Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES: Answer Script

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                                Persona 3 FES
                              The Answer Script
                     Copyright 2008 drachemeister/Chloe B.
                                 Version 1.11


Though it should go without saying...

Version history:

1.0  - Script completely written.
1.1  - Added a website to list of sites hosting this script, changed the search
       codes, fixed many errors, added quotes for the ??? fight, changed some
1.10 - Legal only.

                         T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

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 1.) Introduction                                                         [10]

 2.) Answer Script                                                        [20]
          2.01) The Beginning.............................................[2a]
          2.02) Metis' Entrance...........................................[2b]
          2.03) The Velvet Room...........................................[2c]
          2.04) A Rude Awakening..........................................[2d]
          2.05) The Abyss of Time.........................................[2e]
          2.06) Door 1: Malebolge - Paulownia Mall........................[2f]
          2.07) Door 2: Cocytus - Ken's Past..............................[2g]
          2.08) Door 3: Caina - Akihiko's Past............................[2h]
          2.09) Door 4: Antenora - Junpei's Past..........................[2i]
          2.10) Door 5: Ptolomea - Mitsuru's Past.........................[2j]
          2.11) Door 6: Judecca - Yukari's Past...........................[2k]
          2.12) Door 7: Empyrean - Aigis' Dream...........................[2l]
          2.13) Door 7: Empyrean - Key of Time............................[2m]
          2.14) Conflicting Decisions.....................................[2n]
          2.15) The Fighting Starts - Akihiko and Ken.....................[2o]
          2.16) The Second Battle- Junpei and Koromaru....................[2p]
          2.17) The Third Battle - Yukari and Mitsuru and Aigis' Choice...[2q]
          2.18) Back to the Battle with Nyx - His Fate....................[2r]
          2.19) After the Defeat of Erebus................................[2s]
          2.20) The Last Trip to the Velvet Room..........................[2t]
          2.21) The End - A Real Human....................................[2u]

 3.) Ending stuff                                                         [30]
         10.01) Thanks....................................................[3a]
         10.02) Contact/Legal.............................................[3b]


 I N T R O D U C T I O N                                                [0100]

First of all, I would like to give a huge thanks to omegaevolution of youtube
for uploading all of FES and making this very easy for me.


I don't even know why I bother with the warning =/ You should know better.

Well people, that's it. Nothing special about a script. Moving along now...


 T H E  A N S W E R  S C R I P T                                          [20]

I think this part is very straightforward. I kept it true to the script. Also,
note that I will not include Fuuka's random dialog before each boss fight. I
don't care, and you shouldn't either. Additionally, I'll describe what happens
in normal cutscenes to give you a general idea of what's happening, but not in
anime cutscenes. It's just too much - go to youtube, or something.

 The beginning                                                            [2a]

                               -- Anime Cutscene --

   Aigis: This ordeal... It may be that we brought it upon ourselves. The fact
          that a future exists, and being able to access it are very different
          things. We did not understand such an obvious and natural principle
          yet. Indeed, we understood very little. We knew nothing about using
          the key to open the path to the future.

                              -- Normal Cutscene --

> Some time before the incident...
> March 31st, 2010, 1:30 PM...

Fuuka is calling Yukari.

  Yukari: Hello?
   Fuuka: Ah, Yukari-chan! It's me... Um, are you coming today...?
  Yukari: Oh, uh... didn't you see the message I left you on the board? I have
          cram school today...
   Fuuka: I know... But...
  Yukari: I left all the stuff at the dorm, so I don't have to be there in
          person, right?
   Fuuka: I suppose not, but... Are you okay with that?
  Yukari: Yeah... I'm gonna pass. Oh, sorry... Break's almost over. I gotta go.
          Tell everyone I said hi, okay?

Yukari hangs up. Fuuka walks over to the table, where Mitsuru, Junpei, Ken,
and Koromaru are sitting.

   Fuuka: Yukari-chan's not coming after all.
     Ken: Sanada-san said he was busy at the gym, so I doubt he'll be here in
          time either...
  Junpei: Man, what's up with those two? The dorm's closing down today! With
          all our memories of this place, you'd think they'd want to see it
          off... right?
Koromaru: *whimper*
 Mitsuru: It can't be helped. They just see things differently. Everyone's
          started down their own chosen path... It's a good thing.
   Fuuka: ...You're right.
 Mitsuru: I can hardly blame them. I seem to get busier and busier... If I
          didn't have to reclaim these, I might not have made it either.
  Junpei: So we finally gotta give up our Evokers... I hate to let it go, but
          it's not like I got a use for it anymore. Lessee... Two, four...
          Wait, how many of these are there supposed to be?

The door is heard opening.

  Fuuka: Aigis...

Aigis enters and places an Evoker on the table.

   Aigis: I believe this is all of them.
     Ken: Huh...? You had one too, Aigis-san?
 Mitsuru: I'd forgotten... You had his for safekeeping...
   Fuuka: ......
     Ken: ......
  Junpei: H-Hey, c'mon... Don't get all gloomy again. I don't think that's the
          way he would've wanted to see this end.
     Ken: I'm sorry... you're right. We all said our goodbyes to him... But I
          still wonder... Why did it happen? The doctors didn't find anything
          wrong with him afterward... It just seemed like he fell asleep,
          didn't it?
   Fuuka: He must've used up all his power to protect us... at that last
   Aigis: It's useless to try and guess at the reasons why. I am certain he
          didn't blame anybody for what happened.
  Junpei: Yeah... Ai-chan's got that right. Hey, but I'm glad to see that
          you're still hangin' in there, Aigis. Back then, it was like he was
          all you could think about.
   Aigis: I'm... somewhat surprised as well. It's possible that I will not feel
          the full impact until I am alone tomorrow at the lab.
   Fuuka: Huh? The lab...? Are you planning to commute to school from there
          next semester?
   Aigis: Oh... No, I...
 Mitsuru: Aigis is returning herself to the lab tomorrow. She... won't be
          enrolled as a senior.
  Junpei: Seriously?! Why? Can't she stay in school like she was before?
   Aigis: The decision was mine. I'm sorry I didn't mention it sooner... I
          enjoyed being with you all, but I need to find my own way of life.
          ...Oh, but you can come visit me anytime.
   Fuuka: Aigis...
 Mitsuru: Think of it as a new beginning for her. Anyway... We seem to have 
          gotten on the wrong track, but today's not meant to be a sad
          occasion. I've ordered excellent sushi for us all. The same as
          before, actually. We may not have been able to get everyone together,
          but we should all eat here tonight.
     Ken: Th-That would be great!
  Junpei: You got THAT sushi again!? Sweet! No objections here. You're gonna
          join us, right Aigis?
   Aigis: Of course. I couldn't miss spending time with you all.

Everyone is gathered downstairs.

Newscaster: The number of Apathy Syndrome cases is down from last month, which
            seems to mark an end to the strange illness. However, surveys show
            that the number of people who report serious stress in everyday
            life has not decreased. According to research carried out by the 
            Ministry of Health and Welfare...

Junpei takes out his cell to check the time.

  Junpei: Whoa, when'd it get so late?
 Mitsuru: It's almost midnight... It's hard to believe we've spent the evening
          doing nothing. Sitting here like this reminds me of those days...
          Perhaps that's why.
   Fuuka: I think I can understand. I have so many memories of this lounge that
          I find myself spending time here for no reason.
     Ken: It's the same for me. When where here, I think about when we were
          still fighting... It's strange... since my memories of that time are
          more painful than happy.
  Junpei: Well... all that stuff aside, doesn't something feel weird to you
          guys? I'll be walkin' around, and people act like as long as they're
          happy right now, nothing else matters. Those stupid stories Strega
          spread around are still out there, y'know? It makes me think, "Is
          this what we almost died to protect?"
     Ken: Are you saying that people don't know how good they have it? You're
          sounding like an old man...!
  Junpei: Hey! Who asked you!?
 Mitsuru: That's out of our hands, I'm afraid. We prevented the Fall, but we
          can't reform society.
  Junpei: Yeah, I guess. But still...
Newscaster: ...And that's the weather. At the tone, the time will be midnight.

Instead of hearing the tone, everyone feels something.

     Ken: What was that...!?
Koromaru: Woof! Rarf!
   Fuuka: Midnight... It can't be-- Is it the Dark Hour again!?
  Junpei: Nah... Everything's fine out there!
   Aigis: Wait... The news...!
Newscaster: Good evening.It is now March 31st. Here's a recap of the news from
            the 30th...
   Aigis: The 31st was yesterday, right...? Did the anchor misread the date?
  Junpei: Sheesh... Is that all? Even they make mistakes every once in a while.
          It's nothing.
     Ken: Weird... My cell says it's the 31st, too...
  Junpei: Well, looks like a false alarm.
 Mitsuru: So far, I'd agree.
   Fuuka: But something felt... off...
  Junpei: *yawn* It's late... We should call it a night. What a lame finish to
          our last day in the dorm... *sigh*
   Aigis: Um... Would it be alright if I returned to my room? I have to prepare
          to move tomorrow...
   Fuuka: Sure. Good night, Aigis.
  Junpei: Niiiiight...

Aigis leaves. Mitsuru pulls out her cell.

 Mitsuru: I'd best contact Yukari and Akihiko... Just in case...

 Metis' Entrance                                                          [2b]

> An hour later, in Aigis' room...

Aigis is in her room, on her chair. The screen turns blue as she narrates.

   Aigis: When I close my eyes... I remember the last moment I spent with
          him... The day he fell asleep... We brought him back to our dorm,
          fear beginning to well up within us. And the next morning, our fears
          became reality, and he was lost to us. For some time after that, I
          fell into depression, and began seeing the same dream night after
          night... A dream where I run after him, calling his name... but can
          never catch up. When he was alive, I promised to protect him, and I
          made that my reason for living. That promise is gone... unfulfilled.
          Then one day, my sadness suddenly left me, as if a prison door had
          swung open. I stopped dreaming... and I no longer required sleep.

Aigis is again seen on her chair.

   Aigis: ...... It's no use. I can't sleep... Can I really continue living
          like this...?

A blue butterfly appears in Aigis' room.

   Aigis: ......? A butterfly...?

The butterfly lands in Aigis' hands and vanishes. The floor suddenly rumbles.

   Aigis: Huh? What's going on!?

A knock is heard at the door.

   Fuuka: Aigis, are you awake!?
   Aigis: Yes I am. The door is open.

Fuuka runs in.

   Fuuka: Aigis, we need you!
   Aigis: Has something happened? It's not... another enemy, is it!?
   Fuuka: It's hard to describe... The lobby floor opened up, and-- Anyway, we
          need to hurry to the lounge!
   Aigis: Understood!

They run out of Aigis' room. Aigis begins to narrate again.

   Aigis: Come to think of it, the day my dreams stopped... That must have been
          the day when the incident actually began.

Aigis is seen running in the lounge.

   Aigis: Huh? What's this!?

Mitsuru, Junpei, Koromaru, and Ken are shown on the ground, in front of someone
in black and red.

   Aigis: Everyone...!
 Mitsuru: Keep your guard up, Aigis! It doesn't seem human...!
Intruder: ......
   Aigis: A shadow...? No, this is... It can't be... The same model as me!?
Intruder: You're... Aigis...?
   Aigis: ......?
   Fuuka: Sorry I'm late! Is everyone okay!?
 Mitsuru: Yes... for now. I need you to provide backup for Aigis.
   Fuuka: All right.
   Aigis: Who are you? Why are you doing this...?
Intruder: I'm Metis. I've come to protect you.
   Aigis: Protect me...?
   Metis: These people pose a threat to you. That is why... they will be
   Aigis: What are you saying!? I won't let you hurt them!
   Metis: Then I have no choice... For your sake... I'll have to force you to
          back down.

                                -- Battle Quotes --

   Metis: You must stand aside.
   Metis: Don't resist, and I won't hurt you...!
   Metis: Argh...
   Metis: Please... Don't resist...

