Gears of War: FAQ/Walkthrough


                            G E A R S   O F   W A R


                                 Version 2.1
                                 By Brokaliv
                       Date Started: December 29, 2006


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This guide was written for the XBOX 360 version and PC version of Gears of War.
The PC version has added on to the final Act to bring you more story for the
end. If you are playing the XBOX 360 version you will need to skip to Chapter 6
on Act 5 to continue on with your game.

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 1. Controls
 2. Walkthrough
      2.1 - ACT 1: ASHES
         2.1.1 - CHAPTER 1: 14 Years After E-Day
         2.1.2 - CHAPTER 2: Trial By Fire
         2.1.3 - CHAPTER 3: Fish in a Barrel
         2.1.4 - CHAPTER 4: Fork in the Road
         2.1.5 - CHAPTER 5: Knock Knock
         2.1.6 - CHAPTER 6: Hammer
         2.1.7 - CHAPTER 7: Wrath
         2.1.8 - CHAPTER 8: China Shop
      2.2 - ACT 2: NIGHTFALL
         2.2.1 - CHAPTER 1: Tick Tick Boom
         2.2.2 - CHAPTER 2: Grist
         2.2.3 - CHAPTER 3: Outpost
         2.2.4 - CHAPTER 4: Lethal Dusk
         2.2.5 - CHAPTER 5: Dark Labyrinth
         2.2.6 - CHAPTER 6: Powder Keg
         2.2.7 - CHAPTER 7: Burnt Rubber
         2.2.8 - CHAPTER 8: Last Stand
      2.3 - ACT 3: BELLY OF THE BEAST
         2.3.1 - CHAPTER 1: Downpour
         2.3.2 - CHAPTER 2: Evolution
         2.3.3 - CHAPTER 3: Coalition Cargo
         2.3.4 - CHAPTER 4: Darkest Before Dawn
         2.3.5 - CHAPTER 5: Angry Titan
         2.3.6 - CHAPTER 6: Tip of the Iceberg
      2.4 - ACT 4: THE LONG ROAD HOME
         2.4.1 - CHAPTER 1: Campus Grinder
         2.4.2 - CHAPTER 2: Bad to Worse
         2.4.3 - CHAPTER 3: Hazing
         2.4.4 - CHAPTER 4: Close to Home
         2.4.5 - CHAPTER 5: Imaginary Place
         2.4.6 - CHAPTER 6: Entrenched
      2.5 - ACT 5: DESPERATION
         2.5.1 - CHAPTER 1: Impasse
         2.5.2 - CHAPTER 2: Comedy of Errors
         2.5.3 - CHAPTER 3: Window Shopping
         2.5.4 - CHAPTER 4: Powers That Be
         2.5.5 - CHAPTER 5: Jurassic Proportions
         2.5.1 - CHAPTER 6: Special Delivery
         2.5.2 - CHAPTER 7: Train Wreck
         2.5.3 - CHAPTER 8: Pale Horse
 3. XBOX 360 Achievements
 4. PC Achievements
 5. PC Cheats
 6. Characters
 7. Enemies
 8. Weapons
 9. Frequently Asked Questions
10. Version History
11. Copyright

1. Controls

XBOX 360 Controls

Controls are able to be mapped in the options menu

Aim - Left Trigger
Shoot - Right Trigger
Reload - Right Bumper
Zoom - Right Analog Stick
Melee - B Button
Change Weapons - Directional Pad

TAC/COM - Left Bumper
Quick Look - Y Button

Strafe - Left and Right on the Left Analog Stick
Move - Up and Down on the Left Analog Stick
Look - Right Analog Stick
Interact/Pick Up - X Button
Dive/Cover/Run - A Button

PC Controls

Controls are able to be mapped in the options menu

Aim - Right Mouse Button
Shoot - Left Mouse Button
Reload - R
Zoom - T or Scroll Mouse Wheel
Melee - F
Change Weapons - Scroll Mouse Wheel
Equip Primary Weapon - 1
Equip Secondary Weapon - 2
Equip Pistol - 3
Equip Grenades - 4

Quick Look - Q
Pause Game - Pause/Break
Scoreboard - Tab

Strafe - A and D
Move - W and S
Look - Move Mouse
Interact/Pick Up - E
Dive/Cover/Run - Space Bar
Walk - Left Ctrl


2. Walkthrough

2.1 - ACT 1: ASHES

12 Cog Tags Total

2.1.1 - CHAPTER 1: 14 Years After E-Day

3 Cog Tags

You start in a cell with creatures above you pissing all over as some soldiers
break Marcus out of his cell and tell him to suit up. Exit the cell and head to
the right to talk to Dom. He asks Marcus if he would like to take the tutorial
or go straight in to combat. Choose either one with the Right or Left Trigger/
Mouse Button. If you chose to do the Training continue to the next paragraph,
otherwise skip to the Combat section.

Go in to the next room and straight ahead you will notice the red skull and cog
design on the rubble. Head over to it and you will find a blue Cog Tag on the
ground to pick up. Soon a helicopter will fly over head as it fires a missile
at the building you are in. Dom tells them to stop the attack and then leads
you up the stairs to your right as you had entered the room.

Head over to the button and press the action button to open the door. You now
have to shoot two circuit breakers to open the next door. Use the look button
to find where they are if you can't see them, they glow red. Zoom in with the
left trigger/right mouse button and fire with the right/left mouse button. Once
both circuit breakers are destroyed head over to the door and use the action
button to kick it in.

In this next room you will learn how to use cover and the special cover
commands. When you are covering under a low enough object you can press up and
the A button/space bar to leap over it like a hurdle and hold A to run as you
head forward. Going to the sides of a cover spot either allows you to dive out
or quickly switch to another cover spot depending on what is around you. As you
enter the next room a helicopter will fly by, jump the hurdle and then pick up
the ammo box.

Kick in the door and head left down the catwalk. As you enter the next door
some Drones will be advancing on a bridge you have to cross. Take cover on the
wall like Dom tells you to and then return fire and take out the enemy. Head up
the bridge as a helicopter on your left flies by and a tower falls. Dom will
run ahead as heavy fire shoots at him and he tells you to press the switch and
run through the door, its a timed switch.

As you enter the building ahead some mutilated corpses will be shown. Go
through the door, turn right and head down the stairs to enter another doorway.
Take two pairs of Grenades on the ground to fill it up and  head forward. In
the next room you will find more Drones below, take them out with a Grenade.
Turn to the right and head along the catwalk to get downstairs. Turn to your
right and hide behind the stone that is parrallel to the door that is being cut
through, located before the L-shaped block. Zoom in on the door ahead and fire
once the door gets kicked off to take out a few before they have a chance. Once
they are all dead look around this room for another red skull with a cog
graffiti on a pillar to locate another Cog Tag to collect on the ground.

Go in to the next room and straight ahead you will notice the red skull and cog
design on the rubble. Head over to it and you will find a blue Cog Tag on the
ground to pick up. Soon a helicopter will fly over head as it fires a missile
at the building you are in. Dom tells them to stop the attack and tells you to
open the jammed door to the left. Kick it in with the action button and you
will find some hanging mutilated corpses.

Pick up the ammo boxes and head along the ruined hall. A helicopter will fly
over as a tower falls. Straight ahead some Drones will start to advance and
attack. Take them out as you advance and some more Drones will be on the
bridge to your right. Wait in a safe place and a helicopter will blow up the
bridge for you. Pick up the Grenades sitting against the wall at the end and
enter the next room.

Take out the Drones in here and then locate the L-shaped block on the ground.
A little bit away from the door is another block that runs parallel with the
door, use this for cover and zoom in on the door ahead and fire once the door
gets kicked off to take out a few before they have a chance. Once they are all
dead look around this room for another red skull with a cog graffiti to locate
another Cog Tag to collect.

Joined Paths

Get outside through the door the Drones came through and then hide behind the
wall to your right to fight off the enemy. Once they are all dead turn to your
left to head up some stairs and find another red skull with the cog graffiti
and take the Cog Tag. You have to do this quickly or else it will automatically
put you in the cutscene.

2.1.2 - CHAPTER 2: Trial By Fire

2 Cog Tags

You are now grouped up with a few more men to help you along the way. Take
cover immediatly and allow the helicopter to take out the Drones ahead. Now
head up the stairs towards the church. Head through the one way hallway and
take cover as soon as you exit the building. In this small garden area fight
off the enemy. Once they are all dead go to the pillar in the upper left corner
to find a red skull with a cog graffiti. On the ground is another Cog Tag.

Take the Grenades and ammo box if you need it and head up the stairs. At this
checkpoint you will have to fight off the advancing Locust swarm. Let your team
do most of the fighting and advancing as you try to flank the enemy. When the
Emergence Holes start to open up you can either fight off the extra swarms of
enemies or throw a Grenade down the hole to close it up again.

Head along the outside of the church perimeter after you take out the first
wave and then rush along the side of the chapel. Take out the next wave of
enemies and wrap around the back of the building. Before crossing the bridge go
straight to reach a box of ammo and then head to the bridge to locate Alpha

Continue to the large church building and Kim will open the door. Take on the
Drones in the building and you will notice another red skull with a cog
graffiti. The Cog Tag is not below this symbol this time, instead it is near
the exit door just to the left under the window. As you progress you will
encounter some more Emergence Holes as well. Exit the building and head down
the stairs with your team to check out the bodies by the van as a cutscene

2.1.3 - CHAPTER 3: Fish in a Barrel

1 Cog Tag

Right after the cutscene your group will be attacked by some Drones around the
corner. Run for the van as cover as the enemy uses a Troika Machine Gun to chew
your team up. Head around the back of the large hole and use the destroyed
street pieces as cover. Head up along the side of the bridge support and take
cover along the wall. Now corner fire at the Drone manning the turret to take
them down.

Head through the tunnel and take over the turret. Turn it the opposite
direction with the right analog stick and then open fire on the Drones
charging you. Once your team gets through, head straight down the street
killing the enemy along the way. Hop in to the fountain with the rest of the
team and get ready for a 360 degree ambush of Drones coming out of Emergence
Holes. They will be manning the regular machine guns along with some Shotgun
Drones. Don't forget to take the Cog Tag on the left side of the pillar in the
middle of the fountain. After the battle look around for some ammo and Grenades
to refill yourself. Rejoin the team and and press forward.

2.1.4 - CHAPTER 4: Fork in the Road

0 Cog Tags

You will immediatly be told that the team must split up. Choosing the left path
allows you to get in and wait for the team on the right, while the team on the
right has to wait for the team on the left to at least take out the Troika
Machine Gun for them to advance. Just remember to take out the Troika Machine
Gun if you are on the left path to help the right path people advance.

When the team regroups you will be faced with another Troika Machine Gun in the
next room. Head against the right wall and go through the two rooms to sneak in
to the next room. You will now want to run along the right side to break in to
the room ahead and kill the spotter and then the Locust manning the machine

Once they are all dead head out of the room and over to the Troika Machine Gun
and use it to kill off the Drones coming out of the Emergence Holes. Once they
are all dead turn around and face the door to kill off the Drone that breaks
through. Head through the door they came through and kick in the next door to
move on.

2.1.5 - CHAPTER 5: Knock Knock

1 Cog Tag

Walk through the hallway as Kim talks to command. He then tells you that you
and Dom will go ahead to find a way in to the House of Sovereigns. Kick in the
door and head outside along the left side. Continue along the left side and you
will find a van with the red skull and cog graffiti. Look along the wall just
to the left of it and you will find another Cog Tag to take.

As you head towards the building the Drones will begin firing. Watch out for
the Troika Machine Gun firing out one of the door ways. Head all the way over
to the right and kill the Drone that comes through the side door, watch out for
his shotgun. Head through the side and take out all the Drones from within as
you slowly advance to the Troika Machine Gun itself.

After all the Drones are dead Kim tells everyone to form back up. Stay at the
Troika Machine Gun and aim it out the way you came. After a few minutes a
cutscene will start which has a Locust Sniper kill off Carmine. Quickly take
the Troika Machine Gun and fire at the ambushing Drones as they try to take the
building back. After a while Kim will tell everyone to head through the door on
your right and fight some more Drones. Kim will open the door to the next room.
Once you enter you will hear a man yelling further ahead as he is firing at the

2.1.6 - CHAPTER 6: Hammer

2 Cog Tags

Head up the stairs and in to the next room to help provide cover fire for the
Alpha Team member. Go to the right and head down the stairs to help him out and
then watch a cutscene to meet Cole. Grab some ammo and meet the team back at
the stairs and go up the left set.

Kim will open the door on the right and you will see footprints everywhere. Go
to the right and grab the Shotgun on the ground. Wait over on this side of the
hall and as the robot comes in and starts to break through the door a Wretch
runs in from the side and calls for more to drop in.

Watch the ceiling as they run across it and on the ground to attack the team.
Eventually they will also attack the team from behind so watch your back when
Kim tells you to. Once the attack is over the door will open. Before you enter
the door head down to the other end of the hall where the Wretches first came
from and take the Cog Tag on the ground.


Head against the far wall and grab the Hammer of Dawn on the ground. It is
important that you take one or else the game may glitch a little later in this
chapter not allowing you to continue on. Exit the room to the outside and use
the Hammer of Dawn on the Seeder in the upper right corner. Hold the laser on
it and a beam of sunlight like a magnifying glass shoots down on the bug and
kills it off in a few shots.

Kill the Drones on the other side of the courtyard once the Seeder dies and
then cross the bridge to the other side. Keep the Hammer of Dawn with you. Head
through the next room and use the Hammer of Dawn on the next Seeder. If for
some reason you don't have your Hammer of Dawn with you anymore there is
another one to the right of you as you entered the room. Watch out as this may
cause a glitch in the game making you have to reload to your last checkpoint.
Head around the balcony and take down the Drones and Wretches that are


Head to the left side of the balcony and the team should reform. If you find
yourself standing around hearing Kim and his location shows he is on the other
side of the door with it closed then the game has glitched and you need to
reload your checkpoint. Kim should open the door and then head inside.

Head out to the balcony and get some ammo if you need it. Now head back and go
down the stairs. As you turn the corner some Wretches will attack, take them
down. Once you get outside where you just killed the Seeder Kim will contact
command and finally get through, but on a weak signal.

Head through the next door and enter the sanctuary where some Drones will
start to attack. In the back of the room you will find Rojas, man in charge of
Alpha. Look in the corner near the stairs for another Cog Tag in this room. Now
head up the stairs and go through the room.

2.1.7 - CHAPTER 7: Wrath

0 Cog Tags

Heading in to the next room starts a fight with the Drones. Watch out for the
Nemacysts, they look like flying globes with tentacles that explode with a
black goo, as they come flying through the door if you wait to long to move.
Head out on to the ledge as your team gives you cover fire on the Nemacysts and
the Drones running along the bridge just to your right. Take out the Hammer of
Dawn and use it on the Seeder below by moving forward enough to get a clean

After you kill the Seeder it will smash in to the Locust side of the bridge and
kill off any Drones you might not have killed. Kim will then call command to
get a clear signal once again as well. Alpha will then call Kim and then the
locked door to your left will be broken in by more Drones. Take cover with the
pillar and take them all out to move on safely.

Head down the hall to the right as the team takes cover by a large boulder and
the windows to the left. You will then spot Alpha fighting off the Locusts. Hop
over the small wall and run down the hallway. Turn to the right and grab the
Handgun and ammo if you need it.

In the next room some Drones will attack, just use the desks for cover and take
them down as they enter the room. Go through the hallway in the upper right and
fight off more Drones in the next room. As you approach the door to your left
down the hallway a Troika Machine Gun will start to fire upon the team.

Quickly run in to the hallway and move through the door immediatly to your
right. Kill off the Wretches that attack and move forward closer to the Drone
manning the Troika Machine Gun. Take the left door behind the Troika Machine
Gun and go down the stairs so you aren't in the firing range. Kill the Drones
and then quickly jump on the machine gun to take out the waves of Wretches that
advance towards the team.

Head down the hall to the right and at the intersection you will find ammo to
the right and the way to go to the left. Head down the hall and then down more
stairs to wrap around and find some drones in the next room. If you want, you
can head to the left and flank the enemy.

Follow the team over to the side hall and up the stairs to enter the Parliament
Room for Kim to speak about it. Once they are done talking continue forward up
more  stairs. Take out the drone manning the machine gun and then return cover
fire for Alpha ahead against the Nemacysts and the Locust threat on the ground.
Put all your concentration on the drones below while the team attempts to take
care of the Nemacysts in the sky.

Once the area is secure another cutscene will start to play.

2.1.8 - CHAPTER 8: China Shop

3 Cog Tags

Head over to where the Berserker just killed the scared guy that wanted to get
out of there a little early and you will find a Cog Tag on his body. Head back
the other way and take the Hammer of Dawn if you no longer have the other one
from the previous level, you will need it to kill the Berserker.

Go down the hallway and then enter the next room. In here just make your way
straight across to enter another room that leads left. As you step on the
circle in the middle of the hall you will get a quick cutscene of the Berserker
smashing through the wall straight ahead. Quickly run up and to the right to
make it through the doorway in to the next room.

The point of interest will light up showing you a smashable wall straight ahead
down the middle. Lure the Berserker in to the room with you and have her charge
you so you can move out of the way to make her break it down. Enter the newly
opened room and run to the back of this room. Command will now radio you saying
that you are running out of time (the satellite will be out of position to help
in the battle) You will have 6 and a half minutes to get outside and take her

Continue to the third room and go along the left side to look in the second
alcove just next to the third smashable wall for a Cog Tag on the ground next
to its red skull with the cog graffiti. Wait by the third smashable wall for
the Berserker to once again smash it down. Head outside and go to the upper
left against the wall to locate the red skull with the cog graffiti. Get on the
other side of the right pillar to pick up the Cog Tag.

Once the Berserker makes it outside use the Hammer of Dawn on it within the
time limit to take it down in a few direct hits. Use the scattered pillars as
cover to survive her rampage attacks, once she is beaten you will complete the
first act.


6 Cog Tags Total

2.2.1 - CHAPTER 1: Tick Tick Boom

1 Cog Tag

Head straight ahead and you will learn how to give tactical and communication
commands. Holding Left Bumper A button is attack, B button is cease fire, and
Y button is regroup; PC is holding G, Space Bar is attack, F is cease fire, and
Q is regroup. Jump the low wall and go to the corner to trade out the Hammer of
Dawn for the Shotgun sitting by the dead soldier. You will soon be told that
the location is 10 kilometers up and the enemy is closing in fast.

Choose the left or right path, the left path is more dangerous but you will get
to pick up some Rocket Launchers from the coming enemies. Taking the right path
you will have to head up the concrete slab and up the stairs. Provide cover
fire for the group that took the left path below against the two Boomers.

In the next room you will find a Corpser crawl back in to the ground. Head left
to the next room and jump the small block to activate the drones to come
through the door just to the left of the low block. Head in the now open door
to meet back up with the other half of the team, but they are still on a
seperate path.

As you enter a little larger area with a car you will be attacked by more
drones. After you kill off the advancers and move in towards the building in
the corner they will bring out the Troika Machine Guns. Head in to the hallways
and keep to the alcove for protection. Watch out for the Wretches that are
running around as well.

Once the battle is over your team can finally regroup once again. Go to the
left of the machine gun and try to smash through the door. Head along the path
as the team starts to argue a bit and go all the way down the stairs in the
middle of the next buildings room to find a couch at a dead end. Cut it up with
a chainsaw or smash it with a gun melee attack to reveal the Cog Tag under it.

