SWAT 4 Walkthrough

       SWAT 4 (PC)
Full Walkthrough

Document written by PyroFalkon (pyrofalkon@hotmail.com)
Current Version: 1
Latest update: 03 August 2005


v1 (03 August 2005)
First release, but finished.


1. Intro
2. Game Basics
   a. Elements
   b. Rules of Engagement
      a. When ROE Doesn't Matter
   c. Your Role as Element Leader and Sniper
   d. The View Port
   e. Miscellaneous Notes
3. Weapons and Tactical Aids
   a. Primary Weapons
   b. Secondary Weapons
   c. Tactical Aids
   d. Breaching Equipment
4. Walkthrough
   a. Mission 1: Food Wall Restaurant
   b. Mission 2: Fairfax Residence
   c. Mission 3: Qwik Fuel Convenience Store
   d. Mission 4: A-Bomb Nightclub
   e. Mission 5: Victory Imports Auto Center
   f. Mission 6: Red Library Offices
   g. Mission 7: Northside Vending and Amusements
   h. Mission 8: DuPlessis Wholesale Diamond Center
   i. Mission 9: Children of Taronne Tenement
   j. Mission 10: St. Michaels Medical Center
   k. Mission 11: The Wolcott Projects
   l. Mission 12: Old Granite Hotel
   m. Mission 13: Mt. Threshold Research Center
5. Copyright Info
6. Contact Info

||1. INTRO|| 

Man, it feels good to be writing an FAQ again! Due to reasons I won't bore 
you all with, I haven't written or updated an FAQ since September 2004! After 
a 7-month vacation, it feels great to be back!

I've never been a big fan of most FPS games. You can all keep your Doom 3, 
Half-Life 2, Far Cry, and Halo 2. But tactical shooters, from Rainbow Six to... 
well, to SWAT, have always had a special place on my hard drive. I always 
felt that SWAT was better than R6 (writing that knowing I risk getting 
flamed), and it brings me great pleasure to have the opportunity to write a 
walkthrough for SWAT 4, the newest in the series.

SWAT 4 takes a lot of the stupidity out of SWAT 3. While by no means perfect 
(what genius made the decision to STILL not use go-codes like in R6?), it's 
still my favorite tactical shooter to date. You'll get tons of information 
here, from weapon analysis to how to get through every mission that shipped 
with the CD. Not to mention, the classic PyroFalkon Accuracy of my FAQs: at 
best, you'll be able to beat the game merely with my notes. At worst, you'll 
have another view on matters and will be able to make better decisions as a 
result. Either way, it's going to be fun.

If you read my SWAT 3 guide, you may find a lot of repeated information here 
inside the Game Basics section. That's only because the rules, regulations, 
and tactics have not changed very much these few years, but that doesn't mean 
it's not worth reading through once or twice anyway.

As always, I'll try to make your reading of the guide as fun as playing the 
game itself!


This section should be "required reading" for newbies and vets alike. Unlike 
with SWAT 3, I'll be posting a weapon and tactical aid list in here as well, 
to help you make better decisions with your loadouts.

|2a. Elements|

When SWAT answers a call, its officers are divided into "elements." An 
element is comprised of two two-man teams and a leader. You play as the 
leader, naturally, and have a red team and a blue team under your control. 
When you give orders, the entire element is sometimes referred to as "gold."

The exact officers in the element will remain the same throughout the game. 
SWAT 4 removed the officer and sergeant selections from this sequel, due to 
the fact that your officers are no longer vacuums of personality. Each man 
has his own outlook on things, and they may make some comment here or there 
whilst you go through your missions.

You can normally rely on your officers and teams. They may get stuck in a 
couple spots in certain levels, or they may act retarded when clearing 
certain rooms. However, in the 26 missions I've beaten and my 30+ failed 
missions, my guys have only hit each other once with gunfire, mainly due to 
me running around in circles when we were jumped. I ended up bumping one of 
my guys, who walked into another's crosshairs.

That said, your officers will always follow the rules of engagement 
(explained below), and will try to follow your orders immediately. On the 
rare instances when they refuse to follow orders (perhaps being stuck or 
under fire), you can just repeat your order a second later and normally get 

In addition to your officers, you may get some snipers on particular levels. 
These guys are unseen (as in, if you're looking in their general direction, 
you STILL won't see them), and they're fully in your manual control. Snipers 
are deadly if used properly, but I'll get into that later.

|2b. Rules of Engagement|

The mantra of SWAT is that it's a life-saving organization, not a life-taking 
one. SWAT officers don't go around and randomly shoot up people; this ain't 
Conflict: Vietnam.

In fact, if you've played SWAT 2, you'll know what goes on prior to combat. 
When SWAT is called to the scene, they first try to talk the suspect into 
submission. After enough time, or if any shot is fired, then combat becomes 
the only option left. SWAT 4 assumes that contact has failed or a shot has 
been fired, so it bypasses all that peaceful stuff and goes right to the 

Despite all that, again, this isn't Rainbow Six. You cannot just charge in 
and open fire. When you encounter a suspect, you can only shoot if the enemy 
presents a direct threat to you or a hostage (that is, he's pointing his gun 
at you, a fellow officer, or a hostage). This is called the Rules of 
Engagement, or ROE for short.

If they pose no immediate threat, you must give them a chance to surrender 
before you fire by shouting compliance. You need to shout compliance to 
everyone, not just suspects. Everyone, hostages too, is considered 
"dangerous." In theory, a freaked out hostage may pick up a suspect's weapon 
and start firing it at SWAT or other hostages or something. In other words, 
everyone who can stand needs to be handcuffed. If someone is wounded or dead, 
they can't be handcuffed, but it's okay because they're no longer a threat.

When a hostage or suspect complies, they will drop any weapon they may have, 
put their hands up, and fall to their knees. Just because they *look* like 
they're doing that, however, don't take your crosshairs off him. I've seen 
guys look like they're complying, only to then turn around and run off.

They have made a slight but important change from SWAT 3. In SWAT 4, if a 
given person has complied (that is, he's weaponless and on his knees), he 
will NOT get back up. In SWAT 3, there was a chance that if you left a guy 
alone and uncovered, he might get up and run around, and he may even pick up 
a weapon. SWAT 4 gives you better peace of mind; you won't have to worry 
about that situation happening.

When someone is in the compliance position, equip your handcuffs, and hold 
the fire key to cuff your target. A person is said to be secure when he is 
cuffed and/or no longer a threat due to injury or death. When anyone is 
secure, they should be reported to your sergeant.

Unlike in SWAT 3, you do not *have* to report someone who is secure. Passing 
missions just means *securing* everyone. Not reporting people, however, will 
take points off your score, which is important in any difficulty level beyond 
the easiest.

Reporting is very streamlined, unlike in SWAT 3. Simply, when someone is 
secure for any reason, put your crosshair on him and hit your Use key. There 
is no longer a possibility of doing a "stupid order" by misreporting someone 
as dead when they're really just wounded, or vice versa.

If you think this all doesn't matter... Well, it really doesn't anymore. In 
SWAT 3, you had a leadership rating to worry about. In SWAT 4, the campaign 
isn't a string of missions as much as just a series of completely isolated 
incidents. There is no carryover stat from mission to mission. That's one of 
the things I miss from SWAT 3, but I suppose it's in an effort to streamline 
the game. I digress, though.

The point is, you no longer really have to worry about paying attention to 
the rules of engagement as much. If you ignore the rules of engagement, 
you'll have some major score penalties, which again affects whether you 
technically pass or fail missions in the upper difficulty levels.

|2ba. When ROE Doesn't Matter|

Despite the above section, there are a few exceptions as to when you don't 
need to shout compliance.

The first instance is when you use your sniper. If you have a sniper in a 
given mission, and you choose to fire at a suspect, you may do so without 
need to shout compliance. In fact, you don't even need an officer in the 
area. Just aim and shoot, and you're okay.

Second, any enemy taken out in the act of a door breach is legal. This 
applies even if you know there is an enemy behind a door. If you use your 
Optiwand, and you see a suspect directly behind a door, feel free to set a 
breaching charge and blow the door open. This will kill or incapacitate the 
suspect, but will not give you a point penalty.

Third, if a suspect raises a gun and actually *points it* at either you, your 
officers, or a hostage, you may open fire. Note that his mere act of raising 
the weapon or pointing it at a wall does *not* count. He must be aiming at 
someone and looking down the sights. Typically, if a suspect aims at a 
hostage, the hostage will be on his knees, and the suspect will be aiming at 
a 45-degree angle downward and ignore your shouts. If you see a suspect in 
this position, pop him.

Fourth, if a suspect fires his weapon, he has forfeited all rights to life. 
If he fires and his shot hits a wall, you are still then authorized to drill 
him without shouting for compliance.

Finally, the most important point: the rules of engagement only apply to 
LETHAL AMMUNITION. Your AI-controlled officers don't know this for some 
reason, but you can take advantage. If you're using non-lethal weapons, such 
as the taser or the beanbag shotgun, you may fire without issuing compliance 

You'll still have to shout compliance to make the target drop to his knees, 
but shooting first is doable. One of my favorite strategies is to enter a 
room and lay down a couple dozen shots with the pepper-ball gun. While 
everyone is coughing, I shout compliance, and if anyone refuses, I blast them 
with the taser. Simple, effective, quick, non-lethal, and not a breach of the 

|2c. Your Role as Element Leader and Sniper|

Prior to a mission starting, you can review information about the battle 
site. You can get a view of the probable suspects and what they're armed 
with, how many hostages and such are confirmed, and any other general 
information that might help you. Note that no matter how much information you 
are given, you will never know exactly what you're up against until you get 
into the mission.

As team leader, you will outfit all five men in the element how you want. 
After that, you will select one entry point (although in some missions you 
don't have a choice). That's all the planning you do, though; every step of 
the way will be planned on the fly.

Once inside, there are really only two ways you can do things: passively or 
actively. If you're a passive leader, like me, you send your computer-
controlled elements into most situations. You serve to cover their backs and 
"clean up the trash," as well as report suspects and such. If you're an 
active leader, you go through doors first and fight most of the time. Make 
sure that compliance button is close by, because you'll be on it a lot.

Either method is fine. Just pick which one you're more comfortable with, but 
note that you may have to temporarily switch if things go wrong.

