ETROM: The Astral Essence Faqs

(Etrom when turned around gives Morte which in Italian stands for death.)

Always save your game with the "F5" button on your keyboard. 
Save every time you get in front of a portal you are planning to use or in front of a person that you'll be talking to.
Instead of using the time power -> save, exit to main menu and load that save.

WHEN YOU LEVEL UP, THE AMOUNT OF LEVEL UP POINTS GIVEN - IS RANDOM! You can get between 2 and 5 points. THIS MEANS that before getting a level up you should - save your game - THEN level up: if you get 5 -> good, use them, otherwise: exit to main menu, load game -> try again. If you have gone up two levels try to get 10 skill points and so on.

If you find SUPER FIGHTING, FURY and IRON SKIN potions, always keep them for bosses in your stash. Super PRECISION and AURA should be sold. Super regeneration potions put inside your potion belt. 
Using the demon sequence (space bar) - is NOT NECESSARY in the whole game - ever. 

Level up choices:
The thing you'll need most: ACCURACY - always put two points on it.
The second thing you'll need is: AXE POWER (not axe abillity) and LIFE ENERGY (not astral energy).
Axe abillity and astral energy are not necessary ever to fill up in the whole game. 
Besides putting char points on every level up, your stats will raise a little bit automamtically just by leveling up-ing. 

Bugs in the game:
The time power disappeares in places where you are supposed to be able to have it.  Use F5. 
Bullets disappear - save, exit and load.
Your character doesn't move - try to change weapon or axe. Move the camera around and click around. 

The bugs seem to stop at the second part of the game. 

PISTOLS - do more damage in closer combat. Why would anyone use pistols in this game AFTER getting the other types of weapons? Who da hell knows. That's a mystery. They're crap - don't ever buy them. RIGHT MOUSE CLICK: double shot
ASSAULT RIFLES - better than machine guns. Used for close combat (inside dungeons). Better to used them ONLY when really needed - you still lose a lot of bullets. RIGHT MOUSE CLICK: double shooting
MACHINE GUNS - close combat weapons. 
You lose a lot of bullets by choosing them. You will miss a lot with them and each hit doesn't do much damage. They're mostly for foolin' around in the game, but DON'T make them your weapon of choice, unless you want to have a hard time playing this game. My advice is to forget them and sell them - always. RIGHT MOUSE CLICK: double shooting
HYPER RIFLES - best close combat weapons in the game. They use HEAVY (RED) BULLETS so buy and carry a lot of those. RIGHT MOUSE CLICK: double shot. 
SNIPER RIFLES - distance killer weapons. You can pretty much sweep out a whole bunch of enemies from a distance in 5 seconds or less. Its useless if used with the left mouse button. RIGHT MOUSE CLICK: sniper mode, you do double or triple damage. You have to exit the sniper mode when you have to reload. NOTE: you can't enter sniper mode if your character is on the move. FIRST STOP -> THEN right mouse click. 
DISRUPTORS - used to clean groups of enemies. They're quite effective. You have to know HOW to clean a group of enemies with them, otherwise the leftovers of the group will still be reaching you and you don't want that. They use HEAVY BULLETS - each shot is ONE bullet -> I know that it doesn't make any sense at all (you clean a whole bunch of enemies with two bullets, yet with the hyper rifle you would have needed around 20 and more to do the same ?? ... + they shoot rockets?). You don't take damage from your own disruptor in close combat, you're immune to it. RIGHT MOUSE CLICK: you shoot a rocket to a desired area (anywhere you point) instead of only being able to shoot on an enemy, has a slower rate of fire though

BEST WEAPONS to use during the game: hyper rifles, sniper rifles and disruptors. Its all you need.

