Starhawk: FAQ/Walkthrough

       Starhawk is the spirtual successor to Warhawk. Both games center greatly on 
multiplayer, but Starhawk adds an explosive single-player campaign along with 
the multiplayer.

Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
Copyright 2012

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
A. Homecoming
B. The Freightway
C. Harvest Season
D. The Pipeline
E. Ballard's Crossing
F. Train Robbery
G. The Pit
H. Ashes
I. Sever
J. The Source
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Rifters are people that use special energy from "The Source" that helps them 
build and prosper. But there are vile evils associated with The Source as 

L1 - Over the Shoulder/Aim Weapon
L2 - Tetranite Grenade
R1 - Fire
R2 - Sprint
Select - Map
Start - Uplink
D-pad - Change Weapon
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Aim/Melee
Triangle - Build & Battle
Square - Mount/Reload/Interact
O - Crouch
X - Jump

L1 - Fire Missiles
L2 - Power Slide
R1 - Machine Guns
R2 - Power Slide
Select - Map
Start - Uplink
D-pad - Change Weapon
Left Stick - Steering
Right Stick - Flares
Right Stick + X - Maneuvers
Triangle - Build & Battle
Square - Dismount
O - Transform
X - maneuvers

L1 - Aim Weapon (Passenger)
L2 - Power Slide
R1 - Fire (When in Turret)
R2 - Power Slide
Select - Map
Start - Uplink
D-pad - Change Weapon (Passenger)
Left Stick - Steering/Horn
Right Stick - Aim Camera/Mech Stomp
Triangle - Build & Battle
Square - Dismount
O - N/A
X - Hold=Switch Seats

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Walkthrough
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At the start of the game, familiarize yourself with the controls. When this has
been accomplished, hop on the Sidewinder vehicle that you spawn next to by 
pressing square. Ride the vehicle towards the objective marker on the screen 
and mini-map. You will come across a small building with a few enemies there. 
Kill them and then continue on the Sidewinder.

Keep going until you come across yet another building populated by a handful of
enemies. Defeat them and then continue around the side of the mountain, toward 
the objective. As you near the mining site, a giant explosion will occur. Once 
you pass through the gate to the mining site, hop off the Sidewinder and get 
ready for a battle.

Move forward through this area, and use cover as much as possible. Press O to 
crouch, and try to stay behind objects until you have a clear shot of each 
enemy. You can also toss grenades if they won't get out from behind cover, and 
be sure to watch the rooftops for enemies hanging out up there as well. Keep 
mowing through the foes and push your way to the large green rig in the middle 
of the area. Once all the enemies are dead, approach the rig to trigger a 

When the scene concludes, you will be instructed to build a Rift Extractor in 
the place of the old rig. Hold triangle to bring up the menu, then select the 
option at the top of the wheel. Position it in the designated area to create 
the Rift Extractor. When this is complete, run over to the Rift barrels that 
you are shown. Destroy them, gather the energy, then head over to the next 
designated building.

Build a supply bunker on this building as instructed. When it is finished 
building, head inside and gather the weapons. Equip the rocket launcher and 
hold your position inside the bunker. Blast the enemies as they come. The game 
will then instruct you to build walls along the rubble of the old walls. Build 
as many as possible, then climb the ladder on one of them.

Kill the enemies as they come yet again. If the walls get destroyed, don't 
worry about it. These guys will just keep attacking walls and will ignore the 
rig, so you don't really have to worry too much about them doing any damage, 
assuming you have a few walls built. Keep killing them until they have all 
been defeated.

With that accomplished, the next thing to build are auto-turrets. Build as many
as possible, close to the rig. Then help them destroy all the enemies. When 
all the enemies have been killed, leave this area. Create a Sidewinder and ride
it to the next objective marker. Use the mini-map to help find your way through
the canyon. Basically, follow the path that's etched out on the ground.

Enemies on the top of mountains will fire rockets at you. Zoom by them. Cross 
the bridge with the sign on it that says "FUEL DEPOT" and keep driving until 
you reach the actual fuel depot. Get off the Sidewinder and kill everything in 
sight. When they're all dead, yet another scene will play. When that's over 
with, you will be alerted that a few enemy Hawks are on their way.

