The Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks: FAQ/Walkthrough

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The Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2011

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Paris
  004b. The Royal Express
  004c. Vienna
  004d. The Royal Express
  004e. Prague
  004f. The Royal Express
  004g. Warsaw
  004h. The Royal Express
  004i. St. Petersburg
  004j. The Romanov Treasure
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "The Hardy 
Boys: Treasure on the Tracks" for the Nintendo DS. It's 
an adventure game with several puzzles. If you want to 
duplicate this guide on your website, or if you want to 
contact me, do so at

002-Video Walkthrough

For those of you who would like to watch how to beat the 
game, instead of reading how to beat the game, a set of 
videos can be found here:

Links to the individual videos can also be found in this 


Frank and Joe Hardy: Brothers and amateur detectives. 
Frank has dark hair, and Joe has blonde hair.

Alexey Konstantinov: A genius and art expert who has been 
asked to solve the mystery. He talks a lot, and he is 
pretty self-centered.

Isabelle DuPont: A waitress on the Royal Express.

Baron Von Ekartsburg: A bearded man who claims to be the 
heir to the Romanov Fortune. He is somewhat rude.

Carol Stephenson-Hughes: A Cambridge professor who has 
been asked to solve the mystery.

Fez Man: A mysterious villain who seems to be trying to 
kill everyone on the train.

Samantha Quick: A mysterious stranger who calls the Hardy 
Boys from time to time. She is on the trail of the man in 
the fez.


The Hardy Boys are going to Paris, where they have been 
asked to solve a mystery. Several other people have been 
asked to solve the mystery, too. It's about the legendary 
Romanov fortune, which was hidden on a train called the 
Royal Express. 


Video #1:

The painting in the museum has a clue to finding the 
fortune, so that's the first stop of all of the fortune-
hunters. However, the location of the museum is hidden on 
the map.

The map puzzle is a simple nonograms puzzle. Fill out 
squares in the grid, according to the numbers. The 
solution is this:

 XX X 

The three blank squares are marked as locations you can 
visit in Paris. These are the river, Notre Dame, and the 

Go to the museum and try to go inside. Oh no! The map is 
broken. Our heroes will have to fix the map, by finding 
all the missing map pieces. The first piece is 
automatically found for you.

Go to Notre Dame, and pick up a map piece in the 
lower/right. Then, go to the river and pick up a map 
piece near the base of the statue. Look into the trash 
bin in the lower/left corner, and in the upper/left part 
of the trash bin, you find another map piece.

Return to the museum. Now that you have all the map 
pieces, along with four fake ones, you need to rebuild 
the map. The piece with the red X goes in the upper/right 

Figure out where the other pieces go, based on their 
shape and if the match the pieces that are already there 
(namely, the piece with the red X and the left-hand side 
of the map shown on the top screen). Once the puzzle is 
solved, the Hardy Boys can go inside the museum.

Video #2:

In the museum, go left. You can see a display about the 
Romanov children, who have five distinctive colors. Go 
left again to meet Alexey, the art critic and genius.

Alexey is not very nice to the Hardy Boys, and he makes a 
huge fuss about the painting. This is the painting with 
the clue that will allegedly lead to the Romanov fortune. 
Examine it.

This is a puzzle. Find the five matching objects. They 
are pear-shaped dolls, made up of five colors, just like 
the Romanov children. Those colors are red, green, blue, 
yellow and purple. To get you started, one doll is on the 
shoulder of the statue, and another is on the red tree.

Once you find all five dolls, draw lines between them to 
form a star. Is the painting trying to say that a key in 
the hand of a statue will solve the mystery?

Leave the painting and go right to meet Isabelle, who is 
a servant on the train. Talk with her, then leave the 

You can now visit the train station, from the map area. 
Go to the train station to see a scene between the Baron 
and a man in a fez. Talk to the Baron after the scene is 

Go up two screens and pick up a piece of candy from the 
ground. Then go down a screen, and use the Golden Ticket 
from your inventory on the train to go inside.

