Batman: Arkham Asylum: FAQ/Walkthrough

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| Batman: Arkham Asylum Guide     |
| Created by: Axel7174            |
| FAQ and Walkthrough             |
| Copyright 2009 Ryne Gardner     |

Version History
Version .75 - 8/26/09 - 9/04/09
--First sample of the guide up. A lot to be covered and worked on but I'll be
trying to get it all in soon. I had hoped to have the first completed version
up already, but it wasn't to be. I just transferred to a new university and I've
already been thrust into the work therein so I'm trying to balance college,
work, and other things such as this guide. So the walkthrough isn't complete
yet and the guide is still missing some sections but I'll be hoping to at least
finish the walkthrough over the weekend. 

Version 1.00 - 9/05/09
--Huzzah! The first completed version is up. In addition to finishing the 
walkthrough, I made one or two small fixes to what was already there. The
bigger change was a quick spell check. That's about it but the other sections 
should be arriving soon I hope. 

Table of Contents|--------------------------------------------------------------

1. Introduction................................................. [itro]
 * About This Guide
 * Using This Guide
2. Bat Basics................................................... [bb00]
 * Controls..................................................... [bb01]
 * Freeflow Combat.............................................. [bb02]
 * Predator Mode................................................ [bb03]
 * Detective Work............................................... [bb04]
 * Gadgets...................................................... [bb05]
3. Walkthrough.................................................. [aawt]
 * Prologue - A Night of Laughs................................. [aa00]
 * Chapter 1 - Killers at Large................................. [aa01]
 * Chapter 2 - Hanging Over Madness............................. [aa02]
 * Chapter 3 - Hunter and Hunted................................ [aa03]
 * Chapter 4 - Into the Open Night.............................. [aa04]
 * Chapter 5 - Wings of a Savior................................ [aa05]
 * Chapter 6 - A Fearsome Opponent.............................. [aa06]
 * Chapter 7 - The Dark Nectar.................................. [aa07]
 * Chapter 8 - Crashing the Party............................... [aa08]
 * Chapter 9 - Reliving a Nightmare............................. [aa09]
 * Chapter 10 - A Cut Above..................................... [aa10]
 * Chapter 11 - Behind Closed Doors............................. [aa11]
 * Chapter 12 - His Personal Army............................... [aa12]
 * Chapter 13 - Deliver Us From Evil............................ [aa13]
 * Chapter 14 - In His Realm.................................... [aa14]
 * Chapter 15 - A Growing Threat................................ [aa15]
 * Chapter 16 - Treasure Hunting................................ [aa16]
 * Chapter 17 - Last Laughs..................................... [aa17]
4. The Riddler's Riddles........................................ [rd00]
 * Types of Puzzles............................................. [rd01]
 * Map Locations................................................ [rd02]
 * Riddle List.................................................. [rd03]
 * Riddler Trophy List.......................................... [rd04]
 * Joker Teeth List............................................. [rd05]
 * Interview Tape List.......................................... [rd06]
 * Arkham Chronicle List........................................ [rd07]
5. Challenge Mode............................................... [cl00]
 * Batman Challenges............................................ [cl01]
 * Joker Challenges............................................. [cl02]
6. Extras....................................................... [ex00]
 * Bosses....................................................... [ex01]
 * Trophies..................................................... [ex02]
7. Miscellaneous................................................ [mi00]
 * Frequently Asked Questions................................... [fak4u]
 * Credits/Special Thanks
 * Contact Info
 * Legal Babble

     /`._ |  | _.'\
====/              \============================================================
   /       1        \  Introduction                                      [itro]
==/ .-.          .-. \==========================================================
  |/   \.-.  .-./   \|

Welcome to this guide for Batman: Arkham Asylum! It is my sincere pleasure to
personally welcome you here. I go by the pseudonym Axel and it is my hope that
whether you're looking for a ton of help, or just a hint or two, that you find
what you need here.

About This Guide
2009 has been a busy year for me in terms of college, work, and guides. I'm a
pretty avid gamer; it's probably my biggest hobby outside of writing. There are
three games I've been desperately waiting for. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and
Assassin's Creed II are two of them. The third? Well it's out already. It's
Batman: Arkham Asylum! It is without a doubt one of the best games I've played
and now I've decided to write a guide for it. 

Using This Guide
Navigating around this guide is simple. If you'd rather not scroll for an
eternity, the table of contents will help you. Most items in the table have a
small code at the end. Use these quickjumps and put them into the ctrl+f
function of your web browser and you can quickly jump to a section of the guide.
You can also search for important keywords to help you find certain things. 
If you have questions, please first refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. If
your question isn't answered there or you're still confused, feel free to e-mail
me. My e-mail can be found in the Contact Info section. Secondly, if you have
something to say or contribute, please read the Contact Info section for my
personal policy and rules on these things. It's very, very important to me that
you read that first. 

     /`._ |  | _.'\
====/              \============================================================
   /       2        \  Bat Basics                                        [bb00]
==/ .-.          .-. \==========================================================
  |/   \.-.  .-./   \|

Here we'll go over most of the basics in the game. In particular, we'll be
taking a look at the three main gameplay elements that make up this wonderful
game. This is here to just serve as a small help or reminder for those who don't
feel like looking at their instruction booklets. 

Controls     [bb01]
Here's a quick glance at the controls for both the PS3 and 360 versions of the

|Action                 |PS3 Button        |360 Button         |
|Pause/Unpause          |Start             |Start              |
|Map/Menus              |Select            |Back               |
|Movement               |Left Analog Stick |Left Stick         |
|Camera movement        |Right Analog Stick|Right Stick        |
|Select/Change Gadgets  |D-Pad             |D-Pad              |
|Aim Batarang           |L1                |Left Button        |
|Detective Mode on/off  |L2                |Left Trigger       |
|Scan                   |L2 (hold)         |Left Trigger (hold)|
|Grapple                |R1                |Right Button       |
|Crouch                 |R2                |Right Trigger      |
|Center camera          |L3                |Left Stick button  |
|Zoom                   |R3                |Right Stick button |
|Run/Glide/Use/Climb    |X/Cross           |A                  |
|Evade                  |X-X (double tap)  |A-A (double tap)   |
|Strike                 |Square            |X                  |
|Silent Takedown        |Triangle          |Y                  |
|Drop down              |Circle            |B                  |

|Action                 |PS3 Button        |360 Button         |
|Strike                 |Square            |X                  |
|Counter                |Triangle          |Y                  |
|Stun                   |Circle            |B                  |
|Redirect               |X (double tap)    |A (double tap)     |
|Quick Batarang         |L1                |Left Button        |
|Quick Batclaw          |
|Throw                  |Square + X        |X + A              |
|Takedown               |Triangle + Circle |Y + B              |
|Ground Takedown        |R2 + Triangle     |Right Trigger + Y  |

|Action                 |PS3 Button        |360 Button         |
|Grapple                |R1                |Right Button       |
|Glide Kick (gargoyle)  |Square            |X                  |
|Drop down/Climb        |X                 |A                  |
|Glide                  |X (hold)          |A (hold)           |
|Hang (from gargoyle)   |Circle            |B                  |
|Inverted Takedown      |Triangle          |Y                  |

Freeflow Combat     [bb02]
The game makes use of a simple but difficult to master combat system. Called
Freeflow Combat, this fun system allows Batman to effortlessly take on entire
hordes of enemies at once. 

You have three attack buttons: Strike, Counter, and Stun. Strike is the main
attack function for Freeflow Combat and the one you'll be doing the most damage
with. It's your "aggressor" button. Counter is a bit more defensive but it still
accomplishes the same thing. Stun as the name implies, temporarily stuns an
enemy in a standing position (not a prone one). Let's look a little closer at
the latter two. 


Countering moves is simple in Arkham Asylum. Batman will always be outnumbered.
Let's face it, he's just one guy against an army of thugs. To be able to deal
appropriately with these odds, Batman makes full use of his martial arts
training. When dealing with one enemy, you'll often come under attack by
another. In these instances, you'll see the blue lightning bolts (almost like
Spider Sense?) appear above their heads. This is your cue to hit the Counter
Button (Triangle/Y). It doesn't matter from what angle you're being attacked.
All that matters is that you hit the button at that prompt. On Hard, there is
no prompt so you have to be careful. 

Counter is helpful against enemies with weapons because it unarms them. Batman
won't use their weapons of course except for a quick hit before he drops them.
As you play further through the game, counter opportunities become easier to
see, as you often see the thugs who want to hit you running toward you. 


Stun, performed with Circle/B is a move used to temporarily disable your foes.
It can help you put an enemy aside for just a little while. It is most useful
though against dagger-wielding opponents. These foes are a little more protected
than others and can't be hit with normal strikes. Stun helps disorient them so
that Batman can go in for the kill with his normal strikes. 


Besides three offensive moves, you have the ability to escape. Redirect is good
for moments when you are totally surrounded. Double tap X/A to leap over an
enemy and get behind them. Redirect is necessary to attack enemies that wield
stun batons or torches. They cannot be attacked directly with Strike or Stun
because it damages Batman, and they cannot be countered. These enemies are
vulnerable from behind however. Redirect will help you get into position for an


When you purchase the move, Throw is a nice attack to use. Batman will pick up
an enemy and throw him in whatever direction you point the stick. It's important
to note that you have a limited time to "aim" so if you don't pick a direction
quickly, you may not be able to throw the enemy where you want. This is good
when you're surrounded. You can also throw enemies into electric barriers and
other objects. 


Besides your Ground Takedown, you can also perform another Takedown during
combos. The latter must be purchased from the Upgrades menu. Takedown totally
incapacitates an enemy taking them out of the fight and lessening the number
Batman has to deal with and easing the burden on you, the player. The combo
Takedown (the one that has to be purchased) is very helpful because enemies are
not allowed to attack you during the animation. The Ground Takedown leaves
Batman vulnerable however.

Now, for a little more advanced tips and things to think about to make your
Freeflow Combat experiences better ones. 

-Time to Takedown-

While the combo Takedowns let you take out enemies unhindered, the Ground
Takedowns do not. Enemies will try to attack during Ground Takedowns. Trying to
mix in Takedowns in your combos, especially long combos really boosts your XP
or your score in Challenge Mode. Therefore, it's easy to get greedy to attempt
Ground Takedowns on your stunned enemies. You need to be able to do it without
worrying about the other enemies however. 

One way is to use Freeflow Combat to go from one enemy to the other until all
are down. Freely use a Ground Takedown on one. Another is to look for the next
enemy moving to attack. If he has to run toward you, wait for him to start his
attack and then immediately use R2 + Triangle to make Batman leap out of the way
and toward his victim. Not only do you get your Takedown, you avoid the attack.
Learning this technique isn't easy and requires a lot of practice. Enemies tend
to follow you some distance preparing and even during their attack so you need
to go far out of range. 

-Mind Your Aim-

One of only, if not the only flaw in Freeflow Combat is that it's sometimes
difficult to pick the right target. For the most part, using the Left Analog
stick to aim your strikes and so forth is simple. Even when enemies are bunched
together, the stick helps you be as precise as you need to be. When enemies are
in certain positions (one behind another) or so on, especially in the prone
stunned position, there are difficulties. You might want to perform a Ground
Takedown (see above) on an enemy on the far side of the area, and you point the
stick in the right direction, but you end up hitting a different enemy instead.
As a result an enemy right near you attacks you (see above again) and your combo
is ended.

It's difficult to read these situations before they happen. The best thing to do
is just ignore the Takedown opportunity and focus on countering attacks and look
for another enemy to attack. 

-Enemies and Weapons-

As mentioned earlier, there are some enemies that can't be hurt by normal means.
The dagger-wielding enemies can't be struck or countered. Stun works on these
guys, allowing you to hit them. Then there are the stun baton/torch wielders.
You need to get behind them with Redirect to get to them. 

These two enemies will display a red lightning bolt image above their heads.
This is not a counter prompt, but a dodge prompt. For stun baton/torch guys,
consider this a prompt to use Redirect since that is your only real option if
they're about to attack. For dagger-wielding enemies however, consider the red
lightning bolts your cue to use Stun. You'll also see this prompt when enemies
pull metal boxes off the walls and threaten to throw them. The only thing you
can do here (besides attacking them first) is to evade by double tapping X. 

When you build up a combo, you get access to your special moves. The combo
Takedown allows you to dispatch an enemy instantly. Save these moves in the
situations where you have special enemies like the dagger and stun baton/torch
guys. Eliminating them first makes the fight more normal and easier. This is
helpful in Challenge Mode. 

In addition, you will see enemies scrambling to find weapons on the walls in
areas. When this happens, you'll hear an alarm go off. That's your cue to stop
them. Using Freeflow, try to maintain your combo but aim your attacks toward the
enemy who is going for a weapon so that you can stop him. Again, some practice
will be required to pull this off flawlessly and still maintain your combo. 
Besides normal weapons like pipes, they can get guns, which makes stopping them
even more imperative. No alarm is tripped for guys who pull metal boxes off the
wall so you need to watch out for them. 

Predator Mode     [bb03]
The combat will be interspersed by the more stealthy and just as entertaining
Predator moments. Batman is all about striking from the shadows and instilling
fear in his enemies. That comes out very well in Predator gameplay. 

When you come to Predator rooms, you'll have a few enemies, all of which are
armed with guns. As you progress further through the game, the number of enemies
will increase. Your objective will be to stealthily take them all out, making
use of Batman's skills and gadgets.

Detective Mode helps you see all the enemies in the area and allows you to plan
your attack. It also delivers additional, but ultimately useless information 
such as your opponent's arsenal, their heart rate, and their condition. 

Next, there are the gargoyles. Gargoyles are extremely helpful in surveying
the area in Detective Mode and staying easily out of sight. Enemies can't see
you on the gargoyles and they cannot see you as you are in the process of
grappling. If you are spotted, it's because they say you before you initiated
your grapple. 

Predator Mode is all about striking from the shadows and using various methods
to dispatch your opponents. There are a wide variety of potential takedowns and
stunning attacks that you can unleash on unsuspecting henchmen. Batman's
arsenal expands beyond his fists and feet and his supply of gadgets. Let's look
at the various Takedowns. 

-Melee Takedown-

This is just a standard series of melee attacks intended to take down an enemy
by pummeling them. It's no different than Freeflow Combat strikes, only you are
aiming for an opponent that is armed. This Takedown is only recommended in
emergencies when you are discovered by a single enemy. 

-Silent Takedown-

One of your most valuable Takedowns. By crouching, Batman can move without
making noise. Sneaking up on opponents in this fashion allows you to perform
Silent Takedowns. Silent Takedowns will not alert any nearby enemies, unless of
course, they see you doing it. When suicide collars are introduced later though,
the enemies will be informed by Joker that you've taken someone out, even if it
was silent. 

-Inverted Takedown-

Batman can hang from a gargoyle and swoop down and grab an unsuspecting thug and
then string him up. Inverted Takedowns, besides being really fun, are one of the
many "loud" Takedowns that will alert the other enemies. Be sure to perform them
on isolated enemies and also flew from your perch to another gargoyle. If you
don't move, the others will discover you. You can also cut down enemies who are
strung up by firing a Batarang at the rope. This also alerts the enemies though.
To perform an Inverted Takedown, wait until an enemy is walking underneath a
Gargoyle and a prompt will appear. You can do this either sitting on the
gargoyle or by hanging with Circle. 

-Glass Ceiling Takedown-

In a few areas where there is a glass ceiling in a small room, you can grapple
up here and stand on the glass. Should an enemy pass underneath you, a prompt
should appear for a Takedown. Batman will smash through the glass and crush the
thug. A fun, cool, but also noisy Takedown. Be sure to hide afterwards. 

-Ledge Takedown-

A Ledge Takedown is another fun one to do on enemies standing close to, well...
ledges. Whether it's a walkway with a railing, or just a normal ledge. You can
grapple up to these and wait. Enemies usually patrol along and peek over the
railings. You can perform Ledge Takedowns on these enemies. They don't have to
be peeking over the side to do it; just line up correctly with them. 

-Glide Kick-

From a gargoyle or a high ledge you can target enemies and perform a Glide Kick
with Square. The Glide Kick is intended for isolated enemies, as it causes some
noise. The Glide Kick itself is not a Takedown; it only stuns the enemy. You
have to follow it up with a Ground Takedown to finish the job. 

-Explosive Gel Takedown-

Plant Explosive Gel on a wall where an enemy is standing or will pass by. Wait
and then trigger the detonation to knock them out instantly. Note that you need
to plant the gel on the opposite side of where they will be passing. The idea
is that the wall needs to explode outward, toward the victim, so planting it
on the other side may result in the enemies being only stunned at best. 

-Proximity Explosion-

With an upgrade to the Explosive Gel, it can automatically detonate when a
nearby enemy walks too close. This will usually only stun an enemy, so you'll 
need to get close and finish him. 


Batarangs can disable henchmen for a short while (longer if you buy an upgrade),
allowing you to move in for Takedowns. They only stun if you use them on enemies
that don't see you (excluding Freeflow Combat). Upgrading to three Batarangs
increases the effectiveness. 

-Sonic Batarang-

Normally, the Sonic Batarang is a good way to lure enemies into traps or 
position for easier Takedowns or to isolate one from the pack. With an upgrade,
the Sonic Batarang can be used to take out one enemy. Lure the opponent close
and when he goes to inspect the Batarang, detonate it to take him out. 

-Batclaw Takedown-

The Batclaw will normally only stun a thug when you pull them with it. Same
goes for the Ultra Batclaw. If you use the Batclaw on an enemy near a railing
or near a ledge, you can pull them off for easy Takedowns. 

-Batclaw Trapdoor-

In a few instances where enemies stand above a destructible floor, you can use
the Ultra Batclaw to pull on it and with some effort, destroy the floor from
under them. This will take out any enemies caught. 

-Line Launcher Attack-

If you use the Line Launcher and aim toward enemies, the momentum will allow
Batman to deliver a swift and powerful kick as he's riding to stun an enemy or
two. This can also be done to launch Batman through glass to attack a thug. They
are only stunned though, so move in for the coup de grace. 


When an enemy sees you, you can flee either by getting far away and hiding
behind a structure or some other piece of cover. The main method is to grapple
up to a gargoyle and then swing from one gargoyle to another until the enemies
can't see you any more. One other method is to jump into a grate and hide in
the vents. 

Detective Work     [bb04]
Besides having the martial arts skills of a ninja, the physique of Hercules,
and enough gadgets to make any geek wet themselves, Batman is also called the
greatest detective. He is good at analyzing and interpreting situations. There
are times where using the brain will be more valuable. 

Detective Mode is one of your most useful tools in Arkham Asylum. The display
has some x-ray capabilities, allowing you to spot all hostiles in an area. 
Unarmed hostiles are in blue and armed hostiles are in red. As noted in the
Predator Mode section above, the display gives you information on their weapon,
heart rate, and condition. The conditions are as follows:

Calm - The target is calm and carrying on normally

Nervous - The target is flustered and unnerved. For enemies, they begin to step
up patrols and pair up into groups to find Batman

Terrified - Enemies are totally spooked and will fire their guns at the 
slightest noise. When Batman appears in front of Terrified henchmen, they are
caught off guard, something that doesn't happen under other conditions. This
gives you a moment to strike. 

Unconscious - The target is incapacitated

Deceased - The target is dead. You won't find many deceased enemies. 

Detective Mode also renders important objects in bright orange. This includes
gargoyles, vent covers, and objects like Riddler Trophies and Interview Tapes.
It's a very useful tool for when you get stuck. 

There are also moments where Batman has to find something specific, but doesn't
know where to look. In these instances, there will be a "Scanner" mode that
automatically starts. The game takes a first person view and you can look for
potential clues that can leave a forensic trail. Finding the object in the
immediate area will do just that and a trail will appear. Note that the forensic
trail will only appear while Detective Mode is on. The amount of trail uncovered
will also appear on your map. 

Gadgets     [bb05]
As you've no doubt seen, Batman has a slew of gadgets to use. Half of them are
Batarang type gadgets. The other half are unique ones that can serve Batman in
exploration, in Predator Mode and even in combat. 


Batman's trademark Batarang is with him from the start. He has an unlimited
supply of these babies. You can equip one by holding L1 and this allows you to
target specific enemies or other objects. You throw it with R1. You can also
initiate a Quick Batarang by just tapping L1 and it will hit the closest or
most important target without fail. 

Batarangs stun enemies that don't seem them coming. In combat, Batman can chain
them in his combos to make his fights easier. 

-Multi Batarang-

With an upgrade, you can upgrade to two Batarangs at once. This is treated as a
totally separate gadget. With a second upgrade, you can make it three. This is
used specifically for taking down more than one thug at once. It's good for
picking off targets and going in for Takedowns on a few thugs. It's also very
helpful in Freeflow combos. 

-Remote Control Batarang-

The Remote Control Batarang must also be purchased from the Upgrades menu. When
thrown the camera follows the Batarang and allows you to control its flight with
both sticks. The RC Batarang can still only stun enemies at best, but it allows
you to be a bit more strategic. It only has a certain amount of life before you
lose control. You can use this time to take out a group of thugs in certain
positions. If the RC Batarang crashes into something, you lose control. 

-Sonic Batarang-

One thing I kept asking myself when I was playing was how I could lure enemies
out, almost in Metal Gear Solid fashion. In most of the MGS games, you could
tap on walls and basically manipulate enemy movement. That idea does live on in
the form of Sonic Batarangs. Once suicide collars start appearing, you can buy
this from the Upgrade menu. When throw to a floor or wall, it emits a signal 
that interferes with the suicide collar. An enemy will go over to investigate
it. This allows you to isolate enemies and lure them into positions so you can
sneak up on them, perform Inverted Takedowns, or just about anything. 

Sometimes enemies can outsmart you. When you plant a Sonic Batarang with the
intention of luring a thug to that exact spot, it might backfire. Sometimes the
enemies keep their distance just a bit and shoot the Batarang. It's also good
to note that only one enemy will investigate it at a time. 

With an upgrade, you can make the Sonic Batarang a weapon. When an enemy gets 
close, target the Sonic Batarang and hit R2 to set off a detonation that will
incapacitate the henchman foolish enough to stand there. 

-Explosive Gel-

One of the most helpful inventions, the Explosive Gel allows Batman to break
down most of the destructible walls he finds in Detective Mode. Walk up to a
wall or a floor that can be destroyed and hit L1 to prepare and R1 to spray.
When you are a safe distance away, target it and hit R2 to detonate it. This is
a great method of taking down enemies. 

Besides this, you can also upgrade the Explosive Gel to go off when enemies get
too close. You can use this to manipulate enemy movement somewhat. Planting it
in a specific location with the intention of getting an enemy to trip it will
draw the others over. You can also plant multiple charges and set them off at
once or one at a time with an upgrade. 


The Batclaw is a nifty item that allows Batman to pull off vent covers on high
walls and clear objects out of his way that he can't reach normally. It also
lets Batman pull thugs off ledges and in combat it can pull them towards him
until they eventually fall over. 

-Cryptographic Sequencer-

This really cool gadget finally allows you do away with those annoying electric
barriers and other obstacles. The Sequences targets those electric control
boxes that the cables run to. They mostly control electric barriers but other
things as well. Getting this gadget is equal to opening up a lot of backtracking
possibilities for goodies. 

At first the Sequencer only works in close range with the control boxes. An
upgrade increases its range so that you can be at a farther distance, including
the boxes you can't even reach (including ones that are behind the electric
barriers instead of outside of them). This is an upgrade you should definitely
get as soon as you can if you want to hunt for goodies immediately. 

The Sequencer works in an interesting way. Once it's found a security control
box, you hit R1 to start it up. The display screen appears and there are two
thumb pads that Batman uses to find the frequency, and these correspond to the
Left and Right Analog sticks. To overload the box, you have to use the sticks
and get both of them in two specific positions until it finally blows. 

There are two signals to use to tell you you're close to cracking it and thus
two methods to use. One is by feel. If you have a DualShock 3 controller, it
vibrates with certain intensity as you rotate the sticks. Using one stick at a
time, rotate around until you decide where it is vibrating the most. Let go and
then do this separately for the other stick. When you think you got it, push
both sticks in those directions and adjust slightly as necessary. 

The other more standard method is to rotate both sticks and watch the display
screen carefully. As both sticks get closer to the unlocking locations, the 
screen turns to green. When it is bright green it is about to overload, so hold
the sticks in that position to break it. 

When targeting a box, the outside ring is occupied by some smaller yellow 
circles. These correspond to the "difficulty" involved in cracking a specific
box. The more yellow circles, the more precise you have to be with the sticks,
putting them in very, very exact spots. 

-Line Launcher-

The Line Launcher is a very fun gadget used to get across very large gaps or
distances that can't be normally traversed. There will be many situations when
Batman can't get across a certain area. The Line Launcher comes in handy here.

To use it, press L1 and then pay attention to the targeting reticle. If it has a
yellow indicator at the top and bottom that means it has room to plant a line
both back and forward. Hit R1 to fire it and the lines extend, allowing you to
zip-line across a gap or distance. It has a very good range but it is still
limited to some degree. It can only be used to go straight forward, not up or
down. While zipping, you can hit X to drop down early. 

The Line Launcher can be aimed toward enemies to cast a line and zip toward
them. Batman automatically delivers a powerful kick when he gets close. He can
also break through glass by zipping toward it. 

-Ultra Batclaw-

This gadget replaces the old Batclaw. It fires three claws instead of one. It
not only makes for a nice weapon against thugs both in Predator and Freeflow
Combat situations, but it has one very nice feature. The Ultra Batclaw can stick
to those high destructible walls. The walls that look like they need Explosive
Gel but Batman simply cannot reach. By hooking on these walls, you can pull on
them and eventually pull them down, destroying them. This also makes for a nifty
trap in some situations. 

The Ultra Batclaw can still be used on vents. With three claws now, it takes a
lot less effort to pry one off though. 

     /`._ |  | _.'\
====/              \============================================================
   /       3        \  Walkthrough                                       [aawt]
==/ .-.          .-. \==========================================================
  |/   \.-.  .-./   \|

Right to the nitty gritty, eh? Here is the walkthrough I've provided for Batman:
Arkham Asylum. Here to guide you every step of the way, whether you need a hand
all the way through, or just get stuck every now and then. 

The game doesn't have named chapters so I'll be making up my own names so don't
think they're in the game or anything. Since the delineations are not very 
definite in the game, I'll basically be dividing the walkthrough up into the 
sections the game does with Story Mode Trophies. Each time you complete a new 
part of the story, you get a Trophy or Achievement and that's how I'll be 
setting up the walkthrough parts. 

Now of a bit more importance, when it comes to all the Riddler's items for his
challenges, I debated for a little on how I would do it. I decided to go with
something pretty simple. When reading the walkthrough, keep your eyes out for
the items like JOKER TEETH, and RIDDLER TROPHIES in all capitals just like that.
This way you can make sure you don't miss anything. 

However, when it comes to actual Riddles I will be putting them down too. This
was something I debated for a while too. Ultimately I decided to write them into
the main walkthrough (they'll also appear in the Riddler section of course), but
I STRONGLY encourage you to figure them out for yourself if you can first. It's
more satisfying if you do. 

This guide is mostly but not totally spoiler free. What happens in cutscenes and
so on will not be revealed but you'll see names and some other sections in this
guide do spoil things (Trophy/Achievement section for example) but there are
spoiler warnings there too. 

Let's get started...

