Gears of War 3: FAQ/Walkthrough

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    \_____|\___|\__,_|_|  |___/  \___/|_|       \/  \/  \__,_|_|    |____/ 

                                   N        NNN88           
                         DD88D88NOOOOOOOOOO8  8OOO8         
                        ND88888 D8OOOOOOOOOO   N8O8888n
                        N88D88N OOOOOOOOOOO8    NO8888O     
                         NO888 DOOOOOOOO   88    888OO8     
                          DOOO  888  NO8N NODN   N888       
                          8OO8  NOO NO  8OOO8N   N8O8       
                         NO88O  N888OODO888 DN   8O88       
                        D88OOOD  N8D8O8O8DNND    8888       
                        888OOO88   DN8D DD88N   O888DD      
                        DOOOOOOO8N  88OO8888  D88O88DN      
                          NDNDOOOO8N  DOON  DO88ODN         
                              NO88ON    O8888D              
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Table of Contents                                                         x100x

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Table of Contents.............x100x

  Act I.......................x310x
     Chapter 1................x311x
     Chapter 2................x312x
     Chapter 3................x313x
     Chapter 4................x314x
     Chapter 5................x315x
     Chapter 6................x316x
  Act II......................x320x
     Chapter 1................x321x
     Chapter 2................x322x
     Chapter 3................x323x
     Chapter 4................x324x
     Chapter 5................x325x
     Chapter 6................x326x
     Chapter 7................x327x
  Act III.....................x330x
     Chapter 1................x331x
     Chapter 2................x332x
     Chapter 3................x333x
     Chapter 4................x334x
     Chapter 5................x335x
  Act IV......................x340x
     Chapter 1................x341x
     Chapter 2................x342x
     Chapter 3................x343x
     Chapter 4................x344x
     Chapter 5................x345x
     Chapter 6................x346x
  Act V.......................x350x
     Chapter 1................x351x
     Chapter 2................x352x
     Chapter 3................x353x
     Chapter 4................x354x
     Chapter 5................x355x
     Chapter 6................x356x

    Team Deathmatch...........x422x
    Capture the Leader........x425x
    King of the Hill..........x426x
    Tier 1....................x442x
    Tier 2....................x443x
    Tier 3....................x444x
    Tier 4....................x445x

  Horde Command Pack..........x720x
  RAAM's Shadow...............x730x
  Unknown DLC.................x740x
  Unknown DLC.................x750x
    Seriously 3.0 by Nikke84..x762x
    Character Skins...........x772x
    Weapon Skins..............x773x

Controls                                                                  x200x

LT - Aim
RT - Shoot
LB - Tac/Com
RB - Reload
L3 - Stand/Crouch in Cover OR Sight when pressed with LT
R3 - Iron Sights/Zoom
Left Analog - Walk/strafe
Right Analog - Spin (verticle/horizontal)
D-Pad - Select Weapon
A - Roadie Run/Dive/Take Cover
B - Melee/Chainsaw/Retro charge
X - Pick up/Use
Y - Event Notification

LT - Aim
RT - Shoot
LB - Tac/Com
RB - Reload
L3 - Stand/Crouch in Cover OR Sight when pressed with LT
R3 - Iron Sights/Zoom
Left Analog - Walk/strafe
Right Analog - Spin (verticle/horizontal)
D-Pad - Select Weapon
A - Roadie Run/Dive/Take Cover
B - Melee/Chainsaw/Retro charge
X - Pick up/Use
Y - Build/Buy

*NOTE:Controls in Beast vary a lot so this is just a guideline. For more
accurate controls, consult the Beast section at x430x.

LT - Aim
RT - Shoot
LB - Tac/Com
RB - Reload
L3 - Stand/Crouch in Cover OR Sight when pressed with LT
R3 - 
Left Analog - Walk/strafe
Right Analog - Spin (verticle/horizontal)
D-Pad - Select Weapon
A - Roadie Run/Dive/Take Cover
B - Melee/explode
X - Special Abilities
Y - Event Notification

LT - Aim
RT - Shoot
LB - 
RB - Tac/Com
L3 - Stand/Crouch in Cover OR Sight when pressed with LT
R3 - Iron Sights/Zoom
Left Analog - Walk/strafe
Right Analog - Spin (verticle/horizontal)
D-Pad - Select Weapon
A - Roadie Run/Dive/Take Cover
B - Melee/Chainsaw/Retro charge
X - Pick up/Use
Y - Event Notification


Walkthrough                                                               x300x

You start off in a cell. Go through the door and take a right. As you look down
the hallway, there is a door just to your right (another cell). Open that door
for a collectable. Go through the door at the end of the hall. Once you get 
outside, run forward and take cover behind the wall and start shooting the 
dream grubs. After the narrative finishes, you will get a cutscene and the 
prologue will finish.


                   Act I                              x310x

Chapter 1: Anchored - x311x

Good morning. Wake up, and on the desk just behind you (closest to the cot) is
a collectable paper. head into the hallway and listen to a lady mention Dom.
Follow her into the room to the left. Hug the left wall and just after the cots
will be a collectable on a dinner tray. Take that and head back into the hall.
Then go to the next door on the right and open it. The next door on the right
is also open. In front of Jack on the table is another collectable. Take that
and head back into the hallway. Continue on and go up the stairs and around
the table to go up the next flight of stairs. Take a couple of rights and talk
to Anya. Follow the objective marker (the star icon when you hit left bumper),
to watch poor Nash get attacked. Clear the polyps, one shot at a time, and then
turn right and got up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs you meet the Drudge. He's a complex piece because he
can mutate but for right now, just shoot him in his glowing belly. head to the
left, shoot the drudge by the edge and then go up the stairs just to your right
to activate the dock lift. Cutscene with Prescott. Then you'll be sent through
the gardens to find some place to watch your new movie.

Take your time crossing the deck because the lambent are not easy to deal with,
especially not when they start shooting at you. Just take cover and aim for the
glowing parts. Once you've cleared them (with the help of a Raven), go to the
back left corner of the deck. Once there, look up to the catwalk above and you
will see a dead Gear hanging off. Shoot the body to get him to drop his tags.
Now that you have the tags, head for the stairs up to the catwalk on the right.
Go through the door at the end of the catwalk. Cutscene.

Now turn around and go back the way you came. Before you go back down the
stairs, use your height advantage to clear the area of lambent. Once back on
the deck, head back towards the lifts, clearing as you go. Once the area is
clear, a COG will raise the lift for you. Use the lift as a way across to the
other side of the deck. Cross and you'll find yourself where you first met the
Drudge. Go back down the stairs to where Nash met his untimely demise.

Pick up the extinguisher and put out the fire. They can be a little finicky
but just aim a little higher than you think you should and if it doesn't work,
readjust your aim. You'll come across some lambent as you make your way across
the next hall. Hang back and take them out. At the end of the hall, turn right
to save Prescott.

Chapter 2: Abandon Ship - x312x

Head strait down the hall and take a left at the end. Tip a table and take
cover. Stay back and take out the lambent from here. At the end, go right and
talk to the people moving the vending machine and through the door at the left.

The next room is rather open. You have quite a few lambent strait ahead. Find
some cover and try to pick a couple off but also watch the catwalk up above
and to the right. The left side of the room is a pretty save place to be and
gives you a good angle for flanking. Take out the Drudge and the lambent grubs
and drop down. Follow the path to come to the first Deck lift.

The Raven pilot will mention that you need to raise the lift and soon after
you will be attacked by glowies from the right. Unfortunately, they've got a
slight height advantage so you should try and get up the stairs as soon as you
can to get some good cover. Once they are cleared out, go past the door they
came through and up the stairs to the catwalk. Follow it to the control room 
to raise the lift.

Exit the control room and go down the stairs to your right. Just after you talk
to the next Raven pilot, the chopper gets destroyed and you have to shoot a
tentacle and defend against polyps. Destroy those and some glowies will bust
out of a door to your left (similarly to how they did by the other lift). Kill
them and head up the stairs again. Go to the control room and activate this
lift too. You'll get on the lift automatically.

At the top of the lift, you need to kill a drudge and then turn off a valve
behind him and to the right to clear the flames. Round the corner to the right
and take out the moderately sized lambent group. Just behind them is another
valve. Head back the way you came and take your first left across the area
that was just on fire. Watch the person get blown up and then use their
extinguisher to cross the flames.

After you get to look the Leviathan in the eye, you'll slide away and end up
in engineering. Follow the path and bust down the door. In the next room
you'll be attacked by some lambent grubs. Kill them and then the polyps after,
but don't bother with the tentacle. Keep killing glowies until a piece breaks
off from the upper level, creating a ramp upward.

At the top, go left to find a door. Go through the door, up to the deck and
then run as fast as you can across so you don't get smashed by the crates. Open
the door to your right to get a silverback. Just before you jump in, there is
a collectable on the table to the left. Take the silverback right and through
the gate. Move right along the deck to watch a guy get chomped on by the
leviathan. Start shooting him in the eye until it bursts. When it does, he'll
back off and you'll have to fight a wave of glowies. Kill them and he'll
return. Shoot him in the same eye you were shooting him in before. You'll get
another wave and then you'll have to dislodge him from the ship one more time.

And then he blows up.

Chapter 3: Homecoming - x313x

First, look at Carmine. Do you see what his second weapon is? It's a Torque
Bow and that is some serious homage right there.

Head towards the deserted outpost, hang a left around the car and then take
a right to end up on the road. At the end of the road you'll take a right.
In the alley, watch for a door on the left that you can kick in to lead to a
courtyard. Inside the courtyard, on the right is a collectable. Head back to 
the main path and keep going until you run into the stranded.

Afterwards just follow the path until you get to a playground. When you get
across the playground, you'll get attacked by stalks. Try and destroy the pods
that are releasing the drudges to kill the stalk quicker (this is like tossing
a grenade in an e-hole). Kill the lambent and another stalk will appear. Kill
that one and you'll be able to exit onto the next street. Before you do that
though, if you go up the slide next to the first stalk and take a right, you'll
find a collectable in the corner. To get down, go back over to the slide and
hit the X button. I love Cole! Continue into the alley. Here you'll bump into
more drudges and some lambent wretches. Take a couple of rights and then
squeeze through the razor wire. 

You'll come to the front door of the Grocery Store. A couple of stalks will
emerge. It'll bring mostly just lambent grubs and drudges. Stay back but watch
for the mutations because they'll end up with a pretty good amount of elevation
from which to shoot. Also make sure you kill those pods. After all is clear, go
to your right a little bit and you'll find a small path across the hole to
the grocery store.

Inside the grocery store, you'll need to fight your way through the aisles.
After your first encounter (after the "happy now?"), On the right side of this
room is a checkout area. Head over to it and at the last register, closest to
the doorway, you'll find a collectable. Just go up the left or right side by 
the walls rather than strait up the middle and it should be pretty easy. Round
the next corner and you'll find more lambent. Use the small room to the right 
to flank and finish them off quickly.

In the next area, it's rather open. You can hang back and kill them off at
range. If you try to come up on them, you may end up running in circles. Also
watch out for drudges who's heads stretch out because when they die, their
head may come alive and chase after you.

After, you'll come to a smallish safe room with a bunch of boxes. Chainsaw
through the boxes and one will reveal a switch that will open the room to the
loader. Use the loader to get beyond the locker and then pick up the food.
Before heading outside, check the room off to the right. You should see a giant
Crimson Omen painted on the wall of the room. On the computer desks in the back
are COG tags, grab those then head back out into the room with the groceries.
Head to the far left door and break it down using the loader.

Once outside, you may want to get out of the loader and kill everything, then
proceed to the green smoke to drop of the supplies. This is just assorted
lambent again except you'll need to use the loader to make a bridge of cars to
get across.

Chapter 4: Helping Hand - x314x

Head up and around the crates to the right and you'll have to walk across a pit
of immulsion. When you get out, walk towards the park area up ahead. You'll
find some assorted Lambent throughout the area but of particular interest is
the "Gunker" to the left. He's the big hulking thing (maybe formerly a boomer?)
that is lobbing immulsion at you. You want to aim for his chest and just unlead
as much as you can. DO NOT APPROACH HIM. If you get close to him, he has a one
hit melee and it's got quite a bit of range. Just shoot and dodge and continue.
Explosives can also work well here. Once he's dead, get clear of the big

Leave the area by the back left and watch Carmine get shot in the head. Stroll
through the stranded camp and when you get to an area over crowded with
shipping containers, take a U-turn to the right and around the back. Behind
all the shipping containers will be a newspaper on the floor and inside the
shipping container next to it is a boomshot. Continue to follow the leader
until you get to the end you'll find a nice heap of ammo. Grab some and then 
continue on down the docks. Once you go through the big red gate, hang a left
and then another left around the wall. Head down by the water and there will be
a body and COG tags. Head back up and along the pier and stalks will erupt 
from the water to the left and you can flank right through some crates. Take 
your time and work your way up. There's no rush and there's little chance of 
getting surrounded. Go through the big door at the end. Run through the 
warehouse area and over the bridge to get to the end.

Watch out for the stalks that come up behind you. Each one will drop a Gunker.
If you just focus on them, they will explode and take out the stalk they just
came from. Personally, I found the van to the left side to be excellent cover
because they couldn't shoot over it. Once done, enter the stadium.

Chapter 5: MVP - x315x

Get inside and get celebrated. Then stalks arrive as they do. Head to the back
and go high. Once you have control, head forward and stick to the right wall.
It will open up into a room and if you check the right side as you enter,
you'll find a collectable on the floor. Head back out of the room and find a
decent vantage of the area. You can clear it out with relative ease. Once 
the area is devoid of lambent, head through the South Gate. If you hang right
as you go through the gate, you'll come to an ammo crate and a collectable on
the floor. Go through the double doors.

Watch the cutscene and then play Thrashball! It's pretty interesting even if
you only really need to steer. If you want to hit things, just run into them,
otherwise Cole will juke and tackle as needed.

Turn around and head back to where you picked up the bomb. By the front of the
bomb shed, there's a collectable. Go up the stairs into the stands and through
the door behind them. Meet up with the Stranded Boss and you'll end up on an
elevator. As you go up the elevator, don't worry too much about small enemies
but keep an eye out for the big red fuel containers, these will help you clear
enemies quickly.

Chapter 6: Hanging by a thread - x316x

Slide down the line and when you land, run around behind the car in front of
you for grenades. Then head away from the lambent some for cover. Really, this
is important for putting distance between you and the Gunker so he doesn't 
melee you. Once you've cleared them, move ahead a little bit to find out you
need to get through the stranded base to see the ship. You'll find out what
makes these Stranded so dangerous.

Be careful of the turret between the two doors to the fort. Clear out the 
ramparts first and then try and land a grenade in the turret bunker. Also be
careful because there may be a OneShot up above. Don't get too close because 
once everything is clear, more enemies will come through the doors, including
some Boomers and Butchers. Once the area is cleared, go to the turret in the
middle of the bridge (in the toll booth), then go around the right side and 
just behind it, you'll find a collectable in the pile on the ground.

After that, head through the gate and enjoy the view. You'll actually be safe
until you get into the actual fort section. You'll pass a closed red crate on
your right and as you continue forward you'll find another but this one is open
instead. Go inside, destroy the crate, and pick up the knife on the ground.
Go back and continue on down the bridge. It's kind of hectic in here but if
you just hang back, they shouldn't be too much of a problem. Once you've
cleared this room, there is a collectable to be found but it's a little tricky.
Leave and come back towards this area the way you did originally and on the
left, you'll find a balcony sticking out. If you look to the right, you'll
find a crimson omen painted on a girder and on the left is a ladder. Go down
the ladder and follow the path until you come to a barrier you can mantle over.
On the otherside of this barrier (right next to it) are COG tags on the ground.
When you come up on the otherside, turn right and continue on your path.
Ahead, watch for a turret in the back and some tickers. If the tickers get too
close, hit the B button to punt them. Climb up the slab of road that just fell
into the room to continue.

Just to your left is some cover. Get behind it ASAP because there will soon
be a lot of explosions going around. You'll get attacked by some Grenadiers
and Boomers. You may want to take out the Grenadiers first because they might
otherwise swarm you. Head further along and to the right. You'll head inside
to climb down some ladders. Once inside, you'll have to split up. Take the
low road.

Make your way up slowly and watch for turrets on the right side. There aren't
a whole lot of enemies but they will try and flush you out of your cover with
grenades so try and kill them in a timely manner. Watch out for a few grubs
popping up out of the ground to your left. Approach the big gate in the back
and you'll get to see the ship.

Yeah, that's right, Clayton just called them ladies. He's not shy like his
younger brothers. Move to the next area and you'll come to more tickers. They
shouldn't be anything too devestating. Run up the broken road to the next
area. You'll come under fire from a mortar. Use the empty shipping containers
for cover. Wait for a shot, then move. Try not to stay in one area too long
because with the mortars alternating, they can pin you down where you are.
Once you get to the end of the bridge, use your height advantage to take out
as many of the locust as you can.

A gas barge will come around and you're told to try and hit it with the mortar.
That's actually a little bit on the tough side. Give it a shot though and
if you can't, you can still bring it down with small arms. Kill it and then
turn around and head down further. Cross the lowest part of the bridge. The
tentacles that come through the walls will drop polyps so watch for them. At
the end of the section will be a couple of grenadiers. Kill them and exit
through the door on the right. Climb up the ladder.

Take a right and rap around the tower. You'll come to a set of stairs that
leads back up towards the mortar position but the stairs are broken. to the
right side of the stairs, on the ground, is a collectable. head back around
to the left and get back to the bridge road. Head up the road and watch for
the OneShot. Grab the LongShot hanging near the truck and use to clear the way.
Watch behind you as you progress because some grubs will jump up out of the
ground. Head over to the crate and drop the tickers.


