Prince of Persia: The Fallen King: Walkthrough

          __                                   __        __                       
 /  |      /                          /         /  |                /     
(___| ___    ___  ___  ___       ___ (         (___| ___  ___  ___    ___ 
|    |   )| |   )|    |___)     |   )|___      |    |___)|   )|___ | |   )
|    |    | |  / |__  |__       |__/ |         |    |__  |     __/ | |__/|
              /         / /                /  | /          
             (___  ___ ( (  ___  ___      (___|   ___  ___ 
             |    |   )| | |___)|   )     |\   | |   )|   )
             |    |__/|| | |__  |  /      | \  | |  / |__/ 
			Walkthrough by: Bacterx
			      Version: 1.00
                      Last Updated: May 24, 2009

Note: items in [brackets] are put there for easier searching. If you want to 
skip right to World 2, for instance, search for [WLD2]. Also note that I 
number levels in the order in which they become available, this is generally 
left to right. If two levels open up at the same time, I number the level to 
the left before the level to the right.


[INT]  Introduction
[NOT] Opening Notes
[MVS] Moves
[EMS] Enemy Strategies
[STG1] Stage 1
	[S1L1] Stage 1 Level 1
	[S1L2] Stage 1 Level 2
	[S1L3] Stage 1 Level 3
	[S1L4] Stage 1 Level 4
	[S1L5] Stage 1 Level 5
	[S1L6] Stage 1 Level 6 *boss*
[STG2] Stage 2
	[S2L1] Stage 2 Level 1
	[S2L2] Stage 2 Level 2
	[S2L3] Stage 2 Level 3
	[S2L4] Stage 2 Level 4
	[S2L5] Stage 2 Level 5
	[S2L2*] Stage 2 Level 2 revisited
	[S2L1*] Stage 2 Level 1 revisited
	[S2L5*] Stage 2 Level 5 revisited
	[S2L6] Stage 2 Level 6
	[S2L7] Stage 2 Level 7
	[S2L8] Stage 2 Level 8
	[S2L9] Stage 2 Level 9
	[S2L10] Stage 2 Level 10 *boss*
[STG3] Stage 3
	[S3L1] Stage 3 Level 1
	[S3L2] Stage 3 Level 2
	[S3L3] Stage 3 Level 3
	[S3L4] Stage 3 Level 4
	[S3L5] Stage 3 Level 5
	[S3L2*] Stage 3 Level 2 revisited
	[S3L3*] Stage 3 Level 3 revisited
	[S3L1*] Stage 3 Level 1 revisited
	[S3L5*] Stage 3 Level 5 revisited
	[S3L6] Stage 3 Level 6
	[S3L7] Stage 3 Level 7
	[S3L8] Stage 3 Level 8
	[S3L9] Stave 3 Level 9
	[S3L10] Stage 3 Level 10 *boss*
[STG4] Stage 4
	[S4L1] Stage 4 Level 1
	[S4L2] Stage 4 Level 2
	[S4L3] Stage 4 Level 3
	[S4L4] Stage 4 Level 4
	[S4L5] Stage 4 Level 5
	[S4L3*] Stage 4 Level 3 revisited
	[S4L5*] Stage 4 Level 5 revisited
	[S3L6] Stage 4 Level 6 
	[S3L7] Stage 4 Level 7
	[S3L8] Stage 4 Level 8
	[S3L9] Stave 4 Level 9 *boss*
[STG5] Stage 5
	[S5L1] Stage 5 Level 1
	[S5L2] Stage 5 Level 2
	[S5L3] Stage 5 Level 3
	[S5L1*] Stage 5 Level 1 revisited
	[S5L2*] Stage 5 Level 2 revisited
	[S5L3*] Stage 5 Level 3 revisited
	[S5L4] Stage 5 Level 4
	[S5L5] Stage 5 Level 5
	[S5L1**] Stage 5 Level 1 re-revisited
	[S5L2**] Stage 5 Level 2 re-revisited
	[S5L7] Stage 5 Level 7
	[S5L8] Stage 5 Level 8 *last level of the section*
	[S6L3] *omg final boss*
[SCR] Scroll Locations
[TRS] Hidden Treasure locations
[SCRC] Scroll Contents *SPOILER WARNING*
[BGS] Common Bugs and Fixes
[FAQ] Your Questions!
[RKS] Closing remarks
	Alright well shucks and welcome to the Prince of Persia Fallen King 
	walkthrough! If you are here you are probably wanting some tips for 
	some of the trickier parts for this game, or just a general help on 
	some of the tougher levels. First a brief word of introduction.

	Prince of Persia: Fallen King was released for the Nintendo DS, and 
	takes place in the universe of the Newest (as of 2009) Prince of 
	Persia continuity. In a nutshell, the Big Badís name is Ahriman. 
	Youíve already had one adventureís worth of fighting the guy. He is 
	an evil god that fought with his brother, Ormazd, and was imprisoned 
	in the tree of life after conquering many states. Later, the King of 
	the unnamed state where Prince of Persia takes place saw his wife and 
	daughter die. Unable to deal with this, he made a deal with Ahriman: 
	if he would revive the kingís daughter, named Elika, the king would 
	free Ahriman. Ahriman revives Elika, who of course is horrified at 
	her father, and her father, who has become The Mourning King, 
	a corrupted creature, destroys the Tree of Life. In the original 
	Prince of Persia the prince meets Elika on the way back from a battle.
	The two team up and destroy the corruption that now plagues her 
	kingdom as Ahriman starts to break free. As a necessary final step to 
	re-sealing Ahriman, Elika sacrifices herself. The Prince, maddened by 
	grief, undoes everything they had just accomplished and gives his 
	life force to free Ahriman and revive a very angry Elika. He wanders 
	off into the desert with Elika as Ahriman is totally freed. This is 
	where Prince of Persia: Fallen King starts.

	The game is divided into a number of stages, each containing several 
	levels. Levels are indicated by colored circles on the map- red for a 
	level you cannot access, green for unbeaten levels, and blue for 
	beaten levels. Because the levels are not numbered in this game, I 
	will use the following number system: levels will be numbered by the 
	order in which they become green. This is often in a roughly left-to-
	right direction. In times when two levels become green simultaneously,
	I will number the levels in a left to right direction. Complete level
	numbers will be something like "Stage 2 Level 3", which indicates 
	that we are on the second stage, third level. 

	In most of the stages you fill find yourself returning to earlier 
	levels with Zalís new powers to get things you couldnít get at first.
	Returning to an earlier level will be noted with an asterisk (*). 

	This is a pretty fun game in my opinion! You will have to spend some 
	time familiarizing yourself with the controls to really be effective,
	and there are some very frustrating parts, but overall the game is 
	quite worthwhile. A few things to keep in mind as you play:

	- Sometimes the Prince has a hard time determining if your stylus is 
	telling him to move a little bit to the right, or just LAUNCH himself.
	This is especially frustrating and difficult when you are on a moving
	platform over spikes. If you are not in danger on a platform, just 
	stay put. Otherwise, start the stylus very close to the Princeís body
	and move it slowly away from him. Try to walk.

	-If you quit a level midway through you lose EVERYTHING you picked up
	in the level. Gold coins, health bonuses, prince spheres- everything.
	The same goes for dying and starting from a checkpoint. You have to 
	get everything again. The one exception to this is scrolls, which 
	once you get them they are got forever.
	- If you are a completionist (like me), remember that YOU CANNOT GO 
	BACK TO OLD STAGES. This mean you MUST have all hidden and 
	unlockable treasures from a stage before you defeat the boss. This is
	especially annoying on one later stage, when there is a very 
        expensive unlockable treasure in the last level in a stage. Once you 
        beat the level, you move onto a new stage, so you must get this
	treasure on the very first play through!

	- I have tried to strike a balance between just giving a very 
	barebones walkthrough, which can be hard to follow, and giving too 
	many spoilers by typing in all game dialogue. When characters make 
	speeches, I might mention it, but I will not actually include the 
	dialogue, just a vague idea of what is being said. Being as this is a
	walkthrough, I imagined people arenít terribly shocked by spoilers, 
	but here is your alert.


This section is divided into three parts: one part for the prince, one for 
Zal, and one for something else that is a spoiler, and is at the bottom. 


Moves for the prince are fairly intuitive. One of the real selling 
points for me in this game was the move system. Basically touch the stylus on
the screen wherever you want to move. If you donít want to use the stylus, 
tough luck. Touching the stylus near the prince will make him walk (which is
handy for spike traps), touching it far from him will make him run. Tapping 
the stylus quickly will make the Prince roll in the direction you tapped. 
Tapping on a wall up from the Prince makes him run up the wall. While on a 
wall, tapping up and away from him will make him leap (good for wall jumps), 
and tapping DIRECTLY beneath him will make him start to slide down the wall.
Ladders are fairly straightforward: tap above him to climb, below him to drop.
When he is swinging from a post, there are a number of ways he can jump, 
essentially tap where you want him to end up. When fighting, you can perform 
a charge attack by slicing an object diagonally in half with your stylus. This
is useful for reinforced boulders (you can tell them because they have a band
with blots around them), but I find that itís too slow for regular fighting.
All you need for regular fighting is tapping on enemies makes for regular 
attacks, double tapping makes for a jump forward + attack, and holding the 
stylus on the prince makes him block. You do not need to face the same 
direction you are blocking.  One special case is if the prince is climbing a 
wall, and needs to get onto a ledge which has an enemy standing right at the 
edge. Clicking on the enemy in this case will cause the prince to perform a 
high jump attack.


Sometimes these little black bugs come and corrupt Zal. He will turn black 
and after a short period of time heíll have stars circling around his head. 
You have to activate Zal and rub the stylus on the stars to snap him out of 
it. This usually happens at the most annoying times possible. Also in this 
half and half section are the stones with the Prince and Zalís picture on 
them. Youíll run into them when you split up, usually because of poisonous 
fog. While standing on these stones, click on the other characterís portrait 
on your screen to switch perspectives.


Activate Zal at any time by pressing one of the letter buttons or one of 
the directional buttons. He will rise slowly and you will be unable to move as
the prince. Tapping on the screen anywhere with Zal will make him fire a blue 
blast. This will stun, but not damage opponents. Except for a few special 
cases, I never used this ability against enemies. Other than this, Zalís 
powers are environmentally based, in other words different objects in the 
level will allow Zal to do different things. They are listed below, first by 
what you see, and second by what you can do with it. Keep in mind that often 
Zal runs into things he can eventually interact with before he has the ability
to do so. Just because something really looks like it should be able to be 
interacted with does not mean Zal can immediately interact with it.

A red gem: 
	This will open a gate- three red gems per gate. Fire Zalís blue 
        orbs at them to open them (they will turn green when activated)

Tall black grass with a red glow around it: 
	This is a corruption weed. Zal can shrink them by firing his blue 
	orbs at them.

Smallish blue/black circle with one end showing short waving "tentacles": 
	There might be a big spiky block nearby: Tap and drag the circle, it 
	will stretch like taffy. Use it to pull up blocks or yourself (but 
	that is way later in the game spoiler alert). You can also use it to 
	destroy mooks and other enemies!

Huge black pulsing circle with veins and tentacles near the end of a level: 
	This is an eye, and you have to destroy it to open up a gate. Have Zal
	just shoot his magic at it until it blows up. 

Black spikes with a red glow: 
	While in Zal mode, tap on them with the stylus and drag them up or 
	down, you can move the spikes to destroy blocks or enemies this way.

Blue and purple orb: 
	Zal holds this open while the Prince proceeds. Tap it with your stylus
	and heíll stay near it.

Small black orb with blue glow around it: 
	Have Zal tap this orb once- itís a grappling orb and youíll be pulled
	towards it.

Red and black orb: 
	This is a flame sphere, you can use it to destroy cracked blocks. 
	Have Zal tap and drag to move it. It will blow up if held for too 
	long- you can put them back on the little plantlike bases they grow 
	out of, and that resets their blowing up timer. You can also use 
	these to trip switches.

Mook with a shield: 
	Just tap and drag the shield to disarm him. Itíll turn into a regular 
	mook then. 

Red glowing box that shoots flames: 
	If this is on a track, you can move it by tapping and dragging. 
	Otherwise, no luck.

