Halo 4: FAQ/Walkthrough

       343 Industries has released their first fully original Halo game in the form of
Halo 4. It is the beginning of the Reclaimer Saga. Can 343 meet the bar set by 

Halo 4
Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
Copyright 2012

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                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
A. Dawn
B. Requiem
C. Forerunner
D. Infinity
E. Reclaimer
F. Shutdown
G. COmposer
H. Midnight
3. Infinity
4. Spartan Ops
5. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Master Chief is back. Halo 4 sees the return of Xbox's most iconic character as
he struggles alongside AI companion Cortana with a new threat to humanity, and 
Cortana's ever unstable lifespan. It's a personal journey for Master Chief, and
he's thrust into Hell as soon as he wakes up...

LT - Grenade
LB - Armor Ability
RT - Shoot
RB - Melee
Left analog stick - Movement/Sprint
D-pad - Grenade Type
Y - Switch Weapon
X - Reload
B - Crouch
A - Jump
Select - Leaderboard
Start - Pause

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2. Walkthrough
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Watch the scenes. Now you have to escape the cryo pod. To do this, look up at 
the handle and hold X. If you are playing in co-op, your co-op partners have to
wait for the host player (the primary Master Chief) to complete the action 
first, then proceed themselves.

Afterwards, scour the environment for ammo and the like. As you leave this 
room, check the bottom of the stairs for the first Terminal in the game. From 
there, follow the objective markers through the Forward Unto Dawn, using panels
and pushing buttons as prompted by the game.

Make your way to the elevator shaft. Button mash to rip the elevator doors open
and then Chief will start climbing up the shaft. Debris will fall from the top 
of the shaft, so use the left analog stick to dodge it. Chief will look to the 
direction that you need to leap before the debris falls, so just tilt the left 
analog stick in his direction as the debris starts falling to avoid being hit. 
At the top of the shaft, there will be a QTE with an Elite. Tap RB to kill him 
with a quick QTE melee attack.

Press B to crouch and move into the next room. At the top of the ramp there is 
another Elite messing with the control panel. Sneak up behind him and melee him
from behind, holding in RB, to perform an Assassination Kill. Grunts are 
everywhere in here, so start running around and killing them all. You may want 
to conserve ammo for the next part, especially on harder difficulty settings, 
so I advise running around and melee killing the Grunts.

Two Covenant ships will then dock. They will spawn enemies out of two tubes on 
either side of the room. If you are playing solo, stay near the console, 
crouch, and take out the enemies as they come up the ramp. Stay low enough so 
that they can't hit you with headshots from below and are forced to take Master
Chief head-on. Playing co-op, have one person cover one of the tubes and 
another cover the other tube.

When they're dead, follow the next objective marker. You will be lead to an 
elevator. Sit tight in the elevator and ride it to the top. When it stops, 
there will be kamikaze Grunts, which are Grunts that charge you with their 
Plasma grenades cooked, ready to die and take the Chief down with them. Take 
them out quickly and before they get too close to avoid taking damage.

As you continue, you will then be introduced to Jackals. These enemies use long
range weapons and also have a shield. To make them move their shield, shoot at 
their hand, then quickly take them out with a headshot. Other effective 
strategies include tossing grenades their way so that they dive in such a 
manner that also leaves them exposed. Furthermore, you can run him and melee 
them repeatedly to sometimes bypass their shields and kill them instantly.

You'll make your way to an open room. Here you will have to fight waves of 
Covenant forces. Use the battle strategies learned so far to take them out. 
There will be plenty of weapons and ammo in the area, so don't worry about 
running dry.

When the waves of enemies have been killed, keep following the objective 
markers. Activate the console you're lead to by holding X and watch the 
scene. Now you have a platforming segment, in a way. Sprint through the halls, 
largely ignoring the enemies. The ceiling will collapse and the floor will give
way, so be ready to jump over pits and the like as you work your way through 
the ship. Keep going until you reach the escape pod.


