Demon's Souls: FAQ/Walkthrough

Demon's Souls FAQ

Version 1.0
06 Jun 2009
For PS3

by Lee Beng Hai a.k.a. Volume a.k.a. Cold_Drake
PSN ID: Cold_Drake

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This FAQ is meant for personal use only. You may host this document on 
your web site if you like. There is no need to seek my permission.

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(c) Copyright 2009 by Lee Beng Hai. 


01. Introduction
02. Soul level
03. Weapon rating
04. Character Build
05. Soul and Body Form
06. World and Character Tendency (WT & CT)
07. New Game+
08. Walkthrough
09. Acknowledgement
10. Revision History

01. Introduction

This is a very unique game and is mainly for very hardcore gamers. Unlike 
recent games where the gamers are well pampered, there is only one word to
describe this game: BRUTAL. You will be forced to actually build up your 
gaming skills if you ever want to do well in the game. After spending an 
hour with the game, most of the well pampered gamers will probably give up 
and look for an easier game. On the other hand, for those gamers who 
wanted to prove to others that they are real gamers, they will persist and 
eventually defeat the game. 

After achieving it, restart a new game with a fresh character and you will 
find that everything had became so easy. And you wonder why did you ever 
had any difficulty with the game earlier on.

Such is an experience any true gamers would like to experience.

The saying "What don't kill you make you stronger" is so true in this game.
Demon's Souls will torment you over and over again until you are strong to
survive the experience.

So, flee now and don't read further if you are looking for an easy game
to earn your platinum trophy.

Note: A portion of this material was posted in the english Demon's Souls
earlier using my PSN ID Cold_Drake.

02. Soul Level

When the game starts, you are unable to gain any soul levels until you
had defeated the first Boss, Phalanx. After that, talk to the Maiden in
Black, then look for the Monumental at the higher levels of the Nexus.
Once you had spoken to the Monumental, the Maiden in Black will let you
raise your soul levels. Take note that after all Bosses in the world
were defeated, the Maiden In Black will not let you gain any more soul
levels until you start the next game cycle.

The amount of souls that are required to gain soul levels increases 
gradually until it get harder and harder to reach the higher levels. So,
please do so homework and have an idea of how your final character will
like look, those stats points should not be used casually.

Hereís some figures to illustrate my points:
To reach soul level 10 from 9, you need 825 souls.
To reach soul level 100 from 99, you need 60625 souls.
To reach soul level 150 from 149, you need 161295 souls.
To reach soul level 207 from 206, you need 329477 souls.
To reach soul level 315 from 314, you need 961115 souls.
To reach soul level 712 from 711, you need 8844424 souls.

For those melee type characters, they may want to invest points into
Vitality, Endurance, Strength and Dexterity. For ranged characters with
a bow, you will want points in Dexterity. For mage, you will want points
in Magic and for priest, you want points in Faith.

The way soul levels are computed is as follows:
At level 0, you have a total of 80 stats points.
At level 712, you have a total of 792 stats points giving you full stats
of 99 in all 8 stats.

Each time you gain a soul level, you get 1 point to add to your stats.
It is reasonable to assume that you will get to around soul level 150-200 
when you are done with the game without too much grinding. If you grind a 
lot, you can get to the range of soul level 200-400. Anything beyond that,
you probably make use of the soul glitch.

For those who just want to plough through the game without much problem,
you can create a level 712 character quite easily. However, I will not
discuss the exact method of how to do that here in this FAQ.

There is another approach which some gamers used to redistribute their
stats when they want to adjust certain stats point that was put into the
wrong stats. This can be done using the de-leveling trick. The basic idea
is that you lose 1 soul level when you invade another playerís game as
a black phantom and get yourself killed not by the host. You can always
invade and jump off a cliff. The stats removed will be a random stats, it
cannot goes below your initial class level. Another popular method is to
let False King cast Soul Sucker on you to drain your soul level by 1. I
was told that this allows you to get negative stats. So if you have a Luck
of -99, those extra 99 points can be placed elsewhere. The de-level trick
however will never reduce the Vitality stats. Any points placed there will
stay there permanently.

So, if you made a mistake putting the stats wrongly, you can adjust it
later with the exception of Vitality. Take note that you will have to gain
back those lost levels by collecting more souls. It may also disallow you
to equip certain items because your stats no longer met the requirements.

03. Weapon Rating

In this game, the weapon came with some ratings, indicated by S, A, B, C, 
D and E. S is the best stats modifier you can find in the game.
It is indicated in the form of Str/Dex/Magic/Faith.
A Ď-Ď means the corresponding stats had no effect on the modifier.
Some weapon had a few stats modifiers, e.g. E/E/-/-. 
The dominant stats for your weapon are Str, Dex, Magic and Faith.

If you look at your weapon, there is base stats that is fixed and another
modifier beside it indicating the ratings bonus.
e.g. base attack 100, modifier +10.

If your stats is unable to meet the basic requirements of the weapon, you
will get negative modifiers. An exception to this rule is when you wield
the weapon two handed. In this case, the stats requirement is lowered.

The modifier ratings can be roughly estimated as follows:
S - +200% +/- ? of base stats
A - +100% +/- ? of base stats
B - +80% +/- ? of base stats
C - +60% +/- ? of base stats
D - +40% +/- ? of base stats
E - +20% +/- ? of base stats
Note: the above figures assume you have a stats of 99.

Hereís some weapon to illustrate the point.

Mirdan Hammer +10
Physical Attack 190 +176 (Str 99, Dex 99)
176 is 92.6% of 190. C + D is 100%.
You get a bit less than expected.

Quality Winged Spear +5
Physical Attack 149 +199 (Str 99, Dex 99)
199 is 134% of 149. C + C is 120%.
You get a bit more than expected.

Viscous Compound Long Bow +5
Physical Attack 68 +114 (Str 99, Dex 99)
With Heavy Arrows: 68 +342 (Str 99, Dex 99)
342 is 224% of (68 + 85 base attack of heavy arrow)
E + S = 220%
You get slightly more than expected.

As you can see, the above formula is just a rough guide but should be
considered a reasonable estimation.

Hereís an attempt to calculate the modifier when your stats is lesser than 
A rough guide is that at around 30, you should be getting about 50% of
the modifier at 99. This is because the effect of adding points to a stats
diminished off after a while.

So if you expect to get +100 at Str 99. 
Hereís how it may look:

Str 30 - +50
Str 31 - +50
Str 32 - +51
Str 33 - +52
Str 34 - +52
Str 35 - +53
Str 99 - +100

Again, this a rough estimate.

04. Character Build

Different gamers have different set of skills. Some had superb reflexes
and can handle large messes of foes without getting a scratch.
While others maybe prefer to keep their distance from an enemy and try to
take them down with a more cautious approach.

In Demonís Souls, even if you had attained higher levels, it is still
better to take a more cautious approach. Example, always keep your shield
up while moving or running. There are many places where enemies can ambush
and killed you if you let your guard down.

In my walkthrough, I used a very specialize character that focus on 
dealing the maximum amount of damage if possible. Since all the focus is
on the damage output, he/she will have very low vitality and endurance. 
With such low endurance, you donít expect to wear those heavy armor 
tailored made for Male character. The build also relies on special item 
such as the Clever Ratís Ring which boost your physical and magical 
damage when your HP is <30%. This further reduces the effectiveness of
adding stats point to Strength.

I used a Female Royal as the base character since she start at level 1 and 
have stats closest to my final build. She will be using the Clever Ratís 
Ring most of the time and the basic requirement will be <30% HP. So your
will probably get killed easily if you are not careful. To do well in this
build, you need to able to block and dodge well. If you have difficulty 
doing that, you may want to add some point to Vitality or try another 

Stats allocation

Vitality 8
In Body Form, you have 530 HP.
In Soul Form, neutral character and world tendency, you have 265 HP.
When using Clever Ratís Ring, at <30% HP, you have 79 HP.
As you can see, you will be at 79 HP or less more of the time. So you
better keep your distance and take the enemies out before they get near.
If you have problem playing the game in this manner, you should stop
following my guide and go for a melee build.
For melee build, since you are near the enemies most of the time, you 
should have a Vitality of around 30 to 40.

Endurance 8
In order to roll, you need your equip weight to be 50% of the total equip
weight. So no medium or heavy armor for this build.
Take note that if you go for a melee build, endurance need to be increase
since you may want to wear heavier armor and wield heavier weapon. It is
recommended to stop increasing Endurance once you have max your Stamina at

Will 12
Increase it gradually until you have 200 MP.
If you wear the Silver Coronet, you only need to aim for 167 MP.
If you want to wear the Monkís Head Collar, you need more points here.
200 allows you to cast Rage of God (100 MP per casting) twice.

Strength 9
Increase it to 22 and stop. (for Compound Long Bow and Purple Flame Shield)

Dex 12.
Increase it to 30 gradually and then stop. (Damage decreased from here 

Magic 13.
Increase it gradually. No limit. (But try to keep it close to Faith for 
best effect).

Faith 12.
Increase it gradually. No limit. (But try to keep it close to Magic for 
best effect)

Luck 7
Increase it to 8 and then stop.

Main weapons for my build.

Viscous Compound Long Bow +5 (Wt. 2.0)
(upgrade from Compound Long Bow +3 at Blacksmith Ed)
Moon Winged Spear +5 (Wt. 3.0)
(upgrade from Winged Spear +6 at Blacksmith Ed)
Purple Flame Shield +10 (Wt. 8.0)
Adjudictator's Shield +5 (Wt. 3.5)
Talisman of Beast (Wt. 0.2)
Ammos: Heavy Arrows, Light Arrows, White Arrows.
Miracles: Rage of God, Evacuation
Spells: Soul Arrow, Soul Light, Moving Soul Arrow, etc. Depends on the 


Head - Silver Coronet (Wt 0.9) (+20% MP)
Arm - Black Gloves (Wt 0.7)
Body - Black Leather (Wt 1.2)
Leg - Black Boot (Wt 0.7)

Miscellaneous items
Crescent Falcion +5 (for MP regeneration) (get Crecent Falcion +1 at 4-1)
Blessed Mace +5 (for HP regeneration) (get Blessed Mace +1 at 5-1)
Regenerator's Ring (for HP regeneration)
Fragrant Ring (for MP regeneration) (you get it if you start with a Royal)
Thief's Ring (most useful Ring for my build)
Ring of Avarice (for farming only)(don't wear it with the Thief's Ring or 
you loses the Hide ability)
Silver Bracelet (female only) (for farming only) (don't wear it with the 
Thief's Ring or you loses the Hide ability)
Magic Sword "Makoto" (for reducing your HP to <30%)
Morion Blade (for increase damage) (for my build, you will get it in New 
Game+) (boost damage further when HP <30%, limited usage)

Point allocation scheme

Focus on getting the stats so that you can equip the main equipment.
Increase Luck to 8.
Increase Str to 22.
Increase Magic and Faith to 18 for Talisman of Beast.
Increase Dex to 30.
Add points to Magic and Faith, keep them almost the same until you 
reach Magic 99 and Faith 99.
Increase Dex to 99. (Quite unlikely)
Increase Str to 99. (I doubt you can reach this stage)

How to use my build effectively.

Basic setup:
Left: Viscous Compound Long Bow / Purple Flame Shield
Right: Mooned Winged Spear / Talisman of God

For the first time through the game, the enemies donít hit so hard.
So wearing a Cling Ring (+40% current max HP) helps a bit.
In New Game+, you can replace it with another ring such as Clever Ratís 
Ring or Ring of Sincere Prayer.

Always wear a Thiefís Ring unless you have something better to replace it.
Wearing this ring keep you almost invisible to enemies and this allows you
to get a first strike with a spell or arrow. If you power it up with Clever
Ratís and others, you may be able to kill the enemies before they have a
chance to attack you. This approach will keep you free from most danger.

You have to know the level by heart. The enemies are situated at fixed 
spot including those ambush spot. If you were caught by surprise, you have
a higher to get injured or killed.

For enemies that are in range of a bow. Find a good spot to snipe them.
You may not be able to kill them with a single heavy arrow at first. But 
with the help of the Clever Ratís Ring. You can almost do it all the time 
in the first time through the game with your Dex reaches 30. For those 
enemies with lots of HP (e.g. the Giants in 5-1 and 5-2), after firing 
the arrow, run away from your last position when they started to chase 
after you. When they started to walk back, snipe them again. Rinse and 
repeat until they were dead.

By the time you got the miracle Rage of God. You can almost be certain that
you can kill almost anything in the first play through with a blast from it
when you use the Clever Ratís Ring + Ring of Sincere Prayer at <30% HP.

In New Game+, you can get the Morion Blade that further increase your 
physical and magical damage output. It is however of limited use because
in order to use it, you will need to give up your shield. So you only used
it in well controlled setup.

05. Soul and Body Form

The game have 2 modes: Body and Soul Form.

In Body Form, you have full HP but your damage output is reduced.
In you get yourself killed in Body Form, you became Soul Form which gives
you 50% of your HP in Body Form if you are in neutral character and world
tendency. When your character tendency is black or pure black, your HP
reduced further. Similarly, in a world with black or pure black tendency,
your HP drop further.


Vitality 8
In Body Form, you have 530 HP.
In Soul Form, you have 265 HP with Neutral WT and Neutral CT.
In Soul Form, you have 215 HP with Pure Black WT and Pure Black CT.
At 30% HP.
In Body Form, you have 159 HP.
In Soul Form, you have 79 HP with Neutral WT and Neutral CT.
In Soul Form, you have 64 HP with Pure Black WT and Pure Black CT.

Vitality 99
In Body Form, you have 1900 HP.
In Soul Form, you have 950 HP with Neutral WT and Neutral CT.
In Soul Form, you have 769 HP with Pure Black WT and Pure Black CT.
At 30% HP.
In Body Form, you have 570 HP.
In Soul Form, you have 285 HP with Neutral WT and Neutral CT.
In Soul Form, you have 230 HP with Pure Black WT and Pure Black CT.

WT Ė World Tendency
CT Ė Character Tendency

As you can see, if you want to use the <30% HP damage boosters, vitality
is not going to help you much.

So is playing the game in Body Form beneficial?
In the pre-patch version of the game, playing in Body Form is better.
After patch 1.02, playing in Soul Form is better.

I will explain this in more details when we discuss WT and CT.

To get to Soul Form from Body Form, just get yourself killed.

To get to Body Form from Soul Form, you can do any of the follows:
1. Kill a Boss.
2. Invade and kill a Host.
3. Use a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
4. Get summoned as a Blue Phantom and kill the Boss.
5. Get summoned as a Blue Phantom and resurrected by the Host.

06. World and Character Tendency (WT & CT)

In this game, certain events happened at different WT and CT.

There are 5 worlds in this game:
World 1 Ė Boletarian Palace
World 2 Ė Stonefang Tunnel
World 3 Ė Tower of Latria
World 4 Ė Shrine of Storms
World 5 Ė Valley of Defilement

Each world keep track of their own WT. When you do something that shift
WT, it impacts only the world where the event took place.

WT is indicated by the color of archstone corresponding to the respective 
worlds. At Pure Black WT, the color of your archstone should look like the 
broken archstone. At Pure White WT, the central portion of the archstone
grows pink in color. There are varies shade in between.

In general, using visual confirmation is fairly inaccurate. The color of a
Pure White WT and a White WT archstone is almost identical. The only 
reliable way is to use the WT events as confirmation.

CT on the other hand is always active. 
The color of the statue is a visual guide to your CT but it is imprecise.
You can find out your exact CT with the help of items such as Soulbrand,
Demonbrand and North Regalia.

Those weapon gives a modifier based on CT.

