Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty: Challenge Guide

       ´╗┐Stacraft II: Wings of Liberty Challenges Guide (V.1.05a)
By: Draconicfire/BlackDra90n

Table of Contents.......................................................[cgtoc]

1) Table of Contents       [cgtoc]
2) Recent Changes          [cgrcs]
3) Introduction            [cgint]
4) Basic Challenges        [cgbcs]
   - Tactical Command     
   - Path of Ascension  
   - For the Swarm 
5) Advanced Challenges     [cgacs]
   - Covert Ops      
   - Psionic Assault
   - Infestation        
6) Expert Challenges       [cgxcs]
   - Harbringer of Death 
   - Opening Gambit  
   - Rush Defense
7) End                     [cgend]
8) Legal Stuff             [cglgs]



Alright, so the original game of Starcraft has pretty much reached legendary
status among gamers. It doesn't matter if you even played it or not, you heard
of it. It's pretty much the most popular RTS of all time due to it's amazing
multiplayer, and really, it's great.

Now that SC2 is out, a lot of people are wondering if the sequel will match
it's predecessor in terms of gameplay, popularity, and many other things. But,
this guide will not talk about any of that. One thing people forget when
talking about Starcraft is it's single player, with it's fun missions and
awesome storyline. In Starcraft 2, theres more of that with a pretty cool
single player campaign, but, Blizzard also added something new called

These Challenges are designed to test the player's skill doing certain things,
and can be pretty fun and challenging. Note that there are many different ways
of doing them and I'm pretty much just going to be writing about the way I did
it. If you found a better/easier way to finish a challenge, then feel free to
email me, I'll add it in to the guide.

In addition, I also have replays of myself getting the gold achievement for
every challenge, so if you dont understand my explanations, or just want a
visual, I can provide you with a replay pack if you want one.

Patches shouldn't affect challenges since Single Player isn't patched when
Multiplayer is. The only things that may change are the glitches, if there
are any.


Recent Changes..........................................................[cgrcs]

Latest update on 12/8/2010 (v.1.05a)

- Removed the side strategy in the Rush Defense section since it was patched.

Latest update on 11/21/2010 (V.1.05)

- Rehauled the Rush Defense section
- Minor changes throughout

Latest update on 9/4/2010 (v.1.04)

- Added a small section for Psionic Assault
- Added a player submitted strategy for Rush Defense

Updated on 8/16/2010 (V.1.03)

- Added player submitted strategies for Path of Ascension and Rush Defense

Updated on 8/11/2010 (V.1.02)

- Added the Recent Changes section (This section)
- Added some strategies for For the Swarm that were emailed in to me by users.
  Player submitted strategies will be blocked in by stars (****)
- Added some more detail to the highground/lowground thing in Psionic Assault,
  and added a diagram to help clarify what I mean.
- Minor changes and amendments throughout the guide.
- Changed my contact information


Basic Challenges........................................................[cgbcs]

All three basic challenges are essentially the same thing, but they give you
different races to deal with. All of them comprise of you controlling a group
of units to kill the computer units while losing as few units as possible. If
the structures you are tasked with protecting are destroyed, then you lose.


Bronze: Protect all Structures
Silver: Lose 20 Units or Less
Gold: Lose 10 units or Less

Tactical Command is the mission where you control various Terran units to make
sure the enemy Zerg units do not destroy your supply depots. I personally
found that this was the easiest mission to get the gold achievement on, even
though I don't main Terran.

-- Round 1 --

The first round is pretty simple. In terms of units you can control, you have
a group of Hellions, a group of Marines, two Medivacs, a Ghost, and a Seige
Tank. In terms of opposing units, you have to deal with a swarm of Zerglings,
a group of Banelings, and a fleet of Mutalisks.

First, move your Hellions over to where the Zerglings are. Then, move your
Seige Tank up right in front of the supply depot where the Banelings are.
Lastly, send over your Ghost, Marines and Medivacs over to the Mutalisks.

Before we hit "Ready", theres a few things we need to do. Go over to your tank
and seige it up. It'll stay seiged even after you hit ready, so it'll save
some time. Then, go and cloak your Ghost, it has enough energy to stay cloaked
for the entire round. Then, make sure your medivacs are in range of your
marines, and stim them. Immediatly hit ready.

For your first sub round, you will be taken to the Hellions and Zerglings.
This is a pretty easy fight, just kite your Hellions around the supply depot.
The Zerglings shouldnt even come close to killing any of your Hellions.

The second sub round is the seige tank vs the Banelings. Since your tank is
already seiged up, you really have nothing to do but wait. Your tank should
get two shots off on the Banelings, which will kill all of them but two. It
doesn't matter because two Banelings wont be able to kill your depot, and
since they explode on death, the round ends.

For the last sub round, position your Ghost in between the Mutalisk and your
Marines. Then just wait. Your Ghost will start attacking the Mutas, which is
fine, since they can't attack a cloaked target. Start sniping the Mutas as
soon as you can. Each snipe takes off a decent chuck off the Mutalisk you hit,
so it'll lower your casualities. The marines should be able to wipe the floor
with the Mutas pretty easily with Medivac and Snipe support since theyre
stimmed up. Some Marines might die, but it's not a big deal.

-- Round 2 --

For round two, you have some Marauders, Marines, Medivacs, Seige Tanks, and a
Ghost. You have to deal with Roaches, Hydras and an Ultralisk.

Move your Marauders to where the Roaches are, Tanks to where the Hydras are,
and the Marines, Medivacs and Ghost goes to the Ultralisk. Again, seige up
your tanks and hit cloak on your Ghost, then hit ready.

For the first sub round, you get control over the Marauders. Hit Stim on your
Marauders and kite them around like you did with the Hellions and Zerglings
in round one. It's exactly the same thing.

The second sub round is with the Marines, Ghost and Medivacs. Position your
Marines behind your cloaked Ghost, and hit Stim. Your Ultralisk will go for
your Marines, but with Stim you can outrun it, thus you can kite it. Kite the
Ultra around your Ghost so your Ghost can still shoot it. None of your marines
should die since your Medivacs do a great job of keeping you alive.

