Dementium II: FAQ/Walkthrough

Dementium II                                                  |
Developed by: Renegade Kid                                    |
Published by: SouthPeak Interactive                           |
Walkthrough by: Nicholas Bale			  	      |

This file is Copyright (c)2010 Nicholas Bale.
All rights reserved.

---------- Dementium II Walkthrough v 1.0 -------------

 Chapter 1 ------ WELCOME BACK ------ [CHO1]
 Chapter 2 ----- IT'S SPREADING ----- [CHO2]

 Chapter 3 --- TOO LATE FOR ESCAPE -- [CHO3]

 Chapter 4 ------ THE COLOSSUS ------ [CHO4]

 Chapter 5 ------ FINAL PASSAGE ----- [CHO5]

 Weapons ---------------------------- [WEAP]
 Enemies =----------=
   Chest Maw  --------- [EN01]
   Guard -------------- [EN02] 
   Hopper ------------- [EN03]
   Whisperer ---------- [EN04]
   Aerial Hunter ------ [EN05]
   Spitter ------------ [EN06]
   Wailer ------------- [EN07]
   Slime Mine --------- [EN08]
   Reanimator --------- [EN09]
   Screamer ----------- [EN10]

 Bosses =-----------=
   The Gnaw ----------- [BS01] 
   Wendigo Witch ------ [BS02]
   Gorgamesh ---------- [BS03]
   Colossus ----------- [BS04]
   Malatesta ---------- [BS05]


 Legal    --------------------------- [EX01]  

 Contact Info ----------------------- [EX02]          

|     CHAPTER 1: WELCOME BACK  [CHO1]  			        |

Once you get control, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the controls 
as you look around your cell. Once ready, pick up the postcard on the bed. 

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:         |
|                                                  |
| "For God's sake, get out of here before it's too |
| late.                                            |
| - William."                                      |

Suddenly, things go very, very wrong. Crouch, and make your way out of the 
cell. Turn to your left, follow some instructions, and proceed until you are 
able to pick up a small blade (the Shank). This will be your main weapon for a 
little while. Immediately after this, an enemy known as the chest maw will

===== CHEST MAW == [EN01] ======
|                              |
| These enemies are little     |
| more than walking punching   |
| bags. Make sure to keep your |
| distance if there is more    |
| than one of them, and just   |
| keep attacking them until    |
| they're down.                |
|                              |

Kill the chest maw, proceed forward, kill the next one, and follow the trail
of blood in front of you. 

After the chain-covered man, find the nook just beyond him to get some health 
pills. These can heal you up, but won't top you off if you're already in the 

Keep moving forward, watch the small cutscene as the man is torn apart, and 
then you'll find yourself in the real world again. You're through the barred 
door, at least, so move through the door ahead of you. Immediately you'll find
a guard.

===== GUARD == [EN02] ==========
|			       |
| Not terribly hard enemies.   |
| They have a long windup      |
| period as they try to bring  |
| their stun baton down on     |
| you, so take advantage of    |
| this and keep attacking      | 
| them until they're dead.     |
|                              |
| Later in the game, you'll    |
| fight guards equipped with   |
| guns, so make sure to take   |
| cover and retaliate equally  |
| when you see them.           |
|                              |

After the guard is taken down, pass by the broken elevator and read the paper 
on the ground before moving through the door. After continuing, you'll soon 
come face to face with two guards. Move back and forth to avoid their attacks,
then take them down. Read the note on the wall.

| MEDICAL STAFF MEMO                               |
|                                                  |
| ORDERLIES: For your own safety and the safety of |
| others, please ensure that all Phase Two         |
| patients are properly restrained to their bed    |
| frames at all times. This is a required protocol,|
| NOT a guideline! Thank you.                      |

There's also a door to the north you can walk through. Right now there's 
nothing to do here but read a note, however make note of the boarded-off
room, you'll be coming back here later with the proper equipment.

| PATIENT #: 47329 [ REDMOOR, WILLIAM ]            |
| Patient Intake: 10-31-07                         |
| Transferred from: Cowling State Hospital for the |
| Criminally Insane.                               |
| Background: Allegedly murdered wife and suffered |
| psychotic break. Presented with low level of     |
| function/high suicide risk (GAF 13), possible    |
| schizotypal disorder but officially diagnosed as |
| unclassified mental illness (F99).               |
| Treatment Protocol: Phase One.                   |

Go through the double doors to the east. What you might notice first is the 
swirling red mirror on the wall. Using this will allow you to save your 
progress as well as recover your health. 

There are two side rooms here. One is a room that holds an Adrenaline Syringe.
This will help you move around with increased speed for a little while. Further
down is a restroom with some health pills. Save the game, and move to the 
doors to the south.

This is your standard tower of hanoi puzzle, and it's quite simple:
- Slide Eyeball 1 to the third slot.
- Slide Eyeball 2 to the second slot.
- Slide Eyeball 1 onto the second slot.
- Slide Eyeball 3 to the third slot.
- Slide Eyeball 1 to the first slot.
- Slide Eyeball 2 to the third slot.
- Slide Eyeball 1 to the third slot.

This will move you through the door, and present to you a brief cutscene, then
a boss.