In missions where you have a sniper, you can use the view port to fire as 
necessary. His rounds are powerful, and can pretty much one-shot kill anyone. 
If you get stupid and use the sniper to kill one of your fellow officers, the 
rest will turn around and kill YOU. Yes, I tested it.

|2d. The View Port|

The view port is probably the best tool you've got, but it's a little weird 
to use. Its purpose is to see what your allies are seeing no matter where 
anyone is. A little window pops open in the top-right corner when activated.

You can even send commands in the view port. By pressing the Delete key, you 
expand the view port and make a cursor appear in it. While it's active, you 
can't move or shoot, so don't do it if you're under pressure.

When used right, you can basically issue commands across the map. It's not as 
good as a go-code like in the Rainbow Six series, but it's still useful.

The view port is how you control your sniper or snipers, by the way.

|2e. Miscellaneous Notes|

Pistols are not worthless. If you're in a tight area, you may want to use 
your pistol instead of your main firearm. This is especially true if you're 
carrying around an assault rifle in a tight area. If you're in a large area 
though, you'll need to use your main weapons.

The Wave is your all-purpose tool for everything from doors to bombs. You'll 
be using it often.

You'll not have an ammo count on-screen unlike SWAT 3, so keep an eye on it. 
Remember that it goes by clips, so you'll have to reload now and then to keep 
your clip as full as possible.

When I mention "tell the red team to do this" or "tell the blue team to do 
that," you can swap the colors. I just tend to make blue the cover team and 
red the assault team, but it makes no difference.

A mission will be complete when all hostages and suspects are cuffed or 
bleeding on the floor. If a mission is complete, but you are not sent to the 
score screen, then you have either neglected to report someone, or you missed 
a weapon you needed to secure. If there's still no apparent end and you've 
checked everything, then you can always end the mission early. You may have a 
score penalty, but it could save you some time.

Speaking of scores, the quickest way to lose points is to be penalized for 
being an idiot. Shooting a fellow officer, failing to report a fallen one, 
and so on are all penalties. You may have a little trouble at first avoiding 
the "unauthorized use of deadly force" penalty until you get used to the 
game. Also, try to avoid killing suspects entirely; shoot legs and arms if 
you can, especially with the sniper, unless you have no choice.

Part of your score is to collect all weapons that enemies drop. To do this, 
just point your crosshairs at a weapon and press your Use key (or just tell 
your team to pick it up). There are occasional glitches where, in the act of 
dropping a gun, it may fall through the floor. If this happens, the game does 
*not* penalize you. For some reason, the game is aware of its own glitch, so 
if a gun is through a floor (and therefore "off the map"), it doesn't need to 
be secured. Therefore, the count on the objective screen is always accurate, 
although guns may be "hiding" underneath fallen suspects.

Final note: Open every door you come to. If a suspect runs, he will tend to 
close doors behind him after passing through. This way, if you're running 
around the map looking for the last guy, you can just follow the trail of 
closed doors to find him.


Ah yes, the basis of all tactical shooters. What weapons and gear do we have 
to play with in missions? The equipment choices are more varied than in SWAT 
3, but still not as much as a military organization. But to be honest, that's 
not only realistic, but fairly intelligent. I mean, in Rainbow Six, you 
probably didn't use half the weapons in the game.

|3a. Primary Weapons|

All the weapons in SWAT 4 have their uses, although you'll use some more than 
others. First, the main weapons, all of which come equipped with a 

|9mm SMG (MP5)|

Pretty much the standard weapon, and based off a real-life weapon called the 
MP5, created by German manufacturer Heckler and Koch. For whatever reason, 
Sierra couldn't secure the license to use the actual name. I will however 
refer to it by its proper name.

The MP5 is *the* standard small machine gun (SMG), combining great accuracy, 
fantastic reliability, a small size and light weight, and good stopping 
power. It comes with four 30-round clips, and can be set on 3-round burst or 
semi-auto (one shot at a time) firing modes. If you're doing a standard 
mission and don't care about doing it non-lethal, then this is a great choice 
for any situation.

The MP5 can be equipped with Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) or Jacketed Hollow Point 
(JHP) rounds. FMJ rounds are better at penetration, whereas JHP rounds do far 
more damage to unarmored targets but pretty much die at the first contact 
with anything. If you anticipate anyone who may have body armor, or you want 
your shots to maim rather than kill, go with FMJ. Only use JHP if you have no 
problem killing unarmored enemies.

|Suppressed 9mm SMG|

Heckler and Koch made a weapon called the MP5SD5, which was a gun similar to 
their MP5 but with an integral (built-in) silencer. This is not that weapon.

The suppressed 9mm SMG is simply an MP5 with a silencer. This reduces noise 
and muzzle flash, which allows you to take down enemies without guys in the 
next room hearing it. The silencer also improves accuracy, but makes the 
weapon just a bit heavier, and therefore it takes longer for your reticule to 
return to normal after quick moves or sprints.

This firearm can use JHP or FMJ ammo just like its unsuppressed cousin. It 
can also fire in 3-round bursts or semi-auto. If you want to clear rooms a 
little more methodically, this weapon will allow you the chance to take your 

|.45 SMG (UMP)|

Another Heckler and Koch weapon, this gun is really called the UMP. Its 
design is based on the classic MP5, but its .45-caliber round is slightly 
larger than the 9mm (which roughly translates to a .35-caliber round). This 
increased size gives it more power and better penetration, but a slower rate 
of fire and a heavier weapon.

The UMP is good for almost any mission in which you would use an MP5, and its 
power allows you to face armored enemies with better chances of survival. 
However, if the mission halls are too tight, the MP5 may be a better choice 
due to the slower reticule recovery of the UMP.

The UMP can use JHP or FMJ rounds, and can be fired with semi-auto fire or 
full-auto fire, making it a little less accurate if you're trigger-happy.

|GB36s Assault Rifle|

I did a search online, but couldn't find this weapon mentioned outside of 
SWAT 4 references. Therefore, I'm not sure whether this firearm is based on a 
real-world one; and if it is, who made it.

The GB36s assault rifle uses .223-caliber rifle rounds. It's a little awkward 
to use due to its size (it is a rifle, after all, and not an SMG). It does 
have a useful and unique 2-round burst fire mode, as well as a full-auto 
mode. It too can use JHP or FMJ rounds.

|Colt M4A1 Carbine|

Billed as the most powerful weapon of the game, the M4A1 Carbine is a 
delicious assault rifle that fires .223-caliber rifle rounds like the GB36s. 
These babies tear through armor as if it were paper, and can rip through 
windows and doors pretty easily too.

In the later stages, where enemies are pretty much nothing but armored, the 
M4A1 is damn-near essential (provided you're not going totally non-lethal). 
In the hands of your computer allies, it pretty much guarantees kills against 
the terrorists.

The M4A1 is heavier than the GB36s, which gives it greater accuracy and less 
recoil, but also makes it more difficult to use in tight areas. It's best 
used when you're going into a large building or a somewhat external area.

Like the SMGs, the M4A1 can use FMJ or JHP rounds. If you're going against 
unarmored targets though, you would probably be better off using an SMG.

|M4 Super90|

This shotgun by Benelli holds a five-round magazine, and can be fired pretty 
quickly. Like all shotguns, the M4 has limited accuracy, but the spread of 
its rounds will help you. Your aim can in fact be a little off, but the 
spread will do the damage for you.

The shotguns in the game are long and heavy, which makes them difficult to 
use in tight halls and rooms. Moving even the slightest will throw off the 
reticule, so you should stick with SMGs in tight environments.

The M4 can use either 00 Buckshot or 12 Gauge Slugs. Slugs are solid pieces 
of metal that penetrate armor pretty well, but are somewhat inaccurate. 
Buckshot is a series of pellets that spread out to devastate unarmored 
targets, but are pretty much stopped by body armor. Buckshot is a hair more 

|Nova Pump|

Also by Benelli, the Nova Pump is a give-and-take version of the M4. It has a 
larger magazine, able to hold eight rounds instead of five. However, it fires 
slower. The accuracy seems comparable.

The Nova Pump also uses either Buckshot or Slugs at your discretion.

|Less Lethal Shotgun|

The Less Lethal Shotgun (LLS) is just a Benelli Nova Pump, but it's painted 
green to indicate its non-lethal ammo. It only carries beanbags, which hurts 
enemies without killing them.

I've said it before to people who have watched me play this game, and I'll 
believe it till the end of time: there is no greater joy in the world than 
shooting a guy in the temple with a beanbag. It's that fun.

Beanbags don't have the power to penetrate skin, let alone armor. If you're 
expecting armored enemies, you're basically screwed by choosing this weapon. 
If you stun an armored suspect with CS gas or a flashbang, you could use the 
LLS to lower his morale even more. Just be sure to aim for his legs or his 
head, because with the body armor on his torso, he won't feel a thing with a 
shot there.

|Pepper-Ball Gun|

The pepper-ball gun is designed from paintball guns. It fires small balls of 
pepper spray, turning targets to coughing, gagging, harmless people. It has a 
very limited range, which makes it worthless outside. Inside, the puffs of 
gas that are made from the balls' impact hang in the air for a second, which 
can affect other people aside from the exact one you shot at.

The pepper-ball gun comes with only a single "clip." Its repository holds a 
whopping 200 pepper balls, so unless you're a complete idiot when you shoot, 
you'll never run out of ammo in a mission. It only has a semi-auto fire mode, 
but if fires as quickly as you can pull the trigger, so you can lay down a 
dozen shots in a fairly short time.

|3b. Secondary Weapons|

Your sidearm will probably not be used, but it's still helpful to have. You 
could, for example, have JHP ammo in your primary weapon. Then, if you 
encounter an armored target, you can draw a pistol with FMJ rounds to deal 
with him. Plus, if you get trigger happy and don't have time to reload, 
drawing your sidearm could save your life.


The Colt M1911 handgun is the standard pistol. Firing .45-caliber FMJ or JHP 
rounds, it can penetrate armor fairly well. Its 8-round magazine isn't much, 
but holds enough to get you through missions.

|9mm Handgun (GLOCK G19)|

What I believe is a GLOCK G19, this handgun is lighter than the M1911. It 
doesn't have as much power, but its impressive 17-round magazine will easily 
get you through missions. It's more stable and easier for its reticule to 
recover too.