                   Act II                             x320x

Chapter 1: Shipwreck - x321x

Watch for the wild tickers ahead. They aren't inherently harmful but they will
eat ammo and weapons and since you don't have any right now, that's bad. Before
you round that first corner to the right, you'll see a giant shipping container
to your left. If you go to the end of it, you can kick in the door. Inside, you
will find a collectable on the ground about how to grow tomoatoes. You'll
find assorted weapons on the way to the first encounter and even if you don't,
charge ahead quickly and grab something from a downed enemy. Just when you
think you've cleared the area, more grubs will pop up out of the ground. Once
you've cleared those, the next area will open and more grubs will appear. In
this area, you should find a bunch of shipping crates and a downed Raven. Next
to the Raven will be a door sticking out of the ground. Next to THAT, on the
ground is a collectable. Head up the hill at the back left (Don't be afraid to
use the Tac-Com to find where you're going, especially not here). When you get
to the top of the hill, a handful of grubs will pop up out of the ground. Head
left for a cutscene.

That is the Digger! Be careful, one shot can put you down. You'll want to treat
them like Gunkers. Watch for the attack, dodge and then get a few shots off.
The real difference here is that when they are dead, you can pick up a digger
launcher and use it against them. Make your way up the hill. This time it
might pay to rush a little bit so you aren't constatly dodging the diggers.
Head towards the bridge in the back to progress.

Be careful because more grubs will pop out of the ground. When you finally get
to the top, you'll see the siege beast. Clear the grubs and then take control
of it to destroy the other two catapults. Once they're dead, you'll be
attacked by a Brumak. He's not as tough as he could be with the Siege Beast.

In the next area, the grubs should be pretty easy to deal with. Find the
burning ship off in the distance, then do a 180 and look up at the hill. You're
looking for a small fire and just to the left of that is a wooden crate.
Shoot the wooden crate until it's destroyed and then make your way under it to
pick up a collectable but be careful for a couple of digging drones. Watch
for a sniper up ahead. Keep heading down the hill until you make it to the
beach. You'll meet some resistance on the beach but they won't be anything too
significant. After the cutscene, you'll get attacked but a decent number of
Miners. Hang back and try to take them out at range because there's enough of
them that they might be able to swarm or flank around you if you move up too
far. After the battle, head back as far as you can and you should see a crate
with the crimson omen on it. It's actually behind the crate with the omen on it
rather than in the open crate. Check by the water and pick up some COG tags.

Just when you think you've won, you'll come to another Brumak. Aim for the
Rocket Launcher on his head or try and circle around behind him to attack the
pack on his back. Soon he'll start leaking fire from his pack and not long
after, he'll die. Just be careful because his does deal and take a considerable
amount of damage. I found that the empty storage crate was useful for cover.

Chapter 2: House of Sand - x322x

At the moment, it's a relatively safe, quiet path ahead. When you get to an
open desert looking area, you'll meet a new enemy. The Corpser Hatchling will
dig under ground and try to attack you with one of it's claws. When it does
this, try to dive to the side. You need to wait for it to come out of the
ground and try to shoot it's face when it attacks you or it's backside if you
can get behind it. Shooting it's face is preferable but it's hard to get an
angle where your shots land and you don't get hit. Personally, I find the
digger launcher to be pretty useful against these guys. 

Head through the gate once he's dead. Watch out for tickers and grenadiers 
from up above. Be careful of the Digger and Grinder when you finally climb up.
Watch out for the ambush and by that I mean it's part of a cutscene so there
isn't much you can do. You'll encounter some grubs and butchers and once clear
head through the door at the back.

On the otherside of the door is some artillery. Immediately start running to
the left and loop around to the artillery position. You'll come to Miners and
eventually Diggers and Tickers. Be careful with all the explosions. Dodge first
then shoot. Make your way to the top of the hill and climb the ladder. Right
near you is a turkey (siege beast). Unfortunately, it's not all that easy to
see but just lob some to the back and you'll probably clear the area a little.
Of course, you'll get some Miners popping out of the ground so you can't
completely clear the area until you move ahead. Head towards the gate at the
back of the area. Grab ammo and end the chapeter.

Chapter 3: Forced Entry - x323x

There is a collectable that you can only get by successfully being stealthy
in this section.

If you go slow, you can usually sneak up on the enemy. If you tip them off,
you can maintain your stealth approach as long as you don't allow any grubs to
get near the giant horns in whichever area you are in. This section is just
a strait forwards crawl. I recommend picking up the LongShot or OneShot (or

Head forward and clear the first area. You should have no problem taking him
out before he blows the horn. The next area won't be quite as easy. The gate
has two sentries on it, make sure you take out both as quickly as possible.
Assuming you've done that, move to the next area and you'll have to do the 
same thing. The horn is in the middle this time so have to be a lot quicker
in killing the sentries (of which there are two again). If you've failed the
stealth run, skip to the next paragraph, otherwise a door will open to the
right side here. Go through the door, open the gate and then take the lower
path to the right. There will be some wild tickers running around. You'll come
to a trough filled with meat and buzzing with flies. Near it should be two
digger launchers and some COG tags on the ground. They can be hard to see
because of the blood on the ground near the trough.

*If you've failed*
Once you've cleared the area of grubs, you'll get attack by a Corpser. You've
got plenty of room to run around but you won't always be able to see the 
corpser when he comes up because of all the extra cover around here. If you can
get ahold of a Digger, it'd be mighty useful here. Once you've kill him, head
through the big gate in the back and the big door behind that.

You'll come to small area with a gate ahead. If you shoot the middle section
above the gate, the wall will fall off and reveal the lever that will open the
gate. Kill the two grubs up above as well. On the other side of the gate is a
two level open area and some theron guards. They shouldn't be packing Torque
Bows just yet.

This is where the two paths meet up. If you failed, you'll be facing the
entire area from an open area in the middle but if you succeeded, you will
come in on the bottom level off to the right side. There are quite a few 
turrets around here. Clear the bottom level, then make your way to the top and
clear that. You'll get attacked by reinforcement at this point but nothing 
too serious. If you can't proceed through the gate then aim towards the 
center of the area and blow that up by shooting the explosives caged in on 
the bottom floor.

The last area of this chapter is a little bit smaller with a turret. Clear this
out and head up the ramp. Turn around and activate the lever to lift the gate.

Chapter 4: Trenchrun - x324x
After seeing the barge, follow the path downward. When the barge returns, run
strait into the bunkers. turn 90 degrees left to find the next bunker. Wait
for Dom's signal and then run for the next bunker. Once there, turn around and
look about 30 degrees to your left (the tac-com will actually list the next
bunker). Run through the opposite side of this bunker during the next pause to
get beyond the range of the barge. You'll see a small hill in front of you as
you come out of the last bunker and to the right will be some crates. If you
circle around behind the crates, you'll find a collectable on the ground.
Looks kind of like an Ice Pick. Turn around and go up the hill for a


Of course he can do it! What kind of question is that? Did you see his hair? If
his IQ was any higher, it'd be over 9000! Anyway, follow the path a little bit
for reinforcements (them, not you). They attack from the left and the path
splits in two with a strait and then an elbow path to the left which has ammo
and a good flanking position. At the far side of the bridge, follow the path
down and open the big door.

You'll enter a wild ticker pen. You can open up the cages with handles to set
them free but I don't really see any point. As you walk across the room, you'll
run into something rather unique. A grub is actually walking across the room
carrying an ammo crate. Kill him and the locust that come in behind him,
including the Digger. Feel free the kill the tickers if you'd like, or not.
There's no actual reason to.

Next you'll be in an open room with tickers hanging from the ceiling. You can
shoot the tickers down and have them explode or just cause them to explode 
where they hang. If you manage it, the former is more useful. Cross on either 
side. If you're playing with the AI, they'll probably just follow you but this
would work pretty will splitting up on co-op. Once on the other side, you'll 
see enemies advancing below you. Use your height advantage to take care of 
them. There will be some Therons but they'll only be rocking hammerbursts. 
However, it is a rather large group, so be careful. Once you are finished with
them, head down the ramp to the right.

Now that you've gone down a ramp, go up the hill and you'll come to a grub who
thinks he's hot s*** for closing you in a room. You'll actually be attacked by 
a Corpser Hatchling. Remember, Diggers work wonders as do the Retro, Gnasher 
and Lancer. Once it's down, watch behind you for two grubs and a butcher. Drop
back and shoot and they should be no problem. Go through the door they came in
(what was the point of locking you in...?) and follow the hall. You'll come 
across a pretty nice assortment of weapon. You want to pick up whatever you 
feel most comfortable taking corpsers with because you get a few in the next 
section. Don't be concerned with ammo.

Continue on into the next room. You see all those things on the ground? Those
are Corpser Hatchlings. And you get to fight them ALL. Ain't they cute? Ok, 
that aside, you will get attacked by a Mama Corpser who is actually a little 
tough without a pool of immulsion to toss her into. First you will fight the 
babies, then she will appear and you need to aim for her eyes. You ideally want
to bait her with one character so that the others can take aim at her eyes. 
After you destroy each eye, you will be attacked by babies and then by the 
actual Corpser Hatchlings that you've been fighting up to this point. If at 
any point you need ammo, there's plenty on either side of the room, along with 
assault rifles for shooting the eyes. After the fourth eye, rather than 
releasing more hatchlings, she will go berserk and start running around the 
room. Try to avoid her as you make your way to the exit. Only one person 
actually needs to make it to the exit even if someone has been downed (dead is 
a different story). 


Chapter 5: Hijack - x325x

At this point you will be attacked by a new type of flying machine gun enemy
called a Shrieker. They are pretty easy to dispatch at range so take them out 
and make your way down the path. kill the enemies there and then move forward 
but not down. When you get closer to the rail, you'll see the barge unload 
Theron Guards. These are packing torque bows, as per usual so be careful when 
taking these out. If you are quick, they all get off the barge right near an 
exploding barrel which can help you out. Kill them and then head down either 
ramp. A door will be open to the left with more locust and a Digger. Take them 
down and head through the door.

Head down the hill and you'll come to a turret. Take out the turret but before
proceeding, look back towards the hill you just came down. Just to the left of
it is a room with a gate door. Go break the door down and inside you'll find a
boomshot, some ammo, and a collectable on the left side of the floor. Turn back
towards the gun emplacement and then you can go through a tunnel just to the
left which will bring you out behind the gun emplacement. Clean up any 
remaining locust and then head towards the back and through the door.

Follow this path to the elevator at the end, grabbing the Retro on the way. At 
the top, you'll be attacked by the Gas Barge. It will shoot rockets as it 
circles and it will close in to drop of Theron Guards in groups of two. Once it
lets the first two off, you will know where they are being dropped each time.
Assuming the top platform is a clock with the first drop point being 12, the
next drop will be at 6 and then it will drop at 12 and then 6 again. It never
drops them at 3 and 9 and always drops when it passes 6 and 12 until 
eventually, once you've killed enough enemies, it will dock and you can board 
it (with resistance).

Chapter 6: Airborne - x326x

The next section is short and you just have to shoot down a couple of barges
with the turrets. Aim high and it shouldn't be a problem. Once you've done 
that, you'll drop down to the ground for a rescue. If you turn around and 
follow the path, you'll find a full ammo crate if you need it. From where you 
dropped, you'll be attacked from directly ahead and from above the gate on the
left. Eventually you'll be attacked by a Reaver on the building ahead and left.
Kill the Theron directly in front of you. They should drop torque bows which 
will be helpful for killing the Reaver. Take out the Reaver and if that doesn't
trigger the cutscene, sometimes theres a Theron hiding in the building up the 


Grab ammo and whatever weapons you need. You can fill up on ammo, grab grenades
and there's your choice of Retros and Longshots on one wall with hammerburst,
torque bow and Boomshot on the other. When you're ready, grab the one shot
leaning on the crates and head out. The big gate that was previously closed is
now open. Try and save the OneShot because it should actually take out the
Reavers in one Active Reloaded shot (if not a regular). There should be 5
Reavers over the course of the encounter in the next street so make sure you
save enough for them. Once you clear the area, head to the left end of the
street (by the wrecked truck) and there should be a collectable on the ground.
Head back up the street and on the left side should be stairs. Go up the stairs
and take a right. Head into the one room building directly in front of you and
on the floor to the left will be some COG tags. Now just head back to where the
barge dropped you to continue on with the on rails section.

Chapter 7: Touchdown - x327x

This section is actually a breeze. Just hop on to which ever turret and fire at
the nearest enemy. The only difficulty is that each gun covers 90 degrees and
that's all. The upside is that your AI teammates are smart enough to jump onto
a turret of their own accord and will just off as you approach them so you 
don't have to wait.

Once you've cleared everything from the sky, there will be a cutscene and then
you'll be attacked. Did you see the objective that said "Survive the attack?"
That's exactly what you want to do. Don't worry about attacking, just wait it
out and don't catch on fire.



                   Act III                            x330x

Chapter 1: Unbreakable - x331x

Turn around. On the wall just a little to the right is a silver plaque. Check
it out because it's a collectable.

Head up the stairs on the right and continue on the snaking catwalk.
Eventually, you'll come to a large room on the right side with a painting on
the wall. The Painting is a collectable. And if you continue further along
the catwalk, you'll come to a small ammo room (directly ahead) and in the
left corner is a pile of medals, this is also a collectable.

Load up on ammo and just make your way up the ramparts to the Gate of Anvil 
Gate. I would actually recommend crossing the gate over to the right side.
Jump on the turret and start blasting away. Keep tearing through enemies
until eventually a catapult will show up. After a couple of shots, it will take
down the main gate and you'll have to fall back to the main court yard. Most of
your allies will assemble at the catwalk so if you just move back just a little
you will find a small area that sticks out. This is a perfect flanking spot.
Just keep hammering the enemies in the court yard and they'll likely pay little
to no attention to you. If you need ammo, there is a full box if you go back
to the ramparts and some more closer to the catwalk.

When the Maulers arrive, there's actually a OneShot at the ammo cache near the
catwalk. grab that and use it to take them out. An perfect reload will actually
pack enough punch to destroy even the Mauler shields. Eventually you'll have to
retreat further. If you follow the path they give you, there is a turret at the
very end to use. The grubs will start trying to use their grappling hooks to
climb up and you can shoot these off just like in Gears 2. They are a little
tough to target however since they actually attach to and clip through the
ground a little.

The final phase takes place when the Boomers blast through the doors to the
garage. From there, just hold them off until they tell you about the "Last
Resort" and when they tell you to, focus your fire just behind the grubs.

Chapter 2: Rescue - x332x

When I heard Bernie over the radio, I didn't think her voice fit the image I
had of her but after seeing her, I think it works pretty alright. Choose to 
ride out, it's the more fun option. It's not really all the complicated. The 
first part is just an on rails section for about 15 seconds, then you jump off,
fight on foot for a quick spell and then head back to the Fort. You'll get 
attacked by lambent on the way back so fight them off. Eventually you will meet
the Lambent Zerker. You can't do anything about it now, just try to make your 
way to the base and when they say run for the gate, do so. If you saw the E3 
2010 demo, this is pretty much it and it really hasn't changed.

Once inside, the fight continues. The Lambent Zerker is not completely immune 
to regular weapons which has a plus and a minus. You don't need the Hammer of
Dawn to kill it but the only part that you can actually cause damage to is her
heart. She only exposes her heart when she's charging so you aren't just 
leading her someplace and then killing her any more. This is more about 
playing chicken. There are collectables here that you need to collect during
the battle. The area is round and in the middle is a tower. If you assume the
area is a clock with the main gate being 12 then at about two are some COG
tags by a barrel in the corner and in the center at six (up against the middle
tower) is a book on the ground. Make sure you get both.

After she's sustained enough damage, she'll start leaking immulsion which will
cause burn damage if you walk over it. So then you are still playing chicken 
but you also can't go back past where she's been so you need to be efficient 
about your space usage. Continue to shoot her heart when she charges and 
you'll get a cutscene and she'll die.


Chapter 3: Breakneck Run - x333x

This is another on rails section. This weapon, the Vulcan, operates a little 
differently. It Shoots like normal but it doesn't over heat. It uses ammo which
regenerates slower than it can be used. As long as you don't waste it though, 
it seems more forgiving than the regular turret. It actually requires two 
people to use which doesn't matter now but will later when used on the ground.

Just coast through blasting Reavers as they appear. Try to be prompt about it,
particularly for any that appear to be heading to land in front of you because
when they explode, they can cause damage if your nearby. After a few rounds 
with the Reavers, you'll see immulsion pipes that you need to shoot in order 
to continue. Do so. There are maybe four of them and you don't really get 
attacked during this section.

After you get past the pipes, you'll get attacked by Hatchlings but they are no
match for the turret. Plow through them and then you'll come to a Corpser. 
Shoot out her eyes just as you did last time. This shouldn't be too much of a 
problem because you basically get parked inside her fingers/claws. 

Soon you'll be jumped by a mini corpser (small but with real armor). You can
shoot him but I don't think it does anything. Soon he'll get ripped off by
a sign and a little bit more driving you'll actually get stuck in sand. You 
have to hold off waves of grubs while Jace tries to free up the truck. This is
the only tough part really. You'll be attacked by enough grubs that it'll 
actually put a little bit of a strain on your ammo supply. Watch for grubs 
popping up out of the sand and for Blood Mounts coming down the hill. It should
still not be too difficult. Soon you'll be free and wish Jace would drive in a
strait line. You'll run into a Brumak (see what I did there?) and then you get
a cutscene.


Chapter 4: Ghost Town - x334x

Hey, it's a Double Date! You know, it's saying something about the franchise
that I really don't mind that Epic did something like this.

