Resident Evil 5: FAQ/Walkthrough

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  |     -+=Resident Evil 5=+-       |                              ;;;##!!!###;
  |    -+=Survival Handbook=+-      |                            ;;###!###;;
  |                                 |                         ;;;##!!##;;
  | Time to ready your right hook,  |                     ;;;;##!!!#;;
  | uppercut, grab a soda (or a     |                  ;;####!!####;
  | few), and enjoy the ride.       |              ;;;;###!!!####;
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`|--  |- ` `\  | |`  ) |-` | \`| `| ;;     ;;##!!!!!!!!!##;;|-  `\ /` | |`
`| `\`|_' '_ )`|`|_ /` |_' |` \|  |`       ;;###!!!!!!!!##;;|_'  `V`  |`|_|`
                                  ;;      ;;###!!!!!!###;;     `     `
  S u r v i v a l  G u i d e    ;;###;;  ;;##!!!!!!###;P l a y s t a t i o n  3
     B y  C h a o s D e m o n  ;;##!##;;;###!!!!!###;;; G a m e F A Q s
         G a m e  T i t l e    ;;##!!!!!!!##;;    Resident Evil 5
         P l a t f o r m       ;;##!!!!!!###;;    Playstation 3
         G u i d e  T y p e      ;;##!!!!#;;      FAQ/Walkthrough
         A u t h o r             ;;##!!###;;      ChaosDemon
         C o n t a c t          ;;###!!#;;        chaosdemonN[at]gmail[dot]com
         V e r s i o n          ;;####;;          0.20
         L a s t  U p d a t e   ;;;;;;            March 5, 2009

+--------+   ________)
| ____/  |  (,   /
| ||     |      /
| ||_    |  )  /  a  b  l  e   o f   C  o  n  t  e  n  t  s
| |/\\   |+---/---------------------------------------------------------------+
|    ))  | (_/    -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-                          |
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+--------+   1] - Introduction......................................[IN00]
             2] - Version History...................................[VH00]
             3] - Game Basics.......................................[GB00]
             4] - Walkthrough.......................................[WK00]
                  4.01] Chapter 1-1.................................[WK11]
             5] - Weapons...........................................[WP00]
             6] - Trophies..........................................[TR00]
             7] - Contact & Closing.................................[CC00]
             8] - Credits...........................................[CR00]
             9] - Legal Disclaimer..................................[LD00]

+--------+   ______)
| ____/  |  (,  /
| ||     |     /
| ||_    |    /  n  t  r  o  d  u  c  t  i  o  n
| |/\\   |+--/----------------------------------------------------------------+
|    ))  | (______ -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-                      [IN00]|
|   //   |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+
|  \|    |Welcome to my Resident Evil 5 FAQ/Walkthrough, everyone. If you have
+--------+seen one of my FAQs before, then you will know exactly what you are
getting into. You are going to find a complete walkthrough here, of course, and
most importantly, this is going to be 100% Spoiler Free. Because of the element
of shock in the Resident Evil games, I feel it would be unwise to ruin these
pleasant surprises for you. So if I come across an enemy/surprise, I will not
point it out in the walkthrough. This is the only case where an enemy will be
intentionally left out. This is so any enemy that was intended to scare you
will hopefully still do so! The walkthrough's primary focus is to still give
you the most detailed breakdown of the puzzles and such, while leaving enough
of the game to enjoy for yourself.

The year 2008 was a pretty big FAQing year for me, and I am starting off 2009
similarly with Resident Evil 5. I wouldn't bet on having another year like last
year, but I'm here now, so let's hope this is going to be a good one!

    -- ChaosDemon

+--------+  __     __)
| ____/  | (, )   /
| ||     |    |  /
| ||_    |    | / e  r  s  i  o  n   H i s t o r y
| |/\\   |+---|/--------------------------------------------------------------+
|    ))  |    '    -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-                      [VH00]|
|   //   |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+
|  \|    | [ Version 0.20, March 5, 2009 ] - Added the walkthrough for Chapter
+--------+ 1-1. Also added some Game Basics and some Weapons. Big thanks to my
buddy Jeremy for picking this game up for me on his last day of vacation. I
also want to inform you that updates will be coming pretty slowly because I
have a few school projects that are due in the coming days. I'm thinking this
file will be done around the North American release of the game, or most likely
a few days after, which works out well because that's when the majority of the
readers will be getting their games, I think.

