Mass Effect 2: FAQ/Walkthrough


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* Game:	        Mass Effect 2             *
* Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
* For:		XBox 360, PC              *
* Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email:  *
* Web:  *

Version 1.0 - At least one version of the game completed. Yeah, very not
	complete at this time in terms of presentation, but will do soon.

Table Of Contents
Use quick find (Ctrl + F) and type in the code or level. 

	Section:		Code:

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls			( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
4. The Guide			( FAQ4444 )

	(imagine a fancy list right here of all 29 mission)
		(coming soon)

10. Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

After my brief hiatus, and an icy blizzard here in Oklahoma, I have returned
to the craft and have played the thus far game of the decade!

Okay, it's not the greatest game of all time, too many quirks and awkward
bits here and there to say it's perfection. And the combat is still a little
jerky, and the "free roam" exploration aspect looks a little tired now. 

But all that in mind, this is still the one of the only games to lose many
weeks on many playthroughs. 

I gotta be honest, with my experience in Warcraft, this will be a most 
interesting series of playthroughs, and should be a solid guide.


* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. Investigate and left side of conversation wheel are usually reserved for 
the items that do not end the chat line. They are usually just FYI pieces,
but sometimes they do lead to a better resolution if you dig a little. And
of course the left is for all reputation options, if you can.

#2. There are three basic class mechanics to this game: guns, biotics, and
tech. All have abilities within that not only take care of each other, they
also counter the following types of protection: shield/barrer, armor, health.

#3. Health is the last bar on all enemies, and it means they are free for
biotics. Shields are countered by the Overload power. Barriers are countered
by guns. And armor is beaten by several types of attacks. Basically, you
should have a way to get that enemy's protection down.

#4. For the 360, you click the LS to bring up either a map or an objective
tracking radar. Helpful if you are lost.

#5. You can take full command of you allies. For 360, the left and right on
the D-Pad correspond to the icons of your teammates at the bottom of the 
screen. If your cursor is over an enemy, they will attack; if not they will
go to that place. Pressing Down returns your pals to you. 

#6. Also, don't forget to know if you have your teammates' powers on auto,
because if you don't mind micro-managing, you should disable it. They will
use their best powers if you command them to attack.

#7. Speaking of which, you can map your own powers to several buttons on the
360 (open the power wheel and follow the prompts to map).

#8. Armor upgrades must be equipped in your cabin on the ship.

#9. Be sure to always change your and your squad's ammo and guns for the 
needed enemies, or just keep a good mix and go for it.

#10. If you don't save often, which may not be needed, you may find your 
"Resume" option after death taking you to your last physical save. You should
have three options: last save, restart the whole mission, or load up your last
auto-save (this is the best option always).

#11. You can melee (B) crates and such.
map powers

* 4. The FAQ  ( FAQ4444 )                                                     *

If you played Mass Effect, you may load the GAME COMPLETE data on your memory

There are 4 things to account for if you do this: (slight spoilers if you plan
to play these games in reverse, but you'll find these out anyway)

Status of Wrex, the big lizard guy
Status of Ashley or Kaiden
Status of the Council from the end of the game
And your Shepard's actions and background (both of which you made before and 
	during the game), and your class/spec is not accounted for either, or
	your appearence.

I believe a fresh toon here generates the following:

Council alive
Anderson a member
Opposite gender member dead
Liara not a love interest
Wrex alive (I believe)

Of course turn on subtitles too. One thing to keep in mind is whether you want
your allies using their best stuff in combat or you want to tell them when to
use it. Gameplay may vary slightly depending on which choice you make, but you
can change this option at any time in the pause menu, you just may not realize
there is a problem with your choice later.

Mission 1: The Return

The Escape

Two choices to make here, then you're in control of the thus-far faceless 
Shepard. Just head forward and then up the right stairs. Then across the ol'
stompin' grounds to save Chris, I mean Joker. One choice and that's it.

Without giving much away, you can now choose your face and specialization. No,
you do not have to keep either from your ME1 game, you can start both from
scratch right here (especially if you don't remember an imported character's
spec); feel free to "tweak" a face, the options are a big more refined in this
game as far as I can tell, but not by much.

As far as specs, here is the breakdown:

Soldier - gun specialist (best choice for new players)
Infiltrator - stealth, long range, and tech (probably the best choice)
Vanguard - biotics and close range (hard to play to its fullest)
Sentinel - the combo of biotic and tech abilities
Adept - pure biotics  (you own un-protected enemies)
Engineer - pure tech (drone)

Clearly, if you never played this game before, you may want to stick to 
Soldier - everything else requires a little more effort. My money is on 
Infiltrator being OP (overpowered).

What you do not get to change is your history from the first game if you have
imported. I think it's a safe bet to say you get to select that here if 
starting fresh.

Yet Another Escape

Pick up the gun, then take the cover by the door. Grab the ammo through the
door, vault over the barrier ahead, and then either use cover or just blast
the enemy up the steps. The little redish things on the ground are ammo, so
walk over them to pick them up and don't forget to reload often.

*NOTE: You can zoom with a gun for better aim.*

Through the next door, take cover and quickly dispatch the first bot, but
stay in cover as three more pop out from the left. Just bursts of fire to
take them out, but probably more than safe to just stand and kill everything.
Grab ammo, also in the left room, then go forward. 

Quick little bit in the hall, then pick up the grenade launcher in the next
room. Use the weapon selection button, and you are pausing the game in case
some fire moving tricks you, so highlight and select the launcher, then use
it as the door opens below. Take the nearby lift down, and finally, run through
the fire - don't walk.

Head into the forward room for a data log (only need to listen to once). Then
use the safe on the wall. It's just a game of match. Mouse over the nodes to
reveal their symbols, and before the tallies in the upper right are gone just
find the four matches to advance (select the first and then the second, and of
course the second selection does not reveal the symbols). One more log in here
before you exit.

Another log up the steps by a window, then go through the door and help the 
dude out. You get a brief ally controlling direction. It's basically the 
same as selecting a weapon, except you can move the camera to select targets
to execute the orders. In this case, just practice telling Jacob to Pull all
three bots. And I guess you can "ask some questions" like a dork while the 
ship is under attack, if you must.

*NOTE: Remember for the chat options, the left side is usually reserved for 
choices that don't end the current chat thread, it's usually just some side
bit. It's the right side choices that are: Good, neutral, and Bad from top to
bottom. These choices do affect your personality and unlock future choices and
things like that. Basically, you want to select one line of choices and stick
to them, and progress in Paragon and Renegade carry-over slightly from ME1.*

One data log on the bench before you head out. Three bots in the next room, 
then there is time to go left up ahead before using the door so you can pick
up a data log.

*NOTE: I won't be very in detail about the conversations from here on out, I'll
let you enjoy the choices you make and leave it up to you if you want to 
hear about non-crucial stuff or not.*

Through the door, go ahead and act like you "remember" this guy, then pick up
the health on the wall. Then use the "unity" option in the group wheel. A
group of robots to fry, then stand far from the crates and have the new guy's
Overload option blow the boxes out of your path. 

In the next hall you find a data pad to hack. This game is a bit confusing to
understand. At the top it will display lines of code, and in the scrolling 
boxes you need to find that code and select it. Skimming over the X's is bad,
and so is choosing the wrong code - you have three "strikes" tallied at the 
bottom. All I know is you can just wait until you have found the right box,
don't assume that one is "close enough" to the displayed code.

A few bots in the next room, and in this big room you can advance up either 
side. I say up the left side, where at the top of the ramp you run into two
squads of droids to the left and right, and then a big group through the door 
to the right (use the GL on your back). In the left room you have a log, safe,
and data pad to access and test your hacking skills.

Collect ammo and head through the right door for a scene. Feel free to ask
some questions now, since she asked of course, and feel free to move on when

The Illusive Man

The questions continue, and I believe the third one is an actual test question,
meaning one choice is not correct. If you don't recall or didn't play the 
first game, 50/50 chance it's A.

On the next ship, visit the locker on the wall to change colors on your suit 
and the occassional "casual" look; it's pretty much for cutscenes only. Then
further down to meet the dude.

Next, open your Squad option and start spending points. For you, just get that 
bottom choice up (which should be to also improve your Paragon/Renegade scores
in chat). And feel free to read up on all the stuff, even the gray options you
can unlock, before selecting anything. You can always undo your choices until
you exit the screen.

You can now go and have more personal chats with Miranda and Jacob (through the
investigate option), for maybe a little more than just their histories (that 
alien, lesbian love angle from the last game didn't just happen, it took some

Head out through the door for a report on what just happened.

You'll notice there is an experience report, extremely brief story summary,
weapons found, credits found, and import bonuses. 

The import bonuses are if you imported a ME1 toon (character). From my rich
level 50, I got the following:

Start at level 3
30,000 Credits
5000 Element Zero (whatever that is)
5000 Iridium
5000 Palladium 
5000 Platinum (clearly this is my "bling" total)
And a sizable start in whatever rep path I chose for this toon

And then they also threw in 100,000 extra credits for being rich (and no, I
don't know exactly how rich I was in the last game, nor if I even made an 
effort to get so much money, nor what the money was used for!).

So if I don't connect with you poor saps out there, you can kiss my 5000

*NOTE: Yeah, these are not game-changing perks, but they are a nice way to 
reward those of us that did endure some of the "bogginess" of the first game.
Yes, Mako, I mean you.*

Mission 2: The Hunt Begins, Again

Starting From Scratch

*NOTE: There are three types of enemies: armor, shields, and open enemies.
You have a few extra guns, and just know that you've been up against armor
thus far and will be. Your pistol from the first mission is still good to use,
unless you don't spec in guns or have a better option. Don't be using a shotgun
on robots, it doesn't work (that's just one example of something you need to be
aware of as the game goes on).*

*NOTE: Now that your guys are in your team, remember to spend their combat 
points in the pause menu.*

Head through the first building and before you hit the next door, salvage some
parts to the left of it (like I need scraps, I'm loaded! okay, I'll stop). 
There are two bots in front, two the right, two small bots incoming, and I 
believe more bots across the gap. Just take out the right ones first, then
worry about the small bots, and then the ones on the other side. 

Head into the building to the right for a safe and gel. Be ready for two 
enemies when you exit, then go meet an old friend. In the next room is a bot
hiding behind the counter, then a safe to crack. Head out for a battle with
some turrets and flying drones. They aren't very durable, so don't waste your
GL on them, or a ton of ammo.

Gel in the first room, then another fight with the turret things down the ramp.
Set up your team using the displayed controls, then take cover yourself. The
big mech is not hard, just use Miranda's overload to take out it's shields, 
then unload on it and take cover. You can't stay in the starting spot for long,
so take refuge to the left building where you will find ammo for your GL. Then
you can either unload on it more with your gun or the GL.

*NOTE: Only when an enemy's health bar (top of screen) is red are you taking 
out its health. If it's not red then you need to take away its immunity.*

The left building also has a safe, there is a suit at the back of the area to
salvage, and then the friend is in the right building. Take the forward door to
meet the target.

It may be worth choosing the "I had a good team" option for FYI stuff, although
you really don't learn a lot about the old gang.

Mission 3: The Archangel

That New Ship Smell

Basically a long-ass intro to your new ship... the Normandy.

But things get interesting with Kelly Chambers, who is nearby after the 
scene. Again, the alien, lesbian love scene didn't happen overnight! Rome 
wasn't built in a day!

You can find Joker up front, Jacob in the back room, and EDI everywhere who
can offer info on the areas of the ship. There isn't much to do though, as the
weapon upgrades and lab are no working at the moment. The elevator can take 
you to any of these areas: 

Captain's Cabin (that's you) - fish tank, achievements, cheesy music, all the
	stuff you were expecting.
Crew's Quarters - chef Gardner to pick up a list, ol' Chakwas and her booze, 
	and Miranda, who I think you would need to investigate before learning
	about her.
Dock - Gabby and Ken who need couplings, and an EDI by the mass effect core.

Once your tour is over, head to level 2 and get on the map. Fly into the sun
and do donuts in space - "how's meh drivin' bro!" - and then land in Omega.

The Omega Connection

Go out and look out left for a quick view. Then into AfterLife. Before you
meet Aria, go right and pick up the Brandy by the bar. Feel free to order up a 
few rounds, then go meet Aria up the stairs at the back. Ask her about both
of your targets.

Before you sign up with the nearby mercs, head below Aria and down the steps.
Helen Blake is behind the door, the lady who you killed two warlords for in
the first game. Then head down to the lower bar and break the second rule of
Omega: don't order a drink at AfterLife.