Demonbrand have a physical attack of 130 and a magical attack of 110.
At Pure White WT, itís modifier is -130, reducing the total damage to 0.
At True Neutral, itís modifier is 0, the total damage is 130.
At Pure Black WT, itís modifier is +130, doubling the total damage to 260.
The magical attack have similar modifier.

Soulbrand is the opposite of Demonbrand.
Soulbrand have a physical attack of 120 and a magical attack of 130.
At Pure White WT, itís modifier is +120, doubling the total damage to 240.
At True Neutral, itís modifier is 0, the total damage is 120.
At Pure Black WT, itís modifier is -120, reducing the total damage to 0.
The magical attack have similar modifier.

North Regalia is a special sword that is forged with both Demonbrand and
Soulbrand together with the False Kingís Demonís Soul. You can only get 
this weapon in New Game+.

North Regalia have a physical attack of 135 and a magical attack of 135.
At Pure White WT, itís modifier is +135, doubling the total damage to 270.
At True Neutral, itís modifier is 0, the total damage is 135.
At Pure Black WT, itís modifier is +135, doubling the total damage to 270.
The magical attack have similar modifier.
Clearly, this weapon is superior to the previous ones since it had the best
of both worlds.

WT also adjust your HP while you are in Soul Form.
In Pure White, White and Neutral WT, you have 50% of your HP in Body Form.
In Black WT, you get a 5% penalty, so 95% of 50% = 47.5%
In Pure Black WT, you get a 10% penalty, so 90% of 50% = 45%
CT effect your Soul Formís HP similarly.

The WT and CT effects stack. I
In the worst case, at Pure Black WT & CT, your Soul 
Formís HP is calculated to be 
0.9 x 0.9 x 0.50 = 40.5% of your Body Formís HP.

The stats of enemies are affected by CT and WT as well.
They are weakest at Pure White WT & CT and strongest in Pure Black WT & CT.
When you get a Viscous Compound Long Bow +5 later, you can compare the 
damage by shooting the first Reaper in 4-2 at various WT & CT. This is a
good comparison method because the damage dealt is very consistent.

During the first play through.
At Dex 30, in Pure White WT & CT, you can kill the Reaper with 1 arrow.
At Dex 30, in Pure Black WT & CT, you can kill the Reaper with 2 arrows.
This also means that you can kill Silver Skeletons with 1 arrow, avoiding
any need of melee with them.
If your stats is low, you can boost your damage further with the use of 
Clever Ratís Ring. However, you canít do it before you get the Magic Sword 
ĎMakotoí. If you are farming the Reaper, it will be a waste of time to 
reduce your HP to <30%. Just use 2 arrows for the job to save time.

07. New Game+

In subsequence game cycle, commonly referred to as New Game+, New Game++,
etc, enemies have more HP and deal much more damage. Your damage dealt is
reduced as since enemies have stronger resistance and defense.

Your soul level, character and world tendency will be carried over. The
amount of souls you owned, inventory items, items in the stockpile are
carried over as well.

However, quest related items such as keys will removed and need to be 
acquired again. An exceptional case is the Ministerís Hat which will stay
with you.

If you want to get the Platinum Trophy with a single character, you will
need to reach New Game+++ since some Demonís Souls had 4 different usages.

08. Walkthrough

In this walkthrough, you will be able to obtain all 5 Pure White and Pure 
Black World Tendency Events as well as getting both Pure White & Pure 
Black Character Tendency in a single game.

Note: My character build focused on ranged attacks mainly. Feel free to 
modified it to suit your needs.

Character creation

I choose a Royal because it is the easiest class to get pass Area 1-1.
You have a choice of male and female character.
Female character level up slightly faster because they can wear the Silver
Bracelet which give an extra 20% more souls when defeating enemies.
Certain armor set can only be worn by a particular gender. If you want to
try out all of them, you should have 2 characters with different gender.
You start with the Fragrance Ring which regenerates your MP gradually.
The Soul Arrow spell cost 5 MP to cast and deal decent damage.

First you need to know that tapping the Right Thumb stick auto-locked the 
target. Your spell will be then be cast at the target. If the target moves,
there is a high chance the spell will miss. So, practice lining up the
target and learn when is the best time to release your spells.

You can only auto-lock when you are near an enemy. This is generally not a 
good idea for Mage with low HP. Without an auto-lock, your spell will be 
cast in the direction your a looking at. Use the right thumb stick to aim 
higher or lower if you didn't have auto-lock. When you get a Bow later, you
can switch to targeting mode and then switch back to cast your spell at the
spot you are previously targeting.

Most enemies in Area 1-1 can be killed with 1 or 2 hit of Soul Arrow. If 
you run out of MP, find a safe spot, just take a break and wait for the MP 
to recharge fully. 

There are a few Slave Soldiers at the starting area near the large gate 
That led to the first Boss, Phalanx. You need to find a way to open it.
On the left and right are 2 gates that can be opened from the other side.
First take the left path and kill the enemies near the pit.

-- Bonus section --
The next time you come to this area, a new body will appears with the
Old Raggedy armor set and a Jade Hairpin. You can force this by loading
the game on the spot. By loading the game, I am referring to selecting the
Load option from your menu. There is no need to quit the game.
The Jade Hairpin can be given to Stockpile Thomas in the Nexus in exchange
for a Ring of Herculean Strength. You must select the Talk option and use
it to exhaust his conversation in order to trigger this event. 

Note: If you are a female Barbarian, you can put on the Old Raggedy armor


Go into the building. There are a few Slave Soldiers waiting to ambush you
inside. Make you way up the top. A Soldier will roll a stone towards you. 
It will crash the bottom area exposing a Bastard Sword.

At the top area, you can find a Blue Eyes Knight and some soldiers. Kill 
the other soldiers first before fighting the Blue Eyes Knight. There is a 
section with some broken wall which you can jump down to get a Light 
Crossbow and some bolts. They are not very useful compared to bows.
The Blue Eyes Knight is easy to take out with Soul Arrows. The Fog will 
leads to the next area but I suggest you move to the building near the 
Blue Eyes Knight. There is a stairwell full of Slave Soldiers with Flaming
weapon. In the middle of this stairs, you will see a terrace like place 
with 2 chains on it. Destroy both chains. Once you get to the bottom of the
stairwell. Open the gate to unlock a shortcut. There is a dead body with a
Cling Ring on it. Make sure you take it. It increases your current max HP 
by 40%. Typically, in Soul Form, you have 50% HP, so with a Cling Ring, you
will have 70% HP.

On the other side of the upper region is a place guarded by a Red Eyes 
Knight. Normally, you can only kill it when you are at least soul level 30.
However, I strongly advise you to kill it with a Soul Level 1 Royal. 

The way to kill it is quite simple. In the stairwell area there you had 
unlocked the shortcut, clear the enemies there first. There are 2 barrels 
at the top, make sure they are intact. Next, clear the enemies at the upper
region before looking for the Red Eyes Knight. Once you move near him, he
will start chasing after you. Lure him to the stairwell area. If he fall
behind, stop and wait for him. Go pass the 2 barrels very carefully and 
then take up position in the next wooden platform facing the barrels at 
45 degree. The Red Eyes Knight will attempt to get pass the barrels but 
will instead fall to his death. Collect 2000+ souls and get his loot at the
lower region. In case he didnít die, go all the way to the bottom, out the
door and try to lure him into the pit.

The reason you are doing all this is because you need some souls to buy a
Short Spear from the Dregling vendor in 1-1. After killing the 1-1 Boss, he
will relocate to 1-2. So it is best to do it early.

Back to the upper region. Enter the Fog behind the Blue Eyes Knight. Look 
around and you should see Ostrava in Golden Armor. You can jump down to his 
location but don't do it first. Instead, clear all enemies in this area. 
First of all, there is a soldier near some flame barrel, if you get too 
near, he will throw a fire bomb that explode the barrels. Take a right turn
and kill the 2 soldiers there. On the right side are some planks that can 
be broken. There is a Dregling merchant here. Buy a Short Spear from him 
for 1500 souls.

Continue along path, you should be facing a wooden structure that you can 
climb up. Go up and kill the crossbow soldiers and the Blue Eyes Knight. 
Now, head towards the bottom and clear the area till you see Ostravia. The 
Slave Soldiers are unlikely to kill Ostrava but the Blue Eyes Knight may 
kill him. It is better to clear every enemy in this area before saving 
Ostravia. He will give you a Brass Telescope for helping him. If you enter
the Nexus later, you will find him sitting on a beam between the archstone
for World 1 and World 5.

After saving Ostrava, escort him around and make sure he is safe. Now, 
back track to the original location where you see Ostrava. There is a place
you can climb and jump down. Take the Thief's Ring there. This ring is 
probably the most important ring of all since you will be wearing it most 
of the time.

Move to the wooden structure and make your way to the top.

There is a rolling stone trap on top. If you attack it with a weapon on 
the side, the stones will kill the enemies waiting below. You need to stay 
away from the front as well if you don't want to get injured.
Run down the path. Take a right turn.
If you proceed straight ahead, you will find a Red Dragon patrolling the 
area. If you go left, you will find 2 Dragons guarding some items.
I would suggest that you get these items later.

Return to the part of the castle where the Red Dragon is guarding.
First you need to get rid of most of the soldiers, you can lure and take
them out one at a time. Once you had cleared most of them, it time to run
across. To sprint, you need to make sure your equip weight is 50% or less
then your total equip weight. Press and Hold 'X' or 'O' depending on your 
gameís region code to sprint. It will drain your stamina in the process.

Once across, enter the building and activate the switch to open the Large 
Gate below. Make your way to the bottom of the stairwell to open a gate 
that is just beside the Large Gate.

At this point, you should return to the Nexus to unload any excess items 
that you had collected.

The large gate is now covered with Fog.
Equip the firebomb as one of the quick slot. Wait for your MP to recharge

Enter the Fog to fight the first Boss, Phalanx.

Phalanx is basically harmless but it had 40 mini-Phalanx that protect him.
Their spears can be deadly if you didn't block it with a shield. Their 
shield will protect them from physical damage. Attacking them from the 
front will deal very little damage, instead attack behind them. They are 
however, weak against Fire. You can throw Fire Bombs to damage many of 
them when they are clattered together. Magic can also kill them fast but 
you are likely to run out of MP in doing so. Once you had defeated enough 
of them, Phalanx will expose part of it's soft body. Attack the exposed 
area until it is dead.

You will be revived after killing it. Walk to the archstone and pick up the
Hard Demon's Soul.

Return to the Nexus. Talk to the Maiden In Black. She will ask you to talk 
to the Monumental located at the top area. The Monumental will be sitting
on the floor amongst the dead monumental next to a burning candle. 

After talking to the Monumental, you can talk to the Maiden In Black to 
raise your stats.

At this point of time, you have access to 1-2, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 and 5-1.

You can complete them in any order.

The next part of my walkthrough is going to focus on completing all Pure
Black and White WT and CT.

If you were killed in any of the 5 Worlds in Body Form, you will get a -1 
to World Tendency. You should only do this if it is exactly what you want.
Otherwise, you may make certain WT or CT unattainable in the first play

Getting yourself killed in Soul Form is completely safe after patch 1.02. 
It would not reduce your world tendency. However, the pre-patch version
will reduce world tendency, so please patch your game as soon as possible.

Since it is not safe to suicide in all 5 worlds, the only safe place is the
Nexus. To do it, take the stairs up until you see 2 ledges. Jump down from
one of them. Be sure to look down before you jump. You want to choose a 
spot that will not let your body land on the NPCs. 

Another word of advise, if you had found some nice weapon or spells. You
Should test it out in 1-2. If not, you may harm the NPCs in the Nexus. They
will never forgive you until the next game cycle.

After you are in Soul Form.

The next step is to gather the necessary equipment.

Letís take a look at their required stats.

Royal starting stats (Str 9, Dex 12, Magic 13, Faith 12)

Temporary equipment
Heater Shield (Str 11)
Short Spear (Str 11, Dex 10)
Long Bow (Str 15, Dex 12)

Final equipment
Winged Spear (Str 14, Dex 12)
Purple Flame Shield (Str 22)
Compound Long Bow (Str 22, Dex 12)
Talisman of Beasts (Str 4, Magic 18, Faith 18)

Buy a Heater Shield from the Blacksmith in Nexus for 2000 souls.
Buy a Long Bow from the Blacksmith in Nexus for 3000 souls.
Your initial melee weapon will be the Short Spear you bought from the
Dregling in 1-1 earlier.

If you need more souls, you can go back and kill the Red Eyes Knight in 
1-1 If you donít have the required stats to use the equipment, farm
the Red Eyes Knight to level up until you can equip them.

Both Winged Spear and Purple Flame Shield can be dropped from the Red
Eyes Knight but it is quite rare. 
If you managed to get from him, you can skip the steps below.

Let's start with the Winged Spear.

It will be quite tough to get a drop from the Red Eyes Knight with Luck 8.
So let's pick up the one that is on a dead body in 1-2.

Getting past the mini-Phalanx is easy for a Royal. Just block their attack
with a shield than cast Soul Arrow to kill them.

The next thing is the Red Dragon. You need to find a Bow to kill it. 
Buy a Long Bow from the Blacksmith at the Nexus for 3000 souls and buy 300

To get past to the first tower is quite easy; just sprint across after the
Red Dragon had breathed fire. Go to the top of the First Tower. Hereís a 
perfect spot to do target practice with the Red Dragon. You arrows should 
be doing not much damage, so you need roughly 150+ arrows to kill it. Aim 
at it's head. If it is a hit, a HP bar will be displayed. You bring along 
another 100 arrows in case you have problem timing the shots.

-- comment from Ezzekhiel --
This works great, did it yesterday. Once you're on the tower, place 
yourself at the middle crenel and go into sniping mode (use bow 2 handed + 
L1), aim for the top of the tunnel's arch you came through before crossing 
the bridge. Now when the dragon comes down, shoot when the dragon's left 
wing is in your cross hair. You should be hitting him every time (if you 
look closely you'll see a small blood trail). Takes approximately 100 
arrows to down him.

After you killed the Red Dragon. Search the bodies along the path for a
Winged Spear.

Go back to the Dragon Nest in 1-1, the Red Dragon is gone now. You can 
safely pick up the Purple Flame Shield on one of the bodies. The Blue 
Dragon is guarding some loots, those are not that crucial. You can always 
collect them after you killed the Blue Dragon later.

At this point, you need to level up quite a bit in order to use the 
Purple Flame Shield.

Next, we will need to find the Compound Long Bow (Str 22, Dex 12) in 4-1.

Take the archstone to 4-1. Those Silver Skeletons in Shrine of Storms 
are very nasty. Once they spotted you, they will roll towards you quickly 
and them unleashed a series of quick attacks. You should be wearing a 
Thiefís Ring to reduce the chance the enemies will detect you. First, fire 
an arrow at the Silver Skeletons to weaken them. Later on, the first arrow
will kill them with 1 hit with a Viscous Compound Long Bow +5. They will
then to roll towards you, poke them when they are near to kill them.

Take out the remaining skeletons along the steps similarly. There is a Dual
Katana Skeleton guarding the Crescent Falcion +1 at the initial area. Just 
go to the location of the first Silver Skeleton (Bow) you killed. You can 
shoot the Dual Katana Skeleton without any danger from there. Once it is 
killed, go to its location to pick up the Crescent Falcion +1.

Note: Dual Katana Skeleton are always guarding something important.

The Compound Long Bow is on a body near a lone Silver Skeleton (Bow) on top
of a tower. Getting past to it is tricky because you need to face some 
Silver Skeletons in some narrow passages. If you have problem, upgrade 
your Purple Flame Shield (can go all the way to +10) and Winged Spear (stop
at +6 since you want to change it to Moon Winged Spear later).

Note: Specialize upgrading option are only given at a particular level. 
Once you upgraded beyond that, the specialize upgrading option is gone 

You can farm the mini-Phalanx at 1-2 to gather the Splinter and L. Splinter
of hardstones and sharpstones.