+--------+       _____)
| ____/  |     /
| ||     |    /
| ||_    |   /    ___  a  m  e   B  a  s  i  c  s
| |/\\   |+-/------/-)--------------------------------------------------------+
|    ))  |  (_____/  -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-                    [GB00]|
|   //   |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+
|  \|    |

  | 1. | Controls
I only included the default controls because I would assume that's what most
people are using. For the purposes of this FAQ, I will be using this setup. It
shouldn't get in the way of your comprehension if you're using another control
type though, because my instructions will be "control neutral"; i.e. I'll say
"Run up to the door and hit the Action Button." The same applies to any of our
Xbox 360 readers as well.

                _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
               |  _____ |                            | _____  |
               |-'     `'.--------------------------,'`     `-|
             ,'    __     `.      S  O  N  Y      ,'    .,.    `.
            /     |  |      \                    /     (/_\)     \
           !   __  \/  __    |  SELECT   START  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
           |  |__ >  < __|   !__     ,--.     __| ([ ])     ( O ) !
           !       /\        ___`-. ( PS ) ,-'___  `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
           |\     |__|     ,'   `. \ `--` / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
           | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
           |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
           |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
           |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
           \         /                                  \         /
            \       /                                    \       /
             `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'

  | D. |  Control Type D (Default)
1] - Basic Controls-------------------------------
 D-Pad.....................Change Equipped Item
 Left Analog Stick.........Movement/Strafe
 Right Analog Stick........Turn
 L1 Button (hold)..........Aim Weapon
 R1 Button.................Locate Partner
 R2 Button.................Map
 L2 Button (hold)..........Ready Knife
 Triangle Button...........Inventory
 Circle Button.............Partner Action/Call Partner
 X Button..................Run/Reload
 Square Button.............Action

2] - "Advanced" Controls---------------------------
 Back on Left stick + X....Quick Turn
 L1 Button + R1 Button.....Fire Weapon/Throw Grenade
 L1 Button + X Button......Reload
 Left Stick + X Button.....Run
 L2 Button + R1 Button.....Attack with Knife

  | 2. | Breaking Down Sheva
This tag-team nonsense is new to all of us, so I'm going to try and point out
some of the bare bone basics you need to know about our new companion, Sheva.
First off, the co-op stuff is centered around two buttons, essentially, the
Circle Button and the R1 Button (on Control Type D). The Circle Button serves
as the primary "Action" button for any team-up tasks like assisted jumps. You
can also use it to call for Sheva if no "Action" is readily available.
Additionally, it has the very, very important function of focusing Chris' line
of sight to Sheva if she is in danger. If she's in danger and within melee
distance, hitting the Circle Button would result in an immediate punch/kick
from Chris to save Sheva. It's important to keep Sheva safe because if she
dies, the game is over.

Alternatively, you can also hit the Circle Button to call for help. This is
especially useful when the Majini have grabbed you. If you hit the Circle
Button and Sheva is nearby, she'll give the Majini one of those roundhouse
kicks to drop those zombies like it's hot.

You probably notice that you can "give" Sheva any of your weapons, items, etc.
It is entirely up to you whether you want to give her ammo, because you might
be able to handle everybody yourself. I find that this is usually the case in
single player. However, do keep in mind that if she dies, the game is over, so
leaving her a small window of opportunity to defend herself is probably a good
idea. You can also view her inventory and get weapons from her. To do so, pull
up the inventory and hit the Map button. This will allow you to cycle through
Sheva's inventory, and cherry pick whichever item you so choose. Try to do this
when you aren't involved in the heat of the battle for more success.