Once you do, you'll be in the back alley. There is a Shisk and friend to 
speak to, then feel free to stop by Kenn's Salvage nearby for the couplings 
for your engineers. And probably that's where you stop spending. 

Then speak to Kenn, and hopefully with the Paragon path you can cut a deal.
And after that, feel free to give him 1000 credits to get out of this hell-
hole - well, at least I have the money to blow.

You can also:

Get rejected by a bouncer
Gain Paragon with Marsh and buy his cheapies
Speak with Harrot and maybe buy his hack module and shield regenerator
And the lovable Mad Prophet

Take the door behind him to return to the AfterLife. Head back down to the 
Batarian Bartender and if you have the "Paragon" path, you get exactly what you

Of course you can go tip the dancer in the corner, then head up the left side
to the room to meet Patriarch. The door nearby his room just leads back to
the alley.

If you revisit the lower bar, you find a much friendlier bartender. There is
also a dancer in the other corner you can just dance with, I dunno.

The Plan

Head back up to the main floor and talk with the Merc Recruiter. Watch for the 
"Renegade" symbol in the lower right corner and you should be able to perform
the action when talking to the merc. And upon leaving, you talk with a kid and
can do a Paragon action.

Head to the front of AfterLife and Gavorn is waiting on the right. Further
behind him is the transport to Archangel's lair.

Chat it up, then head toward the end, up the left wall, and through the door.
Speak with Jaroth, then pick up the data pad that Aria will want; this is a 

Through the door, take the left door for a pad to hack, some ore, and then
hack the big mech to "slow down" the mercs later. In the next room is Garm,
that's all. Head out into the open and hack a data pad. Then hack a door on
the right and go in for lots of stuff. Run across to meet Cathka. Get ready
for a renegade action toward the end.


When you "attack" starts, you are then against the mercs, so you can either 
start soon or let them start on Archangel before taking out the mercs, but they
are the enemies and will fire back once you start on them. Just clear your
way up to the top and meet the wanted man.

Now it becomes a game of defense. But thanks to two key moves we made, the mech
and the aerial craft will not be enemies (if you didn't make those moves then
I guess you have additional obstacles). Depending on your class, you can 
snipe enemies from up here or head down to the bridge, or even let them come
up the stairs.

Once the mech is dropped, it becomes an ally. It will take out most of the 
rockettiers, but Jaroth will take it out, and then all four of you must 
take him down (overload). 

Regroup, use this time to search the place for stuff, including a locker on 
this top floor and some guns on the couch. 

Tangos Incoming

The next phase is you stopping the lower team while the target defends against
more tangos on the bridge. You can choose to leave an ally with him, of your
choosing, or let him stay alone. I believe letting him stay alone just means 
you have to work faster, but leaving someone with him makes your job down 
below that much harder.

Head down to the basement and you have three doors, all of which will unlock
and allow you to close the shutters. The first one is easy, just walk up and 
close it.

The left one is much more challenging as you must pop and run along all the 
cover to the shutter, flip it, defend it, and then double back.

The right and final one is the toughest. I believe you must fight the one 
big guy, but after him you can run to the shutter in the back, pull it, defend
it, and then clear the room. It's hard because no cover is safe and they are
aggressive. There should be two "dogs" running around too, so watch your toes.

After the basement part, run back up and fight off Garm's goons, then run 
up stairs and kill Garm before regrouping again. 

Last wave, just unleash all your armor stuff into that ship. Few waves of 
soldiers pile in through the right side window, so handle them quickly. Just
duck when it's on the left and shooting bullets. And that's pretty much it, 
this is just a slow grind until that thing blows up really.

Mission 4: The Plague

The usual suspects are there with more chat: Kelly, Joker, Chakwas if you got
her brandy at the bar, Miranda opens up a little, Jacob is more talkative, 
and the engineers are glad you bought them their tools - and in the celebration
game you should have the options to turn them into tools (you don't actually
play, just reap the benefits of victory).

On level 3 you can access the battery room down the middle, which has Garrus
and two other things to open. You learn of Sidonis, and you realize this is 
one of your side missions. In your room you can read some mail and view your
toy ships if you bought any.

Back to level 2 and back to Omega. 

Aria's Affairs

First, return the data pad you found to her.

Second, speak with Grizz on the left stairs and he asks you to protect the 

He is downstairs in the side room. The best option is to agree to kill the 
thugs for him, and if you do all you have to do is walk through the nearby
door to confront the thugs and take them out (hopefully through text). 
Inform the old man, then report back to Grizz. 

The Plague District

*NOTE: For flamethrowers, which should be common sense, but if you hit their
packs they are basically done for as they will explode.*

Find the passage that leads to the quarantine zone - map or remember where you
found the Mad Prophet. Use your skills to convince the guard to let you
through. I didn't mention who to bring with you because you can choose again
and bring the humans since the plague may be dangerous to Garrus.

Move forward and pick up the ore and ammo behind the clutter, then proceed
down the path and around the barricade, grab the medigel, then take the door
to the sealed off district.

Kill the two vorcha inside, then go speak to the plague victim to the right.
I believe you get to use a paragon action while leaving him, and from there 
you can further discuss the situation.

To the left, through the doorway is a bank terminal, power cells, and a door
that leads to a computer log recounting events that happened in this room.

Double back and go past the victim and to another door to unlock on the right.
All that is down here is a log and some cash on the wall. Continue back down 
the path and you'll hit three vorcha in the lobby-like area. Then four more 
armored enemies will appear - you could run to their positions and use the
explosives at their feet, but more trouble than it's worth. There is a gun
upgrade behind their position. The superior play is to take the stairs near
where you entered this area and from above hit the explosives and snipe them,
as well as collect the items up here.

Take the locked door on the right to find some gel, cash, and some humans to
talk to. After you learn what you want, you basically get to earn more rep
points at the end (if the options are there for you).

The Scientist

Head back and take the door to continue on. Going through the right doorway
leads you up to a sniping point above the firefight below. There will be a 
lot of enemies poured onto the other side of the area, including a flame-
thrower and a heavy thug to avoid. Remember to use any powers you may have
recently upgraded to get.

On the ground, to left for ore and then through the door to meet some looters.
Head back and proceed to the clinic. Few people to talk to, and before you meet
him, go into the left room for lots of stuff, more stuff in his room, and
then speak to him. Chance for a renegade action at the start, and be sure to 
mention the victim you helped at the start of this, that is extra XP.

Feel free to equip your new gun at the locker before taking the left door to 
head to the plant.

Planting a Cure

Big fight in this lobby. I say just run to the right wall and flank these 
ground troops. Flamethrowers and a heavy thug among the goons, and once the 
ground is clear, getting up the stairs is more difficult without ranged
attacks. You could let them come down and use the explosives, or just pick
them off as best you can.

There is a gambling machine and bank terminal to hack, both near the 
stairs, and then take the first door on the left to find Daniel, the guy 
Mordin wanted to find. Hopefully you can resolve the matter with your rep 
options, otherwise I guess you have to kill them.

Take the other door and pick off the enemies through the window. Head down the
steps and once outside, run far to the right along this balcony and from here
pick off the GL enemies up above, either with your GL, using the explosives 
along their walkway, or with bullets. Then you must clear the yard below of
many grunts. 

Head through the door once it's clear and take out a big Krogan and friend,
and don't miss the salvage on the side. 

Once you reach the control room, kill the first group with relative ease. 
Intiate the controls, and now you must work the two fan controls on the side
paths. First, there are a few covering the door you entered the room. Take the 
left side first, which will spit out a ton of flamethrowers, but you can just
pick off their tanks from a distance and they won't be much trouble. Then just
flip the switch through the door.

The trouble is getting to the other side from here. You got a group covering 
you path, more down the middle, and two Krogan incoming. Few enemies down the 
path to the control, and that's the end of the plague.

Mission 5: The Convict

Research and Prospecting

Paragon action as you talk on the Normandy.

The lab is now open, also where you can talk with Mordin, and now you can 
implement the upgrades you've been collecting thus far. I believe only the 
heavy weapon upgrade is the broadest item of interest at the moment, other
than that it's pretty much depending on your class and team make-up.

As far as chat, only Mordin and Jacob had much to say, everyone else just blew
me off. Chakwas maybe has an interesting email about your facial scars, which
you can refer to at the tech lab. I had noticed my Shepard had some unusual-
looking scars, and perhaps the game scars your face as you play. I'm not sure,
but it's not an upgrade you need anyway.

If you walk around the ship you hear of Ferris Fields. You also have Aria's 
treasure hunt, and there is always the exploration you can do.

Urdak - A place where you can play the scanning game. If new to it, you just 
slowly scan the planet for materials. If you see a peak on the scanner, send 
in a probe. You got 10 probes, and there should be about 10 spots worth a 
shot. I believe all spots will turn up something, but you want the best peaks

*NOTE: You don't have to slowly scan the entire planet. Just let go of the 
Scan button, move to a new spot, scan that, let go, move, scan, and do so in
the middle, middle of the top half, and middle of the bottom half of each 

Fuel Depot - These are not places to enter, they just have some options to 
buy fuel and probes. You can see your credits in the middle and buy away. If
you blew all 10 probes on Urdak and want to hit the next scannable planet, you
must buy more. Feel free to buy all 30, and some fuel I guess.

Imorkan - Dropped about 11 here.

Bindur - Dropped 19 here, yep.

Fuel up and hit the Mass Relay. Use it to go to the Hourglass Nebula.

Olokun - About 10 good drops here.

Aganju - About 10 really good readings here.

Orunmila - Had a few good spots on the equator, but kinda poor after that.

Erinle - Near the objective spot. Feast or famine drops here, I had 15 and 
	probably could have had more if I wanted the minimal amounts. Found 
	Element Zero for the first time.

Don't forget to Exit the map and buy upgrades in the lab. Once you're set, 
land on the Prison Ship Purgatory near Erinle.


I took Garrus and Miranda, but it's up to you. Chat it up and go see the 
beating in the first cell and you probably just have one option to resolve
this. After that, two prisoners to chat with.

From there, just go straight through a room to the other side. Yeah, there's
a good reason this little transfer isn't just a cutscene. Take cover and start
in on the armored enemies. Cut your way forward and into the hall, then hang
a left and take out another group on approach to the supermax wing. There is
just one guy through the door.

Grab the ore to the side, then push the button. Head down, scan one of the
bot bodies, then follow the path to the next area; opening and grabbing stuff
along the way. You need to get to the other side, so cross the bridge and then
take cover as the mech fires at you. Use your grenade (or missiles if you got
the upgrades) and take it out after you overload it's shield. Collect ammo,
scan a shotgun upgrade on a body, hack a pda on the left, and then take the 

Three things through the door, and through the next take cover. Kill the two
below quickly, then use the explosives to take out the two on the walkway. 
Getting to the other side of the area is much harder. First, switch Garrus' 
gun to the sniper rifle. Be sure to have Miranda's overload ready to go at 
all times. And have your armor gun equipped. Try to move up the right side and 
flank the enemies in the middle trench, but a mech is here. Hopefully you can
engage it on the right and out of view from the trench enemies, that way your
team can just focus fire on it; and you should have ammo for your heavy gun 
from the hallway. 

Then just move up as much to the other side as you can with the shielded 
riflemen up ahead. Hopefully Garrus will take them out for you. One body with
something in it, then through the door. Ammo, gel, and credits in the hall
before the next room.

You notice those pilons are powering a shield over the warden. Your objective 
is to break all three. The one on the ground is easy enough, but you must get
into position near the top two to take them out. The enemies keep coming from
two points, the far right and way you entered. Going up to the left by the wall
is a nice place to work, both hitting the far right pilon and taking cover from
the warden after he's free to fire at you. Just overload his shield and focus
all your armor damage on him to end the mission.

Recruit Jack in any way and that's it.

Mission 6: Faryar System


We picked up shotgun and armor upgrades on the prison ship. Feel free to do
some prospecting to get the mats for the shotgun upgrade, if you use them. 

Mordin has some more interesting info on your previous conversation, may be 
time to visit with ol' Joker if you haven't in a while, Jacob offers Heavy 
Ship Armor for 15000 Palladium (should have tons), Miranda offers faster 
mineral scanning for 15000 Iridium (buy it), Garrus has a cannon for 15000
Platinum (don't need at the moment I think), and Jack is on the bottom of level

On the map, you'll notice that in this Hourglass Nebula, you are in the Osun
system, and there is a green ring on the edge. This green ring, and your fuel
supply, are how you jump to other systems within a nebula. At the top of Osun 
is Faryar, which is where a mission is located. When you get to the nebula
map you will be using fuel for every move you make. 