Once you managed to get pass the Silver Skeletons, you should be able to 
get the Compound Long Bow.

-- remark from Luhaine --
Do not upgrade the Compound Long Bow beyond +3. Doing so will force you to 
either get another and upgrade it to +3, or using the smeltstone to bring 
it back to the default value and having to upgrade it to +3 again, thereby 
wasting valuable material. It needs to be at +3 in order for you to be able
to upgrade it to a Viscous Compound Long Bow.

-- remark from Volume --
Thanks for the advice. Yes, it is important not to over upgrade the 
Compound Long Bow. It is also not recommended to upgrade the Viscous 
Compound Long Bow gradually, instead upgrade it to Viscous +4 at least 
since Viscous +1 to +3 don't give you much advantage.

Next step is to upgrade it to the Viscous Compound Long Bow +5.
Note that it is not recommended to upgrade the Viscous Compound Long Bow
gradually since Viscous Compound Long Bow +3 is weaker than a Compound 
Long Bow +3. You should gather the necessary Spiderstones and upgrade it 
to Viscous +4 or +5. 

The next area to visit is 2-1, Stonefang Tunnel.

Put on your Thief's Ring. Basically, this ring should be worn 99% of the 
time in this game. Also, remember don't wear any items that increases the 
amount of soul you gained. Doing that seemed to make the enemies more
alert to your presence.

Once you came up from the Archstone 2-1, you should see a Crystal Gecko on
your left. Keep your distance and kill it with 1 or 2 arrows. 
Alternatively, you can roll towards it and kill it with your Winged Spear 
or Soul Arrow. You need to have a good judgment of how much damage you 
can deal to the Crystal Gecko. Without the Thief's Ring, the Crystal Gecko 
will run away 100% of the time.

There is a Filthy Man here that sell you Splinter of Hardstone and 
Sharpstone for 500 souls each. He can be found in 2-1 as well with better 
goods. Take note of the elevator behind him, the Blacksmith Ed is below
it. Ed is able to perform high level weapon upgrades and can use Demonís 
Souls to forge special weapons. 

You should see a building with 2 Miners throwing rocks at you. Just take 
out your Compound Long Bow and shoot at them. Once injured, they will move 
back into the building. The 2nd Rock Thrower is hard to hit so you may 
want to skip him. Alternatively, you can save your arrows and sprint 
toward the building.

Once inside the building, you will see a control that you can use to 
activate the moving platform. It leads to the 2 Rock Throwers and a Fat 
Minister. They are guarding a Crushing Battle Axe +1. At the lower area is 
the location of the Primeval Demon. Only 1 Primeval Demon exists for each 
World for each game cycle. It appears when the World reaches Pure Black 
World Tendency. Remember this location as you will need to came here later.

Here, the Miners moves very slowly, with the Purple Flame Shield and Winged 
Spear, you should have no problem dealing with them. Just beware of those 
with Pick Axe since they can be quite deadly. One hit will break your 
guard and the next hit will probably kill you.

Take note of those Miners with sacks. They will drop a lot of ores when 
they were killed and will not respawn again until the next game cycle. If 
you are unable to carry certain loots, they will be dropped on the floor. 
Once you leave the World or Load the game, it will be gone forever. If you
are low in carrying capacity, you should return to the Nexus to unload.
If the items is already dropped, you can put on your Ring of Herculean 
Strength to hope that it is sufficient to help you pick up them up.
Remember, in my build, there will be no extra point going into Vitality, 
so you need to know how much you can carry or you will lose items.

Once past the first group of Miners, the next area have more Miners and 
there will be a few dogs as well. Be sure to block their attack and they 
are quite easy to kill. There is a Fat Minister in the building where the
dogs rush out from. Just shoot him with arrow, when he is about to cast 
his Fireball, move to the left and his spell will hit the wall.

There is a short passage that you will be going through. Be mindful of 
Miners with Pick Axe that hide behind corners. Always keep your shield 
raised when going through unfamiliar grounds.

Climb up and you should see a Fat Minister. Use the Fire brazier to block 
his Fireballs and shoot arrows at him. There is a plank towards him but it 
will fall apart when you step on it. You can walk carefully along the 
narrow piece of wood left, just know that you may get killed if you fall. 
The treasure on the body is a Soldier's Soul so it is not really worth 
the effort.

The onward path is blocked by a Gate. You need to jump down to those 
Miners below. It is a one way path to a switch that unlock the gate.
Take note of those Miners without weapons, they dropped Splinter and 
Chunk of Spiderstones which you need later. 

Once past the Gate, you can find a Splinter of Meltstone. This item allow 
you to downgrade a weapon to it's basic stage. There is really no real 
advantage of doing this since all ores consumed are never refunded.

Proceed ahead and you can see an area covered with steam. Those steam need 
to be turned off so that you can cross. There are 3 Miners with flame 
Blade ahead. The path on the left leads to the location to turn off the 
steam but first we want to go straight ahead to unlock a shortcut. Most 
importantly, we want to visit the Blacksmith, Ed.

Once you get past the Miners, you will reach the outside, from the left, 
you can shoot arrow at the 2 Rock Throwers. On the right, you can find 
a switch to turn on the moving platform. At the bottom of the area is the
Blacksmith, Ed. He will be able to provide high level upgrade. Once you 
upgrade to Compound Long Bow +3, he can upgrade it to Viscous Compound Long
Bow +1. You will need 25 Splinter of Spiderstones, 9 Chunk of Spiderstones 
and 1 Pure Spiderstone to get it to +5. Note that you don't need to bring 
your ores to the Blacksmith to upgrade your weapon. Just leave them at 
Stockpile Thomas. You should upgrade to Viscous +4 at least otherwise, it
damage capability will be less than a Compound Long Bow +3.

From now onwards, you should take this shortcut to save time.

From the Fog at the steam area, there are a small group of Miners here. 
Once past them, make sure you have your Thief's Ring on. There is a Crystal
Gecko that will drop the Splinter of Spiderstone, Chunk of Spiderstone or 
Pure Spiderstone. This is the only Crystal Gecko that dropped them in the
entire game. You have a total of 4 chance to hunt them per game cycle. At 
late game, you can cast Rage of God to kill it but at this point of time, 
it can be quite tough to kill it. If you run towards it, the Miners will 
attack you and may kill you or distract you long enough for the Gecko to 
escape. Alternatively, you can take a right turn and go up the stairs 
behind the wooden barrels. At the extreme corner of the upper region, you 
can jumped down to a ledge and kill all the Miners with arrows. Jump down 
and hopefully the Crystal Gecko is still there. It will be quite a distance
from it, you can try to use range attack and try to sprint to it. Since the
distance is quite far, the chance of success is rather low.

Make your way up to the fire geckos. When you aer going down the stairs, be
prepare to face some dogs. Remember to keep your shield up. Not far ahead
is a switch to turn off the steam.

Return to area that is previously blocked by steam. You should be able to 
find a Kris Knife if you search the upper region. This item will increased 
the damage done by your spells but you have to give up your shield.

Go to the platform and activate the switch to go down. 

Note: If you come here later and find out that the platform is at the 
bottom, there is a switch to bring it up on the side, look carefully.

2-1 Boss, Armored Spider.

This Boss is very easy to kill, just keep to the left and shoot arrows at 
it. With a Thief's Ring on, his fireballs will not hit you. It's web attack
will damage you a bit, but you have a lot of time to eat grass. Once you 
killed it, touch the 2-2 Archstone to get a Pure Spiderstone. There is a 
Chunk of Spiderstone near the Archstone. Search carefully.

Killing a Boss will increase the number of Crystal Gecko count in this 
world by 1. So you can back track to the crystal gecko that drop 
spiderstones. Once you reach there, noticed that the Crystal Gecko is not 
there, and the Miners were already killed. Don't worry, position yourself 
at a strategic location. Load the game. The Crystal Gecko will appear and 
you have very limited time to kill it. Pray that you get the Chunk of 

From the 2-2 Archstone, there are a group of Miners on the right.
At this point of time, I would suggest that you farm those Miners without 
weapon to try to get Splinters and Chunks of Spiderstones.

I cannot remember exactly where are all the location of the Stone of 
Ephemeral Eyes. Just search every bodies from everywhere and you end up
With lots of them. Once you managed to gather 5 of them, you can start 
working on World Tendency.

Stonefang Tunnel - preparations

Before you start doing that, you need to activate the Fog that led to 2-2 
Boss, Flame Lurker.

The bearbugs are rather immune to Physical weapon, only weapons that deal 
Magical damage can hurt them. You can either cast spell and use a magic 
weapon. You can use the Crescent Falcion +1 you found in 4-1 or you can 
upgrade your Winged Spear +6 to a Moon Winged Spear.

If you decide to get a Moon Winged Spear, you need to visit 3-1 Tower of 
Latria to get some Moonlightstones.

Let's just assumed that you can make do with Soul Arrow and the Crescent 

From the left of the 2-2 Archstone, there are 3 Flaming Light that will 
explode when you go near. For the first two Flame Lights, hold up your 
Purple Flame Shield and walk toward it slowly. Once it started to glow, 
stop and hold up your shield. Your stamina will be drained a little bit 
but you will take zero damage. The Purple Flame Shield is such a 
wonderful shield. If you try to run, you can get killed by the 

As for the 3rd Flaming Light, since it is moving, if you hold your shield 
up, it will move pass you and explode behind you, killing you. Rather, run
towards it, once it started to glow, press forward and press 'X' to roll 
infront. This feat totally dodge the explosion.

Once you get pass the 3 Flaming Lights, a Fat Minister wait for you one 
right of the end of the passage. Switch to sniper mode, part of his body 
is exposed, just shoot him a few time to kill him. You should know the 
drill by now. Take the platform to the lower level. You should see 2 
Crystal Geckos running towards a tunnel (7).
The tunnel lead to their nest, you shouldn't attempt it before you learn 
the Miracle, Rage of God.
There are 2 Black Phantoms inside the passage as well. They can be killed 
easily by sniping them from far and then run away.
Once they start walking back, snipe them again and run. Repeat until they 
are killed.
Don't enter the nest, at most you can kill 1 or 2 now and the other 8 or 
more Crystal Geckos will escape. Definitely not worth the effort.

Proceed to the tunnel (8). Take note of location (9). There is a Flaming 
Light just round the corner.
Hold up your Purple Flame Shield and move closer to activate it. You will 
survive the blast with this shield without a scratch.

Walk a bit in front and a Miner (Pick Axe) will ambush you.

Once out of the tunnel. You should see Patches the Hyena. Yes, he is a 
nasty NPC but you really need him.
So, please don't kill him or you have to restart your game. He is the only 
merchant that sell unlimited Hard Arrows, the second best arrows in the 
game. The best is White Arrows but they came in limited supply, ~50-60 per 

Just follow his instruction and get the treasure. The Giant bearbug will 
fall in front of you. Kill it with Soul Arrow or magical weapon. When it 
got killed, back away and hold up your Purple Flame Shield to survive 
the explosion.

Talk to Patches again to get a Ring of Flame Resistance.

Note: If you return to Nexus, Patches will be located the World 3 
archstone. He sell Hard Arrow for 30 souls each. From now on, Hard Arrows 
is the only arrows you will be using.

Follow the path down and you will find the Filthy Man (11) again, this 
time he sell L. Splinter of Hardstone and Sharpstone and some other ores 
(after you killed more Bosses in this World).

There are some Sand Worms that will pop out from the ground breathing 
fire. They can be easily killed with Arrows or Magic. Just locked-on to 
them. Use the right thumbstick to adjust the target to its mouth. Wait 
till they stopped moving before releasing your spell or arrows. A direct 
hit to the mouth usually kill them.

Your task is to reach and enter the Fog at (12).

If you don't do that, you cannot reach from this path. And you need to 
traverse this path to return to 2-1 later.

Note: Another alternate method exists but you will loses those souls for 
killing Black Phantom Scirvir. Basically, it means that you just need to
suicide and you will respawn at the 2-2 archstone.

Next you will need to learn how to get to the Flame Lurker location from 
Scirvir area. From the archstone 2-2, get past the group of Miners.

Look carefully, you need to jump down to the lower platform.
A wrong move will kill you and put you back to the start of 2-2 archstone.
Note: if you don't mind losing souls, just suicide after kill Black 
Phantom Scirvir later. If you go down carefully, you should be able to get 
to the location just before fighting 2-2 Boss, Flame Lurker. However, if 
you go down this path, the Crystal Gecko in that area will definitely get 
away. If you want to hunt it, traverse the earlier passage at (12), make 
your way to the Crystal Gecko and kill it with arrows.

Getting Stonefang Tunnel to Pure Black World Tendency

It's time to get World 2 to Pure Black World Tendency.
First you need exactly 5 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. If you don't have 
enough, search the other world but try not to kill any Boss.
If you definitely need to kill them, kill exactly 1 Boss in each World.

In World 2, revive with Stone of Ephemeral Eyes and get yourself killed. 
Return to the Nexus to check your updated World Tendency.
Repeat this 5 times to get it to Pure Black World Tendency.

At this point of time, it is highly recommended for you to switch to 
Offline Mode.

There are too many possibilities for all the Worlds to be reset to Neutral 
even if you are extremely careful. It is better to get over with all the 
Pure Black & White World Tendency events first.

Now, for the Pure Black World Tendency event in World 2.

First of all, start with the 2-2 Archstone. Go through the tunnel on the 
right past those Miners. Smash some boxes and examine the place carefully. 
You need to find the path to Scirvir by jumping down to the lower 
platform carefully. A wrong jump will kill you. Once you are near the 
tunnel where Scirvir can be found, make sure you jump on the platform that 
is inaccessible by Scirvir. If you jump to the platform where he can reach 
you, you will have a hard time dodging his Fireballs.

You will noticed that he had turned into a Black Phantom. Fighting him is 
very easy. Since you are on a platform that is inaccessible by him and you 
are wearing the Thief's Ring, he cannot detect you at all. So just take 
you time to shoot Hard Arrows at him with your Viscous Compound Long Bow.
When his HP is low, he may attempt to heal himself. Shoot him to interrupt 
his spells. After killing him, collect the Talisman of Beasts. It can be 
used to cast Miracle and Spells. Do not be fooled by the stats listed on 
this item. It is the best spell and miracle casting item. Even the 
Insanity catalyst is no match for what it can do.

-- remark from Gantz85 --
There's an alternate way to kill Scirvir IF you can't shoot him in time to 
interrupt his healing spell as manual aim is sometimes a bitch to hit. At 
times he rolls away and does his regeneration spell and you got to kill 
him all over again. The trick is, ready some spices, have your thief ring 
equipped, (and optionally if you have already got makoto and the clever 
rat's ring, use it as your secondary ring to enhance the damage, or just 
any spell enchancing rings) jump on the platform Scirvir is on. (you might 
want to take out the Crystal Geckos on the left of Scirvir first, arrow 
them) Walk in close enough to target Scirvir, shoot him with soul arrow, 
twice: (once to do damage, second time to make sure you interrupt him 
before he heals, even he doesn't it's still additional damage. Scirvir 
will walk slowly towards you, stay locked on for a bit and make sure he 
doesnt try to heal, if he doesn't, don't shoot a 3rd shot or he might try 
to heal and a 4th shot would be too risky as he might get too close to you 
and you cant lose him with the thief ring) and then run back out behind 
the mineral carts on the left outside the cave. Scirvir will walk for a 
little bit then walk back into the cave to his original position. Rinse 
and repeat. Watch out when his health is low, he might desperately try to 
heal himself again even if you interrupt him, that's when you don't run 
out anymore and just stay locked on, spam soul arrows on him till he 

Killing Black Phantom Scirvir gives you a +3 World Tendency to World 2.
At this point, you need to get to the Primeval Demon and kill it without 
returning to the Nexus. As long as you don't return to the Nexus, World 2
is at Pure Black World Tendency. If you returned to the Nexus, it will be 
back to Neutral and the Primeval Demon will not be there. If you bring the 
World to Pure Black again, killing the Primeval Demon will only take it 
to Neutral. So if you want Pure White World Tendency, you have to follow 
my instructions closely.