Master Chief will emerge from the wreckage. Work your way through the destroyed
area and keep moving along the path until you find an overturned Warthog. Hold 
X to flip it back onto its wheels, and now your goal is to zoom through the 
area. Ghosts will be zipping around as well, plus there will be a variety of 
enemies along the path to deal with, too. Just keep driving to the objective 
marker, hitting the ramps over the gaps as you go, and using any vehicle there 
is, assuming your Warthog gets destroyed.

At the end of this ride will be a structure. Kill the Grunts in the area and 
be mindful of the Elite. The Elite has an Energy Sword as well as the Armor 
Ability called Active Camouflage. Essentially, this allows you to turn 
invisible. Kill the Elite from afar and then snag his weapons and the Armor 
Ability, which will be your first in the game.

Move into the structure and run down to the machine called the Cartographer. 
This console is where your objective marker is pointing. Interact with the 
console. Now there are two different options, one area to the left and to the 
right. They are identical in nature, however, you must complete both. Go to the
control panels that are designated by the objective markers, and hold X to 

This will cause a bridge to open up, leading to a pillar of orange light that 
has another console on it. Press the button on this console and ride the 
the object down. Master Chief's shields will be drained during this process, 
and enemies will pour into the area. Kill them all and then repeat the process 
for the next objective marker.

Clear the room of Grunts and go to the Cartographer. Interact with the 
Cartographer and then exit the area. You'll be in an outside place now, with 
Banshees flying overhead. Up a small hill to the left will be a Banshee of your
own. Use it to kill the other Banshees and clear the entire area of enemies. 
Switch to a Ghost and then zoom through the next areas, killing the enemies as 

More waves of enemies will show up, including two Hunters. To kill Hunters, 
focus on their backs, which are their weak points. Melee attacks and grenades 
that damage their back are the best way to kill them. Be wary battling the 
Hunters, however, as their shots are extremely powerful and are explosive. 
Their melee strikes can kill in a single hit as well, depending on how full 
your shields are.

Move to the bridge and work your way into the next building.


After the cut-scenes, mess with the control panel. A strange blue portal will 
appear. Sprint through the portal. You will be introduced to the Promethean 
enemies. These are the ancient robotic enemies that were created by the 
Covenant "gods", Forerunners, long ago. Throughout the next few areas, you will
have to contend with Crawlers, Knights, and Watchers, so I feel it is necessary
to offer a few tips regarding battle strategies with these new foes.

For one, the Crawlers are fairly easy to kill. They are usually high in number,
but can be destroyed with melee attacks and shotgun blasts very easily. They 
are weak, but when they swarm you, they can be a pain. Try to thin them out 
if there are a lot of them and other threats to worry about, but don't make 
them a main priority. It is unlock that they will kill you when you battle 
with them, but they will make the job easier for the other Prometheans.

In the meantime, you'll also have to deal with Knights and Watchers as you 
move from objective marker to objective marker. Knights and Watchers work in 
tandem to make your life a pain. Knights come in various shapes and sizes, 
and the Watchers are their protectors, so to speak. The Knights are basic 
enemies. Watchers can protect the Knights with boosted shields as well as 
heal them. Watchers fly around and have two spinning discs on either side of 
them. Destroy Watchers before killing Knights, as it makes the process much 

Work your way through these next few areas. Stick to cover and work on learning
the patterns of these new Promethean enemies when compared to the Covenant. 
There will be Covenant around as well, and they may join in the battle against 
the Prometheans as well, but don't expect that to last much past this level. 
Keep an eye out for the new Promethean weapons as well, which are extremely 
helpful in this game.

You'll have access to numerous Promethean weapons in this mission, including 
the Promethean version of a shotgun, the Scattershot. This weapon is very 
helpful in getting rid of Crawlers easily. I don't recommend using the 
Lightrifle, but all the other Promethean weapons are very helpful, and since 
there are Prometheans everywhere, you'll never run out of ammunition.

Besides moving from point A to point B and killing things, your first real 
objective comes in the form of destroying three orbs that are placed in 
structures around a central tower. These orbs are heavily guarded by 
Prometheans. On higher difficulties, you'll want to rush through and destroy 
the orbs and then make your way to the tower immediately. Otherwise, you can 
take it a bit slower and savor it.