Go through the double doors and out the back of the building. When you get to
the intersection, there's Gnasher ammo to the left but otherwise, go right.
Continue on until you come to a pipeline section that's been rigged. The motion
sensor will be triggered and then you'll have to turn it off. Quick Time Event!
Just kidding! You just need to hit the X button to turn it off. This part is
rather linear so just keep going and you'll trigger another sensor. Shut that
off and then make your way to a little clearing. Head through the gate the just
shuttered and on the left, through the window is some ammo. Head back out and
go up the hill. You'll trigger another bomb so turn that off.

Then get shot at! After you deal with him, you'll find yourself in a room with
ammo on the left and a loft area to the right. Go to the loft and if you go 
down the stairs you'll find a scorcher. In the corner by the scorcher where the
rail meets the wall, find a Panicked Note. Head back upstairs and follow that
guy. Up the stairs and through the small open area, you'll find a barricaded 
building. After you wonder how the guy got inside there himself, break the 
barricade and then head right. You'll pass through a back room, behind a 
counter and out behind the building to find COG tags in a pool of blood.

Backtrack and go through the hole in the wall to the left. Eventually you'll
walk into the sewers and have a couple of cutscenes. Then you'll be introduced
to an interesting new enemy. They're rather frail melee enemies but they move
pretty fast and can be surprisingly hard to hit. More interesting is what you
hear if you listen to them groan. Anyway, pretty much anything works but you
could easily stick with your lancer and you'll have more ammo at the end.

Go through the sewers and let them break down the wall. Inside the room is a
wheel to turn and lower the draw bridge. Go up that and open the door. Once
outside, go up the stairs to the plaza. Pass the empty fountain and you'll be
attacked as you approach the building. On the front porch is a Vulcan Cannon 
for you. Use that to clear out the enemies then turn around and climb that 
ladder. At the top, turn left and at the end of the hallway is a collectable.


Chapter 5: Brothers to the End - x335x

After the cutscene, you get your pick of a decent selection of weapons. I
would recommend picking up the retro lancer. It takes 2-3 shots to take out an
infected (yeah, they remind me of L4D) and it comes with 210 rounds. Should 
last a while. Clear the next open area and through the building to another. 
Just keep backpeddling and then when they are clear, head through the door. 
The next few areas are actually empty so just follow the path and you'll come 
to a cutscene.


In Gears 2, that cutscene would have been down right scary. After the cutscene
hold off the attack coming from the church, then enter it. Grab the lancer then
go off to the left side and break through the barricade. Once through the 
barricade, turn left and climb up (take cover and then mantle) and on the wall
will be a collectable. Turn back and go down the ramp and out of the tunnel.
You'll get a quick cutscene and then have to get rid of some locust. As you
clear the locust below, you'll be attacked from behind by lambent. Kill what 
you can of the stalks and pods. Keep fighting and when it starts to get bad 
you'll get a cutscene

*Epic Cutscene*


                   Act IV                             x340x

Chapter 1: Ashes to Ashes - x341x

Welcome to Char. For the most part, you're in a pretty quiet area. Just keep
going until weird stuff starts happening. The first time you get shot at, just
duck and cover until it stops but otherwise just follow the path. When you get
shot at by a sniper and he misses poorly, take a couple steps back. After that,
you'll enter an area with a kids park. Off to the left side of the door to exit
the area is a single room building and in the middle of it are COG tags.

Go through the big door and in the next room, on the left will be a room with
ammo and just before you leave the building, if you turn around there will be
a shut door with ammo, frags, and a longshot. As you exit, watching falling
objects and step back until Jace finishes yelling. Then continue on and you
hear the baby crying, investigate slowly. Continue to follow after the Ash Man
and watch out for a falling cart and some polyps.

When you finally start getting shot at for real, you can close in a little but
not too far because you'll have stalks coming up in the middle of the area.
Clear that out and then you'll get to meet the Ash Man.

Chapter 2: Crater - x342x

After a cutscene, a casual stroll, and another cutscene, you leave through the
bottom of the tower. You'll be dealing with Lambent wretches and drudges so
take a variety of weapons from the supply room. I recommend going with the
Hammerburst and Retro lancer. Once outside, Directly ahead and to the right is
a busted wall with a door still standing. Kick in the door and grab the book 
inside for another collectable.

The next area isn't too bad, just flank up the left side, spraying as you go.
After some chat about Dizzy, you'll come to an area that I find rather similar
to the "Subway" multiplayer level. You can go into the subway tunnel or you
can stay up above. I recommend staying on top because it'll give you better
access to the pods on the stalks and set up to flank pretty well. Whichever
way you go, when you get beyond the second train car there will be an ammo room
on the left side. Bust down the door and you'll have a Retro lancer, ammo crate
and a sawed off.

Keep on trucking until you get blocked off from behind and you'll have a small
group of Polyps to deal with. You'll come around the corner to find the second
of Griffin's towers. THen you'll be promptly attacked. This area is a little
tough. You'll be attacked be wretches and drudges from the front (make sure to
kill the stalk) as well as being flanked by drudges from behind. Stick to the
earlier part of this area where it's somewhat enclosed (or perhaps even pull
back some). Nothing special here, just a lot of enemies. Now climb up to the 
building and enter through the big door.

There's plenty of ammo scattered around here. If you hug the left wall you can
bust down a door for a mulcher and if you hug the right wall you'll find the
door that leads to the generator. Once the power is on, flip the switch for one
of the elevators. And this is Gears so then you back up and aim at the door.
As soon as you clear the elevator of the Former, immediately turn back to the 
rest of the room because they'll start pouring out of the vents as well. Soon
you'll hear other elevators coming down. If you hit the Y button, it will warn
you as to which elevator is next. The last group will open a door in the back.
Grab more ammo and go up the stairs.

Get on the lift and move the car off. As the elevator climbs, there will be 
some chat and then an interruption in the form of a Gunker (the ones that throw
immulsion) who will fall strait through the middle of the ceiling. Just start
hammering his heart. It's hard to miss it but he's also going to put you down
in one hit so be quick.

Chapter 3: Hang'em High - x343x

Make your way over to the car and get on. Then, when nothing happens, get off
and head towards the razor wire. On the otherside of that will be more lambent
and if you follow the platform around you'll come to a dead man and a 
collectable. Go inside and watch for more lambent, particularly from under the
half open doors. Follow the path around to the back and cut the safety cable.

Once done with that, follow a similar path around back outside and you'll be
back just after you got off the lift where you started this chapter. Get on the
gondola and start heading back to Tower 1. And now it's back to the locust!
While on the gondola, you'll be attacked by a couple of barges, just clear them
off to stay alive, no need to actually take them down. Once you get into the
tower, you'll be attacked by a few Theron with Retros and some more of the
shriekers we saw earlier. Continue climbing the stairs taking down shriekers as
you go. You'll get to another room with some theron guards and once you clear
them, you can drop down on the right side. Drop down and climb the ladders you

At the top, follow the patio around the side of the building. Kill the 
shriekers as you pass by. Enter the building and you'll come across some theron
guards which, with any luck, may not even be facing you. Clear them and you
should find yourself in Griffin's office. If you look under one of the couches
in Griffin's office, you'll find a magazine. Break the couch to get this
collectable. Go out into the hall from the office and up the little ramp on the
left. You'll move down a corridor with cover and fight more therons and 
shriekers. This will let you out back onto the roof. Follow the patio again and
you'll find Dizzy and Griffin.


Chapter 4: Batten Down the Hatches - x344x

You get dropped right in the thick of the action. Fight through the locust here
and watch out for the troika and boomer in the back left. There is a pillar
between the tracks that has a switch on it. If you hit it, it will cause
a couple of carts to start moving providing you cover here. Just past them is a
large open area with the dock in the back. We have another troika and some more
boomers but they are all the way in the back. There are some Theron guards with
Torque bows. They are your major concern. Work your way slowly up one of the
sides and you should be all set. Go through the door.

Looks like that ship is in bad shape. Make your way through the area and into 
the next and you'll be ambushed. Watch out for the Guards above but don't
worry about them too much, they seem to be pretty terrible shots. Of more
import are the giant Serapedes. To kill these, you need to shoot the glowing
tail end of it. It seems like it's lambent to some degree but it's also
controlled by the locust? Anyway, try and clear these out. Be careful because
they can deal a lot of damage very quickly if you're not paying attention.
Once clear, before you exit, you'll see a blue shipping crate to your right
(as you entered the area). You can go around behind this crate and right up
against it is a collectable.

At the back right of this area is ammo and back left is the exit. 

Chapter 5: Bon Voyage - x345x

Watch the cutscene then choose to find the rotor. There's a Lancer and some 
ink bombs to the right, and a door on the left. You'll come out into a 
warehouse and be attacked by wretches. Just normal ones this time. Then go 
out the back door and you'll fight a group of therons and shriekers with a 
couple of troikas at the end. When you get closer, you'll see carts filled with
old warheads. If you push them (before the explode), they will hit the wall at
the end and destroy the troikas. Once cleared, exit to the left of the troikas.

Take the elevator in the warehouse (after stocking up on weapons). Outside 
you'll find an open area with a control room in the middle. On the roof of
the control room is a Kantus, to the right of it is a Grinder. Scattered around
are theron guards and shriekers. Try and clear out the Kantus and Grider first,
then quickly get rid of the shriekers as best you can and get to where the
Grinder was. A barge will or has already dropped of a rather large group on the
far side of the platform and around the control room is a really good area to
work from. Once you've cleared the area, make your way over to the maintenance

Inside the Maintenance Bay, you'll find a half open ship with a Kantus on top
and a Mauler inside and crawling with Theron guards. Again, kill that Kantus
first. As you go down the ramp, of to the left is a door on the lower floor.
If you go in and stick to the left wall, you'll see a red paper collectable.
Clear the Mauler and the Theron, then grab the boomshield and use it to
progress through the ship. Towards the other end you'll find stairs leading up.
Take them, clear the last few theron from up here and then jump in the Loader.
Use that to grab the rotor.

Use the Loader to open the next couple of doors and when you get outside you'll
be attacked. Leave the loader back as far as you can and jump out. You'll have
a variety of locust coming at you including a mauler (who will knock you out of
the Loader) and eventually a Reaver. You need the Loader to survive. Hang back 
a ways and kill anything that moves and be sure to unload into the Reaver when
it appears. Once clear, use the loader to open the next door. Continue on and 
Dizzy will take the rotor and send you to fetch fuel.

Grab the sniper and fill up on ammo. Then head through the door and the next
hallway. When you get to a big open area, stop and take cover at the corner of
the hall. The first thing you want to do is pop the troika gunner in the head.
Then look WAAAAAY in the back and get the Kantus. After that, the area should
clear pretty easily. Climb over the island in the middle and then immediately
right and loop back behind the shipping containers. You should find a COG tag.
Go back and head out through the big door.

You'll come into a rather full shipping dock. After you encounter a couple of
enemies, Jace should point you to a Silverback station. Check it out and jump 
in the Silver back. Use it to make your way up the dock. To move the ramp, 
you'll actually have to get out of the silverback for a second. After that, 
you can get back in and take it right up on the ship. There are to Kantuses 
here. Make sure you kill them first because the silverback has a habbit of just
downing the other enemies and in the rush to get them as fast as possible, they
might not die and then be revived. Once you've cleared the ship, you can cross
it and go to the control room to activate the crane.

Once that's done, grab the hammer of dawn that's sitting on the floor by the
mainframe. Head back outside and you'll be attacked by Guards and some Reavers.
Save the Hammer for the Reaver. Once the Bloodmounts come out, feel free to use
it on them too if you can get a lock. Otherwise, just wait for them to come up
and shoot their mask. It will stun them temporarily and you can usually kill
them and then their rider if your quick. Let them come to you though because 
the only way they can get up to the boat is over the ramp, use it as a choke

Now you just have to get back to the sub. Well sort of. The sub has fuel but
you need to get it to the Dock. That's actually not too bad because the teams
split up and one group always has a great view point for flanking. First your
team will start high, then you will go down and through the big doors and the
other team will be up high. Then you can go up on the left side and into a 
control room with ammo for the last set of doors. In here immediately to the
left of the door is a collectable on the ground and an infinite supply of ammo.
By the window is a Vulcan Cannon. Use this and you'll clear the room very

The next area is rather tough. There's an ammo on the left side between the
two sets of cover. You will have to fight a couple waves of Theron guards,
Serapedes, and Armor Kantuses. There are four Armored Kantuses and they come
one at a time. Marcus will recommend Explosives but you won't have enough if
you use only explosives. What you need to do is hit him with a grenade to wound
him. Then, when he stands up, he'll shout and his mouth will glow. That's when
you want to shoot him in the mouth. It'll take about half a clip of lancer ammo
before he goes down but provided you're not too far away, it should be almost a
sure thing. And the Therons are carrying Torque bows if you're interested.

Once you've worked through that, head back and use the valve to flood the dock.

Chapter 6: Watery Grave - x346x

We have another on rails section on our hands. You'll get a moment to try out
the new guns before you're required to use them. When you do, pay attention to
the blue arrows that pop up on the screen. That's the sonar and will tell you 
where they're coming from. Usually you only need to concern yourself with the
front and right sides.

After you enter a cave and a short cutscene you'll end up being chased. Shoot
for the face. Eventually you'll make it out of the cave. Keep trying to shoot
for it's face when you get the chance and watch out for mines. Soon, you'll be
told to just focus on the mines. Do so. I found it was easier to just look
for the chains and shoot those out rather than looking up and down as well as
left and right to find the balls to shoot.

Once you get beyond the mines, the Leviathan will return, first you're going to
want to shoot it in the fact. After you run through the cave, you want to
just aim for the tentacles. A strong currently will sweep you up. At that point
just try and aim for the mines. For the most part you want to look forwards for
this part. And then you'll be attacked by torpedoes. You want to take out both
the torpedoes and the turret. It might take a few tries to get the turret so
take your time. As for the torpedoes, it's usually easier to just lead them and
shoot a few shots than trying aim directly at them. Most of the torpedoes will
come from the right side.

Blow open the front door and when inside, keep an eye open for torpedoes but
really just keep your eyes forward and keep firing as soon as you see 
something. Soon you'll come to a couple of turrets and a whole lot of 
torpedoes, blow them up and you're home free.


                   Act V                              x350x

Chapter 1: Home Away From Home - x351x

*I'm going to cover the Gears method*

Once you are on the dock, head up the steps to the first area and take cover.
Wait for the patrol to pass by and they will form a pretty strait line. You
can unload on them and kill most of them pretty quickly. Head up the right side
and you'll approach the subway. Just clean up the locust on the way up to the
platform. When you finally get rid of the last grub (all Theron actually), a
train will arrive. Kill the passengers and there will be a troika at the back.
Shoot the red tanks next to the troika to destroy it. Be sure to grab the
collectable, on the far end of the outdoor section of the platform (as opposed
to the indoor part where the train is).


Head through the newly opened door and after a bit you'll be told to look
for a silver back. You'll find it to the left. Hop in, go through the door and
follow the grassy tunnel. You'll eventually get to a Reaver, and beyond that, a
beach. Make your way along the beach taking the low or high road. Watch out for
the boomer at the far end. Kill the boomer and when you are told about the
mortars, turn left and head into the tunnel. In the tunnel, if you keep your
eyes left, you'll find a gated area. You'll need to use the silverback to kick
the gate down and then in the back corner of the room is a collectable.
Follow the tunnel killing enemies as you go. You will come out of the tunnel 
and have a few more grubs to kill but when you come out of the tunnel, try and
stay left and you'll move into some trenches.

In the trenches you'll encounter some grubs and a boomer. Just after the boomer
will come a group of wretches. They'll be very close so remember that the
Silverback can melee. After the wretches you'll come to a dead end. Turn around
and head back the way you came. As you come out of the trenches, a couple of
Boomers will open a door for you. Kill them and you'll come to another subway
section. Wait for the train to go by, then kill the Kantus if you can find him.
Try to kill as much as you can with the Silverback. You'll have to hop out to
open the gate on the tracks.

Walk up the tracks and a train will come toward you. You can try and keep the
Silverback but I ditched it here. Come up, out of the train tracks and you'll
get attacked from the other side of the tracks. If you run up the stairs on 
this side of the tracks, it will bring you down on the other side of the tracks
to flank them. Clear them out, including a couple of Boomers.

Chapter 2: Blackout - x352x

This chapter starts immediately. You'll be told to take an elevator at the back
of the room. Before you do that, look at the elevator from the big room you
started in. Turn right and there should be a giant closed door. On the right
side of the door (behind some boxes) should be switch to open it and when you
go through the door you'll be greeted by a Silverback. Take it to the elevator.
You'll manage to go up one floor... and get stuck. Follow hallway #3 first and
you'll see barred doors on the left. One of them will be open and have a
crimson omen on the wall. Next to the omen is a giant red door. Bust it down
with the silverback and on the rightside of this room are some COG Tags. This
is also an a good ammo cache so stock up on weapons (boomshot?). Follow hallway
#2. You'll come across wretches and some flamethrower grubs. Destroy them on
your way. You'll eventually come to a control room of some kind and in the back
of the room you'll see the ladders to upstairs.

You can stay inside and flank right but it only helps you with a single Reaver.
Do it anyway, then go outside and fight the Guards. After you kill a few of
them, another Reaver should appear. He'll land basically right on top of you.
He's kind of a tough bugger for some reason. It just seems the space was made
for him. But if you head forward a little more, you'll find grenades on the
ground which you can use to great effect against him.

Once that's dead, head down the stairs, turn left and left again, then go up a
different set of stairs. You can see the control tower in the distance.
You'll also get attacked by a swarm of shriekers, some therons and an Armored
Kantus. If you have no grenades, some spawn just before the last set of stairs
on the right side. Take out the shriekers first because they'll come to you,
clean up any theron guards that have moved forward and then go for the Kantus.
Hopefully you can take him out quickly and possible finish the guards with a
grenade aimed at the Kantus.

