Gears of War 3: FAQ/Walkthrough

* Game:	        Gears of War 3            *
* Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
* For:		Xbox 360                  *
* Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
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* Twitter:	TheGum25                  *
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Version 1.0 - Hardcore and bits of co-op advice; collectables are in here and
will add more later.

Table Of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Starter Tips			( TIPS222 )
3. The Guide			( FAQ3333 )

	Act One: Prologue – Troubled Past
	Act One: Chapter 1 -  Anchored
	Act One: Chapter 2 – Abandon Ship
	Act One: Chapter 3 – Homecoming
	Act One: Chapter 4 – Helping Hand
	Act One: Chapter 5 – MVP
	Act One: Chapter 6 – Hanging by a Thread

	Act Two: Chapter 1 – Shipwreck
	Act Two: Chapter 2 – House of Sand
	Act Two: Chapter 3 – Forced Entry
	Act Two: Chapter 4 – Trench Run
	Act Two: Chapter 5 – Hijack
	Act Two: Chapter 6 – Airborne
	Act Two: Chapter 7 – Touchdown

	Act Three: Chapter 1 – Unbreakable
	Act Three: Chapter 2 – Rescue
	Act Three: Chapter 3 – Breakneck Run
	Act Three: Chapter 4 – Ghost Town
	Act Three: Chapter 5 – Brothers to the End

	Act Four: Chapter 1 – Ashes to Ashes
	Act Four: Chapter 2 – Crater
	Act Four: Chapter 3 – Hang’em High
	Act Four: Chapter 4 – Batten Down the Hatches
	Act Four: Chapter 5 – Bon Voyage
	Act Four: Chapter 6 – Watery Grave

	Act Five: Chapter 1 – Home Away From Home
	Act Five: Chapter 2 – Blackout 
	Act Five: Chapter 3 – Shattered Paradise
	Act Five: Chapter 4 – Threshold
	Act Five: Chapter 5 – Ascension
	Act Five: Chapter 6 – Reckoning

4. Collectables			( COG4444 )
5. Game Modes			( GAMO555 )
6. Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

* 2. Starter Tips ( TIPS222 )                                                 *

#1. Action reloading is the best advantage you can gain. When reloading try to
hit the tiny white part of the sliding bar. You reload instantly and have 
stronger ammo, regardless of gun. The bonus damage doesn't last long, so use
it when you got it.

#2. Reduce enemy LOS (line of sight). This means you must take cover, always.
This game is less about popping up and trading fire and more about letting
someone play decoy while others fire at the targets. Frags and blind-firing
are great ways to free yourself from cover. Always try to flank your enemies.

#3. If in trouble, turn, and sprint/roll to cover. In multiplayer, people will
be rolling and sprinting and hitting cover over and over.

#4. Enemies will close in on you, so don't stay idle for long. It's called 
being aggressive, and you have to be or you won't last long. 

#5. Use your grenades. They aren't all over, but no sense sitting on them.

#6. Don't rely on melee unless you have a lancer; any other melee probably
won't cut it (lol).

#7. The Hammerburst and Lancer make a great combo. The Longshot is feast or
famine depending on your accuracy; Boomshots are always good to pick up; 
shotguns are hard to use with success; Torque Bows are nice substitutes for
explosives. If your team is competent you could more easily swap out different
weapon tactics on the fly, but if you're carrying your team you won't have 
much room to for those stronger weapons with less ammo.

#8. An effective tactic seems to be get a few blindfire hits in, and then pop
up for concentrated fire. NPCs do a small stagger when initially hit, and
you can use that to start to pour on the lead if pinned down. Just inflict
damage and get kills.

#9. You can mark, or spot, enemies by clicking the LS while aiming. This helps
a bit in multiplayer and provides a bit more XP.

#10. If you have a shotgun and are within inches of an enemy, you don't have to
aim to ensure a kill, you can just press the shoot button to shoot from the 
hip. You will see this used against you in multiplayer, a lot. If you can 
master how to blindfire a gnasher, you could effectively run the story on
hardcore mode without much trouble to be honest.

#11. You can run into doors and you will automatically kick them open.

#12. You can press BACK to skip a cutscene, but only do so on other plays as
the scenes are worth watching.

* 3. The Guide  ( FAQ3333 )                                                   *

This is done on the Hardcore setting, so if you play on a lesser difficulty,
do not be surprised if the game is easier than described. Of course anyone
who needs to know this information will not read this so....................

Act One: Prologue – Troubled Past

Move up and visit the cell to your right for a COG tag. Follow her up for a 
familiar scene, then just follow the tutorial to refresh yourself. All you 
need to know is the enemies are not threats here. Mow them down, practice the
active reloads (hitting the white box), and then spray the phantom Corpser to
end the segment.

Act One: Chapter 1 -  Anchored

Turn around and pick up the cash on the table behind you, then go into the hall
to meet a lady. Follow her to pick up a report in her room. Remember you have
quest helper if you press LB. You'll find Dom in the room up the hall on the
right. The third room has another report. Head up the steps to meet Jace. Then
up to meet Anya.

As you turn to head up to the deck a pack of Polyps will rush you. You don't
need to do much to kill these things, so firing from the hip works if you must
retreat. Quickly move up to sight the Polpys running down the steps and you 
will probably want to back up for them. There is a Hammerburst if you need, and
more up ahead, but the Lancer/Gnasher combo will work fine. 

Atop the steps you will meet a Drudge, so take cover and try to blindfire him,
which is to shoot over cover without aiming; not as hard as you may think. 
Then take cover to the left as Lambent Drones will appear, and you can have 
frag waiting for them. Clear them and then roadie run (hold A) up and to the
right to meet the Drudge as he lands - hold B to chainsaw him with a Lancer for
a cool kill. Find what ammo you can and go back toward the steps to find frags
in the corner. When ready, use the lever in the shack.

Move up quickly (not too far) and take cover as Lambent appear in the area.
Take the closest Drones as top priority before focusing on the Drudges; one is
on the walkway above. More Lambent appear as you move up, so just watch the
left or advance that way to flank the enemy. Feel free to use frags as there
are some to the left. When you move up about four more Drones will appear and
once they are gone you should hear the music stop to signal you are safe for 
now. Head into the left corner and look up to shoot down a COG tag from a body
and pick it up. There is plenty of ammo and Longshots if you are so bold as
you head up and to the room. The Longshot is a sniper rifle, and with one
round per reload it's a feast or famine weapon.

On the return trip back you should just lancer the enemies below you. When 
clear, head down, grab the ammo crate to the right, and a group of Lambent
will be incoming from the landing pad. This is a time to use the longshot, and
you could even go back up the steps if you want to. There is an ammo crate
near the helipad pit.

When you approach the pit, get ready for Drudges on the other side of it, so
have a frag ready (remember you can toss without aiming). Mop up the three 
Drones and two more will come up the steps around the corner. Head down and use
the extinguisher to put out two fires. In the room ou should shoot the first 
Drone and then quickly go in to saw apart the other before he can react to you.

Act One: Chapter 2 – Abandon Ship

Down the hall you have more Polyps. Move quickly so you can assist the guys 
in the kitchen. Go in and take cover as a few Polyps will drop in and Drudges
will appear. Feel free to use a frag or two. Once they are dead you can grab
the ammo in the corner, a frag, and there is ammo near the entrance in the hall

Head up and through the storeroom with ammo, and then hop over the barrier.
In the hangar you should take cover, blind fire the nearby enemies, and then
run up the left path so you can flank the incoming Drudges. Hopefully your
team can mop up the Lambent near them, and you should be able to blindfire 
all the enemies from the end of wall, or toss a frag or two as you have some
right there. Hop down for ammo and head to the next part. Get a frag ready and
spot the door up to the right. Move up with your frag sight on and toss it
right next to the door as soon as it opens to get the three Drones. Two more
will be up on the walkway, and then there is just one more in the control room.
Don't miss the lancers as you head up there to pull the lever.

You can hit the next three Drones from far away, and once they are dead be 
sure to grab the ammo crate as a scene will trigger soon. Just get with your
group and fend off the Polyps until the tentacle goes away. Then have a frag
ready for the Drones that emerge from a door on the left. There will be two
more in the next control room. In the side door you will find a Gorgon SMG,
which is a good replacement for the Snub, even if you don't use either. Don't
miss the frags in the corner before you go up to pull the lever.

Get ready for a Drudge and friends atop the lift. Plenty of supplies tucked to
the right, then turn the valve to advance on the next group of enemies. You
have to move up to see these guys, so feel free to use a gnasher and frags if
you want. Turn the valve at the end, then put out the fires with the 
extinguisher in front of you, and move up for a scene.

Proceed until you get rocked. Trade fire with the Drones, get to the right but
not around the corner, and wait for Polyps to appear. You should be as far away
from them as you can and have clear shots on them as they spawn. The Drones
who you didn't kill shouldn't bother you, but if you come under fire that 
usually means the danger is about to subside. There is ammo nearby and up ahead
by the next door.

Run after the scene. Open the door to the garage and pick up the book on the
left. Get in a Silverback and move up to kick open the gate. You can press A
to deploy cover and use rocket volleys. Try to aim for the Leviathan's eye, but
any damage is damage. Once chased away, be ready to tangle with some Polyps
and Drones, but the critters are more dangerous as they are harder to hit.
Hopefully your ground people are competent and will help. The big guy will
show up, so hit the eye until he goes away. One more round of minions, and then
burn the big bad once more to end the chapter.

Act One: Chapter 3 – Homecoming

There is a Hammerburst up by the barricade, and it's not bad to have. Head down
the road and look on the left for a gate to kick open to reveal a note and 
frags. Head up for a scene.