There is an orb on the left side of the area, on the right side, and on the 
north side, opposite of where you enter. Once they're all destroyed, make your 
way to the top of the tower using the rampways. Press the button at the top and
then go through the portal. Drop down the whole, and then kill everything in 
the area. This will include Covenant and Prometheans. It may be wise to pick a 
side for now if you are low on ammo.

Work your way up the cliffside. Kill the Prometheans, but stay behind the rocks
as cover once you start seeing lasers. There is a Beam Sentry high on the 
cliffside to the north of your position. These things deal a lot of damage, but
can be destroyed relatively easily. Take potshots at it by crouching to avoid 
its laser and then popping up to destroy it before it can shoot off another 
laser. When it's destroyed, make your way around the corner.

Abandoned Ghosts will be there to ride. Take one of the Ghosts and zoom through
the area. Mow down any enemies that you see if you can, but try not to damage 
the Ghost. Keep going until you see an unmanned Bandshee that has an Elite 
running to take control of it. Kill the Elite and get inside of the Banshee.

Using this Banshee, kill everything in the area. There will be multiple 
Banshees flying around the area, plus the ground troops to deal with. Once they
have all been killed, exit the Banshee and make your way to the three different
orbs in this area. Destroy all of these orbs and then work your way to the top 
of the tower.

Fight your way through the tower to an elevator. Wait on the elevator until 
it lifts you up. Make your way through the next couple of rooms. The Covenant 
are still fighting the Prometheans at this point, so use this opportunity to 
kill the enemy that you have the most trouble with. I imagine the Prometheans 
will be the more difficult enemies at this stage in the game since they are 
new, but whatever. Eventually you'll need to wipe out both types of enemies 

When the coast is clear, continue making your way to the sphere. Watch the 
scenes. Chief will be introduced to the antagonist of the game, a Forerunner 
named Didact. When gameplay resumes, Chief will be piloting a Ghost. Hold LT 
and race down the path. Avoid the obstacles that rise out of the ground and 
fall from the sky to the best of your ability, and be sure to be going at full 
speed whenever there is a ramp across a gap. Keep driving the Ghost and 
avoiding all the dangers until you reach the next portal.


Finally, you will be out of the dark, electronic hallways of the strange 
Forerunner buildings and the dark caves that litter their planet. You will now 
be in a jungle-area that has a lot of Promethean enemies running around. As 
you explore the jungle, Chief will come across a few dead Marines. Loot their 
bodies for ammo and supplies.

Fight your way through the Prometheans. You will reach a ledge with your vision
of the lower area blocked by a layer of fog. Drop into the fog and kill the 
enemies here. Keep to the jungle paths and continue to kill the Prometheans 
until you reach another Forerunner structure with surviving Marines!

Following the scenes, lead the Marines back through the jungle. The objective 
marker will lead you to another set of Marines that are in the middle of a 
firefight against the Prometheans. You have the advantage of meeting the 
Prometheans from behind. Wipe them out and then destory the two Beam Turrets 
that are guarding the hill.

Run up to the top of the hill. Hold X at the panel. Take control of the turret 
and start defending the position. Enemies will come up the slope, so don't let 
up on the trigger and keep blowing them away. Crawlers will be the most 
plentiful enemies during this segment, but they are easily destroyed with the 

If you start to feel overwhelmed, tap RB to rip the turret free from its 
tripod and retreat a bit. When carrying a turret, the camera switches from a 
first-person view to a third-person view, but the controls are the same. Chief 
can't run while holding a heavy weapon like a turret, so you just need to 
backpedal and shoot the enemies as they come up the hill.

When the enemies stop coming, return to the panel and press it again. The door 
opens and you are free to move through the tunnel. A dropship shows up and now 
the Prometheans and Covenant will be working together. Wait for the dropship to
leave, otherwise its turrets will blow you up. When it's gone, take out the 
foes it left behind and then continue to the Pelican and get inside.

Following the next cut-scenes, you will have the opportunity to hop into a 
vehicle. There are Mongooses, Warthogs, and even a couple of tanks that can be 
used for this section. I recommend hoping into a tank, as there are plenty of 
Wraiths (Covenant tanks to contend with, plus Ghosts and other Covenant forces.