Red glowing boulder: 
	Not the boulders with the blue outlines, these glow red. Itís either 
	on spikes, in which case you crush it by moving the spikes up with 
	Zal, otherwise tap and drag the boulder SLOWLY. If you move too 
	quickly, youíll drop it automatically.

The Player Character, and it is 4th level or later: 
	As Zal, click on him to activate a shield which protects against 
	falling fire orbs and some enemy attacks. Note that Zal can shield 
	himself if he is the player-controlled character.

A trapdoor with that red glow: 
	You can move this around with Zal. Youíll want to move it 90 degrees 
	to make it a floor you can walk on for a short time.

Red glowing fire: 
	By rubbing back and forth on this Zal will be able to freeze it 
	briefly. When itís frozen any buzz saws that come into contact with 
	it will be stuck and not a threat any longer.

Half-moon shaped black corruption next to a grabber: 
	Move the grabber into this, then run your stylus across the resulting 
	middle section. This will freeze it in place, and you can either walk 
	across it or bounce magic off of it to get hard to reach gems.

Chaos Armadilloís chest is glowing red: 
	Rub it with your stylus as Zal to make the armadillo freeze so you 
	can hit it with the Prince

Blue icecycles on walls: 
	Rub back on forth on this until it glows, then rub another one until 
	it glows. Anything you send through one comes out the other, 
	including the Prince and Zalís magic spheres.

A Tatterbones: 
	Rub them with Zal to freeze them so that the Prince can hit them with 
	his sword and put them down for good

A rotating platform glowing red: 
	Click and hold this as Zal to freeze it in place- makes for good 
	timing for jumps. You can also pull on it to reverse the spin of the 
	platform, but you wonít ever need to do so.


Prince/Zal Hybrid moves: 

You pull yourself up using grabbers a lot, and remember that a lot of your 
attacks are slower. I actually donít like this form as much as when you two 
were separate because many enemies can attack you while you are charging your 
impressive looking but useless attacks. Just donít go for the full combo. Do 
one or two attacks then block.



These are listed by: Enemy name (not official!), level first encountered: 

Corruption Ravens, Stage 1 Level 2: They will just charge you trying to do 
damage. Donít bother blocking, just time your swings to when they get close. 
It only takes one hit.

Yellow Mook, Stage 1 Level 2: These guys are not your jet set of material. 
Sometimes encountered alone, sometimes in packs. If they are about to swing 
their sword at you, tap on the prince to block. Then quickly tap on them to 
murder them. Should never be a challenge. They take two hits to kill, or one 
charge hit (donít do that though).

Boss 1- Ghosty sword guy, Stage 1 Level 6: Like most boss fights this guy 
works on a pattern. When he is charging around on your level, block his sword 
slashes. Then he will fly to the top and the blue ruby will glow. Position 
yourself towards the red ruby and face the blue ruby. A big glowing pot (??) 
will fly from the blue ruby. Hit it with yísword when it gets close to you. 
It will fly back into the ruby and stun him somehow. When he drops down slash 
him up with your sword. He will then spin towards you, just block it. Repeat 
this one more time. When he is down to two skulls he will make the red instead
of the blue ruby glow. Position yourself near the red ruby, facing the wall 
when he flies to the top. He will shoot a beam into the center of the screen, 
and it will move towards you. When it gets near you climb up the wall, and 
the beam will hit the ruby and stun him. Smack him with your sword, block, and 
repeat. DONE. 

Pustules Stage 2 Level 4: These purple warty things run towards you hoping to 
explode all over you. Donít melee attack them! Use Zalís magic to push them 
away off a cliff or until they turn red and pop.

Screamers: Stage 2 Level 5: Not really an enemy so much as a cutscene, these 
guys show up periodically to carry away Zal and corrupt him. This is 
theoretically bad, but he ends up with a new power out of the experience, so 
itís actually pretty nice. You canít do anything about them, not that youíd 
want to, and they dump you back into the main map. Just sit back.

Corrupted Zal: Stage 2 Level 2 (after S2L5): Zal is freaking out and itís up 
to you to stop him! Just kind of run up to him and hit him with your sword. 
Try to doge his magic, but he doesnít do a ton of damage and only takes about 
two hits before he snaps out of it with a shiny new power!

Corruption Bugs: Stage 2 Level 7: not a true enemy, these things come and turn
Zal black for awhile. Donít worry about it, you canít stop them. Remember to 
rub the stylus over the stars over Zalís head while in magic mode when he 
zones out!

Boss 2- Big Ďol Knight, Stage 2 Level 10: This one gives a lot of people 
trouble. He starts out at the top of the screen. Heíll either poke at your or 
fall down sword first. Either way try not to be right underneath him. When he 
falls down you want to be on the opposite side of the screen from him facing 
the wall. He will shoot out black webbing and grab one of the black circles, 
pulling himself towards you. When he does this, wallclimb. His sword will 
stick into the wall and heíll have to pull it out. Drop down onto his sword, 
and run up to him and hit him four times for 1 1/2 skulls of damage. After you
do this twice, heíll start to stab the top of the screen, which makes his 
sword come out of the ground. I guess this is a tiny, wrap-around universe. 
Anyway try to stay out of the swords way, and eventually heíll pop his head 
onto the bottom screen and itíll glow red. This is your cue- activate Zal, 
and drag his head as far up as it will go. This will stun him, and you can 
hit him with your sword. Do this twice and youíre aces!

Red Mook- Stage 3 Level 4: Just a buffed up version of the yellow mook. They 
take four swipes with your sword, so a good strategy is hit twice, then block 
their strike, then hit twice again for the kill.  If they are blocking your 
strikes, block back, and theyíll attack. When theyíre recovering, smack them.

Red Shield Mook- Stage 3 Level 4: This just is just a red mook with an 
impenetrable shield. Use Zal to pull its shield away by tapping and dragging 
it anywhere, then fight it like normal.

Belfry- Stage 3 Level 5: These guys are bats that swoop after you and also 
have stingers I guess. Use Zal to move them around, and try to pull one into 
the other. They usually come in pairs, and that destroys them both!

Yellow Shield Mook- Stage 3 Level 6: Included pretty much only for completion 
here. Just a weaker version of the red shield mook. Pull their shields and 
chop Ďem!	

Boss 3: Purple Gigantoad- Stage 3 Level 10: Ok so it is a huge horrible 
frog/toad thing. Run under it when it jumps, and eventually itíll jump up and 
grab the ceiling. Grasp itís tail with Zal and pull it back down to stun it, 
and aggress with your sword. You should hit it for 2 damage before it gets 
up. Repeat. Itíll jump up to the roof and stick its head down at you. Move 
the fire orbs it spits away from you with Zal, and eventually its tongue will 
glow. When this happens, grab it with Zal and pull down. That will cause the 
tongue to snap against the toad, stunning it and letting loose 4 fire orbs. 
Grab one and hit the frog with it, which makes it fall to ground level. From 
there aggress with ye olde sworde. Repeat and the Gigantoad croaks (ho ho ho!)

Chaos Armadillo- Stage 4 Level 6: This thing will leap into the air and pound
the ground three times, avoid them. When thatís done, its chest will glow red.
As Zal, rub itís chest (I like to think this is like a puppy, and it freezes 
because it enjoys the sensation). At any rate, it freezes, and then thwack it 
with the Prince. Do this twice and itís a goner.

Slinger Stage 4 Level 7: These jerks just float there like theyíre so cool. 
Theyíll toss red spheres at you- when they do so fire Zalís blue orbs at it 
until it moves back to hit the slinger. They will then be stunned and fall to
the ground. Smack them with the Princeís sword. Rinse, repeat, and they are 

Boss 4: Snakesley Vipersworth- Stage 4 Level 9: Ok this guy will start out by 
tossing corruption blasts at you. Grapple to the top center and drop down to 
avoid them. Wait until the first one has just about hit you then grapple 
quickly, and you should avoid all of his blasts. When he flies up top, itíll 
try to hit you with his tail by teleporting it through the fires on the walls.
Try to be on the opposite side of the screen as it is,  because its tail will 
come out through the fire on the same side of the screen as he is on. When he 
fires his tail, freeze the fire behind it and an eye on the end of his tail 
will open. Thrash this eye for two skulls of damage. This next part is 
tricky. He will randomly teleport one part of the bottom of the screen to the 
top of the screen. If teleported, you will fall and take damage. Since there 
are three possible teleportation circles, on the left, center, and right of 
the screen, try to stay in between where two circles could be so you can 
quickly run away no matter where the circle is. Note that the grappling point 
is gone for this section. Once he gets tired of this he will make the 
grappling point reappear, this is a sign that he is about to charge. Whichever
fire starts to have a blue glow is the fire he will charge out of. Wait for 
him to appear at the bottom of the screen, grapple to the top, and freeze the 
fire on the opposite side. He will hit his head on the wall and be stunned. 
Run up his tail and smack his head. Repeat this twice and he is an ex-snake! 
Note that at least my game was bugged on this last part and didnít make the 
*smack* sound. Just watch the skulls, if theyíre decreasing youíre doing it 

Tatterbones- Stage 5 Level 1: These guys are a throwback to the original 
prince of Persia! The deathless warriors can be stunned very easily with just 
the prince, but youíll have to rub them until they freeze with Zal THEN hit 
them with the prince to put them down for good.

Blinky- Stage 5 Level 6: These ones fly and shoot a beam of energy down at 
you. You can guard against the beam with Zalís shield. Once thatís deflected, 
run to the opposite end of the area from the beholder and hit it with Zalís 
magic bolts. Once youíve hit it enough (you must hit it in the eye) itíll be 
blinded and fall down. Smack it with the Princeís sword. Repeat, and youíre 

Purple Mook Giant- Stage 5 Level 6: The big daddy of the mook world, these 
guys will fall to conventional mook tactics, I.E. block and strike quickly 
once their sword gets deflected.

The Big Bad- Stage 6 Level 3: To start out with he will try to cast magic at 
you, run back and forth and avoid it. Then grappling spheres appear overhead 
and he charges out to try and hit you on your level. Freeze the fire opposite 
the side he charges out of to make him hit the wall and get dizzy. Drop down 
(you should be up top grappling to avoid his charges) and smack him silly. 
Four skulls per attack is what weíre aiming for. This is like a beefed up 
version of the snake boss. After this he will move back and forth on the top 
screen and drop down with his sword to cause area damage. Avoid him! He will 
eventually come down to one side. Get to the opposite side and face the wall. 
He will charge forward with his sword, and it will stick into the wall if you 
wallclimb. Drop down onto the sword, run up and smack him silly. This is like 
a beefed up version of the knight boss. After this he will raise you up to his
level and then drop you. Catch yourself with the grabbers on the way down! 
Then he will fire huge fire orbs after you. Stay on the opposite side of the 
screen as him. When he fires one, use the grabber on his side on him, which 
will hold his arm back. Then hit the fire orb back at him. It will knock him 
out, letting you go to town with your sword. This is a beefed up version of 
the frog boss. After you handle this, he is TOAST.  



Stage 1: Arrival

	After a brief opening speech by Ahriman, Elika, and the Prince, which 
	introduces us to a city of light, with folks who can summon Ormazd. 
	This would be incredibly handy now that Ahriman is all up in our 
	business. "The City of the New Dawn". You first get a short cutscene 
	where two red-robed ghosty figures are fighting. Being somewhat 
	impulsive, you decide that dashing forward, knife at the ready, is a 
	good shot at opening diplomacy. You are somehow surprised that you get
	a ghosty mage blast thrown at you. The ghost flies off, and we are
	left in...


	Welcome to ye olde tutorial level. As you first run off to the right, 
you may notice a blue and white block with a question mark appear at the top 
of the screen. Whenever you see this in the game, tap it for hints. Anyway 
this level introduces you to running, them climbing. Roll under the pinkie of 
the hand. You can use the next two gaps for practice on jumping over gaps 
while running- this can be a little tricky. If the prince runs off a ledge, 
the default is flipping over the edge and clinging to the wall. He can start 
sliding down from there, but if you are attempting to cross a number of gaps 
quickly (as you will later), double tap the area above the prince and across 
the gap as he approaches the edge to jump as he hitís the edge. Anyway, more 
hands to roll under after this. Crush the boulders, and continue to the right.
After a few more jumps and a quick wall climbing tutorial, you will see a 
scroll hanging in the air. Tap it for the first of your extensive collection 
of backstory scrolls! After this, the floor will crumble and you will fall 
down, seeing the stage map for the first time!