Hawks are like Transformers. They can turn from jet-like machines to walking 
mechs. And three of them are on their way to destroy the rig. From your 
position at the fuel depot, build a supply bunker. Make sure you have at least 
six rockets, and then stand outside.

Wait for the Hawks to start showing up. Aim the reticule at them and hold down 
R1 to start locking your missiles on each one. It will take two rockets for 
each Hawk. Keep doing this until they are all three destroyed.


Press square to enter the Hawk. Then wait for the doors to open. Walk to the 
edge, jump off, and then tap O to change into the jet form. Fly towards the 
objective markers. When instructed, tap R2 twice to use the Afterburners for a 
boost. Then continue following the objective markers. Use L2 to break when 
told. Land on the platform that you come across by turning back into mech form 
as you hover over it.

After the scene, fly to the next platform and land on it. Listen to the people 
talk and then take flight again. Fly towards the next objective marker until a 
red blip appears on your radar. Pursue the blip to find an enemy Hawk. Fire at 
it with your machineguns using R1 until it is destroyed.

When that is destroyed, fly to the asteroid cluster as instructed. Doing so 
will draw the attention of two more enemy Hawks. The game will now teach you 
how to use evasive maneuvers to avoid enemy attacks. Push on the right analog 
stick to drop flares to confuse their heat-seeking missiles. Then use other 
moves such as X in combination with a directional input, as well as the L2 + 
R2 powerslide move as instructed. When this short tutorial is over, take out 
both the jets, using these new moves to avoid their devastating missile 

When they're defeated, start flying to the next objective marker. You will then
be told to fly through a floating purple hologram. Do so to collect a cache of 
swarm missiles. Five enemy Hawks will then attack. Use your swarm missiles, the
machinegun, and your evasisve maneuvers to win this tough fight. Remember to 
fly through the purple holograms whenever possible to collect more swarm 
missiles, and you use them by locking on with L1 and releasing when it's the 
best opportunity. Holding L1 longer will result in more missiles being fired at
one time at whatever is targeted.


Your first task will be to destroy a few enemy Hawks. When they're destroyed, 
land at the designated area. A bunch of enemies will land there as well, so 
use the Hawk in its mech form to stomp and shoot them all to death. To stomp in
mech form, push on the right analog stick. When they're all dead, exit the 
Hawk by pressing square.

Move forward. You'll discover that the airlock is...locked and you have to wait
for it to be opened remotely. Chill out here as a bunch of enemies are about to
drive in pods. Create a supply bunker to replenish your ammo, then get out of 
it and create a bunch of auto-turrets. Take a position as far away from the 
action as possible, and take out the enemies as they come. If you have to, 
rebuild the auto-turrets if any get destroyed.

After a set amount of time, the airlock will open. Retreat. Hold R2 to sprint 
if you need to run faster. In the airlock, interact with the control panel to 
cycle the airlock system to reach the other side. Move forward to the other 
end of this building to find the defense system control panel. Press square at 
the controls to trigger a scene and complete your current objective.

With that, return to the airlock. The hallway leading to the airlock will be 
swarming with enemies. Chuck a few grenades to thin out the swarm, and then 
pick them off from afar with your guns. Then move down the airlock and press 
square to interact with the airlock controls again.

Outside, start moving toward the objective. Kill any enemies that get in the 
way. At one point, there will be an enemy turret, but it is easily destroyd. 
Keep going until you reach the rift that is spewing out of this station. Call 
for a Rift Extractor right at the designated location on top of where the rift 
is leaking out.

Build a supply bunker in front of the rig. Then build a bunch of turrets on 
the ground, pointing to where the enemies are about to spawn. Hold the position
and defeat the first wave. Then a second wave of enemies will spawn, so build 
new turrets pointing to them. When they're defeated, yet another wave of 
enemies will spawn, near a nearby ladder. Blast them with the RPG until they 
have all been killed. This assault will end with a mech. Fire repeatedly at the
mech as it lumbers forward. If it destroys the supply bunker, immediately build
another one right in front of the rig.