2.2.2 - CHAPTER 2: Grist

2 Cog Tags

Smash through the next door to get attacked by the Locusts. Take cover
immediatly and carefully take them all down. Head down the side of the building
to the right and make your way down the path taking out the hiding Locusts in
the area. Enter the building in the back and head up the stairs to the catwalk.

As you head along the catwalk a group of Wretches will attack. Go through the
door and take out the next set of Wretches that come crawling on the grate
above you. Go underneath the stairs you just came from and look on your right
side past a pile of rubble for a Cog Tag to collect. Head down the path and the
Corpser will be ahead releasing more Drones in the area.

As you turn the corner and jump the low wall a Troika Machine Gun starts to
fire. Get behind the car on the right and take cover. You can now tap the X
button/ E key and move the car forward as a portable shield. Move in as close
as possible and take out the machine gun. After that is taken care of you will
have to fight more drones and some Wretches.

Once the battle is over head through the winding streets and stay to the left
side. Go straight ahead and you will find some newspaper dispensers. On the
ground beside them is another Cog Tag to take. Now head over to the gate
located on the right side of the area. Enter the Stranded Campsite and walk
to the left until a cutscene starts up.

2.2.3 - CHAPTER 3: Outpost

0 Cog Tags

You and Dom will now have to leave the others back at the Stranded Base as
collateral. Head down the street and turn left, you will then start to talk to
Franklin about the location of the vehicle. He tells you it is at a gas station
a ways away and you have to get to checkpoints to refill your ammo. Continue up
the path and kick in the door on the left and run through the house.

2.2.4 - CHAPTER 4: Lethal Dusk

2 Cog Tags

Get to the next door and kick it in to reach the waterside along with some
drones. Watch out for the sniper in the small shack straight ahead. If you want
it go get the Sniper Rifle and then head along the path to the right. Go down
the stairs and wait for the both of you to hop on the transporter.

Grab hold of the crank wheel while the other gives cover fire at the drones on
the other side. Start cranking and once you reach the middle of the track the
sun will finally set. Once the sun sets the Kryll come out (Basicly from the
movie Pitch Black, stay in the light and you are fine but once you go in the
darkness its instant death) to add to the excitement.

Your transport has a light on the top so don't worry just yet. Head up the
stairs as you call command and Baird to see how its going. Continue through the
well lit path and you will come up to Checkpoint 1. Enter the small shacks on
your right to grab some ammo and Grenades.

Head to the left down the path and enter the house. Bust through the door and
leave the house to take on an Emergence Hole. Plug it up or just fight off what
comes out. Once you kill them all Marcus starts to talk to Dom about blowing up
all the propane tanks you see to add to your light. Shoot the white propane
tanks on the ground to light your path safely against the Kryll.

Look to your left at the intersection and you will find a propane tank to shoot
that lights up the inside of the shack. Enter it and you will get another Cog
Tag. Head back the other way now and shoot the next propane tank. Take cover
behind the car as more Troika start to attack.

Use the Sniper Rifle or run along the right side to get a little closer to them
and take them out. Now carefully make a path of light by shooting the propane
tanks from spot to spot and run in to the light. When Marcus says that you will
move through the building there is a propane tank to shoot right inside the
door that might be a little hard to see.

As you head towards the door in the back of the third room a Wretch will bust
through attacking you. Once you kill it off Marcus calls the other team to see
how its going as they are eating a big dinner. Head up the stairs and kick in
the next door. Another Emergence Hole will open up to your right releasing more
drones in the area.

Kill them off by heading straight out the door, turn right through another
doorway and flanking them. Head across blowing up some more propane tanks and
go through the building to reach a moveable car and some more drones. Use the
fire on the cars hood to light your path as you push the car.

Once all the drones are killed Marcus calls command and asks where to go next.
You are told to go down the alley along the side of the building which is pitch
black. Enter the building and gather some ammo if you need it. Go down the
hallway to the hole in the wall and shoot the propane tank on the ground to
light the area up. Once it is lit Marcus calls back to the team and Cole says
that something big is about to go down as the Stranded are bringing out the big
guns now.

Head back out and down the alley to enter another building. As you enter the
second room Marcus is told by command that team 2 has enemies approaching. Head
down the hallway and kick in the door to find more drones ahead. Run up to the
low block ahead and take cover. Once you kill them run to the left gateway and
an Emergence Hole will open ahead. Take them down and go back past the gate

Shoot the propane just outside the gate by the standing stone slab to light a
safe path to the first drone encounter here. Enter the garden area again and
look to your left for another propane tank to shoot. Head back around again to
use this light to cross over safely.

Once you make it back to the street go to the right and shoot the propane tanks
on the other side of the rubble to move on. You will come to a completely dark
area with a spotlight up in the right building. Look to your left for some Cog
Tags out in the dark spot. You can either suicide to them or wait a bit longer
to come back and grab them. Run along the light to the building and go in to
the left room.

At the intersection in the hallway turn right and go up the stairs. Head up
more stairs and eventually you will make it outside to the spotlight. Grab hold
of it and Dom will tell you to get him safely over to the next building. As he
fights the drones ahead keep the spotlight on his to safely get him down the
street. After he reaches the other side he will turn on the chinese lanterns
and light the street up. Turn the light back over to where the Cog Tag is and
light the area up for you to safely make it over to it.

Go down the building and kill off the Wretches that come up the stairs. Collect
the Cog Tags and then meet back up with Dom down the street as he attacks the
drones. As you head down the street another Emergence Hole will open. Throw a
Grenade in it and kill off the rest. Enter the building on your left and take
the right room. Shoot the propane tank outside the window. Wrap around the
building and then shoot the next propane tank under the leaning piece of metal
sheet. Go to the left and a cutscene will start to play.

2.2.5 - CHAPTER 5: Dark Labyrinth

1 Cog Tag

Head through the house and collect the ammo in the first room. When you come to
a hallway turn left and take the first left room. Kick in the door and turn to
the right to kill some Wretches that come to attack. Head down the way they
came and enter the next room.

Chop up the dresser with the chainsaw or smash it with a melee attack to move
on. Enter the kitchen room straight ahead and get ready for some more Wretches
to come through the door on your left. Kill them off and go the way they came
to reach the back door of the house. Right when you exit the house look to your
right along the corner of the house to find another Cog Tag.

Shoot the propane tank in the moveable car and it will light up and start to
roll down the hill. You will have to start running with the car or else you
will get left in the darkness.

2.2.6 - CHAPTER 6: Powder Keg

0 Cog Tags

Head over to the gas station and talk to Chap. He tells you that he didn't fuel
up the Junker because he didn't think you would make it out there. Head over to
the valve and turn it a few times until Chap tells you to come back to the gas
station building and get some ammo in the back. After you collect some ammo and
start to walk back outside the Locusts will start to attack.

Watch out for the Wretches and don't shoot the gas pumps during your battle.
You will go through three waves of enemies: drones from the left, Wretches and
a Boomer straight ahead from upper left and right corners, and more drones from
the upper right corner. Once the battle is over Marcus will call command and
tell them they are on there way back. You are told the Locusts have launched a
full scale attack and you need to hurry back. Run back to the Junker and a
cutscene will start to play.

2.2.7 - CHAPTER 7: Burnt Rubber

0 Cog Tags

Chap will tell you that you can only power the UV Turret or the engine which
means if you fire the UV Turret you can't drive. Left and Right Triggers
control gas and brake/reverse; standard movement WASD on the PC and the X
button/ E key swaps between driving and the UV turret.

Drive forward and Chap will eventually yell out Kryll. Quickly switch seats and
fire the UV Turret at the Kryll to fry them up until the all clear is sounded.
At the next one you must kill the Kryll straight ahead and then six o'clock is
yelled out so turn around in reverse to take out the Kryll behind you.

The third group of Kryll will attack from ahead and behind so act fast. Quickly
drive through and take the exit on the right to get down to the city again.
Take a left and then right. As you go under the bridge shoot more Kryll
straight ahead. You eventually will get on the highway again and get attacked
at 9 o'clock (to your left) and 6 o'clock (behind you).

Soon after the big ramp jump you will come to a turn in the highway to take out
more Kryll straight ahead. Soon after driving for a few seconds more you will
go in to a cutscene.

2.2.8 - CHAPTER 8: Last Stand

0 Cog Tags

Take cover in the building to your left and restock on ammo. Start moving
forward and take cover along the boardwalk to take out the Locusts and
Emergence Holes that open up. Once the front assault is taken down another
Emergence Hole will open to the right of the long boardwalk path. This
Emergence hole is to huge to use a Grenade on to close so just take out the
Locusts that spawn.

Once you kill the enemies in this Emergence Hole you will complete Act 2 and a
cutscene will start up. You should have 18 Cog Tags by now if you are
collecting them in order with the guide.


6 Cog Tags

2.3.1 - CHAPTER 1: Downpour

1 Cog Tag

It is now downpouring as the chapter states and the Junker has died out on the
team. Marcus calls command and is advised to head towards the factory straight
down the road. As you approach the factory at the corner of the building you
will see some glowing Wretches, these are known as Lambent Wretches and explode
when you kill them.

Head straight over to the factory and a cutscene will start, the factory door
is sealed and can't be opened. The team will split up again, follow the other
team to grab some Grenades if you need them and then head down the other way to
see a Lambent Wretch wrong out of the building and up a support beam.

Once you go around the next corner you will be attacked by some Lambent
Wretches, remember not to use your chainsaw on them due to them exploding once
they are killed. Take them all down and take the ammo behind the van on the
right. As you approach the doorway straight ahead a few more Lambent Wretches
will come out and attack.

Head along the catwalk and go left. After passing the first brick tower on the
right you will find a red skull with a cog graffiti on the next brick tower. Go
to the right to find a long wooden dock to go out on. Head all the way out and
take the Cog Tag, get back on the path and move forward.

Enter the third building and turn the power on for the generators, now move
back to the second building to use the lift and kill the Wretch that comes out
of the building. Run down the ramp and get over to the open window to enter the
factory. Move in to the next room to end the chapter.

2.3.2 - CHAPTER 2: Evolution

2 Cog Tags

Go down the left hallway and break in to the door to get some ammo if you need
it. Trying the left door is locked so go around the other hall and use that
door to move on. Go outside through the door and kick in the next door to find
a bunch of corpses all over the room.

Turn to the left and follow the Lambent Wretches footprints to the door and use
it to move on. You will find a Stranded that will lead you through the factory.
Head over to the door that was on the right side of the room. It required a
code, the Stranded will open it for you.

As you enter the room the other team calls Marcus and you find out they are now
in the sewer system below. Continue around the catwalk and enter another room.
You will then see Cole and Baird below you in the sewer line and argue a little
bit. Move in to the next room and follow the Stranded as he complains. When he
takes you downstairs in to a room filled with planks he will fall through and
be fed to the Lambent Wretches.

Now you must carefully cross the planks. Go straight around the hole that was
just made and take the Shotgun if you want it. Now turn around and head to the
wall straight ahead (the right wall as you had walked in through the door).
Turn to the left and carefully head all the way over to the corner without
stepping in the middle of the area so you don't fall through the floor. Pick up
the Cog Tag on the ground.

Now turn left and head against the upper wall but turn left right before the
large machinery. Walk along the boards up against it and turn right. Head all
the way over to the other side of the room and turn right again where the red
skull with cog graffiti is on the ground. Head in to the corner and turn right
to find the hallway out of there safely.

Collect the ammo and Grenades in the next room if you need them and then open
the door by pressing the button on the wall. Hit the next button and enter the
mine shaft room. As you approach the middle of the room, Lambent Wretches
attack. If it gets to overwhelming just head back in to the previous room and
take them down as they come through the door.

Once they are all taken down head to the back of the room where they came from
and go up the stairs to enter the next room. Turn to the right and head down
the path and take out the Wretch that attacks. Turn in to the small room and
turn the valve on the wall. This opens the doors on both sides, the right door
has guns and ammo. Head left and go down the stairs and then enter the large
room on the right to meet up with the other team again.

Go to the wall on the left and turn the valve to raise the gates on both sides
of you to enter the next room. Baird will see something move on the ceiling,
Lambent Wretches and drones will start to attack, take them all down. Head to
the right and then turn left to get to the back of this large room. Kick the
door in the corner which sets off the alarm. This will alert the Boomer in the
locked cage to your left and lower the lift down to attack.

Kill them off and then the door will be broken down. Go inside and Marcus will
notify command that they have reached the Cargo Carts. Head around the room
collecting ammo and go down the stairs to wrap around to the right and grab the
Cog Tag in the grass.

2.3.3 - CHAPTER 3: Coalition Cargo

0 Cog Tags

Head back up the stairs and around to the left to activate the switch. Now head
back down the stairs again and jump in the cart to move on. Fight off the
Lambent Wretches that crawl across the ceiling and try to drop down on you as
well as any drones that are shooting close enough to hurt you. Once you reach
the end Marcus will call command to find the destinations location.

Grab the ammo and then press the switch to open the door. Press the next switch
for the second door and then step back as a Lambent Wretch smashes down from
the ceiling. Take it out and then press the switch again to open the door. Kill
the Lambent Wretches at the end of the catwalk and head over to press the
switch on the door to open it and turn around to kill off more Lambent Wretches
that appear.

Press the next switch and head inside to go down the piping. Kill off the
Lambent Wretches that attack and move on. You will now have entered the Core
Room as Marcus calls command. Head out along the catwalk and kill the Boomers
on each platform that raises from the bottom. Once they are killed jump on the
platform to ride it down to the bottom.

2.3.4 - CHAPTER 4: Darkest Before Dawn

3 Cog Tags

Head down the path along the edge of the mine to the left. Go along the path
to the right which leads you to the red skull with a cog graffiti on a door.
Right next to the Grenades is the Cog Tag to collect. Get back to the path and
go the other direction.

Kill the Lambent Wretches that approach past the rocky terrain and move on.
Marcus has Cole and Baird stay behind to keep the Resonator safe so you and
Dom must move on to take out the enemies. Move on and kill off the next set of
Lambent Wretches. Head forward and you will fall down a landslide in the water.

Head forward to engage some drones that are heading your way. Once you cross
the stream turn to the right and head over to the little area just to the right
of the stairs to grab a Cog Tag. Go up the stairs and kick in the door as bats
or Kryll fly out. Go inside to refill some ammo and Grenades if you need to.
Now move down the path further out.

To your right is a drone firing at you, shoot the weakened pillar to cause
rocks to crush him. Head down the path and take out two waves of Lambent
Wretches. Eventually a Boomer will appear, take him down quickly. If you look
near the edge here you will find the device piece that the late Carmine was
playing with when you first spotted some bodies of Alpha way back at the
church. He threw the thing down the large hole, and it seems to have landed all
the way down here.

Marcus says you will have to find another way because the hole is to big to
jump over. Head left down the next trail past the body with a gun and some ammo
to pick up. Once you pass the Checkpoint here your team will fall through a
hidden hole deeper in to the mine. Marcus will now call Baird to check on there
status to find out they are off route too. You will then be rushed by some
Lambent Wretches from almost every direction.

Head down the path as Dom comments on the sun coming up soon. You will now have
to split up both paths are about equally difficult, but the right path gives
you a little hieght advantage a little ways down. Kill the Lambent Wretches and
drones. Continue down the path just taking them all down, the last two will be
Shotgun wielding drones.

After heading down the path for a bit you will turn to the left to find some
Lambent Wretches on the ceiling and drones straight ahead. Advance and you will
see a Corpser straight ahead as well as a red skull with cog graffiti on the
left wall. Head along the wall to the right and you will find some ammo. Go
around the rock wall some more and you will find a Cog Tag on the ground. Now
continue down the path to move on.

2.3.5 - CHAPTER 5: Angry Titan

0 Cog Tags

Head across the broken looking mine floor and a cutscene will start as the
Corpser heads in to attack. Don't keep to far of a distance from the Corpser or
else it will use a deadly breathe on you to knock you over and injure you. As
it raises its legs to hit you, shoot it in the belly to hurt it until it opens
its mouth, shoot it there. Just repeat until you get it on to the platform all
the way in the back.

Some Lambent Wretches will now come and attack, deal with them. Now stand on
either clamp and get the Corpser to smash down on it to break it off. Deal with
another wave of Lambent Wretches and then get the Corpser to smash the next
clamp. Once both clamps are off a cutscene will start to play and the Corpser
will die off just as Baird and Cole arrive. Regroup with the team and head down
the path they just came from.

2.3.6 - CHAPTER 6: Tip of the Iceberg

0 Cog Tags

Head along the path and you will come out to a large cavern with Imulsion
everywhere. Heading towards the Pumping Station you will find a Torque Bow off
to the right along a side path. Head up to the Pumping Station and the team
will split up. You will soon see some Theron Guards guarding the station. Watch
out for there deadly Torque Bows, the arrows explode leaving you as a pile of

**If you have the Lancer Assault Rifle\Chainsaw Gun**
A really easy way to kill them on every difficulty, even Insane Mode, take the
right path with the others and run all the way around as the Theron Guards
appear. Cross the bridge and look to your left for the first set of stairs
leading up to the pumping station. Take cover against the wall on either side
of the stairs so you are perpendicular to the stairs, not on them. Just wait
for the Theron Guards to come down the stairs and rev your chainsaw on them for
easy kills. Eventually all Theron Guards will be killed on this side of the
station so you will need to carefully go up the stairs and eliminate them from
the other sides.

Take laps around the Pumping Station to ensure all the Locusts are killed. Once
they are all taken care of head off the other corner and cross the walkway to
press the switch and activate the lift. A cutscene will start to play as you
complete Act 3. You should have 24 Cog Tags by now if you are collecting them
in order with the guide.


3 Cog Tags

2.4.1 - CHAPTER 1: Campus Grinder

1 Cog Tag

Right away fight off the Locusts and secure the area. You will first want to
work your way to the building on your left to get protection from the second
wave of drones. After you take out the second wave some Boomers will come out
and start blowing up the area along with a sniper along the garden wall.

Head over to the house on the right side (if you were to be facing the garden
straight ahead as you entered the area from the chopper drop-off) and check
near the stairs closest to the garden wall to find a Cog Tag. Now head north
towards the garden to start a cutscene.

You will now have to decide whether to head through the garden gate and go
down the open street or go through the buildings. Choose between long range on
the right and close quarters on the left.

Buildings Route
Head through the doorway and go up the stairs to the second floor. Take out the
Theron Guard and head to the side room with the blown up wall to give the team
below some cover fire. Head down the hall and jump over the piece of furniture
to watch as Nemacyst's are launching in the air and a Seeder right outside the

Head down the hallway to the left and kill the Wretches and drones found down
here. Take the Hammer of Dawn and use it on the Seeder to send it back down in
its hole. Just to the left of its location an Emergence Hole will open, use the
Hammer of Dawn on it as well to seal it back up. 

Once all the Locusts are dealt with the Hammer of Dawn will go offline. Head
down the next hallway and use the valve to open the way forward for both teams.
Go in to the next room and get around the balcony to grab more ammo before
heading through the next door. As you go towards the other end of the hall some
Wretches will attack.

Get out to the outter room and give cover fire to the team below. Take out the
sniper first and then move on to the ground units. After its done head around
the corner and go down the stairs. Kill off the rest of the drones and move
across the street as you take on the Wretches that attack. Enter the next
building wrap around to the left and exit it, then jump over the low wall to
meet back up with the team.

Street Route
Use the wall to cover yourself and start attacking the drone hostiles as they
approach. Right after you take out a few normal drones, two Theron Guards will
attack with Torque Bows; take them out quickly. Go through the courtyard and
take the door in the left corner.

