Fuse: FAQ/Walkthrough

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     ZZZZ$Z$$$$$$$$77$=+             ~I.IIIIIIIIII77I7   77$$$$$$$ZZZZZZZ      
     ZZZ             $7+            III.II                777                  
     ZZZ             77+            ?II.II                777                 
     ZZZZZ$$$$$$$    77+            III.?IIIIIIIIIIII7777-777$$$$$$$$ZZZZ     
     ZZZ             77+            III               ~77-777                 
     ZZZ             77+            III               ~77-77$                 
     ZZZ             7777777IIIIIIIIIII  ?IIIIIIIII777777-77$$$$$$$$ZZZZZZ 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Insomniac is known primarily as a developer for Sony, having created some of 
Sony's most popular franchises throughout the years such as Ratchet & Clank, 
Resistance, and Spyro the Dragon. However, Insomniac has since teamed up with 
Electronic Arts to create their first multi-platform title ever in the form of 
the four player co-op shooter Fuse.

Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

01. Introduction and Controls
02. Characters
Dalton Brooks
Jacob Kimble
Naya Deveraux
Isabelle Sinclair
03. Walkthrough
Hyperion Base
Triton Outpost
Sheng Island
Raven Facility
Jodhpur Stronghold
Grigori Station
04. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Black Ops team Overstrike 9 are sent on a variety of missios across the globe 
and beyond. They discover powerful new weapons powered by a substance called 
"Fuse", and use these new weapons and abilities to fight through thousands of 
enemies in intense firefights.

LT - Aim
LB - Grenade
RT - Shoot
RB - Ability
Y - Melee
X - Reload
B - 
A - Dodge
Left Stick - Movement/Objecive
Right Stick - Camera
Back - Skills
Start - Pause

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Characters
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
There are four playable characters in Fuse, and they actually play quite 
differently. The following is a list of the four different characters and 
descriptions of them and the weapons unique to them.

PLEASE NOTE that the following information is taken DIRECTLY from in-game 

"Dalton Brooks is a former Raven soldier and leader of Overstrike 9. Prior to 
working for Lyndon Burgess he worked for Raven Captain Meilin Mao."

Magshield: "This Xenotech weapon creates deployable cover using Fuse and a 
unique ferrofluid. The shield can be triggered to repel almost any projectile 
it traps."

"Jacob Kimble is a former LAPD Robbery/Homicide Detective recruited to 
Overstrike by Lyndon Burgess."

Arcshot: "This Xenotech assault weapon fires high-velocity bolts armed with 
Fuse-augmented mercury."

"Prior to working for Overstrike, Naya Deveraux was a contract assassin who 
worked with her father Luther. When Raven recruited him, she joined Overstrike 
in hopes of bringing him in safely."

Warp Rifle: "This Xenotech weapon combines anti-matter with Fuse to create 
violent singularities. Upgrade provides user with cloaking ability to aid in 
stealth assassinations."

"Isabelle 'Izzy' Sinclair is an intelligence expert who made her living 
selling information to anyone who met her price."

Shattergun: "This Xenotech weapon uses compressed melanite rounds augmented 
with Fuse to encase enemies in living crystal. A secondary fire deploys a Med 
Beacon that heals agents in battle."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Walkthrough
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The first thing you do in the game is a lot of shooting against a large mech 
enemy. Get behind cover by pressing B and fire at the mech until another 
cut-scene triggers. You can look around in this room if you'd like, but when 
you are ready to progress, go to the door and hold Y. At least one other 
partner will have to do hold Y as well.

In the next hallway, there will be turrets with laser sensors. If you are 
facing the turrets, there is a small room to your right. Sprint to that room to
find a control panel. Interact with the control panel to shut down the 
turrets. Under the left turret you'll find some XP, and you will also find 
Fuse Credits sitting on a crate through the door.

Take the elevator down and take cover as the enemies are killed by their own 
gunthing. Vault over the cover once the shooting stops and move into that room 
now that the glass blocking it off is broken. Loot the room and then go back 
out into the hallway and hang a left.

This room will have more XP and Fuse Credits to pick up. These look like golden
bars, basically. Anyway, interact with the control panel in this room to blow 
a large hole in the wall. Then you are free to continue. The next hallway 
will feature more craziness. Wait for it to subside, and then move through 
the now-ruined room to bypass the fire blocking the way. Go into the room 
where the shooting was coming from, loot it, and then continue down the hallway
through the next door.

Run up the stairs and open the door with the help of your partners. You will 
now have access to your main weapon throughout the game. Each of the four 
characters have their own weapon that they will always have now until the 
credits roll. To equip this weapon, press "up" on the d-pad at any time. You 
are also able to carry two other weapons of any combination (besides "Heavy" 
weapons) by assinging them to the left and right directions on the d-pad.

There is a firing range of sorts that you can use to practice with your new 
toys. You will be asked to destroy a certain amount of the targets before you 
can proceed. Once they are all destroyed, you are free to spend any skill 
points you have acquired so far. Each character has different abilities they 
can purchase using skill points. When you level up with one character, all the 
other characters that you use will be the same level. You won't have as many 
skill points to spend for them, but you are given a few to use. upgrade as you 
wish now and if you ever feel like switching between characters, hold back if 
you are playing on Xbox 360 and select if you are playing on PS3.

Replenish your ammo using the many ammo boxes in this room after you're done 
messing around with the firing range. The gruop will crowd around the next 
door. A control panel is to the left of the door and so hack it to get the 
door open.