Finally, when she's in big trouble, and is actually in Dying Status, you need
to hit Circle Button to focus Chris' line of sight on her, and get close enough
until the "Resuscitate" action appears and hit the Circle Button again. Failing
to do so after a short period of time would spell game over. By the same token,
when Chris is the one who's in dying status, it will be up to Sheva to
resuscitate him. The alternative is of course game over.

  | 3. | Conserve Your Ammo
It makes sense that conserving your ammo should be a primary goal in this game,
because without any reloads, game over is likely coming pretty quickly. In some
cases, conserving ammo would just mean not getting trigger happy. However, a
lot of the times it's much more complex than that. Sometimes, you just have no
choice but to keep firing, because those damn buggers won't go down! Also,
remember to use your knife (L2 + R1) to destroy any boxes, fruit, etc, to find
items. Don't shoot them. Many of the following strategies are geared towards
this fundamental principle of ammo conservation - so please do yourself a
favour by not wasting too many shots.

  | 4. | Use the Quick-Turn
The quick turn has probably become synonymous with the Resident Evil franchise
over the years. If you've played Dead Space though, you're probably a little
bit out of the grove. This is just a quick reminder (and an important one at
that) to _always_ use the Quick-Turn to look behind you or turn around. This is
such a time-saver that there is no reason to do otherwise, and it could
sometimes be the difference between a kill and a nice hack with the rusty axe.
Get into habit of routinely checking behind you with the Quick-Turn and
immediately turning back. This is a survival horror game after all, so expect
some enemies to sneak up behind you.

  | 5. | Close the Distance
This is one of the primary strategies that flow from "Conserve Your Ammo".
You've probably noticed that Chris not only packs some heat, but also some
serious power behind his punches and kicks (he sure looks a lot "bigger" since
the last time we saw him). To utilize these attacks, you have to "stun" the
Majini with some shots with your guns first. Usually a shot to the head is the
easiest way, but shots to the arms and legs work too. Once you see the Majini
are noticeably damaged so it's grabbing the body part that you shot, sprint
towards it and hit the Action Button. An enemy hit with a punch or a kick will
create a "snowball effect" to most nearby enemies, knocking them on the ground.
Note that you need to finish the Majini off with a Stomp (Action button when
close to a downed enemy) to completely kill them in some cases.

I do want to point out that not all enemies will be stunned after a single
shot. The only time they are stunned is if they turn away from you, grab their
face, fall down to one leg, or grab their body part in pain. Getting close for
a melee attack on an enemy that is not stunned is a pretty easy to mistake to
make, so try to avoid it.

Using your melee attacks (i.e. "Closing the Distance") on a continual basis
will conserve a lot of ammo for when you really need it. There are many
different attacks, and I have included a brief table summarizing the attacks.
For those who want to

  | 6. | Use the Directional Pad
There were a lot of complaints towards the controls when the demo was released,
and not being able to pause the game while messing with the inventory was
central. However, you should find that there are many "quiet spots" where no
enemies are actively pursuing you. Take this time to equip the proper
weapons/items on your Directional Pad. When you hit the Inventory button to
pull up the menu, the items at the top middle square, the middle right and left
squares, and the middle bottom square are considered equipped. Accordingly, you
can hit the corresponding direction on your D-pad to select those items/weapons
quickly. To play around with your Inventory Menu, hit the Square (Action)
Button to select an item and move to one of the "equipped" squares. Here's a
diagram to illustrate:

   Inventory HUD
     __ __ __
    |  |##|  |      Key
    |__|##|__|      +--+
    |##|  |##|      ##: Items in these "filled" squares will be equipped on the
    |##|__|##|          corresponding direction on your D-Pad.
    |  |##|  |

I don't know what the big fuss about the game not pausing was about, because
the D-Pad is VERY quick. Note that you can't toggle through the weapons while
moving, so it only works when you're standing still. It shouldn't be too much
of an issue, though, because there are many spots for you to mess around
without having to worry about enemies, as mentioned.

  | 7. | The Combustible Elements
This is another strategy based on the ammo conservation idea. I am of course
referring to the various explosive barrels scattered around the missions that
you can blow up with a single shot. When the enemies are piling up and just
keep coming, a well-timed shot to a nearby barrel can be the difference in the
fight. A single barrel triggers a huge explosion, so be careful to not be too
close. An exploded barrel also does a heap of damage, which doesn't seem
noteworthy when dealing with the basic Majini, but if you are fighting a boss
you can deal some big damage with a single Handgun bullet, which seems like a
good deal to me.