Once they're all done, head through the single open door and hit the switch to
go down. When you get to the bottom, two guards will be waiting for you.
Dispatch them and a flamethrower will come out from the right side. Once clear,
go to the first desk and around the back side, on the left is a button that
opens a safe on the dead end side of the room. Inside is a collectable. Go
through the open door.

After the cutscene, continue down the next hallway. The side rooms contain some
ammo but nothing more. However, they can be used to great effect for flanking
if used at the right times. Watch out for Scorchers and follow the hall around
the bend and downstairs.

Once you get downstairs, there are three switches to hit. The first is
immediately to your left. Go around the generator on the right side and you
will see the second switch in the same position on the right side of generator
two. The last switch is on the left tip of generator three. This will bring you
to a new control room and another cutscene. After that, you'll be depositted in
a tunnel.

There's nothing in the tunnel, but at the end you will find the what you are
looking for. The first valve is on the central unit directly in front of you.
It's not a normal switch but a strange square switch. There is another in the
same spot on the opposite side of the unit. That's two switches down. In the
mean time, be careful with the Theron running around and shooting at you from
the side windows.

More grubs will appear in the windows as you go down the stairs at the end.
When you get to the next level down, you'll find an Armored Kantus who is
much alone aside from the grubs in the windows. Take him out and flip the only
switch on this floor, then proceed down to reach the last two. However, on the
bottom floor there are two Armored Kantuses and they are pretty close to each
other. If you're fast though, you can catch the first one apart from the second
one and take him down before they can cause too much of a problem. If you need
grenades, there are some just as you come down the stairs on the left side. 
Once you flip the second switch, run down the stairs right next to it and out 
the door. The game will constantly give you new waypoints to lead you out. You
have 60 seconds to do so and just before the end there's a grinder. You should
have time to take him out if you hurry, otherwise just run strait through. to
the back right corner of the room.

Chapter 3: Shattered Paradise - x353x

Head up the stairs (after the cutscene) and take out the theron on the ledge.
Watch out for the wretches that come out of the door to your left. Once you are
clear, head inside. If you head strait across and then right, you'll actually
come up on the left flank up ahead. You should have nice easy pickings of 
the theron from there. Kill them, follow that patio around and back into the
shade. Stay in the shade unless you absolutely need to come out and it'll take
you right up to a Mauler and then some catapults. Take one and start shooting
down the Gas Barges.

Once you've gotten rid of the Barges, you'll be taken inside a hotel. Go up
and then take a left and follow the hallway until you can take a right but
don't. To the left there is a false tile on the floor. It will look like it
has a dark outline around it. Go up to it and hit X to uncover a collectable.
This is a sight seeing tour. Follow it around until you see the tree, then head
outside. Either play the stealth game or just head left and steam roll the
locust there. The path will loop around until you come to the catapult that was
originally on your right. Take that and use it to take out the Reaver on the
two buildings. Then use it take out the dam. Once that's destroyed, you'll be
back in the hotel. Head up the stairs and turn around to see an angel statue.
To the left side of the angel statue are some couches and on a desk between
them is a collectable book.

In the next area of the hotel, you'll have to fight. It's mostly theron guards
with a mauler. Once you kill them, there are stairs leading up to your right.
If you take those, you will have a good vantage point for the locust about to
bust through the door. The only problem is the range so if you don't have a
Longshot, this position might be useless for you. Take out the guards and the
bloodmounts. If you're looking at the giant door that they just came through,
on the right side, all the way down between the benches and the door you'll
find some COG tags.

You'll come to big outdoor plaza. There will be an Armored Kantus here but you
will be too far away to do any good at the moment. Flank up the left side and
pick up grenades if you need them. Then try and land a grenade from there.
Hopefully it will take out some theron so you can rush and shoot the Kantus in
the face. Kill him and a few more theron guards will come out of the two small 
towers flanking the Seige Beast. Clean them up and use the catapult to take out
the Barge and then push it into the ocean.

Chapter 4: Threshold - x354x

Head strait into the building, turn the corner and at the end of the hall is a
bust on a pedestal, it's a collectable. From there, turn left and enter the big
foyer. At the other end, hit the elevator switch. At the top of the elevator,
turn around and hit the elevator switch again. The other elevator door will
open and on the wall will be a poster. It's a collectable. Walk off the lift,
turn left twice and you'll end up outside by a giant fountain area. Take the
stairs down and right. You'll have some theron guards to deal with on the way 
up the stairs. At the top is an Armored Kantus and some mortar teams so it's
important you get up the stairs as quickly as possible. The Mortar will
be on the part of the top floor that overlooks the rest of the fountain area.

When you get near the door, stalks will come up and one of them will bring a
gunker (and drop it right in front of you). You need to eliminate the lambent 
here before proceeding. It's your choice whether you go for the Gunker or
the stalks first. The gunker never respawned for me so it might be easier to
kill him first and then the stalks. Either way, deal with the lambent and 
you'll be taken inside.

Chapter 5: Ascension - x355x

Once inside the hotel, head left. Head up until you hear a warning of grubs.
Wait for moment and then you can attack. You'll know when. Two boomers will
come down the stairs, try and take them out first. Then clean up the theron
here. After that, head up the stairs they came from. Watch out for the Blood
Mounts up here. They will at you from the giant windows. There are quite a few
torque bows around here. After you've dealt with the theron and the blood 
mounts, a Reaver will crash through the window. Use the torque bow on him. Once
everything is cleared, head towards the window, restock on ammo and grenades 
and use the elevator.

The elevator will take a little while to get here. You don't actually need to
kill everything, just survive for a certain amount of time (I believe). You'll
probably run low on ammo though, remember that there is ammo by each elevator.
That also means that it might be useless to destroy the pods, though it might
slow down the rate at which the come at you. Keep destroying them as they come
for you, don't worry so much about the distant enemeies. Just jump on the
elevator as soon as it arrives and you'll be off.

While on the lift, you will be attacked. It won't be anything too threatening.
Just melee the hooks off when they try to graple up and shoot anything at a
distance. Eventually your lift will get hit and you need to mantel over to the
other lift. Do so.

After you do that, the elevator will climb to the top and let you off. There
will be some enemies, a Kantus amongst them. Kill them and then go around the
balcony and down to the lower level. Across the room, you'll find a front desk
and behind the column just to the right of that should be the last collectable.
Grab it and start climbing back the way you came. Once you go up a level or two
though, you'll get to the boss fight. The Locust Queen will try and blast you
with Tempest (that thing she's flying). Just keep moving in between blasts.
Before she blasts, put something between you and her and you'll be fine. When
you get to the top floor, just be careful when you move and stay behind cover
as much as possible. Just cut the three lines in between blasts she's done.

Once you're done you will find yourself on an elevator. You will stop and get
off at a maintenance hatch. To the right side you'll see a pile of boxes by the
Omen symbol. Destroy the boxes to get COG tags, then continue left. Grab
anything you can find, then smash through the door and clear this section of
the room. Then look down the hall to the left. That's where you need to go.
Work your way down. Kill what you can and use grenades to clear the troika if
you have to.

When you get to the end, you'll have to choose to go left or right. Go right.
You'll enter directly into a room with a few theron and a grinder. Take out the
grinder and lob a grenade into the back of the room and hopeful you can thin
them out pretty quickly. The security terminal is in the left part of the room.
Return to the hall and go through the other door. It's really the same room
without the mulcher. Clear this, flip the switch and then go into your dad's

Good thing you made it down that hall. Now you need to make it back out. But
first, grab the collectable by the window in the middle of the room. Then head
out of the room. You could get on the troika or even just get behind some cover
and just keep shooting. This section is pretty satisfying because there are a
lot of lambent in a small space so they set each other off or you can kill many
of them in row. Once you've cleared the hall and killed the stalk, get back to
the elevator.

Chapter 6: Reckoning - x356x

Once you are on the roof, just start shooting. There are lambent and locust
everywhere but you have decent cover and they will fight each other too. Once
they are clear, you will have a different problem to deal with. As the rule of
thumb goes, aim for the mouth. In between blasts, get behind cover. The cover
of the outer ring of the roof will be damaged and eventually be destroyed but
the inner ring of cover won't be destroyed. Eventually you will be told to use 
the Hammer of Dawn. Use the Hammer while she's down on the ground. After taking
too much damage she will run and attack from the side of the building. Stay
away from her at this point. When she starts flying, attack it's mouth. Rinse
and repeat.

After a few rounds, Tempest will climb up onto the machine and try to destroy
it. It's back plates are open and you can shoot it. Eventually you will knock
it off. Then you just need to shoot it in the mouth and hit it with the hammer
of dawn one more time...

Multiplayer                                                               x400x


                   Campaign                           x410x

You can join other people's Standard or Arcade Campaigns. Standard is basically
the same as the single player except with up to three other players. Arcade
mode introduces a scoring system and mutators into the mix. As you get kills,
you gain points and if you don't get hit you gain a multiplier for points you
gain. You can also use mutators for things like Big Head mode.

You should be warned that in both modes, the more people there are, the tougher
the enemies become. They will start to use more advanced tactics, they will
have more HP, and Drudges will be more likely to mutate.


                   Versus                             x420x

Versus Mode Overview - x421x
Versus mode is exactly what it sounds like. Everything in here is all about
direct competition with others. You can choose either Quick Match or Ranked
Match for all gametypes where Quick Match will put you into a game as quickly
as possible, using bots in place of players when necessary. Ranked will wait
until every spot has been filled before beginning and will be more competetive
in it's matchmaking. There is actual a final category called casual which is
strictly for people who haven't played Gears of War before. You can only access
it if you have no achievements from the first two Gears of War games and for
your first handful of matches in Gears 3, after that, you are kicked out and
can't get back in.

Team Deathmatch - x422x
Each team starts with 15 respawns and once those are gone, people can't
respawn. Whichever team is left standing at the end, wins. This might sound
simple but it turns it into a very tense game where you don't spend a lot of
time sitting around. Standard rules are first to two victories wins the match,
which is important because if the game becomes lopsided and there's only one
player left, if he can get the other team down to one player, it will become
a sudden death match. They have 60 seconds to find each other, otherwise it's
a draw and goes to another round. In this mode, you don't have to execute
people and tactical thinkers are rewarded so I highly recommend going with the
Hammerburst and Gnasher for most maps.

A last note, and a very important one. In this gametype, whenever the Locust
Queen or Prescott anounces "Enemy Forces!" or something similar, it means that
the spawns have swapped sides so it would likely be prudent to turn around.

Warzone - x423x
Warzone is essentially the tail end of Team Deathmatch on it's own. The match
is the first to three rounds and I suggest you stick with the Hammerburst here.
If you die, you're done for the rest of the round and have to wait for the
next so it pays to be prudent. In this mode, you really have to play smart if
you want to win. Make sure you plant smoke grenades behind you so you know if
you're being snuck up on and make sure you spot enemies early and often.

Execution - x424x
Execution is a lot like Warzone. If you get killed, you're out of the game and
it's the first to three rounds. On the other hand, the game is a far more
aggressive style. You can't kill enemies from far away unless it's with a one
hit kill weapon so power weapons and close range weapons are a premium in this
mode. It's also highly recommended that you use meatshields in this game mode.
Since these matches can turn into close quarters firefights and you have to be
on top of your enemy to kill them (likely not in cover since you've already 
downed them), it would generally benefit you to take them as a meatshield and
protect yourself rather than kill them and try and get out. In this mode, both
the sawed off and Lancers are far more viable. I would leave the Hammerburst
on most maps and go for the regular Lancer and your choice of shotgun depending
on your preference.

Capture the Leader - x425x
Capture the leader is very different than the other game modes. It's 
essentially Capture the Flag where the flag is a person who shoots back at you
and to capture it, you actually have to hold on to it for 30 seconds. The match
is played to two.

For most eight of the ten people (the non-leaders), you have to balance offense
and defense while keeping track of where both leaders are. You can always see
where both leaders are so use this to your advantage. If the Leader is moving
in a particular direction, try and come around behind him because it's likely
that his team is moving with him. Eventually, someone must down the leader and
take them as a meatshield. 

Now this meatshield is not dead like in most other gametypes and can strugle. 
If they hit the B button, it will cause you stop for a moment (which is 
dangerous, as you'll see shortly). If you get downed, even from far away, you 
are likely to be dead because once the Leader is released, they'll get back up
and be able to kill you. 

Once you have the Leader, you must hold on to him for 30 seconds. You take
slightly less damage while holding the leader but the Leader doesn't actually
prevent any damage. If someone shoots the leader at close range with a shotgun,
all of that damage is actually transfered to you and the leader will be
released. Also, if the other team manages to hit you with a smoke grenade, it
will immediately cause you to release the enemy Leader. This is usually the
most effective method, especially if the leader is smart. If they wait for
just the right moment, they can hit the B button, causing you to be unable to
move and allowing the smoke grenade to land right at your feet.

As the leader, you are an interesting unit. You can't die in this match for 
any reason which can make you very dangerous, but you're also the objective so
you have to balance when you engage and when you don't. You can also see
everyone on your Tac/com, including the entire enemy team. If the Leader is a
good communicator then he can convey this to his entire team and dominate the

King of the Hill - x426x
This is the most typical of gametypes. There is a hill on the map that appears
as a colored ring. White is unoccupied, Blue is COG, and Red is Locust. To gain
points, you must capture the hill by occupying it for a set period of time.
When a team starts to claim the hill, you can see the icon in the upper left
start to fill. It will fill faster if they have more teammates in the hill.
Once the icon fills, they will gain one point per second whether they have
someone in the hill or not until someone from the other team enters the hill.
This is called a break and it immediately clears the hill to neutral. It also
has the same effect as the hill is filling. Even the icon is nearly filled, it
will empty to 0.

What all these means is that in KotH it pays to be aggressive. You want to get
in that hill as quickly as possible and clear any enemies. The only time you
don't want to be in the hill is when you've already claimed it and you're
gaining points. In fact, at this point, it is somewhat beneficial to get out
of the hill and set up a sort of perimeter around it to stop the enemy from
getting in.

Because of the fast paced nature of KotH, I highly recommend close range
weapons. It would not be over kill to go with the Retro and Sawed-off on most

Wingman - x427x
Wingman is a first 15 points gametype and goes as many rounds as needed to get
there. You gain these points by killing enemies. You get one point for every
enemy you kill and one point for being the last team standing in a round. As
for teams, there are four teams of two players each, and both players on a
team are the same character. So Team Kantus will both be Kantuses. This is one
of the most difficult gametypes to give advice on because what weapons you use
and your tactics all really depend on your teammate.

The only solid advice I can give is to bring a friend. If you know the person
you are playing with and communicate well then you stand a much better chance
of winning. I would recommend teammates taking complimentary weapons. I would
say maybe Retro Lancer and Gnasher for one person and Lancer and Sawed-off for
the other player. When weapon drops become available (they don't appear at the
start of the match), the Retro Lancer should probably then be dropped for the
more powerful weapon. This will leave the Lancer to cover the rifle spectrum
in most cases but allow the person with the power weapon to keep the Gnasher as
for it's versatility so he's not completely helpless at all but close range.

Of course, that also depends on the map and who you're playing with. All I can
say is that it's usually a very fast paced game that is completely about
team work and thinking on your feet. Make sure you keep moving because if you
stand still, you're more likely to attract more than one team, putting you in
a bad jam.


                   Horde 2.0                          x430x

Horde Mode 2.0 Overview - x431x
Horde mode 2.0 is actually a combination of Horde Mode from Gears of War 2 and
a sort of Tower Defense game. You still have 50 waves of enemies that attack
you with increasing difficulties (more on that in a moment) but you now also
have Boss Waves and Fortifications.

The difficulty increases in much the same way that it did in Gears of War 2
except that the waves are almost completely random now. There are different
groups of enemies that can spawn at any given time. You might have Lambent or
Locust or even Savage Locust and just because a certain group (say the Lambent)
have spawned, doesn't mean you'll get all types of enemies (you may not get
Former, for instance). In this way, waves can be highly unpredictable but they
still have more enemies as you continue on and you are more likely to get
harder enemies as you go. You'll also have modifiers that appear (called
poisons) that make the enemies tougher. They appear after waves 10, 20, 30, and
40 as 2x HP, 2x Accuracy, 2x Damage and finally 2.5x all three categories.

Boss Waves are new and they can be very difficult and appear every 10th wave.
You could get anything from a Brumak to gunkers. You could get Berserkers or
Lambent Berserkers. Whatever you get, if you fail that wave, you will likely
get the same boss again. Eventually, if you keep failing, it should change
bosses but I'm not sure when or if it's even guarenteed to happen. If you kill
the boss first, it's possible that if there are respawns left that it could
respawn so be careful when attacking the boss and maybe even go for the little
guys first, then the boss.

Fortifications are also new and they come in five upgradeable flavors. There
are Wires which slow down (and later reject) enemies, manable turrets, decoys
that draw enemy fire (surprisingly well), sentries which are auto-turrets, and
finally the silverback, which is the same as the one in the campaign but can
be made tougher.

You have a certain skill in each fortification. If you build a lot of wires,
you'll be able to build better wires, you'll be able to build them cheaper, 
and you'll eventually unlock decoys. The progression of unlocking different
types of fortifications seems to be linear and isn't actually dependant on
what you build so much as how much you've built. Your skill in building
fortifications is also persistent. If you finish a match of Horde with wires
at Level 5 then the next match you play, you will start with a skill of Level 5
in wires.

Lastly, to build fortifications, you need to found a Base first. Bases are
the giant flag poles scattered around the level. There are always 5 of them on
a map and the first one is free. You have to pay $2000 for each base after the
first. Once the base is open, it allows you to build fortifications in an area
around the base. The base itself can't ever be destroyed but the fortifications
can. The only downside of having more than one base is stretching your team and
cash too thin. For example, if you start all 5 bases at the very beginning
of the match, you won't be able to afford any fortifications for the first

Fortifications - x432x
NOTE: I appologize if my information here isn't all accurate. There are some
things that I haven't unlocked myself yet (it takes quite some time). As I do,
I'll be sure to update them here.

