Prince of Persia: FAQ/Walkthrough

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| Prince of Persia Guide     |
| Created by: Axel7174       |
| FAQ and Walkthrough        |
| Copyright 2008 Ryne Gardner|

Version History
Version .20 - 12/6/08 - 12/7/08
--First template version up. Working on more. I had hoped to get a good amount
of walkthrough up but unfortunately COD4 has been beckoning of late. I got my
foot in the door with the first area covered. I'll be updating this week to
add more. 

Version .25 - 12/9/08
--Added a little more to the walkthrough. Fixed up a couple errors I add in
some of the info. Still working diligently on more. 

Version .30 - 12/16/08
--I regret to say I haven't been able to push out a larger scale update and
have more or less been going piece by piece so far. I partly blame COD4 for
this, as well as the last stretch of my college semester. The good news is I'm
almost done with all of my finals. Anyway, still working on more, and I added
some more info, including another FAQ question. 

Version .35 - 12/31/08
--Yikes, I'm slacking a bit. I mean yeah, I had finals, then the holidays came
and went, but I'll admit I have had some time to do work. I really hoped to be
done with this before the new year. So much for that. Just making steady
progress in this update and hoping to keep it going. Not much else to say.

Happy New Years folks!

Version .40 - 1/05/09
--Holy smokes, my first guide update of the New Year! Well, for starters, I
added a decent sized chunk to the walkthrough. Hoping to get more in very soon
and hoping to stay consistent on that track. I'm also going to add more info to
some of the sections soon. 

Version .45 - 1/06/09
--Added even more to the walkthrough. I also fixed a few errors. I realized
that I was mixing up all the names of the powers! Sheesh. Also, in addition,
I laid out some of the Trophy information. I also started the Boss section
somewhat. Working on more. 

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.................................... [itro]
 * About This Guide
 * About Prince of Persia
 * Using This Guide
2. Pop Quiz - The Basics........................... [pbas]
 * Controls........................................ [pctr]
 * New Features.................................... [pnew]
 * Elika........................................... [peli]
 * Platforming..................................... [pfor]
 * Combat & Combos................................. [pcom]
 * Basic Layout of the Game........................ [pgla]
3. Walkthrough..................................... [wlkt]
 * Foreword........................................ [fwiw]
 * Prologue - Into the Storm....................... [pop01]
 * King's Gate - Ruined Citadel.................... [pop02]
 * The Cauldron - The Vale......................... [pop03]
 * The Cavern - Royal Palace....................... [pop04]
 * City Gate - City of Light....................... [pop05]
 * Tower of Ahriman - City of Light................ [pop06]
 * Sun Temple - Ruined Citadel..................... [pop07]
 * The Windmills - Ruined Citadel.................. [pop08]
 * Machinery Ground - The Vale..................... [pop09]
 * Queen's Tower - City of Light................... [pop10]
 * Tower of Ormazd - City of Light..................[pop11]
 * Warrior's Fortress - City of Light...............[pop12]
4. Extras.......................................... [exra]
 * Bosses.......................................... [exbo]
 * Skins........................................... [exsk]
 * Trophies/Achievements........................... [exth]
5. Miscellaneous................................... [misl]
 * Frequently Asked Questions...................... [afak]
 * Credits/Special Thanks
 * Contact Info
 * Legal Stuff


About This Guide
And so I'll be closing out 2008 with this. With Finals for college and the
holiday looming, chances are I won't be putting out another guide this year. I
had a lot of fun though and I look forward to celebrating the one year
anniversary of my PS3. Hopefully I'll be putting out some more guides soon. 

About Prince of Persia
PoP has definitely been one of my favorite series, at least going back to last
gen. I think it is in some ways underrated, especially now that Ubisoft has put
out Assassin's Creed, which was great in its own right. With this game however,
we put aside the Sands of Time prince and welcome a brand new adventure. What
exactly is new? Well, check the New Features section under Basics. 

Using This Guide
You can use the quickjumps provided in the Table of Contents along with the 
ctrl+f function of your web browser to jump to certain sections of the guide
fast. Use the codes provided to move around quickly if you so desire. Also, if
you have questions, read the FAQ section first before contacting me. If you
have info to submit to me, please read my policy in the Contact Info section.
Please, please read that, because it's important! If you just scroll down to
that section, ignoring all the information and just snag my e-mail and send me
something, I'll be a sad panda. Well, not really, but it's important. 

|Pop Quiz - The Basics|

|Controls|     [pctr]

Here's a quick overview of the control scheme for the game. I'll list the
controls as they apply for the PS3 and 360 version. I'll be referring to the
PS3 controls throughout this guide. 

|Action           |PS3 Button         |360 Button         |
|Movement         |Left Analog Stick  |Left Stick         |
|Camera           |Right Analog Stick |Right Stick        |
|Jump/Confirm     |X/Cross            |A                  |
|Attack           |Square             |X                  |
|Use/Grab Ring    |Circle             |B                  |
|Compass/Elika    |Triangle           |Y                  |
|Talk to Elika    |L2/L1              |Left Button/Trigger|
|Grip fall/Drop   |R2/R1              |R. Button/Trigger  |
|Pause            |Start              |Start              |
|Map Screen       |Select             |Back               |

|Action           |PS3 Button         |360 Button         |
|Basic Attack     |Square             |X                  |
|Acrobatic Attack |X/Cross            |A                  |
|Lift Attack      |Circle             |B                  |
|Elika Attack     |Triangle           |Y                  |
|Block/Deflect    |R2/R1              |R. Button/Trigger  |

|New Features|     [pnew]

With its entrance on the next-gen platform, the Prince of Persia series has
deviated from the old saga. The new Prince has a few new tricks up its sleeve.
Many of the game mechanics have changed and this Prince seems totally revamped.
Worry not, for this Prince is just as good, if not better. 

Wall Running
Wall Running is far from new in Prince of Persia, but in this iteration, it has
been slightly altered. You will longer run at walls, holding R1 to initiate a
Wall Run. All Wall Running is started by jumping at the walls instead. Also,
you don't have to hold R1. Simply jump toward the wall at the right angle and
the Prince will automatically start running along it for a few seconds. Look
for the scratched surfaces on walls. This is the universal sign in the new PoP
for a Wall-Running surface. 

Grip Falling
That's the real term used to describe, but I like to refer to it as "using the
Gauntlet" or sliding down walls. Basically, the Prince uses his gauntlet to
slide down a wall slowly. This feature will come in handy a lot, whether to
help you get down from a high spot or to reach a lower ledge without dropping

Rings will be along the walls, there for the Prince to grab to continue his
platforming combo. Grab a ring with Circle just as or when you reach it and the
Prince will continue moving. Fail to press Circle and you will fall off. Rings
will help the Prince Roof Run and they are sometimes attached to special 

Roof Running
This new and completely awesome feature lets you, as the name suggests, run
across the roof in gravity defying feat. To initiate a Roof Run, you will
usually start from a column. In areas where there are some columns and rings
attached to a roof, climb the column to the top. Press the Left Analog Stick
toward the next column or ring and the Prince will lean toward it. Hit X to
Roof Run toward it. Remember if you hit a ring that you must press Circle and
the Prince will continue his Roof Run. So in the walkthrough, where I
inevitably say "hit the ring" that means press Circle when you get to the ring.
Some situations will also see you sliding down a wall, hitting a ring which 
will bring you under a roof for a Roof Run.

Double Jump
Yes, you can jump twice. The second jump is thanks to Elika's powers. More on
this in the Elika section. There are many gaps in the game which are too large
to traverse just by the Prince's own abilities. You will know immediately if
the gap is too big if the screen starts to fade into black and white. Hit
Triangle and Elika will give you a boost. 

Ormazd Power Plates
These are colored plates that you'll find in each area of the game. They come
in four colors: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow. These colors correspond to 
certain powers that Elika can obtain. More on this in that section. These
plates add to extra platforming sequences and obtaining the powers allows you
to enter new areas where these plates would permit you entry. 

|Elika|     [peli]

Elika is your best and only companion in this game. She not only helps guide
you along the way with her Compass ability and her advice on the world and
tips for puzzles, but she opens the way for new combat abilities. Perhaps most
importantly however, she'll save your life. Probably countless times. Let's
take a look at Elika's abilities. 

Elika In Combat
First and foremost, with Elika at your side, you gain access to some magic
attacks. Press Triangle in combat situations to call her and she'll strike the
enemy for you. This opens the way to new combo possibilities. Her powers are
useful when enemies begin to shield themselves with Corruption, rendering them
impervious to all other attacks from the Prince. Be careful with her though,
as Elika is not invincible. Call her at the wrong time, such as when an enemy
has a different type of shield up and that enemy will knock her out. To bring
her back, walk over to her body and Elika will automatically get up. 

Elika With Basic Travel
Go into the map with Select and set a destination for yourself. As long as you
have a destination, you can hit Triangle when moving around to have Elika cast
out a light that will show you the path to that place. This light will not
only point you in the right direction, it will travel the exact path you need
to take! What does this mean? It will divulge the platforming parts you must
take to get there. So if you don't know what ledge is next or simply don't
know what you have to jump to next, the Compass will guide you. 

You can also talk to Elika with L2 or L1. What she and the Prince talk about
will depend on where you are and what's going on. If you're in a certain area,
the conversation may be about that and the Corruption there. If you're near a
Boss fight, the topic may be about that too. Other times you might be able to
get her to talk about her past. This will not only get you some Trophies or
Achievements, but it's also interesting. Elika and the Prince have some
entertaining dialogues. There are times however, particularly after Boss
fights and other situations, where Elika won't say anything and it will merely
be the Prince talking to himself. In these cases, just move on. 

Elika In Platforming
Ironically enough, the Prince, as gifted as he is at getting around (even more
than the last Prince), will need help from Elika. The first useful ability of
hers in platforming situations is the double jump. As mentioned before, hit
Triangle after your first jump and Elika will lift you again. Remember to watch
for instances where the screen starts to turn black and white and you know you
have to double jump. 

There is one other thing worth mentioning, though it is not necessary to
platforming at all. Since Elika follows the Prince rather effectively, you
will often have her occupying the same grab ledge as him and so forth. You can
move toward her on the same ledge and the two will switch places. When the
Prince jumps up to a new ledge, he might take Elika by the hand and hold her.
Push left or right on the Left Analog Stick and he will toss her up to the
ledge so she can grab on. Finally, and perhaps "cute" in a way is that if you
drop down from a ledge, if you do not move, the Prince will catch Elika when
she drops down. 

Elika's Powers and the Power Plates
One of the most important parts of the game. Elika can gain four powers in the
game, all of them related to platforming. These will open up new areas and
allow you get around quicker. To obtain a new power, you have to go to the
Temple once you have accrued enough Light Seeds. You can pick any power you
want to progress through the game as you choose. 

All of these plates are involved in platforming bits, some in very long chains.
Like any platforming bit, if you fall off, you start over at the last normal
platform. When you reach a plate, hit Triangle to activate it and you'll be
whisked off. 

Blue - Hand of Ormazd
Effect: With this, Elika will fly a short distance and throw the Prince a long
distance to another area. 

Green - Breath of Ormazd
Effect: Activating this plate allows the Prince to run with a gravity defying
burst of speed along any surface, whether it be on a wall or a ceiling. If he
hits obstacles he will fall off and have to do it over. This lets you scale
buildings and other areas that would normally be inaccessible.

Yellow - Wings of Ormazd
Effect: Elika will take to the sky and fly around as the Prince holds on for
dear life. Well, not really. The path is predetermined and you can only move
slightly left and right or up and down. Most of the flight paths have archways
or buildings you have to dodge so hitting one means you have to do it again.

Red - Step of Ormazd
Effect: Elika will jump through the air and flip, using the momentum to toss 
the Prince a short or sometimes a very, very long distance, usually to another
red plate. 

|Platforming|     [pfor]

The Prince of Persia has always possessed some degree of acrobatic prowess and
there is no exception here. Getting around means flinging yourself off walls
and swinging from poles and flying around. Just a quick overview of what you
will be dealing with. 

Walls: Pretty simple. Look for walls with the scratched surfaces and you can
perform a Wall-Run. For vertical scaling, jump at a wall and the Prince will
automatically pull himself up and grab a ledge if there is one or otherwise he
will slide down. 

Columns: The Prince can leap to columns and slide up and down. Sometimes there
are roofs that you can Roof Run across by going up to the top of the column.
They are found often in some platforming combos. It's important to note that
sometimes, due to the camera angle, it can be tough in the direction you want
to. Remember to turn around the column to the correct side and then jump.

Flagpoles: Another PoP staple. Jump to a flagpole and the Prince will begin
swinging. Press X to jump to the next flagpole or what have you.

Beams: Beams are just small wooden... beams jutting out. You'll often find
them with flagpoles. Unlike past PoP, there is no balancing act you have to
do here so you will never fall off a beam.

Vines: You'll find a lot of vines on walls sometimes. Vines let the Prince
climb across a wall slowly to another area. From the vines, he can Wall Run,
jump, or drop down and slide. When climbing on vines, Elika quickly "snaps" to
the Prince and holds on to his back and lets him do all the work.

Rings: As mentioned before, you'll find rings often on Roof Run platforms and
on certain walls. Grab them with Circle to continue your movement. Typically
there will be more than one in a row or sequence and remember if you don't hit
Circle, you'll fall off.