1. hyper rifles - learn to shoot and double shoot quickly with them. STOP TRYING to save bullets!, especially later on in the game when you can carry larger ammo clips. Always kill the ones with guns first (the ones behind - they're always slower), because they will do more damage to you with guns than close combat fighters. 
2. sniper rifles - learn to use the sniper mode and shoot quickly -> REMEMBER: you can ONLY shoot on an alive enemy so you CAN'T WASTE BULLETS in empty air, this means: SHOOT FAST, VERY FAST. Learn to aim at the right place and at the right speed: if you aim at the legs or even head, your sniper MIGHT NOT SHOOT -> aim at the chest. If you scroll TOO FAST in snipe mode your sniper WILL NOT SHOOT -> always slow down your scrolling over an enemy. 
If you have only 2 or 3 bullets in your sniper and you want to shoot down a bunch of enemies, it's BETTER to shoot those bullets the normal (standard) way first - recharge - and then enter snipe mode. You waste less time. 
3. disruptors - rockets pass through enemies MOST of the time, but you can still shoot directly onto enemies with guns and priests - they're much slower than close combat fighters so you will hit them. When you see a group of enemies, its best to first strike them with 2-4 STRIKES (fast left click) and then go right onto the right mouse clicking -> IN FRONT OF fighters that are running towards you. Just A LITTLE BIT in front of them -> NOT A LOT, because the rockets are very fast. Remember: you don't have to right click in front of SHOOTERS that are running towards you - use left click then. 

After making your choice in the Temple of Fate, you can pretty much base your game only on the hyper rifle, the other weapons won't be even necessary.

Always wear rings and an amulet that give you additional ACCURACY. That's good for sniping down whole regions of enemies. It's a good thing to change rings before any "axe boss fighting" with those that give you + AXE POWER. Defense rings might look cool, but it's easier to play this game with killing skills raised up. Armor is a good protection by itself. If your axe power is raised you'll be probably hiting enemies with so much power that you'll disrupt their attacks so they'll "twitch" in front of you. This way you won't be hit much at all + you'll kill them really fast. When you are surrounded by enemies while fighting with the axe use it's power to kill the non-boss ones. 
Best ring dropped in the game: the ABYSS PRIEST. WEAR IT. The only better one I found is the DRUM OF WAR, found inside the obscure caves. Best amulet in the game: Wrath of God. The only better one is THE AMULET OF DEATH (the obscure caves) - but you'll need to have level 30 to wear it, so you won't probably put it on. That level up is only reachable when choosing the LUX path in the Temple of Fate. 

Guns most of the time won't work on bosses. Have a full astral energy bar and two or three potions of aura in your pack. Have around 5-7 additional potions of health in your pack. Just before you start hitting the boss, go to your inventory and use a potion of super fighting, super fury and super iron skin (if you don't have super ones, use lesser ones). Choose your axes special power hit, and unload yourself onto the boss by right clicking. To kill infernal priests (those with lightning hands) use the ICE AXE. Golems go down with the LIGHTNING AXE. Zombies should fall with one of those two axes (or even with the hyper rifle). Normal human bosses should be killed with guns or the normal (left clicking) axe way -> that's because they're faster then the other creatures and right clicking on them would be too slow. 

Credit cards, gems and jewels - ONLY sold for money, they serve for nothing else
Energy balls dropped from enemies - replenish health. Energy balls give you AROUND 33% of the amount of the max life the enemy had. This means if the enemy has a LOT of life points you'll get more from them (if dropped). The percentage always stays the same and can't be raised by anything in the game (for example, by raising your skills or such). 
EnergoChroma Battery - used to end the second DISABEL'S quest. Serve for no other purpose. 
Magic Idols - you might find one or two of those. Didn't find ANY useful purpose for them in the game.
The Files sold at the shop - you can pass the game without buying them at all, they're irrelevant for the game. They give you information about the game - clues that should help you fight enemies and end some quests. If you're planning to use this walkthrough you won't certainly need those. 


4 keys in Sighundia:
3 keys are in the other 3 cities:


You start in your appartment. Equip armor and gun. Fast change gun-axe with the "W" button on your keyboard. Get out. 