O==== THE GNAW == [BS01] ==========================O
| 						   |
| This boss is a pain to fight, simply because all |
| you have is a shank, some health pills, and an   |
| adrenaline syringe. The Gnaw runs around the 	   |
| area,  sometimes on the ceiling and sometimes on |
| the floor. When it's on the floor, make sure to  |
| charge after it to try to get a swing or two in  |
| with your shank. Make sure to keep moving,       |
| however, as it tends to attack without warning.  |
| Try to strafe around it whenever you can, 	   |
| continually striking with your shank.            |
|						   |
| When the Gnaw gets onto the ceiling, it will     |
| sometimes drop down on you, doing damage. Make   |
| sure you back away when you hear its cry. Also,  |
| when its health gets low, it will spit out some  |
| eggs that will eventually hatch into irritating  |
| worm creatures that can suck your health away,   |
| so make sure to attack the eggs before they can  |
| hatch. 					   |
|						   |
| If you find yourself unable to damage the thing  |
| because it is moving too fast, remember that you |
| have an adrenaline shot available. Now is as 	   |
| good a time as any to use it.			   |
|                                                  |

After taking down the Gnaw, you'll gain access to the locked room, in which 
you'll find a keycard and your first ranged weapon, the revolver. Thoughit may
be tempting to shoot everything you see, stick to the shank when you can. You 
never know when you'll need bullets.

Save in this room, then use the keycard on the door that you entered the boss
fight from. You'll find yourself transported to the insane side.

A red seal will appear on the door in this room. This means that you need to 
kill every enemy in the room. There's a good number of chest maws that spawn,
so use your shank to stab them all. Before leaving, however, make sure to pick
up the revolver ammo that is in the side rooms.

Once back in the saner world, you can go back into the room you just left to 
save and replenish your health. 

Now that you have the keycard, you can head to and unlock the gate to the 
south. The door to the east is boarded up, so ignore it and go west. Take out
the guard immediately to your left, then check out the small cell across the 
room to find some revolver ammo. Then make your way through the rest of the
room and a trio of guards.

You'll find yourself in what looks like a waiting room. Kill the worms that
appear here, and pick up the postcard on the reception desk.

| It's a postcard form paradise. It reads:         |
|						   |
| "You were just the beginning. He's already       |
| started Phase Two. Things are going to get       |
| much worse.					   |
| - William"					   |

Keep in mind that you are William, so you're writing to yourself from paradise.

Leap over the reception table, grab the revolver ammo on one of the desks, then
go through the door. Take out the two guards (now is a good time to use your
gun), then once again ignore the boarded door as you head west.

Bugs! Kill them if you want. Head down the right path, and continue moving 
forward, through the outside (a breath of fresh air is nice), and then into 
a machine- and worm-filled room. Kill the worms, then leap over a table to grab
the sledgehammer, a slow but powerful melee weapon. More importanly, this can
be used to break down the boards you've found all over the place. 

Break down the boards leading out of the room, then head through the door on 
the left for a creepy-looking room and a note:

| WE ALL MUST STAY				   |
| 						   |
| Folks are gonna wonder why I dug an escape       |
| tunnel and never used it. The thing is cursed! I |
| dug for three months, working night labour in    |
| the Boiler Room. Locked in all night, nobody but |
| me. Check that gauge... mop the floors... DIG.   |
| Cover the hole every morning. After ten feet I   |
| broke through to a natural cave. But there are   |
| things in that cave! I boarded it up and never   |
| went back. I rather die in this cell than go     |
| back to that tunnel.				   |


Anyway, leave this area through the door to the east, and break open the room
to your left for some revolver ammo on the far wall and another note:

| Hey Nigel - You'll never guess what I just heard |
| one of the head security guards talking about.   |
| Apparently, they're flying in a ton of Russian   |
| inmates straight off death row. They're arriving |
| next Tuesday. He was saying that they're dirt    |
| cheap and there's no paper trail to worry about. |
| Can you believe that? I don't know if this is    |
| true or just a joke, but I wouldn't put it past  |
| them. Cheap bastards! Anyway, I'll see you in a  |
| couple weeks after I get back from Wisconsin.    |
| Better start learning some Russian, my brother!  |
| - Keith					   |

You'll fight some hoppers that'll appear to your left, around the corner here.

===== HOPPER == [EN03] =========
|                              |
| Small critters that will hop |
| their way to you before      |
| attacking. The sledgehammer  |
| is a little too slow to take |
| them out before they can     |
| retaliate, so stab them with |
| the shank. Make sure not to  |
| get surrounded.              |
|                              |

Head back through the waiting room and go to the north, first to the boarded
room next to the boss room, and then to the one further north of it. The first 
one will give you a Health Pack, an item which restores all your health in one
use. Use only in an emergency. The second room contains health pills, revolver
ammo, and shotgun ammo, which you'll be finding later. 

While up here, you might as well save. 

Now make your way back to the waiting room and head through the southern door. 
Head through this room, getting the health pills as you do. In the next room, 
take out the chest maw and read the newspaper:

| Upper Peninsula Intelligencer - August 8, 1968   | 
| PELF--A state-run psychiatric hospital has been  | 
| shut down just weeks after a Detroit news        | 
| station exposed shocking living conditions for   | 
| many of its  patients. Undercover reporter       | 
| Carlos Frewer worked as an orderly at the        | 
| hospital for three months, all the while         | 
| secretly filming incidents of neglect and abuse  | 
| at the hands of other staff members. Many of     | 
| the allegations of cruelty center on the failure |  
| to update the building, formerly a state prison, | 
| to provide adequate care.	  		   | 

Head through the door on the right, down the stairs, save, and go through the
next door to hear a message from your apparent captor. 

===== Bright Dawn Boiler Room =====================
Here you'll find a flashlight. This will help you make your way through the 
darker areas, but can't be used with two-handed weapons such as the 
sledgehammer. Ahead, you'll find the Apparition.

===== WHISPERER == [EN04] ======
|                              |
| Less of an enemy, more of a  |
| floating hazard. Stumbling   |
| into one of these will bring |
| you to a room of enemies     |
| that you must defeat before  |
| being released. Whisperers   |
| must be outmaneuvered, not   |
| defeated.                    |
|                              |

Use the looping tunnel to make your way around the apparition, then continue 
forward. If you are caught, you'll be brought back to the door to the save
point, so just use that to recover your health.