When that's done, build a launchpad. Climb the ladder and enter the Hawk. Now 
fly towards the nearby spaceship that the enemy Hawks are attacking. Fly 
through the yellow hologram in the cargo bay to aquire homing missiles and use 
the d-pad to equip them. The homing missiles are extremely powerful and 
destroy Hawks with one blast. Use these as well as plenty of evasive maneuvers 
to take out all your enemies.

If you becoming too damaged and are afraid you're going to die, you can land on
the ship. Then you can create a new launchpad and a new Hawk to continue the 


Turn around and walk off this platform. Then run up the incline and toward the 
pipes. Keep going until you finally see a swarm of enemies. Then build a sniper
tower. Angle it so the ladder is pointing away from the sniper fire coming from
the nearby cliffs. Climb to the top of the tower. Equip the sniper rifle by 
pushing right on the d-pad.

Take out all the snipers from this position. You need to get a headshot with 
the sniper rifle for it to be considered a one-shot kill. Use cover to your 
advantage by tapping circle and avoiding the gunfire. Then kill the rest of the
enemies from your safe position at the top of the tower. Once they have all 
been killed, drop down and move toward the next objective marker. When you 
reach it, interact with the controls.

Then you need to build fortifications because a large swarm of enemies are 
about to drop in and rain on your parade. The object you need to defend will 
always be in the line of fire, though, so don't worry about building around it.
Just build a supply bunker, go inside, and grab RPG ammo. Then build a sniper 
tower and climb to the top of it. But instead of using the sniper, use the RPG 
to take out the enemies. If the structure you're defending is taking too much 
damage, then build walls down there to distract them.

When that's over with, another swarm will start coming, to your right. Build a 
supply bunker right in front of them, then quickly replenish your ammo and 
climb to the top and start picking them off. After they have been defeated, 
though, you won't be able to rest easy just yet. There are bigger things to 
worry about soon enough.

The game will show you a new enemy that rises from the ground. This enemy is 
large, hurls grenade-like balls of energy, and is extremely resiliant. To take 
him out, return to one of your bunkers (he will spawn where the first wave of 
enemies did) and blast him with an RPG. It will take five to seven shots to 
take him out. Once he's dead, any other enemies that may have spawned around 
him will also die.

Next build a launchpad. Get in the Hawk and take to the skies. Multiple enemy 
Hawks are attacking different sections of the pipeline. Good news is that this 
means they will basically ignore you for a large section of this fight, and the
bad part is that they are putting all of their efforts into destroying the 
pipes that you're supposed to be protecting. This is an exercise in using 
power-ups, pretty much, as they are scattered all over the skies for this 
battle. Be sure to use Homing Missiles and Swarm Missiles the most, avoid the 
mines floating in the air, and test out the new power-ups if you feel the need 

When they're all destroyed, I recommend landing, building a new launchpad, and 
then piloting a new Hawk. There is no checkpoint right now, so this is just a 
safety precaution. With that accomplished, fly to the three different groups of
enemies as designated on the mini-map. They are all packing rocket launchers, 
so be wary of that fact. Gather the ammo that is kept in the green hologram and
equip it by pushing down on the d-pad. This is made to take out ground troops. 
Fire at the groups with this. If you are having problems taking them out in 
the Hawk for whatever reason, exit the Hawk near them and just blast them with 
your own RPG if that's easier for you.

Make another new Hawk and take to the skies again as enemy Hawks swoop in. 
These guys are smaller and faster than the other Hawks you fought earlier, but 
that means that they are also easier to defeat, despite the fact that they are 
larger in number. Systematically hunt down each of the red blips on your mini-
map to destroy all of them.

With that threat neutralized, a few Rifters will be attacked by incoming 
enemies. Go to this location immediately and use your mech-form of the Hawk to 
defeat all the enemies with ease. When they're dead, start building 
fortifications. You will have to a fight a ton of enemies, so make sure to 
build supply bunkers, and if you need a higher vantage point, sniper towers.

