Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren’s Call Walkthrough

       Version 1.3 2/24/2014
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Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren’s Call
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2014

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Chapter 1: A Strange Package
  003b. Chapter 2: Meeting Calliope
  003c. Chapter 3: Murray’s Secret Chamber
  003d. Chapter 4: Breaching the Gate
  003e. Chapter 5: Finding the Hidden Passage
  003f. Chapter 6: Solving the Labyrinth
  003g. Chapter 7: Warning the Ship
  003h. Chapter 8: The Captain’s Cabin
  003i. Chapter 9: The Kitchen
  003j. Chapter 10: Getting Rid of Murray
  003k. Chapter 11: Freeing Calliope
004.  Collectibles
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called “Nightmares from 
the Deep: The Cursed Heart”. This walkthrough will work for 
the standard edition of the game and the collector’s 

Thanks to gnv for the picture of a siren, seen at the top 
of this guide.

002-Video Walkthrough

I made a video walkthrough for this game, which may be of 
help, because it is a visually-based medium, unlike this 
text-based guide.

The videos come complete with my live commentary.


To start the game, click on play. There are three 
difficulty modes.

004a-Chapter 1: A Strange Package

The game begins with an optional tutorial inside your 
office at a museum. It has been one year, since the events 
of the previous game.

Look on the desk and click on the video intercom to hear 
what the person has to say. Click on the green button on 
the intercom to unlock the door and let the person inside.

Go through the door, to the main room of the museum. Talk 
to the man. Since you have experience with Davy Jones, he 
wants you to open the package.

On the right here is a display case, containing three 
artifacts from the previous game. Your keys are also on the 
display case. Take the keys, then return to your office. 
Use the keys on the desk drawer to open it.

On the bottom shelf is a reddish/purple pamphlet. Pick it 
up to read it. Underneath is a pair of scissors. Pick them 
up, then return to the main room. Use the scissors on the 
package to open it.

The package has a box with a triangular lock. Take the 
triangular artifact from the display case, then use it on 
the box. This starts a three-part puzzle.

The first part of the puzzle involves swapping tiles. There 
are eight tiles here. Click on a tile to pick it up, then 
click on another tile to swap the two. Swap the tiles and 
form a picture of a town.

The next part involves sliding five tiles around, in a 
place with six spaces. Click on a tile, and it will slide 
into the empty space (if possible). You want to form a 
picture of a boat. At the end of the puzzle, the empty spot 
is in the lower/left.

The final part of the puzzle has six triangles. Click on a 
triangle, then click on one of the two adjacent triangles 
to swap them. Swap triangles to form a picture of a siren, 
caught in the net.

When you finish the puzzles, click the handle to open the 
box. The golden octopus is in here. Click on it to take it. 
Not long after, fishmen attack and steal it from you.

You wake up on a boat with the mysterious visitor, who is 
also revealed to be a fishman. Talk to him, and he says he 
needs your help to save Calliope and his town, from the 
grasp of the villainous Mayor Murray.

003b-Chapter 2: Meeting Calliope

You arrive in town to find an angry mob awaiting you. Grab 
an oar from the lower/right, then talk to Fishman. He runs 
inside the house. Follow after him.

Talk to Fishman, and he says to barricade the house. Click 
on the dresser twice to put it against the window. Use the 
oar on the other dresser to lift it up.

Talk to Fishman again. Someone sets a fire! Oh no. Open the 
cabinet on the left and use the oar to get the fire hose. 
On the right, there is a coat with a valve in the pocket. 
Take the valve and go outside.

See the red pump on the right, below the light? Zoom in on 
it. Use the hose and valve here, then spin the valve to 
turn it on. Go back inside the house and use the hose on 
the fire. You need to move the mouse around the screen so 
the hose’s water gets all of the fire.

Go to the front door to see the mob of angry fishmen if you 
want to, then go upstairs. Pull back the screen to see 
Calliope. She is a siren. Talk to her, and she explains 
that everyone in the town is cursed to be part human and 
part fish, as long as she is being held prisoner here.

If you can save Calliope, the town will revert to normal. 
It won’t be easy, though! You will need the golden octopus, 
and you will need twelve fish tokens. Calliope gives you 
one such token.

Go outside, through the right exit. Mayor Murray appears 
and uses the golden octopus to summon a kraken. The kraken 
hurts Fishman, and it takes Calliope.

Let’s help Fishman before going to save Calliope. Look at 
him to note that he’s wounded. You can now look at the area 
on the left to start a series of puzzles. You must find and 
use several items here.

