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       James Bond: Quantum of Solace: Walkthrough by Gamer0178
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Okay, to start off, I don't have any fancy ASCII images to do. This 
is a straight up, simple FAQ. It is a work in progress, so no, it 
is not done. If you have any questions, email me at 
CmdrBond22@yahoo.com, and I will do my best to get back to you. 
I did not add the very first level because it is basically self 
explanatory. Enjoy


1. To start with, go down the two flights of stairs and turn right.
Follow this corridor to another set of stairs. As you descend these
stairs, make another right. You will see Mitchell slamming a gate in 
front of you. Press the X button twice to bust through the gate. You 
will find yourself in a big open section next. Be warned, there are 
hostiles in this area. My recommendation is to ignore the first two 
hostiles and concentrate on the one blocking your way. You can also 
eliminate all three of them, but you have to be quick about it or 
Mitchell will get away. Once you have cleared the area, smash to 
the wooden gate blocking your way. Run to the end of this corridor 
and make a left. You will see Mitchell on the other end of the corridor, 
running through an opening. Be warned, he will slam the gate in that 
section. Turn right at the opening and drop down. You will see a low 
barricade in front of you. Vault over the barricade using the Triangle 
button, and continue on. At the end of this section, you will see a 
wooden barricade to your left. Press the X button to bust through it. 
Continue on down this path, taking a left at the end. You will notice 
a low wall at the far end. Vault over this wall, and turn right. 
There is a blocked door in front of you. Bust through it using the X 
button. Once you have regained control, continue on this path, turning 
right at the end of it. If you roll fast enough, you can avoid the 
falling debris in front of you and continue on, if not run forward an 
vault over it. Run forward and climb the ladder to complete the 
underground section

2. Now, this next part can be a bit of a headache. You are aboveground 
now. Follow Mitchell, and he will lead you to a big area with a fountain 
in the middle of it. There are hostiles in this area, including one 
carrying a Hutchinson A4. Using the fountain as cover, eliminate the 
hostiles. Now, this next part is very important. I have seen this happen 
to many people (myself included) when you go into the opening on the 
other, at the end, to the right, there is a door. Now, the door is 
a checkpoint. If it does not show up as a checkpoint, pause it and 
save from the last checkpoint. You are going to have to restart the 
level or your system. Now, if it does show up as a checkpoint, go 
through the door. Mitchell has gotten into a car and is getting 
away. What you have to do is go into the ultra aim, and shoot 
BOTH tires. Once you have done this, a cutscene will ensue 
showing Mitchell getting thrown from the car.

3. Once you have control of Bond, run up the road. You will be 
interrupted by a cutscene showing a van running into another car, and 
three bad guys jumping out. Once you have dispatched of these three, 
take the stairs to your left. At the top of the steps, to your right, 
there are various nefarious characters who are looking to end your game. 
I would recommend using the Hutchinson A4 (shotgun) and using the 
corners as cover. The machine gun will do it as well, but the shotgun 
has more power. Once everyone is gone, take the steps to your right. 
They are in an alcove. Run to the top of them and turn right.

4. Follow the balcony along, vaulting over things and diving into 
windows as necessary until you reach a door with two dryers to the 
right of it. Be warned, there is a gunman in the tower to your left. 
There is also one ahead and above you, and two more gunmen to the left 
at ground level. Once they have been dealt with, climb the pipe in front
of you. To your left you will see scaffolding. Follow the scaffolding 
until you drop down a level. 

5. Tanner can not believe Bond just did that. Neither can I. Once you 
have shaken the cobwebs out, step out of that door, and use the wall 
for cover. There are two hostiles lying in wait for you. One of them 
is carrying a Hutchinson A4. Once you have dealt with these two 
individuals. Run to the door, and climb up the pipe.

6. Now, this next part, I have seen many people post that they have 
problems with it, so here you go. Okay, once you have control of Bond, 
start to move to the right, using the wall as cover. You will notice 
that Mitchell moves right along with you. Now, this is important, you 
are going to have to deal with the hostiles above you as well, so be 
ready. Now, there are three "traps" that you are going to want to guide 
Mitchell to. Starting from where you start, the first trap that he will 
be under is a board hanging from a scaffolding. Shoot at it. Once you 
have done this, move on to the next one, remembering to watch out from 
above. The next trap as you continue right is a scaffolding with boxes 
on it. Shoot at it when Mitchell is underneath it. Move along to the 
final trap, which is a scaffolding with a bunch of pipes. Fire at it 
to get to the next part.

