damage. This is a valid move
for your arsenal.

=As a follow-up to the 8-Way Run version of Grounder=
Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 50/87
Description: As Strife continues to spin, he stands up and delivers another
             spinning slash, this time to his opponent's face as he tries
             to stand.
It causes a Fall-Down Stun, but is otherwise too easily blocked or avoided.
Might be worth once or twice, but don't bother with it unless your opponent
consistently attempts to attack you right after getting swept by the Grounder,
or doesn't know how to block.

=As a follow-up to chained version of Grounder=
Range: close-Mid
Damage: 37/74
Description: Strife slashes to his right, then, his torso tilts as he slashes
             downward, twice, at his opponent's legs, knocking him away and
             off his feet.
The only time you should not use this attack where the Grounder is viable is a
situation where the first hit is blocked. You can even intentionally whiff the
first grounder attack in order to catch your opponent when he attempts to
attack or run at you. If your opponent's a jumper, however, you'd be in trouble
after that first attack.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 27
Description: Strife quickly ducks and spins himself counterclockwise, slashing
             his sword against his opponent's legs and sweeping him off his
Ducks high attacks quickly and is fast enough to catch opponents before they
recover, therefore this is a very good move to use when you're stuck on the
defensive. There are also offensive applications, and, with a few other moves
such as Fiend Splitter, can be useful in keeping your opponent guessing and
guessing wrong. The potential for a ring out is also enticing.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 16
Description: Strife ducks to slash at his opponent's leg with his sword.
Ducks highs and interrupts attacks. It works. Can be followed by Sky Splitter,
Death's Claw, or Gut Slash just by mashing B, K, or A, respectively, during
the attack.

Range: Mid
Damage: 18
Description: Strife swings his sword counterclockwise over and around his
             head, striking the opponent's chest with his blade.
This is exactly what SCII Nightmare's Annihilation would look like if he did it
from his normal stance. It's good for punishing whiffed attacks, and if you
hold the A button and go into Advancing Roll from this attack, you're safe from
any Mid and High A attacks from the opponent. Against Guard Impact happy
characters, cancelling this into Advancing Roll~Death's Claw works perfectly.
A great move for faking your opponent out. If you use this constantly but
change up just how it progresses, you're going to make your opponent eat it
like nothing.

Range: Close-Long
Damage: Stance
Description: Strife does a barrel roll across the ground, closing distance with
             his opponent.
It ducks high attacks and mid attacks, which make it great if you can guess
well in advance what kind of attack is coming your way. Due to its long windup
and the fact that this roll is well-telegraphed, you're better off using this
to sneak under enemy attacks or catch up with backsteppers to punish them with
Death's Claw. It's a shame that no other attacks lead into this stance, and a
bigger shame that no other attacks can be made coming out of this stance.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 22
Description: Strife spins himself counterclockwise, quickly slicing his sword
             through his opponent.
An amazingly fast attack and perfect for when your opponent is far too close
for your own liking. It pushes your opponent back a great deal even when
blocked, and will actually leave you at an advantage if the opponent does block
it. However, it is a high, and if your opponent ducks it be prepared to eat

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 21
Description: Strife winds up and swings his sword, backhandedly, into the
             opponent's stomach, while stepping back.
By itself, not too good. It's too easily telegraphed and, by that token, broken
by a well-timed B attack. However, if it hits, or if you intentionally whiff it
against a GI-happy opponent, its follow-ups are pretty much guaranteed.

=As a follow-up to Phantom Slasher=
Range: Close-Mid-Mid/Long
Damage: 40/61
Description: Strife spins in place, bringing his sword around for a devastating
             overhead strike.
This attack is beautiful, as it not only does a decent amount of damage
(especially if Phantom Slasher hits) but also has terrific knockback and the
ability to ring out an opponent standing near the edge. This move can also be
delayed for fake-outs, although, admittedly, not by a huge amount of time. It
can also catch an opponent off guard as it will advance you just enough to hit
them if you intentionally whiff the Phantom Slasher. 

=As a follow-up to Phantom Slasher=
Range: Close
Damage: 24/45
Description: Strife plants his foot in his opponent's face.
This move comes out much faster than Phantom Shatter does, but will more than
likely whiff unless you're right next to your opponent once you've hit him with
Phantom Slasher. This move has less knockback than Phantom Shatter but can
ring-out opponents who are father from the edge of the stage. Generally,
use this if you are close to the edge and you think you can get a quick
ring-out. This move can also be delayed, though by even less than Phantom
Shatter can be delayed by. Only useful in a few occasions, so I wouldn't use
this often if at all.