The three items you can find at the beginning are the 
washcloth (on the mirror), the drawer handle (below the 
clock) and the black-and-white cube (above the poison jar). 
You can also find three shards of the mirror, which you can 
use on the mirror to get the time 4:15.

Use the drawer handle on the drawer on the left to find a 
pump. Use the pump on the perfume on the right, to clean 
off the dresser. Use the cloth to clean it off thoroughly, 
then open the dresser and put the black-and-white cube 

There are four cubes here. Click on them to rotate them. 
Your goal is to make a skull and crossed swords. This gives 
you tongs. Zoom in on the green poison jar. Remove the lid, 
then use the tongs to get a cross medal.

Flip over the bear leg (in the lower/left) to see an 
outline. Put the cross medal here to get a jewel. Zoom in 
on the statue head and put the jewel in the tiara to get 
clock hands. Use the clock hands on the clock, and set it 
to 4:15, the time on the mirror. You cannot do this, unless 
the mirror has been fixed.

Inserting the right time gives you half of caduceus. Put it 
on the first aid kit in the lower/left to get smelling 
salts. Use the smelling salts on Fishman to wake him up. He 
gives you a map of the town. This map can be used to 
teleport from place to place, and depending on which 
difficulty setting you are on, it shows the locations where 
you can perform actions.

Look out at the destroyed balcony. Mayor Murray is still 
here with his praetorians. Grab the wooden piece on the 
right and use it on the hatchet blade on the left for a 

Go downstairs. Clear away the debris by the front door to 
find a rope. Use the hatchet to destroy the wooden beams 
here, then look at the front door. Calliope is here. Use 
the rope here, to tie the carriage to the front door. Click 
on the rope to secure it.

Mayor Murray and the others leave. The door breaks, but the 
carriage containing Calliope remains solid. You walk 
outside to the town.

003c-Chapter 3: Murray’s Secret Chamber

There’s something under the drain here that you can’t 
reach, and there are buildings to the right. Go to the 
second-from-right building to see that it is a medical 
supply place.

At the bottom, there are two symbols on the left and two on 
the right. Click on the symbols to change them. You want to 
make it so the two symbols on the bottom, when layered over 
each other, form the symbol on the top.

When you solve the puzzle, you get some gauze. Return to 
Fishman and use the gauze on him. He thanks you and gives 
you his knife, to protect yourself.

Go back outside. Zoom in on the building to the right. Use 
your knife on the fishing rod to get a metal piece that is 
caught up in the wires. Knock on the door to the building 
to meet a blind man who wants rum.

Go forward, to the next part of the town. In the 
lower/right is a bicycle, covered by a large cloth. Take 
off the cloth. Remove the bike pedal, then remove the 
chain. Examine the gate to see Mayor Murray, leaving a 
hidden area.

After the scene, you look up. Take the loose bar from the 
gateway, then look at the box on the right. Put the bike 
chain and bike pedal here. This opens up the box. Look 
inside it to get an oil can.

The mechanism for the gate needs a gear and two metal 
parts. Look at the bicycle again, and use the oilcan on the 
gear, then pick it up. Go back a scene and look at the 
grate. Use the bar to pry the lid off, then shoo away the 
mouse and take the metal part.

Return to the gate and look at the mechanism. Press the up 
button, then put the two metal parts inside. Put the gear 
on for a puzzle. Swap gears, so that they match the 
background. For example, one gear is mostly blue, with 
purple on top. This goes in the top/left spot, where the 
background is blue with purple on top.

Get all the gears in place to solve the puzzle. The gate 
then opens. Go through the gate and look at Murray for 
another scene. He once again blocks your pathway, the 

This screen has the newspaper offices on the right. Look at 
the door and click on the doorknob to get a coin. Go left 
from this screen to see the statue with the hidden 
passageway that Murray used. Use your knife on the side of 
the statue several times to find the outline of the door.

Go right, and forward. On the right is a lighter dispenser; 
put your coin in the slot to open it. Take the wrench from 
the toolbox on the ground, then look at the crane 
mechanism. Unlock the cover by clicking on the fish, from 
smallest to largest. It looks like this machine works with 
hooks and levers and steam.

Go left to the dilapidated boat. Click on the covering 
several times to remove it. Click on the right hook to set 
it. Click on the fastener in the back to secure it, then 
click on the hook to set it. The final hook is loose, so we 
can’t set it now. Instead, open up the hatch and look 
inside the box within to get a half-circle.