004b-The Royal Express

Video #3:

The train has three compartments for our heroes to visit 
at this point in time: 

1. The Sleeper, which has all the sleeping rooms.
2. The Salon, which has green furniture.
3. The Gallery, which has a lot of artwork.

This first compartment has the sleeping rooms belonging 
to the various characters, but right now, you can't go 
inside any of them.

Go to the next compartment, where you can look at various 
things. More importantly, you can meet Carol. She seems 
like a helpful lady. Talk to her about everything. Two 
things of note come up: the samovar, and the fact that 
the Hardys plan on snooping in her room as long as she's 

Go to the next compartment, where you have a lot of 
artwork. On the left wall is a samovar painting. It's 
another puzzle where you find five identical things in a 
painting. One item is inside the boot, another is on the 
red carpet, one is in between the two tree trunks on the 
left, one is the yellow thing in the bottom/left, and the 
last item is the blue one in the middle, sort of hidden 
by a hill of grass.

Draw lines between the five items to form a star. This 
highlights a samovar. We'll have to make sure to find 

Step forward to the next part of the Gallery compartment. 
Check out the hand of the statue in the upper/left. It 
has a key, just like the painting in Paris pointed out!

Video #4:

Examine the exhibit near the statue. It's the Russian 
Dolls that Isabelle said the Baron was examining earlier.

You want to make a flower design appear on the front of 
the doll by moving the four levels of the doll left or 
right. Keep moving them until the flower appears.

Make the flower picture appear on the front of the second 
doll. Then, for the third doll, take the key out of the 
inventory and use it on the keyhole. Turn the key with 
the stylus until the lock opens, and our heroes get a 
golden train piece.

The only other thing that the Hardy Boys have to do on 
the train now is snoop in all of the various rooms, in 
the sleeper compartment. When searching rooms, tap on 
items with the DS stylus to get the items to disappear. 
If a guard catches you, tap on the circles that appear, 
and eventually the guard leaves.

In Carol's room (Room 2), look in the corner of the 
cushions (on the left). In the corner is a piece of paper 
that shows Carol thinks the globe in the salon 
compartment is related to the diary in the salon 

In Alexey's room (Room 1), look in the corner of the 
cushions (on the left). Hidden at the bottom of a pile of 
things, you can find a picture of Isabelle. Once you 
leave Alexey's room, the Hardy Boys have a close run-in 
with the guard.

Video #5:

When you try to look in the Baron's room (Room 3), the 
Baron catches you. The Hardy Boys become upset, and they 
question the Baron's heritage. Go inside his room and 
look inside his suitcase. At the bottom of it is the 
family tree, which shows that the Baron is a Romanov.

Once you meet Carol, solve the samovar painting puzzle, 
open the Russian doll in the Russian doll puzzle, and 
find a piece of evidence in the three sleeper rooms, 
you're finished with this part of the train trip. When 
you try to leave for another train car, the Hardys get a 
phone call from Samantha Quick, a mysterious woman.

Samantha is on the trial of the man in the fez who 
bothered the Baron earlier. She sees this man on the 

Go forward and look at the tracks. The man in the fez 
left a piece of paper on the tracks, which looks like a 
timetable. The word on it is in...Turkish?

More importantly, the fez man also left a bomb. Examine 
it, and Samantha decides to disarm it.

This is kind of a tricky puzzle. The picture on the top 
screen says to make a RED connection. Grab the loose end 
of the red wire, which is the end touching the square in 
the middle. Draw a line from that to the red node, on the 
top row. Samantha puts the red wire in place.

Next, do the same thing with the blue wire. Now you have 
to cut the yellow wire. Do this by moving the stylus 
across the wire, like you're drawing a line through it. 
The wire is cut.

Then, cut the green wire, and cut the blue wire. Put the 
purple wire in place. Cut purple, cut red, connect brown, 
then cut brown. The next move you have to make is always 
detailed on the top screen, and you can retry the puzzle 
as many times as you want.