Range: Mid
Damage: 32
Description: Strife winds up, then spins around to deliver a powerful
             horizontal slash.
When this move connects, it will spin your opponent 180 degrees. Since this
attack is Mid, it'll catch anyone who thinks they can duck it, and if you're
blocked against it, the opponent doesn't get enough advantage to really hurt
you. It's safer than most of Strife's attacks, though the only follow up that I
can see from this is Demon Buster. If your opponent is Guard Impact-happy,
though, and you manage to get this off, you can do Advancing Roll~Death's Claw
to knock him up for some air time.

Range: Close
Damage: 43
Description: Strife rushes, looking more like he's hooking the opponent with
             his bicep rather than actually slashing at him.
This is a close-ranged attack, but you can cover some distance with this and do
it out of an 8 Way Run as long as you're advancing on your opponent. It would
be more useful if it wasn't a high attack though. Since it's a fast attack (in
comparison to most of Strife's arsenal, anyway) you could knock a few people
out of their own attacks. If this hits, a Demon Buster follow-up is a safe bet.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 27
Description: Strife rises only slightly to slash his sword into his opponent's
             ribs, stopping as it hits.
This attack is capable of ducking High attacks, just as if he were crouching.
In addition, you can follow up with Shadow Slicer almost immediately and never
leave yourself open to those highs. Too bad a good player will probably respond
with a mid or a low attack after blocking the Gut Slash, though. Not a favorite
of mine by any means.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 13
Description: Strife, while ducking, swings his sword at his opponent's ankles.
It's a good low poke while standing, and timed right will dodge high attacks.
Gut Slash serves as a nice follow-up, but Death's Claw or Sky Splitter are
faster and launch.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 40
Description: Strife swings his sword over his head as he spins to his right,
             slamming the blade into his opponent's neck.
This is a good move to pull on your opponent when the edge is near his left, as
it will slam him with nice knockback in that direction and, most likely, ring
him out. Otherwise, it's an easily ducked high attack.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 38
Description: Strife jumps and spins counterclockwise, slamming the blade of his
             sword into his opponent's neck.
One heck of a ringout move, that's for sure! If you don't jump very often, or
your opponent is fond of low attacks, this move works great as a surprise
killer. Damage isn't too shabby, either. Generally best used as a counter to
any low attacks an opponent swings at you. Won't hit an opponent who's also
crouched for his attack, but you're no worse off if you do whiff it, in most

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 24
Description: Strife jumps, then slashes at his opponent's legs just as he
             lands, knocking them off their feet for a moment.

It's only good when against opponents who like to just stand and block, or who
constantly guard-impacts the Fatal Spin Slash. Damage is decent, and opponents
who block it will slide away just far enough to keep you fairly safe from
counter attacks.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 25
Description: Strife turns around to slash at his opponent's face.
It's a safer but stronger version of the Twirling Slash. That's about it,

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 16
Description: Strife turns, remaining crouched, to slash at his opponent's legs.
It's a slightly more powerful version of the Leg Slash. That's it.

Range: Mid
Damage: 34
Description: Strife spins around as he advances, slashing down at his
             opponent's legs and knocking them to the ground.
Not a bad way to catch your opponent off guard once or twice. Can be cancelled
by pressing Down in order to make your opponent whiff a Guard Impact, in which
case you can punish with whatever you like. Leaves you open if blocked,

[]====================[][B ATTACKS][]====================[]

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 23
Description: Strife swings his sword down on his opponent's head.
It's slow, but can be followed up into two different moves or be cancelled for
further trickery.

=As a follow-up to Helm Splitter=
Range: Mid-Mid/Long
Damage: 45/68
Description: Strife somersaults over his sword, bringing it crashing down upon
             his opponent's head.
I love this move, simply because it's so theatrical. Unfortunately, unlike
Nightmare's Cannonball Splitter from Soul Calibur II, Strife doesn't get any
hits from his legs, but he still has the bonus of jumping low attacks. This
also makes for a good advancing move, because if the opponent blocks, they're
put into a crouching position and don't recover until you do. Safe move for the
most part, at least after it hits. You're a bit of a bit target in the sky
while you're somersaulting. Also, if you are Soul Charged and you whiff the
Helm Splitter, the Cannonball Splitter makes up for it by becoming a Guard
Break property attack.