Like the M1911, you can use FMJ or JHP rounds.

|Taser Stun Gun|

The taser is a great weapon for pretty much any situation. Its shots will go 
through all armor and everything to shock the crap out of your target. Plus, 
no matter what difficulty level or enemy you see, the taser is near-
guaranteed to completely destroy the target's morale. That means he *will* 
comply after being hit. (This simulates the fact that real tasers force 
victims to fall to the ground and shake as if suffering a seizure, thus being 
completely compliant.)

There are two weaknesses to the taser. First, it can only fire a single shot 
before being reloaded. You'll carry about 15 cartridges into a mission, which 
is quite a bit, but it's a very slow weapon and totally worthless in a 
crowded room.

Second, its range is only 21 feet. It's worthless outside, therefore, and not 
even very reliable in hallways. I never use it as the first weapon when I 
enter a room unless I'm sending in the whole element first; I only draw it 
when someone is gassed and non-compliant. If you try entering a room with it, 
you're gambling with your life.

Unlike literally every other weapon in the game, the taser does not have a 

|3c. Tactical Aids|

Inventory space is far more limited in SWAT 4 than SWAT 3. You can only carry 
five of these items into missions. You can carry as many of a given item as 
you wish, up to the maximum total of five. That means you could carry three 
flashbangs and two CS gas grenades if you desired, for example.


Also known as a stun grenade, flashbangs are great entry devices. Banging a 
room will attract everyone's attention, plus temporarily blind and deafen 
anyone near it. That momentary delay may be all you need to run in and secure 

Flashbangs can't hurt you (health-wise), but they can blind and deafen you 
too. If any wall is between you and the bang, you'll hear the explosion, but 
you won't suffer the other side effects. If getting around a wall isn't an 
option, at least turn your camera so you're not looking at it when it 
explodes. That way, you'll at least have your eyes.

|CS Gas|

The bread and butter of getting high scores, the CS gas canisters emit what's 
commonly called "tear gas." It will cause everyone in the room aside from 
your officers to suffer eye burning and skin irritation. They will hack and 
cough, and be unable to do anything. It's the perfect time to shout 
compliance, and follow up with a taser shot if they don't comply.

CS gas is emitted for quite awhile. Even without the emission length, people 
will suffer the effects of the CS gas canisters longer than they suffer from 
the pepper spray balls. I once gassed a room with two non-compliant suspects. 
I shot one with a taser, yelled at him to comply, reloaded my weapon, went 
across the room, and shot the other one with my taser. They were both gagging 
and coughing the whole time; yes, CS gas is powerful.

The only weakness with CS gas is that the gas will not affect the target 
*instantly*. So you'll have to gas a room, count to 1, *then* go in and clear 
it. If you don't, the suspects may get in a shot before they cough.


Stingers are grenades, but not the standard fragment type that the military 
uses despite how they look. When detonated, Stingers explode and fling a 
myriad of small hard rubber balls everywhere. This disorients the target, but 
causes no physical damage.

Stingers work much faster than CS gas canisters, and have slightly better 
effectiveness than bangs (because enemies don't have to look at it to be 
blinded). Stingers' effects don't last as long as the other two, however.


A camera on a stick, the Optiwand is your tool for looking under doors before 
entering through them, and around corners before exposing yourself. Enemies 
never notice your using the Optiwand, although if you get too close to a 
corner, they'll see your hand.

Depending on how you play, you probably shouldn't equip all your officers 
with an Optiwand. Not only are you taking away a valuable inventory slot, but 
it's more than likely a *wasted* inventory spot because not everyone will end 
up scouting.

AI officers will only report numbers if they scout, not locations. For 
example, if you tell an officer to mirror a door, they may reply "One suspect 
and one hostage" or "Multiple armed suspects." I find that very unhelpful, so 
I am the only one who scouts.

That way, I only need to "waste" one inventory slot. If I'm the only one who 
scouts, then I'll always have a scout unless I die (in which case the mission 
is over anyway). Plus, I can see the actual locations of the enemies who may 
be around, so I know how to enter.

|Door Wedge|

Door wedges can either be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on 
how they are applied. A wedge can be applied to any door, and it effectively 
locks the door. If a door is simply locked, then enemies can kick it open; 
but if it's wedged, nothing will open it.

The key to wedges is to control the paths of the suspects. In a best-case 
scenario, you wedge as you go, and you make a single linear path through the 
area. This way, enemies have two options: advance to your officers, or 
retreat to a room you'll eventually get to.

You can remove the wedge by cutting it with the Wave, which is the tool that 
SWAT carries around (everyone has a Wave and it does not take an inventory 

Note that there's a glitch in the game involving the wedge. It's a little 
specific, but bear with me.

If you come to a locked door, then wedge it, then pick the lock, then remove 
the wedge, the door will STILL be locked, and no amount of picking will open 
it. If you trigger this glitch, you will have to breach the door with 
breaching equipment (see below).

Simply put... If you see a door you want to wedge, make sure it's unlocked. 
Simply tell a team to Stack Up, and they'll tell you if the door is locked. 
If it is, pick it, *then* wedge it. Then, when you cut out the wedge, you'll 
be able to open the door. Alternatively, be sure to cut your wedge *before* 
picking the lock.

Some stages become significantly easier with a few well placed wedges. 
Conversely, some stages are best left without wedges. I'll note that as usual 
in my walkthroughs.

|Pepper Spray|

Pepper spray is a light version of CS gas. For gameplay purposes, pepper 
spray and CS gas have same effect, but pepper spray doesn't last as long. 
Every pepper spray can you carry holds 10 "rounds."

I find pepper spray useless. If you need to get that close to peacefully take 
down a non-compliant target, the taser is a far better option. If you're just 
trying to make them cough, a CS canister or the pepper-ball gun are both 

|3d. Breaching Equipment|

You have two options for breaching equipment.


C2 is a light explosive used for blowing away doors. If anyone is near the 
door when you blow C2, it will more than likely kill them. Be careful not to 
use it if there's a civilian or hostage on the other side, but you won't lose 
points for taking down a suspect.

You'll have three C2 charges if you choose to use them. Even if a door is 
unlocked, you can breach it with C2 at your discretion.

|Breaching Shotgun|

The safer alternative is a breaching shotgun. It's a little quicker too, but 
there's one major weakness with it. You pretty much have to be next to the 
door to blow it open, which means you'll be exposed to enemy fire for a split 
second. Don't even think about doing this if your team isn't behind you to 
cover you.

The breaching shotgun's rounds won't go through the door, but it will destroy 
the door like C2 does. (That is, the door is permanently open from then on.)

To prevent you from cheating, the breaching shotgun has effectively no range. 
It *can* be used as a firearm, but you'll have to be within pepper spray 
range to use it... you'll have to be even closer than a taser. In other words, 
breaching shotguns are worthless for everything but breaching itself.


Ah yes, the meat of the document, and the probable reason you clicked the 
link to view it!

For each mission, I'll note the general layout of the area, and my 
recommendations for equipment. Of course, if you want a perfect score, you'll 
have to ignore my recommendations. Getting a perfect score involves securing 
everyone, which means you can't go in with lethal weapons.

My recommendations assume you simply want to get through the mission alive on 
Normal difficulty. That means you must achieve a minimum score of 50, which 
is fairly easy provided you don't get penalized for ignoring the ROE, and you 
don't lose any officers.

Unlike SWAT 4, there is no overall storyline. This is basically a series of 
unconnected single missions that occur in your career. However, they do make 
a reference that you are a recent transfer from Los Angeles, where SWAT 3 
took place... so in theory, you're playing as the same guy you did in the last 
game. A minor, but appreciated, continuity touch.

|4a. Mission 1: Food Wall Restaurant|

The Food Wall Restaurant has been under surveillance because the owner, Lian 
Niu, was suspected of using it as a front for illegal weapon modifying. While 
the cops were staking out the place, they spotted Alex "The Knife" Jimenez, a 
hit man who allies with Colombians. SWAT must take this opportunity to 
attack, else they lose a chance to arrest Jimenez. Plus, if you can find a 
modified weapon, you'll have some evidence to make all the arrests stick.

The Food Wall Restaurant is a small two-story building. The lower floor is 
the restaurant, including the kitchen, dining area, and storage room. The 
upper floor is a tiny apartment.

The first two missions are absurdly easy. These are the only missions I 
recommend this, but you need to go completely non-lethal. Everybody gets 
pepper ball guns, tasers, and breaching shotguns. Everyone gets two 
flashbangs and two CS gas cans. You'll take the Optiwand, and everyone else 
will have one door wedge.

There's only one entry point here. When you enter the mission, turn left and 
wedge the front door. Then, follow the building around and trace the walls 
around to the side door. Open, bang, and clear it, then run and secure the 

Things get a little tricky here. One end of the hall is the kitchen. On the 
other side is the storage room. Between them is a door that leads upstairs. 
If that door is open, close it. Either way, wedge it. Tell blue to cover the 
kitchen, then take red in and clear the storage room.

With that done, bang and clear the kitchen, then continue through it. Tell 
red to bang and clear the dining area while you and blue clear the bathrooms. 
(It will be a million times easier if you use the Optiwand to scout the 
bathrooms before going in.

Once that's all clear, you're done with the first floor. Tell the element to 
fall in, then head back to the door you wedged. Cut it away, then tell them 
to gas and clear. Head up the stairs, and wedge the door you see to your 
left. If it's open, try to close to wedge it, or you may run into problems.

Follow the hallway around, then bang the living room and clear it. Close to 
where you entered is a little workshop, in which is a desk. On that desk is a 
machine pistol, the evidence you need. Secure it, then head into the living 
room proper.

Attached to that is a bedroom and tiny bathroom you need to clear too. Make 
sure everyone is secured and reported, and you'll have a perfect score.

|4b. Mission 2: Fairfax Residence|

Weird, my custom dictionary didn't pick up "Fairfax" as a misspelled word. 
Well anyway, SWAT is tracking a series of homicides that occurred over the 
past 18 months. Seven girls were kidnapped from the nearby college during 
that time, and they turned up dismembered three weeks after their kidnapping 
with additional signs of torture. The main suspect is a man named Lawrence 
Fairfax, but there was no hard evidence to connect him to the crime, until 
the sixth girl was found. Fairfax slipped, left some DNA evidence, and now 
we're going to hit his house and bring him down.