                             A NIGHT OF LAUGHS

|Riddles: 0            |
|Riddler Trophies: 0   |
|Interview Tapes: 0    |
|Joker Teeth: 0        |
|Chronicles: 0         |

After the cutscenes, you'll have control of Batman as he talks to the guard on
the right. You can see Joker being strolled deeper into the asylum ahead of you
with a heavy escort. Everything seems good. Follow the escort onto the elevator
to go down. 

You'll walk forward into the following corridor where a scan will be performed.
There will be a brief delay and then Joker and his escort will get moving again.
Keep following. 

The party will go past some of the cells and some inmates will start cheering.
At the end, one of the Arkham staff will request to check on Joker real quick.
He happens to be voiced by Steven Jay Blum just FYI and is anyone else started
to get sick of this guy? I mean don't get me wrong, great, great voice actor,
but he's everywhere now, and a doctor really doesn't strike me as a great role
for him. Err, what? Oh right, I'm rambling, sorry. *Ahem* Anyways...

After a quick "scare", you'll pass through the door and come to the area where
an elevator needs to take Joker down to the holding cells. Problem is, another
"patient" is using the elevator and is on his way up. Watch what happens and
then get on the elevator when the escort when you are able to. Hm, that was
pleasant, wasn't it?

As you descend, Joker will continue to talk and then there will be a brief
surprise but nothing happens. When the elevator opens, once again walk along
with the group until you get a scene. The fun is about to begin. 

Intensive Treatment - Holding Cells
After the scene, the game truly begins at last. Joker is free (surprise,
surprise) and on the loose. Moreover, he's left a group of thugs for you to face
off against. Joy!

This will seem extremely familiar for demo players. If you've had some hands-on
time with the demo, then hopefully you won't have any trouble here. Even if this
is your first time, this isn't really hard at all. 

The game will guide you anyway with the tutorial prompts at the bottom of the
screen. As it says, use Square to Strike enemies. Using it in conjunction with
the Left Analog Stick allows you to pick your targets. When you start hitting
guys, you also can use the stick to quickly and easily jump from one enemy to
the other. This is Freeflow Combat. 

Try it out and knock down all the thugs. Try to take them down if you can if
they are stunned on the ground. Hold R2 and hit Triangle to do this. It'll take
practice, but try to put ground Takedowns into your combos to really boost your
XP gain. 

Once you've dealt with the first three, Joker unleashes another batch. Four 
enemies won't make things any more difficult really. Just try to get better
acquainted with the combat system. It might seem tough at first, but it's really
easy and Batman is quite mobile in this mode. Practice will make perfect. Also,
try out Combat Challenges to hone up on your skills, but for now, let's get to
the fighting. 

The game tells you about the Counter button which is Triangle. Any time you see
the blue lightning bolts above an enemy's head, they're about to attack. Hit
Triangle at these moments to counter. You can always counter, no matter which
way Batman is facing and no matter which way he is being attacked from. As long
as you hit the button at that moment, you're in the clear. On Hard difficulty,
the blue bolts do not appear so you have to know the dynamics first or else it
can be pretty tough. 

String together a good combo if you can, using Strikes, Counters and a takedown
if you can do one. Either way, you should be rewarded with decent XP once you've
cleaned all their clocks. Joker runs off and invites Batman to find him. With

                                Chapter 1
                             KILLERS AT LARGE

|Riddles: 0            |
|Riddler Trophies: 3   |
|Interview Tapes: 0    |
|Joker Teeth: 5        |
|Chronicles: 0         |

You'll get a Character Bio for the Commissioner. We have to follow Joker, but
let's not go just yet. You can find something in the area where you fought the

Get acquainted with your map first by hitting Select. You'll be using this a 
lot. Use this to help get your North, South, East, and West in check. Face 
south in this area and look to the left wall. Right near the empty cell there is
a vent on  the wall. Approach it tap X to pull it off. Go inside and find your 
first RIDDLER TROPHY. Schwing!                           

Getting that also unlocks the Bio for The Riddler. If you look in the top right
cell in this area, you can see it smeared with green question marks. Hmm, I
wonder whose cell this was? 

Head up the north ramp, which is where the Joker was. Turn left at the top and
enter the office here. You'll hear some strange chattering. Look to the ground
and you can see the JOKER TEETH. They're totally harmless, but useful to Batman.
Destroying them with Batarangs not only gets you XP, but they are part of the
Riddler's many puzzles. Destroy all three in here and then go north down the

Intensive Treatment - Processing Corridor
At the corner, you'll find a dead guard and another set of JOKER TEETH. Destroy
it and run down the following corridor. You'll turn again inevitably, so follow
the hall down until you reach an intersection. Some more of Joker's men decide
to greet you. 

Again, just try to get a feel for the combat system. Try to focus on chaining
hits back and forth between both enemies. Learning how easily Batman is capable
of just jumping from one enemy to the other while maintaining and building a
large combo is the key to success. Also get a feel for the enemy's attacks and
learn to counter. 

Wipe them out and turn left (east) down the next hall. Halfway down will be yet
another set of JOKER TEETH. Destroy it and you should unlock the "Intensive
Treatment" Challenge. Talk to the guard at the end if you want. You don't have
to. Either way, go the complete opposite direction, west, down the hallway. 
Batman contacts Oracle and let's her know what's up. You get a Character Bio for
her. Head through the next door now.

Intensive Treatment - Patient Pacification Chamber
Talk to the guys here for the scoop. You'll see Zsasz trying to torture a poor
guard. You're warned that Zsasz will kill him if he sees you. As Batman, you
need to make sure you're not seen. Sounds easy, right? Let's go. 

Go past the guards and up the stairs in the following room. On the second floor,
talk to either the doctor on the right or the guard ahead for a Bio on Zsasz. 
Talking to the guard will get you a hint about what to do. You need to turn on
Detective Mode (L2). This highlights important items and objects in orange. The
gargoyles are highlighted, and they are Batman's best friends. 

Grapple up to a Gargoyle with R1. This is also something you have to get a feel
for but it's really, really simple to learn. Grapple from gargoyle to gargoyle
around the room until you get to the one on the far east side, the one directly
behind Zsasz. If you've played the demo, you should know this all too well. 

Wait for Zsasz to stop moving, then perform your Glide Kick with Square. Don't
move at all and just wait for him to get uberly knocked out. He's down, but he
isn't out. Move over to his body and use R2 + Triangle to perform a Ground
Takedown and silence Zsasz. A cutscene starts. 

You'll get a Character Bio for Harley Quinn afterwards. After talking with
Oracle, you need to find a way out of this room. Turn on Detective Mode and take
a look around. You'll see how valuable this is to see things highlighted so
easily and prominently for you. Whenever you are stuck, turn it on and you often
find the answer easily. 

In any case, there are a few noteworthy things in this room. You'll see a wall
in the southeast corner that says it can be destroyed. Unfortunately, you're
not equipped for that just yet. Ignore it. Turn right from the wall and go to
the southwest corner now. In the southwest corner of the room is a vent. Pull it
off and go inside to take the RIDDLER TROPHY. 

In the opposite corner (northeast), there is another vent. This is the one you
need to use to get out of this room. Enter it and follow the vent all the way

Surprised, demo players? I was too. This vent doesn't lead to the same room it
did in the demo. Very clever. As you are winding through the vent you will see a
RIDDLER TROPHY. This one is like impossible to miss; it's right in front of your
face as you near the end of the vent. 

Turn right from the trophy and tap X to kick the vent cover off. A guard ahead
of you will run through the door. Drop down now and you'll be back in a previous

                                Chapter 2
                           HANGING OVER MADNESS

|Riddles: 0            |
|Riddler Trophies: 1   |
|Interview Tapes: 0    |
|Joker Teeth: 3        |
|Chronicles: 0         |

Intensive Treatment - Processing Corridor
You have no choice but to follow that guard. If you turn around and attempt to
go in the other direction, the electric fence kicks on and Harley just taunts
you. Bitch...

Follow the guard through the door and you'll see three more JOKER TEETH. Take
them all out and then turn the corner. 

Intensive Treatment - Decontamination
You'll see the guard watching through the window as his friends in the follow
room are being gassed by Joker's infamous toxin. The door on the left is locked
so it appears there's no way in. No way for a normal person that is. Look all
around you and if you can't figure it out, the game kinda gives you a small
hint. Look above you and find a grapple point to pull you up through the shaft.

Climb out and open the vent here. Crawl through and kick out the other vent on
the end. Drop down into the room. You can see the toxin won't reach you up here.
If you accidentally fall down though, you have a few seconds to hit R1 and save
yourself. It brings you to the last safe place you were. 

Find the guard barely hanging on and approach him. Help him up and then run
across the next gap. Do this by doing as the tutorial prompts you. Run by
holding X and you will automatically jump when you reach the end of a platform.

On this next platform, look up for a grapple point. Zip up there and climb up.
Turn left and you should be able to see the second guard holding on. Help him
up too. Finally, jump off this platform to the last one below and hold X after
you jump to glide. This is also a very important trick to learn. It's also easy
to learn so no worries. 

Glide to the last platform and you find a third person in need. This time it's
one of Joker's own men though. Help him up anyway and Batman knocks him out. 
Bwahaha. Oh, hey, thanks! BAM! 

Your last task is to get the gas out of the room. Easier said than done. If you
face the east wall and turn on Detective Mode (as the game instructs you to),
you should be able to find the solution. The wires are highlighted in yellow. 
Follow them to an orange source, an electronic box that controls the fans in
this room. Target the box with a Batarang and you should lock onto it. Throw it
and that will turn on the fans, venting the gas out of this room. Phew. 

Drop down now and have a look around. Start by looking for a set of JOKER TEETH
in that same small nook where the electronic box was that you hit with a
Batarang. If you go back north, you can find some more JOKER TEETH. If you keep
going north, there will be a third set of JOKER TEETH just near the door that 
was previously locked. 

Using your map to help you, go about to the halfway point in this room and face
the west wall. On your right should be the electric fence. Just go slightly to 
the left and there is an area with a dead guard and a can of Joker's toxin. Go 
in here and look for a grate on the floor. Open it with R2 + X. The RIDDLER
TROPHY is in this vent.

That's all you can find in here so go south and through the next door.

                                Chapter 3
                             HUNTER AND HUNTED

|Riddles: 0            |
|Riddler Trophies: 1   |
|Interview Tapes: 0    |
|Joker Teeth: 5        |
|Chronicles: 0         |

Intensive Treatment - Transfer Loop
First whip a Batarang at the set of JOKER TEETH here. Follow the green arrows
that are painted onto the floor. You won't need to go far before two thugs pop
out and attack. Focus on one and counter the other. Try to take one down then
they're both on the floor. 

After that, you should hopefully by now have enough XP to do your first upgrade.
When you hit the required amount, you're taken to the Upgrade screen
automatically, although you're not required to get one. Let's do it though. Take
a look at what's there. There are combat upgrades, a Predator upgrade, armor
upgrades, and gadget upgrades. I'm leaving this entirely up to you and only
making my own suggestions. You don't have to follow my advice at all and do it
how you feel you should. Personally, for a first upgrade, I like to get Inverted
Takedown, but it's not necessary at all. You may want to opt for the first
armor upgrade or Throw. You can also buy the Remote Control Batarang or Twin
Batarang which both act as new gadgets. Up to you. 

An electric barrier prevents you from going west so just continue to follow the
arrows. You'll come to a door eventually. Be sure to destroy the one set of
Joker Teeth there first before approaching the door. A scene begins.

Can it be? The first boss fight? Yes!


Not a recognizable foe, but deadly nonetheless. The enemy will start off the
fight most likely by charging right at you. As the game tells you, double tap
X and use the Left Analog stick to dodge left or right. Do this before this
giant brute tramples you. It will hurt, trust me. 

Besides that, the creature will pick up the body in the room sometimes and throw
it at you. Dodge that in the same way. You can't fight this thing up close. Not
only with your attacks do nothing against this monster, it will just as quickly
hit you back for a lot of damage. Stay back and figure something out. 

The game usually tells you the trick eventually but here it is now. The way to
beat this guy is simple. Wait for him to begin his running charge. It's easy to
tell when because he roars first and sets himself. At this moment, quickly tap
L1. Just tap it once. This is the Quick Batarang. Batman will fling his 
Batarang at the enemy he is facing and it always hits. Do this and immediately
let your thumb embrace that X (or A for you 360 players) button and dodge the
charge. The creature will be hurt a bit by the Batarang and crash into the wall.
This leaves it vulnerable. Now is your chance.

Attack the Titan with a few hits, only three or four. Evade and get out of there
fast because it will regain itself. It usually performs a fist pound attack
that lets out a small shockwave. Try to be out of range before this to avoid
some damage. 

You probably won't get a chance to use this strategy again as the fight ends
abruptly. It wasn't terribly glorious but hey, it's over. 

Intensive Treatment - Secure Treatment Transfer
Facing the defeated monster, you'll hear a guard calling you over on the left.
He'll lower the electric barrier so you can pass through, but don't go just
yet. Go instead to the right (east side on your map) and enter the little office
here. Inside you'll find a hard-to-miss RIDDLER TROPHY. 

Enter the office with the guard and talk to him. He tries to let you follow
Joker but there's no way with Joker in total control. You'll see a scene and
you'll get a new objective. You have to rescue the Commissioner!

Exit this room the way you came in. Refer to your map to see the location of
your next immediate objective. 

Intensive Treatment - Transfer Loop
Go down the hall and you'll talk to Oracle for a bit. You'll also get a
Character Bio for Frank Boles. 

Turn left (west) and enter the next hallway. Joker will come on the TV and you
can learn a little bit of how this whole thing got started. Continue past and
follow the hall down a bit. 

Eventually you will reach a pair of thugs. Try the Quick Batarang again as the
game prompts and then begin the fight normally. Attack and counter and use
Ground Takedowns to boost your XP. The fights are still easy so just keep trying
to learn and get the rhythm down. 

Go to the door to the right of where they were standing. Enter. 

Intensive Treatment - Holding Cells
Another talk with Oracle. Batman explains how to find a trail that will lead
him to Boles and the Commissioner. Enter the office on the left and turn on
Detective Mode. You'll enter a special mode for it that looks specifically for
evidence that can provide a trail.

You should see the flask. Get it in view for the scanner and hold X to do a full
scan. The Detective Mode then changes so that it can find a trail of alcohol
in the air that you can follow. Neato!

Keep Detective Mode on the whole time and follow the trail. It will
automatically detect each trace as it makes a trail (remind you a little bit
of Zelda: Twilight Princess?). The trail will take you first back into the
previous room. 

Intensive Treatment - Transfer Loop
Follow the trail around the loop to the southern corridor. It will take you to
the front desk where Batman encountered the Commissioner in the opening. Search
around the front desk here for three sets of JOKER TEETH to destroy. Proceed
through the next door when ready. 

                                Chapter 4
                           INTO THE OPEN NIGHT

|Riddles: 3            |
|Riddler Trophies: 0   |
|Interview Tapes: 2    |
|Joker Teeth: 3        |
|Chronicles: 1         |

Intensive Treatment - Secure Transit
Here you'll see a lone guard. A scene begins. 

Afterwards, you find that the elevator is indefinitely out of commission. That
leaves Batman to take the long way up. Before we go up though, look for an item.

Go to the southeast corner of this room and you should see a staircase. Take 
this up into a small room that overlooks the main area. On the left side of this
room is a table with two big stacks of papers on it. In front of the papers is 
this INTERVIEW TAPE. Grab it and you can hear a patient interview from Harley.

Return to the first floor again. Stand between the two elevator shafts and look
for the grapple point above. Get up there and turn right. Look for another and
zip up there as well. Jump the next gap and you'll catch the ledge. You'll need
to shimmy over until you can climb up. Enter the shaft and move toward a vent
cover. Take it down and leave the vent. 

Turn right and grapple up to the high platform. Grapple again to an even higher
one above. You'll see a vent on your left on the wall but it's unreachable.
Go straight ahead instead and jump the gap. Turn left and hold X (A) at the
short wall to automatically climb onto it. Grapple up from here. 

Climb over the fenced off pipe, then crouch under the other. As you pass under
here, you'll see a vent cover on your left. If you go through there, you'll see
two walls in Detective Mode that can be destroyed. Once again however, you're
not able to do anything just yet. Drat. 

Go straight instead and when you get out from under there, climb up the next
wall in front of you. On top of there, climb up the next wall too and you can
shimmy here. Go all the way around (don't jump at all) until you reach the
next ledge. Pull yourself up. 

Here there is a path to the left and straight ahead. Both lead to the same place
though so just turn left, toward the large fan in the wall. Looks like a dead
end but if you turn left here and look up, you can see another grapple point.
Head up there. 

Crouch under the object here and you'll be lead to a vent. Follow it through
and then on the other side, you'll see an object ahead. It looks like a large
stone tablet or something like that. You are prompted to use the Scan feature.
Do so by holding L2 but be sure to be close or else it won't work. This is the
first of 24 ARKHAM CHRONICLES. Each has a part of a long story and a mystery
that has to be unraveled. 

From the chronicle, go right and then turn to see a platform to grapple up to.
Joker's henchmen are waiting though and will spot you as soon as you pull
yourself up. Time to throw down...

This is by far the largest group you've faced off against yet. Try not to worry
about mixing in Ground Takedowns (unless you're practiced a lot) and just focus
on the basics only: Striking and Countering. Two of these guys will try to pry
pipes off the walls and use them as weapons. Practice aiming for specific
targets and try to strike them both while maintaining your combo. Look out for
Counter prompts though and just keep it going until they're all down. 

Hopefully you should have enough for another upgrade. Go ahead and pick whatever
you want. I went with Throw, but consider the first armor upgrade or anything
that you feel looks "cool". 

Turning on Detective Mode brings up the alcohol trail. It seems to lead to a
locked door unfortunately. To the right however is a vent. Enter and we'll find
a shortcut. This takes you to a familiar room from the demo. 

Intensive Treatment - Cell Block Transfer
Enter and stay behind the wall. Turn on Detective Mode and you'll see three
enemies. They're holding guns. Not good. A talk with Oracle and Batman will
discuss his plan. Look for a gargoyle above to begin.

The path above is laid out for you. Zip from gargoyle to gargoyle until you get
to the one at the far end. Tap X to drop down silently. Crouch to avoid making
noise that will alert the thugs to your presence. Approach them cautiously and
you can see a prompt for a Silent Takedown. Perform one on each of them while
still holding R2 to crouch as you move from one to the other. Take all three
down and then continue south. 

Go up the staircase and you'll see a fourth thug talking to Joker. Either stay
and listen or go up there and take him down now. Either way, once he's down,
Joker will address Batman. After that, look for the vent on the right. Take the
cover off and enter. 

Intensive Treatment - Intensive Treatment Lobby
Another familiar demo room. The last from the demo room actually, so if you're
one of the demo players, you're probably quite curious as to what comes after

As you exit the vent, you'll see a thug picking a gun off a dead guard. Take
him out with yet another Silent Takedown. A quick scan in Detective Mode shows
that there are two other enemies in here. One is nearby on the above catwalk.
Now, you have a ton of ways you can go about this so when it comes to many
Predator moments, I'll leave it up to you, but I'll give lots of thoughts and
tips and so forth. 

For starters, you can follow him into the office and do another Silent Takedown.
If you want to have fun, you can instead grapple onto the top of the office.
The ceiling is glass on three sides of this office. Follow him below (using
Detective Mode to see him) and wait for him to pass under you while standing on
the glass. A prompt should appear for a Takedown. Hit it to perform a really
cool one. 

Doing this or other disruptive Takedowns like the Inverted Takedown will get the
third guy searching. Get out of sight. You can hide in the grate in the floor
of the office and wait for him to come in, then spring on him from behind with
a Silent Takedown. Just be careful because enemies look in the vents when they
find bodies nearby. 

A safer way is to leave the office and zip up to a gargoyle. The enemy will
likely leave the office area to the east and you can use the gargoyle here to do
an Inverted Takedown if you'd like and if you bought the upgrade. 

After this, a quick scene shows three more guys entering the area. Again, it's
up to you how to deal with them. They're all isolated from each other so this
makes it easy. You can wait for the one who lingers near the office to go onto
the catwalk. If you can get to the front of his view without being seen, you
can grapple to the catwalk right where he is standing (don't climb up though)
and perform a Ledge Takedown. You can also go for another Inverted Takedown
too of course. 

This leads to the other two coming to search (unless you go for Silent Takedowns
of course). Wait for them to disperse before making your next move. The farther
away they are, the easier it will be to remain unseen. Wait for them to pass
under gargoyles or find a good line of sight and perform a Glide Kick. Totally
up to you. This first major Predator room shouldn't offer too much of a

When it's over, you're free to explore. There won't be much to find yet. Start
by going back to the center and enter the office. Look in the east room and on 
the desk there, right near an open book is the INTERVIEW TAPE. If you have 
trouble finding it, search with Detective Mode on; it's bright orange. This is 
another for Harley. 

Turning Detective Mode on reveals the trail in the south. The lift platform
is no longer working so just grapple up to the ledge here and pull yourself up.
Turn Detective Mode off and approach the scene here. Guess it wasn't worth it
for Boles. 

Around his body, you'll find three sets of JOKER TEETH. Get them all and then
you should get a strange call. Who is it? Why it's Edward Nigma, AKA The
Riddler. He's set up tons of riddles and puzzles all over Arkham for Batman.
"Defeating" The Riddler requires that you find every object and solve every
riddle. Sounds like a lot of work, right? It is actually, because there's 240
in all. Not everything is a riddle. In fact, most of the "puzzles" are comprised
of finding objects. All the Riddler Trophies, Interview Tapes, and Joker Teeth
you've found are all part of it. Each area in Arkham has these and finding them
all is necessary to bring Riddler down. Now you're able to track your progress
though by hitting Select and going to the Riddler's Challenge page. That is, 
after you solve his first Riddle which he delivers to you. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Don't cut yourself on this Sharply observed portrait"]

This one is easy. On the same platform where you find Boles' corpse, there is a
large painting of Warden Sharp. It's near the edge of the platform where you
climbed up, on the left. Get close and Scan it with L2 (hold it) and you will
solve the first Riddle. Easy, right?

The Riddler's Challenge Page opens and you'll see a lot of the boxes turn into
Bats. These are the ones you've solved so far. Again, they consist of Joker 
Teeth destroyed, Interview Tapes found, Arkham Chronicles found, and Riddler
Trophies found. Each time you find one of these or solve a riddle, the box will
be "checked off" in this manner. 

Riddles are the white boxes with the question mark. If you highlight them on
the page, they tell you which area they are located in. If you see one of the
boxes zooming in and out really fast, that means that there is a riddle in the
area you're currently in right now. That means there's another riddle in this
room. Let's find it shall we. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "A puzzle has many sides. But only some are visible.]

Really vague, right? This is one of The Riddler's many special clever puzzles
strewn about Arkham. The goal is to find one of his trademark question marks.
The problem is that it can only be seen in Detective Mode. Secondly, the curled
part of the question mark and the period underneath it are separated. What does
this mean? You are required to stand in a certain spot and angle yourself and
often the camera in a way that your perspective shows the two parts that make
up the question mark align. Does it sound confusing? I'm sure it does, but it
will make sense once you see it firsthand. 

Start by going back into the office area again. Ignore the guard who opens a
door for you for now. Stand in the western room this time (it's the one with a
broken TV in it). Face south in this room and you see three windows, right? 
Turn on Detective Mode here and you should the upper part of the question mark
in the middle window. As I said above, you need to find the bottom part, the
period mark. Where is it though? Well, with Detective Mode still on, you can see
it on the south wall, slightly to the right, just underneath a large round vent.
Move Batman and the camera until the two marks are just a little bit apart. When
they are in the right alignment, hold L2 for Scan and you will solve the Riddle.
The game will tell you if it's not aligned so keep trying if this happens.

Find that guard now and talk to him to continue. Walk past him after getting
the story and go down the stairs. Open the door to the next area. 

Intensive Treatment - Utility Corridor
There will be a Riddler Trophy blinking you right in the face, but unfortunately
you can't reach it yet. You'll also notice another line of green text that
appears with the area name on the screen. This is yet another riddle. You'll
find a riddle in almost every area. Let's solve this one. 

Go down the stairs and proceed into the next room. You should hear music
playing. On your left will be a radio on a small bench. You'll hear a message
from Joker. After that, time to solve the riddle. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "You don't know Jack about Gotham"]

View the radio in zoom mode (R3) and make sure the name Jack Ryder on it is
clearly visible. Don't be too close to it and perform a scan. That solves the
riddle and gets you Jack Ryder's Character Bio. 

Find the door in the northwest corner and open it. 

                                Chapter 5
                            WINGS OF A SAVIOR

|Riddles: 10           |
|Riddler Trophies: 22  |
|Interview Tapes: 5    |
|Joker Teeth: 18       |
|Chronicles: 4         |

Arkham Island - Arkham East
There will be nothing but another vent here. Open the cover and slip inside.
Follow it all the way to the end. Exit and then move forward. Look for a grapple
point. Climb up and then just walk forward for a scene. You're on the outside
at last. 

Eventually, an announcement will come from Joker, ordering his henchmen to find
the Batmobile and trash it. Hey, that's not cool! About a minute later, Batman
will get an alert that the Batmobile's automatic countermeasure system is about
to activate. Knowing that Harley might be there with the Commissioner, he tells
Oracle to turn it off so that he won't get hurt. Now it falls on Batman to
protect his pimpin' ride. 

You can go off to the Batmobile, your next objective, now if you'd like. It
might be in your best interest to look around this area a little first. It's a
big place but this will only take a few minutes. 

First let's start with riddles. If you pull up the Riddler's Challenge page,
you see three boxes blinking. Let's begin. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "The legacy of this island has been well and truly buried."]

This one is pretty easy to figure out. It's especially easy if you've watched
one of the last teaser trailers to come out before the game's release. In just
about the very center of this area (refer to your map) there is a cemetery. If
you can't find it for whatever reason, face the Arkham Mansion and go left. Go
in and look for the grave that has been dug up. Zoom in on the headstone and
the name. Give it a scan and riddle solved.

Continue north just a bit from the open grave. You should see a small shack with
a red light emanating from within. Enter it and grab the RIDDLER TROPHY off the
table. If you proceed further north into the cemetery, you can find another 
RIDDLER TROPHY. It's right near the northernmost headstone and close to the 

The next two riddles require you to climb the Arkham Mansion. There will be a
lot of stuff to find in between that though. Start by opening your map. Take a
glance at the Arkham Mansion's structure. If you notice, there is the large 
southern part of the building, and the smaller rectangle-shaped area to the
north. What separates them is a small inlet or indentation so to speak. What
you want to is head into this area so go there. 

To make it simpler, you'll know you're in the right spot if you see two walls
with a locked iron bar gate. Grapple up to and over the wall. You're in the
area now. If you look on the right wall as you enter this large inlet area you 
will see some pillars sticking out from the wall. Watch the right wall and move
forward. Between the second and third pillars is an ARKHAM CHRONICLE. Give it a

Move further into this area. Look for a ledge to grapple up to above you. You
want to grapple up into a little area with a lone pillar. Search behind the 
pillar in this area and you should find the RIDDLER TROPHY there.

Grapple out of there and onto the next highest ledge of the mansion. Run along
the edge here and go in further east. As you run further across the roof, you 
should see this next RIDDLER TROPHY in the distance. It sits in front of the 
middle of three columns.