You have a Boltok and hammerburst on the left, crap on the right, and a hat for
Cole at the back of the truck. Head into the playground to see the Drudges'
extra arms. You could shoot those arms, or just hit the body to blow the
whole Drudge up. You want to also hit the pods on the stalks, the big things
sticking out of the ground. Go right and try to move up to flank the Drones so
you can clearly hit the pods on the Stalks. Mop up as another stalk appears, so
try to pop the pods quickly.

The gate opens, but climb on the playset for a note and feel free to try the 
slide. Lambent Wretches will be incoming, so take them out quickly. Down the
road is a Drudge, more Drones, and more Wretches. When you clear them out,
pick up the ammo and move up. There are frags on the right before you take
the fence.

Guns on ahead and when you reach the parking lot run left and up as the stalks
emerge. Pop the pods quickly and toss a frag to the Lambent. Kill the Drudge
and the Drones, then hit the next pods from afar if you can (a hammerburst 
would work nicely too). You should only have a Drudge, a Wretch, and a few
Drones from the second stalk. Clear them out and head around to the door; there
are frags to the left if you need them.

Use the lancer to clear the crates in the corner to reveal ammo. Saw the boards
to enter the store. There are frags in the first booth and a lancer in the 
second (save if you are nearly full). When you move up the Polyps will be 
incoming, so quickly dispatch them and run up the middle aisle to engage the
Drudges and Drones from a tiny piece of cover. Kill any nearby Drones and then
toss a frag or two at the Drudges. Careful of the flamethrowing head that 
could spawn; which could also detach, so just ensure the Drudge is done falling
apart before moving on.

Head right to find a note and pick up the Boomshot (drop your hammerburst or
gnasher). Move up and you'll see two Drudges ahead, so use the boomshot on them
and remember to aim a little above the intended target point. Mop up the Drones
and it's your call to save some boomshots as there are three Drudges in the
next room. There is a longshot behind the counter you may also want to use
in your plans. 

When jumping into the next and final room on the grocery store, you need to
take out both Drudges to the left and right before they do much harm. Then you
want to take cove along the middle and from the left and right sides hit the
pods on the middle stalk. I say you should go up the left side to flank the
Drones, or you could double back to pick up that longshot; your call depending
on your ammo count. When the battle is over, grab ammo, and open the door.

Lancer and gnasher ammo in the side room, then open the next door. Saw open
the box on the left to reveal a lever to a mech loader. Use it to open the path
and pick up the crate of food. Hop out to investigate the room for a COG tag,
boomshot, ammo, and frags before you get in the loader.

You want to open the door to the left, but it's better to kick open the right
side door so you can kill the Drudges and friends before going out. Do that
and watch for one Drudge to morph into an extended torso form, to which you
can just hit the top or bottom part. Get back in the loader and open the left
door to move on. More Lambent will appear, so hop out and use the truck bed as
cover, and watch for a slithering Drudge head. Then a stalk will drop more
Lambent to your left, so get down and take better cover. Hit the stalk pods
if you can, but the bird in the air will help you mop up the last enemies.
Finish off the Drudge before using the loader to clear the path. Approach the
smoke to end the chapter.

Act One: Chapter 4 – Helping Hand

There are hats in the truck, and then move up and across the road to find ammo
and a longshot behind a truck to the right. Hopefully you still have the 
boomshot from the end of the last chapter, so move up and use it on the 
Gunker, the big Lambent who can toss imulsion bombs and whip out his razor 
arm if you get too close. The boomshot should mostly kill the first Gunker, but
you can hit it's "head" with normal arms. Once the first Gunker is down, turn
around and go grab the longshot and/or the frags if you used any. Use the 
sniper rifle on Drones so you can drop it for a hammerburst.

The stalk in the corner will drop another Gunker, but this time you won't have
your boomshots. It's risky to move in too close as a direct bomb will be hard
to avoid, but frags are the next best way to kill these beasts. You should toss
frags from as far back as you can, and always have a clear path to roll. If you
can, go left to pick up the boomshot in the alcove to use on the gunker or his
pals as you will get more boomshots soon. For the third stalk you can try to
hit the pods, but your team can mop it up.

Follow the nice lady all the way until you get full control back. Then go right
to find a newspaper in a container and a boomshot. A bit further up you will
find ammo stacks to the left; we're going boomshot/lancer. Head out to find the
ammo, then head down and hop over the sandbags for frags. Head past the gate
and go left to find a COG tag on the pier. 

When you move up, head to the raised area on the left and hit the nearest 
stalk's pods quickly; somewhat ignore the enemies. A Gunker will emerge from
the stalk further back and his bombs won't reach you at first, but soon he
will have you in range and you'll just have to always be in motion and know
where the sky is. You'll want to move back and clear the lesser enemies (watch
for another slithering head), and then use your boomshots on the big guy as
quickly as you can. Then hit the second stalk's pods before mopping up the
area. To the right you will find more boomshots in an alcove, and then go 
open the door.

Plenty of ammo and some boomshots in here if you need. Head up to the gate with
your boomshot in hand. After the scene, lay into the Gunker and strafe to the 
right. As he is blowing up, pull out your lancer and pop all the pods that you
see on both stalks. Deplete your boomshots on the second Gunker and just 
stay clear of his bombs. Grab the ammo or frags quickly before the chapter 

Act One: Chapter 5 – MVP

Move up for a scene. Take the upper path because why not? Move up and mow down
the two enemies on the walkway. Then go right into a storage area for ammo
and a note. Head to the top of the escalators to start hitting tangos down
below. Head down the escalators but not to the ground and finish off any Drones
before the Gunker shows up. You should able to stay up where you are and the
Gunker can't hit you. So get in the corner and just lob frags at him until he
blows up - use any spare boomshots left over from the last chapter. 

After the fight, drop your empty boomshot for a hammerburst and find any ammo
you can. There is a note and ammo box by a vending machine near the door ahead,
and take it to the locker room for a scene.

Just run forward, and then run forward again. Pick up the ring by a body up
ahead and go up to swap your burst for a boomshot. Open the door for a scene.

Stay low and don't worry about the first few levels as the enemies can't 
harm you. You'll see a red explosive in the middle of a window on the third
floor, so hit it. On the fourth floor you MUST hit the red explosive to kill
the Gunker or you will die. 

Act One: Chapter 6 – Hanging by a Thread

As you glide, hit the enemies and red explosives to the right that you can,
and then start hitting the Gunker on the bridge. When you land you need to 
either move up and to the right or back and to the right as there is not a lot
of room here. Hopefully you had that boomshot and you can use it now on the big
guy and the Drudges. There are frags at the back before you move up.

After the scene, try to quickly kill the sniper dead ahead of you, then run
left and up to the wall. From here, peek around the corner and hit the red 
explosives to the right where a turret nest will appear, and in doing so you
will destroy the turret. Careful as you look to the right as there are two
snipers who have good aim even from bad angles. Kill the Savage Drones that
appear, then try to get under the snipers and hit them from below. Pick up
the sack of coins behind the middle turret nest. More grubs will appear to the
left by that turret nest. Once dead you can pick up flame grenades or the new
Retro Lancers, but stay back (to the right) as a door on the left will open
to reveal Grenadiers, a Butcher, and Boomers. Hopefully you can land a frag or
flame grenade on them, but just stay clear and play it safe as you don't want
any part of these guys up close.

You can test out the Incendiaries if you want, but I say just grab the
boomshots and keep your regular lancer. Past the gate you can saw open a box
in a container on the right for a bayonet on the ground. Ahead will be a 
Savage nest. Just approach from the right, clear immediate threats, and toss
a grenade in the turret nest, and maybe another to th enemies on the left.
There are frags to the left which leads to a ladder which leads to behind
the Locust, but that is more trouble than it's worth. Just wait until after
the fight, then go down that path to pick up the COG tag behind the tiny wall.
Grab ammo and move out. 

Tickers will be incoming from behind a turret nest, so kill the gunner and mow
down the Tickers as their explosions are too powerful to mess with. You can hit
the red explosive on the right to make a path to the bridge, but that's 
completely stupid as you'll get torn apart. Just go to the back and take the
ladders like everyone else and engage the Locust with your squad. Careful of
the Grenadiers as they like to mix it up close. Kill them and finish off the 
Boomer. Grab his shot if you need it and the ammo to the right before going
through the fence.

Follow the trail and take the ladder. The catwalk is a bit tougher. Going
through the catwalk will force you to hurry to save the other team as you will
pop up behind the Savage nest. While the lower deck team just needs to not be
terrible and hold the Locust fire for a time. If you go lower deck you should
clear both sides and go right to hide in front of the turret as backup arrives.
Mop up when your teams combine, then look left as two Locust will appear, so be
ready. Grab the ammo at both ends of the room if needed and take the door out.

After the scene, move up and be ready for a box of Tickers to drop. Then move
up and behind the box so you can get a clear sight on incoming. There are about
10-12 you need to take care up as you cautiously move up. There will be a few
at the back, then you can go around a shack on the left for ammo. 

Go up the ramp to face the mortar run. You have to use the containers for cover
from the bombs, but it's kind of difficult as you may not be able to clearly
tell which lane is being hit. Try to wait for your lane to get hit and be
ready to run. You want to make your way to the right as you can run up a side
path and flank the crew. They may try to hit you from the very end of this 
path, but they should miss. You can lob a frag or two on them, or even a 
boomshot as there is one nearby. 

When clear, get down there and grab a mortar. It's simple, you can either
shoot a random shoot from the hip, or you can set it down, hold the trigger,
watch as the power builds on the meter, and then let go to release or let it
reach the top for max distance. A gas barge will be incoming, so let it get in
somewhat close and shoot a max range mortar towards its front and you should
nail it - a boomshot may work too. 