The Fairfax house is a two-story building, including a basement with a few 
tunnels. The house is dark, and I don't mean that just in the sense of 
"absence of light." There is some truly creepy stuff in the rooms, and that 
may affect your mind worse than anything else. Try to keep calm no matter 
what insanity you see, and remember the ROE.

Same exact setup as the first mission, although you'll be using more than two 
door wedges. This will also keep you from blowing away Lawrence when you find 
him... more on that in the walkthrough.

Enter through the driveway. This way you can enter a room with a good line of 
sight, instead of entering a room with too many different enemy hiding 

Breach, gas, and clear the garage. There is a chance some random dork will be 
there with a gun... his role and identity is unknown, but he is a threat. 
Enter, then breach, bang, and clear the next door. Now you'll find yourself 
in a small room with a hallway that bends left.

Now, this next part is a little odd to describe without pictures. Tell blue 
to stay in the room with all the rat cages and cover the hallway. Then, 
you'll go all the way to the end of the hall. Basically, blue is covering two 
doors while you and red will clear the third (and final) door.

Once that room (a utility room with a water heater and other appliances) is 
clear, exit the room and wedge the door to your left (the one that's 
basically in the corner of the hall). You're about to do something a little 
tricky, but trust your aim and your teammates' abilities.

The remaining door leads upstairs to the second floor of the house. Your 
first steps will be highly dangerous, because you'll be going up stairs. 
(Anyone who's ever hunted or even shot a gun will tell you it's infinitely 
easier to shoot downward than upward.) Pick the lock, then open, gas, and 
clear the door, and spread out with your teammates to look around.

The living room and a hall are your immediate surroundings. Leave the team in 
the living room: you're going lone wolf for the next part. Of all four doors 
in the hall, the three deepest ones of the hall lead to single rooms. Using 
only yourself, go to the farthest door on the left, gas and clear it. Then, 
gas and clear the room across the hall.

You're out of gas canisters, but you won't need it for the next one... The next 
door on your left goes into the bathroom, but you'll be able to see anyone in 
there with the Optiwand before you enter. Clear it either way.

Okay, now the next door leads to the kitchen. Wedge it, then lead the whole 
element around to the arch. Bang and clear the kitchen and dining area. The 
last door there is the alternate entry point... you might as well open and 
clear it just to make sure.

All right, with that all done, grab the whole element and proceed back down 
the stairs. Approach the door you previously wedged. Cut it, then gas and 
clear. There's a thin chance Lawrence himself is there, but he's usually not.

Clear the room, then enter the next door with a flashbang. You'll find, among 
some extremely disturbing decorations, a girl lying bound and gagged on a 
mattress. She's unidentified, but she's no threat, so just report her.

In that room you'll see a metal door. Tell the element to fall in, then lead 
them through it and the dirt tunnels behind it. This will lead you to another 
metal door. Behind that is your seventh victim, as well as Lawrence himself. 
After what I saw, I honestly wanted to just kill him right there... but as I 
said earlier, remember your rules of engagement, and try to take him down 

It really is as simple as a breach, bang, and clear. Do that, and you are 

|4c. Mission 3: Qwik Fuel Convenience Store|

A simple gas station robbery has turned into a hostage situation. Can't 
simplify it more than that.

The gas station's front door is barricaded. Behind it is a fairly large dirt 
plot, and inside it is a simple one-story flat area. As far as the inside, 
it's a little dark, but nothing crazy.

MP5s with JHP rounds and a taser sidearm for everyone. Tactical gear is the 
same as the last two: two gas canisters and two bangs, plus a door wedge for 
the others and an Optiwand for you.

There's only one entry point, so take it. First of all, wedge the door 
directly to your right. If you don't do that, you may end up with a chase on 
your hands.

Okay, now, realize one more time that I write this walkthrough with the 
intention of getting you 50 points and passing the mission, and not 
necessarily a perfect score. That said, the very next thing you should do is 
grab your first sniper and take out anyone you can in the main area of the 
store. (Remember to look at their hands; if they're not carrying a gun, don't 
fire.) Once it seems clear, switch to your second sniper and clear the back 
alley that way.

Proceed forward into said back alley. To the left is usually *someone*, 
suspect or hostage. Throw a gas grenade to smoke 'em out... if you throw one 
and don't even hear coughing, you're be okay. But there's a metal box to your 
right, and someone could be in there too, so gas that too and clear it. 
Finish by clearing the bathrooms.

Now it's time to enter the gas station proper. Bang and clear the back door, 
and you'll find yourself in the "hub hallway" of the store. Due to your 
sniper shots, a lot of the doors are probably open. Try to close them all, so 
you're basically standing in a closed off little hallway with four doors.

Okay, yet again this is tricky to describe without pictures, so bear with me. 
From the backdoor of the building, the center of the hub is to the right. Off 
the center are two doors. One of those leads to the lobby; wedge it. Leave 
blue in the center of the hub to cover the other door.

Then, take red, and gas and clear the door which is across the hall from the 
backdoor. (That is, if you just go straight through the backdoor, you'll want 
to gas and clear the door you smacked your nose into.)

In that small office is another door. Bang and clear that room with red, and 
you'll see a metal door. Bang that next room, and you'll be in the 
refrigeration area of the store. One more door will lead you to the lobby, 
but don't take it. Wedge it instead, then bring red back to the hub.

Keep the lobby door wedged, then look at your first sniper. With both the 
fridge door and the hub door wedged, anyone who is in the lobby is trapped. 
Snipe any suspect before proceeding, and ignore any hostage.

When it seems clear, take the whole element through the other door with a 
bang. Clear the room, but keep moving through it to the next small room (the 
manager's area behind the glass). Near the connection is a third door going 
into the lobby; wedge that too.

Now, behind the glass near the computer is a door. Gas and clear it, and keep 
moving through the back storerooms and delivery area. It's a linear path and, 
thanks to the wedge you placed at the beginning, there should be no problems.

Now return to the manager's area, and cut the wedge away from the lobby door. 
If the mission still isn't complete (that is, there's still a suspect 
somewhere), they're probably in the lobby hiding. If you've done everything 
I've said though, everyone in the lobby should be dead if they're not a 
hostage. The point is, there shouldn't be anything you need to do in the 
lobby now aside from collecting weapons, securing hostages, and reporting 

|4d. Mission 4: A-Bomb Nightclub|

At an otherwise typical night at the A-Bomb, a gang fight (or race fight if 
you prefer) started between white guys and Hispanics. Shots are fired, and 
who knows how many are hurting or dead. SWAT needs to go in and, to steal 
their phrase, bring order to chaos.

The A-Bomb is annoying, because it's a complete maze with a million doors. 
More than a few wedges will be needed to avoid complete insanity.

This looks like a tough one... you'll deal with a dozen or more suspects, so 
you may be inclined to bring assault rifles. But the place is fairly tight, 
and with no one wearing body armor, assault rifles are pointless (I still 
don't get point of putting JHP rounds in rifles). Take the UMP .45 SMG with 
JHP rounds, and keep it in full-auto. For the team, have them take one wedge, 
two bangs, a gas can, and a stinger each. For you, take two gas cans, a 
stinger, a bang, and the Optiwand.

Enter via the side entrance, as the front entrance is suicide. Head forward, 
and keep your eyes to the left because occasionally there is a civilian or 
two. Stack up at the door, gas it, and clear. Once in, tell blue to cover the 
close door, then take red and clear the next hallway. Tell red to cover the 
door by the stairs, then head up the stairs yourself slowly. Wedge the door 
there, then rejoin red. Scan it, and if there are threats, use a grenade of 
your choice and clear; otherwise, just open and clear. Help red gas and clear 
the next room (the one with a stage), and blue can join you in that room.

This entrance to the whole thing is probably the second-most dangerous part 
of the mission, and it thankfully slows down a bit here. Now, on the far side 
of the room are two doors. Due to the lines of sight behind them, you'll want 
to order gold to bang and clear the LEFT door (assuming you're facing them 
from the stage). When it seems clear, tell blue to cover the hall, the bring 
red up behind the bar and wedge both doors back there.

Keep blue covering the hall past the open window of the T-shirt booth or 
whatever you want to call it. Have red on your tail, and bang the hall to the 
right yourself. Clear the hall, then tell red to clear (without grenades) the 
T-shirt booth as you cover the hall and bathroom doors.

When red is done, call them over. Use the Optiwand on the men's bathroom; if 
you see *anyone*, sting and clear. If you don't, bang and clear. Repeat this 
for the women's bathroom.

With the bathrooms clear, red is pretty much out of grenades. Regroup 
everyone, and wedge the door at the hall intersection. For simplicity's sake, 
we're going to call the room that's on the other side of this door Room A. 
Room A has four doors, three of which are in are our way. We just wedged the 
first one, so we're okay for now.

Now, proceed *carefully* down the hall... you may want lay down some CS 
yourself to make sure you don't get jumped. Leave red by the wooden sign to 
provide cover, then have blue bang and clear the room on the same wall of the 
T-shirt booth window.

Next, tell the whole element to bang and clear the door perpendicular to the 
wooden sign; this is on the wall opposite of the hallway you were just in. 
This room is also the front entrance.

Now, there are two more doors. Tell red to cover the door to the left, which 
also leads to Room A. Tell blue to gas and clear the other one. Have blue 
continue through that room, and you'll finally be in Room A. Clear it, then 
continue through it using the fourth door, the one in the far back.

The next room is the one your sniper is watching... Gas and clear it. The other 
door in that room was the second one you wedged. Cut it, and go through to 
find yourself back at the bar.

Now comes the most dangerous part of this mission. Trace your way through the 
room with the stage, and return to the red hallway where you started 
everything. Go up the stairs at the far end of the hall, and make sure the 
team is behind you. For this particular room, I do not trust the computer to 

Use the Optiwand and see if anyone is behind the door, then cut your wedge 
away. If someone was behind the door, you'll want to bang and enter. If not, 
throw CS in the room, but wait a few seconds for it saturate the air. Then, 
lead the team *slowly* into the room; strafe left so you face right as you 
into the room, because there's no path to the left.

Take the enemies one at a time. That is, don't charge forward to clear the 
room. You may even want to crouch so your reticule stays as small as 
possible. In other words, you need to do this *very* slowly. It's almost a 
certainty that bullets will fly.

