Dementium II: FAQ/Walkthrough

       ´╗┐Guide Type     - Walk-through
Game Title     - Dementium 2
Platform       - Nintendo DS
Date submitted - 04-13-10
Version        - 1.1
By             - obishawn

This guide is still a work in progress, and that means
more than just the addition of Chapter 5 and Survival
Mode.  I need to go back through and list proper enemies
names, fix a crap load of typos and fix some margin

But, the guide is very much usable as it is and I hope
you can find it useful.


Table of Contents


To easily and quickly find anything in this guide,
simply perform a search and enter the subject as you
see it listed in the Contents, even if it is just the
Roman numerals.

I    - Introduction
II   - Controls
III  - Understanding Both Screens
IV   - Weapons
V    - Pick-Ups
VI   - Enemies
VII  - Walkthrough
       Chapter 01 - Welcome Back
                  - The Gnaw (Boss)

       Chapter 02 - It's Spreading...
                  - Wendigo Witch (Boss)

       Chapter 03 - Too late for escape
                  - Gorgamesh (Boss)

       Chapter 04 - The Colossus
                  - The Colossus (Boss)

       Chapter 05 - Final Passage
                  - ??????? (Boss)
VIII - Survival Mode
IX   - FAQ Update History
X    - Credits, Thanks, & Hosts
XI   - Contact Info


I - Introduction


Welcome to Phase 2!!!

If you enjoyed the first game, Dementium:The Ward, then
you will love this sequel as it surpasses the first game
and Moon, Renegade Kid's second game, by far.

Ready yourself for even more atmosphere, scares, creepiness
and really cool boss fights.  And if you haven't played
Dementium:The Ward, then that's is fine.  You don't need
a thorough knowledge of the game to enjoy this.

If you just want a puzzle solution, do a search for any
of the following key words:

[Chapter 1 eyeballs]

[Chapter 2 dials]

[Chapter 3 NEWS]

[Chapter 4 pipe puzzle]

[Chapter 4 radio]


II - Controls


This guide is based on the default control setting, which 
is Type1 1 and caters to right handed folks.

TYPE 1 (Right handed) - "The right is right, right?"

D-pad Up - Walk forward, double-tap and hold to run
D-pad down - Back up
D-pad left & right - Strafe

L Shoulder Button - Use weapon

R Shoulder Button - Not used

Start - Options menu

Touch Screen - Look & turn, aim, examine, take and use
               objects, change weapons, access the
               map, items and options

TYPE 2 (Left handed) - "Lefties have rights too!"

X - Walk forward, double-tap and hold to run
B - Back up
Y - Strafe left
A - Strafe right

L Shoulder Button - Not used

R Shoulder Button - Use weapon

Start - Options menu

Touch Screen - Look & turn, aim, examine, take and use
               objects, change weapons, access the
               map, items and options


III  - Understanding Both Screens


Top Screen - 

Sight - Used for aiming your currently equipped weapon
Ammo  - Displays the remaining ammunition for the weapon 
        currently equipped

Bottom Screen - 

Action window - As you encounter objects the actions you
                can take appear here. Touch here to perform
                the action.

Health        - Just below the action button is your health
                display.  Green is good, red is bad.

Map button    - Tap to view the map. 

                - Green arrow is your current position.
                - Green doors are doors you can enter.
                - Red doors are locked.
                - White dots are save mirrors.

Heart Monitor - Displays your health condition.

                - Green  = good health
                - Yellow = slightly wounded
                - Red    = critically wounded

Item button   - View the key items you have collected. 

Flashlight Icon - Tap this to use or put away the flashlight
                  once you obtain it.  The flashlight can
                  be dual weilded with one-handed weapons.

Reload icon - Tap this to relaod the gun you are currently
              equipped with.

Equipped Weapon Icon - Dead center at the bottom of the
                       bottom screen is the weapon you are
                       currently equipped with.  To switch
                       weapons, touch the icon, then drag
                       your stylus to the weapon of choice.
                       You also use items, like the health
                       pills this way.

Options       - Go to and adjust the options menu.


IV   - Weapons


Shank - Found in Chapter 1, this is your most basic weapon.
        It can be dual weilded with the flashlight.

Revolver - Also found in Chapter 1, its a bit stronger than
           the shank and can be used to attack enemies from
           a distance.  Requires ammo, can be dual weilded
           with the flashlight.

Sledgehammer - Found in Chapter 1, this can be used as a
               tool to break down boarded-up doors but also
               as a weapon.  Hold the attack button for a
               stronger blow.  Cannot be dual weilded with
               the flashlight.

Shotgun - Found in Chapter 2.  More powerful than the
          revolver but can only hold two shells at a time.
          Requires ammo and cannot be dual weilded with the

Assault Rifle - Found in Chapter 3.  About as strong as
                the revolver but has a rapid rate of fire.
                Requires ammo and cannot be dual weilded
                with the flashlight.

Flamethrower - Found in Chapter 4, can be used as a tool
               to burn the vines on ccertain doors.
               Cannot be dual weilded with the flashlight.
               Refill the fuel at propane tanks.

Mysterious Relic - Boomerang-like weapon found in Chapter 4
                   also works as a key for specific doors.
                   Can be dual weilded with the flashlight.

Nailgun - 

Dynamite - Found in Chapter 4.  Used for powerful enemies.
           Cannot be dual weilded with the flashlight.

