Grand Theft Auto III: Special Vehicle FAQ

Author: Johnny H. H. the 4th (Lancet Jades)
Author's Homepage:
Version: 1.49 (completed May 15th, 2009)

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1.00     Completed December 2nd, 2006.
Initial version.

1.01     Completed December 4th, 2006.
Minor changes, a couple notes added.

1.10     Completed December 4th, 2006.
More changes, added some vehicles.

1.20     Completed December 16th, 2006.
Added the Lightless Taxi, Grafittiless Hoods Rumpo DX, and some credit 

1.21     Completed December 27th, 2006.
More minor changes.

1.25     Completed February 26th, 2007.
Listed the "Grand Theft Auto" mission cars as unobtainable.

1.26     Completed August 7th, 2007.
More minor changes.

1.30     Completed September 13th, 2007.
Added “Special quality breakdown” section. Some more changes.

1.31     Completed September 16th. 2007.
Added a note about GHOST Missing, and added to the About section.

1.40     Completed September 27th, 2007.
Added numbering to the Mission Breakdown list.

1.41     Completed April 29th, 2008.
Added Gray Banshee to Unobtainable vehicles.

1.42     Completed May 6th, 2008.
More minor changes.

1.43     Completed May 7th, 2008.
Adding info on sites requesting this guide and what is necessary, along 
with a spoiler warning.

1.44     Completed May 25th, 2008.
Minor addition to contact info.

1.45     Completed August 18th, 2008.
Minor revisions.

1.46     Completed August 21st, 2008.
Another minor change for more readibility.

1.47     Completed March 2nd, 2009.
Removed some sites' permission to host this guide.

1.48     Completed May 14th, 2009.
Altered the mission list some.

1.49     Completed May 15th, 2009.
Confirmed the GHOST Missing as unobtainable (unfortunately).

This guide is to assist those players who enjoy collecting rare or 
unique vehicles. This guide lists all known proofed, special property, 
unique, and even rare vehicles (which often have to be unlocked). I'd 
say more, but I pretty much just summed it up.

This guide is based on the original PS2 version. There are pretty much 
no special vehicle changes between PS2 versions. Although I am not aware 
of any changes in the PC and X-Box versions, be aware they might exist. 
Feel free to contact me about any such differences, but as I do not own 
an X-Box, nor can my PC handle GTA3, you will have to do the research 

CAUTION! This guide may inadvertently contain spoilers of story missions!
While this guide's scope does not really involve spoiling anything, due 
to what is required of it, the potential for small spoilers, such as 
names or events is present. Just keep that in mind.

1: Terms in the guide

2: Garage information

3: Proofed vehicles
3.1 - BP/FP Securicar
3.2 - BP/FP/EP Cheetah
3.3 - CP Stretch (Also Gloss Black, see 5.2)
3.4 - BP/FP Trashmaster
3.5 - BP Barracks OL
3.6 - BP/FP/EP Bobcat
3.7 - BP Patriot

4: Unique vehicles
4.1 - GHOST Missing

5: Specially Colored/Featured vehicles
5.1 - Teal Kuruma
5.2 - Permanent Silver Manana with body in trunk and blood marks
5.3 - Permanent Gloss Black Stretch (1st of 2) (Also CP, see 3.3)
5.4 - Permanent Gloss Black Stretch (2nd of 2)
5.5 - Black Rumpo
5.6 - Securicar with black trim (1st of 2)
5.7 - Securicar with black trim (2nd of 2)
5.8 - Lightless Taxi
5.9 - Grafittiless Hoods Rumpo DX

6: Unobtainable special vehicles
6.1 - Gray Banshee
6.2 - Permanent Metallic Orange Infernus
6.3 - Permanent Magenta-Red Stinger
6.4 - Permanent Red Cheetah
6.5 - Permanent Random Color Infernus
6.6 - DP Sentinel

7: Rare vehicles
7.1 - Borgnine
7.2 - BF Injection
7.3 - Dull Gray FBI Car

8: Mission-by-mission breakdown

9: Breakdown by special quality

10: Frequently Asked Questions

11: Contact info

12: Credits

13: Boilerplate

This is a listing of all the special terms used in this guide.

BP - Bulletproof. Immune to all bullet damage. Bullet attacks include: 
 the pistol, uzi, shotgun, AK-47, M-16, and sniper rifle, as well as the 
 Predator's machine guns, and the police helicopter's fire.

FP - Fireproof. Immune to all incendiary weaponry, and to catching fire. 
 Molotovs cannot hurt this vehicle, and neither they, nor the flame-
 thrower, can set fire to it.

EP - Explosionproof. Immune to explosive damage. This includes 
 grenades, rocket launcher, exploding vehicles, and Rhino shells, as 
 well as exploding barrels.

DP - Damageproof. Immune to physical damage. This vehicle will not 
 suffer damage from any kind of collision. This also protects the car 
 from suffering cosmetic damage (e.g., the doors, hood, etc being dented 
 up). Does not protect against destruction from contact with a Rhino.

CP - Comprehensiveproof. This is BP/FP/EP/DP, all in one. The only ways 
 to damage the vehicle are flipping it over, getting hit by a Rhino, 
 dunking it in the water, or the Destroy All Cars cheat.