The last sub round is again with tanks, which means waiting. Seiged tanks
require no micro at all (nerf kthx), so just wait and watch as the Hydras 

-- Round 3 --

In this last round, you have control over a more diverse amount of units. You
have a group of Thors, Marauders, Seige Tanks, Medivacs, Vikings, Hellions,
and once again, one Ghost. You will be facing a Hydra-roach combo, Broodlord
and Zergling combo, and a fleet of Mutalisks.

Move your Thors and Ghost over to the Mutalisks section. Then, move your
Vikings and Hellions over to the Broodlords/Zerglings. Lastly, move your
tanks, Marauders and Medivacs to the Hydra-roaches. Once again seige up your
tanks and cloak your ghost. Press ready.

You will be brought over to the Vikings and Hellions. This sub round is
exactly the same as the very first Hellion round, except this time you have
to do something extra. Select your vikings and a-move them into the Broodlord
group, then wait for the Zerglings to attack your Hellions. The Broodlords
move very slow and cant attack air, so your Vikings can kill them all before
they even get in range of your Hellions, so you can forget about them once it
starts. There are less Zerglings than in the first Hellion round, so if you
did that with 0 deaths, then this one is laughably easy.

The second sub round is the tanks, Marauders and Medivacs. Move your Marauders
and Medivacs to the side in the start so you dont have to worry about splash.
Once the Hydras and Roaches get in range of your tanks, a-move your Marauders
into the mix, everything should die with minimal deaths.

The last round is with your Thors and Ghost. Thors are so OP against Mutas, so
their splash will essentially kill everything. You don't have to worry about
them. This sub round is almost like the first Marine sub round. Dont worry
about the Thors, just control your Ghost and snipe things. Voila, easy gold


Bronze: Protect all Structures
Silver: Lose 20 Units or Less
Gold: Lose 10 units or Less

In this challenge, you control Protoss units to go destroy Terran units. In my
opinion, this is the hardest challenge of this set. Why? Because Zealots 
aren't the greatest units against Terrans imo.

-- Round 1 --

In round one, you have control of a group of Zealots, Stalkers, Collosus, and
a single Sentry. You have to face a group of Hellions, Marauders and a large
army of Marines. Now already in multiplayer Zealots are the last unit you
would build against this army, but hey, Blizzard gave you them to use.

Move your Stalkers over to the Hellion section, Collosus to the Marines, and
the Zealots and Sentry to the Marauders. Spread out your Stalkers in an arc
like formation so that they will have a slightly easier time to get into
position. Make sure your Collosus are once again side by side so they can all
attack. Also make sure your Sentry is in the middle of the Zealot blob.

After you hit ready, you will be brought to the Stalkers. Once the barrier is
gone, a-move your Stalkers into the Hellions and start paying attention to
their health. Protoss units are different from Terran and Zerg units in the
sense that they have shields, and since they have shields, their HP is
generally lower, so ideally, instead of waiting until their health is yellow,
look to see when their shields are gone. When their shields are gone, their
icon will have a darker background. When this happens, blink them back to

After the Hellions all explode, you get brought over to the Collosus. Just
a-move them into the Marines. None of your Collosus should die, but if one
does, dont worry about it.

This last subround should be where most of your deaths come from if any. Right
before your army engages, get your Sentry to use it's Guardian Shield to
reduce some damage. Manually move your Sentry into Melee range so most of your
Zealots are covered by it. The Marauders should all fall when the Shield falls
so if you want, you can summon a Halucination to help soak some damage. An
Archon or Collosus works great.

Gingercakes sent me an email saying that another way you can do this is to use
only 4/5 of the Collosi given to you to deal with the Marines. Start off your
Collosi by placing them on the cliff next to the bubble force field thinggie
and have them attack from the highground. The Marines cant hit you from the
lowground, so while they walk past, you can shoot them. After they start to hit
the pylon, move your Collosi down to engage them. Whenever one of their shields
go down, move that Collosus back onto the cliff so that it's safe. As for the
last Collosus, she had them attack with the Zealots to deal with the Marauders
for additional damage.

-- Round 2 --

In round two, you have control of Void Rays, Carriers, Immortals and a High
Templar. You have to face some Thors, Seige Tanks and Battlecruisers.

Move your Carriers and High Templar to the Thors, Immortals to the tanks, and
your Void Rays to the Battlecruisers. Make sure your Immortals are spread out
in an arc.

After you hit ready, you will be brought to your Carriers and High Templar.
Get your Carriers to start attacking the Thors, and shift control over to the
Templar. You have enough energy for two Storms and a Feedback, both will do
pretty decent damage to the Thors. Start off by using your Storms, you should
be able to get a decent amount of Thors in your first Storm, and just place a
second wherever you think could use some destruction. After both storms, you
have just enough energy for a Feedback. Feedback is pretty awesome. Choose a
Thor with high HP and Energy (The purple bar underneath HP), and Feedback it.
All the energy will get converted into damage, so it takes off a decent chunk.
Now wait for your Carriers to finish the job. One may fall, but dont worry
about it.

Next up is your Immortals. Just a-move them into the tanks. One or two might
go down, but again not a big big deal.

With your Void Rays, they do like no damage to the Battlecruisers when their
beam isn't charged, so get them to focus down one Battlecruiser while watching
their health. If their shields get low, move them back as best you can, but
it's likely that it will still explode. Once the beams are all charged, the
Battlecruisers die really fast when you focus them down. One thing you could
try is to charge up your beams on your Pylon before you engage the BCs. I
didnt really give it any serious tries, so I'm not sure if it's possible, but
go ahead and give it a try if you have some issues.

NOTE: Gingercakes actually tried this and confirmed that it's possible to have
your Void Rays charge up on the pylon before you engage the Battlecruiser army,
but it's really close and your Pylon may burn down. So she suggests to have
your army attack the Battlecruisers when the Pylon is at yellow.