After avoiding the creature, head down the tunnels, then make a right
immediately to avoid the next one. Then take a left turn to avoid another one,
before a fork in the road. Going right will take yout to a door to your left.
Quickly go through it.

At the next fork, take a quick right. Jump over the first pipe you come to, 
then jump over the pipe to the right, moving into another loop, with an 
apparition at the end of it. Lure it around in a circle, then run through the
path it was guarding, making a dash for the door at the end of the tunnel.

Going right here will lead you to a door that you can't open without a dagger,
while you just have a shank. Go the other way into a generator room. Here'll
you'll find the boarded up passage that the note previously talked about, and
some sort of growth that can't be affected right now. Head through the passage,
taking out the chest maws and hoppers before heading through the door to the
outside world.

|     CHAPTER 2: IT'S SPREADING  [CHO2]  		        |

Incidentally, beating chapters will unlock new Survival modes.

===== Pelf Village ================================

Grab the postcard in front of you.

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:         |
| 						   |
| "It's spreading like a cancer. Hurry!		   |
| -William"					   |

Moving along the path, the two big doors are locked, so head into the shack to
the left. In here you can find some revolver ammo next to the cash register, a
save point, and a mysterious red note and a bit of torn paper with information
about some sort of 'Wendigo Witch'.

| William, my love. You have finally returned      |
| for me. My dear William, I have missed you 	   |
| desperately. Go south to the docks. It is my	   |
| favorite place. I will see you there. Please	   |
| hurry. Love, Elizabeth x o x			   |

| It is said that her daughter's murder was the catalyst. |
| After devouring the flesh of another person she was     |
| transformed into a wendigo witch. She is very powerful, |
| but constantly starving, roaming the planes lusting for |
| more human flesh...					  |
| 							  |
| [The page is torn]					  |

Your new goal is this dock, apparently to go meet your dead wife. Head outside,
and you'll hear some enemy music, but won't see anything on the ground. That's
because it's in the sky.

===== AERIAL HUNTER == [EN05] ==
|			       |
| An annoyance. They fly       |
| around, spitting on you from |
| above and diving to you if   |
| it can, revving the saw on   | 
| its tail. As a bonus, upon   | 
| death it'll explode into     | 
| some worms. Shoot it in the  |
| air if you can, or wait      |
| until it dives at you to get |
| some melee attacks in.       |
|                              |

As you might notice, the town of Pelf isn't a bustling place at the moment. 
That is a pile of bones and skulls in the town fountain. Anyway, turn left and 
find the stairs to reach the second story of the building in front of you. 
Take out the chest maws inside and grab the revolver ammo in the south west
corner of the room.

There are three other doors in this area, and two are locked, so head through
the southern pair of big doors. Take care of the chest maws here, watch the
short cutscene, and take a look inside the house in the center of the area.

Inside you'll be assaulted by sound, heavy breathing, and some worms. Take 
care of them and grab the shotgun ammo at the fireplace before heading upstairs
and killing the chest maw there. You can grab the shotgun ammo under the bed
and take the shotgun off the wall, finally getting you another gun. As you 
would expect, it's a powerful, short-range weapon that has some good uses. 

After leaving the house, enter the one that's right in front of you (you need
to smash away some boards first). Watch out, though: immediately you'll be 
attacked by chest maws and worms upon entering. There's an adrenaline syringe
on the northmost table, and a door to the south. 

Following this path (take out the chest maw first), enter the next house. In
here is another note from your dead wife.

| William, my dear. It is difficult for me. I'm sorry. |
| Much has changed since we last saw each other.       |
| Please try to find a way to enter the northeast      |
| area of the village. I'll wait for you at the Inn.   |
| Please come quickly. Love, Elizabeth x               |

Also in this room is a shining box, on which you need a puzzle before you can
open. The puzzle is fairly simple: you must get all four dials pointing up at
the same time. The trick is that some dials rotate other dials. To solve it,
spin the top-left dial until it's pointing up, then the top-right dial, then
the bottom-left dial, then the bottom-right dial. The box will open, revealing
an old spider relic.

Head back to the area where you fought the aerial hunter, where there will be
two hoppers waiting for you. After taking them out, go save, then go to the 
eastern door, using the spider relic to open it.

Make your way forward to the house, where you will have to take down a small
group of enemies, including the new Spitter.

===== SPITTER == [EN06] =========
|				|
| These enemies spit green acid |
| at you. Not very complicated. |
| They laugh when you strike    |
| them, which is a little weird.| 
| They tend to try to move away |
| from you, so it's easier to   |
| take them down with a         |
| revolver.                     |
|                               |

On the third floor you can find some healing pills in the far room, as well
as an exit before that. Follow the blood trail to the left (following it to the
right brings you back to the spider relic door) and head inside, fighting off
a pair of spitters and a chest maw on the first floor. There'll be a Key to
room #302 on the other side of the desk, so pick that up. Also in the one 
unlocked room on the first floor is a health pack to pick up. 

On the second floor, in room 201, is some revolver ammo and not much else.

The third floor holds a couple more spitters and a chest maw, including some
shotgun ammo. Use your key to unlock room 302, where you'll find a grisly scene
and a note. This note will have a number on it that changes every playthrough:

| William. I want to see you, but they are making  | 
| it so difficult. Our safe house is west of here. | 
| Remember? I have a surprise for you. Meet me     | 
| there. I changed our code, it is now ###.        | 
| You must hurry. Elizabeth.                       | 

Head back to the main area, where the code-locked house is. Use the code from
the note to open it. (You can actually just guess the code by cycling through 
all the possible combinations, if you don't feel like fighting through the 
spitters and chest maws. Sometimes you get lucky and get a low number, but 
other times you might need to rotate those numbers for a while.)