Unique - This vehicle is only present in story missions, and as such, 
 is not available at the end of the game.

Permanent - This vehicle's color is permanent, and whether it is a 
 unique color (meaning, it's not a color found in the vehicle's normal 
 palette) or not, Pay-N-Spray's will never change the color.

Palette - The normal selection of colors the vehicle has. Random spawns 
 and Pay n' Sprays draw from a car's palette for colors when generated. 
 Cars with a special color are special because the color is not normally 
 found in that vehicle's palette.

Unobtainable - A vehicle that, for whatever reason, cannot be obtained 
 and/or stored with its properties. Whether it's impossible to even 
 drive, or a garage eats its property, you simply cannot acquire and 
 save this vehicle.

Technical limit (garages) - At how many vehicles the game stops 
 opening the door.

Physical limit (garages) - How many vehicles can actually be squeezed 

Clearance (garages) - How high the roof is. Necessary to consider for 
 larger vehicles.

Jack - To jack a vehicle means to steal it. This is probably not a 
 necessary entry, but I figured I'd add it just in case.

Unlocked - When a vehicle is "unlocked," it means that it acquires a 
 set spawn point. With the exception of missions and high wanted levels, 
 the only way to acquire this vehicle is to unlock it. The fact that it 
 CAN be unlocked, however, is why they are listed as rare only.

"Formulated by" - The person who developed the strategy for obtaining a 

NOTE: Vehicles that are given to you (such as the BP Patriot) have no 
 strategy credits listed, as it is too simple to warrant credit. In 
 addition to this, I no longer list who created strategies when a vehicle 
 is easy to see and is made clear to you, such as if a target in a 
 mission drives it, meaning you must shoot them out. If anything more is 
 needed, including mission failure, credit will be mentioned however.

Common Knowledge (credit) - This is one of the well-known special 
 vehicles, and as such, it is impossible to know who to attribute its 
 discovery to.

Knowing your garages is essential, as they store your vehicles. Learn 
them, and it will serve you invaluably. The first number is the 
technical limit, and the number in parenthesis is the physical limit. 
The physical limit is assuming a small- to mid-sized car, such as the 
Manana or Kuruma.

~1 (1) space, medium clearance.

~2 (4) space, high clearance.

~3 (3) space, medium clearance.

These vehicles all have a special proofing, granting them immunity from 
one or more forms of damage.

3.1 - BP/FP Securicar
Mission: Van Heist (Joey Leone)
Difficulty: **
Required: A way to destroy the Securicar without bullets.
Discovered by: Common knowledge

"Once you accept the 'Van Heist' mission and Joey gives you the 
low-down, go steal yourself a medium to large sized vehicle. A van 
of any kind worked well enough for me. Now, locate the Securicar on 
your radar. Once you find it, floor your car and ram it. You may get 
one or two stars from doing so, but even so, avoid the police cars and 
carry on with damaging the pay role van. You'll notice the Securicar 
has a Damage Meter, so continue to ram the van until the meter fills 
entirely and the driver(s) exit the vehicle. Now, the subtitle will 
tell you to take the Securicar over to a garage in Portland Docks, but 
instead, bring it over to your hideout. As soon as you arrive there, 
back the Securicar into your garage and exit the vehicle. Now in order 
to end the mission, you're going to have to destroy the Securicar. Use 
either Grenades or the Blow Up All Cars Cheat (L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2, 
Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1) to destroy the van. Once 
you do so, you'll be told "Mission Failed". Now that the mission is 
over, walk to your garage, allow the door to open, and you'll find a 
new and repaired Bulletproof Securicar waiting for you!"
Formulated by: Kyle Sutton

3.2 - BP/FP/EP Cheetah (1st of 2)
Mission: Turismo (El Burro)
Difficulty: ***
Required: Rhino tank
Discovered by: Common knowledge

The easiest and best way to obtain a Bulletproof Cheetah is with the 
use of a Rhino tank. First, accept the 'Turismo' mission, but instead 
of finding a fast car, get yourself a Rhino. To do so, either head down 
to the Portland Docks and receive your Rhino from the crane (ONLY if 
you have completed the Emergency Vehicle Crane in Portland and the 
vehicle icons appear), or, enter in the Free Tank Cheat in order to 
receive your Rhino (Circle x6, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle). 
Now that you have a tank, head down to where the Cheetahs are lined up, 
but don't enter the starting circle. Instead, make your way around them 
until you are facing the opposite direction, and start from there. Once 
the race begins, haul ass all the way back to your hideout (the easiest 
way is by taking the alley with the Police Bride, then simply following 
that road until you get to the turn leading to your hideout).