=As a follow-up to Helm Splitter=
Range: Mid-Mid/Long
Damage: 40/63
Description: Strife hesitates before spinning around, dealing a slash at his
             opponent's ankles.
This move, in conjunction with the fact that it can be delayed, is good. It can
be used  to goad whiffed Guard Impacts and can also be used on an opponent
who's been conditioned to expect the Cannonball Splitter.

Range: Close
Damage: 27
Description: Strife quickly shoves his blade into his opponent's face.
Nightmare had the exact same move, and I still don't know why it's called
"Gauntlet" Buster. However, it's a fast move, can be used after cancelling a
normal Helm Splitter or Twirling Slash, and, by virtue of being a vertical
attack, can break horizontal attacks. It's not a bad move at all.

Range: Mid
Damage: 25
Description: Strife pulls his sword back and shoves it, point first, at his
             opponent's feet.
It's a much quicker version of Nightmare's Dark Impact, and it is also a good
option against opponents who have been launched or have just hit the ground.
Has no ring-out qualities, however.

=As a follow-up to Grim Impact=
Range: Mid/Long-Long
Damage: 39/64
Description: Strife lunges as he pulls back his sword, thrusting it out far
             out at his opponent's feet.
The natural follow up to Grim Impact, though you could actually pass on this
and use Demon Buster to fake out opponents expecting the second low hit.
This move has great knockback and ringout qualities, as well, and damage is

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 23
Description: Strife brings his sword crashing down on his opponent's head as he
             drops to a crouch.
This move is almost identical to Helm Splitter, save for final positioning, but
still useful for readying yourself for a Sky Splitter or Death's Claw.

Range: Close-Mid-Mid/Long
Damage: 36(Close), 28(Mid-Mid/Long)
Description: Strife drops, then rises back up, swinging his sword up with him
             to slash it up his opponent's torso.
It can hit from a good distance away, but you have to be close in order to get
the really useful launching qualities of this attack. Since about the only way
for Strife to get any kind of combos in is through launches, this may be one of
your most useful attacks. If you are right next to a ledge, you can also ring
your opponent out with this move, though this is more likely when you hit with
a counter or while Soul Charged.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 26
Description: Stepping to the side, Strife spins himself around and slams his
             sword's  blade down upon his opponent's head in a circular,
             downard swing.
It's a really fast attack and is also capable of dodging some vertical swings,
provided they track very well. It has a good knockback property, even without a
counter or being Soul Charged, and can ring out the opponent if you're close to
the edge. In addition, even if you are blocked, you still have the advantage,
as the opponent is knocked away and slightly off-balance. Great move. Doesn't
hit downed opponents unfortunately.

Range: Mid-Mid/Long
Damage: 45
Description: Energy crackles around Strife as he somersaults through the air,
             cleaving through his opponent with a brutal downward strike.
SOUL CHARGE UNBLOCKABLE. This attack makes for a good advancing tool,
especially against a turtler who keeps trying to back away from you. You can
attempt to mix Demon Buster, Shadow Slicer, and Grim Impact into your possible
follow ups, and see if you can't get him on a failed Guard Impact or a poor

Range: Close-Close/Mid
Damage: 24
Description: Strife rushes forward, slamming the entirety of his blade's edge
             into his opponent.
I like this move. A lot. Not only does it push back the opponent a decent
distance, and not only is it fast, but it's a vertical move that's actually
capable of tackling side-steppers! If your opponent is near the edge, you can
also ring him out with this move. It's also a guaranteed hit after any
launching move if you time it fast enough. Any. If your opponent goes into the
air, Demon Buster will send him back to the ground in pain and far away from