                               -- Anime Cutscene --

   Metis: Much stronger than expected. I have no choice.
   Fuuka: Is this...?
   Aigis: Is that... Orgia mode?
   Fuuka: Aigis!
  Junpei: No way!
     Ken: Ah, ah...!
 Mitsuru: Amada!
Koromaru: Bark bark bark
   Aigis: My body...
   Metis: Hindrances will be removed.
   Fuuka: No!
   Aigis: I won't let that happen anymore!
   Metis: What's this...?
 Mitsuru: Don't tell me...
  Junpei: Whoa! What the...
   Metis: Sister...
 Mitsuru: Aigis... Hey!

 The Velvet Room                                                          [2c]

> Aigis has awakened to a new power...
> Athena has metamorphosed into Orpheus!

Aigis is shown in the Velvet Room.

   Aigis: I... What happened...?
Man with a long nose: Welcome to the Velvet Room. Ah... A very rare guest
                      indeed... Are you a simulacrum, or in fact human...?
                      *chuckle* It seems your destiny is very similar to mine.
   Aigis: Um... Where am I...? Who are you...?
Man with a long nose: Ah... forgive my manners. I forgot to introduce myself.
                      My name is Igor... and this is Elizabeth, my assistant.
                      We reside in this Velvet Room.
Elizabeth: Pleased to meet you.
    Igor: This place exists between mind and matter... A room for those who
          gave forged a contract... Yes... In awakening to the power of the
          wild card, you are now bound to a contract. From this moment forth,
          you are our guest in the Velvet Room.
   Aigis: Wild card...?
    Igor: Surely you know of which I speak. The ability to hold multiple
          Personas and wield their powers... Until recently, a young man with
          the same talent was our guest here.
   Aigis: You... know of him?
    Igor: Indeed I do. He achieved a marvelous thing... reaching the "answer to
   Aigis: The "answer to life"...
    Igor: The power you have gained is a means to obtain that answer.
   Aigis: This answer... if I reach it... Would it mean my death...?
    Igor: All who live journey in search of the answer, and they reach it at
          the journey's end... If you have close ties to people you call
          friends, remember this... "Strength of heart, when united, is barred
          by no door..." It was the same for that young man. And that is all I
          can tell you.
   Aigis: ......
    Igor: Well, I shouldn't keep you here any longer. The beginning of your
          ordeal awaits...

Aigis feels something strange.

   Aigis: ......!? That feeling again...!
    Igor: I am certain you will require our help in the future. Please, take

> Obtained Velvet Key.

    Igor: It would be best if you came here of your own free will next time.
          Until then, farewell...

Aigis is narrating.

   Aigis: I once made a choice to live. So much has happened to me since that
          decision. If this power is a sign that I'm drawing closer to life...
          ...does it mean that the answer at the end of the journey is...
          death? I was surprised, at the time, to discover how little the
          possibility bothered me...

 A Rude Awakening                                                         [2d]

Everyone is gathered in the lounge as Aigis wakes up.

  Yukari: ...... Oh...
   Aigis: ......
Koromaru: Woof! Woof!
   Fuuka: Aigis!
   Aigis: I...
  Junpei: Phew, she woke up. You really scared us, collapsing like that.
   Aigis: Yukari-san...
  Yukari: I came cause Mitsuru-senpai called for me just in case, and I get
          caught up in this...? Give me a break.
   Aigis: I'm sorry to have worried you... Hm? What's all this...?
 Mitsuru: While I was fixing your body, I added some additional equipment. We
          found some strange things under the floor... There was no sign that
          you would wake up, so instead of waiting, we tried everything we
   Aigis: I see.
  Junpei: It still sucks though, getting bossed around by her like that.
   Fuuka: That strange girl said, "If you want to protect Aigis, you should put
          that on her."

Metis is shown, guarded by Ken and Akihiko.

 Akihiko: Yo. Looks like you've been through a lot. No worries here,though...
          She's been on her best behavior now.
   Metis: ......
     Ken: I guess she wasn't lying after all. Anyway, she can't cause any
          trouble now. We have our Evokers this time.
  Junpei: What do you gotta bust things up like that for? I mean, today's my
          turn to clean the place! Hey, quit with the silent treatment and say

Metis is snoozing.

   Metis: Mm... Huh...?
  Junpei: Are you serious...? You were sleeping all this time!?

Metis lifts her mask.

  Yukari: ...It opened!
   Metis: I-I...
  Junpei: You look pretty comfy there... "I ain't afraid of no humans," huh?
   Metis: I-It's just... I was tired after going into Orgia Mode... ...Ah.
   Aigis: Did you cooperate with them in order to help me?
   Metis: The reason I came here in the first place was to protect you. These
           restraints aren't necessary. I won't attack anymore.
   Aigis: No one is going to believe you if you don't explain why.
   Metis: It's... It's because... I thought you wouldn't like me...
   Aigis: ...... Let's release her. I don't know if she can be trusted, but I
          believe she has no intention of fighting us. Besides which, if she
          has the same parameters as I do, the chains will not hold her anyway.

Metis breaks out of her chains and stands.

  Junpei: Huh!? Then these friggin' nonstop shifts were for nothing...?
   Aigis: First, tell me who you are and your purpose in being here.
   Metis: ...I'm Metis. As you can see, you and I are practically siblings. And
          as for my purpose... It's simply to save you, my only sister...
          ...from this hopeless situation.
   Aigis: Hopeless situation...? Did... something happen while I was asleep?
          How long was I asleep, anyway...?
   Metis: Since our battle ended, I'd say about a day and a half has passed...
          ...Yet today is still March 31st. Tomorrow, and all the days after
          it, will also be March 31st. At this rate, it will last forever.
          Didn't you feel it? The moment when time skipped?
   Aigis: Skipped...? Do you mean what we felt at midnight? Then... Are you 
          saying that the same day is repeating itself!?
 Akihiko: That's not all... We haven't been able to leave the dorm since this
          morning. That makes two ways we're trapped here.
   Aigis: No... But why?
   Metis: The Abyss of Time below us is causing a space-time distortion.
   Aigis: Abyss... of Time?
 Mitsuru: It's difficult to explain... It may be easier to show you.
   Metis: I'll lead the way. Please follow me.
  Yukari: H-Hey! Who elected you mayor!?

Everyone heads downstairs.

 The Abyss of Time                                                        [2e]

   Aigis: What...!
   Metis: This is the Abyss of Time. It's an uncharted area that probably
          spreads beneath this area like a tree's roots.
   Aigis: How could something like this have appeared under the lounge...?
   Metis: At first, the Abyss of Time was a small thing. Then, without warning,
          it began to spread out, and formed a connection to your dorm.
 Mitsuru: It's clear just by looking at it that this place was not man-made. It
          might be the product of some dangerous power, the way Tartarus was...
  Junpei: Sheesh... Haven't we had enough of that kinda stuff by now?
   Metis: I'm not sure I can explain it, but the flow of time here is not
          normal. The reason why time is skipping and why you can't leave the
          dorm is most certainly due to that effect. The only way to survive is
          to somehow find a way to eradicate the Abyss of Time.
     Ken: Eradicate it? How're we supposed to do that...?
   Metis: I've already tried the simplest, most direct way... ...Eliminating
          all of you. The Abyss of Time connected to this dorm, as if drawn to
          it... That, together with the way you can all perceive the time
          skips... It seems clear to me that you have a lot to do with the
          reason for this happening.
 Mitsuru: So that's why you attacked? In order to eliminate us...?
  Junpei: What the hell!? We've never even heard of this place before!
   Metis: If there is another way, we can only find it by entering the Abyss.
          You'll have to discover the cause and strike at its source.
 Mitsuru: So you want us to investigate it under the assumption that we'll have
          to fight?
   Metis: That's why I insisted on the extra equipment to protect Aigis.
  Yukari: Wait... is this a joke? Are you seriously telling us to go back to
          the way things were when Tartarus was around!?
  Junpei: Never mind that, how are we supposed to believe whatever you say and
          Jump in there blind?
   Metis: If you have a better plan, let's hear it. First, the basement of your
          dorm, then the time skips, and now you can't reach the outside
   Fuuka: I-If we can't leave the dorm... how will we eat!? If we're stuck here
          for long enough, and we run out of food... Are we going to... starve
          to death!?
  Junpei: Nooooooo!!
   Metis: If the current situation continues, your lives may all be in danger.
          What I'm asking you to do is the only way for you all to survive.
   Aigis: Naturally, we all want to survive. But you first appeared to us as an
          enemy. You must understand that we can't entrust our lives to you.
 Akihiko: I'm not even buying your reason for being here. You say you want to
          protect Aigis, but what's in it for you?
   Metis: "In it"? I'm doing this because I care about her! For heaven's sake,
          she's my only sister!
 Mitsuru: About that... Your claim doesn't fit the facts. Aigis was the last of
          her series, and none of her model were produced afterward. To hear
          you talk, it sounds like you've been in this Abyss of Time from the
          start. That bothers me. You said this is uncharted territory,
          unconnected to the outside world. Am I correct?
   Metis: Th-That's...
 Akihiko: Aren't you supposed to be a weapon anyway? How do you square that
          with attacking us to save Aigis?
   Metis: That's... I... Um...
  Junpei: Well? We're waiting... Hope you've got a good answer. Cause if you're
          stringing us along, we're not gonna let you get away with it...
   Metis: E-Enough about me! What good is any of this supposed to do you? I
          thought I told you, there's no time to waste! Now follow me. Or are
          you going to give up so soon? Because if you are, you should have let
          me kill you in the first place!
 Akihiko: What did you just say!?
   Aigis: It may be true that we have no choice but to enter here... But if you
          continue to act this way, we'll have to go on without you.
   Metis: Huh...? Without... me? Haha... you can't possibly... I-I know the
          most about the Abyss... You need me! A-And...
  Junpei: Hey, you don't get to decide that!
   Aigis: Fighting would put all of our lives at risk. It that's the way you
          think of my friends, I can't go with you.
   Metis: But...
  Junpei: Awww, too bad. Have fun here all alone, mmmkay?
   Metis: ......! All... alone...?
 Akihiko: ...Maybe we should finish her off now, so she can't backstab us.
   Fuuka: W-We don't have to go that far...
   Metis: ...sorry... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to upset you, Aigis... I'll
          listen to you from now on! I will... Please, don't leave me...
   Aigis: ......
  Junpei: C'mon, it's... it's too late to get all weepy.
     Ken: But maybe it's true that all she wants really is to protect
  Yukari: ...Well, Senpai? Do we take her along or not? *sigh* Cause if this is
          our only choice, I just wanna hurry up and get it over with.
 Mitsuru: Listen to me, everyone. It seems that once again, we will have to
          investigate, and there will be battle involved. I've been thinking it
          over... And I believe Aigis should take command. If someone with the
          power to change Personas is in charge, we can proceed the same way as
          before. And if you, as leader approve... I have no issue with Metis
          accompanying us.
   Aigis: Mitsuru-san...
   Metis: ......
   Aigis: If you wish to protect me, you must fight to protect us all. Hurting
          my friends will not be tolerated. Do you promise?
   Metis: Yes! I promise!
 Akihiko: Hmph. This better not come back to bite us in the ass.
  Yukari: Hey... Aigis. Since Mitsuru-senpai just mentioned it... What's up
          with you suddenly having his power?
   Aigis: I... really don't know. When I thought we might lose someone else, I
          became scared, and suddenly...
  Yukari: Metis, was it...? Do you know anything about this?
   Metis: I just met her. How would I know? Anyway, if you already know someone
          with that same power, why not just ask him?
  Yukari: ......
 Mitsuru: If we're going back into combat, this clothing won't do.
 Akihiko: Well, you and me are still Gekkoukan students until that magic degree
          comes in the mail.
 Mitsuru: Sorry to trouble you, Yamagishi, but could you retrieve the armbands
          from the command room?
   Fuuka: Of course. Oh, and the things we found when the floor opened up...
          I'll look into them once I have the chance. Maybe I can learn

 Mitsuru: All right, let's get back upstairs.

Everyone but Aigis and Metis leaves.

   Metis: Um... Aigis? I promise to listen to what you say, so... Could I...
          call you Sister? ......
   Aigis: ...Go right ahead.
   Metis: Thank you... Sister!

Metis runs upstairs.