Now, make sure your garage is empty, and then line up your Rhino so 
that it is blocking the one-way street right outside your hideout. When 
the race clock reaches about 100, you'll notice the 3 Cheetahs will 
come flying down the wrong way of the one-way street you are blocking. 
The easiest way to keep an eye on these Cheetahs is to use the L2 
button to get a side camera view (that is, if the nose of your Rhino is 
facing the hideout, otherwise use R2). Make certain that one of the 
Cheetahs rams into your Rhino and goes flying into your hideout. If the 
Cheetah gets flipped over and stays that way, you're in luck, but if 
not, depending on where the Cheetah heads next is random. Sometimes the 
Cheetah will head toward your garage, but most of the time, it will 
make its way onto the ramp that your weapons appear on and attempt to 
accelerate against your hideout wall. If that's the case, make certain 
you to maneuver the Cheetah off of the ramp before taking the next step.

Next, run over the Cheetah so that it explodes from under the treads of 
your Rhino. Now that the Cheetah is no longer in movement, move the 
black remainder of the car into your hideout by any means possible, 
using your Rhino. The easiest way is to have the Cheetah on its back 
and have it lined up so it is vertical to your garage. When pushing 
the Cheetah into your garage, make note of two things: 1) Be sure the 
Cheetah is always in your view. If it goes out of your camera view, 
even for a few seconds, it will disappear. 2) When pushing the Cheetah 
into your garage, do not back away from it until it is fully in your 
garage. If the door closes and half of your Cheetah (the black excess) 
is pushing out the door, it will disappear and you will have to enter 
the 'Turismo' mission once again. If you'd like to play it safe, 
continue pushing the Bulletproof Cheetah to the back of your garage 
until you receive a message stating, "You cannot store anymore cars in 
this garage." An even better way may be to park another car against 
your hideout's near wall before entering the mission, so that you can 
use this car to push the Cheetah into your hideout (a medium-sized 
vehicle should do fine). Once you have finally pushed the destroyed 
Cheetah into your garage, back away from the garage and allow the door 
to close. Once it is shut, exit your vehicle and open the garage. Tada! 
A brand spankin'-new indestructible Cheetah will be there, fully 
repaired and in the flesh."
Formulated by: Kyle Sutton 

NOTE: The mission Turismo is available at any time after completing El 
Burro's mission string. This means that the BP/FP/EP Cheetah is also 
available at any point, even after completing the game. Since when you 
first complete the mission, you only have one garage space, it's a good 
idea to wait till at least Staunton is open to acquire this car.

3.3 - CP Stretch
Mission: Salvatore's Called a Meeting (Toni Cipriani)
Difficulty: ****
Required: !!!CHEATS!!!
Discovered by: Common knowledge

"Head over to Toni's place and accept the 'Salvatore's Called A 
Meeting' mission. His instructions say to go over to Joey's Garage 
and pick both Joey and the limousine up, then pick up Luigi from his 
club, come back to Toni's to get him, and then to take everyone over 
to Salvatore's. Right off the bat, head over to Joey's place. You'll 
notice a blue circle in front of his garage where you're suppose to get 
Joey. DO NOT enter the blue circle. The Bulletproof Stretch is sitting 
inside the garage, but if you enter the circle, Joey will enter the 
vehicle as well. Instead, park the car you're driving against the garage 
on the left. Exit your vehicle, and enter the Speed Up Game Cheat 
(Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, L1, L2) twice. Now, in order to 
enter the garage, you're going to have to squeeze yourself between the 
garage you're parked up against and your car. It takes a bit of 
practice, but once you get through, you'll be wandering inside of 
Joey's garage. Get to the Stretch parked inside, and then go into 
reverse. You'll go through the back wall, flip backwards twice through 
a strange blue setting, but then land cleanly on the road behind Joey's 
garage (hey, free Insane Stunt Bonus!)

Now that you have the Bulletproof Stretch, you're going to have to take 
it over to a garage. Since the Stretch will not fit in your Portland 
garage, you'll need to get over to Staunton Island and park it in your 
garage located there. Drive to the Callahan Bridge, and when you arrive 
there, enter the Great Handling/Jump Cars Cheat (R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, 
R1, R1, Triangle). Gain some speed and by pressing the left analog 
stick (L3), hop right over the orange barriers blocking the right lane 
to get onto the Callahan Bridge (If you don't feel confident in jumping 
the barriers, maneuver your way between them and the sides of the 
bridge). Next, you're going to have to enter two codes. The Slow Down 
Game Cheat (Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R1, R2) twice in order 
to set the game back to normal speed, and, the Flying Cars Cheat 
(Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1) in order to fly over the 
broken Callahan Bridge to get to Staunton Island. Now, back your 
Stretch up to the orange barriers, and make sure you're in the center 
of the right lane. Next, accelerate your Stretch as fast as it can go. 
Right before you come to the gap, press the L3 button to jump the 
Stretch. As soon as you lift into the air, hold down the Up and X 
buttons. If the timing's right, your Stretch should easily soar onto 
the other side of the bridge, into Staunton Island. 