Buzzsaw - 


V    - Pick-Ups


Health Pills       - Recovers about half of your health

Health Packs       - Recovers all of your health

Adrenaline Syringe - Boosts motor functions

Revolver ammo      - Extra ammo for the revolver

Shotgun ammo       - Extra ammo for the shotgun

Assault rifle ammo - Extra ammo for the assualt rifle


VI   - Enemies


Chest Maw - Zombie like humanoids with their chests ripped

Melee Guard / Rifle Guard - The guards of the prison. 

Infantile Mollusca - slugs with teeth

Leaper - crab head things

Whisperers - black smoke / ghostly looking apparitions

Aerial Hunter - flying flesh sack with buzz saw

ROFL - fat clown pigs that laugh :)

Wailer - male screaming head who spits black goop

Slime Mine - floating flesh sack with chains, which explodes

Screamer - flying female screaming head

Gorgamesh - huge gorilla dude

Reanimator - Green, reptilian looking beast, comes back to

Flying Swarm - bugs in cloudy room in Mine

Bosses - 

Chapter 1 - The Gnaw
Chapter 2 - Wendigo Witch
Chapter 3 - Gorgamesh
Chapter 4 - Colossus
Chapter 5 - ????????????


VII - Walkthrough


___________/ C H A P T E R  1 \___________________________

"Welcome back"

Bright Dawn Treatment Center

After the opening scenes, you have control of William in
his cell.  The game will give you a few quick commands
about how to control William.  Before you examine the
post card on the bed, take a second to look around.

Your cell mate is mumbling strange things.  Approach the
cell door and you can hear the guy in the cell arcoss the
way yelling crazy things.  Jump on top of the toilet and
look at the wall above the top bunck.  Sweet, a poster of
a sexy woman!  Ok, you've done pretty much all you can do
here now, so check out the post card.

Whoa!  What just happened?  Welcome to the first of many
trips into an alternate reality.  Is this twisted realm
in William's head?  Or maybe he was dreaming before?  And
what the hell is going on with the guy chained to the wall?

Answers will come in time.  For now, approach the
guillotine, duck down and pass under it.

Ok, you are now out of your cell.  Take a look at the map.
This handy device will be more of a guide to you than your
own instinct to survive.  The path to the east is a dead
end, so go west and follow the instructions to jump.

When you land on the other side, you will find the Shank.
This is your most basic weapon.  Now, follow the path of
blood to the north.

Your first chest maw!  These guys aren't too difficult but
can become a nuisance if you face off against more than one
at a time, especially only armed with the shank.  For now,
just approach it and attack.  If you aren't fast enough, it
will recover from your hit and swing back at you.  If you
think you'll be too slow, use a strike and retreat method;
hit it, then back up a few steps and hit it again.  You
shouldn't have too much difficulty with it though.

After you defeat that chest maw, another will appear.
Dispatch it the same way.  Follow the path of blood.
Nice, eh?

Look in the nook just past the chain guy to find some
Health Pills.  Be sure to pick them up.  The enemies have
been easy so far, but you never know when you will need to
recover your health.  The game will teach you how to use
the pills. Only use the pills right now if your health is
in the red. One dose should be plenty.

Continue to travel north.  What was that?!  It looked like
the Rancor, only smaller and faster.  Good thing it ran off.
Oh, look, it left part of that guy's arm behind.

Ok, you just warped back to the real world, or where ever 
the prison is.  As luck would have it, you managed to appear
on the other side of the bars.  Continue north and through
the door.

Immediately, a guard yells for you to get back into your
cell and begins charging at you.  Guards are even easier
than chest maws because they give you a sign before they
attack.  Swing away at the guard.  When you hear him grunt
and then his stun batton buzz, step back.  After he swings,
step back up and hit him again. Repeat this until the
guard is dead.

Face north, the door to the east is actually an elevator,
but it is out of commission, so continue north.  Notice
the paper lying on the ground? Read it, then go through
the door.

Ah, a stair well.  Go down stairs and find the Health Pills
on the floor. Now go east and through the door.

The game will instruct you on how to run.  You can run in
any direction, even backwards.  Keep this in mind, it will
come in handy more than you might think.

If you listen, you will hear radio chatter, that is your
hint that guards are near by, so prepare yourself for
another fight.

Follow the corridor to the east and deal with the guards.
At the intersection in the corridor, go through the double
doors to the north.  On a table in the back of the room is
a piece of paper, take a look at it.

Before you leave the room, notice the boarded up doorway
to the east?  Keep this place in mind, we will return here
later with the ability to pass through.  For now, go back
into the corridor.  All paths to the south are off limits,
so go east.  Notice the paper on the bulletin board to
your right?  When you're ready, go through the doors.

There are a bunch of guys strapped down to beds and they
all seem to be mumbling some strange things.  The third
guy has got a few issues it seems, but the very last guy
seems content.

Notice the red swirl thing on the wall?  This is a mirror,
a manual save point.  See how the area turns a hint of red
as you approach it?  Keep this in mind, it will help you
to locate mirrors later on in the game.  Saving also
restores your health.

There are two side rooms and a door leading out of this
patient ward.  Check the side rooms first.  The first room
has an Adrenaline Syringe.  When you use it, you will be
able to move around a lot faster for a brief period of time.
Don't use it right now.  It will come in handy soon enough.

Notice the xrays on the wall?  There is something particular
about the foot, its an easter egg.   That xray actually
belongs to Jools Watsham from a foot injury he had last year

The other side room, a restroom, has some more Health Pills.
Score!  Now, save the game and then approach the doors
leading south.