7. Okay, on to the part which denys this game its perfection badge. The 
"button battles." They are completely randomized, so I can not help you. 
I will, however, give you this tip, provided by Blonde Bond of 

I finally finished the level. My advice to anyone who hasn't finished 
the level and the Dimitrios fight ; just place the pad on some level and 
be ready to hit those buttons using both of your hands.

I just couldn't finish the sequence with only my thumb and as my last 
hope I tried this trick I've used in Metal Gear Solid. It gets way 

Now, this only works when you have to press the buttons continously. 
The other tip I can give you is :DON'T GIVE UP!

Congratulations, you did it. Now, onto the Haitian Docks.

Haitian Docks.

1. Crouch and sneak past the secretary. warning: if you do not crouch or you 
take too long, she will see you and your mission will fail. Once you have 
snuck past her, go right after the chainlink fence, and take the door on the 

2. As soon as you have control of Bond, use the wall in front of you as cover. 
You will notice in the distance a wooden box hanging in front of the barn. 
Shoot at this box, and the patrolling guard will go investigate. Once he has 
done this, while still using cover, move to the end where the ladder is. Once 
you are there, ascend the ladder. remember to remain crouched and use the wall 
underneath the windows as cover. If you use the wall as cover, you do not have
to worry about waiting until the guard is not watching.

3. Once you have vaulted into the window that brings up the next check point, 
use the wall beside the door as cover and open the door.Now, you are going to 
have to work fast because there is an alarm box on the eastern wall. wait 
until the guard walks to the window, and shoot at the fire extinguisher that 
will be between them. I do not recommend shooting blindly because 9 times out 
of 10, you are going to miss. As soon as the fire extinguisher blows, run in 
and shoot both guards. Once you have shot them, exit out of the double doors 
to their left.

4. Once the cutscene has ended, crouch and run to the door. DO NOT RUN THROUGH 
THE DOOR. There is a security camera that will be facing you. Use the wall as 
cover and watch the camera as it rotates. When it is not looking, run to your 
right to the end of the walkway. There will be a hacking station right in 
front of you and a set of stairs to your left. Hack the camera. Once you have 
successfully hacked it, turn around and you will see an exhaust fan with a red 
starburst on it. Fire at this fan and it will fall on to the two guards. 
Warning: do not shoot the fan before you hack the camera or the camera will 
see the fan fall. Once the two guards are out of the way, descend the stairs 
and go through the door across from you.

5. This next area involves you going from cover to cover. Make sure, as usual, 
you use the cover system. While crouched, and in cover, move to the left until 
you reach the end of the barrels and watch the guard on the other side of the 
chain link fence. there is an alarm panel to his left so make sure he does not 
see you. He is a standard patrolling guard who walks basically in a square. 
Once he turns right to begin his patrol, jump to the next cover. Repeat this 
action until you have reached the barrels by the fence. Stop. The guard should 
have by now completed his patrol and has come back. If he has not, move to the 
barrels on your left and use the cover of the building to get to the pipe. 
Climb the pipe and it will go into a cut scene.

6. Now, you can pretty much toss stealth out the window. As soon as you get 
control of Bond, duck into cover behind the box directly in front of you. 
Warning: The box will not hold. If you look straight ahead and to the right, 
you will see a propane tank at the other end of the room. Fire at the tank 
with satisfying results. Once you have dealt with the opposition, run towards 
the shack at the end to the left. A cut-scene occurs where you and Camille are 
informally introduced.