There are 2 ways to get to the Primeval Demon.
1. From Scirvir's location, jump down carefully to the area just before 
Flame Lurker, traverse the tunnel and return to 2-1.
2. From Scirvir's location, jump down and get yourself killed. You will 
respawn at the 2-2 archstone. Return to 2-1 from there.

Assuming you had gotten back to 2-1, the Primeval Demon is at the bottom 
of the moving platform below the 2 Rock Throwers.
Don't confuse this with the one that lead to the Blacksmith Ed. The 
Primeval Demon is completely harmless and easy to kill. Killing it gives 
a +3 to World Tendency and may drop a Colorless Demon's Soul. If you had 
made a Large Sword of Searching, please equip it to increase your chance 
of getting the Colorless Demon's Soul. 
Note: There is no need to use the Large Sword of Searching to attack. 
You can keep it on the other hand and it still double your drop rate.

Once you had killed both Black Phantom Scirvir and the Primeval Demon, 
return to the Nexus. World 2 is now in White World Tendency. Give it a 
little push and it will be in Pure White World Tendency.

In the Nexus, go upstairs can jump down to kill yourself.
You just need to kill 2-2 Boss, Flamelurker in Soul Form to get World 2 
to Pure White World Tendency.
There is no need to jeopardize the mission unnessarily.

Getting to Flamelurker is easy, jump proceed to Scirvir's location and 
jump down a few time and you will be at the entrance to it's lair.

Alternatively, you can go through the tunnels fighting all those Giant 

You just need your Purple Flame Shield to block his fire attack. In most 
cases, you can need to roll backwards or to the side to dodge his attacks. 
As for offence, just equip the Talisman of Beast and cast Soul Arrows. 
He should be killed with 10-20 Soul Arrows at most. If you have more than 
100 MP, there is probably no need to use any Fresh Spice.

Once you kill it. Return to the Nexus and World 2 is now in Pure White 
World Tendency.

World 2 Pure White Tendency events

Enter the 2-3 archstone. A little ahead is the Final Boss for World 2, 
Dragon God. He cannot be killed normally, so don't waste arrows shooting 
at him. At the end of the passage, take a left turn, watch out for a 
Crystal Gecko, kill it if you can. The rubbles on the left had been 
cleared and you able to withdraw the weapon: Keel Smasher (Wt. 20!).

You can fight the Dragon God now or you can follow my instruction to 
gather the goodies for Pure White World Tendency first. Just Load the 
game and you will be at the start of stage, just before fighting the 
Dragon God.

Go to Scirvir's location with the Keel Smasher. Talk to him and he will 
ask you to show it to him. Showing it to him means equipping the item 
and talk to him. You will get a Pure Greystone (Wt. 10!). Be sure that 
you have the Ring of Herculean Strength equipped and pick them up. 
Return to Nexus to unload.

Killing the Dragon God is more like solving a puzzle.

First you need the spell Firespray which can be learn from Freke that is 
imprisoned in the Tower of Latria 3-1.

Tower of Latria

The Tower of Latria is a nasty place. It's corridors are frequently 
patrolled by Mind Flayers that cast strong spells and had a killing move 
that suck the brains of its prey with its tentacles. You start the the 
3-1 Archstone (1) at 3rd Floor. Your task is to find all the keys that 
are scattered all over the place. Wear the Thief's Ring and don't run too 
much so as to stay invisible to the Mind Flayers. The first set of keys 
is located at (2). There is a Mind Flayer guarding it. Mind Flayer carries 
a small bell with them, so if you listen carefully, you can hear them when 
they walk near. Just stay at the corner and once it approaches, quickly 
stepped out and attack it. You should be able to attack 3-4 times before 
it started to cast it's spell. If you still didn't kill it by then, it's 
spell will likely to kill you. In that cases, please spend some time to 
upgrade your weapons. If you are using the Winged Spear, it should be 
upgraded to Winged Spear +6 by now so killing the Mind Flayer should not 
be a problem. Do take note that later on when you upgrade it to a Moon 
Winged Spear, at +1 or +2 it's power is slightly decreased compared to 
Winged Spear +6. You may want to gather more Splinters and Chunk of 
Moonlightstones so that you can immediately upgrade it to Moon Winged 
Spear +3. From (2), walk down the corridor and take a left turn. Prepare 
to ambush the Mind Flayer at the end of the short passage. After killing 
it, take a left turn and walk along the corridor. Get another set of keys 
at (3). Return to the initial Archstone at (1). Now you can go to the 
right and unlock the gate at (4). At (4), take the stairs up to 4th Floor. 
There is no Mind Flayer on the East side so you can just walk down the 
long corridor, turn right twice, walk down the corridor on the other side 
until you find a room with 2 Iron Maiden. The one on the left contains 
the Assassin's set which is the ideal armor for my build. They are very 
light and offer relatively good protection and one of the best Poison 
resistance as well. Walk in front to (5) and there is an Iron Maiden with 
a trap within. If you opened it, you will be poisoned, if you don't have 
a cure, the easiest way is the Load the game. Loading the game removes 
poison, plague and buffs. There is a Mind Flayer at the exit of (5), 
ambush it as usual. Turn right to (6) and pick up the set of keys. Go back 
past (5), make a right turn, walk till the end of the corridor. You can 
unlocked the interconnected passage between the East and West zone on 4th 
Floor. There is a Mind Flayer in the passage. If you are opening the gate 
and it attack, you will be killed certainly. So time yourself properly. 
The good news is that even if you were killed earlier, the gate will 
remained opened. Anyway, open the gate and ambush the Mind Flayer. There 
is another gate at the end of the passage and another Mind Flayer. Time 
yourself carefully and open the gate, than ambush the Mind Flayer. On the 
West side of 4th Floor, Once Royal Mistress is located at (7). If you 
need Splinter of Moonlightstone, get it from her for 3000 souls each.

With a luck of 8, trust me, you need to buy the Splinter of 
Moonlightstones from her. She also sells the Ring of Avarice for 50000 
souls. You can find one for free later, so don't waste your money. From 
the shop at (7), turn left, then right and walk to the end of the 
corridor. Takes the stairs down. If you exit at 3rd Floor West, you will 
find Sage Freke inside a cell (17). We need to find the keys to unlock 
his cell. Takes the stairs down to 2.5 Floor. Note that the stairs 
leading downwards may not be very visible so search carefully. At 2.5 
Floor, take the set of key at (9). Walk ahead and takes the stairs down 
to 1st or 2nd Floor. At 2nd Floor, there is a Mind Flayer patrolling 
the corridor. Ambush and kill it as per normal. Near the end of the 
corridor, you can see the Blue Phantom of Lord Rydell imprisoned in a 
cell. You need Pure White World Tendency to rescue him. If you get the 
World Tendency to Pure Black, Black Phantom Lord Rydell will appears 
outside of his cell. There are some rubbles blocking the rest of the 
area. Those rubbles will be removed in Pure White World Tendency. We will 
work on the World Tendency events later, for now, just leave him in his 
cell. Take the stairs down to 1st Floor West. When you just entered, look 
around and you should see a large roundish monster. Kill it with arrows, 
when it decided to cast a spell, take cover in the stairs area. Just 
behind it, you can a Crystal Gecko in the East zone. This is one of 
those Crystal Gecko that can drop all sizes of Moonlightstones. We are 
more interested in Chunk and Pure Moonlightstones to make our Moon Winged 
Spear +5. Anyway, wear the Thief's Ring snipe the Crystal Gecko. You 
should be able to kill it with 1 or 2 arrows. Alternatively, you may 
want to try your luck with this Crystal Gecko later. Whatever you do, 
don't scare it away. The stairs on 1st Floor East leads to 2nd Floor East 
but the gate (11) is locked. It will be unlocked in Pure White World 
Tendency. Remember it's location because you will be coming back later.
One of the treasure on 1st Floor West is a Silver Bracelet. If you have 
a female character, wearing it will increases the amount of souls 
dropped by enemies. You can walk to the outside from 1st Floor East. In 
the lower section, at location (12) is a set of keys you need to pick up.
If you move slowly towards it, the barrage of arrows will not hit you.
This new set of keys unlock the gates at 2.5 Floor. Return to 2.5 Floor. 
You can unlock either door. Each passage have a Mind Flayer in there. Once 
you killed 1 of them, be prepared to kill the other one at the end of 
the corridor. There is a gate at the end, open it and go outside. Take 
the stairs down and walk eastwards. There are 2 set of spiral staircases 
here. The one marked (15) will bring you to a room with a Worshiper and a 
bunch of keys. This particular Worshiper will revives 2-1 Boss, Fool's 
Idol making her unkillable. So, be sure to kill him. Take the bunch of 
keys. This set of keys unlock the cell of Sage Freke. You need to make 
a trip back to save him. Afterwards he will take up position in the Nexus.
The large statue be switch off by operating a switch at (14). One of the 
treasure there is the Clever Rat's Ring. It boosts you physical and 
magical attack by about 60-70% when your HP is < 30%. It is a key item.

If you decided to take out the 2-1 Boss, you will encounter a Black 
Phantom at (18). She had a strong crossbow. She should be quite easy 
to kill with a Shield and Spear combo. Once killed, she will dropped 
3 Chunk of Moonlightstones. Enough to make a Moon Winged Spear +3. (19) 
will take you to fight the 3-1 Boss, Fool's Idol. She is able to summon 
clones of herself. The clones have a HP bar above their head and will 
disappeared after being attack a few times. The main idea is simply shoot 
her with arrows from far and use the pillars to block the magic they 
casted at you.

Once she is killed, there is a treasure on a body near the altar. If you 
want to get it, you need to walk along the edges. The moment you walk 
to the middle region, the Gargoyles will appears and bring you to the 
3-2 Archstone.

Return to the Nexus and learn Firespray and Soul Light from Freke.
If you have problem locating him, he is in the section behind 5-1 

Dragon God

Dragon God is the Final Boss of World 2.

Enter the 2-2 Archstone and you will meet it shortly.
It cannot be harmed by arrows and spells so don't waste time on that.
Watch it's eyes carefully, it will turned Red when it is about to attack. 
When it is looking elsewhere, it is safe to run.

-- remark from Luhaine --
There is one location where it might be prudent to melee your way through 
the rubble. On the stairs, just before the second harpoon, it took me 
about 2 hits with my spear in dual hand mode.

-- remark from Volume --
You can melee the rubble if you have lots of HP. however, with a low 
Vitality build, your HP will be extreme low. One hit from the Dragon God 
will kill you. Using the Firespray is totally safe. It hit very 
accurately and you don't move at all. In contrast, a spell such as Soul 
Arrow is hard to aim and move you forward slightly causing the Dragon God 
to react by attacking the spot you are in. Just do whatever you think 
works for you. Remember, what works in the first game may not work in 
New Game+ and beyond. If you melee the rubble and get hit in the process, 
I am very sure that method will not work in New Game+ and beyond. If done
correctly, you will not be hit at all.

Noticed that there are rubbles blocking your path. Just use a Bow to enter 
target mode, adjust the crosshair until it rest on the rubbles.
Exit the aiming mode, then cast Firespray. It should shoot directly at 
the rubbles.
A few hits and the rubbles is gone. Keep on destroying the rubbles until 
you reach the first harpoon.
Operate it to attack the Dragon God.
Destroy the rubbles with Firespray until you reached the second harpoon.
There is a Crystal Gecko just beside the harpoon so be sure to kill it 
swiftly. Fire the second harpoon and the Dragon God is pinned down.
Run close and shoot arrows at it's horn to kill it.

Collect the Dragon Demon's Soul at the archstone.
Return to the Nexus and use it to learn the Miracle, Rage of God from 

Urbain is trapped in the Shrine of Storms at 4-2.
We need to rescue him first.

Shrine of Storms 4-1

You are probably quite familiar with this stage by now. Let's tie up the 
loose ends. If your Dex is around 30, you should be able to kill the 
Silver Skeletons with 1 Hard Arrow fired from a Viscous Compound Long 
Bow +5. In case it is not dead by then, you should be able to finish it 
off with a single trust of your Moon Winged Spear. From the start, take 
out the Silver Skeletons until you are standing below a wall. Shoot the 
2 Silver Skeletons at the top. Take the passage on the left and proceed 
to the top. Kill another Silver Skeleton up there. Look for the Copper 
Key at the other end. Back track and kill the lone Silver Skeleton (Bow). 
There are a few Silver Skeletons in the passage. Kill them and search 
for the hidden passage. The wall will appear to be shimmering. Just 
attack it to reveal the passage. Make you way through and rescue 
Graverobber's Blige (13) with the Copper Key. Shortly, you will exit 
from a hole to the surface.

Take the stairs up. You will find 2 Silver Skeletons and a Dual Katana 
Skeleton. It is guarding the Adjudicator's Shield. This shield is very 
useful in World 5. You can try to kill the Dual Katana Skeleton or simply 
lure it away and grab the shield. I suggest you grab this Shield later 
after you learnt Rage of God. Near the stairs, there is a ladder that 
you can climb up. From there you can stand just above the Dual Katana 
Skeleton. Cast Rage of God to kill the Dual Katana Skeleton and then go 
down to pick up the Adjudicator's Shield.

If you walk a bit in front, you can reach an area where you can shoot 
the Flying Mantas.
There is also a Golden Skeleton that you can shoot from there.
Go back down, there is a narrow with a trap. Just step on the tile that 
triggered trap and raise your shield.
Once passed the passage you will be on a cliff. Be sure to shoot any 
Mantra Ray that is giving you any trouble.
They made a sound before they attacks, either block or move away from 
your previous location.
There are some Golden Skeletons at the cliff area. Attack them after 
they finished their attack.
A Dual Katana Skeleton is guarding the entrance to the 4-1 Boss Area.
Wear the Thief's Ring, shoot an arrow at it and run and hide. Repeat 
this process until it is killed.

4-1 Boss, Adjudicator is a very fat creature with a bird on top of it.
It appear that the bird is it's weakness. I don't recommend fight it 
with ranged attack since it's tongue is very deadly.
You may not survive a hit with low Vitality build such as mine. Instead, 
just get down to the base and melee it.
When it is about to swing its Meat Cleaver, move clockwise to avoid the 
attack. Noticed that there is a spot with a sword protruding from its 
belly. That's its weak spot. Just attack the weak spot a few times and 
it will collapse. Take the opportunity to attack the bird on its head.
Repeat this process until it is dead.

Touch the new archstone 4-2 to return to the Nexus.

From the 4-2 archstone. Run straight, jump down and enter the passage.
Graverobber Blidge will be relocated here with new items for sale.
Run to the end and step on the stone to open a door. There is a Reaper 
that can summon an unlimited number of ghostly creatures.
Just stand at the edge and shoot Hard Arrows at it. It shoot takes 
around 2 arrows to kill it.
Once it is killed, all the ghostly creatures were killed as well and 
you gain quite a lot of souls.
To get down, you can run down the stairs and jump down from the top 
from the area near the Reaper.
The Reaper drop Splinter and Chunk of Darkmoonstone that you can used 
to forge Crescent weapons.
In the lower region, there is a trail of colorful lights that lead you 
to Patches.
Once again, he is up to no good. But remember, we need his arrows so 
please don't kill him. (at least, not yet).
Follow his direction and look down into the well. Patches will kick 
you down and there you will meet Urbain who got his butt kicked as well.
Talk to Urbain then kill the Black Phantom guarding the exit.
It is really easy to kill it with arrows. Step on the stone to open the 
Patches will apologies and give you a Ring of Gash Resistance.