-- Round 3 --

In this last round, you have control of Zealots, Collosus, Immortals, Archons,
Stalkers, and a single High Templar and Sentry. You have to face a BC/Viking
combo, a Hellion/Reaper combo, and a Marauder/Tank combo. I had so many issues
with this because my Zealots kept dying, but then I tried a different strategy
and it worked very well.

Move your Zealots, Stalkers and Sentry to the BC/Vikings. Now you may be
asking, "Why are you bringing your Zealots over to air units?". Thats because
the Vikings will automatically go into ground mode if there arent any air
units in the area, and I found that Vikings own Phoenixes in the face. Move
your Collosus and High Templar to the Reapers/Hellions, and move your Archons,
Immortals and Phoenixes to the Marauders/Immortals. Again, you may be asking
"Why are you bringing Phoenixes to that group? None of them are air". Well,
thats because were not going to be using the Phoenixes for damage. Read on.

For the first subround, you have your Zealots, Stalkers and Sentry. Get your
Stalkers to focus down the Battlecruiser first and just have your Zealots move
into position for when the Vikings land. Have your Sentry pop it's shield and
again manually move it so that it covers most of your units. The Zealots
actually do suprisingly well against the Vikings, so you only lose a few in
comparison to like everything.

With your Collosus, a-move them into the giant blob of units, then switch to
your High Templar ASAP and Storm them in the face. Two well placed storms gets
rid of like the entire blob since both Reapers and Hellions are quite frail.
The Collosus will easily pick off the survivors.

Lastly, you have your Archons, Immortals and Phoenixes. Select all your
Archons and Immortals and a-move them into the battle. Both of them dont
require any micro at all, so you can put them into the same control group. Now
with your Phoenixes, fly them over the tanks and have all four of the use
their gravity beams on the tanks. Four tanks should be in the air. This is
actually pretty big, since you are removing four tanks from the fight. By the
time the beams wear off, the rest of the army should be gone, and you can
watch as each tank falls back to the ground and instantly gets destroyed by
the Archons and Immortals.


Bronze: Protect all Structures
Silver: Lose 20 Units or Less
Gold: Lose 10 units or Less

FOR THE SWARMMMMM! Woooooo! Anyways, for this challenge, you control Zerg
units this time around against Protoss units. I would say this would be the
second easiest (and second hardest I guess) basic challenge. Your Spire is the
key building this time around, but everything else is the same.

-- Round 1 --

In round one, you have an Infestor, some Zerglings, Hydralisks and some
Ultralisks. You will be facing a fleet of Voidrays, an Immortal and a group of

Move your Infestor and Zerglings to the lonely Immortal area, and then move
your Hydralisks to the Void Ray area, lastly move your Ultralisks to the
Collossus area. Before we start, spread out your Ultralisks a tiny bit so they
can all attack, dont have them in a group, move them into a line. Same deal
with the Hydras, although it's inevitable that some will group. Just arc them
as much as you can. Press ready.

The first group you get to control are the Ultralisks. Just a-move them into
the group of Collosus. If you spread them out enough, then some of them will
get into the red, but everything will die without any Zerg casualties.

The second group is the Infestor and Zerglings vs the Immortal. Use your
Infestor to Neural Parasite the Immortal, and get your Zerglings to kill it
while it is under your command. Easy win right there.

The last group is the Hydralisks and Void rays. A bit more micro is needed
here. A-move your Hydras to the void rays, and watch your Hydra's health. The
moment you see one dip into the yellow, either burrow it or move it back. Keep
doing that for every Hydra you see get hurt and you'll minimize casualties.

-- Round 2 --

In this round, you have two Ultralisks, a fleet of Mutalisks, some Roaches and
an Infestor. You have to destroy some Void Rays, Stalkers and Zealots.

Move your Ultralisks to the Stalker area, then move your Mutalisks to the Void
Rays, and Roaches and Infestor to the Zealot area. Spread out your Ultralisks
so that they are side by side, and make sure you spread out your Infestor from
your Roaches too. Set the Roaches and Infestor to hotkeys you can press easily
to make things easier.

The first group you can control are the Roaches and Infestor. Select your
Infestor first, and get it to Fungal Growth as many Zealots as you can. Then,
use your Roaches to kite the remaining Zealots to their death. When the Fungal
wears off, do it again if you can. If your Infestor gets under attack, burrow
it. Keep kiting your Roaches back while attacking your Zealots. If they get
too close, burrow them and let your Roaches regen a bit before unburrowing.

The second group is the Mutalisks and Void Rays. I normally get them to attack
the Void Ray in the middle, but I guess it doesn't really make a huge
difference. Like the Hydralisks from the last round, keep tabs on your army,
whenever one gets into the yellow, move it back.

The last group is the Ultralisks, which is pretty simple. Just a-move them
into the Stalker army, they'll kill everything pretty easily.

Alternatively, I had some emails with some suggestions on how to approach the
Zealots and Void Rays differently. Credit goes to these GameFAQs users on their 

Both MrOmega2 and aleksazen emailed me with the same strategy for the Zealots,
where instead of having the Infestor and Roaches all working there, they just
used the Roaches. What they suggest is to abuse the burrow mechanic as much as
possible to keep the Zealots running back and forth between your Spire. What
you would do is start off your Roaches burrowed and wait until the Zealots run
over you. After they passed you, they should be in between you and the Spire.
After that, just unburrow, attack attack attack, and burrow when they hit you.
After a brief moment, they will go back to running to the Spire, so just rinse
and repeat.

Both of those users also gave me a different strategy for dealing with the Void
Rays. MrOmega2 suggest to have the Infestor there to Neural Parasite one of the
Void Rays while your Mutas are attacking them. They should attack your Mutas,
but when they are not charged, they do barely any damage. Once theyre charged,
move your Mutas back and instead of chasing them the Void Rays will attack the
Mind Controlled one. Once that one is dead, move your Mutas back to clean up
the rest of the Void Rays.

aleksazen also used the Infestor to deal with the Void Rays. But instead of
using Neural Parasite, he suggests on using Infested Terrans instead. Spam as
many Infested Terrans as you can and position them in front of the Mutas when
you attack. This way the Void Rays will attack them instead to minimize deaths.

