Game & Wario: FAQ/Strategy Guide

                    M   ?MMMMM       NM      8M~  ~M= MMMMO M    
                    M  MM ,  NM?   ,MMM     ,MM:  MM+ M=    M         
                    M  M           M ?M     MDM~ MMM+ M+::: M          
                    M ,M   =MMMM  MM ?M  ,~MM M~MM M+ MNDDO M           
                    M  MM    ZM+ MMOO8M  ~MM ,MMM  M+ M+    M        
                    M   ?MMMMM  MM   +M ,MN   MM   M+ MMMMO M         
                    M                  IMM~                 M          
                    M                 MD  DM                M          
                    M                  MMM                  M             
                    M                 MM M  M               M               
                    M                IM   MM                M                 
                    M                 MMMMD M               M              
      =N     D      M :I,  ~I:  ,?7 +I +I?:   I7    NNND    M      D     8Z 
        MMO :MMMN+  M ~M  +MM,  MM,?NM ZMMMM, MM  MM8:~MMI  M  =MMMM~ +MM   
            MN   NMMM ~MMM  MMN  MMMMM ZMMMM  MM MM     +M+ MMMM   MM,       
                   ~M ~MM   MM IM7  NM ZM MM  MM  8MMOOMM,  M:            
                    M                               :++     M        

Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Introduction and Controls
2. Single Player
Kung Fu
3. Multiplayer
4. Conclusion

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01. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wario and the gang are back at it again with even more mini-game madness! 
This time around, the mini-games are a bit longer, but it's still the same old 

This is the section of the guide where I would usually post the controls...
however, due to the nature of this game, posting the controls just doesn't make
a whole lot of sense! Every mini-game featured here has different controls, 
making use of the face buttons on the GamePad as well as motion controls and 
other features.

Because of this, you'll find specific control information in each section about
the specific mini-game that you're seeking help for.

Good luck!

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2. Single Player
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The point of playing the Single Player games in Game & Wario is to earn Tokens.
Tokens can be spent in the machine to earn collectible items which can later be


The first game is called Arrow. First, shoot the targets with the arrow to 
learn the controls. Basically, place your finger at the end of the arrow and 
then drag it back. Lift your finger to fire the arrow. Tilt the GamePad and 
move it from side to side to aim your shot at the target. It will take two 
arrows to destroy the first target, and then two more arrows to destroy the 
target in the distance.

After the targets have been destroyed, groups of Wario robots will show up. 
Shoot them all with arrows. In all honesty, you should have no problem with 
this part. After taking out the first waves of enemies, you are taught how to 
charge the arrow.

To charge the arrow, repeatedly tap the pink nose at the tip of the arrow. 
This will supercharge the arrow, allowing you to shoot the arrow and create a 
blast radius that will take out a group of enemies. Use this to get rid of 
the clusters that show up next.

Also throughout this game, a cannon in the background will shoot a cannonball 
at you. To block the cannonball, hold up the GamePad veritcally in front of 
your face.

Next you'll be shown mines. Wait for the groups of enemies to walk by the 
mines and then shoot the mines to blow up the enemies, sending them flying 
into other groups of enemies. Get rid of all the enemies (you may want to save 
a mine or two for the final wave), and then a giant Wario prototype tank shows 

Shoot the two screws out of its nostrils with arrows. Then as it nears, it 
will show its tooth. Shoot the tooth repeatedly to break it completely. Once 
the tooth has been destroyed, a golden Wario robot will jump out of the tank. 
Repeatedly hit this dude with arrows to gain extra points for the end of the 

This stage introduces the flying enemies. These guys fly right at the screen 
fast and can cause damage. The closer they get, the screen starts flashing 
red and an alarm sounds. It just takes a single arrow to take them out, so 
fire quickly to get them all.

The regular robots from before will be here as well, but they provide no real 
threat and are mainly just to get points. Wait for large groups of them to 
step in the radius of a mine and let loose to get the maximum amount of points 
from them. Another new robot type is introduced here as well. A couple of 
robots carrying pepper shakers will walk across the screen, and they can be 
hit to gain more pepper.

Parachuting yellow robots also show up, but they should just be treated like 
the regular ones, albeit they can be shot out of the air. At one point 
during this stage, the cannon shows up in the background while a bunch of 
flying enemies show up as well. This is a trick to let the flying enemies ram 
into you one after another and kill you. The cannon won't shoot until you get 
rid of all of them, so knock all of the flying enemies out of the air and then 
hold up the GamePad to block the incoming cannonball.

Finally, this stage ends with MechaWario, a large Wario robot tank with a new 
metal exterior. He has three screws on each arm and then two screws in his 
nostril again. He also has back-up in the form of the flying enemies. Get 
rid of them as soon as they come on screen, but otherwise focus on shooting the
screws out of the Wario tank.

