Twisted Metal: FAQ/Walkthrough

       Twisted Metal is the 2012 reboot of the Twisted Metal franchise. Featuring a 
brand new focus for the series and developed by Eat Sleep Play (a company 
headed by David Jaffe, the creator of the franchise), Twisted Metal is the 
first major installment in the Twisted Metal franchise since Black over a 
decade earlier.

Twisted Metal (2012)
Written by Dalton “Horror Spooky” Cooper
Copyright 2012

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Vehicles
A. Death Warrant
B. Outlaw
C. Road Boat
D. Roadkill
E. Kamikaze
F. Meat Wagon
G. Vermin
H. Shadow
I. Talon
J. Darkside
K. Crimson Fury
L. Reaper
M. Sweet Tooth
N. Junkyard Dog
O. Juggernaut
3. Story
A. The Twisted Story of Sweet Tooth the Clown
B. A Grim Tale of Vehicular Mayhem
C. Dollface's Sweet Revenge
4. Challenge
5. Training
6. Multiplayer
7. Conclusion

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Twisted Metal derby is back, with the devious Calypso prepared to grant a 
wish to the winners. But as any fan of Twisted Metal should know, you should be
careful what you wish for...

NOTE: The following control information is taken directly from the official 
Twisted Metal instruction manual included with the game:

D-pad - Navigate menu/Highlight menu item
X - Select highlighted menu item
O - Previous screen/Return to main menu
Start - Start game
Triangle - Network Log In/Out (from main menu)

Left stick - Steer
Right stick - Free lock/Reverse
X - Tight turn
Triangle - Toggle standard/alt fire
O/double tap O - Brake/Reverse
Square/double tap Square - Gas/Turbo
Sixaxis flip forward - Turbo dash
L1 - Cycle main weapon left
R1 - Cycle main weapon right
L1 + R1 - Jump
L2 - Fire sidearm
R2 - Fire main weapon
Triangle + L1 - Headlights
D-pad (up) - Freeze
D-pad (left) - Mine
D-pad (right) - Shield
D-pad (down) - Rear fire
Select - Change camera
Start - Pause menu
Triangle + R1 - Open Cargo Door (Juggernaut only)
Left stick back - Wheelie (Reaper only)
R3 - Change target

Left stick - Forward/Back/Left/Right
Right stick - Up/Down/Heading
R3 - Change target
L3 - Turbo
R3 + right stick - Quick Up/Down
Alt. special + L1 + R1 + left stick - Initiate flight (Sweet Tooth only)
L1 + R1 - Sweet Slam (Sweet Tooth only)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Vehicles
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Twisted Metal features a variety of vehicles of varying stats that are best 
used in certain situations. Each vehicle comes equipped with their own special 
weapons, but they can also be equipped with sidearms ranging from magnums to 
shotguns to lasers.

There are also four factions to choose from that change the appearance of the 
driver of your vehicle. They are: Clowns, Skulls, Dolls, and Holy Men. The 
vehicles can also be given custom paint jobs to add a personal flair to them.

The following is a list of the vehicles avaialble in the game, and their stats.
The graphs given in the game for stats has been translated. 1 is lowest rating 
for any given category, whereas 5 is the highest available rating. The vehicles
are listed in the order they appear during the vehicle selection, from left to 

I have abbreviated the "Special Weapons" category to "Sp. W" for the sake of 

* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
Speed - 3
Armor - 3
Sp. W - 2
Chain Gun, Zoomy rockets

* * * * *
* * * * *
Speed - 2
Armor - 3
Sp. W - 3
Turret and Grenades, High Capacity Mag's

* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
Speed - 2
Armor - 3
Sp. W - 3
Magnetic Projectiles, Mega-Magnet

* * * * * *
* * * * * *
Speed - 3
Armor - 2
Sp. W - 3
Chain Gun, Drop Mines

* * * * * *
* * * * * *
Speed - 5
Armor - 2
Sp. W - 4
Flame Thrower, Shock Freeze

* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
Speed - 2
Armor - 3
Sp. W - 3
Gurney Bomber, Piloted Gurney Bomber

* * * * *
* * * * *
Speed - 2
Armor - 3
Sp. W - 3
Rat Rocket, Piloted Rat Rocket

* * * * *
* * * * *
Speed - 2
Armor - 3
Sp. W - 2
Death Coffin, Reticle Death Coffin

* * * * *
* * * * *
Speed - 4
Armor - 1
Sp. 2 - 4
Tri-Gunner, Drop Magnet

* * * * * *
* * * * * *
Speed - 2
Armor - 4
Sp. W - 4
Darkside Slam, 50. Cal Tri-Gun

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
Speed - 5
Armor - 1
Sp. W - 5
Flamethrower, Shockwave

* * * * *
* * * * *
Speed - 4
Armor - 1
Sp. W - 5
Chainsaw, RPG

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
Speed - 2
Armor - 4
Sp. W - 5
Laughing Ghost, Sweet Bot

* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * *
Speed - 2
Armor - 4
Sp. W - 3
Taxi Slam, Team Health Drop

* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
Speed - 1
Armor - 5
Sp. W - 3
Drop Mines

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Story
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Sweet Tooth the serial killer began his days rather sloppily. Indeed, one of 
his victims managed to stab him in the eye with scissors and escape from his 
wrath. Enraged, Sweet Tooth has entered the Twisted Metal tournament in order 
to get his wish from Calypso, to be reunited with "the one that got away" and 
finally be able to kill her.

UNLOCK: Submachine Gun
The first event you play in is a Classic Death Match, which is the same game 
type featured in the old Twisted Metal games. It's very difficult to lose this 
event, but it's a perfect opportunity at this point in the guide to go over the
basics of the game.

First, choose the three cars you're going to use in the match. The first car 
you pick is your primary car. The other two cars can be accessed in the garage 
that will be located on the map. Upon choosing your weapons, you will have the 
opportunity to use your "sidearm" weapon. At the beginning of the game, you 
won't have any options, but after this match you'll unlock new weapons.

When you're ready, choose the first Event of Chapter 1. Your goal is to destroy
the vehicles of your six opponents. Basically, blow up the other vehicles at 
all costs. Use power-ups often. Blasting the fools with missiles is always a 
great idea, so lay into them with as much firepower as you can muster. The 
action on-screen will get hectic, but you probably won't even come close to 
dying, especially if you switch out to a different vehicle using the garage. 
Remember, the garage is marked by a green wrench icon.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are semi-trucks around the map. 
Drive into them to heal yourself. Your health bar is located on the bottom 
right corner of the screen.

UNLOCK: Submachine gun

UNLOCK: Reaper
Taking place at Calypso's favorite arena, the rules of the last event apply 
here. The match ends when your six opponents are eliminated. Basically, just 
kill everyone like you did the last time.

However, the Killosseum has a twist! The arena shifts in the middle of the 
match, meaning that not only can your opponents kill you, but the environment 
can kill you as well. There are environmental hazards, such as a launchpad that
will send your car flying through the air. Just use the same strategy as the 
last event for this one. Kill everything. I found that the AI tend to kill 
each other faster in this event than the last as well.

Also, there is a garage for switching out vehicles, but it's likely that you 
won't need to.

UNLOCK: Rear Freeze
Yet again your goal is to kill all the other vehicles in the match (notice a 
trend yet?). However, instead of being a standard Death Match mode, the 
Electric Cage Match is an absurd twist on the King of the Hill game type, and 
if you don't choose the right vehicle, it can prove to be an extraordinary 

You need a fast vehicle in order to survive this. Why? Well, there will be a 
cage defined by large green lasers in various areas around the map. You need to
stay inside the cage as much as possible, as does your opponents. When you are 
outside of the cage, your "Grace Period" meter will begin to run down. When it 
has run out, you will begin taking damage. The cage will move around the map at
various intervals, upping the ante further.