So quickly get to the Faryar system and enter. Now for any scanning you do, 
you must be more selective since you can't just grab more probes like nothing.
The idea is to fill up on minerals, so perhaps it doesn't matter. But if you 
just stick to the highest peaks in your scans, should have plenty of probes.

*NOTE: Exploring each planet is just visiting, them you don't actually have to
mine them to explore.*

Antictra - Pretty rich peaks here, so only go for those.

Alingon - Another very rich planet, but if you want to visit all, you probably
	should just drop 7 or so here.

Wenrum - Yet another rich one.

Nephros - Probably safe to drop one and leave.

Tunfigel - Very rich in minerals.

Quarem - Another rich planet.

Daratar - Not much minerals here.

Land on Daratar for the next mission.

Save the Crates

I chose to bring the two non-loyal members of the team: Mordin and Jack. To
not only improve loyalty, to also spend their talent points. But only if
you have an overload or have the ability to easily take out shields.

The mission is simple. There are three mechs destroying crates. You must 
engage the mechs to stop them and then take them out. 

The catch is you can engage as many as you want, but it gets hard to fight
more than one at a time. Fighting all three one at a time probably will leave
just 8 or so crates intact.

Killing the mechs is not hard. Take out their shields, reduce their armor,
and then burn them down. There is a central piece of cover that can be used
to kite the enemies, but again, it's how many you fight at once that is the 
key. It's purely up to you.

Mission 7: Search and Rescue

Fathar System

Feel free to buy that cannon Garrus offered, because why not?

Mordin has a little upgrade if you talk to him. I believe it's his omni-tool,
so may as well. The old teammates don't have much to say, but Jack has stuff
to talk about. She (???) also has a personal upgrade that you should invest
in, and more chat.

Return your ship to the Osun system and restock at the depot, and take the Mass
Relay back to the Omega System. If you read your journal, you'll notice there
is a side mission to find someone in the Fathar system. So ride the green ring
here a short trip up to it. 

This tiny system has just a few planets.

*NOTE: With Miranda's scan upgrade, all I do now is hold and let go of the 
scan button and do huge zig zags from top to bottom as I rotate the planet
around. Basically, if you think of where I scan, you would see dots on the 
planet going up and down.*

Dorgal - Had just a handful of really rich drops, but that was about it.

Korar - Same as Dorgal, a few rich peaks. Whatever you do, save at least two
	probes for the last planet.

Lorek - This is the planet with the anomaly. Scan like normal, but ignore the 
	mineral readings. Instead, look on your circular target and notice the
	white line on it. That is your compass, so follow it as it moves and
	the voice will clear up. You'll see a white dot on the planet when you
	find the hot spot. Send a probe, and you can land.

The Anomaly

I brought Jack and Mordin again, to test their upgrades, and since there are 
not mechs waiting for you.

Go in for a pretty heavy battle with goons. Take point where they were as
more appear on the other side; all I can say is go to town with all the powers
you have. There are two locks to open, a log to read, and some ore down a 
side path. But you take the left-side path to the next door. 

Please don't fail this match game. The objective is on the other side and 
you have three options of where to send it. The choice is yours.

Mission 8: The Krogan

Imir System

Moridn doesn't have much to say if you didn't find it before, so Jack is the
only real chatter-box today. 

Now your quest objectives are down to the Krogan to recruit or the Citadel.
First, get out of Fathar and return to the Sahrabarik system; if you didn't
scan Lorek much, feel free if you want to (I just want to get moving myself).
Restock and take the relay to the Eagle Nebula.

You're in the Imir system with four planets.

Gregas - Good haul here.

Quodis - Found nothing worth probing here!

Osalri - One side was pretty much empty, but good everywhere else.

The Warlord

Took Miranda and Jack, with Garrus being the third choice.

Move forward and around the first turn are some tangos. Take them out and talk
with the medic up ahead. Have him lessen the resistance, then move up to
another fight. It's just more fighting until you enter a building with a 
Krogan fighting enemies up above. Kill the enemies and then talk to the 
Korgan. There is a corpse to search on the other side.

Two humans to kill, then you just fight your way through all the Krogan to
the other side. The key here is to take out their armor and then pull them so
they fall below. There are about 12 of them, so just fight through until you
are on the other side.

Ore on the ground. Go up and bypass the door, then grab the stuff including a
sniper rifle upgrade. Through the door you should take cover to the left or
right. Use range to bring them down, then go left. Clear a way to the gap 
cover and take out all the shields on the enemies. There is a pda to hack on
their side. 

Through the door, just be mindful of the shields. The gameplan should be 
something like take out their shields, then pull them, and take the ones 
without shields first, they are fastest to kill. Move up to the bridge and 
clear a way across. Cover is the only protection from these grenade launchers.

On the other side, some power cells, a pda to hack by the door, and then go
through. Head up and be ready for one long fight. It's a balancing act between
taking out shields and making sure your team is alive. The AI hasn't been good
at finding cover for them, so just be sure to have Unity ready to heal them.
Fight to the stairs, quickly go up as they can shoot you through the stairs,
kill the guys across the gap, and then the final group between you and the 

Gel and a computer before talking to someone you may remember. Then go through,
hit the terminal in the corner first, then talk. 

Take the opposite door down and into the cloning bay. The berserkers are top
priority as the mech is stuck on the ground, and Jedore is on the other side;
both of them can be avoided with cover, the krogan cannot. But as you fight 
them, work on the shields and armor of both the mech and the boss. 

Once the krogan are gone, or whenever you can spare some time, pop shots at
either the girl or the mech. Both must go down, so either one first, just 
stay on that one. And you don't need to leave this side of the room during the

Afterward, return to the lab and scene.

Mission 9: Horizon


Bit of running around you could do, but I think all you need to do is use the
conference room to speak to the boss. You are then immediately sent to 

Overload is not needed, these enemies will have barriers. Just bring whatever
you think is best.

Move up and fight the first group of Collectors; just fight through their
barriers, biotics work well after that. Power cells in the middle, then a 
data pad, and head around the corner. Drop down and you can take refuge to the
right inside the buildging. Watch for the melee enemies that charge at you. 
There is money in here and an upgrade to grab from a body on the ground.

Head up the hill and examine the body. Up ahead is a fight. Best to take the 
right building to flank them. There is gel in the left building and a hack in
the right one. Take the steps along the way up to a room with a computer, 
then come back down and cross the field for a quick scene.

The burning one is the one to target, and you'll need to take him out twice. 
Do so and take out the rest from a distance. Don't miss the steps on the left,
probably behind you, for a computer on the first floor, but nothing up the 
steps. Power cells in the corner building, and a beam gun on the left side of
your way to the next door. Bypass for scene.

Ore and a chance to swap your heavy guns. This beam cannon is strong against
all but flesh, so keep it. Head through the door and get ready for a pretty
tough fight. Cut a path left and hide from the Scion husk that is walking 
around. Take out the harbinger and then the Scion, using your beam gun. Have 
your unity ready.

After the fight, go left for power cells, head right for an upgrade on a body,
take the stairs up for a computer, and then realize this entire area was 
intended to be used for fighting the Scion - oh well. Bypass the door.

In the middle will be two Scions. And if you didn't realize last time, they
send out shockwaves. Dance to avoid these, focus beam fire on one (as well as
powers), and avoid the smaller husks. I just used the cover near the door as
I took out the Scions, it was the husks that kept bugging me, but I just 
avoided them as I killed each Scion.

After the fight, some cells to the left and right, then use the computer in the
middle of this field. 

Save your beam ammo. You got two waves of enemies, from the top and the left I
believe, and there are two harbingers in with each. The second wave is tough
because you need to dispatch the incoming husks. 

Finally, a huge mech flies in and you need to get its armor to zero. The beam
does this quite well, it's just a matter of staying behind cover as it hovers
around. The square blocks toward the entrance doors do this well, but you don't
want the thing directly above you, so you'll have to move most likely. The 
barrier refreshes, so you need to waste its armor between barriers, and if you
use two different guns on each that may help.

Mission 10: The Council

The Krogan

Miranda and Jacob have side missions for you if you accept them. Kelly is 
worth a chat, and let's not forget the old Krogan down in engineering. 

He's through one of the side doors, and of course you're going to let him out.
From there, you should be able to use either rep option to have him join your
clan. Then chat him up, and he does offer an upgrade, which is a killer gun 
for him of course. But that's about it from him, he's now one of the crew.

Before you depart, and if you want to take him out for a spin, feel free to 
buy that krogan health upgrade. The boss also sends an email, and Kelly has 
a chat about him as well. She seems to be the only one concerned about the new
teammate, so back to the map.


From here we have some options: 

The Assassin
The Justicar
Jacob's mission
Miranda's mission
The Citadel
and any of the "whispered" stuff you may have picked up on

The Citadel has been in your log forever, so let's finally head there now.

Horizon was in Iera, part of the Shadow Sea Nebula. Hit the mass relay and 
go to the Serpent Nebula (though if you want to take a pit stop for a little
probing of Uranus in the local cluster, that is fine too).

The Citadel

*NOTE: For the 360, clicking RS is your quick map.*

Feel free to take Grunt and Garrus.

News on the left, a soldier by the door, you can have a chat with Garrus at 
the counter option, and you can talk with the girl behind the counter. Go
through and then meet Bailey. 

From here, to the left is Zakera Cafe where you can buy the ingredients for
your chef. To the right is a souvenir shop for your cabin, but be sure to 
talk to the lady for a discount. 

Take the stairs up by the souvenir shop for the following on the upper level: 

Rodam Expeditions - get the discount and buy the two suit upgrades, as well
	as one or two weapon upgrades. 
Khalisah al-Jilani - who I believe has a lot of renegade actions to take on
	her, but you don't have to pull these ones if you don't want.
Dark Star - drink, dance, and ask the Presidium Groundskeeper about the fish
	(but only once) for a quest for the Krogan downstairs.

Return to Kargesh on the lower floor in front of the souvenir shop and tell
him the truth; I would guess the lie works just the same too. 

Now take the left path to a lower level for:

Lia'Vael - Gather intel on the situation.
Sirta Foundation - Get the discount, then buy both upgrades. Then talk to her
	again about the chit.
Saronis Applications - get the discount, of course, and then make sure you get
	the damage upgrade, the tech upgrade may be a bit too pricey now. Then
	ask him about the chit. He has it.

Return to Lia and resolve the matter. Don't miss the paragon action like I

Now that all is done here, find a nearby rapid transit terminal and go to the 
Presidium, the only place available you haven't been.


*NOTE: I'm aware that depending on what happened in the last game, this could
be different.

The meeting is very brief, and doesn't go so well either way you resolve it.
Chat it up with Anderson a bit, but leaving the room is just like taking a 
transit, so return to the Normandy, you are done here. And who honestly
wanted to run around this place again? Not me, no way.


Remember, you buy upgrades but must find another piece in the field before 
you can spend minerals on them. Stuff like the damage reduction upgrades are
put into place once you buy them.

You get a bunch of emails I believe from a bunch of people on the Citadel you
helped in the first game, but they appear to be just emails. Don't forget to
check all the stuff you bought for your cabin. Then be sure to drop by the 
chef since you picked up his order, finally. That's about it, no one is much
for talk these days.

Mission 11: Illium

The Second City

The Crescent Nebula has four quest items, three of which are on the same 
planet. Illium is in the Tasale system, where you land. Any mineral hunting you
do is on you from here on out.

*NOTE: Have disc 2 ready for landing!*

Be sure to bring Miranda with you. 

*NOTE: Remember you have a quick map of this place, last time I remind you
for cities.*

Upon landing you learn that an old friend, who may be more friendly with you
that the rest, is here and waiting. 

Should be a viewpoint up ahead for a quick chat, and along the wall you should
hit an Asari who reminds you of the little bug incident from the first game. 
But get your fill of chat from her, it's a one-time shot.

Then you have another familiar face, who you also probably don't recall, but
the chat is cut short. Read the note under the glass and head left to the 
merchant. You can get the discount first, then resolve the situation the
previous girl was asking about. Don't forget to speak with Gianna if

Liara T'Soni

Above the door that leads to the second market area is Liara's office. Go in to
meet your old friend Liara (my very close friend!). She doesn't have a ton
to say, but she does fill you in on the two people you are looking for, as well
as offer a side quest.

Open your map and head south, which is through the door under Liara's office
and then past another. There is a terminal to the left once you reach this
busy hub. Hack the terminal just like any other hack (X's seem to end it). And
once you have the first part hacked, you have a short time to find the next 
one. It's pretty easy, the number in the lower corner is how far you are 
from the vulnerable system, so just move until that number is zero if nothing

From behind the last computer you should find the next, and the third hack is 
by the second vulnerable system. The last vulnerable system is overlooking the 
parked vehicles. Liara will call after this and call you back, so go see her to
get your rewards and you're told this will continue later. 