Annoying little enemies in the next hallway will now make their debut. These 
guys can only be described as robot bugs that blow up. Imagine the Tickers 
from Gears of War, but in robot form. The best way to deal with them is to 
keep your distance and shoot as they are crawling near you. Don't run up and 
attack them, as they will simply blow up, which knocks you back, and if you 
get caught in a couple of explosions right after each other, it is very likely 
that you will be downed or die.

In the next room will be a couple of automated turrets. If you are playing as 
Dalton (so weird typing my own name in a guide), then stand in front of your 
buddies with your shield up so that they can use the control panels in this 
room to shut down the turrets. If not, AI Dalton (GI Dalton more like it) 
should do so himself, allowing you to shut down the turrets safely.

Continue into the next hallway and approach the glass with the politican on the
other side. Speak with him momentarily and he will open up all the doors 
throughout the facility. The first door is to your immediate right, so go 
through it once it slides open. Loot the rooms that are down this hallway for 
XP and stuff, and then go through the next door to move through another 
sciencesy room. Keep going and through the next hallway, you will come across a
door that you will need the help of a partner to open up.

You'll then come out into a large hangar area, and I have to warn you that this
part of the game glitched big time for me the first time I play it. The game 
wants you to press Y to get a better look at the helicopters that have flown 
into this area, but I highly recommend you don't do that. Doing so when I 
played the game caused my camera to be stuck in position, focused up at the 
sky, only able to fire my gun when behind cover and even then only be able to 
shoot in one direction. It was awful, but I still managed to defeat all the 
enemies using nothing but melee attacks thanks to the smart partner AI in this 

But if you don't come across this glitch (if you do, you can't continue, even 
if you defeat all the enemies and the helicopter because you have to be facing 
a different direction, so just reload the checkpoint), what you need to do is 
move through the hall, which is circular around the center hangar area, going 
from cover to cover and shooting all the enemies. Remember you can pick up 
guns, so it might be wise to trade your pistol with one of their more powerful 

At the end of the circular hallway, there will be a helicopter that keeps 
dropping off enemies. Kill the enemies and then focus all your attention on 
the helicopter. The helicopter can only shoot one of you at a time, so if you 
are playing in co-op, have everyone be positioned at different areas of the 
circular hallway, take cover, and shoot at the helicopter simultaneously. The 
person that the helicopter is shooting at should remain behind cover, 
obviously, to avoid taking damage.

Once the helicopter is destroyed, you are free to go through the nearby 
elevator. Ride it and then destroy the wall in here by placing bombs. It is a 
bit amusing whenever these guys use bombs to blow up walls because they stand 
right in front of the wall and make no effort to get away from the blast 
radius. They simply turn their back to the explosion and take no damage.

Continue through the facility, and next you will be looking into a room full of
enemies. You can hop over the wall and stealth kill a couple of them if you are
quick enough before the other guys notice you. Get behind cover and then clear 
the room. There will be enemies on the catwalk above, and they should 
definitely be your priority for now since they have the height advantage on 
you and can potentially deal more damage. Don't skimp on grenades either, 
especially if enemies are in a cluster.

After the room is clear, everyone will be told to rally at the armory. You 
will find new guns in the armory as well as plenty of ammunition. If you want 
to switch out your current arsenal of weapons, this is the place to do it. 
Otherwise, just keep your current guns, replenish your ammo, and then go 
through the door to the next area.

A few enemies will be in the building across the bridge. Kill as many as you 
can from this distance. The armory has a few sniper rifles to use to make this 
stretch much easier. As you go into that building, a new type of enemy will be 
revealed in the form of a Heavy with a flamethrower, so get ready to battle 
this new type of enemy.

This enemy is large, armored, and has a tank on its back that powers its 
flamethrower. The only way to deal damage is to shoot the tank. The obvious 
strategy here is to have one person on the team distract him and lead him away 
from the others so they have a clear shot at his back and his tank. Once the 
Heavy has been killed, grab his weapon. The weapon is a "heavy" weapon, so you 
walk slower with it and switching to another weapon will cause you to drop it.

Go to the elevator. Open it up to reveal a group of enemies hiding inside 
waiting to ambush you. Use the flamethrower to make quick work of them and then
once the flames die down, step inside the elevator yourself and ride it down. 
This will initiate the second part of the first mission.


First thing you have to do is restore power to the area. Do that by having 
someone grab the Fuse Cell and then take it to the designated area. Just a 
tip for later on in the game (a protip, if you will), being in the orange 
radius of the Fuse Cell will buff anyone standing inside of it, augmenting your
Fuse abilities and making your attacks stronger than before.

The next room is where the game officially teaches you about stealth kills, but
I covered that earlier. Basically, slowly approach the enemy and press Y to 
silently take them out. This entire room can be cleared in this manner rather 
easily, but if worse comes to worse, a firefight is not that harder to handle.

Walk around the slightly open gate and then climb the ladders. There are 
ziplines up here that you need to use to reach the next area. There will be 
two enemies with their backs toward you, standing by crates. Get behind the 
crates and press Y to pull them over and stealth kill them. If you are playing 
in co-op, synchronize this action with a buddy so that you can get rid of both 
enemies at the same time and not alert the others that you're there. If you are
playing in solo, the AI partners should do the stealth kill with you in 

Now get behind the pile of crates on your left. Wait for the next enemy to walk
by, and press Y to kill him as well. You can then easily sneak up on the other 
enemies walking around here and stealth kill them, too. Once the room has been 
cleared, pull open the next door, round the corner, and you will be in another 
large area with a Fuse Cell.