 Level |      Type      |       Cost       |   Level Req   |    Unlocks
   1   |    Caltrops    |    $500/$1000    |      0        |
   2   |   -8% repair   |                  |    $2,000     |     Decoys
   3   |   Razor Wire   |    $1500/$2500   |    $8,000     |
   4   |   -8% repair   |                  |    $20,000    |    Turrets
   5   |    Electric    |    $2000/$4000   |    $45,000    |
   6   |   -8% repair   |                  |    $75,000    |   
   7   |    Laserwire   |    $3000/$5000   |    $120,000   |   Silverback
   8   |   -8% repair   |                  |    $170,000   |      MAX

Note: Wires can vary in price depending on the distance they span.

Caltrops and razorwire both slow enemies down and they also deal damaged to
the enemy as they cross. They are just fine for the first 20 rounds or so but
later you definitely want to get those up to laserwires. Laserwires will
both shock and push back enemies who try to cross. They must be destroyed or
turned off before crossing and the only way to turn them off is to have an
ally cross them. In other words, don't cross a laserwire if you don't want it
going off on you.

 Level |      Type      |       Cost       |   Level Req   |    Unlocks
   1   |   Cole Train   |       $500       |      0        |
   2   |      Dummy     |      $1000       |    $5,000     |     
   3   |     -Repair    |                  |    $20,000    |     Sentry
   4   |   Explosive    |      $1500       |    $35,000    |    
   5   |     -Repair    |                  |    $75,000    |
   6   |     Boombox    |      $2000       |    $110,000   |   
   7   |     -Repair    |                  |    $170,000   |   
   8   |   Onyx Guard   |      $5000       |  $220,000+DLC |

Decoys are probably my favorite fortification. If you couple them with sentries
then you are essentially adding extra stationary teammates. The best thing is
when a decoy is destroyed, you know it's because it worked. With the Horde Mode
DLC, an additional level of upgrade will be added called the Onyx Guard. These
are like the Onyx Guard from Beast mode meaning they actually move around and
fight for you.

 Level |      Type      |       Cost       |   Level Req   |    Unlocks
   1   |  Retro Lancer  |      $1500       |      0        |
   2   |   +Accuracy    |                  |    $15,000    |     
   3   |     Lancer     |      $2500 [1]   |    $50,000    |     
   4   |     -Repair    |                  |    $90,000    |    
   5   |     Troika     |      $4000 [2]   |    $140,000   |
   6   |     -Repair    |                  |    $200,000   |   
   7   | Armored Troika |      $7000 [3]   |    $270,000   |   
   8   |     -Repair    |                  |    $360,000   |Command Center(DLC)

Turrets can put out some serious damage and gradually get more accurate. You
also have to buy ammo for them when they are used. It's pretty good for most
waves if you keep your team tight. It's not particularly useful for boss waves
though since those tend to keep you moving.

 Level |      Type      |       Cost       |   Level Req   |    Unlocks
   1   |  Light Sentry  |      $1000       |      0        |
   2   |   -11% Repair  |                  |    $15,000    |     
   3   |  Heavy Sentry  |      $1500       |    $30,000    |     
   4   |   -11% Repair  |                  |    $90,000    |    
   5   |  Static Sentry |      $3000       |    $105,000   |
   6   |   -11% Repair  |                  |    $135,000   |   
   7   |   Incendiary   |      $3500       | $200,000+DLC  |        

Like I said with the Decoys, if you double up on both, you'll essential add
extra teammates to the field. Can't go wrong with that. As if it wasn't enough,
when you upgrade these enough, they actually stun enemies. The Firebolt upgrade
which will be available with the Horde Mode DLC will weaken Berserkers as well,
though we're not sure if it will retain its stunning ability.

 Level |      Type      |       Cost       |   Level Req   |    Unlocks
   1   |   Silverback   |     $12,500      |      0        |
   2   |   -11% Repair  |                  |    $200,000   |     
   3   |     Rockets    |     $10,000      | $500,000+DLC  |     
   4   |   -11% Repair  |                  | $900,000+DLC  |    
   5   |   -11% Repair  |                  |$1,500,000+DLC |

The Silverback is a powerful weapon but it's very expensive to keep repaired.
Later on in the game, though, I would highly recommend getting one instead of
using wires. It works just like in the campaign. It walks around and uses two
turrets and then when unfolded it can be used as cover. Just make sure that if
you get one, you're committed to it because it's too expensive to not use or 
let it be destroyed. The addition of Rockets to the Silverback makes it quite
a powerful asset. Just be careful to find a good spot for it because it is
immobile when deployed to use rockets.

Command Center:
 Level |      Type      |       Cost       |   Level Req   |    Unlocks
   1   | Sniper/Boomshot|      $1000       |      0        |
   2   |Mortar/BS+Frags |      $200        |    $5,000     |     
   3   |    Mortars+    |                  |    $25,000    |     
   4   | Hammer of Dawn |      $3000       |    $40,000    |        

The Command Center allows you to call for support. The first type (for instance
Snipers) is what will be used outdoors while the second (Boomshot) is indoors.
This is an incredibly useful tool that should be upgraded as soon as possible.
You can only use it once per round so I wouldn't use it too much, lest you not
have it when you need it most. Otherwise, after you satisfy the Turret
requirement, it's quite inexpensive and very useful.

Horde tips - x433x
Even though Horde is rather robust, it's also largely random so I can't really
do more than give you good tips.

Firstly, I prefer to pick maps with enclosed ends rather than larger bowl like
maps. In other words, maps like Gridlock and particularly Checkout are nice
because you can put your back to a wall with wires, turrets, decoys all in
front of you. I imagine inside the hotel would work well too. Most maps have
points like that (like the OneShot spawn on Trenches) and making use of them
is good but frequently players will be too eager and just build the first base
they come across and so Checkout can avoid that problem. I wouldn't recommend
anything like Drydock.

As much as I like the Hammerburst in versus, I highly recommended the Lancer
in Horde. Beyond still being a weapon when you run out of ammo, it will also
be a great weapon in the later stages for it's one hit kill ability. In the
later rounds, you will find that enemies will just keep soaking up ammo and
you never have enough for the round. If you use a hammerburst, you have to run
in and grab ammo, then run back out. If you have a lancer, you can use the
chainsaw a lot and you probably won't even run out of ammo. I got a little 
crazy once with the chainsaw for a challenge and then the next few rounds,
everyone came around to using the chainsaw as I primary weapon.

The Silverback is a great tool in the later rounds. It may take more than one
person's cash to keep it running but if you treat it right, you won't have to
rebuild it every round like most fortifications and you can more than double 
your kills, easily. However, even up to round 30 it might be worth NOT getting
it since those are the rounds where things like wires are most useful.

Remember, you can share money by aiming at someone and hitting the B button.
You can also repair any emplacement, even if it's well outside your skill level
to build it.

DO NOT SPREAD OUT. Your best bet is probably to build up two bases. This
usually allows for the right spacing and control. You should be spaced enough
to not get destroyed all at once but still close enough that nothing should
slip behind you. 

It's not necessarily a bad idea to save up enough money to buy back in for a 
particularly difficult wave but I would only do so for a boss round and ideally
just round 50.

If you are wounded and near a wire, run through the wire before taking cover
because it will almost certainly slow the enemy down enough that you'll be
healed before they come through.

There are lots of Boomers throughout Horde. Make good use of the Boomshots, it
can be a life saver, especially on boss waves. In fact, it might be beneficial
to use Boomshots and other power weapons on the small enemies of a boss wave
to clear it all up as quickly as possible before dealing with the boss.

Remember to spot. If something pops up behind everyone, everyone will hear the
"spotted" sound. Don't let something like that go unnoticed.

Sometimes, before a boss round, it might not be worth building fortifications
because a lot of the bosses can destroy the fortification just by walking over


                   Beast                              x440x

Beast Mode Overview - x441x
Beast Mode is a new mode to the Gears series that puts you in the boots of the
Locust Horde in what is essentially a reversal of Horde. The enemies are all
Humans fighting to survive. They will build fortifications of the same types
and in the same places as you would in Horde. Stranded and COG gears are the
generic Human types and can be killed from any range but any named characters
who have a portrait in the upper left or Onyx Guard enemies are considered
Heroes and need to be killed either at close range or by a one hit kill. For
instance, a shotgun at close range or a direct hit Boomshot from long range
can kill a Hero but a Lancer from medium range will not.

The ultimate goal is to make it through 12 rounds of increasing difficulty,
killing humans to clear the round. Each round you start with 1:00 on the clock
and whatever money you have left from the previous round (including, I believe,
a refund for whatever creature you were using when the previous round ended).
You gain money and time by destroying any fortification and by downing or
killing a Human. If you fail, you incur a time penalty and you are trying to
finish all 12 rounds as quickly as possible.

Finally, your selection of creatures starts off at tier 1 every match and you
have to work your way up to "the heavies" which is usually right around $8000
earned. You unlock these by killing enemies and destroying fortifications. Each
player has their own progression so just because one person has unlocked the
Berserker doesn't mean everyone has.

Tier 1 Creatures - x442x

wild ticker - The wild ticker is the basic wire destroyer. He isn't slowed
by any kind of fence but his melee attack does small amounts of damage and
while he is capable of eating grenades and basically becoming a regular ticker,
you'll never actually find one laying around. Nobody drops them, so unless
someone planted it then you aren't going to find one. And that's rare because
this is an offensive game, not a defensive one. I would stick with the regular
ticker in almost all cases. Sure the Wild Ticker was designed to destroy things
but this is a speed game and the tickers are cheap. As long as you get to a
wire, you're probably going to make your money back and do far more damage

Ticker - They are the same speed (though they are slowed by wires) as the wild
ticker but they explode at will or on impact. Yes, that means you die, but this
is Beast and not Horde. You are trying to kill humans as quickly as possible
and you want to make as much progress to that end as you can and do so as
quickly as possible as long as you aren't crippling your money reserve. Even
as late as the 10th wave, ticker rushing is a decent tactic as long as you
have a bigger creature around soaking up most of the damage.

Wretch - Wretches have two attacks and can use cover and scream. Using cover
works the same as anything else and the scream is used with the X button to
paralyze your enemies in a radius. This is clearly good for ambushes. Possibly
the best skill are their melee attacks. The B button executes a regular melee
attack which is faster and less clumsy than the RB jump attack. The nice thing
about the Jump attack is that it lets you jump over wires. This makes the
wretch particularly good for rushing in the early stages (however, the low
health keeps it from being viable later in the game).

Savage Drone* - The Savage Drone is one of my favorites. He is basically used
just like any Gear in Campaign or anybody in Versus. He can spot, shoot, roadie
run, mantle kick. The only thing he can't do is change weapons (and that may
simply be because no weapons are ever dropped). He is equipped with a Retro
Lancer and, in Beast, Ammo regenerates. What that means is that you don't have
to be concerned with ammo and can just unload. At most ranges, that means a
target in the open will be down in one clip. And like most humanoid creatures,
the ability to mantle means you can frequently bypass wires if you keep your
eyes open. All this put together create a creature that's less durable but far
more deadly than an average Gear.

Butcher - The Butcher can melee and mantle over cover. If you hold A then he
can charge at a decent speed. He is usually considered a base destroyer but his
only real benefit is his high health. He's a bigger creature who can't duck
which means that he's frequently in the open unless the map provides decent
high cover. That said, his melee attack is pretty fast and downs in one hit and
kills with another. He's usually best in a tight area and toward the end of a
round. Think the Concessions area of Thrashball. If there are only a few Gears
left, he can clear it out by himself.

Tier 2 Creatures - x443x

Kantus* - The Kantus can't take cover but can still mantle over cover, use ink
grenades, packs a Gorgon pistol, and, most importantly, can heal. That is the
Kantus' priority. A Kantus who just keeps healing can literally embolden his
allies (because they don't have to fear getting into a jam as much) and make
levels go faster. But like I said, it's a priority because if you heal a couple
of times, players will often feel confident and attack more aggressively so if
you STOP healing, you can essentially wipe out your entire team. That's not to
say you shouldn't be attacking, particularly with those Ink bombs. I'm just
saying you should do so while waiting for your Chanting ability to regenerate.
Keep in mind that if a teammates health indicator (the cross) above their head
is faint, then they are out of range.

Blood Mount - You actually play as the mount, not the ride (however you do come
with a rider who shoots things on his own). Think of the Blood Mount as a
much faster version of a Butcher that has a slow shooting turret attached to
its head. You benefit from maps with lots of big cover (like Gridlock) and
your melee attack is devestating. Actually connecting with the melee attack is
a little on the difficult side though.

Mauler - The Mauler operates as you would expect. Left Trigger puts him in his
shielded position and right trigger or B will execute his Melee attack. You can
hit the RT while shielded to attack but it will still drop the shield, you just
don't have to let go of the left trigger first. The Mauler actually has a few
good uses (though for the most part, he's a little too slow). He is decent at
destroying wires but the slow recovery time holds him back though his
durability might make him much preferable to a Ticker or Butcher. Secondly, his
melee attack has some range to it and explodes. He makes for a pretty good
Hero clean up. And Pro-top, on Thrashball, you can reach the Gears by the
mortar spawn from the field with the Mauler's Melee Attack.

Tier 3 Creatures - x444x

Giant Serapede - The Giant Serapede is an interesting creature. Using the
Serapede is like an aggresive game of Snake. You constantly want to try to get
your head in the right place without leaving your tail exposed. The serapede
does fantastic damage to enemies as well as defenses and takes no damage
anywhere except for it's tail. It can't be healed as you may have suspected.
A good Serapede player can go a whole round without dying but you can die very
quickly and all it really takes is an enemy getting behind you meaning that no
matter how good you are, playing Serapede is also more chance than any other

Savage Corpser - I have to be honest, I'm not a good Corpser. You are, for the
most part, invulnerable from the front and your melee attack is great for
destroying wires. It can sometimes be hard to find moving enemies under your
feet but you do pretty good damage. You can also use the X button to dig
underground to heal. By far, it's best use as for destroying wires though.

Savage Grenadier* - You only lose a little bit of range from the Savage Drone
but you make up for it with immense close range killing power and the ability
to kill Hero's from long range (which you'll be happy to have at this point).
The only other creatures to have long range hero killing capabilities are the
Boomer and Savage Boomer (tier 4). In some ways, I consider this creature to
be a mini-boomer. When you are going inside, he smokes the boomer by a long
shot since he's capable of going on a hero killing spree on a single reload but
if you're in the open, the Boomer is far superior. Just remember to use those
grenades to take out downed Heroes from a distance.

Boomer* - Yes, I have two favorites in this tier. Like I said previously, I
would choose the Savage Grenadier for close quarters and the Boomer for
Outdoors. He CAN take down wires but it's waste of his ammo since he only
carriers three shots at a time. However, when used properly, you can take down
as many as 5 enemies with a single shot and if you're fast enough, the second
shot will kill them all. The Boomer is tricky to play though. You need to keep
in mind that it's hard to find cover, you have a slow reload and limited ammo,
and, most importantly, that you shoot from the hip. Don't be surprised if even
after a dozen outings or so, you still forget that waist high barriers are
still high enough to block your shot if you're right on top of it.

Tier 4 creatures - x445x

Berserker* - This is the creature you want. Hold A for a charge attack (which,
if hit dead on can cause damage to enemies) and hit B or Trigger to smash the
ground. While it is one of the simplest creatures in terms of button layout,
it's also the most devestating when used correctly. The Berserker can destroy
any wire just by walking over it (if it does damage to her, it's not something
that you'd notice). Almost all damage bounces off of her. The biggest things
to be careful of are flamethrowers, the Hammer of Dawn, the OneShot, and the
sentries that shoot electric shots. These are the only things that can do any
real damage on their own and fire and the Hammer of Dawn both cook your armor
so that regular guns do more damage. Two last things: Don't charge into walls
and work your way through a crowd, don't run into the middle of it. You might
be nearly indestructible but when you draw the attacks of over a dozen enemies,
all that damage can really add up quickly and there is nothing sadder than
throwing away $5,500 and all those kills you could have gotten because you got
over zealous.

Armored Kantus - Coming in at a close second to the Berserker for different
reasons, the Armored Kantus is rather similar to the regular Kantus but much
more aggressive. It's probably the most balanced creature there is. You can
still heal allies (for way more damage too) but you now come equipped with an
extra gorgon, incredibly resistant armor (I would estimate it gives you half
the HP of a Berserker... which is a lot), and a rolling attack. To do your roll
attack, simple tap A instead of holding it. You will immediately roll forward
which will down or kill any enemy in the way. It's fantastic for cleaning up
enemies. You would never need more than one Armored Kantus.

Savage Boomer - After playing the campaign you may ask, "What is a Savage
Boomer? I don't remember him." A Savage Boomer is the one who shoots Diggers.
I guess since the Digger Launcher (the gun) shoots Diggers, you aren't really
left with a whole lot of good names for the Boomer (and remember that there
are already Miner drones). Anyway, he plays exactly the same as the Boomer
except that he uses a Digger Launcher. What's the benefit to that you may ask?
At first, it might appear that the only real benefit is that it allows you to
get directly behind cover that the arch of a boomshot wouldn't but that's not
all that useful. Really, the best use is that any given shot will continue
until it hits something allowing for multiple chances for it to connect with
something. The downside is that diggers travel much slower the Boom Shots. I
find it useful at the beginning of a round when enemies are much more densely
packed but otherwise, I'd stick with a regular Boomer. They're cheaper and
are just as useful.

Beast Mode Tips - x446x
Remember that the game will tell you how many people have picked which
creatures when you are picking yours. In the early rounds you can pick whatever
you would like but in the later rounds you don't want to bunch up too much on
certain classes. 