Power Plates: Not going to get into this much. Refer to the Elika section above
for more info if you need to. These will just basically let you get around in
new ways.

|Combat & Combos|     [pcom]

There is a new combat system in this Prince of Persia. Gone are the days of
fending off multiple opponents and jumping about from one to the other. Sad?
Well, don't be. This new system, despite being 1-on-1 is very efficient.
Basically all enemies are like bosses in that they have health bars. Each
button corresponds to a certain attack and you can link these in certain ways
for interesting and stylish combos. 

There's a lot to add here so I'll be adding it in a later update.

|Basic Layout of the Game|     [pgla]

Prince of Persia isn't a very linear game, thankfully. You have the option to
choose how you will progress and where you will go next in a limited number of
available areas. The Temple is your base of operations mostly. The Temple is
linked to four "basic" starter areas and these further lead to four large
dominions made of five areas. Each of the areas in these dominions can only be
accessed by a pair of Elika's powers. Once you have a power you can start
visiting some. Gather enough Light Seeds and you'll open more areas. You'll
progress through the areas in these dominions until all four in each dominion
are complete. When that happens... well, you'll find out. 

Each dominion is controlled by a certain enemy and you'll inevitably face them
in the respective areas. Each time you face them, they'll grow stronger each
time and gain new powers and defensive capabilities. Every time you "complete"
an area, Light Seeds appear. Once you collect enough, you can gain a new power,
and this will unlock even more areas. The small areas are connected to adjacent
areas and so traveling is easy. You can also teleport between "completed" areas
and also the Temple at will. 


|Foreword |     [fwiw]

Since the game allows you to choose your path, this is very important. I will
be going a predetermined path in the game. While you are more than free to
choose your own way, I recommend for the sake of this walkthrough, that you go
more or less the same way as I. There may be some changes in the paths that are
available depending on which powers you get and so forth. There might be a lot
of other changes but I'm still looking into that.

Well, let's get started.

|Prologue - Into the Storm| Exordium

The introductory scene will play and in little time, you'll be in control.
Follow the woman in white with the Left Analog Stick and jump with X. The game
will give you some tutorials to help you out so I won't be butting in too much
with this stuff. 

Jump the first two gaps, then drop down a small ledge. Watch the woman as she
jumps toward the next wall on the left. She'll run along the wall and over to
the other side. Notice the scratched surface of the wall. This means you too
can run along it. Jump toward it at a similar angle and you'll automatically
Wall Run. Do it again on the next wall. 

The woman will climb up a bigger ledge. Jump up at it and the Prince will pull
himself up automatically. Next, jump a larger gap and watch as the woman goes
around the outer wall here. Follow her, and at the end of your Wall Run, hit
X to jump and propel yourself to the opposite ledge. Drop down a few more
ledges after that, and you'll find the woman, cornered by two guards. When
the Prince intervenes, one of them confronts him. 

Again, the game will take the time to hold your hand in the outset of the game
and that includes your first taste of combat. Hit Square for basic attacks,
Circle to use your gauntlet, and then Square again for a follow up attack. Then
the enemy's life bar will appear. The next tutorial tells you to block, so do
so with R2. You can also attempt to deflect attacks by blocking at the moment
of impact. Try to get a handle on this early as it will come in handy later. 

Once you're done with that, you can fight normally. Use the same combo as
before, Square, Circle, Square to deal some damage. Block or deflect any hits
and strike back right afterwards. One thing to take note of is that the
enviornment will play a role in your fights. Every time you attack, unless it
is deflected, you'll push your enemy back. If their back is against the wall,
you will start a little quick time event where you will do a quick attack of
some sort that you'll either watch or have to hit a button for. For this fight,
if you get the guard up against the wall, the Prince will push them up against
the wall, then pick them up and throw the body. 

After that, there is another quick scene. Follow the woman up the wall. Start
on the right and jump up near the wall and the Prince will pull himslef up a
little. Immediately jump to the opposite wall after that and he'll do it again,
pulling himself up to the ledge. Turn right and enter the next valley. Follow
the woman by jumping a gap and Wall Running.

At this point, you'll get the woman's name by an unseen voice. Elika. Follow
Elika to the left and enter a slightly more narrow area. Wall Run on the right
wall, then jump to the left wall before you lose all of your momentum. The
Prince will automatically Wall Run again. Do this to reach the other side and
follow Elika across the bridge as a scene takes over.

After that, carry Elika around the corner and another scene will take place,
followed by another battle. This guard battle will introduce one more tutorial
for acrobatic attacks, initiated by X. Do what it says, then finish the fight
as normal. 

Once you gain control again, talk to Elika with L2. The Prince will inquire
about the Temple you're headed to. You'll also unlock a Trophy/Achievement
(hereafter referred to as Trophies but the same will apply for both) for this,
Where's That Temple?. You probably also unlocked Into The Storm upon starting
this part. Continue on by climbing up the wall in front of you.

Jump the gap, Wall Run on the right, then jump to the platform on the left.
Wall Run on this wall, then from the next platform, jump to the right wall
that's being hit by the sunlight. Wall Run here and then jump to the left wall
and Wall Run again. You'll finally come to a large platform where another
guard is waiting. Approach for another fight.

The tutorial will give you a quick and easy gauntlet combo, Circle, Circle.
Go ahead and try it out, then finish the fight however you see fit. Another
guard will appear and another combo will be introduced. Square, Circle, X,
Square. There are a lot of combos out there, and there's still another button
missing so be prepared to start trying different combinations soon. 

Another scene plays and a man in black appears, calling out for Elika. When
that's over, move toward the ledge and the Prince will drop down and grab the
edge. Hit R2 at this point and using his gautlet, the Prince will slide down
the ledge slowly. Elika will also follow, so don't worry. Now follow her
across the desert toward the big Temple in the distance. 

The Temple
Elika will have a good headstart on you, so follow her up the stairs and to the
area on the side of the door. Watch as she climbs up and follow her. Jump to
the first ledge, then the next one. The fissure makes a backwards L shape, so
move to the vertical part and you can climb up. From there, jump to the ledge
and you'll find Elika waiting and a crank that you two can pull together. Grab
it with Circle and turn it to open the door. Now slide down the wall and enter
the now open doorway. 

Head straight down the hallway as the Prince and Elika discuss the true purpose
of this Temple. At the very end is a closed door and a switch mechanism to the
right. Run up and grab the ring and the Prince will automatically pull it down.
Enter the seal room and drop down to the magical glowing tree. A scene takes
over and then you've got your first boss fight! Ulp!


Despite the King's intimidating stature, he is a pushover. He may attack first
so be ready to block or deflect if you can. Attack him with any of the combos
you've learned so far, or feel free to test out new ones. Also refer to the
Combo List from the Options submenu of the Pause menu.

Get the King up against a wall and there will be another QTE where the Prince
headbutts him a few times, then throws him to the ground. If this occurs at
the end of even a small combo, you'll probably finish this fight pretty fast
and handily. 


After that, the King will cut the tree and a lot of crazy stuff will start
happening. Before you can escape, another fight begins against a mysterious

This dark creature wields a sword, but the fight itself will be started off
with another tutorial. Now Elika can wield her magic for you with Triangle.
The combo is Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle. After that, try any
other moves you want and end this fight. You'll win automatically if you manage
to pin this creature up against a wall or a ledge. 

One other thing to take note of, since this foe might be a little more
aggressive than the last. If you get hurt, the corners of the screen will
flash red. This puts you in a state where an enemy, with one more attack, can
knock you down and then attempt to finish you off. Sounds bad, I know, but the
enemy finisher attacks can always be dodged by hitting the right button as
the prompt shows. Hit the wrong button or wait too long, and the creature will
attempt to deliver the coup de grace. Elika will save you with her magic at the
last second however. So what's the big deal then, you ask? Well, as a cost for
being saved, the enemy will regain some lost health. So it's helpful in the
long run to try and win these little bouts and dodge the finishers

With that out of the way, jump across the two gaps and then Wall Run, jump,
Wall Run to the fissure. Climb across the fissure to the left and then Wall Run
and jump to the platform to your left. Jump the gap, head up the ramp, jump
again and then you'll fight another creature. 

Fight it the same way as before but again, be wary of its more aggressive
nature. You can always end the fight easily by cornering it and attacking. Once
you've dealt with that, turn to the doorway. Grab the ring to activate the
switch and then flee. 

Things will start getting really hectic here. Head forward, favoring the right
side as the floor collapses. Jump over and then Wall Run on the left. Jump back
to the right, Wall Run again, and then jump back to the left. Jump the next
gap to the small platform right in the middle in front of you. The tutorial
will quickly tell you about a double jump. Jump this next gap and hit Triangle
in mid-air and Elika will boost you to the other side. A scene takes over at
that point. 

|King's Gate - Ruined Citadel| Virtus

Now that the whole world has gone to hell, take the time to pay attention to
the next few tutorials, introducing the map and your way of getting around for
the entire game. You'll open the map with Select, pick a destination with X,
then head there. To guide you along your way, you can hit Triangle and just
about any time and Elika will use her Compass power to light the way. 

Take a look at all the areas. The map is comprised of five very large circles.
The bottom one is the Temple, where you are now. The other four are in the
west, northwest, northeast, and east. I'll be referring to these as dominions
from now on. Each of these dominions is made up of four areas, plus one area
connecting them to the Temple, and a sixth area that is unlocked after all
the others are cleared. From left to right (or west to east), they are: the
Ruined Citadel, the Vale, the Royal Palace, and the City of Light. 

Each dominion has two powers that are necessary to hold in order to even get
in. As you have none, these areas are blocked off and the only ones available
are the four just beyond the temple, connecting to each dominion. The choice is
yours on which to pick, but for the purpose of this guide we'll start from the
left. Go into your map and choose the closest circle to the west. Set the
King's Gate as your destination and then fire up the Compass and head that

When you cross the desert, Elika will stop you and show you a quick vision of
hers. This will give you a very brief glimpse at the baddies you'll be facing
on your journey. Oh, terrific. Jump the gap with Elika's help. Hop up the 
ledges, then climb onto the fissure and move along the wall here to cross the 
small chasm. Drop down on the other side and move on. You'll encounter another
wall and this one has a ring on it. Jump up and then grab the ring with circle
to continue moving upward for a boost. You'll reach the top this way but if you
don't hit Circle, you'll just drop down.

Climb the platform on your left and simply jump the next gap. You'll hit the
wall, but the Prince will pull himself up to the ledge. Now Wall Run the
next gap. You'll hit a ring halfway through so press Circle at that moment and
you will Wall Run again to reach the other side.

You'll be at a fork. Hit Triangle and Elika's Compass will point you in the
right direction. Go left and jump to the flagpole. Swing across the gap and
then climb up the wall, hitting the two rings and reaching the top. Swing
and jump from the two flagpoles. On the next platform, walk out onto the beam
and then leap to the next ledge. Jump the next gap to another beam, and then
again to the next platform. Climb up the fissure here and at the top, jump up
to reach the ledge. 

At the next wall, get under the beam and climb up to get onto it. Face the
wall and then climb up to the fissure. Go around the corner and the fissure
will stop. Wall Run from the fissure by leaning in the right direction and
hitting X. You'll reach another fissure. Again, move around the side until you
can finally climb up.

Elika will give you a heads up about your opponent, now that you've reached
the Ruined Citadel dominion. If you ever feel lost, consult the Compass. For
now, jump the beams and the flagpole. Cross the next beam and then jump to the
column. From the column, jump to the next platform. Here, climb up to the
vines and Elika will snap onto the Prince's back. Cross the vines going left
and drop down to the ground below with R2. 

Talk to Elika now, if you wish. She might tell you a little more info about
this place. You might also manage to snag the Getting To Know You Trophy. For
now, jump to the next two columns, then Wall Run to the vines. On the next
side, jump to the next column and climb to the near top so you can jump to the
wooden floor across from you. You'll reach another column. Climb this one to
the top and you'll see a ring on the roof. Lean forward and then hit X and the
Prince will Roof Run. Press Circle when you get to the ring to keep moving and
you'll cross successfully. 

On this side, jump the two columns and then Wall Run to the vines. Climb the
vines as high as you can go, then press up and X to climb up to the ledge. You
have made it to the top, but unfortunately.... someone else has as well. 


The first of Ahriman's Corrupted army has appeared. Each of them protects all
of the areas in each dominion and it just so happens that the Hunter is in
charge of all of the areas in the Ruined Citadel. Lucky for you though, he is
not too tough. 

This first foe doesn't bring much to the table besides standard attacks. Just
be careful because he is definitely aggressive at times. If you get hurt, make
sure to hit the prompt before he attempts to finish you off. Also, the quick
time event for the Hunter will occur if you pin him up against a wall. For him,
the QTE has you hitting Square repeatedly in a deadlock. Win this and the
Prince will deal some damage to him as the Hunter is pushed up against the wall
and then thrown in the other direction. 

The Hunter will mostly attack with his blade in his right hand, but may also
make a very sudden sneak attack with his left hand as he tries to swat you.
If you're any good at deflecting attacks be sure to take advantage of the
opportunities. Deflect five of his attacks and you'll earn the Trophy, Hunter

String together a nice combo, deflect his attacks and you'll be able to defeat
the Hunter with little trouble. 


Once the fight is complete, the Hunter flees and the Prince and Elika are left
alone with the glowing blue dais. When Elika enters, hit Triangle repeatedly
and Elika will purify the Fertile Ground here in the King's Gate. You're one
step closer to your goal!