Secure everyone up there, and that should do it for the mission. You may have 
to head down the other door in the room to chase down someone who went down 
the other stairwell, but the door past *that* is wedged, so you won't have to 
chase anyone across the map.

|4e. Mission 5: Victory Imports Auto Center|

A few suspects tried stealing a car, and a mechanic called 911 to stop them. 
The cops who responded to the call scared the suspects into the car shop, in 
which they barricaded themselves. The mechanic is still in the shop 
somewhere, and with negotiations breaking down, the decision is made to go 

The auto shop is a two story building. The garage and parking area are on the 
ground floor, and some offices and a lounge are on the top floor. It's also a 
fairly tight area, making shotguns and rifles worthless.

There are far fewer suspects here than in the A-Bomb, so the UMP is 
unnecessary. Go with MP5s for everyone. Revert to the old 2 gas and 2 bangs 
for everyone; plus you'll have the Optiwand, and your allies will carry a 
door wedge each. Also, take have everyone take C2 instead of breaching 

This is the level that was used in the SWAT 4 demo. If you played that, it 
should be a breeze.

Start by entering from the roof. Tell gold to fall in, and hang out by the 
door. Occasionally a suspect will come out of it and onto the roof, and you 
can bust him easily. If he doesn't appear after a few seconds, don't worry 
about it.

Either way, enter and clear the door without any noise or flair. Head down 
the stairs, then look to your right. Another stairwell leads down. Tell blue 
to cover it, then take red to clear the second floor. Send them into the next 
room (the mini-kitchen), while you just turn right and go down the hall. On 
your right, there will be small section that is obscure by tables. Throw a 
gas can into that area, in case a suspect is there. When you clear the hall, 
return to red, and clear the rest of the offices back there.

Once that's done, take red and continue into the lobby area (through the 
offices). Clear the lobby, then head down the hall there until you come to 
another door. This one leads to an office that looks over the garage area; 
you do *not* want to enter this yet. Instead, wedge the door, then return to 

Put gold behind you, then begin going down the stairs. When you can, throw a 
flashbang to the left around the corner. When it goes off, run down the 
stairs and go left around the wall. Clear that little room, and look for two 
doors. The one that's basically on the staircase you just went down leads to 
a little room. You'll want to wedge the *other* door, which leads to the 
parking lot. Clear that little room under the stairs, then turn around and 
continue through the lower floor.

At the next big room (past the door to the bathroom), throw in some CS before 
going in. Clear that room, clear the bathroom, then return to the big room. 
On the far walls are two doors. Wedge the one on the left, then bang and 
clear the one on the right. You're going to be quite exposed in this room, 
but your guys should do a good job of clearing it.

Okay, now, the room you're in has five doors. You entered from one; call it 
Door B. On the *same* wall is another door. Gas and clear that room by 
yourself while your team waits in the room. (It dead-ends because you wedged 
the only other door it has.) Return to your team.

Now, on the wall opposite of Door B is another door, near the corner of the 
room. Wedge it. Of the two remaining doors, wedge the one that is 
perpendicular to Door B. Bang and clear the final door (call it Door C), and 
you'll be in the parking lot.

Before exploring it, clear the van in front of you. There's always a downed 
hostage there, but there may be a couple suspects too. Once that's safe, 
breach, bang, and clear the door between Door C and the van. This leads to a 
large room with a lot of enemy line-of-sight, so be careful. Head up the 
stairs, and clear the back offices, then return to the parking lot.

There's usually only one or two guys in the parking lot. Follow it as it 
bends left, and keep an eye to your right until you see a fenced area. 
There's an opening in the fence, and behind it is a large machine. Usually, 
there's a suspect behind that machine. Take the lead (because the AI officers 
normally screw this up), and gas (or bang if you're out) the area behind the 
machine. Wait until you hear coughing, then head back there and make the 
arrest. After that, exit the small fenced area and check out the rest of the 
parking lot.

That should do it... if not, then probably someone escaped from the parking 
lot through the first floor. You'll unfortunately have to retrace all your 
steps to find anyone remaining.

|4f. Mission 6: Red Library Offices|

Several suspects attempted a bank robbery. They couldn't succeed, but they 
shot two members of the bank security force before running. In the ensuing 
car chase between them and police, the suspects crashed into an office 
building. They entered the offices of Red Library, an Internet software 
company. It's common for workers to be there on weekends (and it's Saturday), 
so it's unlocked and occupied. Some of the hostages have been released in 
exchange for body armor and gas masks.

The Red Library offices are made up of three floors, plus a parking garage 
section that's roughly a half-story below the lowest floor. The halls are 
tight, and the rooms are generally small. This area is, simply put, highly 

The gas masks mean that two enemies will be invincible to gas and pepper 
spray. Because their locations are random, it makes gas in general a fairly 
bad proposition. Give the team three bangs and two door wedges each. You'll 
need four bangs and the Optiwand. For weapons, I recommend you give everyone 
UMPs with FMJ rounds, and tasers as backup.

Begin in the parking garage. Clear the area (feel free to make liberal use of 
the bangs), and go to the wooden door. Pick the lock, then open and clear it 
without bangs. Climb the stairs, wedge the first door you come to, and tell 
blue to cover the second one. Continue to the top door, and tell red to wedge 
it, then return to blue. By the way, the top door is *not* the top floor. 
There are two stairwells, and this one doesn't lead to all four floors.

Go to where blue was covering, and bang and clear it. Move fast, but make 
sure to target ID, because there are a couple human-looking cardboard cutouts 
that may trick you into firing early. Also watch out through the glass, 
because suspects could fire from those isolated server rooms. Once the main 
area seems clear, go to the only door you can, and look for threats. Bang and 
clear either way, and repeat it for both server rooms.

Exit the room once everything is clear. Then, go to the lower door you 
wedged, and remove it. Bang and clear the hallway.

Now comes something a little weird, but there's a method to my madness as 
there always is. As soon as the whole team is in the newest hall, wedge the 
door to your right, *and* re-wedge the door you just used to enter. This will 
effectively cutoff the entire stairwell. Now, from where you entered the 
hall, the second stairwell is to your left. Tell your men to bang and clear 
it, and again wedge the door once you're in it. Now, you have isolated the 
first floor.

The reason you're doing this is because it's easier to attack the first floor 
from an overlooking catwalk on the third. (The server room was the entire 
second floor.) However, if you tried to go to the third floor from the first 
stairwell, you would be too exposed once you were at the top. The second 
stairwell gives you the ability to get to the third floor without getting 

So, yeah... wedge the door once you're in the stairwell, then go up it. Be 
careful, because the entire stairwell is dangerous with cubbyholes here and 
there and bad lines of sight. Anyway, at the top, tell gold to stack up on 
the door, but don't enter yet.

Grab your snipers and make sure everyone is dead where the snipers are 
covering, especially Sniper Two. You may want to move out of the way of the 
door so if someone comes through, you'll be safe while dealing with the view 

When it seems clear, tell gold to open and clear their door without 
flashbangs. Tell blue to cover the hall, then turn hard left with red. Bang 
and clear the room; this is the room Sniper Two is looking at, but he can't 
see the whole thing. Clear it, then wedge the other door.

Return to the hallway, and keep blue covering the rest of the hall. Turn left 
and go down the hall with red, but look right because you'll have a view of 
the catwalk I mentioned earlier. Be careful and prioritize taking out anyone 
on the catwalk first.

At the end of the hall are two doors, one to the catwalk and one to a room. 
Wedge the door to the catwalk, then bang and clear the room. Return to the 
hall, and follow the wall until you find a door near the elevator and wedged 
stairwell. That room is very small, so scout it with the Optiwand before 
doing anything else. The door is probably locked, so if you see a suspect, 
just breach the door with C2. That acts as a flashbang, so at worst it will 
take a follow-up taser shot to take him down.

Call in gold, then continue along the third floor to the "recreation room" 
that Sniper One is looking at. Again, use the sniper to take out anyone you 
can at first, then bang and clear the room proper. Go through the room and 
finally onto the catwalk. Try to take down as many as you can from here who 
are on the first floor. Remember that unlike SWAT 3, when someone complies, 
they will stay compliant even if you run away and go somewhere else. Trace 
along the catwalk and take out anyone you can.

All right, return to the hall, and go through the door into the second 
stairwell. Descend, then cut away your old wedge. Head inside, and re-wedge 
the door. Again, this isolates the first floor. Continue along the hall, 
ignore the bathrooms for a second, and tell blue to cover the last door.

Now, grab red, and bang and clear both bathrooms. There's only a couple more 
rooms left. Tell gold to bang and clear the room that blue was previously 
covering, which is a reception area. Check out the attached entrance of the 
building, then ready yourself for the "cube farm" attached to the reception 
area. Clear the whole cube farm, and you will be finished.

|4g. Mission 7: Northside Vending and Amusements|

The police were using an undercover cop to investigate a purported bookmaking 
ring. When the undercover cop stopped transmitting messages into his wire, 
SWAT was called in to enter the store, possibly to rescue him.

I'll spoil a surprise here for you (hope you don't mind)... halfway through the 
mission, you'll be told to investigate something else entirely. Basically, 
you'll have to go through the store, but there's a second, attached building. 
The primary building is comprised of one floor and a basement. That basement 
connects to another one-story building (a Laundromat). Everything is pretty 
tight and small.

No one is armored or wearing gas masks this time. Go with your standard 
setup: MP5s for everyone, two gas and two bangs for everyone, a door wedge 
for each of the team, an Optiwand for you, and taser backups for everyone 
too. C2 instead of breaching shotguns, by the way.

Only one entry point. Try not to jump when the SWAT van rips the cage off the 
door. Enter and clear the first room, and clear the first door to the right 
that you come to. That room is tiny, and you'll be able to see anyone in 
there with the Optiwand.

In the first room, take the remaining door with a bang. You'll be in the 
front lobby. There are two other doors; wedge the one on the left, then stack 
up on the one on the right. They lead to the same room, but there is an 
overhead loft, and if you entered from the door you wedged, you'd be in the 
line-of-sight of anyone up there.

Your sole sniper is looking at this room. Use him to take out anyone you need 
to, then clear the room without a grenade. Trace your way through the room to 
find a door with an intercom beside it. That door is locked, and leads to the 
basement. Pick the lock, and slowly descend the stairs.

