Bejeweled Twist: FAQ/Walkthrough

Bejeweled Twist
Copyright 2010
By Domenic V.
Version 1.0
This file is copyright, 2010 Domenic V. All rights reserved
Table Of Contents

1.Version History
5.Gem Types
6.Game Modes
9.Extras&Goodies (coming soon)
10.FAQs (coming soon)
1.Version History

Version 1.0
-Submitted on Friday, July 30, 2010
-Completed intro, controls, overview, gem types, and game modes
-Completed part of the walkthrough
-Opened the FAQs section for questions

Ok, I'm racefreak10, and you may already know me, but I highly doubt it. This
is a walkthrough fo Bejeweled Twist, and I hope it helps you. I also hope you
enjoy it. There will be great detail on all the different gems, modes, and
whatever else. So far, I only have aknowledgements for myself. I used no other
walkthroughs, and all of this game was completed by me. I will accept any
E-mails on comments, I will post questions, and I will accept any info
(complete aknowledgement to the sender) on the game, if I haven't already, or
don't plan to put it in. You can contact me via E-mail at race.freak.lvl. (yes, I know it's long). Ok, that's it, and I also have one
huge aknowledgement for Popcap games, for creating Bejeweled twist, and all
of those other great games they've created.

Ok, as the name says, these are the controls for Bejeweled twist
-Twisting=to twist, you tap in the center of four gems to highlight them. Tap
them again to twist all for of them (always twists clockwise)
-Choose world (challenge only)=simply tap once, and it will give you
information on the challenge. Then tap the checkmark
Now a little control for the walkthrough. Press ctrl+f, and type in the
section as written in the table of contents. It will automatically jump to
that section in the walkthrough. If you are looking for help in Challeng,
then do the same, and type in the world you need info on

Ok, when you play for the first time, it will ask you to enter a name. Then it
will take you to the main menu. In the main menu, you will see 5 options
-High scores-View the high scores, which consist if your own, and the
computers high scures for classic and blitz. You can also view your personal
high scores of gems destroyed in one move, points scored in one move, and
-Options-Switch your options from single to double touch, chose how loud
music and sound effects are, and view the game credits
-How to play-Tells you basic instructions on how to play Bejeweled twist
-Change user-create a new file, or choose from your already existing ones
-Play-Get right into the game and start matching those gems!
5.Gem Types

Here are the different types of gems that you will find in Bejeweled twist.
There are power gems, and evil gems
-Flame gem
To create a flame gem, you must match 4 gems in a row, or intersect two
matches of 3 (T, L, +)
Look at it like this

    G  GG

Flip the center of the two on the left, and voila! You have a flame gem!
-Lightning gem
To create a lightning gem, you have to match 5 gems in a row, in any way you
can think of
Look at it this way

    GG  GG

Take the 2 vertical gems, and spin them, making a simple lightning gem. A
strategy to creating multiple flame and lightning gems is this
L=Lightning gem

       G  G
       G  G
       G  G
       G  G

That's for multiple flame gems

       G  G
       G  G
       G  G
       G  G
       G  G

And there you have your multiple lightning gems. To make more, just add more
gems to the line.
The most powerful gem in the entire game. I have only ever created one once,
and I can't remember how I did it, so I'm very sorry that I can't put in a
diagram. However, I may be able to put in a diagram in a future update.
I can show you a diagram of what it does though. It acts as a flame and
lightning gem combined
S=Matched supernova gem


Now, most likely, the easiest way to get a fruit gem is to go to Zen mode.
Then, you need to constantly make consecutive matches, so that you multiplier
goes up (if you wait a moment, it will show you a move on the board). When you
complete the multiplier at ten, do it again, and the multiplier will start
turning rainbow colours. At the end of that, a randomly coloured fruit gem
will appear on your board. The multiplier will go back to the beggining of
ten, with one point already on it (if you make a non-matching move, the
multiplier will go back to the beggining of the level it's on, or down a
level. You cannot go down a level from 1). I like to make a bunch of fruit
gems, and then detonate them all, trying to get the mega fruit bonus. In the
extras&goodies section, I will provide info on it.