That whole "healing" process is what you're gonna be doing in every area of
the game. Healing the land rids it of Ahriman's influence. They are all guarded
by his Corrupted however, so beware. 

Something else has happened now that the land is healed however. You probably
notice the Light Seeds. As Elika will state, she needs these. You'll gain your
first automatically in the scene. The rest are surrounding you in this area
and some are easier to find than others. As you can see, you only need 60 to 
get your first power. This will open up more areas than the four you've started
with so let's get to collecting. 

Start by grabbing the next two in front of the gate and on the ring which you
need to run up and pull to open it (3/60). Walk out onto the beam for another
(4/60), then jump and double jump to the column across from you. Slide down to
the bottom of this column for another seed (5/60), then climb back up. Jump 
from there to the vines and slide down the wall here with your gautlet. Slide 
down on the left side to grab another Light Seed, then move to the right and 
get the next one (7/60). Across from where you land is another one in front of
a beam (7/60) so get that and then go to the left. Jump to the wall and pull 
yourself up. Jump and swing from the two flagpoles to the beam to collect 
another seed, then swing from the next flagpole and double jump to the vines 
for one more (8/60).

Climb from the top of the vines to the ledge above. There's another flagpole in
front of you, but there's another Light Seed on the wall to your left. Stand
near the edge and jump straight up to climb the wall and reach this one (10/60).
Now swing from the flagpole and double jump to the slippery platform. Slide
down this and jump at the end onto the wall to Wall Run. You'll nab another
seed, and then jump to the next wall to continue your run (12/60).

Here you'll find another of Ahriman's minions, a regular enemy. If you had
gotten here fast enough, there would only be a black spiral of energy which
you can run up to and attack with Square to prevent the fight completely. This
is unlikely if you grabbed that Light Seed before so you might have to fight.
It's not too much trouble though. Just try to pin the enemy against a wall for
an easy win. There are no more seeds this way, so turn around and go back.
Start by climbing the ledge in the corner. 

In front of you is another sliding platform. Don't jump to it yet. Climb up the
wall on your right to find another Light Seed (13/60). Now go across, sliding
down and then jumping straight across to the wall. You'll pull yourself up and
there will be a large gap followed by two sliding platforms. Don't go down this
path just yet. From where you're standing, turn to your right. You can see an
alcove in the cliffside with two Light Seeds just waiting. Jump over to grab
them, then jump back (15/60). With those in hand, start by invoking Elika's 
power to cross the first gap, then jump to the second for a seed (16/60). This
will bring you back to the original platform and you'll need Elika's boost for
that too. Keep in mind if you miss a jump and fall, Elika will save you. 

From where you are now, back on this platform, jump to the beam. Swing from
the two first flagpoles for another seed, then double jump to reach the third
(17/60). Cross the beam for the next seed, then jump to the vines, sliding down
for another (19/60). Drop down and then go left and jump to the column. Jump
toward the structure. Go to the right and there should be two Light Seeds
right there, one in front of you, and the other on the column (21/60). Climb to
the top of this column and jump to the wooden platform. Go around the perimeter
in this direction for more.

Jump to and climb up the column. There are two Light Seeds on the roof here.
The first one is obvious, in front of you. The other is behind you, believe it
or not. Roof Run in both directions by using the column to grab them both. For
the one in front of you, hit the ring and then land on the platform there at
the next corner (23/60). 

Turn the corner and either Wall-Run or double jump to the beam. Jump from there
to the platform and then to the column for another seed. Go to the next
platform and then Wall Run to the vines. Collect your next seed (25/60). Now
climb up and you'll be back to the main area of the Fertile Ground. 

Repeat the process from earlier, jumping to the column and then sliding down.
This time however, when you reach the bottom, go left. Cross all these beams
and flagpoles for a total of 6 more Light Seeds (31/60). Turn around and swing
from the two flagpoles back to that small half grass, half wooden platform.
There are vines on the wall here. Climb up to grab them. Head to the right and
then Wall Run from the vines and leap to the column. You'll find another seed
here (32/60). Jump to the next column, and then to the vines. Climb up to get
two more seeds (34/60).

At the very top of the vines, you may see there's a platform behind you. To
reach it, just hit X without pushing the Left Analog Stick in any direction.
Wall Run from this platform to the strange red emblem on the wall to grab
another seed (35/60). Slide down with your gauntlet and catch the vines. That
red emblem is one of the Power Plates and it's of course, inactive as you
don't possess the appropriate power yet. This means you can't get all the Light
Seeds in this area just yet unfortunately, but we'll come back. 

For now, drop down and head to the left, across the flagpoles and such. You
might as well set your next destination, so go into the map and select the
northwest area, The Cauldron, part of the Vale dominion. Exit this area now in
this direction. Wall Run to the ring and then to the next platform. Jump to 
the fissure and slide across, then down. Go across this cliffside to the next
one and slide down again for another Light Seed (36/60). 

Instead of going forward, go to the right and turn around as if to go back in
the direction you just came from. Jump to the beam and then to the platform.
Climb up the fissure and at the top, cross the two beams for the next Light
Seed (37/60). Climb up this beam to the fissure and go across and Wall Run to
the next one, collecting another seed in the process (38/60). You're back at
the King's Gate. Turn around yet again and return, going the same way as you
did the first time, Wall Running to the ring, etc. Get back to that platform
where I told you to turn around instead of going forward. If you get confused,
just use Elika's Compass. 

Talk to Elika now if you like and you might learn more about her, and the
Prince as well. I'll be remiding you every so often but you should be talking
to her all the time. Before a boss, after a boss, entering a new area, leaving
a new area. 

Once you're at the right spot, jump to the small platform with the beam on it.
Swing from the next two flagpoles and you'll reach another platform. Wall Run
and hit the ring to grab the fissure. Slide across and then down for another
seed (39/60). Now turn around and you'll see a wall with two rings and another
seed. Jump here and climb up the rings to just grab the seed. Drop down after 
that and jump the gap again to where you were. Go to the left and you should 
see a seed along the wall here. Wall Run to it and then immediately jump and 
double jump to try and reach that platform (41/60). If you miss, no big deal. 
Light Seeds 42-45 are all visible in the main area but are unfortunately out 
of reach so continue on your way and remember to consult Elika's Compass if 
you get lost or confused. 

|The Cauldron - The Vale| Virtus

From the fork, the Compass should point you toward a dark corridor. Start by
climbing the purple vines here. Use them to get around this cliff and drop
down on the other side. Wall Run here to the small fissure, then Wall Run again
to the platform. Wall Run to the two fissures here and cross to the other side.
Wall Run on the right to the vines, and continue from the next platform by
Wall Running to and from two more sets of vines to another platform. Climb
straight up the wall to two sets of vines and Wall Run to the left to reach
a platform. Confused yet? Sorry. You're finally here more or less. Jump a few
gaps and then turn left when you see an opening. 

This is a bizarre area. The Vale is probably the most distinguished dominion in
the game. Talk to Elika for some info if you care to know about it and a little
about the Alchemist. If you're ready to get started then jump to the vines on
the left as Elika suggests and climb up. 

The Corruption in this area will suddenly rise. Cross the beam and get moving.
Jump to the sliding platform and then on the next ground, climb up the vines. 
Cross the beams and then climb up more vines. Jump to the next sliding 
platform as the Corruption rises more. Climb the next wall and then cross a 
beam to a platform, and from there to a column. At the top of this column, Roof
Run to the smaller one. Roof Run again and you'll find a uniquely placed ring.
Hit this ring as you reach the end of the roof and you'll automatically swing
up the wall. Schwing! Climb up now and on the next platform, jump to the left
toward the center tower. Jump to the platform on the right and then double
jump the large gap on your right to another one. 

Climb up the wall here to grab a beam. Jump left from the beam to the wooden
platform. From there, jump to a long slide and take it to the Fertile Ground.
The beam of blue light is of course being guarded by a new foe!


The Alchemist is more into magical than physical combat. He's all about using
the Corruption against you so most of his attacks will see black energy masses
being thrown at you. 

In this fight as you attack, you'll probably find the Alchemist is the first
one to actually deflect your attacks. If this happens, watch out for a counter
so be ready to block. If you have impeccable timing, you might even be able to
deflect the counterattack. String together a good combo and try to get some of
his life off. The Alchemist can't be cornered against a wall, as he will just
disappear and reappear behind you. There is a mini-game though and if the
Alchemist grabs you with Corruption, hit Square repeatedly to break free. 

His finisher will happen if you get knocked down when injured. He'll lunge
at you so push the prompt button to save yourself or Elika will have to do it.
Although the Alchemist can't be pinned up against a wall, you can ring him out.
This arena only has one ledge so try to pin him up against it if you want and
attack him to knock him down for an easy win. 

Do what you have to and take the bastard down. 


With that out of the way, move over to the Fertile Ground. Like before, hit
Triangle to initiate the healing. Keep tapping it until Elika releases her
power. Another area healed and more Light Seeds to collect. Hooray. 

Start by collecting the four Light Seeds directly in front of you on this
platform (45/60). Double jump across to the vines and slide all the way down
for three more seeds (48/60). 

Go left across this platform for the next seed (49/60). You should see there
is a big tunnel area in front of you. Cross the gap and go inside here. Wall
Run to the red fissure for a seed (50/60). Go over to the next fissure and
point the Left Analog Stick until you see the Prince leaning back. You're
aiming for a platform behind you. Double jump to reach an alcove where two more
Light Seeds await (52/60). Go back across and Wall Run on the left, then jump
to the right and Wall Run to another fissure, grabbing the next seed in the
process (53/60). Go to the next fissure and Wall run again to the next wall to
get another seed, then go to the vines (54/60). Climb all the way up and an
enemy will be spawning. Cut down the Corruption to prevent the fight if you
can. Otherwise, you'll just have to fight.

Now go left across this platform to where you see a Light Seed on the next
wall. Wall Run here to grab it and get to a fissure (55/60). Now follow it over
and down to reach a previous fissure. Go back across through this tunnel to get
back to the main area.

Jump across the wooden platform right in front of you as you exit the tunnel.
Next, jump to the wall and Wall Run, grabbing the seed, and reaching the vines.
At the vines, jump straight up the wall to reach another seed (57/60). Climb
across now and and Wall Run to a seed and jump to the next platform where there
is yet another Light Seed (59/60). Jump to the next wall and Wall Run to vines.
Don't Wall Run from this vines yet. Climb straight up instead to find a
cleverly hidden area. On this platform rests another seed (60/60). Climb back
down now and from the vines, Wall Run for another three Light Seeds (63/170). 
You now have enough for your first power. You can teleport back to the Temple 
to get it if you'd like but we're not done here yet. Although the counter stops
at 60, you can gain more. 

You'll be back at the entrance. Climb up the wooden wall with the vines. At
the top, cross the beam and jump to the sliding platform. Keep going, crossing
the beams, climbing vines, etc until you reach the next slide. Just drop down
instead of jumping and grab the Light Seed (64/170). The counter will say 
64/60 but your next goal will be 170 so I'm putting that. 

On this cliff now, go around to find a bunch of wooden planks on the wall.
Climb up for another seed (65/170). Now go back and climb up those vines. Jump
across the beam and then over to the column. This is the Roof Run column, but
instead of doing that, point the Prince toward the center of the area. See
that next column? Double jump to it for a Light Seed, then jump into the alcove
for another (67/170). Head back and now Roof Run from the columns, hit the
ring and get up to the platform. From here just cross the various platforms
until you get back to the Fertile Ground. You're done with Light Seeds in this
main area. You can see in the far corner some more, but you can't reach them
just yet. For now, follow the path from the Fertile Ground all the way back
to the entrance where the path splits. 

From here, go right first. Start by jumping to the wooden platform. Get onto
the railing here and then jump left to the wall and the Prince will pull
himself up to the Light Seed (68/170). Now Wall Run to the vines and drop down,
getting the next seed in the process. Cross two more sets of vines via the
Wall Run and you'll get another seed (70/170). Keep going until you get to the
fissures. Cross the wall using the fissures for two more seeds (72/170). Also,
on the platform just before the one with the vines, grab the ledge and then
drop down and slide to a fissure along the face of this rock. There is another
seed here (73/170). Now go across to the vines and climb up to grab the last 
one along this path (74/170). Teleport back to the Temple now by highlighting
it on the map and hitting Triangle. As long as you are in the area or pathway
of an area that is healed, you can teleport. 

The Temple
Once back, you can talk to Elika to learn more about the Temple, Ahriman, and
the Corrupted. You should have earned the "Getting To Know You" Trophy by now,
and all this talking may just get you the "Good Company" Trophy. 

As you can see, the four emblems on the ground are lit up. Each of them is
holding a power for Elika to learn. You can redeem 60 of your Light Seeds for
one (you won't lose them though) and only one. For the purpose of this guide,
choose the blue power, the Hand of Ormazd. Step onto it and like the Fertile
Ground lights, hit Triangle repeatedly to activate it. 

You'll be brought to a blue spirit-like world. This is where you'll get some
quick practice with your new power. Wall Run on the right wall to reach the
power plate. Hit Triangle when you reach it and Elika will toss the Prince to
a new platform. Wall Run again and use the next plate. Do it a third time to
reach the platform where a large doorway of light is waiting. Enter to be
brought back to the Temple. 

Once back, there will be a scene and the Mourning King will appear. After that,
you are free to continue your journey. If you look at your map, you will see
four new areas are open to you in the Royal Palace and the City of Light
dominions, two places you have not been two yet, which means two more of
Ahriman's Corrupted are guarding them. We're not going to tackle the new areas
just yet. For now, let's knock out the remaining two beginning areas. Teleport
back to The Cauldron. 