Range: Mid-Long
Damage: 30
Description: Strife hurls himself into an aerilon roll before bringing his
             sword crashing down onto his opponent.
SOUL CHARGE UNBLOCKABLE. This move is fast, great for closing distances, and
has a short recovery time. However, if you are too close to your opponent,
you'll sail right over them and land right behind them. Save this move for when
you are some distance away from the opponent. Another good thing about this
move is that it will catch people in an 8-Way Run, though it can be dodged by
just side-stepping at the right time. Make good use of this move's short
recovery time and lay on the pain with either Demon Buster or your own favorite
moves. Be careful if your enemy has his back to an edge; this move will almost
assuredly ring Strife out. Great advancer overall.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 80
Description: Strife winds up, bringing his sword over his head as it is bathed
             in orange flame, before bringing it down in a catastrophic
             overhead cleave.
Cool description, eh? Too bad the move's useless, just like in Soul Calibur II.
Not only does it take too long to wind up, it's also easily sidestepped, easily
interrupted, and has no tracking to speak of. The only time I've ever seen this
move being anywhere near useful was when it was used to goad a whiffed Guard
Impact in the middle of a Guard Impact burst. Most vets won't make that kind of
mistake. Best to avoid this at all costs.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 34
Description: Strife jumps up in the air to deliver a one-handed, downward
A jumping attack that breaks horizontals, knocks the opponent to the ground,
has almost no recovery time, and can even ring an opponent out? Yes please!
This move is great as an advancing move, a retreating move, and an answer to
all kinds of pesky low attacks. If you see an opportunity to use this move,
abuse it to the fullest.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 30(Very edge of attack distance), 34(Anytime else)
Description: Strife jumps and unleashes a powerful upward swing as he lands.
Unlike the grounded version of this move, Sky Splitter, this move will always
launch and has a better chance at ringing out an opponent. Use this in any
situtation you would use Fatal Buster, and enjoy the added benefits of
launching your opponent in the process. I smell a guaranteed follow-up.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 36
Description: Strife turns around quickly to slash his sword downwardly at his
             opponent's head.
This move is good. It won't be needed often, but it's good. If it hits, it
inflicts a Fall-Down Stun on your opponent, which, in turn, means you
practically get a free hit on them. If you're fast enough, you can get a
launcher off on your dazed opponent, giving you a free Demon Buster. All this
might lead to a whopping 101+ damage if you get a counter on the first hit.
That's his most powerful combo I've managed with him. The only shortfall is
that this move is about as fast as Helm Splitter. 

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 28
Description: Strife turns quickly, while crouched, and swings his sword down on
             his opponent.
This move is a safe way to recover from being exposed, but the only really good
time to pull this move out is if your opponent is crouching for whatever
reason. If you	manage a hit, a followup launcher is guaranteed, which can then
be followed by the always-guaranteed Demon Buster.

Range: Close-Mid/Long
Damage: 33
Description: Strife spins, sidestepping further, and brings his sword down in a
             one-handed strike.
This move, once it hits, is a bounce launcher, which means the opponent is
struck into the ground and actually bounces back up into the air. You know what
to do with that. Also, this is a Soul Charge Guard Break attack, although, as
per the usual, the only way you'll capitalize on this is with mind games as
there's no such thing as a guaranteed ground hit with Strife.

Range: Close-Mid/Long
Damage: 24
Description: Strife spins around as he swings his sword upward.
I've found this to be a move that more often than not catches an opponent
off-guard. Being a very quick vertical, you can break a horizontal coming your
way and make your opponent fly in the process. By itself, has okay ringout
potential, if your opponent doesn't know anything about Air Control.

As a follow-up to Midnight Launcher
Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 24/43 (In the combo, it has damage taken off for being an air hit)
Description: Strife puts his whole body into it as he slams his sword back into
             the ground, taking his opponent with it.
It's an excellent way to get some extra damage into the combo. Why not?
Follow-up for it, though, can be tricky. If you're lucky, you'll catch the
enemy with a Demon Buster just as he's getting up for an attack.

Range: Mid-Mid/Long
Damage: 40
Description: Showing great bravado, Strife launches himself into the air with a
             heroic upward thrust, lifting his opponent off his feet.
Boy, when I discovered this move, I found myself laughing at how silly Strife
looked trying to be Yun-Seung. However, its range is nothing to laugh at, as
with the Grim Advance adding to it, he could easily catch up and knock around
someone trying to 8-Way Run their way outside his range. This move rings out
characters near the edge, but also characters a big chance of Strife ringing
himself out if blocked. Maelstrom and Basher might be better options unless you
see a big chance for the Demon Slayer.

[]====================[][K ATTACKS][]====================[]

Range: Close
Damage: 12
Description: Strife lashes out with a high sidekick to his opponent's face.
A high poke that's safe on block, and nothing more.

Range: Close
Damage: 17
Description: Strife plants his hands on the ground behind him, spinning a leg
             around for a gut strike.
It's special mid, so it can be blocked by crouchers or those standing up, but
boy is it fun to dodge high attacks with it and mess up an opponent's groove.
It's also fast enough to be used as a guaranteed hit on a launcher.