Return to the Nexus, Urbain can be found near Boldwin.
Speak to Urbain and learn Rage of God using the Dragon Demon's Soul.

If you have 5 Eye of Ephemeral Stones, revive and suicide at World 4.
The easiest way is to jump off the cliff near the 4-2 archstone.
Take note that if you enter 4-1 archstone when it is Pure Black, Black 
Phantom Satsuki will appears.
You do not want to kill him until you are done with farming, so for now, 
avoid the area.

Farming at 4-2. This is quite easy to do.
Put on all your soul enhancing items such as Ring of Avarice and Silver 
From the 4-2 archstone, run ahead, jump down, run through the passage 
and shoot the Reaper.
If you want to farm Darkmoonstones, jump down and collect the loot from 
the Reaper.
Cast Evacuate.
Rinse and repeat.

Once you had done enough farming at 4-2, it's time to complete the rest 
of the game.

Killing Black Phantom Satsuki and the Primeval Demon in Shrine of Storms

This part is a bit tricky. The first obstacle is defeating Black Phantom 
His attack have the tendency to break your guard, followed by a killing 
Here's weapon configuration when I faced him.
Left Hand: Purple Flame Shield <=> Adjudicator Shield
Right Hand: Winged Spear <=> Talisman of Beast
Ring: Clever Rat's Ring, Cling Ring.

At this point of time, you don't have Magic Sword "Makoto", so it is hard 
to get your HP to <30% setup the Clever Rat's combo. So, you will need to 
equip the Adjudicator Shield initially, you will get damaged even when 
you successfully block Black Phantom Satsuki's attack. Wait till your HP 
reach <30% and the Rat symbol appears and your body is emitting an aura.
Immediately switch to the Purple Flame Shield. You will noticed that your 
damage had increased a lot. Take the opportunity to kill Black Phantom 
Satsuki quickly. Be sure to interrupt him eating grass when his HP is 
low otherwise he will recovered full HP.

Once you had killed Black Phantom Satsuki, do not return to the Nexus.
Proceed on foot to the 4-2 Archstone and kill the Reaper.
There is a hidden passage somewhere in the middle of the staircase. In 
case you are confused, the staircase is not on the side of the room where 
Patches is in earlier. The hidden passage can be found by attacking the 
shimmering wall.
There is a Dual Katana Skeleton at the end of the hidden passage.
Just shoot arrow and run. Repeat until it is dead. This method is safe but 
Alternatively, you can use Soul Remains to lure it near and cast Rage of 
God. One casting is not sufficient to kill it.
So retreat and cast it again once you had recovered your MP.
A Crystal Gecko is somewhere along the cliff but it will be hard to kill. 
Give it a try anyway.
The Primeval Demon is not far from the Crystal Gecko, if you have a Large 
Sword of Searching, equip it to improve
the chance of getting a Colorless Demon's Soul.
The best way to kill the Crystal Gecko is at a location near the Primeval 
Demon. Wear the Thief's Ring, get into position, Load the game and shoot 
the Crystal Gecko. Return to the Nexus, the Shrine of Storms should be in 
White World Tendency.

Getting Pure White World Tendency for Shrine of Storms

Be sure that you are in Soul Form. If not, please suicide in the Nexus by 
jumping down from high places.

The idea is pretty simple. You want to kill 4-2 Boss, Old Hero.
There are a total of 3 Reapers that you will find on your way there.
You can shoot the first Reaper with arrows. After killing it, step on the 
stone near the altar to open the door.
The way is quite straight forward, just walk along the cliff until you 
reach the cave.
The second Reaper quite deadly and I would advise you to avoid it totally.
Kill those ghostly creatures that were summoned by the Reaper, once you 
are near location (15). (refer to 4-2 map)
Just sprint (press 'X' while running) pass the Reaper. Kill the ghostly 
creature blocking you way and get out of the cave (16).
Don't worry about the treasures near the exit, they are just Crescent Moon
Grasses. If you go there, 2 female ghosts will back stab you.
Shortly, you will enter another passage with more ghostly creatures.
The third Reaper is hiding behind the corner at (17). There are 2 ways to 
deal with this Reaper.
1. Simply run pass it and run down the stairs quickly. There is a chance 
the Reaper may kill you with it's Dead Finger spell. If you managed to 
reach the base of the stairs, take out your Bow and kill it with arrows.
2. Move near to the corner and cast Rage of God. Retreat and do it again 
until it is dead.
This method is safer but requires to kill those ghostly creatures 
constantly. Once pass the third Reaper, you will find yourself in a cave 
with glowing slugs.
There are some white floating light that will explode on contact. You 
need to block the explosion with the Purple Flame Shield.
Note: The Shield won't protect you if the explosion happens behind your 
Once pass the cave, you will came to face the 4-2 Boss, Old Hero.
Note that if the world is Pure Black, a Black Phantom Dual Katana Skeleton 
will be guarding the entrance to the Old Hero.
You should farm this particular Black Phantom for the Pure Bladestone 
once you learn the Soulsucker Spell in New Game+.

Old Hero is strong but blind as a bat. If you put on the Thief's Ring 
and walk around, he will not know where you are. When I say walk, it 
mean pushing the left thumb stick very slightly and your character will 
walk. Don't panic and run or the Old Hero will be able to pin point 
your location!
You are then safe to shoot arrows or cast spells at him. He may however 
attack a random area blindly, so do pay attention to what he is doing. 
Try to move to a safer place if necessary. Other than that, he is very 
easy to deal with.

After killing him, touch the new 4-3 Archstone to return to the Nexus.

The Shrine of Storms is now in Pure White World Tendency.

Return to 4-2 Archstone, enter the place Urbain was trapped. There is 
a body on top of a sharp rock earlier and totally unreachable. Now, the 
dead body is on the floor and you can pick up the Magic Sword "Makoto".
When equipped, it will slowly drain 1% of your HP. It is a great item to 
reduce your HP to <30% so as to activate Clever Rat's Ring.

Storm King

Take the 4-3 Archstone. You will be immediately taken to the Storm King 
There are basically 2 approaches to deal with the Storm King.

Approach 1: (Preferred way)

Wear the Thief's Ring. Run to the little hut. While you are inside, the 
Manta Ray's project will hit the wall instead of you.
Take your time to shoot arrows to kill the Manta Rays. Once you had killed 
a number of Manta Rays, the Storm King will appears. Kill the Storm King 
with arrows and the rest of the Manta Rays died along with it.

Now, there are 2 Crystal Geckos near the stone hedges. Shoot them from 
far. Use Makoto to reduce your HP to <30% and put on the Clever Rat's Ring 
so that you can kill them with 1 single arrow. There is a sword called 
Stormruler that you can withdraw. It is actually the best weapon against 
the Manta Rays.

Approach 2: (Not recommended)

Wear the Thief's Ring. Run to the stone hedge and pull out the Stormruler.
This act will scare away both the 2 Crystal Geckos. Run to the hut and use
the Stormruler to kill the Manta Rays. Once you had killed a number of 
Manta Rays, the Storm King will appears. Kill the Storm King with arrows 
and the rest of the Manta Rays died along with it.

Touch the new archstone to collect the Storm Demon's Soul. Return to the 

If you want to farm the 2 Crystal Geckos, take the 4-4 archstone and run 
to the hut. Kill all the Manta Rays using the Stormruler. After that, 
use the Makoto to reduce your HP to <30% and shoot them.

Now, the Storm Demon's Soul is very useful.
It may be used to forge the Morion Blade which will increase your damage 
when your HP is <30%. The damage stack with that of the Clever Rat's Ring. 
It is absolutely necessary in New Game+ and beyond.

On the other hand, it can be used to learn the very useful Miracle, 
Anti-Magic Field from Urbain. In first play, Anti-Magic Field is very 
useful to get pass the Tower of Latria.

For now, it is more crucial to learn Anti-Magic Field now, you can forge 
Marion Blade in New Game+.

Getting Tower of Latria to Pure Black World Tendency

The procedure is simple and you should know it by now.
Get around 5 to 7 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
Revive and then suicide in 3-2 by jumping down from the edge.
Return to the Nexus to check your World Tendency.
Repeat the process until you reached Pure Black World Tendency.

Remember the Miracle, Anti-Magic Field, you are going to need it.
Put on the Thief's Ring if you want to keep yourself safe from the Mind 
Your first task is to locate Black Phantom Lord Rydell and kill him.
He is located at the 2nd Floor, standing outside of his cell.
To reach him should be simple, from the starting archstone at 3-1. Take 
the stairs from the West section to 4th Floor.
Just before fighting any Mind-Flayer, you will have to cast Anti-Magic 
Field. You will noticed some static appearing on your body, if the Mind 
Flayer is closed, static will appear on its body stopping it from casting 
If you attempt this in Pure Black World Tendency without Anti-Magic Field, 
you get not deal enough damage to kill it before it unleashed it's deadly 
Then take a round trip to East section and take the stairs down to 2.5 
Cross the 2.5 Floor and go down to the 2nd Floor.
Use Makoto to lower your HP to < 30% and put on both the Thief's Ring and 
the Clever Rat's Ring.
Shoot the Black Phantom Lord Rydell from far (slightly half the length of 
the corridor) with your Viscous Compound Long Bow +5, then quickly run 
back to the stairs.
Once his HP is < 30%, Dull Rat's Ring will activate and your damage will 
be reduced substantially.
Don't worry, just keep on shooting him and he will be killed eventually.
Once he is killed, you get a +3 to World Tendency but it will not be 
update until you returned to the Nexus.
However, the Primeval Demon will only appears in Pure Black World Tendency.
So, you have to killed the Primeval Demon right away without returning to 
the Nexus.
Proceed on foot to the Fool's Idol location, visit the altar and get 
yourself carried above to the 3-2 archstone.

Finding the Primeval Demon in 3-2

Take the 3-2 archstone. The path is quite straight forward.
At the fork, take the right path. There is a real gargoyle posing at a 
stone gargoyle.
You can tell it apart from its Red Eyes. Just shoot arrows at it to kill 
Once you passed the fire pot, you should be able to see a Gargoyle flying 
high above.
Take out your trusty bow and shoot it. If it is still charging at you, 
you can shoot it with more arrows or wait till it is near and use your 
spear on it.
Enter the circular building, the right side is blocked temporary so don't 
bother to go there. Take the left path.
The further end of the left path is blocked at the moment, don't worry 
about it.
At location (13) (refer to 3-2 map at the wiki). Shoot the gargoyle and 
proceed along the path.
There are more Gargoyle but they are easily killed with your Bow. You 
will reach another circular tower.
Follow the spiral stairs upward. There is a lift there but if you run too 
fast, there is a chance you will fall to your death if the platform is 
not yet lowered.
So watch your steps. A gargoyle will try to ambush you on the way up, and 
another one is waiting at the top of the lift.
It is best to killed them with your Shield and Spear. Holding the Shield 
up and attacking with Spear keep yourself stationary.
If you try to swing another weapon, you may move forward too much and fall 
to your death.
At the top of the tower are 4 Worshipers (7). They are basically harmless 
so kill them swiftly. Once they are dead, one of the two chains will be 
There is a path leading to some colorful lights. Do not, I repeat jump 
down. At least not now.
If you jump down, you will be forced to free Yurt, the Silent Chief. If 
left unchecked, he will start killing all your NPCs at the Nexus.
It is not advisable to fight him during Pure Black World Tendency, and 
also remember that your main task is to locate the Primeval Demon.
Noticed that there are 2 opened cages there. Just walk in and the cage 
will closed and take you down to the swamp.

Take the lift to the lower region. Search the place very carefully and 
you should locate the Primeval Demon.
There are some face worms here that spit acid that can corrode your 
weapon and armor.
It is best to shoot them from afar.
Equip the Large Sword of Searching (can be forged with the Hero Demon's 
Soul at Blacksmith Ed) to increase your chance of dropping the Colorless 
Demon's Soul.
Once you had killed both the Black Phantom Lord Rydell and the Primeval 
Demon, return to the Nexus.
The Tower of Latria is now in White World Tendency.

Next task is to get Tower of Latria to Pure White World Tendency.

Make your way to the swamp. This time round it should be easier before it 
is in White World Tendency.
Check out the route that you can access from the planks. You are looking 
for the base of the Tower.
You will pass by location (10) (refer to 3-2 map in wiki) on the way to 
the tower. By now, your should be able to kill those face worm with 1 or 
2 arrows. Once you are at the base of the tower, you will proceed along 
the circular, somewhere near (11) is a Black Phantom Mind Flayer. Be sure 
to cast Anti-Magic Field before fighting it. If you had opted to forge 
Morion Blade, this fight will likely killed you. It had lots of HP and 
you probably won't be able to kill it before it cast its deadly spells.
So, you will need to equip Clever Rat's Ring and Marion Blade and use 
Makoto to lower your HP to <30%.
Then hope that you are strong enough to kill it fast. Otherwise, you need 
to level up a bit more at 4-2 by killing the First Reaper.
Anyway, with Anti-Magic Field, this fight is a walk over. Proceed to the 
top, there are more face worms up there.
They will be quite near to you and it is hard to try to surprise them, 
so kill them quickly.
Note that there is a Crystal Gecko here. It drops varies sizes of 
Moonlightstone, including Pure Moonlightstone.
There is a short path there that leads to another circular tower. It is 
similar to the previous one.
Take the elevator to the top and kill the 4 worshipers to release the 
2nd chain.
This causes the massive heart to fell releasing many face worms in the 
If you visit earlier section of the game, you will find some face worms 
in addition to the normal enemies.
The top of the tower lead to to a place where you can jump down to return 
to the section near the 3-2 archstone.
Make your way to the circular room. Remember the right path that we 
skipped earlier?
Take the path now since it is no longer blocked. There is a hidden 
staircase behind the vases.
Break them and take the stairs. Soon you will reach a circular room.
That are some nice treasure here, the most important one is the Gold 
Remember the talking crow at Shrine of Storms, 4-1? You can drop the 
Gold Mask in exchange for a Colorless Demon's Soul.
The procedure is quite simple. Drop the Gold Mask at the spot where the 
crow speaks. If dropped correctly, it will acknowledge it.
Access the option menu and select "Load" to load your game.
Noticed that your dropped item is gone and a treasure appear somewhere 
further up.
Picked it up and you will realised that it is a Colorless Demon's Soul.
Similarly, the Talisman of God can be exchange for a Colorless Demon's 
Other items can be exchanged for White Arrows includes: Soul Remains, 
Augite of Guidance, Splinter of Moonlightstone,
Chunk of Moonlightstone. There rest of the item can be found elsewhere.
Note that each item is only accepted once per game. If you want more, you 
need to get it in the next New Game.

Go back to the entrance to the circular room. Take the left path to the 
section that was blocked earlier by the tentacle.
When the 2nd chain was released, the way had open up. Notice that spiral 
stair that lead to the top.
Look familiar right? Yes, there is a Black Phantom Mind Flayer waiting 
for you in the mid section. Cast Anti-Magic Field
and kill it easily. Proceed to the top to the Fog that lead to the 3-2 
Boss, Maneater.
There are 2 Maneaters that you need to fight. It is quite tough to try to 
fight 2 of them at the same time.
Here's a trick you can use. Don't touch the Fog.
Move to the left and as close to the Fog as possible. Put out your Bow 
and shoot arrows through the Fog.
At the right spot, the arrows will fly inside and hit the Maneater. Shoot 
enough arrows to kill it.
One down, one more to go.
Fighting Maneater at the long and narrow corrider is very dangerous.
You can roll off and fall to your death or you may be knock off the edge.
So once you enter the Fog, run straight ahead until you reach a brazier.
Staying behind the brazier will protect you from the spell Maneater cast.
If it get near, attack it will your spear.
If it fly away, you may want to cast some spells at it.
Anyway, it should be quite easy to kill it.
Collect it's Demon's Soul and return to the Nexus.