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Gotham's greatest family towers over the city."]

If you can't tell, there's an obvious pun in that riddle. Tower. Grapple up to
the tower of the Arkham Mansion. You should see a grapple point above you near
the previous Riddler Trophy. Get up to this ledge and stand out on the north
east side and look in that direction. Zoom in on the city and look for the
one tall building with the "W" on it. Scan it to solve this riddle. 

On the east side of this level of the tower, you can grapple up to one of two
other ledges above. Pick one and zip up there to the highest level. Now you're
really high up. Go along the tower to the west side. Sitting right in front of
the clock face is this RIDDLER TROPHY, waiting for you to pick it up. This 
unlocks the Character Trophy for Zsasz.

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "My challenges appear to those with the correct position in

On the same level as the last Riddler Trophy (the highest level of the mansion
tower) is where you can solve this. Stand on the southern side of the platform
and look out at the rooftop below you. In Detective Mode, you see the top part
of the question mark. Where's the dot? It's at your feet. Tilt the camera until
the two are aligned and scan. 

Now face southwest and glide from the tower. Your target is a small "valley" 
like part of the roof where there are roofs slant toward each other and there is
a large gate on one side. Down here in this low area you'll find a RIDDLER
TROPHY on the ground.

Get off the mansion now and travel over to the far west side of Arkham East. 
You should see the two guard towers high above. Grapple up to the southern of 
the two towers. Enter and on the desk near the stationary guard is an INTERVIEW
TAPE. This one is for Joker. If you grapple up to the north tower, grapple again
to the roof of it and find a RIDDLER TROPHY up there. It gives you a Character
Trophy for the Blackgate Prisoners. 

The last item to find for now is on the very southern side of this area. Drop
off from the mansion and look at your map. If you look on the south side, there
is like a small little platform jutting out. Go down there (behind the large
statue) and there will be such a platform, overlooking the precipice. Take the

You've found everything you can get for now. Ok, that probably took longer than
expected but hey, you got a lot of XP out of it, right? In fact, you should have
more than enough to do your next upgrade so let's take care of that now. Again,
the choice is yours. If you got Throw last time, I'd consider getting the 
additional Combo Takedown or going for Critical Combo Strikes which will help 
you use Throw faster. If you didn't get Throw, consider the Armor upgrade, or
buy a new gadget. 

Head over to the northwest side and find the large security door. Pass through
and you'll see an ambulance. Turning Detective Mode on reveals two armed thugs
on the other side and behind a gate. Try not to let them see you as you go
around the ambulance. Grapple up to the ledge above the gate. Use this to get
behind them. Crouch and then perform Silent Takedowns to dispatch them easily.
Continue west now through the next door. 

Arkham Island - Arkham North
In the distance you'll see the lowlifes beating up Batman's ride. Approach them
and they'll think they can derive more pleasure from beating on Batman himself.
Put an end to that thought. Again, this is a big group and most of them have
weapons so make use of counter and just watch all the enemies closely. Try to
use Throw or Combo Takedown if you have either and that will make things a bit

Once they're down, you can interact with the Batmobile to get a new gadget from
the trunk, the Explosive Gel. This nifty gadget finally lets you open all those
see-through walls. Unfortunately, you can't backtrack to use it. You're stuck
in this area for now. 

Afterwards, you enter the special Detective Mode for searching for clues. The
object you're looking for is near the front of the Batmobile. Lock onto it and
then hold X to scan Gordon's pipe. It will soon bring up a trail for you to
follow. Before we do that though, there are a lot more goodies to find in this

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Tweedledum and Tweedledee SAW it, can you SEE it?"]

Again, another pretty obvious pun. You're looking for a See-saw. To find it,
go all the way north, down the main road leading away from the grounds. When
you get near the front gate, the see-saw will be on your right. Scan it to solve
this riddle. It nabs you a Character Bio for Tweedledum and Tweedledee. 

Go toward the northwest corner and look for a large abandoned building on the 
west side with a lot of vines and ivy and so on growing from it. Look for an 
open window to grapple to. You can enter from a few different places but if you
grapple to the window, it takes you right to an ARKHAM CHRONICLE. If you enter
from the ground, grapple up to the second floor. 

Stand where you find the aforementioned chronicle and look to the south. You 
should see this RIDDLER TROPHY on the ground. You can just as easily find it by
entering the abandoned building from the ground. You get a Character Trophy for 
Aaron Cash.        

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Now I see it, now you don't!"]

This is a tricky one and it took me a while to figure out. You're looking to
find the two pieces of the question mark. The dot is underneath the bridge-walk
walkway in the abandoned building. The top part is harder to find. Drop down
to ground level and go west. You should see an archway. Turn on Detective Mode
again and you can see that the top part of the question mark is under the arch.
Move Batman and the camera until both are aligned and scan. 

If you go back toward the Batmobile, there are two small guard houses with more
goodies. Unfortunately, you can't enter them through the front doors. There is 
one thing you can uncover though. Throw on Detective Mode again. In between the
two guard houses but closer to the west one is a breakable floor area in the 
ground. Time to test out your Explosive Gel. Stand over it and spray it. Step 
back a bit and then detonate it. You'll unearth a RIDDLER TROPHY. 

Now, I said you can't enter the guard houses from the doors. This is true. You
can get inside the eastern one by using a different method however. Grapple onto
its roof and in Detective Mode, you can see another breakable floor. Spray your
Explosive Gel and blow it open. Drop in and inside, you'll find the RIDDLER'S
SECRETS MAP. Buh? What this nifty item does is it reveals the locations of all
the Riddler's Challenges in the entire area. Each area has it's own map. The
riddle locations show up as green question marks floating about on your map if
you hit Select to view it. Problem is that the locations aren't 100% specific as
you'll see the question marks move around a lot. It helps a ton though. 

Climb out now. In addition, just above these houses are two towers. Grapple up 
to the west tower and search inside. This INTERVIEW TAPE is on the desk and it's
an interview with Joker. Walk outside but don't leave the tower. Grapple up onto
the roof of the tower. Face the north side of the map (refer to your new Riddler
map to help you out) and glide in that direction, staying to the right. You want
to land on top of the large rock cliff here. Near the other end is a RIDDLER

Grapple up onto the western guard tower now. When you get onto the platform,
grapple up to this one's roof as well. On top, you'll find another RIDDLER
TROPHY. One more to find. Go to the south and approach the Intensive Treatment
building. Grapple up to a ledge on the right side and above the entrance. On
this ledge, go up and over the slanted roof and toward the top of the entrance.
There's a RIDDLER TROPHY sitting there. This one gets you a Character Trophy for
Warden Sharp. 

You should be up for yet another upgrade. Armor is a good choice if you still
have not gotten it. If you got Throw and you got Combo Takedown though, I 
recommend getting Special Combo Boost which will let you use these moves earlier
in your Freeflow combos. 

Finally, back to business. Follow the trail of tobacco west to a locked security
door. You have no choice but to find a way around. To the right of the door is
a wall that can be destroyed with your Explosive Gel. Spray it on, back off, and
then push the button. Enter and open the door here. 

Arkham Island - Arkham West
Go down this corridor and through the following door. The tobacco trail leads
you further along. On your right though, you'll see two of Joker's men,
apparently building something. Get their attention and punch their lights out
for some quick XP. 

Follow the trail as it leads you south to a staircase. Take it up and the trail
takes you right to a large group of thugs. Don't worry. If you've been
practicing, this still isn't too hard. Again, focus on your countering, but try
out your special moves like the Combo Takedown because they help a lot. They
go down pretty easily. 

Once they've all kissed the pavement, be sure to destroy all three sets of JOKER
TEETH here. Next, grapple up to the top of this building, the Medical Facility
and go around the slanted roofs to the southwestern corner of the rooftop. On
this side of the building there is a RIDDLER TROPHY to pick up. It unlocks a
Character Trophy for the Batmobile. 

Although the trail leads right to this building's entrance, move away from it
for now to explore for goodies. Look at your map and locate the dock area which
is to the southwest sort of smack dab between the two buildings in this area. 
You should see it easily; it's by the water. Look for a small hut here and go
inside. On the left is an INTERVIEW TAPE with an interview for Joker. Walk out
of this hut now and instead, grapple up to its roof. On the left side of the
hut's roof is a RIDDLER TROPHY.

Go just a ways north from here and at the base of the Penitentiary building 
(underneath a high platform) there is a spot you can grapple up to. Do so to 
find a wall that can be destroyed. Spray your Explosive Gel then drop down to 
blow it up. Grapple back up and scan the ARKHAM CHRONICLE inside. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Do you see what I see? No? Well then maybe I am in a stronger

Now climb up to that high platform above you. Grapple up to it and then proceed
to grapple up to the very next platform above you. Since this is kind of unclear
at the corners there are two spotlights on the railings and there is an electric
barrier up here. If you see them, you're in the right spot. Turn on Detective 
Mode up here and on the railing you'll find the dot part of the question mark. 
Below you on the previous platform is the other part. It's a bit tougher but try
to angle the camera and align them for a scan.

For the next one, find the guard tower. It's a bit to the right when facing
the Penitentiary main entrance. It's the only tower in this area so it should
be pretty obvious. Stand underneath the tower. Partially shrouded by a bush, a
RIDDLER TROPHY can be found.

Last but not least, go a little bit northeast from that guard tower. You're
looking for a waterfall up here in the northeast, just a little bit to the right
of the doorway leading from here to Arkham North. Find the waterfall and drop
down this small pit here. At the bottom is a RIDDLER TROPHY sitting in front of
a drainage ditch. From here, grapple back up. Stand at the electric doorway
leading toward Arkham North. Grapple up to a very small ledge above the doorway.
Another RIDDLER TROPHY is just waiting for you here. 

That should be all for now. Approach the entrance to the Medical Facility 
building. Open the door and enter. Inside, you'll have a brief chat and you'll
be denied entrance. Exit and as Batman suggests, find another way in. 

Immediately grapple up to the roof again. This time, go to the northeast side
of the roof. On a lower roof than the main part of the building, there is a wall
you can see with Detective Mode on that is breakable. Approach it and spray your
Explosive Gel. Detonate it to gain entry. 

Medical Facility - Maintenance Access
Climb over the fence and drop into the area below. Look for the ventilation
shaft on your right. Take off the cover and slip inside. Proceed through the
vent for a while until you get to a small intersection with one path on your
right slanting down. Turn right to take this path. It leads you to a RIDDLER
TROPHY you probably saw as you came in. 

Go back and go the other way. You'll drop into a dark corridor which just leads
to yet another vent. Take this into the next room. 

Medical Facility - Sanatorium
You'll see something is going on below. You can go left or right but choose to
go left. Slip into another vent and take this until you reach a large drop.
Climb up the very next wall to a vent there and slip inside this one. You'll
drop down another short fall. Turn around to find--surprise, surprise--another
vent. This one takes you to an opening on the ground level. Look to your left
though while you're under here and you should see a grate. Open it up and go

Proceed just a little ways and then pop out. If the camera view shifts out of
the first person view, you went too far. Pop out before that and there is a
hidden room with an ARKHAM CHRONICLE for you to scan. Go back into the grate
and take it all the way to the other side. Pop out here. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "TICK! TOCK! News flash! Someone is not getting out of here

The beginning is a pretty clear indication of what this riddle has to do with,
but the rest is pretty vague. Turns out you're right near the location if you
followed all the instructions thus far. Right near the grate is a cell that has
a small opening in the bars. Scan this to solve the riddle and get a Character
Bio for Killer Croc. 

We'll search for more items in a bit. It's time to take out the thugs looming
about here. Step out into the open and find a gargoyle to grapple up to.

With your Explosive Gel in hand, you can really have more fun here. Plan the
beginning of your attack like this. There are two enemies who will at the start,
stay positioned right near two explodable walls. One is in the northeast corner,
and the other is in the southeast corner. Flip on Detective Mode to see the
walls. For the northeast guy, simply drop down from the gargoyle above and
spray the gel on the ground (above him). Don't set it off just yet though. Zip
to the other guy and he's standing in front of a small room where the wall is.
Drop into this room from the gargoyle and plant the gel here (you want to plant
the gel so it exploded outward and toward its victim to incapacitate them). 

Now you're ready. Zip up to a gargoyle that has a view of both of the gel
charges. You can target both of them and detonate them both at the same time.
Do so to wipe out both thugs. Now if you only planted gel at one gel, you can
still get the other guy depending on which one you got. When the explosion
goes off, the other thugs come to check what happened. If you went after the
southeastern guy, then the northeastern guy leaves his area and he usually
doesn't go back. The southeastern guy always returns to the wall though. 

Don't attack until they all disperse. You can take a moment while they're
distracted to zip over to the west side and find another explodable floor. Spray
your gel here and wait for a thug to walk over it to get them. You have tons of
other options though. 

You can also try to wait for an Inverted Takedown but they're a little harder to
get this time around. Glide Kicks will be a better choice if you can get the
thugs to separate from each other. There is also a grate in the middle of the
first floor that you can hide in to wait for unsuspecting thugs and use Silent
Takedowns on them. Ledge Takedowns are also possible when the thugs peer over
the glass barriers on the second floor ledges. 

When you've vanquished all of Joker's thugs, approach the hostages on the east
side of the room and talk to the doctor there. You'll get three new objectives:
rescue Doctors Young, Kellerman, and Chen. They can be found by going through
the north door. Not so fast though, Speed Racer. If you want to look for more
items, let's do that. If not, skip ahead. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "A question can only be answered from a new perspective. Don't
you agree?"]

If you didn't blow it up already, find the weak floor on the west side of the
room, second floor. Blow it up with your gel. Turn on Detective Mode and look
at it facing north. You can see the top part of the question mark, as well as
the bottom part on the floor below. Manipulate your view to align them and solve
the riddle by scanning. 

Drop down to the bottom floor and walk toward the south end. Near the end of
the floor grate, you should spot three sets of JOKER TEETH. Destroy them all. 
Next, go to the east where the last set was and spray Explosive Gel on this
wall. Blow it and you'll find a RIDDLER TROPHY on the other end. 

Last but not least, go onto the second floor and search the small room in the
northeast corner. On the desk is an INTERVIEW TAPE, featuring audio from The

Exit to the north. 

Medical Facility - Upper Corridor
You can go straight or left. Go straight, past the corpse of the guard and down
a small staircase. Just follow this hallway all the way down until you encounter
some thugs. There's only three so they shouldn't be much of a threat. Be sure
to counter when you can and so forth. 

You should probably have enough XP for an upgrade if you've gotten most of the 
goodies thus far. Go ahead and do so if you want. I'd suggest maybe buying a 
new Batarang gadget; the Sonic Batarang, Remote Controlled Batarang, or Twin 
Batarang. Or buy anything I've mentioned so far that you haven't gotten already.

Enter the doorway behind the thugs. 

Medical Facility - X-Ray Room
You can hear the voice of a woman and then some of Joker's thugs. Detective
Mode shows them all in the room in the center. It also shows a weak wall to
blow up. Go ahead and plant your Explosive Gel so that you can get the three
thugs standing there. However, do not set it off yet. Doing so will alert the
other two thugs on the adjacent side and the woman. Dr. Young, will be killed.
You need to take them all out at the same time. 

Go around either the left or right to the other side. Note that if you go around
on the right side, you need to crouch when you reach the windows, or else the
thugs will spot you. Once you get on the other side, look for a narrow opening
to slip inside and plant more Explosive Gel. Now you're all set. Make sure you
are targeting both charges and then detonate them. All the thugs will be taken
out at the same time. 

Go inside and talk to Dr. Young. After she's done boring me to death, go ahead
and leave her. Don't go to the door though. Instead, look up and try to grapple
up to the top of this center "room". Get on top of it and there is a RIDDLER
TROPHY up here. Schwing! Feel free to leave now. 

Medical Facility - Upper Corridor
As you turn the corner, you'll see something a bit... different. There is a 
purple gift box in the hall. Approach it cautiously. Slower, slower... closer,
closer... BOOM! Oh, whoops. Turns out it just releases three sets of JOKER TEETH
for you to destroy. Well, good. 

As you make your way back, stop before making that final left turn that will
take you back toward the staircase and where you originally entered this area.
Look up at the wall and you should see an open vent. Grapple up to it and enter.
There will be a RIDDLER TROPHY right there. 

Make your way through the halls and go to the southwestern corridor (hang a left
at the two dead bodies). This will inevitably take you to some thugs guarding
the next door. Take them out and then enter. 

Medical Facility - Patient Observation
You'll see some thugs taunting Aaron Cash, a man you've probably heard about a
few times already. Take them out and then Batman will talk to Cash. He's locked
in the room with the Doc you need to rescue, but the room just outside theirs is
flooded with Joker toxin. Great. 

Look for a ventilation duct just above you and grapple up to it. Peel the vent
off the wall and enter another vent. This will eventually take you to a platform
above all the gas. There is nowhere to go though. The gas covers every other
possible landing so you're stranded. 

Give the room a scan with Detective Mode and you should see one of those 
terminal boxes that power the fans. This is the closest one to you. To hit it,
stand on the platform to the right so that you can get a view of it. Toss your
Batarang to power the first fan. 

Now, from the left side of the platform, you can glide north to the next landing
safely. Climb the two large ducts here and then jump to the platform in the
corner. Turn right and jump to the next one. Now turn around and below your
previous platform is the second box. Toss your Batarang again and that will
activate another fan. 

The third one is a little trickier. It's located in a small room below but the
gas makes it impossible to enter it. A Joker henchman hangs precariously from
a rope above. Hmmm... You thinking what I'm thinking. Well if you are, you'll
toss a Batarang at his rope. This cuts him loose and sends him crashing through
the roof of the room. Now drop to the platform in the corner and you have a
clear line of sight for the last terminal. Destroy it to clear the room of the
gas. Genius!

You'll get a Character Bio for Cash. Talk to him if you want. Go past him and
the doctor (who is now considered rescued) and enter the room they were holed
up in. Grab the INTERVIEW TAPE off the table. This one is also for Riddler. 

Next, look for the three sets of JOKER TEETH in this room. Two of them can be
found in front of the first two electric terminals you had to disable. The last
one is across from the first one on the roof of the room Cash and the doc were

[RIDDLE ME THIS: Was this Firefly too hot off the press?"]

Search thoroughly around the room for this one. The clue is something about a
newspaper. If you can't figure it out, enter that small room where you dropped
the henchman through the ceiling. On the right is an open cabinet and the door
has some articles. Zoom in on the headline and scan. You solve the riddle and
get a Character Bio for Firefly. 

We're done here, so return to the corridor. 

Medical Facility - Upper Corridor
When you turn the corner, you see another one of those boxes. Throw a Batarang
from afar or just approach it to open it. Destroy all three JOKER TEETH that
spring forth. Move on. 

At the intersection, go straight across. It'll be a short walk to the next room.

Medical Facility - Surgery Room
Approach the man strapped to the chair. You get a quick scene and then a fight
erupts. Time to throw down. 

This might be a tough fight if you're still not totally comfortable with 
Freeflow Combat. Keep your eye out for the thugs who will try to pull metal bins
off the walls and throw them at you. Aim for them while in the middle of your
combo and dispatch them. 

More enemies drop in so deal with the appropriately. You'll likely get a lot of
counter opportunities here so be ready. If you can finish all these guys in one
combo, you'll get a really sweet XP boost. If you've practiced enough, this is

Set the doctor free and that should finish your objectives. Before we leave,
grapple up to the balcony where the thugs dropped in on you from. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Shhhhsshh! Rumors persist that Tommy Elliot operates in 
Arkham. Can it be true?"]

On the balcony, turn right. There is a small marker board with a list of names.
Zoom in out with R3 and look for Tommy Elliot. Scan to get the riddle and the
Character Bio for one of my favorite Batman villains, Hush.

There's a Riddler Trophy up here but it's out of reach. Drop down and leave this

Medical Facility - Upper Corridor
Another return trip, another box. This "present" is a little different this time
however. A new type of thug emerges. He wields two small knives and has a face
mask of sorts to protect him. This guy can't be hurt by normal strikes and he
cannot be countered. So what to do? As the game tells you, use Stun to well...
stun him. This allows you to do normal strikes. Fire away once you've stunned
him and he goes down. Easy!

Be sure to destroy the three JOKER TEETH that were also let loose. Scurry down
the halls now and return to the Sanatorium. 

                                Chapter 6
                           A FEARSOME OPPONENT

|Riddles: 1            |
|Riddler Trophies: 0   |
|Interview Tapes: 0    |
|Joker Teeth: 2        |
|Chronicles: 0         |

Medical Facility - Sanatorium
You'll get a scene. After that, you'll gain control on top of a gargoyle as more
thugs filter in from the elevator. You're already familiar with this room so it
shouldn't be tough. There's only three of them and even though you won't have
access to the Explosive Gel walls if you used them already, that's ok. 

Try for Glide Kick and Ledge Takedowns. If you want to make it really easy,
since all the thugs start off pretty separated, you can just try to sneak up on
each of them and go for Silent Takedowns. 

Once you've cleared the room yet again, you can take the elevator down. Approach
it and destroy the two sets of JOKER TEETH first. Get on after that. A scene
will begin and it seems that madness is reigning here. It's about to get a lot
more chaotic soon. 

Medical Facility - Secure Access
When you have control, spot the wall on your left and blow it open with your
Explosive Gel. Follow this corridor for a ways, over obstacles and past a bunch
of machines. You'll enter a new area. 

Medical Facility - Lower Corridor
You'll see an alarming sight. To follow, spy the vent on your left. Pull off the
cover and enter. Exit the other end and approach the body here for a quick
scene. Could it be? Also, you notice Batman's eyes are red?

Things get even weirder when Batman tries to contact Oracle. Go south down the
corridor and you'll see a lot of... bugs. Keep moving. Hmm, crunchy. Sorry. In
any case, open the door to arrive in the...

Medical Facility - Morgue
The place is dead. Ok, poor choice of words there. You'll soon discover you're
not exactly "alone" either. There's a very creepy disembodied voice there with
you, whispering ominous threats and so forth. Ok, stop... ._.

Try to leave and you just wind up in the same room! Wait, something's different.
Approach the center and you'll see three body bags. Only thing is... they're
moving! ._. Open them one by one and you'll see some unsettling stuff that I
will not spoil, but even the most casual Batman fan should grasp the
significance of this. Open the third bag and you're in for a surprise. Your
foe reveals himself! 

Turn around and you'll see a lot has changed. What the...? Hop the two gaps 
ahead and get a scene. You see kids, this is why you don't use drugs!


Ok, this isn't a really conventional boss fight, but it is a fight nonetheless.
More of a fight of will and all that but just go with it. 

To clear this sequence you have to reach the bat signal spotlight and shine it
on Scarecrow who is a giant. Did I forget to mention he's giant? That's kind of
important. Scarecrow rotates in the center and his eyes cast a ghastly orange
glow. If they catch you in their light, you're toast and Scarecrow will attack.

You need to use cover and move when he isn't looking. Any time there is a wall
or some structure in front of you that will block Scarecrow's view, use it as
he glances by. Crouch for lower structures. 

Start by running up the stairs and going around the corner. Stay here and wait
for Scarecrow's eyes to sweep by before dropping down. Run to the end of this
platform and crouch behind the white wall to avoid him again. When his gaze
passes, jump the gap and then climb up the wall here. The next wall only leaves
you room to shimmy. Wait for Scarecrow's gaze to pass again then shimmy over and
climb up. Quickly take cover behind the next wall on the right. 

Jump the gap and take cover behind the tall vertical wall here with the morgue
doors. Wait for Scarecrow to pass again then quickly plant Explosive Gel on the
wall ahead of you. Detonate it but don't move anywhere. Stay behind the wall
because Scarecrow will come looking. He'll peek around and keep searching. Just
stay calm and wait. When he looks over to your left, run forward and jump the
gap. Climb up and head over to the bat signal and use it with X. Scarecrow will
be vanquished and the nightmare will end.

Medical Facility - Morgue
You're back in the Morgue, and back in reality. Batman was under the influence
of Scarecrow's fear toxin; it's clear now. He's gone now it seems though. We
can continue on. You'll get a Character Bio for Scarecrow. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "What silent killer of the oceans can be found in a tiny jar?"]

This one is pretty easy because there's not much in this room to begin with. 
At the end of one of the three tables in the center there is a small moveable
shelf thing with a jar on it. Zoom in on the label and scan to solve the riddle.
This also gets you the Character Bio for The Great White Shark. 

Head out now. 

                                Chapter 7
                             THE DARK NECTAR

|Riddles: 1            |
|Riddler Trophies: 2   |
|Interview Tapes: 0    |
|Joker Teeth: 3        |
|Chronicles: 0         |

Medical Facility - Lower Corridor
Return from whence you came and you'll see the body you saw earlier was not
Gordon's. Scarecrow played a little dirty trick. The Commish is still out there

The door ahead of you will be busted open and three thugs approach. Among them
is one of those dagger-wielding baddies so be careful. You need to adjust to
the possibility of incoming attacks from him while dealing with the others. When
you see the red lightning bolts, that does not mean to counter. It means to
either evade or use Stun. Condition yourself to go for stun in these instances
and you'll stop him and also leave him open to attack. Try to take him down
first but counter all other attacks too. 

With that out of the way, follow the green arrows. There is a set of JOKER TEETH
around the corner. Go up the short stairs and find another set of JOKER TEETH.
Turn and enter the narrow doorway where--yes--a third set of JOKER TEETH is
busy chattering away. Destroy them all and that should make 20. Enter the door.

Medical Facility - Experimental Chamber
You can see through a window that the Commissioner is safe, but being watched
by Harley. As the Joker explains, you need to get up to her by going through
all the henchmen below without being seen. Sounds like a challenge. 

First, don't leave this room. Look on the table that was on the left as you
entered (on your right if you turn around from the glass window). Pick up the
Riddler's SECRETS MAP. To see all the puzzle locations in the Medical Facility.

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Is this bear the Bane of his life?"]

Right near the secrets map on the same table is a teddy bear. It's missing one
ear. Zoom in on it but make sure you have a full view of its body. Scan it to
solve the riddle. It unlocks the Character Bio for Bane. 

Pry the vent cover off the right wall and crawl through. The vent takes you
past some openings where you can see the thugs in here. Keep going until you
reach the other end and exit. 

Silent Takedowns is what this is all about. Your first victim will be right in
front of you as you leave the vent. Stay crouched and take him out. That's one

Now crawl through the other vent on the other side. There's actually two and one
is open and the other needs to be but they are the same vent so take your pick.
Go through and look for an opening behind the next thug in the corner here. Take
off the cover and then perform another Silent Takedown. That's two. Also, enter
the vent again on the right side and you should find a RIDDLER TROPHY. 

The last two are patrolling, one below and one on the upper platform. Silent
Takedowns will do fine again, just stay out of sight. You can also go ahead of
them (again, don't let them see you) and enter Corner Cover and wait patiently
for them to walk toward you while you're hiding behind a corner. A prompt will
appear to do a Takedown. 

With all four incapacitated, venture over to the southern side of the area and
go up the stairs. An electric barrier is in place so you can't enter the room
that way. Look up though and you can grapple to the top of the room. There's
an impossible-to-miss RIDDLER TROPHY here so grab that. Next, venture over to
the top of the room where Harley and Gordon are. Through the glass you can
perform a Takedown to start a scene. After that, a boss fight!


