The Sims 2 Nightlife Cheats

       Cheat Codes (case insensitive):

AgeSimsCheat            [on|off] AgeSimsCheat

aging                   [on|off] - Turns aging on or off

aspirationLevel         [0-5] Sets the aspiration level of the selected sim.

aspirationPoints        [num] give the selected sim some extra aspiration 
                        reward points.

autoPatch               [-on|-off] enable or disable checking for available 
                        patches via content browser

bloom                   [R G B X] Changes color of screen visual. RGB is color 
                        [0,1], and X is the bloom amount [0,1]. 
                        Must use 'boolProp enablePostProcessing true' first.

changeLotZoning         [residential | community | greek | dorm | secretsociety]
                        changes the zoning type of the lot.

deleteAllCharacters     This cheat will delete all characters in the current 
                        neighborhood; it also only works when in the 

exit                    Close/Hide the cheat console window (Escape works also)

expand                  Expands or contracts the output portion of the cheat 
                        console.  The Tilde key, ~ , has the same effect.

faceBlendLimits         [-on|-off] turns on / off facial blending limits

familyFunds             Use 'familyFunds [familyName][value]' to set the 
                        amount of funds.  
                        Use 'familyFunds [familyName] [+/-][value]' to 
                        add/subtract from current funds.

filmGrain               [X] X is the film grain value [0,1]. 
                        Must use 'boolProp enablePostProcessing true' first.

help                    [wildcard] [-all]  Logs this help output.

h                       [wildcard] [-all]  Logs this help output.

letterBox               [X] letterbox the screen (add black borders on top and 
                        bottom). X is the letterbox value [0,0.4]. 
                        Must use 'boolProp enablePostProcessing true' first.

lockAspiration          [on/off]: Locks/Unlocks the aspiration score of sims 
                        on the lot.

maxMotives              Sets all the motives to maximum for all sims on the lot

motiveDecay             [on/off]: Turns motive decay on/off for all sims on the 

moveObjects             [on|off] Allows user to move objects that are normally 

roofSlopeAngle          [15 - 75] Slope Angle in Degrees (45 is default)

setHighestAllowedLevel  [level] Sets the highest allowed level

setLotLightingFile      [filename.txt] or [clear] override some of the 
                        parameters present in the lighting.txt file with 
                        filename.txt file present in lights folder, clear 
                        clears if any file is present

showHeadlines           [on|off] - Shows/Hides all thought bubbles, speech 
                        ballons etc

slowMotion              [0-8] slows the animation timer (0=normal speed)

stretchSkeleton         [factor] stretches skeleton of the selected Sim - 
                        factor=1.0 indicates no stretch (factor<1.0 makes 
                        shorter, factor>1.0 makes taller.

terrainType             Changes terrain type (Temperate/Desert/Dirt/Concrete).
                        Assume Syntax is: terrainType TYPE
                        Example: terrainType Concrete

unlockCareerRewards     Unlocks all career reward objects for the selected sim.

vignette                [centerX centerY X] Blur rendering from specified 
                        center (upper left is 0,0, lower right is 1,1).  X is 
                        the amoung of blurring [0,1]. 
                        Must use 'boolProp enablePostProcessing true' first.

vsync                   [on|off] Enables/disables vertical sync - can improve 
                        performance, but will sometimes cause visual artifacts 
                        if off

kaChing                 Increase family funds by $1,000

motherLode              Increase family funds by $50,000

clear                   Clear the console window

hide                    Close/Hide the cheat console window (Escape works also)