Inside you'll find some worms and a chest maw. On the second floor are some 
health pills next to a sink. On the third floor there is some revolver ammo in
the bathroom, hidden behind some drawers. Also, in the children's room there 
is a Skeleton Key in the crib and a note.

| They got here first. They took Amanda.           |
| I'm going to the church. Take the key.           |
| Meet me there. They will come.                   |
| This will end.                                   |

This will spawn a hopper downstairs, so take care of it before you leave.

Now head back through the spider door, but go through the door opposite of the 
hotel's. In this room you'll find a couple chest maws and a new enemy.

===== WAILER == [EN07] =========
|			       | 
| Simple enough foe: shoot it  |
| with a gun until it's dead.  |
| If you get hit by its black  |
| projectiles, you'll be       |
| blinded for a few moments,   |
| but they can easily be       |
| sidestepped.                 |
|                              |

Head through this room, then the area outside. You can grab the note on the
gate as you run down to the south.

| Go south. Find Amanda. Bring her to me.          | 

Make sure you save here. Grab the shovel down the first flight of stairs. If 
you want, you can dig up the graves, but all that will get you is some monsters
to fight. When you're ready, go down to the bottom floor and dig up the middle
grave, marked

| Amanda					   |
| 					           |
| Daughter of William and Elizabeth.		   |

to find a doll that will take you to the other side. Fight off the chest maws 
as you make your way to the upper floor of the graveyard, then head back 
through the door. In the next room, you're going to have to kill a good number
of chest maws and spitters before you can proceed. There's a boss coming up, so
you probably don't want to waste your ammo, so try to lure out the enemies one
by one to take them out with a melee weapon if you can.

In the north-east corner of the room, you can find some shotgun ammo, and in
the south-east corner there'll be some revolver ammo. Take it and go through 
the door, then save. Take the shotgun and revolver ammo in this room before you
take a look at the tapestry on the altar, then take a look again to begin a 
boss battle.

O==== WENDIGO WITCH ==  [BS02] ====================O
|						   |
| The Witch tends to stay in the shadows, and will |
| dive at you, so make sure you stay out of her    |
| way. You can tell where she's coming from by the |
| red eyes in the darkness. If you're not looking  |
| at them, then you'll have 'indicators' on the    |
| edges of the screen that show you what direction |
| she'll be coming from. You can either shoot her  |
| before she gets to you, or sidestep the attack   |
| and stab her with your new dagger as she flies   |
| by.						   |
| 						   |
| After you damage her a bit, she'll use an attack |
| that radiates red lines out on the ground. Make  |
| sure you stay between them, since they'll rise   |
| up and damage you if you're not careful enough.  |
| If you manage to attack her before she puts the  |
| lines down, then you can interrupt the entire    |
| attack.                                          |
| 						   |
| She also has a habit of appearing as your late   |
| wife, on the floor. Just back away when she does |
| this. Before she completely fades back into the  |
| shadow, you'll see her resume her true form.     |
|						   |

|     CHAPTER 3: TOO LATE FOR ESCAPE  [CHO3]   	                |

You'll begin the chapter in the world of the sane again. Make sure you pick up
the postcard behind the altar before you exit the church. Pick up the shotgun 
shells behind the northern graves and then leave through the gate.

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:         |
| 						   |
| "Too late for escape now. You must go back	   |
| to the prison and stop him.			   |
| This will help you: ###### 			   |
| - William."					   |

You'll find you have the ceremonial dagger now. It's pretty much a more 
powerful version of the shank, and does about double the damage. Great, if you 
like conserve ammo.

What you need to do now is head all the way back to the prison to where the 
door that required the dagger was. This means fighting through a few groups
of chest maws, a few rooms where you get brought back to the other world and 
must clear out all the enemies before proceeding, as well as some hoppers and 
spitters. It shouldn't be too much of a challenge at this point, though just
make sure you're not overwhelmed. Bring out the shotgun if possible and 

One thing of note: in the alternate-world room before the door to the prison,
there is an adrenaline syringe behind where you appear.

===== Bright Dawn Boiler Room =====================
You're back. Make your way through the tunnels again, to the locked door. Fight
the couple chest maws in front of it, then refer to the postcard that you 
picked up in the church for the combination. Move the dagger in order to those
numbers to open the door. You'll lose the dagger here and be forced to go back
to the shank. 

You'll find more apparitions here. Use the paths to avoid them. In the next 
area, you'll need to be quicker, since there is just one path, though it's

In the next room there are some strange floating sacs. 

===== SLIME MINE == [EN08] =====
|                              |
| These things are easy to     |
| spot, easy to destroy, but a | 
| pain in the ass if they      |
| manage to get close to you   |
| and explode. Aside from      | 
| doing a good amount of       |
| damage, they will poison     |
| you, preventing you from     |
| using items for a small      |
| amount of time. Just shoot   |
| from a distance.             |
|			       |

Simply shoot them to destroy them, but watch out because a couple more will
spawn, and have a tendency to do so while you're right next to them.

Make sure to check out the northern room for some revolver ammo and health 
pills before going to the next area, where you'll have to kill some chest maws 
and a couple spitters. In front of the door to the next area is a postcard:

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:	   |
| 						   |
| "He's always watching. Always.		   |
| -William"					   |

===== Bright Dawn Treatment Center ================
Back to familiar territory, kind of. You'll hear some words of encouragement
from your captor. Take out the worms on the way up the stairs, then save in
the next room. Pick up the shotgun ammo before heading to the room to the 
north, where you can find some chest maws, revolver ammo, and health pills.

Go back and go through to the western room. A bunch of guards will run up to
attack you, so take them out with a gun if you can, since they might be a few
too many for a melee weapon. There's nothing else here, so go north and take
out the chest maws and the wailer in the next room.