	When you are on the world map, notice that this level has a picture 
of a gold and blue face on the stop screen. This means that there will be a 
door thatís unlocked by having a certain number of coins in it. Anyway, after 
talking to himself a little (and recognizing that he is talking to himself. At
least he knows heís crazy!), you get your grubby hands on your first three 
coins! Press the button on the top left to open the grate and run through for 
your first combat section! After vanquishing the corruption birds move to the 
right, and drop down. Make sure to get the scroll and touch the flag (these 
are save points, you will come to love them). Follow the gold coins, and 
climb the wall to press the button which opens the grate. You know the button 
will stick because it turns green- a button which turns yellow would only keep
the grate open for a short time. After another wall climb you will see your 
first priceless, historically important vase which you promptly break with 
your sword because these things always have health potions. Open door go 
through. In the next section, look at the three coins on the bottom. Tumble 
under the low-hanging wall to get them, and get the coins in the semisecret 
area. Climb to the next save point. In the next point you can either jump left
to right in a zigzag pattern or (as I prefer), hanging from one ledge, and 
drop down. You will automatically catch the ledge below it. Handy! There are 
three coins below, one hidden behind a pillar. Then click on the big gold 
head. Oh you will hate these guys by the end. They are the general "give 
money to open door" type of thing. Give the big stupid head his stupid gold 
and make sure (I donít think you can avoid it) to grab the red circle in the 
bubble. Extra heart get! Climb, save point, birds, save point, drop down. In 
this next section try to jump right to left on each platform on your level 
before dropping down to get all the gold. On the final platform to the left 
you meet your very first yellow mook! Just tap on him to murther him, and 
remember to block any of his attacks. Health potion in a vase as you continue,
and three more coins to the right. There are three more yellow mooks on the 
bottom level with some coins, but before you move on run all the way to the 
left for more coins and a yellow mook. A few more wall climbs and youíre out!


	Notice the treasure chest on the main map for this level. There will 
be a treasure chest which you break up for BIG MONEY somewhere in the level! 
First we meet the noble reinforced boulder, and murther it. Get the scroll on 
the opposite ledge before you drop down! Proceed through the next save point, 
remember you can only break reinforced boulders with the charged attack. At 
the closed grate slide down the hole for the button. Murther the yellow mooks 
and boulders. When there is a clear path on the righthand ledge and a 
reinforced boulder on the left, destroy the boulder and tumble under the wall 
for some gold. Yellow mook boulder save point. Get good practice jumping from 
wall to wall for gold coins as you slide down the next part. The button for 
the next door is above it, wall climb on the lefthand wall to get to it. At 
the next save point you should have about 33 coins if youíve been diligent 
(more if youíre replayed a level). DO NOT DROP DOWN from the ledge here. Jump 
to the righthand wall and slide down, it is a loooong drop.  Donít slide all 
the way down though. Jump to the left ledge and run to the left for some coin.
Keep going, jump to a ledge slightly above you and to the right with a 
reinforced boulder for some more monies. Be prepared for a yellow mook ambush
after you drop into the hallway below this. The next button is in a hole by 
the door. Roll to the left past the button for a secret area. Next button is 
up and to the left from the next door. Break the treasure chest like a vase or
boulder to get to the button. Keep going past button for shiny things.

Right past this door you get a cutscene in which one ghosty seals another one 
in a room. Despite sounding vaguely untrustworthy and not answering any of 
your dang questions, the prince of fools (Persia) decides to let him out. 
Every door in this kingdom is locked with rubies. These rubies need not be 
red. Just get used to it.


	If youíll remember when two levels open I number them left to right- 
this is the level with the blue ruby. Backgrounds start getting creepy, and 
you come out of some huge bird head. Weird. Anyway, snag the scroll after the 
first drop. You might take a knock from the continuous falling boulders after 
you break the reinforced boulder. Just run past this section quickly as you 
can and hit the boulder with your sword if you can time it right. Watch out 
for the timed spikes! They will shake a little before they spring up. Climb 
up the wall to the right, and slide down the wall to activate the button for 
the next door. Be diligent about collecting the gold coins, youíll thank me 
later. Be ready for yellow mooks as you move to the left. Go slowly in the 
trap-filled hallway, and watch out for the wallspikes! They are hard to see. 
I hate the overhanging ledges like you get right after the wallspikes. Just 
stand directly below the end of the ledge and click above yourself. It will 
take a few tries, and itís frustrating, and totally unnecessary. Just a middle
finger from the developers. Then we get three more of them for coins and a 
yellow mook too. Whoo! If you cling to the wall in this next part the boulders
wonít get you. At the bottom of this gap, run to the right for a hidden area 
with coins. Later, more lips and wallspikes. Why are we playing this again? 
Right past the save point is another time you should cling to the righthand 
wall and slide down (or youíll die). Move to the left for a yellow mook 
ambush, coins, the blue ruby (?!) and the next button. Well done!

	Ok it is red ruby time. Seriously, what is with these undulating red 
runes. Give me the creeps... You want to slide, not drop, down this first gap.
Meet your worst friend, the buzz saw! The one which is going horizontally you 
have to roll under. Try to do this as itís coming toward you or stopped. 
Always check gaps that you might just jump over for coins! Also be ready to 
wall climb out if they are spikes. Just checking in, by the next save point I 
have 109 coins. You all doing ok out there? Yellow mook ambush coming up 
after some buzz saws and reinforced boulder, and another one when you climb 
up a level. Remember to jump over the buzz saw by the next save point to the 
next ledge, or youíll have to redo this whole last section. I know itís hard 
getting all the coins while sliding down this buzz saw gap, but you will want 
coins later. Promise! This next big room I thought for sure would be a boss 
but I think itís just to show off the pretty pretty treasure background. You 
should be more interested in the yellow mooks and the first appearance of the 
two vortexes that trap you while enemies pour in. Itís just yellow mooks this 
time so you should have no trouble. After a few more wall climbs there is a 
secret area to the left. Look for a glimpse of coins and a brick which looks 
pushed out. After one final yellow mook ambush, we get that red ruby and the 


	Well, we let that guy out. I assume there will be no problem and OH 
DANG IT! It is boss fight time! Alright letís throw down. See enemy 
strategies for how to beat this. Grab the ľ of the thing you donít know what 
it is yet so why do you even pick it up when you beat him. 

Now it is cutscene time, with you being a huge moron about who is an enemy or
friend. You run off after ghostym'n even after you get blasted. 


Stage 2: Follow Them Ghosties!


	Dang we got two treasure chests and a gold man to open right off the 
bat! Lets get to it: first glowy evil red spikes of unpleasantness. Walk do 
not run by them and youíre fine. Time your jumps for the falling boulders. 
Welcome to stage 2! If youíll notice the big spiky block and black circle at 
the bottom of the pit with the treasure chest on the other side. Donítí bother
with this for now- weíll be back. I think this is the first timed switch 
here. Activate it then immediately jump past the gate. Use the special jump 
attack from the walls to take out the yellow mooks. Please note the scroll on 
the opposite side before you go into the pit. Ok so this next part is nothing 
but fun and awesome. Boulders fall in twos in this section. Move all the way 
to the right, and wait to wall climb and activate the switch until right after
the second boulder falls, crushing both of them. Quickly wall run, activating 
the switch, and jump from the wall. If you run you should make it under the 
falling boulders. Just make it under the gate before it closes then you can 
take your time. You can jump from the first to the second platform by hanging 
on the edge and jumping, but you MUST make the second jump as a running leap. 
After this just make sure to time the jumps so you donít get knocked back 
down by boulders and youíre through. This took me two or three tries the 
first time. Boy, you get the feeling you arenít welcome with all these spikes 
and buzz saws. Jumpkill the yellow mook and note the health up beyond the pay 
door. You canít get it now (if youíve been following my lead), so make a note 
to come back for it. A little to the right is the other treasure chest youíll 
see the other treasure chest. Inaccessible for now, but once we get some more 
powers. This game LOVES to taunt you early in a stage with unattainable 
treasure like this. Jerks. Next is a slog through sand with boulders pursuing
you. Just keep going as fast as you can away from them. If you are sure you 
arenít going to make it turn and hit the boulders then immediately turn 
towards the edge. On the next park make sure to time when you hit the 
reinforced boulder so that you will not be caught mid-swing by a regular 
boulder- remember the preparation time is quite long. When you encounter the 
moving blocks, remember that you can only climb on them when the are fully 
extended. Annoying? Yes. Itís how the world works. Corruption raven attack on 
the top of the ridge. To get through the button/boulder puzzle, stand right 
next to the first closed gate. The button right above it opens the gate, and 
itíll be hit by a boulder. Run forward and kill the yellow mook, and stand on 
the button right by the rock. A boulder will come and crush the rock, allowing
you access to the wall and the top area. Again, stand right next to the closed
gate, and a boulder will press the button for you. Run forward, crushing any 
boulders coming towards you, and stand on the button. This opens a lower level
gate allowing a boulder to roll through it. Once itís through the gate, follow
it and it will push the final button and open the final gate. Youíre out! Two 
corruption ravens later, you really ARE done! 


	You canít climb the sides of the spiky block (go figure), so you have 
to jump on top of it from the ledge to the left. Thereís a yellow mook 
invasion on top. When you get to the small pit with black glowy circles on 
either side, donít drop down- thereís just spikes down there. Donít worry 
about the first button you touch either- thatíll be important later. Once you 
touch the second button however, you see a yellow mook menacing Zal. Wall 
climb after the coins, slay the mook, and hey a new party member! All he can 
do now is throw little blue orbs that will stun a monster for like 1/8 a s
econd and make the red gems glow green. Get some good practice on that second 
power here. Ok I take it back Zalís first power does have one use- use it to 
push back the yellow mook from the edge of the pit in the next part, then 
climb up and give him a drubbing. After one final yellow mook ambush itís the 


	A one yellow mook welcoming party soon falls to your blade, as you 
move into the gear mechanism stage. I HATE these moving platforms, because the
prince always seems to run and jump as fast as he can off of them. At least 
there are no spikes beneath this one. Moving on, donít drop down the pit where 
the boulders go, run under them as they fall for a save point. Zal can shrink 
these corruption weeds that you see by firing his orbs at him, so have him do 
so. Wallclimb to the top, and line Zal up with the holes in the ceiling to 
open the first game. Look out for the pit right before the save state. Notice 
how it has a lip on it, which would prevent you from climbing back out- this 
means there are just spikes and broken dreams at the bottom. Bypass it, and 
try to time climbing up the wall to when the moving platform is floating 
towards you. Another lipped platform with spikes at the top, so jump over. 
Once you get to the next set of three rubies, remember that you might fall off
because sometimes the prince stops following the moving platform when Zal 
shoots a blue orb- thatís fine, there is just gold at the bottom. Leap the 
pit, kill the mook. BOY I hate these jump up the wall onto the moving 
platform puzzles. Dťjŗ vu with that. There are corruption weeds choking the 
gaps to the next three gems, but seeing as the way you shrink the weeds is 
the same way you activate the gems, just fire at them until they turn green. 
Smack the gear mechanism and youíre through!


	After a little dialogue, you progress in. Grab the scroll and hop up 
to get three gold coins and your very first encounter with pustules! Theyíre 
annoying, but at least theyíre better than wall spikes! Which... there are a 
whole bunch of those next. Neat. Just be patient and wait for the right time 
to jump. You donít have to walk through the red spikes next, you can hop up 
on the platform and grab the coins. Yellow mook ambush following this, be 
ready. Drop down to the lower level at the jumping section with the spikes 
for a treasure chest! You DO have to walk through the red spikes this time, 
but climb up on the platform when you get to the far side to get to the 
switch for this door. Be prepared for a corruption raven after that. Donít 
wall slide with all the spikes, just get to the edge of the ledges and drop. 
Two more corruption ravens, and a yellow mook ambush are next up. You have 
to drop down the pit coming up to get to the switch. There is a yellow mook 
ambush down there. To get back out you have to do a running jump from the 
left platform to the wall, followed by a Wallclimb. This should let you grab 
onto the left hand ladder, and get out from there. At least this isnít a 
timed switch! The prince is a snaky jerk next. Jump to the lefthand wall to 
slide down past the spikes. Do rolls to get under the wall and make your way 
up. Pustule alert on the second and third levels! The fourth level brings a 
pustule AMBUSH, which is awful. Just keep hitting them with Zalís magic 
until they pop, and turn the third gem to open the gate. From here, jump up 
and to the right to get the second treasure chest, and wall slide back down- 
on the left side of the gap! Blow up the eye, and youíre through.