Range: Close
Damage: 10
Description: Strife drops down to swing his foot into his opponent's ankle.
It's a decent low poke, but that's it.

Range: Close-Close/Mid
Damage: 22
Description: His sword on his shoulder, Strife spins his body around as he
             kicks at his opponent's shin.
If you have ever played Soul Calibur II, you'll probably know Raphael's
pirouette kick. This move is a lot like it, only with less flair afterward but
a little more wind up time. Use with Windup Shoulder Rush (which looks a little
different, but more alike than anything else) to try to trick your opponent.
Useless after a launcher, however. Unless your opponent is almost dead and has
been turtling for the past 5 seconds, I don't recommend using this move a lot.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 22
Description: Strife rears back, then plows himself forward to smash his
             shoulder against the opponent.
Good to use when rushing an opponent, maybe goading a wiffed a guard impact
from them, and can also be used to avoid a grab if done quickly enough. This
causes an opponent to go crouched when hit.

=As a follow-up to Windup Shoulder Rush=
Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 32/56
Description: Strife rushes the opponent, this time his sword flat between his
             shoulders and the opponent's body.
Great ring out potential, guaranteed with a successful Windup Shoulder Rush,
and also good to catch opponents by surprise if you whiff the Shoulder Rush.

=On its own=
Range: Close-Close/Mid
Damage: 20
Description: Strife braces his sword against his shoulder and rushes his
There's no knockback like the Combo version of this move unless you manage a
counter attack. That should be easy though, as this move is fast with almost no
wind up and a quick recovery.

Range: Close-Close/Mid
Damage: 27
Description: Strife leans back as he plants his left foot in the opponent's
Quick, powerful, and great ring out potential. Good to use if you're backing
away and the opponent tries to close in for a running attack on you.

=As a follow-up to Reverse Toe Kick=
Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 32/53
Description: Strife, without missing a beat, switches hands and further
             punishes his opponent with an upward slash.
This attack is guaranteed if Reverse Toe Kick hits, and you can get a further
guaranteed hit by tagging on a Demon Buster at the end. I think now you're
starting to understand why I like Demon Buster so much.

Range: Close-Close/Mid
Damage: 19
Description: Strife leans back as he plants his right foot in the opponent's
Quick, damaging, and has a follow-up to play with your opponent's mind. That's
about it.

=As a follow-up to Phantom Toe Kick=
Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 26/45
Description: As Strife's foot meets opponent's face, he grabs his sword's hilt
             in two hands and brings it down in a punishing downward strike.
The timing on this is more 6kB than 6K,B, so you're going to need to anticipate
the first hit actually hitting. Even then, this isn't guaranteed. If this does
hit, however, you may have enough time for a Demon Buster or a similar quick
move, as the opponent reels for a brief moment.

Range: Close
Damage: 29
Description: Strife rises with a powerful uppercut, using his sword as leverage
             and protection.
One of the best moves in Strife's arsenal, and can follow up pretty much any
move that ends with him crouching. It's also the only move that can be chained
out of the Advancing Roll. Death's Claw will launch the opponent on a
successful hit, and can ring out decently. In addition, it has a Guard Impact
property, meaning if anyone's attacking you, you can knock them back and get a
sweet counter for extra damage! Since it launches, it can also lead to a
guaranteed hit or two.

Range: Mid
Damage: 22
Description: Strife jumps into the air with a spinning side kick to the face.
It's a high attack that can be easily ducked. It's not as useful as Fatal Spin
Slash or Fatal Buster, but, if it hits, it has decent knockback and can ring
out the opponent. If your opponent doesn't expect you to jump alot, this might
be useful. This can also be used in place of Fatal Spin Slash when in similar
circumstances to that move's usefulness, with the only difference being that
the edge is behind your opponent rather than to his right.

Range: Close
Damage: 22
Description: Strife jumps into the air, then crouches as he uses his momentum
             to spin his leg around and into his opponent's legs.
This doesn't knock the opponent down like the Axel Grinder does, but it might
be useful if you want to be creative with how you punish dodged low attacks.
Might also be useful on opponents conditioned to expect Fatal Brave Kicks.