[Chapter 1 eyeballs]

This is the first of many puzzles.  Its a fairly simple slide
puzzle.  Let's take a look at it first.  Notice the three
Roman Numerals on the far right?  Now, see the objects that
you slide?  They are jars with eye balls in them.  Nice.

One jar has one eye ball, another has two and the other has
three.  Our goal is to position each with the corresponding
Roman Numeral.

So, slide Eye Ball 1 all the way to the right side.

Next, slide Eye Ball 2 to the middle area.

Now, slide Eye Ball 1 to the middle area.

Next, slide Eye Ball 3 to the far right.

Now, slide Eye Ball 1 to the far left.

Slide Eye Ball 2 to the far right.

Now, slide Eye Ball 1 to the far right.


B O S S   F I G H T

    The Gnaw

A cut scene.  The Doctor mentions his saner half.  So is
this his reality or yours?  We'll have to worry about that
later, for now, you have to fight that Rancor wanna-be,
the Gnaw.  Oh yeah, and all you have is the shank.

The Gnaw will run around the arena, sometimes charging at
you, sometimes jumping up to the cage work over head.

When he charges you, side step as needed, but use every
chance you get to strike at it with the shank.  Sometimes
you will get a few hits in, sometimes it will run off before
you can get a swing in.

If it jumps to the cage work over head, prepare yourself for
one of two things:

1 - It will run around over head and try to drop on you.
    Just keep an eye on it and don't be directly underneath
    it when it falls, but be close enough to hit it when it

2 - It will spew out eggs.  QUickly hit the eggs beore they
    hatch.  If they do hatch, worms will come out and slowly
    chase you.  Be sure to kill them if they hatch.  If you
    don't, more will hatch and you will get overwhelmed by

Continue looking for opportunities to strike the Gnaw
while keeping the eggs/worms at bay.  Don't forget to use
pills, but only use them when your life is in the red so
that you can get the most out of the pills.

Also, don't forget your Adrenaline shot.  Now is a great
time to use it if you think it will help.


After defeating the boss, you will be alone in the large
room, but the room the Doctor was in is now open.  Take a
look inside.

First thing you find in the room is the Revolver!  You will
also find a keycard.  Use the save mirror, then return to
the larger room and use the key card on the door.

Great, your back in the twisted world.  Notice teh red seal
on the door?  You will be trapped inside this area until you
defeat all of the chest maws that spawn.

If you notice, this room is the twisted version of the patient
ward where the guys were tied to the beds yelling craziness.
If you look into the side rooms, in the real world version of
the rom, the side rooms were the restroom and the infirmary,
you will find some revolver ammo.

If you can, defeat the chest maws with the shank to save your
ammo.  After the chest maws are dead and the red seal is gone,
go through the door.

You warp back into reality.  If you want, go back into the
patient ward and save the game.

Now that you have the keycard, you can proceed further into the
prison.  Back out in the corridor outside of the patient ward,
go to the intersection and head south to the barred gate.  Use
the keycard to pass through.

At the far south end of the corridor is another boarded up
doorway.  The sign next to the door says it is a restroom.
We'll come back here in a little bit, for now,go through the
metal double doors on the west side of the corridor.

Radio chatter, that means guards are near by.  sneak up behind
this first guard and get the jump on him.  There is revolver
ammo in the open cell across from the door you came through.

Follow the path and when you round the corner, prepar to face
three more guards.  All of the cells are locked and the few
that are open don't have anything of value in them, so after
defeating the guards, continue south and through the doors.

In this room, you will find more worms.  You may want to use
the revolver on them.  You can kill them with one swipe of the
shank, but if you misjudge the needed distance, you can be too
close and take damage, which isn't that big of a deal, but

The door to the east is locked and the door to the south is
boarded up, so try the door that leads behind the counter.

Locked to.  Now what?  Jump the counter!  But be sure to grab
the post card first.  A desk on the south side of the room has
revolver ammo.  Exit the west door.

You will immediately be attacked by two guards, but they
should be no big deal for you by now.  Proceed noth up the
corridor.  You will see another boarded up door way.  Man,
when will get to access all of those rooms?  For now, take the
doors to the west.

As soon as you enter this room, you will upset a nest of bugs.
Quickly run to the right.  Don't worry about the bugs.  They will
scatter out and be less of a worry after you run off.  

This room you've entered is actually a U-shaped corridor with
cell doors on each side.  You ran right, wich is actually the
north side of the U-shaped corridor.   Proceed all the way to
the west end and exit the doors.

YOu are now outside, but you are still confined to the prison.
Stupid fence.  Go south and through the door.

YOu are in a room with some kind of machinery... and worms.
Take out the worms first.  There is something flashing on the
south end of the room, go check it out, you'll have to jump
the tables to get to it.

Its the sledgehammer!  This is the item you need to beak down
the boarded up door ways.  But, this is also a very effective
weapon.  Take a minute to swing it.  Get used to the timing.

It seems slow, and it is, but it is powerful.  If you hi an
enemy with this, they will be hit so hard that you will have
time to ready the hammer again before the enemy gets back up.
The hammer is powerful and doesn't require ammo.  One more thing.

Instead of pressing the attack button, hold it down.  When you
hear William grunt, you will be able to devlier an even more
powerful blow than by simply pressing attack.  Also, when you
ready the hammer like this, you can walk, run and walk through
doors as long as you are still holding down the attack button.
The hammer is going to make your life a lot easier.

Now, on the east side of the room is a boarded up door way.  Put
your new hammer to use.  After knocking down the boards, look
to the left.  Enter the cell with the two red X's on the doors.