Head out and take the side stairs by the merchant area to head for the Eternity
Bar. Talk with the Asari outside, then go to the bar to see what may be a 
familiar face. Probably best to get to the point where you agree to find who
told him the wrong info. 

However, keep Conrad Verner's quest on hold for now.

Miranda's Mission

Before you resolve that, first go left and speak with Lanteia. You will have 
the option to select the alternate teammate besides Miranda; I took Grunt out
for his first mission. 

DO NOT miss the renegade action while speaking with the upcoming leader; pretty
sure it's one less enemy to face, or he just gets replaced. Either way, just
kill the engineers and avoid their drones. Cut up to the corner, kill two more,
and then at the elevator you have a brief chat.

To the right is a quick hack inside the container. Head up to the conveyor belt
and take cover. Be ready to overload any drones and again, take out the
engineers. Clear it and then go right and grab the gel and SMG upgrade. 

At the next area, kill your side of the gap, then keep up the work on the 
drones and engineers as you clear your way to the left. Scan the dead body for
a gel upgrade, and you can hack a machine inside the room. Come back out and
go left, may be two guys, then clear your way to the next combat spot. Same
deal here. Across the gap is a body to hack and a computer to open to the left
at the corner.

One more group of badies at the elevator. These guys hit hard, so just work
fast or they could overwhelm you. Clear it, grab the power cells on the right,
gel by the door, and take it. Brief chat, which continues into the final 
fight area. There is a paragon action to take, but I think missing it doesn't
make a huge impact. 

Once you are in combat, switch to your beam gun (or whatever heavy gun you
have) and take out the boss first; she should be on the left side. The goons
are the harder part, but they can be taken out slowly. Gel on the right side,
then hit the upper left corner for creds and a trinket for a side quest.

At the resolution cutscene, one of the few times it pays to go paragon (at 
least in some way).

*NOTE: With her loyalty, which is the first we've gotten, you can purchase 
a prototype research on the ship to allow you to learn one of Miranda's moves.
Her's is the slam, but for others it's the power that opens up once they are 
loyal, and with Element Zero you too can have that power.*

Mission 12: The Siege

Loose Ends

You're still on Illium. 

Back at the bar, go outside and head down toward the entrance. Stop at the
Asari from earlier that was on the phone. She is the one who you turn that
trinket in to. 

To resolve Conrad Verner's thing, go to the south area and the merchant is to
the left as you enter. I thought the renegade option to resolve this looked
best, but they probably both get you the discount. The quest is still hanging
though, I guess you can go turn it into Conrad, but we'll be back on Illium
so you can do it then. 

The amplifier plates sold at her shop are must-haves, and probably grab one of
the two weapon upgrades. 

Nearby of the weapon shop is Memories of Illium. But first, talk to the nearby
Asari who is the owner (or one expert hacker) and resolving her little 
thing gets you a discount for the three novelty items to buy.

Across on the other wall, on a bench, is Shiala, who may be a familiar face;
and yes, she is not supposed to be a green Asari. Offer to help and she points
you to Erinya, behind her. I am not sure if this is the only way to resolve 
this matter, most likely not, but asking about the legality of the contract
was my first and only option because that ended it (with the paragon option of
course). Then turn in the quest to Shiala (and I think she leaves you with a 
little extra if you are, you know, proven to be into that kind of thing, or 
maybe not).

Where Erinya stood, you can buy four star charts. Hades Nexus, Minos Wasteland,
Pylos Nebula, Shrike Abyssal. These allow for exploration into these areas. 

The Assassin

*NOTE: Miranda can change outfits, fyi.*

Speak with Seryna in the middle area of the two shopping centers. Hop on the
ride to the tower.

Clear the first few enemies, then go up and left for gel and a hack. Go right 
to find a worker, and you can save him with a paragon action. Beyond that it
is pretty much a slow, trench warfare for a long way. About the best and most
helpful advice is to stick to the right wall. Be sure to know when you're 
dealing with mechs and to switch guns. Going with an anti-armor gun and 
using biotics and such on the fleshies is a good enough strat.

After a ramp you'll hit an even longer fight. There is a side passage up the 
right side, but going all the way up it may get you in too deep; I say just 
take the first doorway and that's enough flanking. Just fight up the 
corridor until you reach the elevator, but DO NOT go in yet.

First, there are workers to free to the left, along with creds and gel with
them. Then go further down to find a hack, power cells, and a new sniper rifle
option. When you come back to the elevator, you can try to use that explosive 
nearby for the three enemies coming down, but either way, take out the two 
minions first. Zap their shields and burn them down. Then just focus fire on
the big guy; watch if anyone on your team is out.

The renegade option on this guy is nice (kinda lame) but a good place to use it
if you've been mostly paragon (obviously there is a renegade action in this 
chat too). Turn back and take the left door. There are two pairs of mechs and
dogs sleeping in this room. Overload the farther one and then burn the 
other as the dogs are handled. A few minions will follow.

On the left is a door to open, and a renegade action if you want to take it 
(most likely don't have to). Ammo, gel, and a one-shot pda to hack. Around the
corner are cells and a terminal to chat with the one in charge. Up the ramp are
some mechs and vanguards; warp, concussive shot, and gun fire is the routine I
use on them. 

Ore, gel, and a guns locker up ahead. Keep the beam cannon whatever you do. Up
ahead, kill the upper goons and then anyone not the commando, then burn it 
down last. Further up is a SMG upgrade, pda to hack, ammo, and gel. 

Get onto the bridge and just stay behind cover at all times. Mechs at first,
then it's barrier guys mixed with fleshies, but the most difficult are the 
missile pods up above the end, those will have to be dealth with before you
step onto that side of the bridge. Up the stairs will be a group behind some 
clutter, and then one last commando guarding the door. Hard to take it out 
without just going in head first.

*NOTE: If you want to burn your beam cannon on the turrets and the shielded
enemies here, you may as well.*

Mission 13: CSI: Nos Astra

First, grab that research for gaining Miranda's power since she is now loyal
to you. This can be done when you do any of the other personal quests for 
each teammate. 

Second, talk to Mordin, he will offer a quest. 

Jacob isn't talking, still, and the viper sniper rifle should already be on
Garrus, but you can double-check at the locker. With the addition of Thane, 
you can tell you're close to getting there with Miss Kelly. Oh yeah, and a few

Your toys are in your cabin if you want to see them. Level 3, Thane is in one
of the forward rooms, but he only has one bit to say. Miranda caps off her 
little quest, not to my pleasure of course, but there's still hope with Kelly.

Level 4, Grunt talks a little for once. Jack goes on a rant and offers a 
quest (not sure if you can deny it if you wanted to). 

So you have 2 people to recruit and 3 loyalty quests. You can see that new
members don't exactly get "caught up" to the progress of the older ones, so
we will have grabbing new people as top priority.

With that in mind, return to Illium.

I took Thane and Garrus, try and faceroll this missoin. Be sure to try and
max out your special perk, and grab Thane's. 

Don't forget to turn in Conrad Verner's quest at Eternity.

The Observer

Return to Liara T'Soni for the continuation of her quest. 

There are 5 terminals near this area that have bits of info on who to kill.
Opening each allows you to view all the info you've unlocked. You don't need to
call Liara until you've found all five.

The first terminal is right downstairs. Two others are at the nearby kiosks. 
A fourth is across near the stairs to Eternity. The final one is inside 
Eternity, near the bar.

If you don't figure it out, just select the "no one" option after finding all
five. I didn't do this, like a dumbass, so I'll have to wait to find out 

The Justicar

Head to the south area and speak with Officer Dara to the right. Learn what
you want and hail a cab. 

Talk with the little guy, then enter the police building and talk with Anaya.
Get her to let you pass the lines, and then enter the alley. Salvage at the 
end, and there is just one fight down the adjacent alley and you got your 

Talk to Pitne For again, this time be ready to pull the trigger on a renegade
action (I'm sure some paragon chat topic will get you there too). Then take
the elevator behind you, and for a moment there it looked like we were going
to wait for an entire ride to finish.

One ambusher to greet you. At the fight, quickly disperse the front enemies,
and feel free to take a shower in the cloud of dust nearby, you can take on
a good amount of the drug before it becomes lethal to you; it helps you fight
in case you haven't been paying attention. Fight into the doorway for a new

Through a nearby door, don't be fooled, have your renegade action ready to go.
Pick up the biotic upgrade on the wall and the power cells. Up the stairs, 
fight your way across. In the back room is gel and a hack. Go up these stairs
and to the right are more mechs and humans to fight through. 

Head up to the hangar, fight your way left (rockets on enemies here) and the
gunship goes away. Getting to the door in the corner is tricky, and you can
advance up the right side of the room. 

Grab the power cells and the data in this room. Head out to the open and 
kill the four mechs. Grab the power cells if you need them now, because the 
gunship appears across this bridge. Run across the bridge and quickly take 
cover; try your best to use the pillons at the ends of the bridge as cover when
it goes over you. With the beam gun, it melts away in no time, just don't get
too many rockets to the face. Two dogs on the ground too. 

Pick up the previous cells if you saved them, grab the medigel, and take the 
door. Creds and another interesting piece of info inside. Talk to the guy, and
tell him either way. Go in and meet Wasea. She's easy, it's just the toxic
clouds that get in your way. Just burn down her barriers and do whatever to 
her skin. There is a terminal on the wall before you grab the info on the 
desk. You can return, or look around for nothing some more.

You can turn in Pitne For, but you could also get 9000 creds for giving him
his manifest. Ironic too, since the next thing you would do is have this 
pure-of-heart type swear an oath to you. Make sure you also show Anaya the 
evidence of the murderer. Return to the Normandy; I guess not means you have
to hoof it back.

Mission 14: The Quarian

Should be a nice biotic upgrade to install.

Kelly should pay off big with... diner? And she offers to feed your fish too...
I guess we're making progress.

Samara on level 3 offers more fuel for nebula exploration and some chat. 
Miranda has some chat in her, and maybe the blooming of a little more - I just
figured she was out of the question, but after a tame diner with Kelly...

Anyway, Thane offers more probing pleasure! Seriously, get this now since I'm
sure you're running low on some from our last run which was like hours ago. 
Good time to go into any of his chats that you may have missed earlier.

Grunt also needs some Shepard time, which means he offers a quest.

Mr. Thax

There is one loose end. Return to Illium yet again. And the quest resolves
itself once you land.

Nothing else to do here.


Tali is on the Far Rim, but feel free to go mineral diving all over. I found
Element Zero on the planet Gotha in the Far Rim. I got the extra fuel upgrade
this way.

Whenever you are ready, land on Haestrom in this system.


*NOTE: Only when the warning sign is on are you in danger. At other times
you may notice light on you but no damage.*

If you want to take Garrus and Miranda for their overloads, that is fine, 
though if one of them has a reduced cooldown rate, that may be enough to free
up space for a biotic.

The light here is bad. Run between shadows up the path to the room on the 
right. Salvage and then open the gate. Geth are dropped in, so engage and move 
up the right walkway. It's a hard fight down this narrow passage, and it gets
even dicier at the end when rockets come flying, but it's the best way to 
avoid having to worry about the light. It's really only the rockets that you
have to look out for.

At the end of the walkway, clear below out and go down the ramp. In front of
the ramp is some ore, then clear the guys to the right of the locked gate. 
Around the corner are a few more to sneak up on. Grab the new SMG which can be
useful in taking out shields, then pick up the radio.

Cut a path to the left warehouse, and just watch for the tall Geth, they 
usually charge at you, so focus fire on them first. Get into the building and
grab the explosives while taking a listen to the recording.

Incoming as you exit, and now you must go left to the very end of this area.
Shouldn't be hard getting to the room at the end and collecting all the 
stuff, it's coming out that's a bit tricky. You'll have rockets on the bridge
above and heavy troops below. You can go left to reach the bridge, but the 
light complicates that. You're better off just pulling down the guys above
and burning all the ground troops - the flamethrower for starters.

There is a Tali recording on the bridge above. Make your way to the pillar in
front of the door and step away as it goes off. Enter for two Geth salvage 
points, a journal entry, a wall safe, and then speak with the monitor of 
Tali by the door. 

Head through and you'll run into three sets of big Geth and a ton drones 
above them. It's simple, destroy the drones, focus fire on the Geth, and make
sure your team is walking. Follow the right wall and fight all three (it may
have been two and just a ton of drones). 

Go in and on the right is a safe. Use the console, then go left and meet with
the dude. There is a paragon action (otherwise this guy probably dies soon), 
and then you and your team should start clearing out the small Geth first.