You never, ever need more than one Kantus of any type at a time. Even Kantus 
you put on the map is one less creature that can't be healed and since it's a 
lump heal (as in +100 points instead of +20 points over 5 seconds), you're 
going to be bumping into your teams' health ceiling anyway. The same can go
for most base destroyers. One Savage Corpser is enough, two will just get in
each other's way and not really move along any faster.

Just because certain creatures can't "take cover" doesn't mean you can't put
something between you and the enemy. Try and be in cover whenever you can. This
is particularly important for creatures like the Boomer which have an extremely
long reload time.

Don't forget, if you can aim with the left trigger, you can still spot. Make
sure, particularly at the end of a round, that you are spotting so you can 
clean up stragglers that much faster.

Remember that ammo regenerates so be sure to use it and don't be shy about
blindfiring, particularly on harder difficulties.

Remember, more than anything, Beast is a "for fun" mode. Just enjoy smashing

                   Private                            x450x

Private Matches can involve friends or just bots. If you create the match then
you're the host and get to set all the rules. You can change who can join, how
many rounds to play to, the map you play on and even which weapons appear on
the map. Where you don't have players, you can fill the match with as many or
as few bots as you want, making this a good place to practice with weapons or
just mess around.


                   Events                             x460x

If you look at the Event Calender on the main menu, you'll see all sorts of
fun upcoming things. In some cases it might just be letting you know about some
new DLC or it may be an alteration to a game mode. Most of these are just
simple mutators that will show up in online matches or some such and you can
find out what they are by checking the mutators for private horde matches.
I won't elaborate unless it's not obvious from what they've posted.

10/7/11 - 10/10/11
Columbus Day Event
Big Head Mode

Ticker Tuesday
Boatloads of Tickers in Horde

Boomshot and Longshot starts and spawns

First DLC this November
Don't miss the first Gears DLC

Can You Dig It!?
Digger, Gnasher, Boltok start with Digger spawns

One Shot, One Kill
LongShot and Boltok Pistol start
with Longshot spawns

Blades and Nades
Retro start and frag grenade spawns

11/24/11 - 11/27/11
King of the Hill with Cluckshots

Weapons                                                                   x500x


                   Starting Weapons                   x510x

Of the starter weapons, this is considered the long range weapon. It is the
only weapon in the game with Iron Sights which makes it incredibly precise but
the kickback can make it difficult to aim. I highly recommend you give it a
shot. It's long range and rate of fire make for a great support weapon.

The lancer is pretty all purpose. It's useful in most situations and the
chainsaw means you always have a weapon, even when you're out of ammo. It takes
the place as a medium/long range rifle. It's highly accurate when you aren't
moving. Even if it doesn't excel, it's still good on most maps.

Retro Lancer
This is primarily a close range weapon but if you stutter its fire, you can get
some good distance out of it too. The high amount of damage and precision of
the first shot or two make it surprisingly formidable. It's also great for
deterring rushing enemies.

As a friend said, it's the Bread and the Butter of Gears of War. While it 
doesn't hold quite as lofty a status in Gears 3, it is still quite useful. Up
to medium range, it can still down an enemy in a couple of shots and kill with
one more. When you nail an active reload, the range of the Gnasher increases
making it that much more useful. It's got a slightly longer kill range than
the sawed-off but the narrower cone means you need to time it just right and
hit dead on for it to work.

The sawed-off is the exact opposite end of the Hammerburst. It is fantastic
for close range but that's where it ends. It's capable of killing up to three
people if they are clustered together and is an instant kill for nearly a 90
degree arc in front of you. But if there more than five feet away, it's
probably not going to be a kill. And if you take that shot and miss then that's
when you should run because it only packs one shot.

Snub Pistol
The snub pistol is an average pistol. It has good rate of fire and good
precision but doesn't excel at either. It's primary use is if you take a
downed enemy as a meat shield. After that, it's only reall useful if you run
out of ammo.


                   Map Weapons                        x520x

Boltok Pistol
The Boltok pistol is the heavy end of the pistol spectrum. It's single shot is
accurate and carries a lot of stopping power but it takes some time for the
second shot. The upswing is that an active reload causes it to shoot far
faster changing it from a scary pistol to use to a scary pistol to be on the
receiving end of. However, if you just remember it's slow firing speed when in
cover, it's more like a zoomless, multishot LongShot.

Gorgon Pistol
The Gorgon is the exact opposite of the Boltok. It shoots fast and can deal a
lot of damage at close range but the spread gets pretty bad at anything more
than long range. It does actually have a decent home as a normal weapon
sitting almost immediately between the Retro Lancer and Lancer in almost
every way - particularly damage and range.

The Boomshot is a rather slow but powerful weapon. A near miss will leave 
just enough health to go down but a direct hit can kill. It is a tricky
weapon to use however because the shot travels in an arc at any range over
medium/close. You need to take that into account when shooting. Otherwise, in
most game modes, it's a great weapon to use with little downside. The active
reload causes the shot to travel faster (I believe) which is important to keep
in mind because it will cause the arc to change.

The digger in multiplayer can be one of the best weapons to use. It's loud so
people know it's coming but a close range it becomes a sort of fire and
forget weapon. It allows a single person to get a few kills very quickly while
still being highly evasive. At long range it is better as a support weapon for
getting enemies out of cover.

The LongShot is a single shot sniper rifle. It does a large amount of damage
to the body which makes it great for support (coupled with any other damage,
it's pretty much an instant down). A headshot is fatal. The best part of the 
Active Reload is how much time it cuts off of the reload. Not an easy weapon
to use though because of its limit of one shot.

Torque Bow
The torque bow needs to be charged up to really work. Hold the trigger until
the cursor turns orange. When the cursor turns orange, it means the shot will
stick into whatever it hits. So shoot it at someone now and it will stick into
an enemy. Then it explodes instantly causing death. It doesn't do a whole lot
of splash damage however. Interestingly, it's also a headshot capable weapon
but in this instance, the shot goes through the head and can still stick into
something behind it, allowing for two kills with a single shot.

This is a flamethrower and it does pretty good damage but it also does a
pretty great job of blinding people or attracting attention. Not a weapon
that's used frequently. An active reload will grant it extra range which means
more fire on the screen which translates worse visibility for anyone trying to
look past it.

Hammer of Dawn
The Hammer of Dawn hits about as hard as possible. Pick up the target locator
and point it wherever you want the beam to strike. I usually recommend aiming
on the ground or something because keeping it on a moving target is pretty
hard to do. Once it fires, it uses a consistent amount of energy throughout
the blast, however the initial blast does the most damage so it is frequently
best to wait until it fires and, provided you hit what you wanted, turn it off
rather than trying to track a new target. If the initial blast hits an enemy,
it's an instant death.


                   Heavy Weapons/Grenades             x530x

Frag Grenade
Frag Grenades are a classic. They are great in most modes but probably the best
use in versus is just to tag them onto walls. Most players are good enough to
dodge away from a grenade (which could be useful for getting them out of cover)
but if they go anywhere near a planted grenade, they are toast. Remember they
are also good for tagging other players (causing instant death) but watch out
for the grenade hug. You can also use them while downed. If you equiped one
before you went down, you can trigger the grenade and hopefully kill a nearby
enemy. The last use is if you have a meatshield, you can tag the body and kick
it away by selecting the grenade as you would normally. Usually a good

Incendiary Grenade
Incendiary grenades are much more immediate. If you hit a player, they die.
If you land it near them, it instantly explodes in flames causing massive
damage. And when planted on a wall, it makes for a fantastic wall. Put it in a
small hallway and when it goes off it will block the hallway and warn you that
there is someone there at the same time.

Ink Grenades
Ink Grenades are very similar to Incendiary grenades. The are somewhat more
deadly than Incendiary Grenades but don't have the fire damage bonus against
things like Berserkers (which only show up in Horde and campaign anyway). In
terms of actual effect, it's also worth keeping in mind that the Ink Grenade 
creates a cloud of smoke every bit as hard to see through as a smoke grenade.

At close range, this is a pretty difficult weapon to use because the
shots bounce around before detonating. However, when you actually aim before
using it, a single shot can wipe out an entire team in the right circumstances.
Hold LT to aim and then hold RT to increase range, releasing when it reaches
the desired range. Also remember that even if you don't get a direct hit, it
will stun friends and enemies alike. Sometimes, even if you can't see the
enemies, it's still beneficial to just shoot a shot in a general direction and
see if you get a kill.

The mulcher is basically a moveable troika. It has 150-200 shots and does
exactly what it claims. It does massive damage very quickly. Remember that it
has to spin up before firing and will over heat if used too long. Otherwise,
it's never a bad weapon to use.

The OneShot is the LongShot's big brother. It has to focus first and a laser
appears to tip off enemies that they may be about to die but that's more of a
warning for them than to tell them where you are. Use this as much as possible
because it is exactly what it says. It's a single shot to kill just about
anything. And anything it can't kill in a single shot (like someone with a
boomshield) will be killed by an active reloaded shot.

It's a turret just the same as a turret in any other game. It takes time to
spin up and can over heat but does a lot of damage. Of course, there is the
fact that you are stationary while using it too but it does provide some cover.
It's great for a group out in the open or for surpressing fire but it draws
attention rather quickly so be careful.

Maps                                                                      x600x

                   Launch Maps                        x610x

NOTE: The game already provides you with a map before the match starts so I
will just provide tips.

Combat usually finds its way over to the heavy weapon and power weapon 
(digger/Longshot) areas. I usually recommend going for the power weapon
first. Most people head towards the mulcher but the mulcher doesn't really have
the ability to affect the power weapon spawn. The reverse is not true. Both
the Digger Launcher and Longshot can easily affect any battle by the Mulcher.
Keep your eyes open by the Mulcher because the battles are usually fast, 
dynamic, and involve lots of shotguns. Either Lancer is viable here as well
as either shotgun (though with a leaning towards sawed off).

Most of the combat takes place up on the high ground. Some people then think
it's a smart idea to go through the middle to try and flank the other team but
this usually ends in disaster. Try and take one side and then cross there to
flank from behind or cross the bridge to quickly aid teammates. Always be sure
to use the height advantage to keep the enemy from flanking you. I highly
recommend Hammerburst to take advantage of height. Gnasher and sawed off are
both useful on this map.

This map is pretty straight forward for the most part. Usually battles ensue
by the Boomshot and Longshot area. I find the Boomshot to be more crucial
because the Longshot, while in an elevated area, is largely exposed and is
usually best used if brough to one of the corner elevated areas first. The
Boomshot on the other hand is usually instantly useful and far more mobile.
And while getting caught up in all that, don't forget the grenades in the
middle of the map. They are often ignored and can definitely swing a battle for
one of the power weapons. This is a classic map and benefits pretty well from
Lancer and Gnasher.

Most battles take place inside the hotel. This is a map you can easily
get by on with just your starting weapons. If you're looking for Gnasher combat
then head inside, for longer range combat, head outside. Probably the safest
spots on the map are the left and right corners out in front of the hotel. You
only have to watch 90 degrees. However, that will generally be useful only
towards the end. At the beginning, if you camp there then you're just taking
a player out of the battle. I would recommend Hammerburst and Gnasher on this

The fighting usually takes place in front of the Church or up by the
Mortar/OneShot spawn. A good portion of the map is wide open and lends itself
to long range combat but the large folliage makes it easy for someone to flank
you without you knowing. I would go with Hammerburst and Gnasher for this map.
Gnasher for indoors and by the potted plants, Hammerburst for almost everything

Old Town
Fighting tends to gravitate towards Boomshot side, particularly around the
walled off parts on either side of the Boomshot. The Longshot is a useful
weapon for up and down the corridors of the map but not as good across
the middle as you might think. The Boomshot tends to be useful in both
directions and is the more desirable weapon. This is definitely a Hammerburst
map but the sawed off can be particularly useful on the sides of the map.

On rounds with the Hammer of Dawn, fighting quickly moves towards
the under side of Overpass but even with the Hammer of Dawn, this a map where
elevation really shines. Take the top middle and you'll have a nice view of
the map. Just make sure use your Smoke grenades to mark off the area so you
know if someone is creeping up on your perch. This is also a great map for
making use of spotting. Again, a Hammerburst map with a slight leaning towards
the Gnasher. I would highly recommend this map for Horde. It's right up there
with Trenches.

Almost all of the combat takes place in the middle of the map. It's crucial
to take and hold the top middle as best as you can. It spawns a Hammer
of Dawn and another power weapon with only two access points, one on either
side. Once you've got a hold on it, it provides you with a superb view of
almost the entire map. Normally a Hammerburst and Gnasher work well but a
sawed of can work wonders for both blocking off the entrances to the middle as
well as breaking into it.

Combat gets pretty evenly split up on this map. Under the Raven, you really
need to be careful of planted grenades. Even if you manage to hold
that area by planting grenades, you need to be cautious of the balcony area
because the mortar can reach under the raven. For that reason, it might be
better to go for the mortar first but you can usually pick up a kill or two
in the Raven tunnels early as someone rushes for the grenades and gets trapped
in the hallway. Stick with the Hammerburst and definitely the Gnasher on this
map. A lot of points on this map are perfect for Gnasher combat.

The Mortar spawn is always the first battle. On this map, it's the
better weapon but it also has the worse position. It can reach anywhere on the
map and is actually protected from the OneShot spawn by the hanging crate. But
pretty much every path leads to that spot. The OneShot spawn is safer since
everyone has to come directly up the hill at you however it is far less
versatile. Try and get the mortar. If you fail, use the OneShot to provide
support for taking the mortar. Hammerburst is pretty useful on this map and
the sawed-off might be more useful than the Gnasher. This map is probably tied
with Overpass for best Horde Map. Again, use the OneShot spawn.


                   Versus Map Pack                    x620x

Blood Drive
Battles on this map vary quite a bit but tend to be longer in range for most
spots. Inside the buildings it gets a little close and you may benefit from
a sawed-off however even indoors, with the exception of at the top of the
stairs, the Gnasher is a stronger choice. Quite frequently, the battles will
take place in a long space, even in buildings. Hammerburst is quite effective
at shooting across from one set of stairs to the other but if you are going to
play aggressively, the Lancer is better than Retro because you will frequently
be shot at from the tops of the stairs. Torque Bow and Sniper tend to be rushed
and you need to watch out later in the match for grenades tagged to walls.

Most matches revolve around teams trying to make their way up to the power
weapons on the balcony. A team that can get there and hold the position will
keep a pretty good advantage. I would recommend going with a Lancer on this
map however you can use either a gnasher or sawed-off on with a slight favor
to the Gnasher for it's better range. The center area around the fountain
becomes home to some good medium range fire fights. Since these are
so frequent, the lancer comes in handy unless you are on the balcony. There I
would recommend the Hammerburst. Just make sure you watch behind you because
this map can be kind of tricky with flanking techniques.

The Main attraction here is the Silverback which will be unleashed after a
certain amount of time. After the time has elapsed, you'll see that there is
a light in front of the Silverback lift. Hit the switch there and it will raise
the Silverback for use during a normal versus match. There are mulchers on
either side of the silverback so watch out while waiting. The fighting will
generally work it's way through the ship making for a normal match until this
point, then a good number of people converge there. If you can be smart and
flank just at that moment, you can bet that your teammates will be keeping
the enemy busy. I would not go with the Hammerburst on this map. Lancer or
Retro are acceptable as well as Gnasher and Sawed off though I would lean
towards Gnasher simply because there aren't too many high traffic spots for
the sawed-off to benefit from.

Bullet Marsh
This is the Bullet Marsh we know and love (sort of). The map is largely the
same except for the addition of the little village on one side of the bridge.
I recommend heading up high because the bridge has a much better vantage point
on this map. There are also the two longshots but these can be put out of the
game if you break the generator near torque bow, meaning that it's not as
suicidal to go for the Torque Bow now. This will put out the light and have
Kryll swarm around the Longshots. Thankfully, it seems much more difficult
(if not impossible) to just stumble into the darkness and get eaten by Kryll.

This map is a little different because not all of the action focuses on the
power weapon. The Longshot spawn at the top of the map can be useful but it's
usually ignored. Most people head to the lower street area to fight and then,
once resistance builds up on the other side, they head up top towards the 
Longshot. At this point, they may go for the LongShot. The best option is
usually to put three people on the lower level to fight in the streets while
a two man team heads for the sniper. Then they can use it from that higher
elevation (or even down low, behind their team). The tough part as that you
going to be shot at from behind once someone comes for you. That's why you'll
need a second person with you, to give you time to escape when the other team
inevitably comes up.

Achievements                                                              x700x


                   Launch Achievements                x710x

                                 **Any Mode**
Level 5
Simply reach level 5 by playing any game mode that provides experience such
as versus, horde, beast, or arcade modes. The fastest way to level is to play
the end of "House of sand" (2-2). Just before the end of the level, while
standing by a gate, you will get a checkpoint. Once you have it, run through
the gate and up the hill to finish the chapter. Then reload checkpoint and 
repeat this process to gain XP and a bunch of Onyx medals.

Level 10
Simply reach level 10 by playing any game mode that provides experience such
as versus, horde, beast, or arcade modes. The fastest way to level is to play
the end of "House of sand" (2-2). Just before the end of the level, while
standing by a gate, you will get a checkpoint. Once you have it, run through
the gate and up the hill to finish the chapter. Then reload checkpoint and 
repeat this process to gain XP and a bunch of Onyx medals.

Level 15
Simply reach level 15 by playing any game mode that provides experience such
as versus, horde, beast, or arcade modes. The fastest way to level is to play
the end of "House of sand" (2-2). Just before the end of the level, while
standing by a gate, you will get a checkpoint. Once you have it, run through
the gate and up the hill to finish the chapter. Then reload checkpoint and 
repeat this process to gain XP and a bunch of Onyx medals.