Climb up the ladder to your immediate left and kill the enemy up here. This 
guy has a jetpack, you might notice, as well as a sniper rifle. Have someone 
else kill the sniper guy directly across from your current posistion. There 
are Fuse Credits over there as well. In any case, get behind cover and take 
one of the snipers. Use the sniper to kill off the enemies in this area with 
the sniper from your vantage point.

After they are all dead, you are able to safely grab the Fuse Cell. As you 
work to transport this Fuse Cell, there will be heavy resistance from enemy 
forces. Drop the Fuse Cell and use its buffs to help you easily mow through the
enemies. Take it to its designated area to restore power to the area. If you 
are carrying the Fuse Cell and are shot, the Fuse Cell will take damage, and 
if the Fuse Cell explodes, you will die.

Fight your way to an elevator and ride it up. Kill the enemies, but ignore the 
Fuse Cell pillar for now. Go to the next room and start killing the enemies in 
here as silently as possible. Once they're dead, you'll find another Fuse 
Cell on the first floor of this area. Enemies will swarm into the room, so 
stay behind cover and take advantage of the Fuse Cell buffs. Kill the enemies 
as they come in, and then take the Fuse Cell back to the pillar. Expect more 
opposition as you near the pillar and restore the power.

The next room features a platform that will move toward you with a bunch of 
enemies on it. Kill the enemies before the platform gets to you and clear this 
large, open area of other enemies as well. Get on the platform and start riding
it. It will come to a halt, with one side of the room covered in snipers and 
other enemies. Focus on the snipers first, marked by their jetpacks and the 
red laser beams that they use to aim. After you get rid of all of them on one 
side, turn your attention to the opposite side because that is where they pop 
up next.

The giant robot mech thing from the beginning of the mission will be just 
across the way. Fire at him until an explosion makes the platform drop. 
Luckily, everyone will grab onto a ledge. Platform your way to safety Uncharted
style and then go through the elevator and ride it until it stops.

--->THEY CAME... THEY SAW...<---

Navigate your way through the halls and you will come across a few enemies just
going about their business. Toss a grenade their way to take them out and then 
continue through the hall. You'll reach flames blocking the path, but there is 
a vent to go through behind a crate. Smash the crate by pressing Y to melee 
(triangle on PS3), and then go through the vent. Open the grate at the end of 
the vent.

This next room is a large, open area with numerous soldier-type enemies as well
as a Heavy with a flamethrower. Kill all the enemies and keep moving forward. 
More enemies will show up, but you should be able to wipe them out easily. You 
come up to a group of scientists that are about to be burnt to a crisp by the 

Look at the ground and you will see fire extinguishers near the flames that 
are blocking the valves. Shoot the extinguishers to put out the fire and then 
have everyone turn the valves at the same time. This will put the fire out on 
the walkway above, allowing the scientists to move free. In the next room, loot
the place, and then blow up the portion of the wall that is cracked.

Stay behind cover because there will be snipers, regular soldiers, and Seekers,
the little robot bug dudes from earlier. Remember that the key to fighting the 
Seekers is to keep your distance and shoot them from afar. In the next room, 
blow up the platform by shooting the tanks, then climb the nearby ladder and 
use the zipline to reach the roo with your overall objective for this 
particular mission.

After the cut-scene, you will find yourself at a severe disadvantage. This 
room is also circular in shape, and you are your group start in the middle. 
Enemies come in from all directions, and there will also be helicopters to deal
with. Stay behind cover and trust your teammates to cover your back. Kill all 
the enemies.

Finally, a boss will appear in the form of the mech that has been stalking you 
all throughout this mission. The key to fighting the mech is to basically keep 
it busy from all directions. It is powerful, and it will zoom and stomp you, 
which will immediately knock you down into "revive" mode. The mech also will 
fire machineguns and missiles. When he is about to fire missiles, you will be 
tipped off by the indicators on the ground that appear.

Kill the mech to complete the mission.



You start this mission with all your weapons, including the fancy ones, having 
been taken from you by your captors. Exit the cell and then go through the 
grate on the ground. Crawl through here, and then when it opens up, another 
yellow grate will be clearly visible. Go to it, crawl through, and then keep 
going until you reach a ladder.

Climb the ladder and then take out the lone enemy up here and take his gun. 
Drop down and silently take out the other enemy down here and then continue to 
the next room. Stay behind cover and watch the scientists and enemies in here. 
Go to the right, behind the machines, loot the Fuse Credits sitting on the 
crate at the end here, and then go up the steps. Take out the enemies here, 
silence is preferred, and maker you way to the next vent that you need to move 
on through.

This vent opens up into a bathroom with a dude taking a leak. Drop down and 
break his neck to get an achievement. Take cover and look out into the next 
hall. there wil be enemies in the room. Zip over and take cover by the 
reception window. Wait for the other enemies to be looking the other way and 
then you can stealth kill the enemy by the window.

Go around the corner and silently take out the enemy standing here. Go into 
the room, take out the enemy, and then you'll have your neat weapons back! Yay!
Now the next room is a large cellblock with enemies literally coming out of the
woodwork. This is a long, drawn-ot section of shooting, but keep pushing 
through until they're all dead and you can go through the next door.

A turret is facing you and will be firing. Toss grenades behind the turret and 
flank them by hugging the right wall and climb up the ladder. At the top of 
the ladder, more enemies will flood in from a nearby door, so kill them and 
then kill everyone by the turret. Once everyone on this side of the room has 
been killed, take control of the turret yourself.