Because of this, you need a vehicle that is quick. I highly recommend using a 
three vehicle team of the Kamikaze, the recently unlocked Reaper, and the 
Death Warrant. However, using the garage is a pipe dream on this map. The cage 
almost never goes anywhere near the garage, meaning that you're basically stuck
with one vehicle the entire match. If you are running low on health, thankfully
this map is filled with health pick-ups. The health pick-ups will appear on the
screen, so don't worry about not being able to find them.

It's also worth noting that even if you do manage to switch vehicles, having a 
new vehicle does not regenerate your Grace Period meter. So running out of 
grace makes you pretty much screwed. Another reason you need to choose a fast 
car, by the way, is because of this one section of the map that is an absolute 
nightmare. It takes place on an ice skating rink, and maneuverability on it is 
a struggle in the bulkier vehicles.

With these things in mind, apply the same strategy as before. Pick an opponent,
hunt them down, kill them, and then pick another one. The enemies aren't as 
likely to kill each other off in this event as they were in the previous event 
because of the Electric Cage gimmick, so you'll be doing a lot of the dirty 
work yourself.

* * *
Sweet Tooth recalls his origins. He was a normal ice cream truck man named 
Kane that was well-mannered and well-liked. However, the "Sweet Tooth" persona 
eventually took over. His first victims were his own family, whom he murdered 
in cold blood to rid himself completely of his "Kane" personality.

He also recalls the time shortly after his first victim escaped. He went to the
hospital to search for her, but was unsuccessful and murdered a good number of 
the hospital staff in retaliation. Where is she hiding? Where is the one that 
got away?
* * *

UNLOCK: Magnum
This event is so much difficult as it is time-consuming. The gimmick behind 
this event is that there is this large semi-truck that drives around the map 
named Juggernaut. It is named such because it has an insane amount of health, 
and it has a devastating arsenal of weapons at its disposal. Every few minutes,
the Juggernaut will spawn a new opponent into the match, meaning that unless 
you can win the match very, very quickly, you will need to hunt this thing 
down and destroy it first.

Unfortunately, your opponents will not make it an easy task. If they thought 
logically, they would team up with you to destroy the Juggernaut, since it is 
virtually impossible for anyone to win until the Juggernaut is destroyed. 
Try to avoid conflict with the other cars and drive around the map, stocking up
on as many weapons as possible before facing the Juggernaut.

When you are stacked with firepower, find the Juggernaut. I recommend having a 
vehicle with a lot of armor for this initial section, as the Juggernaut is 
extremely dangerous. At any rate, unload your entire arsenal of weapons at the 
truck. If you're lucky, you'll be able to destroy him with your first wave of 
attack. If not, retreat before it kills you and stock up on more weapons. Then 
return to the Juggernaut and lay into him again. By the way, an easy way to 
find the Juggernaut is to simply rotate the camera until you see the timer. 
This timer floats above the Juggernaut and indicates when it is about to spawn 
a new enemy.

With the Juggernaut destroyed, the match reverts to a regular Death Match. Take
out each car one by one until they have all been decimated to complete this 

UNLOCK: Roadkill
This is Twisted Metal's unique take on racing! You basically HAVE to choose 
the Kamikaze car to win this race, so definitely choose that car. Since there 
are no garages for this, it's the only car you have to choose. Of course, this 
won't be your by the numbers race.

There are gates dotted along the track. You need to drive under these gates, or
else you will be penalized. As you twist around the track, use the X button 
generously for sharp turns. Whenever there is a car in front of you, use all 
the firepower you have to blast them to hell. There are plenty of power-ups 
along the way, so don't worry about running out of ammunition. Also be on the 
look-out for turbo refills, as you will need to spam the turbo in order to win 
this as well.