> The mysterious space that's appeared... the Abyss of Time.
> Until you find the reason for its presence, you will be unable to leave the
> You must begin investigating at once...

 Door 1: Malebolge - Paulownia Mall                                       [2f]

   Aigis: A door...
   Metis: It seems like we've reached the first "goal."
 Akihiko: This place was bigger than I thought. How many more times we gotta do
   Metis: I don't know for sure. But judging by the Desert of Doors, I'm
          betting it's not going to be just once or twice.
  Yukari: Ugh... I was afraid you'd say that.
   Metis: We're looking for the source of our troubles, so logically, it should
          Be at the deepest level.
     Ken: Then all we can do is keep on going forward until the end...
 Mitsuru: It's like Tartarus all over again.
   Fuuka: The two structures are very similar, in some ways.
  Junpei: Not only that, we've got the friggin' Shadows wandering around... 
          Geez... I never thought I'd have to see another one of those. But
          hey... The Lost are all gone... So how come they're still around?
 Akihiko: Another question that needs an answer... Though it's not like we can
          leave until we find out.
  Junpei: *sigh*
 Mitsuru: Hm...? What's wrong?
  Yukari: Ohhh, nothing... It's just... After the hell we went through, we
          finally had some peace... I was determined to keep my eyes on the
          future, and not look back. But now I'm being dragged back to the way
          things used to be!
 Mitsuru: Yukari...
   Metis: Time doesn't flow normally here... It's no surprise you feel that
          way. You'll find there will be many opportunities to revisit your
          past here.
  Yukari: What's that supposed to mean...?

Metis walks to the door and opens it. The group reappears at Paulownia Mall.

          Yukari: This is... Huh? Paulowinia Mall? But weren't we just
         Akihiko: What's going on? Did we make it out somehow?
          Junpei: I dunno... Something seems off... Isn't it kinda hot in here?
Officer Kurosawa: You kids...?
         Akihiko: Kurosawa-san...
Officer Kurosawa: What're you doing out here on a weekday? Shouldn't you be in
          Yukari: Oh, but it's spring break now...
Officer Kurosawa: Spring break...? That was a couple months ago. It's June now.
                  What's with those two in costume back there? Is there some
                  sort of event going on...?
          Yukari: Uh, no... It's, um...
Officer Kurosawa: ...Well, I'll let it slide. I know you kids are a little
                  different. But if you try to use that as an all-purpose
                  excuse, I'll have to enforce the law. Don't forget.

Kurosawa leaves.

  Yukari: Geez...
 Mitsuru: All the dates displayed here say 2009... That calendar, too. Could
          the June he mentioned be... June of last year?
 Akihiko: That's impossible... Are you saying this is the past? Hey, Aigis'
          Sister! Hey! Are you listening!?
   Aigis: Are the things here that interesting to you...?
   Metis: N-No, not at all. It's all everyday stuff, right? This is a
          "fountain," and that over there is a "store"...
   Aigis: It's true that I sometimes come here to gaze at the fountain...
   Metis: R-Really? Then you feel the same--
   Aigis: But there is something odd about being here. For all of us, not just
          you... Tell me, what is this place?
   Metis: ...We came here by passing through a door, remember? Doors like that
          are in several places throughout the Abyss of Time, and each one is
          connected to the past.
 Akihiko: Then... this really is last year!?
   Metis: How else can you explain the different time and season? But it seems
          you can't go just anywhere in the past... Only somewhere from your 
          memories. This looks like a mall, but I don't think it's connected to
          anyplace else either.
  Junpei: The past...? Aw, man...
   Metis: It's lucky we found this place. We'll be able to get supplies here.
          We should be able to use what we can get here until the Abyss of
          Time disappears. The reason why the door led us here may have
          something to do with you... The doors may reflect your inner
     Ken: She's taking this pretty well... It's all so bewildering to me.
   Aigis: ......
   Fuuka: Well, one thing's a relief... At least we won't starve.

Aigis begins to narrate.

   Aigis: ...So it was that we learned why that place was named the Abyss of
          Time. A place where you can revisit days gone by... ...But thinking
          back on it, it wasn't only the astonishing nature of the place that
          surprised us... It may be that we all unconsciously saw a kind of

When the party goes through the door again, they appear in the lounge...

   Aigis: Huh...? Is this--!?
   Metis: Wow... I didn't think we'd emerge directly here instead of the Desert
          of Doors... Looks like this place is fully connected to the Abyss of
          Time now. Maybe it's because everyone was hoping to make frequent
          resupply trips. This will certainly make it easier to go back and
  Junpei: Hellooooo! We're kinda blocked back here!

Aigis and Metis move aside to let Junpei and Yukari in.

  Yukari: No way... This is crazy!
 Akihiko: Hey, hurry it up! There's more of us blocked back here.

> You found a means of getting supplies, but you are still trapped in the dorm.
> What awaits you even deeper inside the labyrinth...?

 Door 2: Cocytus - Ken's Past                                             [2g]

After going through the door, Ken is seen at the Police Station.

  Young Officer: Well, Sergeant?
Veteran Officer: Eh, you can go. Looks like a pretty routine accident. Hey kid,
                 sorry I took so long. Says here that your name's... Ken Amada,
                 is that right? Ah, well, geez... Sorry about what happened to
                 your mom. But she gave her life to save you from the collapse.
            Ken: ......
Veteran Officer: Anyway, I gotta take your statement. You're a witness, after
            Ken: If I told you what happened... would you believe me?
Veteran Officer: Of course I would! Helping people out is our job.
            Ken: My mom was... murdered.
Veteran Officer: ...What?
            Ken: Around midnight, I got up to use the bathroom... and I heard
                 voices by the door... I looked and saw this teenager, holding
                 his head and yelling...
Veteran Officer: Wait... you're saying he did it? But the whole house was
             Ken: There was this shining kind of horse monster, and it came
                  right out of him! It roared, and my mom and my house were--!
Veteran Officer: Oh, a monster, huh? Haha... There's no way that actually
                 happened. Oh, uh... I shouldn't laugh... I know sometimes
                 after a traumatic incident like this, people can--
            Ken: I'm not lying! And I really saw it!
Veteran Officer: Look... it was an accident, plain and simple. A drunk driver
                 crashed his car into your house.
            Ken: What...? A car crash...?
Veteran Officer: We've already found the car and what's left of the driver. We
                 just need an account of the accident now.
            Ken: That's a lie! You're making that up!
Veteran Officer: I know that's what you think, but... it's true.
Officer Outdoors: Sergeant, can you come out here?
Veteran Officer: Be right there!
            Ken: Wait! I really saw it!
Veteran Officer: I'm sorry for your loss... I have to go, but well... hope
                 things get better.

The Veteran Officer goes outside.

     Ken: Liar... You said you'd believe me! ..... I can't trust any adults. So
          I'll find him myself...

The scene with Ken has ended. The group is standing where the door used to be.

   Metis: The door's gone... But the first door didn't disappear. It just
          opened up to a new place...
   Fuuka: Never mind that... That was...
     Ken: *chuckle* That brings back memories. I thought of lots of ways to
          search for the culprit, but I couldn't manage any of them alone. I
          kept wondering why the culprit had special powers, and I didn't... I
          wonder if that's what led me to start experiencing the Dark Hour
          since that day...
  Junpei: Ken...
 Mitsuru: My family must have been the ones who put the "accident" cover-up in
          place. ...I'm sorry for that.
 Akihiko: Hey, Metis! What was that about!?
   Metis: What was what about...? Oh, I see. Apparently, events that not
          everyone was involved in can only be watched. That's something new...
 Akihiko: That's not what I meant! Why did we see such a painful memory?
   Metis: Huh...? How would I know? It's your past.
 Akikiko: You'd better not be hiding anything.
   Metis: How would I benefit from that? I'm only speculating, but... I think
          the "door" reflects the mind of those who enter it. It's the same
          reason we found a place to get supplies, and why we were able to
          return directly back. Right now, you wish to erase the Abyss of Time
          as soon as possible and make it out alive, right? If so, then
          although what's inside the doors seems unrelated to our situation, we
          see it for a reason... Maybe you should think hard about what the
          reason might be instead of wasting time accusing me.
 Akihiko: What did you say!?
     Ken: It's all right. What she's saying... might be true.
 Akihiko: Ken...
     Ken: Actually, I've been wondering about all of that lately... Things
          weren't perfect, but it seemed more straightforward and... pure back
          then, when I was fighting. We don't get that kind of passion by just
          going to school every day. Sanada-san, you've dedicated yourself to
          boxing again recently, right? Isn't that because... you don't want to
          lose the feeling you used to have? ...Of course, that could just be
          my own way of seeing it.
 Akihiko: ...... ...Maybe you're right. Maybe I do feel just like I did...
  Yukari: Let's not talk like that. There's no use bringing up the past...
          Don't you remember our entire reason for risking everything? If we
          don't keep our eyes forward, it was all a waste of time.
 Mitsuru: Yukari...
  Yukari: ...Let's go.

> For what reason did the vision of a friend's past suddenly appear...?
> ......
> You decided to return to the lounge.

 Door 3: Caina - Akihiko's Past                                           [2h]

A school hallway is shown.

     Akihiko Fan #1: Akihiko-kun, wait!
     Akihiko Fan #2: Akihiko-kun!
        Man's Voice: Hold on a sec. You're the captain, aren't you?
      Student Boxer: Argh, quit pushing! Practice time is over!
School Boxing Scout: Hey you! Sanada-kun, right?
            Akihiko: ...That's right.
School Boxing Scout: That was an amazing bout! I've never seen a junior high
                     fighter deliver a KO like that! I'm with the school you
                     were up against in the finals. What do you say about
                     enrolling with us? We'll give you a fat scholarship--
                     you'd only have to pay half your tuition!
      Student Boxer: Hey... you're from another school!? That's against the
                     rules and you know it!
            Akihiko: Sorry, but I don't see any reason to join a school that
                     places second. ...Get outta here.
     Akihiko Fan #2: Squeee! Akihiko-kun is so cool!
     Akihiko Fan #1: You here that? He'd never go to your loser school!
      Student Boxer: Come on already! Go home! ...Dammit, we can't leave until
                     you guys do!
            Akihiko: *sigh*
     Female Student: *chuckle* Couldn't you have handled that a little more

A young Mitsuru walks in.

      Female Student: I heard it gets crowded after practice, so I waited here
                      instead. Third year, class C... Akihiko Sanada.
             Akihiko: Whatddaya want?
Noble Female Student: ...Aren't you going to ask who I am?
             Akihiko: No need. Whatever you've come for, I don't want to get
                      involved. All I want is to train and get stronger.
Noble Female Student: It's nothing troublesome. I have a very simple request.
             Akihiko: A request...?
Noble Female Student: I have enemies that need defeating. They're not people, I
                      assure you. You wouldn't be bound by the rules of boxing.
                      No, the enemies I speak of... they're related to what
                      you've recently been experiencing each midnight.
             Akihiko: ......!?
Noble Female Student: You see, I'm in the same situation. I experience the same
                      thing you do. The difference is, I know what it means. If
                      you come with me... I'll share what I know with you.
             Akihiko: Who are you?
Noble Female Student: Mitsuru Kirijo. I'm a third year, like yourself.
             Akihiko: Kirijo...? I've heard that name before.
             Mitsuru: You said you wanted to build your strength. What you
                      really need is a riskier challenge.

Mitsuru pulls out an Evoker.

 Mitsuru: And with this... you can challenge "them."
 Akihiko: ......

The door vanishes and the present is shown again.