In the middle of this fight, you will be instructed to build a shield 
generator. Doing this will allow you to protect yourself and everyone around 
you a lot more efficiently. Build it wherever you like, preferrably so it 
protects your foritifactions that you've built. When all the enemies are dead, 
this mission will conclude.


As soon as you spawn, you will be greeted by a swarm of enemies. Kill all of 
them. If you run out of ammo, switch to your pistol. When they're all dead, 
make a Rift Extractor where the rift is coming out of the ground, and then
build a bunker to replenish your ammo. Then build a Garage. Then build an 
Outpost to spawn NPC allies. Wait for them to get ammo from the supply bunker 
and to get in the Razorback vehicle, and then drive toward the next objective.

Drive to the next nearest objective. Clear the area of enemies. There will be 
snipers in the area, so don't ignore them. When everyone has been killed, 
blow up the remains of the old Rift Extractor with an RPG and then build a new 
one in its place.

Head to the next objective. There will be a hill that overlooks it. Park on the
hill and use a sniper rifle to pick off the enemies. Build an Outpost to spawn 
new partners, but make sure you spawn it behind the hill so they don't get 
killed immediately. When all the enemies are dead, blow up the remains of the 
old Rift Extractor with an RPG and then build a new one in its place. Kill off 
any remaining enemies. They will show up as red blips on your mini-map.

With that done, build a garage and hop into a Razorback. Enemies will start 
pouring into the area on vehicles of their own in attempts to destroy the rigs 
that you just built. What this means is that they will all focus on the rig 
closest to them, so...yeah. Well, just drive right up to them and let an AI 
partner fire the machinegun directly at them until they blow up. If you need 
more AI partners, you can spawn them with an Outpost. If you need more rift 
energy, break some barrels or something.

There will be two more waves of this. The game recommends using the Robot Arm 
to heal your Razorback if it takes too much damage. Instead of messing around 
with that, it's better to just build a new garage and obtain a new Razorback, 
in my opinion.

When they're all dead, make a new Razorback and start driving up the hill, 
toward the area that they came from. There will be plenty of enemies dotting 
the landscape. If you are at full-speed, you can mow them down. Otherwise they 
will not be killed by the impact of your vehicle. Keep driving, ignoring 
anything that you can't run over with full speed, until you come across a wall 
blocking the way.

Kill any enemies, then take note of a nearby dilapidated building on the right 
side of the road, facing the wall. Two weapons are leaning against it, 
highlighted in purple. Walk over and pick them up. Equip this new weapon, and 
then use it on the wall to destroy it. Then use it to take out the giant wave 
of enemies that pour through. If you start taking damage, retreat to a better 
position and then resume plowing through the monsters.

When they're all dead, push through to the next area and wipe out all the 
enemies on this side. Then run to the nearby lift. Build a supply bunker right 
in front of it, and then put out an Outpost, auto-turrets, and whatever else 
you can build. Fight the waves of enemies as they spawn, including the 
Razorbacks, until they have all been defeated.

With that, an enemy Hawk will come in, as well as more waves of enemies. Just 
hold your ground and blast away until they've all been taken care of. Build 
structures as needed to help out with the threat.


At the start, build whatever structures you'd like to help you out as you push 
your way to the objective platform. When you reach the platform and all the 
initial threats have been eliminated, build a Vulture Station. Then interact 
with the control panel to equip the Vulture jetpack.

With the jetpack equipped, your new goal is to fly to each of the turrets 
scattered around the area and destroy them. There will also be enemies packing 
jetpacks as well along the way. When you reach the top of the structre, be wary
of the sniper in this area. Build a supply bunker whenever you need ammo and a 
sniper tower to take out the sniper when needed.

Then create a launchpad. Take control of a Hawk and fly to the dropships. Shoot
them until they are all destroyed. Then take out the remaining enemy Hawks. 
With that finished, go to the next designated area and set up camp. Take out 
the enemy waves as they come. When they're all dead, head to the next area and 
be prepared for a much longer set of firefights.

Be sure to destroy the dropships as well in order to continue to the next wave.
After wave upon wave of fighting enemies, you will finally be given new 
instructions. To get the hell out of dodge. Create a launchpad, hop into the 
Hawk and then fly to the objective marker floating in the darkness of space. 
Use boosts to reach it quickly.