Now that you've entered Staunton Island, you'll need to get to your 
hideout there. Most newcomers won't know where that is, and since your 
hideout's not labeled on the map (you're in the middle of a mission, 
remember?), I'll give you some basic directions. Once you get off the 
Callahan Bridge, take your second right. You'll pass by a park on your 
left, but keep following this road. You will notice on your map a small 
alleyway that breaks off the road. That's your hideout on the left. 
Once you enter it, park the car into the garage. Since the mission's 
still going on, you're going to have to destroy the Bulletproof Stretch 
in order to end it. Using the Blow Up All Cars Cheat (L2, R2, L1, R1, 
L2, R2, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1), destroy the 
Stretch parked in your garage. You'll receive a "Mission Failed" 
indication, but once the door closes on that black carcass of a Stretch 
in your garage, open it once again. Waiting will be your brand-new 
Bulletproof Stretch. It is bulletproof, flameproof, and explosion 
proof, and DAMAGEPROOF. This vehicle can take no physical ramming 
damage whatsoever! The only few ways you can destroy the Bulletproof 
Stretch is by running it over with a tank, or using the Blow Up All 
Cars Cheat. In other words, you are pretty much indestructible on the 
streets of Liberty City!"
Formulated by: Kyle Sutton

STRETCH. If you enter the blue circle and have Joey enter the Stretch 
along with you, it will no longer have special abilities, and will 
simply become a normal Stretch. I personally had to correct myself on 
having an alternative method. Also, the Stretch you use on Salvatore 
Leone's 'Chaperone' mission is normal as well, meaning that it is 
vulnerable to bullets, flames, and explosions!

3.4 - BP/FP Trashmaster
Mission: Blow Fish (Toni Cipriani)
Difficulty: ****
Required: !!!CHEATS!!!
Discovered by: Common knowledge

"Once you've made it to Mama's restaurant, Tony Cipriani will assign you 
his last mission, 'Blow Fish.' As soon as he gives you your objective, 
drive down to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop. You'll notice the Trashmaster is 
parked in the yard, so exit your vehicle and make your way towards it. 
Before entering the vehicle, though, you'll need to enter the Flying 
Cars Cheat (Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1) and the Great 
Handling/Jump Cars Cheat (R1, L1, R2, L1, Left, R1, R1, Triangle).
As soon as both cheats have been activated, enter the Trashmaster. Both 
a Damage Meter and a timer will appear on your screen, letting you know 
that this dustcart is rigged to blow. To avoid the risk of explosion 
and get rid of the time limit, you'll first need to deactivate the bomb 
and timer. Therefore, once you enter the Bulletproof Trashmaster, turn 
it around and drive down the tramp tunnel (where a hidden package and a 
few bums with Molotovs reside). Drive at full speed through this tunnel 
until you come out the other side, behind the Supa Save. Take a left 
and squeeze through the small gap until the Portland Beach comes into 
view. Now, in order to deactivate the bomb, you'll need to drive onto 
the beach and into the water, deep enough to kill the bomb, but shallow 
enough so that you'll be able to back out of the water. Make your way 
slowly down the steep sand dunes leading into the water, and drive into 
the ocean. Once the Trashmaster is far enough into the water, three 
things should occur. A "Mission Failed" notice will pop up, the Damage 
Meter will be gone, and the timer will be off your screen as well. 
Don't wait too long, though, because you'll notice your health is 
dropping while you're in the ocean. Back out of the water until the 
Trashmaster is fully on dry sand. The bomb has been deactivated and the 
first objective of obtaining this Bulletproof Trashmaster has been 

Now, drive back towards the Supa Save and squeeze between the wall and 
the side of the building until you are in the parking lot (this is 
where you go for the 'Patriot Playground' mission). If your Trashmaster 
is pretty banged up, head over to the Pay 'N' Spray in the Red Light 
District to repair your vehicle. If not, your next destination remains 
the same, because next, you'll need to drive over to the Callahan 
Bridge. Once you get there, gain a bit of speed and drive onto the 
grassy area in-between the bridge. Tap the L3 button and the 
Trashmaster should hop right onto the bridge and into the left lane. 
Now that you're on the Callahan Bridge, hold down the X button and 
don't let go. As the gap in the bridge comes into view, don't switch 
lanes, don't jump the Trashmaster, don't do anything but hold down the 
X button! Once you reach the gap, drive right off the edge. Your 
Trashmaster should soar between two broken girders on the other side, 
and go right underneath the bridge. Now, don't panic. Even though 
you're heading straight for the water, continue to hold the X button 
until the "Welcome to Staunton Island" screen appears. While this 
screen is present, hold the Up button as well. Once it goes back to the 
game, your Trashmaster should suddenly soar high in the air and fly 
high enough to land in Staunton Island next to a few trailers. 
Sometimes the Trashmaster won't make it this high, and sometimes it 
won't even soar out of the water, but this method is much more 
effective then trying to jump the bridge, so just try again until you 
get it. 

Now that you've landed safely, make your way to the right, between the 
trailers and barriers, until you are out onto the road (this is right 
near Asuka's Condo). Since the mission is over, your hideout should be 
labeled on the map, so simply cruise on over to your Staunton Island 
hideout. Once you arrive there, park the Trashmaster into your garage. 
Finally, you've obtained a Bulletproof Trashmaster that withstands both 
bullets and fire. Your Trashmaster should be fine in your Staunton 
Island garage, so once you complete all of the required missions in 
Portland, drive over the repaired Callahan Bridge and the Bulletproof 
Trashmaster should be waiting in your Staunton Island garage. Enjoy!"
Formulated by: Kyle Sutton

3.5 - BP Barracks OL
Mission: Arms Shortage (Ray Machowski)
Difficulty: *
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: Common knowledge

Strategy: Simply get in the Barracks OL in Phil's compound after the 
mission and drive it to your Staunton garage.