Drop the mortar, pick up the boomshot if you need it, and head down into the 
dark road. Twice the tentacles will drop Polyps on you, so be ready. Around
the container in the road you should have a frag waiting for the Locust that
appear and don't let them rush you. Clear them out and go up the ladders.

Go around to the right to find a note. Move left for a scene. Go up the steps 
and there is a boomshot to the left if you need, as well as a longshot that 
you shouldn't need along the side path. Just take your full boomshot and run 
up. Hit the turret gunner on the right who appears, then the grubs that pop up.
There is one more up by a far turret nest, and try to kill him from range. Then
just run up to the Ticker box on the right and press X to end the act.

Act Two: Chapter 1 – Shipwreck

As the level starts, find the brown container nearby and open it for a note.
Pick up the guns as you move, including two lancers, two pairs of frags, and
a handy longshot; there are many more guns in the muck, but you don't need
them all. When you reach the main area you will face two groups of grubs, and
then a final wave who appears from behind a collapsable wall. Save the longshot
for the final two waves, and you can flank them to the right, but you can also
be an easy target if not careful. After the fight, don't worry too much about
ammo as you just need to kill one more group ahead. Move up the path and get
ready for Locust to emerge, one on the container at first and then more behind
the sandbags. Mop them up and go behind the rock to pick up a note. Move 
forward to swap bodies, even on co-op.

Begin pouring lead into the Diggers and their friends. The Digger Launchers
can go underground and ignore cover, but they don't seem to go under rock 
barriers. So dodge the diggers and run up to the right where Grubs will emerge,
but you need to take out the snipers on the bridges above, or stay out of their
sights until the Drones are dead. When you have this narrow passage clear, 
turn the corner and finish off the Diggers and the Locust behind the sandbags.
Careful when you go to collect ammo as your team may engage the Grubs up the 
trail, including a sniper on a bridge, and that will cause more to emerge from
the middle of area where the Diggers were, so take them out quickly and feel
free to use the digger guns; but again, you'll have to grab them fast and get
ready. Feel free to bring a digger gun and boltok.

Collect the frags and ammo before moving up the trail to the siege crews. Mop
them up and drop down. Before you jump on the siege beast, move up and then
look right and up to see a box on a cliff side. Destroy it and a note will drop
that you can pick up in a minute. Get on the siege beast and destroy the other
two catapults as Grubs will be incoming; on co-op have someone ready to saw 
them apart as they come up. Then a Brumak will appear that takes a few hits of
artillery to kill. Grab any ammo before he dies if you need it.

*NOTE: If you want to conserve lancer ammo, feel free to use the boltok as you
have a lot of allies in the fight upcoming.*

After the scene, move up and and have a frag ready for the Locust that pop up
in the alcove on the right. You can hit the box on the cliff now, and if you
hit it before you can pick up the note in the alcove. Grab what you can and
continue down the trail to engage two snipers in  the cliff wall. Three more 
are around the corner. Move up to be behind two Drones who are more concerned
with the COG on the beach, so pick them off and move up. When the next enemies
emerge, they will fire at you, so take them out quickly.

After the scene get ready for a long stream of Grubs, so sit back, mow them 
down, and don't let them get too close. Be sure to grab the COG tag behind the
container on the right. After you kill the ones that appear farther back, a 
Brumak will appear. You really need to stay safe here and behind the cover of 
a container. You can temporarily disable his arms, but just focus fire on his
head. There is ammo at the back, so just don't stop the stream of bullets.

Act Two: Chapter 2 – House of Sand

Grab some ammo and head out. Move up to the open area as a baby Corpser will
burrow toward you. It's better to roll towards it when you see the dust heading
your way. When it emerges, drop a frag under it and it should go under. Dodge
it again and when it emerges you should only need a concentrated barrage to its
back to bring it down.

A Grub may be around the corner, and then when you move forward you should try
to stay low as Locust are above you. Watch for the two Tickers and head right
to hop up. Take out the Digger first, then the minions as you use the tree to
hide from the Grinder, and then take him out. Find your ammo and though you
can bring the Mulcher for a portable turret, it's actually not too helpful for
the next fight; those fire grenades will help. When you go toward the gate you
will be ambushed by Butchers and shotgun-wielding infantry. Drop fire on the 
Butchers before they can get far and just stay low and keep the shock troops
at bay. This fight will take a while to play out, so be patient. Grab the ammo
you can and take the door out.

Start running left and down the trail on the other side until you reach the 
bottom where two Grenadiers have dropped down; you can chainsaw them if you
move quick enough. Then run up the right side path to flank the enemy turret
nest. Feel free to use your digger gun on the enemies and watch out for 
Tickers. Kill the Digger and the area should be clear to comb for supplies.

Go up the ladder and don't get on the beast too quickly. Go to the left and 
find the longshot and frags on the ledge. Then get on the beast and use it to 
try and hit some enemies down the path, but it's very hard as not even getting
a red sight will ensure a hit. Just aim a little behind your spot and you might
hit something with your few volleys. When you move into the narrow passage the 
gate will close and you should go right to try and flank the Diggers and their

*NOTE: Since you need a sniper rifle for the next chapter, may as well drop
the digger gun now and pick up a rifle, or have a friend do so on co-op if you
want to keep the digger gun.*

Grab the ammo, frags, more ammo and frags ahead, and head out to the next 

Act Two: Chapter 3 – Forced Entry

Move up and mow down the first enemy on the right quickly. The point here is to
not let them sound a horn. There are longshots and Oneshots nearby, but if you
have a longshot from the previous chapter you can post up at the first horn 
(careful not to sound it) and look to the wall across the way. There is a guard
that will not move and one that will. Wait for the moving guard to get near
the other and then shoot the stationary guard with a headshot, hit the active
reload, and then you can just hit the explosive barrels on the right as he runs
near them to take him out. A co-op friend can do this as well, but you can
manage on your own.

Now grab the longshots and Oneshot, which is a giant sniper rifle that will
kill the target no matter where you hit. However, it's just up to you if you
want to use the oneshot or longshot. Move over to see the big gate. There are
two guards on either side of the big horn directly above the gate. You may need
to move up a bit to get a clear sight on both, but careful not to move up too
far. By yourself you will have to hit the one on the right and then hit the 
explosives on the left to hit that guard, but you have to be quick or make sure
the left guard is as far away from the horn and try to hit him directly. On
your own this part is tough and I would recommend reloading the checkpoint if
you sound the alarm because you won't be able to get a collectable if you do.
On co-op you can easily coordinate a dual-strike.

*Being detected*

If you do sound an alarm you will have to face Diggers, Drones, and a baby
Corpser. You will also have to fight out of an ambush for the next fight. You
will also be pinned down by turret fire and need to go up and take a walkway to
reach the side cave.

*End being detected advice*

Successfully avoiding detection opens a side door with a small pack of guards,
and then you can go in and pick up a COG tag among some ammo. You will also
pop up in the corner of the next area and be in less peril.

Assuming you took the side path to the next fight, clear your way out and move 
to clear out the Grubs in the cave. Don't run in until you know it's mostly
clear, and then you can kill the turret gunners and shoot the barrels under
the middle turret placement if you want. Then hop on the turret and mow down
the incoming Diggers from the side door. Grab the ammo crate and run into the
next area and take cover in the side alcove out of the turret's sight. Run up 
to the right of the turret and engage the Grenadiers. Toss a frag or two to 
clear them out and flank the turret nest. Pull the lever on the pole to end the

Act Two: Chapter 4 – Trench Run

Run up to trigger a scene. Run forward and hide under the cover. Move to the
other side and wait for the carpet bombing to finish, then quickly run to the
right. Let the bombs pass and run to the third cover and move to the other side
to make the barge go away. Watch the right and you will find a hammer behind
some boxes as you exit the trench.

After the scene, move up for ammo and then go left to take cover. Head to the
far left to flank the Grubs, but watch out for Tickers. Take the door at the
other end. Move up as all seems well, and get ready to shoot or saw a Drone.
Then be ready for a Drone and Digger around the corner. Grab ammo and head to
the next area.

There are plenty of Tickers on the ceiling, so shoot them down. Clear out the
Drones, grab some ammo, and head to the other side. Ground Tickers should be
incoming, so watch out. Careful of the moving line of Tickers as they can be
used against you. Take point atop the ramp and watch the lower end as you thin
the Locust down the trail. Use the hanging and moving line of Tickers against
them, and from the top of the ramp you should be fine.

Move up to the pit as you will be trapped with a baby Corpser. Same tactics as
before: roll into the dust trail when it comes after you, drop a frag, and you
should have to drop a frag a second time as this one is a bit tougher than the
first one. Have a frag ready for the big Butcher and Drones coming out of the
gate ahead. Mop them up and go in to collect supplies. You should have a lancer
and gnasher on you as you head up the ladder.

Kill the newborn when you can and then group up to fend off the swarm, and you
should have much fun using your chainsaw to kill them. After a few wave are 
dead, the mother will appear. Just keep your distance, try to stay on its 
side, and aim for the eyes when you see them light up. She has four eyes and
between each wave you will have to fight off babies and newborns. The bigger
children will be easier to kill as they will lack armor, so you can just
shoot them straight up and they won't be too hard to kill; remember to roll
at their dust clouds. Though it's funner to saw the little ones up, just shoot
them for now. There are stacks of ammo on the side, and on the second wave you
may get three bigger Corpsers.

As for the momma herself, you just need to hit the eyes at all costs. If she's
bearing down on you, stand your ground and hit the eyes when you get a chance.
After the final eye is popped she will go into berserk mode and run around the
room in nearly identical paths. Just keep your eyes on her and dodge her 
charges. When the countdown appears, just one person needs to head for the exit
and the scene will trigger to end the chapter. You can't just run for the 
exit as she will likely roll over you.