There is all kinds of writting on the walls and the poster of the
sexy girl that we caught a glimpse of earlier.  Nice, she's a

Ok, the reason we're here is to read the note left on the table.
So, there is an escape tunnel.  Sounds dangerous.  He boarded up
the tunnel entrance, but we have a hammer now, so that's no big

Go back into the U-shaped corridor and head east.  There's a new
enemy.  They hop at you and damage you by bumping into you.
Either shoot them or use the hammer, which ever you are more
comfortable with.  If they look like they are about to jump at
you before you can stop them, just step to the side, they will
jump past where you were standing.  This should give you the time
and space to prepare your attack.  Or, you could probably just
run past them.

Exit the east door.

Ok, here is the second boarded up doorway we get to smash! (on the
north end of the corridor).  There is a letter on the floor.
Oh!  So those guys in the patient ward were speaking in Russian!
There is some revolver ammo on the shelf next to one of the
television sets.

Ok, go south, through the door way that was boarded up, down the
corridor to the door leading east, marked with an "office" sign.

Jump the counter again and instead of busting down the boards on
the door to the south, first go through the doors to the north.

Proceed through the cell block to the other end and exit the doors
leading east.

Directly in front of you is a boarded up doorway, the restroom.
Check the room for a Health Pack.  These bad boys restore your
health completely.

Now, back out in the corridor, head north, through the security
gate, and north still through the double doors.   In the small
office in the back of the room is a stash load of goodies!

Now, go back out, through the security gate, into and through 
the cell block and bck into the room with the counter that you
have to jump.

Pull out the hammer then bust down the boards on the door
to the south.  Duck under the fallen duct work, grabbing the
health pills as you go.  Go through the door to the south.

There's a chest maw in this room, but the hammer will finish it
off nicely.  There is a news paper on the table with a little bit
of the hostpital's history.

The door to the west is a stairwell.  At the bottom of the stair
well is a save mirror.  Be sure to use it before going through
the door to the north.

Darkness.  You seem to be in a boiler room-like area.  Follow
the path and you will come upon a flashlight!

After you pick up the flashlight, somethind sinister will
approach from the east.  Don't bother trying to fight it, you
need to run from it.  More specifically, you need to lure it
out of the path because it is blocking the way you need to go.

Look at your map.  See how you are in a square area?  Walk around
the area and lure the apparition to you.  Once the path behind it
is clear, run past it.

If it happens to catch you, you will be warped into a locked room
inwhich chest maws will spawn and attack until you defeat them all.
Then you will  reappear at the door just outside of the room with
the save mirror.

So, make it past the first ghostly figure and follow the path it
was blocking.  After you follow the path for a few seconds, you
will see another apparition.  Quickly take the right turn.  There
will be another coming at you, take the path to the left.  Go
straight and the path will split left and right.  Go right.  Keep
going and you will appear in the path behind the apparition.  Now,
go left and through the door.

Its not over yet.  We have a little more running and dodging to do.
To make things easier and put them in perspective, look at your map.
The room you just entered is a retangular room.  You are on the
south side and the exit you need is on the north. When you get to
the first intersection, an apparition will be coming from the left,
so run to the right.

As you round the corner, you will see pipes that run cross-ways on
the ground.  You will need to jump over them.  Jump the first one,
then get against the left wall.  This will lure the approaching
apparition to you and away from the exit.  When he is far enough
away from the right wall, run to the exit.

Follow the path, jumping pipes as needed.  When you round the next
left, you will find another apparition coming at you but this time
you are in a far narrower path.  Act quick.  Run towards the
apparition then quickly dart to the left.  This will lead you right
back around to the pipes you just jumped.  Check your map to orienate
yourself.  When the path is clear, run west and to the door at the end.

The path runs east and west.  At the east end, there is a door with
a complicated lock requiring a dagger.  You have a shank, not a dagger,
so this isn't the way to go.  Head west, following the path to the next

You are in a room with some generators on the right.   At the far end
is a door with some kind of growth on it that responds to your body
heat.  But, you can't do anything with the door just yet.  Check your
map.  There is a path to the north.  Look between the generators to
find the path.

Use the hammer to bust down the boards. This must be the escape tunnel
that one letter referred to.  Kneel down and follow the tunnel.

WHen you are able to stand up, the walls all look alike and the
darkness doesn't help.  Refer to your map to make sure you are
travelling in the correct direction.

Watch out for the three chest maws.  You can switch to the hammer and
just wait for them to come into view, then nail them.  Further up
ahead is a side hopper, you may want to dual weild your revolver and
flashlight for it.  Follow the path and step through the door.

___________/C H A P T E R  2\_____________________________

"It's spreading..."

Pelf Village

You're outside again, out of the prison.  You've made it!  You've
escaped!  But the game is far from over.  In front of you on the
fallen log is another post card.  After reading it, duck under
the log to proceed.

COntinue up the path.  When you reach the end, you can go either
north or south.  North is a dead end, so... go south.

The building on the east side of the road is a save area.  There
is a piece of paper with a bit of information about the legend of
the Wendigo Witch.  Next to teh old cash register, you will find
some revolver ammo.  There is a letter tacked to the wall next to
the door leading south.  After saving your game, go through the

In the sky, in the distance off to the right, you will see a
floating object.  This is an Aerial Hunter.  Equip the revolver
and open fire.  You don't want that thing to get too close.  It will
try to spit at you from above or drop down and hit you with its
buzzsaw tail.  Show it no mercy.  After you kill it, it will expode
and slugs will come from its body.  Deal with the slugs as you will.
This area is open enough for you to just ignore and run past them.