   Metis: The door vanished this time too...
 Akihiko: First Ken's past, and now mine... What in the world does it mean?
     Ken: I have no idea, either...
 Mitsuru: That really brought me back, though... We were both in junior high
 Akihiko: To tell the truth, I thought that girl was crazy until I first
          summoned my Persona. What was I supposed to expect when you gave me
          what looked like a gun five minutes after meeting me?
 Mitsuru: All part of the plan... That was the best way I could think of to get
          your attention. If I'd asked you to do something like "fight for
          justice," I knew you'd never listen.
 Akihiko: Ha! You can say that again.
   Metis: So that was a "school"...
   Aigis: Yes, it was. But it was only a small portion of a school.
   Metis: Really? Then, it's actually much bigger than that?
   Aigis: Yes. ...Have you really never been outside before?
   Metis: Well... That's...
   Aigis: I didn't mean to embarrass you. It's nothing to be ashamed of. 
          Thinking back on it, they kept me from leaving the dorm at first,
   Metis: Do you... also go to school, Sister?
   Aigis: I did... but after this spring, I won't be going anymore.
   Metis: Huh? How come? All your friends go... They are your friends, right?
          You like to be around them, don't you?
   Aigis: Why...? It's because I... um... Well, I thought it over, and it was
          my own decision.
   Metis: Oh... I see.
   Fuuka: You know... I don't think Metis is a bad person at all.
  Yukari: No, not really bad... More like...
  Junpei: We've been taking her so seriously up till now, but... She's just a
          kid inside, isn't she?
   Fuuka: *chuckle* Maybe so...

> ......
> You decided to return to the lounge.

 Door 4: Antenora - Junpei's Past                                         [2i]

Junpei sits on a bench at Paulownia Mall.

  Junpei: *sigh* Stupid old man... How low do you have to be to get drunk on
          cooking wine...?

Koromaru walks in.

  Junpei: But I guess it's just as pathetic to rush out like this every day...
          *sigh* Maaan... What am I gonna do...? I got nowhere to go... Yo...
          'sup, pooch? Here to join my "Nowhere To Go" after-school club?
White Dog: Arf arf!
  Junpei: Heheh... Sorry, pooch, I don't have any food for ya. Y'know...
          Haven't I seen you around here before...?

Two guys walk towards Junpei.

Former Classmate: Hey, it's Junpei.
          Junpei: Huh...? Oh, hey guys.
Former Classmate: Why the long face? Are you that sad that we're in different
                  Homerooms now?
          Junpei: Still dumb as rocks, huh? Wait, isn't it way past your dorm
                  curfew? What're you guys doing out so late?
Former Classmate: Oh, we snuck out. When you get to be a junior, you learn the
                  secret exit. Hey, we're going to Escapade, wanna come with?
                  We're helping this guy drown his sorrows over a girl.
Classmate's Friend: That's not true!
Former Classmate: Heheh, don't let it get to you. That's what you get for going
                  after someone like Yukari Takeba. Although I never expected
                  her to hook up with the new transfer student... I guess she
                  goes for that kinda dark side of his.
          Junpei: Dark? He seemed like a regular dude to me...
Former Classmate: No, I'm serious. That transfer kid? Rumor has it both his
                  parents died when he was little. Someone got a peek at his
                  file when Toriumi left it lying around.
          Junpei: Man, you're so gullible... That stuff only happens in soap
Former Classmate: Hey, I said it was a rumor. C'mon, let's get going! You
                  snooze, no booze!
          Junpei: Booze...? Oh, uh... I think I'm gonna pass.
Former Classmate: Huh? What's the matter? C'mon, why don'tcha live a little--
          Junpei: I said I'm gonna pass! I just... ain't in the mood.
Former Classmate: Well, man, looks like I'm the only one you got to console
Classmate's Friend: I keep telling you, nothing happened!

They walk away.

   Junpei: Heh... They offered to hand out, and I turned 'em down... Things
           Never go the way I want 'em to.
White Dog: *whimper*
   Junpei: Man... Is my life really as bad as it seems now...? I wish there was
           like... something I could do to change the world... Like some
           awesome skill that no one else has.
White Dog: *whimper*
   Junpei: Haha, don't gimme that. I'm sure someday... we can make some real
           friends that'll listen to us.
White Dog: Arf!

The party is shown where the door used to be.

  Junpei: Heh... All the scenes in my past, and you guys had to see that one...
  Yukari: Junpei...
Koromaru: Arf!
  Junpei: Dude, I know! I was surprised to see you, too! So, you were the dog
          from that day!
Koromaru: Arf!
  Junpei: Makes it seem kinda like... destiny.
Koromaru: Arf!
  Junpei: Looking back, that was the day Akihiko-san found me. The only place I
          could go from there was the convenience store, and that's where I was
          when the Dark Hour hit...
 Akihiko: You were bawling in the dark with that awful expression. Honestly?
          You looked worse than the Shadows.
  Junpei: W-Well, what was I supposed to do!? That was the scariest damn
          moment of my life, man!
   Fuuka: *chuckle*
  Junpei: But y'know, I had other stuff to deal with, like my old man... So
          staying at the dorm, and fighting Shadows, and all that stuff looked
          pretty good.
   Metis: I see... Unlike me and my sister, other people usually have reasons
          to "awaken"... I comprehend.
   Aigis: I had my reasons as well. However, in my case, it happened in
          reverse. I had the power first, and gained a reason later. Now that I
          mention it, you're--
   Metis: Hmm... I think I'm starting to get it. There is a reason we see what
          we see inside the doors. Doors that have delivered on that reason
          disappear, and those with roles still to play remain...
   Aigis: A reason...? What kind of reason?
   Metis: I can't say for sure... bur if we keep moving forward, I think we'll
          start seeing it. Let's do our best, Sister.
   Aigis: Y-You're right...

Aigis begins to narrate.

   Aigis: Until then, it hadn't even occurred to me to wonder about it... She's
          so full of emotion... Nothing like me, when I woke up in July. But
          she'd never had any chance to come into contact with others... Was
          there a moment when she discovered her emotions, as I did? The seed
          of my curiosity was planted as I began to wonder...

> You decided to return to the lounge.

 Door 5: Ptolomea - Mitsuru's Past                                        [2j]

Mitsuri is with several others in Tartarus.

 Guard #1: So this is the interior of Tartarus... It's only the second time
           anyone has been here without special equipment.
 Guard #2: ......
Scientist: Normal weaponry is useless against Shadows. Any equipment we brought
           would be for your peace of mind. Everyone here has had their
           "potential" developed in our labs... That should suffice to protect
           us. And even if you're devoured, that in itself would be valuable
           data for us. Hahahah...
 Guard #1: Ugh... Is anyone left in the Ergo Division who isn't a psycho? In
           any case, Sir... Are you all right with this? I mean... bringing
           your daughter...

  Mitsuru: I don't mind at all. I myself requested to come along.
Takeharu Kirijo: ...You heard her.
 Guard #1: ...I see. I'm sorry to have spoken out of turn, Sir.
 Guard #2: ......
 Guard #1: Hey, what's wrong...?
 Guard #2: Ngh... Agh... Aaagh! Gaaaaaaah!

Guard #2 transforms into a shadow.

 Guard #1: Wh-What the..!?
Scientist: Looks like it's back to the drawing board for the artificial
           development of "potential"...!
 Guard #1: Sir, Miss, step aside!
  Mitsuru: That's... a Shadow...
 Guard #1: You little--!

The guards fire at the Shadow until it swats one of them aside, leaving the
Kirijo's unguarded.

 Guard #1: Sir! Miss!
Takeharu Kirijo: Gah...!
  Mitsuru: Father!

Penthesilea comes out of Mitsuru and kills the Shadow. She's floating.

Scientist: Oh... did you see that!? Such power! It's a Persona! I was right!
           Persona-users do exist!

Mitsuru collapses.

Takeharu Kirijo: Mitsuru!
  Mitsuru: Father... I'm glad you're safe...
Scientist: That was wonderful, Lady Mitsuru! A beautiful expression of your
           natural potential! At last, our future seems bright!
Takeharu Kirijo: Why are you so happy about it!? Now... Mitsuru can never
                 escape from the destiny of atonement... She'll spend her life
                 bound to our cursed legacy, when she should be finding her own
                 way. What's so bright about that...?
  Mitsuru: Don't worry, Father... I chose this for myself... I'll protect you...
Takeharu Kirijo: Mitsuru...

The party is shown where the door used to be.

  Yukari: Was that Senpai's...?
 Mitsuru: Hm...? Oh... yes.
   Fuuka: Senpai...? What's the matter?
 Mitsuru: Ah, well.... I'm sorry, it's just that... Seeing Father before my
          eyes, as if he were still alive, was...
  Yukari: Senpai...
  Junpei: Aww, but wasn't Mitsuru-senpai really cute when she was little?
 Mitsuru: Excuse me, Iori? Are you saying that's no longer the case?
  Junpei: Uhhh, n-no... That's not what I-- C'mon, you got it all wrong!
   Metis: ...It's exactly as I though. Of the past events we've seen up to this
          point... The first one seemed to be about getting ready for battle,
          but the others... How should I put it... It feels like there's some
          aspect they all have in common. Don't you all think so?
 Mitsuru: Yes... Bur for now, we don't know what that might be.
   Metis: This is the fifth door... We should be getting closer to the source
          we're looking for...
   Fuuka: Oh... I just remembered! There's something I have to tell you all!
          Remember the machinery and documents Mitsuru-senpai found? I looked
          into them, and it turns out they were things that the Chairman hid
          when he was still alive... Most of them were from the accident 10
          years ago, so he must have hid them so they wouldn't be destroyed.
          Some of the notes I found seemed to be talking about the Abyss of
Akihiko: Is that true!?
   Fuuka: We may be close to discovering what this place really is.
     Ken: We're closing in on it...
   Aigis: We should hurry forward.

> ......
> You decided to return to the lounge.

 Door 6: Judecca - Yukari's Past                                          [2k]

Yukari is sitting in a dorm.

    Announcement: Attention, all students in the dormitory. The cafeteria will
                  be closing in 30 minutes.
          Yukari: Oh, crap... ...Forget it. *sigh*
Female Classmate: Oh, there you are, Yukari. We went to your room to look for
          Yukari: Oh... sorry. I don't think I can make it today... It'll be
                  crowded anyway.
Female Classmate: Hey, is that your stuff...? Have you even been to your room
                  since we got back?
          Yukari: Huh...? Oh, yeah... you're right.
Female Classmate: I don't believe this! You mean you've been spaced out for
                  hours? Are you sure you're feeling okay?
          Yukari: Oh, no, it's nothing, really. It's just... How should I put
                  it... It's hard to believe it's already been four years since
                  I got here.

Female Classmate: Ohh, yeah. I see what you mean. It sucks that we have to be
                  cooped up in this dorm for three years. We should be out and
                  having fun! This year's almost over, too... At this rate,
                  high school will be over in a flash.
          Yukari: ......
Female Classmate: Well, let's not set our sights too high. We've just gotta get
                  through this.

The two girls leave.

  Yukari: Things went by so fast... I knew I wouldn't find out anything about
          Dad just by going to class... I mean, not even the police or the
          media have found anything new... It's already been 10 year... ......
          I wonder if I should just give up...

A woman walks up to Yukari.

Dorm Manager: Ah, Takeba-san! You are Takeba-san, the freshman, right?
      Yukari: Oh... Yeah, that's me.
Dorm Manager: I'm glad you're here. There's a letter for you. I'm very sorry
              about this... It actually came in yesterday. But there were so
              many transfer stamps that I couldn't tell who it was for.

She hands Yukari the letter.

      Yukari: What...!?
Dorm Manager: It's from an Eiichiro Takeba. Is he a relative?
      Yukari: B-But that can't be... Commemorating the opening of the Moonlight
              Bridge... 10 years ago...!?

Yukari runs away, leaving her things behind.

Dorm Manager: Um, Takeba-san, wait! I need your signature here! And you forgot
              your things! These are your things, aren't they? Takeba-san!

The party is standing where the door used to be.