3.6 - BP/FP/EP Bobcat
Mission: Evidence Dash (Ray Machowski)
Difficulty: *****
Required: Persistence and patience
Discovered by: Common knowledge

"Accept the 'Evidence Dash' mission from Ray Machowski. Once it begins, 
find yourself a large and bulky truck, such as a Barracks OL, Flatbed, 
or Firetruck. Once you've done so, track down the Bobcat through the 
blip on your radar. As soon as you get on his tail, go full speed and 
ram the Bobcat (if you're far from your hideout, follow the Bobcat a 
bit until he's closer to your hideaway). You'll get two Stars and the 
cops on your tail, but still try to ignore the evidence that pops out. 
If you're lucky, the Bobcat will flip over, and you'll likely get a 
message saying this Bobcat is a decoy. Ignore it, because this baby is 
still bulletproof. Next, you're going to have to push the flipped 
Bobcat back to you hideout. It should move easily enough with the large 
truck you're using, but the police cars coming after you might be a 
problem. If they're really getting in your way, try using the Lower 
Wanted Level Cheat (R2, R2, L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down). Even 
though the Bulletproof Bobcat is not destroyed, it can still disappear 
if out of your view for too long, so don't make that mistake. Once 
you've pushed the Bobcat back to your hideout, simply get it back into 
your garage and let the door shut. Reopen it and your Bulletproof 
Bobcat will be rightside-up and in perfect condition (if it took some 
damage while being pushed). The mission will still be going on, so you 
can now track down the "real" Bobcat on the road and collect the 
evidence through ramming."
Formulated by: Kyle Sutton

3.7 - BP Patriot
Mission: Marked Man (Ray Machowski)
Difficulty: *
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: Common knowledge

Strategy: Pick up the Patriot from Ray's lockup after dropping him off 
at the airport. The game gives this to you, so there's almost no room 
for failure.

These vehicles only appear during story missions, and once the game is 
completed, cannot be acquired without cheating.

4.1 - GHOST Missing (Unobtainable)
Mission: Gone Fishing (Ray Machowski)
Difficulty: *****
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: Common knowledge

Strategy: This is the boat your target uses. Simply wait for him to 
land the boat near Portland Harbor, then shoot him. Take his boat, and 
bring it to the shore somewhere, then push it to a garage. This is VERY 
hard to do, however, and should only be attempted by using large trucks 
(Yankee and Coach are the best bets). Despite the following warning, if 
you insist on trying, beach this on the northeast end of Staunton, pick up 
a truck as it drives by, and begin pushing (west, then south - don't go 
through Colombian territory).
Formulated by: Common knowledge

Unobtainable: The GHOST Missing will freeze the game as soon as the garage 
closes on it (or as soon as you try to open it, in some versions). This 
means it is unobtainable. Sometimes, however, it will be deleted when the 
garage closes (of course, the only way to get to that point is to be dead 
set on garaging it anyways).

These vehicles all have some special color of feature that the vehicle 
usually does not have.

5.1 - Teal Kuruma
Mission: Give me Liberty! (Start of the game)
Difficulty: *
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: GTA_Loco

Strategy: Just leave it parked in your garage. It's as simple as that.

NOTE: Although this looks like a color Kuruma's normally have, the teal 
that the cars usually get is more towards green than this one, which is 
closer to blue.

5.2 - Permanent Silver Manana with body in trunk and blood marks
Mission: Dead Skunk in the Trunk (Joey Leone)
Difficulty: *
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: Common knowledge

Strategy: Pick the car up, then take it to your garage and destroy it. 
You'll fail the mission, and when your garage closes and opens again, 
you'll have a shiny new silver Manana! This car is also special as it 
has a body in the trunk that stays even after the mission is over, and 
some blood marks on the outside of the trunk. 
Formulated by: Common knowledge

5.3 - Permanent Gloss Black Stretch (1st of 2) (Also CP)
Mission: Salvatore's Called a Meeting (Toni Cipriani)
Difficulty: ****
Required: !!!CHEATS!!!
Discovered by: Common knowledge

Strategy: See "3.3 - CP Black Stretch"

5.4 - Permanent Gloss Black Stretch (2nd of 2)
Mission: Chaperone (Salvatore Leone)
Difficulty: *
Required: !!!CHEATS!!!
Discovered by: Common knowledge

Strategy: Start the mission, then use the Flying Cars cheat 
(Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1) to get the Stretch over to 
your Staunton garage. Same as the CP version, minus the whole getting 
into the garage aspect.
Formulated by: Kyle Sutton

5.5 - Black Rumpo
Mission: Under Surveillance (Asuka Kasen)
Difficulty: *
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: Common knowledge

Strategy: Simply locate the black Rumpo, then attack it. Kill the Mafia 
soldiers that emerge, get in, and drive it to a garage. Not hard at all.