Back away from the bomb once it's defused. Samantha calls 
the Hardy Boys, and she sends them the timetable.

The game switches to the Hardy Boys. Look at the yellow 
plaque. It's a map of Vienna, Austria. That's our next 


Video #6:

The map of Vienna has a puzzle on it, just like the one 
in Paris. Hooray for nonograms! Here's the solution:

  X XX

Just like in Paris, the Hardy Boys will collect scraps of 

One is near the base of the statue on the street, 
specifically, on the right-hand side of the base. One is 
on the tree by the Ferris wheel. One is on a bench at the 
train station. Go forward a screen, and another piece of 
paper is in the trash can, underneath the hat.

Go to the palace and tap on the ticket window. Put the 
ticket together. There are four pieces in total, and the 
final ticket reads "ADMIT ONE Vienna Museum".

Once the ticket is reassembled, go inside the museum. 
Listen to Alexey argue with Carol, then talk with him. He 
lies about his relationship to Isabelle, saying he's 
never seen her before, even though he has her picture in 
his sleeper.

Look at the painting. The five objects in this painting 
are oval-shaped. The red one is in front of the red 
planet, the green one is left of the book, the blue one 
is up/right of Earth, the yellow one is on the bottom of 
the page of the book, and the purple one is in the corner 
between the purple planet and the train tracks.

Form a star between the five objects to get a clue: a key 
inside a book. This book is the Tsar's diary in the Salon 

Leave the painting, and then go right to see Carol. Talk 
to her about everything, and she lies about the fact that 
she is broke. She also says you need to solve the 
paintings in order, which is a hint telling us that we 
need to solve the puzzle behind painting #2 (the samovar 
painting) before solving the puzzle behind painting #3 
(the key in the diary painting).

We'll solve both painting puzzles during our next trip on 
the train, so let's return to the train now. Go right to 
reach the exit. Go through the exit, then go to the train 
station. Board the train.

004d-The Royal Express

Video #7:

During this train trip only, our heroes have access to 
two new compartments: the dining room and kitchen. These 
can be found by going through the door in the Gallery.

First though, let's check for clues in the sleepers. In 
Alexey's room, under the newspapers in the bottom/right, 
you find a letter which says that Alexey is using his 
artistic talent to make forgeries. In Carol's room, in 
the bottom/right, there is a note to Carol which shows 
that she is completely broke.

Head towards the Gallery. The guard isn't here anymore, 
so you can examine the display with the coins. And by 
"examine", I mean "take everything out of the display". 
Do that, then leave the Gallery into the now-open dining 

At the other end of the dining room is Isabelle. Talk to 
her about everything, and a fire will break out in the 
kitchen. Oh no! A scene occurs, in which our heroes rush 
into the kitchen and put out the fire.

Talk to Isabelle again. She says that the mysterious man 
in the fez started the fire. She also says that the 
samovar is here in the room, which is important, because 
Painting #2 indicated that the samovar holds a clue.

Isabelle will give you a key to this room, the kitchen. 
You'll only be able to use it in this section of the 

Video #8:

Explore the kitchen, if you want. When you try to leave 
the kitchen, you find that the Baron is blocking the path 
in the dining room. He is hungry, and he forces the Hardy 
Boys to make food for him.

Use the key to open the door to the kitchen. Go to the 
stove to start a cooking minigame. First, use the stylus 
to cut the vegetables, by drawing vertical lines in the 
indicated places. Second, tap on the three vegetable 
pictures to add them to the soup pot.

Now to add seasonings. Move the stylus left and right to 
add salt, and the salt meter on the left goes up. Make 
the meter go up to the green area and stop there. Do this 
for both the salt and the pepper.

Finally, move the stylus in a clockwise or counter-
clockwise circle, in order to imitate stirring the soup. 
The soup is then finished, and the Baron will leave.

The next time you go to the dining room, you get a phone 
call from Samantha Quick. She is in Prague, on the trail 
of the Fez Man. She is really close to him, when the 
phone goes dead. Did she get captured?