Wait for Marines to hop onto the Scorpion tank so that they can help you fight 
off enemies along the way. Roll through the area and start destroying all the 
enemy vehicles that you see. If there is a Wraith, be sure to kill it first as 
they are the most powerful. Keep rolling through the area until you reach the 
Infinity ship.

Aboard the Infinity, take out the enemies. There are Hunters here as well as 
Warthogs and other powerful weapons all over the place. After the first room 
has been cleared, proceed through the ship. You'll now be able to use your 
first mech, the Mantis!

With the Mantis, march your way through the Infinity and kill everything in 
sight. You can use rockets as well as machinegun fire using the Mantis, and it 
is an absolute powerhouse. Remember that the Mantis is also able to crouch, so 
it is possible to get it a bit of cover when it is available.

Work your way to the deck with the Mantis. There are three jammers on the deck 
that all need destroyed. Using the Mantis, blow them all up and clear the 
area of enemies. Phantom Dropships will show up next as well as Banshees. Blow 
them all up using the missiles of the Mantis. When they're all dead, rush over 
to the control panel that is designated and press the button.


Welcome to the Mammoth! This hulking monstrosity is a tank/transporter of 
mammoth (get it?) proportions. On the bottom deck, there are weapon racks that 
have plenty of fantastic weapons available, including rocket launchers and 
sniper rifles. On the middle deck there are even more weapon racks, but right 
now your goal is to speak with Commander Laskey (from the "Forward Unto Dawn" 

After speaking with Laskey, make your way to one of the racks on the middle of 
the Mammoth and snag a jet pack. This is yet another Armor Ability, returning 
from Halo: Reach. The Mammoth will chug along and at its first stop, take 
control of the rocket turret on the left side of the Mammoth. Use it to kill 
all the enemies in this area. A Phantom will come into view. Make your way to 
the other turret and then destroy the Phantom as well as all of the other 
enemies that are there.

Move to the objective marker, which is a swampy area with a crashed Pelican. 
More enemies will move in on the location. Grab a rocket launcher from the 
Mammoth and clear the area. Grab the designator from the wreckage of the 
Pelican. Press "up" on the d-pad to equip it. Use it to target the Phantom 
that flies into view, and then the massive cannon on the Mammoth will destroy 

When the coast is clear, get back on the Mammoth. Get on one of the rocket 
turrets and destroy the Banshees that show up. When the Mammoth stops again, 
it will be at an area with three shielded generators. Use a vehicle from the 
Mammoth or steal an enemy vehicle to quickly get through to each shield bubble 
and destroy the three generators in quick succession.

After they have been destroyed, return to the Mammoth. Use the laser to target 
the next objective that must be "neutralized" once the Mammoth stops again. 
Stay on the Mammoth and fight off the enemies as they appear as it keeps 
rolling along. A Covenant ship will then be in view with a green abduction beam
aimed at the ground. The Mammoth will once again come to a stop.

Kill the enemies from the safety of the Mammoth and then use the jet pack to 
fly over to the beam. Stand in the beam to be sucked into the ship. Kill all 
the enemies on the ship and work your way to the designated console at the top 
level of the ship. Destroy this and then jump out of the Covenant ship before 
it blows up. Use the jet pack to land safely without taking any possible 
falling damage.

Stay on the Mammoth until it makes its final stop. Grab a sniper rifle and use 
it to pick off the enemies on the Promethean structure. After all the enemies 
are dead, enter the structure yourself. Take the elevator down and approach 
the control panel at the end of the hall. After the scene, backtrack a bit and 
keep an eye out for a blue bridge on the right side of the area. Go across 
the bridge and walk through the hallway. You may have to wait a couple of 
seconds fo the big doors to open.

Enter the bright light. Hold X to retrieve Cortana. Kill off the Prometheans 
and watch the scenes. After that's over, go through the portal. You'll be 
outside again. Grab a Scorpion and start destroying the Covenant vehicles. 
Destroy the two shield generators and then make your way to the next target 
that needs lazed. Target it.