7. Once you have regained control, you will noticed that Camille has run off. 
Exit out of the shack, and turn right at the end of the dock. About halfway, 
you will notice a door. Open this door and go through it. Take a break, make 
sure you are fully loaded up, get a drink, eat some food, save your 
checkpoint, etc because there are no enemies in this room (at least on 
Operative and agent. I don't know about 007.) Once you are ready, go out the 
door and immediately turn right. You will see a large box. Use it for cover. 
If you look around, you will find that you have come out on the other side of 
the chainlink fence that was in part 5. Once you have dealt with the 
opposition, move forward cautiously. Now, here you have two choices. You can 
either run to the board that makes a covering spot, vault over it, and 
immediately vault back, using the board as cover, or alternately, you can run 
or crouch run to the far left side where there is a boat leaning up against 
some boxes. I recommend the latter for the simple fact that it is difficult to 
vault back across the board and use it for cover  However, it is your choice, 
the same thing happens. Two more bad guys come out of the door. Once you have 
assisted them in their journey from this world, make your way to the door that 
they vacated.

8. Now, as soon as you open this door, there is a guard waiting for you on the 
other side of the room, so I would recommend using the wall next to the door 
for cover. He will run as soon as you open that door as well, however, he 
won't go far. Dispatch him and his partner at your leisure. Now, coming up is 
what I consider to be the funnest "Bond Brain Scenario". You will notice that 
you are in a room full of shelves. If you look at the second set of shelves, 
you will notice a connecting rod that goes from the shelf to the support. It 
has everyones favorite starburst that tells you "Shoot me!!" Well, don't just 
sit there, help the shelf fulfill its destiny to help James Bond. Oh, admit 
it, you're jealous. There should be one more henchman for you to take care of. 
Once you have dispatched him, gather the weapons, and head for the door.

9. Now, here you have a choice. There are three snipers. One is on the balcony 
of the garage right in front of you. (You will be entering the section from 
Step 2), and there are two more snipers on the top of the building to your 
right (this would be the building where you climbed the ladder.) Now, your 
choice is this, either open the door, aim at the balcony, and send the goon 
to... well, you know, or you can use the right side of the door for cover, 
open the door and do pretty much the same. It's your call, I have done both. 
The two snipers on the walkway are easy to dispatch. There is a giant fuel 
tank that you can make go boom. Now, do not think you are done with just 
those three. You'll have more company. They are coming from the left side 
out of the fence beside the garage. Dispatch them, and run to the staircase. 
Run up the staircase, and use the fence for cover. I know that sounds crazy. 
There is a propane tank on your left. When you duck out, two guards will come 
running out; one left and one right. Fire at the propane tank, and it takes 
the one on the left out, leaving your odds at a better point. Once they are 
gone, run into the door that they came out of. Bear left down the ramp. Now, 
before you get to the door, use the wall for cover and crouch. Sneak to the 
end of the way. Try not to be seen because there is one goon standing behind a 
box across and kind of to the left of you. There is also a goon with a rifle 
on the balcony, and another fine example of humanity directly below the 
sniper. If you do happen to get seen, it is okay. Now,you will notice a 
motor? hanging on a rope. If you fire at it, it will fall. Once you have taken 
care of the three misguided mercs, climb the ladder that is across and to the 
right of you. Now, once you get to the edge, you will have to move across the 
ceiling with the assistance of a beam on the roof. Once you reach the other 
side (which coincidentally, is the balcony) step outside. You will be treated 
to a cutscene which proves why 007 is way cooler than that Bourne guy. Whats 
his name again? 

10. You will find yourself at another one of those "rest areas" as I like to 
call them. These are locations where there are not any henchmen, goons, or 
even secretaries. Where you can reload, check your weapons, and do other 
things, such as save. My recommendation is save everytime you get a new 
checkpoint. This particular "rest area" extends all the way to the bottom 
of the staircase. You get the new Checkpoint at the bottom, so I would save 
there. When you are ready, open the door in front of you . Be sure you are 
crouched, and move forward, using the boxes directly in front of you as cover. 
Now, there are boxes, and a boat in this room. The goons will use both, so be 
careful. There is also a small tank in here between the boat and the boxes on 
the left. It will take out anyone on the left hand side. Just FYI. Now, 
dispatch of these "gentlemen". There are I believe 5 or 6 of them that come 
in. Once your company have departed, gather up their weapons, and move to the 