You'll be back at the Fertile Ground spot. Just climb down until you get back
to the fork area. Go left down the other path you didn't take before. Start by
jumping to the platform. Wall Run to the vines, grabbing a Light Seed (75/170).
Now Wall Run on the left, hitting the two rings and nabbing the next seed. On
the next platform, turn around and Wall Run back to grab another seed (77/170).
To prevent yourself from falling, double jump to the opposite wall and you
should be fine. Now cross back over again on the rings. 

Drop down from this platform to the one below to find a seed (78/170). Wall Run
to and from the vines for another, then go to the next set of vines to grab
the next one (80/170). Run to the next platform. At the edge, grab the last
Light Seed and then jump down (81/170). You're at another fork, and the right
leads back to the Temple so go more or less straight, to the dark blue

|The Cavern - Royal Palace| Virtus

Start by leaping to the column to reach a platform. From there, jump to two
more columns. Cross the next platform to a fourth column. Climb this to a
height that is sufficient enough for you to jump to the next platform. Jump to
the next column and then to the next platform. The last column you can reach
by Wall Running. Jump off it into another Wall Run to reach the platform with
a big wall. Climb up the fissures and you will have arrived. 

Talk to Elika a few times if you want information. Elika will mention the
Concubine, the Corrupted that guards this dominion. You can see the blue light
of the Fertile Ground below you, so let's get started. 

Jump to the flagpoles and swing to the next platform. The opening to your left
leads to the main areas of the Royal Palace dominion. Ignore it for now and
instead jump to columns, going toward the center of the area. The first one you
will leap to will suddenly vanish however!

Well, you've reached the Fertile Ground anyway. Unfortunately, you're not
alone. The Concubine traps Elika and awaits on a far platform. The Fertile
Ground can be exited by two ways. Each have a small beam, a column and a wall.
One wall has a ring and the other doesn't. Take the path with the no-ring wall.
Climb up the column to the top and jump to the wall. Go right, jumping from a
beam to two flagpoles and finally into a Wall Run that will take you to the
Concubine. Strike at her and she will disappear. 

She'll appear on another platform. Jump back into the center and then take the
same path as before. Once you reach the top of the wall, go left this time.
Slide down the sliding platforms and you'll reach the Concubine again. Strike
at her and she'll again disappear. Gah! Stay still, bitch! *Ahem* Sorry. 

The Concubine will appear opposite you this time. Drop back down to the center
and take the path to the right this time, the one with the ring on the wall.
Climb up and go left. Slide down a platform, jump to and then swing from the
flagpoles, slide again and you'll reach her. Another attempt, another
disappearing act. The last however. The Concubine will finally stay in the
center now and she'll release Elika. Time to fight. 


As this is just the first fight against her, the Concubine won't have many
tricks to throw at you. She simply attacks with her staff mostly. She, like
the others has a wall mini-game for pinning them against a wall. The problem
here however is that this arena has no walls. The Concubine is also not
succeptible to ring-outs as she will just disappear so you're gonna have to
fight her straight on and deplete all of her health.

Still, she's not hard. If she catches you off guard when you're standing near
the edge, it will begin the mini-game you would normally get if you could pin
her up against a wall. Hit Square repeatedly to win this deadlock and it will
turn her around. She'll often strike back immediately after this so be wary. 

For her finisher, she'll spin around and then grab the Prince's head as he is
laying on the ground. At that point, the prompt button will appear. For all
finishers, it's random and it changes each time so just be ready to push the
one that appears. 

Other than that, just attack her straight on and use whatever combos you want.
Remember to keep experimenting and refer to the combo list to see what combos
link into each other. Eventually, the Concubine should go down. 


With that annoyance out of the way, approach the Fertile Ground and purge the
land of the Corruption. More Light Seeds appear, so you know what that means!
Let's get started by grabbing all four on the edges of this main platform, two
of which are on the beams (85/170). Go to the right (east--take a quick peek at
your map to see which way the player arrow is pointing) side and climb up here.
From the column to the wall you'll nab two more seeds (87/170). Next, climb all
the way up and then jump to the ledge to pull yourself up. Another Light Seed
awaits at the top (88/170). 

Here, jump to the left and take the sliding platforms that will ultimately lead
you back to the center, grabbing one more seed along the way (89/170). Climb
back up the same way. Go to the right this time. Across a beam for a seed, then
to the next platform (90/170). Next, jump to the flagpole and swing to the next
and then into a Wall Run for another seed (91/170). Now, back in the center,
go to the left (west) side of the main platform and climb up that way. 

Climb the column for one seed, then jump to the wall for another, grabbing the
ring to reach the top of the platform (93/170). Turn to your right and look
down and you can see a lower ledge. Slide down here and grab the two Light
Seeds waiting (95/170). You can't climb back up from here, so double jump to
the sliding platform to reach the center again. Climb back up on the same side
again. Go left this time, across the flagpoles and down the sliding platform to
finally reach one more seed (96/170). Now, for the third time, climb up the
same side again (the one with the ring in case you're confused). 

Once you reach the top, climb straight up the wall by hitting two rings. You'll
encounter another Light Seed (97/170) and be in front of the path that leads
to the last area you came from. Go this way to get the Light Seeds littered

Start by double jumping to the column and from there, jumping to the wall for
a Wall Run, grabbing another seed too. The Wall Run will take you to a fissure
so slide down and over for the next seed (99/170). From the next platform, jump
to the column and ignore the seed right there. Jump to the left and find a
different seed on the next platform (100/170). If this is indeed your 100th
Light Seed, you'll be awarded with the Trophy, "Light Seeds Finder". Good job.
Keep moving now. Go to the next column, slide down, and then go across two more
columns to finally reach the last pit before the fork. A Light Seed rests on 
the platform here (101/170). Time to turn around so head back now. 

When you climb the very long column and jump to the platform near that stranded
Light Seed we passed earlier, here's how to get it. Wall Run on the left wall
and you'll nab it, then double jump to the adjacent wall to Wall run again and
you should reach the other side safely (102/170). 

In the next little valley, Wall Run on the left to reach the column, then leap
to the right into another Wall Run to reach the platform. Climb up to the
fissure and a Light Seed, then to the top to enter the Fertile Ground we just
left (103/170). We'll be taking another detour very soon though so don't worry.
Start by swinging across the flagpoles right in front of you to reach the
column. Double jump to the next column and at the top, grab the Light Seed

On this platform, there is that opening to the left again, that leads to the
main part of the Royal Palace. We're not going there yet, but we can cross the
path for some more Light Seeds so let's do that. 

Start from the beam on the right and double jump to the column. Double jump to
the next column, then jump to the wall for a Wall Run and a Light Seed
(105/170). Double jump to another column and get a seed, then jump to the wall
and hit three rings cosecutively to climb up (106/170). Now double jump to the
left and an enemy will be spawning. Cut the Corruption down to stop it if you
can. If you look to the wall that is stained with the darkness of the
Corruption, that leads to the Royal Palace. There are no more Light Seeds that
way so ignore it. 

Instead, double jump from this perch to a sliding platform. It will bring you
into a Wall Run and another seed. Slide down the next platform and ride it all
the way to two more Wall Runs and another seed (108/170). 

You're back at the Fertile Ground again. From this main platform, jump straight
across toward the center, grabbing the column. This is the same spot where you
fell off when the Concubine made one of the columns disappear. Well, it's still
gone so you have to double jump to reach the other side and two Light Seeds 
(110/170). Now go back across. You'll surely notice a Light Seed on the right
that seems to be floating in the middle of nowhere. You can grab it now but it
will cost you one save from Elika, which could be big if you're trying to be
careful and get the "Be Gentle With Her" Trophy. You can get it later with no
risk but it's up to you. I decided to leave it for now. 

Back across, go to the right, across two flagpoles and landing on a column. At
the top, Roof Run for a seed, then from the next column, Roof Run again for
the next one (112/170). On this platform, you're staring down the next route
that leads to a new Fertile Ground, the last of the main ones. Before going,
slide down the ledge of this platform you're standing on, the side with the
rings and you'll grab another Light Seed (113/170). Now venture down the path
to the next Fertile Ground. 

Jump to the column and a seed. Then double jump to cross this big gap to the
next column. There's a Light Seed on the wall, so get even or slightly below it
on the column and jump to it. When you hit the wall, push off and jump again
and hopefully you should veer to the right and land safely on the platform.
There's another Light Seed right there so grab it (116/170). Now Wall run on
the right, hitting the rings and grabbing the next seed to reach the next
platform (117/170). Wall Run on the next wall to reach the column. Then jump to
the left to Wall Run again for a seed and reach the next platform (118/170). 
Leap from the two columns to the next ledge and another seed, the last you'll
find along this way (119/170). Cross the remaining columns and the gap to reach
the fork area. Your destination should be fairly obvious; the dark and dreary
passage on your left. 

|City Gate - City of Light| Virtus

Start by riding all the sliding platforms until you reach a wall with some
rings. Climb up and then slide down one more and look at that! You're there
already! Get moving by going down the next two sliding platforms to reach a
new platform. There, you'll spot the next member of Ahriman's happy fellowship,
the Warrior. He's sitting right on the Fertile Ground unfortunately. The only
way to go is toward him, but talk to Elika a few times to learn more about him
but nothing helpful for the upcoming fight. Nothing else to do but slide down
the platforms to reach the big lug. 

As soon as you hit the sliding platform, the Warrior roars and a stalactite 
will fall down, destroying it as you're moving! Quickly adjust and the detour
will take you to the right. Climb up the vines in front of you and then Wall
Run as the Warrior destroys even more of the area. From the vines, Wall Run
again to the next platform, then jump to the column and to the other side. 
Cross two more columns, sliding down the second one so you can jump to the
platform in front of you. From this platform, jump toward the center and you'll
finally confront the Warrior. 


A lot of people tend to get confused here, but this fight is perhaps the
easiest of them all. The game quickly throws out the disclaimer at the start of
the fight, "He cannot be harmed by swords or magic." or something to that 
effect. Great. So what do you do? Well, it also says use the "environment" to 
defeat him. What could that mean? Simple, my dear Watson. 

Ring him the hell out. If you followed my strategy against the Alchemist, I
made a mention of this. The Warrior is completely impervious to all of your
attacks so this is your only option. He will swing his mighty fists at you
and so deflect his attacks when you can. If you get hurt, his finisher will
see him trying to stomp on you. Hit the prompt button to escape. 

As I said, your only option is to ring this guy out. There are two ways to
do this. The easiest is to lure him slowly to the edge and wait. When he
attacks, deflect and then counter. Use any combo that starts with an Acrobatic
attack (X or A) and you'll switch places with him. Immediately follow up with
normal attacks and it will start a ring-out mini-game. Elika will stop the
Warrior from stomping on you with her magic, and thus will begin a small tug
of war game. As the Prince gives her support, tap Square repeatedly to throw
him out. That's that. 


Now go ahead and heal this area. As usual, the Light Seeds appear so it's time
for more painstaking collecting. Let's get to it. 

Start by grabbing the one on the slightly broken doorway set in the wall
(120/170). There are four more on this platform so grab those (124/170). There
are more though. Drop down so that you grab the ledge of this big platform. 
Slide across the two sides to uncover two more Light Seeds, cleverly hidden 

There's only one way to go from here, so head to the right, down a sliding
platform for one seed. When you reach the other side, climb straight up the
wall on the right for one more (128/170). Climb up the other wall now to reach
the vines. Cross each patch of vines up and to the left for two more seeds
(130/170). Wall Run and then jump to reach the column. On your right are two
more seeds. Slide down and jump to reach them both. Remember that the Prince
pulls himself up when he hits a wall, so if you miss one, wait and let him
slide down, but remember to jump back to the column (132/170). 

Now climb this column to the top and Roof Run across to the next two columns,
getting another seed in the process. When you Roof Run again, you'll land on
another one (134/170). 

From this next platform, there are two ways you can go. If you go to the right
you can find another Light Seed and if you look down the chasm, that is your 
next destination (135/170). We won't be heading that way just yet though, so 
instead go down the large wooden sliding platform to a new ledge. You'll nab 
one seed along the way, and another when you climb up (137/170). On the side,
near the wall is another. Grab it and then jump to the nearby sliding platform
that leads back to where you were. You'll grab another seed at the end
(139/170). Return to that platform again now.

There are two other sliding platforms, one on the left, and the other more
centered. Take the left one, leading to a wall. If you took the Hand of
Ormazd power as I told you, this power plate on the wall will be lit up. Grab
the seed at the end of the slide and then climb up the vines when you get
there (140/170). From the vines, lean right and then Wall Run to the plate. Hit
Triangle when you reach it and you'll be whisked away. You'll land on a tower
and another plate. Activate this one and you'll reach your final destination.

When you land you'll probably obtain one seed. There are a bunch more here.
Grab the other seed at the small indent in the platform here. Slide down this
indent to grab three more (145/170). You'll be back at this little "main"
platform. Take the sliding path to the left again to reach the vines. Hit the
power plates again to reach that same platform you were just at. Instead of
sliding down the indent, go to the far edge of this platform and slide down.
Immediately start veering to the left and you'll see a seed down the wall that
you can reach. Once you get it, immediately turn to the right and try to grab
the ledge so you won't fall (146/170). 