YOU CAN'T SAVE YOUR GAME UNTIL YOU REACH THE PROPHET. So do that as soon as possible. 
Shoot enemies (gunners) with the gun, use the axe for others. Don't spare bullets if you have to waste enemies. You are QUITE resistant so don't worry about this small street enemies, just shoot them fast and fast kill them with your axe. Go to the sewers. Kill the zombies with your axe. Reach the prophet. Go to the shop. Go around and kill enemies: first double shoot down any shooters, then use your axe to kill the rest - sell their weapons. Save when necessary with F5. Reach level 5 and buy yourself a sniper and a lot of bullets. Use the snipe mode to kill enemies. 

Go to G.A.S. - get the quest THE PARCHMENT. "Bhor Apartment" will appear on the map - way to the west. This quest is not supposed to be ended at a low level so leave it for later. 
Go to Jimmy Gusto's Secret Gambling. Get quest BRINGING THE PACKAGE. You get the package in your inventory. If you right click it - you'll explode and die, so don't. End this quest immediately to get the money. Get the next one from Jimmy: KILL KRIEK. This is supposed to be done later. You can also visit the OUTLAW ARENA on this map. Always save before entering any contest. You only get money here - nothing else (stuff) -> ever. Once you end the possible fights - no new fights will appear. The Abandoned Metro Station is used in a quest later on, for now there is nothing there. 

There are two secret levels in this city. If you're lvl 4 or higher, go there. Take a lot of bullets and some potions and go to the first one - the easier one. It's location: look at the map, look at the point Disabel's Hideout, if you look directly down from it you'll see a city CORNER - there you'll find one of the two doors of Secret Level 1. To find the other door just exit that level on the other side. Inside the secret level, you'll have to kill a boss and claim a nice pistol called "Urs S3special" that's on the ground. Go to the shop and buy bullets for it. The Second Secret Level is in the other corner - SOUTH from where you entered Secret Level 1. SAVE before attempting to go there. There you'll also find a nice gun: the HT-AT DRAGON weapon and other stuff to equip or sell. 

Now you can go to Disabel's Hideout, but...
Before you go, buy an EnergoChroma Battery (in the shop's illegal stuff), and a potion of Fury 2 and iron skin 2. Make sure your astral energy is full and buy at least 4 of Aura 2 potions. A LOT of bullets and healing potions. You can also fill up the stash in the astral temple with some potions. 
You should have the SNIPER and level 5 armor on you (no rings necessary). 

Go to the hideout. Reach Disabel. Go to the strange gutter. Here you will get the ICE AXE. On the next level you'll get the LIGHTNING AXE and on the next one the BLOOD AXE. Save before going through the next portal. Here you will have to fight an infernal priest. The trick how to kill the priest: his guards will appear ONLY IF you enter into his chamber, so stay out of it. Go into the corner beside you (where the energy barrier is) and use the sniper to shoot the priest - he will come to you. Let him come to the half of your room then go onto one of his sides (left or right) and start hitting him with the ICE AXE. If you are fast enough you will ALWAYS disrupt his attack and he won't be able to even hit you. Just dont push him back into his chamber. Get what he leaves (THE FIRST AURUM KEY) and go to Disabel. Talk again - need help -> get the ENERGY CHROMATIC CHARGE quest and end it. Those batteries won't be needed anywhere else in the game - ever. Talk to her again to get the MONEY FOR THE REBELLION quest. This one is ended later on. DO NOT SPEND THE 250 000 she gives you, you'll need those. 

