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= Phantasy Star Portable Titles FAQ =
= Version 0.04                      =
= by Hahnsoo                        =
= Last Updated:            03/13/09 =

This guide is a work-in-progress, and may take some time to complete.
I felt that it was sufficiently complete to post on GameFAQs for now.
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Note: This FAQ pertains to the US version of Phantasy Star Portable.  The
information listed below may not be the same in the JP or EU versions.


Phantasy Star Portable tracks a large variety of achievements as you play
through Story Mode and Multiplayer.  Some of these achievements will give you
a title.  Various rewards are earned from achieving these titles.  To get the
reward associated with the title , you must enter the GUARDIANS Colony and go
to Your room > Game achievements > Rewards.

Some of the rewards are essential items such as the Resta TECHNIC and Goggles.
Others are novelty items, like the Rappy Suit.  Powerful S grade weapons can
be earned from the various weapon titles.

All titles in this FAQ are listed according to the order that is in the
game's Title Log.  To access this, enter the GUARDIANS Colony and go to
Your room > Game achievements > Title Log.  This list also separates the
various categories of achievements with a line break.

Title Name           Requirements                           Reward
De Ragan Slayer      Defeated 5 De Ragans                   Burn/Resist
Zoal Goug Slayer     Defeated 5 Zoal Gougs                  Cati/Rainbow
Bil De Golus Slayer  Defeated 5 Bil De Goluses              Cati/Anti Down
De Ragnus Slayer     Defeated 5 De Ragnuses                 Solid/Anti Up
Alteraz Slayer       Defeated 5 Alterazgohgs                Confuse/Resist
Onmagoug Slayer      Defeated 5 Onmagougs                   Silence/Resist
Dimmagolus Slayer    Defeated 5 Dimmagoluses                Shock/Resist
De Rol Le Slayer     Defeated 5 De Rol Les                  Freeze/Resist
Adahna Slayer        Defeated 5 Adahna Degahnas             Sleep/Resist
Magas Slayer         Defeated 5 Magas Maggahnas             Stun/Resist
Fakis 1st Slayer     Defeated Dulk Fakis Form 1, 5 times    Poison/Resist
Fakis 2nd Slayer     Defeated Dulk Fakis Form 2, 5 times    Virus/Resist

Super Rookie         Defeated 100 creatures                 Laser Pannon
Super Ace            Defeated 500 creatures                 Din De Bel
Super Elite          Defeated 1000 creatures                Sacred Dusters
Super Hero           Defeated 10000 creatures               Bringer Rifle
Creature Master      Defeated all creatures                 Magana Slayer

Combat Newcomer      Cleared free missions 3 times          Amore Rose
Up and Coming        Cleared free missions 10 times         Samba Maracas
One to Watch         Cleared free missions 25 times         Ank Bico
Top Contender        Cleared free missions 50 times         Dallgunrod
Ultimate Warrior     Cleared free missions 100 times        Robopitch Grenade

Rookie Guardian      Reached level 1                        Goggles
Young Guardian       Reached level 10                       Upgrade Grinder x10
Zealous Guardian     Reached level 20                       Upgrade Grinder x10
Solid Guardian       Reached level 30                       Upgrade Grinder x10
Guardian Officer     Reached level 40                       Upgrade Grinder x10
Superior Guardian    Reached level 50                       Aura Field
1st Class Guardian   Reached level 60                       Upgrade Grinder x10
Guardian Instructor  Reached level 70                       Upgrade Grinder x10
Elite Guardian       Reached level 80                       Upgrade Grinder x10
Guardian Hero        Reached level 90                       Upgrade Grinder x10
Ultimate Guardian    Reached level 100                      Whitill Wing

Skill Master         Raised 10 skills to level 30           Gravity Break
Bullet Master        Raised 10 bullets to level 30          Mayalee Fury
TECHNIC Master       Raised 10 TECHNICs to level 30         Megistar

Angry Soldier        Reached Hunter level 5                 Gravity Strike
Whirlwind Slicer     Reached Hunter level 10                Tornado Dance
Quiet Hunter         Reached Ranger level 5                 Penetrating Hit
Lone Sniper          Reached Ranger level 10                Boma Maga
Shining Mage         Reached Force level 5                  Regrant
Photon Wizard        Reached Force level 10                 Giresta
Flying Berzerker     Reached Fighmaster level 5             Dus Majarra
Mega Destroyer       Reached Fighmaster level 10            Anga Jabroga
Magnificent Gunner   Reached Gunmaster level 5              Twin Penetration
Supreme Assassin     Reached Gunmaster level 10             Killer Shot
Spirit Sorceror      Reached Masterforce level 5            Dizas
Photon Protector     Reached Masterforce level 10           Rentis
Hurricane Striker    Reached Acromaster level 5             Chikki Kyoren-jin
Light Speed Killer   Reached Acromaster level 10            Chuei Jitotsushin
Stealthy Tactician   Reached Protranser level 5             Mayalee Prism
Explosive Maestro    Reached Protranser level 10            Ikk Hikk