Go backwards three times. A hidden objects scene is at the 
archway. To solve this challenge, find all the items that 
are on the list. Alternately, you can play a game of 
Mahjong, where you must match all of the golden tiles. You 
can switch back and forth between Mahjong and hidden 
objects, whenever you want.

Solving the hidden objects challenge gets you some lighter 
fluid. Go forward twice to the gate. Use the lighter fluid 
on the lighter, and it will work again.

At this point, you want to return to Fishman. Go backwards 
four screens, and up to the bedroom. He’s gone! He left 
behind a letter about the secret rebellion that he and the 
newspaper man have been working on. He left you a symbol, 
so you can get inside the rebellion HQ.

Look at the box by the bathtub. Use the circle half here to 
open it. Inside is gunpowder, and a picture of the hidden 
entrance to Murray’s lair.

Go to the statue. If you haven’t already, use your knife to 
outline the door. Use the gunpowder on the door, then use 
the lighter on the gunpowder to blow it open.

Look at the door. You have a puzzle, of putting the eight 
pieces where they belong. The eight pieces are all along 
the circular border, with four on the left and four on the 
right. Click on the blueish covers to remove them.

Once all the pieces are in place, you can go into Murray’s 
secret chamber. In here, you find a scared monkey. Behind a 
statue on the left, you find a tiles puzzle. On Murray’s 
throne, you can find a book which details his suspicions 
about Fishman, as well as a bottle of rum.

Before leaving the chamber, pull back the red blanket on 
the table. Aha! This is a Davy Jones chest, just like in 
Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart. If you give 
twelve tokens to the dwarf guarding the chest, you can open 
it and undo the curse. Every time you give the dwarf a 
token, it tells you about Mayor Murray and the town.

003d-Chapter 4: Breaching the Gate

Go back to the town square and look at the building on the 
right. Give your rum to the blind man, and he lets you 
inside the tavern. Go inside and talk to him to learn about 
the town. After he tells the story, he gives you a photo. 

There are several things to do in the tavern. Examine the 
row of glasses, hanging from the ceiling in the 
upper/right. Push them all aside, then click on the mermaid 
to get a golden fish token.

At the bar is a hidden objects challenge. Go through it to 
get a banana. Then, look at the back wall for a puzzle. In 
this puzzle, you must find the nine missing items and put 
them where they go. They are found here:

1. Pull up the anchor on the left piece.
2. Open the barrel lid on the left piece.
3. Get the bow of the ship on the left piece.
4. Examine the driftwood on the middle piece.
5. Get the boat on the middle piece.
6. Examine the rock on the middle piece.
7. Open the window on the right piece.
8. Get the fish on the right piece.
9. Move the net on the right piece.

Put all the pieces where they belong, in order the 
newspaper key. You also have a book you can read. Go to the 
promenade and use the newspaper key on the door to the 
right to enter the newspaper office.

It’s dark here. Use the lighter on the desk to the right 
for a hidden objects challenge. Solve it to get a light 
bulb. Use the light bulb on the ceiling lamp to light up 
the room.

Look at the stove and take the coal. Open up the stove to 
find a doll and burnt newspaper. There is a printing press 
on the right that you cannot use yet, and on the back wall 
are photos.

Use your photo on the back wall. You want to move the 
twelve photos around, to form a collage of sorts. The 
anchor is in the lower/right, the bottom row is purple, the 
shipwreck is in the upper/left, and the upper/right is 

Solving the puzzle causes an indentation to appear. Put the 
rebel symbol in the indentation to open the way to the 
rebel hideout.

Go to the hideout and use the lighter on the lantern to 
light it. Oh dear! The newspaper man is dead!

Look under the bed for a crank handle. Pull up the loose 
floorboards and look inside the box to get a wind-up key. 
Then, look at the dead newspaper man. Use the windup key to 
open his box. You get a signet ring and a fish token. If 
you read his notes on the board, it seems he was planning 
on printing something.

Look at the bookshelves for another scene, in which items 
are used on each other. Take the book symbol (in the 
upper/left) and use it on the red book in the lower/right 
for a handle. Use this on the letterpress on the lower/left 
to get a knife.

Use the knife on the handle sticking out of the 
lower/right. Use this on the mallet on the top shelf. Move 
aside the books in the upper/right, then use the mallet on 
the hole in the wall to find a box.