The Tower of Latria is now in Pure White World Tendency.

Tower of Latria, Pure White World Tendency

So what are the goodies that you can find in Pure White World Tendency?
Go to 3-2 and make your way to the location where you release the 1st 
Take the circular stairs to go up. Earlier on there is a gap which you 
cannot cross.
Now, there is a plank for you to cross the gap. Get up and you will find 
a set of key to the 2nd Floor.
Return to 3-1, to Lord Rydell's cell, unlock the door with the key you 
He will gives you the Dull Rat's Ring. It increases your defense when 
your HP is <30%.
The rubbles on the 2nd Floor near Lord Rydell's cell is gone. You can get 
some treasures there.
Go to the 1st Floor. Go to the east side (don't forget to shoot the 
Crystal Gecko there) and take the stairs to 2nd Floor East. Unlock the 
door with your newly found key. You will noticed that the cells here 
are locked. Don't worry, make your way to the end and you will find a 
key on a body that unlock all the cells. With that, you had collected 
all the goodies in World 3, Pure White World Tendency.

Valley of Defilement, 5-1

In 5-1, the place is filled with creatures with long hooked nose. They 
came in regular human size but occasionally there are giant sized ones.
Those regular sized enemies usually wield a poison dagger or flame 
stick. Those giant ones wield a Great Club that can knock you to the 
ground. If you follow my character build, you will find that the only 
enemies that is going to gives you any trouble are the giants. The 
regular ones can be taken care of with a Viscous Compound Long Bow +5 
or a Spear and shield combo.

Since there is a chance you may get poisoned by the enemies. Do remember 
this little trick if you don't have any poison curing means.
If you were poisoned, simply press START button select Load under the 
Option menu.
This will re-load the game with you at the exact same place as before, 
but your poison status will be gone.
Alternatively, you can just cast Evacuate to return to the Nexus.

Please refer to the map of 5-1 in the wiki in this guide.

By now you should have a Viscous Compound Long Bow +5 and plenty of hard 
You start at the starting archstone at (1). Go up the planks carefully. 
If you fall off, it is instant death.
Shortly, you should encounter the first regular enemy wielding a posion 
dagger. Simply block its attack with the Purple Flame Shield,
then finish it off with your Moon Winged Spear. From here, you can shoot 
the regular enemies from far.
Take the stairs at (2) to go down to the lower level. Some of the floor 
here will collapse once you stepped on them.
Some regular enemies will be waiting for you if you fall.
There is a mechanism at (4) that you activate to lower the plank leading 
to a Talisman of God.
Make your way to location (8). This part is quite risky but is definitely 
worth doing.
You have to step off the side and jump down. If you land at the right 
place you will survive the fall otherwise you will get killed.
If you get killed, come back and try again, aiming for a different place 
to land.
Eventually you will survived the fall. Kill the enemies nearby.
Be careful not to scare off the Crystal Gecko that dropped varies sizes 
of Faintstone.
At location (11) is a mechanism you can activate to lower the plank.
By doing this, you had open the path to farm the Crystal Gecko for this 
map. Once you crossed over, you should encounter around 9 plague rats at 
location (10).
They are very easy to kill but they carry the deadly plague.
Do not, I repeat cast Rage of God here. There is a Filthy Woman that sells
merchandise at the upper level.
If you cast a Rage of God here, you will either kill her right away or 
turned her hostile.
After you had killed 5-1 Boss, she will be relocated to 5-2. When that 
happened you can cast Rage of God here without fear.
Anyway, in case you are wondering why you should bother with the plague 
rats. They happened to dropped the splinter of keystone that can bring 
you instantly back to the Nexus.
From here, take note of location (13). A ladder will appear here if you 
have Pure White World Tendency in World 5.
At location (14) is your first Giant enemy. It is recommended that you 
use Makoto to lower your HP to <30%.
Wear the Clever Rat's Ring and shoot arrow at it. Once you had fire the 
arrow, run across the plank to (11) and wait.
Return to (10) and shoot another arrow. Repeat this until the Giant is 
Alternatively, you can try to melee with it. Just take note that it will 
kill you with one hit.
Proceed to (15). You should see some regular enemies with a Giant beside 
Kill the regular ones with arrows. Then use the hit and run tactics to 
kill the Giant with arrows.
Make your way to (16). Enter it to fight 5-1 Boss, Leechmonger.

Leechmonger is a very easy Boss to defeat with a Bow. Just stay at the 
top and shoot arrow at it.
It will attempt to heal itself. But arrows from Viscous Compound Long Bow 
+5 enhanced by Clever Rat's Ring will kill it in 7-20 arrows.

Take the Wriggling Demon's Soul and return to the Nexus.
You may want to learn the Miracle, Cure from Urbain.
The miracle Cure will cure both poison and plague. A pretty handy spell.

Valley of Defilement, 5-2

Many people hate this place because of the poison swamp, nasty giants and 
For a start, you need to gather some necessary items:
Adjudicator's Shield - get it from 4-1.
Regenerator's Ring - get it at 4-1 or 5-2
Blessed weapon

You will noticed that all the above items regenerate your HP. If you are 
wearing a Adjudicator's Shield +5 and a Regenerator's Ring.
It will basically offset the poison you get from the swamp. If you are 
unable to get a Adjudicator's Shield +5,
you will need a blessed weapon (+5 if possible) to add more HP 

From 5-2 archstone, proceed along the path and you will reach (2).
You will want to equip the Purple Flame Shield before you enter the swamp.
There is a plank that will serve as a bridge if you managed to push it 
down from the other later.
This will serves as a shortcut but for now, you need to take a longer 
path. You have to enter the swamp from here. First just shoot the 2 
creatures in the swamp.
Equip you HP regenerating item and jump down at (3).

This place is quite confusing even with a map. You can walk for a while 
and get totally lost.
Anyway, try to follow the map of 5-2 in the wiki as much as you can.

The jellyfish in the swamp are easily killed with arrows. They dropped 
poison removing items.
Follow the path to location (6). There are 3 creatures and a giant.
Simply shoot and kill the 3 creatures with arrows. As for the giant, 
after shooting at it, run away.
You can actually run in the swamp as long as your equip weight is less 
than 50%. In New Game+ and beyond, you need to run quite a distance before 
the giant stop chasing you.
Anyway, kill the giants with arrows. Behind them is a fog (7) than you can 
enter. They usually refer to this as the first fog. There are some planks 
that you can walk on, you will see some lights on the patch of land in the 
swamp. Remember this place because it is where you will find Black Phantom 
and Body Form of Selen.

You can proceed along the plank and walk in the swamp. It's up to you.
There are some creature wielding a flaming stick and some insects.
The creature is easy to kill, just remember to switch back to the Purple 
Flame Shield.
As for the insects, just shoot them with arrows. They can be quite tough 
to kill if you get too near to them.
If you sensed flickering on the screen, it's probably their wings flapping.
Take them out before you get near.
At location (8), there are infinite number of creatures that will come 
out. So kill them if necessary and
get away from them as soon as possible.
Soon you reached a dead end. Jump down and be careful of the insects there.
If you proceed a little further, you will noticed a lot of slugs are 
falling down from somewhere above.
This spot is the so called slug nest where you can get the Moonlight Sword.
Anyway, ignore them for now. Move ahead and you will see 2 Giants and a 
purple creature.
The purple creature cast some sort of cloud spell that poison you. Just 
kill it from far with arrows.
As for the 2 Giants, just shoot and run. Rinse and repeat until they were 
From their location, if you go left, you will find a platform where you 
can go up.
It will leads you to the slug nest which and can bring down with your 
weapon. After dropping the nest, there are some ledges here that you 
can jump down. Make you way down. To kill the slugs, you can either use 
Rage of God or shoot arrows. Once you kill them all, you will find the 
Moonlight Sword there. It is very light and quite powerful.

Return to the location of the 2 Giants earlier. You will noticed a small 
encampment there.
The filthy woman that you encountered earlier had relocated here. She is 
the only NPC that sell plague arrows.
Those arrows will cause poison but the poison kill rather slowly. They 
maybe useful against dragons for certain build.
The places is crawling with those creatures. However it should not be 
difficult to deal with them.
You main task is to unlock the path to this encampment from the starting 
area. Make your way to location (15), then activate the switch at (18) to 
lower the bridge.
There is a Crystal Gecko just before the bridge. It drop Chunk and Pure 
At location (17), you can find 4 Giants guarding 3 Stone of Ephemeral 
Eyes. Just kill them with arrows and jump down to collect the goodies.
There is a slug at (10) that drops the Beggar armor set. Be sure that 
you had enough carry capacity before killing it.

After lowering the bridge at (18), you are ready to do the Pure Black 
World Tendency event for this world.

By now, you should be very familiar with how to get Pure Black World 
Tendency. As usual, enter 5-1 archstone, revive using Stone of Ephemeral 
Eyes and suicide by jumping off the cliff.
Repeat this until the world is in Pure Black World Tendency.

Pure Black World Tendency Events in 5-2

Remember the place where Black Phantom Selen can be found? It is 
somewhere between location (7) and (8) in the map.

Your main task is to kill Black Phantom Selen, then kill the Primeval 
Demon to get the world to White World Tendency.
However, there is a slight problem here.

First of all, Black Phantom Selen can be killed easily by standing on 
the plank between (7) and (8) and shooting her with arrows.
Be sure to equip Clever Rat's Ring, Hard Arrows fired from a Viscous 
Compound Long Bow +5 will kill her quickly.
However, from there you will have problem getting the 2 Black Phantom 
Giants guarding the path to the encampment.
You see, the Primeval Demon is behind them, so if you can't get pass 
them, you will be in trouble.

So here's how I do it and it is very crucial that you had already lower 
the bridge at (18).
Bring lots of arrows. 300-400 is a good number.
First, don't bother with Black Phantom Selen.
Instead, cross the bridge at (18) and make your way to the encampment.
There is a Black Phantom Giant there but you can simply lure it into the 
lower section and run pass it.
To lure him to the lower section, just go to the squarish section, 
maneuvers until he fall to the lower section.
Alternatively, you can spend some arrows to kill it. Just beware that it 
can chase you for long distance and there isn't much place to hide.
Once pass the Filthy Woman, you should see the 2 Black Phantom Giants, 2 
Giant and 1 Purple creature.
Kill the purple creature with arrows. But don't shoot the Giants. They 
can run inside the encampment and kill you there.
Instead, keep to the right and sneak pass them.
Make your way to location (12). You should see the Primeval Demon but 
don't kill it first.
If you killed it now, you may run of arrows before killing Black Phantom 
Selen, you will then need to return to the Nexus to buy more arrows.
That is something we should totally avoid.
At location (12), make you way up to the plank. At the top, you can 
safely shoot arrows to kill the 2 Black Phantom Giants and the normal 
Giants. Now make your way back to the encampment. Walk along the cliff 
and return to location (3).
At location (6), you will noticed a Black Phantom Giant added to the 
usual mix.
Kill them with arrows using the shoot and run tactics.
Make your way to the plank between (7) and (8).
Be sure to kill the flying insects that is just before (8).
You don't really want them to distract you from shooting Black Phantom 
Get your HP to <30% using Makoto. Equip Clever Rat's Ring and shoot hard 
arrows using the Viscous Compound Long Bow +5 at the Black Phantom Selen.
When her HP is low, she may attempt to heal herself, try to interrupt that 
if possible, otherwise you will need more arrows to kill her.
Once she is dead. Jump down and pick up the weapon, Blind from her flame.
Make your way to the Primeval Demon. It should not be a problem now that 
the 2 Black Phantom Giants were killed earlier.

Alternatively, if you don't mind losing some souls.
You can kill Black Phantom Selen first, then get yourself killed to 
re-spawn at 5-2 archstone.
Cross the bridge at (18) and proceed to kill the Primeval Demon.
You will need to picked up those souls you dropped earlier.

Anway, now that you had killed both Black Phantom Selen and the Primeval 
Demon. Return to the Nexus to confirmed that the world is now in White 
World Tendency.

5-2 Boss, Dirty Colossus

You need to kill one more Boss to get it to Pure White World Tendency.

Make your way to the encampment. the fog that leads to the Boss is at 
(19). When you are shooting arrows at Dirty Colossus, it will cast a 
spell that gives you the plague.
Your HP will decrease gradually, you can either using healing item or 
use Widow's Lotus to cure it.
Note that when you had the plague, healing items are less effective.
Anyway, just monitor your HP, if it get low, heal yourself.
It don't take too many arrows to kill it.

Once you had killed it. Pick up the Eroded Demon's Soul at the 5-3 
archstone return to the Nexus.
The Valley of Defilement is now in Pure White World Tendency.

World 5 Pure White World Tendency Events

First of all, kill yourself in the Nexus to return to Soul Form.
You don't want to get yourself killed by the Giants and messed up your 
World Tendency.

Go to the 5-1, near the first giant goblin, there will be a ladder (13) 
leading upwards.
Once this ladder is unlocked, it stay unlocked forever in the current 
game even if World Tendency changes later.
Climb the ladder and watch out for a giant goblin half way through. Kill 
it with arrows as usual.
Eventually the path leads to three giant goblins guarding the Istarelle 
spear. Kill them one by one with arrows and take the spear.

At 5-2, if you go to the area around (7), you will find Selen in Body 
Form. Talk to her and she will ask you to look for her brother, Garl 

The other part of the quest requires you to find Black Phantom Garl 
Vinland. However, you can't do that until you had killed the last Boss, 
Maiden Astraea.

Take the archstone to 5-3. You will find the fog to the last Boss right 
away. Enter it and kill the 3 creatures there. There is a Crystal Gecko 
on the right side. Don't let it escape, kill it with arrows.
Collect the loot, and kill the rest of the creatures there.
You should be able to find a good spot to shoot arrow at Maiden Astraea.
Kill her with arrows.
Return to the place near the first 3 creatures.
Don't worry about Garl Vinland.
Select Option and Load the game.
You will find a new Crystal Gecko that you can shoot.
Also, Garl Vinland had suicded and left a flame behind.
You need to ensure that you can carry all his stuff. You will need to 
wear the Ring of Herculean Strength.
If you return to the Nexus, any items you didn't pick up will be lost 
forever in the current game.
Touch the archstone to get the Pureblood Demon's Soul. Return to the 

Suicide in the Nexus.
You don't want to risk getting killed fighting Black Phantom Garl Vinland 
in Body Form.
Talk to Freke and use the Pureblood Demon's Soul to learn Death Cloud.
This spell is essential to defeat the False King.

Don't take the 5-4 archstone but take the 5-3 archstone instead.
You should see Black Phantom Garl Vinland in place of Body Form Garl 
Vinland. Your arrows and spells cannot hurt him when his Dark Silver 
Shield is raised since it block 100% physical and magical damage.
Equip Purple Fame Shield and Moon Winged Spear.
Lure him to smash attack with his large hammer, Brand.
When he guard is down, poke him with your spear.
Rinse and repeat until he is dead.

Pick up Brand and the Crest of Vinland.
Return to Selen and gives her the Crest of Vinland to get a Ring of 
Devout Prayer.

Boletarian Palace, 1-2

This part should be really easy at this stage of the game.
There is however a choice to whether you want to save Ostrava but I will 
recommend that you don't save him first.
Saving him means killing all the enemies near him and then talk to him.
Not saving him simply means that you don't go near him at all.
Since the Red Dragon is already killed earlier, just proceed along path 
and your should reach location (11) quickly.
Those Blue Eyes Knights shouldn't be giving you any trouble at all.
Enter the fog to fight with the 1-2 Boss, Tower Knight.
First of all, run to the top section and kill all the soldiers with 
Then shoot arrow at the Tower Knight when his shield is down.
When he is about to fire his projectile, back away.
It may take some practice but you should learn the pattern quickly.
Rinse and repeat until he is dead.

