Dead in the Water: FAQ

-------------------------- [ Dead In The Water ] ------------------------------
----------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]--------------------------------
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Of all systems that I've FAQ'd a game for, I have never done one for the first
Playstation. I've done 2, 3, PSP, and Vita but never the original. Well there is
a first time for everything.

If you've played any game in the Twisted Metal series then you will know what to
expect here except you are travelling on water in boats instead of using motor

Dead In The Water and its characters are trademarks of Player 1 and all
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Your invation arrived today...

To a mysterious tournament that takes place once a year...

Those who competed before have never been seen again...

Now it's your turn...

The rules are simple...

Destroy Everything.


There are four different configurations: Rage, Insane, Racer and Deviant. Rage
is the default control which is listed below.

D-pad Up: Forwards
D-pad Down: Backwards
D-pad Left: Turn Left
D-pad Right: Turn Right

Select Button: View
Start Button: Pause

[] Button: Tight Turn
/\ Button: Fire Guns/Go Back
() Button: Fire Weapon
>< Button: Fire Special/Make Selection
L1 Button: Turbo
L2 Button: Rear View
R1 Button: Previous Weapon
R2 Button: Next Weapon


Dr. Graves

Accel: 4
Armor: 5
Speed: 6
Guns: 3

Mortician Henry Graves was killed in last year's competition. This year a
creature calling itself "Dr. Graves" has appeared at the tournament.

Coincidence? Probably not. He created personalized coffins for wach of this
year's drivers. With the fires of hell burning in his eyes, Dr. Graves intends
to make those who wronged him rest in peaces.


Sergeant Steel

Accel: 6
Armor: 6
Speed: 5
Guns: 3

Sergeant Steel was discharged after nearly starting World War III. As a
disgruntled civilian, he took a job as an instructor at Stone Academy. Given
a year, Satge turned his students into a well-organized regiment. He built a
hovercraft and is eager to verbally and physically abuse some live targets.


Didjeri Dave

Accel: 6
Armor: 4
Speed: 5
Guns: 3

Hide your wallabies -- Didjeri Dave is on the prowl. Bored of bagging crocs,
Dave is looking for bigger game. This tournament is just what he needs to prove
to the aborigines that he ain't no shiela. Don't let Dave take you out back for
a walkabout.


Barry and Brad Buft

Accel: 4
Armor: 4
Speed: 5
Guns: 3

Right on, dude! Barry and Brad are two world class bodybuilding brothers who can
out-flex a whole gym of Mr. Olympias. With egos larger than Arnold's biceps, the
brothers were born looking for trouble. They despise all the other wimps at the
beach. Barry and Brad are gonna kick sand in everybody's faces.


The Crotchet Family

Accel: 3
Armor: 6
Speed: 6
Guns: 3

The Crotchet family is crazier than a bunch of swamp rats drunk on whiskey. They
won the state lottery, so Pa, Sissy, and Cleetus were bona-fide millonaires.
They bought a fancy boat with a de-lux wood outhouse. Then they added sheet
metal and a clothesline, dirty underwear included. Now it's time for a country


Captain Flintlock

Accel: 3
Armor: 6
Speed: 5
Guns: 3

Arrr! Batten down the hatches, ye lubbers! The Captain's here to plunder and
sink all the bilgerats who claim the sea as their home. A powder explosion blew
off his leg and cost him last year's prize. He's readied the cannons and wants
the booty for himself!


Marvin Meddler

Accel: 5
Armor: 4
Speed: 7
Guns: 3

Insane by the age of three, Marvin spent his youth devising ways to use his mice
to run a police state. For his science project this year he built a state-of-the
are hydropoil and intends to use it to prove his mental superiority. On the side
he wants to rule the world by the age of 10.


Number 7

Accel: 5
Armor: 4
Speed: 6
Guns: 3

In secret underground labs the experimental, high-tech, macrobrain prototype
team was hard at work. They chose Number 7 (of 42) to pilot their new craft
because of his perfect test results. Based on calculation the square root of pi
and addidng it to the time of day, the team derived there is a 98.62% probabil-
ity Number 7 will win.


Ebony Justice

Accel: 3
Armor: 5
Speed: 5
Guns: 3

Step off, fool! Ebony Justice is large. Trained by karate master Tyrone "too
sweet: Ju Sai Po, Ebony learned the art of bashing in a face without leaving a
mark. Fly, he doesn't let the man sweat off. He's developed his own move, the
"death touch disco fever ray." Better get the hell back 'cause Justice is gonna
smoke them crazy mothers.


Agent X

Accel: 4
Armor: 3
Speed: 7
Guns: 3

The man with a license to not have a proper name. Facing the twin dangers of
being hit in the face or served cold tea, he is well prepared for the other
ruthless competitors. He is so top secret even God doesn't know what Agent X is
doing. The British government entered Agent X into the tournament to find out
who runs the race.