Now that you're in control of the turret, you can use it to kill all the 
enemies that start coming into the area. You can fire rockets, but it's better 
to just use the regular machinegun blasts as the rockets take foreve to 
reload and they are just kind of pointless. Kill all the enemies in the room 
with the turret until your partners let you know that that's it. Get everyone 
together to lift up the shutter, and then hack the terminal in the next room 
to get a map of the Outpost.

A cut-scene will play, and when it's done, there will be a large new Heavy 
enemy. This guy has a weapon called the Behemoth, which is a large gatling 
gun that you can carry around. The strategy for defeating this guy is the 
same as fighting the other Heavy. The main difference is that this enemy is 
tougher, smarter, and also will deploy flying turrets. You can destroy these 
turrets easily with just a few shots. The strategy for all Heavies apply for 
this guy as well.

Grab his weapon and start mowing down the enemies in the next couple of rooms. 
You will then reach the cargo tram docking area. This is a huge room with a 
ton of enemies as well as Heavies. If you are smart and use cover as well as 
play off each other's special abilities, you should be able to clear this room 
without too much of a problem. Keep an eye out for Snipers, as they will be 
the most dangerous, besides the Heavies that spawn here.

Once the tram finally arrives, clear it of enemies. Rally with your group at 
the designated blue rally point. Get behind the turret and ride the tram. When 
the tram comes to a stop, kill everyone with the turret and then hop off of it 


Gather the ammo and stuff as you like before proceeding into the next room. 
The next room is fairly uneventful. It is just another large open room with a 
bunch of enemies. The gimmick here is that you have to turn valves to drain 
the coolant system of water that fills it. Kill everyone, turn the valves, kill
the new people that show up, and then repeat until you are able to drop 
through the floor into the coolant system tunnels.

At this point in the game, you will start noticing people having 
hallucinations. If you are playing solo, you can avoid these hallucinations by 
quickly switching to another character, but they are fairly irrelevant in the 
grand scheme of things. They provide cool little insights to each of the 
characters (I believe Isabella's hallucination occurred at the beginning of the
mission and Jacob's on the tram), but they are irrelevant from a gameplay 
perspective and are very passive events.

As you move through the cooling system, Seekers will swarm the area. Kill them 
all and then once you reach a moving fan, stop and wait for the rest of the 
group to catch up so you can drop through and continue into the next room. This
room features a bunch of shielded enemies. Enemies with shields are best dealt 
with by throwing a grenade behind them. This will cause them to turn around to 
block the explosion, leaving the exposed to gunfire. And if they don't turn 
around, they will likely be blown up by grenades.

Once all the enemies in this room have been dealth with, place explosives on 
the four designated machines. Blow them up and then continue to the reactor 
itself. Use the yellow railings to platform your way beyond the lasers and 
over to the control room. Pull the lever on the control panel to sabotage 
the Fuse reactor and get some bonus XP for your troubles.

Now head to the labs. You'll go through another large room full of fun enemies,
so kill them. Use controls to summon the platform, but it will get stuck. Shoot
the explosive canisters there to blow it up and then use the zipline to get to 
the next area.

The next room features even MORE enemies, including ones that rappel down 
walls. Be quick to kill these guys before they get on their feet because they 
have shields, and you are able to kill them much easier before they are able to
land on the ground and use their shields to block your attacks. Fight your way 
to the elevator and ride it.


Make your way to a room with an invisible fellow lying on a table. Pull the 
switch if you want to make him visible. Then continue through the door. A new 
type of enemy, an invisible enemy, will make itself known in this room. They 
charge you and they will put you in a chokehold and drag you away. You can tap 
A to avoid dying as quickly, but you need your partners to shoot these guys 
off you in order to survive.

In the next room, you'll fight the invisible enemies mixed with regular enemies
that you have dealt with before. Kill them all and keep moving forward. The 
floor will open up and you'll see a bunch of rotating handles. You can climb 
around thes ewalls using the handles. Make your way to the middle and drop down
as far as you can go. Don't worry about hitting B to see if you can drop 
because you can't fall down if there's not a ledge to grab.

Once you reach the bottom, right below a deep yellow bar, you can climb around 
it to the side and drop down. Now focus your attention on the Fuse canisters 
powering the lasers. Firing at them quickly enough until the lasers come down 
and kill you. Once all the canisters have been destroyed, use the time where 
your buddies are talking amongst themselves to loot the place and then open 
the next door.

Interact with the control panels in the following room to initiate a...


Yup. A giant dude appears and he is incredibly dangerous. He has two main 
attacks. He will shoot lasers out of his palm and drag the laser across the 
area. You can avoid the lasers by getting behind cover. His other attack is 
that he shoots a wave of crystals. These have to be avoided by running to the 
left or right to avoid getting hurt. You really need to take advantage of your 
special abilities to be successful during this tough fight.

The boss has giant glowing orbs on his chest and body. Focus your fire at these
orbs. Every time you destroy one of the orbs, he will be staggered, which will 
give you more time to shoot the other orbs and repeat the process. The toughest
part by far is getting the first orb destroyed, and then the rest is much 
easier, especially considering your partners should be shooting the other 
orbs anyway.

After destroying all his orbs, you'll be snapped back to reality. But the 
gravity is fine. Destroy the Fuse cores that are hanging by his pod. There are 
two, but you can only destroy one at a time, so focus your fire on just one of 
them for now.