Pickup the Iron Demon's Soul from 1-3 archstone and return to the Nexus.
Suicide in Nexus by jumping down from a high enough place.

Preparation for Pure Black World Tendency

Before you do the Pure Black World Tendency event, you need to open up 
the path to the Primeval Demon.

From the 1-3 archstone. A little ahead is a fountain. There are 2 dogs 
there, just block their attack with a shield, then kill them. There is 
a stairs here, while you walking up the stairs, an enemy will push a 
flaming boulder towards you.
Just avoid it and it will smash some crates below. A Fat Minister is 
standing on top, when you walk near, he will escape through the Large 
Gate which is released and crushed one of his follower.

You main task in the preparation phase is to open this particular Large 
Gate by activating a lever on the other side.
Opening the Large Gate will provide a shortcut to reach the Primeval 
Demon without the need to fight the 2 Black Phantom Fat Ministers at 
the upper region.

For now, don't go near the Large Gate.
If you had rescued Ostrava in 1-2, the moment you go near the Large Gate, 
he will ask for help and this usually distract you from your task and if 
you didn't watch his back, he can get himself killed.
If he got himself killed, you may not be able to retrieve the Mausoleum 
Key. Many people had returned to the Nexus and forget to retrieve the 
Mausoleum Key. You have to understand that the moment you left any world. 
Any item not picked up with be lost forever. So, for now, take my advice 
and stay away from the Large Gate, whether you had rescued Ostrava in 
1-2 or not.

Can you see the side passage on the right? Somewhere near at the corner 
near the stairs is a Crystal Gecko.
Equip the Large Sword of Searching to double your drop rate.
The best way to kill it is to wear the Ring of Sincere Prayer and cast 
Rage of God.
Since you had killed 2 Bosses so far, after you loot the Crystal Gecko. 
You can loot the Crystal Gecko another 2 more times.
Return to the same position. Load the game and cast Rage of God.
Repeat until the Crystal Gecko is thoroughly farmed.
Note: after killing the 1-3 and 1-4 Boss, you can return to farm this 
Crystal Gecko 2 more times.

Take the right passage.
Shoot the 2 soldiers from far. Go down the flight of stairs.
An assassin will appears and you just need to block her attacks with a 
shield and then finish her off with your spear.
They drop clearstone so you can farm them if you need some.
Once you reach the lower section. You can take a detour, climb a ladder 
and shoot the 2 soldiers with crossbow.
Cross the squarish area to where the soldier with crossbow is situated.
A soldier will send a flaming boulder towards you.
Take the stairs there. There are assassins hiding in the left and right 
If you enter the passage, the assassin will appear behind you and attack.
Once you reach the top, you can find another Fat Minister standing 
opposite you. You can take him out safely with your arrows and take out 
those soldiers next to him as well.
He dropped the Iron Ring of Keys.
In the house just right of you is a Red Eye Knight and some soldiers.
Put on Ring of Sincere Prayer and cast Rage of God to kill everyone 
inside the house.
Note: If your Rage of God cannot kill him in 1 casting, then you better 
put on the Clever Rat's Ring.
Enter the house, go upstairs and you will find the Dregling Merchant 
Note: If you have not met him in 1-2, he will not appear here.
He will sell the Brushwood armor and shield after you had kill 1-4 
Go back downstairs and go out of the house.
You should see a Fog here.
There is also a Red Eye Knight here. He will patrol the passage.
Put on Ring of Sincere Prayer and cast Rage of God when he is near to 
kill him.
Go through the passage and loot the Fat Minister that you had killed 
earlier for the Iron Ring of Keys.
I am not sure whether the Iron Ring of Keys will be gone forever if you 
return to Nexus before picking it up.
It's better to play safe and get it before returning to the Nexus.

Take the stairs up, more soldiers and assassins. Just dispatch them as 
per normal.
Once you reached the top, you will noticed some long narrow passage.
A Red Eye Knight is patrolling the place and you can see him from far.
Put on Ring of Sincere Prayer, find a place to ambush him.
Cast Rage of God when he is near to kill him.
Take note of the spot the Red Eye Knight is at.
Noticed the passage there? This place look harmless.
But in Pure Black World Tendency, the moment you walk into it. 2 Black 
Phantom Fat Ministers will materialize, 1 in front of you and 1 behind 
you. You can imagine how nasty it will be right?
By opening the Large Gate, you don't have to get into this nasty 
situation. Anyway, in case you are sandwiched in between them, hold 
your shield up and slowly maneuvers around the Black Phantom Fat 
Minister behind you. Once you get out of the passage. There are many 
ways to deal with them.
For me, it's either Rage of God or shoot them with arrows.
Once pass the passage. You will find some archers which you can deal 
with easily. There are 2 paths from here. One lead to an open and the 
other one lead to the Large Gate.
Take the stairs to the open space. Mark this place, in Pure Black World 
Tendency, the Primeval Demon will be here.
At the corner of the area is a sniper spot. 
Anyway, just stay above and shoot every soldiers that is in your sight.
Now, take the other path to the Large Gate.
There is a Fat Minister that you can kill with arrows from far. He 
dropped the Minister's Hat.
Many people had forgotten to pick it up and returned to the Nexus. As 
usual, the Minister's Hat is gone forever.
There is a lever for you to open the gate. Activate it to open the 
Large Gate.
Note: If you had rescued Ostrava in 1-2, he will ask for help and 2 
Red Eyes Knights will appears near him.
You need to take out the 2 Red Eyes Knight quickly or Ostrava will 
be killed.
Anyway. since you didnt' rescue Ostrava earlier, you can deal with 
this problem later.
The reason I am emphasizing this is because you want to kill Ostrava 
for Mephistopheles quest to get a Talisman of Beast.
If you had already gotten the Talisman of Beast, you may not need 
another one. But you can always get an extra and give it to some of 
your online friends.
You will also get a Pure Clearstone for rescuing Ostrava the third 
time. Very handy to complete the Clearstone weapon trophy.

Pure Black World Tendency for Boletarian Palace

Bring 7 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
Go to the 1-1 archstone. Revive with the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes and 
then get yourself killed. Return to the Nexus to update your World 
Tendency. Repeat it 5 to 7 times depending on your World Tendency to 
reach Pure Black World Tendency. If in doubt, do it a few more time. 
By now, you should be able to tell it visually.

In Pure Black World Tendency, the passage on the left of the 1-1 
archstone will be opened. Once opened, it stays opened forever in 
the current game.

First of all, bring sufficient arrows. My usual recommendation is 
400-500 arrows.

Enter the passage, you can shoot the Crystal Gecko immediately.
3 Black Phantom Slave Soldiers appears. It is very easy to kill them.
You may want to farm the Crystal Gecko completely before dealing with 
Black Phantom Miralda.

Walk a bit further and another 5 Black Phantom Slave Soldiers appears. 
Take care of them and proceed to the building.
Black Phantom Miralda is hiding inside.
There are 3 ways to kill her.
1. Put on Ring of Sincere Prayer, Clever's Rat Ring and Cast Rage of 
God to kill her. If you cast Rage of God to kill her, somehow the game 
will not increase your Character Tendency.
2. Lure her out and kill her in melee.
Get HP to <30%. Equip Clever Rat's Ring, Shield and Spear.
With your improved damage, you can kill her quickly.
Doing this will increase your Character Tendency.
If you had kill the other 4 Black Phantom NPCs in the other world.
This act will get your Character Tendency to Pure White.
3. Get HP to <30%. Equip Clever Rat's Ring, Viscous Compound Long Bow +5. 
(Morion Blade in offhand in New Game+)
Lure her out, run back to the starting area.
When Black Phantom Miralda started to walk back. Shoot arrows at her. 
Repeat until she is dead. Similar to method 2, this will get your 
Character Tendency to Pure White.

Just remember that getting Pure White Character Tendency means that you 
can go back to the Nexus later (after killing the Primeval Demon) and 
collect the Friend's Ring from the Monumental.

After killing her, enter building. There is a Colorless Demon's Soul on 
one of the beam. You need to step off the edge and land on the beam 
below. You will probably get killed a few time but it is worth the 
effort. The Brushwood armor set is at the bottom, please don't take 
it. It is very likely to get you overweight. Remember, you can collect 
the armor later. For now, you need to kill the Primeval Demon.

Make your way to the 1-3 archstone. The only complication should be the 
2 Black Phantom Red Eye Knight that will materialize near the 2 Blue Eye 
Anyway, by now, you should know that you should get your HP to <30%, 
wear Clever Rat's Ring to kill the 2 Black Phantom Red Eye Knights.
Just remember to run away after shooting your arrow, they can run after 
you if you are not careful.

From the 1-3 archstone. The path is straight forward.
Just go through the Large Gate that you had opened earlier and go 
upstairs to the Primeval Demon.
Once you had killed it, you are ready to returned to the Nexus.

Note: If you want to test out fighting the 2 Black Phantom Fat Ministers, 
you should try it before returning to the Nexus. The moment you enter 
the Nexus, Boletarian Palace is in White World Tendency.

Leave everything unwanted with Thomas. Make sure you can carry an extra 
Wt of 60.

Make sure you can carry all of them. Ring of Great Strength will help 
you here.
The Ring of Great Strength can be found in the Dragon nest in 1-1.

Go to the 1-1 archstone. Enter the stairwell where Black Phantom Miralda 
was situated.
Take the ladder to the bottom and bring back the followings:
Brushwood Helmet, Wt 6.9
Brushwood Armor, Wt 17.3
Brushwood Manifer, Wt 10.4
Brushwood Leggings, Wt 10.4
Large Brushwood Shield, Wt 13.0
Total: Wt 58.0

Anything left behind will be gone forever. So don't attempt to pick it up 
unless you are ready.

Return to the Nexus to offload the Brushwood set.

You should be at Pure White Character Tendency by now. Talk to the 
Monumental and get the Friend's Ring.
If there is no Boss left in the current game, you won't be able to get 
the Ring from the Monumental until you start the next game cycle.

Rescuing Yuria the Witch

Bring the Minister's Hat.

Go to 1-3 archstone. There is a locked door near the Blue Eye Knight.
Unlock it with the Iron Ring of Keys. There is a Fat Minister guarding 
the place.
Shoot arrows to kill him from far. Pick up the Bloody Key.
Biorr of the Twin Fang is locked inside one of the cell.
Use the Iron Ring of Keys to rescue him.
Return to the Nexus and you will find him sitting in front of the 
archstone of the Valley of Defilement.

Go to 1-3 archstone. Go to the fountain with you fight with the 2 dogs.
On the right side is a locked door. Open it with the Bloody Key.
Make your way to a building.
Go up the stairs. Noticed that a Fat Minister is standing above with no 
visible way to reach him.
Wear the Minister's Hat and the Fat Minister above will lower the stairs.
Kill him with arrows. Go up and you will find Yuria.
If you talk to her with the Minister's Hat on, she will treat you like 
a bad guy.
If you took off the hat, she will thanks you for rescuing her.
Return to the Nexus, Yuria can be found in the Magician Zone behind 
the archstone of the Valley of Defilement.

At this point, Boletarian Palace is at White World Tendency.

You just need to defeat another Boss in Soul Form to get it to Pure 
White World Tendency.

Interlude: Explanation of Mephistopheles' quests

However, there is a slight complication here: doing Mephistopheles' 

I will try my best to explain this portion as it can get confusing 
once you started your course of action. After you had rescued Yurt 
the Silent Chief from Tower of Latria, 3-2. Mephistopheles will 
appears in the second level of the Nexus when your Character 
Tendency is Pure Black. If Yurt is left alone, he will start doing 
Mephistopheles' quest and start stealing your kills.

Here's Mephistopheles' quests and their respective rewards:
Target 	Reward
Saint Urbain and followers 	Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
Sage Freke and followers 	Stone of Ephemeral Eyes
Patches, the Hyena 	Colorless Demon's Soul
Biorr of the Twin Fangs 	Colorless Demon's Soul
Ostrava 	Talisman of Beasts
Yuria the Witch 	Foe's Ring

As you can see, the only important items in this list are the 2 
Colorless Demon's Souls and the Foe's Ring. Since Colorless Demon's 
Souls can be found elsewhere, this make the Foe's Ring the most 
crucial reason to do the quest.

The missions are given one at a time in the exact order given. Once 
you had completed the mission, the next available target will be 
selected. Any targets that were already dead will be skipped. The 
only penalty is the rewards for the respective target.

Saint Urbain need to be rescue first, and his followers are always in 
the Nexus. Sage Freke need to be rescue first, and his followers are 
always in the Nexus. Patches, the Hyena can be rescued in 2-2 and 4-2 
and will be sitting in front of the Archstone for Tower of Latria.

Biorr of the Twin Fangs can be rescued at 1-2. After rescuing Yuria, 
Biorr will sit in front of the Archstone for Valley of Defilement.
He will appears during the fight with 1-3 Boss, Penetrator and will 
distract the Blue Dragon in 1-4.
However, after you had successfully defeated the Blue Dragon, Biorr 
will no longer appears in the Nexus.
He is forever gone until the next game cycle. So, if you want to 
collect the Mephistopheles' reward, you need to kill Biorr before he 
disappear forever.

Ostrava is another possibly glitch character. You need to rescue him 3 
times, in 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3. In 1-4, after getting past the Blue Dragon,
Ostrava will commit suicide after giving you the Mausoleum Key. This 
adds a date line as to when you have to kill him.
It is also well known that sometimes after rescuing him, he disappear 
somehow. You see, supposed you rescued him in 1-1, if the 1-1 Boss
is not defeated, Ostrava will wander in 1-1 every time you enter 1-1. 
He can get himself killed without you ever knowing, you must keep on 
protecting him every time you enter the world he is in. Suppose you 
rescued him in 1-2, as long as 1-3 Boss is not defeated, you must 
rescue him every time you enter the world 1-2. Similarly for 1-3. 
Frankly speaking, if I am doing my mission to kill the Black Phantom 
Miralda and Primeval Demon, I hardly had any spare time to babysit 
Ostrava. In a Pure Black World Tendency, he can get killed easily. If 
you ever left the world without picking up the Mausoleum Key, it will 
be forever gone in the current game. This is the main reason I advice 
you not to rescue him first. Luckily, the quest reward is a Talisman 
of Beast which you can get by killing Black Phantom Scirvir.

Yuria need to be rescued and will stay in the Nexus till the end of the 
game. This make it easy to get the Foe's Ring.

So, what's the big deal about all this assassination quests?
You see, if you want to have an easier time fighting 1-3 Boss, 
Penetrator, you will want Biorr to help you out.
So you may want to kill him alive. Later on, Biorr is quite helpful 
distracting the Blue Dragon. But that is the last time he is ever going 
to appear. If you want to delay killing him, you better do it after the 
Blue Dragon is killed. In general, it is safer to kill him earlier, 
before the fight with the Blue Dragon.

End of Interlude

At this point of time, Biorr is already rescued. And since Yuria is 
rescued as well, Biorr will be in the Nexus.
Ostrava is not yet rescued. He should still be at 1-1.
World 1 is in Pure White World Tendency.
You are in Soul Form. If not, please suicide in the Nexus.

Bring 200 hard arrows. Remember the spell: Soul Arrow, Soul Light or 
Moving Soul Arrows.
Bring some spices just in case you run out of mana.
Getting to the 1-3 Boss is very easy. From the 1-2 Archstone, head 
straight to the fountain, up the stairs and make your way to the Large 
Gate. Take the stairs up to the top level. Go to the sniper position 
and shoot the 3 Red Eyes Knights. Kill off the rest of the enemies.