Eventually one of the gates will be a "Bomb" gate. Drive under this to activate
the bombs of all the drivers that have been placed into their cars by Calypso. 
Then the race track will twist around and face the starting line. You will 
have to drive straight through the oncoming traffic, so be sure to dodge them. 
Once you return to the finish line, it's not enough to just go over the line; 
you need to drive your car on top of the detonation switch to successfully 
finish the race.

BOSS FIGHT! These two monster trucks are giant compared to the car Sweet Tooth 
and his partner are forced to drive, the Roadkill vehicle. This fight is 
separated out into three segments, with checkpoints that make this event pretty
easy, especially compared to the last few events you've endured so far.

Pick one of the monster trucks and focus on them. There is plenty of health on 
this map, and if you die, you will respawn at the last checkpoint with the map 
completely rebuilt, so don't let the whole "no garage" thing bother you. Lay 
into one of the monster trucks with all the power-ups you can find. It will 
eventually blow up. In response, the other monster truck will cover itself with

Sweet Tooth and his partner devise a plan to place a bomb inside of that truck 
to destroy its armor. You need to drive under the wheels of the monster truck 
and stay in the green circle under it until the percentage on the screen can 
reach 100%. Once it does, flee from the monster truck while Sweet Tooth's 
partner rigs the explosives.

This is a good time to collect power-ups and if you haven't yet, refill your 
health. Another percentage will appear on the screen. This is the time it takes
for Sweet Tooth's partner to set up the C4. Once that percentage reaches 100%, 
Sweet Tooth will decide not to get his partner from the truck. Tap R2 to blow 
the armor off the truck, and Sweet Tooth's partner sky high.

With the armor off the truck, you can now return to attacking it as normal 
until its health bar is completely depleted and the truck is destroyed. If you 
happen to die, you will respawn to the point right after the armor on the truck
was destroyed, so don't sweat it.

* * *
Victorious, Sweet Tooth confronts Calypso and demands his wish be granted. 
Calypso grants the wish...and Sweet Tooth awakens in a coffin with a skeleton! 
Evidently, the girl was so traumatized from her experience with Sweet Tooth 
that, after psychiatric help failed, decided to blow her brains out. Having 
been dead for ten years, Calypso indeed reunited Sweet Tooth with the "one that
got away"...but it wasn't quite what Sweet Tooth careful what you
wish for.
* * *


Mr. Grimm is the motorcycle-riding son of a stuntman. As a child, his life was 
pretty good and normal, except for the fact that his father was a famous 
stuntman. While trying to perform a stunt of ramping a motorcycle over a line 
of buses, his father wrecked and died. Ever since that moment, Mr. Grimm turned
to a life of evil. However, the promise of the wish if he is successful in the 
Twisted Metal tournament gives Mr. Grimm the opportunity to go back in time and
stop his father's accident, hopefully changing his own life for the better in 
the process.

UNLOCK: Meat Wagon
And you thought the Juggernaut in the last level was bad! This time you have to
face not one, but TWO Juggernauts, PLUS destroy all the other vehicles in order
to complete the event. However, the Talon that was unlocked by completing Sweet
Tooth's story makes destroying Juggernauts pretty easy. Or at least, easier 
than it was before.

With a Talon, you can use their Special Attack to man a turret and fire at the 
Juggernauts from a safe distance, as well as plug into them with missiles and 
the like. The rugged terrain and twisted freeways that make up this map also 
make the Talon an especially good vehicle to choose. If you're not comfortable 
flying it, then go with a car that you're REALLY good with. Make sure one of 
the cars in the garage is a car with a lot of armor as well to destroy all the 
other cars once the Juggernauts have been dealt with.