The box has six tiles. Click on a tile to change it. You 
want to change all the tiles to form a picture of a sea 
serpent. When that’s done, you get a key and fonts.

Use the key on the locked box in the upper/left to get ink. 
Take the paper from the envelope in the lower/right. Look 
at the letterpress in the lower/left. Use the fonts here, 
then use the ink on the fonts. Put the paper there and use 
the press to get the code 247. Use that on the box right of 
the letterpress to get bolts.

We’re done here for now! Go to Murray’s secret chamber. Use 
the banana on the monkey, and it moves aside so you can get 
a metal glove. Give two fish tokens to the chest.

Head to the dilapidated boat. Remember how one hook was 
broken? Use the bolts on that hook, then use the wrench to 
tighten them. Use the hook here, to have all three hooks in 

Go right. The crane machine has three green lights, 
indicating all three hooks are in place. Use coal here to 
put it down, then use the metal glove to open the furnace. 
Use the shovel to get all the coal in the furnace. Raise 
the lever to lift the boat, then put in the crank and use 
it. The crane swings the boat around and smashes it into 
the gate, so you can go through.

003e-Chapter 5: Finding the Hidden Passage

Mayor Murray has halted for a moment, to look at something. 
Click on the telescope to set it up. Look through it to see 
that a ship is approaching. Murray must be planning on 
using the Kraken!

As Murray leaves, Fishman appears and gets hit. Go forward 
to Fishman and click on him to rescue him. He tells you 
that you must follow Murray, using the hidden passage under 
the fountain. Also, he gives you a toy soldier, for use in 
the pawn shop. The pawn shop owner is also a member of the 
rebel group.

Step backwards, then go towards the fountain. Remove the 
cloth from the cart on the right to find a box. Use the 
dagger to open it and find a fish token. Go backwards, then 
use the cloth on the entrance of the pawn shop to get 

Examine the pawn shop’s desk drawer. Use the signet ring to 
open it and find a wheel. On the desk is a decoding puzzle 
that we can’t solve yet. On the table in the back, behind a 
photograph, is part of a printing plate. Return to the 
fountain and use the wheel on the covered-up building on 
the left to lift the cover.

You have a hidden objects challenge. Find all the parts of 
the doll, then return to the pawn shop. Look at the wall of 
dolls, in the back. Take the tongs, then put your dolls 
here. You have a challenge: arrange the dolls so each row 
and column has no duplicate dolls. There are multiple 
solutions. One solution is:


Solving the puzzle opens an area where you must find and 
use objects. Take the cross from on top of the red box, 
take the rag from on top of the TV, and take the cutter 
next to the TV.

Use the cross on the cabinet to get the gloves and the 
syringe. Turn off the water in the sink and use the rag 
here to get the extension cord. Use the cutter on the 
dryer’s tape to get a wrench.

Use the wrench on the red box to remove the bolt. Take off 
the cover and use the syringe to get a syringe full of 
acid. Use the syringe on the lock on the freezer. Open the 
freezer and use the gloves to remove the block of ice.

Look at the microwave. Use the extension cord to plug it 
in, then put the ice inside. Melt the ice to get a crank. 
Use the crank on the radio to get three numbers. Insert 
those numbers into the telephone to get a key. Use the key 
on the locked cabinet to get a blowtorch.

Return to the fountain. Talk to Fishman; he confirms that 
there is a hidden passage under the fountain. Zoom in on 
it. Play with the debris on the right and a crab appears. 
Use the tongs to get the bottle behind the crab. Inside the 
bottle is the fountain key.

Use the fountain key on the fountain, then zoom in for a 
puzzle. This is a “repeat the pattern puzzle”. You must 
click on the fish and repeat the pattern five times. If you 
need to restart, click the button in the middle.

Solving the puzzle opens the fountain. Look inside to find 
the hatch which leads to the hidden passage. Use the 
blowtorch here, then open the hatch. Go through it to the 

003f-Chapter 6: Solving the Labyrinth

The door ahead is locked. Look at the bookshelf to the 
right for a blunderbuss lock. Take it, then look at the 
table. Take the map of this area, then use the blunderbuss 
lock on the lock. Following the instructions on the table 
here, build the blunderbuss by putting all the pieces 
together. When that’s done, put in the gunpowder, then the 
bullet, then the ramrod.

You end up with a working blunderbuss. Use it on the lock 
of the exit door to open it. Go to the next room. On the 
right is some tar. Use your knife on the tar to get it in a 
bucket, then do the hidden objects challenge on the left 
for bellows.