Go to the Astral Temple. Click on the pedestal "DIMENSIONAL TRAVELS CIRCLE" to place the key in it. Go to the OUTLAW ARENA and buy the key to GW8 from DHAALAG. Buy a lot of HEAVY bullets and go to the PASSAGE TO THE REBEL DISTRICT GW8 on your map. Talk to Gheenna. Don't travel. Don't go to the Secret Outpost Service unless you are really strong. On this level you might find two very good places to pillage for money and stuff (located: most south and south-east). If you sell all that you find there, you might get A LOT OF MONEY. When you are ready go to the west side - to Kriek's hideout. Keep around 10 or more heavy bullets clips in your inventory for the very end (even after Kriek). 
You'll need a disruptor for this fight and a hyper rifle. On the first level of Kriek's hideout - reach the door to the next level and save. Go down with a hyper rifle and kill the enemies that will surround you at the start. Now reload the heavy bullets and put the disruptor on. Take a good distance from the gang around Kriek and start shooting the disruptor in order to empty it. As soon as everybody is dead but Kriek - reload and put the hyper sniper back on. Start FAST double shooting him while watching your health. After he is dead go down through the Strange Gutter door. Pass that level and in the next Strange Gutter - save before entering the portal. Go down - use the hyper rifle to clean everything you'll encounter here. HODIO has the SECOND AURUM KEY. After killing him go to the Astral temple. Position the key on the DIMENSIONAL TRAVELS CIRCLE. Then go to the shop (red bullets!), then to Jimmy Gusto's Secret Gambling. End the quest. Get another - KILL SHARP JOY. 

Sharp Joy's door is just a little bit west from the south sewer door in the GW8 district. This fight is QUITE heavy, better leave it for later. As soon as you step down you'll be surrounded by heavy enemies who will be shooting at you (lots of damage). You'll need a good armor and potions to survive the start + you'll need to unload a whole disruptor to clean that starting position. After that it's easy. 

Talk to Gheenna. Go to city: 

At this point I was level 9 with around 230 000 of money (and you won't need more than that). I cleaned this region with a lvl 7 sniper and a lvl 7 hyper rifle without having any problems.

Find the contact. He is located at the MOST NORTH PART of the map. Look at the map, you will notice three fenced parts (each with three houses) in the north region - the upper one, the left one and the lower one. Wackov Cheel is found in the small square of the left one. Talk to the contact. Go to the point of the map called "Mother Factory". Everything else on this map is empty - there is no place to go inside, you can only kill enemies and pillage boxes: that's it. Enter the Secret Door. You'll be in a room with no enemies - check boxes. Go down the portal. Here you'll get the POWER OF THE LIFE. Kill golems with the LIGHTNING AXE and the guards with the hyper rifle (double shot). Save before going down the next portal. There will be three small infernal priests here - kill them immediately with the ice axe's power. XAMR has the THIRD AURUM KEY. Kill him with the BLOOD AXE. When zombies are around you use the axe's power. Fast hit XAMR with the axe. There shouldn't be much problems. Go to the Astral temple. Position the key. Go to the shop. Buy ammo, talk to Gheenna and go to the next city.

The sniper mode works well here. Go in the middle of the street and kill every group you can see by looking all around you, then move forward and so on. On the most north part of the city you'll find a hard boss - hard to hit and deals a lot of damage. It's best to kill him with the hyper rifle - fast double shooting. Clean the others by running away a bit, amounting them in a group, then changing onto the disruptor. He has an UNLIMITED PLATINUM CARD. With this card you can end the "MONEY FOR THE REBELLION" quest given by Disabel (you get 100 000 exp and 750 000 money). The Secret Iron Gate (where you have to go) is located on the most south point of the city. You'll notice a building there. Check it's upper side to find the entrance. Enter. There will be a boss in front of the cathedral so look out. Where do you have to go -> notice the 5 buildings on the left side of the map, notice the most lower one -> you have to click on its lower side. Before entering Fra Diavolo's place it's good to empy all your bullets by killing enemies here, then go to him. Talk to him, get the quest THE APOCRYPHAL PARCHMENTS and go back to the shop to recharge yourself fully, then go back to this city. Location of the secret tomb: look at the city map, on the most east part of the CITY'S CEMETERY - you'll notice a black square, at that spot you'll find the secret entrance. Go down and kill everything. Go down another secret passage. Reach the portal down (most up-right of the map). Get the POWER OF DESTRUCTION. Here you'll fight a golem with the LIGHTNING AXE and a priest with the ICE AXE. The golem has the THE FOURTH AURUM KEY. When you go down stay inside your own room - don't go into the next one. Shoot the priest to call him towards you. Let the golem come to you first. Power up yourself and kill him. Then kill the priest. Take the apocryphal parchments from the altar. Go to Fra Diavolo then go to the Astral Temple. Position the key. Go to the shop. Don't forget to end Disabel's quest. Go to the next city.  