Range: Close
Damage: 19
Description: Strife strikes with a back kick before turning to face his
This is a quick move that might catch your opponent off guard. Safe even on

Range: Close
Damage: 12
Description: Strife turns quickly and crouches, kicking at his opponent's legs.
This is also a really quick attack while your back is turned, and is also safe.
Your crouching state will leave you vulnerable to verticals if you whiff it,

Range: Close-Close/Mid
Description: Strife rushes his opponent with a rising knee attack.
This move is a mid attack, and since it looks like it should hit high it will
probably catch your opponent crouching every once in a while. You could use
this to mess with your opponent by conditioning him to expect and duck the
Advancing Hook Slash and then pulling out the Rushing Knee. Honestly,
I haven't found much use for it, as it's always blocked by human players
when I try it.

Range: Close-Close/Mid
Damage: 30
Description: Strife half-turns, thrusting his sword into the ground as a brace
             for his side kick.
Mid attack, long startup and easily blocked. Does almost nothing other than its
decent damage amount. Might be useful on opponents expecting the Quick Right

Range: Mid-Mid/Long
Damage: 25
Description: Strife jumps and then slides against the ground, knocking his
             opponent's feet out from under him.
It's a good tool for when you want to trick your opponent into thinking you're
doing a jumping attack. Without Nightmare's Dropkick as an option, though, this
move's usefulness as a mindgame tool is lessened slightly. It can still be used
for a ring out, however, as the opponent, on a good hit, is knocked up and

[]===================[][X+Y ATTACKS][]===================[]

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 20/27/47
Description: Strife winds up for a brief moment, then advances forward with two
             alternating, devastating vertical attacks.
This move looks brutal, and that's is driven home by the fact that the opponent
is left crouching for both attacks if he blocks. The fact that he recovers
enough to block the second attack should tell you that neither hit is
guaranteed in this attack, however, if the second attack does hit, the opponent
is stunned (complete with static noises and yellow lightning around him) and is
a prime target for a Demon Buster. This move does come with a drawback, in that
it doesn't track extremely well, even for a vertical attack. This is also
termed an "Anti AI" move as the AI in the game will, more often than not, let
the second hit of this attack hit them.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 45
Description: Strife flops onto his back, spinning his sword around in the air
             with him.
This is a great advance-negater, as it strikes fast and often will catch
opponents in the middle of their attacks if timed correctly. It's also not a
bad move to start a match with, especially against opponents who like to rush.
It has considerable knockback and is capable of ringing out an opponent.

Range: Close-Mid/Long
Damage: 39
Description: Strife brings his sword back, then thrusts it forward into the
             opponent's legs.
This move has amazing knockback and can ring out an opponent easily. It's
useful as a starting move against opponents who like to charge or like to stand
guarding for a few moments, though it will miss some characters automatically
due to their stances. Useful on opponents you launch, as it will hit them the
moment they hit the ground and still slide them backwards a distance.

Range: Close-Mid
Damage: 40
Description: Strife advances and spins, his sword crackling with blue energy as
             it slams into his opponent's side.
This move causes a Fall-Down Stun on a hit, and is a guard breaker. Being a Mid
attack, it can't be ducked. What's the problem? It's slow. Really slow. Being a
horizontal move doesn't help it either, as it can also be broken by a good
vertical move. If it hits, though, you get a guaranteed launcher followed by a
guaranteed Demon Buster.

Range: Close
Damage: 16
Description: Strife crouches and spins, driving his leg into his opponent's
             legs to sweep them off their feet.
This is a good move to use when your opponent is expecting a whole slew of
other kinds of attacks while you're running around them. It's also fast enough
that your opponent may not be able to react in time if he isn't expecting it. A
Demon Buster may or may not be guaranteed with the recovery time, but it's
always worth a shot.

Range: Close-Close/Mid
Damage: 0
Description: Strife crouches and rushes forward purposefully.
This move is great for sliding in under high attacks and punishing with either
A, B, K, or 4.

Range: Close
Damage: 12
Description: Strife flips back away from the opponent, his feet clipping him in
             the jaw.
This is a good surprise move for when your opponent is expecting Maelstrom, as
it hits mid and hits fast. However, you need to be extremely close for it to
actually hit. Its paltry damage makes it useless for anything else other than
added flair.

Range: Throw
Damage: 55
Description: Strife grabs his opponent by the collar, slams his hilt once into
             his face, and, while he's stunned, grabs his sword in both hands
             for a double-fisted hilt smash, knocking his opponent away.
First and foremost, this differs from Nightmare's version in that it doesn't
ring out. It's a less powerful throw in that regard, though it still does a
decent amount of damage. It can be broken out of by pressing A.