Tear a path right, or left, and stick to that side. The colossus fires these
heat-seeking rounds that head to where you are going, so simply don't be there
and the shot will miss. As for the lesser Geth, just standard stuff to take
them down, and hopefully you can do that while being plastered to cover the 
whole time.

I say approach it from the right wall because you're above it, and the light 
only factors in on the walkway. You need to get pretty much directly to the 
side of the colossus, and there are waves of Geth minions the entire way.

Once it's just you and the big mech, use your shield guns to take out its
shield first, and once its armor is exposed just lay into it with the beam
cannon. There are power cellls on both the left and right walls of the boss,
but it shouldn't take you long to take it down. You can't endure it's barrage
of fire, but once its life it about to 40% you just need to pull and let it 

I imagine if you did see it curl up into its healing state, you could just 
keeping firing and it would not heal; the point is it would no longer be 
hidden behind cover with you right next to it.

Once that is finished, collect the power cells on either side, grab the ore 
near the left side machine, and then enter the door. Salvage and then grab
that woman and git!

Mission 15: The Rosetta Nebula

Probably some upgrades to get.

Kelly, emails, and you'll note Garrus wants to see you. 

Samara and Thane have continuing chats, and then visit Garrus, also on level
2 (in the front). He will offer you his quest.

Finally, hit up Tali on a console near the two humans. Her upgrade is a better
shield for hopefully just a small chunk of your Palladium. Then have a quick
word in with Tali.

Set a course for the Rosetta Nebula. Miranda's quest was in Illium, but 
Jacob's quest has been on the back burners forever.

Enoch System

Goliath - Poor minerals.

Mizraim - Decent haul of everything but Palladium, which was good.

Laban - Handful of Ele. Zero nodes, and a good number of others.

Joab - Anomaly.

The Artifact

Land on Joab.

A big group of goons, but mostly without shields, so tear them apart with 
powers. To the left should be a few chunks of Ele. Zero. 

Enter the building for a fight from the right, left, and then high to the 
right. Once clear, you got gel, a computer, and lockers all around. In the
next room you have a fight with three at first, burn the shielded guy, and
then a few more on the other side. There is ore and a pda before you enter
the door. There is the artifact. 

That mission was just a pit stop. 

The Collector Ship

But the Illusive Man should want to talk in the comm room sometime soon. 

I really have no clue what triggers this as of this moment. It's either being
in this nebula/system or after however many missions we've done, or it's just
timing. Perhaps even by having a complete team now, but I don't know.

I say bring your best gunners: Garrus and Thane.

Either way, at some point you'll be forced to enter this ship. Inside, there
are two points of interest as you approach the key terminal up ahead. But the
more important point is that you pick up an additional weapon spec. It's of
any type you don't have, so feel free. 

I didn't have rifles, so I took the sniper rifle. Some ore up ahead and a 
locker if you want to downgrade; you should have the best rifle on hand. Head
up the ramp and grab the salvage, then go left. Hit the upgrade and it's really
just a long stroll - as well as an impressive feat of scale up ahead. 

Once you use the console, get ready for major tangos. Most of them are easy
to kill with biotics, but there is so much cover it's almost a non-factor.
Scions and harbingers make this tough, and there are at least two of each. It
may be worth it to use some beam ammo on the first scion, but know that the 
blue part of their back is the weak point. However, you can't ignore the 
harbingers as they inch closer, nor can you let the minions wander around
freely. With biotics, hopefully you can burn the little ones fast, then the
harbingers, and then unload a lot on the scions. Try to burn the second scion
with normal ammo.

*NOTE: For this fight and the rest, just know that harbingers appear mostly
because you let the little guys live too long. Fast work makes these fights
all the easier. It may only apply to a few fights, but if you can kill these
things in like 2 seconds, more power to you.*

*NOTE: Also, scions send out shockwaves that go through walls. So if it were
just you and them, you could dance back and forth and they would not hit you.
Kinda the same for harbingers, but they seem to always nail you.*

Re-use the console after you collect ammo, and there is no real rush for you.
Gel and through the door is a fight, just make sure to burn everyone but the
harbinger first, then burn him away. At the next fight you have two harbingers
very close to each other in time-span, so work fast - for all harbingers, feel
free to use some of the beam cannon, because there are power cells at the back,
as well as Ele. Zero and gel in a dark alcove.

*NOTE: Maybe try to save now. Not sure if it was just my system not saving or
what, but I had to start over after dying here. It worked for me because I
didn't like my first choice, the battle rifles. I went with sniping after.*

Take the lit path down and get ready for a hard fight. Stay on the right side
wall, and the first thing you want to do is take out the two husks coming out
of the door way down below, then the handful of collectors on the ground. As
for the Praetorian, it will recharge its shield after about six or so seconds 
of not having it. So you burn down its barrier to near zero, then pull out
your beam cannon and almost just hold the trigger.

Two things to keep in mind: move in a circle around the room in the direction
it is floating, and never stay under it (either it will slam you or it will
hit you while it recharges). That's pretty much it, and it's possible the door
on the right side wall will open after a time, but just kill the boss.

Head through the opened door for salvage and a terminal. There is another big
fight, broken into about three phases, all have harbingers. First, be ready to
send the husks any powers you got and burn the assassins fast. Second, there
will be a scion around the left corner, but you will probably need to fight 
your way right up the ramp. Third is the final push across this upper ledge
and killing the scion.

The last obstacle between you and your shuttle is a massive wave of husks. 
Finally any shotguns are useful, and mucho biotic shockwaves help. Just cut 
a path down and to your ship.

Mission 16: Jacob's Heart

Caleston Rift

Get your hug from Kelly, read your emails, buy the armor upgrade from the 
ship, and then go talk to Samara to pick up her quest. Tali also has a quest
for you, which means of all the people you've taken up, only Thane should be 
without a side quest at the moment.

Now as for where we are, I was in the Balor system of the Caleston Rift as a 
result of the jump from the collector ship in the last mission. I was in the 
Rosetta Nebula to help Jacob, which is the objective still if we can avoid any

However, while I'm in the Balor system, may as well give you the skinny on it:

Partholon - rich

Elatha - rich

Caleston - lots of Ele. Zero

Cernunnos - maybe one drone drop

Bres - hard to find in the top of the asteroid belt, but it is rich

This system got me lots of everything but Platinum, and by lots for Ele. Zero
I mean that relatively with all the low hauls for me thus far.

Alpha Draconis

Anyway, return to the Rosetta Nebula. This should have been where we hit that
anomaly earlier, but no head for the outer ring and go to Alpha Draconis, and
feel free to hit up 2175 AR2 for like one probe drop. Then hit up 2175 Aeia for
the anomaly. I found some Ele. Zero by the anomaly, so feel free to look for
more. Land when you find the spot.


*NOTE: Lots of mechs with no shields, so feel free to go overload/armor ammo
heavy on this mission.*

I've seen this before, let's not try to strip mine this place.

Head down for a log, salvage, and a beacon with just info. Inside the ship
you will only find three logs and a pda to hack. Head along the beach for a 
survivor and a paragon action as you engage tangos. Biotics win this fight
easily. Salvage at the back.

Mech to look at, then you hit a village. The women are not much to chat with,
but you have some things to look at all over. Heading left hits a mech squad,
so take them out with armor rounds. Talk with the doctor and learn all you 
want about theories of Jacob's dad.

Use the mech to blow a path, then head up. Mechs to greet you, mechs further
in front, mechs to the right, more deeper to the right, and then two waves of
about five in the upper left path. Just keep distance between the two big 
waves. Grab the heavy pistol upgrade on a crate before moving on.

Two moderate waves of mechs defend the upcoming yard. Grab the power cells and
head in. Dispatch as many of the human guards as you can, then a big mech drops
in. Burn it's three life bars and then clean up anyone else. Ore and a pda to
in the middle and by the door. Then go through.

I believe you can investigate the options, then pick something to advance, and
then you can choose his fate. I believe each option is directly tied to how he
will get off of this world, so pick what you want (fyi, the middle option
seems to let whatever those guys want to do go through).

Mission 17: Fade to Black

Citadel, the Return

Hmm, after all that, unpleasant as it was, Jacob STILL doesn't want to talk to
you! I guess because I haven't shown interest in him, I don't know, that or
he's the weakest character in this series.

Don't forget any upgrades from the last mission and prior.

Thane will now be ready to offer his quest. 

And FYI, with so many crew members, not all of them should have more chat if 
you have their side quest, it would be a lot of checking between missions if
that were the case. So no, no one has any other chatting to do.

From Alpha Draconis, return to Enoch, and resupply. From here we have several
good options for multi-quest completion, which doesn't really matter a lot, 
but it's a good basis for us. 

Let's head to the Serpent Nebula, where now you should have both of your 
snipers' quests at the Citadel.

The Traitor

Garrus asked first, so I took him and Jacob in his new outfit.

Go ask Bailey (officer at the desk) about Fade, then feel free to take a 
transit line to level 26, and enter the warehouse on the side. Be ready to
use the renegade option to avoid combat I would think. After you learn what to
do next, take a transit to the Factory District.

Two poor saps to kill, then go in and grab the gel and creds from the trash.
Two mechs behind the big blue container door, and two more among the clutter.
Big fight further up, with multiple waves from all sides, but shouldn't be too
hard. Safe on the wall. Another safe and gel in the next area.

Head down the right side and quickly take cover as six enemies are incoming. I
believe this whole corridor is a near-infinite spawn point, so you want to cut
your way up ASAP. Just watch for goons hiding on the right alcoves, and you 
have to quickly hit the hacks on the right walls.

At the end, grab the gel, hack, cells, and lower the bridge. Couple of guys to
kill, then a big mech drop. Burn it's shields, then lay on your beam cannon for
the kill. I believe the explosion kills any enemies in the area. Gel and a 
hack before the door. Inside are a ton of things, and through the next door is
a terminal that coughs up an upgrade. 

Few bots and you learn the crates above can fall, but that's kinda a problem if
you try to use them at bad times. If you don't know how to vault, you have to 
to move on. Vault right first for a quick hack, then move forward. When you 
drop down one level two mechs will land, but you can hop back up. Staying on
this top level (can't go backward) allows you two points of cover, and it's all
you need. Just focus fire on one mech and burn him, then the other. It gets 
hard when one moves in close, but use these two cover points for protection.
And yes, use the beam cannon beyond their shields.

Head up the left side, kill two mechs, and you're in. Chance for a paragon 
action. And yes, you were tracking the info broker of Garrus' target, so there
is one last part. I will be interested to find out how this resolves if I had
warned the guy, but I didn't.

Mission 18: Cat and Mouse

The Lead

Before we continue, just putting it out there the following shops to hit up
which you may have passed by earlier:

Rodam Expeditions - weapon upgrades

Saronis Apps - tech stuff

You're still on the Citadel, and will still have whatever team you took.

Use the transit to request Thane, put Garrus in his new suit, and go back to 
Bailey. Bailey only starts this quest if Thane is present, so you must bring 

Go up to the club (right stairs) and hit up Mouse; not literally, you can skip
this renegade action if you want. Might make the parting of ways a bit less

The Interrogation

Return to Bailey after and get him to set up the sting. Choose "Arrest Elias"
when ready to go through with it. 

First, you select good cop or bad cop. It's best to go with what you are 
strong with (para/ren) but I just went bad cop and chose all three renegade 
actions for results. I was unable to access the renegade option at the start
since I'm mostly paragon, so you will need considerable rep in one or the 
other to use it.

I also believe there is an element of time, such as you must end the thing 
after so many topics. I imagine without the actions you would take more 
time to resolve the conflict.

I'll be interested to see how the good cop role would work. Either way, it's
safe to bet that this gameplan works both ways.

The Chase

Grab the datapad nearby for an upgrade. 

The "updates" simply move the target from one spot to another. The timer to 
update Thane is either a way to not fail or just a way to keep up, could be 
both. The hardest part is just picking the right side to stay on, but other
than that just follow the two, it's not hard and you even have a highlight of
him when he stops. 

Inside the bar, you'll go through a door and run into a distraction, and a 
good renegade moment will end it quickly. However, I believe it is not 
necessary at all to rush this so fast. Then pass through the next door.

At the end, you have a paragon action, but I imagine without it you would be
offered a chance to let the situation resolve in a very colder way, and maybe
without the back-story - maybe, I don't know really.


Post-mission, there are a few bits of closure, so feel free to exercise your 
rep options that apply.

Since we haven't left the Citadel yet, may as well turn in that ID from the 
Harkin fight. You'll find Kalara Tomi on a bench to the left from the C-SEC

Anyway, return to the Normandy (transit works the same).