Hop over the low wall and enter the next area with a Seeder. Fight off the
drones and then run out in the open to grab a Hammer of Dawn by the dead
soldiers body and use it on the Seeder. After it goes back in to its tunnel an
Emergence Hole will open right by the dead soldiers body. Use a Grenade or the
Hammer of Dawn on it to seal it back up.

Once that is all taken care of Marcus will ask Dom to open the doorway from
within the building so they can all proceed on. Enter the buildings gateway as
it rises and get to the other side. Kill the Wretches and drones that attack
and enter the Lecture Hall. Marcus will notify command and then tell Dom that
they will have to meet back up at the site.

Head along the path and go across the sky bridge killing the drones in the area
as you give support fire down below as well to help out the other team. Move on
and go down the stairs to leave the house.

Paths Joined
Use the Troika Machine Gun in the house on the corner to fire at the propane
tanks just to the left of the white truck. Head through the newly opened path
to start a cutscene with the survivors of the helicopter.

2.4.2 - CHAPTER 2: Bad to Worse

1 Cog Tag

Head straight and then turn to the right to find a Cog Tag against the wall by
the rusted old car trunk at the inlet. Now take the left route to move on and
enter the Conservatory. Head to the left, there is a Shotgun to the right, and
kick the door at the end of the path. The door won't budge so it has to be cut

Head back to the turn and fight the Wretches and drones as they approach from
an Emergence Hole. After you take care of them another Emergence Hole will open
straight across from the door that is being cut open. Go to the corner right
before being able to turn right and you will find a Hammer of Dawn. Pick it up
and take out the Boomers.

Right when you finish the door will be cut open, enter the building. Head in to
the next room and Marcus will call Baird to hear that they are moving out due
to all the hostiles coming there way. Head in to the next room and go up the
stairs. Go across the balcony to the other side and enter the next room.

Head through the door on the left and go down the stairs. Take the Hammer of
Dawn if you don't have one and move in to the larger room. As you reach the
back of the room a Berserker will come out of the door in the back left corner.
Sneak around and get through the doorway that the Berserker came through and
head down the hall.

The Berserker will smash through the wall ahead cutting you off. Carefully and
quietly sneak past the Berserker and go around through the next doorway. The
Berserker will smash through the next wall in to this room as well and then
go through a support beam which will smash the glass above. Marcus calls
command if the Hammer of Dawn is active but you will need more open sky.

Have the Berserker smash up the columns which breaks the glass above allowing
you to use the Hammer of Dawn. If you don't have the Hammer of Dawn for some
reason get to the back of this room and you will find one by a dead soldier.
Kill off the Berserker and then turn the valve on the back wall to put out the
fire. Cross through the wall and kick in the door. Head through the alley to
move on.

2.4.3 - CHAPTER 3: Hazing

0 Cog Tags

Go through the open door in the building to the left. Once the time limit runs
out the Hammer of Dawn will become useless again. Head outside the building and
take out the Troika Machine Gun and the drones around the area. Shortly after
an Emergence Hole will open releasing some Wretches. After they are taken care
of another Emergence Hole will open right by where you entered this courtyard
releasing some drones and more Wretches.

Jump over the low barrier to the building on the right to enter it and go out
the other side. Watch out for the sniper on top of the building when Dom yells
"Look out!" and take cover. Kill off the attacking Locusts and watch your back
as they start to jump out of the walls of buildings. After the few from the
buildings are killed a Boomer will come out of the house around the corner.

Head through the house the Boomer came from and go outside, take the Grenades
right in front of the Seeder if you need them and it will yell at you as it
dies. Go back in the house and kick in the door to see someone in the distance
moving away. Turn to the right and head between the buildings after whatever it

Turn to the right and a huge group of Locusts will be heading your way. Quickly
take cover and start taking them out. Watch out for the Boomer that appears as
well. Continue forward and it will eventually take you through a cement gateway
to an alley that turns left. Continue out of the alley to move on.

2.4.4 - CHAPTER 4: Close to Home

0 Cog Tags

Take out the drones and the Theron Guard to the left as you exit the alley.
Head up to the church and enter the cemetery to kill off the drones walking
around within here. Head out of the cemetery and take out all the drones along
the walkways and under the bridge to make the door open. You will then have to
face a Theron Guard a little ways down the road. Head down the path and kick
the iron gate open and move on.

2.4.5 - CHAPTER 5: Imaginary Place

1 Cog Tag

Make your way up the stairs slowly as you take out the Theron Guard and the
drones heading down the stairs. Once you get up to the large Cog inbetween the
stairs a Boomer will start to advance towards your position. Once the Boomer
and any random drones that were left from the previous attack are dealt with
more Theron Guards will open the gates at the top of the stairs and attack.

Head up in to the houses courtyard and a cutscene will start to play. Kick in
the front door and head inside. Head towards the stairs and go left to plug up
the Emergence Hole that comes through the floor. Kill off any drones and
Wretches that survive.

Now head up the stairs and take out the drones hiding up in the rooms. Once you
take them all out Dom tells you that the upstairs is clear. Marcus will then
call Baird and ask what the status on the APC is and then the whole house will
shake, meaning another Emergence Hole somewhere in the house.

Head back down stairs and keep your gun on the sealed doors to the left as a
drone comes busting through it, kill him and head in. Wrap around the corner
and fight your way in to the room with the Emergence Hole and a lot of drones
trying to advance. Watch out for the sealed door on the left down the hallway
for another drone to bust through and start shooting.

Head down this hallway to reach the room at the end on the right. Chainsaw or
melee attack the desk here to find a Cog Tag to take. Head down the left
hallway and enter the next room. Turn the valve to raise the gate down to the
basement of the house.

Head down the winding stairs and fight the drones in the room ahead. Kick in
the door and quietly move through the room quietly and go either to the left or
the right, you can get a Sniper Rifle by jumping the low wall and going in to
the room that isn't accessible straight through its door. Head to the far back
of the basement and Baird will radio in saying the APC is online and they are
heading back to the house.

2.4.6 - CHAPTER 6: Entrenched

0 Cog Tags

Head down in to the water and go to the left corner facing the back wall. Kick
in the rack to move it out of the way and you will locate the secret
laboratory. Kick the door and you will need Jack to cut through the door, which
only means one thing...protect Jack as the Locusts come to attack. Once the
attack is over the door will open to the lab.

Head inside to start a cutscene. You finally find enough data to map a large 
amount of the tunnels but have to download it in to Jack. Baird calls you and
tells you that they need backup upstairs on the second floor. Head back through
taking out the Wretches and drones that head in to slow you down.

Once you reach the top of the stairs Baird tells you that the Locusts are in
the courtyard. When you reach the room with the four wooden pillars and the
glass window in the ceiling some Wretches will come out of the corner grates
and the top window. Keep attacking them until a drone busts through the door
on the right.

Head through the hallways and get back to the front of the house to find some
rooms on fire now. Head up the stairs and find Cole and Baird firing out the
window. Head to the left room to get a better angle at protecting the door and
try to hold off on the locusts. You can't really hold them off to well as an
invincible Boomer takes a ramming pole and busts down the front door. Shoot
whoever you can and then defend the foyer.

Once they are all killed you will have to defend the back of the house. Go
down the stairs and a drone will bust through the sealed door against the
stair wall to your left. Kill him and head in to the new area of the house.

Go up the stairs and bust down the door at the end of the hallway. Plug the
Emergence Hole outside the window if you have the Grenades for it and then
kill the rest of the enemies. Now shoot the two planks against the door
straight ahead so you can kick it down when you get there. Head down the
hallway and back down the stairs to kick in the door.

Head all the way across the courtyard and kill the lone drone as you proceed
further back in to the house. Just as you head out to the back of the house
with two Boomers command will tell you that Jack has the data ready to go.
Take down the Boomers and run forward as more Boomers start to enter the
area. You will get a countdown to make it to the other side and trigger the
cutscene so try to stay away from the enemy fire as much as possible or else a
Brumak will destroy the APC.

You don't get to fight a Brumak in this game, but rumors are said that when the
PC version comes out you get an exclusive boss battle with it. Maybe the end of
Act 4 was changed a little bit at the last section running to the APC. You
should have 27 Cog Tags by now if you are collecting them in order with the


6 Cog Tags Total

2.5.1 - CHAPTER 1: Impasse

This is a PC Exclusive level, if you are playing on the XBOX 360 please go to
Chapter 6 of Act 5.

0 Cog Tags

Turn away from the bridge and head to the small building on the right to locate
the bridge controls. As you enter the building Baird will try to lower the
bridge and it will jam. Shortly after a fire fight between the locusts will
start on the street, take them down. Watch out for when the reinforcements come
in to attack, some will have chainsaw guns to completely kill you. Once the
battle is finally over head away from the drawbridge and enter the open door on
the right as you see a Wretch jump across the door.

Head around the wrecked floor to reach the stairs and head down to make it to
the slums. Kill off the Wretches as they come to attack. Once they are all dead
head through the rest of the slums and take a right in to the alley. Kick in
the door on the right and head in to the building. Head through the side room
and kick in the door around the corner to find a Wretch along with ammo and a
Shotgun if you need it. Turn around and kick in the next door to find your way
out of the building.

As you start to pass the buildings again, a Wretch will jump out of the
window on the left to attack. You can now choose to go through the door to the
left or straight ahead. It is best to head through the door on the left and
kick in the next door to the left to kill the Wretch. Head around the corner
and go up the stairs to kill two Troika Gunners and take over the Troika. Gun
down the enemies below and then head down the stairs to take out anyone left
over. Head straight ahead and jump the barrier in to the shop to continue on.
Head down the hallway and turn right to kick in the door to watch a cut scene.

You will now be inside a garden with more drones. There is a Torque Bow in the
area to your immediate right and a Sniper Rifle along the left side. Once you
take down all of the locusts two Boomers will kick in the door across the
garden and start to attack. When you kill one of them Wretches will start to
attack from the middle of the area under the bridge. When both of the Boomers
are killed head across to the door they came through to move on. Kick in the
door and enter the street along the garden you were just in.

2.5.2 - CHAPTER 2: Comedy of Errors

This is a PC Exclusive level, if you are playing on the XBOX 360 please go to
Chapter 6 of Act 5.

1 Cog Tag

As you head to the end of the street command tells you that the train had to
accelerate so the time frame is now drastically cut shorter. Also the Brumak
from earlier finally caught up and Cole will start to distract it to stay away
from the power lines. Kill the drones that start to come out of two Emergence
Holes. The Brumak will now be above you as command tells you that the enemy has
now boarded the train.

Head through the slums killing the Wretches and two drones off to the right in
the park. Jump over the barrier to the left through the slums buildings and
kill the drone that is around the corner. Use the valve to turn off the
pressure and gas so the fire will go out and move on through the opening. Wrap
around the doorway to the right and exit the slums to another park area.

Head through the gate straight ahead and you will find a Cog Tag along side
ammo and some grenades. Head through the park and go up the stairs and run down
the hall to head up another staircase to reach Jack and the downed power line.
Soon after you will be attacked by drones, defend Jack until the Brumack
returns to your location. Start shooting out its legs and try to kill the drone
on top of it. Eventually the Brumack will make it to the windows and all the
windows will get blocked in by concrete as the Brumack attempts to make it
inside. Head through the door and you will have to split up to locate the back

Theater Balconies

If you choose to head up in to the balconies you will need to grab cover
quickly as there is a Theron Guard up here with you, take it out and then grab
the Sniper Rifle if you don't have it already. Kill the snipers straight across
the theater in the other balcony. Look outside the balcony archway in to the
theater and shoot the circular structures on top of the purple wall to block
the Seeder from getting through. Take out the gunners and then you will have to
kill off the Wretches that attack. Once everything is killed another Theron
Guard will come through the door, kill him and you will have cleared out all
the enemies.

Go through the door and up the stairs to make it to the catwalk. Wait for Dom
to move the scenery wall below over to you so you can make it over to the next
wall with a valve to move for Dom. Head through the door to start a cut scene
and join paths again.

Main Hall

If you choose to head through the main hall head down to the left and get down
to the main floor. Head down the stairs past the ammo and you can make it to
the theater floor. If you have a Sniper Rifle kill off the snipers across the
room up in the balcony. Watch out for the Troika Guns in the middle of the
floor as well. Throw a few grenades at them and then shoot out the circular
structures on top of the purple wall to block the Seeder from getting through.
Watch out for the Wretches as you block the Seeder as well as the Theron Guards
coming from the Emergence Hole towards the door you came through.

Once you kill off all the enemies head up through the chairs and through the
doorway on the left to wrap back to the stage. Go up the stairs and kill the
Wretch that comes through the wall on the right side. Get on stage and go
around the wall to turn the valve on the other side. This will move the wall
with the catwalk attached to it to allow Dom over to another valve that will
let the both of you meet back up.

2.5.3 - CHAPTER 3: Window Shopping

This is a PC Exclusive level, if you are playing on the XBOX 360 please go to
Chapter 6 of Act 5.

1 Cog Tag

Marcus and Dom will come out the back of the theater to find Cole and Baird in
a garage telling them to get over to them before the Brumak finds them. Head up
the ramp and around the corner of the parking garage to start killing the
Wretches that attack. When you reach the stairs head down a flight to find a
Cog Tag. Head upstairs and kick open the door to engage in a firefight

Make your way through the enemies heading left from the door you came out of.
You will have to go through a Troika and some snipers on the other side as
well so be careful. Watch out as the Brumak walks by to your left, it most
likely won't attack at this time. Head through the door and go downstairs in to
another parking garage section.

Once you clear out this area you will find the Seeder off to the left outside
on the ground through the huge hole in the wall. Since you don't have a Hammer
of Dawn you will have to improvise and get on the Troika to shoot the propane
tanks just to the left of the Seeder. This will blow up a part of the street
and create a gas leak next to the Seeder. Shoot the truck in front of the
Seeder to make an explosion and kill it.

You finally can talk to command again and she will tell you that the power is
still not working on the bridge. Head to the right of the Troika and jump the
barrier as Theron Guards start to attack, take them all out. Loop around the
garage and start killing the Wretches that come up the ramp. Head down and take
cover as the Locusts start to advance. Kill the mix of Theron Guards and drones
as you move forward.

Get in to the doorway and go down the stairs to kick in the door to walk in to
another fire fight. Kill off the drones and Theron Guards near the back. Head
through the door on the right and a Boomer will come through the hole in the
back wall. Head through the hole and get ammo in the back of the room.

2.5.4 - CHAPTER 4: Powers That Be

This is a PC Exclusive level, if you are playing on the XBOX 360 please go to
Chapter 6 of Act 5.

0 Cog Tags

Kick in the door on the side wall and start fighting the Wretches and Troika
Gunman. Snipe them if you can and then head over to the Troika to enter a door
to the power station. Take the drones out as they come out the building and
move around the corner to attack Boomers. Take them down and move forward to
where they were.

Kill the Wretches that attack and then head around the corner to the left to
go through the doorway. Attack the drones and Theron Guards to finally enter
the power building.

Head up the stairs and around the corner to start another fire fight. Run
straight ahead to reach the stairs leading up as you pass the fencing on the
left side. Take cover on the platform and fight the enemy below as you slowly
move towards the opposite stairs. Advance on the enemy taking down as you
proceed. Once you make it downstairs fight down the hallway to the right and
Baird will contact you shortly. He tells you that it wasn't the Stranded taking
the power like they thought, it was the Locusts.

Head down the hallway and go up the stairs as the Brumak walks past the window.
Head around the upper platform and two Theron Guards will come up the stairs as
a Boomer comes up to a platform above. Kill all of them and then go behind the
stairs to find the valve you must de-activate. As you turn the valve a door
will open ahead allowing a Theron Guard to attack. Take him out and then
proceed to turn the valve.

Turn around and head over to the opposite corner to de-activate a second valve.
Turn around and go down the middle stairs the Theron Guards came up from and
fight the Theron Guards below. Head around inside the building under the
walkway and locate the final valve to de-activate. You will now have to somehow
connect two power blocks to jump start the system again, time to fight the

2.5.5 - CHAPTER 5: Jurassic Proportions

This is a PC Exclusive level, if you are playing on the XBOX 360 please go to
Chapter 6 of Act 5.

1 Cog Tag

Head upstairs and run to the opposite end of the area to locate a Cog Tag. Now
focus on taking on the Brumak. Start shooting the arm guns to make them catch
on fire so they no longer work. Don't let the Brumak get to close or it will
instantly kill you by crushing you. Once the two arm guns are disabled you will
have to work on the missile launcher on top.

Shoot the legs to make the Brumak fall down and then shoot the drone riding on
top of it. Once you have successfully killed the rider a cut scene will start
to play showing the death of the Brumak. The bridge is now open and the train
has been completely taken over, if you played the XBOX 360 version of the game
this explains why the train is infested with the enemy.

2.5.1 - CHAPTER 6: Special Delivery

0 Cog Tags

Immediatly take cover with the truck straight ahead to avoid sniper fire coming
from up on the bridge. Kill them and then turn to the left as an Emergence Hole
opens releasing some drones and Wretches. Watch out for another sniper sneaking
up from behind the starting spot up on another building as well.

Once they are defeated another Emergence Hole will open on the right side. Take
that out and a group of drones will appear on a train car straight ahead
towards the Train Platform. Once you take care of them head across the planks
on the back part of the train car to reach the other train platform and a quick
cutscene will start to play.

2.5.2 - CHAPTER 7: Train Wreck

3 Cog Tags

Command tells you that the bomb is at the front of the train and there is a lot
of Locusts on board as well. Start heading up the train taking cover with the
freight and killing off your enemies. Watch out for the Theron Guards and there
Torque Bows, these can get a bit dangerous since you don't have a lot of room
to work with.

Once you reach the door and take out all the Locusts in this area you will come
to a closed door. Push the button next to the door and a cutscene will start
with a Berserker at the end of the train heading your way. The Hammer of Dawn
won't work so a new plan will have to be thought up.

Head to the very back avoiding the Berserker and lure her to the last train
cart. While she is on it press the green switch to disconnect the cart and it
will be released sending the Berserker crashing in to the ground and kill it
off, or at least stun it. Head back to the door Jack is opening and it will be
good to go.

As you walk in the cabin take the Cog Tag on the ground along the left wall.
Head in to the next cabin and fight the drones that start to attack. As you
are fighting two Reavers will attack from outside through the windows. Advance
through the cart and get outside to fight more drones and Theron Guards.

When you enter this next cart command will tell you that there are Troika
Machine Guns on the top of this cart you can use. Search the right side of the
cart near the end for another Cog Tag. Press the switch and head through the
door. Once inside climb the ladder and immediatly take the controls of the
machine guns. You will have to kill the Reavers that start to attack, to get
the ones on the other side of the train you may need to use the other machine

Once you take out all the Reavers hop back down the ladder and enter the newly
opened door as you enter a tunnel. Wretches will start to cut off the power
about four carts up ahead and you will need to rush forward so they can't
disconnect you from the rest of the train.

Weave from the left side to the right of the train as large pipes fall down
clearing your path. As you head around the right side a Reaver will start to
attack. Advance to the next car and get inside as the door closes behind you.
Quickly move to the front and try to open the door so Jack can start opening it
while you fight off the Lambent Wretches.

When you finally fight them off the door will open. Run past all the Wretches
and get down to where it is sparking really bad inbetween the cars. Give cover
fire to Dom so he can make it to you and the timer will end. Once you are both
safe command will call you. Head through the car and press the button on the
right to drop some more fuel tanks. Along the way towards the front you will
see the Red skull with the cog grafitti.