-- Round 3 --

In this round, you get some Ultralisks, Roaches, Broodlords (!), Corruptors,
and yet again a single Infestor. You have to destroy a Immortal/Stalker combo,
a Archon/Zealot Combo and some Carriers.

Move your Ultralisks, Roaches, and Infestor to the Stalker/Immortal area, then
move your Broodlords to the Archon/Zealot area. Lastly, move your Corruptors
to the Carriers. Make sure your Ultralisks are spread out in a line, and your
Roaches are spread out behind them. Also make sure your Infestor isn't blocked
by anything.

When the round starts, you get to control your Ultra/Roach/Infestor army.
Immediatly Neural Parasite an Immortal, and then a-move your Ultra/Roaches
into the battle. An immortal needs to be mind controlled or it'll wreck your
Ultras pretty hard. The mind control makes most of the ai units to attack it,
so your units gets some free killing time and a free dead Immortal. Your
army should wipe the floor pretty easily with this group as long as you get
your Parasite off.

For the next group, Broodlords vs Archons/Zealots, I used to have the Roaches
here instead, but realized they were useless. This is because Broodlords are
like the greatest things ever. They have long range and they spawn ground
units when they attack. Due to this, this round is easymode. Just get your
Broodlords to attack an Archon. When they attack, the Broodlings they spawn
will help you kill the group, plus it makes all the Archons and Zealots attack
them, so the Zealots wont be like "Hey, nothing we can kill, lets own that
Spire lawl". Just take down the Archons one at a time and then wait as your
Broodlords take down the dumb Zealots. The Archons may attack your Broodlords,
but it's not a big deal.

The last group is the Corruptors vs the Carriers. Make your Corruptors attack
the nearest Carrier and get them to cast Corruption on all of them to speed
things up. Make sure you always have your Corruptors attacking Carriers, or
they'll act like the Zealots from the previous round and attack the Scarabs.


Advanced Challenges.....................................................[cgacs]

Advanced Challenges are designed to test your ability to make the most of what
you have. I guess you could say theyre there to test your efficiency. They
all have some sort of timer involved and all the achievements are related to
how many units you can kill with the limited units given to you.


Bronze: Kill 125 Enemies
Silver: Kill 150 Enemies
Gold: Kill 175 Enemies

Covert Ops is a timed challenged where you have control of two types of
Terran units, Ghosts and Ravens. You need to kill a lot of Zerg using these
units. Thankfully, you have the awesome thing known as nukes. You have seven
nukes under your control, so you have plenty to work with.

The Ghosts are going to be the main units you will be focusing on in this
mission since nukes are just awesome. Ravens normally arent really an
offensive unit, but you have enough of them that you can spawn a good amount
of turrets to deal damage and to soak damage. The one thing you have to be
careful of with your Ghosts are detectors and your energy. Detectors can see
through your Cloak, so obviously thats not a good thing. If you see a Spore
Crawler, stay away from it. If you see an Overseer, use your Ghosts to snipe
it out of the sky. Just have your Ghosts selected and spam "R" -> Click and
repeat until it's dead. Snipe uses energy though, and if your Ghosts run out
of energy, they decloak, so only use your snipes for Overseers.

After you hit ready, select one of your Ghosts, cloak it, and send it to nuke
the expansion on the right path. There are Spore Crawlers at this expansion
but your nuking range can outrange the detection. You dont have to care about
this Ghost after that, just let it attack buildings or something.

Now take the rest of your Ghosts and Ravens and move them along the left path.
The moment the you see the Hydra/Roach/Muta group, cloak your Ghosts and kill
them using regular attacks, that way they dont harass your Ravens. After they
are gone, move your Ghosts up to a ramp, there should be a group of Zerglings
there. Kill those Zerglings using your Ghosts and have your Ravens place some
Turrets pretty much everywhere. Have one Ghost nuke the Hive with all the
drones mining, and have another Ghost nuke the group of units to the left of
the Hive up on the highground. There is an Overseer that patrols here, so if
you see it, snipe it.

After the nukes go off, move your army past where the Hive used to be. You
should see another ramp. Go up there. Theres another Overseer that patrols
this area, so again take it out. From here, place some turrets and have your
Ghosts kill off the units to the north of the ramp. After those units are
dead, follow the path and you'll encounter a split in the road. On one side
of the road, there are a ton of Spine Crawlers. Nuke them. Have another Ghost
Nuke the lowground opposite of the Spine Crawlers, there should be a bunch of
Hydras and Roaches there.

Move the rest of your Ghosts that arent nuking back to the area where that
Hive used to be. Head North and you should see a small path with an Infestor
and other Zerg units, kill them normally. After they are dead, continue down
the path and you'll see a group of Mutalisks and an Overseer. That Overseer
just stays there, so you dont need to snipe it. Have a Ghost nuke that area,
you can outrange the detection.

By now the two nukes you set off before shouldve landed, so take your Ravens
and fly into the area where the Spine Crawlers were, lay down a ton of turrets
and just wait. You should have the gold achievement by now. If not, take your
Ghosts and nuke the main Hive where your Ravens are.


Bronze: Kill 75 Enemies
Silver: Kill 150 Enemies
Gold: Kill 225 Enemies

The first time I did this challenge, I honestly thought it was going to be the
hardest challenge of the nine. However, after a few attempts, it just became
memorizing where to put your stuff when they are needed. In order to get the
gold achievement for this challenge, you need to go through 21 waves with the
same 11 Sentires and 6 High Templars.

Before you hit ready, keybind all of your units. Make sure you know where
everything is so you dont get confused. I personally used 1 for Sentries and 2
for High Templars. However TheJzzler emailed me saying that if you were to use
1 for all your Sentries, and then a pair of Templars in 2, 3 and 4, you'll have
better management of your energy. This is because you can use one pair at a
time, and when they run out of energy you can transform both of them into
Archons. This will save you from a bit of hassle since you wont have to
manually check your templars for energy, and you only work with two at a time.