Back on that platform, for a third consecutive time, go to the left, down the
sliding platform to the vines wall. However, do not take the power plate this
time. Instead, climb straight up from the vines to the top of the platform. 
You should see the reason for this detour in the distance. Wall Run to and
from the vines, then cross the columns to grab the lone Light Seed (147/170)
by jumping to the wall and then back to the column. You can either go this
way and reach the Fertile Ground or go back the way you came. If you choose the
latter, you'll have to take the power plates to get back to that "main"
platform. Either way, get back to said platform to proceed.

Now you can finally go with the road not taken (ala Robert Frost) and choose
the right set of sliding platforms. You'll get two Light Seeds for this
(149/170). Immediatley turn around though and take the other side of slides
back to grab three more (152/170). Turn around again and return to the other

This path leads to the fork and it has a few more Light Seeds to grab. Wall
Run on the left to a ring and then to a fissure. Climb up and over and then
you can Wall run to a platform with a Light Seed (153/170). Double jump to a
sliding platform, then again to the next, then again to the other side, and
grab a seed as you go along (154/170). Now you're on the other side so let's
throw it in reverse. 

Take the sliding platform on the left for another seed. At the top of this
platform there is a seed on the wall to the right. Double jump to it and then
slide down to grab it, then immediately double jump back to the ledge
(156/170). Continue down the next two sliding platforms for two more seeds and
you're done on this path (158/170).

Back in the main area, take the sliding platforms to that one that I keep 
referring to as "main". Slide again on the left to reach that ledge where we
looked down the chasm before. We're finally going this way so Wall Run on the
right for a seed and to reach the vines. Run over to the next patch of vines
and then from there, climb straight up to uncover two more Light Seeds
(161/170). Now take the next sliding platform, grabbing the seed on the right,
and you'll inevitably enter the new area (162/170). 

Wall Run from the vines and jump to a sliding platform. Jump and climb up the 
platform to find an enemy spawning. Finish it quick, and then go left. Find 
the sliding platform and go down to reach a seed. Climb up the vines and then
go over to the next patch for the last seed in this area (164/170). Nice, you 
collected all the Light Seeds in the City Gate area!

From the vines, jump over to the sliding platform and then this will return you
to the fork area. Go back across the wall on the right to reach that same area
where the enemy was spawning. Go there now. 

|Tower of Ahriman - City of Light| Vires

This will be your first foray into the main areas of one of the dominions. You
are still in the City of Light so you should know who guards this place. Take
the other sliding platform into a wall and Wall Run to and from some vines to
reach another slide. This will bring you to a small gap. Jump it for a quick

The path might not seem immediately clear so check your compass. Climb up the
column in the center to begin. Find the side of this rafter with a ring at
the end. Roof Run to it and hit the ring to pull up the adjacent wall. When
you get as high as you can, jump to the opposite wall. You'll be pulled up to
a power plate. Activate the plate and with the Hand of Ormazd you'll be
taken to a wall. Climb up the fissures to the top. 

Cross this bridge area, avoiding the Corruption to the other side. On the
left there is a gap in the railing and on the wall there is a fissure. Jump to
it and climb up to the next one. Jump up from this one even though there is
nothing above it. When you get up, jump to the opposite ledge and you'll be
able to pull yourself up. 

Head out to the balcony now. Go to the left and climb up the vertical fissure.
Jump up and you'll reach a metal device with a slot to grab. From here, Wall
Run to the fissure on the right. Wall Run again to the right from there but
be careful you don't go straight up instead into the Corruption. The angle and
everything here may make you go the wrong way so just be aware of that.

***Once you reach this side there is a ring switch here. When you pull it, it
brings down another one of those mechanisms so you can create a path for
yourself. I've had this happen once where I pulled the switch and nothing
happened, leaving me stuck pretty much. I saved the game and reloaded it and
all of this was undone and the switch worked a second time. Just take note of
this and if this happens to you save before or after like I did and reload. 

Climb up the fissure and then jump up to the mechanism that the switch lowered
for you. From there, run to the left to another fissure, then across there to
another ledge. 

Here you'll find a crank. Turn it to spin the device in the center of the 
adjacent wall so that the fissure is vertical. Now get a good head start by
jumping and then Wall Run to it. You should make it. Climb up and then hop up
to another fissure. Go over and Wall Run to the next platform. The switch here
should lower two more mechanisms. Climb up the fissure and Wall Run to and
from each of them to the other side. 

You'll find another crank and your first major puzzle of the game. Start by
crossing this large gap to the other side. You can only do this via a Wall Run
on the right, then jumping. Find the switch on the wall here and pull it down
to lower the two mechanisms. Now use the crank here which operates the left
device. Turn it so that the fissure is in a backwards "L" shape. Now cross back
over to the first crank. This crank turns both of them, so turn it clockwise
once and this should put both of the dials in the right position. They should
both be in an "L" shape position. 

Now climb up the mechanism and run over to the fissure in the first dial. Go
up and jump to the second mechanism. Wall run to the other dial and climb up.
You'll reach a normal fissure. Wall Run and then jump to the wall on the right
and Wall Run again to a power plate. Activate it and you'll land on a column.
Climb up and double jump to the platform. When you arrive, you'll soon learn
that you have a guest. 


Big boy is back for more eh? This is again, a super easy fight. The Warrior
has one new attack. He'll make a gesture like he's "powering up" and an aura
of Corruption will spew out from the ground around him. Its only meant to push
the Prince back and won't do much else. 

Only one real change is present and that is the columns in this arena. You can 
push the Warrior up against them and it makes for a neat little QTE, but it 
doesn't do anything helpful for you as the Warrior is invincible still. 

So, how do we win? Why the same way as before! Note that one edge of this arena
is covered by a wall, and the opposite side, half covered by a wall. Lure him
to one of the open edges and do the same as before. Start with acrobatic and
switch to normal attacks to start the mini-game. Win and you'll be done with
this fight.

Also keep in mind that since you can't hurt the Warrior, this would not be a
bad time to throw a few combos out to start checking them off toward the
Trophy. Remember that a lot of them cannot be used against the Warrior like
Lift combos since he's so big, but try a few if you want. 

Heal this land now and well, with another Fertile Ground conquered, you know
what that means. Start the Light Seed hunt up yet again by collecting the four
around the Fertile Ground (168/170). That's all up here, so make your way to
that large panel that opened up during the cutscene. Jump to it and start
sliding down with the gauntlet. 

This part will have a "side-scroller" kind of camera view which can be a little
tricky. Be sure to jump to the sliding platform before you fall off the wall.
Ride this to the end and jump to the next wall, and you'll get a seed that way
(169/170). Jump to the next platform and slide down, jump the gap and slide
down a smaller one. Jump again to the wall on the left here. Slide down this
wall and jump to the next slide, grabbing a seed, and then double jumping to 
the next wall (170/170). If you've been following diligently, you'll have 
enough for the next power, but we'll hold off on going back to the temple. 
We're kind of in the middle of something anyway.

Slide down the next wall and take the next Light Seed (171/340). Jump to the
left and slide down the platform and jump to the wall. Slide down with your
gauntlet and just wait until you hit the fissure. Climb to the right and just
easily slide down the wall to the ground below. 

Start by going around the perimeter of this balcony, going to the left. On the
adjacent side is a seed, which means there's another on the opposite side so
walk around to get that one too (173/340). Return to the doorway and enter. A
Light Seed rests in the center. Take it and then go straight ahead to the end
of this platform where the railing is broken in one area (174/340). Drop down
and slide along this wall. You'll get another seed and eventually reach a ring
so hit Circle and Roof Run to the column (175/340). Slide down and you'll be
at the starting area again. Four seeds dot the ends of this platform so nab
them all (179/340). 

There are three ways to go now. Go west (check the map to see which way the
player indicator arrow is pointing) and jump to the sliding platform. Ride it
down and then Wall Run to the vines. Climb straight up the wall here and grab
the two Light Seeds that are very close together for some reason (181/340). Now
Wall Run on the two walls, grabbing a seed (182/340). You'll be brought back to
the platform where a soldier of Ahriman was. Turn right and the path that will
bring you back is clearly delineated by some remaining Light Seeds. First, we
need to take a strange detour. 

From this platform if you look in the opposite direction, you'll see a new
Light Seed hanging in the air. This one is along the path you got all Light
Seeds on for the City Gate area, so it's kind of strange. You have to go back
around by going down the two sliding platforms and then Wall Running to the
vines. Then from there, climb up and run to the next sliding platform which
will bring you to the other side. Wall Run again on the right wall to go back
and follow this path all the way until you Wall Run from the vines along the
wall and finally get this pesky Light Seed (183/340). 

Back at the "spawn" platform, return your focus on the path which should be
right in front of you, the one peppered with more Light Seeds. Slide down the
first platform to reach a seed, then jump into a Wall Run to get to the vines.
You'll Wall Run and jump to another slide where another Light Seed waits
(185/340). Now go across to reach the center of this area again.

It would be good to set our next destination. Since I prefer to just go to
the closest areas, this means we're going to be staying in this dominion to go
to the City of Light, which is also the name of the entire dominion, so don't
be confused. Set that as your destination and you'll see there's a gap of two
unaccessible areas in between on both sides. We need to go partly both ways to
collect Light Seeds, but to get there ultimately, we'll go right. So for now,
go left (north, northwest) along the path to the Tower of Ormazd area for more
Light Seeds. 

Jump the gap and then take the sliding platform with a seed down to a column
(186/340). Jump from here to the next sliding platform and seed that leads to
another column (187/340). Climb this column to the top and there will be two 
Light Seeds up against the wall. Jump to them and jump back (189/340). Slide
back down and jump into the cave to slide down to a platform where a soldier
of Ahriman is waiting to spawn. Cut him down beforehand or fight. There are no
more Light Seeds along this path, so head back by finding the column to the
left. Climb up and jump to the slide. You'll reach that column again, but be
in good position to jump to the next two sliding platforms, each with Light
Seeds upon them (191/340). 

You're back at the center again. The path to the right, that leads to the
Queen's Tower is the only one left. Before going that way, let's get two very
well hidden Light Seeds first. Where? Oh right beneath this platform. On the
north and south sides of this platform, you can slide down. Doing so leads to
a ring. Hit the ring and you'll Roof Run under the platform in a chain leading
to two Light Seeds (193/340).

Now, go toward the Queen's Tower. Head that way, going east-northeast. Jump
the first gap and then double jump the next one to reach the fissure. Climb up
for a Light Seed and then go over to the next one (194/340). From there, Wall 
Run and jump to the slide and ride it through a Light Seed (195/340). You'll 
jump and Wall Run, getting another seed, then jump to another slide. Jump the 
gap to the next slide, grab the next Seed and then double jump to where the 
enemy is spawning (197/340). Cut him down or fight, then move on. 

Find the wall with the fissure on it and jump to it. Climb this up and around,
then Wall Run and jump to the slide. Grab the Light Seed, double jump to the
next slide, get another Light Seed, and finally, double jump again to reach the
platform (199/340). You've got all the Light Seeds along the side paths 
leading from this area.  There's still some left so let's climb back up to the 
Fertile Ground. Climb up the center column again and Roof Run, etc, to get to 
the Power Plate. Activate it and you'll be able to climb back up to the next 

Go out onto the balcony and climb the fissure. Jump up and grab the slot in the
mechanism. Run over to the next fissure and take the Light Seed there. Wall Run
over to the right to the next platform. Climb the fissure here and jump to the
next mechanism. Wall Run left to the fissure and grab the Light Seed. Wall Run
to the platform with the crank next (201/340). From the crank, Wall Run to the
fissure in the dial. Climb up and then go over to the next platform. You can
climb up this fissure and then go over the wall via the two mechanisms. You'll
easily find two more Light Seeds too as you go across (203/340). This will
bring you to the puzzle cranks. It's already solved so just go across the
mechanisms and fissures, finding a Light Seed near the top left dial (204/340).

Eventually you'll be at the top again. Instead of climbing back down by sliding
on the walls and platforms again, let's teleport back to the Temple and redeem
those Light Seeds. Yes, let's do just that. 

The Temple
Once you're standing before the temple again, aproach the glowing powers and
a scene will take over. The King is back, but... oh boy!


This guy doesn't have any new tricks up his sleeve. How dissapointing. He is
just a little more aggressive and unless you deflect, he can attack a few times
in a row. Other than that, this is a cakewalk. Try out some new combos to keep
adding up to the list for the Trophy. Just keep in mind Elika won't join you in
this fight so you can't do any combos with her, which does limit you quite a
bit. You can still have the QTE with him by forcing him up against the edges 
of the arena. Other than that, just block, deflect, and then counter and 
you'll soar through this one just fine. 

After losing more than half of his life, the King will turn tail and flee. 
Following the conclusion of the scene, approach the glowing emblems. It's time
to select a new power. Again, the choice is ultimately yours, but this guide
will continue in a specific way. Select the red power this time, the Step of
Ormazd. Again you'll be brough to the blue world. Run to the first plate and
activate it. This power will have Elika flip through the air and launching the
Prince a great distance, almost similar to the blue power. Cross the area and
exit to return to the Temple. 

Now that you have this power you can get a few more Light Seeds that were
previously unavailable. We'll take a little detour for just that purpose. 

Light Seed Foraging Part I
Start by teleporting to the first area we went to, King's Gate of the Ruined
Citadel. From the Fertile Ground, go to the exit near the used switch and jump
from the beam to the column. Jump to the vines and then slide down. From here,
go to the left and go across the beams and flagpoles until you reach the first
platform. Climb up the wall here to get to the vines. Go up and to the right,
then Wall Run and jump to the column. Leap to the next column, and then to the
vines. Climb up and then without pressing anything on the Left Analog Stick,
just jump and you'll grab the platform behind you. 