 Mitsuru: You were al alone... Trying to fight the Kirijo Group's deception by
          yourself for so long...
  Yukari: It's not like that...
 Mitsuru: If we're being forced to look into our pasts... It would've been nice
          if you could have seen your father. ...I would've like to meet him.
  Yukari: It's not that big a deal. Now's not the time to go over the past. I'm
          tired of dealing with Shadows. We should hurry and finish this.
 Mitsuru: ...... Yukari. Aren't you... pushing yourself a little too hard?
  Yukari: ...... You know how Aigis has... his power? She might not realize it,
          but... that's gotta mean she inherited something from him. I'm
          anxious to get my own sign that I'm actually moving forward. ...I
          made a promise with him, too.
 Mitsuru: Yukari...
  Yukari: Now that I've seen my past event, I know for sure. The idea we had
          about there being something in common between all the memories we've
 Akihiko: So that means... On that day we saw, did you...?
  Yukari: Ken-kun's story, Akihiko-senpai's story... Junpei's and Koromaru's
          too. Mitsuru-senpai's is the one that makes it the most obvious.
  Junpei: Huh...? I'm not following you here...
  Yukari: What we've seen is each of our reasons for awakening go our Persona.
 Mitsuru: It fits. Fuuka awakened in front of everyone, and Aigis and Metis
          could use it from the beginning... So there's no need to see their
          memories. That would make the most sense.
     Ken: But even if that's so, why would we be seeing that here? Is it
          telling us to step back and examine our origins...? Aigis-san, what
          do you think?
   Aigis: I... Well...

Everyone but Metis gathers in a circle and "chats" for a bit.

   Metis: ......
  Junpei: Yoooo, Aigis' Sister! Don't act like this doesn't involve you...
          Let's hear what you think.
   Metis: *sigh* Why...? I can't talk about the past with you all. I don't know
          anything about it.
   Aigis: What's the matter?
   Metis: Nothing... I meant just what I said. You said you wouldn't leave me
          behind... But I don't know anything about your pasts, so I'm always
          lost during these conversations...
  Junpei: Ahhh, I get it. You're lonely! See? You're a kid after all. Heh, now
          I get why you got all well-behaved when we said we'd leave you
   Metis: I'm NOT a kid.
   Aigis: You may not know anything about us, but we don't know anything about
          you either. You must have special memories known only to you...
 the memory of when you discovered your emotions.
 Akihiko: Isn't it time you told us who you are?
   Metis: ...... Memories... But I don't...

Metis' mask closed.

   Fuuka: Oh! It closed...
  Junpei: Sheesh...
 Mitsuru: Metis, I think you misunderstand. Not all of our pasts were
          glamorous. To be honest, there were more painful memories than
          pleasant ones.
   Metis: That's clearly not true. All the things you laugh and talk about are
          from your past.
   Aigis: ......

Aigis begins to narrate.

   Aigis: She doesn't mince words... which forced us to another realization. I
          felt, for the very first time... That the reason time stopped may in
          fact have something to do with us...

> You decided to return to the lounge.

 Door 7: Empyrean - Aigis' Dream and the Key of Time                      [2l]

Everyone is walking towards the last door.

   Aigis: Is this... the deepest part of the Abyss of Time...?
  Yukari: You think? It's no different than the rest of the ones we've seen...
 Mitsuru: But that fits, logically. Which means that the Abyss' origin-- the
          reason for the time skips-- is here...
   Fuuka: ...Oh! There's something I had to tell you all. It was in the papers
          about the Abyss of Time I mentioned before...
 Akihiko: Did you find something?
   Fuuka: If the report is correct, this place came into existence as a
          reaction to the creation of Tartarus...
  Junpei: A reaction...?
   Fuuka: The gigantic tower rising so high left a gigantic hole in its place.
          That's the Abyss.
 Mitsuru: Does that mean they've known about this for 10 years?
   Fuuka: They decided it would be harmless if left alone, since it would
          probably disappear with Tartarus. But it also said that since the
          Abyss is just a byproduct, there should be no Shadows in it...
  Junpei: Wait a sec! There's a friggin' ton of Shadows here! And it if was
          supposed to go poof along with Tartarus, why are we standing in it
          now? Did they forget a decimal place or somethin'?
   Metis: No, their logic makes sense. What was supposed to vanish is still
          here because of some force. One side's removal caused an imbalance...
   Fuuka: ...What could that force be?
   Metis: Who knows? Maybe it's somewhere down here. One thing's certain,
          though: it's deeply connected to all of you.
  Junpei: What's up with that!? What the hell did we do to deserve this...?
     Ken: Well, there's another door... If that's here, then maybe...
 Akihiko: What's goin' on? Is that the big "reason" behind all this?
   Fuuka: If we leave out Aigis, Metis, and me... Whose past is left?
  Junpei: Hey, yeah... Who else was there that had powers like ours?
  Yukari: Who cares? There's no use speculating with it staring us in the face.
          We'll know once we open it.
   Metis: Whatever that "reason" is, it's strong enough to keep the Abyss of
          Time from disappearing... And we've come to erase that reason. We
          could be in for a battle. We should be very prepared before entering.
 Mitsuru: She's right. ...This appears to be our goal. Don't worry. We can do

Aigis opens the door. In it, she's sitting in a dark, empty area.

   Aigis: ...... I... I... am... ......

The Main Character appears behind her.

   Aigis: ......! You're--!?

He begins to walk away. Aigis runs after him, but he continues to slip away.

   Aigis: Wait...! Please! Wait!

Aigis falls over.

   Aigis: Ah... No! Don't go!

He vanishes entirely, and Aigis gets up.

   Aigis: I promised to protect you... I dedicated my life to that purpose...
          But... I can't fulfill that purpose anymore... There's nothing more
          I can do... Can I continue to "live" this way...? Does my life have a
          meaning...? ......

Aigis falls back down.

   Aigis: If so... I wish... I could return to being a mere machine...

The party is shown standing where the door used to be.

     Ken: Huh...? That's... the cause?
  Junpei: D-Don't look at me...
   Fuuka: But... Well... I didn't expect that we'd get to see him again...
          Although he did have his back turned...
 Mitsuru: ...Indeed.
  Yukari: ......
 Akihiko: But what's it mean? That looked like it was Aigis' memory. What kind
          of clue is that...? Aigis didn't have to awaken to her Persona
          abilities, right?
  Yukari: No, she did... She awakened to the special power he had. Aigis, what
          was that? When did it happen?
   Aigis: ...... I... always woke up to that. It was so painful to lose him...
          I withdrew into my room, unable to do anything... For a while, I did
          nothing but chase after him in my dreams...
   Fuuka: Aigis...
   Metis: Sister...
   Aigis: But after a while, I stopped dreaming entirely. It felt like a weight
          on my chest lightened and fell off... That must have been... the last
          of the dreams I had. But I don't' see what that has to do with my
   Metis: Sister... are you still in pain? The person we saw... He's the one
          who had the same kind of power as you, isn't he...?
   Aigis: ......
  Yukari: *sigh* So that's the big cause of all this? That didn't explain
   Metis: ...Don't you get it? What we saw was only my sister's memory, but...
          all of you want to see him again, right? Then the answer is obvious.
  Yukari: ...What's that supposed to mean?
   Metis: What I said at the start was right all along... The fastest way to
          solve this would be to eliminate all of you.
   Fuuka: So... that means that figure we keep seeing is--
 Mitsuru: Wait, something's wrong...!

A black mist appears where the door was.

  Yukari: What the...!?
   Metis: Just as I thought... It's coming... The monster that's taken the
          shape of your regrets.

Someone who looks like the Main Character walks out.

   Aigis: Is that...!?
  Junpei: You gotta be kidding... That can't be--!
   Metis: This is the reason for everything... From the Abyss of Time's failure
          to disappear, to the presence of the Shadows... This... was born from
          all of you.

                              -- Battle Quotes --

   Aigis: Athena...
 Akihiko: The hell...? That's Caesar!
  Junpei: Trismegistos... You damn copycat!
  Yukari: Why's it using Isis...!?
 Mitsuru: No...Artemisia!?
     Ken: How can he use Kala-Nemi...?
> Koromaru is furious.

 Door 7: Empyrean - Key of Time                                           [2m]

After the battle, everything is back to normal in the Abyss.

 Akihiko: We did it...
  Yukari: That was... the monster born from us? But it was...
 Mitsuru: Yes... its powers and form were familiar, but it was a Shadow.
   Metis: You are correct.
  Junpei: Wait, but that makes no sense. Persona-users are supposed to beat
          Shadows, right?
   Metis: What are you talking about? Don't tell me you've been fighting them
          this whole time without knowing... Personas and Shadows are the same
          thing. That's why you're able to fight them in the first place. Did
          you all think that Shadows were mysterious invaders or something?
          Shadows are the lower parts of the psyche everyone has... Suppressed
          human thoughts given physical form. When people are unable to face
          their darker selves, they break loose, free from all control. But
          sometimes, humans with special awareness can tame their Shadows...
          Those are Persona-users.
  Junpei: So Personas and Shadows... They're the same thing, just different
   Metis: If someone was able to create my sister and myself, wouldn't he have
          had to understand this?
 Mitsuru: ...All those people lost their lives.
  Yukari: ......
   Fuuka: Then... the reason for all this is our Personas?
   Metis: The Shadows' power affects time and even space... Through your
          Personas, your unspoken desires were manifested... You can't stand
          to see time move on... You don't want to accept your loss of someone
          precious... It was by each of your wishes that time stopped moving
          forward... And as a result, you became trapped here.
     Ken: So we trapped ourselves...? Hah... It's almost funny...
 Akihiko: Whatever the reason was, we beat that thing. We won. That should
          solve all this, right?
   Metis: Yes, that is correct. If we return to the dorm, we may be able to go

Everyone except Metis suddenly receive something glowing.

  Junpei: Whoa... what's this? When did I...?
   Aigis: Is this... a key?
   Metis: You should be able to leave using those keys. Once you make it
          outside, the Abyss of Time should disappear on its own.

> Obtained Key of Time

  Yukari: Finally... Geez... I'm glad this didn't end up taking another year.
     Ken: But these keys... There's eight of them.
   Metis: That's because each of you played a part in bringing this about. The
          door probably won't open unless all eight are used at once.
   Aigis: "Strength of heart, when united, is barred by no door..." Those
  Junpei: So it'll open if we're all around, is that right? Then let's get the
          hell outta here! Uh... So are we just gonna waltz out through the
          front door?
   Metis: That door, or another one... There's still one closed door that
          doesn't connect to the outside world. The main entrance, or that
          door... It's one or the other.
 Akihiko: A door that doesn't connect to the outside world...?
  Yukari: Are you talking about... the door to his room? I just assumed someone
          had locked it.
   Metis: That door has the same feel as the doors to the past we've been going
          through up to now.
 Mitsuru: What do you mean by "one or the other"? If we open it, won't it just
          connect to another past?
   Metis: That's right. If you go through the entrance, you'll return to the
          present. But that door leads to the past.
   Fuuka: The past...?
   Metis: The world of the past. You've all been there many times now. But this
          time, the Abyss will disappear once you go through the door. You'll
          be in the true past.
 Akihiko: Is that true!?
   Metis: Why would I lie about something like this? If you don't believe me,
          then why don't you try leaving through the entrance?
 Mitsuru: To accept the past, or to revisit it... You're saying that in the
          end, we have to choose.
   Aigis: ...What do you want to do?
   Metis: I'll go along with whatever you decide, Sister. That way... I'll
          finally be able to save you from this cursed fate... To be honest,
          that's all I care about.
   Aigis: "Cursed fate"...?
   Metis: Which one are you going to choose, Sister?
   Aigis: I... ......
  Junpei: Uh, hey... W-Why don't we got back to the dorm first? This is way too
          heavy to decide right here...
 Mitsuru: ...I agree.

> You decided to return to the lounge.

 Conflicting Decisions                                                    [2n]

Everyone returns to the lounge to find golden cracks everywhere.

  Yukari: What the--!?
  Junpei: What're all these cracks!?
   Metis: This is bad... It's becoming unstable... It should last a little
          longer, but we don't have much time. If the fault extends to the
          door, we may not be able to leave even with the keys...
 Akihiko: Tch... It's just one thing after another, isn't it?

Everyone gathers around the table.