The room to the north-east requires three distinct items, but there is a note
next to it:

| STAFF MEMO						  |
| 							  | 
| Effective immediately, the north Guard Tower doorway    | 
| to the Main Yard has been sealed. This is to ensure the | 
| safety of all. Please do not attempt to open the sealed | 
| doorway. 						  | 
| Thank you.						  | 

Since it's locked, go through the door on the western side of the room. This 
will lead you to an office room with four corpses, each with numbers on their 
bodies. Make note of these. There's also a note in the center of them:

| Nate: If anybody makes it back, I know it'll be you. |
| No sign of help on the way, so I'm making a run for  |
| it. Keep fighting, brother.			       |
| 						       |
| I'll see you in the next life. - Dean		       |
| 						       |
| P.S. Check out my prized kills! Think you can beat   |
| my score? If you want to give it a shot, just follow |
| the NEWS.					       |

This is actually a huge clue. Look at the circle of blood on the ground; it's 
actually a compass of sorts, with four arrows pointing to each of the bodies.
Find the arrow with 'N' on it, then record the numbers on the bodies in the 
order that the note says: North, East, West, then South.

Go down the stairs again and use the number you recorded on the keypad on the
eastern door to open it. In here, aside from some chest maws, you're going to
find the Assault Rifle, as well as some ammo. 

The Assault Rifle is a decent weapon. Though it is weak, doing about half the 
damage of the pistol with each bullet, its rapid fire makes up for it. The only
issue is that of ammo depletion, so it would be smart to save it for those
enounters that you really need it on. Head through the north door to get to 
some prison cells. There's a note on the ground:

| 						   | 
| 						   | 
| 						   | 
|  H E  MU S T  N O T   R E  S    T		   | 

There are going to be some whisperers here, but they're really easy to avoid. 
Follow the blood trail up the stairs until it leads you to a corpse and some 
bones, which you'll need later. Then head back to the room with the assault 
rifle, and go through the east door (incidentally, now would be a good time
to go back and save).

You're going to see a new enemy, but not fight it yet. In the bathroom to your
immediate right, there is a pack of worms and some ammo for the revolver and
the shotgun. 

Hiding behind a desk in the room with the big beast is a guard armed with an 
assault rifle, so counter back with a gun of your own. Head through the north 
door, the one with the spinning sigils on it, and follow them to a note.

| To summon the soldiers of solitude               |
| Takes but the powers of three			   |
| A deliverance of this magnitude		   |
| Will enslave those who are free		   |
| 						   |
| The first has graed your hand			   |
| Rest bones for the second			   |
| Return to where you stand			   |
| Final path will beckon			   |

There's another note on the desk next to the door.

|  ANGUISH LORE                             p. 816 |
| .. Malatesta: an ancient serpent trapped in the  |
| lowest Plane of Anguish. Centuries spent within  |
| the Plane have twisted this creature into a      |
| demented, rage-filled beast of immense power.	   | 
| Malatesta can only be harmed in the deepest	   | 
| reaches of Anguish. If it breaks free of this	   | 
| realm, it becomes invincible...		   | 

You might be able to figure out what you'll be fighting eventually. Once again,
there's another note to read:

| Malatesta reaches into real world                |
| pscyhoplasmic eruption - infects host            |
| ME						   |
| tries to tear open path between two planes       |
| the dead will rule the living			   |
| MUST STOP					   |
| cannot stop					   |
| must open pathway				   |

And that's all in here, but remember this place. Leave, then go through the 
eastern door. Avoid the bugs in this room, they will hurt you, and go to the
next room where a pair of guards, one armed with a gun, will be waiting. Take 
care of them, then smash through the boarded door to get some assault rifle
ammo and a postcard:

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:	    |
| 						    |
| "The Doctor is just the host. It's using him, and |
| trying to break through. You can't let it.	    |
| - William"					    |

Go through the southern door, fight past the enemies, past the guards (one of 
which can be snuck up upon), and crouch under the broken door to find a 
save point and a postcard.

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:         | 
| 						   | 
| "Even the bones of the wicked deserve to 	   | 
| rest in peace.				   | 
| - William"				           | 

Head through the door to make your way outside, where you can take out an
aerial hunter before coming across the grave of an incomplete skeleton. Add 
your bones, and you'll find yourself in the other world again, fighting off
a couple hoppers, spitters, and chest maws. Defeat them all to reveal an
ancient relic piece of a bat. Return through the north door, and you'll 
encounter a new enemy.

===== REANIMATOR == [EN09] =====
|			       |
| These enemies are a pain to  |
| kill, and in fact can't      |
| actually be defeated without |
| special equipment. If        |
| normally damaged enough, it  |
| will merely die for a few    |
| seconds before coming back.  |
| Though they can spit acid    | 
| and attack with some big     |
| claws, they are slow to turn |
| and can just be circled      |
| while meleeing them to       |
| death.                       |
|                              |

Make your way around the reanimator, and the two in the next room, to find 
yourself in the other world. Kill all the spitters in the area to return to 
the realm of the sane.

Head back to the room with the sigils on the door, and look at the note that
had the cryptic poem on it. You'll find yourself in the hellish world again. 
Go through the door in front of you, and continue forward, fighting off the
chest maws and spitters that spawn. You'll soon find yourself above a large
arena. Jump down to start the battle.