Focus all your attention on one of the Juggernauts, specifically the one with 
the timer. Even though there are two Juggernauts, only one will spawn enemies. 
Once that one dies, the other one will begin the spawning process. To keep the 
amount of enemies at a minimum, focus on the Juggernaut with the timer first. 
Once it's dead, destroy the other Juggernaut. Be sure to heal whenever 
necessary, and don't be shy fleeing from the fight as this can get pretty 

When both Juggernauts have been defeated, turn your attention to taking out all
the other vehicles. After they've all been destroyed, this event will have been

UNLOCK: Vermin
Phew. It's back to the typical "kill everything" game type, without any real 
gimmicks or hooplah going on. The only difference with this map is that it's 
compact, meaning that the battles are really close quarters, for the most part.

I recommend using any vehicle with heavy armor. Make your other two vehicles 
have heavy armor, too, and then simply hunt down your enemies and kill them all
one by one. Try to stick close to the health truck just in case, since there's 
not many health pick-ups on this map.

UNLOCK: Absorption Shield Ability
Ugh. I HATE the Electric Cage. Honestly, my best advice to you here is to stick
with heavily armored vehicles that do lots of damage. The Outlaw and Sweet 
Tooth's ice cream truck are both excellent choices for this map. The Talon, 
Reaper, or Kamikaze are all death traps and should be very well avoided for 
this event.

The Electric Cage moves to the same places each time, so it may be smart to 
try out the map a few times to get the pattern of the Electric Cage down before
trying to seriously tackle this event. It's really a matter of being able to 
kill all the competition before your meter runs out, so as long as you are 
ready for a potentially lengthy match (that may cause a few headaches), you 
might be able to take this on without as much trouble as I had.

* * *
Having taken Sweet Tooth's murder weapon as a trophy, Calypso is on top of the 
world. However, a mysterious Preacher stares at Calypso's tower from the 
streets, promising to tear down Calypso's "tower of sin".
* * *

UNLOCK: Shotgun
A new match type! This match requires you to defeat eight enemies. However, 
there's a catch. When an enemy is destroyed, a new one will replace it 
immediately.  All the enemies will be focused on you only as well, which can 
make this somewhat challenging.

Use heavy armored vehicles. Once again, Sweet Tooth and Outlaw are fantastic 
choices. Focus your attention on Reapers, as they can be destroyed so easily 
that it's pathetic, and can make this match go by a lot quicker.

UNLOCK: Super Mine
This race is different than the last race. You are still driving under gates, 
but this time you aren't blowing everyone up. You simply have to be in the top 
four of the racers to complete the first segment of this event. Use the 
Kamikaze as it is more durable than the Reaper and has a pretty damn impressive
amount of speed when used in conjunction with turbo boosts.

The final four will then face off in an arena at the end of the race, which is 
the typical Twisted Metal "kill everyone" gameplay. Destroy the remaining cars 
to complete the event. The reason I ranked this as being of "Medium" difficulty
is due to the fact that the track can be annoying on your first few tries.

UNLOCK: Darkside
The Iron Maiden boss battle is long and annoying. Pick a car with durability. 
Once again, I'm recommending Sweet Tooth or the Outlaw. Pretty much any armored
vehicle will work, though. Anyway, let's jump into this thing head-first and 
talk about the first part of this multi-part boss battle from hell.

The first goal is to shoot the Iron Maiden robot with rockets. The Iron Maiden 
is a giant robot piloted by fellow Twisted Metal competitor Dollface. At any 
rate, the first thing you'll notice probably is the truck equipped with 
missiles as Calypso points it out during the opening cut-scene to this level. 
But before you can do anything with this missile-equipped truck, you need to 
find a "leader" to sacrifice.