Grab the weapons you want in the hangar. The sides of the Pelican also have 
very powerful weapons, so be sure to check those out as well. Get inside your 
Pelican by approaching the pilot door and hold X. There is a turret on the 
top of the Pelican for another player, and two other turrets on either side of 
it as well in case you're playing four player co-op.

Flying the Pelican is a bit more complicated than the other vehicles in Halo 4.
To fly the Pelican, hold LT to boost. RT will fire your weaponry. To switch 
between the different weapon types on the Pelican, use the Y button. LB and RB 
descend and ascend respectively.

Make your way to the first floating tower, marked by an objective marker. 
Destroy the Phantoms that are blocking the landing zone from a distance. Then 
safely land the Pelican and hop out. Go inside the Spire. Activate the controls
on the gondola and it will begin moving down the room.

Get cover and start picking off the Jackals that appear in the distance before 
they can snipe you. When the Gondola comes to a stop, stay on it and take out 
as many enemies as possible from the gondola. When there are no more in clear 
view, head to the switch, but be careful not to be overwhelmed. If you need 
to resupply your ammo, check the lower level of the gondola for supplies.

Press the button and then return to the gonolda. Press the button at the top of
the gondola and it will start moving again. Two Knights will spawn right on 
the gondola. Quickly take them out. Stay on the gondola until it stops again 
and use the same strategy as before. Sit tight and pick off the enemies from 
afar, then move to the button slowly, cover to cover, and taking out the 
Prometheans as they appear.

Make your way to the button. Press it. Knights will spawn on the gondola before
you arrive. Kill them before returning to the gondola. On the gondola, press 
the button at the top again to make it move to the end of the Spire. Step into 
the beam and then a bunch of Prometheans will spawn. Kill them all from your 
current position and then get back on the gondola and ride it back to the 
Pelican. Get back inside of the Pelican.

Fly the Pelican to the next spire. Destroy the Phantoms in the way first and 
then safely land the Pelican. Fight your way through the Prometheans inside the
Spire. Make your way to the console in the center of the area and press the 
button. You will now have three different objective markers appear on the 
screen and you can decide the order to complete this part of the mission.

These objective markers are designated orbs that must be destroyed. If playing 
in co-op, split up and go after the orbs separately. Otherwise, playing solo, 
it may be advised to try to quickly destroy the orbs and retreat back to the 
Pelican as fast as possible. This area is absolutely swarming with Prometheans,
and on higher difficulties, this part of the game can be incredibly hard.

At any rate, destroy the three orbs then backtrack to the Pelican. Get back 
inside the Pelican and fly to the next Spire, as designated by Cortana. Land 
it and then clear out the enemies inside. Fight your way to the platform with a
couple of Hunters. Kill the Hunters. If you are going for the "Explore the 
Floor" achievement, now is the time to get it. Use Fuel Rod Cannons to hit the 
Hunters with explosive attacks that will knock them back and hopefully over the

When they are dead, continue to the next area. Get in the Banshee and fly to 
the objective marker. Land and then fight your way to the next control panel. 
Interact with it. Then press the next button to raise the glass. Sprint to the 
lower level and then jump off the edge.


After the cut-scenes conclude, you will be in a building with scientists and 
the "Composer" artifact. This area also includes the Sticky Detonator. This 
weapon allows you to fire an explosive round and plant it, then press RT again 
to blow it up on your command. It is incredibly helpful during this mission, 
and I definitely recommend you grab it.

In the hangar, you'll have to fight enemies. There is a turret in the corner, 
so hop on and start mowing down the enemies. Use the Sticky Detonator to take 
out large groups of enemies at a time with more accuracy than grenade throws. 
Another trick you can do is shoot a Grunt with the Sticky Detonator and then 
wait for him to flee back into the crowd he came from before pulling the 
switch and blowing them all up.

When the enemies are dead, go the control panel and press X to use the 
controls. A door will open up. Kill the enemies that show up and then destroy 
the Grunts that are on the stairs. Go up the stairs and then kill all the 
enemies in the next room. If you follow the scientists, you may be able to find
rooms with goodies.