Act Two: Chapter 5 – Hijack

Start off by shooting down the Shriekers, the airborne machine gun things.
Then take out the Drones. Just sit back and wait as a barge is incoming, but
more enemies will appear to the left. Move up and if you have a longshot you
can snipe the Theron Guards down below, just don't stay in their line of sight 
for too long as their Torque Bows will down you with a direct hit. Take them
out and a door on the left will open to reveal some Grenadiers, Shriekers
further back, Therons by the turret, and a Digger. They may be in any number of
places, but most of them come from the cave on the left. Snipe the Therons and
then pick up the previous Torque Bows to give them a spin. Before you leave,
turn around and in front of the turret nest you will will find a door that has
a collectable and ammo, but feel free to keep the bow as it is pretty useful.

Take the door and then the lift up to the dock. Stay in the middle and try to
use the middle cover to shield yourself from the incoming barrage from the air.
Circle around, keeping the top of the lift between you and the barge. As it
hits the long ends of the platform, have your torque bolts waiting as Therons
will rappel down as soon as the barge stops. You need to take out the Therons
quickly and keep moving as the barge will continue it's route as well. After
it drops four pairs of Therons the barge will park. There should be just three
more Therons to hop out, so have a frag ready and mop them up to trigger a

Act Two: Chapter 6 – Airborne

Get on the right side turret and pop the tops of the enemies barges.

Once you land, head right to flank the Therons. There are about four on the
ground and two up on the gate and/or in the building. After the scene, grab
some lancer ammo and boomshots; we will NOT be using the boomshots. Grab the
oneshot and head up the stairs and into the building. The oneshot can one shot
the Reavers, but drop it once they are dead and just handle the Therons on your
own, or just save three oneshots for the last Reavers. You can also use an
explosive truck if you want. 

When clear, go refill on lancer ammo and then head to the other road. Head
left to find a note, then go right, up the steps to the buildings, and all the
way right to find a COG tag in the corner. Remember, boomshot and lancer as you
head for the barge.

Act Two: Chapter 7 – Touchdown

Use the front turrets to shoot down the barges and then just wait for the Queen
to show up. Just use the back area for cover and stay out of the light. It's
hard to keep a read on her, but try and just live until the act ends.

Act Three: Chapter 1 – Unbreakable

In the starting garage you have a ton of weapons to choose from, but hopefully
in the previous few chapters you loaded up on Boomshots and still have them.
Ideally, you will have Boomshots, Lancer, and frags, but if you don't have
Boomshots you can grab the Longshots at the start.

Also, there are three collectables: one on the wall behind you as soon as the
chapter starts, a painting in a room on the right side path, and some tags by
the ammo on the floor if you continue down the right side path which will
cross over a bridge to the left side. 

* First Gate *

When you reach the front you are just trying to survive. You can't do anything
to stop the siege beast from breaking the first gate (as far as I know), so you
just need to hop on and off the left side turret (staying on the left is
important) and spray down anything that moves. The left side is the hotter
side as ther creek  is a prominent spawning point; the other being the center
bridge. You'll have to hit Reavers, Bloodmounts, Grinders, and if any Drones
get too close they will grapple up to the gate. Just survive until the siege
beast rolls up and you can sit back and do nothing.

* Second Gate *

After the scene, run back (remember, down the right side as you retreat).
You'll be on the upper walkway and have access to ammo, a Longshot, and a
Vulcan cannon. You need to survive four waves of Maulers and Grinders to get
out of this fight the easy way. But first you must mop up some Bloodmounts and
a ton of Drones before the first Maulers show up.

So again, you have the following at your disposal:

	A few ammo crates
	A few frags
	Vulcan Cannon
	Palate of gas containers hanging over the yard

We will assume you have almost full Lancer ammo, a full Longshot or Boomshot,
and four frags. If you have Boomshots, save those for the Maulers. If you just
have a Longshot, use that on the drones. You will have to kill a lot of drones,
so don't take them lightly. You should only have to dip into the ammo crates
for the drones, but feel free to use Longshot rounds.

*NOTE: On the higher difficulties and/or on co-op, best to use your frags 
earlier rather than late as there won't be as much ammo to go around. Also,
be sure not to shoot boomshots at the Maulers' shields.*

Once the drones stop pouring in and the yard is quiet - get some Lancer ammo -
a horn will sound and Maulers will appear followed by two Grinders. Pour a few
Lancer rounds into the Maulers to get them to slow down and toss a frag or two;
one for the Maulers, another if you need to finish off more than a few Maulers,
and then Lancer the Grinders. The key is to not let the Maulers get under the
walkways. You can't really see down there, so your only hope then would be to
try and bounce a frag off the gate wall and hope it lands under the Maulers and
not on the guys in the lower walkway. So if the conga lines head out of your
vision you can then use the hanging gas tanks.

Try to repeat with the second wave, but don't be shy about using the Vulcan.
On the third wave you can deplete the Vulcan and use any frags you want. You
may want to save a frag or two if you can manage for the fourth wave, but it's
up to you. For the fourth wave you can go about it any way you wish, but you
should still use some Lancer bullets to slow them down. Let them get to about
the middle of the yard and then hit the hanging palate to drop it for a huge
explosion. If any Maulers survive, drop frags and/or go Lancer crazy -
Boomshots would be good to use in this case. Mop up the Grinders and you will
end the chapter right there.

If you had a full stack of Boomshots on you, those would have been overkill
and would make the higher difficulties a relative breeze. If you don't know,
the Boomshots come from the previous act and can be saved for this chapter.

* Third Gate and Beyond *

If you weren't up to the task and the Maulers broke through, you can basically
just let the Locust reach the garage because it will be hard to prevent the
Boomers from doing their job. At the garage, just sit back until you are told
of the last resort and hit the tanker to end the chapter.

If you were never able to complete the second gate you could have just let the
first Maulers go through and then sit back until you get the last resort. 

Act Three: Chapter 2 – Rescue

The wall team has sniper rifles and oneshots and are in the least peril. The
rescue team will be in the thick of things; on co-op, whatever the first
player chooses, the second player will do the other. As the battle starts you
will both mow down a few small threats while the truck is moving. After the
scene, kill the Grenadiers and the ground guy should mark (click the LS while
aiming) the Digger for the wall team. When these enemies are dead, turn around
for more Drones before a Lambent stalk drops a Drudge. The oneshot can destroy
the all but the slithering head of a Drudge, and don't forget to hit the pods.

Grab ammo at the corner and two more stalks will drop Lambent onto the ground
team, but the wall team will also have a few Lambent Drones to take out. The
wall team should take out the Drudges and then follow the wall path to the
other end and prepare to take out the Drones on the ground at the other end. 
When the ground team moves up, a scene will usher in the Lambent Berserker.
Roll away from the car and then run down the path. Toss frags and quickly trade
fire with the Drones at the corner, but just try to dash to the right and into
the gate before the big girl and the Hammer of Dawn take you out. If you have
to be downed and revived to reach the gate, that is fine. Whatever works.

Before you engage her in the yard, go to the upper right corner and find a 
COG tag on the ground. Then keep your distance and run to the back area and
you will find a note among some ammo behind a the circular building. On the 
lower difficulties you can hold your ground and gun down her chest as she
charges you and she will stun with damage. On higher difficulties she will
not be stunned if you hold your ground so you will always have to roll away.
Try to make her hit a wall, but it's more important to ensure you can roll to
one side and not get stuck on something.

Eventually she will start to leak imulsion, so try to avoid this as you resume
your attack. After a time she will leak imulsion that leaves a strong vapor,
which reduces visibility and is very deadly to the touch. It's always best to
be near someone who can revive, because if she runs over you while downed it
will be game over. Just try to keep a clean spot of ground to roll to and 
always hit the exposed chest when you can. Also, she sometimes leaps forward,
so be ready for a quick dodge or just keep a lot of distance between you two.

Act Three: Chapter 3 – Breakneck Run

Mow down Reavers that get in the way, and then get the three pipes up ahead.
Mow down the baby Corpsers and the ones that latch on. You can then hit a 
few explosive barrels, some Grubs, a few Reavers, and turret placements. You
will get stuck in sand and then get ready for incoming. Fend them off and 
you'll be home free.

Act Three: Chapter 4 – Ghost Town

Follow the path, grab ammo along the way, and eventually you have to start
disarming bombs. By the second one is a frag, and before the third is a window
you can jump through for ammo. After you meet the crazy guy, there is a Sawed-
Off shotgun by the door, but leave it and go up and down the steps to get a 
Scorcher near a note. The scorcher is a flame-thrower and very handy upcoming.
After you open the boards to the next building, you can grab flame grenades and
a COG if you go through the kitchen. Get the ammo by the dumpster if you need
and head into the sewers.

Burn the first one and then the ones coming down the sewers; they may also be
behind you or not. Just head forward and your group will reunite at a pit where
you fend off the Lambent and wait for them to burst out of a wooden barricade 
on the left. Fry them all, turn the valve, open the door, grab grenades if you
need, and take the ladders up.

Head to the other side and get on the Vulcan. It has a fairly wide berth, so
just shoot when you see them, stay back a bit, and scan the area. There will
be two concentrated waves, one to the left and one to the right, so pay 
attention to the chatter. Use up the Vulcan, use up the scorcher, and then blow
your lancer ammo until the encounter ends. Grab some ammo and go up the ladder.
Head left to find a note and head down the steps to end the chapter.

Act Three: Chapter 5 – Brothers to the End

Blast the two you see, then sit back in the church and fend off the zombies
from here. Keep your eyes up, don't let them get close, and get the jump on
them as they appear. After, go grab a sawed-off and lancer ammo. Head up and
through the steeple structure to hit one more mob of zombies. Open the door and
follow the path up to the big church. To the right is a gnasher and you should
swap out your sawed-off for it, then go to the back for a scene.