Mobile Defense       Cleared Chapter 1 in story mode        Resta
Intel Section        Cleared Chapter 2 in story mode        Cross Hurricane
SEED Intel Section   Cleared Chapter 3 in story mode        Spiral Dance
R&D Section          Cleared Chapter 4 in story mode        Masei-sou
Rogue Family         Cleared Chapter 5 in story mode        Bukuu Saien-zan
Armed Servant        Cleared Chapter 6 in story mode        Reverser
AMF Elite Unit       Cleared Chapter 7 in story mode        Mayalee Hit
Eternal Traveler     Cleared Chapter 8 in story mode        Absolute Dance

Willing Martyr       Became incapacitated 100 times         Okikudohg

Crusher              Maximum damage exceeded 300            Final Impact
Berzerker            Maximum damage exceeded 600            Lollipop
Annihilator          Maximum damage exceeded 1800           Bardiche

Meseta Tycoon        Total Meseta reached 1000000           Meseta Fury

Sword Collector      Collected 80% of all swords            De Ragan Slayer
Knuckle Collector    Collected 80% of all knuckles          Gudda Igga
Spear Collector      Collected 80% of all spears            Mugunburga
D. Saber Collector   Collected 80% of all double sabers     Ragan-Ragan
Axe Collector        Collected 80% of all axes              Ank Buti
T. Saber Collector   Collected 80% of all twin sabers       Tyrant Spada
T. Dagger Collector  Collected 80% of all twin daggers      Tamagiri-zashi
T. Claw Collector    Collected 80% of all twin claws        Shide-Misaki
Saber Collector      Collected 80% of all sabers            Apocalypse
Dagger Collector     Collected 80% of all daggers           Deraga-zashi
Claw Collector       Collected 80% of all claws             Ohga-Misaki
Whip Collector       Collected 80% of all whips             Vish Diraga
Slicer Collector     Collected 80% of all slicers           Asura-hiken
Rifle Collector      Collected 80% of all rifles            Killer Elite
Shotgun Collector    Collected 80% of all shotguns          Shigga Pakuda
Longbow Collector    Collected 80% of all longbows          Nasuyoteri
Grenade Collector    Collected 80% of all grenades          Gur Hanab
Laser Collector      Collected 80% of all lasers            Love Inferno
T.H. Gun Collector   Collected 80% of all twin handguns     Battlestopper
Handgun Collector    Collected 80% of all handguns          De Ragun
Crossbow Collector   Collected 80% of all crossbows         Cubo Simba
Card Collector       Collected 80% of all cards             Kaza-kikami
M. Gun Collector     Collected 80% of all machineguns       Deathrain
R Mag Collector      Collected 80% of all ranged mags       Elsral
Rod Collector        Collected 80% of all rods              Okarod
Wand Collector       Collected 80% of all wands             Bajura
TECH Mag Collector   Collected 80% of all TECHNIC mags      Delpi
Cooking Fighter      Obtained a grilling weapon             Juicy Line

Colony Tourist       Completed all G. Colony free missions  Tero/All Save
Parum Tourist        Completed all Parum free missions      Solid/Bullet Save
Neudaiz Tourist      Completed all Neudaiz free missions    Cati/TECH Save
Moatoob Tourist      Completed all Moatoob free missions    Solid/Skill Save

Not the Only Hero    Played co-op multiplayer mode          Rappy Suit
Title Collector      Collected 30 titles                    Opaopa
PS Perfect           Collected all titles                   Hyakkaryolan


Title Boosts

The various Titles also give boosts to Meseta, Drop rates, Exp., and other
stats.  These boosts can be seen by pressing the Start button and opening the
Community tab.  They are located in the Boost Rate window on the bottom right.