Once all the screws have been knocked loose, he will show his teeth again. 
Shoot the teeth as much as possible to damage them. Once the teeth are 
destroyed, this stage is complete. Of course, you will also have a chance to 
shoot golden Wario again for more points. If you didn't notice, that Wario was 
also at other parts of this stage as well, just running around aimlessly.

Shoot the target to kick off the stage as usual. Then you will be introduced to
the green robot enemies. These guys have springs and bounce, making them kind 
of harder to hit. It is possible to knock the springs out from under them, 
but this will make it so that you have to hit them again to actually defeat 

Otherwise, this stage is pretty by the numbers. The spring guys will carry 
pepper at some parts. Since there's not a whole lot to talk about on this 
stage, I might as well bring up something that I forgot to mention before, but 
it is something that you probably won't encounter until this stage anyway. 
Basically, whenever the green or yellow robots get to the front of the area, 
they will then show up on the GamePad, and you have to crush them by tapping on
them before they can run away with your strawberries, which represents your 
health in the game.

Wind is thrown in the mix, and it behaves as wind is expected to behave. The 
only time you really need to worry about it is with long shots, however, so it 
really doesn't become that much of a hassle.

The boss at the end of this stage is like a terrifying Wario robot totem pole. 
Shoot the screw out of the first one to blow him up and then shoot the screw 
out of the second one. The heads will start turning to the side, so you either 
have to wait for them to face you again or hit the screw head from the side, 
both of which are very viable options.

They will also start having two screws as well. Once all the heads have been 
blown up, it will rush you with its teeth out. Fire at the teeth, and also be 
mindful of the other enemies this boss spawns during the fight, and then when 
the teeth is destroyed, that is another boss defeated!

The toughest stage by far. Wind is always a factor in this stage, and the winds
are much heavier than before. The way you can tell which direction the wind is 
blowing is by watching the way the snow falls from the sky. This stage also 
introduces a new enemy type.

The new enemy type is the yellow robots again, but with shields. This means 
each yellow robot takes two hits to defeat, and since they come at you in very 
large numbers, this can be, understandably, very problematic. Do your best to 
ward them off. The pepper attack can shoot through shields. Also if you can hit
them from the side, that is another way to defeat them easily witout having to 
deal with the shields.

New pepper-carrying robots also debut. The only difference is they move across 
the screen much faster, making them harder to hit. Furthermore, pepper will 
now spawn by itself without any other robot type carrying it. Remember that 
you need to be most concerned with taking out the flying enemies, because the 
ground enemies can be taken out by squashing them on the GamePad, so you still 
have at least a chance to retain your health.

The boss in this level is the boss to end all bosses for this game. It is a 
golden tank with numerous screws as well as new powerful attacks that can 
take out a strawberry! This is indeed the SchnozzLord. Well, do your best with 
the wind to aim your shots and take out the screws. I would go for the two 
screws behind his nostrils first as they are the hardest to hit.

Plus, hitting a screw an interrupt his attack. You can also shoot inside his 
nostril to interrupt the attack, but it's better to have more options. Once 
all the screws have been knocked loose, you have to shoot two different teeth 
this time, but at least he gets up close enough so you don't have to take wind 
into account...

Once he is destroyed, fling arrows at the golden Wario to rack up the extra 


In this mini-game, you hold the Wii U GamePad in front of your face, facing 
the TV, so that it can operate like a camera. You need to use both the TV and 
the GamePad to do this effectively. Basically, you are given pictures of five 
different criminals, and your goal is to locate them on the map. You can also 
snap a picture of the Fronk to gain extra points.

The suspects and their locations are random each time, so I can't tell you 
exact locations. However, use the d-pad to cycle through clues so you can try 
to pinpoint the location of all the people. Chances are if you are having 
trouble finding a particular suspect, they are probably in the distance in the 
water or driving a car back and forth across the screen.

You are graded based on the quality of each photo. After all the suspects have 
had their picture taken, you are welcome to stay in the mini-game to waste the 
rest of your film roll or look for the Fronk. You will get to look at all your 
photos at the end.

This one is MUCH trickier than the last one. You will once again be given a 
set of photos and clues as to when to expect your subjects, this time in the 
form of play performers. However, another hook on the end of this one is that 
you have to wait for them to smile.

The dancers come out on stage and then leave multiple times, so don't fret if 
one walks off stage and you don't get the chance to snap your photo, as there 
will be other chances before the time runs out. The trick is to just look at 
everyone on stage at the time and then quickly check to see if they even match 
up with one of your subjects.

Also, remember to tilt the GamePad forward to send the photos over to your 
editor. He is the one that grades them, after all!