Wrap around inbetween the two cars and turn back around to enter the car that
you just dropped the fuel tanks on. Head to the back of the room and open the
door with the button to find the final Cog Tag. You should now have all 30 Tags
if you followed the guide from beginning to end. Continue to the next car to
get some ammo for your final battle.

2.5.3 - CHAPTER 8: Pale Horse

0 Cog Tags

Inside the ammo train stock up on the ammo before touching the doors, make sure
you take the Torque Bow. There is a glitch where you can re-enter the ammo room
during the battle with RAAM. All you have to do is open one of the two doors
and then run over to the other door really quick and open it before the
cutscene starts to play. You will hear the door open as the screen turns black
which will leave that second door open during the battle.

Shoot RAAM with the Torque Bow to get the Kryll off him and then equip the
Sniper Rifle to give him a good headshot. Each difficulty adds six extra
headshots needed to kill him so roughly: 6 on Casual, 12 on Hardcore, and 18 on
Insane. You may need to run to the opposite end of the train and work your way
back and forth to keep him away from you. Try to stay in the lighted areas at
all times to keep the Kryll off of you when he sends them out as well. Don't
forget to use your Grenades if you need to, it might just be the last shot you
need to get on him to bring him down. Once he is defeated watch the last
cutscene as you have completed the game.

3. XBOX 360 Achievements

Gears of War Total of 57 Achievements worth 1250 Gamer Points


Prison Breakout - Completed tutorial level on any skill level

Completed Act 1 on Casual - Complete Act 1 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 2 on Casual - Complete Act 2 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 3 on Casual - Complete Act 3 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 4 on Casual - Complete Act 4 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 5 on Casual - Complete Act 5 on Casual Difficulty

Mercenary - Complete all acts on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 1 on Hardcore - Complete Act 1 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 2 on Hardcore - Complete Act 2 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 3 on Hardcore - Complete Act 3 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 4 on Hardcore - Complete Act 4 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 5 on Hardcore - Complete Act 5 on Hardcore Difficulty

Soldier - Complete all acts on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 1 on Insane - Complete Act 1 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 2 on Insane - Complete Act 2 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 3 on Insane - Complete Act 3 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 4 on Insane - Complete Act 4 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 5 on Insane - Complete Act 5 on Insane Difficulty

Commando - Complete all acts on Insane Difficulty

Dom-Curious - Complete 1 co-op chapter as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty

Domination - Complete 10 different co-op chapters as Dominic Santiago on any

I Can't Quit You Dom - Complete all acts in co-op as Dominic Santiago on any

My Love for You Is Like a Truck - Defeat a Berserker on Hardcore Difficulty

Broken Fingers - Defeat a Corpser on Hardcore Difficulty

A Dish Best Served Cold - Defeat General RAAM on Hardcore Difficulty

Clusterluck - Kill 3 enemies at once 10 different times (on any difficulty)

Time to Remember - Recover one-third of the COG tags (on any difficulty)

Honor-Bound - Recover two-thirds of the COG tags (on any difficulty)

For the Fallen - Recover all of the COG tags (on any difficulty)

Zen and the Art of Reloading - Perform 25 perfect active reloads
                               (on any difficulty)

Zen and the Art Part 2 - Perform 5 perfect active reloads in a row
                         (on any difficulty)


Always Remember Your First - Finish playing a versus ranked match

Can't Touch Me - Win 10 ranked matches without losing a round

A Series of Tubes - Host and complete 50 ranked matches

Around the World - Win a ranked match on every versus map

Capital Punishment - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with an execution

Curb Appeal - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the curb stomp

Don't Hate the Player - Finish with the highest points in a ranked match

Don't Hurt 'Em - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Hammer of Dawn

Don't You Die On Me - Revive 100 teammates in ranked matches

Fall Down Go Boom - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Boomshot

I Spy with My Little Eye - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the

Is It a Spider - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with grenade tag

It's a Massacre - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Chainsaw

Mix It Up - Win a ranked match in every versus game type

Pistolero - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a pistol

Seriously ... - Kill 10,000 people in versus ranked match total

The Money Shot - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a headshot

The Nuge - Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Torque Bow

THIS! IS! ANNEX! - Complete 100 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in Annex and
                   capture 3 objectives in each match

Inconceivable! - Win 20 rounds of multiplayer matches in Annex by fewer than
                 5 points

Nub Pwn3r - Win 20 rounds of multiplayer matches in Annex by shutting out the
            opposing team

You Down With E.P.I.C? - Win a multiplayer match of 3+ rounds in any game type
                         on 6 different downloadable maps

Green Thumb - Win 20 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in any game type on the
              Garden multiplayer map

Mind the Gap - Win 20 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in any game type on the
               Subway multiplayer map

Purdy Mouth - Win 20 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in any game type on the
              Bullet Marsh multiplayer map

All That Juice - Win 20 multiplayer matches of 3+ rounds in any game type on
                 the Process multiplayer map

4. PC Achievements

Gears of War Total of 50 Achievements worth 1000 Gamer Points


Prison Breakout - Completed tutorial level on any skill level

Completed Act 1 on Casual - Complete Act 1 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 2 on Casual - Complete Act 2 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 3 on Casual - Complete Act 3 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 4 on Casual - Complete Act 4 on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 5 on Casual - Complete Act 5 on Casual Difficulty

Mercenary - Complete all acts on Casual Difficulty

Completed Act 1 on Hardcore - Complete Act 1 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 2 on Hardcore - Complete Act 2 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 3 on Hardcore - Complete Act 3 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 4 on Hardcore - Complete Act 4 on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 5 on Hardcore - Complete Act 5 on Hardcore Difficulty

Soldier - Complete all acts on Hardcore Difficulty

Completed Act 1 on Insane - Complete Act 1 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 2 on Insane - Complete Act 2 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 3 on Insane - Complete Act 3 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 4 on Insane - Complete Act 4 on Insane Difficulty

Completed Act 5 on Insane - Complete Act 5 on Insane Difficulty

Commando - Complete all acts on Insane Difficulty

Dom-Curious - Complete 1 co-op chapter as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty

Domination - Complete 10 different co-op chapters as Dominic Santiago on any

I Can't Quit You Dom - Complete all acts in co-op as Dominic Santiago on any

My Love for You Is Like a Truck - Defeat a Berserker on Hardcore Difficulty

Broken Fingers - Defeat a Corpser on Hardcore Difficulty

Shock Therapy - Defeat a Brumak on Hardcore Difficulty

A Dish Best Served Cold - Defeat General RAAM on Hardcore Difficulty

Clusterluck - Kill 3 enemies at once 10 different times (on any difficulty)

Time to Remember - Recover one-third of the COG tags (on any difficulty)

Honor-Bound - Recover two-thirds of the COG tags (on any difficulty)

For the Fallen - Recover all of the COG tags (on any difficulty)

Zen and the Art of Reloading - Perform 25 perfect active reloads
                               (on any difficulty)

Zen and the Art Part 2 - Perform 5 perfect active reloads in a row
                         (on any difficulty)


Not So Serious ... - Kill 10,000 people in versus match total

Don't You Die On Me - Revive 100 teammates in player or ranked matches with 3+

Fall Down Go Boom - Kill 100 enemies in player or ranked matches with the
                    Boomshot in 3+ rounds

Pistolero - Kill 100 enemies in player or ranked matches with a pistol with 3+

The Nuge - Kill 100 enemies in player or ranked matches with the Torque Bow
           with 3+ rounds

I Spy with My Little Eye - Kill 100 enemies in player or ranked matches with
                           the Longshot with 3+ rounds

Don't Hurt 'Em - Kill an enemy in 100 player or ranked matches with the Hammer
                 of Dawn with 3+ rounds

It's a Massacre - Kill an enemy in 100 player or ranked matches with the
                  Chainsaw with 3+ rounds

Curb Appeal - Kill an enemy in 100 player or ranked matches with the
              Curb Stomp with 3+ rounds

Capital Punishment - Kill an enemy in 100 player or ranked matches with an
                     execution with 3+ rounds

Is It a Spider? - Kill an enemy in 100 player or ranked matches with a
                  grenade tag with 3+ rounds

The Money Shot - Kill an enemy in 100 player or ranked matches with a
                 headshot with 3+ rounds

Always Remember Your First - Finish playing a versus ranked match

Don't Hate the Player - Finish with the highest points in a ranked match

Mix It Up - Win a ranked match in every versus game type

Around the World - Win a ranked match on every versus map

Can't Touch Me - Win 10 ranked matches without losing a round

Seriously ... - Kill 10,000 people in versus ranked match total

5. PC Cheats


This will de-activate the ability to get the achievements

Enable Cheat Console

For XP Users:
Go to C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\My Documents\My Games\Gears of War
      for Windows\WarGame\Config

Find the "WarInput.ini" file and open it with Notepad

For VISTA Users:
Go to [USERNAME]\Documents\My Games\Gears of War for Windows\Wargame\Config

Find the "WarInput.ini" file and open it with Notepad

Both Users:
Add or change the following lines: 


Start your game and press Tilde (~) to bring up the console, then type in the
following codes to get the results:

Also note if you want to easily activate multiple cheats at once just create a
Notepad file in your Gears of War\Binaries folder and name it whatever you want
like "cheats.txt" save all the cheat command lines you want inside the file.
Start the game and open the cheat console to type:

exec cheats.txt

Default Health COG
Sets the games default health for the COG team

set WarfareGame.Pawn_COGMarcus DefaultHealth #
Increases Marcus's Default Health to whatever number you want

set WarfareGame.Pawn_COGDom DefaultHealth #
Increases Dom's Default Health to whatever number you want

set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGCarmine DefaultHealth #
Increases Carmine's Default Health to whatever number you want

set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGMinh DefaultHealth #
Increases Minh's Default Health to whatever number you want

set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGBaird DefaultHealth #
Increases Baird's Default Health to whatever number you want

set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGGus DefaultHealth #
Increases Cole's Default Health to whatever number you want

Ammo Holding Capacity
Sets the amount of ammo you can pick up, change # to a number; you still have
to reload your gun

set warfaregame.weap_locustassaultrifle maxspareammo #
Semi-Automatic Gun

set warfaregame.weap_cogpistol maxspareammo #
Standard handgun

set WarfareGame.Weap_Grenade MaxSpareAmmo #

set WarfareGame.Weap_AssaultRifle MaxSpareAmmo #
Chainsaw Assault Rifle

set warfaregame.weap_locustpistol maxspareammo #
Magnum handgun

set WarfareGame.Weap_SniperRifle MaxSpareAmmo #
Sniper Rifle

set WarfareGameContentWeapons.Weap_Bow MaxSpareAmmo #
Torque Bow

set warfaregame.weap_shotgun maxspareammo #

set WarfareGameContentWeapons.Weap_Boomer maxspareammo #
Grenade Launcher

Clip Holding Capacity
Sets the amount of ammo you can use before you have to reload your gun, change
# to a number

set warfaregame.weap_locustassaultrifle magsize #
Semi-Automatic Gun

set warfaregame.weap_cogpistol magsize #
Standard handgun

set WarfareGame.Weap_Grenade magsize #

set WarfareGame.Weap_AssaultRifle magsize #
Chainsaw Assault Rifle

set warfaregame.weap_locustpistol magsize #
Magnum handgun

set WarfareGame.Weap_SniperRifle magsize #
Sniper Rifle

set WarfareGameContentWeapons.Weap_Bow magsize #
Torque Bow

set warfaregame.weap_shotgun magsize #

set WarfareGameContentWeapons.Weap_Boomer magsize #
Grenade Launcher

6. Characters

The following contains some major spoilers

6.01 - Adam Fenix
6.02 - Anthony Carmine
6.03 - Anya Stroud
6.04 - Augustus Cole
6.05 - Chap
6.06 - Damon Baird
6.07 - Delta Two Six
6.08 - Eduardo Santiago
6.09 - Elaine Fenix
6.10 - Eva Santiago
6.11 - Franklin Tsoko
6.12 - Gyules
6.13 - Helen Cooper
6.14 - JACK
6.15 - Jan Rojas
6.16 - Johnson
6.17 - Marcus Fenix
6.18 - Maria Santiago
6.19 - Minh Young Kim
6.20 - Queen Myrrah
6.21 - RAAM
6.22 - Richard Prescott
6.23 - Victor Hoffman

6.01 - Adam Fenix

AKA - Professor/Major Adam Fenix
Was a former C.O.G soldier and devoted professor at the Lacroix University. He
is the widower husband of Doctor Elaine Fenix and father of the main character
Marcus Fenix.

Adam was at one point a Gear in the service of the Coalition of Ordered
Governments. Adam became an officer, with the rank of Major, and gained a
considerable reputation (to the point he is still known and referred to as
"Major Fenix", rather than his current title of "Professor") before retiring to
become a military-employed scientist (or, as he insists, an engineer, as his
wife Elaine is the scientist). He married, had a son and settled down to a
scientific career, based at East Barricade Academy, as well as the secret
laboratory beneath the Fenix Family Mansion, in the basement. Much of his
research is still classified top-secret, but whatever findings he made were of
great importance to the C.O.G.

Adam and Elaine were often away from their son at length for business. This
would be the primary reason Carlos Santiago would become a brother-like figure
to Marcus, as he felt he needed one. When Marcus joined the C.O.G. himself,
Adam disapproved, as initially he wanted his son to become a scientist, and
then, when he saw Marcus was determined on a military career, to become an
officer like himself, but Marcus was determined to become an ordinary Gear.

Adam had foreknowledge of the Locust Horde some time (at least a decade) before
Emergence Day. He diverted some aspects of his research to study them, a
portion of which included a complete mapping of the underground caverns of the
Locust tunnels (though how he had completed these maps are still yet to be
uncovered). Another aspect of his research was to develop weapons, primarily
laser-based, to combat the inevitable Locust invasion. One such effort to
gather materials cost the life of his wife, who was killed going into The
Hollow while trying to retrieve Imulsion crystals for prototype targeting
systems. Adam deliberately did not divulge the circumstances of his wife's
death to Marcus, and left him to think Elaine had left them. Other aspects also
included the development and testing of the Lightmass Bomb and the Resonator.
Another aspect was battle plans, the one that, considered nothing short of
insanity, was Adam suggesting that the deliberate sinking of the Jacinto
Plateau would flood the Hollow. As it turned out, his plan was the current and
most effective means of destroying the Locust.

Approximately around the 10th year of the Locust-Human War, during the Battle
of Ephyra, he was (supposedly) killed by Locust forces. Before this occurred,
Adam had sent a distress call to Marcus. Marcus, despite being in the middle of
a battle and playing a key role for COG forces against the Locust, defied
orders and deserted his post, rushing to his father's aid. Marcus was too late.
By the time he arrived his father was dead. This attempt cost Marcus his career
and four years of his life and cost the COG a large portion of Jacinto and a
lot of Gears (the number is unspecified)

4 years later, Delta Squad, led by Marcus, returned to the mansion to retrieve
Adam's data. Pursued heavily by the Locust, Delta succeeded in its mission.
Marcus believed he had avenged his father against the Locust by going on to use
Adam's maps to great effect with the Lightmass Bomb. His father's plans had
everyone thinking it would work, yet the final result was not what they

Adam may have contacted and collaborated with the Locust, possibly against the
Lambent. This is made evident by Locust Queen Myrrah, as she speaks of Adam
highly and is disappointed that Marcus had not turned out more like his father.

After Jacinto is deliberately sunk to flood out The Hollow, a static-laden
radio message can be heard transmitting to anyone who can hear it. Adam,
sounding worried, identifies himself and asks (presumably) the COG "What have
you done...!?", as sinking Jacinto has apparently caused another worse problem.
This transmission suggests that he is very much alive: though it could be
nothing more than a recording, how a recording would have knowledge of the
sinking of Jacinto (as it seems Adam is responding to) is questionable at best.

Adam may appear in Gears of War 3. It has been confirmed that later works in
both games and literature will expand further upon his research that he had
been undergoing.

6.02 - Anthony Carmine

As the former youngest member of Delta Squad, Private Anthony Carmine makes up
for his inexperience with unbridled enthusiasm and genuine respect for veterans
like Dom and Marcus. In fact, he's so enthusiastic that runs out into the open
in combat, completely disobeying the Golden Rule of the Gears. Unlike senior
Delta Squad members, Carmine prefers to wear the standard COG-issued helmet to
protect his head. Probably not his best choice, since it obscures his vision
slightly from far enemies, but protects his head better than other characters
and he was voted "most likely to get shot" at the military academy.

Anthony was one of the four Carmine brothers assigned to the COG Army. He was a
Gear assigned to Delta Squad.

Private A. Carmine assists Delta Squad during most of Act 1. He was first seen
on the King Raven chopper bearing Marcus and Dom. In the chopper, while firing
his Lancer down to the Locust below, he had a brief dialog with Marcus,
revealing that Marcus is already a legend among the COG's soldiers. He
continues to fight alongside Delta Squad, often being paired with Marcus when
the squad is split up. He survives combat with the Locusts until the squad
reached the House of Sovereigns. There, Lt. Minh Young Kim asks for a status
report from his squad. Carmine shows his Lancer to Kim exposing his helmeted
head for a short time, Carmine points out that his Lancer Assault Rifle keeps
jamming, right after he finishes his line, he is shot in the head by a Locust
Sniper, which flees afterward. He is then replaced by Augustus Cole.

6.03 - Anya Stroud

Anya Stroud is a First Lieutenant in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Armed
Forces. She is the daughter of the late Major Helena Stroud. As Delta's Control
contact, Anya guides Delta Squad through their mission to destroy the Locust.
She provides vital intel and strategic advice to the squad in the field and
adds a calm, steady human voice during the most desperate of struggles. Thanks
to recent upgrades, the JACK bot now projects an image of Anya on a foldout
screen, so her connection to the team, and a certain sergeant, can grow even

Anya was born to Helena Stroud, a Major and Gear Officer. Her father wasn't
present when she grew up, and as such, Helena raised her alone. Anya found it
hard to grow up in her famous mother's shadow. Anya was often awe-struck by
her, as well as others due to her confident manner. In terms of appearance,
Anya is a scale model of her mother, and Helena not only gave any indication
that they were related to others, but treated her distantly and professional.

Anya joined the COG Army, and underwent accelerated training at the Academy.
Helena brought Anya, still a Cadet at the time, along her mission to Aspho
Fields to toughen her up. Lacking any confidence, Anya didn't seem to know she
was considered beautiful by others, but this wasn't the case as both Carlos
Santiago and Marcus Fenix noticed her. Privately, Carlos found her enticing,
but Anya was more interested in Marcus.

Anya actively participated in the mission and eventual Operation Leveler (or
better known as the Battle of Aspho Fields), but only from the CNV Kalona; as
a radio dispatcher for C Company. As the battle escalated, Anya's already
tenuous performance started to fail under her mother's scrutiny and the
increasingly chaotic battle, but was suddenly shocked back into action when her
mother suddenly encouraged her; stating she was doing fine and she was proud of
her. Shortly after, Anya heard Helena die destroying an "Asp" Tank. Anya was
devastated at losing her, but was able to, remarkably, keep herself together.

After the battle's conclusion, Anya was among those who received an Embry Star;
on her mother's behalf. Anya naturally drifted toward Marcus and Dominic
Santiago for emotional comfort. Again, she gravitated mainly toward Marcus, due
to the fact both were "lonely smart kids".

Anya's personality changed from this tragedy; she became stronger, firmer and
more independent.

During the Locust-Human War, Anya worked as a Control Commander, charged with
relaying vital information to the Gear units in the field, with her primary
role to monitor the situation and provide strategic advice when needed. Anya
focuses more on Delta Squad instructing and advising them how to kill dangerous
forms of Locust, as well as instructing them on future objectives and providing
them with vital information.