Obviously to kill that many things, you need to conserve your MP as much as
you can and try to not let your stuff die, but thats a given. Another trick is
to abuse the highground as much as you can. Due to Starcraft II mechanics, if
a unit is on the lowground and has no sight of the highground, they cannot
attack back. So if you keep your Sentries a small distance away from the ramp,
you can forcefield in a way so that your forcefield's lower side is touching
the intersection of the ramp and the lowground. If you do this, the enemy units
will walk up to the forcefield and be stuck on the lowground. The moment they
are touching the forcefield, a-move your Sentries to engage them. Your Sentries
should engage them while techincally on the highground, so the enemy units cant
attack back since they have no sight of you from the lowground.

      __ __
    /|FF|FF|  /
   / |__|__| /
  /   RAMP  /
 /         /

I'll be going through each wave one by one.

The first wave is a group of zerglings, use Force Fields to block off the ramp
and have your sentries kill them. Dont use storms.

Next are Marines, again block off the ramp and have your Sentries kill them.
If they can shoot you, you need to either place your Force Fields lower on the
ramp, or move your Sentries back a bit. Dont use storms.

Next is a Hydra/Ling combo. Do the same thing as the previous wave. Dont use

The next one after that is a Marine group with a single Marauder. Again, do
the same thing. Block off the ramp and use only Sentries.

Next wave is Zerglings, Banelings and a single Roach. Block off the ramp and
use one Storm. It should kill most of the lings, have your Sentries clean up
the rest.

Wave 6 is Marine/Marauders. Block of the ramp and storm them once. Sentries
again should be cleaning up the survivors.

Now on wave 7, things will start spawning on the South East portion of the
map. It's essentially the same, but now you need to move around a bit. I like
to move my units to that little alcove to the right of the bottom ramp. I like
to block off the choke immediatly below the alcove because you can use one
forcefield instead of two, since you can storm the gap thats left behind and
since your sentries have the highground advantage, they can kill things before
they even get up the ramp. This wave consists of just lings. Use one force
field to restrict their movements and storm them once.

Wave 8 is again on the SE side, it has Zealots and Sentries. Fully block off
the choke and storm them once. Have your Sentries attack as much as you can,
but move one or two back to the beginning ramp.

Wave 9 are Reapers. They may spawn while your Sentries are still killing the
remaining units from wave 8, which is why you moved one or two back. Block off
the ramp and Storm them once. One storm should finish them all, if not, use
your Sentries.

The next wave also consists of Reapers, but on the SE side. They will jump up
on the rightmost side, so preemptively place three forcefields side by side on
the highground, starting from right under the pile of trash and moving down
the edge. The reapers will jump into the force fields and get stuck, so Storm

Wave 11 consists of Banelings and Hydralisks on the SE side. Again, block off
the choke and Storm them while your Sentries attack.

Wave 12 are Banshees coming in from the original side. Take your High Templars
and Feedback them both. One feedback will one shot them.

The next wave are some Stalkers on the original side, again just block off the
ramp and Storm them once. If you have any High Templars at this point with sub
75 energy, fuse them into Archons, you'll need them. If only one is less than
75, but another is just above it, manually control that one to storm the next
wave, and then fuse them.

Wave 14 are a bunch of Ghosts and Reapers on the SE side. These Reapers will
jump up to the highground near the alcove. So preemptively place some force
fields to block off the area and storm them. Have your Sentries DPS down the

Wave 15 are a bunch of Mutalisks. This is where having an Archon is super
helpful, because Mutas will kill your Sentries quite fast. Kill them using your
Sentries/Archon if you have them. If you dont have an Archon, storm them once
and hope that not many Sentries die.

Wave 16 is once again from the SE side consisting of two Vikings and some
Marines and Marauders. This is another dangerous wave since the Vikings
provide sight for the Marines and Marauders, so they can attack back. Get your
Sentries/Archon to focus down the Vikings and storm the ground army twice.
Side by side storms should wipe them out.

Wave 17 comes from a new direction, the north west side. The north west side
is on the highground, but has a destroyable rock on the ramp. This rock needs
to stay undestroyed for as long as it can. This first wave on this side are
a bunch of Zerglings, Storm them once and have your DPS units kill the rest.

A group of Roaches are next from the same side. Storm them twice and have your
army blast them. Also at this point your High Templars are probally all really
low, so again if you have 2 of them that are sub 75 MP, Archon them.

Wave 19 is an Ultralisk from the NW side. This guy will most likely destroy
your rocks unless if you have a decent amount of Sentries and Archons. Focus
him down as best you can. Do not storm him unless if he breaks through the
rocks and you really need to.

Wave 20 is a group of Banelings from the original side. This group may come
while the Ultralisk is still alive. If it's still alive, keep your units
attacking him. If it's dead, block off the ramp. If the ramp is blocked, one
storm should finish off this group. If it's not blocked, you'll need to kite
them through two storms with your Templars while your army finishes off the

The last wave consists of two tanks from the SE side. Take everything you have
and unleash it on them, cause once these are dead, you have your achievement.
Storm them if you have the energy, if you dont, Archon them. Take your
remaining Sentries and Archons to blow em up.

At this point you'll have your achievement. If you wish to continue, you can
though. I didnt have the units to do anymore though.


Bronze: Kill 100 Enemies
Silver: Kill 125 Enemies
Gold: Kill 150 Enemies

Infestation is a timed challenge where you have to take control of Roaches and
Infestors to take out as many Terran and Protoss units as you can in the time
given to you. I personally found this challenge to be pretty awesome, because
hey, you get to mind control things to kill their friends. Cant get much more
awesome than that.

After the introduction, you have as much time as you want to go survey the
surroundings. Take this time to familiarize yourself with your enemy locations
as best as you can. You'll notice that there are many clumps of lower tier
units like Marines, and in the area theres also a few Collosi, tanks and High
Templars scattered around. Take note of where these are, these are the most
important units.

As for your own units, you have Roaches and Infestors. Honestly, after looking
at the enemy unit compositions and stuff, you would have probally noticed that
your Infestors are the key units for this challenge, the Roaches really wont
do that much. The key to this challenge is to Neural Parasite all the big AoE
units to go wreck the smaller balls of units to bits. 