Taking place in the same city as the first stage, this level has you scouring 
the area for ghosts! You'll get clues as to the location of the ghosts, or 
what to watch for in the environment on your TV, but once again, it is random. 
However, I will share with you some examples so you at least have some sort of 
an idea of what to expect here.

If a ghost is described as liking to juggle things, watch the windows and see 
if stuff is being thrown around. Then quickly bring up the GamePad and snap a 
quick photo. Another example would be if a ghost likes to scare people. If 
someone is being scared by a ghost, their face will turn blue.

After snapping a photo of all the ghosts that your editor requests, this stage 
is completed.

Returning to the stage, this one is hard unless you know the trick. The basic 
trick is to look at the color of shirt of your character, and then find that 
color of shirt amongst the pig mask-wearing dancers. Then you need to worry 
about matching the head shape.

The dancers are on stage for much shorter periods than before, so you have to 
be very quick with your camera.

In this stage, you are being rotated from right to left, so you only have a 
set amount of time to search an area for the different models you have to take 
a picture of. Once again, the clues are your friend. If you are having a lot of
trouble finding a particular model, I found that there was often one in the 
distance standing in front of the billboard on the bridge almost every time I 
played the game.


Standard game mode. Basically, you just have to get to the finish line quickly.
You want to hit all the boosts obviously and cut corners as to avoid being 
slowed down too much.

If you are familiar at all with Nintendo Land, and if you have a Wii U, I have 
to imagine that you have at least played Nintendo Land once, then this mode 
plays very similarly to Captain Falcon's Twister Race. Basically, hold the 
GamePad in a vertical position and then tilt it from left to right to steer 
your racer.

You have to get at least bronze to pass. The five stages in Ski fall under 
the "Time Attack" tab.

Same basic strategy and goal as the previous stage. This one does switch things
up a bit by adding ditches you can fall into as well as large mounds of snow 
that can slow you down considerably if you run into them. Though I guess the 
name "Bump Canyon" wouldn't make much sense without the giant mounds of snow.

Who skis with no snow?! This track is very long, so you get 49 whole seconds 
until you reach the finish line to earn bronze. Not a bad deal, eh? Well, this 
track also features giant speed boosts and ramps that launch you over out of 
bounds areas and back onto the track. So don't freak out when you're sailing 
over an out of bounds area, because you'll land right back in the track, or at 
least closeenough to it that it won't matter. Don't try to correct him by 
tilting him back over the track during these situations, or else you're just 
going to wind up screwing yourself up.

This stage introduces shortcuts to the mini-game as well as branching paths. It
really doesn't make a difference if you go left or right. The hazards will be 
placed differently and the boosts will be placed differently as well, but at 
the end of the day, it doesn't really matter.

This is a tough stage because it's easy to go out of bounds and lose a lot of 
time. The trick to it is make sure you aren't over-correcting after jumps and 
learn how to go around corners smoothly.

While this stage is basically straight-forward, featuring almost no corners 
and zero hazards, the difficulty of it comes from having to hit almost every 
single boost just to get bronze. Just keep practicing hitting all the boosts 
and you will get it eventually.

If you are at all familiar with the "Endless Runner" genre that is most popular
on mobile titles, then you should be right at home here. Basically, it's a 
never-ending slope, with the goal of beating your high score. It is very easy 
to fall off the edge, but you can pick up collectibles along the way to earn 
extra points.


There are a ton of puzzles for Patchworks, so I am not going to go over them 
all, especially considering the very nature of how these puzzles work make it 
virtually impossible to explain properly through a text guide. That being 
said, I will explain what this is, and you should be able to get through most 
of them without too much of a problem.

Essentially, the goal here, as is explained by the mandatory tutorial, is to 
create pictures by placing shapes on the grid. You are able to tell where a 
shape goes based on the lines on the grid, but the shape can overlap with 
other lines, which is where it gets tricky. Every shape is connected or at 
least touches each other, so after you get your first shape down, it becomes 
much easier.

There is also a Hint button that shows you the quadrant where your current 
shape belongs. However, using the Hint button will cause you to get another 30 
seconds added to your overall time, so those that are trying to solve the 
puzzles quickly will want to stay away from the Hint button.

Once all the patches have been placed on the grid, they will form the shape of 
something. For example, the tutorial level will eventually create a flower, 
whereas the first puzzle outside of the tutorial will make a horse.

There are 30 puzzles in each difficulty. Here are the different difficulty 
levels for this mini-game:


These are special puzzles that have added stipulations to make them even 
harder. They are unlocked by completing the standard puzzles.