Now that the area is secure from aerial threats, go to the west.
On the north side of the building, you can find some shotgun ammo!
We don't have a shotgun yet, but its not far away!

Stay on the west side of Pelf Village and travel south.  You will
see a stair case that leads to a door of building, go inside.

There area couple of chest maws here, which shouldn't be a problem
for you.  There is some revolver ammo near the barrel against the
stairs.  That is all you need from here, go back out into the

On the east side of town there are two doors but both are locked,
so head south to the next area.

Before you is a frozen lake.  There is a residence built upon a
pier.  Remove the chest maw and follow the walkway around the
building to find the entrance.  Step inside.

You should see some slugs, take them out. There is some more shotgun
ammo on the fire place mantle.  Now, head upstairs.

Take out the chest maw and look in the bedroom.  On the far wall is
the shotgun!  Look under the side of the bed for some more shotgun
ammo.  There is nothign else to do here, so leave the residence.

See the "Keep Out" sign in front of you?  Ignore it and go that way.
Turn right (north) and follow the path to the first barrel.  Just
on the north side of the first barrel is a boarded up doorway.

Inside, you will find a few chest maws and some slugs.  Take them out.
On a table on the north side of the room is an adrenaline shot.
Go through the door on the south.

Defeat the chest maw, follow the path and enter the building.

Directly ahead is a letter tacked to the wall.  After reading the
letter, walk up the steps and examine the chest.  Its another

[Chapter 2 dials]

Begin with the far right dial on the bottom. Begin turning all
the dials until they all of the arrows point at each other.  Take
the relic and go back to the main area of the Pelf Village.  Once
outside of the room with the dial puzzle, you can jump the rail
to get there faster.

More Hoppers.  Kill them or run past them to the door on the east
side of the village.  Now that you have the relic, examine the door
to pass through.

FOllow the path east, then south and into the cave.  When you exit
the cave, enter the building to the north.

Meet your first Spitter.  These crazy guys will keep their distance
and then sometimes charge at you, but they spit the green balls
of... something at you.  The best way of dealing with them is to
use the Revolver.  They roll on the ground laughing after you damage
them, which is kinda funny yet creepy in a Joker kind of way.

SO kill the Spitter on the first floor, then slowly make your way
up the stairs.  The Spitters up  there won't see you until you
clear the railing.

There is revolver ammo in the bathroom and health pills in the
far bedroom.  After claiming the items, exit the door in the middle
room to the south.

Careful, there is an Aerial Hunter.  Either kill it or run from it.
If you run, follow the trail of blood that leads south and enter the

Take out the SPitters and the chest maw.  There is a key to room 302
haning behind the counter, grab it.  Down the hall in room 102, you
can find a heath pack.

Head upstairs.  In room 201 is some revolver ammo.  Head up stairs 

Deal with the enemies and use the key on room 302.

There are dead enemies all over the place.  There is also a letter
on the bed, examine it.

Here Elizabeth gives you the code for the door in Pelf Village.  So,
let's go back to that lock and see what is behind the door.

Go back to the first flood of the hotel and exit the building.
Follow the trail of blood.  When you reach the spot where the blood
trail ends, jump down.  Face south, go through the cave and follow
the path to the big door that leads to the other area of the Pelf
Village.  Go through the door and the door with the lock we want
is to your left (south).

If you forgot the code, cycle through your items until you see the
letter with the numbers.  I can't tell you what the numbers are
because it is randomly generated each time a new game is started.

Go down the stairs, mind the slugs, cross the room to the other
stair way leading up.  After you go up the stairs, the room to the
west holds some health pills near the sink.  Now, go up to the
third floor.

Enter the baby's room.  Notice the picture hanging above the crib?
Just think William Redmoor, you had sex with one of those, but which?
Grab the note on the crib.  The note instructs you to take the key.
If you haven't seen the key yet, it is dangling from the baby's
mobile above the bed.

Now, leave the building the same way you came in, we've gotta go
find the church.  Head east and through the door.  Follow the path,
through the cave and into the building.  Up the stairs, into the
middle room and out the door to the south.

Instead of following the blood, this time, pass over the blood and
follow the path between the buildings.  Enter the door to the west.

Here is a new enemy, a floating head called a Wailer.  They are easy
enough to kill, just shoot them with the revolver.  Side step the
black smoke-looking stuff they spit at you.

After entering the door, turn south and exit the door to the east.

Jump down and go south through the doors.

Follow the path south.  when you get to the gate, check the letter
on the wall.  Go south, find Amanda, bring her to me.

Ok, let's go south and through the door.

To your right is a save mirror. Face south.  See the two pillars?
There is a letteron the ground between the wall and the pillar on
the right.  In the far south end, take either flight of stairs,
they both lead to the same place.

Before you continue going down, check out the second floor.  There
is a shovel leaning against one of the pillars.  Bettre grab it.

In the far south end of this floor are some graves.  They belong to
the fine folks who made this ghastly game you are playing.  Dig
them up, if you dare... 

Continue going down to the last level.  One the far south end are
more graves.  Dig up the middle grave.  You found a child's doll.

YOu just got warped into the weird world.  Jumpers and chest maws
are int he area and will attack you.  Kill them if you want, but it
is actually easier to just run.  Head for teh stairs and just keep
going up to the top level and through the door.

The door behind you just sealed with the red runes.  That means you
need ot kill all of the enemies in this area, so get to it.  There
is some shotgun ammo in the north corner and revolver ammo in the
south corner.  AFter the enemies are defeated, the door to the
church (east) opens up.