The following titles have boosts:
Title Name           Boost
Super Rookie         Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
Super Ace            Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
Super Elite          Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
Super Hero           Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%

Combat Newcomer      Exp. +3%
Up and Coming        Exp. +3%
One to Watch         Exp. +3%
Top Contender        Exp. +3%
Ultimate Warrior     Exp. +3%

Young Guardian       Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
Zealous Guardian     Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
Solid Guardian       Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
Guardian Officer     Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
Superior Guardian    Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
1st Class Guardian   Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
Guardian Instructor  Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
Elite Guardian       Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%
Guardian Hero        Meseta +2%, Exp. +2%

Skill Master         PA Multiplier x2 for Skills
Bullet Master        PA Multiplier x2 for Bullets
TECHNIC Master       PA Multiplier x2 for TECHNICs

Angry Soldier        Rare drop +2%
Whirlwind Slicer     Rare drop +2%
Quiet Hunter         Rare drop +2%
Lone Sniper          Rare drop +2%
Shining Mage         Rare drop +2%
Photon Wizard        Rare drop +2%
Flying Berzerker     Rare drop +2%
Mega Destroyer       Rare drop +2%
Magnificent Gunner   Rare drop +2%
Supreme Assassin     Rare drop +2%
Spirit Sorceror      Rare drop +2%
Photon Protector     Rare drop +2%
Hurricane Striker    Rare drop +2%
Light Speed Killer   Rare drop +2%
Stealthy Tactician   Rare drop +2%
Explosive Maestro    Rare drop +2%

Mobile Defense       Meseta +2%, Rare drop +2%
Intel Section        Meseta +2%, Rare drop +2%
SEED Intel Section   Meseta +2%, Rare drop +2%
R&D Section          Meseta +2%, Rare drop +2%
Rogue Family         Meseta +2%, Rare drop +2%
Armed Servant        Meseta +2%, Rare drop +2%
AMF Elite Unit       Meseta +2%, Rare drop +2%
Eternal Traveler     Meseta +2%, Rare drop +2%

Meseta Tycoon        Meseta +3%

Colony Tourist       Exp. +2%
Parum Tourist        Exp. +2%
Neudaiz Tourist      Exp. +2%
Moatoob Tourist      Exp. +2%



All of the Slayer titles give you a Unit (armor upgrade).

All of the "Defeated X creatures", "Cleared free missions", and "Maximum damage
exceeded" titles give you weapons.  Some of them are gag weapons, while others
are powerful uniques.

Rookie Guardian gives you Goggles.  You can access the Goggles by either the
palette (the wrong way) or simply pressing Select and then the Right shoulder
button (the right way).  Goggles allow you to see destroyable objects and
hidden traps.

Superior Guardian gives the Aura Field, which is a Unit that makes you glow
blue and adds a bit of stamina.

Ultimate Guardian gives the Whitill Wing, which is a Unit that makes you glow
with white wings.

All of the Master titles ("Raised 10 X to level 30"), Battle Type titles
("Reached X level 5/10"), and Story Mode titles ("Cleared Chapter X in story
mode") give various Photon Arts.

Willing Martyr gives Okikudohg, an excellent TECH-Mag.

Meseta Tycoon gives Meseta Fury, a Photon Art that allows you to shoot Meseta
instead of bullets.  Expensive!

All of the Collector titles give you a powerful weapon of the same type that
you collected.  You do not need to keep weapons in your storage or inventory
to claim the title.  You just need to have owned the weapon at least once,
which makes the weapon show up in your Weapon Log.

For the Cooking Fighter title, you need to successfully use 10 grinders on a
meat weapon without the weapon turning into a "Welldone" item.

For the Tourist titles, you need to complete all of the free missions, which
includes several Co-Op missions only available in Multiplayer Mode.  You need
to complete each difficulty rank of the mission (C, B, A, and S), but you only
have to complete the mission once in either Story Mode or Multiplayer Mode. For
example, if you complete Plains Overlord C in Story Mode, you do not need to
complete Plains Overlord C in Multiplayer Mode (even though it is marked as
incomplete).  All of the Co-Op missions can be completed alone except for the
Cost of Research missions in Neudaiz.

All of the Tourist titles give a Unit (armor upgrade) that reduces PP spending
for a particular type of Photon Art, at a certain cost (increased PP spending
on a different Photon Art type or reduced stats).

Not the Only Hero gives the Rappy Suit, a gag outfit.

Title Collector gives the Opaopa, a rapid fire R-Mag.

PS Perfect gives a powerful sword named Hyakkaryolan.

When you start a New Game+ by copying a Clear Save character, you lose all of
your titles.  You can re-earn the titles as usual.  Since you start with all
of your levels, you will unlock several level and battle type titles when you
first enter your room.

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Version History
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Thanks to my sweetie, Erica, for adventuring with me throughout the Gurhal
system.  Rocks fall, and everyone dies!

Thanks to SEGA, Sonic Team, and Alfa System for making such a great game.

Thanks to SONY Computer Entertainment for the Playstation Portable.  Between
this game and Monster Hunter, I'm completely swamped in awesome games.

Thanks to PSUpedia for the JP Phantasy Star Portable Title Boost list.

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