Take notice of the limousines driving around this area attacking you. Use your 
map to locate the red limo, which contains the leader. Destroy that car and 
then run over the driver to kidnap the leader. Destroy all the other limos and 
then drive to the back of the missile-equipped truck. You have to sit tight and
wait for a meter to fill. Do your best to avoid the attacks of the Iron Maiden 
while the meter fills. When it fills up, you'll toss the leader into the 
grinder sticking out of the truck, giving access to a remote-controlled 

Pilot the missile into the robot, all the while avoiding its mid-air attacks. 
Once the missile hits, repeat the process. The second time will be a bit more 
difficult to nail the robot. Once it hits, however, the second sequence of this
boss fight will begin.

The truck will start driving away, with a green circle appearing behind it. 
Go find another red limo, but don't bother destroying the white limos this 
time. Since you're mobile, they won't knock you away from the back of the truck
and prevent you from sacrificing the leader. With the leader in your 
possession, drive behind the truck and remain in the green circle long enough 
for the meter to fill.

Take control of the missile again. Pilot the missile into the Iron Maiden for a
third time to cause the Iron Maiden to flip out. Then turn your attention to 
the Iron Maiden itself while in your vehicle and nail it with attacks. The 
Iron Maiden will then throw up an Electric Cage. Stay within the Electric 
Cage and follow the Iron Maiden around the map. If your meter runs out this 
time, there is no "grace period"...just death.

After the Iron Maiden's health has been nearly depleted, the fight will 
resume in clear shot of the Iron Maiden's face. Avoid all her attacks as you 
drive along the bridge. Zig and zag to the left and to the right and don't let 
up on her. When her health meter is finally completely depleted, the Iron 
Maiden will lose her grip and fall off the side of the cliff.

When the dust settles, drive around a bit until the Iron Maiden reappears, 
but this time head-only. Resume attacking it with all you've got until its 
health bar has been depleted. This will mark the end of this grueling event.

* * *
With the tournament won, Mr. Grimm bursts into Calypso's Tower, demanding to be
sent back to the past so he can save his father. Mr. Grimm is sent back in 
time, albeit in the backseat of the truck with his past self and his father! 
The ensuing surprise and struggle causes a horrific car accident. Mr. Grimm 
crawls out of the wreckage...

His past self finds the gun that his father had kept in the glove box. Mr. 
Grimm's past self then kills Mr. Grimm with a gunshot. Be careful what you 
wish for...
* * *


Krista Sparks was an aspiring model...just a sociopathic one with severe 
mental distress. As a model, she sabotaged her peers, even murdering another 
model with an axe in order to take her job. However, Krista was in a car 
accident that resulted in her face being slashed by glass. The doctors 
practically fixed all of her...with the exception of a single scar that drove 
her even more insane.

Krista killed the doctor and then had a ceramic doll mask attached to her face 
to cover her scar. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to take it off, and has 
since adopted the moniker of Dollface. Hoping Calypso can get the mask off and 
help relaunch her modeling career, the psychotic Dollface has joined the 
Twisted Metal tournament for her wish to be granted!

UNLOCK: Crimson Fury
The Killosseum returns! However, there are various new additions to it to make 
it even more deadly! Luckily for you, traversing this map isn't the problem. 
The problem is surviving long enough to take out eight enemies while having to 
deal with all the enemies constantly attacking you and respawning, since this 
is an Endurance Battle.

The new terrain from the last Endurance Battle can make this one kind of tough.
While the traps at this stadium probably don't pose much of a problem in other 
game types, they can wear down your vehicle over time. Be careful, and focus 
your attention on the weaker vehicles, especially Reapers. For your car, you 
should choose a heavily armored vehicle, like usual, as you will be taking a 
ton of damage during this event.

Oh, man. Juggernauts. I hate Juggernauts. These Juggernauts are made even more 
annoying by the fact that there is no garage in this event, and TWO health 
packs. Try to stay close to the health packs so you can use them when 
necessary, and either choose the vehicle that you are absolutely the best with,
or use my Talon strategy from earlier.

In the Talon, though you can attack the Juggernauts from afar. Using the 
Special Attack of the Talon, you may be able to destroy both Juggernauts 
without taking too much damage from them or the other competitors. Focus on the
Juggernaut with the timer first, obviously. And when they've both been 
destroyed, it's just a matter of clean up when it comes to destroying the other
vehicles on the map.