Get your grenades ready for when they jump out and drop one or two, then use
your gnasher/lancer to fend them off. Back up if you must and it should be
easy. Head into the church, grab the lancer ammo in the middle, and then cut
open the boards. Go left for a flyer, and then right to take the lift down.

Kill the Boomers and then mow down a few Drones. More Boomers will come from
the tunnel, and then grapplers will start coming up the walls. Saw them up and
soon a mob of zombies will come from behind you. About when they are finished,
grapplers and then stalks will emerge; make sure you have ammo and make use of
those frags. Bust the pods, stay out of the ground troops' sights, and just
stay alive until the third stalk appears. Go to bust its pod and the act will
end with a long scene.

Act Four: Chapter 1 – Ashes to Ashes

*NOTE: Don't touch the "statues" and you get an achievement and boomshots.*

Follow the path, grab ammo, head down the stairs, hide from the gun trap,
and keep down the path. Past the long road and around the corner will be a 
shopping cart, so sit back as it explodes. Around the next corner will be a 
box of Polyps dropped on you. Try not to hit the statue and fend them off. Go
up and into the building on the left for a COG and lancer ammo, then take the 

Ammo on the left and right, and then watch the falling barrel. You can peek
your camera around the debris ahead to trigger the trap, but you don't need to
go around it yourself. Down the highway will be some Polyps, and around the
corner will be a fight.

Hide from the turrets, and I say go to the left side, behind the box things.
A single stalk appears and has two pods, so pop those quickly and drop a frag
or two on the Lambent. Kill the Drudges, any slithering heads, and mop up the

After the scene, follow the dude up and through a door. If you didn't hit any
statues you can access an ammo room on the right. Grab a boomshot but keep your
lancer, and get some incendiaries if you are out of frags. Head to Griffin's
office. After meeting Ice-T you can get more supplies if you couldn't get into
the ammo room before. Open the door to end the chapter.

Act Four: Chapter 2 – Crater

Up ahead and to the right is a door you can kick open for a note. Further up
is an ammo box on a car, but when you go to grab it be ready for a Polyp. At
the ruined building stalks will pop up and drop the usual Lambent mob along
with some Wretches. It's a bad idea to try and flank to the right, but you can
at least take cover in that direction if you want to be safe. If you want to
be a little more reckless and speed up the fight, you can go to the left and
post up on the broken wall. You should be able to blindfire to the right and
take out many Drones, and you only need to watch for one or two on your left.
Hit the pods and after you should only have to worry about a few Drudges. You
will probably be out of lancer ammo, so feel free to carry a hammerburst for a
while. You could even use up your boomshots to carry a lancer and HB, and if
you don't have the boomshots then you can do that also.

Hop over the wall and around the corner will be Polyps, then more will drop
from a scoop above. Move up, kill the Wretch down the stairs, and quickly go
to the left and into the train car. Grab the mulcher and post up on the window
and pop the pods and the Drudge before they settle. Then come out of the train
and mow down as much as you can up above, and you could even consider going up
the stairs and around to be level with the top enemies, but you should be able
to fend them off from below as half of your squad will be up top. Try to pop
the pods of the other stalk and mop up; you could even jump through the train 
end to reach a side area with ammo and a clear sight up the stairs. Then a 
single Drone will pop up on the train to the left, so kill him to clear the
area. Grab what ammo you can, ammo in a room to the left, and head down the
path to hit a small scene.

Up ahead will be Polyps, and you can go to the left for the ammo crate to
hit the second time ammo is just out of reach. Around the corner will be a 
big fight with many Drones, Wretches, and Drudges. The only safe cover I found
was near the edge, as the ruined building will easily be overrun and anywhere
else you are liable to get rushed as well. So post up behind the cover by the
ledge and hit any pods on the stalk you can see, and you may want to move 
around a bit to get a sight on them. The biggest threats are the Wretches, so
you must worry about them first as you can take cover from the others. These
Drones seem a little more aggressive than usual, and some have gnashers, so
pretty much all enemies here are almost equal threats. If you must, fall back
to the train station, use your grenades, or rely on revives when things get
hairy. Not much ammo, so but if you have your lancer you should keep it and 
grab a gnasher.

In the tower you can load up on ammo. There are two frags and you should only
need to use two of your own. Go left for a mulcher in a closet, then go right
to turn on the power. Call an elevator and sit in the middle. The first 
infected come from around the entrance, but watch all around you. The elevator
by the door where you found the mulcher should arrive first, so be ready but 
also be aware that other undead can appear elsewhere. Next the other two 
elevators will open at the same time; one on either side, so you could have
a frag or two waiting for both sides. Finally, the two doors on the sides of 
the bar will open, so feel free to spend up your mulcher. Grab the ammo and
frags, take the left door for a boltok, get on the lift, and push over the 
car. When the big guy appears, strafe to your right and burn him down as 
quickly as possible. If it happens to not move, it can turn 180 to hit you, so
the only safe spot is to its right side.

Act Four: Chapter 3 – Hang’em High

There is some ammo as you head for the cable car. Press the button to find out
you must stick around. Open the fence and prepare for a modest incoming of 
infected; feel free to take a few swings with the cleaver. Head to the back of
the area where a "former" will crawl from under a shack. In the corner will
be a note, and you can try to get the ammo on the edge to conclude the ammo-
out-of-reach saga.

Head inside with a gnasher or pick up the one down the steps and move forward 
to cut through mobs of zombies. Just move slow and watch the sides. When you
reach the locked cable, feel free to saw it in two (awkward if you punch it in
two) and pick up the mulcher. Just use it to shoot from the hip, but you may
be surprised that you can set it down to good effect. Watch when you go up the
steps as your AI teammates may have already gone up and left you to fend off
the pack of formers that rush you as you go up - my advice is to move fast and
with your team. Head for the cable car to head back.

For the barges you can just duck and let them go, or pull out your pistol and 
try to get a few free kills. When you park, get out and have a frag or two 
ready for the Therons inside. The gnasher will help you move through this part
quickly, but feel free to take your time. When you kill the first two Guards,
two more and two Shriekers will come down the stairs. Grab the ammo you need
and head up. When you try to go up the next stairs, be wary of a few Therons
waiting. Going to the right is usually clear, but have your gnasher ready in
case it's not. Your team may also move up and not clear the Locust, so check
around the corners before you head for the ladder.

There will be one or two Therons down the roof and two Shriekers. Toss a frag
into the room as Therons are waiting. Clear it out and grab a note on the floor
by the couches. When you return to the roof, a few Shriekers and Therons will
be a little more concerned with Dizzy and Griffin, so take them out while they
aren't looking to end the chapter.

Act Four: Chapter 4 – Batten Down the Hatches

When you move forward, be ready for a pack of Shriekers. Kill them and it's
best to go right and into the train car in the corner for boomshots and ammo,
but you could also try sneaking up to the shack from the left. However, a
Boomer will be coming from behind the shack very soon, so you have to move
quickly or you'll have a wild Boomer, a turret, and incoming Therons to tango
with. Those boomshots will help if they land, and the barge drops about four
Therons. Grab the dead Boomer's gun and head to the left. Another Boomer and
a string of Therons will have a turret and guard the door. You need to aim your
Boomshot high to reach any of the enemies from long distance, but once you kill
the Boomer you can run up and flank the Therons from their left. You have your
choice of flame or the new Ink Grenades. Ink grenades leave poisonous clouds
that are very deadly, just like the imulsion trails from the Lambent Berserker.
Oh yeah, and grab the boomshot before you head through the door.

Ammo before you pass through the hangar, and ammo to the right as you go back
outside. Cross the wooden bridge and move forward to trigger a new enemy. The
only way to kill an Electric Serapede is to have someone play the decoy and 
the rest of the team to shoot the bug's back. Continue shooting the last 
segment until the creature curls up and is ready to be finished. All the while
you have a few Therons firing at you, snipers on the containers on the sides,
and a second Serapede will appear. If you are the target of these bugs you will
just have to turn and run. They do take priority over the Locust, so just hope
their aim is poor and stay out of their line of sight. Feel free to use some
boomshot ammo as there is an extra with some ammo in an alcove on the left.
Pick up the paper in the alcover on the right and the frags, and there is
more ammo in the open door. Take the shut door on the left to end the 

Act Four: Chapter 5 – Bon Voyage

* Maintenance Bay *

Take the maintenance bay first. There is more ammo if you need, but hopefully
you have a boomshot and lancer ready to go; you could grab the ink grenade,
but no reason not to have frags from just a second ago. Head up to the garage
where you will be ambushed but dropping Wretches from above. You can take
a corner to fend them off, or stay near friends if they are any help. Then you
need to watch to the right as Tickers will come from under the doors. Use the
lancer's saw to get easy Wretch kills. Once clear you will have to fight
through a pack of Therons outside. Your team may be braver than you and go
tango with them, so just sit back at the garage and kill from safety.

Then run up and you will see a cart; keep running and run into it to push it
down, or press X like normal. Then turn left or right to see the other cart.
Run to it and push it down and both turret nests will be destroyed. If you
move too slow, the carts' payloads will be exploded and you will have to kill
the turret gunners yourself while the Shriekers fire on you. If you got both
carts in time, turn your attention to the flying enemies and the area will be

Head into the building and you have the option to grab HBs and gnashers, but
if you got those boomshots you should keep them. Take the lift up and you will
arrive at another big fight. Go to the left and kill whoever you can see,
but focus on the Boomer and Grinder when they move up. The Shriekers are the
top priorities, but the Kantus Priest up above is pretty important too as he
will revive and heal Locust. On lower difficulties he can be ignored, but
hardcore and up he needs to die fast. A barge will be incoming to drop off
about six Therons, so a few boomshots will come in handy, especially if you
can be to the back area and greet them as they land. Grab the boomshot on the
ground and it's your call to swap a nearly depleted lancer to get a full HB;
you will be able to fill a lancer up ahead as you fight.