Now that the Baron is gone, you can solve the Samovar 
puzzle. The Baron left his boot in the dining car (on the 
shelf of the server's area, where Isabelle was standing), 
so pick that up. Go to the kitchen. You can pick up 
matches from a shelf here, and you can pick up coals from 
the ground, near the side of the boiler.

Video #9:

The samovar itself is in a corner in this room. First, 
add the coals to the samovar. Second, add the matches. 
Third, add the boot, which acts as a bellows.

Now, you need to drain all the water out of the samovar, 
by tapping the handle on the right. Then, move the boot 
up and down with the stylus, until the fire meter goes up 
all the way. Your reward is a golden train piece. So, 
solving the mystery behind Painting #2 leads to a golden 
train piece, just like solving the mystery behind 
Painting #1 did. I wonder what will happen if we solve 
the mystery behind Painting #3?

Let's answer that question now. Painting #3 depicts a 
diary, which is the one in the Salon. You open it with 
coins, but you can't open it now.

Go to the Baron's sleeper. Under his three suitcases, you 
find a coin.

Return to the Salon. On the desk with the diary, near the 
base of the lamp, you can find another coin. In total, 
there are five coins: three from the display case in the 
Gallery, one from the desk in the Salon, and one from the 
Baron's room. Place all five coins in the holes on the 
diary in order to open it.

Flip to the last page of the diary to find a key, just 
like Painting #3 indicated. The key works on the globe in 
this room. Carol is standing next to the globe, so you 
can talk to her if you want.

Look at the globe, and specifically, look at the base of 
the globe. Use the key on the hole in the base. Spin the 
key around to open the glass. Use the tweezers from the 
display case in the Salon (the same display case you got 
the coins from) on the needle here.

Step back. Use the needle on the top of the globe to open 
it. You get another golden train piece.

We've solved the puzzles behind all of the paintings so 
far, so there's nothing else for us to do. Go to the 
Hardy Boys' room and look at the invitation to Prague to 
go there. In Prague, you will find another painting that 
leads to a golden carriage, and you will also find out 
what happened to Samantha Quick.


Video #10:

The map here has another nonogram puzzle.

X  X  X

We have two locations to visit at the start: the museum 
and the bridge. Go to the bridge. In the green trash can 
in the lower/right, under the garden gnome, you find an 
ID card.

Go to the gallery. It seems that a careless patron 
damaged the painting, so it has been removed. Our heroes 
suspect that this is sabotage, and not an accident.

Go to the right. The painting is inside the Restoration 
Room, where Alexey is talking to the guard. When you try 
to use the ID card to get inside the room, the guard 
stops you. Talk to Alexey, then use him to distract the 

Thanks to the Hardy Boys' clever manipulation of Alexey's 
temper, he starts yelling at the guard. The guard becomes 
so distracted that he won't notice when the Hardy Boys 
use the ID card to enter the restoration room.

Once you're in the room, turn around and pick up the 
tools on the counter. Then turn around and use the tools 
on the painting. You want to run your stylus over the 
touchscreen, in order to clean the painting. Make sure to 
run the stylus over every part of the painting; you can 
hear a sound effect every time you run the stylus over a 
new part of the painting.

Once you've rubbed your stylus over the entire painting, 
you can examine it. This time, the five matching objects 
are triangles.

The green triangle is above the green candy, in the upper 
part of the screen. The blue one is in the upper/left, 
above the blue candy. The yellow one is on the base of 
the cake. The purple one is under the rightmost hand of 
the cake. The fifth one is in the bottom/left hand 

Make a star with the five objects, and your clue is that 
the cake is important. I'm guessing this means we'll have 
to solve a puzzle with the cake in the dining room, in 
order to get a golden train piece.

Leave the museum, and you find a new area for you to go 
to: a street. 

Video #11:

This street is the Golden Street, and our heroes hope it 
has something to do with the Golden Bow that Samantha 
Quick mentioned, before the phone call was dropped.