	A corruption raven welcoming party, followed by a moving platform 
spike pit? YAHOO! It is party time on this level. You can roll under the 
buzz saws here. There are a number of walking speeds, from slow to quick, so 
try to quickly walk over the red spikes with the buzz saws. Go too fast, of 
course, and you get buzz sawed. I donít often encourage people to not get 
gold coins, but if the timing doesnít look right for the two gold coins 
below the switch on the wall with the moving platforms, just leave them. 
Have I mentioned that I hate moving platforms in this game? After this, keep 
in mind that the cracked looking floor with fall a few seconds after you run 
over it, so be quick. Ok after this things get weird. These horrible 
screaming things come and take Zal away. This actually ends up being super 
good for you, but I can see that youíd be unsettled. So you exit the stage, 
and it looks like itís back to...

	Observe black creepy Zal moving the spiky block to the side, and then 
slide down the wall after him. Youíll fight with him briefly, just watch out 
for his magic and run up to him and smack him one when heís down at your 
level. Get some practice moving the blocks around with Zalís new power. To 
get the third block in the part coming up, Wallclimb the wall on the right, 
and then use Zalís power from that vantage point. After the save point, use 
the stickies to move the spiky block into the spike pit, and jump over it. 
Use Zal to cause the spikes to destroy the right-moving boulder, then follow 
the left moving boulder until it trips the switch that opens the gate 
trapping you. Right after the three-gem gate, pull yourself up to the next 
level with Zalís power, and prepare for a yellow mook ambush. You can use the 
sticky in the middle of the ambush to grab and destroy the mooks! Itís great 
fun. Leave the level like normal, using Zalís new power to deal with the 
mooks you encounter. Since you have the new power, letís first return to...

	This is played just like before, except that down the first pit and 
after the gate that takes money (you should have more than enough to open it 
now, so do this and get the health bonus), you can use Zalís sticky power to 
move the blocks. On the second chest, be careful because having a block 
dropped on you (they donít stay up forever) is an insta-kill. 

	Ok now that weíve cleaned up, back to business. This time there are 
no baddies to bother Zal, so proceed as before. Right after where he had his 
weird shrieking fight is the classic "push the button to open the grate for 
the boulder, which pressed the button to open YOUR gate" puzzle. I hope you 
like that puzzle, weíll be seeing it again. Pull the block to the right first 
before standing on it and getting pulled up. When you come to a fork, a lower 
and an upper path, take the lower path first. Another REALLY FUN moving 
platform jumping section ahead. Whee! Use the sticky to pull down the moving 
platform so you can jump on it in the next part. Coming after that is a 
puzzle with tons of stickies. First pull up the block in front of you and 
jump on top of the block to the right of that. Pull up that block and jump 
back onto the first one. Pull that block up, and while itís on the first 
rung, use the sticky above it to pull it up again. From there jump onto the 
block to your right and pull that up, then Wallclimb out. Use the sticky to 
pull over the moving platform, then wait for it to move right twice (once 
back to normal, once to the right of that on itís own), and jump to the 
right. Smack the gear and youíre out!

	These blocks are moving way too fast! Use Zalís grabber power to keep 
them in once place while you Wallclimb. You can jump onto the rope here by 
standing under it and tapping it. Youíll have to Wallclimb to get to the next 
one. Just launch yourself towards it, heíll grab on automatically. After the 
next two quickly moving blocks that need to be held with grabbers, jump left 
and Wallclimb after you hit the destructible floor for a treasure chest. Kill 
all the yellow mooks with the jump attack. Once you kill the one on the top 
level, jump to the left wall and Wallclimb for the second treasure chest! In 
the next section with ropes and buzz saws, donít neglect the right wall, which
has a pay door (200 gold, which you should have well over) for a health 
bonus. Note that you canít climb over metal looking parts of ropes, but some 
wall climbing will get you around this. Some more pulling blocks, some more 
yellow mooks ahead. Nothing too fancy. After that is a gate that has to be 
held open by Zal. Make sure you tap the orb once you hit the switch inside to 
get Zal back! The destructible floors ahead require you to roll under the 
buzz saws while running. Just double tap quickly on the far end of the screen 
in the direction youíre running. Zal will hold the gate for you while you run 
ahead again, make sure to hit the switch that opens the gate leading back to 
him and pick him back up again. Once heís in your party you can move the 
block on the top-left to get the gold coins there. Then itís just a block-
grabber, a yellow mook, and youíre out!

	Dodge under the boulders that jerk of a lion statue is spitting at 
you, just try to be slightly to the left of where they hit the ground. After 
that is another FINE example of my favorite kind of puzzle. Make sure you cut 
the weeds down as youíre approaching them, or theyíll grow back when youíre 
jumping and throw you into the spikes. Climb over the wall to the left of 
where the boulder hits (after the moving platform takes you up) and slide 
down for some gold. If youíre following this guide and are diligent about 
coins, you should have the 100 gold it takes to get the prince sphere to the 
right. After this we get our first run in with the corruption bugs. These 
turn Zal black and after awhile heíll get stars over his head. In magic mode, 
rub the stylus over them to snap him back to reality. We have to do this 
shortly, then we see the ancestor who gives us an elixir to turn Zal back. 
Shame, really, I liked the new color scheme! Once again climb over the wall 
to the left where the boulders hit and slide for some coins. After a yellow 
mook ambush for old timesí sake, and two more boulder statues (who MADE 
these? Their religious icons are so weird), itís out!


	Buzz saws, yellow mooks, save points. Youíre getting the hang of this 
game. Itís a tricky Wallclimb (on the first gap) to get up to the first red 
gem, the middle one. Zap it.  From there go left, across the destructible 
floors, all the way to the left. Then climb up, circle around back to the 
right, drop down, zap the gem, and head right past the first gem. This part 
is a mirror of the other side, only a little more difficult. All the way to 
the right, up, back left, yellow mook ambush, zap gem. The next section is 
all about patience and timing- just wait for the buzz saws to be in the right 
place before you use the grabbers, or run and jump. At the top left here is 
the levelís treasure chest. This next part looks pretty norma... OH GOD GIANT 
BUZZSAW RUN AWAY! Well, that wasnít so bad. Hey, a save point! Weíre on easy 
BETWEEN THEM! One tap from these guys and you are toast. Note that the block 
moves a little faster than the buzz saws. Try to be on the very lefthand side 
of the block, and pull when the left buzz saw is near you. Pull yourself up, 
QUICKLY kill the yellow mooks (another buzz saw but Iím done being freaked 
out by them), and move on. 


	Slide down the pit. To get the first gem, pull the blocks up and run 
underneat them one by one. Wallclimb and jump onto the first block, and pull 
it up. From there, jump right onto the second block, and so on until you can 
see the gem. Zap it, and then head back left by the same process you used to 
go right. Wall jump to the moving platform, and go right at the top for the 
first treasure chest. Head left. To get the second gem, jump onto the spiky 
block from the ledge you are on, pull yourself up, and pull up the block on 
the ledge to the left. Run under it, Wallclimb and jump back to the right. 
From there you can get up to where the gem is. Head left for the third gem. 
Destroy any boulders rolling near you, and run left. Use Zal to shrink the 
weeds and zap the gem, keeping a lookout for boulders to destroy as the 
prince. Make your way back past the 3 gem gate, pull the moving platform up 
with the grabber, jump to the next platform, and blow up the eye. Make sure 
to get the scroll here, and then move on. More yellow mooks, weeds, boulders, 
and spikes. This next part should look familiar. Jump on the first block, 
pull it up. Pull up the second block, run under it and jump onto the third 
block. Pull up the third block, Wallclimb out. Only one yellow mook between 
you and the boss for stage 2!


	Alright letís do this! This guy actually gave me a lot of trouble. 
Look for tips in the enemies section! Once heís toast, you grab your second
piece of the seal (at least we know what it is now), and move on!

Once the knight takes it in the teeth, you grab the second piece of the seal. 
Zal goes emo for a second (this happens a lot), the prince waxes 
philosophical, and I guess they find a boat or something, because it is time 


Stage 3: In a faraway land across the sea! (Actually it was probably like 500 
feet away)


	We find out about Zalís grappling ability early in this stage, which 
will come in quite handy. Grapple your bad self up and right and then up and 
left. Also you get to work on your mid-air grappling swings here. You will 
have to do a lot of this, so a little practice is a good thing. Open the door 
with the button, pull the block after you through the open gate, etc. After 
some more pits and blocks, youíll come to a pit you canít see your way across,
and you can catch a glimpse of a pay door above you. Just launch yourself 
into the air above the pit, and be ready to grapple the sphere when you see 
it. The door is 250 gold, and I had 200 by this point. Weíll come back later. 
Itís worth noting in the section ahead that if you use touch a yellow mook 
while grappling heíll be instantly killed. Do so to this one, and move 
forward. Thereís some more business with pulling a spiky block along a spike 
pit. Make sure to time your blasts against the corruption weeds pretty well. 
After his part, if you look up to the left, youíll see a cracked stone 
blocking your way to two treasure chests. Weíll be back for this later. More 
pulling of spiky blocks. This part was funny because the first time I 
accidentally launched the prince right into the spike pit right as he started 
to talk. He hit the spikes and got impaled on them, and said "is it just me, 
or is our task getting harder?" Heh. Anyway, right past this is the gear 
mechanism. Hit it and go!


	I should point out, because this is pretty close in terms of 
left-to-right, that this is the topmost level. Run and jump and etc. You can 
destroy the two yellow mooks that ambush you quickly by using the grabbers 
above them, then slide down the right wall. Make sure to grab the scroll by 
this save point. A little bit further is a pustule. If you hit him above the 
destructible floor, itís three coins for you! A little bit further on and 
youíll see a breakable floor and a pustule will appear. Destroy the pustule 
on the floor to get the first red gem, and grapple your way up to the second. 
Go all the way to the right on the top level, wallclimb, and grapple then 
grapple again for the third. Run through the door, hit the mechanism, and 
youíre out. 

	The normally friendly or at least inoffensive red spheres start 
dropping on you here, so watch when you run under them. The designers 
apparently missed breakable boulders, because I cannot fathom why else they 
are here. Remember while climbing out of this pit that you are clinging to 
the edge of a cliff a boulder will knock you right off. Get all the coins by 
grappling at the top, but ignore the grapple to the top left. Weíll be back 
for it. Next is one of those fun, deadly-floor type traps with falling flame 
spheres and grappling. Once you wallclimb to activate the next switch, 
grapple over to the door so you make it in time. The same principle applies 
to the next switch as well. After the boulders chasing you through the sand 
trick we all remember so fondly, youíll see a glowing red boulder. There are 
glowing red spikes underneath it, which if youíll remember Zal can control. 
In Zal mode, tap and drag the spikes up to break the boulder. Next is the 
walk-through-spikes with boulders coming at you thing again. This time use 
Zal to move the spikes up and destroy boulders before they hit you. Get the 
coins by grappling, and move towards the end. The pay door with the prince 
sphere is 150 coins, which you should easily have. Pay it, get the sphere, 
and go right to end the level.