Beside the sniper, the lvl 12 disruptor is quite effective here. Siegfried's passage is found south of the Gestapo fortress (first WELL there). Talk to him. He'll tell you to kill a strong creature for him. That's gonna be a very HARD to hit zombie (guns won't work). You should consider leveling up on this map up to level 14. Remember to always take 5 skill points per level (as noted at the start of this document). The fastest way to get experience is to use the sniper, then when you reach lvl 12, get the lvl 12 disruptor, buy a lot of heavy bullets and clean only the upper part of the map. Then save and reload, and so on. Once you reach level 14 put any lvl 14 rings onto yourself that you have (if you have any). Hope you found the "Void Lands VII" armor (through supply chests) anywhere in the game - wear it as soon as possible. To kill BAZUZU i had:

Lvl 14 Character
Armor: Void Lands VII
Amulet: Power Blade VII (shop)
Rings: + 5 Axe Power both (shop)
Potion belt: 7 Regeneration potions lvl XII + one potion of fighting, fury and iron skin - all lvl IV (shop)
Inventory: additional 7 health potions + 4 aura potions, and a load of heavy bullets

If you have better rings USE THEM, if you have better power potions USE THEM. If you don't have the Void Lands VII carry the best you can buy. The entrance of the Secret passage: go to the map, see the north bunch of houses on the map, on the left part of this houses - go inside the well. Here kill golems with the LIGHTNING AXE and kill zombies with the hyper rifle or sniper mode. Clean everything up before fighting Bazuzu then save. Equip lightning axe. Use power potions. Start unloading the axe's POWER HIT on BAZUZU - while WATCHING your health. By entering your invenotry you pause the game, so use calmly an AURA potion when you need to and fill your potion belt with health potions. BAZUZU will eventually die. 
I only needed 4 health potions and 2 aura potions. 

Put back on the accuracy rings you should have (best ones) and proceed through the passage that just opened (east). Save here. Kill everything and pillage the boxes. Go through the Secret Service door (left of the big door you'll find). 
Use the hyper rifle. Adjust your view by pressing the "down" arrow on your keyboard and zoom in with the mouse wheel. Go right, then go back. Second turn again right. Then return and go straight. By going right you will notice a human boss in the distance. Save. Reload your light bullets and kill him and his guards with the sniper mode (really fast clicking). Kill the abyss priest with the ICE AXE. Go down. Kill guards and golems with the LIGHTNING AXE, kill shooters and zombies with the hyper rifle. To end this level go most south-east, then keep going north only, left at the very top, then north again. Here you'll find the power of INVISIBILITY. Save. This fight isn't easy. There will be appearing constant zombies and golems. Equip ICE AXE and use its power on the priest with the red circle while watching your health. Take the FIFTH AURUM KEY and go away. Talk to Siegfried. Go to the Astral Temple and position the key.

Found in Sighundia (visible on the map - most west). Buy a lot of heavy bullets and a potion of precision. Go there. In one of the rooms you'll find an INVOCATION CIRCLE. Save before entering. Down there you'll have to fight a draconian monster (boss) and two zombies.  There is no special axe for him - all of the axes drop a here-and-there hit on him - rarely, but unloading 10 or more HEAVY BULLETS clips with the hyper rifle works quite well -> use the hyper rifle and don't save ammo. He will have the SIXTH AURUM KEY. Also pick up the shiny parchment from the ground. Go to the Astral temple. Position the key. Go to the shop and then to "G.A.S. Global Action Services" to end the quest. Get another one: The G.A.S. File quest. This quest is ended later in the Lands of Kaos. Go to the district GW8.