Walk to the end of this platform and then Wall Run on the right to hit the
newly active Power Plate. Use the power to be cast to another plate with a seed
on it. Activate the next one and you'll land on the outside wall of the Fertile
Ground. Wall Run and hit the rings to grab these last three Light Seeds
(208/340). That's all in this area!

Now, teleport back to the area we just left, the Tower of Ahriman. Climb down
until you get to the balcony. Enter the tower and then find the corner with
the fissures. Climb up to the next floor. As soon as you get there, the Power
Plate will be right across from you. Jump to it and activate it. You'll go
across the room to the next plate which holds a seed. Keep moving and you'll
go around the room, getting another four seeds (213/340). You've got all of
them here, too. Well, that was a fun detour. We've been collecting Light Seeds
for too long now though. Time to get back to business. 

You've opened up another four new areas, which, along with the other three we
haven't been to yet, gives us seven possible destinations. The choice is yours
but since we've been hanging around in the Royal Palace and the City of Light
lately, let's go back to an old area. Make your next destination, the Sun
Temple of the Ruined Citadel. Start by teleporting to the nearest location, the
King's Gate. To get in the right direction, climb down from the Fertile Ground
and go right, across the flagpoles and sliding platforms to where an enemy is
spawning. Get rid of him and then the path into the canyon is where your next
destination lies. 

|Sun Temple - Ruined Citadel| Astus

Jump to the wall and climb the fissure. Wall Run twice and you'll reach a 
platform. Jump to the slide and take it down to the main area. The way forward
is right before you. From the short beam, double jump over to the rock and use
the Power Plate. You'll activate but as you are flying through the air, The
Hunter will make a surprise appearance! Hey, that's not nice!


It's been a while. The Hunter has the same base attacks. His new trick is
rather dastardly. He'll make a blot of Corruption cover the screen which will
obstruct your view slightly. You'll still be able to see, although it will be
a little more difficult. You can still time attacks right and hopefully be able
to deflect them. 

This arena has small walls so you can't ring The Hunter out. You can still pin
him against the wall for a QTE. Hit Square repeatedly as usual to win. You also
might notice that the boss takes less damage from your attacks than before.

After you take out about half of his life, The Hunter will flee to higher
ground. Go up the wall in this arena and use the Power Plates to get to a new
platform. The Hunter will do something unexpected, using his power to make the
Corruption crawl up and down the walls. This will be a recurring obstacle now
in some areas. Run to the first fissure and watch the first Corruption spot and
move when it's safe. At the next fissure, again, watch the Corruption and crawl
down when you can. Keep going until you can get to a Power Plate. It will take
you to another, and that will take you to a new platform.

Climb up this fissure and at the top of it, climb up the wall. The boost that
the Prince gives himself is high enough so jump away from the wall and you can
reach the column. Climb up this a short way and jump back to the wall to reach
the next fissure. Do the same thing and climb up and jump to the column. Be
careful that the camera angle here doesn't make you jump out into space. Jump
to the wall and hit the fissure. More Corruption spots dot your path, including
two at the corner ahead. Avoid them all and move to the left. Next, slide down
with your gauntlet, avoiding three more Corruption spots. At this point, you
don't want to have to do all that platforming over again, so make sure you
avoid this stuff!

When you reach the bottom, one more spot of Corruption blocks your way to the
Power Plate. It will launch you all the way across to another, and that one
will bring you to a wall. Wall Run and jump to the column. From there, jump
to the flagpole and then double jump to the next one. Double jump finally to
the platform where the Fertile Ground is. The Hunter is waiting though so let's
finish him off. 

He's very aggressive so beware and he will deflect some of your attacks so try
to mix it up. Remember to keep going down the list of combos from the pause
menu (under options, remember?) and keep tallying them off. Remember that if
the combo is interrupted by a deflection, ring out, QTE, or anything else that
prevents you from landing the last hit, it won't count.

Keep up the fight and you should come out just fine. 


Heal the Fertile Ground as usual and that will reveal the Light Seeds. Start
with the three immediately surrounding you, then move to the wall on the right
with the power plate (216/340). Run up and grab the Light Seed and activate
the plate (217/340). The plate will throw you to another, and from there you'll
be returned to the entrance. 

Start by turning around and collecting the seeds along the path you used to
get here. Double jump to the sliding platform on the left and collect the seed
there. Ride it to the end and climb up the wall there. On the right side of
this platform, face the direction you just came from and slide down onto a
beam below that holds two more Light Seeds (220/340). Climb back up and then
go to the right corner of this platform (if you look on your map, your arrow
should point northwest). You'll see a rock wall here. Jump to it to climb up it
a short way to reach a Light Seed (221/340).

Next, Wall Run on the walls to get another seed (222/340). That's all you'll 
find this way as the path returns to the King's Gate. On your way back, there 
will be another Light Seed on the sliding platform that returns you to the main
area (223/340). 

Back on the main platform, there are three routes in front of you. The left and
right paths each lead to Fertile Grounds you don't have access to yet. We have
to go halfway along both routes to get their Light Seeds, and if we want to go
to the closest Fertile Ground, we have to take one of these routes to the other
side. For now however, go straight and jump across the gap to the Power Plate,
just like how we started this off. 

This time, without The Hunter to interrupt you, the Power Plates will draw you
to one far off platform. To your left is a wall with a very high Light Seed
hovering there. Turn around and find the wall with the fissure. Grab onto the
fissure and hang there. Now, double jump in the opposite direction (behind you)
and that should be sufficient enough to climb the wall and get that seed
(224/340). You're not done yet though. Start on the left wall this time and
climb up, then double jump to the opposite wall. Allow the Prince to pull
himself up, then double jump back. Continue to do this and you'll gain some
height. Eventually, you'll be able to reach a cross of beams. Climb onto them
and get the two Light Seeds here (226/340). Slide back down now. 

Get back on the fissure and climb across. Wall Run to the next, probably
skipping over a Light Seed on the wall. When you reach the next fissure, just
Wall Run back and you should get it (227/340). Wall Run to the next fissure,
getting another seed. Wall Run to the Power Plates and be whisked away to the
next platform. Do as you did before here, climbing back and forth between the
wall and the column. At the top of the column is a Light Seed to collect. Jump
back to the wall and climb across the fissures to get to the point where you
can slide down and collect two more Light Seeds (231/340). 

As you land on this platform, hang over the right side and collect the seed
there (232/340). Wall Run to the plate and this combo will bring you into a
Wall Run along the cliff. Jump to the column and grab the seed there (233/340).
You're back to where you started the hunt. Use the plate to return to the main
platform again. 

Let's go left first. Collect the Light Seed on the short beam here and then
double jump to the two flagpoles and get another seed there (235/340). Now, get
onto the beams and spy two Light Seeds high up on the wall to your left. From
the beam, jump to the rock wall on the right, climb up, then jump back to the
opposite wall. If you let the Prince pull himself up high enough, you should
be able to get at least one of the seeds. Repeat this again to get the other
one (237/340). Jump to the next beam for another Light Seed, then jump to the
next beam, connected to a grassy platform (238/340). 

Two more Light Seeds in this little shelter. Climb up the wall on your left to
reach the first, then jump to the opposite wall and climb up to get the other
(240/340). Now go from the next flagpole to a beam for a Light Seed, then 
double jump from the last flagpole to the fissure. Climb along this fissure to
the left and at the end of the fissure, climb straight up to find one seed.
Next, Wall Run back to the flagpole to get another seed (243/340). Go back to
the fissure but don't move this time. Just climb straight up the rock wall and
find another seed there (244/340). You're done on this side, so return to the
center again.

Take the right path this time, leaping to the column first for a Light Seed
(245/340). Jump to the next column and then from there, jump to the wall on
your right and slide down a little to reach the seed. Once you have it, jump
right back and continue across (246/340). The next column also has a Light
Seed, so take that and then double jump from the next one to the platform. A
Light Seed hovers above the gap between the beam and the flagpole. Nab it as
you soar by (248/340). Double jump to the column and get another seed. Next,
jump to the beam on your left, being careful not to overshoot it. Climb up the
wall from the beam for another pair of Light Seeds (251/340). Make sure you get
both as you might not get them in one try. Return to the column.

Roof Run across the ceiling and grab the Light Seed, then hit the rings to
reach the other side. Slide down the column and take the Light Seed near the
bottom (253/340). You'll surely see an enemy spawning on the next platform.
Go ahead and take it out. You have all the Light Seeds you can get for now.
The remaining five are only available once you have the green power. So, for
now, set your next destination. Go to your map and set it as the closest area
to your current location, The Windmills. Head there now.

|The Windmills - Ruined Citadel| Astus

From the enemy platform, cross the columns with some Roof Runs. Jump from the
last column to the flagpole. Cross the beam and then the next flagpole to the
platform. You'll swing from a flagpole into a Wall Run, and this will land you
on a fissure on the next wall. Wall Run and then jump to the next fissure.
Climb up from here. Double Jump across the gap between the long beams. Go
around until you get to the platform where you can see those Corruption spots
again like before. 

Wall Run when it's safe to the flagpole. Watch the Corruption down this next
corridor. Time it right so you can make it. You have to swing off the flagpole
into a Wall Run, and hit two rings, so make sure you have enough time. You'll
land on another flagpole. Watch the next spot of Corruption, then leap and
Wall Run to the platform where another enemy waits. Fight it or cut it down
if you got there fast enough. You're halfway to your destination, so find the
tiny beam sticking out from this platform and jump to the wall. 

Wall Run here and hit the ring on the corner. At the end, leap to the flagpole
and you'll do the exact same steps to reach the platform on the other side.
Jump to the wall and use the ring to climb up. Wall Run along the wood on the
wall to your right, hitting a ring along the way. From the next platform, Wall
Run and hit two rings to get to a flagpole. Jump from there to reach the main
platform. You made it, finally. 

This small platform is the "main" platform here. You came from one side, and
the opposite path leads to the other Fertile Ground we didn't pass through.
To your right however, you'll see a peculiar sight. A tall pair of black doors
surrounded by Corruption are impassable now. It's called the Black Gate, but
we'll get around to that later. For now, go toward the center by running down
the wooden ramp and jumping to the Power Plate. Two jumps takes you to a Wall
Run with two rings. These lead to another plate, so activate it to reach a
tower. Climb up, hit the ring and reach the next plate.

You'll be able to enter this tower. It's home to yet another nefarious puzzle.
Study your surroundings quickly and you'll see that there are two Power Plates.
One is guarded by some mesh on gears. Each mesh has an opening for the Power 
Plate. The two cranks have to do with it. Now, pay attention to what each 
crank does.

The left crank changes the operation and movement of the gears. You'll see on
the wall above that when you turn the crank, the panels change. The arrows
tell you which way the gears will turn, clockwise or counterclockwise. 
The panels can also change from one gear turning, to both turning, to one going
one way, and another going the opposite way. The colors also are important. 
Blue turns are a quarter turn, while red are half turns.

And, as you have no doubt deduced, the right crank puts it into action,
according to what the panels say. Got that? Left crank controls the panels and
ultimately, where the gears turn, and the right crank makes them turn that way.
So, we have one Power Plate already lined up, but the other is not. The other
is a quarter turn away from being lined up. Blue is a quarter, but as you can
see, there is no way to just simply move the right gear. 

You're probably thinking, "Stop explaining everything and tell me how to solve
it already! Sheesh!" No problem. Start by turning the left crank until the
panels show the red arrow for the left gear, and the blue arrow for the right
gear. Do this, and turn the crank on the right once in any direction, it won't
matter. The right one is lined up, but the left one isn't anymore. Go back to
the first crank and make the panels show blue arrows on both, going clockwise
(the same direction, this is important!) Don't choose the two blue arrows that
are going in different directions. Once you have those panels, go back to the
right crank and turn it twice. The left one will be lined up again. On the
left crank again, turn it so that the left panel is blank, but the right one is
red. Go back to the right crank and turn it once. Both Power Plates should be
visible now. Climb up to the left one and activate it.

The plates will bring you a Wall Run. Hit the ring and keep going. Swing from
the flagople and then jump and climb up the wall until you get to the top.
This next part is tricky. There are two Corruption spots along the wall, but
more importantly there is a large gear turning in the distance. It has a wooden
path on it, and it needs to be lined up horizontally for you to cross. Watch 
the gear carefully. It will turn to a vertical position, then turn again. Do
not cross yet. The gear will make a full 360 degree turn and then finally rest
in the horizontal position. Time yourself to be moving before it gets there
and then you should be able to cross it to the beam.

Once you're on the beam, wait for the gear to shift back into vertical. Run up
the wall and then jump behind you the other beam. Cross the gap now to the
other side and you'll have another puzzle. This one has three gears you need
to manage, so it's more complicated. This is easy though so pay attention.
Remember! Blue = quarter turn. Red = half turn!

1) Using the left crank, get the panels to show quarter turn, half turn, blank
in that order. 
2) Use the right crank and turn it once clockwise. 
3) Return to the left crank and get the panels to show all quarter turns.
4) Turn the right crank once, clockwise again. 
5) On the left crank, get it to show blank, quarter turn, quarter turn.
6) Turn the right crank one more time, clockwise again. 