Part of the reason why Anya is so dedicated to the military is, according to
Damon Baird, she "can't have kids" (which, if not war work, is the only choice
for women in the war). If Baird is serious, it is odd that Anya would be
incapable of bearing children, as she appears to only be in her late-twenties
or early-thirties. It is possible that Anya is simply infertile, which would
also explain why she has been allowed to serve in the military rather than
settle down.

Anya and Marcus are, heavily hinted, to be in love with each other, while
initially, before Emergence Day they couldn't pursue any form of relationship
(due to Marcus being an enlisted man and Anya an officer; so both would end up
on charge of fraternization), the current bleak situation would allow the
flexibility for romance. This is expressed on several occasions e.g. after
Marcus was released from the penitentiary, he saw her for the first time in 4
years and gave her an interested look, which she returned. After the Lightmass
Offensive where Anya met Marcus in a bar, two "tough guys" tried to pick up
Anya, and their rough manner angered Marcus to the point he attacked them in an
attempt to get them to back off (which they did for good once they found out
who Marcus was). At the end of Gears of War 2, Marcus is visibly saddened when
he believes Anya was killed when Jacinto was deliberately sunk. This turns
around when the King Raven carrying Anya flies beside Marcus's, and she holds
her hand to her heart and points it at Marcus, who stares back.

6.04 - Augustus Cole

Private Augustus "Cole Train" Cole was once a successful Thrashball player
known for his hard-hitting and flamboyant style. After Emergence Day, Cole
joined the military and brought that same grit and intensity to the
battlefield. Cole has spent most of his military career alongside his friend
and foil Damon Baird. As the two begin a new chapter in their military
careers, one thing holds true: nothing stops the Cole Train, baby.

Augustus Cole, better known as "Cole" or "Cole Train" is one of the members of
the original Alpha Squad. A former Thrashball player, Cole played mostly for
the Cougars even though he was signed by the Giants, and was one of the
all-stars for his team. Cole almost always chooses to take the most direct path
to the Locust Horde, and fights with an energy that is absent from most of the
Gear Soldiers. His incredible power and energy makes the weight of any
situation lighter, always one to create a better mood for the battle. He is a
true soldier, never leaving his teammates behind, and has no problem fighting
until the death, as long as he goes out fighting. He, like Dom, Tai, and Dizzy,
has customized armor, leaving the arm pieces out of his suit. His armor is also
a shade of gray, unlike the standard blue, although it appears that the paint
and decal may have just worn of the armour.

6.05 - Chap

Chaps owns and operates Chap's Gas Station, the location of the Junker in Act
2: Nightfall. He appears as an elderly and quite thin man, a lot smaller than
the huge characters usually seen in Gears of War. He wields a single Boltok
Pistol with considerable accuracy, and can take down Drones and even Boomers
with it. In the game itself, he is an invincible character in the chapter
Powder Keg. He offers Marcus and Dom to stock up on weaponry and ammo from his
station in the back.

He is a typical Stranded, blaming Marcus and Dom for the recent surge of Locust
in the area. He is also a very useful asset to have on Insane when defending
the pumps as he is very accurate with his Boltok Pistol and can kill many
Locust and provide covering fire, though if he believes he has an opportunity
he may even rush into the open. In an even more daring move, he sometimes
simply charges the Locust and pistol-whips them. He will however, not hold them
off on his own. He can be heard saying "Don't shoot the gas pumps!" if the
player shoots at the pumps in the station. If they are destroyed, the level
will be lost, and will have to be attempted once again.

However, in Burnt Rubber, Chaps becomes the back-seat driver, instructing the
player where to go and from where the Kryll are attacking. Listen carefully to
his instructions and cues such as "Swarm!" or "Six-o-clock!". In this level he
must be kept alive, by fending off the Kryll with the Junker's UV Turret. If
Chaps dies, the level ends, and must be completed again to advance. He
presumably flees during the Locust attack on Franklin's outpost.

6.06 - Damon Baird

Private Damon Baird is a dedicated tech-head and professional skeptic. In
Baird's world, if something can go wrong, it probably already has. His sarcasm
can keep people at a distance, which is why he prefers the company of machines.
He believes in the Coalition's cause, but he's often frustrated with command
decisions, and he took offense when Colonel Hoffman promoted Marcus Fenix to
lead Delta Squad instead of him. Baird longs to one day command a squad of his
own and sees his recent reassignment as a step in the right direction.

Damon Baird is a member of Alpha Squad who was later reassigned to Delta Squad
after the former unit was essentially wiped out by the Locust. He was partially
(if not directly) responsible for the deploying of both the Sonic Resonator and
the Lightmass Bomb.

Baird's main strength lies in his intelligence, although he is a capable
soldier as well. He is probably the closest thing the C.O.G. has to a Locust
expert as he observes and studies them extensively while engaged in combat. He
can even read some measure of their language. And as if that wasn't enough, he
excels in mechanics, hacking, repair, and other technical abilities. He treats
building a bomb like giving someone a breath mint (see top quote).

By the events of the first game, Baird is a Private, though he has been a
non-commissioned officer on several occasions. He is constantly being promoted
for his tactical insights and experience before being busted down the ranks for
insubordination and disrespect for his superiors. He is demonstrated on
multiple occasions to be capable of leading a squad, as with the introduction
of the Berserker in Gears 1. If not for his bad attitude, he would likely be
well above the ranks of most Gears.

Baird is first introduced in the final chapter of Act 1, China Shop, in the
Delta Squad's first encounter of a Berserker. From then on, it is clear that he
holds a grudge against Marcus, likely due to the fact that he is jealous that
Marcus was promoted instead of him, and they are alike in both attitude and
demeanor. Even though Baird was paired up with Augustus Cole for most of the
time, Marcus and Baird team up every once and a while, but not for long.
However, in battle he quickly puts his grudge aside and cooperates,
particularly when his and his teammates' lives are at stake. As time goes on
Baird begins to trust Marcus, and eventually is rendered completely loyal to
Fenix and his team. However, he still retains his trademark attitude.

His skills in engineering and mechanics are shown off during certain times in
the game. He is seen hacking into a Geobot at the end of Act 3 after the
Resonator had failed, which consequently had a huge impact upon the lightmass
bombing. His skills are also shown when he was given time to fix the APC during
Act 4.

6.07 - Delta Two Six

Delta Two-Six was the callsign of a young King Raven pilot who was among the
King Ravens sent to evacuate prisoners from Jacinto Maximum Security Prison,
who were pardoned by Colonel Victor Hoffman and allowed to enlist as COGs. He
provided air support for prisoners and Gears (including Dominic Santiago and
Marcus Fenix) as they escaped, but combined fire from Locust ground units
brought his King Raven down, killing him.

6.08 - Eduardo Santiago

Eduardo Santiago was a retired gear who fought in the Pendulum Wars. He married
Eva Santiago, with whom he fathered two children, Carlos and Dominic and helped
raise Marcus Fenix. After retiring from the army he'd got a job as a mechanic.
But when E-Day struck he along with his wife are "Missing, presumed dead"

6.09 - Elaine Fenix

Elaine Fenix was the mother of Marcus Fenix and the wife of Adam Fenix. She was
a doctor and second only to her husband in the scientific field. Like Adam, she
puts her career in front of her family. That caused her son to spend more time
at the Santiago house than the Fenix Estate. She was killed when she went into
the Hollow to search for Imulsion crystals- which they hoped to use as
targeting lasers.

6.10 - Eva Santiago

Eva Santiago was the wife of Eduardo Santiago and mother of Carlos and Dom
Santiago. Not only did she raise her own children, but she also served as a
second mother to Marcus Fenix after his mother Elaine went missing. With her
care, Marcus became an "honorary Santiago" and found a place he belonged. She
raised all three boys until they joined the COG army and left to fight in the
Pendulum Wars. She also helped raise Dom and Maria's children. She attended the
award ceremony for her sons, at which the boys both received the Embry Star.
During E-Day she along with her husband are listed "Missing, Presume Dead"

6.11 - Franklin Tsoko

Franklin Tsoko is a member of the Stranded and owns the Junker which the player
has to retrieve in Act 2: Nightfall. Little is known about him, other than that
he and Dominic Santiago, a Gear, have had a history, and that Franklin owed him
a favor.

He must have considerable influence within the Stranded community, as when the
Gears first arrive, they seem to upset his guard, who are armed with Gnasher
Shotguns, with one move of his hand he is able to calm them down and tell them
to back off. He is however typically opposed to the COG, like most of the other
Stranded, and only grudingly allows Dom and Marcus to go off looking for his
Junker, keeping Baird and Cole with him as collateral.

He and Dominic Santiago are presumably longtime friends, and Franklin is ono a
constant lookout for Maria Santiago. Reluctantly, Franklin allows the Gears to
use his Junker, and explains that it is at Chap's Gas Station, which Delta
Squad will have to reach through the dark streets of Empyra. Damon Baird and
Augustus Cole remain with Franklin and the Stranded whilst Dom and Marcus go
off in search of the Junker.

Whilst with Cole, it is assumed that he discovers that he was a Thrashball
player when he was younger, and begins to ask questions, which are told to the
player through Baird through the communicator. His involvement in the Last
Stand chapter is also unknown.

6.12 - Gyules

Gyules was a member of Alpha Squad. He and the rest of the squad are assigned
to escort the resonator, and his entire team (with the exception of Rojas and
two other unidentified Gears) links up with Delta Squad. He survives the Locust
ambush which kills Lieutenant Minh Young Kim. An unknown Alpha Gear was almost
killed near the doors of the tomb right before Delta Squad and Alpha escaped
into the tomb but he was later executed by RAAM with a Boltok Pistol, by
retreating with the rest of the surviving Gears into the Tomb of the Unknowns.
When he hears a Berserker approaching, he panics and runs away. Ironically, he
was trying to run away from the Beserker, but instead, he bumped right into it
right over the corner from Delta Squad's position. He was brutally ripped to
shreds as his squadmates stood frozen in horror around the corner, listening to
his screams. Marcus Fenix later found his COG Tags and collected them to be
sent to his family.

6.13 - Helen Cooper

Doctor Helen Cooper is a famed human scientist, who is most notably known for
her work with Imulsion. She ended mankind’s dependency on fossil and nuclear
energy by inventing the Lightmass Process, which allowed humans to turn raw
Imulsion into cheap fuel and energy.

Although Cooper’s findings were meant to benefit mankind, they seemingly opened
a Pandora’s Box of trouble. Imulsion deposits were only concentrated in a few
of Sera’s nations, meaning that only those nations could harvest and process
the prized substance, ultimately leading to a great power and wealth imbalance.
Nations were pitted against each other in a fight for an existence, called the
Pendulum Wars.

6.14 - JACK

When Delta Squad needs a door ripped or a computer hacked, they turn to Jack. A
hovering robot, Jack accompanies Delta on all its missions, but he remains
cloaked (ie. invisible) during battle and appears only when needed. Recent
upgrades to Jack's system include a slide-out monitor that allows Anya Stroud
to communicate with Delta through video.

JACK, a mass-produced form of Jack-of-All-Trades Robot, called simply Jack or
Jack Pack for short by those familiar with them, is a small utility robot
designed to act as a general-use assistant. Originally developed for a wide
array of applications from medical work and electrical repairs to data
analysis, Jack Units took on a more defined role following E-Day, as armored
models were assigned to individual Gear Squads by the COG in order to provide

Jack Units have a wide array of practical applications. Their abilities
include, but are not limited to:

· Medical Treatment (JACK Units have the ability to conduct limited field
· Opening of locked/barred doors (Via cutting through the locks or the door
· Bypassing and disarming electrical or magnetic locks
· Accessing computer systems
· Repairing mechanical devices
· Chemical and spectral analysis
· Acting as a portable hard drive
· Providing light in dark locations (Military models have integral UV filters
  for repulsing Kryll)
· Providing an uplink via long-range commlink

Individual Jack Units rely on an integral repulsorlift that uses an
anti-gravity device for lift. Jack Units can contract their arms and heads into
themselves, turning into a small pod for ease of transportation or storage.

The Coalition of Ordered Governments was quick to make a militarized version
of the Jack unit in order to provide support to Gears in the field. The
military model of Jack has several variations from the base model, including
armor plating, COG-standard identification lights, a series of UV Filters for
its searchlights, and an internal cloaking device to allow it to hide. The Jack
unit isn't suitable for combat, and the unit is programmed to avoid battle via
evasive maneuvers and judicious use of its cloaking device if attacked. This
cloak isn't perfect; it cannot hide the unit's repulsorlift emissions and the
Jack Unit has to uncloak in order to use the overwhelming majority of its tools
(such as its blowtorch and searchlight).

Jack units, until the advent of their cloaking device, suffered a high rate of
attrition, and because of their wide array of applications, are nigh-constantly
in demand with squads of Gears. The Jack unit may not provide the full
capabilities of a dedicated combat medic, computer specialist, or engineer, but
they can do any of these duties to some degree, as well as providing a way to
get through sealed areas and access encrypted files or locked electronic
systems. Of even greater cause for demand is the fact that Jack units have
built-in communication systems that allow for long-range communication with
COG Central Command - effectively dramatically increasing the potential for a
squad to be rescued if lost in hostile territory.

Because of the immense demand for it - and the fact that the COG has lost so
many of them, replacement components for Jack units are allegedly very
difficult to find. So great is the demand for these robots that several Gear
units have taken to making use of second-hand, refurbished civilian models.

The COG itself generally only issues Jack units to elite and high-level squads,
or those on appropriately important missions. Delta Squad has a dedicated Jack

Jack units have a simple AI, and exhibit a clear inquisitive streak, beeping in
a confused fashion when unable to cut through a door or bypass a lock, and
beeping happily when greeted. The friendly, ubiquitous nature of Jack units,
along with their incredible versatility means many squads become quite attached
to their Jacks; Delta Squad's Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago effectively
treat theirs as a member of the team, and one that they're better off with than

Jack units seem to have basic emotions programmed into them; Delta's Jack shows
legitimate fear when it sees a Brumak in Act 4 of Gears of War, seeming to
taunt it once it safely makes it to the APC. Similarly, Jack makes a depressed
beeping when it sees Maria Santiago in Act 4 of Gears of War 2, before it
cloaks and rejoins Marcus as he heads off.

There are multiple missions where you will have to protect Delta's Jack, while
it is attempting to rip a door, signal for help, or in some other fashion help
you progress. There will often be a large amount of enemies; ranging from
Drones to Boomers. There will be a Checkpoint the moment this objective begins,
almost every time. It is worth noting that in Gears of War , Jack cannot
actually be destroyed, nor is he actually attacked by Locust forces, so these
missions are really just surviving until he is done - but in Gears of War 2,
Jack can be damaged by stray fire. If Jack is destroyed, the mission fails and
it's game over.

6.15 - Jan Rojas

Jan Rojas is a Gear soldier, who fought in Alpha Squad during the Locust Horde
conflict. He is briefly mentioned during early portions of Gears of War.

A relatively unknown COG soldier, Rojas spent his final days fighting with
Alpha Squad. He is deployed to help protect the resonator, but is captured in
Locust territory. During the game’s first act, Dominic Santiago expresses
concern about Rojas. Santiago’s fears are confirmed when Delta Squad found
Rojas’ mutilated corpse.He seems to have been beaten to death/possibly eaten by
Wretches. The news of his death is shown to have a strong toll on many of his
friends and family including Augustus Cole and Damon Baird. He leaves behind a
two-year old son. Status on Rojas's wife and child is currently unknown.

6.16 - Johnson

Johnson is a Stranded. Although he is never seen during the mission to reach
the junker, Franklin talks to Marcus and Dom, and at one point, can be heard
saying to someone in the stranded HQ "Johnson, check the lights". The only
thing that is known about the character Johnson is that he must be just another
stranded, as he is not mentioned in any other part of the game.

6.17 - Marcus Fenix

Marcus Fenix serves in the military of the Coalition of Ordered Governments,
and is the main protagonist of Gears of War and of the sequel Gears of War 2.

Few have given more and lost as much as Marcus. A promising soldier during the
Pendulum Wars, he saw everything change on Emergence Day. Marcus bravely fought
the Locust for ten years, then, during an intense battle, he abandoned his post
to rescue his father, Professor Adam Fenix. But he was too late. Marcus was
tried for dereliction of duty and sentence to 40 years in Jacinto Maximum
Security Prison. Incarcerated for four years before being released to fight
Locust again, Marcus was later promoted to sergeant. Along with the rest of
Delta Squad, he won a battle for humanity by detonating the Lightmass bomb and
destroying much of the Locust Hollow. With his reputation restored, Marcus now
focuses on finishing the war against the Locust, and helping his friend Dom on
his own personal mission.


Marcus was born 21 years before E-Day to Elaine Fenix (a doctor) and Adam Fenix
(a scientist and ex-COG Officer). At age 9 he was sent to a Olafson
Intermediate School by his parents in order to "mix with people". He became
fast friends with Carlos Santiago, and his younger brother, Dominic. A few
years later, Marcus' mother mysteriously disappeared and this had a severe
traumatic effect on Marcus. His only refuge was with the Santiago Family, as
his father was very negligent towards Marcus. Marcus joined the COG as an
infantry soldier 4 years before E-Day at age 17 against his fathers wishes, who
wanted Marcus to be a scientist.

The war had been going on for over 75 years when Marcus and Carlos Santiago
were sent to Sarfuth to guard an Imulsion pipeline. He was only a Corporal back
then. Marcus wouldn't wear his COG issued helmet but his "do-rag" was
acceptable headwear as long as the ties were tucked neatly. He was in
Alpha-Five along with Carlos. During their tour of duty in Sarfuth they took
part in the Sarfuth-Maranday Border Incident. Dominic Santiago, Tai Kaliso and
Bernadette Mataki were also members of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry. Who all
are veterans of Aspho Fields and at that battle Marcus watched his best friend
Carlos Santiago die on a bridge during the battle.

During a battle ten years after E-Day, Marcus abandoned his post in a vain
attempt to save his father, Adam Fenix. As a result, he was jailed for
cowardice and failure to obey orders, and only narrowly avoided execution due
to his two exemplary tours of duty in the Pendulum Wars. Dom testified for him,
but to no avail. He was sentenced to 40 years in Jacinto Maximum Security
Prison, where he was prisoner number 098356-GX. After 4 years served, the other
prisoners were freed, but Colonel Hoffman leaves Marcus in jail. Dominic
Santiago comes and frees Marcus himself. After Dom springs Marcus from his cell,
they fight their way through the abandoned prison. Eventually they board a King
Raven helicopter and narrowly escape an emerging Corpser. Marcus and Dom
rendezvous with Delta Squad, a COG unit comprised of Dom, Private Anthony
Carmine, and Lieutenant Minh Young Kim. Delta Squad is quickly deployed into
the field on a mission to locate the missing COG unit, Alpha Squad. Alpha
possesses a Sonic Resonator, a newly developed tool that the military believes
capable of mapping the Locust underworld.

On their way they run into a battle in which Carmine is killed by Sniper fire.
As further battles ensued, Delta Squad encounters a lone member of Alpha Squad
named Augustus Cole also known as the “Cole Train” who helps them along the
way. With the loss of Carmine, Cole takes his place. The team then continues
until they find Private Damon Baird and one other unnamed Alpha, along with
Private Gyules, the other helmeted Gear, the remnants of Alpha Squad. But then
General RAAM and a team of Locusts kill Lieutenant Kim. The un-named soldier
also gets killed while they are retreating into the tomb and then the remains
of Alpha Squad then merge with Delta Squad.