Once it's been destroyed, you'll have to fight him again in his giant form, 
but he will now summon mercenary enemies to help him fight. It's a good thing 
they all spawn in the same area because you can just lob grenades at them to 
get rid of many of them at once. Destroy all the orbs on his body this time 
around to get back to the "real" world.

In the real world, there will be invisible enemies and other enemies that 
attack to distract you from damaging the Fuse core. Get rid of them and then 
destroy the second Fuse core. You'll then have a final battle with his giant 
form, and then you can shoot his regular human form once you come back and 
kill him.

Pull the lever and now start fleeing the facility. It's basically a straight-
shot. Debris will sometimes fall from the ceiling and stuff to block your path,
but platforming over them is easy enough. Enemies will sometimes show up, but 
they are easily to kill. You really just need to make sure you're constantly 
making your way to the escape pod because this part of the mission is timed.



You begin this mission on the coast of a beautiful island. Unfortunately, you 
have to follow the path back into a depressing-looking submarine base. Kill 
all the enemies in here and move through the base to get on the other side of 
the canyon. Use the zipline to get across the gap, and then use the ledges that
are sticking out of the cliffside to climb your way up to the helipad.

A new enemy type is introduced in this mission. They glow blue, and anyone that
is standing in their blue radius will be constantly healed. Use your special 
abilities to take them out more effectively. But before you just run through 
this area guns-blazing, you should at least try to lower the enemy count a bit 
by utilizing stealth kills. A helicopter will also be in the area, so have fun 
with that.

Continue into the building and fight your way through room after room of 
enemies. You'll deal with all sorts of enemies that you've been fighting with 
so far throughout the game, so there will be no real surprises here. You will 
eventually reach another cracked wall that can be blown away with explosives. 
Blow a hole through the wall so that you can proceed.

Climb using the yellow ledges to guide you. Go through the tunnel and you will 
see a jetpack-equipped enemy with his back turned. Kill him, but you will be 
noticed regardless. Stay behind cover and just let the jetpack guys fly in. 
They will usually land just close enough for you to quickly kill them with a 
melee attack and get back into cover quickly.

Kill any remaining snipers in the distance and any other enemies that are 
charging through the water. Once the coast is clear, go through the water 
yourself. Enter the next building, view the scene, and then afterward loot the 
area dry of its weapons, ammo, XP, and Fuse Credits.


The group will be separated in two. Naya and Isabella are in one group, whereas
Dalton and Jacob are in the other group together. The differences between the 
two different areas are really sort of arbitrary. Jacob and Dalton will move 
on the ground, whereas Naya and Izzy move on the rooftops. Personally, I think 
the Izzy/Naya section is just slightly tougher, but not by enough to make a 
significant difference.

Push forward through the enemies to eventually regroup in the courtyard area. 
The lady that Dalton has a history with will show up in a large flying mech 
thing. Fire at the mech. At this point in the gae, it doesn't matter where you 
shoot it, just shoot it anywhere to deal damage.

After it is destroyed, you can continue to the main courtyard area. There you 
will fight more enemies as well as an Enforcer mech like that the one you 
fought as a boss a couple of missions ago. This time the fight is slightly 
tougher, but only due to lack of ammo in the area and the fact that the mech is
able to use the rooftops to its advantage.

Fight the mech using the same strategy as before. You should still be able to 
defeat it without too much hassle, even if there aren't a whole lot of ammo 
boxes in the immediate area. Once the mech has been destroyed, a hole is blown 
into the ground, so hop through.


Move through the jungle area. Kill the enemies across the bridge and then keep 
moving forward. Drop through the yellow grate on the ground. Make your way to 
the other side and fight the enemies here. Remember that staying behind cover 
is key to survival in this game.

Move through the next grate and then a swarm of enemies will start swarming 
into the area. Defeat these Raven mercenary forces as they file into the 
building. Once the ones inside the building have been defeated, rush to one of 
the two turrets on the other side of the building.

On the turrets, slaughter the waves of enemies rushing the compound. Destroy 
the helicopters that appear, too, using the rockets. A flamethrower-equipped 
Heavy will show up next to crash the party, so to speak. Defeat the Heavy and 
then you are able to use the elevator.

Fight your way over to the missile. Just like the end of the last mission, you 
are timed for this mission. There are multiple floors of clamps that you have 
to destroy. Go to the yellow grates that are blocking the Fuse cores that power
the clamps. Open the grates and then shoot the cores to cause the clamps to 
close around the missile. There are two Fuse cores to destroy on each level.

You will then be able to ride the elevator up to the next floor with more 
clamps. Destroy the Fuse Cores to get the clamps to close around the missile, 
and defeat the waves of enemies, just like before. Keep doing that until you 
successfuly clamp the missile and then reach the top of the silo.

You now have to fight Meilin in her flying mech again. Meilin will shoot a 
volley of missiles as well as machineguns. There are three weakpoints on her 
mech. They are her two wings as well as the center of her ship. Focus on one 
part of the mech at a time to deal damage. Other enemies will show up, 
including the healers that you will need to focus on immediately after they 
show up. Destroying parts of Meilin's mech doesn't do anything besides damage 
her ship from a cosmetic perspective, by the way.

Once Meilin is defeated, it's mission accomplished.