There are three physical levels on this map, from top to bottom, they will be
levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively. When you are ready, click Ready.

Once the countdown finishes, immediately burrow all your units. Hopefully,
you remember where the key units that you need to mind control are. There are
two tanks on level one, so move one Infestor to each tank, and make sure they
are right on top of them. Now using your Roaches, move them to the second level
to help give your more vision of the area. Unburrow your Infestors that are 
underneath the tanks, and immediatly NP them. The tanks would not be able to 
attack you since you are so close. They will begin to destroy things on level 

While this is happening, move more Infestors to level two and find the tanks
there. The tanks are in similar positions to the ones on level one, again
make sure you are right underneath them, unburrow and NP. There are also some
High Templars on the side, if you want, go ahead and get some Infestors to
Mind Control them too, they don't fight back. With them under control, Psi
Storm the Infantry groups nearby.

Afterwards, move more roaches and the rest of your Infestors to the final
level. You'll see that there is a Command Centre with a ton of SCVs mining
stuff being guarded by a tank and Collosus. Bring two Infestors there and
make sure both of them are underneath the tank. Unburrow them both and 
immediatly Mind Control the Collosus first, the tank cannot attack, so you
can take your time with him, but the Collosus can. Once both are under your
control, make them kill all the SCVs and the unit groups nearby.

At this point you should already have a ton of kills. If you want, you can
now unburrow your roaches and just give them free reign, if they kill stuff,
great, theres no penalty if your units die anyways. You should already be able
to get the gold achievement using the units you mind controlled, just move
them around a bit to make sure they can kill stuff. But, if you want, you can
use the rest of your Infestors to move around the map mind controlling other
units. Theres an unseiged tank on the second level at the top that you can get
if you want.

Overall, this should be pretty simple. The time limit is forgiving enough that
you can take your time. Just make sure you know where eveyrthing is.


Expert Challenges.......................................................[cgxcs]

Expert Challenges are designed to test your micro and economic skills. There
really isnt any link between the challenges.


Bronze: Kill 50 Enemies
Silver: Kill 100 Enemies
Gold: Kill 150 Enemies

Harbringer of Death is a challenge with a focus on multitasking Protoss units.
I personally think that I'm pretty bad at multitasking, but this challenge is
just as much about planning your moves as much as it is actually executing
them. As a note, you cannot click your spells and actions in this challenge,
you have to use the keybinds.

When you start the challenge, you are given a sizeable amount of resources to
work with and various groups of units. These units are the ones you will need
to control to defeat as many Zerg and Terran units as you can. You have
control of Warp Prisms, Carriers, Stalkers, High Templars, Sentries and
Phoenixes. Each group of units except for High Templars and Sentries have
their own "wing" where they go do their stuff.

Like the other challenges that require you to kill x amount of units in a
certain amount of time, they give you as much time as you want to survey the
map and plan your actions before you are ready to take on the challenge. I
suggest using this time to set up keybinds and to familiarize yourself with
the layout. Since theres so much that has to be done here, I'm going to go
over each wing and describe the strategy that I used, afterwards I'll go more
into depth about how I actually did it.

You are given three warp prisms on the very northern side of the map. Warp
Prisms cannot attack, but they can transform into essentially a pylon where
you can warp in units from Warp Gates. The map gives you seven Warp Gates to
deal with, so you dont have to worry about building them. These Warp Prisms
need to be transformed individually, so select all three and hit "E" three
times. This will generate a psi field for you to warp in units, so hit "W" to
select the Warp Gates. From here you can summon units. I used Dark Templars
because Dark Templars are like the greatest units ever, and since in that wing
they only have one detector, they are quite strong. If you plan on using DTs,
summon them using "D". Once all seven are finished warping in, a-move them
into the top left corner of the map. There should be a small staircase with a
small platform up top with a bunch of Roaches and Hydras on it, a-move them
there. Whenever you can, warp in more DTs. You have enough resources to do
this so you dont have to worry about it. Once your second wave of DTs are
finished warping in, select all of them and a-move them to the opposite side
of the Roach/Hydra platform. When they have killed all that stuff, a-move
them to the far end of the wing. Theres an Ultralisk there with other units
and an Overseer. The Overseer will allow your DTs to be killed, but they
served their purpose.

Next are the Carriers. You have five Carriers with four Interceptors each.
Carriers can have up to eight at a time, so get them to make four more. After
that, a-move them to the end of the wing. Chances are they will run out of
Interceptors because the Marines and Turrets are noobs and decide to kill them
instead of the actual Carriers, however this doesn't matter that much. As long
as they kill mostly everything on the ground, it's fine. Dont worry about the
units on that tall platform just yet.

For the Stalkers, you need to Blink them onto the platform they are facing.
Chances are you won't get them all up to that platform on your first try, but
it doesn't really matter. If you have the apm to spare, go ahead and Blink up
the stragglers, but as long as you have a small group of them, you will be
fine. Get them to kill everything on that platform, and then Blink them down
to the lowground. Get them to kill everything on the ground. When thats done,
Make them move to the Northeastern side of the wing and get them to Blink to
the platform there. There should be a bunch of SCVs there. Once everything is
dead, Blink them down into the Carrier wing. Once the cooldown is up, Blink
them onto the Highground in the Carrier wing using your Carriers to give you
sight. If your Carriers already wiped up everything up there, then you dont
need to do this, but I found that my Carriers always lost all their
Interceptors, so I would bring my Stalkers along to clean up those units.

Next up are the Sentries and High Templars. Honestly, I just used the Sentries
for soaking up damage and doing as much damage as they can, but I didnt really
use them that much. The main unit here are the High Templars. There are a ton
of Marine/Marauder groups here and one well placed storm can kill all the
Marines and then the Sentries can take out the Marauders as best they can.
There really isn't much of a strategy here except to storm everything. You
have plenty of storms, so just storm each group. You get a large portion of
your unit kills in this wing, so make sure youre efficient at storming things.
Storm is bound to the "T" key.