Head into the building and you'll emerge in the hangar with a sub. If you
have a boomshot (and you should goddammit <3), use it on the Kantus and the
Mauler if he turns around or you can get a side shot on him. Those Therons
lurking down the ramps can be deadly, so don't discount them either. When the
front is clear, go down and left to find a note in the room. Come back out and
you will realize that the Boomshield the Mauler dropped is perfect for 
advancing up the sub as the enemies will have you pinned otherwise. Hopefully
your team will help as you soak up damage, but you can always get a few
kills with your pistol too, just make sure you move up the right side as that
makes you the least exposed. The shield will make it possible to go up the
stairs to finish off the two Therons above. 

Grab the lancers if you need and then go up and turn around to find the 
loader. Get in and use it to pick up the rotar. Step on the pressure pad in
front of the two doors to emerge in a big fight. Park the loader inside the
tunnel and get out to help the effort. I believe there is a Boomer and Mauler
in the bunch, so use your boomshots quickly as a Reaver is going to land soon.
Spend a few boomshots on it and you will be clear. Find the boomshot in the 
debris and take the loader through a few doors to end this half of the search.

* Docks *

Lancer ammo and grab a longshot only if you don't have boomshots. Frags
are inside the first room, and in the hangar will be a turret waiting for you,
so take cover and fire a boomshot to clear it. Hopefully your pals don't get
eaten alive by trying to move up, so be ready to bail them out. Once you
clear the Drones and Therons, then kill the Kantus in the back, and watch for
his Tickers. When clear, grab the lancers you find, there is a COG tag on
the right side behind the containers, and some frags near the Kantus.

Outside you can get the jump on some Therons and you can use the longshot
on the left, but only temporarily. Grab the gun you dropped for it and run up
and to the right for a door get get a Silverback. Use it to down the two
Bloodmounts, mow down the Therons on land, and then deploy cover (press A) to
use the rockets on the Therons on the ship, including one on some steps to the
far right. When it's clear and you move up, it's really funny if Jace goes to
pull the lever before the dialogue plays, but you may have to jump out and 
call the ramp yourself. Walk up the ramp to the ship and then mow down the
cluster of Locust in the corner, especially the Grub with the shotgun who
has no fear and can shoot you out of the mech with one blast.

Once clear, get out and go use the crane controls. The Hammer is there, but
you don't really need it. You also shouldn't immediately run to start killing
the new enemies as the barge will be laying down heavy artillery at close 
range. You would be better served to take shelter in a container on the right
with a mortar. Pick it up after you see the barge go away and use the shells
to mow away a few enemies. Two doors will open across the way for Bloodmounts
and/or Boomers to join the battle with friends, but you should be watching for
a Reaver to drop in. Use the Silverback to kill that (aim high on it), and then
use rockets to finish off the rest. Grab the ammo you can and take the doors
by the control room. There is a flame grenade in the room before you return to
the sub hangar.

* Escort *

This long chapter ends with you protecting the sub as it leaves the hangar.
Your team is split into pairs. Through the first sub door you will have 
Therons on the left with one team and a Boomer and friends in the middle with
the other team; means the right side team can grab a boomshot if on co-op.

Through the second big door you have a sizable wave of Therons, Shriekers,
and a Boomer, all bearing down on the left side team. Hopefully the AI soldier
with the left pair won't run up and get killed, but the other team should be
swinging around to help. Clear the Therons, then the Boomer, and then the
Shriekers if they aren't focusing on you, otherwise they die first like usual.
Grab the Boomer's gun and go up the steps to find frags on the left. 

When you move forward the third big door will open to a squad of Boomers. Head
into the room on the left for a Vulcan and mow them down while watching for 
their shots. There is also a oneshot in the middle, but that is best used on 
the Reaver that shows up. In the room you will also find a note and ammo. 
Finish off the Shriekers, you MUST grab some boomshots, there are frags up the
dead-end steps on the right, and head into the final bay.

You will meet the Armored Kantus who are only killed from explosives, ink
grenades, or fire. You should have six boomshots and four frags from just 
the last fight. It should take more boomshots than frags to kill these guys, so
use frags to start. Be careful to not throw them exactly where they stand as
they tend to roll forward; preferably, toss it after they roll. They don't do
a ton of damage with their Gorgon SMGs, so feel free to move around and get a
clean blast in. 

The first one is not too bad, the second one with friends will be tougher if
you miss with boomshots, and the third one will also bring a Serapede from
the side you are on. Under no circumstances should you bring the bug to the
Kantus because a Kantus roll on a downed player will be instant game over. 
There are like five Kantus in total, and up to three Serapedes. There is 
unlimited ammo on the left along with two frags. Once you use up your boomshots
you will need to trade for torque bows. They can come out of either side of

The ideal situation is to have the bug(s) and Kantus(s) on one side, that
way you can kill the Kantus first without having to watch your ass. The only
thing you can do about the bugs are to run away and hope they lose interest or
that your team gets wise and helps out. 

Armored Kantus seem vulnerable when they are healing and when they roar. When
they roar it appears their mouths are open to regular bullets, or perhaps they
take tiny damage from bullets at all times. So when they have allies to heal,
you can either ensure the Grubs are dead, or use them as potential bait to
make the Kantus still. The bait idea is risky as you would need good 
coordination to make sure those Locust don't roam freely. So it's best to just
kill them or kill them as they are being revived.

Best of luck as on higher difficulties this part is just chaos. Feel free to
stock up on ammo and bolts before you go to turn the valve.

Act Four: Chapter 6 – Watery Grave

Just kill the monsters when they attack, shoot the mines in front of the sub,
shoot the big monster in its mouth, hit three mines while being swept away 
(they should all be in front of the sub) shoot torpedoes down, kill the
turrets, shoot the door, watch for incoming torpedoes again, and then kill the
final turrets to end the chapter. 

Act Five: Chapter 1 – Home Away From Home

Head up the steps and take cover as a patrol of Therons passes by ahead. They
will discover you soon, so feel free to open up on them when you get a clear
shot. In your first try you can sneak behind them as they walk, but if you
die and have to retry they will probably open fire on you immediately. Feel
free to use your big weapons on them as there are frags by the statue just
across the gap, in the middle of the dock area, and you will grab a longshot
soon. Move left to flank the first group and make sure they are cleared, and
then move up to the corner. You will find a longshot by the sandbag and use
it to hit the turret gunner up high to the right as well as the Therons on the
ground. A few Wretches will be incoming, and the sandbag is a good place for

Before you go up the stairs to trigger another group of Therons and Wretches,
consider looking for ammo, and you will probably want to drop the longshot for
a bow. Get up the stairs quickly to be on level ground and clear it out. Then
quickly go to the left to find a note; if you don't get it now you will won't
be able to get it after the next fight. The top of the stairs are clear, a 
train will pull in to drop off some Therons. Hit the red tanker at the left
end of the train to kill the turret, and then use your bow, frags, or close
quarters skills to finish off the Locust. Moments after the fight a scene will
play and move you out of here.

After the scene, break the box on the right to access an ammo room with lancers
and gnashers. The oneshot is really only handy in co-op, as ahead there will be
a Silverback to drive on single-player. Drive it out to kill a Theron, then go
left and kill the Therons around the corner as well as a Reaver that drops in.

Move up to the beach and go right and down the ramp a bit to deploy cover and 
wait for the Boomer to turn the corner to fire a rocket at him and his friends
who appear. Go back to the top path and move forward to fight a few Therons
that are around a trench area. Clear the first group and make your way to the
right and go around the trench. You should pop up behind the next set of 
Therons and the Reaver that shows up. Quickly blast them and take the mech up
and to the left into a cave to avoid the incoming mortars.

A Boomer, Therons, and Wretches are inside the cave, so quickly clear it out
and use the breakable boxes as temporary cover. When you clear it out, and if
the mech survives, look on the left wall for a barred area. Kick the bars down
and you will find a note and ammo inside. Go up the ramp at the other end of
the cave and deploy cover behind the barrier and pop whoever you can see. Your
team should be able to handle most enemies, but it's best to let things settle
a bit before you join the fight. Finish off the enemies and take the mech into
the trench. 

As you move in, a Boomer will come from the left up ahead, so be ready. As you
move further up a pack of Wretches should come out, but one time they did all
wait for me to turn the corner, so be ready either way. Once clear, move up,
hop out to grab some frags behind a box, and then head into the dead-end. After
the dialogue plays, come back out and be ready for Boomers to emerge from the
big door at the foot of the trench. If you've lost the Silverback, use the 
boomshot on the ground on them, but either way, be sure to have a full clip of
six boomshots as you go in. You can take the Silverback inside and up the 
slope to kill a last group of Therons with it. There are about three and a 
Kantus, so you can deploy the mech when the train is going by and have rockets
ready when it passes. Finish them off and you can abandon the Silverback if
you still have it.

Grab some ammo and flip the switch. Head up the tracks (again, not in the suit
if you had it) and run at the end when the train is inbound. Then, waste no
time and go up the left side stairs and cross the walkway (which is on the
right side of the room as you are crossing it) to appear in a room with the
Locust outside. Use the boomshots you got from earlier on the Therons, but
peek out the window on the right and look to the right to blast two Boomers,
hopefully both at once. Finish off the Therons, grab some boomshots, and
move up to finish the chapter.