Kill Sharp joy - his hideout is found at the SOUTH-west of the map (close to the wall, between the two south-west houses). Save before entering. Use a disruptor and unload it. After that go to the Secret Service Outpot here in GW8. Save before talking to Stephen Rock. He'll give you a mission back in the GW7 district. First you'll have to pick up a disruptor weapon - proceed forward after reaching Hangan's Shop door, you'll find it. EQUIP THIS GREAT WEAPON. Now you'll have to kill a boss  with it. His location: open the map, see the most NORTHERN part of the map where is written "NORTH GATE", just below-left of that there are two small "shiny" houses. He is in front of the door of the UPPER ONE. Shoot around ten shots to kill him. The mission ends. 

Talk to Stephen Rock Again to get his second quest. You'll get a Destruction Virus file in your inventory. Buy a lot of heavy bullets in the shop. Go outside and end the Kill Sharp Joy quest. After that go to the place called "Abandoned Metro Station". Enter it. Go left, and you'll notice a SECRET ACCESS door on the left wall. SAVE HERE. If you are here for the FIRST TIME - I'll advise you to go straight forward and reach directly the Control room, kill the doc and click on the computer. Try the running part to see how it works. If you don't reach the exit - load your game. Try again. When you reach the exit - THEN - load and pillage the first room + kill everything in sight. 

This place is filled with SUPER and EXPERIMENTAL potions. Carry all that you can. At the end of this path you'll reach the Control room with the professor in it. Pick the SEVENTH AURUM KEY from the ground. Talk to him and kill him with the hyper rifle. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PART: when you place the virus into the computer you'll be put back into the first room. HERE you'll have to run towards the exit - this means STRAIGHT FORWARD. Do this AS SOON AS the room loads up. DO NOT FIGHT ANYONE AT ALL! AVOID ANY FIGHTING otherwise you won't reach the exit. At 1:47 ETROM will start speaking - DIRECTLY right mouse click that twice and CONTINUE RUNNING. If you succesfully avoided everyone you should reach the exit when the timer is at 2 or 1 remaining second. Go and end the Secret Outpost Service Quest. Go to the Astral Temple. Position the last key. Talk to Johan now.

Step on the DIMENSIONAL TRAVELS CIRCLE. Go to the Swamp of Fate. Go north-east and find a big tower. Talk to the spirit in front of the tower. Go south-east and find an Astral Portal. SAVE. Go down and meet: heDat. He'll ask you a question. If you did save - then choose the first answer to see a small ending-animation. Game over. Re-load. Choose the second choice and continue the game. Take the amulet "Wrath of Gods" from the altar. You don't have to look anymore for new amulets from now on. There is nothing else on this level besides this two places. Everything else are just small enemies so don't bother "looking".

Buy a lot of heavy bullets and a few health potions. Go to the LANDS of KAOS. Here you can find the G.A.S. file: go south-west and find the first three houses that will appear on your map (the three most south-west), from those three houses go NORTH-east (more north than east) and find the second group of three houses - there you should find the "encrypted file" (it's shinning on the ground). Continue west from here. You'll encounter RED mech robots around this parts. They go down with around 8-10 bullets while using the hyper rifle or a lot of bullets in sniper mode. There should be around 35 of those things in the west and north-west part of this map. They're the best way of getting level ups in this game (but you'll have to carry a lot of bullets). In the most north-west part of this map you'll encounter: idoV. SAVE before talking to him. Choose the first answer, watch the small ending-animation and reload. Choose the next answer. Go to the west part of the map and search for a portal. Go down. Go down again by using any of the 4 portals. SAVE here. You'll have to kill all of the 4 bosses (with the ICE AXE) on this map in order to get their "souls" - the things they will drop. The "absolute" (light) boss fight: you should first lure his two guards away from him (run away) and pick them out with the power hit of the lightning axe, then go fight the boss. Get the 4 souls - now you can enter the tower in the Swamp of Fate (by clicking on the door, not on the spirit). If you have reached lvl 19 buy the best hyper rifle and sniper rifle. End the G.A.S. quest. 