Lastly, you have the Phoenixes. In their wing, you have some Mutalisks, Hydras
and Zerglings. Phoenixes cannot attack ground, so your main targets are the
Mutas. You can lift ground units off the ground using your Gravity Beam, but
I thought that wasnt needed. Just select all your phoenixes, and get them to
kill as many mutas as you can.

As for actually executing all these strats, it's up to you how to do it. Not
everyone can multitask the same way. However, I would suggest doing the Warp
Prisms and Carriers first, since they require time to warp in units and to
create Interceptors.

How I did this was I started doing the Warp Prism wing first, and while the
units were warping in, I created Interceptors on my Carriers. Then, after I
told my DTs to a-move, I got my Carriers to a-move as well and started to get
my Stalkers to start their wing. After that, I went to my Phoenxies and set
up some way points so they would go after as many mutas as they could. After
I finished doing whatever needed to be done with my DTs and Stalkers, I did
the High Templar/Sentry wing, since they actually require more focus since you
cant just a-move your way to victory in that wing.


Bronze: Train 30 Marines, 8 Seige Tanks and 8 Ghosts
Silver: 2 Minutes Remaining
Gold: 4 Minutes Remaining

Now I may have mentionned this before earlier in the guide, but I dont play
Terran. In fact, it's like my worst race and the only real experience I have
playing Terran is in the Campaign and in these challenges. So, for this strat,
my build order may suck terribly. However, it got me the achievement so I'm
not complaining.

This challenge has you controlling a Terran base and you have to defend your
base from waves of Zerg units while building up a fantastic army of Tanks,
Marines, and Ghosts (wut). I personally thought this was the hardest challenge
out of the nine, but again, I'm terrible at Terran.

So we start off like we start off any game of Starcraft. Get your workers to
start working, and start building more SCVs. When you are at 10/11 supply,
move an SCV over to your ramp. Blizzard thoughtfully decided to add in a ghost
image of where you should put your buildings to block off the ramp, so build
a supply depot where it tells you to. In the meantime, keep building SCVs as
much as you can.

After the Depot, take that SCV and have it build a Barracks on the spot where
Blizzard tells you to. Keep building SCVs. Build a Refinery at about 13 or 14
supply, and wait. Make sure you have 100 minerals to build a Supply Depot
after your Barracks, and make sure you have 150 minerals to make your CC into
an Orbital.

By the time your Barracks is done, get that SCV to build a Supply Depot to
finish off your wall, get your CC to morph into an Orbital Command, and move
two SCVs from your Mineral Line to your finished Refinery. Whenever you can,
build a Marine and rally it inside your base. At this point, I'm going to stop
mentionning Supply Depots, so just build them when you need them in advance.
Having your unit production blocked because of lack of depots sucks.

The first wave of Zerg should appear roughly the time your wall finishes, so
if your SCV finishes building and walks onto your ramp, lower a depot and get
it inside before it dies. You should already have a Marine out and another on
the way when the Zerglings start hitting your wall. This Barracks needs to be
pumping Marines for the entire duration of the Challenge until you have the
30 needed.

Now at this point, take the SCV that built your wall and have it build a
Factory if you have enough gas. If you dont, have it build a second Refinery
and take another SCV to build it when you have enough gas. When this Refinery
is finished go throw two SCVs into it.

At this point, I doubt people can really follow any build order exactly. I'll
tell you how I did it, but you should really only take it as reference, do
things when you can.

I built a Ghost Academy at about 25 supply, and a second Command Centre at
about 30 supply. The moment your Factory is finished, get it to build a Tech
Lab immediatly. At about 35 supply, I made a second Barracks. As soon as your
second Command Centre is done, turn it into an Orbital.

When the second Barracks is done, give it a Tech Lab immediatly, and the
moment it is done, you need to have it making Ghosts until you have 8. Now
if you have been following my strategy so far, you should be fine on Seige
Tanks well before the four minute mark, but you may potentially be close on
Ghosts. Ghosts take 40 in game seconds to build, and since you need 8 of them,
were talking 320 seconds of actual building time. Factor in potential resource
and supply blocks, you should have at least 10:30 left on the cloak when you
start building Ghosts. Even if you are slightly under that, you should still
be ok, but you may need to bring out a third Barracks out faster.

Once your second Orbital Command is done, land it at your expansion. Lower
your Supply Depots at your wall, and have your first Barracks fly back a bit
and build a Reactor. Move some SCVs (About halfish) from your main to your
expansion, and build two Refineries immediatly. Once those are done throw
some SCVs in them.

At this point, build a third Barracks when you have the spare minerals and
get it to build a Tech Lab when it's done. Use this as your second Ghost

When your Factory is done building the required amount of tanks, lift it off
the ground. Now look at your units. If you are close to having 30 Marines, but
still need a good amount of Ghosts, finish off your Marines with your Reactor
Barracks and when thats done, lift off your Barracks and fly it over to where
your Factory was and use it's Tech Lab. This will mean you have three Barracks
to pump Ghosts from, which should be enough.

In the event that two Ghost Barracks are enough, and you actually need more
Marines, just have all your Barracks pump Marines after your Ghosts are done.
Note that when I got the gold achievement, I actually had so many Marines next
to my first Barracks that the game couldn't place anymore units on the ground
so there was a blockage in the unit queue. At this point I was freaking out
because I only had a few seconds left and those were my final two Marines. So
if this happens to you, move your Marines away from your Barracks. You can do
this preemptively, or better yet, just rally your marines so theyre not next
to your Barracks.


Bronze: Survive the Zergling Rush and Destroy the Protoss Structures
Silver: Lose 16 Units or Less
Gold: Lose 9 Units or Less

In this challenge, you control a Terran base and have to go through two phases
in order to beat the challenge. The first phase requires you to defend your
base from a Zergling rush, and the second phase requires you to defend your
base against a Zealot rush. I think Blizzard designed this mission to help
newer players deal with early pressure in multiplayer, but the way I did it
would fail miserably in multiplayer. It works great in the challenge, but dont
try it in multiplayer.