UNLOCK: Rockets
While I found this event pretty easy myself, a lot of people have troubles 
with it. As long as you master the "X" button ability to stop the car on a 
dime, so to speak, you should be able to traverse the rooftops without too much
of a problem.

This map takes place on the roofs of buildings. Choose your vehicles wisely. 
You need a fast car or the Talon to traverse the rooftops, and then once you 
get to the garage, switch to a more powerful vehicle. You can easily ram the 
enemies off the roof, meaning you don't need to focus entirely on Reapers to 
complete this Endurance Battle easily.

* * *
Dollface sought help for her "scar" by meeting with a mysterious doctor in the 
back streets of a large city. This man, a blind midget, placed the mask on her 
face. He promised that it would only take six days, and then the mask could be 
removed, and she would be "beautiful again". However, the doctor disappeared 
and Dollface couldn't find him again.

She tried to take the mask off, but failed in all her attempts. She tried to 
blow her brains out with a shotgun even, but nothing worked. Finally, she 
found out about Calypso and the Twisted Metal tournament...her chance to be rid
of the mask and "finally be beautiful again"...
* * *

UNLOCK: Juggernaut
A ton of enemies, more than twice than what you're used to, are all gunning 
specifically for you in this event. You need a vehicle with a ton of armor in 
order to survive this ordeal. I recommend a combination of the following 
vehicles:  Outlaw, Sweet Tooth, or Darkside . Stay away from the Kamikaze or 
Reaper, as they will mean certain death.

As long as you are able to kill enemies efficiently and can switch out to 
another vehicle before death, you should be able to complete this event.

UNLOCK: Shadow
This is a race very similar to the first one. However, the penalty for missing 
a gate is even more dire, meaning that you barely miss any checkpoints before 
dying and losing the event. Memorization is key, and of course, choosing a fast
vehicle. Kamikaze or Crimson Fury are the best for this event, as they are 
fast but not as weak as the Reaper.

Then it's just a matter of make it through the track and destroying anyone in 
front of you, as before. You need to get to the detonation switch at the end,'s not good enough to just cross the finish line. This race will 
take a few tries, but as long as you memorize the track and are able to use 
your turbo boost effectively, it is certainly possible.

UNLOCK: Depends on difficulty
Yes, another multi-stage boss battle for ya. This time you are facing a 
gigantic vehicle modeled after Sweet Tooth. There are plenty of obstacles to 
deal with, including the typical enemies, mines that roll along the ground, and
clown faces that spew fire. You need to blast at the Sweet Tooth face when they
drop down. Doing so will drain the health meter at the top of the screen.

Once the Sweet Tooth head has been destroyed, drive into its broken mouth. It 
will then rise up into the huge vehicle, revealing that the insides is made out
of a ... pinball table. A pinball table infested with psychotic clowns with 
chainsaws and the like.

Along with the clowns with chainsaws, there are a few with bombs. Run over one 
of them with bombs. Then turbo boost up the ramp and into the giant clown head 
at the end of the pinball table. If you run out of bomb-toting clowns, ram into
the bullseye at the opposite end of the pinball table to make more spawn. 
Repeat the process three times until the clown head is destroyed.

Drive into this head next to be on a long ramp filled with obstacles, such as 
bombs that are rolling down the ramp, saw blades, guillotines, fans of doom...
Avoid these obstacles as best as you possibly can and once you reach the top of
the ramp, you will be in a Talon, fighting a giant, floating Sweet Tooth head. 
Just another day in the life of a sociopathic model, I suppose.

In this air battle, you need to avoid the barrage of missiles that are fired 
out of the Sweet Tooth nose. Fly around and pick up power-ups while you do 
this, and lay into the head with all the attacks you possibly can to lower its 
health meter, once again located at the top of the screen. Eventually, flying 
Sweet Tooth mechs will appear.