O== GORGAMESH == [BS03] ===========================O
| 						   | 
| The Gorgamesh is a fairly simple fight. Though   | 
| it hits hard, it does so slowly, so you can      | 
| duck in and get it a few blows with a melee      | 
| weapon between strikes, or you can simply run    | 
| around it in circles while riddling it with      | 
| bullets.					   | 
| 						   | 
| If you want, you can also move into the area     | 
| between the wall and the platform you entered    | 
| the arena on. The Gorgamesh can't fit in here,   | 
| and you're free to shoot it or just duck in for  | 
| a melee hit as it recovers from its own attack.  |
|                                                  |
| Just know that this isn't be the only one you'll |
| be facing.                                       | 
| 						   | 

Go through the door once you've killed the beast.

|     CHAPTER 4: THE COLOSSUS  [CHO4]  			        |

===== Point Mine =================================
You find yourself outside, on a bridge as it lazily snows down. If you explore,
you'll find another door with the growth on it. You still can't open it, so 
head south, and find a note on the elevator inside the cave.

| STAY AWAY!						     |
| This place is cursed. No one should see what I have	     |
| seen. I will make sure of it. This elevator leads to	     |
| somewhere unnatrual. Somewhere evil. Stay away.	     |
| 							     |
| I don't know what's going on, but I am not staying to	     |
| find out. If it's a battery you're looking for, you're out |
| of luck. I have taken it with me. I am leaving in my       |
| boat, and I will never return. I suggest you do the        |
| same! - Owen Rice					     |

As you mighte expect, the elevator does not work. 

Behind the big rock to the west, you'll find some revolver ammo, while going
through the house will show you a propane tank, a bookshelf with a book
missing, and a save point. There's also a note near the bookshelf:

| Upper Peninsula Intelligences - APril 2, 1940    | 
| 						   | 
| PELF - The U.S. Coast Guard has installed an     | 
| automatic beacon control system at Pelf	   | 
| Poin Light, just two weeks after the lighthouse  | 
| caretaker disappeared without trace. The	   | 
| caretaker, Owen Rice, had been on the job	   | 
| less than a month prior to his disappearance.    | 
| Authorities have stressed that Rice was not a    | 
| local, and may have simply abandoned his post.   | 

After going through this small shack, on the western doorway, you'll find a 
puzzle. It's hard to describe, but simply try to line up the pieces of the
puzzle so that they form a path from the left to the right. 

Inside the house, you'll come face to face with another Gorgamesh. Yes, another
one. But this one doesn't need to be killed, and so just run around it. Behind
the bar on the first floor is an adrenaline hypo, and behind the stairs is some
shotgun ammo. The second floor has some health pills and an exit, which you 
should take.

Take care of the enemies on the other side of the door, and check around the 
corner for some shotgun ammo before heading through the southern door. Run
around the reanimator, first grabbing the shotgun ammo on the left, then to the
right and around the corner, where you can climb a ladder.

Take care of the enemies here and across the walkway, then go up the elevator.
The doorway across the elevator is not a pleasant place, so avoid it for now.

In the house at the top of the elevator, you'll hear screaming. This will 
introduce you to the newest, appropriately named enemy.

===== SCREAMER == [EN10] ======
|			      |
| The screamer is a flying    |
| head that tries to fly into |
| you. That's pretty much it. |
| Shoot it before it gets the |
| chance to do so, and watch  |
| out for it's post-death     |
| explosion	              |
|	                      |

Where the screamer was residing, there's a health pack, assault rifle, and a 
fumigator. Also, in the room before this one, there's some revolver ammo hidden
behind a stack of crates. Now head back to the room near the bottom of the 

Upon entering, the first thing you'll notice is a green cloud disappating. 
That's the work of the fumigator. The next things you'll notice are the 
Gorgamesh and the chest maws coming at you. Go underneath some rafters to make 
the Gorgamesh unable to follow you, then take out the chest maws. Now if you 
want, you can take out the big monster to make this place easier. 

What you're going for is the Red Book on the bed in the far left corner. Grab 
it then get out of the room.

Jump down to the ground (avoiding the room with the reanimator), and make your
way back to the room with the bookshelf and save point. Pu the red book in its
place, then grab the Flamethrower. 

The flamethrower is a pretty effective weapon, especially against the otherwise
invulnerable reanimators. You can also use it to burn off the growth that 
you've seen on a couple doors. You need to use propane tanks to refuel it.

Exit the cave and head outside, where you can take out your first reanimator 
with the flamethrower. It should only take a fraction of your fuel, not even
a tenth of it to do so. Just shoot a puff of flame to set them on fire, wait 
until they stop taking damage, then do it again until they're dead. Failing 
that, simply beat on them with normal weapons until they lie down, then light
them on fire. 

Burn away the growth on the east door, and step through.  

There are a few reanimators and some screamers in here, so be cautious as to 
not be overwhelmed. Grab the shotgun ammo hidden between some rocks, and jump
on the mine cart to go to the next area.

Head into the building. Take out the enemies and grab the health pills and ammo
on the second floor before going through the door. Out here you'll be face with 
a pair of reanimators and an aerial hunter, so keep moving as you take each of
them down. There's a postcard on the northern building.

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:         | 
| 						   | 
| "Turn on, tune in, drop out.			   | 
| - William."					   | 

Head into the northern building, take care of the enemies and find the radio
upstairs. Turn it on, then rotate the dial to find an emergency broadcast. Once
you hear that, switch to the second channel, and find the next broadcast, which
is one from our friend the doctor. You'll find yourself in the next world.

Go down the ramp, kill all the enemies, and go through the south-west door. 
You'll find yourself in front of a couple worms, so take care of them before 
moving onto the screamers downstairs. Exit the building.

Move down the snowy path, killing the reanimators as you go, until you come
to the docks. Enter the building first to find some acid neutralizer and a
save point. The boat is locked, so head back up to the building with the sink
full of acid. 

Use the acid neutralizer on the acid, and grab the key inside. Then make it 
back to the boat to unlock it. Take a look at what happened to Mr. Rice, then 
grab the battery to be taken to the other plane. 

Fight your way through the path (just some chest maws), and you'll return 
quickly. Then head back to the main elevator, the one missing the battery. Make
sure you save, then replace the battery and head down, then through the door.