Note that the hazardous objects aren't limited to combustion. There also the
metal electrical boxes that are usually hanging from wooden poles. You can
blast them to unleash a splash of electricity around an area, damaging all who
are nearby (including Sheva). Some are on the ground as well, so always keep an
eye out.

  | 8. | Reload Animation Cancelling
You obviously know how to reload -- L1 + X Button by default. I want to point
out that, generally, you won't be able to move when reloading, so try to avoid
doing so when enemies are approaching and nearby. I say generally because there
is a way for you to perform an "Animation Cancel" technique so you can reload
and melee an enemy at the same time. This is especially useful when you're
cornered and dealing with a bunch of enemies.

  To perform the technique
 * You have to be close enough to perform a melee attack on the enemy.
 * Keep firing at the enemy until you see a melee attack prompt
 * Hit L1 + X to reload and immediately hit the Square Button to attack
 * If done correctly, Chris will perform his melee attack, and your gun will
   be reloaded at the end of the sequence.

It might be a little awkward at first, but with some practice you will always
be animation cancelling with your reloads.

  | 9. | Dealing with the Majini
This section is intended to give you some basic information about the Majini.
First of all, you've probably noticed that they are terribly slow. In many
cases, it'd be possible to run right past/through a group of them unscratched.
If you ever find yourself in a heated battle, running around the terrain is
usually a good way to calm yourself down a bit. You are much faster than the
basic Majini, so always remember that.

In terms of weaponry, the basic Majini will be equipped with things like wine
bottles, axes, shovels, limiting them to melee strikes only. Their wind-up is
also very telegraphed, so you should know exactly when an attack is coming.
Ideally, you'd never want to be hit by a Majini who's directly in front of you,
because you can see exactly who's about to attack and within striking distance.
In some cases, the Majini will be armed with an incinerating crossbow. These
guys are just slightly more dangerous because of their ranged nature. Luckily,
they always take their sweet time aiming so you should have plenty of time to
take them out before they get you.

Aside from their weapons, the Majini will grab you once they're close enough.
From here, you can keep flicking the left analog stick, or hit the Partner
Action Button (Circle by default), and if Sheva is close she'll deliver a
roundhouse kick to the Majini to immediately break the grab. If you fail to do
either of those things, the Majini will reveal their true faces and bite
Chris' head. From here, only Sheva can save you so if she's not close enough
after about a second or two it is all over.

One final note I want to make about the Majini is always take advantage of the
Majini that are charging towards you. A well-placed shot to the head will drop
them instantly. Then, you can run right up and finish them off with the Stomp
to the head (one of my personal favourite moves btw).

  | 10. | Herbs
Herbs look like small trees that have been planted, for a lack of better
description. They look like the kind that you can buy right out of your local
supermarket. As of the writing of this section, there are two different colours
of Herbs I am aware of: Green and Red. If the series holds true to the 4th
instalment of Resident Evil, there should be a Yellow herb as well.

The Green Herbs heal half of Chris' and Sheva's health, as long as she is
within distance. You might think that's pretty weaksauce, which is entirely
true. The Green is best combined with a Red Herb. If you use the new and
improved Green + Red Herb, Chris and Sheva's health will be replenished fully.

Here's a brief summary that quickly sums up the different Herbal combinations

Green = Recover about half of your current health
Green + Green = Recover a large amount of health (nearly full)
Green + Red = Recover 100% of your health

Ideally, you don't really need to equip a Herb for safety. In fact, it might
even be a good idea to give most of your Herbs to Sheva (save for one G+R for
emergencies). Sheva will frequently use her Herbs whenever Chris has low health
(usually when your health meter fills up only a bit of the bottom of the
meter). In a small area, she should have no problem finding you to heal, and in
a large area, you can usually sprint away from the Majini and have enough time
to use the Herb and heal yourself.

  | 11. | Special Actions
I'm not sure if this warrants its own little section, but here it is. When
opening doors/gates, if you tap the Action Button repeatedly, Chris will kick
down the door instead slowly opening it. This can be a timesaver. Finally, the
Investigate Button will usually give you some hints, foreshadow the future,
allow you to take a look at some nice, fresh guts, among other things.