Bane is well, big, as you would expect. He fights just like that Titan you
fought in the beginning though, with some slight differences. The basic strategy
is the same in that you want to wait for him to charge you, then use Quick
Batarang (tap L1) and then get the hell out of there by evading. 

Aside from that, Bane will pick out large chunks of the walls and throw them
at you. Dodge these too to avoid a walloping headache. 

When you strike Bane successfully and he crashes into the wall, stay back. 
Unlike the Titan, Bane isn't really shaken by attacks and although you will deal
damage, it's not a lot and he recovers quickly. Make two quick hits and get out
of there before he strikes back. Now repeat the process. 

Dodge his attacks and wait for his charge. Throw a Batarang and get out of the
way. When he crashes, attack again and this time, Batman should automatically
jump onto his back and sever some of the cables pumping Venom into him. This
is what you need to do. 

After this run away from him as he pounds his fist into the ground, releasing
a shockwave. At this point, Joker's henchmen will intervene. Now the fight
becomes tougher. You'll need to take them out but you also need to keep your
eye on Bane most of all. It's difficult but deal with the henchmen and look for
Bane when he's throwing the wall chunks or about to charge. Get out of the way
or for the latter, use Quick Batarang and then get out of there. That should
stun Bane again and let you get some jabs in. Ignore any remaining thugs and
just get in the quick hits, then finish them off and focus on Bane. 

Get him to charge twice and this will let you get on his back again and sever
more of his cables. You only need to do it one more time now. 

Joker sends more henchmen to distract you. Again, if you're skilled enough, try
to focus on the henchmen first and take them all out fast but just keep your
eyes on Bane at all time because he will attack. Dodge by using Redirect (double
tap X) to jump over a henchman and out of Bane's line of fire. 

Get Bane to charge two more times and Batarang him before dodging. The second
and final time lets you pull the plug on him, literally. 

                                Chapter 8
                            CRASHING THE PARTY

|Riddles: 1            |
|Riddler Trophies: 9   |
|Interview Tapes: 2    |
|Joker Teeth: 11       |
|Chronicles: 3         |

Watch the scene. When you regain control you'll be back at...

Arkham Island - Arkham West
Batman gets on the horn with Oracle and he divulges his new plan. Ooooh, nifty!
The music starts... to the Batcave! Head northeast toward the tunnel that would
take you back to Arkham North. You can find a group of three thugs to beat up
towards the southeast, and then a much larger group when you get closer to the
tunnel. Try out your new moves on them and as always, counter, counter, counter.
Build up your repertoire of moves each time when you become comfortable with
the last one. Start including the Batarang into your combos and use Stun a
little more often. 

As you make your way back through the tunnel you should see three sets of JOKER
TEETH along the path. Remember to take the side door to get to Arkham North,
as the main security gate still won't open (and never will). 

Arkham Island - Arkham North
Run to the east and make a beeline for more victims, err... thugs to beat up.
A group of four, but one is of the dagger-wielding variety. Keep in mind that 
you can't counter him. Also, with Freeflow Combat you can choose your targets as
you get going with ease of the Left Analog Stick. Try to prioritize enemies with
pipes and such, as they can sometimes be tougher to counter than normal ones.

In this case, go after the dagger guy first by stunning him like you have before
and then try to at least knock him down. Fend off attacks from the rest and try
a Ground Takedown if you have the window. Otherwise, just try to maintain a

Once they've been dealt with, find the gateway with the two lanterns on the
brick posts. The gate is locked but you can easily just grapple over. Ahead of
you will be the cave entrance. Ignore it for just a moment. Instead, grapple
up to a ledge just above it. If you can't get to it, grapple onto the building
on your right first and you should be able to get up from there. Enter this cave
and take the RIDDLER TROPHY here. You can see another one just a few feet away,
but unfortunately it's blocked off. Darn. 

Leave and drop down and enter the lower cave now. Grapple up to a high ledge
where there is a broken ladder. Get up here and immediately turn to your left.
There's an ARKHAM CHRONICLE to scan. Turn right, grapple up to the next ledge,
pull yourself up, and open the door. 

Just follow this corridor all the way until it opens up to a small room. In
the center should be some rubble with a bunch of skulls (cozy...). Stand there
and look to your right. See it? No? Turn on Detective Mode. Ah, yes, another
destructible wall. Plant your Explosive Gel and blow it open. Retrieve the

Now just climb up the south wall and go up this narrow passage. Eventually the
game will take over and jump (quite literally) right into a scene. After that
you'll be in... (dramatic music...!)

Caves - The Batcave
Proceed in and prepare a nerd squeal if you have one. Jump down to the main
platform. Go up the stairs and approach the computer for a scene. After that, 
you will receive a Character Bio for Dr. Young, but more importantly, a new
gadget, the Batclaw! Holy jumping monkey, Batman!

The Batclaw will extend to distant objects and grab whatever the claw can hold
onto. Once it has a hold, you can tap X repeatedly and pull it off or toward
you. This nifty gadget will work on enemies too. 

Try it out by grabbing two of the boxes to clear the walkway on the other side
of the gap to the north. Once it's clear, jump and head for the door. In the
next room, you'll find another very helpful feature of the Batclaw. Aim it at
the high vent cover on the wall. Tap X to pull it off and voila! Grapple up to
it and get in. 

Caves - Old Sewer
You'll drop into this new area and there will be an enemy right near you. He's
on a call though, so let's just take a listen. After that, take him out with a
Silent Takedown. Turn back around and on the west wall near the waterfall, there
should be an ARKHAM CHRONICLE here to scan. Use one of the stairs to get up to 
the next platform after that. 

At the corner, you'll encounter a group of more thugs. These guys will be in
the middle of their own conversation, so feel free to listen in if you desire.
The game hints to you about using the Batclaw in combat by double tapping R2.
It takes a while to incorporate into your repertoire of Freeflow Combat moves,
but it may prove useful. Try to practice on other things first though.

As this party starts, make note of an enemy or two scrambling for stuff on the
wall. Try to target them first. The narrow corridor may make it hard to target
a specific enemy, so just barrel through with constant Strikes until you get
your man. Then counter the others and dispatch them one by one. 

Consider upgrading now if you're able. Always up to you. Definitely go for a
new gadget if you haven't already. They'll start to come in handy. 

Now at the end of the east corridor, you'll come to an intersection. Just for
kicks, go to the right (south door) and try to open it. You'll get a small
surprise. Go back and look for a vent on the east wall. It's out of reach but
thanks to the Batclaw, that's no problem! Target it and fire, then pry it off.
Before jumping in, look for the corpse right below the vent and take the
INTERVIEW TAPE off his hands. It's for Killer Croc. Go into the vent and take

Go north a bit for a quick chat with Oracle. After that, throw on Detective
Mode and spot the destructible weak wall on your left. Blow it open with your
gel and take the RIDDLER TROPHY from within. After that, be sure to destroy the
three sets of JOKER TEETH on your way toward the door. 

Caves - Main Sewer Junction
The camera will pan around, giving you a nice look around this area. There's a
lot to find too and the layout can be a tad confusing so stick with me. First,
go forward and take a right. Go all the way toward the east wall and there will
be a ledge you can climb onto on your left. 

Walk through this hollow pillar I guess you can call it and jump onto the 
walkway. Go left (west) and jump to the next one, drop down to another, and 
finally jump the gap to the west. Go around this corner and find a RIDDLER 
TROPHY. It grants you a Character Trophy for Bane.

Make your way back and this time go east across the walkways. You'll go around
the corner of a pillar. Jump the gap here to the large platform just ahead of
you. The next gap ahead of you is occupied by two sets of JOKER TEETH. Go ahead
and destroy them now but don't jump over there. 

While on this platform, turn left and face the wall. Climb up it to grab onto
a ledge to shimmy on. Shimmy over to Batman's left around the corner. You'll
be able to pull yourself up into a small doorway. Inside will be another 
RIDDLER TROPHY. To get back, carefully crouch near the ledge and look for the
X button prompt to climb down. Shimmy back over and drop down. Now jump that
gap to where the chattering choppers were. 

A fallen pillar becomes a makeshift bridge for you to take to far west. Just
be careful going up. Turn left at the top and jump to the next platform. Climb
up the following ledge and from there, you can jump to the top of this aqueduct
with the running water. Just across from there you should see another gap you
can jump to (to the south) to reach a RIDDLER TROPHY inside a pillar. This 
unlocks the Challenge Room, Sewer Bat. 

Take another overturned pillar up to the east. Stop at this platform now. On
your left will be another fissure to climb into and shimmy from. Do so and
shimmy around the corner until you can climb up. There will be another ledge to
climb onto in front of you. Up here will be a RIDDLER TROPHY. This gets you a
Character Trophy for Commissioner Gordon. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "A puzzle has many sides, but only some are visible."]

This one is tricky so attempt to figure it out yourself if you'd like. It took
me a long time to figure out. Anyways, at that ledge you're on where you found
the previous trophy (you had to shimmy around and climb up twice, etc), turn on
Detective Mode. At the same height as Batman's head, the lower part of the
question mark is on the top of the brick wall. Higher above and on a more
distant wall is the top part. Manipulate the camera until they're lined up and

Make your way all the way back, shimmy back, etc. Jump across the gap now to
the southern platform. If you look to the east from here, there's a large
platform with another trophy just taunting you. You can't reach it yet though,
so don't bother. Instead, turn around and take out the chattering JOKER TEETH
here. Proceed east to find another set of JOKER TEETH. Right in front of the
exit is the third set of JOKER TEETH. Open it up and proceed. 

Caves - Surface Access
On your immediate left from entering this area, you'll see an INTERVIEW TAPE on
a box. Snatch it to listen to an interview with Croc. Go up the stairs from here
and just keep going (there's nothing to find from here on to the exit). You'll
come to a dead end. A flip of Detective Mode reveals it's destructible so use
the Explosive Gel. Hop this gap and use the door and you'll wind up at...

Arkham Island - Arkham North
You'll be on the second floor of the dilapidated building. After Joker chimes in
for a bit, Batman will notice the two guard towers here are occupied by a sniper
each. If they spot you they will fire until you get out of sight. We can have
fun with this though. 

You can pester them with your Remote Control Batarangs (provided you bought it),
or you can try to sneak in on the low ground, avoiding their sights and use your
grapple to get up to the walkway and just hang from the floor and wait for them
to stand right above so you can perform a Ledge Takedown. Take out both snipers
and then from the east tower, look to the front of the Intensive Treatment

Four thugs will be standing there. From the corner of the walkway of the tower
you should be able to perform a Glide Kick on one of them. Do that to get the
party started. Counter the others and aim specifically for the dagger guy with
Stun, then some quick strikes. Try to do a Ground Takedown on him once the other
three are also down. From there, just strike and counter until you're home free.

Even with the Batclaw in hand, we can't get any new Riddler Challenges in this
area. Intensive Treatment is also locked down so we can't go in there with the
new toy either. Although with each major gadget (non-Batarang ones basically)
we obtain, new goodies become available, we're not gonna do treasure hunt
backtracking until we have all of them. I do this just so we can keep going with
the story and maintain a good pace. 

Your next objective is in Arkham East so walk over to the gate. Destroy the
three sets of JOKER TEETH right in front o fit. Go inside after that.

Arkham Island - Arkham East
The gate in this underpass is open now. Some of Joker's thugs ambush you though.
No problem. Just keep your eye on the dagger-wielding foe as always. Fighting
in the narrow underpass shouldn't be too problematic by now. After they're done,
pass through the next gate.

In the actual East area, you'll see two more snipers occupying each of the two
guard towers. Again, try to go for Ledge Takedowns by grappling up to the
bottom of the walkways when they can't see you. Or just swing up there and go
for Silent Takedowns.

As you approach the mansion which is your next objective, you'll likely see two
more snipers. It's best to approach from the side so they won't see you. You
have a couple options. You can get closer and toss a Remote Control Batarang
up there to knock them both down in one shot. You have to grapple up there
immediately to finish them. You can grapple in from the side and try for Silent
Takedowns. If you try to do Ledge Takedowns, note that the other will spot you
and even if you're hanging from the ledge, he can shoot you. Drop down and he'll
suddenly forget you're there. Just grapple back up and do the other Ledge 

Now that the area is clear, you can proceed. First though, we can look for a few
items. This is the first time you've returned here with Explosive Gel so that
opens up a few opportunities. Begin by facing the Arkham Mansion entrance and
going left. In this courtyard area, turn on Detective Mode. Look for a nearby
weak floor to blow up. Underneath is a RIDDLER TROPHY. 

Venture north and into the cemetery. Keep going north and a little northwest.
You can see the staircase that leads up to the Botanical Gardens above. If you
turn on Detective Mode, the side of the staircase wall is destructible. Plant
your Explosive Gel and blow it open. Inside is an ARKHAM CHRONICLE.

Try to go in through the main entrance of the mansion. Inside, the thugs will
just taunt you safely from behind the electric barrier. I think we've heard this
story before... There must be another way in. Exit and take a look.

Back outside, get the two sets of JOKER TEETH first with some Batarangs. Next,
Climb up to that ledge the snipers were occupying and use the Batclaw to pry off
the vent on the wall above. With the main entrance impassable, this is your only
way into the mansion. Open the next door to enter. 

                                Chapter 9
                           RELIVING A NIGHTMARE

|Riddles: 6            |
|Riddler Trophies: 7   |
|Interview Tapes: 3    |
|Joker Teeth: 14       |
|Chronicles: 2         |

Arkham Mansion - Mansion Entrance Hall
From this high perch, you can see three enemies below if you turn on Detective
Mode. You'll notice one is in red, meaning he is armed. This is not a predator
situation; it's a Freeflow Combat one so that means he is an immediate threat.
If you came in with low health, this is especially true. 

You should see, if you stand at the very edge of the platform, that you can
Glide Kick to that fellow. Go ahead and do it and knock him down. The other two
thugs should be so surprised that it gives you a brief chance to do a Ground
Takedown, so seize it. Fend off the other two and punch their lights out to
clear this initial room.

Before moving on, walk down to the south side of the room. Stand right where the
electric barrier is and turn around so that you're now facing the staircase.
From here, venture over to the right of the staircase and there will be a vent.
Pull it off and enter. Inside you'll find a RIDDLER TROPHY. 

The door at the north end is blocked by something. Instead, look up and grapple
to the vents above. Use this as a platform. Look straight up at the ceiling
from here. Another vent is directly above you. Pull off the cover with the
Batclaw and grapple up there. In here is an Explosive Gel so set it up and open
the way, but be sure to back off. 

The destroyed wall reveals an ARKHAM CHRONICLE to scan, as well as a vent. After
scanning, go through the vent and you can drop down to a new room. 

Arkham Mansion - Main Hall
You should see a lot of thugs in here. There are also gargoyles, leading you to
believe it's predator time. Not yet unfortunately. None of these guys are armed
anyway. Feel free to use a gargoyle to launch into a Glide Kick to start things
off. From there, the rest will come after you. This should be the biggest fight

It can be tough too, depending on how comfortable you've gotten with the combat
at this point. If you're good at countering, that's basically all you really
need at the core. If you picked up most of the combat upgrades, this will make
things very easy too. With the combo upgrades particularly, the ones that let
you deploy your special moves faster, you can end this fight a lot faster. Since
there are a lot of guys, consider Throw if you can aim one thug at the others
like a hungry bowling ball to a set of pins. Combo Takedown is also good for
eliminating one or two or more thugs from the fight fast. Other than that, just
string together a good combo and go from one enemy to the next, looking for
counters too. 

When they've all bitten the dust, we can explore a little. There's a couple 
goodies to find in this room. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Who is the main man in the main hall?"]

Stand basically near the south entrance and look to your right. There is a door
leading to another room to the east. You should know it's right if you see a
dead guard leaning up against the door. Well if you turn to your left from that
door there is a portrait on the wall between two glass cases. It's of the
Commissioner. Stand close and scan to solve the riddle. 

Approach the north end and take a glance at the large statue. In it's base is a
vent cover. You know what that means. Pry it off with the Batclaw and get in
there to uncover a RIDDLER TROPHY. 

Go up the stairs on the left side. Just past a desk you should see two sets of
JOKER TEETH. Take them out. The third set of JOKER TEETH can be found in the
very small room on the left, which you can get into by taking off the vent
cover. Get it, then come back out. 

There is a second similar room but on the right (east) side of the room. The
vent for this one is on the north side though so go around and you should find
it. Enter in here and take the INTERVIEW TAPE inside. This one is for Scarecrow.
If you can upgrade now, go for it. Try to finish off the combat upgrades soon
if there are still more left. 

Take the top left (west) door out of here. 

Arkham Mansion - West Wing Corridor
In here you'll find one of Joker's thugs threatening a doctor and a guard. Sneak
up to him and either use a Silent Takedown or pull him toward you with the
Batclaw and beat some sense into him. 

You get a scene. The thug is wearing a device called a suicide collar. If a
thug wearing one of these is incapacitated, Joker is alerted from his control
area and can coordinate the rest of his men in that area to search around. It's
a significant change to Predator gameplay from here on out, but it's not going
to put much of a damper on your fun. 

In any case, there's nothing in this room so just go straight across to the
next door. 

Arkham Mansion - Arkham Records Room
A Predator room finally. Take a scan around the room and see where the thugs
are. This room can be a bit tricky because it's very long and not that wide,
plus you have two floors with walkways and the large cabinets in the center.
There are plenty of gargoyles though and that's all you'll need at first. 

You have several options and ways to go about this so it's really up to you. 
Starting things off with a Glide Kick can work. If you want to start off
stealthily though, the closest thug should be on your left on the walkway. Climb
up and go for a Silent Takedown. You can even do a Ledge Takedown, but that
will alert the others. 

You'll notice that when they discover bodies, some of the henchmen will pair
off. This makes them harder targets, because unless you can get a Silent 
Takedown in and the other doesn't see you, you need to find a way to isolate
them. Batarangs can help, as can Explosive Gel. Now there are no Explosive Gel
traps here, but if you bought the proximity upgrade, you won't need one. You
can just plant it where you think an enemy will pass and it will go off when
they get near automatically. Something to consider if all the enemies are

Inverted Takedowns can work well on the walkway guys. Just try to pick off 
isolated enemies so you won't be discovered. There are also grates on the floor
in the center of the room that you can use to hide and spring out for Silent

You'll notice that the previous room was just a preview for what's to come. All
these guys are wearing suicide collars. These pretty much render the effect of
Silent Takedowns useless, in the sense that you get away without anyone coming
to check. Silent Takedowns will still buy you more time to get away since they
don't make any noise, but the thugs will still discover the body anyway. You
can sometimes take advantage of this though, getting in position to prey on the
one straggler who is last to join the rest. 

A combination of Silent, Inverted, and Ledge Takedowns will probably work best.
Feel free to use your gadgets too though. 

When you've taken them all out, go and rescue Cash and his buddy in the center.
You'll get some quick dialogue and Batman will get his next objective. Before
moving on, let's explore just a bit first. 

Go to the southern part of the room, up a small staircase. There should be an
electric barrier on the door. If you look up on the wall to your left from there
though, you should see a vent. Use the Batclaw and enter. You'll come to a large
room behind some iron bars. There's nothing on the walkway, so just drop down.
Turn on Detective Mode to help you locate an INTERVIEW TAPE on the large table
down here. Get it and retreat from this room.

Get on the walkway in the main room and go to the southwest corner. There should
be another vent on the south wall here. Open it and go into a similar room. 
This one has a RIDDLER TROPHY. Grab it and we're ready to move on. 

Now go up the north staircase from the center of the room. There should be a
door on your right. Go through it. 

Arkham Mansion - North Corridor
There's no way to go forward in here except by taking the short stairs on your
right to a vent. Pull the cover off and enter. You'll drop into an open cell.
Exit and there will be two sets of JOKER TEETH out here. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Did Amadeus go mad, or was he just dizzy?"]

If you enter the cell right next to the one you dropped into, you'll find a few
odd circular markings all over. Step inside and scan the room. Easy.

Now stand at the bottom of the small staircase in this room and look up. Grapple
up to this vent. This takes you out on top of the previous room. If you go
south and then hang a right, you'll find a RIDDLER TROPHY. There's another
vent to the southeast up here. Go inside and take it to the next area. 

Arkham Mansion - Dr. Young's Office
You can see three thugs trying to break down the doors here. Their efforts
prove unsuccessful however. Drop down when you're ready and target the middle
guy (who is armed) and try a Silent Takedown. Since the other foes will spot
you as you attack, the Silent Takedown will be a little more aggressive but
produce the same effect nonetheless. Enter combat with the other two now and
dispatch them. 

Go up the stairs here and in this morgue-like area, take a look around. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "It'll be a cold day in Hell when this Ghul rises again."]

If you search these open morgue door things, you can see one body sticking out.
There's a nametag on his toe. Zoom in to see the name. Ra's Al Ghul. The riddle
is solved, and you get a Character Bio for Ra's. 

The south door here is locked. Instead, look for the vent on the north wall in
the morgue-like area and pry it off with the Batclaw. Grapple up there and once
inside, you get a quick three-way intersection. Both the left and right paths
are dead ends. Just go straight and it takes you to another vent cover
eventually. Kick it off and drop into the office for a quick scene.

After that, you need to locate Dr. Young but having a trail to follow will make
that task easier. In the scanning mode, look about the room. You won't find
anything on the floor. If you can't find the clue, look at the safe and it will
be there. Scan it to get Dr. Young's fingerprint. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "How do you mask your feelings without losing control?"]

In Dr. Young's office, there isn't a whole lot to see or do. You might catch
glimpse of the mask that is hung on the wall however. If you zoom in on it and
get a full view of the mask, you can scan it to solve this riddle. It also gives
you the Character Bio for Black Mask. Grapple out of here now since the front
door is still locked. 

As you drop down, the door ahead of you is forced open by Joker's thugs. Batman
will thank them... with his fists. As always, pay close attention to the
dagger-wielding enemy. Stun him when he attacks or just go after him outright
and then deal with the others in the mean time. By now you should definitely 
have the Combo Takedown move. You can use it to quickly take dagger-wielding
guys out of the picture. 

Proceed through the now open doorway and into a small room. Look for an easy to
miss INTERVIEW TAPE on the table here. Just open the next door after that to 
return to a previous area. 

Arkham Mansion - West Wing Corridor
At the bottom of the staircase will be one of Joker's presents. When it bursts
open, there will be three sets of JOKER TEETH for you to destroy. There's
nothing else to do now. Turn on Detective Mode and follow Dr. Young's trail. It
will take you back to another old room. 

Arkham Mansion - Main Hall
Two henchmen have discovered your dirty work from earlier. They are no threat,
so drop in on them and wipe them out when you're ready. 

If you pick up Dr. Young's fingerprint trail, it will lead you right to the
southeastern door. Take it to a new room. 

Arkham Mansion - South Corridor
As you follow the trail down this hallway, look for three sets of JOKER TEETH
to destroy. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "What does a bird need in the rain?"]

Less than halfway down this hallway, if you turn left (east) there should be a
glass display case up against the wall. Inside will be a top hat and umbrellas.
Hmm, who could these belong to? Scan it and you'll get a solved riddle and a
Character Bio for Penguin. 

Proceed just a little further and while in Detective Mode, look for the question
mark on your right. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "This fiendish puzzle literally appears out of thin air."]

The top part is on your right. The bottom part is well, a little more cleverly
hidden. If you look up near the ceiling on the left side, there should be some
vents you can grapple onto as platforms. Stand up here and you should see the
bottom part at your feet. Align them and scan. 

Stay on top of this platform with the bottom part of the question mark though.
Turn around and Detective Mode reveals the wall here is destructible. Use your
Explosive Gel and blow it open. Inside is an ARKHAM CHRONICLE. Drop down now.

Proceed to the corner, where you can see some thugs are waiting in the adjacent

Follow the tutorial to take cover at the corner. You can throw your Batarang 
from here. Do that to take out the armed thug. Spring out from cover and assault
his friend fast so that you can perform a Ground Takedown on the first guy. 
Finish off the other in the same fashion. 

After that's done, turn away from the next door and face the opposite direction.
Turn on Detective Mode if you can't see it. There is a vent on the west wall,
right in the southwest corner. Pull off the cover and grapple up inside. A
RIDDLER TROPHY awaits you. 

Now open the next door. 

Arkham Mansion - Library
Approach the enemies and a lot more will just seemingly spring out of nowhere.
This group is a bit more formidable since it sports two dagger guys. Build up
a combo and try to use your Combo Takedown move to remove them from the fight
quick. If you're becoming a lot better at the combat though, go ahead and make
a good combo, alternating between Strikes, Counters, and Stuns. 

Once they're all down, go through the east door. Destroy the set of JOKER TEETH
here and go down the stairs. Find a second set of JOKER TEETH along the way,
with a third set of JOKER TEETH at the bottom of the stairs. 

Enter the doorway and an electric barrier cuts you off from the hostages. Joker
threatens to gas the room in two minutes. It's a race against the clock, hurry!
Go back up the stairs and into the first room. 

The only way to go is up. Grapple up to the next balcony, and from there to the
next. Keep going until you get to the second to last balcony. A chandelier at
the top prevents you from reaching the highest one. A chandelier huh... 

Instead, look for a low vent on the wall up here on the second highest balcony.
Open it and slip inside. The vent takes you to a small corridor. Climb up into
another vent on the left. In this small room, find a ledge to grapple up to.
Enter yet another vent now and it will take you to the top balcony. 

Well here you are. The chandelier is here and now... what to do? Think fast,
time is almost up! If you look at the chandelier in Detective Mode, you might
be able to figure it out. If not, just do this. Aim a Batarang at the rope that
holds the chandelier. Cut it down and it will break open the glass floor at
the bottom. 

Without a second to lose, drop all the way down there and disarm the trap for a
scene. After that, you need to find Dr. Young's notes which are in this room.
Try to pick up her fingerprint trail again. It inevitably leads you to a book
jutting out from the bookcase at the bottom level here, right next to the
hostages. Search here with X and you'll get a quick scene. The task is done. 

A new problem arises and Joker will tell you all about it. Before leaving, we
have a few things to find in this room. Start by climbing out of the lowest
floor up to the one where you crashed the chandelier through. Look on the south
wall for a vent cover. Pry it off and enter. Go straight to find a RIDDLER

Next, zip up to the highest balcony again, where the chandelier used to be. Look
for another vent here. Not the one you opened already to get here. There will be
another one nearby that isn't opened. Open it up and find another RIDDLER TROPHY
inside. That's all for now. Drop back down and leave this room. 

As you leave the room, you'll hear a strange sound. Batman will begin coughing.

Arkham Mansion - Wayne Manor (?)
Go down and turn right at the corner. Immediately you can just sense that
something is off. With caution, proceed down this corridor and the farther you
go, the more things start to change. Keep going and keep walking, even as things
begin to twist before your very eyes. Just keep on moving, even when it seems
like what you're seeing is too real. Even when the greatest of fears present
themselves. No matter what, just keep moving forward (if you can't tell, I was 
being a bit thematic here). 

And the end, it seems the twisted phenomena end. Open the door though and you
will discover that the nightmare has only just begun. 

This twisted landscape can only be the work of one person. Jump the gap, then
take the stairs on your right. Step forward and he will appear. 


This sequence will be similar to the last but there will be one chief
difference. Scarecrow will no longer rotate in a full circle. Instead, he will
simply shift his gaze back and forth between two points slowly. This means you
have to time your movements better. 