-Bomb gems
These gems will appear at level 3 during classic. Try your best to detonate it
before the timer runs out. If the timer does run out, you will be shown a
defusing wheel. Every time you let the timer come down to zero, two more gems
will turn to skull gems on the wheel. If you get a normal gem, then you're
safe, and the bomb gem will explode. If you land on a skull gem, then it's
game over. You can destroy bomb gems by matching them, or blowing them up with
any type of power gem

-Locked gem
Although you cannot move a locked gem, you can still destroy it by matching it
up, or wrecking it with a power gem. These gems will pop up in level 7 of
classic mode

-Doom gem
Ah, the horrible, terrible doom gem. It is not possible to match this
nuisance, and it ticks down once for every move you make that doesn't match.
It will appear in level 13 of classic, and if it hits zero, it's an automatic
game over. Plus (as if that weren't enough), it cannot be moved, like a locked
gem. The only way to take this bad boy down is to smash it with power gems

Ok, coal kinda fits into both categories (sort of), but here is it's info. A
coal gem can only be destroyed by flame and lightning. When you destroy a
coal' it produces points.

This isn't the most accurate. I have seen bomb gems in level 2, and locked
gems in level 4. So don't complain
6.Game Modes

Here are all 4 of the game modes you can play in Bejeweled twist
-Classic-Here, you come across levels of increasing difficulty, escalating
until you can't take it anymore. Not easy to get the fruit gem here
-Zen-Play through endless amounts of levels, creating power and fruit gems,
free from all evil gems, coals to collect points from. Technically a gem
-Challenge-Unlocks after you have reached the third rank. Consists of 13
different worlds, each consisting of 8 challenges. Can you beat them all?
-Blitz-Unlocks after you reach or beat level ten in classic. Gives you 5
minutes to get as many points as possible. Strategy: Match as quickly as
possible, and try to get lots of flame and lightning gems.

These are the rankings you can achieve by collecting stars while playing

Default rank-Graduate
2nd rank-Junior Rotator
3rd rank-Rotator
4th rank-Senior Rotator
5th rank-Spinner

More rankings coming in the next update

Finally! It is the walkthrough! What we've all been waiting for! I will now
take you on a trip of how to beat the game


You will start off at level zero, and there will be no evil gems or anything,
so have fun! As you progress, the bomb gem, and coals will appear. Wreak coals
for the extra points, and destroy bomb gems ASAP (as soon as possible). Now, as
you get further along, you will see locked gems. You can take your time with
the locks, but those bombs are still problems. Eventually, you will come across
doom gems. Those are a huge pain. Destroy those quickly, but not before bomb
gems. Soon, the timers on bomb and doom gems will go down and down, making it
harder and harder to detonate them. Soon, it will come to the point where it's
impossible to survive


There really is no walkthrough for Zen, because it's just endless worlds of
simple worlds with nothing to stop you, so you can do whatever you want in
this mode


In Blitz, try to match gems as quickly as possible, hopefully getting speed
bonuses to help you out. You should also try to keep your multiplier a bit of
the way up, bucause you will really need to multiply your points to get a good
score. You will see locked and bomb gems eventually, but from wht I've
experienced, you shouldn't see a single doom gem


As I said before, there are 13 worlds, each with 8 increasingly hard
challenges. Usiing my guide on gem types, and that stuff, there shouldn't be
many problems with certain worlds

1. Destroy 8 gems in 1 move.
The easiest way is to use either a fire or lightning gem. You only need 1,
2. Destroy 12 gems in one move without using lightning.
All you have to do for this one is detonate two flame gems at the same time by
moving them together and detonating one
3. Destroy 15 gems in one move.
Here, the only thing you gotta do is detonate a lightning gem, and that's it

1. Make 3 red matches in a row.
Arrange 3 sections of reds where you can move over and match them one at a
2. Make 4 orange matches in a row.
Do as before, arrangin 4 sections where you can go from one to the other. If
things are desperate, and you're running out of space, you can set them up
above each other, and then detonate the ones higher up first
3. Make 5 yellow matches in a row.
Do I really need to say anything at all? You should now exactly what to do here
if you read the other ones. Just move from one to the other, making sure that
you don't disturb the others

Coal Mine
1. Destroy 3 coals in one move.
Wow, is that ever easy. Just create a flame gem, move three coals close to it,
and detonate it
2. Destroy 8 coals in one move.
Just make a lightning gem, move enough coals into firing range, and detonate
the power of lightning
3. Destroy 8 coals in one move without lightning
Ok, the strategy to this is to put flame gems into a diagonal line, putting
coals close to them. then detonate one, and watch the parade

Chain Reaction
1. Create a X15 chain.
Ok, this one is a bit tricky. You can use the strategy as listed in Spectrum,
but there is normally, almost always a match somewhere on the board. Search
for it, find it, and do 15 in a row
2. Create a X25 chain.
All you have to do is find those matches, or create chains yourself. it isn't
really all that hard, but there is always the odd time that there is no match
3. Create a X40 chain.
Normally, you would think to just do what it said earlier, and guess what?
you're right!