Level 25
Simply reach level 25 by playing any game mode that provides experience such
as versus, horde, beast, or arcade modes. The fastest way to level is to play
the end of "House of sand" (2-2). Just before the end of the level, while
standing by a gate, you will get a checkpoint. Once you have it, run through
the gate and up the hill to finish the chapter. Then reload checkpoint and 
repeat this process to gain XP and a bunch of Onyx medals.

Level 50
Simply reach level 50 by playing any game mode that provides experience such
as versus, horde, beast, or arcade modes. The fastest way to level is to play
the end of "House of sand" (2-2). Just before the end of the level, while
standing by a gate, you will get a checkpoint. Once you have it, run through
the gate and up the hill to finish the chapter. Then reload checkpoint and 
repeat this process to gain XP and a bunch of Onyx medals.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner
Executed your enemies with variety and style - Normally, you would do this in
online multiplayer but there you have to unlock the executions. You can also
do it in standard campaign and then clean up any that you miss online but you
can do all of them in campaign so just keep your eyes open. The list is:

Curb Stomp - Press Y (don't hold) near downed enemy.
Face Punch - As COG, Hold Y with the Snub pistol
Arm Rip - As Locust, Hold Y with the Snub pistol
Captive - Hit X near a downed enemy and then press x again to kill them
Lancer Chainsaw - Hold B to rev chainsaw, then run into any bipedal enemy.
Retro Charge - Hold B to start a retro charge and collide with enemy when bar
                is red.

These all require you to hold the weapon and to hold Y over a downed enemy:

Mauler Shield       Hammerburst      Boltok Pistol      Longshot
Lancer              Gnasher          Gorgon Pistol      Boomshot
Retro               Sawed-off        Torque Bow         Digger
Scorcher            Hammer of Dawn   One Shot           Mortar
Mulcher             Cleaver

Marcus, It's Your Father
Story Progression in Prologue. See section x300x.

Swimmin' in Glowie Gravy
Story Progression in Act I: Chapter 2. See section x300x.

We Struck Gold, Son!
Story Progression in Act I: Chapter 3. See section x300x.

My Turf! Cougars Territory!
Story Progression in Act I: Chapter 5. See section x300x.

Putting it Scientifically...
Story Progression in Act I: Chapter 6. See section x300x.

Okay, Now We Find Hoffman
Story Progression in Act II: Chapter 1. See section x300x.

Oh Yeah, It's Pirate Time
Story Progression in Act II: Chapter 5. See section x300x.

Thanks for Flying GasBag Airways
Story Progression in Act II: Chapter 7. See section x300x.

Anvil Gate's Last Resort
Story Progression in Act III: Chapter 1. See section x300x.

Was it Good For You?
Story Progression in Act III: Chapter 2. See section x300x.

Lost Your Good Driver Discount
Story Progression in Act III: Chapter 3. See section x300x.

Brothers to the End
Story Progression in Act III: Chapter 5. See section x300x.

Think You Can Handle That?
Story Progression in Act IV: Chapter 3. See section x300x.

Baird's Favorite Kind of Toy
Story Progression in Act IV: Chapter 5. See section x300x.

Welcome to -redacted-
Story Progression in Act IV: Chapter 6. See section x300x.

Look at That, Instant Summer.
Story Progression in Act V: Chapter 2. See section x300x.

OK. Faith. Yeah. Got It.
Story Progression in Act V: Chapter 5. See section x300x.

You're Dead! Now Stay Dead!
Story Progression in Act V: Chapter 6. See section x300x.

Respect for the Dead
During Act IV: chapter 1, don't cause the destruction of any of the Ash people.
It is ok if the computer or the Ash Man does it but don't cause it yourself
through collision of gun fire. When you get into Gryffin's Tower but before
meeting him, you will walk down a hallway and see an arsenal to your right
behind a gate. Approach the gate and when they open, this achievement will pop.

Recover 5 collectibles - I didn't put a separate section in for this but
they are all covered in the main guide section. Find the collectibles section
from the Main Menu --> Stats & Awards --> Collectibles. From here you can find
which collectibles you are missing, including COG tags. Find which chapters
you are missing collectibles from and play that chapter over using my guide to
find them.

Pack Rat
Recover 20 collectibles - I didn't put a separate section in for this but
they are all covered in the main guide section. Find the collectibles section
from the Main Menu --> Stats & Awards --> Collectibles. From here you can find
which collectibles you are missing, including COG tags. Find which chapters
you are missing collectibles from and play that chapter over using my guide to
find them.

Recover all 42 collectibles - I didn't put a separate section in for this but
they are all covered in the main guide section. Find the collectibles section
from the Main Menu --> Stats & Awards --> Collectibles. From here you can find
which collectibles you are missing, including COG tags. Find which chapters
you are missing collectibles from and play that chapter over using my guide to
find them.

Remember the Fallen
Recover all 15 COG tags - I didn't put a separate section in for this but
they are all covered in the main guide section. Find the collectibles section
from the Main Menu --> Stats & Awards --> Collectibles. From here you can find
which collectibles you are missing, including COG tags. Find which chapters
you are missing COG Tags from and play that chapter over using my guide to
find them.

Ready for More
Complete all campaign Acts on Casual or Normal Difficulty. See section x300x.

Ain't My First Rodeo
Completed all campaign Acts on Hardcore Difficulty. See section x300x. It may
be easier to do this with friends rather than the AI.

That's Just Crazy
Completed all campaign Acts on Insane Difficulty. See section x300x. To unlock
Insane, you have to beat the campaign on any difficulty. I highly recommend
playing through this with friends to make it easier.

My Fellow Gears
Complete all Acts in Co-op on any difficulty - You have to finish every chapter
in the game playing with another player or with two controllers. This doesn't
have to be done in one sitting.

We Few, We Happy Few...
Complete all Acts in 4 player Co-op on any difficulty - You must complete
every chapter with 3 other players. This doesn't need to be done all at once
so you can just keep trying through online matchmaking if you need to. However,
if you are going for Seriously 3.0, playing through on Arcade Insane with four
players will save you a lot of time.

Wait, What Time is it?
Maxed the Consecutive Match Bonus in Versus Multiplayer - To do this, you need
to reach the 10x match bonus by playing 11 games in versus. It appears that as
long as you don't quit to dashboard or turn the console off, you can keep your
bonus, even if you switch modes though there may be a timer that cancels it.
You can get this by playing 9 matches (maybe 10, but it's not consistent)
offline, in a private match with another controller and then playing the last
few matches online in Versus. You won't see the bonus appear offline though so
you need to make sure you keep count.

Welcome to the Big Leagues
Your skill and experience means you're ready for Standard Versus Multiplayer -
To unlock this, you simply need to be locked out of the "casual" Versus
section. To do this, you either need to have played Gears 1 and/or 2 or have
played a few matches of Versus in Gears 3. Once the game deems that you have
played enough that you no longer belong in the casual category, you will get
this achievement.

Welcome to Versus
Killed 10 enemies in Team Deathmatch - This is as it says. It can be done
offline but you must have a second controller in.

The Versus Sampler Platter
Complete a match of each of the six launch gametypes, Team Deathmatch, Warzone,
Execution, King of the Hill, Capture the Leader, and Wingman. You can do this
in private matches as long as you have a second controller in.

This is a viral achievement that requires you to Execute someone in multiplayer
who already has this achievement. You can try and find someone who has it and
see if they'll let you do this or you can just play online. Roughly 3/4 of
all players have this achievement (including people who don't play online) so
you shouldn't have much trouble getting it.

Welcome to Horde Mode
Survive the first 10 waves of Horde - You simply need to make it from round 1
to the end of round 10 (which is a boss wave). Most online games will last this
long with ease. For more information, see the Horde 2.0 section.

Enriched and Fortified
Survive all 50 waves of Horde - This is far harder than Welcome to Horde Mode.
It is definitely best if you find people to do this with and set out as a group
to do it rather than try and play with strangers online. You DO NOT have to do
this in one sitting but if you do, you benefit from having made cash to use on
later waves. It can take 4-5 hours to do it in one sitting (during which
strangers will usually quit). In later rounds, unless you have a lot of money,
I recommend using Chainsaws and Bayonets to conserve ammo and use your money
for revives. See the Horde 2.0 section for more information.

Welcome to Beast Mode
Complete the first 12 waves of Beast - To do this, you simply need to finish a
complete game of Horde mode (though the wording hints that they may add more
waves in DLC) which shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes provided people don't
quit out. See the Beast section for more information.

Wreaking Locust Vengence
Get a Kill with each monster type on Beast Mode - You can do this by playing
a private match with one other player. After you complete the first wave, you
can kill everything except one human to gain all the points and money but if
you fail the wave, you can restart the wave. If you can get to wave 3, you can
kill most of the humans pretty easily and level up quickly so that you have
access to all the locust. Once you've done this, just get a kill with each
type of locust. This information is tracked in Stats --> Summary --> Beast.

Welcome to Arcade Mode
Complete 5 Arcade Campaign chapters in co-op - You can get this quickly by
playing arcade mode online or you can connect a second controller and just play
Act I: Chapter 1 over and over until you get this.

                            **Medal Achievements**

It's All About the Loot!
Earn the Bronze "Loot Courtesan" medal - To do this, you need to complete 10
bonus objectives in Horde mode. See the medal section for more information.

All for One, One for All
Earn the Bronze "Force Multiplier" medal - You must get and maintain a 10x
multiplier in Arcade mode 10 times. See the medal section for more information.

First Among Equals
Earn the Silver "Number 1" medal - You must come in first in Arcade mode 60
times to earn this medal. See the medal section for more information on how to
get there.

Award Winning Tactics
Earn an Onyx Medal - For this, you can earn any Onyx medal. I found the fastest
was Ruthless in Beast mode. You can easily do this legitimately, just work your
way up to Berserker and you can make 50 kills per match (10-20 minutes).

Earn the Onyx "War Supporter" medal - To do this, you have to participate in 
30 Gears Events. Events are any alternate gametypes listed on the Event
Calendar. Not included in this are announcements of map packs and DLC. There's
no easy way around this one, it will likely take you playing at least one match
per weekend for 30 weekends to get this.

Seriously 3.0
You are the ultimate Gear! - What is actually required to earn this achievement
is to get all 65 medals to Onyx which includes making it to level 100 but does
not include special medals like "Beta Tester" and "Member of the Old Guard."
See the medals section for more information on how to get these.


                   Horde Command Pack                 x720x

The Host With the Most
Host a private Horde Match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack
map - Get a group of 4 other people (or two others with extra controllers) and
play through a single wave. Only the host gets this achievement so you'll have
to rotate. Do this on a boss wave, on hardcore, with all onyx guards to get
the "Kill Locust (Like a Boss)" achievement as well. If you just want this
achievement, you can play on any difficulty

Places to See, People to Destroy
Host a private Beast Match with a party of 5 players on any Horde Command Pack
map - Get a group of 4 other people (or two others with extra controllers) and
play through a single wave of Beast. Only the host gets this achievement so
you'll have to rotate. You can do this on any difficulty.

What Does This Button Do?
Get 500 Silverback rocket kills in Horde - If you can get a hold of a
Silverback with rockets then simply plant the Silverback with A and start
shooting with the Right Trigger. Get 500 kills and you're done. Otherwise,
spend $120,000 on wires to unlock the silverback, spend $500,000 on the 
Silverback to reach level 3 and then buy a silverback and upgrade it to get
a silverback with rockets.

It's Hammer Time!
Achieve Level 4 in Horde Command Center Fortifications - You have to put
$360,000 into your turret skill and then another $40,000 into the Command
Center to get to level 4. After that, upgrade the Command Center all the way
to unlock this achievement.

Kill Locust (Like a Boss)
Defeat a Boss Wave as 5 Onyx Guards on Hardcore - You must defeat any Boss wave
in Horde mode with all 5 people dressed as Onyx Guards. You'll have to do this
in a private match since matchmade games are only on Normal at the moment.

                   RAAM's Shadow                      x730x

Welcome To Zeta
Complete "RAAM's Shadow" in Standard Campaign

Some Friendly Competition
Complete "RAAM's Shadow" in Arcade Campaign

Help From My Friends
Complete "RAAM's Shadow" in 4 player co-op

Finger of Doom
As RAAM, ripped 50 Gears to shreds with your Kryll

I'm Rubber, You're Glue
Used the Mauler shield to kill 10 Gears that had the temerity to fire upon you
and your General

Death from Above
Showed 50 Locusts the meaning of sky-fire with HOD Command Center

Unarmed and Dangerous
Ignore all Loader safety guidelines and killed 10 locusts.

Ghosts from the Past
Honored the memory of Zeta Squad in 10 matches of Versus.

As RAAM, made sure Minh never forgets that day outside the House of Sovereigns.

Zeta Team, Go!
Defeated the first 10 waves of Horde with every memeber of Zeta in your party.


                   Unanounced DLC (Beast?)            x740x

                   Unanounced DLC (Versus?)           x750x

                   Medals                             x760x

Foreword - x761x
This entire section (Medals) is written by Nikke84 and can be found in it's
original state at:

You can also find more of his work on his Youtube Channel at:

Normally I wouldn't do this. I like to try to do things and make my own take
on it. However, Nikke's guide is so definitive that I would probably still use
his guide over anything I would have written and so with his permission, I will
be reposting it here as well for your convenience. 

It's quite a labor of love so please remember to thank him in whatever way
possible, either through giving his guide a positive vote on TA or by 
subscribing to his channel. He didn't ask for that but he deserves it.

Seriously 3.0 by Nikke84 - x762x
You do not need to have participated in the beta or be Lv100 in Gears 2 to 
earn this achievement.

Not all of the numbers from the official strategy are confirmed to be true.
Please shout out if you find an error or if there are is any information you
want to provide.

NickHawkeye made a spreadsheet to keep track easier, feel free to use it:

In total there are 65 onyx medals you need to earn in order to unlock the
Seriously 3.0 achievement, you will also need to rank up to LV100 but that
will most likely come automatically while going for the onyx medals (I'm Rank
59 and have only unlocked 2 onyx medals so far.). See my video for campaign
boosting for a great way to earn XP. The medals have tiers, kind of like
challenges in Halo: Reach, it goes bronze > silver > gold > onyx.

The information about every medal will look something like this:


                               **VERSUS MEDALS**

Every versus medal can be earned in private matches with custom settings VS
casual bots or friends, I recommend you to set the number of bots to "Fill" if
you're going to play the matches otherwise you will not be able to earn any of
the important ribbons. However, if you are afk playing, it helps to put the
bots at 1 or 2 cause you will still earn progress to most of the medals.
Also remember that you can choose what weapons will spawn on what place, if
you're going for fire kills for example, set everything to hammer of dawns or

Execute (10/20/50/100) nemeses.
A nemesis is an enemy who killed you 5 times in a row without you killing him
in the same match. I don't have a super good method for this, I have been using
2 controllers and killed myself with the 2nd controller 5 times then executed
the 2nd controller.

Kill (50/200/500/1000) enemies with a captive.
Press X while standing next to a downed enemy to take them as captive, you can
only use melee and your pistol like this. You can knock out a great deal of
these while going for leader captures.

Play in (5/10/20/30) Gears events.
Weird medal, been reported to unlock in private matches with different
settings. The correct way to earn it is to play online during 30 different
Gears Events, to check what events are comming up, go to the "Event Calendar"
option in the main menu.

Earn (5/25/100/500) MVP ribbons.
You get the MVP ribbon by finishing a match with the most points. If you plan
on playing vs bots, this will come way way way before you finish the 18,000
matches you need to play. Must be done with bots set to "Fill" or in a match
full of players.

Reach Level (25/50/75/100).
You gain EXP from pretty much everything in Gears 3. You get the most points
out of playing Ranked Matches, however expect your opponents to be more skilled
than in quick match. If you don't turn off your console you never lose your
consecutive bonus either.

Play (100/500/2000/4000) matches.
Create a private match of Execution or Warzone, set it to 1 minute and fill it
with bots. Make sure your controller doesn't go inactive by using a wired one
or a battery charger cable. If you don't have any cables you can pull out your
battery pack during the countdown screen before th matches begin. Go sleep or
go to school/work and when you come back you'll have tons of matches played.

Win (50/250/1000/3000) matches.
Same as "VETERAN" except you can play the matches yourself if you really want
to win every one of them. You can also plug in a 2nd controller for the other
team to even out the odds.

Get (100/500/2000/4000) headshots.
You can score headshots with most single-fire weapons. Easiest for me is to
down someone, then fire 2 rounds in their head with the snub pistol.

Get (100/500/2000/6000) heavy weapon kills.
One-shot, Mulcher and Mortar counts as heavy weapons.

Get (100/500/2000/6000) explosive kills.
Grenades, Boomshot, Torque Bow and Digger counts as explosives.

Get (100/500/2000/6000) executions.
You execute someone who is downed by pressing Y or X (meat shield) while
standing next to them, chainsaw-kills and bayonet-charges also counts as
executions and stack with kills for that weapon.

Skunk enemy team (25/100/500/2500) times.
Win without letting the enemy team win a single round, cannot be won in 1
round matches. Recommend you to go for these while going for "Sovereign" and
"Leader" medals or if you want them done as quick as possible, Warzone set to
2 rounds will be best. Must be done with bots set to "Fill" or in a match full
of players.

Earn (10/50/150/300) Untouchable ribbons.
You get the untouchable ribbon by finnishing a round of CTL as leader without
letting the enemy capture you at all. There is a trick to make you leader
every round, you need to have 2 controllers and a dummy profile. Make your
dummy profile the main player by pressing start with the 2nd controller at the
"PRESS START"-screen, this will make your dummy profile the main player and
you the secondary player. Start a match of CTL with rounds to win at 1 and cap
time at 10, the key here is to put both you and your dummy profile on the same
team vs 5 bots. The first match you start will have the dummy as a leader but
every match after that you will be the leader! Must be done with bots set to
"Fill" or in a match full of players.