Wait for him to move away and then jump the gap to the right. You should have
time to run past the lower cover and just hide behind the statue instead. There
is no cover to be seen from here though. If you look up above however, there is
a crate that can be used. Select your Batclaw and target it. Pull it down and
then when it's safe to move, run over and hide there. From here, repeat the
process and pull down another crate. Wait for Scarecrow's gaze to move to the
left before running here. Wait again to climb the following ledge. 

Take this path down some stairs to a fight with skeletons. Just stand at the far
end and wait for them to come to you. You can see at that end where they appear,
the light of Scarecrow's sight. If you step in there, he'll see you. So it's
better to stay back, this way the constant movements of Freeflow Combat don't
accidentally carry you into a fast demise. 

Wait for them and they won't fight you any differently than thugs. Strike,
Counter and so on. They're pretty weak actually so it should be no problem. Wait
for Scarecrow to move, then proceed. 

Climb up the wall and wait here. When his gaze comes all the way to the left
toward you, wait. As soon as he moves, make a run for it. Jump the gap and 
shimmy around here. Either just hang on the ledge or try to climb up quickly
and take cover on the other side. Wait, then jump the gap. Climb up the ledges
here to the top. 

Wait here until his gaze goes past you and to the left. After that, jump this
gap and climb up to shimmy. You need enough time to shimmy around the corner
and if you moved right after his gaze passed over you, you should be fine. 

Hang on the ledge that has Batman's back to the camera and wait for him to pass
by again. Wait patiently for him to go back to the left before shimmying all
the way around and dropping down. Proceed quickly up the next path for another
fight with the bone crew. 

After defeating them, climb up the following wall. Grapple up to a high ledge,
then jump to ledge that you need to shimmy on. Pull yourself up when it's clear
and look at what's ahead. Besides dodging Scarecrow's vision, you also have to
worry about the pendulum. It's best to move when Scarecrow is looking toward you
and then moves the other way. Jump to the next platform, then wait a second if
you need to (you'll have the time) for the pendulum to move, then jump again.

Wait on this next platform and hide. When Scarecrow's gaze soars over you, climb
up and run all the way down this platform to the bottom and hide behind the
short wall here. Just wait for his gaze to pass back over you, going left. Once
you're clear, run to the right, hop the small barrier, climb up, and jump the
gap to reach the bat signal. If you get a little caught up, hide before climbing
up. Get to the signal and put an end to the nightmare.

                                Chapter 10
                                A CUT ABOVE

|Riddles: 2            |
|Riddler Trophies: 1   |
|Interview Tapes: 0    |
|Joker Teeth: 3        |
|Chronicles: 1         |

Arkham Mansion - Main Hall
Somehow you're up in the bell tower of the mansion. No clue how that happened,
but I guess Batman was tripping worse than he thought. With Zsasz on the loose
and Dr. Young in danger, we've got to get moving. 

To get out of here, cut the rope on the bell with a Batarang. This will cause
quite a ruckus, but it'll be your ticket out of here. Drop down and it will be
a long way to the bottom. If you can, try to land on the balcony just before you
enter the room below. If you miss it, you can just as easily grapple up to it
from the bottom. Up here will be an ARKHAM CHRONICLE. 

The bell destroyed one of the electric barrier doorways, so you can now enter
the east door here. Do so and it will take you to...

Arkham Mansion - East Wing Corridor
As you proceed in, you'll be greeted by a new type of foe. This stun 
baton-wielding enemy is a little different than what you're used to. Like the
dagger-guys, he can't be attacked or countered. If you even try to attack him
head on, you'll take damage actually so don't do it. The key to hurting him is
to use Redirect (double tap X) and get over him to attack him from behind. Three
strikes and he's out. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "A game of Cat and mouse can be painful."]

If you turn around from where you encountered the enemy, there is another one
of those glass display cases on the south wall. It's just in a little and to
the right from where you entered. Zoom in on the contents and you'll see a mask
and clawed gloves. Scan for the riddle solution and a Character Bio on Selena
Kyle, aka Catwoman. 

Approach the door but don't use it. Turn right and enter the restroom area. Turn
left and enter the men's room first. You'll see a thug standing over a guard's
body. Take him out silently. That's all. Leave and take the north door now. 

Arkham Mansion - Warden's Office
As you enter, you'll see Zsasz dragging Dr. Young off with a knife resting under
her chin. He pulls her into the Warden's room and threatens to kill her if 
Batman shows himself. He will too so don't step out into view of the doorway.
Instead, crouch and take cover beside it. Watch Zsasz closely and wait for him
to poke his head out. Aim for him with your Batarang and fire at this moment
to stop him. If you wait too long--about a minute--he'll kill her. 

Watch the scene that ensues. Afterwards, you'll be attacked by four thugs. One
of these guys has a stun baton so be cautious. Go with the new tactics you
learned. Try to build a combo and you can also use Combo Takedown to take him
out of the picture. Defeat the others and then Batman will talk to Oracle. He's
just as tired as you are of those electric gates and aims to get something to
help him... oh and save the Warden from Harley Quinn. 

Start by entering Detective Mode and looking about for something that will 
create a forensic trail leading to the Warden. The staff has some of his blood
on it. Scan it and you'll get a trail.

Before following, look on the south side of room and take a Riddler SECRETS MAP
off the table. Schwing! There happens to be a few in here, including one very
close to you. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Isn't the Warden too old for a puppet show?"]

To the right of where the Secrets Map was, right near the railing on the south
wall is another display case. This one contains the infamous puppet known as
Scarface. No, not Tony Montana Scarface. The one used by The Ventriloquist. 

Leave the Warden's area (not the room entirely) and turn right. In a small
office at the north end, a RIDDLER TROPHY can be found on the desk. This one
gets you the Challenge Room, Record Breaker. 

Start making your way back to the door but stop in the first room. Look up at
the ceiling and you'll notice there's a room above you. Grapple up to the
balcony from here. There's nothing in this first room, so go north into the next
one. Find two sets of JOKER TEETH at the north end. The third set of JOKER
TEETH is hidden amongst the cabinets near the west wall. Return and drop down 
now. Open the door to go back to...

                                Chapter 11
                            BEHIND CLOSED DOORS

|Riddles: 6            |
|Riddler Trophies: 11  |
|Interview Tapes: 5    |
|Joker Teeth: 25       |
|Chronicles: 1         |

Arkham Mansion - East Wing Corridor
Your map combined with the Riddler's Secrets Map shows there's one last 
challenge in this room. You can't get it now though. 

Instead, proceed toward the door and a Joker gift box explodes to release three
more sets of JOKER TEETH. If you got all the others up to this point, you'll
complete the Riddler Challenge for Arkham Mansion.

Arkham Mansion - Main Hall
Following the forensic trail, you come back to this room. Only once again, you
are not alone. The thugs in here are armed though. They don't move at all and
they've all got pretty good views of each other, making Silent Takedowns sort
of tough. You might be better off just using the gargoyles to stay above them,
then dropping down behind the third guy and just leaving, ignoring them all
together. If you attack them, they'll all gather near the door too.

Here's a way to do it if you have at least the double Batarang upgrade. Swing
to the south and jump to the platform above the last thug. Crouch at the edge
and hit X to hang. Hit circle to drop down. You'll be standing behind the thug.
Use your double Batarang and keep trying to get the targeting so that you hit
the two thugs that are farther away. It's hard to do because it always wants
to target the guy right in front of you. Keep adjusting until you have them in
your sights. The upgrade that makes bad guys stay down longer from Batarangs
helps here but isn't necessary. Throw them to knock the two down. Now perform
a quick Silent Takedown (or melee Takedown) on the guy right in front of you.
Quickly take to the air and flee.

If you're fast enough, you should hopefully get out of there unscathed. If they
spot you before you escape, don't worry. Just go from gargoyle to gargoyle and
lose them. The other two will likely cover the exit. If you return to that
platform, you can drop down behind them, target them with another double
Batarang and perform Ground Takedowns on them both. 

Exit through the south door now. 

Arkham Mansion - Mansion Entrance Hall
Just keep going and follow the trail all the way out the door. 

Arkham Island - Arkham East
Follow the trail away from the mansion. It will go pretty straight toward the
abandoned tunnel, leading back toward Arkham West.

Arkham Island - Abandoned Tunnel
Use your grapple to get over the wall and then proceed further in. You'll have
to grapple again to get over a locked iron bar door. Stand at the top though
and survey the next stretch. A group of henchmen will have a charming little
discussion. Two of them are armed. You can isolate the others by using a multi
Batarang on them. You can also Glide Kick one of them and then melee the other
real fast.

The others will take a few moments to dispatch but it'll just be standard hits
and counters. No other special enemies are in this group so it shouldn't be
too much of a problem. Just watch out for any other thugs trying to pick up 
those dropped guns. 

From where you fought them, look on your right for an opening that you can
grapple up to. In here will be a destructible floor, revealed on Detective Mode.
Plant your Explosive Gel and blow it open. Drop down to grab a RIDDLER TROPHY.
It gets you the Character Trophy for Scarface. Return and proceed west through
the gate. 

Arkham Island - Arkham West
The trail takes you northwest. Detective Mode reveals a large group of unarmed
thugs in front of the Penitentiary building and a sniper on the tower just a 
little ways before that. Target the sniper first. Get underneath the tower and
then grapple up to the ledge below him and do a Ledge Takedown. Climb into the
tower to grab two sets of JOKER TEETH. 

Make your way over to the large group now for some Freeflow fun. You can just
run up to them to start things off you can try something a bit more fun and
instead grapple up to the ledge above them. Stand about in the middle and climb
over the railing and you should land on one of the thugs. 

One of them wields a stun baton so you should know how to handle things in this
case. Building up a combo to do a Combo Takedown helps eliminate that threat if
necessary. The rest should provide little challenge. 

If you are due for an upgrade go for it. Start getting new Batarangs or
upgrading older gadgets if you haven't already. Armor V2 wouldn't be a bad
choice at this point either, especially if this is your first time playing. 

Approach the door to the Penitentiary but don't enter. Instead, look to the
right wall. Pry off the vent grate here with your Batclaw. Claim the RIDDLER
TROPHY inside.  

Enter the Penitentiary now. 

Penitentiary - Cells Access
Walk forward a bit and grab the INTERVIEW TAPE off the desk on the right. This
one is of Zsasz. Ahead of you are three thugs, one armed. You can go for the
not-so-Silent Takedown on the armed guy, then fend off the other two, or you
can deploy multi Batarangs. 

Turn on Detective Mode and follow the trail to the left. It passes through a
now locked gate so instead, go left and around this gate. You'll find a corpse
laying near three sets of JOKER TEETH. The door is on your left, go forward and
around the corner is a path leading to the restrooms. Go into the men's room
first and find a RIDDLER TROPHY in one of the stalls. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "How do you reflect on your successes and failures, Batman?"]

The key word is reflect here. Try to figure it out on your own if you can; it's
pretty easy. If not, go into the ladiesí room. On the back wall is a mirror.
Stand in front of it and zoom in on your image. Scan to solve it. 

Go to that earlier door now. Let the camera scan you and then proceed in when
it opens. 

Penitentiary - Main Cell Block
The hallway opens up to a room with a bunch of crazy inmates trapped in cells.
The forensic trail will take you all around this room for a nice, unsettling
tour. You can just ignore it and go to where it leads, the only path you can
take out of here which is to the south. 

There's an Explosive Gel wall on your left as you leave. Go ahead and blow it
up and it will reveal a RIDDLER TROPHY, as well as a long corridor filled with
water. The water is electrified and the security box controlling the electricity
is on the far side of the room. Even if you upgrade the sequencer's range, you
still can't reach it from here, so for now, traversing this corridor will be
impossible. Come back later. For now, proceed through the next door. 

Penitentiary - The Green Mile
Walk forward for a quick scene with a character who will become more important
later. Ignore her and go around the large cell toward the door. You may also
notice there are a lot of other inmates on the left and right. 

Penitentiary - Security Control Room
Follow the trail in and around the structure in the middle. The trail leads
around and up the stairs here. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "A case of mistaken identity?"]

This can be a lot clearer after you take care of your business in this room, but
if you look to the north wall, you'll see something odd. Someone will be trapped
behind a see-through wall here. You can try talking to them but they'll just
say the same things after a while. After you're done in this room, the person
may be the Warden, only, it's not actually him. Scan this person to get the
real scoop and the solution to the riddle. It's Clayface, and you get his 
Character Bio. 

Follow the trail up to the room and approach the Warden. A scene starts. After
that, cut the Warden loose. He'll give Batman the (cue Zelda music...)
Cryptographic Sequencer! The... what? This is the nifty gadget that will finally
let you bypass just about all of those electric security gates. By targeting the
control boxes, you can use the sequencer with the left and right analog sticks
to find the right frequency to overload it. We need to do that now to get out
of here. 

The box is just outside the room. Select the sequencer and target it. Using it,
adjust the sticks until you see the screen turn brighter green. When it does,
you're getting warmer. If you have a DualShock 3 controller, it will vibrate
more intensely when a stick is in the right position (that sounded dirty...)

If you haven't done so already, talk to Clayface. He should be the Warden by
now. He'll change into Gordon next. Go up the stairs beside his cell and look
for the second cell up here. Plant Explosive Gel and bust it open to claim a

Go back toward the exit but take the stairs beside it first. You'll pass by
a strange inmate; not too sure what his deal is. In the next cell over is a
RIDDLER TROPHY. To raise the gate and take it though, you need to use the
Cryptographic Sequencer again. Getting this one unlocks the Intensive Treatment
(Extreme) Challenge Room. 

Penitentiary - The Green Mile
Poison Ivy may be free now, but she's not in here anymore. Go around her cell
and face the west wall. The cells are open and in the one third from the right,
there is another RIDDLER TROPHY. 

As you move toward the exit, there will be a sudden cry. One of those crazed
inmates will jump out and charge you. Just as he nears, there will be a counter
prompt will appear. Hit Triangle to throw him down. This stuns him, so follow
up with a Ground Takedown. If he grabs you, tap X repeatedly to shake him off,
then finish him. Expect to see a lot more of these guys. 

Penitentiary - Main Cell Block
Harley appears and activates an electric floor below. Before you get trapped,
grapple up to a platform above you. Hoist yourself up and prepare for a fight.
At least one guy will scramble for a gun in the corner rather quickly. Go for
him fast, running past and ignoring the others. Another may go for the other
corner which also has a cabinet with a gun inside. While in the midst of your
combo, you can fling a Batarang at him to stop him. Fend off the others and
finish them off when you can. 

A bigger group attacks. Again, some of them will scramble for the guns, so try
to incorporate the Left Analog Stick more into your combos to target these guys.
They can take a lot of hits so keep countering when necessary and use your
special moves.

After that, walk from this platform north to a wide room. There are three sets
of JOKER TEETH on your left. Destroy them, then walk into this corner room and
look for an INTERVIEW TAPE on the desk on your right. Next, use your 
Cryptographic Sequencer on the security box here. This disables the electric 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Two people, one voice, no gun?"]

This one isn't too tough to figure out, because the solution does stand out a
bit. Up here, on the north wall, there is a display case with a tommy gun
inside. It's right under the "Mors Certa, Hora Incerta" sign on the wall (which
Iím told translated from Latin means "Death is certain, but its hour is not."
Scan the gun to solve the riddle and earn a Character Bio for The Ventriloquist.

Drop down to the first floor now and go through the west door. One of the
lunatics will attack you again. Wait for it and counter like you did earlier
(hopefully). There's another on the south side of the room so be ready. Also
search the third cell from the left on the south wall and take the RIDDLER

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "This room is the end of days for even the most celebrated

There's two clues in this one sort of. To solve this one, inspect the first
cell on your right as you entered this room from the electric floor area. 
Stand at the doorway and scan this room with all the dates posted inside. You'll
get a Character Bio for the Calendar Man after solving this riddle. 

Go up the stairs in the southwest corner and through the security door. 

Penitentiary - Guard Room
The only way to go is forward so just do that and move straight through the 
door to the next room. 

Inside, Harley has laid a trap. Two guards hang over electrified water. Cutting
them loose will kill them in this case. If you turn on Detective Mode, you can
see there's a few security boxes around. Target the one next to Harley's window
and disable it. This doesn't do anything yet except turn on a timer that will
release Joker's toxin. 

If you look in Detective Mode, you can trace the cables from the electrified
pools to their sources. What you may not have noticed is that Harley turns the
first box back on again. You'll probably need to crack it again. Do so to shut
off the electricity running to the first trap pool. Feel free to cut down the
guard now. 

The electricity also runs to the pool on the left. Before Harley turns it on
again, you can step in the water quickly and use the sequencer to crack the
box here. If you can't crack it fast enough and Harley starts counting down,
cancel your operation and get out of there. You'll have to crack the first one

Once you crack the second box in the water, cut down the second guard. After
this, you have a set 30 seconds to get out of this room. Get to the door and
use the sequencer on the box here. Crack it open fast and you'll escape safely.
It's one of the ones that requires you to be a bit more precise so try to pay
attention to both the screen and the rumble (if you have a DS3 that is). 

Run out of there with the guards and the door will be permanently locked for
now. Harley taunts you to come find her. First, destroy the three sets of JOKER
TEETH out here. 

Next, turn right and pass through the deactivated electric barrier gate. Look
for a vent on the wall to your immediate left. Use the Batclaw and then grapple
up to it. Take the vent all the way into the previous area, Main Cell Block, to
find a RIDDLER TROPHY. Go back now and drop out of the vent. Go around the
corner to get into the south room. The two guards are in here now. On your left
will be an INTERVIEW TAPE, another for Zsasz. Leave this room now and go back 

Penitentiary - Main Cell Block
There's another loose inmate here so watch out. Counter and take him down. 
Approach the east corridor and destroy the three sets of JOKER TEETH here. 
Continue on into the main room. 

Go straight across and take out three more JOKER TEETH as you wait for the
electric barrier to drop. Enter this door now.

Penitentiary - Controlled Access
Proceed forward. You can hear one of those crazed inmates, but don't worry,
they won't jump out from one of these cells on your left and right. Go up the

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "What has four walls, two sides, and one ex-DA?"]

You can probably tell who this is about if you're somewhat of a Batman fan. In
the first cell on your right after going up the short stairs, there is a poster.
It says "VOTE DENT". Zoom in on it and scan to solve the riddle. You'll also get
a Character Bio for--that's right--Two Face. 

Walk to the west end of this room. There doesn't seem to be a way to move on.
If you look up though, there is a vent. Pull it down and be ready. One of the
inmates drops down and attacks. Counter him and then take him down. Now, grapple
up there. Be sure to first, take the INTERVIEW TAPE off the desk immediately
after you climb up. 

Use your sequencer on the box here too. It'll lower the electric barrier below.
Don't drop down just yet though. Go out onto the walkway, going west. As you
reach the end, approach the inmate to lure him into attacking. Do away with him.
There's nothing at the end of that walkway so don't bother. Instead, approach
the north wall here. There are three walls that can be blown up with Explosive
Gel, allowing you to get into the cells below. The middle one and right one are
empty though, but feel free to blow up the walls anyway just for fun. Drop into
the left cell and take the RIDDLER TROPHY. Climb back out and take the stairs
down to the door. 

Penitentiary - Extreme Incarceration
Walk forward and Harley unleashes a bunch of thugs on you. She doesn't want to
get her own hands dirty. Sound like someone else? 

Anyway, take notice what the floor looks like here. As you start battling the
thugs, the floor eventually becomes electrified. They'll scramble off and climb
up to one of the upper tiers and you should follow. These areas can be
electrified too though, so you'll be moving a lot. 

The thugs flee to the closest safe area, so if you stand in the middle, they'll
probably split up and that might be at least a little helpful. Either way, beat
up the thugs in the same area you're in now. Eventually, this floor will be
electrified too, so climb back down. Deal with any survivors as a whole bunch
more show up. 

Keep up with this strategy. The thugs are a bit harder, but still shouldn't
pose a huge threat. Whenever the floor starts to activate below you, flee to
higher ground by climbing the nearest railing. The next two batches of thugs
will have stun baton users. Using Combo Takedown and Throw will help a lot. They
like to crowd you and attack a lot so expect to see a lot of counter prompts.

Once you've subdued them all, you get a scene. After this, you'll get a forensic
trail that is tracking Harley's fingerprints, and that is further narrowed down
to include ones with traces of chlorophyll. Where would she get that? In the
Botanical Gardens, of course. If you go there, you'll pick up the trail. 

For now, take a look around. There's quite a few things to gather before we
leave the Penitentiary completely. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "All alone in your cell? Why don't you break the ice with the
most dangerous prisoners?"]

It sticks out like a sore thumb so this shouldn't be hard. To the right of this
room's entrance is a cell that is totally covered in ice and there are some
large ice stalagmites on the electric floor platform. Just stand here and 
without zooming in, scan the entire cell. That should do it. You get the 
Character Bio of--who else?--Mr. Freeze. 

Next, take any of the three doors here. For the ease of things, just take the
center door. Destroy two JOKER TEETH that will be just about right at your feet.
Just a few steps forward and there is a Riddler SECRETS MAP on your left on the
desk. Go forward and turn either left or right, and before going out the door,
turn to go up the stairs. This takes you into Harley's little control room.

On the desk in the first room there is an INTERVIEW TAPE. This is the last one
for Zsasz. Go into the main room and you'll see there are several security boxes
here. Each of them controls the opening of a cell below. They are numbered 1-6 
and the boxes correspond to them. If you look at your map now with the new 
Riddler Secrets Map, you can see you only need to open one, and that is number 
5. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer and overload the number 5 box. Return to the
main floor and enter this cell.

Retrieve the RIDDLER TROPHY from within the cell. As soon as you do, the bars
suddenly close behind you! Harley chirps, claiming she's caught you in her trap.
As Batman remarked earlier in the game though, she never was too bright. If you
turn on Detective Mode, you can see the wall behind you is ripe for Explosive
Gel goodness. Spray it and then blow it open. Scan the ARKHAM CHRONICLE here,
then step forward and turn around. Look up and grapple to the ledge here. Plant
more Explosive Gel on this wall and drop down, detonate it, then grapple back
up to escape. 

Harley can't believe it. Leave her and this room now. 

Penitentiary - Controlled Access
Simply walk through the gate and you'll see a gift box waiting. As you've come
to expect, three sets of JOKER TEETH pop out. That should be all 20 for this
area. Joker comes on the air, but keep moving. 

Penitentiary - Main Cell Block
Just go northeast through the door and down the corridor. An inmate launches a
surprise attack, but you should be able to deal with these guys by now. Hope
so, because you're far from seeing the last of them, unfortunately. 

Penitentiary - Cells Access
Make your way all the way back to the entrance. As you pass through the showers
area, another loony bird drops in from the ceiling and attacks. Dispatch him
and keep moving. There's a second one hiding in the grate in the floor just
before the entrance, but you can see this one in Detective Mode, so you know
it's coming. After that, return to...

                                Chapter 12
                             HIS PERSONAL ARMY

|Riddles: 9            |
|Riddler Trophies: 14  |
|Interview Tapes: 7    |
|Joker Teeth: 19       |
|Chronicles: 2         |

Arkham Island - Arkham West
Now that you have the Cryptographic Sequencer in hand, your goodie-retrieving
abilities have expanded greatly. Sure, you can just continue with the story,
but this isn't backtracking. I'll have a section for finding the remaining
goodies later, but these are of the "Well, while we're here..." variety. And
it's true, these are all here in Arkham West and available to you. 

Begin by gliding down to the ambulance on the ground below in the near center
of the area. Be careful though, you'll likely attract the attention of a few
lunatic patients roaming about. Deal with them as you have thus far or try other
means if they rush you at about the same time. 

Right near the ambulance is a small guard house with an electric barrier. Use
your sequencer on the security box and overload it. Inside is the Riddler's 
SECRETS MAP for this area. This is a good start so that you can rely on this if
my directions ever confuse you. Feel free to look on your own too; I'm just here
to help if you need it. 

Go south, toward the Medical Facility building. There is a disabled lift
platform here (right next to a sign that says just "Medical". There is another
security box here. Tamper with it with your sequencer to get the lift raised
permanently. Underneath it is a RIDDLER TROPHY, now free for the taking. It
rewards you with a Character Trophy for Harley Quinn. 

Return to the Penitentiary building and climb up to the balcony above the
entrance. There is that electric barrier here. If you have upgraded the range
for the Cryptographic Sequencer already, you can crack the security box on the
far wall. If not, you'll have to come back later. Inside, you'll find a very
hard to miss RIDDLER TROPHY just sitting there. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Zsasz is counting on you finding his work."]

To the left as you enter this secret room (again, above the Penitentiary 
entrance) you can see a table and seated around it are three dead Arkham guards
positioned as if they were playing a card game. The cards have tally marks on
it, Zsasz's trademark. Scan this scene to solve the riddle.

Your next destination is the Botanical Gardens in Arkham East. You can take
the tunnel from West to East, or cut through Arkham North. Choose to take the
Arkham North route, because you can grab a whole bunch of stuff along the way,
while the other route has nothing (unless you missed some things earlier). 

Take the tunnel back toward Arkham North. Immediately look for a vent above you
in this tunnel that you can grapple up to. On your left on the wall should be a
vent. Look up to see it. Hit it with your Batclaw to pry it off. Climb up here 
to get a RIDDLER TROPHY. That's all for now in here. Proceed now into Arkham

Arkham Island - Arkham North
This place is simply crawling with those crazies so tread carefully. Use 
Detective Mode to see where they all are. At least two will be pretty close to
where you enter from the side tunnel. The rest can rush you in pairs sometimes,
so try to use Batarangs or melee attacks. 

After you've cleared them out, you can start searching around this old area.
First, go to the west of the two guard houses. You were successful in breaking
into the other earlier thanks to an Explosive Gel floor on the ceiling (and if
you didn't do that, do it now). The west one needs the sequencer though, so use
it on the security box to gain entry. Inside, you'll find an INTERVIEW TAPE.

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Let's face it, there are two Dents on the wall."]

Inside this house there are more "VOTE DENT" posters on the wall. Scan them to
solve the riddle with ease. They're easy to miss though. If you didn't get the 
similar riddle in the Penitentiary, this will unlock the Character Bio for Two 

Exit and then go all the way to the northwest corner. Just outside the
abandoned building is a small tower. Grapple up to it and there is an electric
barrier. The security box is inside but if you stand as close as you can, you
should be able to target it with the sequencer to crack it. Inside is a RIDDLER

Time to move on. Go east and through the security door.

Arkham Island - Arkham East
As you go through here an inmate will attack you at the underpass. Put him down,
then move on to the East courtyard. Even more of them are crawling around here
though, unfortunately. You can avoid some of them if you choose. If you want the
XP though, or just have some frustrations to vent, chase all the loonies down.

More importantly, there is the matter of a few things to pick up here. From the
tunnel exit, go down the path southeast and look for the three corpses. Just
near them should be two sets of JOKER TEETH. 

Next, grapple up to either of the two guard towers. You likely noticed that each
has a long walkway extending from them. They both lead to the same secret room
so no need to be picky with which tower you choose. Follow the walkway in toward
the cliff and you'll see the electric barrier. Luckily, you're equipped with the
sequencer so use it to gain entry. Inside, you can find an INTERVIEW TAPE on a
desk and a RIDDLER TROPHY close to the back wall. 