5.6 - Securicar with black trim (1st of 2)
Mission: Escort Service (Donald Love)
Difficulty: *****
Required: Heavy vehicle (preferably Rhino)
Discovered by: Lancet Jades

Strategy: The Securicar you must escort in this mission is special in 
that its trim is black (the trim is usually chrome). There's nothing 
else special about it, but that is enough to make it a special vehicle.

To obtain it, simply blow it up en route to the destination, and push 
it to a garage (preferably Staunton). This is difficult, but can be 
made easier with a Rhino.
Formulated by: Lancet Jades

NOTE: This vehicle is also obtainable in the next mission, Decoy. Save 
yourself grief and just get it from the next mission, where you can 
simply drive away with it, no hassle.

5.7 - Securicar with black trim (2nd of 2)
Mission: Decoy (Donald Love)
Difficulty: *
Required: Heavy vehicle (preferably Rhino)
Discovered by: Lancet Jades

Strategy: Simply drive it to a garage after passing this mission. 
Doesn't get easier than that, does it?

5.8 - Lightless Taxi
Mission: None
Difficulty: *****
Required: Patience
Discovered by: Common knowledge

Strategy: Taxis rarely spawn without lights. The best way to get one 
without its lights is to save at the Shoreside Vale safehouse, then 
load the game, open your garage (which should be packed), then run out 
to the intersection. Hopefully, a taxi may spawn without a light. If 
none do, then repeat the procedure. It may take a while.
Formulated by: Common knowledge

5.9 - Grafittiless Hoods Rumpo DX
Mission: None
Difficulty: *****
Required: Patience
Discovered by: Common knowledge

Strategy: See 5.11 - Lightless Taxi.
Formulated by: Common knowledge

These vehicles are unobtainable for whatever reason is listed. This does 
NOT mean you can't actually drive (or get in) them, but they cannot be 
stored. Difficulty, required, and strategy will still be listed for 
those that you can actually drive (and perhaps even use), but there 
will always be some reason why you can't keep them.

6.1 - Gray Banshee
Mission: Give Me Liberty! (Start of the game)
Difficulty: *
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: TomAndSam

Strategy: This is the car in the cutscene at the start of the game, 
driven by Catalina's getaway driver. It is gray with a black stripe.

Unobtainable: It exists only in the cutscene at the start of the game.

6.2 - Permanent Metallic Orange Infernus
Mission: Grand Theft Auto (Kenji Kasen)
Difficulty: *
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: GTA_Loco

Strategy: Once you start the mission, go to this car and drive it back 
to your garage. Wait for the time to run out, then check out your shiny 
new Infernus! 

Unobtainable: Garages eat its powers.

6.3 - Permanent Magenta-Red Stinger
Mission: Grand Theft Auto (Kenji Kasen)
Difficulty: *
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: GTA_Loco

Strategy: Once you start the mission, go to this car and drive it back 
to your garage. Wait for the time to run out, then check out your shiny 
new Stinger!

Unobtainable: Garages eat its powers.

6.4 - Permanent Red Cheetah
Mission: Grand Theft Auto (Kenji Kasen)
Difficulty: *
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: GTA_Loco

Strategy: Once you start the mission, go to this car and drive it back 
to your garage. Wait for the time to run out, then check out your shiny 
new Cheetah!

Unobtainable: Garages eat its powers.

6.5 - Permanent Random Color Infernus
Mission: Rigged to Blow (D-Ice)
Difficulty: *
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: Lancet Jades

Strategy: The Infernus you must rescue in the mission is permanently 
colored whatever color it is at the start of the mission (it draws from 
the normal Infernus palette).

Unobtainable: Whether you complete the mission and drive it to your 
garage, or blow it up in your garage, it loses its permanent attribute.

6.6 - DP Sentinel
Mission: Bait (Asuka Kasen)
Difficulty: ***
Required: Nothing
Discovered by: Common knowledge

Strategy: Start the mission, get to Shoreside, and find one of the 
three death squads. Instead of leading them to the Yakuza trap, get out 
of your car and kill the Cartel members who emerge. Take the car, and 
you have a DP Sentinel. Beware though, the Cartel members are very 
heavily armed, including two with the machine guns. Once they get out, 
run far away and snipe them, or their M60s will shred you in a second. 
Formulated by: Common knowledge

Unobtainable: Garages eat the car's powers.

These vehicles aren't anything inherently special, but are nonetheless 
unique for various reasons, often requiring completion of a mission or 
side mission to unlock. These can all be obtained at the end of the 
game without any problem

7.1 - Borgnine
Unlocked: Complete 100 Taxi fares.
Found: Parked next to the Borgnine Taxi depot in Harwood. It looks like 
a normal Cabbie-style taxi, except it's blood red in color.

7.2 - BF Injection
Unlocked: Complete Sayonara Salvatore (Asuka Kasen).
Found: Parked in the central Hepburn Heights parking area, just a short 
ways south of the phone El Burro's missions are triggered at.

7.3 - Dull Gray FBI Car
Unlocked: Complete the Emergency Vehicle I/E Crane.
Found: Request an FBI Car from the Emergency Vehicle I/E Crane. It will 
be a dull gray, as opposed to the glossy black of the 5-star FBI Cars.