                                 KUNG FU

Tutorial mission. Basically teaches you the basics of this mini-game. Your 
goal is to reach one end of the stage to the other. Your character constantly 
jumps, and your goal is to make sure he lands safely. Look at the GamePad, NOT 
the TV screen, as the GamePad gives you a top-down view of what's going on, 
which makes this entire thing much easier.

Grab the dumplings to restore time. There are also scrolls that can be 
collected, three in each stage. Platforms highlighted in blue are checkpoints 
and will also give you a slight jump boost. If you fall off into the abyss 
below, you will just start back at the last checkpoint.

The stage ends once you reach the temple at the end where your master resides.

More of the same, but now there are smaller platforms to land on as well as 
rotating platforms and pillars that break after you land on them. It is still 
very easy, however, just remember to NOT look at the television screen. Keep 
your eyes glued to that GamePad.

This level is very long for some reason, but otherwise it is simple. There are 
mushrooms that you can bounce on for added height. To get a boost off the 
mushrooms, press ZR and ZL simultaneously. This will cause your character to 
spike to the ground. I don't recommend using this at any other point in this 
mini-game as it is liable to lead to cheap deaths. But it works on mushrooms 
for an added boost with your jump.

Water is now an added hazard. The tough parts in this level come from landing 
on lily pads that can fall off the side of waterfalls. Near the end of the 
level, there is a tricky section where you are led to believe that the lilypads
are going to keep falling off the waterfalls, which would make this section 
damn near impossible, but they actually just move back and forth. This is 
right before you reach the temple, or thereabouts.

Also, you have probably noticed by now that there are sections where there are 
blue tiles that, after touching them, crumble. There are holes in these tiles 
already, often with dumplings leading down them as a sort of guide. You may 
be worried about danger lurking below, but don't hesitate on falling through 
the holes and getting those dumplings instead of just landing on the 

Finally, the last level! Now there's lava to avoid on top of all the other 
obstacles, plus platforms that extend out of the wall Crash Bandicoot-style. 
Luckily, nothing here is quite as difficult as those temple levels in the 
first Crash game, so we're all good. Really, this level is pretty easy, thanks 
to all the dumplings everywhere, except for the last stretch.

The last stretch will actually require you to look at both the GamePad and your
TV screen, even thoguh the game doesn't tell you this. Look up at your TV to 
see when the pillars of lava are moving through, then look back down at your 
GamePad so you can safely lead your character across the lava.

Frequently look back up to check on the status of those lava pillars coming at 
you. If they are coming, there are small stone platforms just off the steel 
walkways that you can jump to avoid the fire. If you are really good at 
this, you can jump in-between the middle of the lava pillars, but I do not 
recommend this.

Completing this tricky section will get you to your master, and you will have 
beaten all the stages now.

Endless Runner? Yep. This is just an Endless Runner where you jump on platforms
and try to see how many dumplings you can collect, which will raise the 
timer, which will then determine your overall score.


This is definitely one of my favorite mini-games out of the entire batch. The 
concept of it is that 9-Volt, the resident gamer in the WarioWare titles, is 
trying to stay up late playing his handheld video game system. However, his 
mom keeps peeking in to check on him to see if he is still awake playing games 
instead of sleeping. I think we can all relate to this in a way, and it's very 

Okay, so if you are familiar at all with the "microgames" in the WarioWare 
titles, those are the games that 9-Volt plays. On the GamePad, you will see 
these games and you will have to play them. They are all very simplistic, and 
a little practice will allow you to master them very easily. You have a set 
amount of balloons, but you can earn extra balloons or regain life by 
completing the boss stage.

Audio clues will let you know when the mom is getting ready to look in on 
9-Volt. When you hear footsteps coming to the door, look up at the TV screen 
quickly and watch for the doorknob to shake. If it does, immediately pull the 
two triggers to get 9-Volt to pretend like he's sleeping.

A meter at the top of the screen shows how tired 9-Volt is. The longer you stay
pretending to sleep, the more the meter runs out. If it runs out completely, 
then 9-Volt falls asleep and you fail the level.

This stage adds a ton more to the experience. Now 9-Volt's mom will walk 
outside and look in through the window. Hell, she will even stick her head out 
of the TV screen and SMASH through the window to see 9-Volt. There are a few 
tricks to learn here that will help you out, however.

The same audio clues as the mom's footsteps leading up to the door apply here 
as well. However, the game will trick you by making the cat pop out of the 
door instead of the mom, for example. Also, keep 9-Volt sleeping longer after 
the mom walks away because she will sometimes open the door up again to trick 
you and catch 9-Volt in the act.

When the mom is walking outside, you don't have to worry about going to sleep 
until she is in the center of either window. When she nears the center, put 
9-Volt down. If she starts walking by it, immediately release the triggers and 
keep playing until she nears the center of the next window. She WILL open one 
of the windows, it's just a matter of which one.