11. Using the left side of the door as cover, peek your head out. You will see 
that you have made it to the section from step 1 of this walkthrough. Know 
what that means? You are almost done. Got two more rooms to go. Now, there are 
boxes in front of you. Use these boxes as cover and dispatch of any arch 
villians. Once they are gone, sneak to the end of the wall where the fence is 
from the room that you started at. One more goon awaits you there. Once he 
is gone, run for the door where you are treated to a cutscene, and you are 

Opera House

1. To start with, as soon as you get control of Bond, crouch or slowly jog up 
behind the first baddie. If you run up behind him, he will hear you. Once you 
have gotten the earwig that he so graciously donates to your cause, grab his 
gun, you will notice a pillar and a piece of machinery behind it. Now, you can 
do this next bit a couple of ways. Either you can either use the steel around 
the pillar for cover, or you can use the piece of machinery for cover. The 
important thing to using the steel however, is that as soon as you shoot the 
box hanging on the crane, immediately dive to your left where the machinery 
is. If you look out the window which will be behind you, you will notice said 
box. When you shoot the box, the two villains will go to investigate, at which 
point you can run to the door on the far left. Be warned however, it takes 
them a couple of seconds to investigate, so don't go running out as soon as 
you have shot the box.

2. Once you get outside, you will notice a henchman walking up the stairs. 
Make sure you are still crouched and follow him. You can either subdue him, or 
shoot him, personally it is more fun to subdue him. Climb the steps and you 
will hear audio feedback. Run to the container with the blue tarp to your 
left, the reason being that there is a hostile coming to investigate the 
noise. Sneak to the left edge of the container and, using the triangle button, 
turn to next edge of the container. Once the hostile has turned the 
malfunctioning amp off, look out and shoot him in the head. 
[Edit] I have received a tip from Blonde Bond at www.commanderbond.net. Here 
is the tip: On the opera level you can dispatch two enemies using the console. 
There should automatically be a high pitch sound coming out of the speakers 
and the first guard should come to check the console. Take him out, then press 
the console yourself, hide behind the boxes and take care of the 2nd goon. 
Then move up the stairs crouching and use the smoke machine. The guards 
shouldn't be facing you when you do this. While there's smoke, just use it as 
your cover and sneak to the ladders.
I have done this one myself and can tell you it works.

3. Now, if you do not use the tip above, or just want to do it a different way,
you are going to have to bactrack a little bit. Go back to where you 
dispatched the first outside guard, look to the left of the way you came 
(to the left of the stairs leading down) and you will notice another set of 
stairs leading up to an incline. Take these stairs and walk up to the incline

4. When you reach the aforementioned incline, Tanner will warn you about the 
surveillance cameras. To the right of the first camera on the wall, there is a 
hacking station. Hack the cameras as normal. It is five digits, and you have 
24 seconds in which to do it. (Remember, you are after the green 
arrows, not the red ones). Once you have successfully hacked the cameras, you 
can eliminate the guard that is standing there. Remember not to make your 
presence known.

5. Now, once you have dealt with the guard, stand where he was, and you will 
notice a little white "starburst" on a spotlight machine. Walk up to it, and 
Tanner will tell you not to be too loud. Press the X button, and immediately 
turn around, and run to the boxes on your right. (They are right next to the 
machine you pressed). Use the boxes for cover while the henchman investigates. 
Once he has turned it off, he will look around for a few seconds and then he 
will start to walk back to his previous position. Now is your chance. Remember 
to remain crouched down (something I have learned playing this game is that 
when the objectives say "stealth", it is a pretty good idea to remain 
crouched). Once he has been taken care of, you have two choices, you can 
either use the boxes and score another kill, or you can run across the way 
toward the stage and continue the mission. As long as you are crouched, you do 
not have to kill him. It is your choice.