Here is a breakdown of every mission in the game, and any special 
vehicles within. This is also the mission order that the previous 
sections follow, in terms of vehicle order.

1: Give me Liberty! (Start of the game)
  5.1 Teal Kuruma
  6.1 Unobtainable Gray Banshee
2: Luigi's Girls (Luigi Goterelli)
3: Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up (Luigi Goterelli)
4: Drive Misty for Me (Luigi Goterelli)
5: Pump-Action Pimp (Luigi Goterelli)
6: The Fuzz Ball (Luigi Goterelli)
7: Mike Lips Last Lunch (Joey Leone)
8: Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong (Joey Leone)
9: Van Heist (Joey Leone)
  3.1 BP/FP Securicar
10: Cipriani's Chauffeur (Joey Leone)
11: Dead Skunk in the Trunk (Joey Leone)
  5.2 Permanent Silver Manana with body in trunk
12: The Getaway (Joey Leone)
13: Turismo (El Burro)
  3.2 BP/FP/EP Cheetah
14: The Crook (Marty Chonks)
15: The Thieves (Marty Chonks)
16: The Wife (Marty Chonks)
17: Her Lover (Marty Chonks)
18: I Scream, You Scream (El Burro)
19: Trial by Fire (El Burro)
20: Big 'N' Veiny (El Burro)
21: Taking out the Laundry (Toni Cipriani)
22: The Pick-Up (Toni Cipriani)
23: Salvatore's Called a Meeting (Toni Cipriani)
  3.3/5.3 CP and Permanent Gloss Black Stretch (1st of 2)
24: Chaperone (Salvatore Leone)
  5.4 Permanent Gloss Black Stretch (2nd of 2)
25: Triads and Tribulations (Toni Cipriani)
26: Blow Fish (Toni Cipriani)
  3.4 BP/FP Trashmaster
27: Cutting the Grass (Salvatore Leone)
28: Bomb Da Base: Act I (Salvatore Leone)
29: Bomb Da Base: Act II (8-Ball)
30: Last Requests (Salvatore Leone)
31: Sayonara Salvatore (Asuka Kasen)
32: Under Surveillance (Asuka Kasen)
  5.5 Black Rumpo
33: Paparazzi Purge (Asuka Kasen)
34: Payday for Ray (Asuka Kasen)
35: Two-Faced Tanner (Asuka Kasen)
36: Kanbu Bust-Out (Kenji Kasen)
37: Grand Theft Auto (Kenji Kasen)
  6.2 Unobtainable Permanent Metallic Orange Infernus
  6.3 Unobtainable Permanent Magenta-Red Stinger
  6.4 Unobtainable Permanent Red Cheetah
38: Deal Steal (Kenji Kasen)
39: Shima (Kenji Kasen)
40: Smack Down (Kenji Kasen)
41: Bling-Bling Scramble (King Courtney)
42: Uzi Rider (King Courtney)
43: Gangcar Round-Up (King Courtney)
44: Kingdom Come (King Courtney)
45: Silence the Sneak (Ray Machowski)
46: Arms Shortage (Ray Machowski)
  3.5 BP Barracks OL
47: Evidence Dash (Ray Machowski)
  3.6 BP/FP/EP Bobcat
48: Gone Fishing (Ray Machowski)
  4.1 GHOST Missing (Unobtainable)
49: Plaster Blaster (Ray Machowski)
50: Liberator (Donald Love)
51: Waka-Gashira Wipeout! (Donald Love)
52: A Drop in the Ocean (Donald Love)
53: Marked Man (Ray Machowski)
  3.7 BP Patriot after mission
54: Uzi Money (D-Ice)
55: Toyminator (D-Ice)
56: Rigged to Blow (D-Ice)
  6.5 Unobtainable Permanent Random Color Infernus
57: Bullion Run (D-Ice)
58: Rumble (D-Ice)
59: Grand Theft Aero (Donald Love)
60: Escort Service (Donald Love)
  5.6 Securicar with black trim (1st of 2)
61: Decoy (Donald Love)
  5.7 Securicar with black trim (2nd of 2)
62: Love's Disappearance (Donald Love)
63: Bait (Asuka Kasen)
  6.6 Unobtainable DP Sentinel
64: Espresso-2-Go! (Asuka Kasen)
65: S.A.M. (Asuka Kasen)
66: The Exchange (Catalina)

This section gives a breakdown of all special vehicles by what quality 
they have. Vehicles with multiple properties are listed in each section 
they belong in. Inspired by GTA_Loco's similar section in his guides.