The exit to this room requires a skull. Go back a room, 
then look at the kitchen. Zoom in on the stove. The skull 
is here! Click on it, and hornets appear. Use the bellows 
on them to get rid of them, so you can get the skull and 
read the book.

Open up the pot on the counter. Inside the pot are several 
coins. Find them all, then click the pouch to pick them up.

Go forward a room, to the catacombs. Use your skull on the 
door for a puzzle. In this puzzle, you move pieces around 
so each skull has two eyes of the same color. To do this, 
move the dark grey piece, the red piece, the gray piece, 
the blue piece, the yellow piece, the purple piece, the 
green piece and the orange piece.

Solving the puzzle opens the door to the next room. This 
area is dark, but you can remove the boards on the left to 
get the gas cylinder.

Go back to the tavern. Do the hidden objects challenge for 
a baseball bat, then look at the cash register. Use the 
cash register tokens here for a puzzle. You want to move 
the pieces around, so they make sense. The location of the 
red and blue columns is indicated by the lines on top.

Head    1  10   100
Tail    2  20   200
Circle  3  head tail

Solving the puzzle gets you a decoder and part of a 
printing plate. Leave the tavern. By the archway, you have 
a hidden objects challenge. Solve it to get a comb.

Go forward three times, to the pawnshop area. Zoom in on 
the front window, which has a display. Use the comb on the 
wig to get hair. Go inside the pawnshop and look on top of 
the desk, at the papers with symbols. Use the decoder on 
the papers.

This is a puzzle. Find all the matching pairs. There are 
three symbols which do not have matches. Solve the puzzle 
twice for a strange code.

Return to the underground area and go to the kitchen. The 
piece of paper on the counter says how to make a torch. 
Look in the oven, then use the gas cylinder here. Click on 
the line to attach it. Turn the knob on the stove, then use 
the lighter to light the gas. Put the pot of tar on the 
stove, then put the baseball bat in the tar. Use the hair 
on the bat, then use the lighter on the bat. Viola! A 

Go forward twice to the labyrinth. Use the secret code on 
the screen here, to see what the symbols are. Use the torch 
to light up the screen. You want to go through the 
passageways which are labeled with symbols identical to 
those on your paper. The correct solution has you going 
straight, right, straight, left, right and straight.

003g-Chapter 7: Warning the Ship

You’re at the ship cemetery! Examine the fence at the back 
to see that it is electric. Take the hook here and use it 
on the fence to get the screwdriver. Use the screwdriver on 
the fuse box to the right for a puzzle. With this puzzle, 
rotate the fuses so all the lights are lit. This overloads 
the fuse box, deactivating the electric fence.

Fishman returns as you go to the gate. He wants to get the 
cursed chest and bring it to Murray’s cabin in the ship 
here. Go forward through the gate to the foyer. Talk to the 
ghost here and it leaves.

This area is too dark to see properly Take the starter cord 
on the left, then look at the broken chandelier. A tube is 
on it, as well as a corkscrew. Take the corkscrew, and look 
at the electrical mechanism. Take the empty fuel can.

Go back a screen, then zoom in on the area to the left. Use 
the corkscrew to open the fuel tank. Put the fuel can on 
the barrel, then use the tube to get fuel in the can. Go 
forward and look at the electrical mechanism. Fill it with 
fuel, pull the starter cord, replace the starter cord, then 
pull the starter cord multiple times to light up the area.

Look at the desk on the right. It has a red book on it. 
Take the book and return to the underground chamber. Use it 
on the bookshelf here for a puzzle. Put all the books in 
place to form a picture. This gives you a fish token.

Return to the foyer. Examine the exit, at the top of the 
screen. This starts a hidden objects challenge on the left. 
Find all the clothing to improvise a rope. Use the rope on 
the exit to escape to the next room.

The ghost is here, too. This room has three wires. One is 
on the ground, and another is inside the cabinet with a 
harpoon gun that you can pick up. The final cord is on the 
control desk.

Zoom in on the control desk and open the panel door to the 
right. Use the cords here for a puzzle. Move them around, 
so they duplicate the picture on the right. The location of 
the pieces is randomized.

Solving the puzzle lets you contact the nearby ship. It 
seems the kraken has already attack it! Oh dear. Take the 
fish token here, then open the box for a diamond. Use the 
diamond on the glass to the right, so you can enter the 
passenger’s cabin.