To your right is a save mirror.  In the south-west corner, you can
find some shotgun ammo and behind the alter, there is some revolver

Now examine the alter.

B O S S   F I G H T

  Wendigo Witch

The witch will come out of the darkness and charge at you.  If you
aren't prepared, she will hurt you.  Look for red dots in the
darkness, those are her eyes.

Prepare your gun, whice ever you prefer.  I'm going with the revolver
since I have more ammo for it.  When she appears, shoet her.

When you see white waves on the side, I find the best thing to do is
to run backwards (be sure to double tap the D-pad).  She will charge
the position you were standing in.  So, after runing backwards, she
will come into view.  Just pop a cap in her scraggly head.

After a certain point, she will use some kind of magic that makes
red lines appear on the floor.  When you see them, get moving
(again, I prefer to run backwards, it lets you keep your eye on
what is going on).

Sometimes, she will make you drop your weapon.  Quickly pick it back
up and be ready to shoot her.

It is said that the dagger you just obtained works
wonders against the witch, but good luck getting close
enough to use it.  Timing will be critical.

___________/ C H A P T E R  3 \___________________________

"Too late for escape"

Pelf Village

You are now in the church.  Behind the alter is a post card,
be sure to get it.  It has a combination you will need in
just a bit.  There is nothign else in the church, so leave.

Look at your map.  Go to the path that runs north and south
and go north and through the door.

Proceed north, up the ramps and into the building on the west.

You get warped back into the alternet reality.  Defeat the
spitters and chest maws.  Once you return to the real world,
exit the northern door.

Ok, teh place we need to go next is the door that had the
dagger engraving and the Roman Numerals below it.  Remember
where that is?  Good, go there.

Don't remember where it is?  Fine.  I'll tell you.

Go north until you see the trail of blood.  Follow it to the
west, then jump down to the ground.  Face south, go through
the cave and follow the path to the door.  You are now in
the main part of Pelf Village.

Look at your map (actually touch the map button).  See the
white dot just to the north of you, go there.  Save the game
and then exit this building through its west door.

You will be warped back into the psycho realm.  Behind you is
a shot of adrenaline.  Defeat the enemies.  Go back to save
and restore your health, if you want.

Once you are ready, take the path to the east, ducking under
the fallen trees and back into the cave.  Make your way
through the cave and into the generator room.  Go through
the door to the east.

Bright Dawn Boiler Room

Follow the path and ignore the turn to the south.  Go to
the door on the east side of the map.

Here we are.  The door that requires the dagger and the
combination.  Take a look in your item inventory to find
the post card with the combination.  Write it down or
commit it to memory, then examine the door.

Touch the dagger and move it to the numbers on the post
card wihtout lifting the stylus.

More apparitions. 

Look at your map.  See use the wider areas to avoid the
ghosts and get around them and go through the door to the

In this next area, the path is a bit wider and there are
no side paths.  Hurryt to one side because one of the
wraiths will be coming quickly.  When the path is open
enough, run past it and through the east door.

To the south are these weird floating sacks.  One shot
from the revolver is all you need to remove them from
your path.  But before you do, look at your map.  Run
east a bit and take the door to the north.

There are a few goodies to snag in here, some health
pills and revolver ammo.  After obtainign them, go back
out the door and head south.  Clear any of the sack
things that are in your path.  Don't hang around too long
or they will reappear.  Exit the southern door leading to
the west.

Make your way west and south, dealing with the enemies
along the way.  Be sure to examine the post card before
going through the door.

Bright Dawn Treatmnet Center

Ok, we're back in the prison and as you can see on your
map, we are in the east wing.  Go up the stair well and 
through the door.

Use the save mirror.  Go west to find some shotgun ammo.
After grabbing the ammo, go through the door to the north.
You are in a prisoner visitation center.  The booth on
the far end has some health pills and you can find some
revolver ammo in the east room.  Now go back to the save
room and go west.

When you enter the room, guards will bumrush you.  You may
want ot use a gun as it will take them down quicker.  Once
it is safe, exit the north door.

Deal with the Wailer and the chest maws, then follow the
path of blood through the doors.

Keep after the trail of blood, up the stairs and through
the door.

Check the letter on the floor, then check the four
hanging bodies.  Each body has a number attached to their
arm, you may want to write it down.  Have you figure out
the code yet? Its a little tricky.  Your hint was on the
piece of paper: follow the NEWS.

I'm about to reveal the solution, so if you don't want it
spoiled, skip the next paragraph.

[Chapter 3 NEWS]


Look at the floor.  There is a circle of blood.  There is
a "N" pointing at the north east corner of the room, but
it is also pointing at a body.  Start with that body:


Write the number down or commit it to memory.

Now, go back down the stairs to the room where you fought
the chest maws and head east to the red door.

Before you try your code out on the red door, turn north
and use your key card on the iron gate.  The door ahead of
you requires something you do not yet have.  Read the note
on the wall, the door leads to the guard tower.  Keep this
place in mind as we will be coming back here later on. 
Now, go back to the red door.

Enter the code to proceed.

Mind the slugs, just ahead of you on the floor is an
assault rifle!   To safely kill the chest maws, approach
the counter and hit them from over the counter with the
hammer.  be sure to grab the rifle ammo.

Proceed past the counter.  There are two ways to go; north
through the double doors or east through the wooden door.
For now, let's go north.

There are Whisperers here, but easily avoidable for the
most part since the room is so wide.

