S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky: FAQ

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               S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  Clear Sky  BEGINNERS GUIDE  

		       *Copyright 2008 Val's Evil Twin*

                  Contact: vals_evil_twin@australiamail.com 

		           Version 0.12 18SEPT2008

                     I              MAP                  I
                     I        Part 1  WALKTHROUGH        I
                     I        Part 2  GUIDE              I
                     I               +                   I
                     I        Version History            I
                     I        Links                      I
                     I        Acknowledgements           I
                     I        Copyright and Permissions  I                     
                     + ----------------------------------+

MAP of the SWAMP:

LINK:    http://www.borntobefreeform.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1620

                            PART 1   BEGINNERS' GUIDE
This is a Beginners Guide, and contains SPOILERS.


Great game but definitely needs to be patched and tweaked. Major fixes
include mission scripts and improved optimisation. Use the Tweakguide
(see LINKS below) and you can easily play for hours without a CTD.
This Guide was made using the 1.5.03 patch.

It is not necessary to have Played SoC first. This is a stand alone prequel.
The Swamp level of the game is a tutorial. You learn how to use the
controls, PDA, map, inventory, weapons, bolts, anomaly detector, to search,
converse, trade, upgrade  and repair weapons, interact with NPCs and use
the guide system for travelling. You learn to saty healthy, cure bleeding,
and radiation sickness. You have a huge freeroam area with a few
mutant boars, infrequent anomalies, easily skirted areas of deadly radiation
and only one "emission" event.

You don't join a faction in Swamp, but you do meet two factions.
Clear Sky are a research organisation working to understand
the Zone and benefit mankind. Since the emissions from the Zone have upset
nature's balance, the previously safe haven of the Swamps is being invaded
by a second faction, the Renegades.  The AI is pretty harmless, although
you can die very fast on Stalker, Veteran or Master levels!
Play on 'Novice' if you want to learn the ropes, explore, collect, and plan
strategies for making money. Experiment with saving travel time by accepting
multiple missions. Then try it on "Master".

NOTE: You are well advised to read through Part 2 GUIDE SECTION below before
you get too far into the walkthrough. 

Let's go...

                       SWAMP: CLEAR SKY BASE CAMP

The introduction shows Scar at the railway tracks,leading a team of
scientists south from Agroprom into the Swamp. The scientists are just
saying the next emission is reliably predicted for two months time.
But, of course, it happens in the next two seconds. 
Don't worry about the story too much because there isn't much of a story.
Apparently a Stalker got past the Brain Scorcher near the citadel, or
the Monolith, or the Wishgiver...whatever. That upset the zone so now it is
firing off emissions. 
The emission kills the whole team except for Scar. The local faction in
the Swamp, clear Sky, take him back to their leader, Lebedev. Scar wakes
up with nothing but a headache, but his nervous system is damaged and he
has strange new powers.  

Mouse click in your dialogue panel to answer Lebedev.

Talk to the barman. Have a beer to fix that headache. 
The next few tasks are linear, and then it's freeroam responding to
multiple radio calls for help.
Stand up, look around, take a walk and check the video options you selected
are giving a nice smooth framerate, and head for the bar.
Press P for the PDA map and see yourself as the blue marker and the barman
as red.
Click on all the icons on the PDA map to see what they are and experiment 
with the controls in the lower right corner.Try out the tabs for factions,
statistics and message log. Press P to close the PDA and use the minimap
to get to the bar. You are the white dot in the middle of the minimap.Duh!
When you get to the barman Press F to talk, and you will see that your
character is called "Scar the Mercenary".

Go back to Lebedev.
Got the white-dot-red-circle thing worked out now? Lebedev explains
what's going on in the swamp, and sends you to the trader to get outfitted.
He also mentions the guide/blindfold system of travel.  Everytime you
change areas you need to find a guide. Guides are marked on the maps!
They are what CS has in place of vehicles. There are too many barricades
and obstacles for cars, and too many spoken interactions, so we have the
guide system instead. It is cheap, quick and practical. This is a good
time to make a main save via the ESC key. Name it "Start", lol.
Gee, lucky it's daylight outside, night time gets REALLY dark!
Now that you have your kit from the trader, start the next mission fast.