+--------+   __         __)
| ____/  |  (, )   |  /
| ||     |     |  /| /
| ||_    |     | / |/  a  l  k  t  h  r  o  u  g  h
| |/\\   |+----|/--|----------------------------------------------------------+
|    ))  |         -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-                      [WK11]|
|   //   |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+
|  \|    | C h a p t e r   1 - 1  | All right, it seems that it is finally time
+--------+------------------------' to get this chapter in the Resident Evil
| M92F Handgun............... [ ] | saga underway. As the game begins, you will
| N100 Gold.................. [ ] | find yourself in the midst of an African
| Green Herb................. [ ] | village. There won't be any hostiles yet,
| N100 Gold.................. [ ] | so just sprint straight ahead, and it won't
| Green Herb................. [ ] | be long before you come across a group of
| N100 Gold.................. [ ] | villagers beating on some pour fellow. Slow
| Handgun Ammo............... [ ] | down here to avoid attracting any unwanted
| Grenade.................... [ ] | attention. Follow the path past the thugs
| Green Herb................. [ ] | and sprint ahead to activate a cut scene
| N100 Gold.................. [ ] | and a check point.
| N200 Gold.................. [ ] |
| Machine Gun Ammo........... [ ] | Once the scene is over, sprint straight
| Handgun Ammo x 2........... [ ] | ahead towards the "Corner Pyamy Butcher".
| Green Herb................. [ ] | Take the path to the right when you can to
| Green Herb................. [ ] | the back alley. Look for a door to the left
| Handgun Ammo............... [ ] | and tap the Action button a few times to
| Green Herb................. [ ] | kick it open. Go up to the main inside and
'---------------------------------' hit the Action button to activate another
scene. At the end of the first set of scenes, he will open up a briefcase for
you to pick up the M92F Handgun. Do so, and go up to him again to activate the
next bunch of scenes.

At the conclusion of the cut scenes, Chris and Sheva will now be fully equipped
with their vests and gear. Sprint straight ahead towards the crate on the box
to pick up some Gold. Now, turn left and there's a clipboard to the right that
briefly details the Dying status. It is also reviewed in the Game Basics
section of this FAQ, so it's entirely up to you to speculate. When you're
ready, leave through the opening to your left and back outside.

Take another left past the wagon and sprint down the stairs to activate another
cut scene. Sprint straight down to the dead horse and take a right into the
shack. There are some skulls and candles to create a little bit of a mood for
you. To the right of those skulls is another door, kick it down as per usual.
Sprint towards the crate on the table to your left and knife it open for a
Green Herb. There's a barrel to the left of that with some Gold.

Now take a right a little deeper into the room and turn left when you can.
You'll find another Green Herb here. Combine it with the other to have a potent
recovery item. Now kick open the nearby door to emerge back outside. There's
another crate on the table here, so cut it open to grab some more Gold. Time to
sprint straight ahead and up the stairs. There's a door to your right, hit the
Partner Action Button (PA Button, O button by default). Then hit the Action
button to activate another cut scene.

At the end of it, open fire on the single Majini ahead. Continue to where he
was standing and turn left to see a door. Kick it open to emerge into the next
room. Turn right to find some Handgun ammo on the shelf. Now turn left and
sprint straight towards the window. Jump through with the Action button to take
a dive back outside. Turn around and you should see some boxes by the wall.
Turn right and sprint down the path ahead. Take another right when you can to
activate another cut scene.

After the scene concludes, make a Quick Turn and immediately begin your sprint.
Make your way out of the alley and into the door up ahead. Once inside, go down
the small stairs and take a left to activate a cut scene. In the north corner
of the room is a standard Grenade. There's another Green Herb on the shelf to
the left. Turn around and go straight towards the metal door. Hit the Action
Button and tell you that you can't kick it down. Now the PA Button should be
prompted, so hit that to kick the door down with Sheva.