6. Now, whichever one you choose, you will be winding up on the stage. Run 
across it to the ladder on the far right side. Climb up one ladder and you 
will come to a landing with another ladder to your left. Climb this ladder 
and you will hear a voice making a report. When you get to the top, you will 
notice that he has his back to you. Use this opportunity to sneak up behind 
him and subdue him. Once you have done this, continue on to your right til you 
get to the control room wall. (The building with the door in front of you). 
About halfway down the wall, go into cover mode. If you look out towards the 
boxes, you will notice three cans of paint sitting on top of a box. Shoot at 
the paint cans to attract the attention of the guard in the control room. 
Make sure he can not see you when he comes out. You can either subdue him, or
straight out kill him. As usual, it is more fun to subdue him. Run into the 
now vacated control room, and you will see a box to your left with a rifle 
inside of it and also a door with a lock on the other side. The door leads to 
the stage. You can either shoot it or run up to it and press the X button. It 
is not required for the door to be open, but it is a nice thing to do just in 
case. Once you have done this, walk up to the bank of monitors, and press the 
X button.

7. You have been discovered. You can pretty much throw stealth out the window
now. Use the boxes in front of you for cover because across the way from you 
there are men with rifles, looking to take you out. Here's how it works, from
where you are now, there are two men in the tower where the spotlight is 
coming from. On the far left where you came up the ladders there are two more 
men. Coming from behind the control room is another man, with a machine gun. I
would recommend taking out the two snipers on the right first though since 
you are there anyway. Once they are gone, run across to the other side, taking
out the hostile with the machine gun along the way. (You have to shoot him for 
the fourth sniper to appear, and you also have to shoot the two on the left 
tower for the fifth sniper to appear. They are located on the top where the 
spotlights are, and also on the landing below. (the fifth sniper is also on 
the second landing.) Once you have taken the snipers out, run along the 
opposite way to reach a second ladder. 

8. Once you get to the bottom of the ladder, because the hostiles have dropped 
the stage, you can not get out the way you came in. Use the box in front of 
you as cover, and take out the hostiles that are coming your way (there should 
be four of them) Once they have been dealt with, move along to the left til 
you reach an opening. There is a box in front of this opening. Use it for 
cover. Once the hostiles are gone (be warned, at least two of them throw 
grenades) If you have followed step 3 of this document, this area should seem 
familiar to you. 

9. In this area, past the first box, cover is very scarce until you get to 
the other box at the turning point on the ramp. Also, be aware that once 
you get up against the box, you can not use the right edge of the box to 
break cover because if you try to do so, it will treat the railway as 
cover as well, and you will get owned. Once you have defeated the 
enemies run directly to the box below the second set of stairs. Use 
the box as cover as another goon comes running. Take this goon out. 
There are a few more goons in this area. Once they have all been 
dispatched, you have a direct path to the double doors ahead and 
to the right. The doors lead to an area under the stage with another 
set of double doors with a green light above it. Go through the doors. 
I would recommend reloading everything before continuing on from here, 
cause you ain't done yet.  Once you are through the doors, you will find 
a set of steps. At the bottom of them is a door, and a hacking station. It 
is 3 digits and you have 17 seconds to figure it out.

10. Once you are through the doors, you will be on the docks. Walking around 
the docks triggers a cutscene where three baddies on a boat are looking for 
you. Once you have control of Bond again, find some cover, and use it. Shoot 
at the red fuel tank across the dock from you. It will explode with satisying 
results. Once it has blown, continue using the boxes as cover, moving along 
the docks. Three more bad guys are going to appear from the other end. As long 
as you use cover, you can dispatch them easily. Now you are going to have to 
break cover once you have reached the set of black boxes about halfway down 
the docks to get the next set of boxes. Now, sometimes there is a goon in the 
boathouse, it depends on how fast you get there. Sometimes he will come out to 
get you. Turn left at the boathouse and you will see a gate. Open this and 
immediately dive for the two metal footlockers to the left before the second 
gate. You will meet with some resistance here. You will notice a big box at 
the end with the little "Gee, let me think" starburst. Fire at it with your 
SMG to bring it crashing down. Be warned as well, some of the opposition will 
toss grenades. Once they are all dealt with, climb up the stairs and down the 
walkway to end the level. On to the next.

The Sinkhole

1. Okay, so we are now in Bolivia. To start with, move further into the cave. 
Once you have reached the green flashing dot on your GPS, you will be in a 
giant chamber with a lot of stalagmites and stalactites Use the stalagmites 
for cover because soldiers are going to come running through, and a helicopter 
with a machine gunner in the back. The first enemy you need to get rid of is 
the helicopter or he is going to really ruin your day. The good news, however, 
is that he can be beat with what you have. Once he is gone, do a little mop up 
work with the other soldiers. 