Press F5 for a quick save in case you stuff it up, then press X and
sprint to the guide. He will blindfold you and lead you part way to
the outpost. When He leaves you, press 6 for your bolts, and throw them
ahead to locate the anomalies. They will kill you stone dead even though
you were magically altered by that last emission. Press O to use the
detector. Throw bolts ahead, avoid stepping in an anomaly, listen to the
geiger clicking, and when the detector goes crazy you are on line
for an artefact. Pick it up without stepping in the anomaly. Later when you
have armour with pockets,you can equip artefacts for various benefits. You
soon get nice CS-3 body armour (with pockets) from the trader as a reward.
The first artefact is a 'Jellyfish', which gives -2 radiation protection.
It's also worth a lot when you sell it. If you wish to re-do the mission,
press F9 for a quick load.  Fortunately you won't need to be throwing bolts
every five seconds in the swamp, it's just bad for this little area.
The artefact is on the northwest tip, just to the left of the first plank
bridge. Now follow the yellow arrow on the mini map and
reinforce the outpost. Press 3 for the shotgun and run for the
base of the tower.
There's time to search the first body (Press F and click 'take all').
Search the second body at the base of the tower, shoot two mutant boar and
climb the ladder. Take the shotgun ammo (press F to pick up). Climb down
the ladder (or jump) and seek shelter as another emission blasts through.
These emissions occur throughout the game and are a major annoyance.
Scar needs to find shelter and wait until they subside. 
The game takes control now, and you wake back at the CS base camp.
Stalkers have saved your sorry ass once again, and you owe them.

See Lebedev.
Check your main map and mini map. The red circle is Lebedev, you have to
talk to him next. But the yellow mission reward circle is also lit.
See Lebedev first, your reward will still be there later.
Lebedev says that you have survived a second emission! The story is that
the emissions are caused because a STALKER got past the Scorcher and now
the Zone is upset. Poor Zone!
Scar must help the Clear Sky faction stop the emissions, because if the
emissions continue they will kill him. Lebedev says, "This may sound like
a line from a corny movie, but you really don't have a choice."
...and I thought the merc talk in FarCry was cheesy!

Talk to our old friend from SoC, Sidorivich.(But not just yet.
You need to do the whole Swamp first.)

Go to the swamps with the guide.
Test out saving a game here. Press ESC to enter the main menu.
First, check the PDA, and click on the "Collect your Reward" icon.
On your way past Nimble, you will hear a chime/tone from the PDA.
If the message flashed up too quickly, look in the PDA log to see what it.
OK, Nimble is offering to give a guided tour of the PDA.
Well I already gave you that. =] 
New tasks are coming fast on the PDA, but relax. Talk some more to Nimble.
Ask Nimble, "What can you offer me?" and he will offer you stash locations,
but the cost varies from 200 RU to 900 RU. You have enough to accept the 
cheapest one. The types of task where you must pay for information for a
stash location can go either way. You might find a valuable Flash drive
with weapon Upgrade info, or you might get a lemon in the middle of a
field full of anomalies.
The trader, barman etc will also sell info on stashes. Stashes are only
used once and then disappear from the PDA. You can store loot in them once
they are emptied out, but it is probably safer to use boxes.

You will get a million radio calls for help, but don't stress about it.
Just get to as many as you can. "Cancelled Mission" messages are not
important. It's only the "Failed Missions" you need to stress about. =]
You have the option of fighting alongside Clear Sky faction members
(Green dots on map) if you want to walk with them. Or just clean up the
Renegades(Red dots) on your own.
First task will be to reinforce the fishing village. Then head on the 
observation tower. Use all the usual FPS strategies: reload before an 
action. Quick save. Find cover. Use Crouch/Low Crouch.  Make headshots.
You know...
New tasks will come in for the old church, Pump Station, etc.
Pick and choose, either take them on your own or in company with
Clear Sky guys.

Now to help the CS faction reduce Renegade numbers in the swamp.
Check the faction tab in your PDA for allies and equipment levels,
and overall missions/status with the Renegades. Lots of missions pop up
now, the game is no longer linear. See the Guide to get you north into
the swamp.
Missions come through on the radio for Fishing Hamlet, Old Church,
PumpStation. Clear out the renegades and mug their corpses for
everything you can carry. Remember, headshots rule! If you're feeling
poorly, use bandages/medikits/anti-rad drugs/food/drink.
Talk to the Stalkers you meet to see what missions they
will give you. After you have seriously reduced Renegade numbers,
and answered various calls for assistance, you can stroll around a bit
checking stashes, collecting loot, asking for and completing all the
side missions. 