Officer J.B. Nightstick

Accel: 3
Armor: 5
Speed: 5
Guns: 3

Head law enforcement officer of Crabapple County, J.B. currently holds the world
record for doughnut-eating while loading a shotgun. When J.B. heard some law-
breakers were on the loose in boats, he forced himself out of his chaor and put
his badge on. There are two friends J.B. is going to bring to the fight: Law and

Kandy, Brandi, and Mandy

Accel: 4
Armor: 4
Speed: 7
Guns: 3

Female lifeguards are tough; it's one of the undeniable facts of reality. Kandy,
Brandi and Mandy are the most "gifted" lifeguards on the beach. Each brings
special "attributes" and "features" to the team. They don't want to hurt anyone
too much, just show off a little. For sure, these girls wanna have fun.


Vikki Vein

Accel: 5
Armor: 3
Speed: 7
Guns: 3

A child of the night, Vikki enjoys lurking in the darkness and being depressed.
Her pale skin hides a morbid heart. She spends time wondering how many flies are
swatted a day. Are they content? Is the silky caress of darkness the answer? Who
cares? Vikki plans to take her sorrow out on those who choose to have a nice


At the start of the game you are greeted with several options

Single Competition - Just a single match where you can choose to have a battle
or a race game. A battle game pits four boaters against each other in an attempt
to sink the other ships and become the winner. Race game is you against against
three other players to get to the finish line. It is not necessary to sink any
other ships to win. There are three tracks: The Speedway which is a figure-8
track, The Grand Canyon is full of rocks and has two bridges to cross over, and
The Artic is cold place that is broken up and hard to negotiate through.

Race and Battle Tournaments - are the same as the single competitions except it
takes you across all three tracks and gives a more fleshed out story.

The invitations arrived without return addresses. The recipients were 13 of the
most ruthless and outrageous boat drivers in the world. You are one of them.
On the front of the card was a skull and inside, a message. In red print it said
"Te rules are simple: destroy everything," followed by the locations of the
first battle. Quickly you prepared your boat: loading the guns, polishing the
chrome on the engine. For years rumors have circulated about a mysterious tour-
nament that takes place once a year. It is also hinted that the organization
holding the contest lies in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. The grand prize,
if you survive, is the revelation of an age-old secret. Those who have competed
before have never been seen again. Now it is your turn. From this moment on you
have only two choices: win and get the prize or end up DEAD IN THE WATER.

To Player Competion - Two human players versus each other.

Link Game - Connect 2 Playstations together to play a game.

Load Tournament and Load Settings - Any saved tournament or setting are loaded
into the game.

Options - Change how the game is played.

Like I mentioned earlier this is basically Twisted Metal on water. But wait, I
am not through yet there are more than those three coarses but they are normally
accessable during the tournament but to use them, hold [] and () at the main
menu and press L2, L2, R1, L1 and a chicken clucks. The other courses you will
see are The Amazon, The Bayou, Loch Ness, Hong Kong, The Log Ride, The Bermuda


Skill: Cabin Boy, Captain, Admiral. Basically the difficulty level from easy to
hard. Cabin Boy is default.

Map: On/Off. See where you got to go if you want to.

Map Rotate: On/Off. The map rotates when you turn so you'll see your forward
direction at all times.

Arrow: On/Off. Tell you which direction to travel

FX Volume: How loud you want the sound effects from 0-11. Default is 5

Music Volume: How loud you want the music from 0-11. Default is 3

Music: Sequential/Random. Sequential plays its music in a certain order and
random chooses the next song randomly.

Controller config: Self-explanatory. I explained all in the control section.

Camera: Loose/Medium/Tight. How you want the camera to follow you. Medium by


At the main menu screen, press and hold the [] and () button at the same time.
You should hear a chicken cluck. While holding the [] and () buttons, enter
these various button combos for huge cheats. A chicken cluck should be heard
after putting in each cheat to confirm it was entered correctly. 

GOD mode (invincibility) R2,L2,R1,R2







RC mode (mini boats) L1,L1,L2,L1



Extra Upgrades
Buy these items in the upgrade shop for added boat upgrades. Highlight the
"funky stuff" icon and buy.

INCREASE SPEED - fuzzy dice,padded steering wheel,groovy horn

INCREASE ARMOR - drink holder,padded steering wheel,pimp o matic seats,8 track

INCREASE DAMAGE - fuzzy dice,drink holder,statue,groovy horn

INCREASE ACCELERATION - padded steering wheel,pimp o matic seats,hula girl


Player 1/ASC Games whom created the game

IGN for the cheats

GameFAQs for hosting

You for reading this FAQ.

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Don't want any email bots.

Thank you for reading

-Ice Queen Zero