2. As you are going deeper into the chamber, more soldiers will come running 
out. Basically, stay in cover, keep moving, and pick up weapons as you go 
along. The stalactites can also be an asset to you here as well. It is a 
matter of timing here. 

3. Once you are at the other end, continue on through the small passageway to 
another chamber with three guards, one above and two to your left. Now, if 
you want to save ammo, (which trust me, you do) you will see a box of dynamite 
to the left of the two evildoers. Now, this only works if they are standing 
next to each other, and the third guard has not seen you and given you away. 
Now, once you have dispatched with them, move along into the next cooridor, 
taking out three enemies along the way. 

4. Now, this next part is actually the top part of the dynamite section where 
the third guard was patrolling. That means if you didn't take him out before, 
he will either be in the previous section, or part of the group in this 
section. Again, the stalactite above their head will be very helpful. Also, 
be aware that there is no cover in this section, so the only way to shoot the 
stalactite is by revealing yourself. 

5.Okay, moving on, once they are taken care of, move along through to get to 
another big chamber. You will see an ammo crate to your left, and Camille to 
the right. Once you run toward Camille, you will be treated to another 

6. Okay, looks like an old friend is back, and he has brought company in the 
form of a second gunner. My recommendation here is to get as close as you can, 
using the rocks as cover, and light them both up, ducking out if you get too 
injured. Now, once the two gunners are gone, basically, its mopup work again. 
Again, remember, stay low, stay covered, and stay armed. Also, don't bite off 
more than you can chew. Once you get closer to the end, you will see a box of 
dynamite. Blow it to help you out.

7. Straight ahead of you is a tunnel collapse, so ignore it for now. Instead, 
move to your right to get to what I like to call "Zorins office" from the 
movie "A View to a Kill". Now, if you are careful, you can use the dynamite 
box sitting on top of a rock to get rid of two of the enemies. After taking 
out the three enemies at the entrance, cautiously move up the ramp. About 
halfway up, you will see a break in the rocks, and there is a fence there, 
and a bad guy. As soon as you see him, another one will come running past. 
Shoot them both, and move along toward the building. Use the rock face on the 
left for cover, as you are going to meet two more bad guys. Once they are 
gone, go into the building to find the explosives. As you exit the building, 
two bad guys will be coming up the ramp. Dispose of them and move to the 
corner of the ramp. Now, we're going to have to backtrack a little bit. When 
you grabbed the explosives in the building, a bad guy came running through the 
entrance of the checkpoint, and has since planted himself right at the very 
rock where the dynamite box sits, if you didn't blow it at the beginning. If 
so, just get rid of him in the normal way. Once this is done, go back through 
the entrance to the cave in, place the explosives, and get out of the way. 

8. Now, this next part is a little tricky to me. The reason is because there 
is a baddie standing at the very top, shooting at you for the others. The 
others meanwhile are shooting and throwing grenades. Now, thats not to say 
that he can not be beat. That simply means that I don't really have any other 
recommendations except to stay covered, and stay low. Once they have been 
defeated, however move along through the passageway.

9. Camille is in trouble!! Now, this is actually a fun section. What you are 
doing is providing cover for Camille. Once you start taking out the 
opposition, one will run from the other ledge and start shooting at you with a 
rifle. (He is on the left side across from you. There is also another one on 
the right. The GPS is invaluable here.) 

10. Once they are all gone, we come to arguably the hardest part of this whole 
level, the helicopter makes a comeback, and this time you have to not only 
kill the gunners, you have to take out the pilot as well, oh and you have to 
do it in order (gunner, other gunner, pilot.) Now, adding to the headache 
is the fact that the rocks can be (and are) easily destroyed by the 
gunners. Basically, my advice to you is this, there are two ammo boxes 
containing unlimited sniper rounds. Use them, don't stay in one place too 
long, and use the rocks for the limited cover that they provide. Also, stay 
toward the back. Once you have taken out the chopper, you are treated to a 
cutscene, which introduces the Casino Royale levels, starting with Shanty Town.

Version .25
Copyright: Jeremy Kelly 2009