The landing branches off left and right, and you'll receive the second 
objective of checking out the Laundromat. Wedge the door on the right, then 
gas and clear the room to the left. This room is irritating because the 
miscellaneous crap in it makes it a tight maze.

At the opposite end of the room is a staircase and door. Have blue cover the 
door on your level, then take red up the stairs. This is the Laundromat, and 
we're going to take care of it now. Call the door that blue is guarding Door 

The immediate room behind the door needs to be gassed and cleared by you 
personally. Tell red to stack up and cover the door on the right, then you 
need to scout the door to the left (which leads to a bathroom). Clear that 
one yourself, then rejoin red.

Pick the lock, then bang and clear. It's a big room, but the three of you 
should be able to handle it as long as you're in right behind (or in front 
of) your team. That will do it for the Laundromat, so take red and return to 
blue and Door D.

Okay, now you need to bang and clear the next room with gold. Inside that 
room are two more doors. Wedge the door on the opposite wall of Door D, then 
take gas and clear the other door. You should be in a personal, plush office 
with a wall safe and several TVs if you're in the right place. Go through 
that, then bang and clear the next room.

You should be behind a cashier's cage. Clear it, pick the lock of the next 
door, then continue on. In the mini-hallway in front of the cage, the door to 
your left was wedged already. Gas and clear the remaining door, which leads 
to a bar. That done, go through it, and bang and clear the final room to 
finish the mission.

|4h. Mission 8: DuPlessis Wholesale Diamond Center|

The diamond center in question had a rude customer: someone smashed a car 
into it. Many men with body armor and high-powered weapons stormed in, ready 
to take diamonds. There are many hostages inside the building too.

The diamond center has three floors. The top floor is pretty much nothing but 
offices. The middle floor has a couple offices and a couple showrooms. The 
lowest floor has the vault and little else. There are doors everywhere, 
necessitating specific clearing patterns to keep enemies from slipping behind 

Guys with high-powered automatic weapons and body armor? Polish up those Colt 
M4A1 Carbines, because they're getting a field test. All that armor makes JHP 
rounds totally pointless, naturally. Keep everything else the same... two gas 
and two bangs, a wedge or the Optiwand, C2, and tasers.

Okay, first of all? This mission is HARD. It's the hardest mission in the 
game in my opinion. Just try to think of it this way: it gets easier from 
here on out.

The biggest issues in this mission are the hostages. Even on the easiest 
difficulty level, the suspects will have no problem taking out a hostage if 
they're close by when they see you. Remember that you're allowed to fire if 
they're aiming at a hostage. Lose a hostage, and your mission will fail 
(although you can continue playing it).

Now, despite my touted PyroFalkon Accuracy when it comes to my walkthroughs, 
this mission is so insane and difficult that I actually recommend you ignore 
what I say if it seems appropriate to. For example, if I tell you to take a 
room, and you scan it and see that a suspect is looking directly at the door 
you're planning on going in, then forget what I said and try to go to a 
different door to gas him. You'll probably call several audibles before this 
is over.

Also, remember to use your ears. If you scout a room with the Optiwand, but 
you don't see anything, obstacles may block your vision of any suspect. 
Listen for a hostage's cry or a suspect's threat for a clue.

Okay, here we go. Taking the front entrance is suicide, so start at the 
service entrance, but don't move. Activate your snipers, and take out anyone 
you can. If hostages are in the room, aim carefully and go for headshots. If 
hostages are not in the room, aim for legs so you can get a small score for 
avoiding deaths.

Okay, now you're going to clear the top floor in a clockwise pattern. Bang 
and clear the first room, and stay in there for a little while because there 
are usually quite a few suspects roaming around. When it seems clear, look to 
the open arch. That leads to a small stairway. Clear it, but stay on the top 

Next to the stairs is a door leading to a small office. We're going to clear 
it, but from a different way; don't bother wedging this door, though. Return 
to your previous room, pass under the metal detector, then bang and clear the 
single door just beside it.

Trace your way through the office to the door in the far corner. This leads 
to a balcony that overlooks the front entrance. This is a *highly* dangerous 
area because of the pillars. You'll have to move fast, and shoot faster if 
you see anyone. Bang and clear it, then trace your way around the balcony to 
the next open arch. Get in there and clear, then verify that your snipers' 
rooms are clear.

In this hall are four offices. Call the first one on the right Office E. The 
two offices to the left are partially covered by your snipers, so they're the 
easiest to clear. Leave blue to cover the hall, then take red and clear the 
first office on the left. Return to the hallway, then clear the second office 
on the left from the hall also.

Tell blue to cover the door to Office E, then take red and gas and clear the 
final office from this hall. This office, with a projector, connects to 
Office E. It's easiest to clear Office E from the projector room, so gas and 
clear it now. Bring the whole element back together, then clear the next 
hallway from the projector office.

Hopefully you have at least three other officers still. Breach, bang, and 
clear the office in the corner; if the door is already open, gas and clear it 
instead. If the door is closed but unlocked, then *you* need to set the 
breach to do it anyway, followed by your allies banging and clearing it. The 
reasoning is that, if you ask your AI to just charge in, they *will* get shot 
if there's a suspect looking at the door. If your guys are stacked up, 
they'll be ready when your breach goes off.

Exit that office, then take the final door in this hall, you'll be back in 
the first room (the one with the metal detector).

Now, go back to the room with the single staircase. Go *all* the way down, so 
you're on the lowest floor. Clear as you go; it's pretty straightforward at 
first. When you get to the vault, clear it without a grenade. (The place is 
WAY too tight to use any grenade; they become counter-productive.) Spread out 
with your team as best you can to cover all the different paths inside it.

Aside from the safe deposit boxes (SDBs), there is one other room connected 
with two doors. One door is in a mini-room off the SDBs, while the other door 
is very close to one rack of the SDBs. Bang and clear the room through the 
door closest to the SDBs.

You've cleared two floors of this hell, and if you have two other officers 
healthy at this point, you're in good shape. Return to the middle floor, and 
look at the doors. One door is parallel to the stairs, positioned about 
halfway along the wall. Wedge it; even though it's a double door, one wedge 
will do. Bang and clear the other door; this is the first step of clearing 
this floor counterclockwise.

This first room is large with a wooden barricade in the middle of it. The 
barricade has glass, but it's not even close to bulletproof. Carefully move 
your way around it, then, like you did with the SDB room, clear it without a 
grenade. Watch your team's ass when you hit this room.

Now you have two more doors. The door in the far corner (call it Door F) is 
the one you want to go through, so wedge the other one. (It leads to the same 
hallway that led from the first door you wedged; you're basically sealing the 
hallway for now.) Go to Door F, then bang and clear the room.

Go through the other door, and you'll be back at the entrance of the whole 
area. Turn left and go through the other double doors to the hall you have 
otherwise sealed. In this hall, there is only a single door unwedged. Hit 
that room with a bang, clear it, and you should be finished.

If the mission still is not complete, someone probably got around you and 
went upstairs. Head back up and retrace your steps, but do so carefully. If 
you've opened doors, remember to look for closed ones to follow your prey, 
and use liberal use of your Optiwand.

|4i. Mission 9: Children of Taronne Tenement|

Police received a call that states a cult called the Children of Taronne is 
about blow up the dilapidated apartment building in which they have taken 
residence. Police checked the paper trail, and they found large amounts of 
chemicals and fertilizer being bought to the house. The danger is imminent, 
and the explosives are unprotected, so now is the time to move.

The tenement is two floors high, plus a basement. The true fly in the cottage 
cheese is the fact that the buildings are shaped like a U, so while you're on 
one side, you can be seen from the other. This makes movement difficult, and 
stealth of the essence.

No one is wearing body armor here. Suppressed MP5s with JHP rounds, tasers, 
standard tactical stuff.

Like the second mission, you'll see something in this one that's very dark 
and disturbing. Remember not to blow away the suspects when you see it; 
remember your ROE.

By now, you're getting the hang of the proper patterns to clear areas. Start 
at the fire escape for two reasons: 1) it's easier to shoot down than up, and 
2) you'll only have to move one direction (down) instead of two (up then down 
or down then up).

Remember that you're trying this one Metal Gear Solid style, so pick the lock 
on the door to get inside the building. Bang and clear the hall. Wedge the 
first door to your right; this is a stairwell, and you need to seal it as 
soon as possible. Continue down the hall, but watch your right when you're 
exposed in the windows.

Tell blue to cover the hall (when they're away from the windows), then take 
red and clear the first room on the left, which leads to a kitchen. The first 
door on your left leads to a large area that serves as a makeshift staircase 
down to the first floor. Tell red to wedge the door; we'll worry about that 
room later. For now, clear the other door attached to the kitchen.

Turn left to go into an even smaller kitchen, and stack up at the next door. 
Scout it; it should lead to a room with a projector, sort of looking like a 
worship or meeting room. If you see a threat and the door is locked, breach 
and clear. If you don't see a threat, or if you see a threat and the door is 
unlocked, bang and clear the room instead.

Go through there, then stack up at the next door. The next room where Sniper 
One is scouting. Clear the area with your sniper as much as you can, then 
bang and clear the room. Ignore the first door to your right, and instead 
take the door around the corner; they lead to the same room. The white door 
in this little room leads back to the hallway, so don't worry about it.

Instead, personally gas and clear the adjacent door-less bathroom if there 
are any threats, then stack up at the final door with red. This room is being 
watched by Sniper Two. Clear it with the sniper and then go in as you did 

With that done, the whole second floor is secure, clear, and cut off from the 
enemy. We're not *quite* done up here, but we are done for now. Return to the 
hallway, call blue back over, and descend to the first floor using the stairs 
in the hall at the opposite end from where you entered it.

Now, because you started from the fire escape, there is a slim chance that 
someone will be in the small entrance to the building which is at the foot of 
the stairs. You can see if there's anyone there through the windows, but open 
the door regardless of threats. If the door is locked, pick it; no reason to 
waste a C2 charge.

Okay, red has had all the glory so far, so it's their turn to cover the 
hallway. Assuming you're coming down the stairs, bang and clear the first 
door on your right.

There are three attached rooms here. Look left as you come into the room; 
this is Door H. To the right is Door I. Across from you is a kitchen. 
Personally gas and clear the kitchen, then bang and clear Door H with blue. 
With that done, bang and clear Door I.