	This stage introduces the bars you can swing across in the first part.
Click on it to jump to it, and while swinging around click where you want to 
jump to, in this case the far edge. Go as far up the wall after jumping on 
the two bars as you can, then wallclimb and grapple to the top. Donít neglect 
the scroll here. Go down, hit the switch, then down again. This next part is 
a grapple challenge, not very difficult. Grapple to the top left, hit the 
switch, and HEY LOOK OUT it is the first ever red mook! Waste it, then hit 
the bottom switch, grapple back to the top, and zap the gem. Move to the 
right, and when the pustule appears force it onto the destructible floor and 
smack it, then drop down. There is another red mook guarding the next gem, so 
be ready. Also there is a slightly more complex grapple button puzzle, but 
nothing you canít handle, just spider man around until all the right doors are
opened. The first switch is on the top right, then the middle left, then the 
bottom left. Head right, explode the pustule into the breakable wall, and 
press onward. Be quick with them corruption weeds, thereís a huge buzz saw! 
Get Zal onto the lock, and proceed as the prince. This next part is tricky. 
Vault over the beams at your own pace, but be ready to rush the next part. As 
soon as you hit the switch, wallclimb and jump onto the platform. Quickly 
vault from one beam to the next (click the next beam to jump to as soon as 
you are in the air), get over the platform, down, MAKE SURE to click the orb 
to get Zal with you again, and then grapple up the shaft that just opened. 
This is hard to make. Couple of pustules next- have Zal throw magic at both 
of them, knock the right one off the cliff and keep the left one pressed 
against the wall until it blows. Down this hallway is your very first red 
shield mook! Wow! Two new enemies in one level! So pull its shield away from 
it with Zal, beat the stuffing out it, and keep going. They spawn 
continuously in that hallway, so donít dawdle. Coming up is the first mook 
ambush that might be trouble for you- a red shield/red mook ambush. Pull the 
shield away from the ones on the right immediately, and block until they have 
both struck. Take them out one at a time, keep your guard up a lot, and you 
should be fine. Grapple up to get the third gem and a switch. Iím not really 
sure why you have to move the spiky block, maybe it keeps you from 
backtracking? Anyway weíre not going that way, weíre going up and left then 
right, past the three gem door. Grapple up, wallclimb and swing while Zal 
blows up the eye, and youíre out!

	Watch out for the second of the bar jumps, the wall to the right has 
a buzz saw that can knock you down. At the bottom of a drop to the right, 
thereís a small red mook ambushing party. Wallclimb to get to the next beam 
and jump up to the right. Youíll slog through some sand and oh no that is an 
awfully familiar scream! Alright time to head to...


	Run after Zal, and notice how he uses those red spiky orbs to kill a 
mook and blow up a wall. When you reach him, stay on the opposite side of the 
waterfall from the orbs and he canít hit you wit those. When he descends a 
little avoid his magic (or take one hit point of damage, no big deal), and 
when he gets to your level smack him. Two smacks and heís on your side again, 
and he can now control those red orbs! He can also move the orbs right 
through the waterfall now that heís on your side, so break the block with the 
orb. Hit the button, grapple over through the gate. Before you jump down, 
use the fire orb above you to break the destructible floor. Make your way 
out of the level as normal. Itís time for a little backtracking! Yaaaay!

	Weíre doing this level first so we can have enough money for the pay 
door on the first level. This plays exactly like it did before, except that 
once you climb out of the pit with boulders falling on your, grapple up and 
left, break the wall with the fire orb and get the chests. I had 254 gold at 
the end of this level, enough for the door in...


	Again, this level plays just like the original description of it, 
except that you now have enough gold to pass by the pay door (unless youíve 
been a slacker), and after the long tunnel where you are pulling the spiky 
block through and shrinking the corruption weeds, jump up and to the left, 
and then use your fire orbs to break down the wall to get two 
treasure chests. Sweet!


	Ok back to business. Get to where you got last time and keep going. 
As long as you have a decent lead on the buzz saws, donít worry about wall 
sliding to get the coins- youíre moving just about as fast as the saws are. 
Red mook ambush at the bottom of the pit. You may notice the glowing box 
shooting flames- you canít do anything with it, so keep moving. Use the fire 
orb to trip the switch, and grapple across the pit. Next grapple to the beam, 
and while swinging trip the switch above with the fire orb. Use the beams to 
help you wallclimb, then get ready for a new enemy: the belfry! After offing 
them, run from the buzz saw and be quick and shrinking the corrupted weeds. 
Hide in the little nook until the buzz saw is past, then use the fire orb 
below. First move it to the fire orb base on the right as a temporary holding 
spot, reposition yourself to the right, and trip the switch with the orb. 
After this thereís another similar puzzle, using the holding bases to hold 
the fire orbs while you reposition yourself, then tripping a switch, this 
time while youíre swinging from posts above a spike pit. Then AUGH two giant 
buzz saws. Grab a post, swing to the wall, wallclimb, jump back to the next 
post up, repeat until youíre out. Trip the switch, then do the same thing 
again and youíre out!


	Got a big buzz saw for you to outrun- watch out for the mushrooms at 
the end of the ledge, theyíll slow you down. Pull the shields away from the 
yellow mooks and chop Ďem. Up on top, use the fire orb both for killiní mooks 
and for activating the switch. Slide down the walls, but be ready to Spiderman 
over to the other side with grappling to avoid the saws. Once you get to the 
bottom be ready to wallclimb the left wall and jump over the buzz saw. Follow 
the coins as you grapple your way up and wall jump to the top of the ledge. At
the top here, lift up one block, walk under it, lift up the second, then 
grapple out of the mushroom patch. There is some tricky fire orb and spiky 
block handling ahead, get it done and proceed to the next section. Remember 
in this part, while sliding down the poles, that you canít grapple while 
clinging to one. You have to jump off first, then grapple. Itís tricky, but 
there is a save point right next to it, so just give it a few tries. Slide 
down the pit for some running action- grapple to get away from the saw. Break
the breakable floor, climb up the toothpicks, grab the ruby, and youíre gone!


	Thereís a pustule ambush real early on in this level, followed by one 
of those awesome puzzles where they make you navigate a fire orb through an 
obstacle course to break a wall. Then do it again! This is gettiní great! 
After this climb up to the top, and climb a rope followed by four 
diagonal-right grapples. Note the scroll at the top there. Past this there is 
another pustule ambush. Just jump and climb all around here. Be on the lookout
for pustule ambushes, there are many in this area. Make your way right and 
down. Once you hit the floor, go down the pit and take a left. There will be 
a grappling section with a red mook ambush if you hit the ground. Once youíre 
past the grappling, get both the treasure chests. Move up and to the right, 
and use Zal to move around that red glowy boulder. Use it to break the wall. 
Moving on, we come to one of my least favorite parts in the game. Red mooks 
continuously spawn from the ceiling as long as you are in the pit, and the 
boulders donít spawn fast enough for you to take out the mooks with them. 
Here is what I did. Start the boulder rolling towards the right side of the 
pit, then climb out on the right side and slay the mooks. Move the boulder 
up and start it rolling right and run ahead of it. Once itís past the mook 
spawning point, move it up and over you, and then break the wall with it. If 
you run fast to the right you can avoid the pustule ambush. Be prepared for a 
belfry ambush right before the gem and the EXIT.


	The first thing to be prepared for is a yellow shield mook. After 
him, watch for a fire orb by a long tunnel down. Wallslide down the lefthand 
wall, moving the fire orb between bases as you slowly slide down. Once at the 
bottom use it to break open the wall. Prepare for Zal to get corrupted here 
at the bottom. The next part is pretty annoying- you drop down into a pit 
with a buzz saw, Zal goes all wonky, and there are walls blocking you in. Be 
nimble in this part, and roll under the buzz saw.  Rub Zalís stars away, and 
run right up to the breakable walls. Use the flame orb to break the walls, 
then roll under the buzz saw and repeat. Run to the right and donít dawdle 
breaking these walls with the flame orbs- thereís a huge buzz saw coming at 
you. Grapple over the huge buzz saws in the next area, zap the gem, and 
continue up. Move the flamethrower blocks to shield you from the fireballs 
and climb up. Get the flag before you slide  own the wall for the coins- 
itís less to do over if you die. Donít neglect the scroll here. A lot of buzz 
saws and a deadly drop in this next area, so be careful. Get down to the 
bottom rope, and use Zal to move the flamethrower block up its track until it 
destroys the rock in your way. Move left and down, once you zap the gem fire 
orbs will start to fall, allowing you to break the floor. Next up are some 
yellow shield mooks, then climb the ropes and guide the fire orb to break 
your walls, zap the gem, and move on. Jump down past the three gem door, down 
and left to the exit. Climb the ropes, blast the eye, and scram. 


	To start with move the flamethrower so it breaks the overhead bricks. 
Wall run and grapple your way to the top. Donít neglect the scroll that you 
can see from here. Move up and all the way to the left, dealing with the red 
mook when he appears. Move the flamethrower blocks out of your way as you 
swing higher, eventually reaching the top left part of the level. Zap the gem 
here and move back down and right. Grapple to a pole and swing to a ledge to 
the right for three gold coins and a save point. After this Zal will get 
corrupted by the bugs, and conk out VERY shortly afterwards. Youíre in no 
danger, so take your time in reviving him. While itís possible to break the 
floor and go down, PLEASE DO NOT DO SO. It makes for some annoying 
backtracking. Instead, head up, break the ceiling with the flamethrower, 
continue left, and zap the gem. Once thatís over with break the floor and 
head down. Be prepared for a yellow shield mook ambush at the bottom. Go 
right, and get Zal to hold the door while you trip the switch, then grapple 
up and zap the third gem. You should have the 250 gold coins to pass the door 
here and get a nifty health bonus. When thatís done, move the flamethrower 
and grapple up the shaft to the left to get the treasure chest. Continue left 
and make your way to the triple gem door. Itís kind of annoying the way they 
make you fire Zalís power mid-grapple to pop this eye, but do it and youíre 


	Alright it is boss fight time. Check [EMS] for tips on how to beat 
it. Once that business is over with, grab the seal, awaken Zalís power, 
exchange some witty banter, and move onward. Onward into...


	Stage Four: Since when are there jungles in Arabia?

	Good. Starting off with a moving platform. Way to win my heart, guys. 
The next moving platform (argh!) is your first chance to get in some shield 
practice. Just click and hold on the Prince as Zal. Thereíll be another 
platform just like it on the next level up, as well as Zal getting corrupted 
by bugs. Donít forget to pick up the scroll right by where he gets 
corrupted. In the rope and fire orb section it helps to pull down the orbs
yourself, so you know they arenít just about to fall when you jump. Be 
prepared for a yellow shield mook ambush and Zal goes catatonic right then. 
Shake him back to wakefulness, then drag away their shields and waste them. 
In the jumping sections remember that rope blocks fire orbs, so stay behind 
it. Be prepared for a yellow shield mook ambush at the top, but you can just 
use the grabber in the snakeís mouth to eat them. You see the spectacularly 
unhelpful ancestor again. Remember to shield the Prince during the platform 
ride right after. Itís pretty smooth sailing with no new puzzles. There is 
one time when you are the top of a series of platforms there will be a moving 
platform and two grappling circles. Just move between the two of them while 
waiting for the platform to come to you. Move on, zap the gems, exit. 


	A lot of red mooks will spawn here, but just let the buzz saws take 
care of them. Be ready to jump from the slope you start sliding down. Canít 
hold down this switch for long enough yet, so go right and up. Only take out 
the lefthand yellow mook, the buzz saw will take care of the right one. 
Carefully move the red boulder to the switch, and move on. The red boulder 
will roll faster than you will down the next incline, so be ready to pick it 
up and move it over you. Break the wall and continue. When you climb up and 
see the first movable trapdoor, ignore it and wallclimb the right wall for 
three coins, and wallclimb again for the treasure chest. Use the platform to 
go right, then slide down. On your way down this time grab the flame orb, 
place it on the base nearer to the bottom, and then use it to break the wall. 
Get thí scroll right past this point and continue on. Another red boulder to 
hit switch puzzle (is it just me or do they LOVE duplicating new puzzles? And 
RIGHT after one another). Now this next part is a lot of back-to-back danger. 
Youíll be sliding down an incline. First fire orbs will rain on you. GRAB 
ONE OF THEM and break the wall at the end so you can jump over the spike 
pit. The next incline will have a few jumps, then more raining fire orbs. 
Grab one again, thereís another breakable wall. The last incline requires you 
to jump and grapple right at the end. Good thing thereís a save point right 
near this! Next is a two-part "use a boulder" puzzle, just to test if you 
have figured out they can break walls and trip switches. Then youíre OUT.