Gem Fall
1. Create a X3 cascade.
Here, you have to do cascades, also known as destroying a certain amount of
gems in one move. Try to create chains that will kind of chain themselves
together. But you can always make matches, and hope to get lucky
2. Clear 15 gems without flame or lightning.
Try your best. It says you can't use flame or lightning, but it doesn't say
nothing about supernova, or creating flame and lightning gems for those extra
points there. But there's nothing stopping you from getting lucky
3. Create a X4 cascade.
Like the first, and easier than the second. Try to set them up, and then take
out the root. But, as always. Don't stop yourself from searching out luck

1. Put 15 green gems on the screen.
The preserver is kind of easy, but also hard in a way. just make any match
you can that isn't green. More greens will eventually come on, and once tere's
15 on the screen, then you win!
2. Put 20 red gems on the scren.
Again, you need to do anything but destroy red gems. Honestly, who came up
with these ideas? So avoid those red ones at almost all costs!
3. Put 25 blue gems on the screen.
Really hard. It will take luck and skill, and if you can put those 2
attributes together, and it shouldn't be to hard. Though it's taken me a long

1. Detonate 5 flame gems in 5 minutes.
This must be a joke. Create and detonate 1 flame gem per minute, at slowest.
This should NOT take you long at all. I've done it in less than a minute
2. Detonate 10 flame gems in 5 minutes.
Same as before. Totally easy. no way you're gonna lose unless you suck (no
offense). My record-less than a minute and a half
3. Detonate 8 flame gems in 1 move in 5 minutes.
Wow. All of a sudden. they decided to make it tricky. Make 8 flame gems,
stick them together and detonate one. I love how that parade goes by

1. Clear 70 gems in 20 moves.
Ok, simple. Let's shoot for chaining this one. If you can make or
detonate a flame or lightning gem, do it. It will move you towards the
door to victory
2. Clear 90 gems in 20 moves.
Also easy. Take it out with power and cascades. But there is alway the
hidden power of supernova. But I recommend not doing that. It takes too
many turns to make
3. Clear 110 gems in 25 moves.
Why don't they give us more of a challenge? Nah, the first two were hard
enough. It's the same as before, making cascades, and flame and lightning

1. Explode 5 flame gems in one move.
Easy. Really easy. Honestly, you'd think they would give you something
harder. Here you can take your time, too. Just make five, line them up, and
set the fuse
2. Trigger 5 lightning gems in one move.
Amazing. Simply amazing that they would give us such a simple task. Same as
flame gems, but you can space them out a bit
3. Trigger 4 flame and 4 lightning gems in one move.
Ok, you might think this is hard. Actually, it only takes a bit of practice,
and some trial and error.

1. Clear 200 gems in 5 minutes.
Easy. Do it quick, and try to grab speed bunuses. If you think about it, it
feels sort of like Blitz
2. Clear 250 gems in 5 minutes.
Wow. Not to much of a step up. Take them out in power and speed. It won't
take too long
3. Clear 350 gems in 5 minutes
Now we have a challenge. This is like doublr Blitz, hurrying to get power gems,
get bonuses, and whatnot. Go get them, tiger!

1. Survive 30 turns.
Now this is easy. Survive 30 turns. It may seem impossible with doom, bomb, and
locked gems. They will really pound you on the planet of survivor. It will take
skill, but no luck is required
2. Survive 45 turns.
Same as the first. Once your moves counter is past that of bomb and doom gems,
then you can let it fly free
3. Survive 60 turns.
Tricky, but easy with skill and practice. Take a few shots, and you'll make it

1. Detonate 5 lightning gems in 5 minutes.
Just like Firestorm. Almost all the challenges are the same, except one is
lightning, and the other is fire
2. Detonate 8 lightning gems in 5 minutes.
Same as the first, just 3 more gems to detonate. It really isn't that hard
3. Detonate 6 lightning gems in  one move in 5 minutes.
School time! Line them up, filed in fasion, and thes kids will blow up, also
blowing up their friends

1. Create 2 flame gems in 1 move
Pretty easy. Use the guide above on how to make multiple power gems, and it
shouldn't be a problem
2. Create a fleme and a lightning gem in 1 move
Ok, now it's a little tricky. I guess I'll have to put in a diagram
L=Lightning gem

       G  G
       G  G
       G  G
       G  G

And there you have it. Once you detonate one of the lightning gems, you have
one lightning and flame gem, Task complete!
3. Create 2 lightning gems i 1 move.
Lord, is that ever easy. Go up for the diagram if you really need it, but I
don't think you do
All right, that's all for now folks, and I hope you look forward to a future
update. C U L8TR!