Go down the street, and check out the building to the 
left. At the top of the door, you find a note from 
Samantha. When you go backwards, Samantha calls. It turns 
out that she is completely fine, and she was never in any 
danger. She just turned off her phone unexpectedly.

Talk to her about everything. She is wearing a wig to 
disguise herself, as she sneaks onto the train. Fez Man 
is on the train, too. Go on the train to have a minigame, 
where you tap on the footprints on the bottom screen. 
Don't tap the red footprints, and tap all the black 
footprints when they appear. Do this long enough, and you 
get part of a password: 2, 3, something, something.

Samantha overhears a person giving the Fez Man orders. 
Fez Man is working for someone on the train? Who?

Leave the train, and the game switches back to the Hardy 
Boys. Samantha suggests that the password is for the 
Children's Carriage, which is the carriage that leads off 
of the sleeper carriage. We haven't been there before, 
but we will go there soon.

Go to the train station and board the train.

004f-The Royal Express

Video #12:

First off, try to go to the Salon. Isabelle appears. She 
promises to help the Hardy Boys by distracting the guard. 
The footprint tapping minigame happens again, and when 
you finish it, you learn that the password is 2, 3, 8, 6 
and 5.

Go to the door leading to the Children's Carriage, on the 
opposite end of the exit that leads to the Salon. Insert 
2 3 8 6 5 on the keypad, and the door will unlock.

Go forward twice to the castle. The Hardy Boys note that 
the castle looks familiar. It resembles the castle in a 
painting in the Gallery.

Turn around, and go forward. By the corner of the easel, 
you have a clue. The bear has a key, and the girl has a 
snowglobe. Both the bear and the girl (which is really a 
doll) can be found in this room. You also find a cake 
decoration in the corner of the easel.

Leave the Children's Carriage and go all the way to the 
Gallery. On the wall to the left, if you're facing the 
guard, you find the picture of the castle.

The five things in this painting are stars. The yellow 
one is in the bottom/left part of the yellow balloon. The 
blue one is on the top of the screen. The purple one is 
on top of the tent on the left. The red one is on the 
tent, by the ribbon. The green on is on top of the bushes 
in the middle of the screen.

Draw a star between the five stars to find that there is 
a snowglobe in the castle. Aha!

Return to the Children's Carriage. Go to the castle in 
the back, and examine the tower to find a key. Turn 
around, then go to the table in this room. Use the key on 
the bear, then turn the key a few times, in order to get 
a golden key.

Go towards the door that leads out of the Children's 
Carriage, where you can find the doll. Tap on the doll to 
find a snowglobe. Use the tweezers to pull out the two 
plugs in the base of the snowglobe. One plug is on the 
left, and another is on the right. A keyhole appears.

Use the golden key on the keyhole. Turn it around and 
around until you find the golden train piece. Turn the 
key around some more, and the Hardy Boys will be able to 
pick it up.

Video #13:

Okay, so there is only one more painting puzzle for us to 
solve here on the train. Remember the painting in Prague, 
which indicated the cake is important? That's the 
painting puzzle we have to solve.

First, though, the game wants you to talk to the various 
characters. Go to the Salon, then talk to Carol about 
everything. She lies and says that she is rich, when we 
know for a fact that she is broke.

Go to the Gallery and talk to Alexey. Our heroes ask him 
about forgery, because they suspect that he has forged a 
painting or two. At least, the evidence that was found 
inside Alexey's room indicates that this is a likely 

Now that we know where Alexey and Carol are, we know that 
they are NOT inside their rooms. The Hardy Boys decide to 
go the sleeper compartment and search the various rooms.

In the Baron's room, under the suitcases, our heroes find 
a copy of the Rasputin's family tree. Oddly enough, this 
looks a lot more official than the certificate that shows 
the Baron is a Romanov. Could it be that the Baron is 
related to Rasputin, and not the Romanovs? Isabelle did 
mention that she thinks the Baron is related to 

In Alexey's room, in the area in the back, under the 
curtains, you find a threatening note. Someone is forcing 
him to do something, but the note doesn't say what.

