Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate: Walkthrough

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Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (
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Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents: 
001.  General information
002.  Walkthrough
  002a. Florida and the Cross of Judgment
  002b. Iraq and the Garden of Eden
  002c. China and Shangri-La
  002d. Turkey and Midas' Palace
  002e. Arizona and the Hopi Shaman
  002f. Bermuda and the Fountain of Youth
003. Credits


001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the iPad game called "Samantha 
Swift and the Fountain of Fortune". This is the fourth game 
in the Samantha Swift series. It's a casual, hidden object 
game. If you want to contact me about this guide, feel free 
to do so at


The iPad version of the game comes with a store. You can 
get hint bolts, a strategy guide, a match 3 game and more!

002a-Florida and the Emerald of Judgment

The game starts with Samantha off the coast of Florida, 
trying to find the legendary Emerald of Cortez. Samantha 
avoids some villains as she lands on the beach.

The game begins with a simple tutorial. A list of items is 
at the bottom of the screen. Tap on these items to remove 
them from the list. Tap on an item's name to see an outline 
of it on the scanner in the lower/left.

There are lightning bolt hints in this game. Use a hint to 
automatically find an object. The hint meter refills 
whenever it is empty, and you can find lightning bolts for 
more hints.

There are two Swift symbols (birds) on each screen for you 
to find. Collect 60 to unlock the "Unlimited HO" mode on 
the main menu.

The list of items you have to find is randomized. However, 
some items are not random. Specifically, items which are 
tools will always appear in the game. When you pick them 
up, they go in the lower/right area. Once you find all the 
items, you have to solve some puzzles, using the tools.

Screen 1

Tool #1: Push aside the curtain at the front of the 
building to find a scepter.

Tool #2: A crank is resting on the leg of the statue.

Puzzle #1: Use the crane on the well to find a hook.

Puzzle #2: Use the staff on the hole at the bottom of the 
stairs. Use the hook on the staff, then pull the crank to 
get a corral necklace.

Puzzle #3: Use the corral necklace on the statue to reveal 
the pathway to the next screen.

Screen 2

Tool #1: A pickaxe is lying on a rock, near the right.

Tool #2: A stone lizard is against the wall, in the middle 
of the screen.

Tool #3: Move the cannon to get a cannonball.

Puzzle #1: Use the lizard on the chest in the lower/left to 
get a silver dolphin.

Puzzle #2: Use the pickaxe on the hole in the ceiling to 
get the gold inca idol. This unlocks an achievement!

Go through the doorway to the left, to reach Screen 3.

Screen 3

Tool #1: A serpent is on the rock on the right/middle side 
of the screen, while the other serpent is in the 

Puzzle #1: Use the snakes on the staff on the left side of 
the stairs to get a healing potion.

Puzzle #2: A key is on the upper/left part of the stairs.

Puzzle #3: Return to Screen 2 and get the four shark teeth, 
then use them on the gaps in the circle here. This leads a 
swamp area.

Screen 4

Tool #1: A crowbar is on the tree in the upper/right.

Tool #2: The grappling hook is on the right shore.

Tool #3: The acid is a wine bottle on the rocks on the 

Puzzle #1: Use the grappling hook on the crate in the 
swamp, then use the crowbar on the crate to get a dino 

Puzzle #2: Use acid on the treasure chest to get an inca 

Puzzle #3: Pick up the painted board here, and return to 
Screen 1 for three more painted boards. Return here, and 
zoom in on the picket fence in the upper/right. Use the 
boards on the fence, then swap boards with each other until 
you have a complete picture. This opens the way to Screen 

Screen 5

Tool #1: A ship's wheel is in the lower/middle, on the 
wooden boards.

Tool #2: A hammer is on the roof of the house.

Puzzle #1: Use the ship's wheel on the pole sticking out of 
the wooden boards in the lower/middle, to get a barrel. Use 
the hammer on it to get a medallion.

Zombies attack! Use the key on the door of the house to 
open it. Go inside.

Screen 6

Tool #1: A red ball is on a pot in the corner, next to a 

Tool #2: A bull horn is on the middle shelf of the shelves 
on the left. The other is on the back of the green creature 
in the upper/right.