Capture (25/100/250/500) enemy leaders.
Earned in CTL by grabbing the other teams leader for as long as it takes to
win the round. Must be done with bots set to "Fill" or in a match full of

Get (125/500/2000/5000) assists in Versus multiplayer.
Damage an enemy and let a teammate get the kill. Will surely come by itself
if you plan to play in real matches online, if not, wait till you knocked out
all the kill medals, then play KOTH or CTL with insane bots, find a place with
a good view of the map and just spot and spray with your lancer, letting the
bots do the killing.

Revive (50/250/600/1200) squadmates.
Press X while standing next to a downed teammate. These will most likely come
while going for all the other medals, just revive whenver you have the chance.
If you really want to knock these out fast, play CTL with bots and turn
friendly fire on. Keep hitting/shooting your leader till he goes down, then
revive him, rinse and repeat.

Earn (10/50/200/600) Buttoned Up ribbons.
You earn the Buttoned Up ribbon by spending the most time in cover in a match,
using a meat shield will also count as cover. If you have a turbo controller
you can get these while you let your game sit by putting something heavy on
the a button. You'll get this medal every match this way. Must be done with
bots set to "Fill" or in a match full of players.

(500/2500/10000/25000) perfect active reloads.
Will most likely come naturally while going for kills, otherwise, the snub
pistol is the fastest gun to reload, master it and spam reloads.

Get (100/500/2000/6000) Lancer kills.
Chainsaw kills counts as well.

Get (100/500/2000/6000) Hammerburst kills.

Get (100/500/2000/6000) Retro Lancer kills.
Retro charge kills counts as well.

Get (100/500/2000/6000) Gnasher Shotgun kills.

Get (100/500/2000/6000) Sawed-off Shotgun kills.

Get (100/500/2000/6000) pistol kills.
Snub, Gorgon and Boltok are the pistols. Try to pick up a meat shield so you
can work on "CAPTOR" at the same time.

Spot (250/1000/5000/12000) enemies.
Aim at an enemy and press your left stick will spot them. Try to do this as
often as you can while working on Rifle kills etc.

Kill (50/300/1000/3000) enemies with fire.
Scorcher, Hammer of Dawn and Incendiary grenades are the fire-based weapons.

Destroy (10/50/200/1000) enemy grenades.
Shoot a grenade that is tagged to a wall or to the floor by an enemy. Easy,
but tedious, to boost with a 2nd controller, just tag the smoke grenade you
start with and shoot it with your main profile. You can also team up with a
buddy for it, vietxx made a video for that.

Rescue (50/250/600/1200) leaders in CTL.
Make an enemy release your leader by throwing a smoke grenade at him/her or
kill/down him/her. Chances are these won't come naturally, then you can put 
yourself and a casual bot on one team, a second controller on the other team.
Put the bleedout to 5. Make it so the bot is the leader by finishing the first
round (if he's not leader from the beginning.) then you just have to keep
capturing him with your second controller and rescue him with your main
profile. You can team up with a buddy to replace the bot if you want this to
go smoother.

Play (100/300/1000/3000) CTL matches.
Same as VETERAN, except you can't set a time limit but set the capture time to
10 seconds. If you're going to idle play you can plug in a 2nd controller and
set the number of bots to 1, make it so it's you and the bot vs the 2nd player.
This will end the matches swiftly and you'll always win thanks to the bot on
your team.

Play (100/300/1000/3000) KOTH matches.
Same as VETERAN, except you can't set a time limit but set the ring score to
60. If you're going to idle play you can plug in a 2nd controller and set the
number of bots to 1, make it so it's you and the bot vs the 2nd player. This
will end the matches swiftly and you'll always win thanks to the bot on your

Play (100/300/1000/3000) Warzone matches.
Same as VETERAN. I always fill these with bots and maybe even put the time
limit at 2 to earn as many "Last Man Out" ribbons, you need 3000 of these for
the "HARD TARGET" medal.

Play (100/300/1000/3000) Execution matches.
Same as VETERAN. I always fill these with bots and maybe even put the time
limit at 2 to earn as many "Last Man Out" ribbons, you need 3000 of these for
the "HARD TARGET" medal.

Play (100/300/1000/3000) TDM matches.
Same as VETERAN, except you can't set a time limit but set the stock to 10. I
always fill these with bots and maybe even put the time limit at 2 to earn as
many "Last Man Out" ribbons, you need 3000 of these for the "HARD TARGET"

Play (100/300/1000/3000) Wingman matches.
Best method is to use 2 controllers, put them on one team, make the amounts of
bots 2 so it will be a 2v2 match. Set the time limit to 2 (For those really
big maps like sandbar) and disable all weapon pick ups. The bots will rush and
kill you almost right away for some reason, ending the match in 4 rounds.

(Bronze/Silver/Gold/Onyx) Medal in all game modes.

(Bronze/Silver/Gold/Onyx) Medal with all 5 starting weapons.

(Bronze/Silver/Gold/Onyx) Medal with all 3 starting rifles.

Earn (100/300/1000/3000) Last Man Out ribbons.
Be the last person on your team to die, cannot be obtained in KOTH, Wingman or
CTL. You'll knock out a great deal of these while afk-playing
TDM/Execution/Warzone. If you still need more, turn on friendly fire and play
private warzone games vs bots. As soon as the spawn protection is over, kill
all your team mates with the gnasher and you'll earn a Last man out ribbon.
Finish the match by suiciding or just kill everyone on the opposing team. Must
be done with bots set to "Fill" or in a match full of players.

Earn (100/300/1000/3000) First Blood ribbons.
Score the first kill of the round, can be earned in horde and beast as well
but only once per session, not every wave. Must be done with bots set to
"Fill" or in a match full of players.

Curb stomp (50/250/1000/3000) enemies.
Press Y (don't hold) next to a downed enemy to execute them with a curb stomp.
Stacks with "Finisher" medal.

Play as a female in (25/100/500/1000) matches.
The female characters are Sam, Anya, Civilian Anya (COG) and Myrrah (Locust).
See VETERAN for quick method.

Win (25/100/250/500) CTL rounds as leader.
Almost the same as untouchable, except you can get picked up, you get credit
as long as your team wins the round.

Get (100/500/2000/6000) map-based weapon kills.
Every weapon that is not among the 5 starting weapons count as a map-based

                               **HORDE MEDALS**

Completed all 50 waves of Horde on (Casual/Normal/Hardcore/Insane).
I have no good method for this yet, but playing with the mutators "Infinite
Ammo", "Super Reload" and "Instagib" on helps A LOT. Read about a solo method
here. MadmanRAB also made a video for it.

Complete (100/500/1000/2000) waves of Horde.
Cumulative, you can do the first wave on casual as many times as it takes if
you want.

Earn Founder ribbon (10/50/150/300) times.
You earn the Founder ribbon by building a base, it's the tower like structures
that you have to build to even start playing horde. Cannot be earned solo and
only once per session per person.

Earn Point Man ribbon (50/150/300/500) times.
You earn the Point Man ribbon by finishing a wave with the most points, cannot
be earned solo. Easy with a 2nd controller.

Complete (100/250/500/1000) fortification modifications.
Barriers, decoy, turrets etc all counts as fortifications.
Building/repairing/upgrading/reloading counts towards this. These will come
naturally while going for the 2000 completed waves. Here is a fast method.

Earn $(100k/500k/1mil/5mil) cash in Horde.
Everything that gives you points gives you the same amount in cash, completing
challenges also earns you cash. It's probably best to keep playing boss waves
with mutators on.

Complete (10/20/50/100) challenges in Horde.
If you complete 3 waves in a row without dying, your next wave will have a
bonus challenge for you. It can be different side objectives like getting a
certain amount of headshots, executions, chainsaw-kills, turret kills etc.

                               **BEAST MEDALS**

Complete Beast without failing on (Casual/Normal/Hardcore/Insane).
There are 12 waves and you start with 1 minute on each wave, every kill you
get will add time.

Complete (60/180/360/600) waves of Beast.

Heal or revive (250/300/750/1500) teammates in Beast.
You have to play as the Kantus or Armored Kantus for this. Press X for your
heal/revive scream. My method for these have been to join standard public
games and play the savage drone until the kantus is unlocked, then I just play
the kantus and spam X, can't heal all characters though, only those who are
marked with a Locust emblem. You'll be surprised how fast this one goes up!

Destroy (150/500/1500/3000) fortifications in Beast.
The humans will build decoys, barriers, turrets etc. Destroy these by meleeing
or walking through them. The Berserker is awesome for this purpose.

Kill (125/325/650/1100) humans in Beast.

Earn $(100k/250k/500k/1mil) cash in Beast.
Same as horde, points = money.

Ready for the Heavies ribbon (5/15/35/75) times.
You get this ribbon by unlocking the final tier of locusts in a game of Beast,
cannot be obtained solo. The more points you get, the faster you unlock new
tiers. Unlocks at around wave 5 if using a 2nd idle controller. You have to
actually buy and play with one of the highest tier locusts for this ribbon to

                              **CAMPAIGN MEDALS**

Earn (1mil/2mil/5mil/7.5mil) total points in Arcade mode.
You'll get this naturally while going for all the other medals, if not, replay
chapter 2-7 on insane as many times as it takes. See Afficionado video.

Number 1 in Arcade (20/60/120/240) times.
Load up Act II chapter VII or the prologue and make sure you play splitscreen
with a idle 2nd controller, shoot anything or everything to ensure you get
more points than the 2nd controller. See Afficionado video.

Complete all Arcade chapters on (Casual/Normal/Hardcore/Insane)

Maintain max multiplier in (10/30/60/100) chapters of Arcade.
Act II chapter VII again, can be done in less than 3 minutes.

Complete (20/60/120/240) chapters without dying.
Act II chapter VII or the prologue again. You need to play co-op for these to
count. See Afficionado video.

Play (50/150/300/500) chapters of Arcade.
Act II chapter VII or the prologue again.

Manipulate (200/500/1000/2000) objects in campaign.
You earn credit towards this medal everytime you press a button, pull a lever
or open a door etc. Load up Act I Chapter I, after the cutscene with Jace you
will climb up a staircase and open a door, right in front of you will be a
piano. Walk up to it and press X to "play" it. There's also a piano right in
front of you if you load up act 5, chapter 5. You can stop at any object
scattered over the campaign really, like the thrashball tables, co-op doors
(if you're playing co-op) or buttons. Mash your X button for about 1.5 hours
and you will have the easiest and fastest onyx medal in the game!

Complete campaign on (Casual/Normal/Hardcore/Insane).
Stacks with Warmonger and if you complete it on insane right away you won't
have to redo it for the lesser valued medals.

Thanks for providing information goes to: rockinout69, Prowutski, Vindicator51,
specularblinky, tigersrule, Foxfire49.
Feel like I missed your name? Poke me!

                               **End Nikke**


                   Unlocks                            x770x


Big Explosions
Unlock the Hail Mary Ribbon 100 times - Play a private versus match with
Boomshots and unlimited ammo or Beast Mode with the Boomer. All explosions will
be larger.

Big Head
Unlock the Gold Horder medal. See section x762x.

Headless Chicken
Automatically available. This will cause any decapitated enemy to run around
as if still alive and fire at allies (or players of no enemies remain).

Unlock the Gold Shock Trooper medal. Roadie running will cause you to build
up energy which can eventually be released on impact. See section x762x.

Enemy Regeneration
Unlock the Silver Aficionado medal. Non-lambent enemies regenerate health.
See section x762x.

Flower Blood
Unlock the Silver King of Cog medal. All blood effects are replaced by flowers.
See section x762x.

Friendly Fire
Complete co-op campaign with four players. See section x762x.

Infinite Ammo
unlock the Combat Engineer ribbon 100 times. To do this, start a fresh match
with two controllers. Have your guest give your main account all of his money.
Then build a base, build a turret and then have your guest shoot the turret
while your main account constantly refills it until you get the ribbon. It's
best to do this on Checkout.

Instagib Melee
Play as the wretch and score 200 kills. There isn't an overly
easy way to do this but once you get the hang of playing wretch, you can do
this in a private match. I played on checkout and by the end, I could make it
through the first four waves without failing using the wretch. I recommend that
when you die, you start from the beginning though because you'll die less
often, giving you more kills per time spent playing. 

This mutator gives the player a melee attack that is an instant kill for
anything, even berzerkers and probably the Brumak if you could get close

Laugh Track
Unlock the Bronze Tour of Duty, For the Horde, I'm a Beast, and War Monger
medals. This will cause a crowd to laugh after every kill. See section x762x.

Must Active Reload
Unlock the Silver Active Reloader Medal. If you do not perform a perfect active
reload when you are reloading, the gun will jam just as if you missed the
active reload. You will also jam your gun if you don't attempt an active reload
at all. See section x762x.

Unlock the Gold Investor Medal. See section x762x.

Super Reload
Unlock the Bronze Master at Arms medal. This will give you an even stronger
active reload, will reload twice as many bullets as you needed and removes the
timer on your bonus so that it only disappears when you switch weapons.
See section x762x.

Unlock the Executioner ribbon 100 times. Just make sure you are playing with
other players and be the player to get the most executions in the match. Can be
done Privately. This mutator will heal you when you deal damage but you will
not heal normally.

No Ammo Pickups
Gets rid of ammo boxes on the map. This is unlocked at the start.

                              **Character Skins**

COG Gear - Level 2
Miner - Reach Level 3
Samantha Byrne - Reach Level 4
Beast Rider - Reach Level 5
Dizzy Wallin - Reach Level 7
Hunter - Reach Level 8
Jace Stratton - Reach Level 10
Theron Guard - Reach Level 12
Clayton Carmine - Reach Level 14
Classic Dom - Reach Level 17
Spotter - Reach Level 20
Classic Cole - Reach Level 23
Flame Grenadier - Reach Level 26
Classic Baird - Reach Level 30
Benjamin Carmine - Reach Level 34
Grenadier - Reach Level 39
Civilian Anya - Reach Level 45
Colonel Hoffman - Reach Level 50
Hunter Elite - Reach Level 60
Anthony Carmine - Reach Level 75
Unarmored Marcus - Finish the Campaign
Golden Gear - Unlock the Bronze War Supporter medal. See section x762x.
Classic Marcus - Unlock the Silver Veteran medal. See section x762x.
Chairman Prescott - Unlock the Silver Allfathers medal. See section x762x.
Superstar Cole - Unlock the Gold MVP medal. See section x762x.
Aaron Griffin - Unlock the Big Money Onyx medal or "Like" the Gears of War 3
    Facebook page. See section x762x.
Sniper - Unlock Bronze Headshot medal. See section x762x.
Golden Hunter - Unlock Gold Master-at-Arms medal. See section x762x.
Kantus - Unlock Gold Medic medal. See section x762x.
Mechanic Baird - Preorder with Bestbuy
Commando Dom - Preorder with Gamestop
Savage Grenadier - Preorder with Walmart
Savage Kantus - Preorder with
Adam Fenix - Preorder the Limited or Epic edition of the game
Cole Train - Earned in the Beta

                               **Weapon Skins**

Black Liquid Metal - Purchase the Gears of War 3 Season Pass
White Liquid Metal - exclusive to Epic employees
Green Liquid Metal - Originall exclusive to Microsoft employees, now available
      through marketing promotions. So far, the only way to get it was through
      a promotion with Jack in the Box, a Fast-food chain in the USA.

Team Insignia Retro - Bronze Veteran Medal. See section x762x.
Team Insignia Lancer - Silver Veteran Medal. See section x762x.
Team Insignia Hammerburst - Gold Veteran Medal. See section x762x.
Team Insignia Shotguns - Onyx Veteran Medal. See section x762x.

Crimson Omen Lancer - 12 + 2 XBL Gold Card promotion purchase
Crimson Omen Hammerburst - Welcome to Beast achievement. See section x710x.
Crimson Omen Retro - Welcome to Horde achievement. See section x710x.
Crimson Omen Gnasher - Welcome to Versus achievement. See section x710x.
Crimson Omen Sawed-off - Welcome to Arcade achievement. See section x710x.

Infected Omen Set - Must have purchased the Limited or Epic editions of the
      game or the Limited Edition controller
Gold Omen Set - Reach Level 100.
Onyx Weapon Set - Get 6000 kills with any given starting weapon to get the Onyx
      skin for that weapon.

Chrome Lancer - Don't Hate the Player achievement in Gears of War 1
Chrome Hammerburst - Dirty Dirty Horde achievement in Gears of War 2
Chrome Retro - Domination Achievement in Gears of War 1
Chrome Gnasher - Complete the campaigns of Gears of War 1, 2, and 3.
Chrome Sawed-Off - Unlock any achievement in Gears of War PC.

Golden Weapon Set - Veteran Gear achievement in Gears of War 2 or played an
      online match of Gears of War 3 between 9/20/2011 and 9/27/2011

Golden Sawed-Off - Commando Achievement in Gears of War 1 if you don't have the
      full set.
Golden Retro - Gained in the Beta if you don't have the full set.

Flaming Hammerburst - Complete one match by 4/24/11
Flaming Lancer - Complete one match during the week of 4/25/11
Flaming Sawed-off - Complete one match during the week of 5/2/11
Flaming Gnasher - Complete one match during the week of 5/9/11
Flaming Retro Lancer - Does not exist or is not attainable.

Legal                                                                     x900x

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to host is granted to:


Thanks - x920x
These people provided additional information that I was lacking in my guide.
Thanks for the help, it saved me a lot of time.

[1] - Keethe
[2] - Metius

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don't take offense if I don't use your submission. Like most guide writers, 
this isn't my day job. Please keep that in mind when you write.


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