When you spawn, run forward to the buildings. Defeat the enemies and then hop 
into a Razorback. Follow the path, driving forward, until you reach the Outcast
base. Kill everyone in the base. Then walk over to the closed hatch, which will
be your next objective anyway.

Upon investigating the hatch, you will be made aware of an imminent ambush. 
Set up shop as usual and then fight off the oncoming enemies. When they're all 
defeated, create a Rift Bomb on the top of the hatch. Then build a Beam Turret 
and take control of it to take out the enemy Hawks. Build walls around the bomb
to protect it before the next swarm of enemies arrive.

Defeat all of the enemies and hold your position. Make sure you have a sniper 
tower built so you can pick off the enemies that appear on the roof of the 
building across the way. Then resume taking out as many enemies as you possibly
can until the bomb finally blows. If any of the walls surrounding the bombs are
destroyed, be sure to build a new one so it can continue to protect it.

The bomb will explode (obviously be away from the bomb when this happens) and 
then hop into the hole that remains. Run forward and fight off all the enemies 
that come from behind. Then approach the door and kick it down. After a short 
scene, rush to the nearby ladder. Make sure to have your shotgun out to take 
out any enemies that get near, and then continue until you reach the jetpack 

Equip the jetpack. Fly from platform to platform. Take a second to let your 
fuel recharge, and take out any enemies giving you trouble with the sniper 
rifle. Then continue to fly from platform to plaform. The hatches above you 
will open as Jonas catches up. Continue flying upward until a hole in the 
middle of the ceiling is revealed. Fly to this hole to finish the level.


At the start of the level, run forward and blast through all the enemies. As 
you move through the town, you will be instructed to assist a local. Run over 
to them and continue to fight off the enemies. After the next scene, continue 
to fight through the swarms of enemies. Then run over to the large building at 
the end of town to meet up with Jonas.

Another short scene will trigger and more enemies will show up. Plow through 
them and then you will be asked to assist Tilley. Go up the stairs to reach the
roof with her. Then pick off all the enemies that show up. When they're all 
dead, a tank will roll into town. Blast the tank three times with the RPG to 
destroy it.

Your next objective is to secure the store. This basically boils down to 
killing everything that is hanging out around the store. With the store 
secured, return to the saloon. FOllowing a scene, you will be warned of 
multiple incoming attacks. So that means you better get to building.

First, focus on the direction that the swarm is coming from. Build a supply 
bunker and whatever else you are comfortable with. Also be sure to build 
fortifications to the east, where the Razorbacks are about to come from. 
Destroy them as they come, and then turn your attention to the incoming tank. 
Remember, three RPG blasts and the tank is toast.

With that, an artillery strike will hit the town. More tanks will be coming in,
so you are now able to build an Ox Tank of your own. Do this by choosing the 
"Depot" option in your building wheel, and then create the depot. Get inside 
the tank and start taking out all the enemy vehicles as they roll into the 

When there are only three more red blips on the radar, that's your cue to roll 
out into the frontier to destroy the tanks acting as artillery vehicles. Go 
destroy them all, whether that be with artillery strikes of your own, or with 
direct cannon attacks. Head back to town and go back to the saloon to trigger 
the next section of wave-based gameplay.

Start building your fortifications and take out the waves of enemies. First you
will have to fight Hawks. Then you will have to fight a few waves of regular 
enemies. And then a tank will show up. Just keep fighting them until they are 
all dead. And then larger enemies will appear. Build supply bunkers, bunker 
down (so to speak) and blast them repeatedly with RPGs. There wil be three of 
these guys to deal with, so just keep laying into them into they have all been 

Return to the saloon to end the level.


This level is extremely difficult. I hope you're good at flying! There are a 
bunch of dropships all over the place, scattered about on asteroids. You need 
to destroy each one. These things take multiple swarm missiles to defeat, a 
ton of machinegun fire, and even a few rockets. They are tough customers, and 
to make matters worse, there are a dozen or so enemy Hawks flying around 
attacking you the entire time.