Delta Squad then falls back into the tomb. But there is a Berserker in the
tomb, which was sent to kill them. Once they realize it, Gyules (the other
helmeted soldier with Baird who survived the battle at the crashed King Raven
just before) panics and runs around a corner, straight into the Berserker and
gets ripped apart and mashed, (If you see his body both his legs are ripped of
and one arm. Whats left of him is a mashed up torso and a bashed helmet).
Marcus and Dom quickly lead the Berserker outside where they kill it with the
Hammer of Dawn. Delta Squad is told to proceed to the Lethia Imulsion Factory
to deploy the Sonic Resonator. Delta Squad then heads to the base of the people
known as the Stranded to requisition a vehicle as transportation to the
factory. They are told that the vehicle they need to reach the Imulsion factory
is at a nearby gas station. However, as dusk is falling, and knowing that the
Kryll, a bat-like species, will devour anyone who steps out of the light, so
Marcus and Dom need to light their way into the station and protect themselves.
Meanwhile Cole and Baird are left behind as collateral, mainly because The
Stranded do not want Marcus and Dom to drive off with the Junker as they need
it as well.

While Marcus and Dom are on their way to Chap's Gas Station they have to shoot
various propane tanks to light the streets as they advance to the gas station.
They then reach the gas station and fill the Junker up with gas, but as they
are doing so, the Locust attack the gas station, but with the help of Chap, the
owner of the Gas Station, they drive them off. Then Marcus and Dom take off in
the car as the Locust attack the station again, this time with reinforcements.
On their way back they have to use the UV Turret on top of Laverne (the name of
the Junker) to kill the Kryll. Then they arrive back at The Stranded Encampment
to find that the Locust have launched a full scale attack on it. So, with the
help of Cole, and Baird, and some Stranded they hold off the Locust and head to
the Lethia Imulsion Factory.

Delta Squad then drives to the Imulsion factory where the team gains entrance
from the ceiling and basement. They fight their way through the building and
meet a Stranded who leads them to the mines below. On their way they meet many
Lambent Wretches and Drones until they get to the place where they want to
deploy the Resonator. They then get out of the facility as it maps the tunnels.
But, since the sonic boom generated by the Resonator was not enough to map the
entire locust underground map, the mission was counted as a failure. While
inspecting a Geobot that Baird recovered outside the factory, he discovers that
it contains mapping data that is far more extensive than what the Resonator
provided. The origin of the data contained in the Geobot is quickly determined
to be from the East Barricade Academy, from the workstation of Fenix's own
father. Delta Squad is quickly dispatched to search for this laboratory. They
split up in order to cover more grounds, with Marcus and Dom to search for the
lab and Cole and Baird search for a way out. Eventually they found the lab and
Marcus ordered JACK to download the data into itself since the entire data mass
was too large for the upload bandwidth of the communication channel.

After JACK is done, Marcus and Dom defend the house as Baird and Cole continue
to work to get the APC they have found in the backyard until its back online.
Marcus and Dom then fall back to evacuate. A Brumak attacks the APC as it
flees, but fails at the attempt. Then Marcus and Dom get on the Tyro Pillar, a
train that has the Lightmass Bomb so they can upload the map data into the
light-mass bomb. On the train, however, Marcus and Dom discovered that the
Locust have overrun the train heading toward Timgad, and in order to upload the
information, they will have to get through almost every enemy. At the front of
the train where the Lightmass Bomb is located, Marcus and Dom meet General
RAAM, whom they defeat. Then both of them jump onto a King Raven helicopter as
the train falls into the imulsion pit and detonates the Lightmass bomb.

6.18 - Maria Santiago

Maria Santiago once lived a normal life with her husband and family. That
changed on Emergence Day when Locust destroyed their home and murdered their
two young children. Maria and Dom fled to Jacinto, but the damage was done.
With her children gone and her husband spending more and more time on the
frontline, Maria surrendered to her grief. She vanished, leaving no word of her
plans. Dom has dedicated himself to finding her.

Maria Santiago is the wife of COG soldier Dominic Santiago. Involved with Dom
when they were just teenagers, Maria became pregnant out of marriage, which
amongst other things led Dom to marry her, hoping to take responsibility for
his actions and for his growing family.

When Emergence Day struck, Maria and Dom lost both Benedicto Santiago and
Sylvia Santiago. Unable to deal with the shock and loss, Maria lost herself in
the ruins of the civilization. Four years after E-Day she went missing. Dom
never gave up searching for her. He has contacts within the Stranded helping to
look for her, in particular Franklin. Dom has a large heart tattooed on his
right arm with her name set over it. Maria is a largely unseen character
throughout the games, but her disappearance is a major motivating factor for
Dom; by defeating the Locust and finding her, he hopes that he might one day be
able to rebuild the family he lost on Emergence Day.

6.19 - Minh Young Kim

A firm, honorable soldier with a "by-the-book" leadership style, Lieutenant
Minh Young Kim led the mission to rescue Marcus Fenix from Jacinto Maximum
Security Prison despite his reservations about a man regarded as a deserter.
Kim was killed by General RAAM.

Minh Young Kim was a C.O.G. soldier who was killed in combat by General RAAM.

He was a proud field lieutenant and was promoted to such a rank for his
behavior on the battlefield. His style was always to fight honorably, and
believed that the Gears along with the Coalition of Ordered Governments are the
last defense against the Locust Horde for all of humanity's sake.

Kim is seen in the beginning cinematic of the Act 1 chapter, Trial By Fire.
From there, became Marcus's and Dom's field commander until he later died at
the hands of General RAAM in a cinematic sequence after Act 1 chapter, Wrath.

Kim shares Hoffman's distaste in Marcus Fenix's character, and, had it not been
for Dom, Marcus would have never been reenlisted into the C.O.G. army.

Kim was awaiting a King Raven helicopter with his squad which had intended on
extracting them, as well as the rescued Alpha Team from the area. However, the
helicopter was destroyed while en route from a Nemacyst spore and crashed into
the street. The other Locust soldiers sneaked around the Evacuation Zone and
suddenly ambushed Delta and Alpha Squad, who were seriously outnumbered. Kim
was separated from the rest of the squad without noticing because he was far
too busy holding off the rest of the oncoming Locust. While fighting furiously
within a trapped area with the flaming remains of the King Raven and other
Locust nearby, he quickly told the squad to re-group and take cover. However,
General RAAM came up from behind him, called off his minions, and faced Kim in
a showdown. He picked him up and punched him, stunning Kim. RAAM then finished
the Lieutenant off by impaling Kim in the chest with a serrated blade. Kim was
tossed aside and perished.

6.20 - Queen Myrrah

At various times throughout Gears of War, narration is provided by a female
character - the Locust Queen; her voice is heard during the opening cinematic,
the death of Lieutenant Minh Young Kim, and the end-game sequence, as well as
during split-screen and online multi-player (if playing on the Locust side).
Her voice is heard throughout the campaign and several Locust characters
mention her. For example, when General RAAM emerges onto the platform on the
train, he says "Serve the Queen!" In addition, when Marcus is faced with
Boomers, they can be heard gargling "For the Queen!"

Throughout the game, Locusts treat the Queen with the utmost respect, dying for
her as necessary. The Chain of Command in the Locust Horde is that of a
hierarchy, whereby Queen Myrrah is the central leader.

It seems Queen Myrrah has a hatred for the Lambent, seeing them as an
"infection" that afflicts the Locust Horde. In Gears of War 2 she planned to
sink Jacinto using the Riftworm to flood The Hollow and kill the Lambent
Hordes. On a Cut scene before fighting Skorge, she says "You will perish along
with the Lambents", addressing Delta team. On a Transmission she explains, "We
cannot allow the Lambent to pollute the surface. We must bury their infection
here." She has shown a strong intention to eliminate the Lambent Hordes.

6.21 - RAAM

RAAM is the main antagonist for the first Gears of War and is a mostly silent
and savage Locust general with a dark presence that will make one have an
overwhelming sense of dread. The cunning and ambitious RAAM usurped the
military leadership of the Locust Horde. In battle he could shroud himself in
Kryll, which act as a shield. He could also command them to attack his enemies.
RAAM stood nearly a meter and a half above a normal human, and had pronounced
facial features, with large, bony eyebrow ridges and a seemingly constant
snarling expression. He possessed great strength, able to wield a Troika
machine gun by hand with ease. RAAM also wielded a serrated blade at times,
which he used to impale Lieutenant Kim. He was also seen killing a Gear with a
Boltok Pistol.

He was eventually defeated by Marcus Fenix, with the help of Dominic Santiago
and a King Raven helicopter, while attempting to prevent the detonation of the
Lightmass Bomb.

6.22 - Richard Prescott

Politics run in the veins of Coalition Chairman Richard Prescott. As a boy, he
watched his father and grandfather, themselves politicians, guide Sera through
difficult times. Now, Prescott has enacted several orders that grant the
Coalition sweeping authority to help defeat the Locust. These decisions have
made him unpopular with those who feel the Coalition has overstepped its bounds
and, in the name of security, become an authoritarian regime. Regardless of
these accusations, Prescott remains dedicated to ensuring humanity's survival -
by any means necessary.

Prescott is described as the Coalition's "near dictatorial leader". He has made
several choices that have both driven back the Locust Horde and driven away
support from the people of Sera, such as the Stranded. Even though he uses
ruthless tactics in attempting to win the war, Prescott has good intentions and
wants desperately to save the Human race. It seems, however, that this includes
"killing the few to save the many", shown in C.O.G.'s retaliation against the
Locust after Emergence Day.

In his dedication to the Coalition, he is known to be available at any time -
day or night.

Prescott's Second-in-Command is Colonel Victor Hoffman.

At the beginning of Operation Hollow Storm, Chairman Prescott gives a speech to
his troops telling of his plans to invade The Hollow. The music accompanying
the speech is described by Cliff Bleszinski as enough to "give one goosebumps".

Prescott served eighteen months as a Gear, but according to Hoffman, it was
"for appearances" and he has never been under fire. Until Delta Squad was sent
to investigate the New Hope Research Facility, he is assumed to have been the
only living person who was aware of its existence.

6.23 - Victor Hoffman

Colonel Victor Hoffman is the second-in-command of the COG army, right under
Chairman Richard Prescott. He's a battlefield commander and had fought
alongside his fellow Gears in the Pendulum Wars and the Locust-Human War. A
military man to the core, Hoffman demands discipline and sacrifice from those
under his command. Hoffman's strict adherence to these ideals has caused him to
cross swords with Marcus Fenix. Hoffman's testimony helped convict Marcus of
dereliction of duty, although Hoffman later promoted him to sergeant out of
necessity. As the war with the Locust escalates, Hoffman must put aside his
doubts and rely again on Marcus and Delta Squad.

Before Emergence Day, Hoffman was married to a woman by the name of Margret,
who, according to him, "didn't mind that his job kept him away from her almost

Hoffman was a Major in the late stages of the war. He served at both the Anvil
Gate and at Aspho Fields with Dominic Santiago in a Commando Squad during
Operation Leveler and was apart of an intelligence team before the operation
took place. After insulting and publicly embarrassing Chairman Dalyell at an
award ceremony, the now Colonel Hoffman would never receive any other promotion
even after 15 years of participating in the Human-Locust War.

Hoffman was angry that Pesang troops could not receive Embry Stars for their
service in the assault on Aspho Point, calling it "xenophobic bullshit". He
complained that the fact that they volunteered to help despite not being a COG
territory made them deserve the award more than any of the COG's men.

He evidently had a large role in landing Marcus Fenix in prison. Colonel
Hoffman has seen his fair share of wars and has worked alongside a number of
good men. As far as he is concerned, Marcus isn't one of them. Hoffman's strict
adherence to military procedure was what landed Marcus in prison, but his
inability to forgive and forget is what kept him there.

Strangely, after Lieutenant Minh Young Kim's death, Hoffman promotes Marcus to
Sergeant, recognizing his talent despite his hatred. It may also allude to the
possibility of Hoffman forgiving Marcus and working only on what's at stake.

Later on, he would trust Marcus with the most important task at hand, that of
retrieving the Sonic Resonator and delivering it into The Hollow through the
Lethia Imulsion Facility.

After killing General RAAM, Hoffman considers whether or not to pull Marcus
into the King Raven as he is struggling to climb aboard. Eventually he offers
him his hand, symbolizing that Victor has forgiven Marcus, and is willing to
co-operate with him in the future.

Hoffman took personal command of an armored convoy to evacuate the North Gate
farming zone. During the events of the evacuation, Hoffman encountered new
stranded camps that were style in Pre-EDay. Learning both facts and rumors that
the war was truly in the COG favored and the Locust were on the "retreat".
After securing the deport and the COG Engineering Corps job was nearly done in
uploading all the equipment. The 50 truck convoy with the 3 APC with support
made disembark and left the Deport in the hands of the sappers. During the
trick home he was wounded by Locust Drones and was sent to Wrightman Hospital
to be treated by Dr.Hayman and was able to "bury the hatchet" with Marcus,
regarding Marcus' abandonment of his post during the fall of Ephyra. And
Hoffman apologize for leaving Marcus in the Slab during the opening shots of
the Lightmass Offensive.

Colonel Hoffman along with Chairman Richard Prescott planned Operation Hollow
Storm, a counterattack into the Hollows. During the events of the battle for
the Hollows, Hoffman ordered Delta Squad to investigate New Hope Research
Facility. When Jacinto came under direct Locust attack, Colonel Hoffman took up
arms with Sergeant Fenix and Corporal Santiago to help defend COG's
communication tower. After the sinking of Jacinto City he was able to escape
along with the rest of the Command staff in a King Raven.

7. Enemies

7.01 - Berserker
7.02 - Boomer
7.03 - Brumak
7.04 - Corpser
7.05 - Drone
7.06 - Grenadier
7.07 - Gunner
7.08 - Kryll
7.09 - Nemacyst
7.10 - Reaver
7.11 - Seeder
7.12 - Spotter
7.13 - Theron Guard
7.14 - Wretch


Berserkers are the female and less intelligent counterparts of the Drones. They
cannot see, but instead rely on smell and sound. If anyone moves too quickly or
makes any other distinct noises, for example firing a weapon, it will directly
charge at the source of the sound and attempt to either run it over or bludgeon
it to death. If the sound is made while the target is behind a wall or any other
solid object that the Berserker cannot break through, the Berserker will put her
hand out in front of her and attempt to 'sniff out' her foe. These Locusts will
gain enough momentum when running to smash through a solid brick wall without
getting so much as a scratch. The only known methods to defeat a Berserker are
to weaken its armor with intense heat or to lure it out into the open and
incinerate it with the Hammer of Dawn.

Berserkers are unaffected by all weapons except the Hammer of Dawn, though
after being struck by this weapon they become vulnerable to all others for a
brief period of time, spotted by their glowing bodies. It takes at least two
fully held-out shots from a Hammer of Dawn to take it down (three on Insane).
Any Gear that fights a Berserker will have to be quick with their feet to
defeat it. If not careful, a Berserker can rip someone apart, even with heavy
armor like the Gears', as shown by the death of Redshirt Gyules. They are
stunned momentarily after they hit or smashed something hard, like bricks. The
monster can normally only be killed by the Hammer of Dawn except on the 'Train
Wreck' chapter of Act 5 where the player must improvise.

Another, more daring, method to kill a Berserker is if after an initial strike
by the Hammer of Dawn the Berserker can be tagged by a Bolo Grenade it will
die. This method is useful for cooperative play, when only one player has the
Hammer of Dawn. It is currently unknown if it can be killed by the Centaur
tank's shell since it didn't appear in Gears of War 2. The third method is the
easiest, it can only be done in Act4 as you need a Torque Bow and a working
Hammer of Dawn. The player would first hit the Berserker with the Hammer to
make it vulnerable, then switch to the Torque and shoot it. The Torque Bow's
arrow goes inside the Berserker and detonates killing it, the arrow kills the
Berserker even if its skin hardens. If done correctly the Berserker will die
before if gets a chance to charge the player. This tactic is best done on co-op
mode, one person stuns with the Hammer while the other shoots the Torque. Be
careful, however, when fighting in co-op. One hit by the berserker on any
difficulty will down a character, and if your partner does not attract her
attention, she will not hesitate to deliver a finishing blow.

7.02 - Boomer

Among the least sophisticated of the Locusts, Boomers are gigantic, obese,
tougher and less intelligent versions of the Locust Drones that can take a lot
of damage. A Boomer's weapon of choice is the Boomshot (a sort of
grenade/rocket launcher), which they will fire while habitually shouting
"Boom!" (thus the 'Boomer' moniker) which acts as a warning for Gears to move
out of the way. They also sometimes say "For the Queen!" (see Locust Queen) or
"Die, hominid/groundwalker!" (slang terms the Locust use for humans). They are
often seen partnered with other Boomers, but they do not use infantry tactics,
instead they move forward slowly and fire their weapons. Any Gear who can use
cover can defeat this type of Locust. Boomers are however incredibly tough,
able to withstand 3 headshots from a Longshot on the Hardcore and Insane
difficulties. It takes around 2 full magazines of Lancer to kill one, but it is
far easier to just tag a grenade on one. They can be easily identified by the
rumbling noises of their footsteps, the introductory lines: "Enemies" or
"Ground Walker" and have the deepest of all known Locust voices so they can be
easily spotted and engaged. Sometimes, Gears will announce "Boomer!" as another
form of warning that one is in range.

Boomers are first introduced in the chapter Tick Tick Boom of Act 2. They
appear several other times throughout the campaign in the rest of Act 2, acts 3
and 4, and in Act 5 in the PC version.

7.03 - Brumak

Brumaks are huge monsters with extraordinarily thick hides. Perhaps the
deadliest of all the creatures and species that comprise the Locust Horde,
Brumaks are used by the more intelligent Locust as walking tanks, strapped with
an incredibly powerful arsenal, then sent into the fray. Due to their sheeer
size and firepower, Brumaks can break through even the toughest COG defenses,
and only the most powerful weapons on the battlefield are able to take them

DNA analysis of Brumaks indicates that the Brumak was bred from smaller native
apes by the Locust Horde. They often grow to about 12 meters in height (36
feet) and tend to weigh around 10,000 kilograms (22,046lbs). Brumaks are deadly
at close range, and they have also been rumored to carry energy beam cannons to
kill at a longer range.[3] They also have been known to carry Drones into
combat, as a transportation device. The Brumak's head resembles that of the
Corpser, but its body has more in common with humanoids than spiders. The
Brumak only has two eyes, though a number of glowing electronic eyes dot the
helmets they are often equipped with. It is very possible these are all wired
together inside to give the creature a much wider range of vision. The Brumak
is very powerful, capable of simply lashing aside a COG APC or crushing a Gear
with its fist. Their weapon attachments also appear extremely powerful, firing
high-explosive projectiles at its targets.

To stand in the Brumak's shadow is to stare death right in the face. These
hulking war machines posses a deadly assortment of weapons, from wrist-mounted
machine guns to over-the-shoulder rocket launchers. For any chance of survival
against a Brumak, blast away bits of armor to reveal the soft, weak spots

Several wrist guns as well as a large cannon mounted on its back are the
Brumak's primary armaments. The wrist guns, in the ending cinematic of Act 4,
have been seen firing a strange orange projectile that explodes like a tank
shell. Interestingly, the Gears of War Art Book in the LE version of the game
says "Rumors of Brumaks carrying Energy Cannons cannot be confirmed." In the PC
fight with the Brumak, from start to finish, it does not use and appears to
have no Energy Cannon. But this might be that Energy Cannons (with Imulsion
most likely being a key factor in creation) are only placed on a few Brumaks.
Brumaks toting these alleged Energy Cannons may appear in a follow-up.