On the PDA map, click on "Collect Reward" and a  mission sheet will
overlay your map. You can use the "eye" to place the location on the map,
and the "move" icon to centre it there. Press X to hide it away again.
Collect your reward to date from the trader.=]] Talk to him a bit and
the TRADE option will appear. Go into your inventory screen and unload
any weapons before trading them. Your items coloured red cannot be sold
here, take them over to the bar and unload some weight/make some roubles.

Next let's pay a visit to Gray, the technician.  I feel bad about this
but we're going to rip him off for a scope and two (2) AKs. 
Maybe he won't know it was us. =[[
He's a good guy,  he will repair and upgrade your weapons and armour.
Head up to his shop and look in the back. See the scope in the vise and
the two AKs in a rack on the left wall? climb under the floor, get under
the scope, and jump straight up until you no-clip through the floor.
Hold F as you jump to collect it. Same for the AKs. The one on the table
cannot be taken! (peetz)  

-Scope and 2 AKs from the Technician
-Scope on Lookout Tower
-Viper 5 at the Pump Station and Southern farmstead.
-Silenced pistol in a stash underwater in the big chimney at the
Village Ruins. ( I paid for that info, but maybe it's there for
everyone to find.)
-Chaser 13 in a stash east of the Pump Station.(Paid for info.)
-Vintar Sniper Rifle at the train wreck. 
-CS-3 armour as a reward from the trader.
-Nice shotguns are around everywhere, some with zero wear!

Spend a fair bit of time here in the swamp, to get
established with weapons and roubles.

So now you can manage the PDA and inventory, faction display, navigate with
the main/mini maps, trade, upgrade weapons, find/use stashes, use the guide
system, locate anomalies and artefacts, quicksave/load, jump weave and duck.
-collect all your rewards from the trader!
-hand over any Flash drives to the technician.
-you should have the Chaser 13 shotgun, Vintar Sniper rifle, and silenced
pistol. You can get a good assault rifle at the Army base later.
Take lots of roubles. There's no need to carry a lot of ammo and medikits,
there are heaps to find in Cordon.

-Faction relations with Clear Sky are not important once you leave the
Swamp, which is really just a tutorial area.

-If you go to Cordon and immediately return to Swamp, the northern Agroprom
exit and Northeast Cordon exit is now open. This will allow you to avoid
the machine gunner covering the tunnel exit from the army base. But you're
not that weak and pathetic, are you.


We have now moved beyond the Beginners Guide, & the game is truly freeroam.
If you just CAN"T get past the m/c gunner, go back to Swamp and take the NE
exit into Cordon, which now is open. Be ashamed. People do this bit on
'master' with ease! Or you could go out the northern entrance to Agrprom. 
The Renegades have set up bases on the northern road so be prepared to
fight or sneak past at night. It's nice and friendly in Agroprom though.

To get past the m/c gunner, drop all excess equipment so you can sprint.
If you're carrying 59.9 kg you won't be able to run ten metres without a
break/redbull. Hide behind the first tree.  If m/c gun bullets come straight
through the tree, you need to upgrade your patch. And restart the game lol.
It's easier at night, and easier if you holster your weapons.
Use ] and [ keys for health and bandages. So, use the first tree for cover
and run to the rocks between bursts. Crouch and heal. Turn left at the
fallen tree and jump/run to Cordon Village and the trader. If you keep a
good line you won't even get hit. You should have enough stamina to sprint,
or you can low-crouch.  There's an ammo box near Wolf on the right side of
the track. Haul all the ammo down to Sidorovitch and sell it. Keep the
Chaser 13 and Vintar ammo if you took my advice earlier. Before we embark
on a mission for Sidorovitch,let's see the boys at the army base.

Take about 600 Vintar rounds and head for the army base. That rapidly moving
red dot on the screen is a pack of dogs! Try out the Chaser 13.
Skirt along the fence to the left and circle around to the left side of the
army base. Use a fallen tree to gain access to the back of the base. Now
pick the suckers off one by one. The Vintar is very realistic at about
200m range, you can even see the fall of the bullet. After you hit a few guys
in the neck, elevate your sights a bit.
There's an ammo box in the army base with 350kg of ammo! (1.5.30 patch!)
Haul it all back to Sidorovitch. What you don't sell you can stow in a box
in Sid's place.

Under Construction........

Stay tuned: All will be revealed about Fang, Ghost, The C Consicousness,
Clear Sky,the Monolith, and how/why Strelok had the only STALKER tattoo
in all the Zone.
                       END OF PART 1: WALKTHROUGH.