Ignore the enemy Hawks. If you get a clear shot, take a few out, but focusing 
your time on them is a waste of time and energy. Spam power-up attacks at all 
the dropships in the area. When you fly near the shielded dropship, you will be
instructed to pick up the torpedo power-up. Do so, and use it on the shield. 
You equip it by pusing the up and left d-pad buttons together, and then you 
hold L1 until the two meters on the left and right of the screen are filled. 
Then release to fire the torpedo.

Keep in mind that the torpedo will not destroy the dropship, so you will have 
to continue your attack on it after the shield has been destroyed. If your Hawk
starts burning, find an isolated asteroid to land on and then call for a new 
one. This section will take a while and it will be a pain in the neck, but 
listen to my advice and you should come out relatively unscathed.

Next you will have to destroy all of the turrets on the large ship. In order to
do this, turn into mech mode and land on an asteroid near the ship, but just 
out of the range of the laser turrets. Destroy each turret that you can from 
this position, then move to a new asteroid or cargo ship or whatever you have 
to land on in order to see more turrets to destroy. Keep at it until all of 
the turrets have been destroyed on the ship.

Land on the next asteroid as instructed and drop a Beam Turret in the position 
as noted. Now, this section is even harder than the first part of the level, 
believe it or not. Stay as far back as possible and pick off enemies as they 
show up to build up your Rift reserves. Build, build, build. Build multiple 
Beam Turrets, build supply bunkers, and build Outposts for extra help. There 
will be a TON of enemies, multiple enemy Hawks, and they will all come 
infinitely until the Beam Turrets destroy what they are meant to destroy. Use 
the RPG to your advantage to destroy the Hawks, and hide in the bunkers 
whenever you get damaged.

When the hatch is destroyed, build a launchpad and quickly get into a Hawk. 
In the Hawk, retrieve a torpedo. Then fire the torpedo into the exposed opening
on the side of the ship. Next, destroy all the enemy Hawks that appear. This 
will take a while because there are a ton of enemy Hawks at this point.

Unfortunately, it doesn't get easier from here. You have to repeat the Beam 
Turret part from earlier, but on the other side of the ship on a different 
asteroid. You know the drill. Drop as many Beam Turrets as possible, create a 
supply bunker, and build other fortifications.

When the opening on the side of the ship is exposed, create a launchpad. Hop 
into a Hawk. Then turn into airship mode and retrieve a cache of torpedos. 
Shoot the torpedo into the opening. Then go get another torpedo and fire it 
into the exhaust of the ship.


Push your way to the objective. Maneuver over the terrain and fight any enemies
that happen to pop up as you continue. There will be a few larger enemies to 
fight as well, but just hang back and pick them off with sniper rifles. Keep 
moving to the objective until Logan reveals himself.

Don't bother shooting him. Just sprint to him and start stabbing the crap out 
of him by pushing down on the right analog stick. If you shoot him, you will 
just take damage yourself and not make any progress whatsoever. A short scene 
will follow the knifing.

When the scene is over, take control of the Beam Turret. Firing the Beam Turret
at the Rift Entity's chest. If it starts to develop a black ball above its 
head, aim the laser at that. Then continue to fight the beast until you are 
able to build structures. Build supply bunkers, build Outposts, build whatever 
you can to help in the fight. More Beam Turrets certainly wouldn't hurt.

When enough damage has been done, build a rig on top of the area that the 
monster was from. Then build auto turrets and more to protect the rig from the 
incoming foes. The entity will burst through the rig and start flying through 
the air. Build a launchpad and then get into the Hawk. Turn into the spaceship 
mode and start chasing the beast. Grab power-ups and fire swarm missiles at it.
Be sure to use flares whenever the warning flashes on the screen, or practice 
evasive maneuvers. If your Hawk takes too much damage, switch out to a fresh 
Hawk so you don't get yourself killed.

Back on the ground, build a new rig and defend it. It will burst out again, so 
resume the fight as you did earlier. Keep attacking it until it retreats back 
into the ground again. Then build yet another rig, defend it. Repeat this 
process one more time to finish the fight.

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3. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Starhawk on the PlayStation 3!

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