	Canít do anything with this fire yet, so just let it be. In the area 
ahead, take the topmost path for maximum coins. Grapple up and away from that 
giant buzz saw- thatís a puzzle for another day. Beware of isolated red and 
yellow shield mook ambushes in this whole area. Go left, away from the fire 
at the fork in the path ahead. Past the corridor of yellow shield mooks youíll
see more of your and my favorite puzzles- the floating platforms. You know I 
figured out what it is I hate about them so much: you canít hang from them! 
The only things you can do are slide off the edge to your death, launch 
yourself off the edge to your death, or be panicked that youíre about to do 
one of those other things. Anyway, Zalís shield will protect the prince from 
flamethrowers. Itís theoretically possible to reach the pay door, but itís 
300 coins and unless youíve been repeating a lot of levels without me you 
donít have that kind of scratch. Towards the end of the level youíll see a 
flame blocking your path to the right. It might be worth the 1 HP damage to 
snag the two treasure chests you can get over there. Go ahead and get Ďem! I 
really like the ending of this level, where the Prince reveals one of the 
secrets he has been keeping, and Zal laughs at him because the itís such a 
stupid secret. Seriously! "Iím not doing this for a girl. GIRLS HAVE COOTIES!"
Anyway youíve destroyed this level! Not that you wonít be back. 

	This level introduces a new dynamic. Ignore the stone with the Prince 
and Zalís picture on it (itíll be important later), and move to the left and 
down. When you split up, stand by this stone and tap the other personís icon 
to switch main characters. So now you control Zal! Itís just a BUNDLE of fun.
When you control him, of course, he loses all his flying abilities. Move all 
the way to the right and grapple up to the moving platform. While there, move 
the fire orb from base to base until you destroy the wall with it, then switch
to the Prince. Head as far right and up as you can do with the Prince, to trip
the switch and switch to Zal. Pull up the platforms so you donít fall to your 
doom, and head right. Zalís not much of a fighter so just run from the red 
mook. Take the platform up, move the flamethrower block to break the wall 
between you and the prince, grapple right, and switch characters. As Zal, get 
on the platform, move all the trapdoors so the Prince can walk on them, 
switch characters, and QUICKLY run across them. After some swinging and 
switch flipping as the Prince, switch to Zal. Remember the switch you just 
tripped as the prince though! Keep it in mind. For this next section, the game 
wants you to move the flamethrower quickly over you when itís not firing so 
you can escape unharmed while you break the walls with fire orbs. I suggest 
doing this only once- move the flamethrower block all the way to the left. 
Zal can shield himself just as he can the prince. Use this to escape harm. 
Use the flame orb to trip the switch, and switch characters. Descend as the 
Prince, and have a blissful reunion. Trip the two switches up top with fire 
orbs, head left and GOODNESS WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING. Well Iím sure weíll
be hitting it with a sword later. Remember that switch I told you to 
remember? On your way back left, go to that switch, head right past the red 
mooks, move the flamethrower block, jump kill the other red mook, and net 
yourself a cool 40 coins in treasure chests. Back left further. When you reach 
the spike pit with bunches of moving platforms, move down to the post thatís 
also a grapple point and grapple left twice. Youíve got to be quick, but you 
net yourself another ice cold 40 coins in treasure chests. You should have a 
little less than 300 coins by this point if youíre following me. Run past the 
three-gem door, move across the moving platform, blow up the eye, move on. 
Make sure to pick up the life boost in this section past the pay-door as well.


	Get ready for some quick grappling, and also for using the grabber to 
deal with a red mook ambush. Plenty of mooks here, nothing you canít handle 
though. Remember to keep your guard up! After awhile the screamers will come 
and take Zal away. Time to exit this level, and letís get him!


	After that corrupt masked magus! Notice how Zal calms the fire, make 
the big buzz saw disappear (sorry, you never get THAT power), and makes buzz 
saws stick into the fire. When you get to him notice how he moves the 
grabbers into the half-moon shaped corruptions and solidifies them to make a 
barrier. Wallclimb and jump over them, smack Zal twice, and heís yours again. 
Make a wall out of the corruption to the right, and climb up. Calm the fires 
to let boulders roll into the destructible walls, and move up. When you get 
to the fork in the road where you went left last time, calm the fire and go 
right and down for the final treasure chest. Continue as before. Freezing the 
fires lets you vault up the lefthand wall to the pay door, which, if the pay 
door in Stage 4 glitches for you as it did for me (or if you didnít get it 
out of solidarity. Thank you! Iím touched!) you will have enough funds to 
open. Continue as normal and leave.


	After the normal grappling and mooks, youíll have some fires to calm 
and some practice with the insta-walls. Donít neglect the scroll in the area 
up past the second flames on walls section. Then itís corruption bug time 
again (this level seems to be corrupting Zal pretty hardcore). Naturally he 
loses it right as the yellow shield mooks start pouring out of the twisted 
portals, so make sure and slap him around quickly. Pull their shields away 
and march on. For whatever reason this next wall jumping section with the two 
insta-walls was tough for me. I did it this way. Pull one down freeze it 
quickly, then pull the other down and freeze it. Jump onto the right wall, 
and run up. Jump onto the left wall but do not run, then jump right and run 
up to the top. After some flamethrowers and moving platforms (wahoo), run all 
the way to the right. What the... corruption bugs AGAIN? They are not kidding 
around about changing Zalís color scheme. Maybe itís just me but this bit was 
annoying I thought. I mean Zal goes starry at the SAME PLACE as last time, in 
the same situation. They could at least have had a different bad time for him 
to lose it. You even get the same two walls for wall jumping! Well ignore them
and head left for the treasure chest, then head back right to climb up. Ok 
not to get on a soapbox but this last part is just bad level design. This is 
just a direct copy paste from earlier, down to the structure of the grapples 
and the coins beneath them. Bah. Anyway hit the gear and move on.


	CHAOS ARMADILLO OMG! Heh that is the best way to start a level 
walkthrough. Crush it and move on. Once you split up, move left with Zal. The 
gate that he trips by hitting the switch with the fire orb has an incredibly 
quick time before it drops, so chop chop! Switch to the prince, roll under, 
and move to the left. You can dodge the buzz saws if you want, or switch to 
Zal and catch them by freezing the fire. Switch to Zal, grapple up. Stand 
right by the character switch sign. First move and solidify the horizontal 
insta-floor, then move the spiky block up with the grabber. Quickly switch to 
the prince, wallrun and jump onto the block and run across the floor to the 
left. After some brief jumping and dodging (and what on earth is that horrible
tentacle eye thing in the background?)  youíll flip some switches, make your 
way right with both Zal and the Prince and youíll be reunited. Alright, I have
to take a second and just record my DISDAIN. My UTTER CONTEMPT for this next 
section. In it, there is an insta-wall and a gem. What youíre supposed to do 
is solidify the insta wall and use it to bounce Zalís magic off of to hit the 
gem. I want to point out a few things here. 1) We have never done this before 
or seen it done 2) Zalís magic does not bounce off of regular walls 3) We have 
been trained to run up these walls 4) The wall stretches almost to the ground, 
making it look like youíre supposed to jump somehow. 5) There is a 
meaningless, stupid, misplaced red glow right above the gem. Why is it there? 
just running around like an idiot trying to wallclimb on this stupid wall. 
Alright. Rant over, you know what to do because I said so. Letís move on and 
take a deep breath. Zal gets corrupted just to the right of here. This is a 
carbon copy of a previous situation, except the buzz saw doesnít stretch all 
the way to the right so itís way easier. You just have to duck under once. I 
might submit that while puzzles were copied earlier (they LOVE giving you the 
same puzzle twice in a row), it becomes a lot more intense and noticeable (as 
in, CARBON COPIES of puzzles) in the fourth level. I bet this game was rushed!
Either that or they all ran out of ideas. Oh I also have one comment about 
the little exchange between Zal and the Prince in this next part. The Prince 
mentions that the temple that was imprisoning Ahriman "failed". Yeah, sort of.
It failed because the Prince was a huge idiot and didnít respect Elikaís 
sacrifice and undid everything she did. So it wasnít exactly a "failure", at 
least not by the temple! Ok now we rush on. There is another mysterious empty 
pay door to the right here. My theory is that if you donít die on any of the 
bosses you can only hold so many prince spheres and pay doors that would have 
contained a prince sphere just donít appear. If thatís the case, you guys are 
on your own for repeating enough levels to get the gold to open these. Sorry! 
Anyway you split up, go right up and left as Zal, break the floor, and move up
as the Prince. Switch to Zal, make the insta-floor, and run across as the 
Prince. Youíll have to do that stretchy insta-wall thing to hit the next gem 
before you meet up and move on. There are two chaos armadillos on the lower 
level. From here itís a cakewalk. Hit the gem, go through the three-gem door,
explode the eye, bam done. 


	Freeze the wall so the boulder will bounce off of it and trip the 
switch for you. Do the same thing with the insta-floor coming up. At least 
this isnít a carbon copy repeat! Head right and down at this section, and 
watch for the red mook ambush. Donít neglect the scroll slightly to the right 
of this point. Freeze the wall and the floor to let the boulder destroy the 
breakable wall. Re-freeze the wall for wall-climbing, grab the red boulder to 
destroy the wall and keep moving right. Pretty intense red mook ambush coming 
up, followed by another grab the red boulder switch and breakable wall. 
Pretty soon after this we find the very first slinger. You might want to head 
all the way to the right and break the breakable wall with the red boulder 
before defeating him- sometimes the game is bugged here and after heís gone 
the boulders wonít come. Anyway move right and down to take on another 
slinger. Once itís toast, hit the switch and climb back up. After some more 
insta-wall wall climbing and boulder juggling you waste a corridor of red 
mooks and drop down. Be careful handling this boulder- itís real easy to fall 
into the spike pit and then you have to redo the red mook corridor. After 
another careful boulder handling puzzle, you run in front of this giant 
creepy gold snake. I have to say there is a LOT of background gold in this 
game. If you had just gone back a little bit in ten of these levels you could 
be swimming in gold coins, but no, the Prince is too hardcore for that. 
Anyway grab the gem and scram.


	Remember: as long as you are standing on solid ground boulders just 
take off life. If you are hanging on the edge of a pit they will knock you in!
Once youíre over the spike pits thereís a yellow shield mook ambush welcoming 
party. Show them how much you hate welcoming parties and vault up and head 
right. You donít get too far before the very same folks attempt to welcome 
you again. Re-murder them and head right until you split up. Trigger the 
switch with Zal, and head up with the Prince. Open Zalís gate, switch to him 
and make your way right. Zal triggers a gate for the prince, then take over 
as him. There sure are a lot of buzz saws! Itís fairly straightforward from 
here until youíre reunited. Head up and right, shrinking the corruption 
weeds. When you drop down the pit, head left for a treasure chest. Head right 
and the welcoming party of yellow shield mooks makes two last ditch attempts 
to welcome you. Repel them, and reach the moving platform up. Go right past it
for the second treasure chest. Nice of them to put all the gems in once place.
Use the insta-wall to bounce your magic off and hit them all, pop the eye, 
and youíre out!


	Ok we are ready for this boss fight! This is going to be a tough one 
but stick with me, and check the enemies section for tips, and you can get 
through ok. Once youíve got some new snakeskin boots, grab the last remaining 
part of the seal. Zal of course runs off with it like a jerk. Sigh. Guess 
itís time for...


Stage 5: The loneliest number

	All alone, abandoned by all your pseudo-girlfriend and your weird 
masked ghosty buddy, you set out on your own. Your footsteps echo in eternity,
but all you can think about is justice. Cold, delicious justice. Justice is 
the local beer that your friend the Persian brew master makes specially for 
the royal family. Now letís find that ghost so we can all go home!