Puzzle #1: Use the red ball on the chameleon to get a red 

Puzzle #2: Zoom in on the curtain to start a puzzle. You 
must duplicate the pattern on the right. You must tap on 
all the items in the pattern, but they have to all be next 
to each other in order for it to work.

Puzzle #3: Get all the salt here, then go outside and use 
the salt on the zombies. This gets you a crystal skull and 
opens the way to the next screen.

Screen 7

Tool #1: A pirate sword is on the part of the mast which 
holds up the sail. A sail is not currently attached to it, 

Tool #2: A globe is on the tree branch in the upper/right.

Puzzle #1: Use the globe on the book on the rock, near the 
cracked hull. This gets you an old map.

Puzzle #2: Use the sword on the remains of the sail to get 
the emerald cross

Puzzle #3: Samantha has what she came here for. Now she 
just needs to figure out how to leave. Move the grate in 
the lower/right to open a passageway.

Screen 8

Tool #1: The nose ring is one of the handles to a treasure 

Tool #2: The matador cape is between the two fallen 
pillars, in the background on the right.

Tool #3: A fang is on the shoe of one of the men in armor, 
while the other fang is on the side of the rightmost 
treasure chest.

Puzzle #1: Put the fangs on the snake statue (the one 
spouting water) to get the matador.

Puzzle #2: Zoom in on the golden bull on the far wall. Give 
it horns and a nose ring. On the rock facing the bull, 
place the matador. Put the cape on the matador. This opens 
a doorway.

Puzzle #3: Zoom in for the puzzle which hides Cortez's 
emerald. It's a puzzle where you push buttons to rotate the 
board. Get all the blocks of one color next to each other 
to eliminate them.

First, move the board left, left, then right. Second, move 
the board left, then right. Finally, flip the board upside. 
A hole appears. Use the cross on the hole, then tap on the 
hole to get the Emerald of Judgment.

The villain of this game, M'Alice, comes and takes the 
emerald from Samantha.

002b-Iraq and the Garden of Eden

Samantha returns to the Museum of Secrets Lost. The cupid 
statue that Samantha found fits perfectly into a puzzle map 
that the museum has. The map is supposed to lead someone to 
the Fountain of Youth.

When Samantha puts the statue into the map, it leads to 
Barsa, Iraq. The text talks about the Garden of Eden. Dr. 
Butler believes that it refers to Eden's life-giving 
waters, and Samantha flies to Barsa.

Screen 1

Tool #1: A Babylonian lion head is under the mat, in front 
of the left building.

Tool #2: A saber is against the fence in the lower/left.

Puzzle #1: Use the saber on the rope which is connected to 
the rightmost boat. This reveals a gold ark.
Puzzle #2: Use the lion head on the black box in the middle 
of the screen. This reveals a Sumerian goat.

Screen 2

Tool #1: Shake the tree for a shovel.

Tool #2: Open the tent flap for a golden Adam.

Puzzle #1: Use the shovel on the X below the right palm 
trees to get a golden heart.

Screen 3

Tool #1: Move the curtain to get the potted plant.

Puzzle #1: Give the potted plant to the camel to get the 
golden Eve.

Samantha is no longer outside in the desert area. Now she's 
in a more populated area, with a factory being run by 
Markus Payne, a villain she bumped heads with in her first 
and second adventures.

Screen 4

Tool #1: A curved wire hangs on the left side of the right 

Puzzle #1: Use the curved wire on the grate to get some 

Puzzle #2: Use the keys on the truck in the upper/left to 
get an apple.

Puzzle #3: Use the golden Adam and Eve statues on the tree 
by the fountain to get a gold serpent.

Screen 5

Tool #1: A neon bulb is on the right side of the right 
conveyor belt. Another bulb is underneath the left conveyor 

Tool #2: A lever is inside the toolbox in the lower/left.

Puzzle #1: Use the neon bulbs in the bulb holes in the 
upper/right to get a sphinx.

Puzzle #2: Use the lever on the right conveyer belt's lever 
holder, to make a cardboard box come down. Open it to get a 
canopic jar.

Puzzle #3: Zoom in on the boxes on the back of the room. 
Clear the screen, by tapping on the boxes. If a box is next 
to another box of the same color, you can clear it off the 
screen. Get rid of boxes for a while, until a keycard is 
found. Use the keycard on the slot here to reach Screen 6.