There has also been a rumor going around that the Brumaks with Energy Cannons
are diggers, while the Brumaks with the chain gun turrets are soldiers. This
would explain why there are so few records of Brumaks seen with Energy Cannons,
however Corpsers have been digging for the Locust since before E-day, making
the Energy Beam Brumaks rather redundant and pointless.

Act 4 ending cinematic
Act 5 Gears of War PC

7.04 - Corpser

Corpsers appear as horrific giant spider-like creature. They have been known to
track and stage ambushes so they have some sort of intelligence. Their heads
appear almost humanoid and are usually helmeted. Though they appear to have
several glowing eyes when they are wearing their helmets, they actually only
have two very small black eyes. Corpsers have eight thick rock camouflaged legs
that guard their vulnerable caterpillar-like underbellies, which is the only
exposed part of its body. The Locust Horde uses Corpsers to dig tunnels through
the soil of Sera, allowing the other members of Locust to move about
undetected, and even allows the Horde to dig behind COG lines. Corpsers are
often seen moments before Locust attacks, and they are often symbolized leading
the Locusts out of the ground on Emergence Day.

7.05 - Drone A.K.A Grubs

Drones are the most common among the collaboration of races known as the Locust
Horde, playing the role of standard infantry on the battlefield.

They appear to have a muscular humanoid body and white skin due to their
underground lifestyle. They are born and bred for combat, fearless even when
outnumbered. It is believed that the Locust Berserkers are the female of this
race. If this happens to be the case one has to wonder how drone/berzerker
courtship is accomplished due to the tendency of any berserker to automatically
rip absolutely anything within arms reach limb from limb and the way drones
around Berserkers seem terrified of them. Drones use the massive tunnel network
under the planet's surface for troop movement and can quickly create portals
almost anywhere on the surface called Emergence Holes, which they often use to
surprise their enemies.

· Drones are the standard foot trooper for the Locust, with the characteristic
  use of numbers and fearless fighting, willingness to sacrifice themselves to
  kill a single Gear. they are often armed with Hammerbust rifles, Boltok
  pistols and sometimes Lancers. They also can be armed with Shotguns and
  grenades, called appropriately Grenadiers. Some are equipped with infared
  goggles and Sniper rifles which are, obviously, Snipers. Others are trained
  to use Troika Machine Guns and have special helmets that deflect enemy fire.
  Elite Drones are the Theron guards. Superior to average drones, they are
  armed with Torque Bows.

Although tactically minded, fully capable of operating infantry weapons and
generally making good use of whatever cover is available to them, most drones
tend to exhibit rather low intelligence and it may be stupidity as well as lack
of imagination, rather than bravery that keeps them driving forward into even
the worst odds. they are also not very articulate, expressing almost everything
they do (which isn't much) through single word statements and unspecific

Theron Guards and Grenadiers have somewhat different facial structures than
normal drones, appearing to have longer teeth. Therons also tend to speak in a
hissing manner totally different from the deep throated yelling of normal 
drones and Grenadiers. One can only speculate as to whether these are just
differences in fashion, differences in rank or whether the two are slightly
different organisms.

These are the most common enemies encountered on the battlefield. They are
known to use the Hammerburst weapon the most, occasionally using a Boltok
Pistol or a captured Lancer Assault Rifle. They use cover often and usually
keep a safe distance from their foes. If they do get close, however, they will
not hesitate to ambush their foe. They are among the less intelligent of the
Locust Horde, rarely seeking to flank the enemy or use sophisticated battle
tactics. They rely on large numbers and the element of surprise through use of
Emergence Holes to defeat their enemies.

These Drones are everywhere. They are similar to the COGs, but they are
different in their own way. They have pale scaly skin, and have sharp teeth.
You will become very familiar with them as your continue throughout the

· Hammerburst
· Lancer Assault Rifle
· Boltok Pistol
· Longshot Sniper Rifle

Gunners are most familiar with heavy weapons like Troika turrets. They are used
when it is necessary to hold a position for an extended period of time or
against massive assaults. The use of helmets to block snipers and the shield on
the Troika turret make this unit hard to kill, although the limited movement of
the turret makes this class susceptible to flanking maneuvers. Their helmets
are also used occasionally by standard Drones.

They first appear when Troikas are introduced in the Fish in a Barrel chapter
of Act 1. They are seen everywhere else where there is a Troika as well. Their
Troikas and helmets can be very frustrating in the earlier chapters, but there
will be many ways to get revenge on them later on in the game (ex. Longshot and
Torque Bow).

· Hammerburst
· Troika Heavy Machine Gun

The Snipers are expert marksmen who use infrared goggles to help locate their
enemies. They will always wield Longshot Sniper Rifles and if left unchecked
can be very deadly. These units are often used to pin down enemies until they
are attacked by other soldiers and in places that offer Sniper cover, such as
urban environments and alleyways. The armor on this class is severely reduced
in favor of mobility and marksmanship.

They make their first appearances in the Tick Tick Boom chapter of Act 2,
although the first one you can reap the weapon off of is in Lethal Dusk, Act 2
if you use a boomshot to kill the sniper their rifle might drop out the window.
They are mainly seen later into the game, but obviously won't be as common as
any of the other Drone classes.

· Longshot Sniper Rifle

7.06 - Grenadier

The Grenadiers are a larger, stronger, and, tougher Locust.

While the Grenadiers can be counted among the Drones, they are generally
stronger and bulkier. In battle, they often leave their upper torsos completely
unarmored, possibly due to their lower life expectancy. Their faces are vaguely
crocodilian, with larger teeth, adding to their menace. The grenadiers prefer
close combat, and their weapon of choice is the Gnasher Shotgun. Grenadiers are
not the most intelligent beings and have a habit of rushing blindly toward
their opponents, completely forgoing cover. They can throw grenades quite well,
however, and if one is present with other Drones, you should make him your
priority, as he excels over other Drones in all aspects of combat. Grenadiers
should never be taken lightly. The Gnasher Shotgun is quite powerful and his
grenade throws can be quite accurate during any engagement.

Grenadier Elites are similar to the original, though they wear shoulder and
lower body armor. They can take more punishment, apparently, and seem to be
even more aggressive than the standard Grenadier.

Grenadiers are first introduced in the chapter Knock Knock of Act 1 as Delta
Squad is heading for the House of Sovereigns. There, they are seen guarding
the entrance as well as the interior of the House; they also participate in an
ambush when Delta Squad secures a position inside the House. Later on, they are
seen several times, but stop appearing in Act 5.

The Grenadier Elite is a rank higher than the standard Grenadier and can take
and deal more damage. Like the Grenadier, they are always equipped with a
Gnasher Shotgun, Bolo Grenades and a Boltok Pistol. They wear studded shoulder
armor and a chest strap, and appear to be much more seasoned combat operatives;
as evidenced by their constant flanking attempts on higher difficulties. Their
barbaric armor suggests that they are rather brutal fighters, and up-close they
prefer to go for a one-shot-kill with the Gnasher Shotgun. Grenadier Elites are
very skilled with Bolo Grenades, so just because you're in cover doesn't
necessarily mean you're safe. In battle they act almost leader-like and rush in
to kill any COG Gear with their shotgun and then run off to the next foe.
Grenadier Elites are therefore considered quite deadly, so proceed with

· Gnasher Shotgun
· Frag Grenadeverizonwire

7.07 - Gunner

Gunners are Locusts that are expert users of the Troika Heavy Machine Gun. They
wear scuba-like helmets that protect them from a variety of shots, able to
stand up to three Longshot shots on insane. They often come with a Spotter, who
will alert the Gunner to a COG presence. If a Spotter is killed, the Gunner
will no longer constantly fire its Troika as it will not know where you are.
Gunners wield a Hammerburst, and behave like an ordinary drone if forced to
abandon their Troika. The only way to get them to do this is to flank them and
make them aware of your presence.

· Troika
· Hammerburst

7.08 - Kryll

Kryll are highly aggressive flying pack creatures native to the Outer Hollow of
Sera, first appearing on the planet's surface following the initial Locust
invasion on Emergence Day. Being subterranean creatures, they are extremely
photosensitive, due to the normally low amount of light in their caves, and
avoid light if at all possible. Humans use this to their advantage at night to
keep from being devoured, and have even adapted ultraviolet searchlights to be
used as weapons against the foul beasts.

During the day, Kryll rest in Locust tunnels and feed at night, so consumed by
blood lust that they will attack anything not near a light source, whether it
be Human or Locust. Kryll will not hesitate to devour any Locust Drone,
Stranded, Gear, or basically any living thing foolish enough to leave the
light. Much like bats or the insectoid locust, the Kryll hunt in great swarms,
combining their efforts to bring down prey much as a piranha might, with
hundreds of the small creatures uniting to strip a hapless victim to the bone.

Marcus did not seem initially aware of their existence during the first Gears
of War, suggesting the Kryll began to appear sometime after his incarceration
but before being rescued and pardoned. Nor is there any evidence that Kryll
were a problem for the humans of Sera before the Locust Horde attacked. This
combined with RAAM's Kryll wrangling ability among other things raises all
sorts of questions about the true nature of the Locust Horde and the origin of
the Kryll themselves.

7.09 - Nemacyst

These flying, organic bombs are released by a Seeder's tail end and make a
beeline for the nearest COG unit or Chopper. Although they seem delicate and
harmless upon their initial launch, they soon fix their sights on a target and
accelerate. They detonate upon contacting their target and inflict heavy,
usually lethal, damage. They seem to have weak red glowing eyes for targeting
enemies. It has been confirmed by Epic that Seeders are fed Nemacyst in The
Hollow, and then the Nemacyst pass through the Seeder and enter the battle. how
the Seeder knows when to release them is difficult to say, as their heads are

The Small legs on the Nemacyst's abdomen appear to be reminiscent of the small
legs on the Stomach of a Corpser, and those of a Seeder, giving further weight
to the theory that the locust are not an association of different species, but
rather different Variations of the same genetic structure. Nemacysts could also
be larval reavers as they both fly by unknown means, have tentacles, and
explode in an inky mess upon death.

It is interesting to note that it is not known how Nemacyst find their targets,
they may well use a bat-like sense of hearing, due to the Unspecified nature of
the red lights on their outer shell. this however would be difficult, seeing as
they are launched in the heat of battle and do not commit fratricide, despite
COG and Locust soldiers firing simultaneously.

7.10 - Reaver

A Reaver is a large aerial creature of the Locust Horde used as a gunship and a

The Reaver's body structure and function are very complex, especially in the
matters of how it is able to fly. The Reaver's raptor-like head is small in
comparison to its large body. The Reaver has a tough body with several
tentacles in the back which probably act as the Reaver's flying limbs. There
are also two small, hook-shaped limbs on the Reaver's "belly" that appear to be
vestigial, though they may help the Reaver cling onto objects for easier
landing. How the Reaver uses these tentacles to fly, however, is unknown. The
tentacles are obviously extremely powerful, as seen in Act 1 (see trivia) when
they caused several cars near a giant Emergence Hole to fall into it as they
took off.

Reavers serve as vehicles for other Locust (as stated before), and are often
used as the main counter to the COG King Raven, or deployed to launch quick,
bloody raids against the humans and reinforce faultiering Locust attacks or
defensive lines. The creature has two seats for one pilot and one gunner, the
latter being either a standard Drone, like the pilot, or a Torque Bow wielding
Theron Guard. Reavers have little or no armor, but they have very tough skin.
This makes them hard to kill unless shot with an explosive weapon (ex. Torque
Bow) or a Chain Gun.

· Gunner (either Drone with Hammerburst or Theron Guard with Torque Bow)
· Missile Laucher
· Machine Gun
· Tentacles (For melee use on the group)

7.11 - Seeder

Seeders are large, quadruped beasts that fire Nemacyst spores out of their rear
ends. They have also been known to jam radio transmissions. You can see a
seeder during Act 1, but you have to look carefully.

Seeders are perhaps the most bizarre creatures of the Locust Horde. Each of
these living cannons possesses two mouths, one on each end of its body. The
mouth on its rear end can technically be considered the creature's anus.

The Locusts use Seeders as a sort of living artillery cannon. They can launch
Nemacysts as mortars at long range and also launch Nemacysts at close range to
jam radio transmissions. When in battle, Seeders remain stationary with the
front end of their bodies under the ground and their rears exposed. Aiming is
unnecessary as Nemacysts can seek out their targets once in the air. In some
instances, a Seeder will pull its entire body out of the ground when injured or

Seeders first appear in the Hammer chapter of Act 1. They appear in later parts
of Act 1 and in Act 4 but do not appear in any other part of the game.

· Nemacysts

7.12 - Spotter

The Spotter seems to be a Locust drone who looks out for another gunner who is
manning a Troika. The first (and possibly only) mentioning of a spotter is in
the first chapter, when Delta squad are confronted with a Troika, not for the
first time, but you then hear Marcus say "there's a Spotter, on the right",
then Kim say "take him out first". There are always two Locusts at a Troika,
one manning the Troika and the other can be assumed as the Spotter.

7.13 - Theron Guard

The Theron Guard represents the elite of the Locust, head-and-shoulders above
the lowly Drones in terms of equipment, intelligence, and training. They are
elite Locust, assigned to commando-style raids against high-profile targets and
high-level defensive missions that require the sort of precision the Therons
possess. If the Drones and Boomers represent the Locust military's hammer and
anvil, then the Theron Guard is most decidedly its scalpel.

Therons are easily recognized from other Locust - they wear heavy body armor
that covers more of the upper body than drone armor and a long, leather-like
strip of material hanging from the back of the waist that trails behind them as
they move and gives the impression of a trench coat combined with armor. Many
wear distinctive-looking helmets as well, often heavily embellished. Theron
Armor is chased with bright red flecks, presumably to give them a more-imposing
appearance. Their voices are sibilant and with a definitive, whispering hiss,
giving them a distinctly menacing presence. Higher-ranked Therons are called
Theron Sentinels and serve as sergeants in Theron Guard force groups. Theron
sentinels are slightly taller, wear a slightly deeper shade of red armor, and
have a round helmet with no visible eye slits. The differences in visible
appearances are minimal and easily overlooked in the heat of combat, but so are
their stat upgrades so don't fret about it.

Therons usually operate in small squads, led by a Theron Sentinel that serves
as a Sergeant, though this is not always the case. They clearly out-rank both
Drones and Boomers, and can be seen ordering both Locust subspecies around - in
several scenarios you can encounter a single standard Theron leading a squad of
Drones. They can also be found making use of Bloodmounts and Reavers. As
elites, Therons are more powerful, accurate, and better-armored than their
contemporaries - and they are invariably better armed as well, making them a
significantly greater threat than the rank-and-file Locust.

Therons, as stated before, are first introduced guarding the Imulsion pumping
facility as Delta Squad is moving in to detonate the Sonic Resonator in Gears
of War 1. The facility has the largest group of Therons in one area (since they
are being introduced there), but other Therons do appear several times in later
chapters of the game. They are everywhere in Act 4 and appear numerous times
again in Train Wreck on board the Tyro Pillar, guarding the Lightmass Bomb -
the ones on the Tyro Pillar are presumably members of RAAM's personal guard -
almost all Therons encountered in Train Wreck are Sentinels.

Therons have randomized helmets; if you reload your save and head through an
area, you'll see that the helmets actually change somewhat.

· Torque Bow
· Boltok Pistol
· Lancer Assault Rifle
· Gnasher Shotgun
· Hammerburst

Theron Sentinel

The Locust Theron Guard comprises the elite of The Hollow - stronger, faster,
more intelligent, better armored, and better armed than the Locust Drones, the
Theron Guard operates a commando unit, excelling at dealing with situations as
they come up. Therons are usually held in reserve until the situation calls for
them, but their posting on the battlefield is decisive and generally indicates
that the Locust need a mission accomplished, and deem it important enough to
trust their best to deal with it.

Amongst the Theron Guard, there are Therons who prove far more brutal, cunning,
ruthless, and resourceful than their fellows. These eventually become Theron
Sentinels, who serve as squad leaders and sergeants for Theron Guard units, and
who act as bodyguards for higher-ranking Locust. RAAM in particular had a
contingent of several who served as his personal guard; these were killed,
along with RAAM, in Act 5 of Gears of War. Particularly skilled Theron
Sentinels may become Palace Guards, who protect the Locust Queen's Palace.
Theron Sentinels are easily identified by their red-chased armor, which most
likely signifies their importance. Like regular Theron Guards, they usually
wear a helmet that protects their heads and obscures their faces, usually
leaving only their mouths visible. Though this helmet offers some defense, it
cannot protect the Sentinel from headshots.

Like the other Therons, the Sentinels favor the Torque Bow as their weapon of
choice. Several can also be found using Hammerburst Rifles, Lancer Rifles,
Boltok Pistols, and Gnashers. It's worth nothing that Theron Sentinels are one
of the few Locust that have the common sense to pick up dropped weapons in
single-player - if a downed locust drops a weapon such as a Longshot Sniper
Rifle or Gorgon Pistol, the Sentinel may run over, pick it up, and use it.

Theron Sentinels, like all Therons, are well known for their sinister, whispery
and sibilant battle cries and hiss-like inflection when speaking. RAAM is
believed to have once been a Theron Sentinel.

This locust is the one that took a Gear to RAAM - who then proceeded to execute
him with a Boltok Pistol.

7.14 - Wretch

Wretches are members of the Locust Horde: they have relatively little health,
but come in large numbers. They cling on surfaces such as ceilings and walls,
and attack unexpectedly. Their punches can be quite strong, and a few can
incapacitate a Gear easily. Never use the Torque Bow, Boomshot, Bolo Grenade,
or the Longshot against Wretches, as it is just a waste of ammo and an
overkill. The Lancer Assault Rifle and the Hammerburst are a good alternative.
Because their clips are larger, there is a large supply of ammo, and the
weapons are conditioned for medium and short ranges. The Gnasher Shotgun and
Boltok Pistol are also effective as they can kill a wretch with one shot at
medium range or closer. On Hardcore and Insane, it is best to take a group of
Wretches out at medium range as they can kill with two hits. A fast way to kill
Wretches is to melee them which will kill them with one hit on any difficulty.

Small, jittery members of the Locust Horde, they are able to climb on almost
any surface. Their attack tactics are climbing on surfaces, and jumping forward
in a frenzy to attack their prey. Their stature is hunched. They are weak yet
fast and come in large numbers, often used as a distraction or cannon fodder by
the other Locust breeds. They often make their presence known before becoming
visible by letting out a horrid, extremely high-pitched scream that can make
Gears grab their heads and ears in pain and smash nearby glass or objects
(hence the name Wretches). They are very dangerous to Gears that forget to look
up or are overwhelmed by a subsequent attack. They can be killed quite easily
on all difficulties through simple melee attacks. However, if too many of them
are coming in a tight space, the use of your gun's ammo (as long as the gun is
reasonable for this situation) is recommended. It is possible to use the
Chainsaw Bayonet against a Wretch.

The Wretches are first introduced in the Hammer chapter of Act 1. They are the
first to ambush Delta Squad as JACK is opening a door. They are seen in the
rest of Act 1, Acts 2 and 4, and the Special Delivery chapter of Act 5;
however, they do not appear in Acts 3 or the rest of Act 5, making way for
their Lambent counterparts.