O== COLOSSUS == [BS04]=============================O
| 						   | 
| First off, run. Don't try to damage the Colossus | 
| because you won't be able to.			   | 
| 						   | 
| Make your way through the corridors, jumping and |
| ducking when necessary. Along the way, you'll    | 
| find dynamite on the ground that you need to     | 
| pick up. When you have put enough space between  | 
| yourself and the Colossus, turn around and throw | 
| a couple sticks to slow it down and do some      | 
| damage.					   | 
| 						   | 
| The more damage you do to the beast, the faster  | 
| it will move, so be sure to keep your pace up,   | 
| possibly contiuing running while turning around  | 
| and tossing the dynamite. With enough blasts,    | 
| the boss will eventually die.			   | 
| 						   | 

After the Colossus is dead, pick up the scorpion relic it left behind.

|     CHAPTER 5: FINAL PASSAGE  [CHO5]		                |

You'll find yourself equipped with the relic, which acts kind of like a 
boomerang. It's actually pretty weak, but has a very useful purpose which 
will be seen in a bit.

Go through the doorin front of you, then walk forward and use the relic to 
unlock the lighthouse. Activate the elevator inside. 

The door in front of you is a puzzle, and requires you to click the right 
switches in order to get the pressure gauge in the green. Each switch raises 
the pressure by a certain amount, so it's just a matter of figuring out how
much each switch raises it by, then putting the switches together as to stay
in the green and stay out of the red. 

Head through the long tunnel ahead, and read the postcard.

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:         | 
| 						   | 
| "The Relic unseals the way, and not just through | 
| the lighthouse. Remember the Guard Tower?	   | 
| - William"				           | 

Head up the stairs and through the door.

===== Bright Dawn Treatment Center ===============

Back to familiar ground. Head through the door on your right, and save. 

Now, if you want a new weapon, then you need to go all the way back into the
Bright Dawn Boiler Room, past the whisperers, and into the room with the growth
that was seen at the very end of Chapter 1 (the entrance to the boiler room is
right next to the southern save point on the map. If you don't care, then just 
skip the next paragraph.

You will find, however, that the relic has a very special purpose against the
whisperers. If you face them with the relic equipped, it will be brought up,
pushing them back and allowing you to circle around them. Use this weapon and
technique to make your way past the apparitions, and into the room covered with
growth to earn the Nail Gun, some nails, and health pills. The Nail Gun is 
about as powerful as the shotgun, but with a better range and less reloading
required. Also, perhaps most importantly, it is one-handed, and can be used
with the flashlight. 

Make your way to what should be the only unexplored area on the map now, the
one that was locked to you without the relic. Open the door, refilling your
propane here if you wish, and step through. 

Back outside. Check the southern wall for a postcard.

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:         | 
| 						   | 
| "Find what's hidden... unlock what's locked.	   | 
| - William."					   | 

Make your way through this chain-link, screamer-infested area. The west path
holds some revolver ammo at the end of it, and at the top-left corner you can
find an adrenaline syringe behind some ducts. The north-eastern chain link area
holds health pills and shotgun ammo, so grab those then follow the blood trail 
into the northern door on the east wall. 

The Doctor reveals what he hopes to accomplish as you enter here. This room is 
empty except for the corpse of a man who didn't have the faith to survive, so 
grab the key underneath him and enter the door to the east. 

First go to the far door in this room. It will lead you to a bathroom, and the
last weapon of the game (if you picked up the nail gun): the Buzzsaw. It's 
essentially a rapid-fire shank, and does about as much damage as it, but 
faster. Unfortunately it also has a tendency to overheat, and is two-handed,
so its usefulness is debatable. However, if you rapidly tap the attack button,
instead of holding it down, the buzzsaw will rapidly strike enemies without
overheating much at all, and becomes leagues more powerful this way.

There's also a save point here, so take the opportunity to replensish your 
health and save your game. The room before the bathroom holds more enemies 
(screamers and chest maws), and a letter from the dead man in the church:

| Mr. Redmoor -						  |
| All my life I have prepared for this day. But, nothing  |
| could have prepared me for what has happened.           |
| I was foolish. I did not anticipate his strength. His   |
| intentions are purely evil. You are a pawn in his game. |
| You must go no ruther. The secret door in this office   |
| is locked. You must not enter that room. Crossing       |
| over to the Plane of Anguish will complete his plan.    |
| Leave now, while you can.				  |
| - Chaplain Kennedy.					  |

Grab the health pack in one of the other small rooms, and leave. You'll be back
in a little bit. Head back outside and unlock the other door that the blood 
trail leads to. Inside, after a brief speech by the Doctor, you'll fight some 
hoppers and find a note.

| love						   | 		
| holy						   | 
| eden						   | 
| envy						   | 
| lust						   | 
| DEAD						   | 

If you examined the combination lock in the priest's office, then you probably
know what this note is for. There're another couple notes, but they're not 
quite as important:

| - ALL KITCHEN STAFF -                            | 
| 						   | 
| In order to reduce spoilage, check all vats      | 
| for for rodents and/or droppings BEFORE adding   | 
| ingredients. Thank you.			   | 

| NOTICE					   |
| 						   |
| Investigation of Inmate Complaint #7332 has      |
| concluded. Investigator finds no evidence to     |
| support allegation that chicekn prepared in      |
| kitchen facility is unfit for human consumption. |
| A link to the recent salmonella outbreak and     |
| subsequent illnesses in Cell Block B cannot be   |
| established. No further action is required.      |

Input the last word from the important note you found in the kitchen, and walk
through the door. Look at the altar-like table, and then find yourself in the
Plane of Anguish. Kill the chest maws if you want, and jump down the hole.

Read the postcard.

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:         |
| 						   | 
| "Your wife misses you. She does not yet	   | 
| rest in peace.				   | 
| - William."					   | 

Crouch and head forward. Now fight your way through the enemy-filled rooms
as you jump down the holes in front of you, going deeper and deeper into
unknown territory. You'll have to fight a room full of enemies before you
can proceed through a locked door, then fall down another long pit.