Once in the next room, take a right towards the three barrels in the corner. Do
some slicing and dicing to pick up the N 100 Gold, N 200 Gold, and some Machine
Gun Ammo. Now make a Quick Turn and go straight towards the little hole on the
ground and jump through. Run straight ahead and take a left down the hallway.
Continue past the skeleton in the next room to find another hallway. Sprint
straight ahead to the ladder and climb up using the Action Button. There are
two Handgun Ammo on the shelf ahead, as well as another Green Herb to the right
of that. Hit the Action Button, then the PA Button to activate a loading

If you've played the demo, you should recognize that you are now in the stage
called Public Assembly. There are some subtle differences (which I'll point
out), but for the most part it's the same. Anyway, make your way down the hill
and pick up the Green Herb on the table. Then go into the shack to activate the
cut scene (hit Select to skip if you wish). When the scene is over, either tell
Sheva to push the shelves to block the window and door or do it yourself.

Now make your way to the television set and pick up the Handgun ammo on the
table. Go around and collect the rest of the stuff around the room by slicing
the fruit, chopping up the crates, etc. It won't be long now until the Majini
break down the shelf. Open fire on them through the window or let some of them
pour through so you can use your melee attacks. Just spend the next few minutes
fending off the Majini until the second cut scene initiates.

Just stay put for a while and our friend, the Executioner should make his way
inside. You won't have your Shotgun this time around, so taking him out won't
be as easy. So for now, just sprint through the big hole he opened up. Sprint
straight ahead and take a left up the stairs when you see them. Jump across a
platform to find a Green Herb. If you continue jumping to the long platform to
the left, you will find a crate with Gold on some tires. The name of the game
is just to survive for the next few minutes. I wouldn't recommend engaging the
Executioner unless you really feel like it. Otherwise, just keep running around
and taking out the Majini as you see them. When Kirk arrives with the air
support, the chapter will be over.

...More to come

+--------+   __         __)
| ____/  |  (, )   |  /
| ||     |     |  /| /
| ||_    |     | / |/  e  a  p  o  n  s
| |/\\   |+----|/--|----------------------------------------------------------+
|    ))  |     '   -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-                      [WP00]|
|   //   |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+
|  \|    |

  | 1. | M92F Handgun
This is your primary handgun for the game. It is about as standard as they
come, with a mediocre firing rate and damage done. However, it does come fully
equipped with a laser sight, so it will make aiming a lot easier. You should of
course take advantage of the accuracy of this weapon, and look to mix in some
melee attacks whenever possible. The ammo of choice is of course the Handgun
Ammo (what else).

  | 2. | .375 Rifle
The .375 is a weapon of range and power. There isn't much of a firing rate to
speak of here. It is your standard Sniper Rifle, so it comes with an adjustable
scope. Its shells are very powerful, so whenever you're taking on a heavy duty
opponent, don't be afraid to break it out, even in close range. It will take a
little more practice to be able to manuever it effectively from close range,
but it's not something that should overwhelm you. You should get used to using
it in short range because you will find that most of the time, you won't have
too many opportunities to pick off the Majini from afar. That's just the nature
of the game-- the enemies appear when you get there. As you can probably guess,
you'll need the Rifle Ammo for the bullets.

  | 3. | Ithaca M37
The M37 is your shotgun. It packs some serious heat in the shots, so it is
absolutely your boss/mini-boss weapon. It also comes with some splash
capabilities, so be sure to take advantage of that whenever you can. Whenever
you feel like an enemy isn't taking damage from you, or a little overwhelmed
from the number of opponents, the M37 is usually a nice remedy.

  | 4. | Vz.61
Here is your submachine gun. Its power is nothing to get totally excited about,
and neither is its effectiveness in my view. Resident Evil 5 seems to place
some emphasis on power and accuracy (so you can use your melee attacks), and
the Vz.61 doesn't seem to help you very much in that department. It is all
right when you are facing a bunch of the Majini, and need to start spraying
some shots at them. Other than that though, I would say it's a pretty average
weapon. That could change when I get deeper into the game though.