Unique vehicles:
 4.1 - GHOST Missing (Gone Fishing - Unobtainable)

CP - Comprehensiveproof:
 3.3/5.3 - Stretch (CHEATS - Salvatore's Called a Meeting)

BP/FP/EP - Bullet/Fire/Explosionproof:
 3.2 - Cheetah (Turismo)
 3.6 - Bobcat (Evidence Dash)

BP/FP - Bullet/Fireproof:
 3.1 - Securicar (Van Heist)
 3.4 - Trashmaster (CHEATS - Blow Fish)

BP - Bulletproof:
 3.5 - Barracks OL (Arms Shortage)
 3.7 - Patriot (Marked Man)

DP - Damageproof:
 6.6 - Sentinel (UNOBTAINABLE - Bait)

Permanent color:
 3.3/5.3 - Stretch (CHEATS - Gloss Black - Salvatore's Called a Meeting)
 5.2 - Manana (Silver - Dead Skunk in the Trunk)
 6.2 - Infernus (UNOBTAINABLE - Metallic Orange - Grand Theft Auto)
 6.3 - Stinger (UNOBTAINABLE - Magenta-Red - Grand Theft Auto)
 6.4 - Cheetah (UNOBTAINABLE - Red - Grand Theft Auto)
 6.5 - Infernus (UNOBTAINABLE - Random - Rigged to Blow)

Unique color:
 3.3/5.3 - Stretch (CHEATS - Gloss Black - Salvatore's Called a Meeting)
 5.1 - Kuruma (Teal - Give me Liberty!)
 5.2 - Manana (Silver - Dead Skunk in the Trunk)
 5.4 - Stretch (Gloss Black - Chaperone)
 5.5 - Rumpo (Black - Under Surveillance)
 6.1 - Banshee (UNOBTAINABLE - Gray - Give Me Liberty!)

Unique features:
 5.6 - Securicar (Black trim - Escort Service)
 5.7 - Securicar (Black trim - Decoy)
 5.8 - Taxi (Lightless - None)
 5.9 - Hoods Rumpo DX (Grafittiless - None)

Unlockable / Rare:
 7.1 - Borgnine (100 Taxi fares)
 7.2 - BF Injection (after Sayonara Salvatore)
 7.3 - Dull Gray FBI Car (From Emergency Vehicle I/E Crane)

Q: My car disappeared from the garage!
A: Garages ARE known to eat vehicles. The safest way to avoid this is 
to save frequently over multiple slots, and regularly check garages.

Q: You missed [insert special vehicle]!
A: Email me, and let me know. You will receive full credit for it.

Q: [Insert special vehicle] doesn't possess a property you said it did!
A: Most likely, you did not follow the precise strategy. If you did, 
and it does not retain its property, contact me and say so, although 
I personally check each and every vehicle.

Q: One of the vehicles you listed is one I discovered first, and here's 
proof! Thief!
A: I attribute vehicles I knew about before writing this to "common 
knowledge." If you discovered a vehicle, and/or developed a strategy, 
and you have proof of it (a link to an old forum post somewhere, or 
possibly an FAQ that credits you), tell me, and I'll give you full 
credit. Although I wish I could give the proper credit for most 
vehicles, the need for a consolidated special vehicle guide for VC 
takes priority over tracking down each and every person beforehand.

If you wish to contact me, just email me:
lancet jades at g mail dot com
(remove the spaces, obviously, and replace the at with the proper sign)

Alternatively, IM me at:
AIM: Lancet Jades
YIM: lancetjades (not on often)
MSN: (rarely on)

I never check my address, so don't send mail to it.
I don't mind being contacted about this game, so don't hesitate if you 
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I'm a perfectionist, so if you have anything to contribute or correct, 
please do so. You'll receive full credit (credit goes to the 
screenname you talk to me from, so if you want another name, you have 
to specify it). Even if you're pointing out a spelling or grammatical 
mistake, please do so, no matter how small. Note however, I live in the 
U.S., and as such, spelling it "color" instead of "colour" is NOT a 

If you wish to use this guide on your site, aside from asking my 
permission, I require you in question to automatically fetch any 
updates I make from yourselves. I only update to and if I discover other sites carrying my guides have 
out-of-date versions, I will ask that it be removed.

Common Knowledge
~Findings labeled "common knowledge" are labeled so because they have 
been so widely known and distributed that it is impossible for me to 
obtain the true source that found it (I know for a fact that I have 
read the info on numerous sites, and little of it came from gamefaqs). 
I do not take or deserve any credit for these vehicles, as I am NOT 
the person who discovered them, nor the strategies (though I have 
improved/elaborated on/fixed some of them). If you are the person who 
found a vehicle and/or developed a strategy for obtaining it, email me 
with a link to a source that credits you for finding it (such as 
another FAQ), and I will gladly give you credit. Again, I neither 
accept nor deserve any credit for this information, and I apologize if 
you are the finder of a vehicle, or author of a strategy, to whom I 
have not given credit.

~For giving me the inspiration to write this guide, and pointing out 
that the silver Manana retains it color when sprayed. Also for bringing 
the Grand Theft Auto mission cars to my attention, even if his initial 
observation was incorrect (had he not, I likely wouldn't have 
discovered their permanent attribute, nor how to preserve it). Also, for 
the idea for the Breakdown by Special Quality section.

Kyle Sutton
~For giving me permission to use excerpts from his Bulletproof Vehicles 
FAQ for the proofed vehicles in my guide, saving me immeasurable amounts 
of time. His guide can be found here:

~For informing me of the gray Banshee in the opening cutscene.

~For telling me the mission that unlocks the BF Injection.

This document Copyright 2007-2009 John Hoffnagle IV.

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