Mission 19: The Cure

*NOTE: I'm being totally truthful here, I made this and the last mission's
title before seeing the achievements. I should try Family Feud!*

Should be a healthy amount of upgrades, and a shortage of resources at some

Then there is Thane, who I believe you can either come onto or put off a 
little longer, or he wouldn't accept anyway. Regardless, I haven't "been" with
any of the dudes in this game, not starting with ol' CRAZY EYES!

Same story with ol' Scarface in battery. Follow his line about preparation and
I thought about trying the "Not what I meant" option, but with Liara there were
all the questions about this and where is that. I'm not too sure about this
with Garrus. My girl's not alien-shy, but come on, he looks like a broken
tree-limb or something.

*NOTE: For anyone actually interested in the two aliens, I am 90% certain 
coming onto them at this point is either a groundwork for later or they will
not really go through with it either. Don't get too excited you.*


Anyway, let's get back to real work. The Krogan DMZ nebula thing has two
quests as well. Mordin came on after Garrus, so let's help him out; it's right
next to the Serpent Nebula.

In this system, pretty poor mineral showing for the number of planets:

Ruam - poor

Kruba - it was a Palladium belt around this rock

Kanin - poor

Vaul - negative minerals!

Durak - literally a belt around the star, this was heavy in minerals

When ready, land on Tuchanka (no minerals, it so poor, it take minerals from

Krogan Metropolis

I brought Grunt and Mordin.

Should see someone from Illium you remember (no chat). The Overcaptain up
ahead will order you inside. Go through to the "commerce" area. There is a pit
to lose money betting on the animal fights (nothing you need to see), and a 
Ratch's Shop.

Ratch first wants you to kill some monkeys, which sounds like a plan. The gun
is below Ratch by the Chief Scout. It's a simple game, you have so many shots,
the fire from alternating sides, and you should shoot in front of the target
monkey. One thing to keep in mind, careful when aiming around the tires, there
are line of sight issues if you are not careful.

Survive the three waves with the food store in tact and you get the discount.
Ratch's kiosk offers a few equipment mods and a heavy weapon upgrade. As well
as some meat to feed his pet. Doing so makes it follow you. 

*NOTE: It's mostly just for novelty, but I believe he will win you at least
one pit fight. I doubt the game would install an infinite money stream, so he
is most likely not a 100% winner.*

Speak with the Chief Scout who is near the turrets as well. He will tell you
to take the truck, but DON'T take it yet. 

Instead, go up the ramp and take a right into the tent. Speak with Fortack,
punch a monkey, and then feel free to buy something from his shop. But you can
WAIT to get a discount a little later.


Depending on your choice from the last game, Wrex may or may not be here. The
leader's spot is in front of the entrance to this area. It's there that you
can learn of the shaman for Grunt and be pointed to the Chief Scout for 
Mordin, as well as learn about what is going on around here.

As of this time, I'm not sure how much is different with the abscence of Wrex.

For this very moment, since Mordin asked first, go get on the truck to head
out. You can first speak to the mechanic who asks for a part you will look

The Doctor is Out

*NOTE: As always for flesh, ice powers work nicely.*

Two bugs, then a bug and some varren, and then two thugs; all of which are 
easy to down with biotics. Up the ramp is a long-ish fight with Blood Pact
and a few varren. Just burn the krogan from a distance and move up to the 
depression in the surface, there will be two flamethrowers incoming, so take
them out fast. Ore on the side before you head down.

A few flame guys, then a few more goons around the corner defending the door.
Grab the part for the mechanic, then bypass the door. Head in and look at the
body, then pick up the ore down the steps, then through the door.

It doesn't sound like this will end peacefully, so feel free to take or leave
the renegade action that appears late into his ramblings. If yes to a fight,
then take cover on the left side and take out the krogan first, they will move
in close.

Next room, you got stuff to find and two points for long chats with Mordin.
Hack a terminal for an upgrade, and continue. Through the door, go into the 
right side room for the missing scout and be sure to try and help, offers the 
chance to use a rep option. 

Through the next door you are warned of the number of explosive crates ahead.
Kill the vorcha, then the krogan and varren as you move down the walkway; don't
miss the salvage near the start. Pick up the power cells and go down a level
with close-range armor rounds in hand as two krogan meet you. A handful more
krogan appear across the gap, then the chief shows up. Burn down the krogan
fast so you can just focus beam fire on the chief for the win. 

On the right is a door for a quick hack, then take the door the chief came from
to reach a terminal to hack for an upgrade. Proceed to the final room. 

Paragon action at the critical moment. Another interesting decision is what to
do with the data. This smells of a chain event for later, and hard to see it
going smoothly if you don't keep the data.

Mission 20: The Rite

The Shaman

Still on the krogan planet, return the part to the mechanic. Just XP. And you
can close the case of the missing scout with the Chief Scout.

The shaman is to the right of the entrance tunnel door, up some stairs. Few
people with small chats, and an FYI talk with an ambassador if you want, then
speak to the shaman. 

Feel free to exercise your right to butt heads, then get the thing started.

Survive and Adapt

This is an arena game. You use the keystone and a few waves of enemies will
enter from all sides and you must survive.

DO NOT pick up all the stuff at the start. Several power cell and medi
gels all over, but picking up more than you need just earns credits if you
didn't realize. And there are a few corpses to loot.

First wave is just varren, but the only hard part is the ones you don't see
at your side or behind you. Other than that just stay in motion and use your

*NOTE: All loot and the hack can only be obtained before the thresher, and do
the hack between rounds.*

Second wave is klixen, not the big bugs, but the little ones that shoot fire
and explode on death. They should be stalled (shockwave) and taken out far
away and quickly.

The last fight is with a Thresher Maw, remember those from the first game?
You can stay alive for five minutes, that is an option. But pull out the beam
cannon and go to town. Burst of speed when it spits help avoid its deadly 
goo, or just stay in motion. The pillars provide some cover, but they can be
toppled. There are two supplies of power cells, on the right of the middle and
down to the left of the keystone. 


There is another possible fight upcoming. I'm pretty sure it's required, but
perhaps not. It's just a few powerful krogan, and only one should charge your
position. There is also a few things lying around you should pick up before
you kill the last one. Unsure if you can kill the leader, probably not.

Mission 21: Revenge

Goodbye Ruins

You received an upgrade, and you can now go use a discount at Fortack's shop
at the tent. You can also speak to Fortack and Wrex (or whoever may lead) for
some more chat; everyone else introduces him to the clan but it's all about
the same.

You should also buy all you need from Fortack now while you're here, if you
have the money.

One last note, there is a pretty funny bit in the tunnel as you return to the
ship. Again, my girl swings that way, but still...

Hello Dakka 

Couple of nice emails this time, maybe Joker and EDI have an interesting bit
for you, and a bunch of upgrades to tinker with. Here is a crew rundown for
this point:

Mordin - briefly thanks you for your help

Jacob - continue with his father and the chat ends (again, things with me and
	my bro aren't going so well, he's mad at me, I can tell)

Thane - confession, perhaps a little more if you took him up earlier, I don't

Grunt - a quick bit

Everyone else is rejection city. 

Anyway, you picked up Jack a long time ago. Let's get hers done with now.

The Dakka system is in the Nubian Expanse:

Zirnitra - very rich

Alkonost - hit two big peaks and that was it

Gamayn - poor

Bannik - very rich

Land on Pragia.

The Heart of Darkness

Enter the facility and there is a hack across from the entrance. Throug the
door you can turn off a log, and in the next room there is a hack around the
corner. Some dogs up ahead, four of them, then look at the pit for a bit with
Jack. Through the door is gel and a log.

Down the stairs, open the left door for some ore, then get ready for an ambush
in the next room. Krogan first, floor troops second, upper guys last, and get
ready for three more from the windows to the left after. Hack around the right
wall, then open the door. Two snipers at the top of some steps. 

Some varren in the cell area, and salvage in an upper right cell. Then head
around a walkway and into the bad place. To the left is nothing, but to the 
right are several logs, a hack for an upgrade, and power cells. 

Next room is the boss and a few minions. Biotic the vorcha, burn the minions
across the way (if they aren't glitched and non-factors) and then burn the 
boss down (use range guns, even on your teammates). Ammo and a hack at the 
back, then go right to reach the last room.

Pretty sure you can end this with rep options or maybe with an action if you
don't. Either way, let Jack stay and feel free to visit the table, bed, window,
and blood smear out in the hallway. 

*NOTE: Finally get some clothes on this thing! And yes, that's a good thing. I
don't mind tattoos, but walking around an alien ship with no shirt on?!*

Mission 22: Mother Dearest

Omega, the Return

Break up the cat fight, and it's Grunt and Jack with chat; caution with
Grunt's bit (may not want to be in the middle of dinner when you hear it). 

Don't forget to upgrade accordingly, early warning of Mordin's song, and 
Jacob has an awkward bit (or maybe I just screwed any chance of furthering 
our chats). 

Anyway, return to Omega.

There is an Ish to the right as you enter. He offers a quest to visit the 
other cities, so may as well take it. 

Also, visit all three shops to see if any have an upgrade for you. All the big
upgrades are very costly, so it is probably one for now.

Back to business, enter the club and speak to Aria about Samara's daughter.
The apartment entrance is near the elevator. 

In For the Kill

Ask Diana where Nef spent her time, and feel free to use the paragon embrace.

Enter Nef's room and read the three items - the diary is the key to moving 
this forward of course. But still look over all three and every entry, it does
pay off in a bit.

From the shop area, hit the right side path to the VIP entrance, and name drop
to get in.

Some guy to talk to, then another to the right named Horftin. Florit is across
at the other tables, and it's terminal and eternity. Though, you won't see
anything else happen.

There are some punks in the upper left to punch out.

In the middle is a dance with a Waera, and this should be enough to draw out 
the target. I believe it takes doing these random acts in the club to get this
under way.

Once with her, remember to go art, elcor Forta, Vaenia, music, Expel 10, 
Hallex, travel, danger, reward, and you're off.

At the apartment, look at the rifle behind you for the upgrade. Then look at
the four things around the room, then talk. Pretty sure it's whatever you want
to choose to get to the conclusion.

Okay, if you were wondering where Samara came from after she was very absent
from the commercials for this game, now you may know why. The report after 
this mission hinted at Morinth being somewhat of a loss. Basically, I believe
the choice here is real, and you can let Samara go for ol' Evil Eyes if you
want. I'm sure that would make for interesting chats going further, but I
had to be loyal to the mom on this one.

Mission 23: Tali's Trust

The Migrant Fleet

It may very well be Mordin is joking - either way, I'll pass thank you.

Grunt actually has a little more, and yes, Jack does shoot you down.

*NOTE: I'm aware not everyone is playing a girl, but it's hard to imagine 
BioWare actually set up gender rules, especially with a female named Jack. 
But if she's into guys only, that is possible. And FYI, it's my job to see 
how far all of these relationships go.*

Anyway, head out to the Vallhallan Threshold. Just one place to go, so go.

Trial By Fire

All short-range, anti-armor powers and weapons are needed. Overload needs to
be taken and be sure to switch to the correct guns inside.

Head in and talk with Shala, and get it started.

Hopefully you get to use a rep option, another normal option, and then a rep
option to cut this short.

Oddly, you can take this time to speak to a number of Q's (Quarians) around
here. I'm sure you can squeeze out all the chat possible, but stopping to 
talk to anymore than Shala may be a bit much. 

Head out the right side hall to the ship guard and you'll appear in the 
captured ship - last reminder to change to armor guns. First room is full of 
several incoming Geth, and a few that charge at you. 

Some credit logs, an audio log, and power cells in the first room. Head out 
and take the first left door for a clue. The next door on the right has an
upgrade to hack. A vid in the hall, and through the next door one hunter among
several computers and another vid. 

Up the steps is a considerable fight. It's easy to lose track of one door and
let them get too close. You want enemies dead quickly, and if they gang up on
you the stairs offers additional safety. Reload after and pick up the big 
pile of minerals in the corner. 

Through the doorway is a safe and a terminal for evidence. Next room is yet
another big fight. Be sure to post both your guys on the very top of the ramp,
and don't let the enemies to the upper left get you. More cred computers and
an audio log. And in the hall is key evidence, and you can do a paragon 
action. And to the left are two safes, creds, and power cells.

The final room is simple, there is a computer with creds and a toy ship. The
boss is stuck in the middle, so use the sides of the room to engage and 
destroy the hunters and un-shielded ones. Then just whip out the beam cannon
and burn the boss. Then grab the real evidence.