Now, in Door I, there is a white wooden door without a design. This is Door 
J, which leads to that stairwell we wedged earlier. Tell blue to wedge Door 
J, then personally clear the door with a design (it leads to a tiny 
bathroom). Return to the first floor hallway; we'll deal with the stairwell 
later too.

Okay, reunite the element, then bang and clear the remaining door of this 
hall. The first door on the left leads to that big room joining the first and 
second floors; wedge it. We'll deal with it soon.

Lead the element back to the first door you wedged on this floor (near the 
stairs and entrance). Cut it, then gas and clear. As soon as you're through, 
tell the element to gas and clear the first door to the right. Meanwhile, you 
need to gas and clear the kitchen, then cover the door there in case the 
element scares anyone out of it.

Once that section is clear, you have successfully cleared the entire upper 
floors save the big room. That's what we're hitting next. Tell the element to 
fall in, then return to the top floor. Cut your wedge away from the door 
leading to the staircase. Bang and clear that room by working your way down 
and around; if the door is locked, breach, bang, and clear it. Remember that 
the lower door is wedged, so no one can run.

All that's left is the stairwell and basement. Return to the top floor, and 
cut away the wedge you placed. Head down the stairs slowly. When you get to 
the bottom-most door, it will probably be locked. Breach it, but don't use a 
grenade because there's no room for your guys to have cover while you throw 

Prepare yourself for what you're about to see... You'll be in a room with a 
graveyard full of the cultists' children. Like Lawrence Fairfax before him, I 
almost executed Andrew Taronne on the spot for this. I mean, I know it's just 
a game, but still... The best games make you *feel* what's going on, and the 
combination of the visual and the way TOC and Officer Fields react to it, 
plus the creepy music... It's just chilling.

Anyway, if you're still not done, there's one room attached to the graveyard. 
Bang it, clear it, and that should do it. Here's hoping Andrew Taronne gets 

|4j. Mission 10: St. Michaels Medical Center|

A diplomat representing South Korea was attacked just after he left a 
restaurant. Although he was saved, many of the surviving attackers escaped. 
The diplomat was taken to a hospital for treatment, but several gunmen rushed 
the hospital hours after. There was not enough time for a proper security 
detail to guard him, and it can only be assumed the gunmen are not going to 
be beaten back.

The medical center is two floors high. The top floor has the lobby and 
operating rooms, while the bottom floor has research rooms. No snipers will 
be available to assist you.

The gunmen are well-armed and wearing body armor, similar to the guys from 
the DuPlessis Diamond Center. M4A1 Carbines for everyone with FMJ rounds, 
standard tactical gear. C2 for breaching equipment.

This place has a lot of windows, most of which are embedded in the doors. 
Your bullets easily penetrate the glass, but for some reason the enemies 
won't take advantage of it. You can shout compliance through the glass, and 
you won't have to worry about them firing at you until they have a clear 
(non-window-blocking) shot.

The bad guys don't want to be taken alive. They will often do a "suicide by 
cop" technique, either aiming at you or hostages once they hear your voice. 
Remember that if they're on the other side of a window, hear you, and aim at 
a hostage, you are cleared to kill them. 

Start the mission from the front door, and bang and clear the first room (the 
lobby). As you enter the lobby, bear left. There is a door leading to a small 
waiting area, but beyond that is a door leading downstairs. Wedge that door. 
Then, get behind the reception desk, clear that little room, and wedge the 
far door.

Return to the lobby, then follow the wall left from the room behind the 
reception desk. The next pair of double doors is your next target. Get in 
there, bang, and clear. Check the side room to your right (the operating 
room) as you travel down this hall.

Two rooms that are connected to each other are slightly off the hall you're 
currently in, so we're going to take care of those. Turn the corner to the 
right, and tell blue to cover the hall. Then, take red into the door closest 
to you. Clear that room and the one through it, then you'll rejoin blue in 
the hall.

Continue down the hall, past the dead girl on the stretcher to the left, and 
approach the small desk to the right. First, scout the double doors to the 
left in case anyone is in that hall. Then, look at the single doors; the one 
to the right is directly behind the small desk. Have blue cover that door, 
then tell red to gas and clear the other one.

With that done, you'll have cleared the first floor. Return to the lobby, and 
go to the single door leading to the staircase. Cut away your wedge and enter 
the stairwell.

Open and clear the door at the bottom of the stairwell without a grenade. 
Wedge the double doors to your left, then turn right. There's a single door 
at the end of this tiny hall. Tell blue to cover it, then go down the main 
hall and take the first door on your right. Bang and clear, then gas and 
clear the adjacent shower room.

Reunite the element, then go back into the main hall. Go the end, scout and 
turn the corner to the left, then observe the door to the autopsy room. This 
is Door K. Gas and clear the autopsy room. Tell blue to stay in there and 
cover the other door, then take red back through Door K. Turn left, then bang 
and clear the hall through the double doors. At the next corner, bang and 
clear again. You're basically chasing any remaining suspects into the doors 
you wedged and/or the door blue is covering. Finish that hall, and you should 
be done.

|4k. Mission 11: The Wolcott Projects|

Hadeon Koshka is a frequent visitor to the United States. Whenever he stops 
by, a bunch of illegal Russian weapons show up on the streets. The police 
have managed to get an undercover officer into Koshka's operation, who 
reported a Koshka's latest deal. Although normally the ATF (Bureau of 
Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) handles illegal arms busts, but 
SWAT can respond to this one faster, so SWAT gets the call.

The meeting is going down in a dilapidated building in the projects. It's two 
stories tall plus a one-room basement, with enough of an external area to be 
a problem.

All the suspects are fairly well armed, but no one is wearing body armor. Go 
in with the standard setup: MP5s with JHP for everyone, two gas, two bangs, 
C2, a wedge for team, and the Optiwand for you.

First of all, there's a special objective you have to be careful of. The 
undercover officer who got into the Koshka operation is named Keith Jennings. 
You need to meet up with him. He will immediately drop his weapon and 
surrender no matter what difficulty you're on, once you shout compliance of 
course. However, be aware that he is carrying a pistol, and he will "act" 
like a suspect to secure his role.

The reason I point that out is that you get your snipers back for this one. 
You do *not* want to snipe Jennings. Jennings wears an unbuttoned green coat 
over a white sweater and brown pants, has short dark brown hair, wears 
glasses, and carries a silver-colored pistol. You can also see a picture of 
him on the briefing screen. If you have him in your sniper's crosshairs, do 
not pull that trigger.

Okay, starting out, make your entry from the side alley. Pull up your snipers 
and eliminate anyone you can, again being aware of Keith Jennings. Once 
you're ready to move out, follow the wall to your right. You'll end up 
entering the building through a hole in the wall. Tell blue to cover the door 
to the right, then take red and clear room behind the left. In that room is 
another, smaller room (a bathroom). Otherwise, that room is by its lonesome.

Go back to the first room to rejoin blue. Tell the element to gas and clear 
the door blue had been guarding. Go through there, then scout the white 
wooden door. If there is an enemy near it, use C2 even if the door is not 
locked. If there is no enemy in sight, just bang and clear the hall.

Once you're in the hall, wedge the first door on your left. This is a 
stairwell, which you don't need to worry about yet. The first door on your 
right leads outside; ignore it. The next door you see leads to a room, and 
the one after that leads to a second stairwell. Tell blue to cover the door 
to the second stairwell, then tell red to gas and clear the small room on 
this floor. Once they do, wedge the other door in there.

Return to blue, and take the element down the stairs. Wedge the door to the 
basement, then climb to the second floor. Scout under the door; again, if you 
see anyone, order the element to use C2 even if the door is unlocked. 
Otherwise, bang and clear.

Things get weird upstairs, because fallen furniture is in your way and 
doesn't make movement as smooth as downstairs (as if it's smooth in the first 
place). Once you're through the door, you'll have to turn right and go into a 
really broken room to advance. You can step out onto the balcony through a 
white door, but look at Sniper One's view first; he's got a perfect line to 
that balcony, possibly saving you a trip.

Take the element and clear the rest of the second floor as you come to it. 
The area is rather cramped, so make liberal use of your gas and bangs, and 
you should be fine.

|4l. Mission 12: Old Granite Hotel|

A militia group called America Now has kidnapped a real estate tycoon and his 
general contractor as they toured a hotel. Additionally (though it is not 
said in the briefing), there are bombs on-site.

The hotel is under construction in some parts, and constructed in others. In 
truth, the entire map is only two floors. The lower floor contains a few 
hotel rooms, a break room, and a small construction area. That area leads to 
a large construction area, which takes up the entire second floor. The 
construction areas are littered will all sorts of crap, making for cover for 
you and the baddies. There are four bombs you'll have to disarm, one of which 
is in the stairwell joining the two floors. The other three are in various 
rooms around the second floor construction area. That second floor, by the 
way, feels friggin' huge.

Every weapon in the game has a purpose, and now it's time for the GB36s to 
make its debut. The enemies are armored, but the halls are too small to use 
the M4A1 Carbine. Equip everyone with the GB36s and standard tactical gear.

The bombs are on a timer, but the timer won't start until you find the first 
one. The plan is to snipe everyone possible on the upper floor, then clear 
the lower floor, then head up and clear the upper floor while taking care of 
the bombs. Simple, huh?

Okay, start in the elevator shaft. Take point, and lead the element to the 
hallway. Tell blue to cover the hall to the left, and tell red to cover the 
hall to the right. Then, crouch between them, and open your sniper window. 
Blast away anyone you see who's wearing a green balaclava.

With the threats down, take red and proceed down the hall to the right. Use 
the Optiwand to make sure you don't have an unwelcome surprise as the hall 
bends. When you reach the door that leads to the construction area (it's a 
flimsy wooden thing), wedge it.

Now it's time for the hotel rooms. You'll have to adjust my following words 
depending on a certain circumstance. If a door is locked, then you'll need to 
scan the room with the Optiwand. If you see anyone and the door is locked, 
breach the door with C2 and ignore the grenade I recommend. If you see no 
one, pick the lock, and go with the grenade.

Okay, we're starting easy. Gas and clear the nearest hotel room (room 625) to 
that door. It's comprised of only the main room and a dark bathroom, so it 
should be easy to clear.