· Claws
· Teeth

Lambent Wretch

A new kind of Wretch that has become lambent after direct exposure to Imulsion.
Due to the volatility of Imulsion, this kind of Wretch is called a "Dark" or
"Lambent Wretch" and explodes when killed, injuring if not killing players who
are too close, making them extremely dangerous. They also have more health than
the common Wretch on Insane and Hardcore difficulties. These Wretches, because
of their greater health, should not be beaten down using melee attacks. It is
possible, but if attempts are made, the player is recommended to constantly
roll and evade both the Wretch's own melee attack or the explosion. Lambent
Wretches also kill one another when they explode too close to each other,
causing chain reactions, sometimes clearing entire rooms. Players, if too
close, should melee, then immediately dive away. Whatever you do, however, do
not Chainsaw a Lambent Wretch. It will blow up in your face, sometimes causing
severe damage, or even death depending on the difficulty. During storms, these
Wretches have the unnerving tendency to seemingly appear out of thin air during
flashes of lightning. A Lambent Wretch's sudden appearance is often accompanied
by its blood curdling scream.

Lambent Wretches first appear in the Act 3 chapter, Downpour. They are seen in
the rest of Act 3 (except for Tip of the Iceberg, making way for Therons) as
well as in the later parts of the Train Wreck chapter onboard the Tyro Pillar.

8. Weapons

8.01 - Bolo Grenade
8.02 - Boltok Pistol
8.03 - Boomshot Grenade Launcher
8.04 - Chain Gun
8.05 - Chainsaw Bayonet
8.06 - Gnasher Shotgun
8.07 - Hammer of Dawn
8.08 - Hammerburst Assault Rifle
8.09 - Lancer Assault Rifle
8.10 - Lightmass Bomb
8.11 - Longshot Sniper Rifle
8.12 - Snub Pistol
8.13 - Torque Bow
8.14 - Troika Heavy Machine Gun
8.15 - UV Turret

8.01 - Bolo Grenade

The Bolo Grenade is the standard fragmentation grenade used by both the COG
forces and the Locust Horde. The frag grenade is noticeably of Locust design,
while the smoke grenade is standard-issue COG equipment.

The Bolo Grenade is substantially different from any other previous
fragmentation grenade, both in damage and as throwing method. The grenade's
structure consists of an explosive attached to a chain-like extension that is
swung around and released when enough momentum is gained to throw it. Its
targeting system is also quite different since it actually maps out a predicted
trajectory (the purple line) as well as a finishing point (the distinct purple
circle at the end of the trajectory marking). The grenade's blast radius,
however, is extremely small, and the grenade cannot damage foes behind a cover
point no matter how close the grenade is to them. Therefore, the grenade needs
to be thrown with pinpoint precision to damage, let alone kill, an enemy. It's
great for flushing someone out of their cover point, however. Another important
use for it is that it is capable of closing emergence holes.

· Magazine Size - 1
· Max - 4 Grenades (2 Multiplayer)

8.02 - Boltok Pistol

The Boltok pistol is the standard-issue sidearm of the Locust. It is a
high-caliber revolver with a 6-round capacity. It is heavier, slower to fire,
and holds half as much ammunition as the COG-issue Snub Pistol, but does
unequivocally more damage per shot and has exceptional stopping power. In this
regard, it continues the Locust weapon-design philosophy of creating weapons
with an emphasis towards brute force. In single-player, the Boltok can be found
used by Drones, Theron Guards and Palace Guards with at least moderate

· Magazine Size - 6 Rounds
· Damage Per Hit - High

8.03 - Boomshot Grenade Launcher

The Boomshot is a heavy weapon, primarily used by Locust Boomers. The Boomshot
is a high-powered, reasonably long-ranged grenade launcher that fires a
delayed-fuse high-explosive shell. Upon impact, the shell explodes, scattering
a series (about 3-5) of small, explosive bomblets (the number of bomblets is
doubled with an active reload), which proceed to explode as well.

The result of this unique multiple-detonation effect is a cluster bomb-like
series of blasts at the target point - one large explosion and a series of
secondary ones. Because of this, the Boomshot is quite capable of taking down
multiple foes at once; even a near-miss can tear an opponent to shreds. As a
grenade launcher, the Boomshot projectile has a slight arc, and starts to pull
downward the farther it shoots - so you need to aim up a little to compensate -
bear this in mind. One advantage this has is that the Boomshot can fire over
cover if you get a good vantage point.

Because of the weapon's high power and considerable splash damage, Boomers pose
a huge threat to Gears in the field. Surprisingly, in spite of the weapon's
bulk, it can be aimed and fired to good effect by a human-sized wielder; the
Boomshot, being a grenade launcher, generates surprisingly little recoil and
isn't terribly difficult to get the hang of; unfortunately its sheer mass means
that its ammunition count is quite limited (a mere 12 shots, counting the one
in the chamber).

· Magazine Size - 1 Grenade
· Maximum Ammunition - 12 Grenades
· Damage Per Hit - Medium to High splash damage
                   Instant Kill when direct hit

8.04 - Chain Gun

The COG Chain Gun is a modern heavy machine gun employing the Gatling-gun
principle, in which six revolving barrels rotate around the firing axis. This
arrangement allows the individual barrels to cool between shots. The Chain
Gun's action is driven by an electric motor, unlike the hand-crank system of
the Mulcher. This feeds ammunition in and rotates the firing mechanism. As it
rotates, the barrels close into the bolt for firing, then withdraw to extract
the spent cartridge case and feed in a fresh round. The entire process happens
very quickly; when the Chain Gun is fired, the sounds of the individual shots
blur into a continuous, rippling roar.

Much of the Chain Gun's length is in its barrels; the actual firing mechanism
is quite compact for such a powerful weapon. The weapon only has rudimentary
iron sights; the gunner is expected to observe the stream of fire's fall and
adjust their aim accordingly. To keep up with the Chain Gun's voracious
appetite for ammunition, It is normally fed from enormous ammunition boxes,
with ammo fed to the weapon via a flexible plastic chute.

Because of the Gun's size and mass, it is far too big to be moved about by any
one soldier. Instead, it is normally seen as a vehicular or aircraft weapon -
it is particularly well-suited for being a helicopter door gun, where its high
rate of fire makes up for the relative lack of accuracy that comes from using a
flying helicopter as a firing platform. It is also sometimes seen mounted on a
tripod or base for use as a static defense weapon.

· Magazine Size - Unlimited
· Maximum Ammunition - Unlimited
· Damage Per Hit - High

8.05 - Chainsaw Bayonet

The Chainsaw Bayonet is the standard attachment to the Lancer Assault Rifle and
is the only type of melee attack that will kill most enemies instantly. The
chainsaw itself can be used to hack enemies into pieces with its acuminous
razor blades. The 'teeth' of the chainsaw are tipped with carbide compounds,
and the bayonet has variable torque settings. If a player pulls the Right
Trigger while the Chainsaw Bayonet is revved up, the weapon will make a much
louder sound for about a second and a half. This doesn't seem to have any real
use, but it gets other player's attention. It can be quite fun, playing online,
to come up behind one of your team mates, preferable a sniper, and rev the
chainsaw just to watch them whirl around in panic.

The only in game disadvantage of this weapon is that it has to be revved up
before use, leaving the wielder temporarily defenseless against enemies.
Therefore, only surprise attacks on enemies with the chainsaw already revved is
advisable. Charging towards a foe with the chainsaw revved is almost certain
suicide, as they will kill the wielder before the deadly weapon can be used.
Other disadvantages that have no effect on gameplay but are mentioned in the
Aspho Fields novel include the difficulty in cleaning the chainsaw after a kill
and the fact that it makes it impossible to steady the gun on a surface to

However, the "ambush-only" rule can be thrown out the window if you plan on
surprising two enemies in multiplayer. Despite the fact that the player is
"invincible" while chain-sawing an enemy, by the time the player is done, (if
the other victim has any sense) he would have a shotgun aimed point-blank at
his head or worse, get chainsawed in return.

If one player is killed in Co-op by the Chainsaw Bayonet, then he cannot be
revived, as a mutilated corpse has no way of being healed. In other words, if
one or both players are chainsawed, they fail the mission and both must revert
to the last checkpoint to continue. However, during the single player campaign,
if a fellow squad member is chainsawed by a Locust, then player can revive

8.06 - Gnasher Shotgun

The Gnasher Shotgun is a lever-action, short-barreled combat shotgun that is
commonly deployed by the Coalition of Ordered Governments' Gears. It is
comparatively small and easy to aim, making it exceptionally useful for close
encounters. It possesses both phenomenal firepower and momentous Stopping
Power, making it ideal for persuading enemies to keep their distance. Its
lever-action design is intended to keep the weapon's size and weight down while
making it easier to reload after shooting.

As a Shotgun, the Gnasher fires rounds loaded with buckshot - this results in a
spray of ammunition over a cone-shaped trajectory. Because of this, the Gnasher
is not particularly difficult to aim and is devastating at a range of 2 to 4
meters - often taking down man-sized targets in one single blast. At slightly
longer ranges, it is still formidable, but not nearly as destructive. At longer
ranges, the weapon's wide scatter pattern makes it rather ineffective.

Though designed and built by the COG, the Locust Horde has shown a particular
liking for the Gnasher, and is well-known for salvaging and using it. Locust
Grenadiers make extensive use of the weapon, as do Grenadier Elites. Some
Drones make use of the shotgun as well. And also some Theron Guards and Palace
Guards use it.

· Magazine Size - 8 Shells
· Maximum Ammunition - 39 Shells
· Damage Per Hit - Very Low to Instant Kill

8.07 - Hammer of Dawn

The Hammer of Dawn is a C.O.G. weapon, developed approximately 12 years after
the Emergence Day as a weapon against the more heavily armored Locust units.
However, this is contradicted in Gears of War: Aspho Fields, where it is
revealed the Aspho Fields conflict was about the Hammer of Dawn technology
itself, at that time being developed and implemented by the UIR, approximately
3 years before the Emergence Day. The Hammer of Dawn consists of two separate
elements: an orbital satellite equipped with an Imulsion-powered directed
particle energy weapon and a hand-held laser designator to be carried by C.O.G.
ground forces. Use of the Hammer requires that an orbital satellite first be
aligned with the general area of operation, and that it have a line of sight to
the targeting unit (thus limiting most uses of the Hammer to the outdoors).
Once a visual link between the targeting unit and satellite has been achieved,
the user must point the hand-held unit's laser at the intended target, at which
point the orbital satellite will lock onto the laser's point of termination and
begin a sustained particle energy blast on the site. The initial explosion from
the laser's termination is the most powerful and can cause extensive damage to
anyone nearby. The blast is also capable of continuous delivery for up to 7
more seconds after the initial explosion with real-time laser tracking
(allowing the beam's trajectory to be adjusted mid-firing), and directs its
output into an area of approximately one square foot. At full power the Hammer
is capable of penetrating both artificial and natural armoring and is thus the
only troop-deployed weapon capable of damaging Berserkers and Seeders, as well
as smaller units and even some buildings.

The Hammer of Dawn is also capable of combining beams (as illustrated in the
clip involving the destruction of the surface) in order to take out a larger
area and deal far more damage than an individual hammer strike. The only
disadvantage to this weapon is that it needs an aligned satellite and clear

8.08 - Hammerburst Assault Rifle

The Locust counterpart to the COG's Lancer Assault Rifle, the Hammerburst is
the standard-issue assault weapon for Locust Drones. It is a high-powered
assault rifle with an emphasis on single-shot damage; in this regard it stays
close to the Locust weapon design philosophy of brute force.

The Hammerburst is a progressive development. Early models of the Hammerburst
(the Gears of War 1 model) had a short barrel, and were cut down in size,
presumably to improve manuverability and handling when used underground (the
Locusts' home turf). These early-model Hammerbursts fired a 6-round burst and
held a large number of rounds, making them fairly good at medium-to-long range.
Unfortunately, the Hammerburst's burst-firing-only fire mode and relative light
weight meant that it wasn't a good melee weapon and lacked the Lancer's raw
damage output (which was achieved through a generous clip and full-auto

The Locust make extensive use of this weapon; though normally employed by
Drones, it is also employed extensively by Theron Guards and related forces,
such as Palace Guards. Ironically, COG Gears frequently employ the weapon in
spite of its bulk and weight, due to its higher stopping power and longer max

· Magazine Size - 78 Rounds
· Maximum Ammunition - 780 Rounds
· Damage Per Hit - High

8.09 - Lancer Assault Rifle

The signature weapon of the Gears of War series, the Lancer Assault Rifle is an
assault rifle currently in use with the Coalition of Ordered Governments' armed
forces. One of the most popular rifle designs on Sera, it's seen extensive use
in every armed conflict since the Pendulum Wars, and currently serves as the
standard-issue rifle of the COG's Gears. Its long service life comes from its
rugged reliability, high accuracy, and ease of maintenance.

The Lancer is a versatile, effective firearm, and has a surprisingly long
effective range. Unlike the slow-firing (but accurate and powerful) Hammerburst
used by the Locust Horde, the Lancer fires with a withering rate of fire and
boasts considerably more ammunition per clip. Because of this, it is actually
the more reliable of the two rifles, especially as the distance between the
firer and the target closes. In this regard, it's an excellent foil for the
Hammerburst, as the two have very different advantages (and disadvantages) from
one another.

While normally favored by the COG's Gears, the Locust have taken stock of the
Lancer's advantages and in many situations have put the weapon to use. Theron
Guards have a particular liking for the weapon, as do some Drones.

The Pendulum-War Era Lancer is the older model of the current Lancer that is
now in use. It lacks the Chainsaw Bayonet and targeting scope of its modern
contemporary, and instead, has a simple set of bayonet lugs below the barrel.
These lugs can easily mount a standard combat knife, which acts as the weapon's
bayonet. Lacking the modern Lancer's electronics, it also has a more
conventional set of scope-mounting brackets on the receiver.

This Pendulum Wars-Era Lancer is more likely than not in use with some
rear-guard posts in the COG, and is purported to be a favorite among Stranded.
After Emergence Day, the Lancer's design was revamped considerably; it was
given a digital targeting system and a Chainsaw Bayonet, to counter the Locust
Horde's predilection for close combat and superior physical strength. It has
since become something of a symbol of distinction for the COG and its Gears.

· Magazine Size - 60 Rounds
· Maximum Ammunition - 660 Rounds
· Damage Per Hit - Medium

8.10 - Lightmass Bomb

The Lightmass Bomb is a bomb created supposedly from a process similar or
related to Dr. Helen Cooper's Lightmass Process. While it is always referred to
as a bomb, it functions as a cluster of highly explosive guided
missiles/torpedoes in practise. Due to the nature of The Hollow and its
Imulsion-flooded tunnels, this torpedo-based design was the most efficient way
to deploy the Lightmass warheads. Consequently, the weapon requires an immense
amount of data on the area between the launch point and targets to guide the
individual projectiles. This was originally to be provided by the Resonator
sonic mapping device, but when the device did not perform as planned, data
collected by Adam Fenix had to be substituted. It is a very destructive weapon
when used effectively as seen in the final cutscene after defeating General
RAAM in Act 5: Desperation. After being deployed at Timgad Valley from the
derailed Tyro Pillar, the projectiles successfully filtered through the
underground tunnels and destroyed a significant populous of the Locust, as well
as the Kryll breeding grounds.

8.11 - Longshot Sniper Rifle

The Longshot Sniper Rifle is a high-caliber, single-shot, bolt-action sniper

· Magazine Size - 1 Round
· Maximum Ammunition - 24 Rounds
· Damage Per Hit - Very High to Instant Kill

8.12 - Snub Pistol

The Snub Pistol is the standard sidearm for the COG forces. It is sometimes
referred to as the "COG Pistol" or the "Pea Shooter" in the gaming community.

It has a small ammo capacity of twelve 9mm rounds and a semi-automatic firing
mode. The Snub is usually only used in more critical situations, such as when a
soldier is low on ammo for his primary weapons. The Snub does contain a
moderate zoom setting in its integrated scope, which increases accuracy for
longer ranges. Like its counterpart the Boltok Pistol, the Snub should
otherwise be saved for duel situations.

· Magazine Size - 12 Rounds
· Maximum Ammunition - 72 Rounds
· Damage Per Hit - Low

8.13 - Torque Bow

The Torque Bow is a deadly weapon that is wielded exclusively by the elite
Locust warriors, the Theron Guards and occasionally by the higher ranking
Palace Guards.

The Torque Bow fires Imulsion tipped arrow-like projectiles, if held long
enough, it will explode shortly after impacting with a surface. The bow also
features two blades which help during close-quarter combat. Its melee damage is
second only to the Lancer's infamous Chainsaw. The Torque Bow has a somewhat
unusual targeting reticule. Like the grenades, this weapon has a laser sight
that shows the firing trajectory of the arrow and helps with precision aiming.
This reticule also emphasizes that the bow must first apply enough rotational
power to the arrow before it can actually have enough strength to penetrate a
surface. The greatest weakness of this weapon is that its powerful projectile,
when armed, produces a vibrant glow from the Imulsion of the arrow. This makes
the Torque archer highly visible when charging the arrow. When charging the
arrow it also makes a loud and some what annoying cranking sound that anyone
can hear from a good distance. Please note, the arrows will bounce off of an
enemy if the trigger is not held down long enough.

· Magazine Size - 1 Arrow
· Maximum Ammunition - 12 Arrows
· Damage Per Hit - Very High to Instant Kill

8.14 - Troika Heavy Machine Gun

The Troika Heavy Machine Gun is a mounted heavy machine gun designed and used
by the Locust.

As with most Locust weapons, little is known of the Troika's origins or
engineering, but some information has been confirmed through field usage. The
weapon itself is a modified form of the minigun, equipped with two rotary
ammunition drums and active cooling to allow virtually continuous firing.
Aiming is assisted with an infrared scope (so as to accommodate the Locust
visual range), though manual aiming tends to be preferred by COG forces. The
weapon's mount has a horizontal spread of approximately 100 degrees and a
vertical spread of approximately 80 degrees, and is equipped with active
recoil compensation. The Troika as mounted includes frontal armoring, though
this provides no cover from side or rear attacks, leaving the user's legs
partially exposed and most notably lacks total head coverage. The mighty
General RAAM used what appears to be a cut-down variation of the Troika, which
lacked a shield and had a grip and an amunition drum similar to the rear half
of a Boomshot.

· Magazine Size - Unlimited
· Maximum Ammunition - Unlimited
· Damage Per Hit - High

8.15 - UV Turret

The UV Turret is an extremely powerful UV light mounted on Franklin's Junker.
It is the only weapon in-game that can kill Kryll. The turret is mounted on the
back of the vehicle and is only used once in the campaign during the Act 2
chapter, Burnt Rubber. Against Kryll, it is devastating, capable of setting
them alight instantly, sending them spiraling out of control and killing them.
There is never a chance to test the turret against conventional Locust enemies.
However, it is unlikely to be effective, since, unlike the Kryll, they are not
sensitive to light. Or probably make some damage because they evolved in the
subterranean Hollow, making, perhaps, vulnerable to intense light. The initials
"UV" stands for Ultraviolet,a type of light more bright and damaging than
regular sunlight,and possibly why the Kryll burst into flame. In real life,
however, UV light is only perceived as hot, as it is a form of radiation.
Infrared light would achieve the incendiary effect.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Will you be making a guide for Gears of War 2?

A - Yes.

Q - I reached Act 5 and your guide isn't correct. You should be at the train
    station after you leave the mansion.

A - Due to some websites wanting to keep the guide as just one file I had to
    update the XBOX 360 guide to hold the extra PC exclusive levels. Scroll
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10. Version History

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