For some incredibly creepy reason, there is an old man walking around outside 
9-Volt's window occasionally as well, wearing a wig that looks like 9-Volt's 
mom's hair. The way you can tell if it is the old man is if the hair is 
bouncing. If you see this, then you don't have to worry about pretending to 
sleep. However, still keep an eye on things because sometimes both of them 
will be walking around outside and they will walk into each other and have a 
little chat. I think more questions should be asked here, but whatever, 
hopefully 9-Volt's mom knows what she's doing. >_>

And finally, taking a page out of The Ring, 9-Volt's mom will straight-up 
peek her head out of the television set. The television will switch on and 
scary static noise will come out of it. If you see the silhouette of 9-Volt's 
mom, then that is when you need to hide. Otherwise the TV will just turn off 
by itself.

Level 3 has 9-Volt's mom going all out in her horror movie esque psychotic 
supernatural mysticism. She smashes through the windows like a zombie, is far 
trickier than before, and will show up far more frequently.

On top of all that, she will actually CRAWL OUT OF THE TV SET this time. Yes, 
somehow, the already super-scary mother of 9-Volt has become even more 
terrifying. When she crawls out of the TV like something out of a Japanese 
horror flick, she will pace around the room with her freaky bright yellow 

Then she will sit down and start watching TV. This is the hard part. If you 
have someone that you can get to watch YOUR actual TV for you during this one, 
it will make it much easier. Otherwise, you're just going to have to keep 
glancing up at the TV screen. As soon as she picks up the remote control again,
have 9-Volt feign that he is sleeping because she will suddenly twist her head 
around and look his way.

The last trick she has up her sleeve is going to come near the end. The TV will
turn on, but it will be a random kid's cartoon or something along those lines. 
She will then suddenly and without warning pop out of the screen, so quickly 
get 9-Volt "asleep" as soon as that show comes on. Hopefully you have enough of
that meter left so you can make a mistake here and there and have him "sleep" 
longer during these harder parts.

Upon completing the three levels outlined above, you unlock the right to play 
this game endlessly. Why you would want to put so much stress on yourself is 
beyond my understanding, however.

18-Volt allows you to simply play the microgames witout having to worry about 
mom breathing down your neck. Since 18-Volt is a snazzy bachelor, he has the 
luxury of not having to answer to any parental units, mother, father, or 

The goal of this is to beat the high score. The initial high score is 40, and 
beating 40 will get you the "Gamer" rank, which unlocks a more difficult 
version of the microgames where the speed is much faster, and so on and so 


Unfortunately, this is another mini-game that simply can't be fully explained 
with a text guide. All I can do is really tell you what this mini-game is 
like, so that's what I will do.

You will be tasked with creating geometrical shapes within a set amount of 
inches or size. For example, it may ask you to draw a line that is 2 inches. 
You get points for being close or perfectly matching 2 inches. Then it will 
ask you to draw a 50 degree angle, a triangle with 1.5 inch sides, a circle 
with a 2 inch radius, and a squiggly line that is 16 inches.

All your points at the end are added up and that is your overall score. There 
isn't much I can offer in terms of hints, because this is really just guess 
work, unless you feel like busting out a ruler and compass for just this one 

I will say that there is a trick to the squiggly line, however. You need to 
draw it in the shape of an S in order to get all the inches. Adjust the size of
your "S" shape based on how many inches you need to fulfill.

After completing this stage once, you unlock the right to play it with up to 
two players. You guys take turn doing the designs and whoever has the most 
points and most accurately draws their shapes will win.

In "normal" mode, you have an unlimited amount of time and materials to make 
your shapes. This means that you can erase mistakes and can work on your 
shapes for as long as you want. This is the standard game mode, and the first 
time you play this, these are the rules you will go by.

One Stroke is basically "hard mode" for this mini-game. With One Stroke, you 
have 5 seconds to draw each shape and you can not lift your stylus off the 
touchscreen or erase mistakes, which makes getting an accurately sized shape 
an even harder experience.


This mini-game plays sort of kind of like a shoot 'em up...except not really at
all. If that makes sense. Basically, you control the titular Ashley, flying 
from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen. There will 
be various obstacles along the way, but your goal is to avoid them and collect 
all the purple magical power and the purple presents in the level to gain the 
most amount of points.

If you don't reach the 1,000 points "Best Buddy" rank, don't worry. It is 
almost impossible to actually lose at this mini-game. Just avoid the 
obstacles and make your way all the way to the right of the screen. Remember 
to press ZL to loop up and ZR to loop down so you can snag all the purple 
magic pellets that are in a circle shape because the screen is constanly 
moving and you can't really back up and get it.