Talk to the ghost, a Mr. Robertson, to learn that he is not 
hostile. Pull aside the carpet to see the entrance to the 
room below. Click on the bedsheets to improvise another 
rope, and use it here so you can climb down to Murray’s 

003h-Chapter 8: The Captain’s Cabin

Look at the table for a token. The map here shows that the 
kraken has a limited range, which is why Murray hasn’t used 
it as often as he would like to. Examine the desk to the 
right for a drawer handle. Read the book to find part of 
the printing plate.

Go back to the foyer. Use the handle on the drawer on the 
right. Inside is a list of passengers and lockers. Return 
to the passenger’s cabin and look at the locker (on the 
upper bunk). You want to get the locker numbers to equal 
the numbers in the book.

8 + 5 = 13
9 – 1 = 8
3 * 7 = 21
6 / 2 = 3

Solving this challenge gets you a hidden objects challenge. 
Solve it for some printing ink.

Time to go back into town, for the last time. Return to 
Mayor Murray’s secret chamber. Fishman has already take the 
cursed chest. If you haven’t already done so, click on the 
statue on the back wall to reveal the mermaid picture. Use 
your tile here for a puzzle. Move all of the pieces around 
to form a picture of the mermaid. There is a border running 
along the outside edge. Solving the puzzle opens a 
compartment with a book and a stone ring.

Go outside and solve the hidden objects challenge for a 
sledgehammer. Go into the newspaper man’s building, then 
downstairs to the hidden area. You have all three parts of 
the printing plate, so look at the plate on the board above 
the desk. Use the parts here for a puzzle.

It’s a jigsaw puzzle. Put all the pieces together to form a 
picture. When you’re done, you have a completed plate. Go 
upstairs and solve the hidden objects challenge for some 
insulating tape.

Look at the printing press on the right. Use the insulating 
tape on the broken wires, and use the printing ink on the 
container in the upper/right. Put the printing plate in the 
press, then spin the wheel. You get a ring pattern.

Before leaving town, go to the fountain and do the hidden 
objects for a stethoscope.

Go to the passenger’s cabin. Use the sledgehammer on the 
dresser three times, then pry the knob out of the corpse’s 
hand. Go back a room, then use the knob and stethoscope on 
the safe. You have a puzzle, to determine what the safe 
combination is. The solution is 648507.

Return to the captain’s cabin. Fishman is here to talk to 
you. Give any golden fish tokens you may have to the chest, 
then look at the exit door. Use the ring and the ring 
pattern here for a puzzle.

Part one of the puzzle is rotating the three rings, so they 
match the pattern. It makes a difference if you rotate them 
clockwise or counter-clockwise. Part two of the puzzle is 
flipping tiles over, so they match the pictures.

The upper/right tiles are the kraken’s tentacles, and the 
upper/left tiles are a flying fish. The lower/left tiles 
are the siren over a fish, while the lower/right tiles are 
Mayor Murray over a shell.

Solving the puzzle opens the door to the prison.

003i-Chapter 9: The Kitchen

You arrive at the prison, just in time to see Mayor Murray 
take Calliope upstairs. Talk to Fishman, and he offers to 
disguise himself as a praetorian to help your cause. First, 
you need to find him a praetorian’s uniform.

Solve the hidden objects screen here to get a chain. Go up 
to the storeroom. Remove the three dust covers here, then 
look below the chair on the left to get a chain. Use one 
chain on the statue and one chain on the exit door. Tie the 
chains together, then push the statue away, to the bottom 
floor. This causes the ladder to the kitchen to appear.

Go up to the kitchen. Look at the table on the left to find 
two keys, on top of a book. Look at the stove area to the 
right. Use your knife on the can on the right to get a 
coffee symbol.

Look at the door in the back. A praetorian is there. Pull 
aside the eye covering to see its face. The praetorian 
demands that you make him coffee. You decide to make coffee 
laced with sleeping potion.

Open the door on the right for a hidden objects challenge. 
Solving it gives you a pair of shears. Return to the 
catacombs. Use the shears on the green ivy on the ground to 
get a flower stalk, then solve the hidden objects challenge 
to get pliers. After this, go to the passenger’s cabin, and 
solve the hidden objects challenge there for a teacup.

Go to the prison. Check out the ruins of the statue you 
destroyed in order to find three gold flakes. Look at the 
locked prison door in the back. Use your keys to open it, 
then look under the pillows to find an ice pick.