Screen 6

Tool #1: An empty fish bowl is on the floor, in front of 
the window on the left.

Tool #2: A fish skeleton is on the plate of the man who is 
lying here.

Puzzle #1: Use the fishbowl on the water cooler to fill it 
with water. Use the fish skeleton on it to get a gold fish. 

Puzzle #2: Use the cupid statue on the water cooler. 
Samantha gets the waster of longevity from Eden.

002c-China and Shangri-La

The puzzle map next reveals some Chinese symbols which read 
"Shangri-La". The place indicated on the map is Lijiang.

Screen 1

Tool #1: A yin symbol is on the rocks, by the stone steps 
on the right.

Tool #2: Matches are on the ground, right of the bottom of 
the left pillar.

Puzzle #1: Use the matches on the firework to get a star.

Puzzle #2: Use the yin symbol on the yang symbol carved 
into the left pillar to get a golden mantis.

Screen 2

This screen is a change of pace. You need to find matching 
items. For example, the bamboo goes with the panda, and the 
bird goes with the birdcage.

Screen 3

You have four areas you can go to now. One of them, which 
has a dragon above it, is blocked off right now. You'll 
need to find the planks to the bridge, and there are two 
planks in each room.

Start by going to the leftmost room.

Screen 4

This is another matching challenge. Find all the matches.

Tool #1: Open up the box on the lower/left. Take the brush 
and ink stick.

Puzzle #1: Use the ink on the stone, then use the brush on 
the ink to get a painted brush. 

Puzzle #2: Use the brush on the blank symbol on the wall to 
paint it. This gets you a dragon horn.

Go back to the bridges. Now that you're done with the 
leftmost room, its entrance is no longer glowing. Go into 
the middle room now. This room has many animals.

Screen 5

Tool #1: Two serpent bridge planks are on the walls, both 
near the top of the screen. One is on the left wall, one on 
the right.

Puzzle #1: Move the door on the right to get a dragon horn. 
Moving the door on the left triggers a short scene, in 
which Samantha falls through the doorway.

Go back to the bridge area. You're almost done now. Go 
through the rightmost doorway.

Screen 6

Tool #1: A serpent bridge plank is on the right wall, above 
a shelf. The second one is on the lid of a chest, at the 
bottom/middle of the screen.

Tool #2: A starter cord hangs on the left wall, above a 

Tool #3: A diamond is inside the stove.

Puzzle #1: Use the starter cord on the leaf blower in the 
lower/left to reveal a gold statuette.

Puzzle #2: Move the rug, then use the diamond on the glass 
there to get eternal fire.

Screen 3

Use the planks on the bridge here, and you can go inside 
the dragon cave.

Screen 7

Puzzle #1: Examine the blue floor here. You have four sets 
of two symbols each. Rotate the two wheels, so the symbols 
on the wheel match the sets of symbols on the wall. Do this 
to reveal a dragon.

Puzzle #2: Zoom in on the dragon. Use the dragon horns and 
the fire on the dragon. The dragon metls the ice, revealing 
the Shangri-La immortality water. Use the cupid statue on 
the water to get it.

002d-Turkey and Midas' Palace

The next area the statue leads to is somewhere in 
Mesopotamia. Zoe, a character from the second Samantha 
Swift game, promises to help. Her father was King Midas, 
and his palace was in this area.

Screen 1

Tool #1: Open the tool box under the right statue to get a 

Tool #2: Move the helmet, which is left of the base of the 
leftmost statue, to get a human skull.

Puzzle #1: Use the valve on the water pump to reveal a 
hole. Use the human skull on the hole to get a stone heart.

Screen 2

Tool #1: The seven statues are holding the seven roses.

Puzzle #1: Put the roses on the star design in the middle 
of the room. It is color-coded; put the green rose on the 
green spot, the red rose on the red spot, and so on. This 
reveals six pipes and a valve.

Screen 3

Puzzle #1: Open the treasure box at Midas' feet to get a 
ring. Use the ring on his finger to open the exit door.

Puzzle #2: The door is blocked with a mural. It's a jigsaw 
puzzle; put all the pieces in their proper locations to 
make a picture. If a piece is in the right spot, it snaps 
into place. 