+--------+   ________)
| ____/  |  (,   /
| ||     |      /
| ||_    |  )  /  r  o  p  h  i  e  s
| |/\\   |+---/---------------------------------------------------------------+
|    ))  | (_/    -+=-+=-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-=+-                    [TR00]|
|   //   |+-------------------------------------------------------------------+
|  \|    |Here are is the list of Trophies, just for your reference. I will
+--------+have some strategies to get each of these as the FAQ progresses. For
now, I have just listed them so you don't have to keep pausing the game to
check the PSN while playing.


  | 1. | Resident Evil 5 Platinum Trophy
Congratulations! You've overcome all your fears in RESIDENT EVIL 5!

  | 2. | Completed Chapter 1 - 1 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 1 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

  | 3. | Completed Chapter 1 - 2 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 1 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

  | 4. | Completed Chapter 2 - 1 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

  | 5. | Completed Chapter 2 - 2 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

  | 6. | Completed Chapter 2 - 3 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

  | 7. | Completed Chapter 3 - 1 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 3 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

  | 8. | Completed Chapter 3 - 2 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 3 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

  | 9. | Completed Chapter 3 - 3 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 3 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

  | 10. | Completed Chapter 4 - 1 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 4 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

  | 11. | Completed Chapter 4 - 2 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 4 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

  | 12. | Completed Chapter 5 - 1 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 5 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

  | 13. | Completed Chapter 5 - 2 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 5 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

  | 14. | Completed Chapter 5 - 3 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 5 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

  | 15. | Completed Chapter 6 - 1 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 6 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

  | 16. | Completed Chapter 6 - 2 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 6 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

  | 17. | Completed Chapter 6 - 3 (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 6 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

  | 18. | Recruit (Bronze)
Complete all chapters on Amateur (or Normal, or Veteran).

  | 19. | Soldier (Bronze)
Complete all chapters on Norma (or Veteran).

  | 20. | Veteran (Silver)
Complete all chapters on Veteran.

  | 21. | Secret Trophy - War Hero (Gold)
Complete all chapters on Professional.

  | 22. | Egg Hunt (Bronze)
Find all 4 types of eggs.

  | 23. | All Dressed Up (Silver)
Purchase all available alternative costumes in Bonus Features.

  | 24. | Stockpile (Silver)
Obtain all available weapons.

  | 25. | Take It to the Max (Silver)
Completely upgrade all weapons.

  | 26. | They Belong in a Museum (Silver)
Obtain all treasures in the game.

  | 27. | Badge of Honor (Silver)
Find all the BSAA emblems.

  | 28. | They're ACTION Figures! (Silver)
Collect all the figurines.

  | 29. | A Friend in Need (Bronze)
Save partner 10 times when HELP is displayed.

  | 30. | Lifeguard (Bronze)
Save partner 10 times when DYING is displayed.

  | 31. | Exploding Heads (Bronze)
Pull off 20 headshots.

  | 32. | A Cut Above (Bronze)
Defeat 5 enemies with the Knife.

  | 33. | Cattle Prod (Bronze)
Defeat 30 enemies with the Stun rod.

  | 34. | Crowd Control (Bronze)
Defeat 30 enemies with the Gatling gun.

  | 35. | Bull's-eye (Bronze)
Defeat 30 enemies with the Longbow.

  | 36. | Get Physical (Bronze)
Defeat 20 enemies with physical attacks.

  | 37. | The Works (Bronze)
Chain the maximum number of combos together in one go.

  | 38. | Lead Aspirin (Silver)
Defeat a Majini with a headshot while it's jumping.

  | 39. | Fireworks (Bronze)
Shoot an enemy Molotov cocktail, dynamite stick, or hand grenade.

  | 40. | Be the Knife (Silver)
Deflect a bow gun arrow with your knife.

  | 41. | Meat Shower (Bronze)
Defeat 3 Majini with one grenade or proximity bomb.

  | 42. | Go into the Light (Bronze)
Defeat 2 enemies with one flash grenade.

  | 43. | Ride the Lightning (Bronze)
Defeat a Majini using the electric current from a transformer.

  | 44. | Stop, Drop, & Roll (Bronze)
Defeat 3 Majini at once by setting oil canisters on fire.

  | 45. | Baptism by Fire (Bronze)
Defeat 3 Majini at once with a drum or gas tank explosion.

  | 46. | Masters of Removing (Bronze)
Work together to save someone special.

  | 47. | Secret Trophy - Bad Blood (Bronze)
During the first fight with Wesker, damage him a set number of times.

  | 48. | Drive By (Silver)
Stop an armored truck by taking out the driver.

  | 49. | Egg on Your Face (Bronze)
Defeat a Majini with a rotten egg.

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