Go up to the storeroom. Use a key on the medical bag on the 
left, then flip open the locks to get hydrogen peroxide. On 
the right, use the pliers to remove the crate lid. Use the 
knife to remove the lid of the coffee container and take 
the coffee beans inside. Use the coffee symbol on the small 
box to get a coffee grinder.

Zoom in on the table with the instructions for sleeping 
powder. Put down the hydrogen peroxide, the golden flecks 
and the flower stalk. To make the sleeping powder, follow 
the instructions in the book.

First, put the charcoal on the burner. Put the golden 
flecks on the charcoal and turn the dial on the burner to 
melt them. Use the spoon to put the gold stuff in the 
mortar. Use tweezers to put three flower stalks in the 
mortar, and put the hydrogen peroxide in the mortar.

Use the pestle to grind the mortar. Pour the mixture into 
the beaker, then use the tongs to remove the charcoal. Put 
the beaker on the burner, then use the sieve on it to get 
the sleeping powder. Wrap it up, then take it with you.

Now go to the stove area. There are instructions on the 
wall which describe how to make coffee. Remove the lid of 
the teapot, and use the ice pick on the ice. Put the ice in 
the teapot. Use your grinder on the grinder here, to 
replace it. Put beans in the grinder, then grind them.

Put the teacup here. Put the ground beans into the cup, 
then pour water from the teacup. Add the sleeping powder.

Now that you have spiked coffee, go to the back door and 
give it to the guard. The guard then leaves.

003j-Chapter 10: Getting Rid of Murray

Go forward to see Murray take Calliope to his apartment. He 
leaves two praetorians on guard, while he sends the others 
to prepare for the upcoming attack on the passenger ship.

Go right, to the quarters. The praetorian who drank the 
spiked coffee is sleeping here. Take the uniform from the 
chair, then look at the seahorse in the back. Use your 
knife on the eye to remove it. Also in this room is a 
locked chest and a piranha tank.

Return to the prison. Give the uniform to Fishman, and he 
disguises himself. Use the eye on the casket here for a 
fish token, and solve the hidden objects challenge for an 
insignia. Then, go up to the yard. Talk to Fishman, and he 
gets rid of the two praetorian guards.

Talk to Fishman again. He opens the doors to the outside 
area. Go there and take the chest panel from the tree 
branches. Go back and right to the quarters. Use the chest 
panel on the chest to open it. Read the letter, then use 
the sticky resin on the glass plates three times to form a 
circular stained glass disk.

Go to the yard and zoom in on the back of the carriage. Use 
the insignia here for a puzzle. With this puzzle, parts of 
the picture change. A sound (and some sparkles) accompanies 
every change. Find all eleven changes to finish the puzzle.

Solving the puzzle gets you a letter describing Murray’s 
plans, and an elevator emblem. Zoom in on the door that 
Murray went through. Open up the elevator panel and put the 
emblem inside. Use it, then open the elevator doors and go 
up to Murray’s apartment.

Murray is interrogating Calliope. Take the keys to the 
treasury, then go back to the yard. Look at the treasury 
door on the left. Remove the bar, then use the key on the 
padlock. Remove the padlock and go in the treasury for a 

With this puzzle, your first step is to find all four 
flamingo parts. One is on the cage and one is on the 
treasure chest at the bottom. The other two are on 
branches. Put them all on the flamingo outline in the 
bottom/left to get a wing and a cane.

Inside the tree trunk is a key, protected by a mousetrap. 
Use the cane on the mousetrap, then pick up the key. Use 
the key on the chest in the lower/right to get a wing.

Zoom in on the bird cage and use both wings on the owl to 
open the cage and get a trophy fish. Pull the lever on the 
tree trunk to reveal a trophy base. Use the fish on the 
base to get a lockpick. Use the lockpick on the small chest 
on the left for a cracker.

Use the cracker on the biggest parrot, which is on the 
right side of the tree. The parrot steps aside. Grab the 
parrot’s feather and use it on the design to find an idol.

Mayor Murray hears the parrots screeching and comes to 
investigate. Fishman shuts the doors behind Murray, 
trapping him inside. Talk to Fishman, then click on the 
door to bar it. Now that Murray is trapped, all we have to 
do is find the remaining fish tokens!

003k-Chapter 11: Freeing Calliope

Go to the kitchen. Use your idol on the hanging idol house 
on the left for a gold fish token. Solve the hidden objects 
challenge for some meat.

Go to Murray’s apartment and talk to Calliope. Look at the 
golden octopus to find a lever. Use the lever on the hole 
in the pillar, then pull the lever to create a pathway to 
the gong.