Next, there is that small guardhouse across from the Arkham Mansion entrance, 
right next to the large (currently defaced) statue of the Warden (there's also 
an enemy up there that you can pull down with the Batclaw). Approach the small 
guard house and use the Cryptographic Sequencer to disable the barrier. Enter 
to grab the RIDDLER TROPHY and the Riddler's SECRETS MAP. The former will give 
you the Character Trophy for Poison Ivy. 

You're done here completely in Arkham East for Riddler Challenges, save a few
more of those chattering chompers. So for now, make your way up the stairs and
enter the Botanical Gardens. 

Botanical Gardens - Glasshouse Entrance
Just as you enter, there should be a set of JOKER TEETH at your feet. Destroy
it, and the second set just a few steps ahead. The third set of JOKER TEETH can
be found to the left from there. 

Next, stand back near the door as if you just entered. On your left and right
are two little openings like windows almost. Choose either one to enter a short
vent and then drop down to the area below. In a small nook down here, you should
find an ARKHAM CHRONICLE. Scan it and add it to your collection. Climb out on
either end. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Is the number up for these guards?"]

From the entrance, if you step forward enough so that the area opens a bit more
wide, you can see a bench on your left. On the bench is a dead guard, and above
it, another. Both are (or rather, were) reading books, or at least were made
to look like it. Scan this somewhat disturbing scene to solve the riddle. 

Next, from the entrance go right, around the center structure. On a bench here
against the west wall, there is an INTERVIEW TAPE. This one is the first of
five for Poison Ivy. 

Turn on Detective Mode and you'll get the first view of Harley's trail. Follow
it to the north and the following doorway will be guarded by two armed thugs.
If they spot you, they probably won't open fire right away. Try to get the jump
on them though by using corner cover and the multi-Batarangs to stun them for
easy Takedowns. 

Now, whip out the sequencer and operate on the security box to lower the gate.
Enter the next room. 

Botanical Gardens - Botanical Glasshouse
A quick look in Detective Mode should make it all too clear this is a Predator
room. Oh, goodie! It's been a while. Remember that all the thugs here are
wearing those nasty suicide collars. 

There's a lot of ways you can plan your attack. You must always plan for the
collars to alert the others though. Sometimes you can prey on a straggler late
to regroup with the others but just be careful you aren't spotted. Since the
suicide collars make things tough because the enemies like to start grouping
together, you should try infusing gadgets into your strategies more. The Sonic
Batarang is an excellent pick up for this point in the game. You can draw one
and only one enemy to any spot you choose in an effort to isolate them and take
them out quietly. 

I like to begin by climbing the high ledge on the left. There should be one thug
here. You might be able to do a Ledge Takedown, but try to wait for him to turn
around, climb over the railing and then use a Silent Takedown instead. The
others come over soon enough. If you see a chance to pick off someone else as
you perch yourself on a gargoyle, go for it. 

When you get down to four guys, one usually covers one of the exits, where there
is no real way to get to him without being seen. The others group together
usually. Try the Sonic Batarang if you have trouble finding a good opportunity
and lure someone toward you for an Inverted, Corner, or Silent Takedown. The
Silent + Corner Takedowns are a good combo. By defeating one enemy, you can
wait at the corner of one of the small planters at the top level and strike
again when the next thug comes to investigate, running toward you. Just be make
sure he's not joined by anyone. 

With only one guy left, you get the joy of choosing how to dispatch him. After
this, you're free to explore a bit. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "What time is tea time in Wonderland?"]

From the entrance of this room, go up the left staircase. Just walk forward a
bit. Under the above floor there is a little shelf here with a tea set. Scan
this for the riddle solution. It also opens the Character Bio for the Mad
Hatter, who looks a lot more like a leprechaun. 

If you go north from there just a bit (still on the second floor), there will
be a cross of two grates. Drop in and there is a RIDDLER TROPHY under here. Hop
over the railing now and search the area behind the giant statue in the center.
In Detective Mode, you should see one of the walls can be destroyed. Use your
Explosive Gel and climb into the vent here. Take it to a small room where yet
another RIDDLER TROPHY is waiting. 

That will be all. If you pick up Harley's trail, it should lead to the north
door on the top floor. Head on through. 

Botanical Gardens - Flooded Corridor
You get a scene and after that, the main exit to this room is blocked off. On
top of that, the water is electrified here, making get over to that side 
impossible right now. Turn on Detective Mode and take note of the three cables
running under the floor. Follow them back into the previous room. 

Botanical Gardens - Botanical Glasshouse
Follow the cables. They go down to the second floor, leading you to the door
that takes you east. 

Botanical Gardens - Statue Corridor
Walk down the corridor and destroy the single set of JOKER TEETH. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Remember the Waynes? How could anyone forget?"]

Right there should be a bench. If you step closer and zoom in on the small
plaque on the bench, it has a message in memorandum. Scan it and you not only
solve the riddle, but get a two-in-one Character Bio for Thomas and Martha

Don't follow the cables out of this small room with the bench. Go to the 
southeast corner. There, you'll find another set of JOKER TEETH, as well as
another bench. What's special about this one? Look closer. It has an INTERVIEW
TAPE on it.

Follow the cables northeast and destroy the third set of JOKER TEETH in this
hall. Open the door at the end here. 

Botanical Gardens - Glasshouse Generator Room
Within this room, you'll see a large group of thugs harassing a poor hostage.
Start this off however you want; Batarangs, Batclaw one guy, etc. When they all
inevitably swarm you, pick your targets. You have a dagger guy and a baton guy
this time, the latter I find more important to take down. Again, if you have
most of your Combat upgrades, try to focus on using your special moves early
to limit the number of hostiles. 

This is also a good time to practice building a really high combo. You can
easily get one in the upper 30's if you've been getting really good at it. 
Learn to recognize the counter signs and more importantly, the red lightning
bolts which basically mean dodge (or if it's coming from a dagger guy, this can
also tell you "Stun"). Overall, these guys shouldn't provide too much of a 
problem. Just watch out for them trying to pick weapons off the walls and such.

After the fight, cut the man loose and you'll talk to him for a few seconds as
Batman delivers probably one of the few weaker lines in the game. Just to the
left from him, there is an INTERVIEW tape on the computer terminal. Grab that,
then climb up to the higher platform on the west side. Climb the ladder next to
face an electric barrier. The security box is on the other side, so you'll need
the range upgrade for the Cryptographic Sequencer. Overload it and inside you
can find the Riddler's SECRETS MAP on your right in the corner. On the other
side is a RIDDLER TROPHY on a table. 

Drop back down to the main floor. The security box that will deactivate the
generator is booby trapped. When you start fiddling around with the sequencer,
there will be a very thin line (probably impossible to see if you're not playing
in HD) at the top of the sequencer's display screen. It depletes slowly from
right to left. The security box has three "locks" you need to crack, and each
has one of these timers. Take too long to find the right frequency and the trap
goes off. 

Make use of both the visual display and the rumble if you have a DS3 controller.
Try to quickly rotate each stick individually until you find the spot where each
rumbles the controller most, then point them both there and adjust until you
get it. Do this three times and you'll deactivate the generator.  Let's not
waste any time then. Go back through the previous two rooms all the way back to
where you encountered Joker. 

Botanical Gardens - Flooded Corridor
Cross the water to the other side of the room. The debris here makes the main
exit impassable, as noted earlier. Instead, destroy the two JOKER TEETH here
and pry open the vent on the left. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "The Ratcatcher needed more than just his charm to lead his

As you go through the vent, keep your eyes peeled for a part of the vent floor 
that is an iron bar grate. You'll see it if you look close enough. Stop here and
look straight down through the bars. You'll see a part of a mask, gloves, and a
book. Scan these objects for the riddle. The Character Bio for the Ratcatcher
unlocks afterwards. 

The vent is pretty linear for the most part. When you do come to an intersection
inside though, turn right first. Behind some apparent fungus (um, yuck?), there
is a RIDDLER TROPHY. Grab it and then take the other path to the exit. 

Climb over the rubble in this room and blow up the west wall with your Explosive
Gel. Drop down and turn right. Open the next door. 

Botanical Gardens - Abandoned Chamber
This is a large and sometimes confusing chamber. It's packed with hidden items
and goodies though, so let's do our best to track them down. Begin by just
dropping down to the floor below. Venture over the north side. Look for a single
floor grate to slip inside. Follow this vent until you can pop out at the end.
It takes you into a secret little room. Pick up the RIDDLER TROPHY here and make
your way back. 

From the grate, go east to the northeast corner. Drop into this sewage ditch and
turn right. Crouch to pass under the low hanging drain. It takes you to another
RIDDLER TROPHY. Now, go around the bottom area until you get to the south side
near a collapsed pillar. There should be stairs here to take to a large square
platform. Two staircases lead away from here. The one on the left takes you
back to the entrance so take the one on the right (going east).

If you turn left, you can jump a gap, leading to the north door (and the exit).
Ignore it for now. Turn left and there is a platform here too. It can be hard
to jump to because of the pipe, but try to stand as far to the left as you can
and jump mostly straight to reach this platform. Run up to the wall and grab
onto the fissure here to shimmy over. Climb up the top here where the waterfall
is and watch for a body to drop down (Yikes, that was surprising). Turn around
here and jump to the platform here. 

Now that you're up here, walk south and look for something important on your
left. There is a catwalk being held up by a rope. Cut it down and cross it to
the other side. Turn left and jump the gap to the adjacent platform here. Claim
the RIDDLER TROPHY here. Now, cross the catwalk again but turn around at the
other end. 

At the start of the catwalk again, take just two or three steps forward. Notice
the brick wall on your left with all the moss and such? Face it and climb it. 
Shimmy around it to the left and pull yourself up here. Crouch under a pillar 
and reach the end of this ledge. Turn on Detective Mode. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "This challenge can only be seen by those with a different view
on life."]

If you did all the previous steps correctly (I know it can be confusing), you
should be looking at the two parts of the question mark. Just a quick review
in case you got lost. Make your way to the platform that leads right to the
north door. Turn left and jump to the platform. Climb up the wall, shimmy over
and climb onto the waterfall platform. Turn around, jump to the ledge here, walk
to the right, cut down the catwalk on your left and climb up the brick wall on
the left. Shimmy over, pull yourself up, and crouch under the pillar to reach
this point. Got that? In any case, line up the two pieces here (may take a
little work--don't fall off!) and scan for the riddle. 

After getting that riddle, stay up here. Face the north wall and jump to it.
You'll grab onto another fissure. Shimmy over to the left and pull yourself up.
Inside this nook is an ARKHAM CHRONICLE. If you return to the opening, you can
jump and glide to the platform directly ahead of you. There's only one more
challenge remaining in this room. Unfortunately, you can't reach it yet. Make
your way back to the north exit and open the door. 

Botanical Gardens - Flooded Corridor
Climb the two ledges then grapple into the vent. It leads right to two thugs
harassing another innocent employee. When you emerge from the vent, they spot
you. Only two of them though, so you should be ashamed if they give you a hard

After you defeat them, talk to the man and you'll get a new objective. Before
heading off anywhere, take a look around first. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Looks like all the king's horses trampled all the king's 

Go down the south corridor. Look for the small bench. On it are a bunch of 
figurines that look like they were run over. Zoom in and scan for the easy
riddle solution. It also unlocks a Character Bio for... Humpty Dumpty?

Return to the center room where Jordan Fraser is. Take the east path now, down
some stairs. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: Is this a tribute to what a mad dog left behind?"]

At the bottom of the stairs that lead to the eastern doorway, there is a 
pedestal with a headless statue on it. The head is at its feet. Just below that
is an inscripted plaque. It's actually been inscripted again if you look closely
in zoom mode. Scan this to solve the riddle. 

To the left of the headless statue is an INTERVIEW TAPE sitting on a bench. This
one is also for Poison Ivy, of course. Now go through the east door into the
next room. 

Botanical Gardens - Aviary
You'll get a quick look at the newest trap Joker and his henchmen have set up.
There are two more hostages, each being held in a cage hanging high above. The
idea is that if Batman takes out any enemy, the suicide collar will alert the
thug who is controlling the crane holding the cages and will drop the hostages
to their deaths. Therefore, Batman deduces that to save them, the crane operator
has to be the first to go. 

Easier said than done of course. The first thug standing a ways in front of you
will not move. Move up slowly when he turns his back, hugging the left wall as
you do so. Hide when he turns around. Look fro a vent on the left wall. Pull the
cover off and enter. 

Grapple up and then climb the ladder here. Enter the vent at the top to come out
on a higher level of the Aviary. Turn on Detective Mode to see where the rest of
the thugs are positioned. There is one below you, to the left. Just leap off the
ledge here and hold X to glide. Glide straight over his head to the wall. 
Grapple to the top of this wall and look for the next thug below. If he has his
back turned, drop down. 

You need to get past this guy somehow. He patrols on this higher platform. You
can't get around below. The only way is to grab the ledge just below the railing
and shimmy across the gap. This way, you'll stay out of sight and you can make
it past. Just don't shimmy when he's facing you, because you can easily be
spotted. Shimmy over when he's moving away from you, then drop down when he
turns around again.

Under here, remove the vent cover and go inside. Grapple, then climb a bunch of
ledges to the top. Turn around and jump to the next ledge that will lead you to
the top of the observation room where the operator is. Drop in and take him
down. That completes your objective, but you need to take care of the others.

First, destroy the three JOKER TEETH in here. The other henchmen won't come up
to check out what happened and will actually just patrol or stand by normally
as if they didn't hear Joker's warning. Drop from the crane room and make your
way toward the low corridor where one guy is walking, and on the other end, 
another is just standing. Try to sneak up quickly on the walking enemy and use a
Silent Takedown. Then, just as quickly, do another on the guy on the other side
of the narrow corridor. 

There should be a third guy just below. Turn around and grapple up to safety 
above and wait for him to inspect the bodies. When he passes underneath you, you
can drop down and try to do a third Silent Takedown when his back is turned. You
can also wait outside the corridor and try a Corner Takedown. Or just knock him
out with a Batarang, lure him in, etc, etc, etc. 

After you silence the last enemy, you'll get a quick scene where the hostages
are lowered down safely. You're done here now. You can venture on to the next
room, but first, look around, as always. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "There's no closet in the Gardens, so someone is using the roof

A tough one to figure out sometimes, because the clues aren't particularly
helpful. If you look high up on the southwest wall however (you should have a
view from almost anywhere in the room), you might be able to spot it. There will
be a skeleton stuck in the wall. Zoom in on it and scan it for the solution. The
Character Bio you unlock this time is for Killer Moth.'

Make your way over to the lower platform on the southeast side. Look for the
two hostages standing around here. Talk to them if you want. Just beyond them is
a bench in the corner. Sitting on it is another INTERVIEW TAPE. 

You're done here for now. Go back over to the west side and climb up the ledge.
Try to look for Harley's fingerprints in Detective Mode. They should be planted
all over this metal wall. Investigate it and Batman removes a hatch, revealing
another one of his booby trapped security boxes. Whip out the sequencer and try
to beat the three locks. Remember, you're timed so be quick.

Once you succeed, a secret door opens beside you. Enter for a scene. 

Botanical Gardens - Titan Production Facility

Joker's plan is visualized a bit more and boy is it ugly. Seriously. 


You've fought one of these guys already, and Bane who was pretty similar. Two
at once is not as easy, obviously. You need to always be on the look out for
their charges. They always advertise it by roaring and setting themselves first.
Your strategy is the same, Quick Batarang them, then get the hell out of there.
When they run into the walls, you can get a few quick shots in, then back away.

What makes this different though is you have to watch out for the other one.
If you're busy slugging the first Titan, and the then the second one charges,
you have to move, immediately! Don't take your eyes off either one at any time.

They should both start the fight by charging, but thankfully, not at the same
time. Try to get them both to crash, then strike one, then the other. They'll
both do the ground shockwave attack, and the first one will likely hit you. No
big deal. Both are weakened, or at least one is hopefully. If you repeat the
process one more time, you can make this fight a lot easier. 

Wait for one to charge again. Quick Batarang, evade, etc. When he crashes, 
strike him a few times and this time, Batman should jump onto his back. In this
fashion, you can briefly control the Titan, like a buckin' bronco. Steer him
toward the other guy and his hands will flail and strike, dealing a little
damage. After a few hits though, you'll be thrown off. 

If the Titan you attacked in this method was already weakened earlier, he'll
be stunned now too. You can attack and get on his back too now and repeat the
process. Try to maintain this strategy for the fight. Not only does it deal
damage, but you also are pretty safe when using these guys. Once one of them
goes down, it becomes even easier. Just continue to dodge and attack. It won't
be long before you emerge victorious. 

Next, you need to destroy the containers carrying the Titan formula. Detective
Mode reveals six tanks along the west wall. Plant Explosive Gel on any one of
them and it should trigger of chain of explosions that eventually destroy them

After this, approach the exit. Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to raise the
gate. Unfortunately though, Joker lowered the bridge, so there's no way to get
across to the door. Hmm, what to do... Oh wait, I've got it! Call in the
Batwing! Brilliant! Watch as this tremendously awesome scene unfolds. The
Batwing crashes in and drops off a new gadget for you. It's the Line Launcher.

The Line Launcher allows you to move over large gaps or distances on a zip-line
kind of method. The launcher fires a line backwards and forwards, so it needs to
have something to stick to on both sides. It has good range and it will come
in handy. 

Stand at the exit and the door is just across from you. Don't use the Line
Launcher on the door though. Angle the camera and look for an opening to the
right of the door. You should see an alcove over there. Aim your Line Launcher
there and fire. It should carry you across here where you'll find a RIDDLER
TROPHY. This one unlocks the Silent Knight (Extreme) Challenge Map. 

Use the Line Launcher to traverse the gap and reach the door. Return to the
previous room. 

Botanical Gardens - Aviary
Nothing to do here but just go through and backtrack to the next room. 

Botanical Gardens - Flooded Corridor
Go up the stairs and into the central room. Go straight across and stop at the
large ravine. This would have been impossible to cross before. Now you have the
wonder that is the Line Launcher. Use it to get over. On the other side, you'll
find not only a RIDDLER TROPHY, but also three sets of JOKER TEETH. The trophy
gets you the Shock and Awe Challenge Map.

Pass through this doorway for a scene. After that nice chit-chat, you'll be
back in the same area. Batman discusses his next objective with Oracle and
determines that he needs to talk to Aaron Cash who should still be in the Arkham

Return to the ravine. At the other end is a large group of thugs, taunting
Batman because he can't get to them. Oh, if they only knew... Fire up the Line
Launcher and Batman will automatically kick a bunch of them. Disengage by
hitting X right after that, so you don't go all the way toward the east door.
Now face off with them. This is a tricky fight only because there's so many and
the room isn't really big. Focus on countering mostly, and use Combo Takedown
on the enemies wielding pipes. Throw also helps. 

Once clean up is done, you have to leave the Botanical Gardens. The southern
corridor is still blocked though, so you need to take the long way. Look for the
vent in the central room. Take it back down to the Abandoned Chamber. 

Botanical Gardens - Abandoned Chamber
Jump the gap and take the stairs down. Take the only other stairs that lead up
to the next platform. Jump this gap, turn left and then turn right to find the

Botanical Gardens - Flooded Corridor
Climb out of the debris area and into the ventilation duct. Take this all the
way back to the water room. In an effort to halt Batman's progress, two thugs
have turned the generator back on, thus electrifying the water yet again. 
Apparently they didn't get the memo about Batman's Line Launcher. Use it to
get across and knock them out. Perform Ground Takedowns to finish them. Open
the door now. 

Botanical Gardens - Botanical Glasshouse
A new group of thugs have made this room their home. There should be one 
standing right before you, near the railing. Take him out with a Silent
Takedown. Before grappling up to avoid the rest of the thugs who will inevitably
come looking, you can plant an Explosive Gel trap on the floor if you want. 

Try to pick off isolated targets with Inverted Takedowns or Ledge Takedowns. 
Remember to try using gadgets, such as the Batclaw to pull guys over railings,
and the Sonic Batarang to lure one foe into a trap. The Sonic Batarang can also
be upgraded to become a trap explosive. Consider this for some of your

After you've cleared the room, return to the first room in this area. 

Botanical Gardens - Glasshouse Entrance
Destroy the three JOKER TEETH here. Move toward the exit and there is a sudden
interruption. Joker gave Ivy Titan and the results are a little annoying (but
you'll see how more annoying they get in a moment) as her plants decide to do
some redecorating. The entrance becomes blocked during the commotion. 

The grate on the floor is open so drop down into the basement. Go to the right
and climb out by grappling. Use the vent to get on the other side of Ivy's
giant plants and to the exit door. 

                                Chapter 13
                           DELIVER US FROM EVIL 

|Riddles: 5            |
|Riddler Trophies: 4   |
|Interview Tapes: 3    |
|Joker Teeth: 4        |
|Chronicles: 2         |

Arkham Island - Arkham East
As you can soon see, Ivy's "babies" have gotten out of control. Besides crazy
trees, roots, and other abnormal things springing up, there are these purple
plant pods you'll see all over the island. When you get within medium range,
they release one or two red spores that home in on you and deal significant
damage. What you might not realize is that they can be destroyed. Just get close
and look for a prompt to pulverize them. You get rewarded 25 xp each, so it's
not much. 

Go across the field toward the mansion, destroying any of the pods you 
encounter along the way. Also be on the watch for one or two lunatics still
roaming around.

The main entrance of the mansion is blocked by a mutated tree. Grapple up to 
your old secret entrance above.

Arkham Mansion - Mansion Entrance Hall
Check your map and confirm Cash's location. As you can see, this entire area has
been poisoned by Ivy's (get it?) plants. A toxic mist lurks and if you fall down
you'll have to escape as if it were Joker Toxin. Your only option is to use your
Line Launcher to go straight across.

On this platform, look for the open vent above you. Grapple your way in. Take
the next vent to drop into the following room.

Arkham Mansion - Main Hall
There's no way straight across as the plants pretty much have become comfortable
here. Look to the right wall and spot a gap you can use the Line Launcher to
zip to. Drop down onto the walkway and go north as far as you can. Turn left
and face the west wall. Use the Line Launcher again to get over to the opposite
walkway. Go north from here and drop over the railing at the end to land safely
on the staircase and away from the toxic mist. 

Go up here and find Cash and a few other people. Talk to Cash to get the scoop
on what to do next. Your goal is to get into Killer Croc's lair to find the 
spores that might make an anti-Titan formula. Cash explains that the way into
Croc's lair is by the elevator all the way back in the Intensive Treatment
facility. Think back. You remember in the very beginning of the game, that 
elevator that Killer Croc came up from? Yeah, that's the one. We haven't been
to Intensive Treatment in a while. Let's go there now. 

Grapple back up to the walkway and pretty much repeat what you did before, using
the Line Launcher back and forth to get out of here. Zip across the gap in the
previous room and leave the mansion. 

Arkham Island - Arkham East
From the mansion grounds, travel northwest. Find the tunnel that will take you
back to Arkham North. If you happen to have Detective Mode on, you can see there
is something waiting for you in there. They're wearing the Arkham raincoat
uniforms, but they're clearly Joker henchmen. 

They yell "Surprise!" Know how to say "Surprise!" back? A fist to the face will
do the trick. One has a stun baton and that will be all for unique enemies. The
rest is pretty standard. Expect a lot of counters. Try to use the triple
Batarang mixed in with your combos, if you have it. This helps you limit the
number of attackers, and even buys you some time to perform Ground Takedowns

Defeating the enemies allows you move on finally to Arkham North.

Arkham Island - Arkham North
The plants have blocked the entrance to the Intensive Treatment building too,
wouldn't you know it? Holy plot device, Batman! In any case, a sniper guards
the only other entrance. At the same time, the area is crawling with crazy
inmates and those mutated plants. 

Clear enough of the plants and maniacs so that you can roam around a little. 
To get up to where the sniper is, you need to use the Line Launcher from the
east tower. He might spot you if you grapple up there though. Try to stand as
close to the tower as you can without him seeing you and throw a RC Batarang.
Steer it into him and then crash it into the wall behind him to lose control.
Quickly, while he's down grapple up to the tower. Use the Line Launcher from the
corner of the walkway to get over to him. If you want, wait for him to get up,
then knock him out with another RC Batarang before zipping over there. 

Take him out permanently, then destroy the three JOKER TEETH here. Enter the
building now from here.

Intensive Treatment - Maintenance Access
This room can be a bit confusing with all the walls, pipes, and ventilation
ducts. Favor the right wall and go forward. Look for a vent cover near the
ground. Pull it off and take this to another vent. Enter this one too to come
to a small area with a RIDDLER TROPHY. To get it, step onto the left edge and
walk toward the wall. There is an opening here to get it. This gives you the
Sewer Bat (Extreme) Challenge Map. 

Make your way to the left side of the room now, using the first vent again or
by climbing over all the obstacles from the entrance. Look for a platform in
the back to climb onto a vent cover just waiting to be ripped off. 

You'll come to a small room with a very large vent shaft on your right. Take
this down and drop at the end. A smaller vent leads you to a familiar room.

Intensive Treatment - Intensive Treatment Lobby
Remember this room? Ah, the memories. Predator is still the name of the game,
only now, Joker has taken things one big step farther. As the scene illustrated,
the gargoyles are now all booby trapped. If you grapple up to one, it sets off
a proximity bomb that blows up in about three seconds. This means that you can't
stay there long for one thing, and two, the gargoyles you use will be destroyed.

This being the case, you're a lot better off just not using them. You're
thinking what, you crazy, man? Te loco, hombre? No, no. You can do this, trust
me. You just have to perform Silent Takedowns and a variety of other Takedowns,
so long as you don't use the gargoyles for anything. Keep track of enemy
movement by having Detective Mode on and this become easy. In an emergency, yes,
you can use the gargoyles to get away. It's best if you just do this as 
inconspicuously as possible though. 

Start by removing the vent cover at the end. One thug will be walking toward
you. Wait for him to stop almost underneath you. Now push the Left Analog Stick
all the way forward so that you can try to land on top of him. Stun him 
immediately. The others will be running toward your location so quickly jump
over the railing on the left and down to the floor below. Watch the enemy
movement in Detective Mode and plan your next move. 

There's a variety of ways to go here. The key is attacking lone enemies or 
using Silent Takedowns correctly. Try to go for any enemies that drop down to
the first floor and use either of the two side corridors to get around them if
they go down the middle and use Silent Takedowns. Batarangs can also help stun

For the others, again, it's a matter of getting them alone. Ledge Takedowns,
Explosive Gel, Batclaw usage, it's all possible. You just gotta wait and see
what's out there. Remember to use the Sonic Batarang (hopefully you have this
at least by now) to draw them to where you want them. This might be useful for
one enemy in particular that likes to stay in the center office. It's hard to
get to him without drawing him out first. You can sometimes use corner cover
in the east side room and try to throw a Batarang at him but it's kind of tough.

One way is to perch on a gargoyle near the office real briefly and then get off
before it kills you. The explosion might draw him out. Now wait for him to go
back and then stand on top of the glass above the side room and perform a 
Takedown through there. 

Anyway, once you have taken out all of the thugs, return to the center office
room and use the sequencer on the security box. It's booby trapped so again,
be quick. The second upgrade for the sequencer will help if you're having
trouble with these things. 

Drop down and take either of the two doors to go north. It doesn't matter which
you pick. 