Act Five: Chapter 2 – Blackout 

The wall ahead has a button to reveal another Silverback, and you shouldn't
need to use the ammo pile in the corner. Get in the suit and get on the 
elevator. You will stop, so be ready to look down each corridor and blast 
Wretches as they appear. Clear the boxes and rotate your aim as they will come
from all sides at different times. Try to watch the 1 and 2 corridors (look on
the sides for numbers) and two flamethrowers may come at you from those 

Once the Wretches are done, head down the 3 corridor. Near the end of it, on
the left you will see a busted set of bars. Kick open the big door to find an
ammo room of lancers and boomshots, and then pick up the COG tag on the floor.
Get back in the suit and go around the corner to kill a flame Grub. Flip the
switch on the left and head back. As you go back to the elevator, Wretches
should ambush you. You then need to head down the 1 or 2 corridors to arrive
at a room with more Locust. If you enter from the right you can flank most of
the Therons, but then the flame Grub on the left side will probably go all the
way around and come up behind you, so just be aware that a flamethrower is in
the area. Finish them all off and you can abandon the suit. There are frags up
the steps and around the corner (you should have a full booomshot and lancer),
and take the ladder.

Go to the right and when you appear at the doorway a Reaver will drop in at the
helipad. Just post up on the wall and use the lancer to kill it; feel free to
drop back to the corner to refill ammo. When you move out, get on the helipad
and stay there - you'll know why shortly. Kill all the Therons and feel free to
use two frags. When they are dead a Reaver will drop in up ahead and he needs
to die quickly as that beast will roam about and come after you for melee hits
and close rocket blasts. Should only take three boomshots to kill it, but just
fall back to the building if it gets close.

You'll find frags and plenty of lancer ammo. Around the corner you will hit a 
tiny scene showing you the enemies guarding the facility. To the left you will
find a mortar, so grab it and feel free to save it for the Armored Kantus who
will appear shortly. Bring it up to cover and drop it to take out the flying
critters and the Therons. Try to watch the door for when it opens the Kantus
will appear. From the bottom of the steps you would only need to send the a
mortar strike at about half power to reach the top of the steps. A few good 
hits should take him out, but there are bow drops and a pair of frags on the 
right side if you need more help on top of the boomshots you should have.

Take the elevator and be ready to drop a frag, and once the Therons are clear
you should aim to the right and wait for a flame Grub to bust through the 
doors. Look behind the desk in the middle for a button, then go to the right
to pick up a note behind the picture. Proceed for a scene.

Down the hall will be two flame Grubs and a Theron. Pop them quickly and move
up; feel free to grab a scorcher if you are out of boomshots, or spend those
boomshots because you'll get more ahead. A Theron and flamer will be around
the corner at the end. When you go down the steps, run to the left and kill
the flamer before he gets close, and then come back and look down the right
side to kill that flamethrower. Then deal with the Wretches. There are two
switches down the first two aisles, boomshots in a room on the right, and then
head up and pull the switch on the left to open a door for a scene.

Go up the steps and take cover through the door to handle the three Therons.
Flip the coolant valve and grab the ammo box on the left. When you move to the
right, take cover on the rail to your right as Therons will be shooting at you
through the window. Hopefully your team will help take them out and you should
be safe if you stay directly under them, but you may need to pop up to take
them out. Grab ammo and move forward and again you should take cover on the
right railing as a Grinder will come out of a door. Just blindfire kill him
and flip the coolant valve; don't miss the frags before you head down the

When you try to go down the stairs a group will attack through the windows on
the right, so head back up the stairs for cover and take them out; one of them
seems to retreat every time, so it should only be two. Head down and have a 
frag ready for the incoming Armored Kantus (all will be armored, so I'll just
say Kantus). Have a frag waiting for when he moves forward, and then finish
him off with a boomshot to the face. Move up to trigger the window Therons on
the left, take them out, and them come back to grab the ammo box and frags. Now
flip the valve in the middle and no point in grabbing the boomshot if you only
used one, but do grab it if you used more than one.

Head down the stairs and toss a frag or two or four down below to kill the 
first Kantus, and then have your boomshots ready for the other two. You want to
kill them quickly and try not to head down there because things can get messy
when you try to use explosives at close range and risk being down with rolling
Kantus. Stay at the stairs if you must. Once all three are dead, go back up to
grab the boomshot ammo if you didn't use it, find the frags, and turn the first
valve. After you turn the valve on the other side, get ready to run after the
scene. You can follow your team or just generally move forward as the open
path is the only path. Only need to let go of the run button to make sharp 
turns, and up the steps a Grinder will open the door, die on his own, and you
can just run forward to trigger the scene.

Act Five: Chapter 3 – Shattered Paradise

Move up the path and go left into the structure with you lancer revved up as 
four Wretches should appear. Dance with them and cut all four in half. Then 
move up and follow the left path through a rock portion to flank the Therons.
A Wretch should be incoming, and the Therons behind you should be taken care 
of but keep an eye open in case they are still around. From the cave, mow down
the enemeis with blindfire and down the Grinder to take his mulcher. No use 
sitting on those boomshots you may have, and taking a gnasher or bow is not a 
bad idea too.

Move up the path and head into the next cave area, clearing out the Therons 
who would try to hold you back, so move into the cave quickly to push them 
out. When your guys are safely in the cave, you should back out and grind the
Therons on the balcony from the walkway, and once they are clear you can go
into the cave to take out the Therons through the window. Grab ammo and follow
the cave to the left where you will emerge behind the next group of Grubs and
can drop a frag. Fill your ammo before moving up.

After the quick scene, quickly move up and to the left to the cover at the 
foot of the steps. Lob a frag up to the bench and just be mindful of a roaming
Grinder. But all you need to do here is clear the area around the siege beast.
Once you kill the Therons around it, keep an eye on the skies, try to kill the
Grinder in the area, and then hop on the catapult. There are three incoming
barges and if you let them drop their troops you will have more enemies to
face, where if you can blow all three up before they stop you will not have to
face any extra Therons. Let the barges almost be in close to their stopping
points, aim to somewhere to the right side of their gas sacs, and launch a 
volley when the sight turns red and it should hit. Repeat until all three are
down and then you just have to clear the area to trigger the scene.

There are frags and some guns down the hall. At the corner you can break a 
floor tile to grab a collectable. There is a longshot, more frags, and lots of
ammo in the waiting area. Open the door and then take cover on the right rail.
Try to lob a frag over the gap and hit one or two, then open fire and take out
the three crew members around the siege beast. Two more Therons will be behind
you on the walkway, and move quickly to take them out. A barge will be inbound,
so try to move under it and ambush the Therons as they rappel down; have frags
waiting. Once they are mostly down, head to the siege beast and finish off
any troops nearby. Then hop on the beast and pop a Reaver up to the right,
to the left, and then hit the dam straight ahead three times to hit a scene.

In the waiting area ahead will be a diary and ammo. Through the door you will
have enemies drop down from above, so you should move up to some solid cover
and drop a frag under them, and then move up to the right and the raised area.
Mow down all the Therons as well as the Boomer and Mauler down the way. Once
clear, the door will open to spill out two Bloodmounts and troops. Focus fire
on the mounts as they are top priority. If they do get close, that gnasher will
be a good weapon to fend them off. Try to save a few frags if you can, but no 
big deal. Once clear, be sure to take a full lancer, boltok, and boomshot into
the next area, but don't miss the COG tag to the far right side before you

Outside you have a big group of Locust, including three Armored Kantus and a 
ton of Therons. The key here is to ensure the Therons are dead, and when they
go down just keep shooting them until they are corpses. Then take your focus
on the Kantus and use your boomshots to aim for their feet as distance hits
will be difficult. There are more frags to the left between the statues if you
need them, and there should be something to the right (I forgot) and there may
be some bows to use. Keep an eye on the rockets from the barge and be ready
to dodge them as they do come your way every now and then. Once the Kantus are
dead, one of the side doors will open to spill out a few Therons and a Mauler.
Kill them and then run to the siege beast to down the barge to end the chapter.

Act Five: Chapter 4 – Threshold

Head to the end of the hall to grab the statue. There are frags and boomshots
behind the counter. Call the lift, and after the scene, call the lift again
to grab a poster. Head out into the courtyard for a view either side will be
the same, and then just sit back atop the steps and kill the Bloodmount and
Therons as the mortar shells pound away. After a time they will stop, and that
is the best time to move up. However, on higher difficulties the barrage does
not seem to end, so you'll have to just fight the group ahead while watching
the skies. 

When you do move up the path, you'll hit a bridge and when you try to cross
over a bunch of Therons will rush you from around the block in the middle,
an Armored Kantus will follow, and it may just be hardcore and up that will
have a Bloodmount appear too. On hardcore and up, just toss a few frags, and 
back up to the wider ground where you can dodge the mortars, and the boomshots
from the hotel will come in handy as well. Don't try to move up the narrow
bridge with mortars dropping - bad idea. Just clear it out and then cross to
kill the mortar guy. Grab some ammo and hop the sandbags.

Pick up the mulcher and have it ready to kill the Gunker who will appear on the
right side bridge. You need to kill him first to avoid the imulsion bombs, and
then focus on the stalk pods. Then the Drudges and finish off all the Drones
who will be on all sides. Feel free to kill the Gunker with frags or boomshots
if you must.

Act Five: Chapter 5 – Ascension

There are frags behind the front desk. Go up the right side, but either way is
the same. When you reach the end and see a pack of Locust incoming, toss a frag
or two to clear them out, or use a few boomshots as the Boomers will drop more.
Grab those shots and once clear, head up the steps and around. Hopefully your
team will move up and into the middle to hold most of the attention from the 
Locusts. Try to spot the incoming Bloodmounts from the elevators on the right,
and kill them quickly; try to save a few boomshots if you can. There is a 
mortar in the middle that will fire forward so long as you are right next to
the circular cover. Get there and use those if you can. Clear out the Therons
and when they are dead a Reaver will bust through the window. Boomshots are 
best, the mortar will work, and if you must, take cover at the sides and burn
it down quickly.