	The Prince realizes at the beginning of this level that he has no 
idea what Zal is ("Iíll find you, you... you..." ). Either that or he is 
about to let loose a stream of profanity at Zal but remembered that this is a 
family friendly game. Either way we fight corruption ravens, some of our 
oldest friends! To past the first big moving block wallclimb the block, jump 
to the wall on the left, wallclimb there, jump back to the block, and then 
run and wallclimb up the rightmost wall. Itís a very near thing, kind of 
tricky. Anyhow some more ravens, some boulders. Weíll run past a three-gem 
door which should let you know weíll be getting Zal back at some point. Up at 
the top of the level here we meet a new friend: The tatterbones! See the 
enemies section for info. For now the best you can do is stun them, so run 
ast them to the right. Onward and upward, jump kill the red mooks, hit the 
switch, and weíre out. This is NOT the full experience, weíll be back for 


	Youíll see a rotating platform with a red glow at the beginning- drop 
down into the pit there to pick up the first scroll. Anyway head up and stun 
the tatterbones and head right. Youíll want to slide down the righthand wall 
here to avoid death. More tatterbones to deal with, and be ready to swing 
right quick from these pegs as a giant buzz saw will be chasing you. Check out
the Horrible Thing cutscene at the next check point! I guess bosses are into 
showing us their faces before fighting us now. Anyway head right, again weíre 
missing a lot but weíll be back. Hit the gear and move forward.


	BOY are there a lot of skulls in this level. Start off sliding down 
the incline of skulls, and Wallslide down the lefthand wall. Be ready to jump 
at the bottom to avoid the buzz saw. Go as far up and right as you can, hit 
the switch, and slide down and head right. Deal with the tatterbones, keep 
heading up. Whole BUNCH of corruption ravens to deal with- I think you found 
their nesting grounds. Anyway just like before head right, slide down the 
lefthand wall avoiding the giant buzz saw, make your way up and right out of 
the big pit, but at this second switch up top head right past the 
tatterbones. Grab the second scroll here, then head back left and down into 
the open gate. Just a couple more tatterbones and you are out. Itís nice to 
see the Prince get called on the carpet by Zal here. Iíd like to point out 
that the prince doesnít acknowledge any guilt at all, though what he did was 
quite stupid. Anyway we are back together hooray. I do like how they donít 
bother to explain the teleportation mechanism that you can already use (they 
do later, but why not now?) Anyway. Back to...


	Start off by rubbing the two portals and jumping in the top one. Now 
we are in a new area already! Slide down, and rub the two portals you see. 
Grapple over to the righthand one and drop in, then run right. For this next 
part stand on the spiky block. Rub the top portal, then pull the block to the 
right with the grabber and quickly rub the bottom portal. You should fall onto
the spiky block in its new location. Proceed right. Do the same thing again. 
Next up, use the portals to allow a boulder to trip the switch and open the 
gate for you, then use those portals to get to the top level. You can truly 
kill the tatterbones around where the gems are, so do so. Since Zalís magic 
can pass through portals, use them to light up the gems and go back down and 
through the 3-gem door. Through the door, use the portals to make a boulder 
crash into the back of the yellow shield mook. Roll under the wall where the 
portal is to get a treasure chest. Head up and right to exit the level, right 
before the red mooks you kill with jump attacks use the portals to get the 
final treasure chest.

	To get the first treasure chest, activate the first set of portals 
you see. When you come out the portal on the ceiling, quickly grapple to a 
position to your left. Then run to the left and get the chest. Activate the 
second set of portals and jump through- break the barrier with the fire orb, 
head down and activate both the switches. Break the boulders, remember itís a 
slicing motion across the reinforced boulder to break it, and use the portals 
to escape the giant buzz saw. Head right through the newly opened gate, and 
use the portals to skip the boulder rolling corridors (yay!). Activate the 
next portals, and climb to the top. Waste the tatterbones with Zal and the 
Prince, and swing on the pegs across the gap for the second treasure chest. 
From here climb up and to the right, and move the fire orb from base to base 
as you Wallslide down the left side of the wall. Use the orb to break the 
floor, and explore down there for the last two treasure chests. Then leave.


	Instead of wall sliding down the first pit grapple across.  Light up 
the three gems using the portal and the insta-wall to bounce the magic off of 
for the middle gem. Go left past the fire for some extra coin on the wall 
climbing section. Grapple across the second pit and activate the gems pretty 
much just like before to open the second 3-gem door. Grapple back left across 
the pit, climb up, and slide down between the raven nests to net all three 
treasure chests. Once that business is over with you can take off.


	Watch out for the tatterbones ambush in the beginning. By now youíre 
experienced with using portals and insta-walls to light up gems, which is 
good because youíre going to have to. Watch out for the tatterbones by the 
second two gems here. Head left and up. A pair of belfries are up ahead- drag 
them into each other. Grab one of the flame orbs on the moving platform up to 
destroy the wall at the top. Shield him from the rest. Thereís a yellow 
shield mook/slinger ambush ahead. I think is the first multi-enemy type (not 
counting mooks and shield mooks) ambush of the game! Head up and left, and 
that is poison mist and it is Zal time. Use the grabber to deal with the 
yellow shield mook, and the portals to activate the gems. Reunite, reach the 
top, and hey it is ancestor time! Ugh how did I know it was going to be 


	Armadillo alert! I know Iím snarky about level design and whatnot a 
lot, but I really do dislike the spinny platform puzzles. There is little 
less interesting than trying to stop the other platform for just long enough 
so that itís the perfect alignment. Unfortunately that is exactly what you 
are going to be doing, so get to it. After this it is split up time again. 
Activate the portal farthest to the right and the one above the breakable 
floor so that the prince can drop down into it. Have the portal on the 
righthand side on this level lead to the first portal you activated, all the 
way to the right. Flip switches, activate gems, reunite with party members- 
these truly are the good times; your salad years. Armadillo alert! Boy, you 
know whatís actually LESS fun that the spinny platform puzzles? Those same 
puzzles with flamethrowers! Whee! Get across somehow, hit the save point, and 
get the scroll. Keep going to get one of those prince spheres. I guess the 
game makes this one be here, even if you have the max. Armadillo alert! Just 
a little further and youíre out. If youíre with me you should have about 630 
gold pieces. Just checking in on you!


	First thing in THIS level is a new enemy! Say hello to a blinky. Deal 
with it as described in the enemies section and move on. Use portals to 
advance and escape buzz saws. A little later one we have another blinky to 
deal with, and then the somewhat uninspiring introduction to our next enemy 
type, the purple mook giant! To deal with these guys, though, just teleport 
away from the buzz saw and let it do the rest. Once you portal down to the 
lower level, be prepared for a slinger ambush followed immediately by a 
purple mook giant ambush- your first real taste of battle against them! 
Wallslide down and hurry up with the portals to avoid the buzz saw, then 
break the floors one by one with the red boulders. Keep tunneling down with 
portals. Corruption bugs will be back when you hit the bottom level. Thereís 
a slinger here and Zal predictably conks out right when facing him. When you 
see the portal down keep going right to get the next scroll. Portal through 
the right wall for some more coins and a prince sphere pay door (if you can 
still get those, I couldnít and so Iím reckoning coins with not purchasing 
any). Head back left and tunnel through the floor. Notice that Zal conks out 
when you tunnel through. Revive him before leaping off the edge to the right 
because youíre going to need his grappling to not die. Keep tunneling through 
the floor. Buzz saws will take care of the purple giant mook ambush, so just 
keep heading down. Get the ruby and get going. The first two levels also have 
rubies, so letís head to...


	You guys are stone pros at this level by now. Nothing is different 
except there is a ruby at the end. Go git it!


	Same deal here. Go the old way or the new way, pick up some gold, get 
a ruby, move on.


	If you miss the grapple in the beginning of the level, thereís a 
pustule ambush on the ledge below. More timing plat forming business yahoo. 
The start of this level is actually super frustrating. You have to platform 
really well to make it to the right, where a combination pustule/blinky 
attack awaits you. From there you tunnel to the floor, but make sure you time 
it just right or youíll fall to your death on the spikes. After that there 
are two grapples up, but only do one grapple at first so you get the save 
point and the final scroll. Another pustule/blinky ambush ahead, and some 
more awesome plat forming. Iíve found it works best to hold your own platform 
steady while the one you want to jump to moves into position. Once you reach 
the right ledge two more pustules charge you. Knock them into each other 
before heading right, which leads to a slinger ambush. Watch out for the 
deadly walls as you grapple up in this next section, and for the pustule that 
will charge you when you reach the right ledge. At least they didnít hide the 
treasure chest in this one! Get it and go up. One more timed tunnel drop and a
blinky/pustule ambush to make just absolutely sure you donít miss this level.


	Alright almost there! After some acrobatics with the red boulder, 
grapple up and go left. Snake your way upwards, encountering a yellow shield 
mook and a blinky. This next part is tough. Tunnel through the wall and land 
on the moving platform. Take it to the left, then grapple up and you can just 
barely see the grapple points above you. A lot of really tough grappling in 
this section, and when you finally get to the top right itís a blinky ambush. 
Keep climbing, stopping the buzz saws with frozen fire. Keep heading up until 
you see a portal in the left wall. Tunnel through it and grapple and swing 
over to the pay gate. This is the most expensive in the game, 500 gold, and 
you MUST get it in THIS play through of the level. If you donít have the 500 
gold leave, get more, and come back to the level. DO NOT COMPELTE THE LEVEL 
as you canít go back. So, now you have that and a full health bar. Congrats! 
Go back right and up for a giant purple mook ambush, and further right for 
the longest darn grappling section ever. After one more blinky ambush and one 
more giant purple mook ambush, youíre DONE.

So now we get a cutscene and the two become oneÖ are you still a virgin? Only 
Persian magicians know. I donít complain about the artwork much- I think itís 
really well done. Itís just that I know you are supposed to look badass in 
this cutscene, and instead you look ADORABLE. Anyway, onward to


	Stage 6: Me, myself, and Zal

	Use the grabbers to pull yourself up, and prepare for the biggest 
darn purple giant mook ambush EVAR. I deal with it like this. Take out the 
one on the right first, then run behind him. This way you can take out all 
the giant purple mooks that spawn on the right and basically fight all the 
mooks one at a time. Attack twice, block, repeat. Then itís another round of 
"pass the Zal/Prince conglomeration" with grabbers. Click below yourself to 
drop on the platform when itís positioned correctly. Some more giant purple 
mooks, escape the buzz saws by catching a ride on the grabber. Itís more 
grabbing and platforms, with one more giant purple mook ambush before the 
end. Then the end.


	Run and jump right and then up and left. Youíll use a combination of 
wall climbs, grabber lifting, and jumping down inclines in the first part of 
this level. I honestly hate the next part. Most of the attacks with Pal 
(Prince and Zal. Thatís the name now), donít seem to land, so Iím SCRAMBLING 
to kill these purple mooks before the buzz saw gets me. This part of the game 
seems a little hastily done. Anyway, get out of there alive somehow and keep 
going right. The next part is all about timing. I got the "going up" part of 
this done quickly with little effort, but for some reason the "going down" 
part took me a lot of tries. If you ever get hit in midair by a saw, youíll 
plummet to your doom. At the bottom thereís another giant purple mook ambush, 
this one blissfully small. There are more of those awesome rotating platforms 
ahead, and falling boulder "jump from stalagmite to stalagmite" tricks. Once 
thatís over thereís another giant purple mook ambush just for old timesí 
sake. Oh gosh now we go to...


	FINAL! BOSS! BATTLE! This is the corrupted part of Zal that is evil 
and has been growing in power. It sure doesnít want you to let it out of a 
room with some rubies anymore! Ok check the enemies section for how to handle 
this monster.

After all this is over you get to watch the climactic finale! They give you 
some very vague maybe plot related clues. In other words: hey good job 
beating the game! We may or may not make this canon! Yíall did a FINE job 
defeating everything though.


Scrolls can be collected by tapping on them- they look like blue glowing 
pieces of parchment and add to the backstory. They are normally pretty easy 
to find, but some are hidden.

	Stage 1
S1L1- The Scrolls of Ormazd, right past a pillar you have to roll under, 
	almost at the end of the level.
S1L2- The Scrolls of Ahriman, just to the left of the first save point
S1L3- The Scrolls of Magic, at the very beginning, on the righthand ledge.
S1L4- The Scrolls of History, after the first drop, to the left.
S1L5- The Scrolls of The Spirits- Secret area to the left more than halfway 
	through the level.

	Stage 2
S2L1- The Scrolls of Ormazd - right by a save point, on a ledge to the left. 
S2L3- The Scrolls of Ahriman- right by a save point, should be obvious. 
S2L4- The Scrolls of Magic, near the beginning in a medium sized chamber, top 
S2L8- The Scrolls of the Spirits- Right by the three-gem door
S2L9- The Scrolls of History- After the 3 gem door by the exit. 