Using the Talon, damage the mechs until they are disabled. Then fly over them. 
Press triangle to switch the Talon's secondary Special Attack. Then use the 
magnet to pick up the mechs and fly them over to the Sweet Tooth head. Drop the
mechs through the top of the head to deal the most damage.

Keep doing this until the Sweet Tooth head is completely destroyed. Then wait 
around for the final scenes!

* * *
Dollface realizes that even if she were to wish the mask off and be beautiful 
again, that she will be in the same situation that she was before her accident 
even took place. She decides to wish to be on the largest runway in the world. 
Calypso grants her wish...and places her on an airplane runway! Dollface tries 
to escape, but the heel of her shoes poetically snaps off, and she is then 
killed by a plane.

The priest from earlier and many other people are trapped in Hell, as Calypso 
has collected their souls. Meanwhile, Charlie Kane, the son of Sweet Tooth, 
reveals that his father left him alive back at the house. He goes to his 
sister's grave and digs up her coffin. Finding his father's mask, he decides to
carry on his father's legacy as Sweet Tooth.

Later, Calypso arrives at the grave himself and resurrects Sweet Tooth's 
daughter and "the one that got away", Sophie. He then equips Sophie with an 
attire similar to her father, creating a new monster to protect him from 
Charlie Kane, who has vowed to kill Calypso...
* * *


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4. Challenge
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Challenge mode in Twisted Metal is essentially a single-player version of 
the game's multiplayer, in a sense. There are three types of Challenges that 
are available, and they all have customizable rules and options to tailor the 
experience to your own tastes.

Players are able to choose what map the game takes place on, the variation of 
that map to play on, the amount of bots available, how smart the AI is, whether
or not a health semi will be available, whether or not there will be other 
traffic to destroy, and whether or not pedestrians will be walking around the 
streets during the match.

The three game types are:

Kill All Bots - Death Match
One vs. One Endurance - Gauntlet-style Death Match
Max. Cars Endurance - Death Match with infinitely respawning enemies

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5. Training
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
For newcomers to the franchise and those that need to acquaint themselves with 
the controls of Twisted Metal, the game provides a Training mode. There is Live
Training, which teaches you the ropes of the game as you play.

There is also a Hints and Tips section that will give you advice on vehicles, 
maps, and more. And there there are short tutorials explaining how to play the 
various multiplayer modes in the game.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
6. Multiplayer
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Twisted Metal features online multiplayer as well as offline multiplayer for up
to four-players in split-screen. There is a variety of multiplayer modes 
available. Two players can play through the entire Story in co-op. There are 
Death Match variants as well as a few unique modes.

Death Math is pretty self-explanatory. Kill all the other players to win. There
is also Team Death Match and variations of that mode as well. Team Death Match 
is obviously the same as Death Match, except with the players separated out 
into teams, marked by the colors red and green. Matches end when the time runs 
out and the player or team with the most points win.

Last Man Standing is like Death Match except that you have a set amount of 
lives before you start the game. Whoever is the "last man standing" so to speak
is the victor. In the Team Last Man Standing variant, the team shares the 

In Hunted Mode, one player is designated as the "Hunted". Killing this player 
will net you a point, but it will make you become the "Hunted". Killing other 
players while you're the Hunted will get you points. There is a Team-based 
variation on this that works similarly to "doctor dodgeball", in that you need 
to protect the "Hunted" on your team.

And finally, there's Nuke Mode. Nuke Mode requires you to capture an enemy 
leader. Then drive them to a Sacrifice Launcher. Afterwards, you will gain 
control of a nuclear missile that you have to fly into the enemy statue hanging
over the map to score.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
7. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Twisted Metal exclusively for the PlayStation

Special thanks to Jeremy Wise and everyone at Cheat Masters!

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