Activision Anthology PS2 Cheats

       Unlock Beamrider Patch
To do this, score 2500 on game 8.

Unlock Crackpots Patch
To unlock the Crackpots Patch, score 17,500 or more.

Unlock Bronze Match for Decathalon
To unlock the Bronze Match, score 8000 (single player).

Unlock Bungee Mode for Crackpots
To unlock Bungee Mode, score over 25,000 points.

Unlock Silver Match for Decathalon
To unlock the Silver Match, score 9000 (single player).

Unlock Warped Mode for Dolphin
To unlock Warped Mode, score 10,000.

Unlock Dolphin Secret Society Patch
To earn the Secret Society patch, score 25,000.

Unlock Frostbite Patch
To unlock the Patch, score 12,000.

Unlock Grand Prix Commercial
To unlock th Grand Prix commercial, earn a time of under 45 seconds in Game 1.

Unlock Freeway Patch
To get the Freeway Patch, score 10 points in Game 3 or 7.

Unlock Dolphin Patch
To unlock, score 15,000 or more.

Unlock Gold Match for Decathalon
To unlock the Gold Match, score 9400 (single player).

Unlockable List
Complete the listed objective to obtain the unlockable.

    * Barnstorming Patch: Get under 00:55 on Game Three.
    * Barnstorming Commercial: Get under 00:34 on Game One.
    * Chopper Command Motion blur mode: Earn 6,000 points.
    * Decathlon Bronze patch: Earn 8,000 points (single player).
    * Dolphin Secret Society patch: Earn 25,000 points.
    * Grand Prix Patch: Get under 00:35 in Game One, under 01:00 in Game Two, 01:30 in Game Three, or 02:30 in Game Four.
    * Ice Hockey Patch: Win a game against the AI.
    * Kabobber Commercial: Earn 10,000 points.
    * Kaboom Commercial: Earn 150 points.
    * Kaboom Patch: Earn 200 points.
    * H.E.R.O. Disco mode: Earn 25,000 points.
    * H.E.R.O. Patch: Earn 75,000 points.
    * Keystone Kapers Patch: Earn 10,000 points.
    * Laser Blast Commercial: Lose all your lives.
    * Laser Blast Patch: Earn 10,000 points.
    * Laser Blast 1,000,000 Patch: Earn 100,000 points.
    * Megamania Starfield mode: Earn 5,000 points.
    * Megamania Commercial: Earn 15,000 points.
    * Megamania Patch: Earn 45,000 points.
    * Moonsweeper Hyperspace mode: Earn 1,000 points.
    * Oink! Patch: Earn 5,000 points in Game One.
    * Pitfall Commercial: Earn 12,000 points.
    * Pitfall Patch: Earn 20,000 points.
    * Pitfall 2 Cube mode: Earn 45,000 points.
    * Pitfall 2 Patch: Earn 99,000 points.
    * Plaque Attack Whirl mode: Earn 7,500 points.
    * Plaque Attack Patch: Earn 10,000 points.
    * Pressure Cooker Patch: Earn 15,000 points.
    * Private Eye Patch: Begin Case Three.
    * River Raid Cloud cover mode: Earn 4,000 points.
    * River Raid Commercial: Earn 8,000 points.
    * River Raid Patch: Earn 12,000 points.
    * River Raid 2 Ricochet mode: Earn 16,000 points.
    * Robot Tank Breathing mode: Take out 37 enemy tanks.
    * Robot Tank Patch: Take out 48 enemy tanks.
    * Seaquest Patch: Earn 35,000 points.
    * Skiing Commercial: Finish Game One in under 00:35.
    * Skiing Patch: Finish Game Three in under 00:32.
    * Skyjinks Patch: Finish Game One in 00:37.
    * Space Shuttle Patch: Successfully launch into space.
    * Space Shuttle Commander patch: Successfully dock.
    * Spider Fighter Patch: Unlocks when timer reaches 300 (sec.).
    * Spider Fighter Tilt-o-vision mode: Unlocks when timer reaches 180 (sec.).
    * Stampede Multi-screen mode: Earn 1,500 in Game One.
    * Stampede Commercial: Earn 1,000 points in Game Two.
    * Stampede Patch: Earn, 1,500 points.
    * StarMaster Commercial: Unlocks when timer reaches 300 (sec.) on Ensign.
    * StarMaster Ensign patch: Unlocks when timer reaches 120 (sec.).
    * StarMaster Leader patch: Unlocks when timer reaches 300 (sec.).
    * StarMaster Wing Commander patch: Unlocks when timer reaches 180 (sec.).
    * StarMaster Supreme StarMaster patch: Unlocks when timer reaches 220 (sec.).
    * Tennis Patch: Win one match against the AI.
    * Tennis Commercial: Win one match against the AI. 

Unlock Motion Blur Mode for Choplifter
To unlock Motion Blur, score at least 6000 points.

Unlock Chopper Command Commercial
To unlock the Chopper Command commercial, score at least 4000 while playing that game.

Unlock Disco Mode for Atlantis
To unlock Disco Mode, score more than 30,000 points in the game.

Unlock Boxing Commercial
To unlock a Boxing Commercial, simply win a match when playing against the computer.

Unlock Chopper Command Patch
To unlock the Patch for Chopper Command, get a score of 8000 or more.

Unlock Vertical Hold Mode for Frostbite
To unlock Vertical Hold Mode in Frostbite, score 4000 or more points in a game.

Unlock Ice Hockey Commercial
To unlock the Ice Hockey commercial, score a goal on the opposition with your goaltender.

Unlock Dragster Patch
To get a Patch for Dragster, finish with a time of less than 6.5 seconds.

Unlock Enduro Patch
To unlock the Enduro Patch, drive over 250 miles.

Unlock Distortion Filter for Fishing Derby
To unlock Distortion for Fishing, simply beat the computer in a match of the Derby.

Unlock Freeway Commercial
To unlock the Freeway Commercial, earn 30 points or more in Game 1.