The game is controlled by tilting the GamePad. It takes more exaggerated tilts 
than usual to get Ashley to move anywhere of significance. If you get hit too 
many times, Ashley will get frustrated and you have to slide the stylus across 
her head on the touchscreen back and forth to calm her down so that you can 
continue the level. When this happening, you are constantly losing the pellets,
and if you lose them all, then you lose the game, though I would be very 
impressed if you did actually lose.

The level ends with a boss fight against a large cookie. If you have the blue 
lightning bolt power-ups, you can use them to eliminate all enemies on the 
screen and gather a ton of magic, and also do damage to the boss. Otherwise, 
Ashley just automatically zaps the giant cookie until it is destroyed. Keep in 
mind that if you don't use your power-ups, you actually get bonus points for 
that at the end of the level as well.

Stage 2 is just more of the same, honestly. The main difference is that there 
are now obstacles in the form of large pieces off chocolate that can do damage 
to you as well. They are also flying presents that you have to follow and 
stay caught up with in order to reap their rewards.

Honestly, nothing new here either. Just use the same strategies and knowledge 
outlined above to get through this one. Piece of ice cream! I mean, cake. 
Whatever, they didn't give me much to work with here.


Drive over to the two people being abducted by UFOs. You can get a third-person
view by looking at the TV screen, but if you look at the GamePad, you get a 
first-person view. I recommend utilizing both views during your time with the 
Taxi mini-game. Anyway, drive up to the UFOs.

Then pull ZL to equip the bazooka. You can aim the bazooka using the control 
sticks or you can use the motion controls of the GamePad to aim it as well. I 
have found the motion controls to provide better accuracy, but it is nice to 
use the right analog stick to get pointed in the right direction to begin 
with. To avoid being disoriented, check your car's position on the TV screen 
before even bothering trying to aim with the GamePad. Also check to see where 
the UFOs are positioned as well.

Shoot the UFOs out of the sky and then drive over to the farmer and his cow to 
pick them up. The taxi can only hold a total of three customers at a time. 
Drive them back to the barn and drop them off. Then the stage really starts, 
with numerous UFOs popping up all over the ranch, trying to abduct various 
farm animals such as pigs, chickens, and more.

Drive around to the different UFOs and blast them out of the sky. There are 
UFOs that take two shots, which are blue, and then UFOs that take three shots, 
which are gold. Once they are destroyed, gather their abductees and take them 
back to the barn. If you catch an animal in mid-air, you will net yourself 
extra points. Remember, you can only have three customers in your taxi at a 

Another thing to keep in mind in these levels is that there are treasure chests
to be collected that will give you even more points. Each level requires you 
meet a certain amount of points to continue, but don't worry, as the points are
very reasonable and it is totally within the realm of possibility to surpass 
all three levels without even trying THAT hard. To find the treasure chests, 
destroy objects in the environment. Objects that can be destroyed have a 
cursor over them when looking at the GamePad view.

Eventually, the Mothership will arrive. To defeat the Mothership, drive around 
it and shoot the exposed red areas on it. You'll be warned when it is about to 
shoot its lasers at you, so quickly drive away when that happens. After all 
the red areas have been destroyed, more red areas will be revealed in its 
center. Fire at these, timing your shots to make sure they actually land 
instead of being deflected by the rotating steel protecting the bright red core
of its underbelly.

Once the Mothership is destroyed, you can spend the rest of the time returning 
any other customers to the barn and hunting for treasure chests. Once you pick 
up all 10 stars, the game will end, so don't do that unless you are ready to 
finish it up. However, the timer running out will also end the game, so you 
might as well go for the sure thing with the stars instead of hunting down 
the treasure chests if you don't have a whole lot of time left. I recommend 
looking at the TV screen when collecting the stars. I found that was the 
easiest way.

I do not like this level for a variety of reasons, mainly it's a pain to ride 
the elevators up and down and they really drain your timer. It's the same 
basic concepts in play here, however. Your goal is to collect as many customers
as possible and take them to their home base, which is represented by the 
bright rainbow-colored square in the center of the city.

There are two large parking garages on the left and ride side of the city. 
UFOs can go on the roof of these garages, which is a pain. You have to ride 
the elevators to get there. There are also little tracks that connect the top 
places, as well as the roof to the second floor. On the second floor of the 
building on the right, you can shoot a button that is positioned in front of 
the elevator to cause a bridge to extend to connect the two second floors as 
well. I highly recommend doing this, as it definitely makes moving between 
them much easier.

To fight the Mothership at the end, the best place to be is on the roof of 
either garage. There are ten red cores to shoot on each side. Once they're 
destroyed, you have to shoot the ones in the center like before, and then 
collect the stars. Due to the layout of this map, some of the stars will be 
obscured by objects when looking at the television screen. So after collecting 
all the stars that are visible on the TV screen, go to the areas that are 
obstructed and then look at the GamePad to find the rest.