                         PART 2: GENERAL GUIDE


                      2.01  Controls
                      2.02  System Requirements
                      2.03  Tweaks
                      2.04  Display
                      2.05  The Patch
                      2.06  Tactics                        
                      2.07  Bugs and other complaints
                      2.08  Day/Night cycle
                      2.09  NPC missions, buying info, trading, upgrading
                      2.10  Health
                      2.11  Important NPCs                 


There's the usual FPS keyboard controls. Learn to use WASD by touch
so you can move around while you wait for the shotgun to reload, etc.
Important keys:
F     Use, interact, talk, search
P     Pause to scratch or make coffee.
F5    Quick Save
F9    Quick load
P     PDA map, missions, log etc.
I     Inventory
O     Detector for artefacts
1     Knife
2     Pistol
3     Rifle, Shotgun
4     Grenade
5     Binoculars
6     Bolt to show anomalies
L     Flashlight
X     Sprint
SPC   Jump
L CTRL            Crouch
L CTRL + L SHFT   Prone    
ESC   main menu
F12   Screenshot
Q/E   Lean L/R
Y     Change ammo
V     Grenade Launcher
L MOUSE  Fire 
R MOUSE  Iron sights
R MOUSE  Select Unload/Drop weapon in Inventory screen.
N    Night Vision
]    Quick Bandage
[    Quick Medikit

Intel Core2 Duo E6400 / ATHLON 64 X2 4200+
1.5 Gb RAM. 3.5Gb is better.
8800GT / HD 2900XT  video card

2.03  TWEAKS
Koroush Ghazi CS Tweakguide at http://www.tweakguides.com/ClearSky_1.html 
DX 10 dynamic lighting is only available with Vista.
Turn grass density right down, makes it easier to see things on the ground.
Adjust screen resolution, object/texture detail etc for a smooth frame rate.
1440 x 900 seems reasonable.
You can reduce the options a fair amount. It will still look great, and may
reduce CTD frequency..
Leave NPC flashlights on so you can find them in the dark.
Disable head bob - stand still.

Mini map in the top left corner has a blue arrow pointing north, red south.
Grey arrow points to current task location/Secondary objective.
Yellow arrow points to Primary Objective.
Friendly NPCs are green.
Neutral NPCs are yellow.
Hostile NPCs are red.

In the bottom right corner are health and armour bars,
Keep an eye on the red health bar in case you are bleeding to death or
have radiation sickness.
Ammo type and quantity, and the geiger counter. And pictograms for Psy,
chemical, heat and radiation exposure.

There's a patch out already, and S-CS was only released five days ago.
Be warned, saved games don't work after patching. Also the respawning
ammo caches are affected.
When you instal a patch you will get a different crop of bugs =]]]

Seek cover, use crouch, low crouch before attacking. Yep!
Search/explore everything. Smash crates with the knife.
Select a cache in each area to stash your loot, medicine,
and remember/record its location.
Talk to everyone.
Trade frequently and keep your inventory small. Low weight allows
you to outsprint (Hold X) boars, to run-and-gun, seek shelter,
beat the m/c gunner, etc.
Accept multiple tasks, then complete them one by one, to save
a lot of travelling back and forth.
Repair weapons, armour at every opportunity.
There is more time to complete missions than in S-of-C.
You will miss out on a bunch of missions, don't stress over it.
Failed tasks are recorded in your PDA but cancelled tasks don't give
a penalty.  Tasks are only cancelled when all attackers are dead.
If you miss seeing a mission, it will be written in your PDA log.
Pay for information about stashes, it's worth it to find those hard to get
weapon upgrades.
Always make headshots!The weapons aren't particularly powerful unless you
make the headshot! The Ai can be pretty dumb at times and just stand in
the open until you hit them.
Every area has an ammo chest. It will be full on your first visit.
Empty out the ammo chest you find in each area, but don't sell all
the ammo...keep the hard to find/expensive types.
No animal parts in this game, don't bother searching for tails lol.
Bloodsuckers are different to CoS.They are invincibile while invisible.
Say that ten times! Shoot them in the face when they become visible,
and then bandage yourself.
Items you place in stashes may disappear, though they seem more permanent
than in S0C. Upgrades can disappeat. Also removing your own loot from
a stash may be considered 'stealing' by nearby NPCs, who might become
hostile. Check this with a quicksave before stowing loot in a box
or stash. Might be a function of Faction relations.(SpeedCanHurt) 
Escaping emissions-run towards the marker on the map for shelter.
Repeatedly mouse click to move bulk items quickly around trading screen
and transferring items to stashes/boxes.