Gather supplies, probably trade your empty boomshot for a bow, and if you need
lancer ammo, grab the one by the right side elevator. There are frags by the 
left elevator, and then push the button to summon the Lambent stalks. Pop the
pods as they spawn and they will continue to spawn throughout this minute or
so long fight. The Wretches are the biggest threat, but all you have to do is
keep an eye on the elevators and when they are close you can just stay low and
roll to them when they arrive to trigger the scene. As you go up there will be
a pair in either elevator next to each elevator your team occupies, so kills
the ones by your other team, and kill the ones to your right, and be ready to
saw the ones that climb aboard. You can ignore the Grinder in the window, and
when your lift is toppled, hop over to the other.

Take cover at the railing and look down to kill the Therons below. More Grubs,
a Kantus, and Tickers will come from the stairs. When they are dead there 
should be one more pair to come down the stairs. Before you go up, go around
and down to the bottom floor to find a note and ammo. Go up the stairs, clear
the third floor, and as you head for the stairs a scene should roll.

As Tempest arrives, just take cover and let it beam the area. You can't stick
to one spot for long or you will burn, so run to the left between beams and
head for the stairs up. It should block the top of the next stairs, so just
run up when it moves and head to the next steps. Then make a quick burst to
the final steps to trigger a scene.

The idea is the same, move between beams, and quickly cut the ropes. You only
have seconds between beams to move, and you can't waste a step when you move
to cut the ropes, so be sure to be at the cover directly next to a rope when
you make your move. Just rotate around the room, being very careful, and you
will have no problems. If downed, just stay low and hope someone comes to 
pick you up. On co-op it is crazy easy as you can just flip flop from one side
to the other and just have someone play bait opposite the other player(s).

Open the door and start breaking the boxes to reveal ammo and then a COG tag
in the corner. It's a good idea to bring that gnasher by the door, and then 
move up to find frags behind a box. Go up the steps and grab the gnasher and
the ammo. Have a frag ready for when you open the door, just lob it at the 
Grinder to clear the immediate area. Then toss a frag across the room to 
behind the boxes. Up the hall there are two dual rooms on either side and both
have frags in them; you kick down the doors to get in. You want to move fast to
hold back the Grubs, and just run from side to side, lobbing a few frags
further and further up the hall. Save one for the turret and clear it out.

There should be a mulcher somewhere in the hall, so find it and go into the 
room on the left first. It's better to go in with a frag or gnasher, and then
follow up with firing the mulcher from the hip, but however you need to clear
the room, go right ahead. Use the console and then head to the other room.
Lob a few frags at the Grinder and then clear it out to use the second console.
No need to pick up the mulchers, just go into the middle room for a scene.

Pick up what should be the final collectable on the table nearby. Get on the
turret to mow down the few Lambent down the hall before the stalk shows up. 
Aim to find the pods by letting the sight turn red. There will be one on the
left, right, and up, so don't stop firing at it until it shrivels up. Don't
let the Lambent go unchecked for too long as you disable the stalk, and then
mow then down to finish the fight. Head for the lift to begin the final
chapter of the game.

Act Five: Chapter 6 – Reckoning

The fight will be between Lambent Drudges and Theron Guards, and they don't
like each other nor your squad. Really you just need to sit back and not die
as all the NPCs will take care of each other. A scene will play and then you
can help finish off every enemy, but feel free to let them harm each other for
a while before mopping up.

The final battle with Tempest will start by just shooting its mouth and 
keep any cover between you and its mouth when it prepares to shoot a beam. It
can move to the side, so keep eyes on it at all times.

When it falls and the Hammers of Dawn pop up, keep your lancer and pick one 
up. Hold the sight steady and fire about six shots at it as Shriekers should
be inbound. Once Tempest flies away, take cover and kill any minions you see,
but watch for Tempest to pop over the edge and shoot beams from a few spots. 
You are prompted each time it appears, or just stay behind one of the hammer
columns. Once it is back in the air and shooting beams at you, hit its mouth
with the lancer. You will down it and hammer it again, kill more Shriekers, and
then hit it in the mouth one more time and a scene will trigger.

*NOTE: Ammo boxes respawn by the structure for more lancer ammo. The hammers
seem to respawn too, but try not to reload one unless you're out of the one
you have. You can use the structure as cover if it flies to a side.* 

Therons will appear as you hammer Tempest again. After it flies again, hammer
it once more to trigger a scene. When it climbs the spire, aim low to hit its
back even when it moves and it will fly away soon. Grab some ammo and it will
fly around again, and watch for Therons. Bring it down and hammer it yet again,
and from here on out you need to really keep the Therons in check as you use
the hammer and bust it off the spire. There isn't much longer to go, so just
keep alive, use the time while Tempest is down to kill Therons while also 
using the hammer, and use some of the spire time to kill Therons as well.

Enjoy the final scene and what should be the end of the Gears series.

* 4. Collectables   ( COG4444 )                                               *

Act 1


COG#1 - In the next cell.


Cash - On the table as the chapter starts.

Dom's Psych Report - In the room on the left as you go up the hall.

Requisition Form - In the second room on the left.

COG#2 - After the first big fight, head to the corner of the ship and you will
see a painted red skull on a container. Look up on the walkway to shoot the
tag off a dead body and pick it up.


Silverback Manual - In the room with the Silverback suits.


Journal - Around the corner you can kick a gate open on the left.

Child's Diary - On the playset of the playground where you meet the Lambent.

Shopping List - Once you enter the grocery store and kill the Drudges, go to
the right for this on a checkout counter.

COG#3 - In the back room where you find the loader.


Newspaper Clipping - When walking through the camp, once you have control you
can turn to the right and find this inside a container in the corner.

COG#4 - When you exit the camp, go left and you will find this on a tiny dock.


Season Program - Take the upper path to start, and this is on the floor in the
room on the right.

Cougars Player Handbook - In the corner by a soda machine before you enter the
lockerroom and after the fight in the concourse.

Championship Ring - By a dead body on the thrashball field.


Tokens - Behind the middle turret.

Bayonet - Past the guarded wall, look for a container and smash the box to find
this on the ground.

COG#5 - When you run into the Savage Locust turret nest in the dark, you can
take a ladder on the left down to a lower walkway and this will be on the 
floor behind a piece of cover.

Sightseeing Book - After you fight through the Polyps, go up a ladder and hang
a right to find this book.

Act 2


Tomatoes - In the container as the chapter starts.

Diploma - When you fight the second Locust in a small area, go around the rock
on the side to find this.

Captain's Log - When you arrive at the siege beast you can shoot a crate on the
cliff to the right, or shoot it after the siege beast part and pick it up when
you kill the Locust.

COG#6 - Behind a container when you arrive at the beach with Prescott.


COG#7 - You have to kill the five guards without detection, and then you can
go through a side passage with the tag among some ammo.


Locust Hammer - Once the barge leaves, look behind some boxes on the right at
the end of the trench.


Queen Symbol - After you first fight some Therons, you'll fight through a gate
and kill some enemies at a turret nest. There is a door in front of the turret
and this is inside along with ammo.


COG#8 - After the second fight, cross the road, go up the steps, and head to
the right corner for this tag.

Manifest - At the left end of the road after the second fight.

Act 3


Anvil Plague - This is behind you as the chapter starts.

Painting - Go up the right side path and this will be in a room on the side.

Medals - If you stay on the right side path you will cross a bridge and these
medals will be in the corner with some ammo.


Journal - When fighting the Lambent Berserker, this is behind the circular
structure near some ammo.

COG#9 - In the upper right corner during the Berserker fight. 


Panicked Note - Down the steps, near the first Scorcher.

COG#10 - When you break some boards, go through the kitchen and it will be
in the alley.

Message - After you climb out of the market area, go left to find this.


Air Raid Shelter Sign - When you enter the catacombs, go left and this will
be at a dead-end.

Act 4


COG#11 - This is in the building on the left before you open the first door.


Journal - As the chapter starts, this is through a door down to the right.


Fuel Order - After you kill some infected on the roof, go to the back and this
will be in the corner.

Magazine - By a couch in Griffin's office as you are heading to save Dizzy and


Tabloid - After you kill the Serapedes, go to the right and find this in a 


Bulletin - At the maintenance bay, this is in the room on the left.

COG#12 - Going to the docks, this is on the right side of the room with the

Report - In the room on the left as you are escorting the sub out.

Act 5


Pamphlet - When you reach the train station, go to the left before you finish
the Locust as the scene will prevent you from getting this.

Assault Plans - Bring the Silverback to the cave on the beach and open a barred
gate on the left to find this in a side room.


COG#13 - Bring the Silverback onto the lift, and at the end of the "3" corridor
you will see a door on the left you can kick open for ammo and this tag.

Schematic - When you reach the facility, clear the front office, press a button
behind the middle desk, and then grab this in a safe on the right.


Money - Inside the hotel, go into the corner of the first hall and break the
loose floor tile to find this.

Diary - After you break the dam, this will be on a table in the waiting area.

COG#14 - In the concourse where you fight the Bloodmounts, after the fight, go
to the dead-end on the right to find this on the floor.


Statue - At the end of the hallway at the start.

Poster - When you use the lift, press the button again to find this in the 
other elevator.


Brochure - After taking the first elevator up, fight your way around and go
to the lower level where you will find this on the floor on the right side.

COG#15 - When you get into the dark area, go into the corner nearby and break
the boxes to find this on the floor.

Research - When you reach Adam, this will be on a table nearby.

* 5. Game Modes   ( GAMO555 )                                                 *

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