Screen 4

Tool #1: A scanner is inside the open green box. 

Tool #2: Open the wooden box on the right to get the 

Puzzle #1: Use the scanner on the rocks in the lower/left 
corner to see the gold dancer. Use the pickaxe on the rocks 
to get it.

Puzzle #2: Use the gold dancer on the gold box to get the 
gold star.

Puzzle #3: Move the statue's arm to reveal where the gold 
star should go. Put the star in the indentation to get a 
genie bottle.

Screen 5

Tool #1: Open the basket on the left to get a machete.

Puzzle #1: Use the machete on the ivy in the upper-right to 
get an unlit torch.

Puzzle #2: Use the unlit torch on the left pillar, then tap 
the right torch to get a golden hand.

Puzzle #3: Examine the wall in the back, for a match-3 
puzzle. You want to swap tiles around, in order to have a 
group of three or more tiles which are the same color. You 
can only make horizontal or vertical matches. Make a match 
on every square on the board to open the way to the next 

Screen 6

This screen is a change of pace. Find the various 
differences between the picture on the left, and the 
picture on the right.

Screen 7

Tool #1: Move the upside-down pan in the lower/right to get 
a crank.

Tool #2: A slingshot is on the base of one of the support 
beams, holding up the bridge.

Puzzle #1: On the leftmost bridge support beam, there is a 
rock. Use the slingshot on the rock to get a key.

Puzzle #2: There is a treasure chest in the background, on 
a machine. Use the crank on the machine, then use the key 
on the chest to get a golden bat.

Puzzle #3: Use the golden bat on the bat indentation in the 
upper/left for a pipe puzzle. Put the pipes on the board, 
then arrange them so they form one complete pipe. Rotate 
pieces as necessary. Then, use the valve on the far left 
pipe and turn it to reveal Solomon's water of life.

Puzzle #4: Use the cupid statue on the flowing water of 

002e-Arizona and the Hopi Shaman

Back in New York, the water of life manages to help Zoe, 
and the map next leads to Navajo territory.

Screen 1

Tool #1: A dagger is on a rug in the lower/left. It looks 
more like a knife.

Puzzle #1: Use the dagger on the hollow piece of wood, in 
the bottom/middle to get a flute.

Puzzle #2: Put the flute in the indentation, near the top 
of a ladder on the right to get a Kokpelli flute player.

The Shaman appears. He tells Samantha that she must find 
three sacred tablets. There are three areas you can go to. 
You can visit them in any order, but in order to avoid 
backtracking, you should visit them in this order: 
waterfall, forest, ghost town.

Waterfall Screen 1

Tool #1: Gems are on the left, on the base of the hillside.

Tool #2: A headdress is in the upper/left, on a small 

Puzzle #1: Use the headdress on the face in the waterfall 
to get a warrior statue.

Puzzle #2: Use gems on the puzzle box (on the left bank of 
the small river) to get a Hopi tablet.

Forest Screen 1

Tool #1: A shovel rests against the leftmost tree.

Tool #2: Move the quiver on the rock on the right to get an 

Puzzle #1: Use the shovel on the dirt here (which has bird 
tracks on it) to get the eagle head.

Puzzle #2: Use the warrior statue (from the waterfall) on 
the chest here. Use the broken arrow to force the lock open 
and reveal a Hopi tablet.

Forest Screen 2

Make matches in order to get a set of dolls.

Ghost Town Screen 1

Tool #1: Shake the pistol holster on the far right to get a 

Tool #2: Open the doctor's bag which is touching Samantha's 
head in order to get a stethoscope.

Puzzle #1: Use the pistol on the hanging box to get a 
golden horseshoe.

Head forward, inside the saloon.

Ghost Town Screen 2

Tool #1: Open the book in the lower/left to get a key.

Puzzle #1: Use the key on the chest in the left to get a 
gold nugget.

Puzzle #2: Use the golden eagle head (from the forest) on 
the golden bird statue here to reveal a safe. Use the 
stethoscope on the safe to open it and get silver coins.

Puzzle #3: Examine the table to play a card game. Use the 
silver coins on the pile in the middle to make a bet. 
Samantha wins a Hopi tablet.