Range: Throw
Damage: 55
Description: Strife grabs his opponent by the throat, pulling him down to smash
             the pommel of his sword into his shoulders, and then lifts his
             opponent up by the throat again before smashing him down and
             behind him.
This throw doesn't throw the opponent back nearly as far as Nightmare's version
does, but still, a throw's a throw. It can be broken out of by pressing B.

Range: Back Throw
Damage: 65
Description: Strife grabs his opponent by the back of the neck, jams his sword
             laterally into his opponent's spine, then flips him over his head
             for a painful cartwheel,  planting his opponent into the floor
             before removing his weapon.
A brutal looking backthrow, but nothing amazing. Can't be broken out of by
anyone but Astaroth and Voldo.

That's about it for the moves. If there are any hidden moves that anyone's
discovered, please, let me know and I will put it up here with proper credit to
anyone who manages to find any hidden moves.

[236CS]======================[]COMBOING WITH STRIFE[]========================[]

First and foremost, Strife has very few ways of getting guaranteed hits while
his opponent's feet are planted on the ground, due to the amount of time it
takes for Strife to recover from most of his attacks. However, he does have
that one attack, Demon Buster, that allows him to take advantage of near any
kind of launch he manages.

Generally, when you manage to inflict a Crumple Stun or a Fall-Down Stun on an
opponent, you want to follow that up with a launcher, as that is where most of
his combo power lies.

The following is a list of combos (arranged in order from weakest to strongest)
with Strife where every hit after the first should be guaranteed. Most of them
have the notation for each attack, however, for setups that can be done in more
than one way (like Death's Claw) I used the name of the attack instead.

1.  GA A->2K === 2 hits, 42 points of damage
2.  8wr (2_8)B,B === 2 hits, 43 points of damage.
3.  Death's Claw->6B === 2 hits, 46 points of damage. (GI Counter does more)
4.  8wr (1_9)B->1K === 2 hits, 47 points of damage.
5.  (4,4)_[4]K,B === 2 hits, 53 points of damage.
6.  3B->6B === 2 hits, 53 points of damage.
7.  Torpedo Buster->6B_1B === 2 hits, 55 points of damage.
8.  4A (Counter)->6B_1B === 2 hits, 55 points of damage.(1B stronger variant)
9.  Death's Claw->3B === 2 hits, 56 points of damage. (GI Counter does more)
10. A+K->6B === 2 hits, 59 ponts of damage.
11. Advancing Hook Slash->6B_1B === 2 hits, 60 points of damage.
12. A+K->3A === 2 hits 61 points of damage.
13. Advancing Hook Slash->1A === 2 hits, 62 points of damage.
14. 4A (Counter)->3B === 2 hits, 64 points of damage.
15. 8wr (1_9)B->3B === 2 hits, 66 points of damage.
16. A+K->3B === 2 hits, 68 points of damage.
17. 6A (Counter)->(1_2)A+B === 2 hits, 71 points of damage.
18. Torpedo Buster->3B->2K === 3 hits, 75 points of damage.
19. Torpedo Buster->3B->1K === 3 hits, 80 points of damage.
20. 8wr (1_9)B->3B->6B === 3 hits, 83 points of damage.
21. Torpedo Buster->3B->6B_1B === 3 hits, 85 points of damage.
22. Torpedo Buster->3B->(1_2)A+B === 3 hits, 99 points of damage.
23. BT B->3B->6B_1B === 3 hits, 101 points of damage. (1B stronger variant)

This is by far not a complete list and some of it may not be completely
accurate. If you happen to find more combos or happen to prove one of my combos
wrong, please feel free to let me know. For the moves requiring 3B, however,
you need to note that you have to be up next to your opponent to launch him.
If he's not launched, less damage is done and Demon Buster or Grim Impact
cannot be performed.

[666LN]=========================[]LEGAL NOTICES[]============================[]

Soul Calibur, Strife, Chester, Girardot, Abelia, Grandall, The Empire of
Grandall, Dalkia, The Kingdom of Dalkia, The Halteese Republic, and all other
character, item, and move names created by Namco-Bandai Games within this guide
 belong to Namco-Bandai Games.

This guide is Copyright 2007 to Hamlin Ortiz and is authorized for display on, and Permission to display this document on any
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