Intensive Treatment - Cell Block Transfer
Walk down the hall and you can see it's quiet. Too quiet, as they say, and that
is never good. Keep moving and then something will happen. Wait a minute, what
the hell? Is the game freezing? No, it's not. The screen will start bugging out
and your first thought will be that your game/system is busted. This is supposed

Once that is over, a scene plays, nearly identical to the opening game scene,
but with some significant differences. You regain control, only... you're not
playing as Batman. I won't spoil it so just move forward through this area until
a scene plays. Almost looks like game over, but read the "retry" message 
carefully. Oh, very clever. Hit "Retry" and obviously, it's all a trick. You'll
be brought to a very strange area. Only one person could be behind this...

Go up the walkway and past all the strange visions of yourself. At the end
you'll see another... eating a... rat? No, you can't punch yourself. Wait for
the large wall to swing to the left and then use the Line Launcher to get across
here. Once you do, the architect of all your greatest fears will reveal himself


Wait for his gaze to go to the left and quickly jump the gap and hide behind
the object here. When he moves to the left, climb up the ledge here. Scarecrow
unleashes his minions, so just wait for them to come to you. Remember that you
don't want to accidentally fight yourself into his gaze. There's a lot of them
but they all go down without many hits. 

Once Scarecrow retreats, go down and climb up the wall here. Take cover and
wait. When Scarecrow's vision goes from left to right, immediately run, climb
up the wall, and hide behind the object again (some sort of tank?). When he
passes over you to the left, bolt to the right. 

Jump to the next platform when he starts moving right. Move toward the camera
and duck beside the stage where above you can see a vision of Zsasz zapping
another Batman. Wait for him to pass over to the left, then run over and jump
the next gap.

Climb up the next ledge when it's safe and hide here. Wait for one of those
sliding walls to come into view. When it gets close, step out in front of it.
Use this as mobile cover to protect you and keep up with it so that you don't
get caught. 

At this next gap, wait for him to move from left to right as usual. Jump the
gap and climb up the wall. Find the low cover to crouch behind here. Move when
it's safe from here to jump to a large platform that will drop on you. Stay
down here if Scarecrow's gaze is passing by above. Wait and then grapple up to
the other one. 

Up here, you can see the bat signal. To get to it, you need to wait for
Scarecrow's gaze to move over to the right. When it does, make a run for it and
try to use it. Unfortunately, Scarecrow will have none of this, and back in the
world that doesn't run on LSD, you will see him trying to inject Batman with
more of his toxin. 

Back in LSD world, you'll fall down to a lower area. You'll be attacked by more
skeletal minions. They'll take a little more damage than before, but they still
are not tough. Counter as necessary and keep up your attacks until they all
go down. This activates the first of three bat signals. 

Next, a larger creature appears, almost like the skeletal version of a Titan.
It has the same charge attack, so use the same strategy. Use Quick Batarang and
dodge. This time, when it crashes into the wall, it explodes. That will activate
the second one. 

In this final phase, you'll have to face both the large group of skeletons and
one of the special creatures at once. Try to make your focus the big guy. Just
watch for counters in the mean time. When he charges, use Quick Batarang. What
direction and where you're aiming will not matter at all, just hit the button
fast and dodge. He'll be down. Now just fend off the others normally until you
activate the last signal and wake up from this infernal nightmare for good.

Intensive Treatment - Cell Block Transfer
With that over, Scarecrow runs like the pansy we all know he is. Your goal is
ahead of you, but take a look around first.

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Hook up with your relatives before you're transferred out of

This one gave me a little trouble because I thought the riddle was speaking
explicitly to Batman, making me read into the "relatives" comment so I was
looking for bats, haha. To figure this one out the correct way, go into the
eastern corridor of the Cell Block Transfer area. In the bottom right corner is
a staircase. Use the sequencer to get rid of the barrier first. In this small
office, there doesn't seem to be anything of interest. Zoom in on the picture
frame on the table though and you'll see a family picture with Aaron Cash and
his family. Scan it to solve it. 

Go further up, again using the eastern corridor. Another barrier is in place for
the top right staircase. You need the range upgrade for the sequencer to reach
this one though. Crack it and go up inside to find an INTERVIEW TAPE for Harley.

Pass through the north door and into the next area. 

Intensive Treatment - Secure Transit
You'll see  Scarecrow descending in the elevator. Looks like he wasn't kidding
about his plan. The elevator shaft closes after he goes down, meaning you have
to open it again to follow him. 

Start by turning to your right and destroying the single set of JOKER TEETH
there. Take the staircase up near it. Go into this office and find the INTERVIEW
TAPE on the table on your left. 

Now, approach the elevator shaft. Jump and glide to the far platform below. Turn
left to pass by an old chronicle and then go down here and make your way into
the vent. Take this to another area and drop down this ledge all the way down
below. Go to the southwest corner and jump to the fissure so you can shimmy over
to the right. Drop down when you can, then turn around. Crouch to get under this
pipe and then turn right immediately. It's an old vent opening (the cover will
still be there if curiosity didn't tempt you earlier). Go inside and there are
two Explosive Gel walls. Open the one on the left to find an ARKHAM CHRONICLE.
The right one has nothing, surprisingly. 

Drop down the rest of the way until you get to the bottom. I choose to do this
for the next and last challenge in this room just for the sake of clarity. Begin
climbing up again like before. You'll have to shimmy, climb up into a vent. Once
you get out of the vent, grapple up twice. As soon as you do that, turn left
(Detective Mode helps). Step onto this ledge and notice the vent cover on the
wall. Use your Batclaw to open it, then carefully jump to the vent to lay claim

Drop back down to the bottom again. Find the staircase in the corner leading to
the above office. You can see three thugs waiting inside via Detective Mode. Use
your Batclaw or your Batarangs if you want, just make sure you target the armed
thug first. The tight space here makes fighting a bit uncomfortable, but you 
should manage. 

Turn your sights on the security box. It's booby trapped like a lot have been
lately so you know what to do. When you crack it, the elevator shaft opens up

Drop down and you land on the elevator's roof. Just near you will be a large
group of Joker henchmen. Start things off with a triple Batarang if you want.
When you drop down to their level, one or two of them may run off to grab guns
from the gun lockers. Try to prevent this, but as always, watch out for other
attacks. You can use the Batclaw to pull a thug away from the locker, but it
takes a few seconds and leaves you vulnerable, so you'd be better off just 
attacking head on. 

Once they're all down you can explore a little bit. Go up the stairs next to the
elevator (going north) and in the office, you should find a Riddler SECRETS MAP.

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Dr. Jonathan Crane plans on elevating fear to new depths."]

Next, return to the elevator and although you can't climb on top of it, look to
the east part of the shaft wall. There should be a vent that you may or may not
have opened earlier. Get inside and hang a right, to go down the red lit path.
You'll pop out in a small little cave-like room with a bunch of pictures of
Batman, graphs, and other things laying about. Scan this room and you'll solve
the riddle. 

Now that you have the Secrets Map, this would be a great time to explore the
rest of Intensive Treatment for goodies. You're here, so why not? If you'd
much rather continue on though, by all means skip the next several paragraphs.
If you want to explore, grapple your way out of the bottom floor and back up to
the middle level (the dark blue room). 

One of the doors is locked, but the other is not. Take this back into...

Intensive Treatment - Transfer Loop
Go all the way down the corridor until you get to the loop. Turn right and then
turn right again to go down this hall here. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "A top hat and tails is the only dress code for this party in
the north."]

Go through the red lighted hall going east from the loop area, then look for a 
low hanging gate that says "Emergency Shutdown" on your left. Crouch under here
and then turn right. On the wall is a poster of the Penguin, advertising 
something. Scan it and solve the riddle. 

Go further east down the hallway and go all the way until you reach the exit
that will take you into the north room. Don't go through yet though. Turn around
and face the scene. To make sure you're in the right spot, you should see two
corpses, a green painted arrow, and a portrait of the Warden. Right? Good. Now
look up at the wall above all of this. You should see a vent cover. Use your
Batclaw, then your grapple to get up there. Inside you'll find an ARKHAM

Drop out and then go back east and take that door this time. 

Intensive Treatment - Decontamination
Go north through this hall until you reach the near end. Look for the electric
barrier on your left. Use your Cryptographic Sequencer on the security box
(located to the right) and go inside. On your immediate left will be an
INTERVIEW TAPE. This should be the last one for Harley. Climb the ladder and
you'll also find a RIDDLER TROPHY. 

Now leave Decontamination to go west.

Intensive Treatment - Processing Corridor
Use your sequencer on the security box to proceed further. Go all the way down
the hallway and at the intersection, just go straight. Turn left at the corner
and enter a familiar room. 

Intensive Treatment - Patient Pacification Chamber
Start by going straight instead of turning left. Go through the doorway and up
the stairs, just like you did at the waaaaay beginning of the game. As you reach
the top, have Detective Mode on and look for the vent cover on the wall. You
know what to do. When you get in there, snag the RIDDLER TROPHY. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Even I was shocked when I saw how Maxie Zeus was treated!"]

Now, go east into the main room where Zsasz once was. Go to the southeast corner
of the room and use your Explosive Gel here. Inside you'll find a strange cell.
Scan pretty much anywhere in here to solve the riddle. It gives you the
Character Bio for Maxie Zeus.

Leave the way you entered. 

Intensive Treatment - Processing Corridor
Return down this hall but make a left as soon as you are able. Follow this
corridor all the way back to a very nostalgic room. 

Intensive Treatment - Holding Cells
Use your sequencer to get rid of the annoying barrier in place. Go down the
ramp and there is only one thing for you to find here. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Where would you find my home sweet home?"]

From the ramp, turn left. Investigate this cell in the northeast corner of the
room. It should be a really obvious answer. Scan this cell to solve the riddle.

Now go south and up the next ramp. Remove the barrier as you always do and go
into the next room. Basically use your map if you get lost. We're done treasure
hunting so make your way all the way back to Secure Transit. 

Intensive Treatment - Secure Transit
Drop back down to the bottom area. From there, drop down the elevator shaft
to where you were quite a while ago. We're done treasure hunting so it's time
to move on. Take the south door out of here. 

                                Chapter 14
                               IN HIS REALM

|Riddles: 0            |
|Riddler Trophies: 1   |
|Interview Tapes: 1    |
|Joker Teeth: 0        |
|Chronicles: 0         |

Caves - Control Room Access
Walk down here and take the INTERVIEW TAPE off the crate. Then, just take this
path to the very next door. 

Caves - Croc's Lair
Step forward and a scene plays. After that, you're free to move on. At this
opening, look toward the southeast. You should see a large tunnel opening with
water coming out. Use your Line Launcher to land right next to this. There will
be a RIDDLER TROPHY sitting there. It gives you the Survival Tactics Challenge

Go back across and this time, go west. Go as far as the walkway will take you.
Use your Line Launcher at this point to get across and go further west. You'll
soon see an opening on your right. Line Launcher toward this to gain entry.

A loud roar billows out as you come to the entrance. Oh, that's comforting. 
There's no map schematic for this area, so you're going in blind. Even better.
Luckily, Batman, being the clever thinker he is, comes up with a plan, a few
actually. You can locate the spores using a trace signal that will measure your
distance from each in meters, as shown on the left of your screen. Right next
to it is an image of a vial that will display how much of the spores you have.

Go forward and just walk full speed but don't run. Watch as the distance 
depletes on the left. It's easy to figure out which way to go. As long as the 
distance keeps decreasing, you're getting warmer. If it turns red and starts 
beeping, you're going the wrong way. 

You'll climb over two gates on your way through. The path is very linear in
the beginning. Keep moving and as you reach a certain platform, notice the
autosave kicking in. When you look left down this next corridor, you just get
that feeling...

Sure enough, as you proceed forward, Killer Croc pops up and starts running
toward you. Oh shi-! You might be paralyzed with fear, but you need to act
quickly. When he gets close enough, he'll drag you down under the water and then
it's all over. When you see him pop up, prepare a Batarang by holding L1. Target
him and you should see it lock on around his neck area. Throw it and it will
hit the collar, knocking him over and into the water. This protects you... for

Walk up to the intersection and you should be within 30 meters of the first
spore. Walk forward and climb over the fence. Approach the next intersection
and Croc may attack again. Prepare another Batarang (and remember that Quick
Batarang will not do the trick) and let him have it. Turn right after this and
find the first spore. To cut it down, throw your Batarang at it. Approach it
and hit X to collect some.

The vial fills, but not nearly enough. As if you didn't already guess, you need
to find a lot more. Turn around and take a right. Go down to the next
intersection and you should be about 50 meters away from the next one. 

Be prepared for Croc to attack at any time as I don't think all of his attacks
are scripted for precise moments. If you can't see him, you'll know he is
coming by the change in music and the loud splash. Prepare your Batarang and
pan the camera around quickly. Look for the platforms that are causing the
water to ripple and you can locate him before he gets you. 

Go forward and turn right. The next spore is behind the gate so climb up it.
Croc may attack you from behind here so be careful. Hopefully he won't attack
until you get the spore. Either way, wait for him to break open the gate, then
throw your Batarang. Collect the second spore sample when ready and then get out
of there. 

Go straight across from here and make a left. Croc will probably attack again
at this point so be ready. At the intersection, go straight. You'll very soon
reach another one. Turn right here and climb the gate. Go straight and you 
should see meat and some other things hanging here. Turn left at this point and
you should see Croc bust down a large gate in front of you and attack. Knock
him out with another Batarang and then continue.

Go past where he broke down the gate and cut down the third spore. Collect this
sample and then keep your eye on the gate to the right. Prepare a Batarang and
as soon as Croc busts it down, fire. Continue down this path now. 

You should be about 40 meters away at the next intersection. Go straight and
there will be a left and right path. Turn left and the next spore is right there
for you. When you approach the spore though, Croc destroys the platforms 
leading up to it, effectively cutting off your escape route. Going into the
water would be suicide, Batman knows this. You'll need to find another way.

Collect the spore sample. You only need one more, but it's far away and you
have to get across the water. Use your Line Launcher to get across. You'll see
Croc's hand grope through the air in an effort to stop you, but he should

Turn right and go forward until you see a sudden prompt to run. Croc starts
destroying more platforms and if you don't hoof it out of there, you're done
for. Run until it stops. You'll come to rest at an intersection. Turn left and
climb over the gate. Immediately start running as more platforms start to be
destroyed. Turn right and then continue on from here. Remember to just follow
the gauge on the left if you get lost. 

The only way to go from here is left and that forces you into another left turn.
Turn right here and Croc will probably come charging through a gate so be ready
to take him down again. 

You should be within 100 meters as you pass through this gate. Start running
straight as Croc destroys more platforms. You can go straight or turn right at
this next intersection. Turn right and go forward. You can see the spore in
the distance. Go this way but watch out for Croc. Go all the way down and get
the last spore sample.

You've got what you came for. The task is to escape now. Batman turns on the
beacon he planted when he came in. It's over 500 meters away, giving you a good
idea just how deep you are into Croc's territory. He may have the advantage here
but he's still no match for the Dark Knight. 

You can just use the gauge to make your way out, but I feel like I'm not doing
my job if I don't give directions. Go forward and hang a left. You come to a
dead end. Wait for Croc to burst out from the gate on your right, then take him
down. Go this way now (right) and prepare to run forward as Croc strikes again.

You'll be stranded here as the path ahead is a dead end, and the paths on the
left and right aren't fully connected. Use your Line Launcher and fire it to
the left to make it across. Turn here and go down this next path. Run forward
when Croc strikes and turn right. 

Turn right again and go down this next path. Croc might attack you from behind
so be ready. Always look for where the water is disturbed if you can't 
immediately locate him. 

There will be a gap on your left. Use the Line Launcher again and turn left
as Croc attacks from underneath yet again. You'll eventually come to a spore
location and you should be under 300 meters away. Turn left from the spore and
go all the way down and then make a right turn. As you approach this
intersection, Croc might appear right in front of you so be fast. 

Go straight at the intersection, climbing the gate. Go right and then prepare
for another Croc attack (if only the late, great Steve Irwin was here. RIP).
Turn left at this intersection and then right. Go down this path and you're
almost there. When you get to within 120 or so meters, something happens. 

Croc starts chasing you, destroying each platform underneath your feet. Start
running. You'll have to run toward the camera, Crash Bandicoot style so it can
be a little tricky at first. Keep going until you reach the tunnel. Croc emerges
and will give chase. If you try to leave, the gate slams shut on you. Remember
that Batman planted a trap though. Select your Explosive Gel and wait until Croc
comes to the charge that he planted. Detonate it at this moment to send Croc
falling to his demise. 

                                Chapter 15
                             A GROWING THREAT

|Riddles: 0            |
|Riddler Trophies: 10  |
|Interview Tapes: 2    |
|Joker Teeth: 12       |
|Chronicles: 2         |

The next thing to do is use the spores to create the antidote for Titan. The
Batcave is therefore our next logical destination. Fortunately, it's nearby.
From the mouth of the lair, go west. You should be able to Line Launcher your
way over to the opening on that side. As you approach the door, destroy three
sets of JOKER TEETH. 

Caves - Old Sewer
Go left and down this next corridor. As you near the next opening, you can hear
the Joker henchmen around the corner talking. One of them is armed, so enter
corner cover and hit him with a Batarang to stun him. You have two dagger 
enemies, but overall, there shouldn't be much to worry about here. Remember to
stun them and try to take them out early with Combo Takedowns. Throw can also
be effective here. You can use it to toss guys down to the lower level. 

When that's over, chat with Oracle for a moment. Go south and look for the large
circular opening across a large gap here. Use the Line Launcher to get over
there and snag the RIDDLER TROPHY here. This one is good for obtaining the
character trophy for Killer Croc. Get back across then grapple up to the ledge 
on the west wall to exit. 

Drop down to the rocky bridge and go forward. 

Caves - The Batcave
Go down and jump to the central platform. From there, go up the stairs and a
scene starts. After that, the Batcave is trashed. Son of a... The good news is
you get a new gadget, or rather, an upgraded one. The Batclaw becomes the Ultra
Batclaw! Schwing! It fires three hooks at once. This has a few uses. It can not
only pry off vents with almost no effort, but it can pull on three thugs at once
for Predator mode or even combat. More importantly however, it can destroy all
of those high destructible walls you've seen, the ones that are too high to
reach with your Explosive Gel. 

One such wall is behind you and this is your only way out. Use the Ultra Batclaw
and fire it at the wall. Pull by tapping X repeatedly for a few seconds to break
it down. Jump in here and grapple up to a ledge above. Walk out here and you can
see there is a path, but it's a long one. 

Glide all the way down to the nearest cliff east of your location. When you
land, be sure to collect the RIDDLER TROPHY on the lowest ledge of this cliff.
Climb up to the top and use the Line Launcher to get across this large chasm
to the cave opening across from you. Go through and then look for a spot to
grapple up to. 

Grapple up once and just once and you can step to a ledge outside. Look to the
northeast. There is a small ledge all the way down there. Glide to it and take
the RIDDLER TROPHY here. This one gets you the Record Breaker (Extreme)
Challenge Map. To get out of here, look to the east and use the Line Launcher.
From there, you can grapple up to the ledge you jumped from. 

Enter the cave again and now grapple up again to a higher ledge, then one more
time to the top. Use the Line Launcher here to go across to a cave. It takes
you down a narrow tunnel which eventually comes to an opening overlooking the
bridge leading away from the Batcave. Glide down to this bridge and go east,
back into the Old Sewer. 

Caves - Old Sewer
Drop down, then before rushing up here, look at the ceiling for a weak
structure (use Detective Mode if you have to) and use the Ultra Batclaw to open
it up. Grapple up here and take the RIDDLER TROPHY. 

Now, go up the stairs. Ivy's plants have taken over here so destroy the pods you
encounter. Get rid of the first one, then turn right down the next corridor. At
the end, another pod is waiting. At this intersection, go right, not left. The
door leading back to Croc's Lair should be here. Open it up. 

Caves - Croc's Lair
As soon as you enter, look up to the ceiling for a weak structure to use the
Ultra Batclaw on. You'll find a RIDDLER TROPHY when you grapple up here. It
unlocks Rumble In The Jungle (Extreme) for Challenge Mode. Return to the Old
Sewer and take it the other way to the north door. 

Caves - Main Sewer Junction
The pods are here too and if you took damage earlier, you're best off avoiding
them. You can use the Line Launcher to just zip to the platforms ahead of you
and avoid a few of them. Make your way to the northeast corner where the toppled
pillar is. Go up this to the next level. 

Make your way to the aqueduct where it is now flowing with the bright green
Titan. Don't go up the next toppled pillar just yet. Turn to the south. You
should see the large hollowed out pillar structure. Jump to it and turn left.
You'll see another platform in the distance with a RIDDLER TROPHY. Use your
Line Launcher to go over there and get it, then use it again to get back. That
one bestows upon you the character trophy for Scarecrow. 

Go up from the aqueduct and from there, to the top. You've obviously got
a new problem on your hands with Titan, and it's something we need to deal with
now. Ivy will have to wait. 

At the top, jump to the platform with the plant pod and destroy it. The east
exit is blocked, so turn around. There's that impassable gap from before. Now
however, you got the Line Launcher. Use it to get across here. Pick up the
RIDDLER TROPHY here and get the Rumble In the Jungle Challenge Map. Ignore the
plant pod if you are low on health and just run to the north end of this

Climb up this ledge then another on the left. Turn around and hop these gaps.
Climb up a few more ledges and make your way to the very highest point in the
back here. Turn around and use the Line Launcher to zip back toward the other
end and you can climb up from here.

Climb up the structure from here and walk up a small slope. Walk to the very 
east end. Turn right here and use the camera to spot a lower ledge below you. 
Try to drop down here and take the RIDDLER TROPHY. Climb back up and then find
a spot to climb back onto the slope again. 

Turn around and turn Detective Mode on. There's a weak wall here and three 
enemies on the other side. Use the Ultra Batclaw to remove the wall. The thugs 
come to check it out. Try out the gadget on them next for some fun. Walk down 
a bit and then grapple up here. 

Caves - Pump Control Room
There will be one more thug, so just beat his brains in. After that, take a
quick look around. To the right from where you entered there is a Riddler
SECRETS MAP so definitely take that. 

Go down the corridor and right before you turn left to get to the door, look for
the INTERVIEW TAPE sitting on the drum barrel. 

Caves - Pressure Control Junction
Go up the stairs and you'll see two enemies. Go with multi-Batarangs or your
new Ultra Batclaw, or handle it straight on if you wish. Once they're down you
can go left or right. Let's go left first. 

Look for one JOKER TEETH after the first staircase. After the second staircase
is another JOKER TEETH. Right above it is a weak wall. Use the Ultra Batclaw on
it and climb up here for a RIDDLER TROPHY. The third set of JOKER TEETH is just
a few steps away from the door. 

Caves - Pump Room
Start by using the Line Launcher to get across the room to the small platform
in the southwest corner. It's occupied by a lot of drum barrels and more
importantly, an INTERVIEW TAPE. This should be the last for Killer Croc.

Now, use Detective Mode and identify your enemies. One is armed, one has 
daggers, and one has a stun baton. These are your most important targets. Aside
from that, other thugs will try to pull metal bins off the walls and throw them
at you. Your special moves do wonders here, but so do your gadgets. Combo
Batarang and the new Ultra Batclaw can help you temporarily take some enemies
out of the fight as you deal with others. 

When you've taken them all out, look for the two security boxes on the wall. 
Use your Cryptographic Sequencer on both to shut down the first two pumps.
Grapple up to the ledge and use the exit. 

Caves - Pressure Control Junction
There shouldn't be anything hindering you as you make your way across the room
to the east corridor. Look for three more sets of JOKER TEETH along the way.

Caves - Control Room
As the other room was a combat one, this is a Predator room. There are a whole
lot of enemies in here too. Step toward the exit and look for a gargoyle above.
Zip up to it and use this plan your attack. 

You can begin by grappling to the gargoyle that is above the southwest walkway.
A thug will pass underneath it really soon so try not to miss the window for an
Inverted Takedown. That starts things off, so get out of there and plan your
next move. You can drop down to the lower level. Some thugs will patrol down
here so Corner Takedowns are possible, but watch out for groups. In these
cases, you can hide in a grate and see if maybe you can spring out and perform
a Silent Takedown on one, then hide again, and get the other by surprise. 

Ledge Takedowns are also quite possible, but it can be difficult when there are
a lot of thugs in the beginning. One strategy to try is to use a Sonic Batarang
and plant it on the southwest walkway or another walkway where there is a 
railing. Have a thug investigate and either detonate the Batarang or take him
out a different way. When the others come to investigate, get into position
where you can use the Ultra Batclaw and pull all three of them over the railing.

There are also two enemies holed up in the control room in the east. They are
easy to take out. Using the lower area, find a vent cover to use. Take the vent
to a little area sitting right below the control room. The floor is weak there
so use the Ultra Batclaw to pull it out from under them, taking them both down
at once. Flee before the others investigate.

Choose how to deal with the remainders--it shouldn't be tough by now. After the
room is clear, go to the southwest wall and pull it down with the Batclaw (use
Detective Mode to find it). Climb inside and scan the ARKHAM CHRONICLE here.
Do the same for the northwest wall. This one has a RIDDLER TROPHY inside.

Go to the east now and on the left wall inside the control room, there is a
security box. It's of the Joker variety so remember you're timed and have to
disable three "locks". Once it's shut down, the third pump is also shut down.
That takes care of that threat. 

As you make your way back to the door, two thugs try to stop you. Easy. Clobber
them and then use the door. 

Caves - Pressure Control Junction
Go back down this corridor. Before you reach the center room, a gift box will
explode, launching three JOKER TEETH. Destroy them, then proceed.

In the center room, you'll be trapped. Joker then sends down a Titan to deal
with you. You've handled these guys before, so it shouldn't be too much of a
problem. He'll charge you from the start, so Quick Batarang and evade, then
hit him a few times and back away. After this, Joker's other thugs enter the
fray. Now you have to deal with these guys while also watching the Titan. 

Counter any incoming attacks from them but remain focused on the Titan. When
he charges again, activate another Quick Batarang and get out of there. Run
to him and attack, countering other enemy attacks in the process. When he
kneels, attack again to get on his back. Now, use the Titan and attack the other
thugs until you get thrown off. Hopefully, by the time you're finished, the next
batch of thugs will emerge. 

This is where things can get difficult. Don't engage the other enemies near
the Titan because he will smash you to death. Put some distance between you and
the Titan and lure the others to you. Counter their attacks and just wait for
another charge. Batarang, evade, and then attack. Keep this as your general
strategy. Never get too close to the Titan before it charges. Also watch for it
to throw bodies and such. 

Use the Titan again to help you defeat some of the henchmen. The third and by
far largest group shows up. Try to take some of them down as well before you
get thrown off again. Again, avoid the Titan and then wait for it to charge and
attack it until you finish it off. After this, you have only the large group of
henchmen to deal with. This can be a tough fight overall so having at least
Armor Upgrade V2 will help. Counter and use your special moves until the last
thug has gone down. 

After that, give yourself a small pat on the back. Go through the north doorway
where the Titan burst through. Look up and find the wall that you can use your
Ultra Batclaw on. Pull it down and then grapple up to this ledge. Inside is an

From here, turn around and pull down another wall above. Grapple up here and
then turn around and jump on this little platform. Plant Explosive Gel in the
center, then jump back to the previous platform. Detonate the gel and the 
elevator above crashes down. You can now escape by pulling down the next wall
above you and grappling to it. Follow the hall down to a door. 