That should do it. Again, climb up to the left plate and then jump all around
until you land on a platform leading outside. Watch the Corruption and Wall
Run when it's safe. On the other side, jump to the sloping platform and go
around to a wall with a ring. Watch the Corruption again, and ascend carefully.
At the top, jump from the beam into the large chamber in front of you. A not
so friendly face shows up just in time. 


Not much has changed in your time apart. He still attacks the same and he will
also use that "ink blot" attack that impairs your vision on the screen. If you
have been practicing a lot, you should be able to deflect his attacks even when
he does this move. Otherwise, back away because he becomes very aggressive in
those situations.

Try out some new combos, and after a while, you will be witness to a new form
of trickery. Being that this is the third time you've squared off with The
Hunter, his new trick this time is one that all of the Corrupted can do
eventually. He'll use a shield that blocks all of your attacks but one. The
type of shield and which Corrupted uses it first will depend very heavily on
the path you've taken thus far. If you have been following this guide
thoroughly, then The Hunter should use the attack shield. This shield renders
him impervious to all attacks except Square ones. Hit him with a basic Square
attack to bring down the shield and you can fight him regularly until he casts
it again. Be mindful of this because attacking with the wrong button can get
you hurt. If you attack with Elika, she can be knocked out so be careful.

The Hunter may also do a small sweep of his arm as a means of countering but
it will only hit if you're close to him. If he has his shield on and he uses
the ink blot move, the shield automatically falls. The Hunter may also actually
dodge your attack and immediately counter by lunging forward with his little
clippers so beware. Other than that, test out some new combos and string some
really good ones together to bring him down. The QTE is always available to
string at the end of a combo. Also make sure he doesn't finish you off, as
usual. Of course, you can purposely lose the finisher (at a cost of one Elika
save) to get the enemy's life back for more combos to perform.

Either way, keep up the fight until he backs off. You might be able to see the
light of the Fertile Ground. Climb up from the chamber's other side, using the
ring to reach it. Heal the place, and then more Light Seeds appear. What a 
surprise! Time to hunt them down. 

The first one is on the platform, and if you turned the game off and loaded
your save file here, like I did, you'll automatically get this one when you get
control (254/340). From the platform you stand on currently, turn to the left 
and cross the gap with the flagpole to find two Light Seeds (256/340). Return 
to the platform and go out onto the beam for one seed, then double jump to the
beam for another (258/340). Drop down to the ground below and find another
seed in front of the Black Gate (259/340).

From this junction, we'll again start by retracing our steps so go down the
wooden ramp in the center and jump to the Power Plate. After the plates, Wall
Runs, rings, and so forth, you'll finally land on a grass platform and nab the
seed there (260/340). Walk into the tower now. 

As you enter, there is a gear on your right like before. Wait for it to stay
horizontal, then Wall Run to get the seed (261/340). Hit the ring and jump at 
the end to make sure you don't fall off. Jump to the center platform now and
find a seed nestled between the cranks. Ride the Power Plates and land into
a Wall Run, getting another seed (263/340). Go across the flagpoles and climb
up until you get to that pesky gear again that you need to Wall Run to. The
Corruption is gone so just focus on timing it well. When you get to the beam,
get the Light Seed perched there (264/340). Jump to the next platform with the
other cranks and do your thing on the Power Plates to get one seed. Land on the
next platform for another (266/340).

Go outside and around the tower to a large gap. Wall Run and hit the ring. On
the other side, go around the corner and find a large wall on your right. Climb
and jump between the walls to get a Light Seed at the top (267/340). Next, 
approach the next gap but first hang over the edge and you should get another
seed (268/340). Jump the gap now and go around the corner to where the ring is.
Don't climb it. Spy the flagpole down the other way and jump to it. It will
take you to a sliding platform. Jump at the end into a Wall Run, hit the ring
and you'll be brought to a platform with three seeds (271/340). You can't go
back that way so Wall Run the next wall to get back to a familiar platform. Go
around the tower again to get to that ring we passed just a moment ago.

Climb up these rings to a platform and a beam. Under the beam is another Light
Seed so take it (272/340). Now enter the chamber where you fought the big bad
Hunter. Climb up the other side, the exit side, but don't leave. Turn back
toward the center of the chamber and double jump to the column to get a Light
Seed hovering there (273/340). Go back outside now, to where the Fertile Ground
was. Turn left again and jump to that flagpole again. At the platform on the
other side, just drop down to the platform below, where the big stone wall is.
From there, drop down again where there's a gap between the walls. You'll find
two more seeds here (275/340). Go left around this corner and past the blue
Power Plate. Run up the wall at the end for another seed (276/340). Climb back
up the wooden platform and now Wall Run to the blue Power Plate and activate

It will take you to an out of reach flagpole with another seed (277/340).
Double jump ahead to safey. You're now on the right-hand branch to the
southwestern area of the Ruined Citadel dominion. Face south and go to the
right side of this platform and jump to the column with the Light Seed on it.
Jump to the wall and Wall Run, then jump to the next column. Roof Run, going
north, hitting two rings and getting one more seed. Roof Run to another ring
and yet another seed (280/340). This brings you to an enemy platform. You might
have to fight, so beware that this lowly soldier can use the Attack Shield just
like the Hunter did! 

These enemy platforms are like the "halfway" marks between each Fertile Ground
so there are no more Light Seeds past this point so time to turn it around.
Start by going out onto the beam and then facing the left wall. Jump to the
fissures and climb up. Go to the right along the third fissure and Wall Run
to two seeds (282/340). Jump after you collect them to get back to the enemy 
platform. Now go back across the columns, Roof Running and hitting the rings
with Circle. On your way back, you'll get another Light Seed at the end of
the Roof Running sequence (283/340).

Jump to the flagpoles and swing across for a Light Seed. When you reach the
next platform, turn to the left and Wall Run up the taller wall and get another
seed (285/340). Swing across the next few flagpoles for the next seed, then
double jump to the wall and climb up (286/340). Turn around and go in reverse,
taking the sliding platforms for one more seed (287/340). Head back now, but
on the flagpoles, drop down from the middle flagpole to one below, and one more
below that. Double jump the gap from this flagpole and reach the next platform.
First, enter the nook on the left and jump to the wall and climb up the rings
to get a seed (288/340). Next, Wall Run from the beam to the blue Power Plate
and activate it. 

It will take you into a Wall Run combo. Wall Run between the two walls, then
hit the ring and reach another plate. The third plate you land on has a Light
Seed (289/340). This one will bring you to a familiar platform, but you got
all the seeds here so take that blue Power Plate back to the flagpole. Climb
across the flagpoles and such to reach the center platform. Time to take the
left branch. 

Start by sliding down the platforms for one seed. When you reach the end,
double jump to the next landing. Turn around and climb up the wall here with
the rings on it. Turn around again at the top of this platform and jump to the
beam with the two Light Seeds on it (292/340). Return and then Wall Run across
these wooden walls with the rings to collect two more Light Seeds (294/340). 
Turn around again and continue. Jump to the flagpole and get a seed, then 
continue this Wall Run, flagpole combo for two more seeds, plus another when 
you land on the next platform (298/340). That's all of the Light Seeds here.
Great! The enemy will spawn most likely, so deal with it. We're done here so
it's time to move on to the next area. Go to the map and mark your next
destination: the Machinery Ground of the Vale. You can go there from the next
area over, the Martyr's Tower, or from The Cauldron. Since we're already close
to the Martyr's Tower from the enemy platform, let's just head that way. 

Watch the corruption and Wall Run and jump throughout this area to the other
side. Wall Run and jump one more gap to the platform where there's an opening
with a high ledge in the corner. Climb up to that ledge. Remember to consult
the compass if you get lost.

|Machinery Ground - Ruined Citadel| Fides

Double jump to and from the pole to the other side. Turn left inside here and
cross the gaps. Double jump another gap to a ledge below. Jump across these
various platforms now until you get to some Wall Runs. Wall Run between the
mountain walls, but watch out for the Corruption, so make sure you get the
most out of your runs before you jump. Keep Wall running and watch for the
slithering Corruption spots now. Go around the corner and double jump two gaps
to finally reach your destination.

As Elika points out, the Power Plate is right in front of you. Wall Run to it
and activate it to be brought into a Wall Run. Hit the ring-switch and then
activate two more plates to reach the platform. The Alchemist makes his


He'll be a little bit more aggressive than last time, but this is only the
second time you've fought him, and we just came from The Hunter so you should
be used to this. He'll also be deflecting attacks this time, but again, nothing
completely new. Like the first time, you can't pin the Alchemist up against the
wall for a QTE. The Corruption totally surrounds this platform so you can't
even ring him out either. 

Like The Hunter, The Alchemist will change into the Attack Shield. Hit him
with Square to end it so you can hit him with any other moves afterwards.
If you deflect his attacks, he'll keep attacking you constantly, so make sure
you counter when you deflect. If he pushes you up against the Corruption, it
will start that little tug of war QTE. Hit Square repeatedly to escape.

Even though there are no walls, there are a few pillars. If you are able, you
can string a combo together and push The Alchemist up against the wall to have
the Prince smash him through it. 

After you deal enough damage to deplete more than half of his life bar, the
Alchemist will zap both Elika and the Prince with some Corruption. For the
latter, this proves to be potentially deadly. The Alchemist flees and leaves
the Prince to rot. Elika attempts to help, but it will take the healing of the
Fertile Ground to remove this problem. 


Your screen is now a little bit encompassed by a dark green glare, but it's
hardly a problem. I don't even know if a true time limit exists for this
Corrupted problem. I did seem to notice the green glare get bigger over time
but maybe it's just me. In any case, let's just get moving, mmkay?

The way forward may not seem immediately apparent so activate the Compass and
Elika will point you to a platform across a small gap. Jump over there. Climb
up the wall and hit the ring to get to a beam. From the end of the beam, jump
over to the rock wall and climb up two more rings to a patch of vines. Go over
and then Wall Run to the left, hit the ring and land on the next platform. A
large wheel will spin and it's surrounded by Corruption. Wait for it to stop
and jump through the small gap. Watch the next two Corruption spots and Wall
Run, hitting two rings. As you Wall Run again, jump to the flagpole. From
there, land on two beams, and swing from one more flagpole to the next landing.

Wall Run again, avoiding the Corruption to a ring-switch that will stop the
spinning wheel, letting you pass through to some vines. Climb up and then Wall
Run over and do the same thing to get to the next platform. Jump to the beam
and from there, to the column. Roof Run and hit the two rings to flip up the
wall and onto some vines. Go to the right edge and then Wall Run, hit the ring,
and jump to the column. Roof Run again and hit two rings then just let the
Prince fall onto the flagpole. Swing and double jump to the fissure. Slide down
this wall by gripfalling (I hate saying that for some reason) and hit the ring
at the bottom to Roof Run to a column. Roof Run again to the next platform 
(boy, this is taking a while!)

Wall Run and hit the switch to stop the next wheel like before (make sure you
press Circle!) and then reach another ring and continue your Wall Run. You'll
reach a fissure. Slide down and drop onto the beam. Jump to the platform and
then Wall Run to the next ring, leading to more vines. At the top right part
of the vines, Wall Run to a ring, and then another ring, which is also a switch
to stop the next wheel from turning. This takes you to a flagpole and two
beams. Double jump from the second beam to the wall, slide down, hit the
ring and Roof Run. Hit the other ring at the end to flip up the other side.
Climb the fissure, the rings, and the vines to at last, reach the top. Run up
to the Fertile Ground and heal it. The land will be healed, and the Prince will
be as well. Huzzah!

It's that joyous time of year again! No, not that one! Light Seeds collecting
time! Before you get started however, it's important to note that you're
standing on a very important platform! Yes! Find the beam at the northeast
corner. It's facing a very large structure in the distance. Stand at the edge
of this beam for just a moment and you'll be awarded with the "Titanic View"
Trophy. Schwing! Now, for Light Seeds.

Start by geting the four on this platform, inevitably leading you to an eas
Power Plate (302/340). Take this plate to a far off platform. Go right (West)
and across the flagpoles for one seed, then Wall run for another (304/340).
On the vines climb up to the top and jump up to reach a Light Seed at the top
(305/340). Next, Wall Run from the vines to reach the platform you entered this
area from. Face the corridor you entered from and start down this path for more

Double jump the gap and climb up for the first seed. Double jump across the
next two platforms in this valley for two more (308/340). If you look to the
northwest, toward a small waterfall, there are two seeds on the wall. Double
jump to their location and the Prince will nab them as he pulls himself up
(310/340). Jump back and then continue on your way. 

After two Wall Runs, grab the next seed (311/340). Return to the entrance of
the Machinery Grounds now. Go to the Power Plate we first used here and
activate it again. It will bring you to the platform where you fought The
Alchemist. Exit the same way to a small platform to the west. Climb up to the
beam and take the seed there. Climb up the wall and the vines and all that to
get to the top. Cross the next platform with the wheel (that's stopped) and
Wall Run, hitting two rings. Jump to the flagpole for the next seed, then cross
the beams (313/340). On the second beam, stop. On the wall to your right is a
ring. Climb up and hit two of them. Right after the Prince pulls himself above
the second ring, double jump from the wall. You should land on a suspended
platform. A Light Seed is there. Grab it, then jump to the second platform for
another (315/340). Return to the beams and continue. 