After an area where you must jump across hanging platforms (don't worry about
falling, there's no real consequence). Then jump into another pit and fight 
another room of enemies to unlock another sealed door. There will be another 
pair of jumping puzzle rooms, then another long pit with a sealed room filled
with chest maws and wailers at the end of it. 

In the next room is an large room with shotgun ammo, revolver ammo, and nails.
Then save, and check the postcard on the altar.

| It's a postcard from paradise. It reads:	   | 
| 						   | 
| "There's no way you can defeat him now. I'm	   | 
| sorry I ever got your hopes up.		   | 
| - William."				           | 

Now leave the room the same way you came in. And here you'll find Malatesta.

O== MALATESTA == [BS05] ===========================O
| 						   | 
| This giant serpenthas a number of attacks, but   | 
| in generalyou'll want to just stay away from it. | 
| The giant gems in it's mouth and on its tail are | 
| Malatesta's weak points, so whatever it does,    | 
| aim for those. 				   | 
| 						   | 
| Keep an eye on all the indentations in the walls | 
| and floor, since this indicates where the        | 
| serpent will come out of next. If one lights up  | 
| on the wall, then it means that Malatesta is     | 
| going to rush across the room, so avoid its      | 
| path. If the depressions on the floor light up,  | 
| then either the snake will fly up in a giant     | 
| arc, landing in another depression, or it will   | 
| stand straight up, either spewing flaming rocks  | 
| at you or simply falling down on you after a     | 
| small period of time.                            | 
| 						   | 
| Just keep moving for all attacks, and make sure  | 
| to stay out of its way. Avoiding the rocks takes | 
| a little bit of skill, since running in one      | 
| direction will probably mean that you're going   | 
| to get hit. 				           |
| 						   | 
| This is the last boss in the game, so empty      | 
| everything you have into the him. Just know that | 
| the shotgun isn't going to do much at the        | 
| distance you are from the weak spot.             | 
| 						   | 
| If you run out of bullets, you're going to be    | 
| relegated to using the relic, and while it's     | 
| not a weak weapon, it is a slow one and requires | 
| a bit of time to aim with.                       | 
| 						   | 

You'll find yourself in a quite room afterwards. Walk towards a mirror on the
right of the room to see the final, ambiguous cutscene and then the credits.


|     WEAPONS  [WEAP]  			         		|

===== Shank / Cermonial Dagger ===================

 The shank is the first weapon you get, and in fact is the only weapon you
 have to fight the first boss of the game with. It's fast, but weak, and 
 requires you to be pretty close to the enemy to hit them with it. That said,
 in the interest of conserving ammo it's probably a good idea to use it 
 throughout the entire game

===== Revolver ===================================

 After beating the first boss, you get access to the revolver, your typical
 six-shot gun. It's not that much more powerful than the shank, but it's a
 ranged weapon, and a good choice to use while you have the flashlight out.

===== Sledgehammer ===============================

 A powerful melee weapon, and the last one you'll get until near the end of
 the game. The sledgehammer can be 'charged', allowing you to deal a powerful
 blow to any enemy that gets hit by it, but it is very slow, and not very
 practical when fighting more than one enemy. In addition to that, it's two
 handed and therefore not really worth using in the dark. More importantly, 
 the sledgehammer is used to break down boards that may impede your progress.

===== Shotgun ====================================

 You standard close-range gun, the shotgun does about as much damage as the
 sledgehammer, but has less of a down period and, if lucky, can hit multiple
 opponents at once. Don't rely to much on it, but it's a good choice against 
 multiple foes, when you have room to back up.

===== Flamethrower ===============================

 The flamethrower, like the sledgehammer, serves multiple purposes. First, it
 is required to get past growth on doors. It is also the only weapon that can
 kill the Reanimator enemy, and keep them dead. Using it in a continous burst
 will do decent damage, but it's wise to attack in short bursts, allowing 
 enemies to catch on fire and take continuous damage.

===== Assault Rifle ==============================
 The assault rifle, per bullet, is a weak weapon, dealing about half the 
 damage of the shank. If the attack button is held down, however, it fires
 a rapid stream of bullets that can take down most opponents quickly. However,
 this also means depleting your ammo quickly, so it's better used when in
 a pinch.

===== Ancient Relic ==============================

 The ancient relic is another tool/weapon. First, it's a key to a few doors
 around the village of Perf and the Bright Dawn Treatment Center. It's also
 useful for repelling the Whisperer enemies that dot various pathways. As a
 weapon, it functions much like a boomerang, which means that it's ranged, 
 and also doesn't require ammo, but it's very slow, and not very powerful.
 It's a good last-resort weapon, especially on the final boss, but other
 weapons will serve you better elsewhere.

===== Nail Gun ===================================

 A somewhat-secret weapon, the nail gun can be found by burning through the
 growth in the Bright Dawn Boiler Room using the flamethrower. It's a
 powerful, rapid-fire weapon, dealing as much damage as the shotgun, but with
 ten nails to a clip, and a lot more range to it. A really good weapon, but
 ammo is really scarce, so use it only when required.

===== Buzzsaw ====================================

 The melee weapon to end all melee weapons, the buzzsaw seems weak at first. 
 Holding down the attack button does constant damage to any enemy in front of
 you, but can overheat the buzzsaw very quickly, and in fact only has about 
 enough damage to kill a chest maw before this happens. The secret to using it
 is to not hold down the attack, but instead rapidly press it. You'll do more
 damage quicker, and there will be virtually no chance of overheating at all.
 Once you get this weapon (found in a bathroom in the church, last chapter), 
 it will pretty much be the weapon of choice for nearly every enemy remaining. 


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