	Stage 3
S3L2- The Scrolls of Ormazd- Next to the save point after you kill two yellow 
	mooks and slide down a wall.
S3L4- The Scrolls of Ahriman- Right after the second wall you climb, near the 
S3L7- The Scrolls of Magic- After the navigate-the-fire-orb part, past four 
	top-right grapples.
S3L8- The Scrolls of History- After the first moving flamethrower block, by 
	the save point.
S3L9- The Scrolls of the Spirits- On the top of the first shaft you climb, in 
	a little nook below where you land

	Stage 4
S4L1- The Scrolls of Ormazd- Right by where Zal gets corrupted.
S4L2- The Scrolls of Ahriman- Right past a destructible wall and the first 
	movable trapdoor.
S4L5- The Scrolls of Magic, past the second flames-on-walls section. 
S4L7- The Scrolls of History- a little to the right and above the red mook 
	ambush in the beginning of the level.
S4L?- The Scrolls of the Spirits- I couldnít find this one. Does it exist? 
	Is it hidden? Email me if you know!
	Stage 5
S5L2- The Scrolls of Ormazd- In the right pit at the very beginning
S5L3- The Scrolls of Ahriman- To the right of the switch on the top right 
	side of the pit after the raven nests.
S5L5- The Scrolls of Magic- Past the spinny platform puzzle with 
	flamethrowers, by the save point
S5L6- The Scrolls of History- Past the slinger after Zal gets corrupted
S5L7- The Scrolls of the Spirits- Right by the first save point


There are three kinds of treasure: treasure chests which you can break open 
for BIG MONEY (20 gold), health ups which look like a health sphere floating 
in a bubble, and prince spheres, which resurrect you in boss fights if you 
lose all your health. The first is usually out in the open but usually require
one of Zalís powers to get, and the last two are behind locked doors that you 
have to pay coins to open. Be diligent in coin collection! 

	Stage 1
S1L2- Health up- right past the pay door. 
S1L3- Treasure Chest- by button near end of level, canít miss it.

	Stage 2
S2L1- Treasure Chest- at the bottom of the first pit- need Zalís lifting 
	blocks power to get it
S2L1- Health up- Right past the annoying boulder drop jumps. Need 200 gold to 
S2L1- Treasure Chest- Just to the right of the health up- need Zalís lifting 
	blocks power to get.
S2L2- Treasure Chest- Right after the three red gems section- need Zalís 
	lifting blocks power to get
S2L4- Treasure Chest- At the bottom of a pit, with spiky floating platforms. 
	Midway through the level.
S2L4- Treasure Chest- Right near the end, after you get through the pustule a
	mbush itís on a ledge to the right. 
S2L5- Treasure Chest- Midway through there will be a fork with an upper and 
	lower path- take the lower.
S2L6- Treasure Chest- After the second set of quickly moving blocks, jump 
	left from the breakable floor.
S2L6- Treasure Chest- Close to the first one. After yellow mooks on the edge 
	of platforms, Wallclimb left wall.
S2L6- Health up- In the section with ropes and buzz saws, check the right 
	wall. Need 200 gold to get
S2L7- Prince Sphere- Right after the second rolling boulder section to the 
	right. Need 100 gold to get
S2L8- Treasure Chest- Top-left after a long spiky block pulling section with 
	buzz saws.
S2L9- Treasure Chest- Just past the first gem, after you ride a moving 
	platform up jump to the right. 
S2L9- Treasure Chest- after the second gem, head to the left and drop down to 
	get it. 

	Stage 3
S3L1- Health up- Right after a pit you have to jump and grapple to get to. 
	Need 250 gold to get
S3L1- Treasure Chest- After long pit pulling spikey block, past broken stone. 
	Need Zalís flame sphere power
S3L1- Treasure Chest- Right next to the other treasure chest in this level
S3L3 - Treasure Chest- After a long pit with boulders, grapple up left to get
	 to it. Need the fire orb power.
S3L3- Treasure Chest- Right next to the other treasure chest on this level.
S3L3- Prince Sphere- Pay door right near the end of the level to the left. 
	Need 150 gold to get
S3L7- Treasure Chest- After you descend the ropes, itís down a pit to the 
	left. Down the shaft on the minimap.
S3L7- Treasure Chest- Right next to the other one
S3L9- Health up- Right below where you drop down after zapping the second 
	gem. Need 250 gold to get
S3L9- Treasure Chest- Right after the health up, canít really miss it. 

	Stage 4
S4L2 - Treasure Chest- Up and to the right from the first movable trapdoor.
S4L3- Health up- Behind the pay door- you should have Zalís fire power to get 
	to it. Need 300 gold to get
S4L3- Treasure Chest- Right near the end, to the left past flames. 
S4L3- Treasure Chest- Next to the entry above
S4L3- Treasure Chest: To the right, past fire in a fork in the path midway 
	through the level.
S4L4- Treasure Chest- In the middle area of where you are separated from Zal, 
	get it on your return trip with Zal.
S4L4- Treasure Chest- Right next to the entry above
S4L4- Treasure Chest- At the bottom of a spike pit with moving platforms just 
	to the left of the above. Need Zal.
S4L4- Treasure Chest- Right next to the above chest.
S4L4- Health up- In the pay door, visible on the map Need 300 Gold
S4L5- Treasure Chest- To the left of the second time when Zal gets corrupted 
	by bugs.
S4L8- Treasure Chest- To the left, after you drop down the first pit after 
	shrinking corruption weeds.
S4L8- Treasure Chest- Just to the right of a moving platform towards the end 
	of the level.

	Stage 5
S5L1- Treasure Chest- In the 3-gem door, roll under a wall behind the yellow 
	shield mook
S5L1- Treasure Chest- Neat the end of the level, need Zal to access it (with 
S5L2- Treasure Chest- To the left of the first set of portals you see, need 
S5L2- Treasure Chest- On the top right of a large number of vertical buzz 
	saws. Need Zalís portals.
S5L2- Treasure Chest- Below breakable floor just to the right of the last 
	treasure chest. Need Zal.
S5L2- Treasure Chest- Right next to above entry
S5L3- Treasure Chest- Behind lefthand 3-gem door, need to make leftmost three 
	gems glow to get it.
S5L3- Treasure Chest- Behind righthand 3-gem door, need to make rightmost 
	three gems glow.
S5L3- Treasure Chest- Right next to above entry
S5L7- Treasure Chest- Towards end of level, on right side of ledge, not 
S5L8- Treasure Chest- Tunnel through a wall on the left towards the top of 
	the level- Need 500 gold to get


Scroll Contents- Here I write out the contents of all the scrolls I found. 
The spoiler warning is pretty mild, I think you guys know the basic setup 
anyway. Well here goes!

Stage 1

The Scrolls of Ormazd: Ormazd, the God of Light. He brought light to the 
world, but once the war with his brother Ahriman was over, he passed into the 
heavens. Only his fading powers and the memory of him remain in these lands.

The Scrolls of Ahriman: Ahriman, the God of Darkness, brother of Ormazd. 
Betrayer of all. A thousand years ago he almost conquered the world. Now, he 
is free once more and his forces are growing stronger. Without hope there 
will be only his darkness.

The Scrolls of Magic: The Kingís Magus is the most powerful wielder of magic 
in the City of the New Dawn. Gifted with powers by Ormazd, the Magus serves 
to defend the state, seek ways to push back the darkness and to shine the 
light for those not strong enough to carry it themselves.

The Scrolls of History: The Desert of Sighs. End of the deep desert, doorway 
to the City of the New Dawn, the Desert both protects and welcomes those who 
come to the city.

The Scrolls of the Spirits: The Ancestor. The first ruler of the City of the 
New Dawn. An Ahura and the most powerful magus of her age, the ancestor has 
passed into the spirit world and lives on to advise all the rulers of The 
City that have come after her.

Stage 2

The Scrolls of Ormazd: The War, Ahriman the deceiver, master of darkness. 
Once before he fought to take more than was decreed to be his. His Corruption 
poured across the land until Ormazd and the Ahura stopped him. Now, he seeks 
to complete what he failed before.

The Scrolls of Ahriman: Corruption, Ahrimanís Darkness, it spills over the 
land, swallowing, Corrupting all it engulfs. Deadly to the touch, only those 
chosen by Ahriman survive it. Those who serve in darkness can use this 
Corruption to attack, to destroy, to Corrupt...

The Scrolls of Magic: Light orbs. Formed from the light of Ormazd, these orbs 
serve the Ahura. They can lift, attack, and fight Corruption. These orbs are 
the centre of power for the magus who follow Ormazd.

The Scrolls of History: The City of the New Dawn. Home to the Ahura who 
protect this kingdom and the lands around it. Governed by a monarch, the 
kingdom has always offered a place of hope and safety in times of need.

The Scrolls of the Spirits: The Eyes of Ormazd. Centres of magical power, the 
Eyes of Ormazd carry his magical power within them.

Stage 3

The Scrolls of Ormazd: The Ahura, followers of Ormazd, upholders of the 
light, they have tended Ormazdís power and held Ahriman captive. Defenders of 
all mankind, their power is waning, those who were once many are now few. 

The Scrolls of Ahriman: The Corrupted. Ahrimanís chosen, his Fallen Ones. 
These creatures gave their souls to Ahrimanís service or had it taken from 
them by sorcery. They are Ahrimanís lords, his most trusted servants.

The Scrolls of Magic: Shield. A blessing from Ormazd, this protects those who 
wield it from the magic used by Ahrimanís dark forces.

The Scrolls of History: Waterís Edge. A port on the edge of the desert and 
the Ahuraís portal to the rest of the world. Crystal waters and sea breezes 
make this a paradise for all who come here. 

The Scrolls of the Spirits: The Temple- home ot the City of New Dawnís 
priests and site for the seal of Ormazd.

Stage 4

The Scrolls of Ormazd: Ahriman master of darkness was close to victory when 
Ormazd and the people of the light saved all by pushing him into the Tree of 
Life. These Ahriman was sealed, all hoped this would be forever. But Ahriman 
was not imprisoned... he was waiting. 

The Scrolls of Ahriman: Soulless creatures, monsters owned by Ahriman. They h
ave no will of their own. They exist only to spread Ahrimanís darkness.

The Scrolls of Magic: Power Jewels. Magically infused jewels, used to seal 
and to open doors. This magic is known only to the king and his Magus in the 
City of the New Dawn.

The Scrolls of History: The Temple of Ormazd. A mighty and secretive temple 
that has protected the seal of Ormazd for many years. Now, overgrown, many of 
itís richest powers lost to history, the Temple clings on as Ormazdís powers 

The Scrolls of the Spirits: ??? Does it exist? Do you know where it is? Email 

Stage 5

The Scrolls of Ormazd: The powers of Ormazd, gifts to the Ahura from the God 
of Light. These powers, these gifts allowed the followers of Ormazd to defend 
the world against the darkness. The powers have grown weak and only a few 
remain who can wield them.

The Scrolls of Ahriman: Corrupt orbs. Concentrated areas of Corruption, 
almost alive, they wait for the unwary and kill those that touch them.

The Scrolls of Magic: The Light of Ormazd. A magic light blessed by Ormazd, 
the only power that can push the Corruption back and free the land from 
Ahrimanís touch. 

The Scrolls of History: City of Shadows. A mausoleum and city to the dead. A 
place of darkness amongst the light. A reminder of mortality and the dangers 
faced by all those who follow the path of Ormazd.

The Scrolls of the Spirits:  Fusion. Power of the Ormazd, gift to the Ahura, 
a magic power that stops the effects of Corruption allowing those who channel 
its power to resist Ahrimanís darkness for a time.



This is organized in the following way: Bug (fix)

When hitting the snake boss's head, sometimes the "hit" sound does not play
(he'll still lose health. Look at the skulls to see if you are hitting him)

Sometimes the pay doors look open but have nothing behind them 
(No available fix for this besides restarting game)

In Stage 4 Level 7 sometimes after the slinger boulders don't roll out of
the head (break the wall to the right before beating the slinger)



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to YOU guys. 

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