Follow the trail of blood up the stairs and keep following
it.  Once your path turns east, the trail of blood will
turn off, but a Whisperer will be approaching, so keep
running east around the perimeter.  Keep going until you
see where the trail of blood ends.  Examine the remains to
find the bones.  You can't do anything with this now, but
we will need them in a bit.  Now, head back to where you
found the assault rifle.  Once you get there, take the
door to the east.

That large beast that killed the guard and got gunend
down is called a Gorgamesh.  Yes, "a Gorgamesh," not
"the Gorgamesh."  You will encounter a few more and they
won't be gunned down by guards.

The restroom to the south has shotgun and revolver ammo.
After grabbing the ammo, go through the east gate.  There
is a rifle guard behind the turned-over desk.  After
killing the rigfle guard, go through the door behind him
(north door).

There are a coule of letters talking about some great
serpent called Malatesta, whatever all of that means.

Check the table on the east side.  A cryptic poem...
Maybe it will make sense later.  For now, go back to
where you killed the rifle guard and go through the east

Before you move, stand still.  Using the flashlight,
look around the room.  If you get close to the middle
the bugs will attack you.  Keep your distance.  Walk the
perimeter of the room, either direction to make it to the
door across the way.

Quickly kill the two guards.  The rifle guard is more of
a threat, but the melee guard is running straight at you.
There are some boxes to your right you can take cover

When you make it to where the guards were, you can go
north or south.  For now, go north through the boarded up
doorway.  In the last stall of the restroom is some valuable
assault rifle ammo.

After grabbing the ammo, go through the south door.

There are a few Slime Mines here.  Keep your distance and
put a bullet in each, then go through the west door.

Nothing to see here, move along.

There are three rifle guards here.  Slowly go around each
corner to limit your exposure to them.  Check the post card
and then duck under the door.  Use the save mirror and step
through the door.

Watch out for the Aerial Hunter above you.  Once it is dead,
run to the west.  Find the grave and examine it.

You're warped into the hellish realm.  Defeat the enemies,
then grab the relic.  Now, go back into the north door,
save and then begin making your way back.

YOu will encounter a green reptilian looking creature,
called a Reanimator.  You cannot currently kill it, but you
still wound it enough to make it back off.  or you could
just run.  

If they come at you, try to go around.  If they spit their
green fluid, try to side step it.  Keep going and you will
enter the alternate reality again.  Kill all of the ROFLs.
When you appear in the real world again, head back to the

When you see the door with the yellow and blue runes, enter
it and go to the table with the runes and examine it.

Back in the hellish world.  Kill the enemies and make your
way through the area, duckinng and jumping as needed.  You
will come ot a large room and the Doctor will speak to you.
After he does, walk towards the middle of the room.  A
Gorgamesh will appear.

B O S S   F I G H T


Now, you can run around the room shooting this thing and
retreating until it dies, or you can go back to wards the
direction you just came from.  You can't jump back up to
the higher platforms, but you can go down either side of
the platforms, a place that is too narrow for the
Gorgamesh.  He can't reach you, so he can't hurt you.
Now, just shoot him until he dies.

If you want to conserve your amm, use the hammer.  Get
close enough that the Gorgamesh will swing.  After he
swings, step in and hit him with the hammer, then run
backwards out of his range.  Repeat this process until it

Once it is dead, go through the door.

___________/ C H A P T E R  4 \___________________________

"The Colossus"

Point Mine

You appear outside of the guard tower (look up) with a
bridge in front of you.  Head south across the bridge.
The doors to the east are covered with the weird vines,
so continue south and through the wooden double doors.

Now you are in the mine.  Directly in front of you is an
elevator.  Closer inspection reveals that you need a
battery to operate it.  There's nothing else you can do
here, so enter the building to the east.

Check the bookshelf.  A book is missing.  There is a
propane tank near by, we'll be able to make use of this
in a little while, first we need some propane accessories.

Head up the stairs, nothing to find here but a save mirror.
After saving, exit the door to the south next to the

[Chapter 4 pipe puzzle]

Go west across the bridge and to the building.  There is a
slide puzzle.

First, slide the piece in the center all the way to the

Next, slide the piece in the bottom right under the first
piece so that the pipes line up.

Now, slide the piece in the bottom center all the way up.

Now, slide the "L" looking piece so that the pipes line
up with the second piece you moved.

Now, move the piece that is in the top center (the third
piece you moved) to the left and out of the way.

Now, slide the piece in the top right so that the pipes
line up with the  other pipes.

It should all be coming together now, but I'll continue

Next, move the piece that is second from the left to line
up with the pipes.

Now, the piece in the top left, line it up.

Finally, the last piece, slide it into place.

If you are having trouble with it, here is what the final
image should look like:

QUickly turn on your flashlight! Its another Gorgamesh!

Don't attempt to fight it.  Make a hard right turn and run.
When you get to the wall, turn and run along side the wall.
When you get to the stairs, run up the stairs.

You are now safe, but the Gorgamesh is still going to be
a problem because you'll need to come through here a time
or two more.

He can't reach you, but your gunfire can reach him.  If
you want to save ammo again, like you did with the last
Gorgamesh you fought at the end of Chapter 3, while up
stairs, run to the west wall.   The Gorgamesh will attempt
to follow and go to the foot of the stairs.

Now, just employ the same evade, attack, retreat method
you used at the end of Chapter 3, if you used it.  Other-
wise, just shoot the thing.

Once it is dead, go back downstairs and to the south wall
to find a shot of adrenaline.  Now go look behind the
stairs to find some shotgun ammo.

Upstairs, behind the bar, you can find some health pills.
If you feel like you need it, go back to the save mirror
and save your game, then come back upstairs and out the
west door.