Go upstairs to the going. Look on top of the small table to 
find a wooden seal. The kraken is very close to destroying 
the ship now! Look at the right part on the gong, and move 
the red stuff aside to find a clock face and a note from 

Go downstairs. Look at the fireplace for a poker. Move 
aside the ashes to find materials written by Murray. Use 
the wooden seal on the cabinet to the right for a hidden 
objects challenge. Solve it to get the gong pieces.

Go back up to the gong. Use the pieces on the gong for a 
three part puzzle. In the first part, form a picture of 
Calliope by moving pieces left and right. Click on a piece, 
then click on one of the adjacent pieces to swap them.

In the second part, click on a piece, then click on another 
piece to swap the two. Form a picture of the kraken’s 

In the final part, rotate the discs. The kraken’s head is 
on the left, as you can see, and Calliope should go face 
up. Solving the puzzle gets you a pearl.

Time to round up all the remaining fish tokens. Go to the 
sleeping quarter, and use the meat on the piranha tank. 
This distracts the fish. Use the poker on the fish token 
here to get it.

Go to the foyer and solve the hidden objects challenge for 
clock hands. Use the clock face and clock hands here. Now, 
adjust the times on the clocks, so the time is 10:16:37. 
The upper/left clock controls the hour, the upper/right 
clock controls the minutes, and the two lower clocks 
control the second hand.

Solving the puzzle gets you a golden fish token. Go to the 
yard, and Fishman finds a token hanging from a pouch. Use 
the harpoon on the pouch to get the token.

Almost done! Return to the captain’s cabin. Use the stained 
glass disk on the window for a puzzle. With this puzzle, 
rotate all of the discs to form a complete picture. When 
you’re done, a spot on the floor is highlighted. Use the 
knife here twice to find a can. Open it for a fish token.

Use all of your fish tokens on the chest. That makes twelve 
tokens in total! Put the pearl on the chest and it opens. 
You can now take the conch shell.

Return to the yard. Oh no! Mayor Murray has escaped! Go to 
the apartment! Oh no! Mayor Murray took Calliope! Talk to 
Fishman, then go upstairs to the gong. Use the knife on the 
ropes binding Calliope to cut them, then give Calliope the 
conch shell. She uses it to stop Mayor Murray for good.


The game has three types of hidden items you can find.

Brass Seahorses

1. Ring the bell at the promenade to make a seahorse appear 
beneath the bell.
2. Hit the fish sign at the promenade to make a seahorse 
3. Inside the cover on the dilapidated ship.
4. Hit the shield in Murray’s secret chamber.
5. Spin the wheel in the newspaper office to make a 
seahorse appear by the desk.
6. Click on the trashcan in the newspaper office to get it.
7. Inside the left vase, at the foyer.

Golden Octopi

1. On the post at the square.
2. To the right of the archway.
3. On the shoulder of the statue of Mayor Murray.
4. Above the window, on the right of the gate.
5. On a roof beam, at the tavern.
6. On a sunken ship, at the street.
7. On a house at the fountain.
8. On a plate on a shelf at the pawn shop.
9. Under the bats in the catacombs.
10. On a ship on the right, at the ship cemetery.
11. Above the clock at the foyer.
12. Right of the door at the bridge.
13. On the ladder at the passenger cabin.
14. On the top floor of the prison.
15. In the upper/right corner of the storeroom.
16. Above the stove in the kitchen
17. In the yard, above the entranceway on the right.
18. On the upper bunk in the quarters.
19. Above the fireplace in Murray’s apartment

Silver Parrots. These will appear and disappear at random. 
Click on them when they appear!

1. On a roof beam, in the bedroom.
2. On an anchor to the left, at the square.
3. On a barrel to the left, at the archway.
4. On top of a post to the right, at the statue.
5. On the left part of the roof, at the gate.
6. On the shoulder of the left statue, in Murray’s secret 
7. On the right shelf of the newspaper man’s hideout.
8. On a stand to the left, at the fountain.
9. On the jar to the left of the pawn shop.
10. On a roof beam, at underground.
11. Above the boat on the left, at the catacombs.
12. On the left ship, at the ship cemetery.
13. Beneath the open drawer of the passenger cabin.
14. On a beam in the storeroom.
15. On a table in the kitchen.
16. On the left side of the yard, among the plant life.
17. Above the piranha tank in the quarters.
18. On a beam, right of the gong.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2014.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).