Make your way down to the fog that leads to 1-3 Boss, Penetrator.

If you want to fight to be over quickly. Equip Makoto to bring your HP 
to <30%.
Wear Clever Rat's Ring and Thief's Ring (If you want more power, you 
can put on Ring of Magical Sharpness).
Left Hand: Purple Flame Shield +10.
Right Hand: Talisman of God.
Spell: Soul Arrow, Soul Light or Moving Soul Arrows. (choose the one you 

Biorr will appear in the fight with Penetrator. While Penetrator is 
being distracted by Biorr, just cast your spells at him.
Wearing the Thief's Ring allows him to almost ignore your present. Giving 
you ample opportunity to kill him quickly.
Just in case he attack you, keep your shield up or just roll away. Once 
you get far enough from him, he will ignore you totally.
Anyway, it should take you more than 1 or 2 minutes to finish him.

Doing this fight without Biorr is more challenging. In that case, Moving 
Soul Arrows may be a better choice since it pack a punch.
However, learn to aim it well or you will waste lots of MP. This also 
train your dodging skills. You better master it or you will suffer later 
in New Game+.

Touch the archstone to collect the Silver Demon's Soul.
Return to the Nexus.

Suicide in Nexus to return to Soul Form.
Visit 1-1. World 1 is now in Pure White World Tendency.

Body Form Miralda appears in the place where Black Phantom Miralda can be 
found earlier.
If you kill her, you can get the Binded armor set from her.
Note: Killing Body Form Miralda will gives a -3 to World Tendency bringing 
World 1 back to Neutral World Tendency.

Mephistopheles' quest

You had done all the Pure Black and White World Tendency events at this 
You had also complete the Pure White Character Tendency event.

Now, let's do the Pure Black Character Tendency event.

This part is quite straight forward. Just visit World 1 to 5 and kill 
all 5 merchants:
World 1 - Dregling (changes location from 1-1 to 1-2, then 1-3)
World 2 - Filthy Man (location 2-1, 2-2)
World 3 - Once Royal Mistress (location 3-1 only)
World 4 - Graverobber Blige (changes location from 4-1 to 4-2)
World 5 - Dirty Woman (changes location from 5-1 to 5-2)

After killing all 5 of them, your Character Tendency is now Pure Black.

However, Mephistopheles will not appear in the second floor of the Nexus 

Go to 3-2, make your way to the place where you lower the first chain. 
Look for the colour light markers.
Go there and rescue Yurt. Evacuate to the Nexus.
Go to the second floor of the Nexus. Yurt should not be there yet. If he 
is there, be sure to kill him.
Anyway, in my play through, he is always not in the Nexus until some time 
You will want to collect Yurt's armor.
Gloom Helmet, Wt 4.6
Gloom Armor, Wt 11.5
Gloom Gauntlet, Wt 6.9
Gloom Leggings, Wt 6.9
Be sure you can carry all this before proceeding.
Return to 3-2, make your way to Yurt's location but don't jump down. Yurt 
should be walking on the platform.
He is practically target practice for your Viscous Compound Long Bow. So, 
just kill him with arrows.
Jump down and collect the Gloom armor set.

Return to the Nexus. Mephistopheles is now at the second level of the 

First mission: Saint Urbain and followers.
Be sure to learn all Miracle from them and memorize the miracles you want.
After killing them, you can no longer change your miracle until the next 
game cycle.

Saint Urbain had a male and a female follower. After killing one, the 
other 2 will attack you when they see you.
Let's start with Saint Urbain. The nasty part about this fight is that 
you don't want to cast Rage of God or any area of effect spells here.
Stockpile Thomas is right behind Urbain and you don't want to kill 
Thomas accidentally.
So, just equip the Purple Flame Shield and a spear. Lower your HP to 
<30%, wear the Clever Rat's Ring and fight him in melee.
He should go down quickly. When he want to cast the Rage of God, be 
sure to stop him. I don't know whether his Rage of God can kill 
Let's just be more cautious and always interrupt his spell.
After that, his two followers will attack. The female follower wields 
a Pickaxe, it's attack is very strong.
It is safe to dodge it then block it. They shouldn't be much of a 
problem to deal with.

Talk to Mephistopheles to get a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

Next mission: Sage Freke and followers
Be sure to learn all the spells you need from them first.

We are now at the other end and it is very safe to cast Rage of God.
Get your HP to <30%. Wear Clever Rat's Ring and Ring of Sincere 
Left Hand: Purple Flame Shield or Dark Silver Shield
Right Hand: Talisman of God.
Walk near Freke and cast Rage of God. Depending on your soul level. You 
can kill him in 1 or 2 casting. The follower will attack you after you 
killed Freke. Switch to a spear and kill him quickly.

Talk to Mephistopheles to get a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
Next mission: Patches, the Hyena

First of all, buy lots of arrows from him. You want Stockpile Thomas to 
have 999 arrows of each type of arrows he is selling.
You will also want to carry an extra 400-500 hard arrows with you. 
Remember, you are killing off the sole supplier of your hard arrows.

Patches carries an Adjudicator's Shield that regenerate his HP. He also 
attack with a spear.
This present a rather nasty combination. If your Magic and Faith is high 
enough, you can kill him with a single blast of Rage of God
with Clever Rat's Ring and Ring of Sincere Prayer. If not, you can use 
it to reduce his HP and then fight him with a spear. Alternatively, you 
can shoot arrows at him and then fight him in melee when he run near.
Just choose the method you are most comfortable with and kill him 

Talk to Mephistopheles to get a Colorless Demon's Soul.

Next target: Biorr of the Twin Fangs

At this point, Biorr should be in the Nexus. He is wearing a very strong 
Get your HP to <30%. Wear Clever Rat's Ring and Ring of Sincere Prayer.
Left Hand: Purple Flame Shield or Dark Silver Shield
Right Hand: Talisman of God.
Hide behind the archstone of Valley of Defilement.
Cast Rage of God twice. Biorr will get up but is unable to locate his 
attacker. If he is still not dead. Eat some spices and cast Rage of God 
a few more time.
Do it until he is dead.

Talk to Mephistopheles to get a Colorless Demon's Soul.

Next target: Ostrava

Visit 1-2. Clear the lower section and rescue Ostrava.
Return to Nexus.
Visit 1-3. Go near the Large Gate and rescue Ostrava.
After he had given you the Pure Clearstone.
Kill him and get the Mausoleum Key.

Talk to Mephistopheles to get a Talisman of God.
Next target: Yuria
Be sure to learn all the spells you want from her.
Make sure you memorize the spell Death Cloud. You may learn other spells 
as well.

Get your HP to <30%. Wear Clever Rat's Ring and Ring of Sincere Prayer.
Left Hand: Purple Flame Shield or Dark Silver Shield
Right Hand: Talisman of God.
Stand next to Yuria and cast Rage of God.
She should be killed with 1 blast. If not, cast it another time to finish 
her off.

Prepare yourself before talking to Mephistopheles.
Get your HP to <30% with Makoto. Put on the Clever Rat's Ring.
You can choose any method you like to deal with her.
For me, I melee her with Purple Flame Shield and a Moon Winged Spear.

Talk to Mephistopheles to get the Foe's Ring.
After getting the ring, she will attack you with Soul Sucker.
If connected, it will drain 1 Soul Level from you.
Kill her quickly.

At this point, you had completed the Pure Black Character Tendency events.

The Blue Dragon

Take the archstone to 1-4.
There are some crossbowmen right ahead. Kill them with arrows.

There is a Crystal Gecko right in front of the 3 Black Phantoms:
A Woman with the White Bow.
A Man with a sword
A Knight in heavy armor and Tower Shield.

They are actually quite easy to deal with.
Get your HP to <30% with Makoto. Wear Thief's Ring and Clever Rat's Ring.
Kill the Crystal Gecko with 1 hard arrow.
Then shoot arrows at them. Take them out one at a time.
Be sure to run away after firing your arrows. Also, beware of the magical 
arrow from the woman.
Make sure to dodge them. They can only be stopped by a Dark Silver 
Shield. A Purple Flame Shield will not protect you against her arrows.

After killing them, collect the loot. By now, all these are extra 
duplicates that you stock up with Thomas.
You may give them away if you take part in online game later but 
seriously who want them?

At the time, you may want to move back to the place behind the dead 
dragon. Load the game and harvest the Crystal Gecko. Since you already 
killed 3 Bosses, you can harvest this Crystal Gecko 4 times.

Move ahead, turn right. There is another Crystal Gecko behind the planks.
Similarly, you can kill it with 1 arrow. Then harvest it a total of 4 
times by loading the game.

In the building ahead, there is a Red Eyes Knight. You can kill it 
quickly with a Rage of God (<30% HP + CRR + RoSP).
Once you reach the top of the stairs, you will find 2 Fat Ministers.
Kill them will arrows.
Walk a bit nearer and a Blue Dragon will appears.
Bring it down to 50% HP and it will flies away.
As usual, Viscous Compound Long Bow +5 (<30% HP + CRR) will make your 
task real easy.

There is a Crystal Gecko right ahead. Kill it with 1 arrow. Then load and 
harvest it another 3 more times.
Note: After loading, the Blue Dragon will regains 100% HP.
Return to Nexus, then repeat the previous steps again to bring the Blue 
Dragon to 50% HP.

Go through the building and you will reach a hall with the Blue Dragon.
This time round, Biorr will not be there to distract the dragon. So your 
job is tougher.

There are a few ways to kill the Blue Dragon.
1. Shoot the head of the Blue Dragon from far. Aim for the mouth when it 
is breathing fire. It takes many arrows but is completely safe.
Be sure to bring at least 500 arrows. I think you need 200-250 hard 
arrows if you don't miss. Light arrows will perform better here.

2. Get to the right pillar near the Blue Dragon. There is a safe spot 
amongst the pillar. The flame will not hurt you there. Unfortunately, 
you cannot enter the precision target mode from this position. Just 
lock-on and shoot. Arrows fired from this distance should deal around 
5x the damage of method 1. However, with a low vitality build, if you 
get hit by the flame once or twice, you are toasted. Hard arrows 
perform better than Light arrow here.

3. If Biorr is alive, he will distract the Blue Dragon. Doing method 
2 is extremely easy.

Whichever way you choose, the Blue Dragon will be killed eventually. 
Note: this is the reason why I advice you to stock up on arrows.
If Patches is alive, this mission is a cake walk. Just bring 999 hard 
or light arrows.

Once passed the Blue Dragon. If Ostrava is stilled alive (in certain 
game variant), he will gives you the Mausoleum Key, then suicides.

Walk on a bit further and you meet Black Phantom Ostrava.
Just shoot him with arrows and then take cover.
He went down quickly.

Ahead, you reach an elevator with a lever. Equip Thief's Ring and 
Death Cloud. Activate the lever.
Once it reaches the top. Enter the Fog.

Hide behind the wall on the left of the stairs.
Wait for the False King to turn his back against you.
Walk (don't run) up the stairs slowly.
Cast Death Cloud on the False King.
Make sure you can visually see his HP decreasing.
If not, cast Death Cloud again until his HP starts to decrease.
Walk back down the stairs and hide behind the wall.
Turn off the screen and come back about 15 min later.
In case the Death Cloud had expired before he is dead. Repeat the same 
process again.

Once he is dead. Collect the False King's Demon's Soul from the 

At this point, the game is officially sealed.
You can no longer gain any soul level from the Maiden in Black.

Old King Doran

If you want to defeat Old King Doran. Now is the last chance to do 
Go to 1-1, get past the Red Eyes Knight. Then open the door with 
the Mausoleum key.
Cast Death Cloud on Old King Doran. You can either wait for him to 
die and hasten the process by fighting him.
He had a very powerful attack that can kill you in one hit. As long 
as you can dodge that move, you should be able to kill him.
Killing him unlock a trophy and let you have his armor.
It is the best light weight armor in this game. However, it may not 
be suitable for my current build since I will not have enough Endurance 
to wear the armor and still roll.

End Game

Return to the Nexus. Talk to her and she will bring you to the Old One.
Enter the cave and fight the Wanabe Allant.
This Boss is easy.
The Maiden in Black will then lure the Old Ones to slumber.

At this point you have a choice.

1. Good Ending
Just exit the place. You will receive the Maiden In Black Demon's Soul.
This can be exchange for the Soul Sucker Spell from Yuria in New Game+.

2. Evil Ending
Kill the Maiden in Black. You will receive the Beast's Demon's Soul.
It's properties is currently unknown.
You also receive a Red Eye Stone which can be used for Player vs Player 

For the first time through the game, it is better to get the Good 
Ending. The Soul Sucker spell is too good to be missed.

New Game+

After finishing the game, you will start at the Nexus with a new game 
cycle. The World Tendency and Character Tendency remains exactly the same 
as before.

You keep all your souls, soul level and most of your items.
The items that are gone were the quest related items such as keys.
You also get to keep the Minister's Hat and any items that are left 
with Stockpile Thomas.

All NPCs are now alive and will not remember what you had done to them in 
the previous game cycle.
This also means that you need to rescue all those NPCs all over again.
All enemies are now harder to kill and hit harder. They also give more 
souls when killed.

As before, you can't level up your soul level until you had defeated 

If you had followed my walkthrough closely, you would have completed all 
World and Character Tendency events.
You can try out online mode if you want. The World Tendency glitch should 
impact you little since you are not longer bother with it.
If you need Colorless Demon's Soul, you can get the World to Pure Black 
World Tendency and look for the Primeval Demon.
Killing the Black Phantom NPCs is now optional. However, doing so will 
increase your Character Tendency and this make your life easier since the 
enemies are weaker.

Obviously, the target you should be aiming for is the completion of all 
the trophies in the game.
Since some Boss demon's soul can have up to 4 usages, you need to reach 
New Game+++ in order to cover them all. You should exchange the Storm 
Demon's Soul for the Morion Blade as soon as possible.

The upgrading trophies are mainly related to the Crystal Geckos.
With <30% HP, with a Clever Rat's Ring and Marion Blade.
You should be able to kill it with 1 hard arrow from a Viscous Compound 
Long Bow +5.
Each Crystal Gecko have a counter that start with 1 and increase every 
time a Boss is killed in that particular world.
So, you have 4 or 5 attempt on each Crystal Gecko.
Equipping a Large Sword of Searching and farming them in Pure Black 
World Tendency will improve the drop rate.
Since you are going through the game 4 times. You have many chances to 
get what you want.

However, there are 2 particular ores that are quite frustrating:

1. Chunk of Cloudstone
You can find some at the dead body near the Stormruler.
If you want more, you can obtained it by killing those Flying Mantra in 
the Shrine of Storms.
However, their drop rate is rather low.

2. Pure Bladestone
This can only be found by killing the Black Phantom Dual Katana wielding 
There best way to do it is get World 4 to Pure Black World Tendency, 
starting from 4-3, back track and get pass the slug cave, kill the 3rd 
Reaper, then sneak up behind the Black Phantom Dual Katana wielding 
Skeleton and kill it with Soul Sucker.
However, the drop rate is 1 out of 200, i.e. if the skeleton drop 200 
items, 1 of them could be a Pure Blackstone.
It is not influence by your luck.
If you have friends who already forged a Sharp weapon, you can ask them 
to join you in co-op, drop the sharp weapon and let you hold it for 
about 4 seconds to unlock the trophy, then return it to them.
Beware of Black Phantoms that may mess things up.

That's all. Enjoy the game!

09. Acknowledgement

Luhaine, Gantz85 - for their remarks.

Part of the walkthrough is written with reference location markers 
indicated on the maps hosted at

Many of my earlier entries are submitted to the Demonís Souls wiki under
the ID Cold_Drake.
I am not sure whether I should copy them back here into this FAQ.

10. Revision History

1.0 - 06 Jun 2009. Update earlier version and move it to GameFAQs.