  Junpei: So, uh... What's the plan? I mean... no one is seriously thinking
          about going back to the past, right?
  Yukari: ......
     Ken: Um... I've been thinking... Why do you think he died? They never
          figured out the cause of death at the hospital, right...?
  Junpei: Well, that's...
     Ken: Personally... I still think it's because he used all his power to
          accomplish that miracle. In other words, we were saved because he
          gave up his life. He gave everything for us... So it doesn't seem
          right to undo all his work on our own...
   Fuuka: Ken-kun...
 Akihiko: I'm with Ken. We've all seen what kind of resolve it takes to face
          death... That resolve, and what it brought about... There's no way
          we can cancel that out on our own whims. Even if it hurts, we have
          to deal with it and accept the present.
 Mitsuru: Yukari... What about you?
  Junpei: You're all about the here and now, right, Yuka-tan? I mean, you say
          it all the time-- "You gotta look forward!"
  Yukari: I... I... want to go back. To the time before the last battle... When
          I thought about how he protected us, I kept telling myself that I
          have to keep looking forward... That's why I started going to cram
          school, and spending less time goofing off. But... I can't lie to
          myself. If there's a way for him to come back... I'll take it, no
          matter what.
 Mitsuru: Yukari...
 Akihiko: So... you're giving up? Are you saying you don't have the strength
          to face reality? After all the things we've gone through, you're just
          gonna throw in the towel in the fight against yourself?
  Yukari: Oh yeah, you're really one to be throwing around all those
          high-minded ideals! If you really thought something was that precious
          to you, you'd want to protect it no matter what. Don't you
          understand!? We can go back and fix things! Are you seriously just
          gonna let a chance like this go!?
 Akihiko: Then I'll ask you this... If I said I wanted you to undo your
          father's death, would you do it? Even if there was a way to reverse
          Shinji and Miki's death, I'd flat-out refuse. Nothing in the past was
          a waste... You're just making excuses.
  Yukari: ......
   Metis: Hey... you keep mentioning "death"... Are you saying the person who
          saved you all didn't just... leave?
 Mitsuru: That's correct... He passed away.
   Metis: What...? Why didn't you tell me before...?
 Mitsuru: Why...? But... you've never met him.
  Yukari: Anyway, what do the rest of you think?
  Junpei: I dunno... I get second thought when I think about going back to when
          Chidori died... But I definitely see what Akihiko-senpai is tryin' to
          say. When you get down to it, though... I hate to say this, but I'm
          just too scared to do that battle over.
  Yukari: What's wrong with you!? Are you saying you're scared to die, but it's
          okay if he does?
  Junpei: That's not what I said! I mean, have you really thought this
          through!? Going back to before that battle means we'd have to fight
          Nyx again! Did you ever think about what might happen if we lose this
  Yukari: It's the same thing! Either way, all it means is that you're just
          scared! ...And you two are no better. All that talk about accepting
          the present is because when you get down to it, you only care about
 Akihiko: What!?
     Ken: How can you say that!?
  Yukari: *sigh* There's no use going around and around like this. We're never
          gonna reach an agreement. So if no one gives in... we'll have to
          settle this another way.
   Fuuka: Another way...? Yukari-chan... you don't mean--!?
  Yukari: Taking the keys by force... That'll work too, right?
   Metis: It's true that the eight keys will merge if they're brought
          together... even against their holders' wishes.
   Fuuka: ......
   Metis: But if it comes to a fight... I'll protect my sister with everything 
          I have. These keys represent each of your strength of heart... If you
          take my sister's... she may lose her life.
 Mitsuru: What do you mean?
   Metis: You're only thinking of what's best for you... The person with my
          sister's power died of unknown causes, didn't he? Did any of you ever
          stop to think that maybe the same thing could happen to her!? I came
          to protect her... but I... I won't make another mistake. I'll do
          whatever it takes to save her!
   Aigis: Metis...
     Ken: Aigis-san... Which door are you thinking about unlocking?
   Aigis: I... I can't decide right now which is more important, the past or
          the present...
  Yukari: So you're just gonna run away? Again? Just like the day we said our
          farewells to him, and you were the only one who didn't show up. You
          got to hear his last words... You even made him a promise... But here
          you are, still running. Why were you the one who inherited his power
          when you can't even make up your mind? I'm sorry, but I'm not going
          to lose to someone like you!
   Fuuka: Yukari-chan... Are you really going to fight...?
 Mitsuru: This decision hinges upon someone precious to us all... Our
          differences can't be settled with a compromise. No matter what Aigis
          decides... we have no choice but to fight. And I've... made my
          decision as well. I'm going to stand with Yukari.
  Yukari: Senpai...
 Akihiko: You're taking her side...? Are you serious? ...... Heh... I know you
          well enough to tell your mind's made up. All right.
   Aigis: Everyone...!
   Metis: ...It's decided, then. Follow me... I'll lead you to a place suitable
          for battle. If we fight there... no one can appeal the result.

Metis walks away.

  Yukari: Hey--!?

> ......
> The friendship has been split...
> How will you make your final decision...?

 The Fighting Starts - Akihiko and Ken                                    [2o]

Aigis walks out of a large door.

   Aigis: This...

A large, round arena that looks like a clock without the hands is shown.

   Aigis: This is where you awakened...?

Akihiko and Ken walk out of the opposite door. The two groups approach each
other at the center.

 Akihiko: I gotta admit... This is a pretty appropriate place to settle stuff
          like this.
   Aigis: ......
 Akihiko: I was hoping to go up against Mitsuru's team first, but... Oh well.
   Fuuka: Aigis! Akihiko-senpai!

Fuuka walks in.

     Ken: Fuuka-san...
   Metis: Do you object to her acting as the mediator, and backing up both
   Fuuka: No! You can't make such a decision like that without me! Helping both
          sides, encouraging my friends to fight each other... I won't do such
          a thing.
   Metis: But with your ability--
 Akihiko: There's no need to worry about us when we're about to go at it. If
          you can't choose, side with Aigis. Her life could be at risk, right?
          So it's only fair that she gets a handicap with you. 
   Fuuka: Akihiko-senpai...
 Akihiko: Let's get this over with.
     Ken: Aigis-san... Have you decided what you'll do if you get all the keys?
   Aigis: I can't fight against...
 Akihiko: Sorry... but if you haven't made up your mind by now, I can't let you
          have our keys!

                              -- Battle Quotes --

 Akihiko: We'll see whose will is stronger!
     Ken: If you don't take this seriously... You'll be hurt.

 Akihiko: Hmph... That was nothing.
 Akihiko: Tch... Not bad... But I'm not going down!
 Akihiko: Rrgh... I'm not through yet. Let's see how much power you really

     Ken: You're strong...!
     Ken: All right... it's time to get serious!
     Ken: I won't give up!

                              -- Normal Cutscene --

   Aigis: Akihiko-san! Amada-san!

Akihiko and Ken are suddenly transported to two torches, which get lit upon
their arrival.

   Aigis: What's happening...!?
   Metis: I told you before... If they lose, there will be consequences. They
          haven't died. But... they won't return to their original forms until
          the true key is formed. You can no longer avoid fighting... 
   Fuuka: No...
   Aigis: You knew this would happen... Is that why you brought us here? What
          were you thinking!?
   Metis: It's because... this must be my purpose here...
   Aigis: ......
   Metis: If the fires burn out, they won't be able to return to normal even if
          the key is forged. ...We need to hurry, Sister.
   Aigis: ...Don't call me Sister anymore.
   Metis: Do you... hate me now?
   Aigis: ......
   Metis: ...I'll still fulfill my promise. No matter what, I will protect
          you... Sister.

Aigis walks back towards the door.

> The battle is finally underway.
> To revive your defeated friends, you must see the fight through to the end.
> You decided to return to the lounge.

 The Second Battle- Junpei and Koromaru                                   [2p]

Junpei and Koromaru are waiting in the arena as Aigis, Metis, and Fuuka

  Junpei: ...'Sup?
Koromaru: *whimper*
   Fuuka: Junpei-kun...! Koro-chan...!
  Junpei: Well... I guess I can see what's going on.
   Metis: No matter who our opponent is, I won't let them have my Sister's...
          Aigis's key.
  Junpei: Heh, I know, I know. It's cool. But y'know, no matter which way this
          turns out... I just don't think Aigis can win against Yuka-tan right
          now. Sorry. Then again, I don't think Yuka-tan's got it right either.
          Even if we go back to before the final battle, if we're still
          squabbling like this... I dunno, do you really see us being able to
          pull off a miracle and do things better than he could? 
  Junpei: Me, I think this is somethin' we've gotta take care of on our own.
   Fuuka: Junpei-kun...
  Junpei: I'm not as much of a hardass as Akihiko-san, but... I don't think we
          should mess with the past. Still, some things you just can't work out
          by talking about 'em. If neither side will give an inch, well,
          sometimes that's how things are gonna be. Right, little sis? 
   Metis: ......
   Aigis: Junpei-san...
  Junpei: All righty then... Let's get it on! You better not throw this fight!

                              -- Battle Quotes --

  Junpei: Get ready, 'cause here I come!
> Koromaru is fully prepared.

> Koromaru still seems healthy.
> Koromaru is getting tired.
> Koromaru seems to be in pain.

  Junpei: Dude, you're pretty tough, Ai-chan. But you're not the only one!
  Junpei: Heh... I never thought I'd be on the receiving end of your gadgets
  Junpei: This ain't good... I better go all-out!

                              -- Normal Cutscene --

Junpei and Koromaru vanish into the torches.

   Fuuka: Junpei-kun... Koro-chan...
   Aigis: All of us... we were searching for the same thing... Our bonds were
          so strong... And yet...
   Metis: The next battle will be the last one... If we win... there will be no
          one left who can take your key.
   Aigis: Is this... right? I can't stand it any longer... This is wrong. I
          can't accept either meddling with the past or proceeding blindly in
          the present. It scares me too, to think about dying... But does that
          justify hurting the ones who are precious to you? 
   Metis: ......
   Aigis: If this has to continue, I'm not going to be a part of it. I'll end
          all this by giving my key to Yukari-san and Mitsuru-san.
   Metis: No! You can't do that, or you'll--!
   Aigis: We don't know for sure whether or not that will happen. And I won't
          accept your input on this. It's my decision.

Aigis begins to walk away.

   Metis: Wait! Don't go...! I... had a premonition! I wasn't hiding who I
          am... I really don't know anything about myself. About a month ago,
          I woke up here all alone... You asked me about when I discovered my
          emotions, but I don't have any memories... I only knew two things
          when I woke up. First, that I had a sister somewhere in the world who
          understood me... And second... a strong premonition that if I didn't
          do something, that sister would die soon. At first, I thought it
          would happen because of the Abyss of Time. But that wasn't it... I
          understand now... The power you've gained comes at the cost of your
   Aigis: The cost of my death... The answer... to life...
   Metis: I went to see you so I could save you, but I ended up causing the
          power to awaken... That's why I made up my mind. I'd do anything to
          protect you. Even... even if it meant you'd hate me for it... You're
          all I have in the world...
   Fuuka: Metis...
   Aigis: ...... There was a time when I felt the same way about someone... But
          I still can't hurt the people who gave me my heart. Even if the end
          result of this power is death. 
   Metis: I don't want you to die!
   Aigis: ......!
   Metis: If you're not gonna give in... You still don't need to throw your
          life away... If you end up losing your key... I'll give you my life.
          I don't want you to die and leave me behind. I'd rather give my life
          than be alone... That way, I can always stay with you. 
   Aigis: What are you saying--
   Metis: Please don't leave me behind! *sob*
   Aigis: Metis... ...... It's okay... I'm sorry. I won't leave you.
   Metis: *sob*
   Aigis: I... thought I knew all too well the pain of being left behind... You
          show me so many things that I had let myself forget...
   Fuuka: Aigis...
   Aigis: Because our bonds are so strong, there's no solution to this where no
          one gets hurt... There's no easy way out. If I gave up without making
          a decision, I'd be running away from the pain my friends must still
          face. I think... I was running away from life again. I need to make a
          choice. ...I care about him as much as anyone else. Fuuka-san,
          there's something I want you to hear. 
   Fuuka: Huh...?
   Aigis: You too, Metis.

> Deciding what was most precious was a difficult process.
> But the time has come when you are forced to face the truth, and make your
> ......
> You decided to return to the lounge.

 The Third Battle - Yukari and Mitsuru and Aigis' Choice                  [2q]

The remaining combatants are in the arena.