Arkham Island - Arkham West
Destroy the wall in front of you with Explosive Gel and your location will soon
become a bit more clear. As you can observe here, Ivy's influence has
expanded to the whole island. Her plants and more of those lunatics are roaming
about. There's also a sniper in the tower to watch out for. 

You can do some nearby goodie hunting but I'm still saving a small section 
before the end of the game for that. We're gonna try to just get the ones that
are sort of along the way for now. That being said, you need to get to Arkham
East, right? Go southeast, but not toward the tunnel just yet. Instead go
to the Medical Facility building and climb to the roof. 

On the roof, go to the northeast corner (you can also just grapple directly up
to that part of the roof) and have Batman face north. You should see a cliff
on the far side with  RIDDLER TROPHY. Use the Line Launcher to get over there
and grab it. This gives you the Character Trophy for the Batwing. 

Go down to where the tunnel entrance to Arkham East is, but again, don't go
through it. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Does Scarecrow's gas break down barriers as it drives you

Standing in front of the gateway, look for the two overhanging platform/pillar 
things. Grapple up to the one closest to the door and then with Detective Mode 
on, examine the rock wall on your left. There is a structurally weak wall here.
Use the Ultra Batclaw first, then grapple up to it. Within this nook are a few
canisters of what we assume is Scarecrow's fear toxin. Scan it to solve this

Drop down and now and proceed east, passing just under the sign that says
"ARKHAM EAST" but yet again, do not pass through the door. Stand right in front
of the door and look straight up. Detective Mode reveals another weak wall. Use
the Batclaw again, then zip up here to find a sneaky RIDDLER TROPHY. 

Yes, you can proceed through the door, finally. 

Arkham Island - Abandoned Tunnel
Not much here except more of Ivy's plant pods and her voice channeling, reaching
your ears from deep within the Botanical Gardens. Keep your eyes out for two
sets of JOKER TEETH near the exit. 

Arkham Island - Arkham East
You'll have to fight your way through more mutated plants as you tread toward
the Botanical Gardens building. God only knows what's waiting there. Of more
importance in this area are the two snipers, one in each tower. Get the two sets
of JOKER TEETH near the Warden's statue, then go up after the first sniper in
the south tower and perform a Ledge Takedown. Two additional sets of JOKER TEETH
in this tower. 

When the other sniper isn't looking, Line Launcher yourself over to him and take
him down too. After that, drop down from here and make your way over to the
staircase leading to the gardens. Up the first small flight, you'll encounter
another plant pod and right next to it, what should be the last two JOKER TEETH
for Arkham East. 

Go around the tree and enter the Botanical Gardens yet again. 

Botanical Gardens - Glasshouse Entrance
You need to take the detour to get around the large roots again. Slip inside the
opening on your left and just go all the way through until you can grapple up
through the open grate. 

More plant pods are strewn about. Destroy them and Ivy becomes understandably
upset. Proceed north and through the doors. 

Botanical Gardens - Botanical Glasshouse
More plant pods. Remember to sneak up on them and destroy them. Simply fight
your way through to the top level and the doors up there. 

Botanical Gardens - Flooded Corridor
A giant vine clears the main corridor of the debris that Joker once created a
while back with his explosion. On your right are three JOKER TEETH, the last
three for this area hopefully. Get them before moving on. 

The water is still electrified so use your Line Launcher to get over there. Go
through the corridor and chase the vine as it leads you to the center room. In
here, two Arkham guards, under Ivy's influence, will attack you. Don't hold back
because they're good guys. Smash them to the ground.

Now, if you've been following this guide to a T, you'll see on your map there
should only be two nagging Riddler Challenges left. They're just a little bit
out of the way. We should get them now though because after we're done here, 
Batman automatically leaves the gardens and Arkham East entirely. Might as well
get them now and avoid a return trip. So, from the center room where you just
clobbered those two guards, find the vent on the wall and slip inside. Take
this down to the doorway and go through. 

Botanical Gardens - Abandoned Chamber
Turn right and try to jump to this platform. Again, it can be a little tricky
sometimes. You can also jump to the one across from the door and then Line
Launcher over. Go around, and shimmy up to the waterfall ledge. Jump across from
here and follow this ledge down to the catwalk you should have cut down earlier
from the ceiling. 

Take the catwalk down to the near end and stop. Look up on the east wall for a
weak spot. Use the Ultra Batclaw. From here, you can try to jump up to it (you
need to hug the wall and jump from the nearest platform) or drop down and
grapple up to it. Inside is a RIDDLER TROPHY. 

Exit this room and go back to the Flooded Corridor. From the center room again,
go east this time to reach the Aviary. Go up to the secret doorway you found
earlier on your first visit. Use this to get back to...

Botanical Gardens - Titan Production Facility
Use the Line Launcher to get into the big room. Turn around immediately and at
that doorway, have Batman face northeast. Use the Ultra Batclaw to remove the
wall here. Use the Line Launcher to reach the ARKHAM CHRONICLE here. Now go
all the way back to the Flooded Corridor again.

Botanical Gardens - Flooded Corridor
Peer down the west corridor and the vine is simply waiting for you. Fire up the
Line Launcher to get there. Proceed down this short passage to arrive at the
doors and the site of the impending fight. 

Botanical Gardens - Elizabeth Arkham Glasshouse
A scene plays. Giant plant monster? Should've seen that one coming...


Ivy, with the power of Titan, has conjured up this behemoth beast of a plant. 
It's a formidable opponent. Try to have at least Armor Upgrade V3 for this

The creature's outer vines pierce the platform you're on and cause many other
smaller vines to appear. Each vine patch covers one third of the platform at a
time and if you don't get away in time, they'll ensnare you and drain your
health until you free yourself by tapping X. This is a really easy thing to 
avoid though for the most part. 

For the next stage, Ivy has her plant attack with the two inner vines. These
ones shoot spores directly at you. Left or right movement is the key. After a
few shots, the main core of the plant opens up to expose Ivy. This is your
window of opportunity to attack. Use a Quick Batarang and you should hit her
for a small amount of damage. This is your strategy.

Problem is, the window is somewhat small and you have to try to focus on not
taking damage from the spore shots. The first idea is to evade from these by
double tapping X. I don't prefer this strategy though. I find it a lot better
to just run left to right by holding X. Evading makes it hard to prepare a 
Batarang right after and sometimes when you try to go Quick Batarang + Evade
in quick succession, you'll still get hit by that last spore. Running makes it
easy to avoid the spores and also set yourself for a Quick Batarang before Ivy
protects herself again. 

Also, one important thing to keep in mind is that you should keep throwing
Batarangs when possible. Even when she's protected you'll still deal a very
small sliver of damage. 

After you get a direct hit, the two vines unleash a bunch of spores at once so
consider evading for this or just run all the way to the left or right to avoid
all of them.

This will be the basic flow of the fight for the first half. Stay away from the
vine attacks and then dodge her spores by running and use Quick Batarang when
she is open to attack. It seems pretty simple once you get the hang of it. 

Deplete her health and the plant falls to the platform, begging you to run up
to it. Select your Explosive Gel and spray a charge on her protective capsule.
He automatically detonates it, but unfortunately, it's not enough. We need to
do this again. Now it gets a lot harder though. 

Your health is automatically restored and this marks a checkpoint in the fight.
Ivy adjusts her strategy slightly. Now, while you have to worry about her vine
attacks, she sends controlled guards after you. The difficulty here is dealing
with and countering their attacks all the while watching for the vines to come
to your area. When they do, use Redirect quickly and just get out of there,
fleeing to safety. Also, don't let a combo attack carry your momentum towards
the vines. 

Once you defeat them, the shooting phase starts. Again, try to run instead of
dodge. She fires them a lot faster now so try to stay on the move and find a
quick moment to use Quick Batarang. She usually opens the capsule after the
first shot. 

The fight will continue like this. You want to try to avoid losing any health
in the first phase with the guards. It gets tough because Ivy shifts the vines
around a lot. You can try to knock the guards off the cliff though and that 
makes it a lot easier. 

Once you bring her health down again, plant the Explosive Gel for a scene and
the end to this fight. 

                                Chapter 16
                             TREASURE HUNTING

|Riddles: 3            |
|Riddler Trophies: 9   |
|Interview Tapes: 5    |
|Joker Teeth: 4        |
|Chronicles: 2         |

Arkham Island - Arkham North
The first thing you'll likely notice is that there are fireworks. No, that's
not the speakers on your TV crackling; it's fireworks. They're directing you
over to the Penitentiary in Arkham West where the "party" is being held. By all
means feel free to run off there if you're in a hurry to finish the game. You
can still collect goodies afterwards. I put this chapter in to just finish them
all off before the final fight. 

This will be assuming you've followed this guide to the letter up to this point.
If you need extra help, seek out the Secrets Maps in each area. We begin in
Arkham North where there a few things we still need. 

For starters, over near the east exit (leading back to Arkham East) there are
two JOKER TEETH on the ground. Next, go over to the west side and grapple up to
the west guard tower. Up here are the last two JOKER TEETH. These should be all
of them in the game too. 

Standing up here on the tower, look to the west wall. Fire the Line Launcher in
this direction to reach a distant platform with a RIDDLER TROPHY upon it. Drop
down now and then turn around. There's a weak wall high up, a little bit under
that platform, again on the west side. Use the Ultra Batclaw, then grapple up
to find a RIDDLER TROPHY. This one gives you the Henchman on Titan Character

Next, go into the west corridor leading back to Arkham West. Grapple up to the
vent above you. Turn around and look for a weak spot on the wall here. Ultra
Batclaw it like always and then grapple up to find this RIDDLER TROPHY. This
one is good for the Invisible Predator Challenge Map. 

Go right back out to Arkham North. You need to go to the Intensive Treatment
Building. The only way in is the upper level again so climb the guard tower and
use the Line Launcher again. Once inside, make your way through until you reach
Intensive Treatment Lobby

Intensive Treatment - Intensive Treatment Lobby
In this very familiar room, you'll want to drop down to the bottom floor and go
to your left (west side). There is a doorway down here a guard opened for you
a long time ago. It was covered by Ivy's roots last time we were here so the
passage beyond it was off limits. Now you can go through. 

Intensive Treatment - Utility Corridor
Go down the stairs and look for the Explosive Gel wall here. Detonate it and go
inside to take this RIDDLER TROPHY. Instead of going back, just follow this
corridor all the way to the exit. It eventually takes you to that cliff 

Arkham Island - Arkham East
We're back here again. Drop down to the main area below. We have pressing
business in Arkham Mansion so head over there, dealing with any maniacs along
the way. You can enter through the front door this time. Go through the first
room and then hang a right in the Main Hall to get to the South Corridor. Take
this all the way down and enter...

Arkham Mansion - Library
Turn left immediately upon entering and in this passage there is an electric
barrier in place. Use your Cryptographic Sequencer to disable it. On the other
side is an INTERVIEW TAPE sitting on the desk. As you get closer to getting all
240 challenges, The Riddler becomes increasingly frustrated. 

Return to the Main Hall and take it all the way up to the north end. Go east,
past the giant crashed bell and through this doorway. 

Arkham Mansion - East Wing Corridor
This one will be quick and easy. Enter and turn left. Look for the structural
weakness on the west wall. Pull it down with the Ultra Batclaw, climb up, Merry
Christmas. This RIDDLER TROPHY gives you Survival Tactics (Extreme) in Challenge

Return to the Main Hall again and just go straight across, to the west wing
this time. 

Arkham Mansion - West Wing Corridor
Go down and then up the stairs to the location of one of Joker's gift boxes
which has long been open. Turn left and look for the structural weakness on the
wall to use your Ultra Batclaw on. This one drops you down to an area with an

Proceed further west now. 

Arkham Mansion - Arkham Records Room
There should be only one thing left in this room. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Our records show that a Strange transfer request was made in
this room."]

Go down and then turn left when you reach the center of the room. Go up this
staircase and it requires the sequencer. The floor in this narrow corridor is
electrified. You'll need to use the Line Launcher. Inside this room, look for
the pile of red books on your right with papers saying "STRANGE FILES". Zoom
in and scan this for the riddle solution and a Character Bio for Hugo Strange.
Technically, you can get this as soon as you obtain the sequencer. You just need
at least Armor Upgrade V2 or V3 (not sure exactly) and you can roll down the 
corridor by tapping X to make it through with little damage. 

You're done for Arkham Mansion. Return to Arkham North. 

Arkham Island - Arkham North
Go to the side passage near the Intensive Treatment facility. It's on the east
side of the building on your map. You should remember it from earlier in the
game. You might have to meander a bit to get around the giant roots blocking
the entrance, but you should be able to squeeze in. 

Grapple up to a ledge here. Turn right from the chronicle here (that you should
already have) and then grapple up to the next ledge. Turn around immediately
and use your Ultra Batclaw on the wall here. Jump in here to find that RIDDLER
TROPHY that taunted you so long ago. This one is redeemable for the Character
Trophy for Joker. That should finish off the Arkham North page. 

The majority of your remaining Riddler Challenges should be in the Medical
Facility. Go to Arkham West and make your way to the building. 

Medical Facility - Medical Foyer
Walk right up to the table and take the INTERVIEW TAPE. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Is the generosity of our benefactors on the Wayne?"]

From the entrance, turn right and just go about two steps. Face the north
wall and look for the gold plaque. Zoom in on it to see the name Bruce Wayne.
Scan to solve. You'll get the Character Bio for Alfred. 

Go around to the north exit. Stand at the staircase leading up to the door and
turn around. On the wall here is an Ultra Batclaw weak spot. Pull it down and
grapple up here to scan an ARKHAM CHRONICLE. Go north to the next area now.

Medical Facility - Sanatorium
Make your way to the northeast corner immediately. Look for the vent cover and
pull it off with the Ultra Batclaw (which takes no effort at all). Grapple up
here and drop into a small room to collect another RIDDLER TROPHY. 

Go down to the first floor of this room and take the north door out. 

Medical Facility - Upper Corridor
You need to reach each of the three rooms that this corridor leads to. Start
with the east room, the X-Ray Room.

Medical Facility - X-Ray Room
Enter this room and immediately grapple up to the top of the central structure,
the same that Dr. Young was once held in. Turn around and use the Ultra Batclaw
on this wall. Drop down before grappling up to this ledge. Inside is another

Return to the Upper Corridor and take it to the north room. 

Medical Facility - Surgery Room
On your immediate left will be a security box. Use the sequencer and once
cracked, you'll open a doorway. Go up these stairs and find a RIDDLER TROPHY
on a small shelf. 

Again return to the corridor and take it to the west room this time. 

Medical Facility - Patient Observation
Grapple to the vents above to get over the debris that blocks your path. Drop
down and turn right to go through the door. Immediately turn right and look for
the vent cover on the east wall. Pull it down and then climb up to eventually
claim the RIDDLER TROPHY within. 

You're done up here. Return all the way back to the Sanatorium. 

Medical Facility - Sanatorium
Go to the elevator on the east wall. It's not working, so you need to find 
another way to reach the lower levels. Just to the side and above the elevator
doors there is a vent cover. Pull it down and grapple up to it. Follow this
vent for a while and then at the intersection, turn right. 

Medical Facility - Secure Access
[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Are you going to take your hat off to Harley, Bats?"]

From the vent, turn right and drop down into this secret room. It's quite
obvious who it belongs to. Zoom in on the mannequin head with Harley's old hat
on it and scan it to solve this riddle. 

Climb back out and enter the vent again. Go the other way now and kick out the
other vent cover. Go forward and make a quick right. Look in Detective Mode for
a weak wall to your left, above. Pull it down with the Ultra Batclaw and enter.
Take the RIDDLER TROPHY off the medical table here. It unlocks the Challenge
Map, Shock and Awe (Extreme). 

Either use the sequencer to get out of here or climb out the way you entered.
Either way, you need to disable the next electric barrier so you might as well
climb out and find the security box which is right across from it on the
opposite wall. It's one of the tougher ones to crack (less so with the sequencer

Enter the small office now once the barrier is down. On your immediate right is
an INTERVIEW TAPE. Take it and we're done in here. 

Go back out into the corridor and go through that path you had to blow open with
Explosive Gel your first time here. It'll take you southwest to...

Medical Facility - Lower Corridor
Go forward and make a right through the open doorway. Follow the green arrows
up the stairs, into the small room and through the door. 

Medical Facility - Experimental Chamber
You'll have to tediously make your way through the vents to the ground area
below. Then walk around to the south side and you'll find Bane's old cell. Enter
it and take the INTERVIEW TAPE off the table. This is the last one for Riddler.
You should also be done with Medical Facility. The burden is on you to make the
long trip out of here. 

Our last destination is the Penitentiary, so head to Arkham West. There's a
reason I chose this as our last destination and you'll see soon enough. Make
sure when you enter, you choose the main old entrance, not the one that the
thugs are all crowded around at. 

Penitentiary - Guard Room
This is where you rescued the guards from Harley earlier. The room is still
flooded with Joker Toxin, but now we have the means to do something about that.
Go left from the entrance into the area where the guards actually are. Grapple
up to the vent above and find the wall to use Explosive Gel on. 

Once you detonate it, you can get a look at the room. The toxin prevents you
from landing anywhere. Look in Detective Mode and you can see the security box
for the fan is behind another weak wall. Use your Ultra Batclaw from here and
it will reach. Pull down the wall and then aim a Batarang at the box to destroy
it and make the room safe again. 

Start by using the Line Launcher to go across to where the security box is. Go
through the door and turn right to find a RIDDLER TROPHY. This unlocks Invisible
Predator (Extreme) for Challenge Mode. 

Walk back inside now and stay on this ledge. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "When is something right in front of your eyes but still hidden
from view?"]

From the north ledge, look back toward the south one with Detective Mode on.
You should see both parts of the question mark. Just align them correctly (use
zoom if you have to) and scan to solve this riddle. 

[RIDDLE ME THIS: "Prometheus, Arkham guard's most wanted and most hated."]

With that, next drop down to the room below. If you drop down and turn left
to explore the northeast corner, you can find some papers on a bulletin board
on the wall. Zoom in on the wanted poster and scan it to get this riddle
solution and the Character Bio for Prometheus. That should complete all of the
Character Bios! Schwing!

As you near the last few challenges, you'll notice Batman finally has the means
(somehow) to track The Riddler's location and he forwards this information to
the Gotham police. We need just a few more though. 

In the main toxin-free room again, walk over to the south side. There is the
water in front of a weak wall. Use your Explosive Gel here to reveal a nook with

You're done here. You only have one more. Return to the Main Cell Block.

Penitentiary - Main Cell Block
Run through the cells area and into the main room with the deactivated electric
floor. Turn right and find the south doorway. Enter and immediately turn left.
You should see that wall you blew up a while back. There is the ledge on the
far, far side. Use the Line Launcher to get to it. Turn right from the box 
though and find the ARKHAM CHRONICLE here. Scan it and pay close attention to 
this message. 

Read the story page too and if you've paid attention to these messages, you can
deduce that the spirit of Amadeus has possessed someone now. The question is
who? I'll allow you to figure it out, but the answer is probably as obvious as
you think it is. If you're not sure, read on. 

More importantly perhaps is that you solved every riddle and defeated The
Riddler. Listen to his last transmission and pat yourself on the back. You will
earn the "Crack The E Nigma" Trophy/Achievement for this. 

You can't zip back across with the Line Launcher for whatever reason, so use the
sequencer on the security box to remove the electric charge from the water.
Return to the main corridor and turn left. Pass through the doorway, going 
south to the next chamber. Pass through The Green Mile and into the final

Penitentiary - Security Control Room
Go up the stairs to the small room above where Warden Sharp once was. He's gone
now. Look on the floor though and you see "BATMAN" written about a dozen or
more times. Scan this for the final ARKHAM CHRONICLE and the secret to be
revealed. It awards you with the "World's Greatest Detective" Trophy or

That's everything! Everything except the final battle that is. Ditch this dank

                                Chapter 17
                               LAST LAUGHS

|Riddles: 0            |
|Riddler Trophies: 0   |
|Interview Tapes: 0    |
|Joker Teeth: 0        |
|Chronicles: 0         |

Go right next door, going left (east) from the exit of the Penitentiary to
another entrance into the building. Right outside, there is a welcoming party
for Batman. They don't attack, and instead, surprisingly, they welcome you. If
you open the door, there is a whole horde of them also ready to cheer you in. 

It's up to you, but you can defeat all of these guys first for a Trophy. Just
note that you need to defeat the first four thugs outside first before you go
in (the door locks after you go in). Then when they're down, go inside and take
care of all the others. There's enough space and they're not super aggressive,
so it's an easy fight. Defeat them all, outside and inside for the "Party
Pooper" Trophy. 

Go through the door now, on to the final confrontation. 

Visitor Center - Visitor Room
The game takes on a first person view for now. Walk toward the glass window and
Joker appears. Listen on and then Joker hints at a bomb. No matter how far away
you try to get, the result is the same. After the explosion, go through the
glass where Joker was and turn right. A scene starts up. 

Visitor Center - Throne Room
After the scene, you're pitted in a fight against two Titans and a bunch of
thugs! Yeah, it can be tough. By now you should have all of your upgrades so
that's a good start. The titans are your biggest priority obviously. Whenever
you're fending off attacks from the thugs, always keep your distance from them
and wait for them to charge. When they do, tap L1 for Quick Batarang and then
get out of the way as always. 

When attacking a stunned Titan, you always need to watch for thugs and of course
the other Titan. Your goal is to ride one of them so you can whack the thugs
and the other Titan around. The thugs will just keep coming, so you should focus
on the Titans. Always keep your distance and use your multi-Batarangs to keep
thugs down. Focus on countering at the least and not so much attacking, this
way you can avoid damage from the lowlifes. When they charge again, do the
same and attack. It's good to put yourself in a position where one Titan that
charges knocks the other one down in the process, giving you a chance to hit
both of them. 

It might take a few tries but eventually you should be able to overcome this
assault. Two scenes play so sit tight before the finale unfolds. 


He's not like any Titan creature you've faced. He's a bit more dangerous
actually, but he doesn't make up much of the fight. At the beginning, he'll
flail away at you with his claws, coming closer with each strike. Try to run
around the perimeter of this arena to evade him. 

After that, Joker jumps up to the high ledge and sends his goons after you. It's
a big group so mind what you have learned, young padawan, save you it can. 
*Ahem* Hopefully by now you're pretty proficient at Freeflow Combat. The camera
here can be a tiny bit annoying but it shouldn't pose a significant threat. Also
all the thugs are normal ones, no stun baton or dagger guys. Build up for your
special moves and use them. Watch out for Joker to drop weapons and a small
moving trap that follows you around and blows up. Wait until it gets to you and
then evade to get away from it. 

Once you've smote each thug, turn your eyes to Joker. He'll have his back turned
to you. Use your Ultra Batclaw and aim it at him. You can hook on to him and
pull him down. Do so and he'll be stuck in the floor temporarily. Use this
opportunity to strike him and knock off a large chunk of his health. Good, now
you just need to repeat this two more times. 

Joker will start striking again. Get away and let him chase you around the
arena, running and evading as you go. You should be able to make it without
getting hit this way. When he retreats, you have more thugs to deal with. Watch
out for the traps again and use Combo Takedown and Throw to help you out. The
outer walls are electrified so you can use those to help you a little. In this
batch should be two dagger guys and identifying them with this camera can be a
little tough. Try to save your Combo Takedowns for them. 

After that, pull Joker down again and attack. Thus begins the last leg of this
fight. After dodging him, the last batch of thugs is not much harder than the
last. One will try to go for a gun so beware of that. Try to build up for Throw
and use it to toss a lot of the thugs into the electric walls. 

Once you've beaten them all, use the Ultra Batclaw on Joker one more time. This
will promptly end the fight. Watch the scene that plays and that will do it. 

Congratulations! You've beaten Batman: Arkham Asylum!

     /`._ |  | _.'\
====/              \============================================================
   /       4        \  The Riddler's Riddles                             [rd00]
==/ .-.          .-. \==========================================================
  |/   \.-.  .-./   \|

In this section, we will go through all of the Riddler Challenges in the game.
They will be listed by type first (Trophy, Riddle, Teeth, etc), and then by the
area they are found in. Further information will also be available like gadgets
necessary to get them, and so on. 

For now, this section hasn't been worked on yet. All of this information can
be found in the walkthrough though, so stick with that until I get this up. 

     /`._ |  | _.'\
====/              \============================================================
   /       5        \  Challenge Mode                                    [cl00]
==/ .-.          .-. \==========================================================
  |/   \.-.  .-./   \|


     /`._ |  | _.'\
====/              \============================================================
   /       6        \  Extras                                            [ex00]
==/ .-.          .-. \==========================================================
  |/   \.-.  .-./   \|


     /`._ |  | _.'\
====/              \============================================================
   /       7        \  Miscellaneous                                     [mi00]
==/ .-.          .-. \==========================================================
  |/   \.-.  .-./   \|

Frequently Asked Questions     [fak4u]
1) How do you perform the Inverted Takedown like in the demo?
A) You have to buy an upgrade first with your XP

2) What are the tiles on the Riddler's Challenge pages that show a bunch of tiny
question marks? It says an "item of great value"? What is it?
A) These are the Riddler's Secrets Maps in each area. Get them to show the
locations of other challenges. 

3) How do I get past those annoying electric barriers?
A) Keep playing. 

4) What's the best way to improve XP gain in combat? 
A) Maintain a very long combo and try to mix in Ground Takedowns. 

5) Aggghhh! I entered the Intensive Treatment building again later in the game
and my game froze. I think something is wrong with my system. HELP ME!
A) Nothing's wrong. Just watch and it'll all become clear. 

6) Is there a New Game+ feature after I beat the game?
A) No. 

7) So what can I do after beating the game?
A) Explore for Riddler's Challenges and one other secret.

8) What's required for 100% completion?
A) Aside from beating the game with all 240 Riddler Challenges completed, you
also need to beat all of the Challenges and obtain all the medals therein. 

9) Is it possible to permanently miss the chance to get any Riddler Challenges?
A) No. If you miss some, there will always be a way to get back later. 

10) So I have the PS3 version, but... how do I play as The Joker?
A) You have to download the add-on from the PSN Store. It's free. 

11) How can I get the Dem Bones or Crime Alley Challenge Maps?
A) If you preordered at Gamestop, it will depend on which edition you ordered.
Dem Bones came with the normal edition and from what I understand the CE came
with Crime Alley. 

12) What other DLC is coming out?
A) Not sure. We'll find out soon I would surmise. 

Credits/Special Thanks

-GameFAQs as usual

-ARACHNAE00 for his mini-guide on the message board; helped get the only riddle
I couldn't figure out on my own

Contact Info
Should you need to contact me for whatever reason, my e-mail is listed below.
If you have questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line. If you have
something you are interested in contributed however, I ask that you first read
my guidelines in the next paragraph. 

First off, my biggest rule is that when you e-mail me a contribution that is
significant (could be an important tip or a full blow strategy) that you drop
your username or other alias that you go by. NEVER leave me with just your real
name and e-mail address because I refuse to disclose either of those. If you
forget, I will try to get back to you within a few days. If you fail to reply to
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I do not credit for typo or other small information fixes of that nature. 

Please try to refrain from e-mailing me with a subject header in all caps or
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already. I ask that this guide is maintained in its entirety. I do not condone
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My two main reasons for turning down hosting permissions: 

1) I know first-hand your site will tamper with my guide
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