When you leave the room, you run into Isabelle. Why is 
SHE sneaking into Alexey's room? Our heroes talk to her 
for a bit, and she reveals that she has a crush on 
Alexey. She left a photo of herself in his room to catch 
his attention, but it didn't work.

Carol's room is locked, so you can't search it. Instead, 
go to the Salon and talk with the Baron. He is sitting on 
a couch here, and he says that he would never have been 
allowed on this trip, if he didn't have a certificate 
which said he is a Romanov.

Okay, so much for talking to people and searching rooms. 
Now it's time to solve that cake puzzle! The cake is in 
the gallery, and it needs three decorations.

One decoration is in the corner of the easel, in the 
Children's Carriage. A second is on the table in the 
dining room, the table with the white tablecloth. The 
third is inside the cabinet in the dining room, the 
cabinet with a lot of white plates.

Put the three ornaments on the cake. You can now spin 
around the three cake layers. Spin them around, so the 
ornament designs are complete, and you get a golden train 

And that's it! Return to the Hardy Boys' room and pick up 
the train ticket to Warsaw.


Video #14:

As you might expect, the map has a nonogram puzzle.

  XX  X

You can go to the street or the museum. Go to the street 
and take a piece of paper from the lamppost. Examine the 
trash in the lower/left, and under the banana peel, you 
find another piece of paper.

When you try to go to the museum, you learn that someone 
stole the painting and replaced it with a forgery. Oh no! 
Pick up the two pieces of paper here, one on the ground 
in the bottom/right and one in the alcove on the left.
Back away from the museum, and the Hardy Boys will decide 
to make fake police IDs for themselves. Put the pieces 
together to form an ID for the brother in blue, one which 
reads "Full Access" in red on the bottom. It says 
"Forensic Scientist" on top.

With the fake ID in hand, you can enter the museum. Go 
left and pick up a piece of paper on the ground. It's a 
ticket to somewhere. Go through the door the ticket is 
close to. On the ground, under the window in this room, 
you find the other half of the ticket.

Our heroes put the two ticket halves together. It's for 
the Lubanski Plaza. Samantha Quick calls, and by complete 
coincidence, she is there now. The game switches over to 

Talk to Alexey here. He has just left a building, and he 
seems upset. Once he leaves, talk to the girl. It's 
Isabelle! She gives Samantha the key to the building that 
Alexey just left. Use the key to get inside.

Get inside the trunk, in this room. You have a challenge. 
You want to hold up the lid of the chest by sliding the 
stylus up. Remove the stylus once an exclamation mark 
appears above the characters on the top screen.

Do this five times in a row, and the people inside the 
next room will leave, meaning it's okay for Samantha to 
go there.

Video #15:

Go to the next room, where the two men were talking. 
Under the window, you can find a painting. Scrape off the 
fake layer of paint, by running the stylus all over the 
touchscreen, and the real painting is revealed.

The five items this time are circles. The purple one is 
under the purple pillow. The red one is right of a 
bedpost, one is at the top of the screen, one is under 
the red bed, and one is under the blue bed, by the 
leftmost foot of the bed.

Draw a star between the five objects. The clue is a 
window, but believe it or not, we won't actually solve 
this clue to get a golden train piece. Alexey has already 
found it.

Samantha calls the Hardy Boys. This is the last time she 
will appear in the game. Aw...

004h-The Royal Express

Go back on the train. Go to the Salon and confront Alexey 
about his work as a forgerer. Then, return to the 
sleepers. You see Isabelle fight with Carol, but the 
Hardy Boys come to Isabelle's aid. Talk to Carol about 

Video #16:

There is one more painting puzzle, in the Gallery. 
Remember the display case that used to have coins? Go 
there, and pick up the tools. Then look up at the 

Use the tools on the painting to clean it up. Then, 
connect the five items. This time, they are ovals. The 
yellow one is in the upper/left. The red and green ones 
are on the green banner. The purple one is in the 
lower/left, on the dress. The blue one is left of the 
woman's face.