Finally, a change of scenery! And quite the change, too. Welcome to the 
cold-ass mountains of somewhere. Climb along the ledges and make your way to 
the zipline point. Use the zipline to reach the next area and then climb up to 
the ledge above. There are two enemies here. If you are playing in solo, you 
can only execute one, but if you are playing in co-op, stealthily take out both
of them.

A laser grid and a turret block the next doorway. Facing the door, go to the 
right to find a jeep. Climb up to the top of the jeep, and then you can use 
the pipes to shimmy along to the left. Keep going and wait for the red lasers 
of the turret to be out of the way before dropping down on the machine below. 
On the side of this machine is the control panel that will turn off all the 
security systems out here. Check the crates nearby for Fuse Credits and then 
you are ready to head inside the building.

Approach the bottom of the platform and wait for everyone to get into position 
to begin riding it. Pull yourself onto the platform and then take out all of 
the enemies that are riding on it with you. The transport will take you by 
buildings filled with enemies and the like, but luckily there is an ammo box on
this thing so you can keep replenishing your ammo.

Eventually, it will reach a point where you are split up. Izzy and Dalton have 
to sabotage the Whistlers, the flying mech things that you fought earlier, 
while Jacob and Naya stay on the transport to provide extra cover. Fight your 
way to each Whistler and place the explosives on the red fuel canisters that 
are connected to them.

You then return to the transport and be all together again. Jetpack-equipped 
snipers will start making their way to the transport. Keep fighting them off 
to the best of your abilities. You will then reach a facility in order to get a
new transport. Fight your way through this building to get to a new transport 
that is identical to the other one, and hack the controls to use it.

This transport ride plays out similarly to the previous one. The main 
difference is that your competition will be much heavier. You have to fight 
another Whistler. Once that is defeated, another transport will come up to the 
side of yours. Kill everyone on it and then your people will automatically 
wind up there after a cut-scene.

Get behind the turret sitting on the truck. Blackbird helicopters will swoop in
to cause problems. Blast them away with the turret. When the fighting dies 
down, just stand still and wait for a set-piece to occur, which will then 
trigger another cut-scene. After that's done, start climbing up the cliffside 
that you are near. Just follow the ledges that are covered with snow and you 
will easily make your way across the cliffs over to the Raven Facility.


Start making your way to the facilty. You can easily stealth kill the enemies 
by bouncing from cover to cover as you get closer to the facility itself. Fight
your way to the control room. There is a crack in the wall that you need to 
blow up to get to the controls. Pull the lever and then climb up the ladder in 

Kill the enemies and then start climbing up the ledges. The lever you pulled 
turned off the fans so you can enter the ventilation shaft. Get to the grates 
and then you can cut your way through the metal. Continue through the shaft. 
Look for a ventilation grate on the sides of the shaft, and you should be able 
to find one without too much effort. Drop into the room.

Fight your way through the facility. You'll reach a grate that you have to drop
through, but otherwise it is just room after room after room of fighting 
enemies. Kill them all and then keep moving forward. Eventually, you will wind 
up trapped in a room with poison gas and a timer on the right side of the 

Quickly go to the control panel in here. Activate the control panel to convert 
an Enforcer in here. Now the Enforcer will shoot a hole in the wall and it will
continue following you throughout the facility, helping you go through the 
next few rooms of enemies. Yes, there's a lot of shooting and going from cover 
to cover. Since I don't want to feel like I'm just rambling on and telling you 
to keep shooting, let's review the type of enemies you're going to encounter 
throughout the facility and some strategies.

The regular mercenary type enemies require obvious strategies, but there are 
blue ones that will heal anyone within the range of their blue healing radius. 
Xenotech weapons, the weapons that are unique to each character in the game, 
are the Xenotech weapons. Use them to defeat the healing enemies and then 
focus on the other enemies in the area.

Mechs will show up from time to time, but your Enforcer will help you fight 
them. Remember to fight the enemy mechs, or "Heavies", you need to focus on the
tanks on their backs. You can damage them without shooting the tanks, but it 
takes a lot longer to defeat them this way. That being said, if you have a 
clear shot, you might as well be taking it, regardless of if the tank is in 

Seekers are the little robot bugs that blow up. The strategy with them is to 
just back away as far as possible and shoot them as they come and well before 
they can explode. Invisible enemies rush your team and put them in chokeholds. 
You have to shoot them off your partners, but if you can't do it, the game 
won't end. Eventually, after hitting A (X on PS3) long enough, they will break 
free of their hold themselves.

Eventually, your Enforcer will be destroyed. Keep fighting your way through 
the mass waves of enemies until you wind up outside.


Listen to the chatter on the radio and then move forward to the compound of 
buildings. There will be a fence in the way. Backtrack a bit and you should 
notice a path on the left through the woods. Go through this path to reach the 
compound of buildings on the other side of the fence.

On the other side of the fence, you will fight a ton of enemies. Kill as many 
as you can from a distance. You can shoot some through the windows, plus there 
are a ton of enemies on the roof. Kill them all, and then you will have to 
fight a fire mech and a mech with a gatling gun simultaneously to finish up 
this wave of enemies.

With these enemies defeated, you can move through the hangar. On the other side
of the hangar, a cut-scene will play. Now fight your way to the radar platform.
You move through a room with a lot of weapons and ammunition everywhere. 
Obviously, take advantage of these supplies, because there is yet another boss 
fight coming up.

Get to the platform and kill everyone there. Then a giant ship will swing into 
view and initiate a fight. This is like a super-powered version of the 
Whisperer flying mech things. The beginning of this fight will give you a lot 
of cover, so take advantage of that fact while you can.