Once you have all three tablets, return to the village and 
give them to the Shaman. He lets you inside.

Screen 7

Puzzle #1: Zoom in on the dreamcatcher in the upper/left. 
Use the dolls on the dreamcatcher. You have a puzzle, where 
you must rotate it clockwise and counter-clockwise, in 
order to get the diamond to touch all the dolls on the 
screen. Then, move the diamond to the hole. You can rotate 
the dreamcatcher while the diamond is moving.

Puzzle #2: Use the cupid statue on the pool of water here 
to get the Kachina rain water.

002f-Bermuda and the Fountain of Youth

The final location the map reveals is inside the Bermuda 
Triangle. The map itself threatens to break, and Samantha 
Swift knows that her showdown with M'Alice is nearing.

Screen 1

Tool #1: Open the black chest in the lower/left to get a 

Tool #2: A magnet is on the boat.

Tool #3: A key is on the boat.

Puzzle #1: Use the magnet on the pipe in the lower/left to 
get six coins.

Puzzle #2: Zoom in on the gate in back. Use the ten metal 
leaves on the indentations on the game. Only exact matches 
are allowed.

Puzzle #3: Use the key on the gate to open it. We're going 
inside M'Alice's Mansion to get the last part of the 
fountain of youth!

Screen 2

Tool #1: A lever is on the sign.

Tool #2: A gear is to the right of the carousel's control 

Tool #3: Move the barrel in the lower/left to get a horse's 

Puzzle #1: Use the gear on the carousel's gearbox, the 
horse head on the carousel horse, the fuse in the fuse box, 
and the lever on the control box. This reveals the emerald 
cross that M'Alice stole from Samantha at the end of the 
first chapter,

Puzzle #2: Zoom in on the bottom of the tree. Put the 
circular disc into place, then use the cross on the disc. 
This opens the exit.

Screen 3

Tool #1: Find all 18 figs on this screen. Fig lovers, you 
should enjoy this challenge.

Puzzle #1: Zoom in on the wall on the left, which is 
emitting purple sparks. Use the figs on the panes of glass 
here. You want to make a large triangle, where the two 
adjacent sides of each small triangle match each other. For 
example, if one side has two green figs, the other side 
must also have two green figs.

Puzzle #2: Use the cupid statue on the pool here to finish 
your collection of mystical water. You now have the 
Fountain of Youth water!

Screen 4

Tool #1: A clock hand is in the bow and arrow of the cupid 

Tool #2: A torch is on the left wall.

Tool #3: A jester hat is on the left wall.

Puzzle #1: Use the jester's hat on the outline on the right 
wall to get a crown.

Puzzle #2: Use the torch on the cannon to get a crystal 

Screen 5

Puzzle #1: Use the crystal ball on the indentation on the 
door. As Samantha remarks to herself, this circus is coming 
to an end.

Screen 6

Puzzle #1: Maze time! Press the button in the upper/right 
to restart.

Go forward all the way, left, and forward all the way to 
the Ten of Clubs. Go right, forward, left, then forward all 
the way to the Jack of Hearts. Go left, forward, right, 
forward, left, forward twice, left, and forward all the way 
to the Queen of Spades.

Go right, forward, left, forward, twice, left, forward, 
right, forward twice, right and forward all the way to a 
lamp and the King of Diamonds. Then, go right and forward 
to the spider web. Use the lamp on the webs to burn them 
away, giving you access to the exit door.

I know, those instructions make the maze SEEM complicated, 
but it's mostly just a one-way trip. Just don't go through 
any of the side passages, because they lead to dead ends, 
and you'll be fine.

Screen 7

The second-to-last screen of the game! We're almost done!

Puzzle #1: Behind the painting of cards on the right wall 
is a clock puzzle. Use the clock hand on the clock, then 
rotate the clock hands so they match the four times on the 
locks: 6:00, 3:45, 7:30 and 8:10.

Puzzle #2: Pull the lever, then take the key. Use the key 
on the padlock to the glass cage, then exit

Screen 8

Puzzle #1: Use the cupid statue on the crystal pit. Payne 
and M'Alice both appear at this point. They attempt to get 
the cupid statue from Samantha, and the good news is that 
they fail.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).