Draw a star between all five things to find your next 
clue: a jewel box and a gold brick. This will be found 
inside the Children's Carriage.

The Baron appears. Talk to him about everything. He 
notices that there is a castle in this painting, which is 
your clue to go to the castle in the Children's Carriage.

Head that way now. Before going in the Children's 
Carriage, let's snoop around in the rooms for the final 
time. In the Baron's room, on the desk in the back, you 
find a note that makes it seem like the Baron and the Fez 
Guy are partners in crime.

Now enter the Children's Carriage. Go to the castle, and 
press the gold brick, like the one from the painting. You 
can now go inside the castle itself.

In the lower/right, you have a jewel box, like the one in 
the painting. It is missing some jewels. Five jewels, to 
be exact. One is in the light, above the mirror by the 
jewel box.

Two jewels are on the sink in this room. Specifically, 
they are on the knobs to the water faucets. Go to the 
dresser in this room. One jewel is on the dress on the 
left, and the final jewel is on the hat box, above the 

Isabelle appears, and she admits that most of the things 
in the hat box were stolen from various people. 
Apparently, Isabelle is a kleptomaniac. Isabelle also 
reveals that the ballerina necklace she has comes from 
her grandmother. Her grandmother said that she is a 
Romanov princess, but that might not be true.

Go to the jewelry box. Use all five jewels on the box, 
then turn on the light switch. 

Video #17:

When you turn on the light switch, you get another golden 
train piece. All right!

Time to leave the castle. The way to leave is by pulling 
on the lamp near the sink. This opens up an exit.

Go to Alexey's sleeper. Under the desk, you can find his 
forgery materials, which pretty much proves that he 
forged the painting in Poland.

Go to the Salon to look for Alexey. He walks past our 
heroes when they switch compartments, so turn around and 
return to Alexey's sleeper. Talk to him, and the Hardy 
Boys confront him. Alexey admits that he forged the 
painting, and he begrudgingly gives up the golden train 
piece that he found, after solving the mystery behind the 

Go to the Salon. Have you examined the large diorama yet? 
Use all of your golden train pieces on the diorama. It 
seems that you are almost finished with this puzzle! 
There's just one more train piece to find, which means 
we'll have to look at the final painting, in St. 

There's only one more thing to do: find a clue inside 
Carol's sleeper. Under the pile of things in the 
bottom/left, you find a copy of the painting in Poland. 
Carol was probably lying when she said she never saw it 

Go to the Hardy Boys' sleeper and pick up the ticket.

004i-St. Petersburg

Video #18:

Time for the final nonogram puzzle. This one is an eight 
by eight.


Once again, Frank and Joe Hardy have to act like they're 
on litter patrol and pick up every piece of paper they 
can find. Go to the river and pick up a piece of paper on 
the railing. Then look in the trash for another piece of 

At the train station, there are two pieces of paper, one 
on the first screen and one on the second screen.

At the gallery, look at the entrance booth. Our heroes 
will then rearrange the pieces of paper to make a ticket. 
The ticket reads "Gallery Pass" in red, at the bottom. On 
the top, in the white banner design, there is one piece 
of writing in the middle, which reads "Gallery".

Go inside the gallery once you make the ticket. Go all 
the way through the gallery to the end, where you find 
the painting.

You have the painting cleaning puzzle again. Use the 
stylus to clear off the painting. The find the five 
matching objects. These are gears. One is right of the 
mustache of the guard in the bottom/right. One is under 
the arm of the soldier with a sword in his left hand. One 
is above the hat of the soldier in the lower/left. One is 
above the hat of the soldier in the lower/right. One is 
directly above the middle of the screen.

Make a star appear, and the clue is gears.

Isabelle is here. Look at her for a cutscene. It looks 
like she IS related to the Romanovs! After all, she looks 
just like one of the girls in the painting.