You've rescued both humans and farm animals from being abducted by aliens, so 
the next obvious evolution of this concept is...bugs? Ants, cockroaches, and 
more are the new targets of the aliens. This bedroom has a few tricks up its 
sleeve in terms of navigation, however, so keep that in mind.

For example, there is a cookie jar lid on the left side of the stage (when 
looking at the TV), and if you park on it, it will launch you to the platform 
above. The same goes for the book that is right in front of the cat on the 
right side of the screen. You know these areas are launch pads because they 
are highlighted in blue.

Go around and destroy the UFOs, taking the rescued ants to the box of cookies 
in the center of the room, once again designated by the rainbow-colored square 
in front of the base.

When navigating the bookshelf, you will come to a dead end. Shoot the books in 
front of you to cause a domino effect that will then let you drive over them 
and reach the other end of the bookshelf. Due to the elevated platforms in this
stage, it's silly to constantly fall back to the ground and go back to the 
jumping platforms, so try to drive off the higher areas with good speed so 
you can land on slightly lower areas.

Treasure chests can be found by destroying the various statues of farm animals 
in this room. The Mothership battle is different than before, with 12 total 
cores, three on each corner of the Mothership, to destroy. Then the center 
area needs to destroyed to put away this Mothership.

Collecting the stars features the same obstacle this time as it did in the 
previous stage. Some of the stars are going to be obscured when looking at the 
television screen, so drive to those obscured areas and then look at the 
GamePad for the first-person view so that you can find them easier. An obvious 
spot where there is usually a star is beyond the giant human in this level.


Certainly one of the strangest mini-games...after you complete this, the 
credits roll and an Epilogue cut-scene plays, which you immediately unlock from
a capsule. Anyway, on to the actual "Pirates" mini-game...this entire first 
stage is just a tutorial.

Basically, you hold up the GamePad to block arrows. First, however, you have to
prove to the game that you know where all the enemy ships are located. Aim the 
GamePad straight ahead, then aim it to the sky, to the left, and to the right 
to locate all of the ships.

Next you have to block the arrows. Wario will shout out which ship the arrows 
are going to come from before they fire, so you have a lot of time to block 
them. The tutorial will sort of jarringly take you from one ship to another 
as you need to block, just to show you how it is done, but it can be 
annoying and mess up the calibration, so just a word of warning here, you may 
need to seriously re-situate yourself by the time this mini-game is done.

Anyway, you then have to raise the GamePad in rhythm. When he says "Come on!", 
lift your GamePad in the direction where the arrows are coming from. Then you 
have to shake the GamePad downard to get the arrows off of the screen. Finally,
you have to mimic Wario's dance moves while holding the GamePad to build up a 
powerful blast that you then unleash on him by pressing ZL + ZR together and 
at the right "time" in tune with the music playing in the background

This level has an ice theme. Otherwise, it is pretty much just the same as 
the first stage. I don't believe any added obstacles are thrown in the mix. 
Of course, the dance segment at the end with Wario is much different than the 
one from the first stage and more difficult.

This stage actually adds something new to the mix. There will now be vertical 
arrows to deal with. When the archers (ALWAYS from the Center ship, by the 
way), are standing on top of each other, that's how you know you will have to 
hold the GamePad in a vertical position in order to properly block their shots.

Otherwise, it's the same song and dance as before.

The hook of this stage is that Wario will say really long and complicated 
commands, so it becomes much harder to block them. On the bright side, you 
won't have to block any vertical arrows.

The dancing stage for this is also weird in that you have to make faces along 
with the dances. I think the Wii U camera determines if you are making the 
faces or not, but I can't be completely sure about that. You will even have to 
put the GamePad on the floor at some point and then pick it back up "gorilla 

Much easier than stage 4, Twinkly Planet is lengthy and adds verticals back to 
the mix, but it is still less frustrating than stage 4.


There are three different levels in Bowling Challenge. They all revolve around 
knocking down the pins that are set up in different ways. To roll the ball, 
place your fingeron the blue space on the GamePad. Remember to hold the 
GamePad vertically for this mini-game!

The speed at which you slide your finger across the screen will determine 
how fast the ball goes. As the ball rolls down the lane, you are able to tilt 
the GamePad to control the direction of the ball. This will in turn allow you 
to make sure the ball hits the pins in a strategic fashion.

The different pins have different properties. The fatter and taller pins are 
harder to knock down and require a direct hit or at least more force. The 
smaller pins are very easy to hit and can be sent flying to knock down the 
other pins if you are skilled enough.

You also have the option of doing traditional 10-frame bowling. You can do this
with up to two players.