Exit the room and proceed back along the hall to the next room, 624. Scout it 
with the Optiwand. If you see anyone, or the bathroom door (in the same 
location as in room 625) is open, bang and clear the room. Otherwise, gas and 
clear it. If the bathroom door was closed, scout it, then clear it as you see 

The other door in this room leads to room 623, which is being watched by 
Sniper One. Between the sniper's view and your Optiwand, you'll be able to 
view damn near the whole room. If you see no one, take point and just lead 
red in yourself. Use the Optiwand to check the area near the bathroom and 
closet, because that is one area the sniper cannot see. If you have 
reflections turned on in your option screen, and the bathroom door is open, 
you'll be able to use the bathroom mirror to scout the whole room without 
entering. Clear the whole thing at your discretion, then exit into the main 
hallway. Sniper One is now finished.

You should be standing in front of blue. Unite the element, then proceed down 
the hallway. Again, use the Optiwand to check around the hall corners so you 
don't get jumped. Proceed to the end of the hall, and tell blue to stack up 
at the door to the construction area. Near it is a break room; scout it, 
because you'll be able to see everything in the room. If you see a suspect, 
gas and clear. If you only see a hostage or civilian, just go on into the 
room and taser his ass if he doesn't comply.

Gas and clear the final hotel room (room 622) with red also. With that done, 
tell the element to stack up at the nearby construction door where blue is 
already hanging out.

Now, this next step needs to be done fast, so read the entire paragraph and 
go over it in your head before doing it. First, tell gold to bang and clear. 
Enter the thin area, turn left, and tell blue to immediately stack up the 
door to your immediate right. (This leads to the stairwell linking the two 
floors.) Tell red to fall in, personally throw a gas grenade down the hall, 
and quickly go and secure anyone you see. Also throw a gas grenade or 
flashbang into the room at the end, because there's a blind spot where you 
may be ambushed if you just go in.

With that, the entire lower floor is clear. If all four of your fellow 
officers are still on their feet, you're in good shape. Tell gold to stack up 
or cover the door to the next floor (depending on whether it's open), then 
check Sniper Two again. Blow away any new suspects in his sights, because 
we'll be there soon, and we'll be on a time limit.

Move and clear into the stairwell, then head up. One of your officers will 
point out a suitcase, and your alter ego will send a message to TOC. Use the 
Wave to disarm the bomb, then continue up the stairs. You now have 9 minutes 
and 13 seconds to disarm the rest of the bombs (there are four total, so you 
only need to take care of three). If you can disarm the bombs in that time 
limit, the time limit will clear, and you can take out the rest of the 
enemies at your leisure. The bombs' locations jump around randomly, so you'll 
need to use your ears as well as your eyes to locate the suitcases.

At the top of the stairs, wedge the door to your left, then take gold and 
open and clear the door to the right without a grenade. Enter, close the door 
behind you, and re-wedge the door. We're going to take this section 
counterclockwise, and we're not going to waste time using the Optiwand from 
here on out.

Assuming you're entering the room, turn right and proceed down the hall. Gas 
and clear the first door to the right, then exit back to the hall. Due to the 
time limit, tell your guys to deal with cuffing people while you run around 
securing weapons and reporting. Remember, if you're *really* pressed for 
time, just ignore them; remember that once they're on their knees, they're no 
longer a threat in SWAT 4.

Exit the room, turn right, and turn left around the corner. The next room to 
the right needs to be gassed and cleared too. Do so, exit the room, turn 
right, and turn left around the corner. The next door to your right leads to 
a large area being watched by Sniper Two. Check one last time for targets, 
then go in and clear the first part. Throw a bang around the corner, then 
turn it and clear the second area.

Again throw a bang around the next corner, and yet again go and clear. A bomb 
is usually near the door; if the door is open, tell gold to just move and 
clear through the door while you disarm the bomb. If the door is closed, 
disarm the bomb first, *then* enter and clear the door. You'll be back in the 
building, and your snipers are now done.

Once through the door, turn right, then turn left as the hall bends. Gas and 
clear the next door you see to your right. You'll be back in the open, but 
you'll have no snipers to help you. Bear left a bit, and put your crosshairs 
next to the portable toilet. You'll actually be allowed to give a "gas and 
clear" order despite a lack of a door, so do it.

Exit the room, and continue along the hall. You'll soon be on the wedged door 
leading to the stairwell. With that entire section done, there's only one 
more room to cover. Cut your wedge, then go into the stairwell again. Then, 
cut away your wedge from the other door on that landing. Bang and clear the 
room, and throw a gas grenade personally if you have one. Secure everyone 
there, and you should be done. If not, search the construction area of the 
second floor again.

|4m. Mission 13: Mt. Threshold Research Center|

A violent activist group called the Army of Faith has invaded a university 
laboratory. The Army of Faith opposes DNA testing and stem cell research; 
this lab was a leading location for such research. Although university police 
contained suspects within the building, there is also an unknown number of 
hostages and civilians inside. The suspects cut the security system, so no 
one has any idea of specific numbers. Also at large is a suitcase that 
contacts names and numbers of other scientists in the field, which means that 
needs to be secured too so the Army of Faith doesn't have more targets.

The research center is two floors connected by a billion doors. Complicating 
things more is the fact that there are two sets of stairs linking the floors, 
giving way too much room for the suspects to run around in. The halls and 
rooms are fairly open, and while there is a large number of windows 
everywhere, none of the glass is bulletproof.

This one requires a slightly special setup. With the suspects possessing body 
armor and the area being pretty open, the M4A1 Carbine with FMJ rounds is the 
best weapon. Take your taser as a backup, as usual. For tactical gear, give 
everyone two gas cans, one bang, and *two* wedges. You need to take the 
Optiwand, one gas can, one bang, and two wedges. With 10 combines wedges, you 
should have enough to deal with all the doors.

Snipers are out for this one. Because of the briefcase you need to secure, 
keep an eye out for the hostage named Dr. Theodore Sturgeon. Normally, his 
briefcase is in the same room as he is. It's always on a surface (a table or 
desk), and is *very* large. It's a dirty gray color, but is textured similar 
to the bombs. It's also large, so you won't have to "pixel hunt" to find it.

Enter from the front doors and foyer. Because of your starting location, 
there will be few people in the foyer (well, few who can stand anyway). Tell 
blue to cover the door behind the desk, then take red up the stairs. Have 
them wedge both doors up on the catwalk. Look around for anyone to report, 
then head down back to blue.

Open and clear the double doors without a grenade. Turn right, and tell blue 
to wedge the single door there. Follow the hallway around, and you'll come to 
two sets of double doors. Wedge the set that is between the signs marked 
Central Workstation and Animal Research. Enter and clear the other set, and 
wedge the door you see on your left.

Okay, now you should be in a hall with two doors on the right side. When you 
enter this hall, be careful of the yellow-tinted window to the left. Bullets 
can and probably will fly through the glass. Remember to feel free to blow 
away any suspects who are holding guns to hostages.

When it seems clear, tell blue to stack up at the single door closest to the 
double doors you entered the hall from (which is across the hall from the 
door you just wedged). Take red, then gas and clear the far door. Both doors 
on that wall lead to the same room, but this one gives a better view. Unite 
the element, then look at the other single door in that room.

That door leads to a small hall that you've already isolated. (The double 
doors in it are wedged.) The other single door is your next target. Use the 
Optiwand, and if you see anyone, gas and clear. Otherwise, just clear the 
room without noise. Inside this small room (it has a red floor if you're in 
the right place) are two wooden doors and a metal one. Wedge the two wooden 
doors, then enter and clear the room attached to the metal door. Once in 
there, stack up on the next metal door.

This room is highly dangerous, so be ready to lose an officer or two. Make 
sure your taser and M4A1 are reloaded. Gas and clear, and *quickly* help out 
your allies with shots or compliance if necessary. Even after everyone is 
compliant, don't cuff anyone until you clear the adjacent room (with another 
red floor). You need speed here more than anything else.

Once that's done, you'll have secured the entire lower floor aside from the 
small room behind the yellow-tinted glass. We'll get to that eventually. For 
now, cut the wedge away from the single door in this room, and you'll be back 
in the main hall. Exit that into the foyer, then climb back up to the catwalk 
to the doors you and red wedged when you started this mission.

Cut away the wedge from the single door, then gas and clear. The only other 
door there leads to a hall, so go in. Turn left and wedge the double doors, 
then stack up at the single door. Bang and clear, and be careful around the 
next yellow-tinted window that faces a hall. Near that window is a door to 
the hall; head in there and clear the hall.

Now, there are three doors. The single door directly to the right leads to 
the elevators, which was the alternate entry point. Clear that room, then go 
back into the hall. Wedge the double doors, then bang and clear the other 
single door.

This next room should have a rack of white uniforms if you're in the right 
place. Now, you have a decision to make based on your situation. At the end 
of this room are two doors.

If you have any wedges left, wedge the right door, then go down and read and 
do Paragraph L, followed by Paragraph M.

If you have no wedges but you do have two teams, tell blue to cover the left 
door. Read and do Paragraph M first, then Paragraph L.

If you have no wedges and only one team, or you have no wedges and all your 
buddies are down and you have at least one of your flashbang or gas can left, 
perform Paragraph M first, then Paragraph L.

If you have no wedges, you're by yourself, and you have no bangs or gas left, 
pray to whatever god you worship that you'll get out of this alive, then 
perform Paragraph L first and Paragraph M second.

PARAGRAPH L (Clearing the rest of the upper floor hallway) - Enter and clear 
the door on the left. This small hallway has a set of double doors. Enter and 
clear this set of double doors to find yet another hallway with *three* more 
sets of double doors. However, all sets are wedged. You are now done with the 
upper floor halls!

PARAGRAPH M (Clearing the rest of the lower floor) - Gas and clear the right 
door, the one next to the "Cryogenics" sign. (Enter and clear if you have no 
gas, because you'll want to save up your bang.) The other door in this room 
leads to the other staircase. Gas and clear it (or bang and clear if you're 
out of gas). One more room... the final door in this room is your last stop. 
You won't have to worry about enemies running, because the only other door in 
this room is wedged. Clear this room, and you'll have finished the lower 

Complete both paragraphs, and you'll be done with this mission! And the whole 
game, for that matter! Congratulations, sergeant.


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Good luck in SWAT 4, and may all suspects and hostages comply without bullets 
needing to be expelled.