   Fuuka: Aigis...
   Metis: ......
  Yukari: It's strange... I kinda want to say "long time no see" to you guys.
   Fuuka: Yukari-chan...
  Yukari: You know... I had a feeling a while back that something like this
          might happen.
   Aigis: ......
 Mitsuru: There are four lit flames... This battle will determine which side
          gains the true key. Well...? Have you made your choice? Tell me that
          you didn't defeat the others without a clear objective... 
   Aigis: Yes... I've made my decision. I know what I want to do. There was
          something crucial that I hadn't known... But my sister revealed it to
          me. To care about someone dear to you, to strengthen the bonds of
          friendship... That doesn't necessarily mean that the pain of living
          will stop. 
   Metis: Sister...
   Aigis: If something's precious, you don't want to lose it... If someone's
          dear, it's painful to part with them... Loss can hurt, but... I don't
          think there's anything wrong with that. I, too, have something
          important... That's why I'm willing to fight you two now. 
 Mitsuru: Aigis...
  Yukari: ...... *chuckle* You sound like you're back to your usual self again.
          Y'know, I have to say, you've been a little out of it lately... It
          was kinda disappointing, because you were acting all mechanical, like
          when you first got to the dorm. But now... I'd say you've got more
          life in you than ever. 
   Aigis: Yukari-san...
  Yukari: All the same... I can't give in, either. I'm not gonna lose this
          battle... no matter what!

                              -- Battle Quotes --

  Yukari: Get ready, cause I'm gonna tear you apart!
 Mitsuru: Show me your resolve!

  Yukari: What's the matter!? Is that all you've got!?
  Yukari: I barely even feel a thing!
  Yukari: I can't lose... I WILL NOT LOSE!

 Mitsuru: I won't hold back!
 Mitsuru: I knew you wouldn't be an easy opponent...
 Mitsuru: Impressive... But I'll fight to the bitter end!

                              -- Normal Cutscene --

Mitsuru and Yukari become the flames of the final torches.

   Fuuka: Take mine too, Aigis. I agree with you the most, so...

The key starts glowing, along with the torches. A single key floats towards

   Aigis: This is... the true key...

> Obtained True Key.

The torches release everyone.

   Fuuka: Everyone!
   Aigis: It may sound strange to hear, but... I'm so glad that you're all
  Yukari: ...... So, what are you going to do with that key? That was a nice
          speech back there, but you still haven't made a real decision, huh!?
          Then give it to me...! Gimme that key! 

Yukari starts to tug at Aigis for it.

   Fuuka: Yukari-chan!?
   Metis: It's no use... Only my sister can use the true key now.

Yukari falls to Aigis' feet.

  Yukari: I want to see him...
   Aigis: ......
  Yukari: I... I made a promise to him, too... I promised that I'd try my best
          to change this world, so that people would stop wishing for the
          Fall... It wasn't like yours... It was something I promised myself
          while I was holding his cold hand... That's why I decided to put the
          past behind me, and look forward... 
   Aigis: Yukari-san...
  Yukari: But I can't... I can't be that person... I wanna see him... I don't
          care about anything else! I just wanna see him again!
   Aigis: Yukari-san...

Mitsuru heads towards Yukari.

 Mitsuru: Yukari... There's no way to truly put the past behind you. In the
          end, you only succeed in running from it. It's painful to face, but
          if you don't, your wounds will never heal.
  Yukari: So if I keep facing it, someday everything will be okay? Eventually
          I'll forget all about him, or stop caring? Like that's ever going to
          happen! No one knows that better than us!
 Mitsuru: ...... ...You're right. But... can't we be there for you, when things
          are at their worst? ...The way you were there for me last year? 
  Yukari: Huh...?
 Mitsuru: That may not have been what you meant at the time... But even now, I
          consider your being at my side last year as one of the most cherished
          moments of my life. That's why... when we lost him without being
          able to thank him, I swore deep down... If something ever happened
          to make you suffer, I'd put my own feelings aside and stand with you.
  Yukari: Mitsuru... senpai...
 Mitsuru: Yukari... To lose someone you had such a strong bond with is agony.
          But there's no need to suffer alone. You have use with you. Isn't
          that the whole point of forming such bonds?
  Yukari: *sob* *sob*

Aigis kneels down with them.

   Aigis: Yukari-san... I understand your feelings. Ever since I was born, I 
          have spent all my time thinking about him... So... I suggest we see
          it. To find out once and for all... what he left for us. We still
          don't know the real reason behind his death. Without knowing that
          reason, I can't decide what is right. That's why I would like to see
          the past again, before using this key. To see the truth of what
          happened... the moment he used his power. 
  Junpei: Huh...? Can we really do that?
   Aigis: I don't see why not. We've already experienced the past here many
 Akihiko: You mean those doors that lead to the past? But they all
          disappeared... There aren't any left. The only way back to the past
          is the door to his room... and we know we don't want to use the key
          on that.
   Fuuka: No... There's one more door!
 Mitsuru: That's right...! The door that leads to Paulownia Mall.
   Aigis: The doors reflect the minds of those who enter them... If our wish is
          strong enough, we should be able to use that door to look into the
 Mitsuru: I see... Good thinking. How about it, everyone?
 Akihiko: Sounds like it's worth a try.

Metis starts to back away from the group.

   Aigis: ...What's wrong?
   Metis: I was just thinking... There's nothing left for me to do. And... I'm
          sure none of you would want me along... I did some horrible things to
  Junpei: Dude, what're you talking about? We all got ourselves into this mess!
          You don't have to be so hard on yourself. 
   Aigis: Don't you remember? I told you that I wouldn't leave you behind.
   Metis: ......!

Metis runs up to Aigis.

 Akihiko: Geez... If you'd been like that form the star, things would've been
          a lot smoother.
     Ken: Still, we're pretty lucky there's one door left. It's a real
          lifesaver, huh?
   Metis: ...... Now that you mention it... That is strange... Once a door's
          purpose has been fulfilled, it disappears... If that door's purpose
          is to prepare for battle, it should have vanished once the battles
          were over. Our fight afterward was just bickering between ourselves.
 Mitsuru: ...... There's only one logical conclusion. If that door's role is to
          allow us to prepare for battle, and it hasn't yet disappeared...
          Doesn't it follow... that there's still an enemy left to defeat? Our
          feelings are the reason for all of this... And what Aigis proposed
          relates directly to the core of our pain. We should probably expect
          to encounter something unknown.
   Aigis: ......
   Metis: Then... what now? Sh-Should we... find another plan?
  Yukari: If what Mitsuru-senpai says is true... we have to go. ...Right?

> Only one door remains...
> You decided to head for the door leading to the past Paulownia Mall.

Everyone is in front of the door.

 Mitsuru: ...Let's go.

Aigis opens the door. Everyone is shown in the Desert of Doors, except that
there is an extra door in the center this time.

   Aigis: This... What is this...!?
   Metis: This was never here before...
 Mitsuru: I see the ordeal awaiting us was no mere speculation... We should
          come back here once we've prepared for battle.
 Akihiko: Heh, fine with me. No matter what the truth is... We'll finally get
          to see it with our own eyes.

> The door that appeared in the Desert of Doors leads to the final ordeal...
> The answers you've sought for so long wait beyond.
> You should take all possible measures before confronting it.
> ......
> You decided to return to the lounge.

 Back to the Battle with Nyx - His Fate                                   [2r]

After entering the final door, the party is shown standing in a black area.

  Yukari: This place...
   Aigis: This feeling... This is where the last battle was...
 Akihiko: Hey... I can move!
   Metis: I said before, if it's a past that everyone experienced, then you can
          actually interact with it... The same as that shopping mall.
  Junpei: Wait... everyone? But you weren't here for this.
   Metis: It's probably because I--
 Mitsuru: Nyx...! And that must be...!
  Yukari: ......!

                               -- Anime Cutscene --

   Aigis: So this... is the miracle he performed.

                              -- Normal Cutscene --

   Fuuka: What... What is this?
   Metis: ...This is his life essence. As you can see, this is what happened.
          He himself became the Great Seal. But relinquishing one's life
          essence means death for a human... He must have already found it...
          His own answer... to life.
   Aigis: The answer to life...
   Metis: I don't think he has any regrets. He managed to keep his promise to
          you all before his consciousness faded away...
     Ken: His promise...? You mean to meet up on graduation day?
 Akihiko: Wait a sec. How do you know about that promise?
   Metis: How...? I just know. I'm probably just like Nyx, and the seal this
          person became--something that belongs on this side. Nyx's awakening
          means the destruction of everything... But think about it. If she's
          that powerful... how was she contained before he became the seal?
   Fuuka: Well... someone else must've...
   Metis: What about before humans ever existed?
 Mitsuru: What are you getting at?
   Metis: As I understand it... Nyx is neither hostile nor malevolent... A seal
          really isn't necessary.
  Yukari: What!? Are you saying he did all this for no reason...!?
   Metis: Not at all. What he was really trying to accomplish was--

The ground starts shaking.

  Junpei: Whoa... What the!?
   Fuuka: Everyone... look!
   Aigis: Ah, no!
   Fuuka: This... isn't a Shadow. So many... All those people's...
   Metis: As I thought. The seal's real purpose. It wasn't to hold back Nyx.
          It was a seal so that it couldn't be touched.
 Mitsuru: What do you mean?
   Fuuka: That monster... isn't a Shadow. It's the accumulated malice that came
          from the hearts of countless living people. All of them... deep down
          are calling Nyx!
 Akihiko: That can't be...
   Aigis: Last December... I, too, wished to learn death. It's probably true
          that people in town are wishing to touch it somewhere in their
          hearts. There is only one thing that differentiates life from
          stillness. It's that we die. That's all there is.
  Yukari: I think I understand. When your life loses its meaning, the fact of
          death can be kind of comforting. That lurking malice we're unaware of
          is strong enough to give birth to such a huge monster. And maybe...
          that's just how it is these days.
  Junpei: What's it doing!?

                              -- Normal Cutscene --

  Junpei: Why the hell is it after us!?
   Metis: ...It wants my sister! She has the same power as the one who created
          the seal...

Mitsuru pulls out her Evoker.

   Metis: Don't tell me you're going to fight that thing! It's impossible...
          It's just too big!
 Mitsuru: This is a battle we can't run from. The feelings that gave birth to 
          this abomination were inside me as well. Because I couldn't accept
          reality, I foolishly sought solace in a past filled with death and
          strife. There's no mistaking it... This monster is the reason for all
          our troubles.
 Akihiko: You got that right. If we run away from this, we're off to a lousy
          start for our future.
     Ken: That's what I think too... This was already a battle against myself.
  Yukari: I won't let myself run this time... He's watching us, and I won't let
          him down!
  Junpei: Sucks to be you, big guy, cuz we ain't gonna lose! Let's do this!
   Metis: Sister...
   Aigis: Don't worry. This think can't stop us. To go on living is to not give
          in to your own weakness... Let's win this, for a new beginning

The final battle begins.

 After the Defeat of Erebus                                               [2s]

The party is still in the black area.

  Junpei: Hah... How do you like them apples? We already saved the world
          once... This was just our encore!
   Metis: Wow... We really won...
   Aigis: See? I told you.
   Fuuka: But will it be enough...? For that monster to truly disappear,
          everyone's feelings must change...
 Mitsuru: To stop the heart's yearning for destruction... It's a formidable
          task. People try to keep death at bay, but without it, they lose
          sight of life. It may be that there's no way to fully eliminate this
   Aigis: No... I'm sure we can do it.
   Fuuka: Aigis...
   Aigis: We can all change someday... As long as we're alive, it can happen.
          After all, even I was able to do it.
  Junpei: Y'got that right!
 Akihiko: It we want the world to change, we have to believe it'll happen.
          People aren't that hopeless... We should know that already.
  Yukari: Hey... Aigis? Um... I need to apologize to you. I said some really
          horrible things... I think it really bothered me... The way you
          received the same power that he had. All I could think was, "Why
          wasn't it me?" Haha... It was jealousy, plain and simple.
   Aigis: Yukari-san...
  Yukari: But really... it wasn't because you were "the chosen one" or
          anything. It was because of the way you felt. *chuckle* You really
          never do stop thinking about him. We all wanted to protect him, but
          out of all of us... you must've felt the strongest. If there wasn't a
          seal... the world would soon yearn for Nyx again... That's why he's
          here. For us. Even if we went back to before the last battle, the
          world wouldn't be saved unless he did the same thing. Haha... I can't
          believe I didn't see it before. If there was an easier way, he
          would've taken it.
 Mitsuru: Yukari...
  Yukari: It's still sad, but... If I think of him as protecting us, forever...
          it helps a lot.
     Ken: Me too. I feel like I can breathe easier now that I know what really
          happened to him...
 Akihiko: Yeah. Now that we know the truth, I feel like the blinders have been
  Junpei: All we could do before was see him go... But now, I finally feel like
          we've gotten closer to him.
  Yukari: Aigis? Let's use that key and go back... to our time. I'm ready to
          start the morning of April 1st.
   Aigis: Of course!