The ship has three weakpoints, which are the two wings and the center of the 
ship. It will fire missiles and machineguns. The ship will also shoot mines 
that create fairly massive explosions that deal a lot of damage. You are able 
to destroy these (timed) mines before they blow up, so do that as soon as you 
see them.

Otherwise, treat this fight just like you would the fights with the Whisperers.
The cover in the area will be destroyed as the fight goes on.



As you move through the jungle, you will see three enemies. One is behind 
cover, the second is walking back and forth, and the third is standing at the 
top of a cliff. Get the one standing in front of the cover first, but wait for 
the patroling guard to be looking the other way. Then take him out, and then 
shimmy along the cliff so you can take out the enemy at the top.

You'll then reach a building that is crawling with enemies. Kill them all and 
follow the objective markers to the zipline point. Use the zipline and then 
move through the tunnel. Lift up the gate at the end of the tunnel. You'll need
the help of everyone in the group, so hang tight if the others haven't caught 
up just yet.

In the next room, you will see that the way is blocked by laser grids. Use the 
pipes to get behind the first set of lasers. Drop down behind them and then 
use the control panel to switch off all the lasers in the area. Then use the 
pipes to climb back up and you can continue outside.

Outside, the older enemies you've been fighting for the game will be duking it 
out with newer, more powerful, and smarter enemies than before. Just attack 
them when you are done watching them shoot each other and make your way 
through the courtyard. Cover is your friend, remember, as you fight these 
guys. If you haven't upgraded your characters in a while, take the time to 
zip between them and upgrade them.

New enemies will also be introduced here as well. They have shields, but their 
shields are powered by Fuse and they are much more powerful shields. They are 
green, and you can't destroy them or shoot through them. To effectively defeat 
them, have someone on the team distract them while someone else flanks. 
If you get desperate, chuck grenades, and if that doesn't work, you can run up 
and melee them, initiating a sequence that will cause them to lose their 
shields and allow you to defeat them.

As you make your way into the building, you'll see another skirmish between the
two opposing forces at a diner table. Get behind cover and wipe them out. Then 
go through the building. Back outside, enemies will pop out from behind the 
large wall. Kill them, and then use the ledges sticking out of the wall to 
climb to the top of the wall.

Moving through this next courtyard, helicopters will drop off enemies, plus 
you have to fight more mechs. A new, more powerful type of mech is introduced. 
This guy can teleport from place to place, plus he shoots rockets. The weapon 
that is dropped when you defeat this mech is called the Titan and it is very 
powerful. Use it to defeat shielded enemies easier.

Kill the enemies. Make your way into the building. Fight your way to the 
designated area on the floor. Drop through the floor.


Use the pipes to get out of this tunnel area. You'll reach a yellow grate, so 
pull it off and move through the ventilation shaft. Kick through the yellow 
grate, and then take out the lone enemy in here from behind. You can take out 
the enemies in the next room with stealth, but the room is going to be 
swarmed with enemies anyway, so it shouldn't be a huge concern.

As you near the middle of the room, enemies will burst through the glass on 
the ceiling and rappel into the area. There's a lot of room to maneuver around 
here, so this fight, while long, at least offers a bunch of options. Kill the 
enemies, and then a mech will show up as well. Focus on getting rid of the 
human enemies before turning your attention to the mech.

After the mech is dead, grab the Titan. Go up the steps and as you move through
these halls, a bunch of shielded enemies will show up. Use the Titan to make 
quick work of them. You will then reach a room with a cracked wall, so use 
explosives to blow it up. Be sure to pick the Titan back up again and go 
through the hole.

Go through the next door to reach a room filled with lasers and turrets. Have 
Jacob disable the turrets and then have someone else use the bookcases to 
get on the other side of the lasers. Jacob should be ready to disable the 
turrets if they come back online. On the other side of the lasers, you will 
find the control panel to disable the security systems, leading to an elevator.

A ton of Seekers will come crawling out of the elevator. Whoever has the Titan 
needs to shoot it immediately to kill them all with a single shot. The next 
room will have a fire mech with its back turned to you, which leaves its tank 
exposed. Blast the tank with the Titan if you have any shots left, and then 
clear the room before continuing.


Wait for Luther to get rid of the door. Luther joins your team as a fifth 
member. This means he is able to die, which will result in a failed mission, 
and this also means that he will help out. And thanks to this game's mostly 
great AI design, Luther is actually pretty helpful.

Fight your way through the rooftops to the pavilion. There will be plenty of 
times when helicopters drop off enemies. It may be tempting to shoot the 
Blackbirds, but there is no way you'll blow them up, even if you unload 
multiple clips into them. Just focus on the enemies that they drop off.

Finally, you will reach the pavilion, and with it, two turrets, helicopters, 
and Whisperers. You'll be bombarded with missiles at numerous occasions. Use 
the turrets to destroy the Whisperers. When you roll away from the turrets to 
avoid the missile strikes, the AI has an annoying habit of taking control of 
the turrets.

When this happens, just keep shooting them from the ground. There are two 
ammo boxes in the area. Use the ammo boxes to replenish your supplies as you 
continue the fight. Eventually, the ships will blow up. Also keep in mind that 
the missiles the turrets can shoot really aren't that helpful because the ships
can easily avoid them.


--->ONE WAY TRIP<---

IN SPACE! Yes, Fuse goes to space in this mission. The mission begins showing 
off your new space suits. From there, you have to platform your way deeper into
the space station, stealth kill a few enemies, and then you are in a room with 
conveyor belts that are transporting crates.