Head on back, you're late. And because changing the subject in a trial is
always a good idea, you can resolve this nicely with a rep option. I'm sure
it resolves a little smoother without, but using a rep option is a big rep

You get a quick upgrade for clearing the ship, and you can chat with these
Q's after, or press a button to leave when you wish.

Mission 24: Side Missions

Break from the Action

This "mission" is a collection of a few side quests that you do not need to
complete if you don't want to. There are more than this, but these are the 
few we will do now.

Should have an upgrade or two from the last mission (shields are good to 

Mordin should have a bit to say, as should Samara, and Tali as well.

*NOTE: I realize that I mention Samara, but if you have Morinth, then you'll
just have to kinda wing it.*

And don't forget, you can spend Element Zero to grab any loyal member's special

With a full team ready to go, let's now focus on side missions we have 
mostly ignored unless they've been in our way.

Should have three in the open:

Omega Nebula - Recapture Freighter

Pyros Nebula - Save Crashing Ship

Citadel and Illium - pick up packages

And we shall do them in that order.

Recapture Freighter

Arinlarkan in the Omega Nebula has the two attractions: Utha with a balance
of all but Ele. Zero, and MSV Strontium Mule to board. 

Long range fight to start, and easy if you use cover. Document by the door,
and go through for a terminal. Up the ramp are three more, then use the console
on the wall to open the doors. FYI, target the unshielded ones first.

The side paths and rooms are nothing much (right side has gel). It's the 
forward door that heads to the engineering room that you need. Take it and
quickly burn the Blue Suns and the engineer in here. Power cells up top.

Come back and use the side paths to head up for a few more mercs. Head down
the near hall to the locked door. Right side is the hack to open it, but 
getting in is not easy. You had best try to command your team to head in for
cover, and don't use the sides of the door for cover, just peek around. Once,
in, turn around and kill the four dog bots incoming. Use the back panel.

Back to the upper walkway you will fight a final group of Blue Suns. Take cover
and just watch out for the incoming powers and projectiles. If you can use
them funneling down the hall at the start, that is great. 

Before you enter the left door, go right (may be two more mercs) for an 
interesting sight. Go left for minerals, a docket, then open the payload. And
that's it, press B or whatever to end the mission.


Mordin should be a dry well now, but Samara is another story. If you've been
good to her, the chance to strike should appear here or soon. But that's just
the first step, the next point is almost forcing her to take your relationship
to the next level. What with The Code and all, I decided not to pull the 
trigger. I hear it doesn't go there anyway.

And Tali may show interest in linking the suits.

Save Crashing Ship

Pylos Nebula, Nariph system.

Jonus - poor in anything useful, much like a band of the same name

Isale - I literally hit one medium peak and that was it

MSV Broken Arrow - land

Take anti-armor peeps with you. 

You are timed, so start bypassing the door, and run in for cover. Use the 
right console. Head up and clear the upper ledges, then activate the console
near the ramp (ore on the other side of ramp). There is a lower path near the
ramp as well, so clear the Geth and take the path across to use the other
console. Then just ward off the machines as you run up the ramp to bypass the
system to save the ship - though, you didn't exactly save many on the ship. An
email upcoming clarifies this.


Of course after breaking it off with Samara, it's a dry well there too. Same
with Tali... for now.

Disable Beacon

If you didn't catch it, you grab this mission after completing the freighter
mission (probably have to open an email).

It's in the Sigurd's Cradel nebula, the Decoris system.

Laena - it says Rich, but it's really just a lot of Palladium

Sanctum - Ele. Zero and some Platinum, and for initially haveing just Good
	scan results, this planet was probably the best mineral source yet

Anyway, find the anomaly on Sanctum and land. 

I brought Garrus and Thane, and with my sniping ability we just facerolled

Good choice too, because the first fight is long-range with three or so waves
from the door. Pick up the ore in front and go in.

Inside, with you up high, them down low, and three snipers, they have no
chance. Right door is a safe and audio log. Left side is about five enemies
from the rocky corner. 

Some ore and you take the tunnel, two more at the back, audio log, and power
cells before the door. In the big room, the name of the game is focus fire and
speed. First, make sure your guys are not forward, send them to the sides away
from the incoming mechs. Secondly, just burn these things down to their health
bars, because you can use biotics at that point. The beam cannon is your only
real option with so little time and close space. I used the glass railing by
the entrance door as final cover, and it worked.

After that, quickly snipe out the incoming group of about four Blue Suns. 
On the left is a crate by the wall blocking you from a gel by a ship (you can
melee crates, fyi). Right side top room is just info on a computer; the left
has a hack. Bypass the forward door to access the mainframe.


Well, we have reached the point when no crew members have anything left to
say... oh well.

Stop Missile Attack

Should pick this up in an email.

Destination: Skepsis system, Sigurd's Cradel nebula (same as last side quest)

Keimowitz - lots of big platinum hauls, but small peaks of everything else

Pauling - good luck finding a second probe spot

Crick - good haul, just too much iridium for me

Watson - under the target vessel, has good peaks for ALL minerals

Darwin - I did a whole hemisphere and got nothing, so good luck

Wallace - found platinum and left, my eyes thanked me

Franklin - a moon of Watson, and has a great haul of minerals

Land on Franklin and bring whatever team kills guys fastest.

You're timed, so run up, kill the four to the left, and then go right to bypass
the door. Kill as many of the guys across as you wish (probably posting up to
the left), but your goal is to head downward, which there is a ramp nearby
that leads right to the door. Just clear some guys, bypass the door, and 
kill the guy guarding the computer. Open the safe first, and then use the 

Then you have a choice of saving target 1, the Industrial District, or target
2, the Capital City. Of course I took the city, but you can choose the other
if you want. 

Package for Ish

*NOTE: You pick this up from a guy to the right of the AfterLife bar entrance
on Omega, which we did earlier if you followed.*

It's in the Eternity Bar of Illium. It's just on a bench. So pick it up. And
don't think you need to pick up both this and the one on the Citadel, you only
need one. 

Feel free to speak with the bartender if you didn't earlier.

Also, speak to the Slave Broker on the left. Find out the situation, then speak
to the SI Rep nearby. Doesn't take a lot of rep to resolve the matter quickly
either way. Then speak to the broker again. 

Return to Omega and get to Ish to the right. Ask him about the contents of the 
package and if you follow the line you can eventually persuade him to end his
efforts. Otherwise I guess you can just give him the thing or not.

Mission 25: The Cerberus Network

This section is added for those who want to include their free online content
with their current playthrough.

You DO NOT have to do this, these are just "filler" or "pure extra" pieces of
content (future content too) that have no great impact on the main game.

You may skip this section and play on if you wish.

*NOTE: Copied from parts beyond in this guide.*

Connecting is Easy

With all new copies of Mass Effect 2 there is a code for joining the Cerberus

You will need:

Internet connection
XBox LIVE account
The CN code
An EA Online account (I guess I had one, cuz I didn't enter nor make one :P)


Download whatever is free


Restart your game/system (whatever you do on the PC) 

And then

In game you will get those little messages on the side of the screen

What you get for FREE

As of 2/7/10

Normandy Crash Site - The crash site of the original Normandy is found.

Zaeed: The Price of Revenge - Zaeed Massani joins your team

What to expect, possibly

Just speculating what will come out later, may not actually cover them. But
you can expect some kind of "mini-episodic" content. A vast step above the 
content from ME1 but not true episodes that must be played. I would expect
these would have minor inclusion in ME3 - like a mini-quest for closure.

If they do just release single missions, for a price, I would encourage you
to pass.

Of course they will release armor and weapons through this system, at a price
for a package. 

I would not expect another team addition.

Hiring the Merc

Omega Nebula, Sahrabarik, Omega.

He's literally right there when you get off the ship. And yeah, he just jumps
on board (again, literally) and even gives you his loyalty quest right off.

On the ship, he's down in level 4, has a few toys to look at, controls the 
cameras and trash controls. But you can tell his chats were last minute; no
chat wheel, so talk until he says scram.

Zaeed's Other Loyalty

Get it, he's being paid a lot of money? WTF does he need more loyalty for?!
No seriously, this is not a smart idea.

Anyway, head for Aquila in the Ismar Frontier nebula. Quick resource stop.

Pollino - poor

Metaponto - poor

Vecchio - rich

Lepini - poor

Volturno - hanful of drops

Now go for the Faia system.

Hito - poor, and purple!

Vinatel - rich

Imaen - rich

Land on Zorya.

Take a right at the bodies, and up ahead is the fight. Mostly to the right and
up above, and when you move right be ready for more to the left around the 

After the bridge, head up for some ore, a scene (most likely cut short), and
then a few guys after. Grab the ore before the next door. I chose Vido, because
I had max paragon :P, plus, I think this is the only way you get the 
achievement... again :P

Few guys up ahead, and more around the corner. Salvage and an upgrade through
the door, then fight more on the other side; don't miss the two on the left
and right. Head through and up to the room where two enemies will be on the
right side. There is a flamethrower on the ground and a weapon locker to 
switch back to the beam cannon, then pick up the power cells.

Head into the boiler room where enemies pour out of all sides. There will be
two boxes that swing above the sides that spew fire. Just shoot the tops of
them to dislodge one at a time, while fighting off the flamethrower troops and
others. After the second falls, get ready for a mech to drop, and burn him down
with the beam cannon. Salvage in both of the first side rooms. Then through
the last door.


FYI, should have some nice upgrades to top off. 

As for closure chat with Zaeed, you just get to recount a few things with
him in normal talk. Welcome to the team!

Old Memories

Omega Nebula, Amada system.

Eingana - must scan for Ele. Zero

Takkan - couple worthy drops

Karora - just a few

Anjea - a couple

Alchera - rich

Land on Alchera when you find the anomaly.

The Mako is dead, happy day!

You can turn around and place the monument near the "Normandy" chunk of the 

20 Dog Tags to find:

#1. Behind the start
#2. In the corner of the "Normandy" chunk, also behind start
#3. In front of the shuttle, behind another chunk, also says "Normandy"
#4. Right of the start, vault up and pick this up inside
#5. Further right, inside a crate (melee), Element Zero nearby
#6. On the ground near #5
#7. In what I guess is the upper right corner, near the old galaxy map
Data pad: also near the galaxy map
N7 Helmet: to the right of the galaxy map, along the wall
#8. Along the left wall from the galaxy map
#9. Near the dead Mako :)
#10. Along the top wall, above the Mako I guess, Ele. Zero nearby
#11. Along the icy cliff at the back (don't look down)
#12. Inside the sleeping pod chunk, in front of the icy cliff
#13. In a crate beside the sleeping pod chunk
#14. A crate just a bit to the left, from #13, Ele. Zero nearby
#15. From where the shuttle is, in front of it, "behind" the sleeping pod chunk
	Ele. Zero nearby
#16. Crate along the left wall
#17. Along the cliff debris approaching the upper left corner
#18. Inside the upper left corner piece
#19. Head to the sleeping pod chunk from #18 and you'll see it in a little
	alcove touching the chunk
#20. Head to the right of the area, it's on the ground as if you were 
	approaching the #5 spot

That's it, load up and head back to business. You should be rewarded with two
upgrades for your effort.

Mission 26: Acquire Reaper IFF

Thorne System

Head to the Hawking Eta nebula.

In the Chandrasekhar system I didn't find anything on Teshub, while Hebat was
slim too. Just quick FYI. Use the green ring to head for the Thorne system.

Mnemosyne had one good spot, while it's moon Lethe was rich in all but the 
rarer minerals. 

Anyway, land on the Derelict Reaper ship. 

Haunted Ship

Video log, two safes, and a comp in the first area, then another log and gel
up ahead. After the scene, another log. Get your close-range stuff ready for
the ambush of husks up ahead, and then again down the ramp; both times use the 
crates as weapons, just stay away. The second time there are two waves, and
don't forget to use the log.

Ore, power cells, new sniper rifle, and ammo up ahead. Heading up hits another
wave of husks, but then be ready for a huge couple of waves and a scion further
down the way. Use range on the scion and splash biotics on the incoming husks.
Red ones need to die fast, FYI. You can pick up ammo, hack a terminal, look
at the altar, and view another log.

*NOTE: Go with anti-flesh guns on your squad.*

Turn back and bypass a side door. Several husks after the scene, then go down
the ramp and come back up as a huge horde of husks and a scion come up. Use 
the higher ground to mow them down. Terminal, ammo, and gel up the way.

Couple down the narrow path, then head down for another case of lure them out
and use the high ground; also another scion, but the little ones first. Equip
your beam cannon and move up to the next choke point where you are ambushed by
two scions and many husks. Focus fire and back up a bit. Hopefully after 
quickly killing one, your team can handle the husks, you can handle the other
scion while out of its range, and then just clean up the husks.