2.07 BUGS and other COMPLAINTS
So far, playing unpatched, I only had a crash to desktop every 60 minutes.
Not bad!
Bugs reported so far include:
AI hung up in the environment.
The game is not well optimised and frame rates vary wildly according to
where you are.
Joining  a faction doesn't seem to work at this stage. You just get
more delivery missions.
Some of the mission scripts are broken.
Some of the crashes seem to occur because of travelling a different way
of doing things in a different order to what the devs expected. If multiple
events occur simultaneously, a CTD is likely. Also after playing a long
time the game seems to get "confused" and crash. So save often and don't
run your video options too high!
If you get a CDT just reboot and try something different.
Eventually a patch will fix it.
The Wild Territories and  Pripyat are missing!
It's vewy vewy dark at night and the flashlight is so weak.
No women stalkers.No flowers or songbirds, though it is more colourful
than CoS. Prettier but not as creepy. No encyclopaedia.
I think I'm gonna try patch 1.5.03 and start again, now I'm leaving
the Swamp. The 1.5.04 does things to the size of the ammo crates I think.
maybe there's a memory leak in the code, it seems to run very nicely with
3.5Gb of RAM and XP Pro.
The detector can't be selected in some areas, eg the train wreck. 
Messages disappear off the screen too fast! Grumble! Now I'll say
something nice.


You can check the time-of-day in your PDA mission log.
1 minute real time = 10 minutes game time.
Advantages of night, headshots on enemies are easier, just aim for
their lamps. Night cover is also good for stealth, 
like sneaking past m/c gunners!
Press N for night vision. Upgrade night vision on your suit as suit 
as soon as possible, because night time is pitch black!
It's kinda cool/creepy trying to do stuff at night. Getting jumped by
a Snork or rushed by a pack of dogs is pretty epic feeling.  When the
dogs come you see a red dot approaching super fast but can't see what
it is until all six of them are right on top of you. Blind dogs
can leap attack like the pseudo dogs now wooo! (t0m)

GUIDES: Blue Circle with a dot on the main map. Take you anywhere for
free at the start. Then they charge on a distance basis. No worries.
TECHNICIANS: Upgrade and repair weapons, armour.Give missions.
TRADERS: Buy and sell, lol. Hand out rewards for completed tasks.
later, different traders charge/pay different amounts so shop around
for that special rifle or suit.
GENERAL NPCs give free info. You can pay them for stash locations!
IMO it is worth the money to get good weapons and Flash drives with
weapon upgrade specs.
Before you sell guns in a trade, go to your inventory screen and
select a weapon. R click it to unload the bullets!

2.10   HEALTH
You will lose health for a variety of reasons.
If you are too tired to walk/jump/sprint, eat or drink.
If you are bleeding, press ']' for bandages.
If health is low, press'[' for a medikit.
If you have radiation sickness, go to inventory and take anti-rad drugs.

Guides. They act as sort of 'teleporters'.
Cold is the barman. He will trade and sell info on stashes.
Lebedev is the Clear Sky leader.He gives missions.
Prof Beanpolev has some background knowledge of the Zone.
Suslov is the trader. He trades, gives rewards, and sells info.
Gray is the technician. He gives missions, does repairs and upgrades.
If you missed any of their dialogue, all conversations are in your PDA
message log.

                        END OF PART2: GENERAL GUIDE.

Version History:

v0.1  14SEP2008 bare beginnings.
v0.11 17SEP2008 Added -link to map of Swamp area.
                      -entering Cordon
                      -trading and upgrading
v0.12 21SEP2008 Exit to Cordon




ASCII Art courtesy of http://www.network-science.de/ascii/
Thanks to- GSC Gameworld for more S.T.A.L.K.E.R. goodness.
         -Gamespot message boards, DJKABoom, SpeedCanHurt.
         -Alexander Little for advice and encouragement.
         -my master STALKERs peetz and t0m.

Copyright and Permissions:

This Walkthrough/Guide is for:


It may be not be reproduced except for personal use. It may not be placed
on any web site or otherwise distributed without permission. 


Thanks for reading.
I plan on expanding this so any criticism, additions, questions will be
appreciated and acknowledged.
Val =D