This section of the game is somewhat annoying due to the healing enemies here. 
Focus on them before worrying about clearing out the rest of the room. After 
the room is cleared, go through the next door to be in yet another room that 
is, yes, filled to the absolute brink with enemies. This room has a lot more 
snipers than the previous one, so take them out.

Now make your way to the tram area and kill all the enemies there. A few 
mechs will pop up to make your life even more annoying, and starting in this 
mission, the mechs will sometimes have shields. To deal damage to them, you 
have to hurt them enough so that their first health meter is depleted, which 
represents their shield, and then you are able to deplete their actual health 
meter by shooting at them. Their shield can regenerate if you don't kill them 
fast enough, forcing you to drain their shield again before you can continue to
attack them.

Grab the Titan that is dropped and then board the tram after it arrives. Kill 
all the enemies on the tram. Use the control panel on the tram and hang tight 
for the ride.


Stay inside the tram. The glass will be broken, and this provides a good 
vantage point to fire the Titan out at enemies. Exit the tram once you feel 
ready and push your way forward through the absolute mess of enemies this 
mission throws at you constantly.

Kill them all and make your way to the grate to another shaft. Rip off the 
grate and then make your way to the designated area on the floor. Burn through 
the floor. Drop down and then loot the room here for Fuse Credits. Head out 
into the next room to find some lasers blocking the way.

A crate will be in the middle of the lasers. Hop over the crate to avoid taking
damage from the lasers. Have Jacob disable the turrets long enough that you are
able to sprint to the ventilation grate. Rip it off, and then crawl through the
vent to come out on the other side of the second laser grid. Use the control 
panel on the wall here to disable all the turrets and continue into the next 

After a spout of zero-gravity, continue to the loading bay. As you can probably
guess, the loading bay is filled with enemies, and it is yet another section of
a ton of fighting. Use the control panel in here and then dig in your heels 
and start killing all the enemies in the room.

Mechs will be the exclamation point of this battle. But once they have all 
been defeated, you are free to use the freight elevator here. Pile everyone on 
the freight elevator and use it to reach the next room. Also, you will reach 
another cut-scene.

Go through the next few doors to get the Fuse core. In the next room, kill all 
the enemies and then take the core to the designated location, just like you 
did in the first mission. You have to do this twice. Keep the Fuse core down 
and then clear out the room before taking the core to its designated location.

Then make your way to the control room. Use the controls, and then go to the 
elevator. At the end of the elevaor ride, you will have a timer pop up on the 
screen. Push forward and kill the enemies. Get to the four person controls, 
kill all the enemies, and then have everyone press their button to reprogram 
the satellites.


Kill the enemies. Make your way through the next doors and hallways as 
indicated by the objective markers. In the next room with enemies, they will 
have their backs to you. This allows you to silently take out most everyone in 
the room. Three Healers will be in this room, so kill all of them. and then 
turn your attention to the other enemies.

Use the control panel and go to the elevator. A laser grid is blocking the way.
Take a left down the hallway to find another ventilation shaft to move 
through. This will, as expected, put you on the other side of the laser grid. 
Use the control panel to shut down the lasers, and then go into the next room 
and immediately get behind cover.

This is the last room filled with regular enemies. Kill them all, but it's 
going to take a long time. Then in the next room, you have to fight three 
mechs. At first, there will only be two mechs. One will be a mech equipped 
with a machinegun and a shield. The other mech is the one equipped with 

The rocket-equipped mech will retreat to the back of the room and lob rockets 
at you and your team from afar while you deal with the shielded mech. Get rid 
of the shielded mech first, and then a fire mech will replace him. Use the 
gatling gun dropped by the shielded mech to kill the fire mech. Then drop the 
gatling gun and pick up the flamethrower. Use the flamethrower to kill the 
rocket mech and grab his Titan weapon after you do so.

Interact with the panel in here. Now make sure you have your Fusion ability 
unlocked before you go on to fight the final boss. You probably already have 
purchased this Fusion ability with your skill points, but if you haven't, or 
don't have enough, go to Echelon Mode and fight through a few waves of enemies 
first, because this final boss is going to be incredibly difficult if you 
don't have Fusion.

Fusion will allow you to revive yourself instantly, gives you unlimited ammo, 
and it also makes you invincible. You can purchase othe skills that will 
provide team advantages as well, such as healing all your teammates completely.

The final boss is a giant mech that flies around, shoots missiles, and also 
shoots lasers that result in being downed automatically. He has a shield as 
well, so you need to use your Xenotech weapon to deplete his shield. You have 
to deplete his shield a total of three times. After depleting his shield for 
the first time, you can keep attacking him until the first third of his health 
is depleted.

Once this happens, he will regenerate his shield and become tougher to fight. 
Resume the battle as normal once he returns. It is highly likely that you 
and your teammates will run out of ammunition for your Xenotech weapons. That 
is where Fusion comes in. Pressing "down" on the d-pad (hey, this counts for 
both PS3 and Xbox 360!), then you will have unlimited ammo for a bit, plus your
weapons will have their ammunition refilled.

Other than that, just keep at it and the final boss will eventually be felled. 
Good luck, and remember to play off each other's abilities. Like X-Men. Or 

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4. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Fuse for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! Please 
feel free to check out all my other content on Cheat Masters and GameFAQs!

Don't forget that if you have any other information you want to add to this 
guide that can help make it better, don't hesitate to contact me!