Next corner is tricky as you have two scions, enough husks, and your team will
most likely try to bail on you. The left scion is closer, so kill him first 
and try to keep your team near. Burn the last scion with the beam cannon, then
kill the remainig waves of husks (pick up power cells now).

Bypass the door, pick up the Reaper IFF, and hack the safe. Go into the final
room for the core. There are three waves to this fight, and if you have any
biotics and/or have taken any interest in upgrading their power, this should be
easy. I took the right side husks and my guys took the left. I just pulled 
each one as they came up, using a SMG on the ones anyone fired at first. After
and toward the end of each wave, the core above the computer will open up, and
then you dump any bullets and powers into it for damage. You simply do this
three times, between each going to the sides for ammo and creds, and that is 

Mission 27: Legion's Loyalty

*NOTE: Last chance to consider getting Zaeed with your Cerberus Network code,
well, for this toon anyway. Not a big deal if you don't, but this is your last
chance to get him and do his mission. Anyone else's missions too if you
missed those.*

We Are Geth

DO NOT kill the geth. I don't represent a company, so I can safely say you're
retarded if you "space" it.

You can go find it at the AI Core in the medical bay area. You speak to EDI
and then turn Legion on.

Once he's on the team, speak to him to earn his loyalty quest.

They Are Sick

The Phoenix Massing nebula, Tassrah system for quick resources.

Ishassara - 1 drop for me

Pahhur - just Iridium, and hard to find, lots of it though

Sarapai - give it a good probing, doesn't put up much of a fight

Then head for The Sea of Storms.

Land on the Heretic Station.

Legion offers the advance warning of a choice, which is unusual. Grab the gel 
and head down the ramp. The green lines on the floors are warnings for nearby
Geth - in this case, two. Avoid the lines and ambush the Geth at their hub, 
then salvage and chat about it - FYI, you must destroy these hubs.

*NOTE: Mind-bending, but when I say "Geth" I mean the enemies, not your 

In the hall, there are two turrets that can be hacked and used against the 
incoming Geth. They are not up for long, and will destruct. The next room
has two enemy sets, and hitting one activates the other. With that in mind, 
it's best to burn down the nearest hunter, hack a minion, and use cover to 
burn the other hunter. Afterward, use powers to blow up the hubs and salvage

Two Geth, ammo, and gel in the hall. Two more Geth up a bit more. In the next
room, turn on the turrets early because there are only a few that appear, but
watch for a hunter to the left and focus on him. Grab the gel and cells, then
some ore and ammo before taking the door at the bottom. Turn on the turret in
the next room and burn down the hunter quickly. Bypass a terminal, and head
through the door.

The next room is a big set-piece. Again, two sets at hubs. You have two options
here: post up in the corner, or set off the lines early and let them come up
the ramp to you. I believe the corner is the safest way to control the fight;
just hack one geth and quickly burn the other two, then hit incoming enemies 
from the other set.

You can talk to him at a window before the next door. Check the setup of the
next room; the catch is that you can only have two up at once, and they do not
last a long time (same as earlier). 

Start it up and try to get this first wave with only your guns. The trick for
all of these waves is burn down one side, then finish off the other with your
team. The best thing is to post your team near the upper turrets, and behind 
cover facing one side; you will handle the other side. For the second wave,
use two turrets down below that are deep into the lower area. Third wave, use
maybe three turrets, all down below and maybe one up. Fourth and last, use
any turrets left - don't forget the off-side one up with you.

*NOTE: In hindsight, I believe "killing them" results in the escape. Otherwise
I guess the mission just ends.*

Make the choice, either way, and then make a break for the exit. Two groups at
the corner of the hallway, and then pull out your beam cannon for the boss up
ahead. It's hard but, send in your team to cover in his area and just burn him
from around the corner. Then dash for the exit. 

Mission 28: Love and Loss

The Calm

Should start off with a "catfight" between Tali and Legion. Hopefully your 
rep is high enough to resolve it to satisfy both; otherwise you have to choose
one or the other, and you can't romance a machine as far as I know (just 
letting you know).

Talk with Legion again and buy his upgrade, and learn more of the Geth if you

Upgrades to buy, and don't hold back on them either, because with a full team,
everyone loyal, the next time you turn on the map you will start the next 
phase of the main quest.

The Joker

When ready, use the galaxy map.

Yep, hobble to the elevator from the left side, but DO NOT go to the elevator
because it's a trap. Go into the science lab and use the hatch.

Now hobble right around the elevator and go in and activate the console.

Head down another hatch, and basically just follow the red lights, or go up the
steps and hang a left :P

Last Chance

Get your final upgrades in.

Don't bother with the crew, now is not the time, well, if you've chatted their
ear off thus far.

And yes, you could even run around and do some more side missions, explore, 
get resources for upgrades. But that certainly kills the pace. It also kills
certain, non-essential crew members... your fish feeder DOES NOT WANT YOU TO

However, I would guess that everyone's UPGRADE to the ship should be 
purchased. If you didn't do so before, do it now.

Just get out of wherever you are and hit up Omega.

Whenever ready, hit up the Omega 4 Relay. Confirm to enter the last stage of
the game.

Please insert disc 1.

Mission 29: Suicide Mission

Welcome to the Oculus

Yeah, so I thought everyone liked me, but I guess not. I failed at the love. 
I guess I had to take up one of the dudes... *shivers*

Anyway, for this fight you are dealing with one enemy, a big armor thing. So
bring handcannons and warps. Just blow off your beam cannon to burn the Oculus
down to half life.

The second round is tougher if you don't have more beam cannon ammo, otherwise
just aim for its top from behind the cover. Not bad.

The Gameplan

For the shaft, send in Tali.

For the second commander, send Zaeed... NO, just kidding. Send Miranda. 

You are dealing with harbingers and flesh enemies, so biotics and armor stuff
is needed. In a shock to everyone, I took Mordin and Garrus. I took Mordin on
like 2 missions all game, but I needed his utility. His Heavy Inincerate is
an instant kill on armored harbingers - you did get that into heavy right? 
Either way, he's a good pick. Garrus is for the extra range.

Knock, Knock

Before you start, equip any special ammo on everyone, not just you. And equip
a flesh-heavy arsenal.

First fight is not too tough, just a bunch of Collectors in the lower part. 
Use range to clear them and move left. Hit the first valve and notice there is
a green bar. That is Tali's life at each valve point, so you must from now on
move quickly to hit each valve before that bar is gone.

Up ahead at the ramp is a nasty group of enemies that should drop a harbinger,
so burn them all quickly and hit the valve. Up ahead is a quick drop by two
normal ones and a harbinger. Blast the normals first, then burn down the 
harbinger quickly. Two valves up ahead with no resistance.

Next area is tricky because the enemies are hidden behind lots of cover. Just
splash the first group nearby as best you can (shockwave) and vault up ahead to
handle the two flying in and the harbinger across the gap. There may be one
more by the valve to the left. Hit it, vault up, and hit the next valve. 

The last area is a bit hard as the beam cannon guy can give you troubles at
the start. Burn him down anyway you can, then hop up and run left to hit the 
valve. One more up ahead to the left. Burn the harbinger down first, then his
friends, and then run up to the final valve. 

The Light in the Dark

Yeah, Samara needs a purpose, give her the job of making your shield.

As for the meat shield, sounds perfect for Grunt. Which was INCORRECT. It
should be Garrus or Miranda.

As for the escort, if you so choose, I sent Jacob. I found out Grunt is for
this too late :P

With those choices in mind, I brought Jack and Mordin. It's not like you are
going to fight inside the bubble the whole way, you can bring range. If you
want a sniper instead of Jack, feel free. Remember, same adjusting guns and 
ammo at the start.

Your job is to stay close to Samara (whoever you chose). Move up and tell her
you are ready to go right. Samara will pause up ahead as you deal with the 
enemies to the left. Two harbingers are most likely. Moving to that area next,
have shockwaves or just blast the husks that crawl up from dead ahead. Then
Collectors fly to the right, so follow Samara to cover and take them out; again
with the two harbingers.

Get the ammo while moving up, then be ready for tons of husks and a scion. 
Mordin can help burn the scion while shockwaves (Jack) can mow down the husks.
Then you got a few husks on the sides as you make it to the top of the ramp
for the end.

The End

Bring whatever team you think is best for scions, harbingers, and an armor
boss. Jack and Mordin work for me.

Not much to say for the platform fight other than keep up whatever you've done
to get here, truly. All I know is the final platform in front has two scions
and you can stay out of their range, clear up the minions, and move in when
ready to eat their armor up (you can soften them up with range and move in 
for powers and such).

Next fight is just two waves if you work quickly. The tubes above will open 
when the waves are cleared, and you just have to do it twice, using any kind
of gun (SMG).

Final fight is against that thing. First off, there are two big weak points,
it's left eye (your right) and it's stomach. It has two notable attacks: the
beam laser that has like a 10 second cast time, and a smash that destroys the
platform it is next to. It raises up before it smashes one, or just take the 
good advice of not standing next to a Reaper and you'll be fine.

Few adds will spawn, but they all need to die. The idea is to clear the adds,
then just blow everything you have into the big eyeball or the stomach. There
are other spots, but they are not as reliable as these two.

The beam cannon won't do this alone, you'll have to bust out other guns, both
to handle the adds and finish off the boss. A hand cannon is great for 
finishing this fight, even if you have to stare down a direct laser hit.


And that's it, just time to replay ME1 and this game while we wait for what
should be the final entry in this series.

Round 2

... and beyond of course. 

You have plenty of options:

Start a new game from ME2
Keep playing this game on this toon
New game with this toon with all the stuff you've got
Import another toon from ME1
Start up a new toon on ME1, then import it!

Also, for starting a new toon, for beating the game, you get to have a free
(extra squad) power at the start - warp ammo is great the whole game.

I also believe your credits carry-over as well, even for a brand new toon,
but I could be mistaken.

And heads up, the X button is your friend on your coming rounds - skips

* 10. Author Info / Copyright                                                 *





My Motivation

I write these guides to help gamers avoid the dumb mistakes I made.

That's really all it is about. I'm not trying to give 100% detail about the 
game, help you up your leaderboard rankings, help you pwn noobs so you can 
lol, or hold your hand as you play.

My guides are really meant for single-player games only, with the multiplayer
ignored, and you are supposed to read it as you play. I also cringe at 
most extra stuff, like achievements or challenge modes or insane "play the 
same segment 10 times to move on" hard modes. These things are just pure 
"filler" that are so easy for the devs to make and so many of you suckers fall
for thinking these things are legit gaming experiences... ugh. They are just
time-wasters, but I do try to cover some of them.

I hope you can learn to find things in this guide if you must (ctrl + F) and
hopefully the table of contents points you where you need to go. If you jump
into the guide not from the start, it's on you if you are off my order of
events or you missed some early setup.



Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to thank me, if you want
to talk, or if you want to ask a question. Efforts to get in a guide need to
be exceptional.

The golden rule: keep it short. If I see a wall of text I'm probably moving 
on. I've gotten real bad with emails lately. And flamers don't even bother, it
won't work.

My email:

Title of your email should be: 		ME2

PS - To GameFAQ's users, if you like the guide, click "recommend" at the top
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PPS - I cannot fix bugs, glitches, or achievements/trophies not hitting. 



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Madden 09
Dead Space
Gears of War 2
Prince of Persia (2008)
Call of Duty: World at War
Resident Evil 5
Modern Warfare 2
Assassin's Creed 2
World of Warcraft



I've also been published in GamePro magazine, June 2007. Pretty cool if you ask
me, and all because I write these little guides.

Also, I am in the October issue as well, which should be out at the time of 
this guide's release. At least I ain't a one hit wonder.

In a nice surprise, I didn't even know I was in the March 2008 issue of 
GamePro, but I am. Maybe I'll be in more I don't know about...

Look to for a slew of other articles written by me in the 
featured article section.



Here is my list of sites:

GameFAQs (main host site)
GamersTemple (
CheatCodeCentral (
and more here and there, too many to keep up with
and even a few foreign ones too!

*NOTE: There are many more with single guides, and then others with a few, and
some that I just don't keep track of.*

All other sites must ask permission if they want this. All I ask is that the
guide be ad-free and in this text format.

And if you want to make a donation at my site for hosting a guide, that is 
fine too.



Here is my website:

You'll find all my other guides here too and perhaps something else you may



I only ask for a donation because their aren't many people that do this 
stuff for free. Even in a text-only format, you've gotten hopefully some 
nice info for free and enjoyed me enough to just maybe repay all the time
spent making this guide.

You can give whatever you want, all of it helps.



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