Everyone returns to the lounge, in front of the entrance.

 Mitsuru: Well then... Aigis, if you would?
   Aigis: Right. Um... There's something I have to say, but... I'm not sure how
          to put it... I'm really happy to have known all of you.
  Yukari: A lot's happened in the past few days... but over time, it'll make
          our friendship stronger, you know? But hey, don't say it like that.
          It sounds like you're saying your goodbyes.
   Aigis: *chuckle* You're right.

The Key of Time begins to glow.

   Aigis: I see... Friendship... What gives you life? What makes you realize
          you're alive...? If it isn't just death... If there's something
          else... It could be... friendship. Is this... the answer to life I'm
          supposed to find?

Aigis opens the door.

   Metis: Congratulations... Sister.

 The Last Trip to the Velvet Room                                         [2t]

Everyone is standing in the Velvet Room.

  Yukari: Where... am I...? Huh...? What is this place!?
  Junpei: Hey, wait a second! What's going on here? This isn't the front of the
   Aigis: Everyone!? What's going on...?
    Igor: There is no need to worry. I only summoned you here that we might say
          our farewells. I am rather surprised, though... I did not expect your
          friends to follow you here. It seems the power of the wild card
          within you has influenced them as well...
   Fuuka: Huh? Aigis... you know them?
   Metis: This is where those who are about to awaken to their power receive
          guidance... My sister and your friend were guests here.
 Akihiko: Wait... How come you're standing there smiling like you know it all?
   Metis: Don't you remember what I said before? My place is here, on the
          "other side."

Metis walks up to Aigis.

   Metis: The Abyss of Time will soon disappear. Time will flow again, and you
          will return to your daily lives. Congratulations, Sister... and the
          rest of you, as well.
   Aigis: Metis...
   Metis: Sister... You said before that you promised to protect him... If
          you've truly come to appreciate your ties to others... I think you
          can still keep that promise.
   Aigis: What...?
   Metis: Someday, when more people come to realize that... the world will stop
          yearning for Nyx. And that monster will be vanquished. For that day
          to come, your every action will be important. Isn't that another
          way of protecting your friend?
   Aigis: I... can still keep my promise...?
 Mitsuru: Metis... Who are you really? Won't you tell us?
   Aigis: I think... she's the other me... I couldn't bear the pain of losing
          him... so I wished to be a mere machine again. You must be... the
          part of myself I wished away. My lonely sister, always being afraid
          of being left alone... You came to help me acknowledge and confront
          the pain of living. I finally understand... I only wish I had
          realized it much sooner.
   Metis: Sister... All live shares a "sea" deep within its soul. I think...
          that's where I came from. Your heart is connected to that sea as
          well... You're truly alive now. From now on... we'll always be
          together. Sister... I'm coming home.
   Aigis: Welcome back...

Metis vanishes, and Aigis' equipment goes with it. Aigis falls on the chair.

   Aigis: I feel... tired... I haven't felt this way in a while... When I went
          back to being a machine, I no longer required sleep.
    Igor: Hmmm... It seems our guest has safely reached her destination... Her
          answer to life...
  Yukari: Answer... to life...?
   Aigis: Please... tell me. Now that I've found my answer... is my life at its
  Junpei: End...? Huh? Whaddaya mean?
 Mitsuru: Aigis...?
   Aigis: It's strange... I feel s satisfied...
  Yukari: Aigis, you... You're not... No! This isn't happening!
   Aigis: I think... I'm finally at peace with losing him... Odd... for some
          reason, the tears are only now coming... I should have attended his
          farewell... I was so foolish, locking myself away. Looking back, I
          remember that Metis would cry... To think I had discarded such a
          basic emotion...
    Igor: You've completed your ordeal splendidly, and come to the end of your
          journey... ...And now we must part.

Everyone gathers around Aigis.

 Akihiko: Aigis! Hey, you can't be serious!
   Fuuka: Aigis...!
   Aigis: It's all right... Don't... worry...
  Yukari: No...! Aigis!

A butterfly floats across the black screen.

Voice of the Heart: You know... I think you can spread the message now... Not
                    with words alone... but with everyone's passion and
                    strength... If you could do that... He wouldn't have to
                    bear the burden all alone, would he...?

 The End - A Real Human                                                   [2u]

Newscaster: ...and that's the weather. At the tone, the time will be midnight.

Everyone is shown in the lounge.

Newscaster: Good evening. It is now April 1st. Here's a recap of the news from
            the 31st...

Everyone begins to wake up.

 Mitsuru: Hm...? What...?
 Akihiko: When... did we fall asleep...?
   Fuuka: Huh? What? ...Wait, is this!?

Akihiko and Koromaru check outside.

Koromaru: Arf arf!
  Yukari: Mm... What is it, Koro-chan...?
  Junpei: Weren't we... Weren't we gathered around the entrance, talking about
          some kinda key...?

Akihiko walks back.

 Akihiko: That's right... but it looks like everything's okay now. The outside
          world is back to normal. We can leave anytime.
 Mitsuru: So... The Abyss of Time has disappered.

Fuuka checks her cell.

   Fuuka: The date... it's April 1st!
  Junpei: Soooo... that means we're saved, right!? Woooooo-hoooo! 'Bout damn

Yukari walks over to Aigis and starts to shake her.

  Yukari: Aigis, wake up. We're safe! C'mon, Aigis.
     Ken: Wait a second... After we opened the front door with the key, we were
          brought to that room that looked like an elevator... And while we
          were there, Aigis-san...

Fuuka joins Yukari by Aigis.

  Yukari: H-Hey, Aigis! How long are you gonna lie there!? Wake up! Aigis!
   Fuuka: Mitsuru-senpai...
 Mitsuru: It's too early to reach any conclusions. Let's carry her to her room
          for now. We can keep an eye on her condition with the equipment

The party has relocated to Aigis' room.

  Junpei: Dammit... She's not waking up...
  Yukari: How's it look, Fuuka?
   Fuuka: Don't worry. I've used this system a number of times before... The
          equipment should be set up already, so...
 Mitsuru: *sigh* If only it wasn't so late at night... I'm sorry... I tried
          contacting the lab, but I doubt they'll be sending anyone right away.
   Fuuka: Well, I've almost got the bio-scan unit online...

The computer makes a beeping noise.

Akihiko (with Mitsuru's voice XD): Is that it?
   Fuuka: Yes! Her vital signs are up on screen! Let's see... ...... No... This
          is awful...
  Junpei: Did you find something?
   Fuuka: Her synaptic circuits... they're completely burned out... There was
          some sort of massive system overload that took her way over
          capacity... It's probably related to her new ability to use multiple
     Ken: Burned out...? But... they can fix her, right?
   Fuuka: It's easy to replace the faulty parts, but... She'll no longer be the
          Aigis we all know...
  Yukari: No... Aigis...

Aigis moves.

   Aigis: Mmm... Did you call me...?
  Junpei: Aigis!
   Aigis: Um... Has something happened?
  Yukari: Geez! You had us worried sick, sleepyhead! You took so long to wake
          up, we thought you might have died...
   Fuuka: But how could this be...? Her synaptic circuits shouldn't even be
          receiving power... It's as if... She's really alive...

Aigis gets up.

   Aigis: Oh, I'm so sorry to have worried you all. I was having a dream... the
          first one in some time. Memories of time I spent with everyone...
          and... "Strength of heart, when united, is barred by no door..." Oh,
          it's nothing. Sorrowful partings only show us the weight of our
          relationships... But the joy of living comes from those who care
          about you. I'm... a very lucky person.
  Yukari: Aigis... We were so close to each other... We suffered over the same
          things... Heh, I feel pretty stupid now... I wonder why we both
          thought we were all alone. I guess we're more like each other than we
  Junpei: Whewwww... Well, looks like it all came out okay! Man... I was pretty
          freaked out there for a while, but I think we've got out happy
 Akihiko: Yeah, looks that way. *sight* ...I'm bushed.
  Junpei: Aw, crap... now that we're not in any danger... I'm about to pass
          out! Maybe I can sleep standing up...
   Fuuka: Oh... Junpei-kun!
 Mitsuru: Very well... Let's go back to our rooms and rest until morning. If
          there's anything left to do-- ...... Actually... there is one thing
          I'd like to announce. About collecting everyone's Evoker... I'm
          thinking of calling that off. Our ordeal has given me a lot of food
          for thought. My own way of running away may have been to try and
          collect these and put them away... forever. But even if there are no
          Shadows left, the battle against ourselves is ongoing. Each of you
          should hold onto yours.
  Yukari: Until the day when everyone can change... ...Right?

> The next morning.

   Fuuka: Let's see... I already shipped my large luggage... Did I forget
 Mitsuru: That was my contact. The care they sent for us will arrive shortly.
 Akihiko: What, are you taking everyone else along for the ride, too?
 Mitsuru: Their new dorms are on the way to the lap. It'll be a quick stop. I
          thought we might as well travel together, since we're all here. It
          would be dull otherwise.
  Yukari: Where on earth is Junpei...? I told him not to be late--
  Junpei: Waaaaaaaaah!

Junpei can be heard falling down the stairs.

   Fuuka: Junpei-kun!?
 Akihiko: Ah, let him be. He's probably trying to carry everything at once...
          The same thing happened last year.
     Ken: Oh... But... That sounded like it really hurt...

Junpei walks in.

  Junpei: Owww... My face... I hope no one saw that.
  Yukari: *chuckle* Are you all right? Geez... What a way to end this.

A car is heard outside.

 Mitsuru: Ah... There's our ride. Well then, shall we be off?

Everyone begins to walk towards the door.

   Aigis: Um...! I... actually have a favor to ask...
 Mitsuru: What is it?
   Aigis: I know... it might not be possible because it's so sudden... But is
          there some ways... that I can back out of returning to the lab?
          Before, I thought... there was nothing left for me to protect. No
          reason to live. But now that I see otherwise... I'd like to go back
          to school with Yukari-san and everyone.
  Yukari: Aigis...
   Aigis: I want to continue to experience new things with you all! ...Is it
          too late...?
 Mitsuru: ...... Hmmm... Even if I wanted to place you back in, I'm no longer
          involved with Gekkoukan High...

A man walks through the door.

  Driver: Lady Mitsuru, your transportation has arrived.
 Mitsuru: Thank you.
  Yukari: Senpai!
 Mitsuru: I'm sorry for the sudden change in plans, but our destination is now
          the school's Tatsumi Hall. ...The transfer to the lab has been
   Fuuka: Then... Senpai...!
  Junpei: Now that's more like it!
   Aigis: Thank you so much! It's an honor to be able to say with you all!

Everyone goes outside. Aigis and Yukari linger by the door.

  Yukari: I'm still kinda sad to leave this place behind.
   Aigis: Yes... But change is part of life.
  Yukari: Hey, Aigis... If you're gonna live in the dorms... You wanna be my

                               -- Anime Cutscene --

   Aigis: Huh?
  Yukari: I mean you need one, right? But hey, no need to be so formal. We are
          friends, aren't we?
   Aigis: Yeah, you're right!


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If you are NOT a webmaster or someone with similar authority, you may not
rehost my guide on the website of your choice (for instance, AverageJoe uploads
my guide to IGN). Ultimately, this causes YOUR name to be next to MY guide. I
don't like that.

I will send a DMCA notice or otherwise appropriate notification to the
webmaster of the site you've used should you decide to steal my guide. Even if
you haven't altered one word.

Don't follow the rules, and I'll Armageddon you to oblivion.