- which is the final part of the game - you should consider raising up your character's level. Best places for doing that: LANDS of KAOS - killing red mech robots with a hyper rifle, OR going to the DRACONIAN LANDS and cleaning out (quickly) the level with a sniper rifle, but don't go into the south-west part of the map (heavier enemies). On this map you get good experience from monsters quickly. Keep in mind that once you click on the door of the Temple Of Fate (while carrying the four souls) you'll get a 1 000 000 of experience. When you reach level 19 or even more. Go and clean the OBSCURE CAVES. You'll get the armor "Power of the Gods" (lvl 21), the ring "Drum Of War" (lvl 15) and the "Amulet of Death" (lvl 30). 
You might think that this armor is no good because it has an "-" (minus) sign written in it, but it actually RAISES your defenses by 120. So it works. 

OGDAKERON LOCATION - first turn RIGHT, then FORWARD, then RIGHT. You'll have to lure the priest boss away from him before fighting him. The priest drops the DRUM OF WAR. 
Armor "POWER OF THE GODS" LOCATION - right, forward, forward. Kill the priest. On the ground in that room there should also be the AMULET OF DEATH.

Inside the Temple Of Fate

FIRST OF ALL, before choosing, SAVE YOUR GAME on a special save file (which you won't overwrite) in order to reload and see the other endings. Note: as soon as you reach level 25 go to the shop to buy the best hyper rifle there is.

Choosing your path. Your choice is: 

1. Go to LANDS OF KAOS - north-west portal
2. Go to the OBSCURE caverns - kill OGDAKERON
3. Go to the SACRED FOUNTAIN - go to "DISABEL'S HIDEOUT", reach her, go down the strange gutter, reach the Krotan's labyrinth - there are three rooms in the most south-west part of the labyrinth, the one on the right has the fountain

The third mission is a direct boss fight after you enter the fountain's portal. Use the best potion of axe power, axe ability and iron skin you have. Equip the abyss axe and use all of your astral energy on the axe's power hit.

1. Go to DRACONIAN LANDS - south-east portal 
2. Go to the OBSCURE caverns - kill OGDAKERON
3. Go to DRACONIAN LANDS - south-west portal

Last mission is hard. Bunch of levels with enemies before the last room. Pack yourself and your stash, preferably with best possible potions and some heavy bullets. Kill the priests with the hyper rifle and use the daemon axe on draconian warriors. In the last room destroy the four pillars in each corner - game ends. 

1. Go to KINGDOM OF DEMONS - north-west portal
2. Go to the OBSCURE caverns - kill OGDAKERON
3. Go to KINGDOM OF DEMONS - east portal

In the third mission there is a level before the boss. The boss is not the big daemon, but the priest. Use the best potion of axe power, axe ability and iron skin you have. Equip the dragon axe and use all of your astral energy on the axe's power hit.

If you end the game with any of the above mentioned paths, you will get an additional video-piece after the ending animation: Etrom will say something like "yet sometimes in my dreams I can hear someone calling me from the Temple of Fate...". That someone is Eladen. Choose the Lux path to meet her. She will replace Johan in the Astral Temple.

1. Go to the LANDS OF THE ABYSS - north-east portal 
2. Go to the OBSCURE caverns - kill OGDAKERON
3. Go to the LANDS OF KAOS - north-east portal, click on the magic prison
4. Go to the LANDS OF THE ABYSS - south portal

In the last mission you will have to first pass two levels before the "THIRD DOOR" fight. You wont be able to go to the abyss (message: "CAN'T PASS") - return to the spot from where that bridge started and go another way (down). SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE ENTERING THE "THIRD DOOR" PORTAL. Kill the priest "Adek's Essence" and go through the portal. You'll be 
at the Astral temple. Before you talk to Frederik, level up - if you've reached level 30 equip the AMULET OF DEATH. NOW talk to Frederik. Kill the Inner demon and inner self to end the game.