Deal with the enemies, then hed west between the buildings
and turn north to find shotgun ammo.  When you're ready
enter the building to the south.

QUickly turn on your flashlight.  A Reanimator is rapidly
approaching.  Run to the left, grabbing the shotgun ammo.
This will lure the Reanimator to you, now run around it.
Round the corner and climb the ladder.

Shoot the Slime Mine to quickly eliminate it as a problem.
Head west then north across the bridge.  When you get
close to the other side, you'll hear another Slime Mine.
Take it out.  Now, go to the west.  Do not continue north
into the building.  Ride the elevator.

Go south and into the building.

Screamers.  You should be able to avoid them, but if they
spot you, they will attack.  Be quick with the pistol.
Check the south side for soem revolver ammo.

Run around the corner and to the back.  Over to your right,
you should see an item on the ground, go grab it.  You now
have the Fumigator.  Just a little ahead of you is a
health pack too!

Now, go out of the building, back to the lift and down.
Go east across the bridge, then north into the building.

The place is filled with a toxic gas and enemies.  The
fumigator will take care of the gas, but I suggest just
running from the enemies.  There is an item you need here,
so don't just run aimlessly.  Make a hard left and jump
the beds as you make your way to the back of the room.

On the bed in the north west corner is a red book, grab
it then make a hasty retreat outside.

Go south along the bridge, then east.  When you get on
top of the building, do not take the ladder, simply jump
down to the ground below.  If you take the ladder, you'll
have to endure the Reanimator again.

Once on the ground, go east and into the building.

Down stairs and out the east door.

Run south, then east over the bridge then enter the
building.  Save if you wish, then go downstairs and
check the bookcase again.

Now you've got the flamethrower!  Not only is this a
tool to remove the vines off of the doors, but it is an
effective weapon, especially against the indestructible
Reanimators - its the only thing that can kill them!

Now, you can make use of the propane bottles you will
sometimes see in areas to refil the lighter.

Go north and out of the building.  Keep going north and
through the doors.  You are back outside of the mine and
near the guardtower.  We can't get intot he guardtower
just yet, so go east.  Use the flamethrower to kill the
Reanimators.  Side step their green spit and kill them
with fire!  Also, use the flamethrower on the door to the
east to clear it of vines.

Follow the path to the railcar, dealing with the enemies
along the way.  Once you reach the railcar, activate it.

Proceed into the building and up the stairs.  Behind the
barrels are some health pills.  There is also some
revolver ammo near the wood heater.  Go through the door.

There is an Aerial Hunter and a Reanimator, but they
shouldn't be a problem for you anymore.

There is a post card on one of the posts of the building
to the north.  After getting the postcard, enter the

Take out the chest maws, then slowly go upstairs.  There,
you will find a Wailer.  It is much like a Screamer, but
it will spew black goo at you.  Treat it much the same
ways as a Screamer, rapid shots from the revolver.

Once the Wailer is out of the way, examine the radio.

[Chapter 4 radio]

First, turn the left knob to turn it on.  Now, with the
right knob set to channel I, slowly spin the tuner to
find a radio station.

The broadcast said to check channel II for emergency
traffic.  Set the right knob to channel II, then spin
the tuner to find the next broadcast.

You are back in the hellish nightmare, get to killing!
Go outside and up the ramp.  There is a door here, open it.
Walk through the meat hooks...

And now you're back in the real world.  Go straight ahead
and check the sink.  Its full of acid.  Go down the stairs
to the west side of the room and out the south door.

The path is pretty linear, just follow it, dealing with
the Reanimators along the way.

Ignore the boat and follow the peir around to the small
building on the other side.  Inside you will find Acid
Neutralizer.  Hmmm, I wonder what you do with THAT?

There is also a save mirror in the room.

Now, follow the path all the way back to the sink filled
with acid and use the neutralizer in it.  Examine the
sink again to obtain the key.  It has a nautical keychain,
so maybe it will work on that ship.  Run back to the ship
and try it out.

Go into the ship and grab the battery.  See the guy
hanging there?  Does he look familiar? If you've played
Dementium:The Ward, he should...

You get warped back into the nightmare.  Begin making
your way back like you are going to the sink again in
the real world.

Once you warp back, enter the door in front of you.  Up
the stairs and out the door to the north.

Jump down and run east and through the door.

Down the stairs and to the reailcar, take a ride.

Follow the path and out the door.

Run north and through the door.

Before activating the elevator, go into the building and
save your game.

Ride the lift down.  Now the steady roaring is much
louder, much closer.  Its just beyond that door.  Let's

B O S S   F I G H T


This fight is epic!  The Colossus will chase you and if it
gets close enough, it will kill you.  You must run, and
run fast.  You will need to jump and duck to make it
through the obstacle course like rooms.  And when you
reach the door at the end, open it and start all over

Along the way, you will see dynamite.  Be sure to grab it.
It appears in your weapon inventory, not your items, so
don't worry about extra space.  Equip the dynamite and
after you've ran a bit, giving you a safe enough distance
from the Colossus, turn around and throw it on the ground
towards the boss.

Keep this up until it is dead.  This is actually an easy
fight, the problem comes from your ability to jump an
duck when needed.  If you've been using the option to
touch the jump icon to jump, you may want to switch it
to the double tap option, as it makes the retreating
much easier.

After he dies, he leaves behind a relic, grab it.

___________/ C H A P T E R  5 \___________________________

"Final Passage"

Coming in an update soon.


VIII - Survival Mode


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