Wall Run here and grab the ring-switch, even though the wheel doesn't need to
be stopped. Climb up the vines and take the seed in between. Climb up and over
to the next platform, then jump from the beam to the column. Keep Roof Running
and moving until you Roof Run and land onto that flagpole. Jump to the fissure
and slide down, grabbing the seed (317/340). Use the rings to Roof Run under
here to grab the column. Look to your left and see the small alcove. Jump into
it from the column and take the seed there (318/340). Jump back and then cross

Wall Run, using the next two rings to get to the fissure. Slide and drop down
onto the beam for a seed. Wall Run around the corner to the vines, and from
there to the rings and flagpole. Swing to the beams and on the second beam,
run up the wall and grab the seed there (320/340). Double jump to the fissure,
slide down, Roof Run, grab the next seed, and then climb up the other side

You're at the top again so use the red Power Plate again to return. From the
landing, turn around and take the "center" path by jumping to the flagpole and
the Light Seed there (322/340). Move to the end of this platform with the beam
and you might automatically snatch the Light Seed underneath it. If not, hang
over the edge to grab it (323/340). Jump into a Wall Run, hit the ring, and
jump to the beam. Jump to the next platform and then to another flagpole and
Light Seed. Go across two sliding platforms, each adorned with a seed to reach
the enemy platform (326/340). Fight if you must, then continue.

One path leads to the next Fertile Ground, which isn't open to us yet. Take the
sliding platform that isn't surrounded by an air of evil and creepiness and
take the Light Seed there. Wall Run to some vines, but don't move! Stay right
there, because you're very close to two very sneaky Light Seeds! From this
patch of vines, drop down to a lower patch just below you. Slide down to it and
then climb across this patch as it curves around this structure. There are the
two Light Seeds! (329/340). Climb back up to the first patch and Wall Run and
jump to another slide and another seed (330/340). Return to the platform that 
you landed on from the red Power Plates.

Take the left fork this time. Swing across two flagpoles for a seed to reach
the beams. Face the wall and climb up to the ring and get another two seeds.
Double jump from the end of the beams to reach a seed and then Wall Run to
the ring-switch. You'll activate a beam nearby and also grab one more seed at
the end of your run (335/340). Jump to the beam column and climb straight up
the column to get a seed (336/340). You'll be at the enemy platform so fight 
or just ignore it and turn around. 

You want to return to the platform where we fought The Alchemist. If you can't
recall, just go right from that "center" platform, across the vines and such
to the red Power Plate you have to Wall Run to. On this large platform, find
the side facing a wall with a blue Power Plate. Hang over the edge here and 
near the corner you can spy a ring almost tucked underneath. Align with it and
slide down. Grab the ring and you'll land onto a beam and a Light Seed
(337/340). Jump across to the nook with another seed and a red Power Plate
(338/340). Activate it and you'll be brought back to the center platform. 

Return yet again to The Alchemist's platform. Cross the small gap to the west
again, as if you were gonna start climbing up that wall. Don't, however, and
instead, go to the northwest edge of this platform. You have room to Wall Run
so do so and activate the blue Power Plate. You'll travel through the air,
collecting two seeds, plus a third when you land into a Wall Run (341/540).
Activate the next plate and you'll easily snag the next two (343/540). Schwing!
If you followed this part thoroughly (and I know it can get confusing at
times), you not only go all of the Light Seeds in this area, but you have more
than enough for a new power! Teleport back to the Temple at once!

The Temple
Once again, at the Temple, the two remaining emblems glow. Approach them and
you will find no hindrances this time around. Yellow and Green remain. For the
purposes of following this guide, choose green, the Breath of Ormazd. Once
again, you'll be brought to the weird blue spirit world. And once again, you'll
get a trial run of your new power. Run up to the plate and activate it. The
Breath of Ormazd lets the Prince run with a burst of speed, straight up walls!
Use the Left Analog Stick to steer him away from obstacles, because if he hits
one, you have to start over.

Wall Run to another plate, and it will send you to a third one. Activate this
plate too, and avoid some more obstacles as you run to the top. Exit through
the illuminated door.

Back on the outside, a quick scene greets you. After that, it's time to round
up some more Light Seeds that were at one point, unreachable.

Light Seed Foraging Part II
Start by teleporting to The Cauldron, the first area of the Vale we visited,
second area overall. From where you are telported to, return to that platform
I always referred to as "main". In case you forgot, jump to the vines, climb 
down the two patches to the platform. Move to the right and go across a
platform and Wall Run to and from one more vine patch. You're there, at the
main junction of this area. Seem familiar? 

From here, climb up the wooden wall ahead of you, the one with the vines. Climb
it to the top and go across the beam there. As soon as you reach the end of
this beam and the next platform, drop over the left edge. From there, slide
down to some hidden vines. Now, carefully align yourself a bit to the left and
drop down onto the beam. Walk to the end of this beam and you'll see your new
green Power Plate. Jump to it and activate it. You'll be sent to another so
activate that one too. Now you've got to steer clear of all these obstacles
so be careful. For the second obstacle, just slip in between the beams. You
will eventually reach the top and get one seed. The next three are there for
the taking, and you can take the final one by sliding down the niche there to
the vines (348/540). That's all of them. 

Next, teleport to the Sun Temple of the Ruined Citadel, a place we were at
not too long ago. From where you'll appear, take the nearby Power Plate and
jump around until you land on that "main" platform. Take the left branch, going
west. Swing across the flagpoles to get to the beam. Jump from there to the
center beam. Climb up the wall here to the green Power Plate and activate it.
Avoid the two wooden platforms and grab the two Light Seeds near the top. When
you get to the peak, snag three more there (353/540).

You're done for now so let's continue the adventure. Instead of going in order
this time, let's head to a new dominion. Set your destination as the Queen's
Tower in the City of Light dominion. Teleport to the closest spot, the Tower
of Ahriman. You'll be at the top of the tower so climb all the way down to the
platform with the column. Take the right-hand path out of here. 

Jump the gap and double jump to the fissures and climb up. Slide, Wall Run and
slide some more to reach the enemy platform. Dispatch it and continue. Spy the
wall on your right with the fissure. Jump to it. 

|Queen's Tower - City of Light| Vires

Climb to the left of this fissure and then jump up to the next one. Go over
even more, then watch the Corruption and Wall Run when it's safe. Jump to the
sliding platform, then jump again, Wall Run, and slide once more. Double jump
at the end to reach the main area of the Queen's Tower. 

Talk to Elika some, if you wish. Face the southeast wall and jump to it and
activate the Power Plate. You'll run quite a ways and reach the next floor.
Double jump over this large puddle of Corruption and activate the next plate.
Watch for the hanging lamp and avoid it to reach the next plate in this
sequence. The third plate you'll reach easily. From there, avoid two more
lanterns and then straighten your path to reach the fourth plate. Don't mess up
now or you'll have to do this all over! From the fourth plate, you reach the
fifth easily. Avoid one easy obstacle to get to the sixth. After going around
one structure, you'll come up to another obstacle, so avoid that and reach the
seventh plate. Dodge the next immediate obstacle and activate the eighth. Go
around another bend and dodge again to reach the next one. Finally, navigate
between these little barriers to reach the top.

Out on this balcony, Wall Run to the ring and from there to two more plates.
They'll take you to the top, where an old friend is waiting. 


It's been a little while since we last faced off against this guy. He may be
a little hard to deflect if you've been getting used to the timings and attacks
of other enemies so be careful. If he deflects your attacks, his counter is
just very slightly delayed so learn the timing of that too.

Like The Hunter and The Alchemist before him, The Warrior will activate the
Attack Shield. Hit him with a normal Square attack first to deactivate it as
before. Remember that the Warrior is invincible too so this actually doesn't
matter much in the grand scheme of things. Also be on guard for a new move.
The Warrior will make a geyser of Corruption appear below you. Hit the prompt
button when it appears to save your skin. He will also lunge at you sometimes
so press the button that appears to avoid that as well. 

So how to beat him this time around? As you may notice, during the course of
this fight, the three doors at the ends of this platform will take turns
opening. You need to lure The Warrior to an open door and then force him off
the edge like the last two times. Switch places with him with an Acrobatic
attack first, then knock him out. This can only be done if the door is open
however! Corner him and then send him off with a smile. 


With that out of the way, head over to the light of the Fertile Ground and have
Elika do her thing. 

Elika will automatically gain the first Light Seed here so pay attention to
that (354/540). After that, grab the next three around the center (357/540).
Exit through the only open door and slide down the wall. When you reach the
fissure, you'll gain a seed. Jump over to the next wall and slide down. Use
the rings to Roof Run underneath and reach the next fissure. Jump over to the
next one. Another seed hovers above you but it can be tricky. Make sure the
Prince is leaning up so when you jump he'll go up and not behind him. Grab that
seed, then slide down (359/540). You'll reach another fissure so jump over to
the one on the left, slide down, etc. Roof Run here to get another seed and
climb up the other side (360/540). Jump over to the other wall and grab the
fissure, then slide down. At the end, double jump over to the next fissure.
Slide down again to reach a platform, and slide down from there to reach the

From where you land, go to the balcony railing and look to the far wall. Two
Light Seeds float there. Get on the railing and double jump to them, then jump
back quickly (362/540). Now enter the tower and jump across the gap. Nab the
Light Seed in the center, and another up the wall on your left (364/540). On
the wall directly opposite this one is another with two more seeds on it. Jump
the gap and climb up to reach them, then jump back (366/540). Now return to the
wall that is to the left of the Power Plate. Go to the railing on either side
of this area and drop over the edge. Slide down and grab the ring there and you
will Roof Run underneath for two hidden Light Seeds (368/540). Now, get back up
and return to the Power Plate. Activate it and get moving!

From the first to the second, avoid the lantern and grab the first seed. From
the third plate, get one seed immediately before having to dodge two more 
lanterns. From the fifth plate, dodge to the right and grab the seed way out
there and return to the next plate. As you go around the bend from the sixth
plate, you'll get another seed. After the bend, dodge to the right and grab
the next seed. From the eighth plate, you'll go around another bend so move
very slightly to the left and grab the seed there (374/540). When you reach
the top finally, grab the seed in front of you. Climb up and jump back and
forth from the walls between the doorway to get another seed above (376/540).

Now, Wall Run to the ring and then to the plates. The second one holds a seed
and then launches you to the top where you just fought The Warrior (377/540).
It's tedious I know, but return to lower balcony again.

Instead of jumping the gap to enter the tower, simply drop over the edge and
slide down to reach a blue Power Plate. Activate it once you get there and you
will get five more Light Seeds before landing on the platform below (382/540).
Get the four Light Seeds at the edges of the center platform next (386/540).

You have two paths remaining. Take the left one, the one leading back to the
Tower of Ahriman that is. Jump the gap, then double jump to the fissure. Climb
over and jump to the slide. Take this down for one seed, then jump to the next
for another (388/540). This is the enemy platform so return the way you used
to get there in the first place, up the fissure. Jump to it but do not go over
yet. Instead slide down from this fissure. Yeah, you heard me, err... read me!
Slide down from that fissure and you'll find another one below. Go around the
edge here and Wall Run and jump and Wall Run again to get two seeds (390/540).
Wall Run and double jump to get to the safety of another fissure. Climb
straight up from there. Now, jump back to the fissure and this time, go up and
over to the the slide and collect the next seed. Wall Run and jump to the next
slide for the last one along this path (392/540).

Cross the gaps and watch a short scene. When you gain control, jump to the
column. Align yourself on the column and then jump into a Wall Run and take
the seed there. Hit the rings and leap to the next column. Slide down to take
that seed hanging there (394/540). Jump to the sliding platform and then jump
to the wall and climb up. The enemy is waiting, either for you to dispatch it
or fight it. If you fight, beware the shield like the bosses. 

Turn it around and face the southeast corner of this platform. Wall Run to the
seed and hit the ring. Jump to the column and Roof Run across for another seed
and then slide down the platform to the column. From the column, jump to the 
right toward the wall there and Wall Run, get the seed, jump, Wall Run again 
and collect another seed (398/540). Take the sliding platform again to the
column, but this time, jump to the next slide. You have all of the Light Seeds
in this area. Good job. Let's move on to the next area. Set your destination
as the City of Light in... the City of Light! It's the next closest area so
let's just head that way.

Go back down the path you just went down for the last few Light Seeds and get
back to the enemy platform. This time, go north however. Double jump to the
column and then Roof Run to the slide. Jump to the column, and from there, 
double jump to the next column. Go across all these columns to reach a slide.
Jump off that into a Wall Run and then jump from there to a flagpole. Swing
to a beam, then jump to another flagpole. Double jump to the next platform.

Don't climb up here and instead, Wall run to the left to reach the blue Power
Plate. When you land, a short scene takes over. The Warrior introduces a new
obstacle for you. Oh, goodie! Similar to The Hunter's Corruption blobs, you'll
know have to deal with these wells that spring out tentacles. Oh God... They
are easy to time however so it makes them easy. 

Wall Run past two and then jump to a fissure. Climb over and then slide down
past the Corruption well to another. Wall Run safely past the next well to a
Power Plate. Activate it to reach another fissure, where you'll need to avoid
another Corruption well to activate the next plate. When you land on the next
wall, you should just narrowly avoid three wells! Jump to the other wall and
keep Wall Running past more and activate the plate at the end. Take the slide
to the end and then Wall Run past six Corruption wells onto a new slide. Jump
to the platform and then Wall Run past a whole chain of Corruption wells to
finally reach a fissure. Keep this up and keep Wall Running past these traps
to finally reach a Power Plate. 

This will finally bring you to the arena. Been waiting long, buster?