This game mode is never-ending and is a remake of a classic Game & Watch title.
On the TV, you can see one version of the game, with improved, artsy fartsy 
graphics, but on the GamEPad screen, it looks like the classic Game & Watch 
title is based on. The GamePad screen offers line of sight that also makes it 
much easier than playing on the TV screen.

The rules of the game are simple enough. Fruit falls from the sky, and you 
have to eat the fruit with your strangely long bird tongue. If the fruit lands 
on you, it is game over. If the fruit lands on the ground, that piece of ground
gets taken away.

To bring back segments of the ground, you can eat special fruit. On the GamePad
screen, it appears as "clear" fruit, as opposed to the rest of the fruit that 
appears black, colored-in, or "solid" if you will.

The goal here is to just get as high of a score as possible.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Multiplayer
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Unfortunately, you can't earn Tokens in it is a good thing 
that the multiplayer is mostly tons of fun then! Here is a brief explanation of
each of the multiplayer modes, and hints and tips when relevant.


Sketch is kind of like Pictionary. Up to five players can play. Everyone takes 
a picture of their face, or something else, to represent them in the game. 
Then one person draws and is given a word only they can see to draw on the 

Other players guess, and if they guess right, the person with the GamePad 
clicks on the person that guessed the word correctly. Players earn points for 
guessing correctly as well as drawing things that are guessed correctly, and 
the point totals are added up at the end of the game.


In Fruit, one player has the GamePad and plays as the "thief". It is their 
job to blend in with the crowd and stealthily steal the fruit from the levels.
Then at the end of the game, whether all the fruit is stolen or the timer runs 
out, the other players have to guess which one they think is th thief by 
picking out of a lineup.

This one is easiest for the thief. The reason for that is there are a ton of 
obstacles that obscure the view of the other people watching on the TV screen. 
Smoke will rise out of smoke stacks, obscuring fruit, and vehicles are 
constantly driving back and forht, which are very easy to hide behind.

I think this level is about medium difficulty for both teams. Those that are 
the thief don't have a whole lot of obscurity, but the map is small so all 
the people are clustered together, which provides good cover. In addition, 
there is a current that goes under bridges and carries melons under the 
bridges, which obscures the vision of those watching the television screen to 

The reason this level is hardest for the thief is that it requires that it 
requires the thief to hit these big red buttons on the walls to turn off the 
lights and lower the gates. There are statues and stuff for the thief to hide 
behind, plus when the lights go out, it's hard for other players to see the 
physical characteristics of the thief, but at the same time, the red buttons 
provide TWO good locations to constantly be looking for the thief...either 
at the buttons, or at the melons.


Designed for two players, this mini-game is unique in that it doesn't use 
the television screen at all. The players hold the GamePad, with one player at 
each end of it. They take turns playing "offense" and "defense".

On offense, players tap the three different colored icons to create musical 
notes that then go down the screen, Guitar Hero style.

On defense, the player has to hit those notes in order to earn points. Whoever 
performs best will be awarded the round, and the game keeps going until five 
rounds have been completed.


GamePad is held vertically for this mini-game as well. You have to pull back a 
net using the touchscreen and aim by tilting the GamePad. Your arc appears on 
the television screen. Release the net to fling the "Fronks", the strange 
little colorful creatures that appear numerous times throughout the game, and 
try to make them land where it is advantageous to you, whether that is knocking
the Fronks of the other players off the board or simply landing on high-scoring
parts of the board yourself.

Standard version of this,  really. There is a circular pad in the middle of 
the water and the goal is to make the Fronks land on one of the numbers. A 
seagull will sometimes show up and take a Fronk and throw it in the water just
to be a jerk. Point values will change sometimes, and the thing can tip over 
if one side is weighted down too much with Fronks.

The gimmick to this stage is that there are four different platforms. Upon 
landing on one, it will shoot in whatever direction the arrow it has on it is 
pointing. It will then run into either the rocks or another platform. The 
point value on it will then change to a random new one, as will whatever other 
platforms it bumps into. And yes, the seagull returns for this one...and all 
the other stages as well.

A large, three-story tower makes up this one. Impressively, the entire tower 
can be capsized if there is too much weight on one side, which looks pretty 
neat. There are cages in the center area and holes are through the top. Landing
a Fronk in the cage almost guarantees that you'll always have those point 
values, unless the thing gets tipped over.

This one is much different than the others. There is a base island worth 10 
points for every Fronk, and then there are two scales to the left and to the 
right. The scales can be capsized as well if they are weighed down too much, 
but you want your scale weighed down enough so that it puts your Fronks in the 
100 point range and your opponents in the 10 point range. This is by far the 
most strategically demanding of all the Islands stages.

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4. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you out with Game & Wario exclusively for Nintendo 
Wii U!

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