-- Phase 1 --

In the first phase, you start off with eleven SCVs already mining, so you dont
have to worry about getting them to mine. You have 55 seconds to prep your
defenses for the initial wave of Zerglings, but since you are already given
250 minerals and a supply depot to start off with, you can start right away.

First, pick one SCV off the line and immediatly make it build a refinery on
the closest geyser. Then, pick another SCV off your mineral line and move it
over to your ramp, and build a Barracks so that it blocks off half of your
ramp. When you have about 100 minerals again, move another SCV off your line
and get it to build another Barracks one space over from your first one. So
at this point, you should have something like this..

________   ________
|       |G|       |
 /              /
/      RAMP    /

Yes I know my diagram sucks. I just hope it turns out alright. But what you
want to do is to block off the majority of your ramp with Barracks, but leave
a small gap in the middle thats big enough for Barracks 1 to make an addon.

Whenever your Refinery is finished building, the SCV that built it would
automatically start mining from it. Move another SCV off the line to have it
gather gas.

When you have time, double click on one of the SCVs that are building the
Barracks so that both of them are selected. Now hold down Shift and rally them
over to the safe zone so that when they finish building the Barracks, they go
there instead of on the ramp and get slaughtered. While both SCVs are still
selected, right click the Repair command they have so it's set to auto cast.
Also, rally your Barracks so that the units they create spawn inside your base
in the safe zone.

Your first Barracks should be done building just as the Zerglings reach your 
ramp, immediatly build an addon. It really doesn't matter what you build, but
if you can, build a Reactor if you have enough gas. If not, dont worry, build
a Tech Lab. This addon should fully block off your ramp, if you messed up your
wall in, this strat wont work, so just restart until you get it right. The
Zergling AI is kind of dumb, so they wont run into your base and wreck havok
on your mineral line like an actual player would, so even if you dont have the
gas to build an addon right away, you have some time. Just hope their pathing
doesn't get into the way of you building your addon.

      PEW PEW    
________   ________
|       |o|       |
|___1___| |___2___|

It's possible that if youre unlucky the SCV building Barracks 2 will die since
he might be building on the ramp instead of somewhere safe, if that happens,
you can move another SCV off the mineral line to complete the building if you
dont want to restart.

Now that you have your ramp fully blocked off and your SCVs safe inside your
base repairing your Barracks, start creating Marines. When you can, build a
Reactor for Barracks 2. After that, transfer both SCVs that were mining gas to
your ramp and set their repair commands to auto cast. With four SCVs repairing
your Barracks, they will not be destroyed. So just slowly pump out Marines and
you'll beat this level with hopefully zero losses.

Tidbit.352 emailed me another strategy that abuses the AI pretty similarly to
the strategy I used in Phase 2. What you would do is you would build a Barracks
first on the lower right edge of the Command Centre, and then immediatly build
a Supply Depot to the right of the Barracks. This would mean that you now have
a tight wall from your Command Centre to your gas. After that, save your money
until you can build a second Supply Depot right above that gas, and to the
right of that single mineral patch. This would essentially wall off that entire
side. When you can, start creating Marines and rally them to the inside. When
the first wave hits, you shouldn't have a Marine yet, but be patient and let
them wail on your buildings for a bit. After the Marine spawns and gets rid of
a decent amount of Zerglings, have your SCVs repair your buildings, and build
a bunker to house your Marines in. Repair your Bunker when needed and just fill
it up.

-- Phase 2 --

In this phase, you have to defend your base from a constant Zealot attack
while building up an army to destroy his pylons, gateways and photon cannon.
When I first did this, I had a really crazy strategy. Now, I realised it was
super crazy, so thought of a new way to do it. If you ask me for a replay of
this section though, I may still only have the old strategy.

Anyways, so for this phase, the Protoss start off with a cannon and a pylon on
the lower ground, and with a Gateway warping in on the high ground in your base
behind the grass. When the game first starts, send an SCV over to the Protoss
"base" and build a Barracks to the right of the grass. It should be placed so
that it looks something like this.

______   ______
| P  | | |  B |
|____| | |____|

Where P is the pylon warping in, B is where you need to build your Barracks,
and the two lines where the grass is. This actually blocks the Protoss from
making a second Gateway, since you're in his way, and the probe is too dense
to make the gateway somewhere else.

Now when you have 150 minerals, build a second Barracks in a position right
above the only gateway, above the grass. So somewhere like this.

| B  |
______  \
|  G |  |
|____|  |

Where B is where you need to place the Barracks, and G is where his Gateway is.
The lines are obviously for the grass. This will block the third Gateway from 
being created for the same reason as above. So now you have two Barracks versus
his one Gateway.

The moment your first Barracks finishes, take that SCV and build a bunker next
to your Barracks. Make sure to keep it on your side of the grass. Make a Marine
immediatly from Barracks 1 and rally it to the corner of the map. The Zealot
should spawn first, make sure it does not kill your SCV making the Bunker. When
your marine spawns, it should chase after the marine, so just send your marine
to the corner of the map to keep the zealot busy.

When you have 150 minerals, build a third barracks wherever.

Rally all 3 barracks to the bunker and just mass marines. You have three
Barracks and a Bunker versus his one gateway. You will overwhelm his Zealots
eventually and kill the gateway. When the gateway is dead, just take all your
marines and snipe the pylon on the highground, and then just kill the cannon
and pylon on the lowground from the highground. Since the cannon doesn't have
sight, you can kill it without it shooting you.

Man, that was a lot simpler than my first strategy.



Alright, thats it for the challenges, hurray. Enjoy your Spectre portrait. I
hope my strategies weren't confusing or hard to follow.

If you have a better strategy for certain challenges, or want a bit of
clarification, feel free to email me at or message me
in game. My character name is Draconicfire with a number identifier of 506. If 
you decide to email me, please include the words "Challenge Guide" somewhere 
in the email subject please, chances are I will not open it if you dont. Also 
if you decided to send me a new strategy, be sure to give me a username or 
something that I can use to give you credit!

If you want a replay pack, just ask, but dont be expecting some 1337sauce
play, I made a bunch of mistakes in them (See: Fail Fungul Growth in For The 
Swarm), but you can still get the general idea from them.


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