Keep going until you come to the room with the three airlocks. Enemies will 
appear in the airlocks, but if you are quick enough, you can press the button 
on the front of the airlock to have them sucked into the vaccuum of space, in 
turn killing them instantly. Then make your way to the next console that you 
need to deposit Cortana in. Do so, retrieve her, then head to the outside area 
and get inside the Mantis.

Using the Mantis, survive the waves of enemies that appear during this outside 
segment. There will be regular Covenant foes, but then Wraiths and Banshees 
will replace them. Using the Mantis, you should be able to defeat all of the 
enemies without too many issues. Using the rockets on the Mantis, you should be
able to destroy the Phantoms as well before they manage to retreat.

When the waves are defeated, exit the Mantis. Go back inside and go to the next
computer terminal and interact with it. Watch the scenes.


This level begins with Master Chief inside of a Broadsword, which is like a 
space jet. This controls identically to the Pelican. Speed through the narrow 
areas of this section with it. The doors will close and walls will move in on 
each other at this part, so look for the openings and then zoom through them. 
Destroy any other object that get in your way so that you don't have to slow 

Keep going like this until you reach a tower that you have to destroy. Destroy 
it, and then you have to disable these four guns that power the device. The 
openings to destroy these guns are on the side, and inside the little buildings
these things are built on are the orbs. Use the Broadsword to destroy the four 

Watch the cut-scenes. When you return, fight your way through the rooms with 
the Prometheans. Go to the computer terminal as directed and upload Cortana. 
A portal will appear, so move through it. Kill the Crawlers on the other side 
of the portal and then move through the next portal that shows up.

In the next room, kill the Prometheans and work your way to the next portal. 
Move through the portal. You'll come out in a room with weapons suspended by 
little orange portals. Grab one of these weapons if you need to and then go 
through the portal.

Kill the next Promethean Knight from behind. Work your way along the path and 
kill all the Prometheans. Deposit Cortana in the next designated area and then 
hold the position. When she's done, retrieve her and then go through the next 
portal. Destroy all the Crawlers on the other side and then go to the next 

Step inside the launching pad to get across the gap. Fight your way to the 
console. Input Cortana. Go through the portal. Repeat this process a couple 
more times, then fight your way to the center area. Kill all the Knights, and 
then the path will be open. Stand in the elevator and it will levitate you to 
the blue bridge. Run across and watch the scenes.

The game then ends with QTEs. First you're going to have to use the left 
analog stick to crawl forward. Then press LT when prompted and then use the 
left stick once again to crawl to the nuclear device. Press RT when prompted 
and Master Chief will detonate the device.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Infinity 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Multiplayer in Halo 4 is known as "INFINITY". This mode features a variety of 
game types. The main set of multiplayer modes are called "War Games", featuring
a variety of different game types. The following is a description of the War 
Games game types as well as a list of maps.

To access the Halo 4 multiplayer, insert disc 2. Install the content on your 
Xbox 360, then insert disc 1 again to access all the Halo 4 content outside of 
the main campaign.


1. Abandon
2. Adrift
3. Complex
4. Exile
5. Haven
6. Longbow
7. Meltdown
8. Ragnarok
9. Solace
10. Vortex


The basic multiplayer matches of Halo fame are all featured here. These modes 
can be played in four player split-screen online in any combination of players.
Spartan emblems and dogtags can be customized, as well as armor. Players earn 
XP by playing games that can then be spent in the armory to purchase new items 
as well as unlock new items for purchase.

There are Daily, Weekly, and Monthly challenges as well. These challenges can 
be completed for even more XP.

Commendations are special fulfillments that can be unlocked in a variety of 
ways, including getting X number of headshots or getting X number of kills 
with a particular weapon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4. Spartan Ops
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Instead of Firefight, 343 Industries is introducing a new co-op mode in Halo 
4. It is called Spartan Ops. Spartan Ops will be a weekly episodic co-op series
that will feature a storyline run along the lines of a TV show. 10 episodes are
planned to release in the first 10 weeks of Halo 4's launch, and these 10 
episodes will make up the first season of Spartan Ops.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Halo 4 on Xbox 360!

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