When you try to leave, the Hardy Boys run into the Baron. 
He admits that he is related to Rasputin, which is why he 
wants the Romanov fortune.

The Baron signs the ticket belonging to the Hardy Boys, 
so now we have a sample of the Baron's handwriting. The 
Hardy Boys then split up. One follows the Baron, and the 
other returns to the train.

On the train, go forward a few steps to the desk. Grab 
the magnifying glass, and the Hardy Boy examines the two 
samples of handwriting that he has. The Baron's 
handwriting doesn't match the note found in the Baron's 
room. Who wrote the note, then? 

Video #19:

Time to solve the final painting puzzle. The gear machine 
is in here, but we need to find four gears. One is inside 
the clock in the corner of this room. One is on the 
shelf, on the desk in this room. One is on the faucet, 
for the sink. One is on the same wall as the clock, on 
the left.

Then, examine the bottom of the diorama. Put all five 
gears into place. From left to right, they are red, 
yellow, purple, blue and green. Pull the lever and you 
get the final golden train piece.

Leave the train compartment. Talk to Carol here about 
everything, and Joe gets her signature. Then, go down a 
screen and enter the train.

When Joe looks at the diorama in the Salon carriage, he 
checks Carol's handwriting. It shows that SHE is the 
person who wrote the note in the Baron's room. Why was 
she trying to frame the Baron?

Put the final train piece into the diorama in the Salon 
carriage, and...

Joe finds a tiny map, then gets clobbered by the Fez Man. 
The train leaves the station, heading towards an unknown 
destination. Frank calls, and Joe describes the map to 

The game switches to Frank. He can now visit the location 
marked on the map, which is a village. Go there and talk 
to the old woman. It turns out that she is Anastasia 
Romanov, the lost Russian princess! She's still alive!

In real life, Princess Anastasia died. However, this was 
not officially proven until the year this game was made.

Anastasia is interested in the train, because it is 
something she remembers from her youth. She gives Frank 
the final piece of the train: a golden carriage. She also 
tells Frank where the Romanov Treasure is probably 
hidden: the Spring Palace.

Anastasia is very interested in meeting Isabelle and 
seeing if Isabelle is indeed her great-granddaughter.

004j-The Romanov Treasure

Video #20:

Go to the Spring Palace.

The game switches to Joe, on the train. He is speaking 
with the culprit, who is none other than Carol. She is 
also going to the Spring Palace, along with her henchman, 
the Fez Man.

Carol, Fez Man (whose real name is Jabar), Frank and Joe 
all arrive at the Spring Palace. They put the train 
pieces in place to open the door and reveal the treasure.

However, because Carol doesn't have the golden train 
engine, which Frank got from Anastasia, the door doesn't 
stay open. It shuts and traps them inside.

Needless to say, Frank and Joe need to escape before the 
door shuts. There are a few minigames to play, in order 
to escape.

First is a memorization challenge. Tap the piles of gold, 
in the order indicated. The order is randomly determined 
each time you play the game. Do this for three locations 
in a row, to move on to the next challenge. Don't worry 
about messing up, because you get an infinite number of 
chances to win this challenge.

The next challenge is the footprint tapping minigame 
again. Remember this? Tap on the footprints on the bottom 
screen. Don't tap the red footprints, and tap all the 
black footprints when they appear. Every time you tap, 
the Hardy Boys take a step. Take enough steps to reach 
the exit before the Fez Man does. If you're too slow, the 
exit will close before you reach it, or the Fez Man will 
catch you before you reach the exit.

Again, you get an infinite number of chances to win this 

When you finish the footprint minigame, the Hardy Boys 
escape! They then get in contact with the police, and 
they return to arrest the criminals.

The ending scenes then play. It turns out that Isabelle 
really IS the great-granddaughter of Princess Anastasia, 
and the two of them are happily reunited. Alexey is no 
longer being blackmailed into making forgeries, so he's 
happy. The Baron seems kind of upset that he didn't get 
any treasure, though.


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